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It’s official. John Tortorella is en route to NY to take over for practice tomorrow. Not available tonight for comment.

Glen Sather said there is no compensation headed to Tampa Bay, and that Tortorella signed a multi-year contract.

Assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld did not want the job. He and Pelino will be assistants, Schoenfeld on an interim basis.

Tom Renney is welcome to stay in the organization if he chooses, Sather said.

Sather said he had this in his mind for a few weeks, and he was going to make this move even if the Rangers had won Sunday night. He knew he was going to do it today no matter what. He said he considered other candidates, as well. He also very pointedly said much of the decision was based on how the Rangers got away from the way they played the first 10 games or so this season, and that it was basically the system of backing up that he felt needed to be changed. 

More later.


There may be a resolution in the compensation case. A media conference call with Glen Sather is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Will update or re-post after the conference call.

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  1. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It must be a dark day for all the Renneyaide drinking polyana fans on Blueshirt Bulletin today.

    I’m first finally!!

  2. and that avery has just been put on reentry waivers and we r the only team so far to claim him
    or we just traded redden and voros for avery. lol

    but yeah, this better be the announcement

  3. I don’t see Avery coming here…
    Esp. with Torts as the new coach.
    I’d be shocked if it happened

  4. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111


  5. Good For The Goose..??

    I really don’t get the NHL??
    Torts was fired by Tampa Bay. (I guess because he sucked, they finished in last place, players didn’t like him, bad gotee, etc….)

    Yet they are still paying him, and he is “The Property of”

    So last week Sather gets permision “to talk to him”…yet this week that permision doesn’t include “signing him” without compensation??

    Why does this work with coaches and not players!!

  6. Jean -Guy Talbot on

    I can’t see sather flying to dallas just for the fun of it. he wants Avery, or he would not have made that trip.

  7. Slats is just going to tell everyone how his base tan is and what kind of cigars he would like “wink wink” for his birthday.

    On a more serious note, congrats everyone on this blog. I am glad we are seeing some change! I can’t remember the last time I was excited to watch the next rangers game. I am sad schoenfield won’t be coach only for the fact that I would like to go to Ranger games and throw donuts on the ice every we scored. Anything we can do for Torts? We should start brain storming.

    Finally, on another funny note, I found out that the 8 billion in the stimulus bill isn’t for a monorail from vegas to anaheim. Instead, it can be bidded for. Therefore, I say we put a plan together to have a high speed rail go from these towns (I think you will understand where I am headed with this):

    New York City, Newark, NJ, Long Island, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh PA, Detroit, MI, Washington DC, Boston MA.

    This can be the “High speed” division.

  8. Salty

    You know what. I wanna see Redden play under Torts. I want to see him held accountable for his poor play. I want to see Prucha get the ice time and QUALITY ice time he deserves.

  9. I’m sorry I just see Avery coming as a big mistake, that initially would be good and would make things interesting, but in the long run I see a problem and a salary cap burden

  10. hopefully this situation with Torts runs smooth but looking for some other news i found this under the hockey rumour sect. of

    Dan Fritsche keeps the goals coming for Minnesota Wild
    February 23, 2009
    St. Paul Pioneer Press
    Where would the Wild be, Jacques Lemaire was asked, without Dan Fritsche?

    “We’d have to call somebody,” the coach said. “911.”

    i dont know whether to be pissed or laugh (at renney), but probably the latter.

  11. “Renney’s biggest fault wasn’t his system. It was his unwillingness to hold his high-priced stars accountable.”

    It was more his not holding anyone getting payed big money accountable, but let’s be honest: it was both. I almost shut the game off the other night his quasi-trap system was so pathetic.

  12. For all that didnt read what Keenan & Martin said:

    As on

    “Obviously (coaching in New York) is scrutinized quite a bit and moreso than some other markets,” Keenan said. “It doesn’t nearly have the scrutiny that the Maple Leafs have, but in New York you are scrutinized very closely and you know that going in there. I knew that going in there as part of what the expectations were for me as a coach. On the other hand, I knew the team was dedicated and had the resources to put the best possible team on the ice and were committed to do that. I do enjoy working in that type of environment as opposed to an environment where they don’t have the resources or are not committed to try to excel to win the Stanley Cup.”

    “Tom’s an excellent coach,” Florida Panthers General Manager Jacques Martin said. “It’s hard to comment because I’m not close to their situation, but it is a competitive field and I think it’s also very important as an organization to work and be on the same page as a GM and coach and work very closely. We’ve had a few teams who have made changes recently, so it’s always unfortunate because most individuals coaching in the NHL are great individuals and very knowledgeable.”

  13. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    nyrincident –

    Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about the double standard Renney had with his players!

  14. Mark (the orginal) on

    Jacques Martin then added thank God I never gave my head coaching position to Perry Pearn.

  15. so, let’s see, Renney lovers. if Sather had put together a loaded team of topnotch talent, all the coach would have to do is open the door for them and say change ’em up

    is that coaching?

    no, it’s not

    so, stuff that garbage that a coach’s results are solely contingent on what the GM gives him.

    case in point, Wash Caps and Glen Hanlon vs Bruce Boudreau

    case closed

  16. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    i’m getting in on COD5 as well… I would have turned that on instead of the game yesterday if it weren’t for an abundance of work that needs to be done

  17. at the very least, the timing is at the best. most teams get a boost off coaching changes. its usually only good for 10 to 20 games but thats what’s left. and it gives the new coach a little time with the current group before the trade deadline.

    compensation for this can’t be much, like a 4th round pick. thats my guess.

  18. I’m trying to tear myself away from this website and try to work on my Research Paper….

    I hope Sather tells us something new instead of repeating what we already know.

  19. from earlier post, our young core as you called it isnt that great and it certainly is a long way from being the foundation for a stanley cup team. henrik is great (as long as you dont shoot high on him) and staal can be great but besides that the rest are maybe gonna be good but dont think anyone except for maybe grachev projects as a real offensive talent (and he is 2-3 yrs away at best probably). duby can be a good player but id say he tops out as a 2nd liner and not even that until he learns to finish. so i dont think the core is that strong at all. girardi is a fine 5-6 but dont think he projects to being much more. sather has drafted like 10 players who are callahan clones. the team needs one of those not three lines full.

    add our weak supply of talented youth with huge contracts and u have a recipe for mediocrity for the next 4 years.

    torts is the right step, but it is only step in the process, a lot more has to go down before this organization has turned the corner

  20. I’d go do the research paper. doubt there will be big stuff off this call, and it will still be here when you get back, Plus it will take a while after the call for me to transcribe some of the remarks.

  21. just got home from work no internet access in sales. this is a beautiful day. renney go kiss my butt and take your system with you. sather should be next. i cant belive i just read 1000 posts in the last 30 mins. i feel caught up.


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  23. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    carp-that’s because you’ve enrgized this blog since taking over for Sam with your interaction with the fans.

    Has the confrence call started?

  24. Thanks Rick, but I think my professor will know.

    Plus I can’t deprive my fellow bloggers of your attention. I’ll just have to multitask

  25. I hate sitting on hold!

    And why the glee over Torts? Yes, he won a cup, but he was also run out of Tampa of all places … Have Another Donut Schoenfeld, Pat Quinn and Ted Nolan are all just as capable and none of them would require compensation.

  26. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    When I get back from dinner I want to hear we have Torts as our coach OFFICIALLY!

    Thanks for the updates, Carp!

  27. Alex B and all the other people that are showing zero respect for Tom Renney really need to look at what he was given and what he did with what he had. No natural goal scorer, no shutdown D-Man, no powerplay QB the list can be expanded but why go on? The real problem starts at the top and is named Sather.

    Listen I am all for Renney getting canned and I really think it was the right choice but at least he infused young players into this team and had integrity. I for one think that he deserves some respect he was adamant in teaching the young players to think about the jersey they wore and the responsibility that comes with it. I guess it’s too much to ask for people to show some class. The man was fired from a job he loved and for that he has my sympathy and I for one hope he stays in the organization in some capacity.


  28. i think all the credit should go to Mr. Josh Thomson for his numerous and insightful posts…

    (just kidding)


  29. alex, still on hold, listening to a string quartet. about to start now. hopefully.

    Scotty, i think you’ll see that this guy is way better than those three you mentioned, especially Nolan. but he will need better talent than he has in order to succeed. Schoenfeld didn’t want to coach anyway or he would be the coach instead of Renney the last four years … and Quinn is done.

  30. Scotty Hockey February 23rd, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    I hate sitting on hold!

    And why the glee over Torts? Yes, he won a cup, but he was also run out of Tampa of all places … Have Another Donut Schoenfeld, Pat Quinn and Ted Nolan are all just as capable and none of them would require compensation.

    Torts – Cup, best choice
    Nolan – Run out of town….twice
    Quinn – A Bigger and Better Sather
    Schoenfeld – Good, but i think he wants the GM job.

  31. Can’t wait for the Torts introduction as Rangers Coach.

    “I’d like to thank the Dolan Family and Mr. Glen Sather for giving me this opportunity. I’d also like to thank Larry Brooks for being a complete asshole this whole time. Thank you Brooksy.”

  32. I have a thought on Torts, I wonder if the Renney Lovers will hold a grudge because the Yeti brought in someone who will actually know how to pull off a line change. Welcome TORTS and to Clueless and Pearn GOOD RIDDANCE

  33. this just in… Sather’s conference is actually announce Dolan has signed him to a life long contract!

  34. RICK it was his system, no accountablity, vet favoritism, and a PP & offense from hell held back by a coach with no gonads. The roster may be weak, but Renney & Pearn crippled it. If they add a winger and a D man, and get rid of 2, they will be a lot stronger. After this season, SATHER has to go!

  35. Sundin's Ghost on

    Ted Nolan is perhaps the most overrated coach in recent NHL history. His entire “legacy” comes from taking a very good Buffalo team to the second round of the playoffs — a team that the far superior Lindy Ruff took to the finals the next season.

    Tortorella and Laviolette were the best out there. I would have been happy with either. Thrilled we got Torts. This is the first time the Rangers actually selected one of the best candidates available since Mike Keenan.

  36. scotty hockey

    eric section 330 your friend.

    torts is the right man but the issue is sather and the cap. the only thing that will happen is system will change.


    That’s what happens when you change the line 10 times in a game.

  38. noonan February 23rd, 2009 at 7:21 pm


    That’s what happens when you change the line 10 times in a game.

    More like 10 times every 5 minutes.

  39. tsn

    “Sources say he is on his way to New York tonight and whatever issues exist between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Rangers are not expected to prevent him from taking over the Blueshirts after Tom Renney was fired earlier in the day.

    But that doesn’t mean the issues between the two teams have been solved.

    ”It’s very complex,” one source said.

    But it would appear that all involved are now acknowledging Tortorella is going to coach the team.”

  40. (I posted this on the dying entry)…

    Some of you need to wake up… stop adding to Renney’s rap-sheet the fact that “he didn’t hold the players accountable” over…and over… and over… Yes there are different ways to deal with players on a personal level… and yes Renney maybe needed to treat some of the players a little differently, but why do so many of you think that the players shouldn’t have held themselves accountable??

    That is killing me! These players as a group do not have moxy or fire… and a recipricating personality behind the bench might add a spark… but it won’t fuel these players fires…

    …and a run-and-gun offense isn’t going to just translate into these Rangers all of a sudden lighting the lamp on a game-to-game basis… they don’t have it in them!

    I want Tortorella to succeed… and I want all the players that wear these colors to succeed… I just can’t see how Tortorella gets these ducks to stop quacking and stop barking!

    The Renney bashing sounds more like some fans inability to accept this team’s obvious shortcomings rather than the faults you actually put ownership to Renney.


  41. but most real hockey players don’t jump on to the ice until the guy you are replacing comes to the bench…both times last night the guy on the ice changed his mind and took a little skate around instead of coming off…I’m hoping torts has an opinion on that!!

  42. Sitting on hold is never fun. I hated having that with Martin Brodeur earlier in the season then Kane + Toews, then worse….Brian Engblom. I do wonder if the same string quartet is playing like on the last NHL Conference Call?

  43. Man with all this drama with the Rangers, I didnt know Comrie was traded back to the Ottawa.

    Good to hear Schoney is behind the bench. Thank you for the update Rick!!!!

  44. Sundin's Ghost on

    “The Renney bashing sounds more like some fans inability to accept this team’s obvious shortcomings rather than the faults you actually put ownership to Renney.”

    I could see people holding this opinion during last season, but this season when far less talented teams like the Islanders, Toronto, St. Louis, Florida and nearly everyone else would outplay and beat the Rangers… did you really still hold onto that desperate notion that the roster is so flawed, it was hard for Renney to get any better out of them?

    Give me a break! The Florida Panthers have 1/4th the talent the Rangers have and have been playing far better hockey since New years. Yes, the roster isn’t that great, and Renney took it and made it even worse with his stifling system and lack of accountibility.

  45. Ranger Bonehead on

    schoenfeld is way better than Messier as a defensemen coach, which is the job he is taking

  46. If Shoe is behind the bench with Torts, is he still assistant GM? If he is, great. Torts can tell Shoe who to get, Shoe can tell Sather who to get, and everyone wins.

  47. now maybe Staal will get some real teaching and achieve what we all know he is capable of. go get em Shoeny!

  48. Carp, great job with the updates – thanks!

    Finally! There will be some accountability behind the Rangers bench!

  49. Tortorella is going to DEMAND this team play with passion! It is only an matter of time before Roszival, Redden and Naslund, maybe even Zherdev are in his doghouse.

  50. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    flip-With all due respect,you have your opinion of Renney,I have mine.To say he had no natural goal scorer is to be oblivious that he had Jagr for three seasons.Last year,we ranked near the bottom in goals for so that just does not jive.I can’t show respect to someone who treats young players as scape goats for the shortcomings of several of the vets.I can’t give him credit when he failed to recognize that his number one goalie was not Weeks.I won’t give him credit for not developing a single young player to thier potential.Want proof,look at the way Toots is playing in CLB.I won’t be thankkfull to a coach who deliberatly tried to destroy Peter Prucha’s career just like Colin Campbell tried to destroy Kovy and Zubi’s.So forgive me for not shedding any tears for him!

    Bye Bye!!!

  51. highest paid players:

    Heatley, Dany Left Wing Ottawa Senators $10,000,000.00
    Crosby, Sidney Centre Pittsburgh Penguins $9,000,000.00
    Ovechkin, Alexander Left Wing Washington Capitals $9,000,000.00
    Kiprusoff, Miikka Goal Calgary Flames $8,500,000.00
    Redden, Wade Defence New York Rangers $8,000,000.00
    Spezza, Jason Centre Ottawa Senators $8,000,000.00
    Timonen, Kimmo Defence Philadelphia Flyers $8,000,000.00
    Gomez, Scott Centre New York Rangers $8,000,000.00
    Briere, Daniel Centre Philadelphia Flyers $8,000,000.00
    Vanek, Thomas Left Wing Buffalo Sabres $8,000,000.00
    Richards, Brad Centre Dallas Stars $7,800,000.00
    Lundqvist, Henrik Goal New York Rangers $7,750,000.00
    Chara, Zdeno Defence Boston Bruins $7,500,000.00
    Gaborik, Marian Right Wing Minnesota Wild $7,500,000.00
    Kovalchuk, Ilya Left Wing Atlanta Thrashers $7,500,000.00
    Hossa, Marian Right Wing Detroit Red Wings $7,450,000.00
    Lidstrom, Nicklas Defence Detroit Red Wings $7,450,000.00
    Smyth, Ryan Left Wing Colorado Avalanche $7,250,000.00
    Thornton, Joe Centre San Jose Sharks $7,200,000.00
    Lecavalier, Vincent Centre Tampa Bay Lightning $7,166,666.00
    Campbell, Brian Defence Chicago Blackhawks $7,142,857.00
    Drury, Chris Centre New York Rangers $7,100,000.00

  52. somehow this got deleted from above … it’s official, Tortorella is en route to NY to take over for practice tomorrow. Not available tonight for comment. Sather said there is no compensation. Scheonfeld did not want the job. He and Pelino will be assistants, Schoenfeld in an interim basis. Renney is welcome to stay in the organization if he chooses. Sather said he had this in his mind for a few weeks, and he was going to make this move even if the Rangers had won Sunday night. He knew he was going to do it today.

  53. yea renney taught the young kids about accountability that ends when u get grossly overpaid for having one good year in your career. great lesson. like it was said above, he didnt have the best players to work with, but the pp should have been better and players should have been benched. a player is never gonna scratch himself, that’s the coach’s job

  54. I was never once since coming here suggested that Renney was without blame or fault… but it’s the players who need to play and the GM who needs to provide the right recipe. These guys have ability, yes… but not this mix.

    There are too many missing or wrong pieces in this puzzle.

    I really do hope they can turn it around… I just can’t see how anyone behind the bench makes this a pretty picture.


  55. Man, what a bad day for Beer Me. Not only does his love interest Renney get canned but he gets replaced by Tortorella who Beer Me guaranteed would never take the job because Torts and Renney were “such good friends.” lol

    Welcome to the real world once again, Beer Me. If I had a nickel for every time you have not just been wrong but completely wrong, I could buy out Dolan

  56. Rick

    I know this is all speculation, but, how do you think the team would have fared if Sather pulled the trigger when he had the “itch”?

  57. Im going to the game Wednesday. Anyone up for a “Have Another Donut” chant. Ya know, just to show Shoey he’s welcomed.

  58. Maybe, I SAID MAYBE, With this score more goals type of coach coming in does Redden wake up and shall we say, become a little closer to a real player.
    All the player for that matter come out of there shell and be free to roam the ice.

  59. How about a “Bring back Renney” Chant in a kind of ironic, post-modern fashion.

    Or maybe a “Quite Honestly” chant? you know, for ol’ times sake?

  60. Alright, lemme get this right this time. THURSDAY, anybody want to start a “Have Another Donut” Chant?

  61. hey rick how feel about the fact that Torts is not able to pick his own staff for the most part?
    I see this as a way of Sather telling him that you can coach but ill tell you how and with who.

  62. Hey Carp…could you elaborate on how Slats took some of the blame? or are you just being sarcastic?

  63. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Very exciting… Obviously if Sather would be gone too that would be better, but at least he made the move a lot of us wanted. For the first time in months I am excited to watch a game!

  64. Rick and Jane

    Just wanted to say

    Great job by you both all day today




  65. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    “tony from AZ February 23rd, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Be careful what you wish for. Torts may bench the whole team !”

    I can see it now…”Hey, Guys. There’ll be a bus outside the Garden after the game. You will all be assigned to Hartford. You don’t like it? Get the eff outta here!”

  66. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Man Sather is bad, real bad, he fires a coach from one of the biggest NHL teams out there and that is all he has to say???? Is there going to be a actual like real press release, like where Sather takes questions??? How does the NYR org. let him get away with that.
    Ok I guess I shouldn’t complain I am happy we moved on. At least we have something to look forward to, rather than the same old same Renny old.
    But I will complain a little more, one down one more to go Sather we can only hope your next.

  67. Yeah Bravo Rick and Jane

    For giving us “BONEHEADS” great updates that made our SEASON!!! Thank you both very much. I havent been this excited since the beginning of the season…

  68. Schoenfeld as a temporary assistant coach is all about his thorough knowledge of all the younger players on the Rangers roster, having developed them in Hartford. This will be extremely helpful in getting Tortorella up to speed quickly on the talent here, so that personnel movements can be made by deadline date, however remote they seem. So there’s tangible change on the bench while maintaining some continuity. Good job Sather.

    October 10-2-1
    November 7-6-1
    December 6-5-1
    January 6-5-1
    February 2-5-3

  70. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I’m thrilled with this move but a little annoyed too.Why would sather waste a “couple weeks” and at least half a dozen games? I think it will take at least that many games to install Torts’ style of play because the players minds have to be gutted out of Renney’s “system” Let’s just hope that Sather didn’t wait two weeks too long and cost the team a playoff spot. Unlike most here,I think the Rangers are better than what they showed under the hyena and may make some noise in the playoffs!

  71. Zhervalev February 23rd, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    I’m gonna play some CoD 5 to pump myself up

    xbox360 or ps3?

  72. Yan – I think you’re misreading this. Shoeny is probably there for some continutity and inside info on the Hartford guys. Pelino, I can’t really figure out while he is still there.

    I don’t think many people are going to tell Torts what to do, hehehehe.

  73. alex

    I was alluding to that as well when I read that this was on Sather’s mind to do. Why not just go with your “gut” and pull the trigger? Who knows where the club would be now. But, I guess he figured that Renney would turn the ship around eventually. Again, Im sure there is more than what is being said. I CAN imagine players going to Sather and saying “Hey Slats, this guy just isnt doing it for us, we need a change….”

  74. No one ever answered me earlier..what is it that Pelino does anyway??

    Just drank two glasses of wine in a Vermont blizzard…

    What did Schoeny say..”have another F…ng donut” ???

  75. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Alright , great fast work reporting Rick. Torts is in . that my friend is a god sent!!! Rip that “C” off of Drury and then maybe bring in Avery , Tort did say the Rangers need Averys grit so the new coach wont be affected by Avery.There ya have boys and girls , the Rangers are starting to get tougher and may shed the “soft ” tagg if Glen pulls the trigger on some grit!!!

  76. “alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) February 23rd, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    It must be a dark day for all the Renneyaide drinking polyana fans on Blueshirt Bulletin today.

    I’m first finally!!”

    I hated the BSB and still do. Im not paying anyone a monthly fee to read their opinion. I get that all day here from 50+ people for free.

    I also got sick of that place and the posters saying how your not a true ranger fan if you dont like renny etc.. and how you cant boo players like malik and that makes you not a true ranger fan.. Or my favorite the fans need to be more into the game at the garden.. well maybe if we werent forechecking 1-2-2 or trapping 1-4 they would be

  77. dumb move, its not him its the players. So the coach suffers, its a shame. Drury, Naslund, Gomez, Redden.. all overpaid bums who will never be good enough to me as of right now, they have been terrible with a couple of decent games here and there. Drury as a leader i feel as been a joke.. its terrible. My frustration lies with them, not the coaching and i feel nothing will change.

  78. Kaspar

    Pouring us some vino and passing the dubi all around. Great day in Rangerland :)

    WELCOME BACK TORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    It’s also obvious that Renney had alot more power in how the
    players were deployed and who played.Many of the Renneyaide drinkers always excused his”coaching” and who he would or would not call up from Hartford as though he was an innocent pawn that wanted to play more of the kids but that meannie Sather would not let him.Yet another reason why Renney is a phony!

  80. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I think Renney’s system is already out of their minds. Except for maybe Aaron Voros. I bet he liked being stupid.

  81. PruBelongsOnTheIce February 23rd, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I think Renney’s system is already out of their minds. Except for maybe Aaron Voros. I bet he liked being stupid.

    Aaron Voros didn’t like being stupid. HE IS STUPID.

  82. czech they need 2 new guys,get rid of 2, and add Avery. But Sather should resign after this season.

  83. Carp
    The bloggers on are quoting you…you made the big time…if Carp says it; its an e5


  84. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Matt K. – I mean he liked Renney telling him to do stupid things and just be himself. It made it easy for him.

  85. alex

    We will see my friend. This is a second chance for every single player on the team. Even Redden and Voros. Renney & Torts polar opposites of each other. We will see if it really WAS the “system” or if it is the players. I know Torts will let the players play to their strengths. Which should be really interesting to see. If they respond these are going to be players who we will see for the “first time” I wanna see Gomez the playmaker architect, I wanna see Z as the poor man’s AO, I want to see Drury as a legit “Captain Clutch” scoring those HUGE goals like he was signed to do. I wanna see Redden unleash cannons from the blue line, I wanna see PRUCHA PLAY ON THE PP!!!

    They all have ANOTHER chance to make a difference!!!

  86. Interesting tidbit mentioned on Versus by Brian Engblom-
    Tom Renney’s firing is the 4th & final coach of teams that started they’re NHL season this year in Europe along with Therien, Hartsburg, & Melrose.

  87. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    That might be difficult but not impossible.As for one of my favorites,Sean Avery, I doubt he will be on the team now but you never know. It will at least be intersting.You know Torts should like Avery.He’s like the Avery version of coaches.

  88. HEY GANG!

    Just got off a 5 hour flight fron LA… heard the news just before I got on the plane. Fun flight… my mind was aglow with whirling transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.

    Trying to catch up on all the posts (lot of ’em too… not surprised)

    FIRST: Welcome John!!! You’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m confident you’re the man to get it done. Loved the quote about an original six team being special and important.

    SECOND: Thanks Renney for doing your best and helping us get into the play-offs after 7 sad years. But this was over-due.


    Let’s go RANGERS!!!

  89. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Does any one agree that the firing episode merrits a little more than the 5 sentences that Renny released???

  90. I think we can all be certain – there probably wont ever be a game called like the Chicago game ever again with Torts behind the bench.

  91. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    The next move they need to make is to find a coach for the wolfpack that can coach the same style of play as Torts.Gernander is another one of these trap happy coaches that is ruining the best sport in the world.He needs to be shown the door as well!

  92. I’m very satisfied. Torts and Schoeny might be the scariest/toughest duo to ever coach the Rangers. Redden beware!

    But seriously, Schoendfeld could teach Staal/Girardi/Reitz/Mara a thing or two about being a competitor and becoming an all around dman, he was a great stay at home for Buff back in the days of Ron Dugauy/Danny Geir/Studio 54.

    I really hope we now get to see some of the HFD kids. Michael Sauer is plus 11 this year, he deserves a shot. Sags should be a 7th Dman and get some PP time. And it’s time to put Anisimov and Zherdev together.

    Here’s a great quote from Anisimov:

    “Hey Artem! How does it feel to possibly be on an all Russian line with Zherdev and Grachev next year, or in the future? Thanks. (John T.)

    It feels positive. If that happens, we’ll show the Russian style of game and beautiful passing.”

    Taken from Beyond The Blueshirts. A very good read.

  93. annoyed fan

    if you think that this team was going anywhere with their forechecking system you clearly dont know alot about hockey

  94. I hope everyone knows the rest of the season will be just as bumpy. If he [Torts] opens it up our defenseman are horrible and i see Henrik’s GAA going up. Plus who is going to win the battles on the boards. This team is small. And of course this move was made now because we [season ticket holders] will be receiving our playoff ticket invoices shortly and all the empty seats last night did not help. This is about $$$$$!! And playoff revenue for Dolan, which does not look promising right now between the Rangers and Knicks.

  95. Thank You Tom Renney for coaching to bring us to the playoffs in the past three seasons.
    Thank you for being the coach who helped start the team salute to us fans at the end of every home game win.

  96. Carp and Jane… great work today. This is one of those days where you have to step up your game and you did that for sure. It proves that this isn’t just a job for you… you love what you do and it shows.


  97. thanks so much and great job Rick and Jane! Made a long day at work easier to get through. And thanks to all you guys, you’re posts are either really intelligent, really funny, or just downright out there! Now we just gotta work on gettin YETI outta here.

    The next month is going to be very interesting in Rangerland! Once Torts gets the lines he wants, its going to be telling @ who sits! I got with Voros and Redden to start with…. now watch…tomorrow night


    Long Live the Line Generator

  98. And what stings too is all the Hockey people interviewed today [Micheletti, Olcyzk and Maguire] said looking at Hartford there is nobody close to stepping in soon to help. What happened to Byers, Dupont, Baranka, Potter and the other Sather prospects? The same as Simon Wheeldon, Christian Dube and Burke Henry.

  99. benneyb
    u may be right that im misreading this, but we were all sitting here last week and saying (or in my case just reading) that Sather will never hire a guy like torts because he wants all the controll and need a yes man like renney was. So for him to go out there and actually get torts does either of two things 1)shows us he has changed his ways and want help or 2) proved us wrong and he was never as arrogant as we thought he was and renney actually had a big hand in putting together this team.
    I dont think Torts needed shoenfield (sorry if i butchered his name) as an assistant to know whats up in hartford, that is why the team has scouts and all he had to do was call down to hartford and ask. Also he didnt need the other guy as an assistant coach almost for the same reason. So like i said i think this was a way of sather tellin torts you can coach but ill tie ur hands behind ur back. But I may be wrong.

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on


    WE HAD SO MANY CHANCES but the powerplay still sucks!!! I quite honstly don’t know what to do as a fan !!

    This is how life would be if Renney wasnt released.

    Renney is gone now and so is the coach of our PP , Life has just gotten better. Torts is greaat!!!! :)

    yeah (chris) I agree!!about the BSB

  101. you’re dead wrong about Schony. he was a very good defenseman. the job as assistant coach that Pearn held is the defensemen coach. so forget the hartford guys for a minute.

    Schony is the best possible candidate they could have gotten on short notice to take over the ranger dmen. period

    and next season Torts can hire his own man because Schony does not want to coach long term

    has nothing to do with control by sather

  102. true gravy but im sure torts had a few numbers he could have called to bring with im. Im not argueing that schony is a bad candidate i actually wanted him to take over if torts was not going to. all im saying is that I dont like that sather made the choice of the assistants. If torts would have came out and said im going to keep these two i would be fine with it but for sather to say that i think hes showing power

  103. What is sorta sad about Renney is he honestly believed the team was going to respond to him if he just kept yapping, if he just came up with the magic phrase that would springboard everyone to play harder and better. His act in the postgame last night was difficult to watch — reminded me of someone who is astonished that anyone could look at his math test and not see that he got a 100 on it instead of the 37 he actually received.

    I mean to be talking defiantly about the team’s play when they lost to the freaking Make Beliefs shows me the guy was not seeing things clearly. He obviously was looking to be commended for a “team that didn’t quit” as if that was even true and if it was, that it was worth anything against a team they should beat down at home every single time. Sad case.

  104. chris- i know plenty about hockey, yes his system wasn’t working all im saying is i blame the players more than him. thats my opinion that’s all i was venting about.

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