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More from Glen Sather’s conference call tonight (again, please excuse any typos and the bold font):

“I have spoken to other people (about the coaching position) today, absolutely.”

“No, the overtime loss (Sunday) wouldn’t have changed my mind. … I’ve had it in teh back of my mind for a few days, but winning or losing that game (Sunday) night, as painful as it was to lose it, I had come to the conclusion during the game that today was probably going to be the day that I was going to do what I had to do.”

“I’m gong to speak to John about it, absolutely. But Sean has not played very many games in Hartford. He’s worked hard, his attitude has veen great, he’s done with the coaching staff have asked him to do there. He’s been a good contributor. The team has I think won three out of the four games. … Hes coming along and he’s got a great attitude and we’ll deal with that in the next week for sure.”

“You can always second-guess any of the moves and trades we made. but when we made them I thought we were doing the right thing and I still think that we have a team that’s played very well. we’re into a time right now that the team has not played very well, but that doesnt mean we can’t get back to laying like we played in the begining of the year. We were a fast, puck-possession hockey club that was determined and worked very hard and moved the puck very well and we’ve gotten away from that and that’s why wemade the change in teh coaching personnel, to get where we are today. In moving forward, I’d like to think we made the right change to help this team move in that direction.”

On cap flexibility for the March 4 trade deadline:
“There are possibilities. We’re not up against the cap, so there are lots of things that can happen in the meantime.”

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  1. Alot of man crushes on Carp with his great job here….

    and if Sather keeps it up, he will share the love too

  2. Rick:

    Thanks for the updates and for the quotes. You are doing a great job covering the team and giving us fans an outlet, almost like we’re in the locker room. Much appreciated.

    On Sather: The fact Sather referencing the teams style of play at the beginning of the season is upsetting to say the least. Hey Glen, that was 3 months ago. How long were you going to wait?

    All this talk about class act and great human being and what families are going through, yada yada yada, give me a break, this is sports, this is New York, enough with the human drama. Get the team playing hockey and with passion, that’s all I care about.

  3. Examiner. We all must be missing something. Or he is. Or maybe he’s talking about a rental, where you only have to pay a small fraction of this year’s contract and let the player go free agent in the summer. Who knows.

    But this was the best I’ve heard Sather speak in years. I’m not joking or being a smart-alek when I say that.

  4. Be careful not to buy Sather’s snake oil. Tort’s is a great (and surprising) hire by he who cannot be interviewed, but I have a feeling that this hire came with a bit more than a little encouragement from Jimmy D, who’s salivating from some potential playoff $$$$

  5. “and if Sather keeps it up, he will share the love too”

    i will have to excuse myself from that love sharing! My disdain for him might lessen one iota, but thats aboot it.

  6. onecupin69years on

    He (sather) sounds defeated , Tuff nuggies.

    Of course the team isn’t playing as well it did at the beginning of the year, they’re a small worn down team and the the other teams got better ( DEVILS) and the schedule got tougher ,Glen.

    So , will Torts make a huge difference? maybe , he has excuses if things don’t work out, like It’s a new system,
    next year will be different , we have things to work on …
    So ,there really isn’t too pressure on torts its all on sather and the players.

    Sounds like sather’s honeymoon is over. Tuff Nuggies

  7. Lohan

    See there we go again, I was very impressed what Sather had to say. Interesting that he said “we arent against the cap” Can one conclude that one of the BIG contracts is going to get moved by the 4th?

  8. REPOST from previous thread

    Yes. Additionally, Tortorella knows enough to know that his best players need plenty of ice time to perform at their best, that you cannot drone-like keep rolling four lines regardless of the circumstances.

    I can count on one hand the times I can recall Renney double-shifting a player who was in the zone, with a hot hand, etc. He showed almost a total lack of feel for how to coach a game once the puck dropped.

  9. Sather thinks the team has only been playing poorly for a couple of weeks? His incompetent summer of team building was a disaster from the beginning — the Rangers were fortunate enough to start the season playing Tampa and other assorted pathetic teams. Renney’s mistakes have hurt the Rangers for the past 2 seasons. This team has not played well since November. Tortorella might help with the boredom factor on this team of the bland, but good luck finding a threatening first line. Who’s putting the team on their back this year? Sather’s conference call comments were well-rehearsed with the added benefit of no reporters face to face. Typical.

  10. our intrepid reporter has done such a good job keeping us informed, calling Sather on the “Carp”-et

  11. St Louis and Vinny needed oxygen on the bench for how many double shifts Torts put them thru…..

  12. Wonder what Perry Pearn’s next career move will be. Maybe selling colored pencils on the street outside the garden

  13. onecupin69years on

    Great Job Carp..
    Call me a conspiricist but,
    I kind of doubt it was actually Sather on a conference call today , but was instead a celebrity voice impersonation.

  14. Carp, I know this is wishful thinking. But is there any chance Dolan put Sather on notice? I mean there is real danger of them missing the playoffs.

  15. If you look at the standings in the EASTERN CONFERENCE, it is obvious that at this very moment, their are 10 teams that are competing for the 8 playoff spots.

    Its safe to say that the Bruins, Caps, Devils and Flyers will finish as the TOP 4 (in no particular order just yet)

    That leaves 6 teams playing for the final 4 spots.

    Montreal , NY Rangers, Florida, Buffalo

    Carolina & Pittsburgh

    Buffalo suffered a potentially fatal blow with Gomez taking out Goalie Ryan Miller (by accident). That leaves Pitt Penguins who only have 64 total points and 21 games remaining.

  16. Seems like Sather may actually have been feeling some heat. Hiring a guy like Torts is very un-Sather like. If Torts can’t get anything out of this group, it’s going to reflect very poorly on the person who put this team together.

  17. LIQUID February 23rd, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Gomez, Prucha, Bobby Sangs & 1st rounder in 2009 for Vincent L and 2nd Rounder in 2009

    Uhh no. Torts and Vinny hate each other

  18. NYR56

    If there is, say, just under a million dollars of room in the Rangers’ cap situation, they conceivably could take on a salary in the $4 million range for the one-fourth of the season remaining when March 4 comes (due to pro-rating.)

  19. LIQUID February 23rd, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I wonder why Mike Pelino was spared today….

    Any one wanna take a stab at that ?

    He’s the only one who kinda admitted we suck.

  20. Matt K,

    Torts does not like Sean Avery either. But you can bet dollars to donuts that the MSG staff will be dusting off the #16 NY Rangers jersey very very soon!

  21. Lohan

    I think Sather will give it 3 games to see how the players respond to Torts. I think he will base his decision on that. Cant go into the post season with a hole on D. Roszi is experience and puts modest points up. And he has been playing better recently. I dont see Gomez anywhere either since he’s turned it up a notch too. Who knows what Glen has up his sleeve. But his comments on Avery makes me believe that’s who he’s brining in. I really do believe he can win with these players. They have come VERY close the last two playoffs to going into the ECF’s

    I think Voros & Dawes or Korpi are going to get Avery.

  22. poor Perry Pearn peddling pencils, pathetic puck professor pinkslipped posthaste, persistent power play problems, probably preventing possible postRanger professional position, purging pedantic peabrain, providing posters puns, praising Peter Prucha.

    I’ve got to take a P

  23. LIQUID February 23rd, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Matt K,

    Torts does not like Sean Avery either. But you can bet dollars to donuts that the MSG staff will be dusting off the #16 NY Rangers jersey very very soon!

    Yeah, but Vinny has a no trade clause, and a ridiculous contract.

  24. Thanks everybody. I must admit my fingers are falling off and my eyes are bloodshot because I read every single comment the last two days. I’m going to bed soon, and Jane will handle practice and post tomorrow, although I may go over to see Tortorella.

    sesak, yeah, it sounds like Avery’s going to be forced on Tortorella. Could be some fireworks there.

    onecup (did you update your name?), you know that Sather has done that before — having somebody else do an interview for him, right? When the Rangers were after Messier in the summer of ’91, the Oilers play-by-play guy (I forget his name at the moment, Rod something) went on WFAN here posing as Slats. No kidding.

    That Peter Piper stuff kills me.

    Now I’m going to have my lunch. Good night.

  25. Great job Carp!
    I have to admit, Sather did one thing right
    I would have never thought that he would hire Tort

    Maybe with all these retirements, he actually watched some games!
    and knew the Rangers needed a tough coach.

  26. MAKO February 23rd, 2009 at 9:57 pm


    I think Sather will give it 3 games to see how the players respond to Torts. I think he will base his decision on that. Cant go into the post season with a hole on D. Roszi is experience and puts modest points up. And he has been playing better recently. I dont see Gomez anywhere either since he’s turned it up a notch too. Who knows what Glen has up his sleeve. But his comments on Avery makes me believe that’s who he’s brining in. I really do believe he can win with these players. They have come VERY close the last two playoffs to going into the ECF’s

    I think Voros & Dawes or Korpi are going to get Avery.

    Keep Korpedo. He’s only 22 and he doesn’t completely suck. Meanwhile Bonehead Voros, and “Please Don’t Check Me” Nigel Dawes, kinda do.

  27. Matt K.

    I agree the kid is good and I would really like to see him play in a new ‘system’ (well all the players for that matter)

    I was just saying that he would make taking Aaron “free boy” Voros a little bit more attractive.

    IMO I still want him as a Ranger.

    Thanks for everything RICK!!!!!

  28. Mark (the orginal) on

    This is why I wish Glenn talked more. He gave a lot of great quotes, especially saying how no matter what happened last night Renney was gone. Great stuff Carp.

  29. Avery is coming for sure it sounds like…

    and Sather is NEVER up against the cap… it’s just a matter of how bad the move is for us (both instantly and in the future).

    He could have also said that about the cap, becuase of his blinding arrogance.

  30. Mark (the orginal) on

    They had to keep Pelino around to take over for Pearn for the intermission interviews. Yes I think he is in chage of the penalty kill as well.

  31. Even if Tortorella totally turns this team around in the next two months — say he gets Zherdev scoring and Dubinsky playing great and Staal and Girardi back on track, what happens then? All that would result is they become more valuable to other teams and that outprices them for the Rangers cap, so the Rangers still end up stuck with Redden, Drury and Gomez for eternity. The only thing that Sather has up his sleeve is his arm.

  32. kc

    I think Torts is a great choice for this team because I doubt he’ll put up with Redden dogging it like he has been. I think he will push the right buttons and be a catalyst for getting SOMETHING done for Redden. Whether that will be him playing up to what he should or convincing Slats to unload him in the way of a buyout or along those lines. He won’t put up with the status quo.

  33. Those postgame interviews could be worth staying around for…no more “we have to manage the puck better”

    Reporter: what did you do?
    Tortorella: ..if I wanted to explain it to you I would. Next question.
    Reporter: are you answering our questions or what?
    Tortorella: I guess that’s what I’m saying. You get that through your head?
    Reporter: I guess so, but it’s kind of a waste of time though.
    Tortorella: Well then get the f outta here then! Next Question.

  34. I haven’t looked at their games in the last couple days but I know that the Wolf Pack has lost their first two games with Avery (4-1 & 1-0 losses) and he didn’t have any points in either of those games; he was up to his same ol’ antics from what I’ve heard/read though…. Just shows how much Slats knows.

  35. Tortorella should have been here as coach years ago. The problem is that the team in place cannot be dismantled because of the cap. The choices that were made over the summer and the year before were disastrous.
    Even if the Rangers somehow get Kovalchuk or some other superstar scorer, they can’t get rid of our own overpriced “talent”. Sather has destroyed the team that Jagr brought back to life.

  36. Yeah
    Slats probably follows the ‘pack as closely as he monitors the Rangers….

    If the Rangers were to farm out Redden now..they’d free up 1.5M in cap space…meaning that with the $1m they have and the 1.5 from Dredden they could acy=tually afford a 6-8M guy for the rest of the year…dont know who they’d trade but its worth a shot…send dredden down..tell him come to camp in 2009 ready to play for his spot

  37. Carp, it is great to be reading your opinions and your obvious love of the rangers once again!! I’ve been reading your Ranger opinions and hockey ramblings since the late 70’s, early 80’s in the Standard Star!!! Great coverage by you & Jane throughout all this Renney stuff and Prucha/Voros debate, so I will get on the thank you bandwagon. Even though you said you feel this is the most forthcoming and talkative you have found Sather in a long time, do you sense he is just covering his arse or is he just getting tired of his job??

  38. Funny thing is that if u listen closely, when Torts says to Larry Brooks, “Well then get the f#%k outta here then! Next Question.”,,,,

    Larry Brooks responds, “F#%k off”

  39. I see Torts and Zherdev not seeing eye to eye, Zherdev had trouble with Hitchcock in Columbus, thats why he is in New York. Zherdev, has a history already of looking lost and lazy in his brief career. We will see if Tort’s can motivate him on a nightly basis. Yes there is a ton of talent there.

  40. He hasn’t had many days like this as Ranger GM, but Sather had a great day today. The people still nitpicking are being overly bitter. How could Sather/Rangers handled this situation any better than this? For once, Glen Sather picked the most logical candidate for a vacant coaching job.

  41. Good. Let Zherdev sign a big deal with a shiat team, and we’ll take the draft picks to develop North American players! I liked Z the first 30 games of the season, but he hasn’t been a game breaker since November!

  42. Just wanted to share this: Clueless Versus, the network of the NHL, at 10:38 p.m. is scrawling that “multiple sources are confirming that John Tortorella will be named” Rangers coach.

    Also, that Obama is ahead in the polls.

  43. People are worried about Brooks the jock sniffer? LOL! He’s a “journalist”. Just copy/paste Carp’s material in the NY Post and that paper might have credibility again.

  44. Sather had a great day? Firing his coach after a disastrous season and then all of a sudden it’s rainbows and butterflies? There is still no one on this team who can score a goal!

  45. Rick Carpiniello February 23rd, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Just wanted to share this: Clueless Versus, the network of the NHL, is scrawling that “multiple sources are confirming that John Tortorella will be named” Rangers coach.

    Also, that Obama is ahead in the polls.

    Versus is also predicting that A-rod might have taken steroids.

  46. and surprise, Carp, Versus is reporting that Truman beat Dewey in an upset

    and Lindbergh has flown across the Atlantic

  47. All Hail King Henrik on

    It will be interesting to see what line configurations Torts comes up with. Dubinsky-Gomez-Zherdev is intriguing.

    Hopefully, Torts will instill an attack mentality in this team, while still paying careful attention to the defensive zone. This roster doesn’t have the talent to play all out run and gun.

    They can certainly be an up-tempo, aggressive, attacking team, but they do still need to pay attention to the defensive side of the puck. Basically, the need to play as they did in October. Fast and aggressive, but still with attention to detail.

    If nothing more, it will at least be nice to see Tortorella going crazy on the bench after penalties. You can bet that if he was behind the bench for the debacle in Chicago, there would have been chairs and sticks strewn throughout the ice after the third or so 5 on 3.

  48. All Hail King Henrik on

    Sather may have made the right move in bringing in the logical choice of Tortorella, be he still needs to go.

    It’s a shame he didn’t just step down a few months ago and give his position to Brian Burke.

  49. Doodie – I know at least one other person caught the hilarity of your chicken compensation post. I just wanted to appreciate it, as well.

    Let’s get John Tortorella, Larry Brooks, Sean Avery, and John Giannone all in the same room at once, then we’ll see some fireworks.

    Versus reporting that the Rangers did indeed break the Curse of 1940 in 1994, thanks in part to a penalty shot save by Mike Richter against Pavel Bure. No word on where Bure is today.

  50. All Hail King Henrik February 23rd, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    If nothing more, it will at least be nice to see Tortorella going crazy on the bench after penalties. You can bet that if he was behind the bench for the debacle in Chicago, there would have been chairs and sticks strewn throughout the ice after the third or so 5 on 3.

    Ifs Torts was coaching he would’ve acted like Bobby Knight.

  51. interesting

    the versus scroll just reported that hockey is a game played on an iced surface of which the object is to use a wooden stick to knock a vulcanized rubber ‘puck’ into the opposing team’s net

  52. Well yeah! If the Rangers can’t score goals and thus, win games, then sure! Bring on the circus and pit Tortorella against Zherdev, the rookies, the vets, the goalie tandem and perhaps Avery. ANYthing to deflect the peasants’ talk about mistakes made this past summer…..

    Let them eat $6.75 cake at MSG.

  53. I think my freaking head is going to explode from all these Sather quotes. He must be about to lose his job since he is talking so much

  54. LIQUID February 23rd, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I wonder why Mike Pelino was spared today….

    Any one wanna take a stab at that ?

    It’s my opinion that Pelino is Sather’s eyes and ears in the locker room and on the bench (he wears the headset to communicate with someone upstairs – Sather?). He’s the designated informant. That’s the only reason he was spared that I can see.

  55. Carp – another big fan of your work and efforts today, and ever since you joined the Blog. Many thanks again to you and Jane.

    Welcome Back, Torts! Ya Never Should Have Left!

  56. Shoeny on the bench, and having Tortorella’s ear, could mean that Dawes will actually get a chance to play the offensive role he’s capable of with the Rangers. His 10 goals this season under Renney (and in particular his 3 PP goals in very limited PP time) are just the start. Shoeny, when he ran Hartford, recognized Dawes for the star he could become and played him in all situations. I hope Shoeny’s presence on the bench will mean all the young Rangers will be able to strut their stuff more often and with greater effect.

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Rules !! says Greg L. on

    Versus has anounced the “glow puck” on your tv screen is back and a Crosby watch box in the top right corner follow his every shift . Even when crosby is not playing the Rangers he is still telecasted in the sid-cam on your top right box on Versus!!!

    “This just in …from Versus ….Sean Avery may return for his sloppy second time in new york!! Yes thats the Rangers , now back to you mike!!”

  58. All Hail King Henrik on

    Re: Pelino on the mic

    I’m pretty sure Pelino is talking to the Rangers “video coach” on the other end of that headset. I recall a “mic’d up” segment where Pelino was on the headset talking to him, saying things such as: “Mark that 9:01 neutral zone clip” and stuff such as that.

    If I’m correct, the video coach captures video and stills from the video which are then assessed by the coaches during the intermission in order to formulate strategy.

    Still shots of the neutral zone can tell a lot about the other teams attack and what in-game changes need to be made in order to counter.

  59. All Hail King Henrik on


    We could’ve used Bobby Knight during that game.

    I was really hoping to see the entire rack of sticks thrown on the ice by Renney. Wishful thinking, I know…

    Perhaps I’ll actually get to see that now with Torts, haha.

  60. Everyone is to hard on Larry Brooks. He’s a good guy, I’ve known him and his family for nearly 20 years. I don’t want to get into details but let’s just say that him and Torts laughed off that encounter a day later. His Sunday columns along with Carps back in the days were the best one-two hockey punch.

    I hope Zherdev doesn’t get pissed at Torts or vice versa. Worst case scenario is he goes back to Russian and they lose Tyutin for nothing. Torts likes creativity and attack; maybe he’ll unite the three Russians next season.

    Also I thought Hitchcock and Backman was going to be great reality TV, but the truth is that they get along. You never know with him or Redden.

    I like Tom Gilbert a lot but there’s no need for Eric Cole. Great player but he’s one injury away from having to retire and he’s won a Cup already.

  61. Whoa breaking news from Versus; Charlemagne is crowned Imperator Augustus and conquers Italy unifying it with the Frankish Empire.

  62. Wow! I go to bed wondering what’s happening on your side of the Atlantic and wake up and finally the GM has done the right thing(for once) – he’s replaced our placid, players coach with a fiery, disciplinarian-type coach. Good to see Pelino kept on and Schoenfeld as assistant – Pelino has been responsible for a very good penalty kill and Schoeny knows the younger guys very well. Torts is just the kind of coach this team needs – some chilli to add to the vanilla!

    One thing for sure, they better put some cushions and ear-plugs on the bench ‘cos some of these vets are going to get splinters if they play the way they have been and there will be a lot of shouting and screaming from John & Jim in their ears.

    It looks like Torts has had a few games to look at what he’s got, and put some names forward to Slats for potential rentals (or summer acquisitions). I wonder what his line combos will be, or if they’ll be the same but with a more aggressive forecheck and more adventurous D-men.

    It does sound like Slats wants Avery a lot more than Torts does, but Torts holds the strings when it comes to ice time so if we do sign him, Sean must “toe the Torts line”.

  63. Before anyone starts thinking we are going to see new faces in and old ones flying out the door, two thing’s have not changed: the GM and the contracts the GM gave to “star” players.

    One line in Scott Burnside on ESPN’s column should make you realise we can’t make huge changes:
    As one GM told on Monday, “Who’s going to take those contracts?”.

    Gomez & Redden have 5+ years left, Drury and Roszi 3+
    Here’s hoping Torts can work some magic and fire these guys up, cos they ain’t going anywhere, unless they are bought out and then we’d be paying the price for the next 6-10 years!!

  64. Carp – you must be very excited? Torts is a walking story for you guys isn’t he? I imagine he’ll be a lot more forthcoming with his player criticism and a lot more open with information than Renney was?

    Any news on what will happen with Renney? I thought he would move into a scouting or Asst GM role?

  65. onecupin69years on

    Rick -One cup in 67 years is onecupin69years has updated ,I may let the bloggers decide what to call me- I know ,I just left myself wide open for insults

  66. if slats says we’re not up against the cap and there are things we can do then fine. i’ll believe him for at least the next 7 days until the deadline.

    sather, if there is room for movement, than show me. show me by trading someone who is detrimental to the organization. show the fans.

  67. MikeA,
    I heard that Brooks And Torts actually like each other. That dust up was kinda funny, but they put it in the rear view mirror the next day. I think Brooks & Torts are gonna be fine together. Torts is probably gonna do a lot for rebuilding Brooks credibility.

  68. I also doubt that Vinny L will be coming to MSG. Not that they hate each other (Vinny owes a lot of his $$$ to Torts motivating him and he knows it). But St Louis LOVES Torts. If anything drastic happens with Tampa, St Louis WILL BE the centerpiece. I also am beginning to believe that Avery will not just be a re-entry waiver claim, but a straight up trade for Redden. I have a hard time believing that Avery will make it through re-entry to the Rangers. I only say that because Sather is talking like Avery is already here.

  69. I wonder if Torts will suggest that losing 3-0, on the heels of losing 10-2, represents “an improvement.” That God Damn MF Renney should have been fired immediately after saying that. Imagine Vince Lombardi: “Sure we lost by two TD’s, but at least we didn’t lose by four TD’s like we did last week.”

    That GDMF Renney should be thrown down a manhole, except living in a sewer is too good for him if it’s a good rat-infested neighborhood.

  70. . . . .and Sather also mentioned that there is no cap trouble. “We are not against the cap” he said.

  71. Redden is not going anywhere. It’s been long enough. Bring Back Avery!!! Anybody know when Dallas will actually put him on re-entry waivers?

  72. Hey Carp,

    what do you make of what Pierre McGuire said Francesa-WFAN about Slats actively shopping Gomez? Any chance of posing that queston today at practice?

  73. Who Needs Lohan on

    Well I think Gomez is probably our most tradeable commodity after LQ. Problem really is…..does Phoenix or Edmonton need him and have anything to offer us? No one else will even pick up our calls. WHat is Doan making?

  74. It’s pretty funny that everyone was scoffing yesterday when I said that Avery would still be back, and that Tkachuk would probably be here as well.

  75. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I bet the players got the best sleep they’ve had since October last night… except for maybe Raggedy Aaron, but I don’t care about him.

  76. the rangers don’t need to trade anyone for avery, and dallas puts him on re-entry when someone tries to bring him up…..also, sather didn’t mean that there were no cap issues, he just meant that he’s not pressed right up against the cap right now, meaning there was some (not a lot) of money to spend…

  77. I find some of this salary cap issue laughable…if Sather has the stones to admit a mistake. The Rangers have the money to banish a player to the minors and take his salary off of the cap. So, if Sather was willing to admit the Redden mistake, he gets $6.5mil for playing in Charlotte. At that point, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Kalinin is gone after this year. Prucha is likely traded, unless Torts loves him. Maybe Torts can get Drury and Gomez to at least play at their normal levels. All that is left is to get Zherdev going and Naslund should be good for 25 goals. Naslund is a soft player. Always was. I don’t know why people are expecting something else from him. He is good for 25 goals a year. Put him on a line with the right players and his deficiencies aren’t as obvious. Also, Dubinsky is a good player, but he really seems more like a more emotional Drury. A solid #2 center when he hits his prime. Probably a 50-60 point player. I can’t really see him being more than that. His biggest asset is his passion/determination. This team, as constructed, will not win the cup. It should be better than it is, but it still lacks the Super-star to carry it. Until they get that, the most that this team could hope for is to make it to the conference finals…and that is if EVERYTHING bounces their way from here on out. Reality says they are out in the first round if they make the playoffs.

  78. This was from Brooks this morning, an interesting quote from Sather,

    “While working this year for TSN, Tortorella was dismissive of Sean Avery. But that doesn’t mean the end of the road back to Broadway for No. 16, not at all. “John doesn’t know Sean the way we do,” Sather said. “Over time, he’ll learn to love him the way I have.”

    Sounds to me like Sather wants Avery back, whether Torts likes it or not.

  79. UKRanger February 24th, 2009 at 5:27 am

    Before anyone starts thinking we are going to see new faces in and old ones flying out the door, two thing’s have not changed: the GM and the contracts the GM gave to “star” players.

    One line in Scott Burnside on ESPN’s column should make you realise we can’t make huge changes:
    As one GM told on Monday, “Who’s going to take those contracts?”.

    Gomez & Redden have 5+ years left, Drury and Roszi 3+
    Here’s hoping Torts can work some magic and fire these guys up, cos they ain’t going anywhere, unless they are bought out and then we’d be paying the price for the next 6-10 years!!””

    UK Ranger,

    Humiliation as a motivational tool can go a long way. How do you think Redden will feel when he gets shipped to Hartford to ride the bus in the beer league? Let me tell you, he won’t like it, but that’s where he’s headed if he doesnt’ wake up. Torts has the stones to do something like that, too.

  80. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Dan – Wishful thinking but I have a feeling Torts is going to love Prucha. Sather’s comments sounded like any moves will be pending Tort’s evaluation.

  81. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    talking about Torts and accountability in 03-04, with veterants… you can listen live at but they’re almost done

  82. This is why Torts is perfect (from today’s Post):

    “Tortorella is the coach who came to Tampa Bay in 2000-01 and stripped Vincent Lecavalier of his captaincy. He later benched the Lightning’s signature athlete for indifferent defensive play early in the 2003-04 season.”

  83. Tkachuk isn’t really the solution they need for some of their biggest problems. As bad as the Rangers attack is upon entering the offensive zone, it’s getting the puck out of their own end that seems to be an even bigger problem.

    Too often the Rangers get pinned in their for long stretches of time chasing around the puck. Whether it’s someone that can actually skate it out or not make stupid breakout passes that get blocked or intercepted they need major help in that area.

    For all of Gomez’s faults, that’s part of his game that usually clicks even on night’s he’s not producing. Problem is he makes very ill advised passes once he gains the offensive zone, maybe it’s a product of his wingers not putting themselves in a good position or maybe he’s too concerned with making the difficult pinpoint pass through 3 defenders (I think it’s a little from column A and a little from column B).

    Staal is showing flashes of being able to lug the puck up ice. I think some of it is owed to deception since no one considers him a rushing type D, but he’s developed some pretty deft puck skills particularly in his own end where he makes those quick reverses to evade attackers in the corners.

    Other than that no one is really consistently good at moving the puck from one end of the ice to the other. Zherdev can do it on occassion but he’s even worse than Gomez in electing a complicated play over a simple one. If they’re going to play an up-tempo game they’ll need to find someone that can jump start the offense from their own end. In Tampa Torts had Boyle and to a lesser extent Daryl Sydor. Also St. Louis could obviously wheel the puck up ice.

    Speaking of St. Louis, an alluring factor for him to come to NY aside from Torts is that his wife is from Greenwich (they met at UVM). I’m friendly with his wife’s step brother and briefly met Marty for about 10 minutes a few summers ago. I don’t claim to know Marty, just one of his in-laws. For what it’s worth, my friend told me Marty was considering the Rangers if he couldn’t sign his extension with TB a few years ago. I think some of it also had to do with the fact that he felt sleighted after they gave Richards a pretty hefty contract before they offered him one.

  84. It’s still Slat’s team, better yet, Slat’s organization, until proven otherwise.

    I predict Torts and Slats clash so significantly they part ways by mid-year next season. Hopefully, it’s Slats leaving.

    This is the first time in over a decade he doesn’t have a puppet on the bench.

  85. I was never a huge Scott Burnside guy but he really nailed the Rangers management, or lack there of, in his feature. Couldn’t be more spot on.

    Every single journalist from NY to Canada is calling for Slat’s head:

    – Despite his weasel like apperance and bizarro hockey logic, Pierre Maguire (whom I despise) happens to have quite a few hockey connections and has been in the sport for quite a while. He said on record yesterday that he doesn’t know of one single manager, coach or player who puts in LESS effort then Glen Sather in the entire NHL. He also went on to say that Slats watches ZERO film, never scouts and is just flat out never around and other GM’s in the league know this about him (surprise!).

  86. This is the right move at the right time. That was the jist of Brooks’ interview.

    UES Blueshirt,
    I mentioned before that St Louis is the guy in play here. I think if anything goes down between the Rangers & Lightning, St Louis will be the centerpiece. I could even see Rozi for St Louis straight up. That is how tight Torts & St Louis are.

    But in the short term, I see the NYR doing this:
    Avery for Redden straight up.
    Tkachuk for picks/prospects
    Torts personality waking up the moribund Rangers
    2nd round playoff exit.

  87. PruBelongsOnTheIce – I actually would like the Rangers to keep Prucha. I think he is a hard worker who can chip in goals. Keep him as a third liner who gets extra time on the powerplay. I also don’t think Sather has the stones to put Redden in Charlotte (don’t put him in Hartford, he may be poisonous there). However, if Redden doesn’t turn things around, they really have no other choice if they want to keep some of their younger players like Dubi. Gomez and Drury are a strange situation. They are good players who are being overpaid for what they really are. No matter what they do, they can’t live up to their contracts. So, they should stop trying to and just do their thing. The rest will take care of itself. They are always going to be overpaid until their contracts expire, and they aren’t going anywhere soon, so I have to hope they do better.

  88. With the deadline so close and Sather and all sorts of parties hinting on who is going to be traded…more likely than not it will be the players that nobody thinks are going to get traded that are sent packing. Like what happened during the offseason. Nobody thought Fedor Tyutin was going to be dealt. Nobody thought anyone was stupid enough to take on Christian Backman…but both were packaged for Zherdev and Fritche.

    I’ll bet a few moves go down but they will be moves that nobody predicted as happening. Maybe Girardi who is a UFA next season…and a very well liked player by the fans. Or maybe Cally…Who i would personally never want to see traded, but probably carries some value with the small salary and hustle that comes with his game. If a player or two like that are packaged in a deal, maybe Slats can entice another club to take on some of the “garbage” like he did in the Tyutin/Zherdev trade?

  89. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Dan – I agree about Gomez and Drury. As for Drury, he’s the guy I want there in the clutch. Lately we haven’t had many clutch situations unfortunately. He plays solid (some of you guys probably disagree but I haven’t really seen anything wrong with his play besides that it’s not up to par with his contract) but as a clutch player he hasn’t had those opportunities lately. As a leader I won’t pass judgment because I don’t see into practice and the locker room.

    Prucha’s been here his entire NHL career. He knows no other organization, and he’s shown that he doesn’t want to. For what he’s had to put up with that’s admirable. I have a feeling he wants to re-sign here and if it comes down to it he’ll have a price Sather can’t refuse. Hopefully Glen doesn’t test that though.

  90. Prucha25 – I don’t doubt you. What i’ve seen and read about Torts is that all of them need to watch out, he’s not afraid of reputations or salaries. I can’t wait to see who incurs his wrath first..

    cwgatti – i agree apart from Avery, it will either be Roszi for Avery straight up or a claim on re-entry waivers. No other GM will take on the Redden contract, its an albatross.

  91. I believe short term, Prucha benefits the most from this move.
    Guys that will thrive: Gomez, Drury, Rozi, Girardi, DUBINSKY, Cally, Betts, Orr, Sjo, Staal, Henke
    Guys that will tank: Dawes, Redden, Naslund, Voros, Mara, Korpi
    Just my gut feeling.

  92. Bring Avery back NOW!! With the drama of Tortorella coming in it’s the perfect time to usher Sean back to the team. What’s a little more upheaval?

  93. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I think Korpikoski will thrive, I mean Renney completely cut off his 3rd period time lately. He’s young and plays hard and I think Torts will give him more opportunities.

    And can Redden get any lower?
    Same with Voros – but I think/hope he’s out.

  94. I also think Korpi will thrive under Torts. He does have a really good shot, hey maybe they can use him on the power play. Avery is not worth it, the Rangers have too many salary cap issues and they would have to pay him for the next 3 seasons, unless of course they are able to unload say Gomez, Redden, or Rosi.

  95. PuxInOz February 24th, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Hey guys, we actually got the back of the paper today!

    Which paper? Daily news had midget knick man Nate

  96. Interesting article in the NY Daily News by Filip Bondy. Highlights:

    “We all know the deal by now: James Dolan thinks Sather, 65, is his best buddy, so the guy has some kind of lifetime pass to make terrible personnel decisions.”

    – Hilarous. And on point.

    “Is there another franchise in New York, aside from the Islanders, that would sit around for nine years and let failure fester in this fashion? Of course not. Ranger fans enable the situation, by filing lockstep into the Garden each night, cheering every jersey retirement ceremony as if a fresh Stanley Cup banner were raised to the rafters.”

    – I agree with the first sentence, but disagree with the notion that somehow Rangers’ fans share blame for continuing to go to games. No one cheers the fact that there are half-empty buildings every game in cities across the league.

  97. I hope Korpi does well. I really like his play. I prefer him to most of the other kids I’ll tell ya that.

  98. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “Ranger fans enable the situation, by filing lockstep into the Garden each night, cheering every jersey retirement ceremony as if a fresh Stanley Cup banner were raised to the rafters.”


    We have a storied franchise – we have 8 numbers in the rafters, over 82+ years! We play in New York City, if we don’t buy tickets they will go to the visiting team’s fans that are in town for business.

  99. how would a trade for avery work at this point? Wouldnt the Rangers have to expose him to re-entry waivers if they wanted him to play in the nhl? And I just cant believe anyone would take Redden w/out giving back an equally bad contract

  100. little green men on

    With all the typos I thought wildcard was back(inside joke for people who have been here a while). Wednesday feels like opening day!! Two words I thought I would not say again this year…i’m excited!

  101. Well Ladies and Gentlemen a new Era of Rangers hockey begins. I wish Renney good luck and many thanks for getting the team into the playoffs the last few seasons. Im sure Sather waited as long as he could, I just lost control of the runaway or in their Rangers case “coast” away horse.


    Have a question for you. I heard yesterday that Redden came to camp out of shape. Is this true? Why is it that any other organization suspends their players and sends them down except this one?

  102. I don’t know if any of you read the Scottyhockey blog but he listed all of Slats signings/trades today – its one of those lists you read and go “F**k, how is this guy still in a job?”

    Boris Mironov – $1.925m….!!!!!

    I’d love to take that list and substitute the draft picks for the players that were actually drafted with those picks. I bet it would look even worse!!

  103. Im excited. I really think the team is going to do well under him. They are a young team and need a spitfire coach to motivate them, not handle them with kid-gloves and suger coat every thing. Last coach who has this no-nonsense attitude who didnt take sh*t was Keenan. I dont think I need to remind anyone what he won that year either ;)

    Rangers need moxie – Torts is the one to instill that in them.

  104. I’ve been saying it on this blog for ever that Sather needs to go. If it wasn’t for the strike the rangers would have never made the playoffs under sather. I don’t expect Tortorella to all of a sudden turn the rangers around because you can’t turn shit in to gold. Sather needs to go and dollan needs to get off his fat ass and fire sather.

  105. My only regret is that Jagr, Straka & Shanny arent here to play under Torts. OOOOH MAN now I would have LOVED to see that!!!!

  106. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I think Rick said Jane is covering practice… but either way, an update won’t be for at least an hour.

  107. Patrick Hoffman on

    PruOnTheIce – You are right on point in a lot of your posts. Where do you see Torts putting Korpikoski?

  108. They miss Jagr Period!!

    Straka was horrible last year.
    Shanny looked old and slow!!
    Avery was injured half the year and didn’t show up in the penguins series!!

    I would take Avery back only if theres another move!!

  109. I see Torts putting Korpi on the wing, great shot, and not afraid to go into the corners, why not see what he could do with blomez.

  110. I woke up this morning & Torts is still our coach, I guess I was not dreaming.
    Man. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season starting with tomorrow night.
    Let’s go Rangers !

  111. Smalls, I think they would get more value for Rosi at this point, and teams would be more willing to take on his contract. Rosi might fit the Flames liking.

  112. Small note from 1050…

    Practice was to start at 10:30… actually started at 10:15… he likes to run practice early… should be interesting

  113. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Your guess is as good as mine but he’s meshed well with Callahan and hopefully we see him on the PP.

  114. Absolutely, at this point they should see if Torts and Schoeny could get anything out of him, if not place him on waivers.

  115. UK – Thanks for posting that list of Sather moves, I was looking for something like that.. It is awful and he shld have been gone lone ago..

    just look at what he rec’d when he “rebulilt” trading serviveable vets like Graves, Barnaby et al. ….I hated him up until the Leetch move, after which he was dead to me… looking thru that trade (thru poor palyed assessment and drafting) it essentially ended up Leetch for Petr Sykora.

    btw, Matt Cullen notched a hat trick the the other day which brought his goal total up to 19 (oddly only 12 assts).. would not mind him here at $2.9 per for ONE more yr (anoth Slats contract), but at least we got Andrew Hutchinson and Joe barnes for him..

  116. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I would love to see the energy of a line with Korpedo centering Prucha and Callahan though

  117. The way I see it the Rangers HAVE to dump atleast one of their big contracts or they will not have the money to resign their young RFA’s.

  118. The Redden contract, imo, is by far the worst in the NHL… but reading thru the comments… would the Stars take him for Avery (who they will pay 4 mil for absolutely nothing), if the Rangers pay some of the contract and throw in a prospect/pick…? I doubt it but, Redden needs to be out

    if so, Sather gets another black mark for having to give up something of value to rid the org of his $6.5/annum mistake

  119. I was thinking of these lines;


  120. IMO, the Tyutin (not counting Backman) for Zherdev (not couting Fritsche) deal is really turning out better for Columbus.

    I doubt Nik will last ver long with Torts. I’ve never seen a player go from hot to cold so quickly from game to game, shift to shift. He couldn’t handle discipline with Hitchcock, how is he going to handle even more with Torts?

    Either way, we lost a steady reliable defenseman who played a physical game at a reasonable salary for an enigma (all the pundits were right) who has a very low hockey IQ, is moody and disappears for weeks on end.

    I’m all for attempting moves to make plays, but it boggles my mind when Zherdev does that half ass through the legs move while heading towards the corner… even if it works, he’s only in the corner. To me, that shows you how little hockey sense he has.

    Funny thing is, he’s the most talent we have.

    Personally, I wouldn’t resign him.

  121. I have not chimed in much since the weekend (I was away and in the boondocks with not much PC access.)

    Sather is the cancer and Renney was the Bandaid. The patient got sicker and worse and they ripped off the Bandaid. Big whoop.

    And then finally Sather said, “We are all a bit to blame,” or whatever he did. I mean WTF? You think you shoulder some of this blame Glen? Can you name more than 3 things you have done right over your tenure? I mean seriously. Where is the media for this question? Just FYI, I go to a lot of games at MSG and I have prepared a long litany of things to throw at Sather if I ever bump into him. Given that none of the reporters have the nuts (or the opportunity mind you, but if that is the case WTF are reporters doing while I work all day?) to ask the really tough questions, I figured I would be ready when I get the chance.

    Maybe Torts catches Lightning in a bottle (pun intended) but I think there are two chances of that: slim and none.

    Can anyone tell me why we couldn’t just send Redden to the minors and clear cap space? I mean the guy is f-ing bad. Just suck it up Glen (and Dolan….you have been sucking a lot more than that (or less) with Sather anyway) and admit Redden is the worst pickup in NHL history (worse than Rissmiller, Voros, and freebie Fritsche). At least it would free up cap space.

    The f-ing soap opera continues. If us fans had any balls, we would all just stop going to the Garden for a few games until Sather was gone.

  122. .. at least we have Naslund LOCKED UP at $4 mil next year .. no one can get their hands on him (sarcasm implied)

  123. if the SJO fits on

    jason – thanks for that note. early practice should be a very interesting change.

    cant wait to go to the game thursday. wasnt really too excited about it before when renney was here.

  124. Brandon

    The last time Zherdev make the pass to himself between his legs move giong into the corner, Korpi scored on his pass.

    Give the kid a break – Im sure getting bounced around from line to line doesnt help and what good is he playing with Drury???? All the players on the team are NOT playing to their full potential.

    Like I said last night. This is their second chance to redeem themselves. This is a coach who will enforce the “attack” system we have been YELLING about most of the season. Now if the dont respond to it… THEN its the players.

  125. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    my thoughts when watching Zherdev:

    (Z gets the puck in defensive zone and skates to avoid a hit)
    ohh, nice play!

    (Z skates through someone to get into neutral zone)
    sweet move!

    (Z gets by another defender at center ice)
    wow, this kid’s talented!

    (Z gets by another defender to enter the offensive zone on a 2-on-1)
    alright, here’s an offensive chance!

    (Z tries it again and gives up the puck to the last defender between him and the net – while on a 2-on-1)
    %&*#^# Zherdev!!!!

  126. Smalls – its a good website nhlnumbers. Year after that we’ve got Staal and Girardi to deal with too.

    We might be OK as none of the RFA’s have really lit the lamp much this year (so far).
    Prucha might get less (if he stays at all) and i can’t see big improvements for Cally, Dubi, Sheostring or Dawes. Zherdev and Korpedo are due raises though i think.

    Kalinin will be gone, possibly Mara, hopefully Virus and maybe Betts too. I hope they keep Colton Orr on though – i love his big cheesy grins after each dust-up!!

    I think we’ll have a clearer picture come trade deadline day. If we’re bringing someone in, Prucha, Kalinin, Dawes, Dubi and Cally might be used as trade chips as well as some of the fringe Hartford guys like Potter, Fahey, Byers, Moore, Sanguinetti maybe…

    Its going to be a very interesting and exciting end to the season i think.

  127. Mara wants to play in ny…he already proved that this year…I don’t think that many people will be interested in betts, orr, or valli

  128. DomivBaumgartner on

    PuxInOz February 24th, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I was thinking of these lines;


    Noone in this lineup really stands out on paper. Like wow!

  129. True, names like Betts, Orr, and Valiquette don’t really jump out at you. But even if other teams that have the money to spend want to throw a little extra at those guys to get them they can. Combined those 3 guys make 1.9 million. Any team with cap space will throw 1.0 mill at each of those guys easy as role players, its not that outrageous. And the young RFA’s may be underpreforming but they will still command more money than they are making currently, and we just don’t have it right now.

  130. Ugh Jess from BB is such a tool. In stead of being postive and having ANY logic – you would think that Torts learned from his mistakes by way of being fired from TB and will bring everything he can & has learned with his experience to the Rangers.

  131. Fischler's Ghost on

    Color me underwhelmed.

    There’s nothing left to say about Sather and why this team’s underachieving is his fault.

    Just to play devil’s advocate: If this team didn’t respond to Renney, who is definitely a “player’s coach” than can we really assume Torts and his fire and brimstone talk can really help them?

  132. Mako,

    I saw that quote well after I posted that link but I agree with you completely with you about him.

  133. All you people who don’t know hockey….keep saying that Betts and Orr won’t have much interest when they become UFAs. It shows how little you know.

    Why do you think our PP is #2 in the league? It wouldn’t be because of Betts. No way. His shot blocking, positioning, brain for the game, ability to get in people’s ways…all awful….none of that is anything a team would want.

    Oh and Orr, right, everyone wants to drop the gloves with him cuz he is such a lightweight. He plays horribly against guys like Crosby. Guys think 2x about doing stuff when he is on the ice or even just sititng on the bench. No one would want that on their team either. Has Rupp even returned to action yet? Fedoruk was knocked out cold last year. Godard gets his face stomped almost every time Orr faces him. Even Brashear got bested by Orr last time. Yeah, no one would want that guy on their team.

    You idiots…you don’t get it.

  134. Bottom line is that something had to be done… they were spiraling out of control and if you listened to the post game comments from Renney in TO, he had no answer…

    “Drastic? We’re going to go after wins. That’s how drastic. We’re going to keep working hard and fight for wins.”

    That’s not an answer! “We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing” is how that sounds to me. NOT AN ANSWER. IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.

  135. Jason

    Yeah – every one who is reporting about this even BROOKS is saying this is what the Rangers need & all comments have been positive. I never liked him from BB. And what is funny you can see the difference of journalism skills compared to every reporter/writer who has made comments on that link you posted. His sticks out like a sore thumb LOL

  136. Great link JayKnight.

    This really is the first coaching change that I’m excited about since we brought Keenan in in April ’93.

  137. Wonder what Tom Renney is doing right now.

    TR wife: “hey pumpkin, are you home today?”

    TR: “yes my meaty knish, I will be home now all the time!”

    TR wife smile, turn around and walk away whispering “I hate YOU! “

    I feel good about the team again… GREAT SUCESS!

  138. JayKnight

    Thanks a lot for that link. Great read. Im glad to see that all the drama with LB and Torts was hyped up as usual. The more I read, the more excited Im getting about the future of this team. If he gets Wade Redden playing to his full potential then he is a miracle worker!!!

  139. And let’s hope Sather goes hunting with Dick Cheney!

    BTW still no one has answered my question re: Redden. Is it true that they could just send him to the minors from now until the end of his contract and it would free up 6mm a year in cap space? If so, why don’t they just do that and admit their mistake and move on?

  140. Newman

    You know I was going to post something just like that with the last handful of brain dead comments on Betts, Orr & Sjostrom but you beat me to it. JUST because they DONT produce offensively doesnt mean they dont do everything else right, have “hockey sense” and play hard every single night. And for the cost they are probably the best 4th line in the league.

    When was the last time anyone say Orr take a bad penalty? Fights not with standing. However, when was the last time you saw Voros take a bad penalty? LOL

    “Fans” who think they know hockey, should see the importance of a 4th line or how valuable defensive forwards are. Jan Erixson is a perfect example. He was Lemieux shadow. I see Sjostrom playing that way now. His subtle plays during the PENS playoff series really impressed me. The way he defended against Malkin was pretty bad-ass, when he was on the ice against him.

  141. What the Rangers have done is fire a woman head coach, and installed a man at the helm. Reminds me of the line in the film “The Deer Hunter,” when John Cazale, watching a Pittsburgh – Philly NFL game on TV in a bar says: “The Eagles quarterback is wearing a dress.” RIght. Tom Renney is a “DRESS,” Torts is a SUIT.

    Ready for the change around my house. lol.

  142. New Newman, Why do you think our PP is #2 in the league?

    Our PP is #2 in the league? Right, you know hockey…lol.

  143. Newman is spot on.

    A LOT of teams would LOVE to have both Colton Orr and Blair Betts.

    For starters, there really is only one Blair Betts. He can do it all, minus finish. On some teams he might even be able to log third line minutes. On top of that, he doesn’t score enough to make big bucks so he’s a great investment, and the kind of player you need to win championships.

    As for Orr, there aren’t many responsible fighters in the league, and legit heavyweights at that.

    Half of the league’s fighters are scared of him, which is one reason he fights less, and he’s not a liability defensively like a Georges LaRaque. Plus, he’s showed a willingness to become a better hockey player, not just fighter.

    We just take these guys for granted b/c they play a lot of minutes and don’t score goals.

    Don’t think for a second that other teams wouldn’t want them.

  144. jason
    February 24th, 2009 at 11:54 am
    Let’s please give Renney a break. It’s over, he made us relevant again, let’s please move on.

    as much as Renney made us relevant (let’s not forget Jagr, straka, nylander, Henrik) he brought us back to the irrelevant level where every team we play we get pushed to the wall and especially at home. So no, I won’t give a break to anyone! And Sather is next on the list of “thnx, but no thank u” people to get the pink slip. He sounded as if Dolans love for him is running out… there will be a day where Dolan and Sather will have to go through messy divorce… and I’ll be, with there with balloons and birthday cake cheering for them!!

  145. I never suggested Orr and Betts are irrelevant. If anything I pointed out how cheap of a rate we have them at and how all the big contracts we have no are only going to hinder us in resigning them and give other teams opportunity to throw more money at them (and not even that much!)

  146. Matteauonov February 24th, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    New Newman, Why do you think our PP is #2 in the league?

    Our PP is #2 in the league? Right, you know hockey…lol.

    He goes on to talk about Betts, blocked shots, strong defense, etc. What do you say you stretch just a little and consider perhaps he was going for PK (where we are in fact #2), rather than PP?

    /Concur up and down about Betts. And Orr. Seems Newman knows a little hockey, IMO.

    Oh yea. LOL, or something.

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