Too bad there’s a game after the ceremony


The Rangers have a way of messing up these things (see: Adam Graves Night, followed by a loss to Atlanta).

Too bad. Harry Howell and Andy Bathgate deserve for this to be a great night at the Garden. First of all, it’s well overdue, having their numbers go to the ceiling. Second, most fans at the game probably never saw these guys play. They aren’t the darlings of ’94, so this will be a comparatively low-key night.

But they also deserve a place that’s not angry with its team, and I imagine MSG will be somewhat angry tonight.

Why? How about Buffalo 4, Rangers 2. How about a 2-9 record in the last 11 games (we’re not giving credence to those two skills-competition points; if we’re counting the shootout win as a win, then we’re counting the shootout losses as losses). Or we could say it this way: The Rangers have one regulation win in their last 11 games, and that was over the Islanders, at home, in a 2-1 game with an empty-netter.

Not to mention that they have scored 11 goals — total! — in the nine non-wins.

Some thoughts:

1) Did anybody else notice that just about everybody behind the Rangers in the standings won yesterday, which means they fell from fifth to eighth and in danger of falling further. In other words, it now looks as if the Rangers will have to play over-.500 hockey the rest of the way to get into the playoffs, and that may not even be good enough. And we don’t know if they can do that.

2) Scott Gomez ran into Buffalo’s goalie and it was a borderline cheap shot. But this is what Gomez used to do in New Jersey. That’s probably another good sign that he’s morphing, at least to a degree, back into the Good Gomer. We’ll withhold judgment.

3) The rest of the top-money guys — and you know their names without me mentioning them — continue to sleepwalk through a season. Makes you wonder if anybody would want any of them if/when the Rangers put out the “For Sale” sign before the trade deadline. I mean, could they beg a team to take one or more, pay half their salary, take the cap hit, in exchange for young players or draft picks? Probably not.

4) Jim Schoenfeld (former Buffalo legend) was at the game last night. I don’t know how much he usually travels with the team, but it strikes me that he’s been at a few games lately. Hmm.

5) The MSG Network guys stole the nickname “Korpedo” which I am quite sure was first coined on this blog (and before I got here). They not only used it, but they claimed credit for it. That ain’t right.

6) Joe Michelleti scolded the Rangers for their soft forecheck, for making life easy on the Buffalo defensemen, and for making it easier on the two Buffalo goalies. Good for you, Joe. 

7) Marc Staal really did get unlucky on the first goal, when he stepped up to anticipate a pass — correctly — only to have it deflected out of mid-air (mind you) by Nigel Dawes, and past Staal for a 2-on-1 for the Sabres. That’s a huge goal against a team so fragile. And a team so incapable of scoring goals.

8) If Slats is going to make a move … and I mean a coaching move … as they say at weddings, speak now or forever hold your peace. It’s now or never. But it’s also a good time to decide exactly how important it is to just make the playoffs and then go out quickly. Because I don’t think any move (coach firing, big trade, Sean Avery) should just be made for a short-term prayer of making the playoffs. Although Jim Dolan surely wants the extra home gates, future be damned.

9) Oh, add Buffalo to that growing number of teams who have more skill up front than the Rangers.

10) Now the Rangers’ team defense and goaltending are failing too. Can you spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R?




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  1. Why can’t we just send Redden to Hartford, clear up the cap space to make a trade, hopefully get Avery, get someone who can help us score at the trade deadline, and all will be well…

  2. When Redden leads all Rangers in ice time, this team will never win a game. I have never seen such a timid, tenative player out there on the ice. Does Gomez have a no trade clause, because he would be the first player I would try to move, hmmm I hear LA is looking for a center. This team is going nowhere fast, I hope they dont make the playoffs, maybe that will get Dolans attention to hold Sather accountable.

  3. The unfortunate thing is that Bathgate & Howell will both probably thank Jim Dolan, Glen Sather, etc. by name during their speeches. Which will get the legends booed off the ice in a big way.

  4. The rangers are done. I posted on here over a week ago the collapse is on. Sather is an idiot. I despise that clown. I finally thought when the strike occurred that Sather was finally doing the right thing by cleaning house and building a team from the minors but then he goes and gives a ton of money to Drury, Gomez and redden who are marginal players in a cap league and because of this the rangers will probably be bad for years to come.

  5. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I like the thought of trading any of our top guys to get some youth. Sather took a gamble aquiring these guys AND IT IS NOT WORKING LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN IT’S NOT WORKING. I’LL take a rebuilding team for now, IF THE NY RANGERS ORG know’s how to do that.

  6. “if we’re counting the shootout win as a win, then we’re counting the shootout losses as losses”

    Carp, agree with you 100%. Standings should be changed to show bonus points separately since OT wins are included in the win column- why shouldn’t it be the same with OT losses in the loss column? The Rangers are 31-29(6).Pretty mediocre and only getting worse.

  7. tomg,

    That is because impatient fans like you hungered to win a cup. So Sather made moves he thought would get the team there. Don’t deny it. Did they NOT chant “we want the cup” loudly on fame of the season last year? Yes they did. No team in NY can rebuild from scratch. It never happens anymore. Why? Because the fans won’t show up to the games to watch them be last place. Pittsburgh is a powerhouse now again but they were the worst for years. Fans still show up. Look at other cities. Fans show up. Look at the Blues games. When was the last time that team was GOOD? But their fans show up.

    I remember back before the Yankees became good. Do you know how many empty seats there used to be at games? I’m not even a Yankee fan and I noticed that. The entire upper deck was empty. Maybe if the fans here could stop being so impatient, a real rebuilding could occur. But it won’t happen because most of us New Yorkers have this undeniable trait; we think we are better than everyone else. Therefore, we are SUPPOSED to win while others don’t. Everytime there is a big name trade or free agent in every sport, NYers say “why did we let them get this player?”

    There are a few fans that would take a real rebuild. But it’s not like other cities.

  8. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Carp- once again,great post! This team just plainly and simply sucks! From the ownership,to managment,scouting,coaching,most of the players,even the announcers.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, Carp, one small issue:

    “I mean, could they beg a team to take one or more, pay half their salary, take the cap hit, in exchange for young players or draft picks? Probably not.”

    I think what you’re suggesting here is a trade like we did for Jagr, where we took half of his salary and split the cap hit with Washington. Those types of trades aren’t allowed under the current CBA.

    Now, if you’re suggesting that trade away the player and their cap hit, but still pay the player’s salary (or a very significant portion of it), I’m not certain but I don’t think that would be allowed either. So for instance, we trade Gomez to Columbus (who are desperate for a center for Rick Nash). They pick up his cap hit wth their ample cap space, but we pay 75% of his salary. I’m fairly certain that’s not allowed either.

  10. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    That’s Right Cris,blame the fans for the teamns incompetance.Sather is a great G.M and Renney is the best coach to have never won any significant championship of any kind in his life.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, it’s not the fans that are the problem, it’s the owner. Yes, there will be empty seats. But when the team sucks even though it’s not rebuilding, the seats are still empty. In 2003-2004, even before the firesale, I was buying tickets to games the day before the game for like 20 bucks each in the 300s. The Garden was empty. We’re headed for half a decade of that with the bad roster moves made to win now.

    What’s worse is that in the long run, Dolan would make more money if he tried to rebuild in earnest. Even with the Garden half full, the Rangers would still be a profitable franchise. So if he just makes a little less money for like 3 or 4 years to rebuild, he would be able to make a lot more money for the next decade when the team is built around a solid young core of properly paid (NO STUPID CONTRACTS) stars.

    And don’t give Pittsburgh as an example of a fanbase that’s loyal. That team went bankrupt and almost moved, twice, all because fans weren’t paying to see them lose.

  12. Chris

    The Garden sells out regardless. People may not be in the seats, but the tickets are sold. This team BLEW for years. WE BLEW our draft pick opportunities.

    I agree the fans are impatient, and people calling for Avery, Jagr, shitty trades at the deadline JUST to try to make the playoffs… are the ones that deserve what theyre getting though. The people who “believe” Renney just needs a few more players.

  13. Chris great post in your mind, stay there and go watch the Yankees. It’s the impatient fans fault, BRILLIANT! …get a clue….
    There are 3 choices, rebuild ,compete, go for it. Sather tries all three, but is happy with compete, make the playoffs, golf and fish. If no playoffs, goodbye coach . Change the roster again and wait until next February.Welcome to half way to nowhere, hurry up and wait……FIRE SATHER & RENNEY……hope Dolan sells the TEAM!

  14. Carp, I believe the ‘Korpedo’ name first came up on a fan site called Ranger Fan Central(Graffiti Wall)…or at least THAT was the first place I saw it.

  15. We can only pray that moron Sather tries to be a seller and tries to dump some of these overpaid stiffs. Don’t count on it.

  16. CCCP: did I see u in a game as CCCP? My player name is BennyBlanco and I’m not sure if I saw you in that game sorry I sucked got 4 points next game.

    If the Rangers don’t win tonight I’m going to kill myself.

    Works every time.

  17. The forecheck last night was pathetic. They may as well have had all their guys in the neutral zone waiting for Buffalo to try and get through.

    I found myself disgusted…

  18. Seems like only a few months ago I looked forward to watching each game, now I have a feeling of dread as game time approaches.
    I not only wonder which glaring deficiency will bite them this particular game, but more importantly I realize that Sather’s investing so much $ in so many wrong players has CRIPPLED us for years to come. We have too many players earning at least twice the level at which they perform, and no team in their right minds will ever take them off our hands unless we absorb probably half their salaries.
    I am almost at the point of saying forget about the next 2 years, get rid of the the dead weight at any cost, & start over.
    I’ve lived & watched for so many years my beloved Yankees & Rangers being dismal & non-competetive, & hoped those days were behind me, but I truly fear for our future if we do not dismantle & rebuild.
    How does Sather get away with never having to comment or explain a damn thing, while Brian Cashman has been man enough to to speak to the press on an almost daily basis, about every sensitive issue there is.

  19. onecupin67years on

    Losing is infectious ..the team , the organization , the ownership all seem to be stuck in a losing mode.

    What is dolan doing to pressure or threaten Sather to win?

    What is sather doing to Tommmy boy?

    I know a baseball owner who wouldn’t stand for this crap.

  20. 6) “Joe Michelleti scolded the Rangers for their soft forecheck, for making life easy on the Buffalo defensemen, and for making it easier on the two Buffalo goalies. Good for you, Joe.”

    Right, give Joe a parade for responsible and painfully obvious analysis, only late to the party by about four months.

    Renney makes Jean-Guy Talbot look like Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman rolled into one.

  21. Amazing that we are all sitting here this deep in the season in the middle of a dreadful free fall, and NOT ONE MOVE has been made to improve this team. It proves the complete lack of competitiveness throughout the entire organization.

    Mind boggling.

  22. The person who needs to go is Sather. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. This team works as hard as he does. They are a mirror image of the GM…….big reputation and zero performance.

  23. If these players really cared about the team, and were really willing to do anything to help this team, they should renegotiate their salaries. Drury, Gomez, and Redden, should at least cut their deals in half and let Sather put that towards making a few moves, thus making it realistic to sign a true top goal scorer. I would never utter another bad word about any of them if they did that. Then, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba started to undress each other and they walked towards me and………my alarm clock woke me up. Oh, what a nice dream that was. I guess I will start my day and get ready for the nightmare after the number retiring ceremonies.

  24. Lets face it this team is done, I agree, How important is it to make the playoffs just to loose in the first round. I say they should dump as many of these high priced guys as they can, and call up the guys from the pack to finish the season. Rebuild with the youth. get some cap room and go form there. This time do it right, maybe do some scouting before you sign guys. It will take a while but it can’t get worse than it is right now. Leave Avery where he is. It would take a lot more than Avery to help this unit.

  25. You know – I would go as far as suggesting that the Rangers unload Lundqvist. He has a lot of credibility around the league and a hefty contract. If we can’t get rid of Drury or Redden and we’re committed to sucking for the next three-four years while we’re strangled by big contracts and underperforming top players why keep hanging on to Lunqvist, who could bring us some top picks or prospects? If we’re going down, why not do it with Vally in net?

  26. Having watched every second of every game, as well as pre- and post-game coverage, I am at a loss for words when I try to explain what went wrong. All of our “superstars” have seemingly decided to coast down the ice and collect their paycheck as they cruise into early retirement, while being out-performed by our homegrown talent. Did any of you see Redden’s meager attempt at backchecking after Mark coughed up the puck last night? At least Stally tries to do the right thing and doesn’t mind working for his paycheck. Speaking of checks, is there anyone over 28 on the Rangers(excluding Bettsy) that ISN”T afraid to deliver more than 2 per game??? And Drury, who LOVES playing in NY*ahem*, has been nothing short of Dreary. His job is to get into the slot and get dirty-why is he playing the POINT on the PP??? It’s not just the players, it’s the coaches as well. So what do we do? Clean house? Fire Renney and his inept pathetic coaching staff? AVERY??? Trade away our youngsters for another washed-up has been??? Guess what-I’m still going to tonight’s game, and I’ll cheer when they are good and BOOOOOO when they suck. I’ll never turn my back on them, but I will watch the other train wreck when it pulls into the Stadium in the Bronx, aka “The House That ‘Roids Built”, when they start their circus in a few weeks…

  27. And by the way-Kudos to Montreal for giving Kovalev some “time off” and sending Kostitsin down-are you watching, Mr. Sather???

  28. I don’t think unloading Hank is a reasonable solution under any circumstances. Unless it meant we would get Ovechkin. That is just my opinion, but Hank is a world class goalie. It really isn’t his fault that his team simply does not compete anymore. This team is weak, small, and no matter what system they play it is not going to matter. When you do not even try, or play with urgency, it is never going to bode well for your team. This team lacks pretty much everything except for goaltending right now. Even when Hank plays bad, the team plays worse. When Hank plays out of his mind, the team doesn’t score any goals anyway.

  29. Place Redden on Waivers, eat half his salary or pay him not to play off the books, and trade GOMEZ or DRURY or ROZSIVAL at ANY COST. Bring up Avery to get the coaches fired and at the very least ADD SOME ACCOUNTABILITY TO THIS PATHETIC TEAM.

  30. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Can you say BUYOUT of these bad contracts. I don’t know the legalities of such a move but it looks like it has to happen somehow or we are headed for more dark years. I still want Renney gone. Like I’ve said before, accountability can go a long way to seeing how bad this situation is. They have to TRY to get these fat cats going.


    “”4) Jim Schoenfeld (former Buffalo legend) was at the game last night. I don’t know how much he usually travels with the team, but it strikes me that he’s been at a few games lately. Hmm.””

    Hmmm indeed. Interesting.

  31. Don’t you love when it is this late in the season and we are still playing the line combo game. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  32. Doodie,

    I didn’t say the Pens fans are loyal, did I? I said they sucked for many years to acquire those number 1 picks to get the Fleury, Stall, Crosby and Malkins.

    Point is that won’t work here. Fact is this is a big market. Again, weren’t the Knicks trying to rebuild and then go after Lebron in 2010? Every night, I see guys working overtime in terms of effort and losing close games to superior talent. And you know what? They STILL get booed in the same Garden.

  33. onecupin67years on

    I would swap the isles roster for the rangers in a heart beat.
    The isles don’t have the talent, allegedly the rangers do and still lose.
    I can root for a team that stinks but tries hard.
    but I can’t root for a team of quitters.

    They’re all trade bait.

  34. Why doesn’t Schoenfeld do interviews either? What is going on with this management team? Don Maloney always used to do interviews.
    And no one will trade with the Rangers because no one wants any of these guys. Who would another team actually want? If they want Dawes or Callahan, what would we get back? Nothing. 4th round pick and no salary benefit. No one will take the big three. No one.

  35. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Dave Maloney called out the coaching staff for overuse of the 4th line last night. He said it was questionable that they put out the 4th line right after Buffalo scored against us. It sounds like he’s getting fed up as we are.

  36. I agree completely. The rest of the regular season will be fun because I don’t think we are getting anything else after that. However, I do want to agrue against Dolan making money at home playoff games. Yes, he makes alot if we get home games, but if you really want to hurt his wallet, you need to stop going to regular season games, never go to radio city music hall, and have all your friends switch away from cablevision services. Then, he may want to make the Rangers better so he can get some playoff money. So get working!

  37. Nasty,
    Loved the 11:25 post on salary cuts. You lived up to you name on that one.
    Agree with you on holding on to Hank. He continuse to be the key to what ever happens. And yes it is pathetic to be discussing line combos at this point. Besides it seems ot have little or no effect on the results anyway.

  38. Who Needs Lohan on

    Ive been saying it all along, now Joe Mich finally mentions it. The only time this team creates offense is when we send two men in on the forecheck. So why oh why dont we do that more often? Please Wade Renney, please explain this to me. Carp, can you ask him this question please?

    Say…Wade, I mean Tom, why do you suck?!?!?!

  39. Everyone here should read Larry Brook’s article today:

    “The fact, however, is that while Bathgate and Howell come from a different generation, a generation in which there was romance attached to pro sports, this is the their time in New York to be honored. And this is the time for Rangers fans, who may not know what or who came before Gilbert, Ratelle, Hadfield and Giacomin, let alone 1994, to recognize the greatness of the men who once wore the sweater so proudly.

    This is about recognizing heritage as much as it is about recognizing greatness. This is about paying homage to two special individuals whose character is as relevant now as it was then.

    You know the “I Am A Ranger” promos the team runs?

    Bathgate and Howell are Rangers.”

  40. wow the luncay is on today. professors why exactly does orr play?

    yeah trade gomez, drury, and redden!!!really professors whom would take them?

    the panic and stupidity is full bore.

    how about sitting orr, not playing voros, sitting reitz or kalinan, playing redden 3rd pair minutes, and if any of the expensive guys dog it sit them? That would be a reasonable start…for the scratches add AA, and Sauer or Potter, and if the guys do not play hard try other players…

  41. This team is pathetic!!! I am running out of patience. I agree with Nasty1. WTF with the line combo changes? Lundqvist has his confidence shot. No help from the defense. I agree with all the posts, How come a hole Sather doesn’t attend post-game conferences and comment?
    BTW we are not making the playoffs!!!!

  42. I really beleive we wont make the playoffs,now. If Pittsburgh continues to win look out, another team in the top 8 pushing us further down. We [season ticket holders] should be receiving our playoff invoices the next 2 weeks. HA!

  43. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Why can’t we just send Redden to Hartford, clear up the cap space to make a trade, hopefully get Avery, get someone who can help us score at the trade deadline, and all will be well…

    ely- i dont know why u think sending redden to hartford will solve anything. the season is about over. a better solution would be to let him be scratched for most of the remainder of the season. theres no trades that are gonna be made that will get us deep into the playoffs. we have players capable of that here already and a top notch(mind you hes been middle of the pack as far as consistency)that just wont get it done. redden is a good player. so is gomez and drury. the guys need to be sat a few while watching a couple of no name sprouts come in and try to take their jobs away. i know redden hasnt done jack this season but think about the whole team. none are overacheiving.theyre coasting. they want renny gone. his system sucks. redden is an offensive d man nobody expected him to be pronger. its not his fault sather paid him 5 million too much for 4 years too much. rennys passive system is killing everyone on this team. look at dru. 15 goals in 60 games. zherdev who is supremely gifted with his puck handling and passing skills. 16 goals. nobody on this team is gonna score more than 25 except maybe naslund. doubt it though. i know redden sticks out the most because of his salary but even staal has regressed. he showed much promise last year, this year hes been about the same, and is not progressing offensively. put staal on the wings or sharks see what happens. avery will not help this team.

  44. Mark (the orginal) on

    I am surprised Schony is not with Hartford this weekend, as they were playing 3 games this weekend. It would be good to see him check out the defense, and of course Avery. Also I wonder what Eric Reitz did to Larry Brooks because every article I read from Larry he is bashing him.

  45. Stuart
    along that same line of thought. Maybe th March 4th dead line should be not be used to think about trades but about brining up some Pack players for REGULAR playing time while they sit the aforementioned less than productive current roster. As mentioned before many times; the ones that need to be let go are too high priced for anyone to take unless the are waived. But then you pay half their salary and get nothing in return.

  46. I was out with my GF last night. I was checking the scores on my phone and my father texted me “THEY ARE AWFUL”

    There was a time where I would do just about anything to see the games, where ever I was and with who ever. But, they have made me not care at all. This is the first time since I have been a Rangers fan, I dont even care to see them play.

  47. Hartford is a little short handed on D now because Densinov got suspended (along with Sudgen) for a brawl so that means more increased work for Potter/Sags/Fahey/Sauer and that also makes it tougher to call someone up. I was really hoping to see a call-up today :(

    As for salary cap problems go, it’s not as bad as it seems (not great but fixable). This year there’s nothing much to do but for starters, see if they can trade either or both of Rozi or Naslund in the offseason, this will free up a lot of cap space. I like both, but this team isn’t gonna win with either of them. Then reduce Redden to 3rd paid with a Sauer or someone competent and give him no PP time. I’d trade Prucha now too if they’re not gonna bring him back.

    Also, I’d let Sjostrom and maybe Betts walk, and give the 4th line to AA and either Orr or 2 of his Hartford buddies like Weisse, Paranteau, Dupont, and maybe even Byers.

    On D, Kalinin walks and you promote either Sags or Sauer or Potter as a 3rd pair with Redden (I know, I know). Mara comes back if he’s reasonable.

    For UFAs you go after Komisarak or Bowmeester, and a cheap Alex Tanguay.

    See, it’s not hard, how to fix the Rangers by Mike A. in one blog posting. :)

  48. Does anyone else read Eklund’s crap and get minorly excited? Something BIG? Im more excited at the prospect of a firing than just about anything else. They lose tonight, renney gets the axe? It kind of has to be the last straw dontcha think?

  49. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I didn’t see anyone mentioned it but I’m reading that Avery had an assist in overtime of yesterday’s Wolfpack game.

  50. Im so jealous of the Caps. If the Rangers dont make the play offs Im going for them all the way. They are just WICKED. I have a Caps / AO #8 hat LOL

  51. If only Renney could fire Sather for the sad state that is the Rangers. Then Messier could fire Renney, and hire Torts…If only!
    Also, I’m watching tonight I if the Rags don’t score first, I’ll be rooting for Toronto to blow us out.
    and who gives a damn what Avery is doing in Hartford, he is not the answer.

  52. In yesterday’s Penguins game, the only defensemen to play on the power play were Whitney and Gonchar, probably because Letang was a healthy scratch. Whitney just got burned on it today with a penalty.

  53. I honestly do not want to see this team in the playoffs, we all know they are a first round exit anyway. I’d rather them miss the playoffs, get a higher pick and not have the Dolans make any money off of the playoffs.

  54. On “Hockey Night Live”, Trautwig was scanning through the emails…

    He wouldn’t read any of them on air because they all called for Sather and Renney to be fired. He then asked Duguay, Daneyko and Goring what can be done… and to his surprise, they were candid and honest in their replies!

    “If the system isn’t working, change the system!”
    “Do something radical – you can’t keep playing the same players on the power play and expect it to suddenly become a good power play – change the power play personnel!”.
    “Make it a 3 line team – shorten the bench”.
    “The bottom line is that the coach will probably be fired”.

    So – finally! – they are also fed up with Renney’s stubbornness and cluelessness. (Trautwig, however, seemed shocked that they didn’t defend Renney – being the master shill that he is).

    These same suggestions have been made on this and other blogs for months now. Thousands of knowledgeable Ranger fans saw the problem and the solution months ago. Renney’s stubbornness and rigidity far outweigh his intelligence. Renney is the problem.

    We know that MSG dictates that there will be no on-air criticism (remember Marv Albert?). We know that Rosen, Micheletti, Trautwig, Giannone, Fischler etc. are well-paid shills for the organization.

    But now that former players are starting to state the obvious, can it be much longer before Mr. Clueless or Mr. Stogeypuss are fired? Let’s hope not.

    I want them BOTH out of here ASAP. Bring in a new GM right now and let him choose a new coach. Schoenfeld or Messier as GM would be fine with me.

  55. PLayoffs? This team will be lucky to finish ahead of the Isles. Seriously, I cannot see them winning a single game the way they are playing.

  56. playPrucha

    yeah you wouldnt see any of the Rangers read a play like that and shoot off the rebound like AO did would you? LOL

  57. This is Sam’s post from mid-July of this past summer after the team was pretty much assembled. It’s eerie how true his “worst-case scenario” became…

    “Look, this could work. There is a very good chance that Nikolai Zherdev delivers on his explosive potential. There is a chance that Markus Naslund looks more like a perennial All-Star than the aging wing he resembled last year in Vancouver; just as there is the good chance Wade Redden flourishes upon leaving what had become a negative atmosphere in Ottawa. All of those things, along with an increased comfort level for the likes of Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Henrik Lundqvist, and another year of seasoning for Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Nigel Dawes could make the Rangers a scrappier, more dangerous team in 2008-09.

    But (and you knew this was coming)…….

    What’s also to say these Rangers don’t turn out to be something like the 1997-98 Rangers? Think about it: a team loses a charismatic legendary captain and is forced to rely on players who either a) haven’t shouldered such a hefty responsibility before, or b) are past the point of being able to do so. A team that brings in some free agent signings as either a false tonic or a stop-gap solution, only to see those players are out of their depth playing in New York (or when it comes to Pat LaFontaine, riddled by injury).

    Granted, every year is different, and they all contain extenuating circumstances that don’t apply anywhere else. But if there’s one note of caution, it is this: when you’ve had a reasonably effective formula for success, you put yourself at much greater risk when you decide to abandon that formula and begin anew.”

  58. No goal scorers, no puck moving D-men, no big men, no bruising hitters and a tempermental, highly erratic and inconsistent goaltender that can’t win a big game on his own and it all boils down to coaching?

    We don’t have 1 A-list player on this entire roster.

    Mario and Mess can coach this team and we’re still headed to the cellar.

    If Renney goes, Slats needs to go too.

    You really can’t keep him here if Renney’s gone. How many chances is this guy going to get?

  59. The winning team in this Pens-Caps game on NBC may score more goals than the Rangers have in a month of games. Hockey is a fun game to watch when talented players are on the ice…a stark contrast from last night’s Rangers-Sabres tilt.

  60. the redden contract alone is a fireable offense.. add in: i) the rest of the bad contracts, ii) poor drafting, iii) cap situation; iv) lousy coaches (Renney is the best of sather’s coaching decisions) – all resulting in uninspired play, a lack of a competive level of skill and and cruddy playoff performance – how does sather remain?

    its boggles the mind.

    As bad everything elese is the arrogance and non-chalance which he manages the org – “I bulit the team so, it shld work”; He never addresses the public to discuss the mess he created – awful. He is long over the hill and obviously has been unable to adjust to mind set to the new NHL..

  61. even if they were to trade naslund and roszi we couldnt then go sign bouwmeester for 6/7 million a year (and i dont think komisarek is leaving mtl). you just cant give someone that much money unless they are an absolute stud and you dont have that many other players getting paid the same amount. i would have liked to go after someone like cammalleri, but dont think they could afford him either.

    but i do agree that those two contracts are the easiest to trade and you have to at least start there. then id waive redden and buyout drury. gomez is the one guy who id like to see play with an actual offensive winger with speed b4 we give up on him completely.

    and the way zherdev is playing (i know partly renneys fault) i cant see giving him more than $3M a year, if he wants more than that Id trade his rights away

    and whoever was saying the fans wont put up with a rebuild is off base, I think we all expected for their to be a rebuild after the lockout, but Sather never followed through and we are now set up to be just as bad as the 3/4 years prior to the lockout ie not good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to get a good draft pick

  62. Who Needs Lohan on

    For some reason my wife asked me over dinner Thursday night about why I still watch this team etc. During my 5 minute rant I mentioned Sather’s name and she said….(mind you she knows about zero about hockey other then the things i yell at the TV) “Wait, Sather, you mean Glen Sather? That guys still the Rangers GM? What is he like 80?” I just stared at her in amazement.

  63. Nasty1:February 22nd, 2009 at 11:35 am

    “I don’t think unloading Hank is a reasonable solution under any circumstances. Unless it meant we would get Ovechkin. That is just my opinion, but Hank is a world class goalie. It really isn’t his fault that his team simply does not compete anymore. This team is weak, small, and no matter what system they play it is not going to matter. When you do not even try, or play with urgency, it is never going to bode well for your team. This team lacks pretty much everything except for goaltending right now. Even when Hank plays bad, the team plays worse. When Hank plays out of his mind, the team doesn’t score any goals anyway.”

    What you said in your last line is exactly why Hank is a luxury the Rangers don’t need right now. He’s not winning us any games. He looks mentally totally out of it at times. Let him play his career somewhere where they give a damn and let him win some hardware. If we trade him, reasonably, we could get good 1st round picks and young players. He would probably be in demand. None of our other fat contracts will be tradeable and this team is going nowhere with or without King Henrik.

    Let’s get serious about a rebuild and what it means. It means clearing the deck.

  64. Who Needs Lohan on

    Mike Milbury and I agree. AO is the best player to ever hit the ice. Well he stepped back and said top 5 like the coward that he is, but I say it with confidence. AO is the best all around hockey player of All-Time. Bold, but hard to argue……

  65. Pete

    yeah I completely agree. I was waiting for the rebuilding process, I was welcoming it. I thought with the Leadership of Jagr and Shanny they had a great chance of rebuilding. Dubi, Cally, – Now they have NO leadership, No offensive stud…. just pathetic….

  66. Pete-I don’t know if Bowmeester gets that much. maybe only 5. The economy stinks, look at what’s going on in MLB with K-Rod and how Manny Ramirez is doing his best Brendan Shannahan impersonation.

    Buck back to hockey, yes, get rid of Rozi/Naslund and if you can’t get Komi from MTL or Jay Bo; give Redden one more year. I dislike him more than any player on the Rangers, but keeping him as a 3rd paid with no PP time will maybe light a fire under his @ss, and sending him down for only four years would then be equivalent to what the Knicks are paying Marbury so it’s doable.

    Before the lockout I said the salary cap would help the Rangers and it did. After the 1987-88 season debacle, the Rangers brought up some very young players the next year like Brian Leetch, Darrent Turcotte, Tony Granato, Troy Mallete, and even gave a peak to a very green Mike Richter. The 1988-89 team at least made the playoffs and that team was the beginning of the 5-year run that led to the Cup aka the Neil Smtih era.

    I think after this year which could end in a debacle, the Rangers should take a page from history and bring up young and inexpensive motivated players like Arterm Anisimov, Bobby Sanguinetti, Michael Saeur, etc. and forget about this “transition” season.

  67. Who Needs Lohan on

    I think they should cancel the ceremony tonight and retire number 6 instead. The number has been so disgraced that it shouldnt ever be worn by another NYR skater. Heck, lift the jersey to the rafters with Wade in it!

  68. Lohan

    I 10000000% agree. I asked who would you rather build a team around, Gretzky in his prime or AO. Rick said Gretz. I would take AO over gretzky any day of the week and 7 times on Sunday and I idolized Wayne growing up.

  69. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Another beautiful goal for the Caps. Federov with the cannon into the net.

    It’s great to see this game played right. It’s easy to forget how great this game is when you watch the Rangers all the time. That is a sad fact.

  70. Never to late lohan, Never to late :P LOL

    if the Rangers dont make the playoffs, going for the Caps all the way….

  71. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah Mako, the league finally is realizing that Sid the Kid is a great player and that AO is THE BEST player.

    On this telecast, they just mentioned how Semin, Ovechkin, and Federov have scored. Just that phrase alone makes you hold off on complaining about our coaches. That is a talented trio and they didnt even bring up the fact that they have the Norris Dman on the roster as well. WOW!

  72. Dont forget Fleischmann – he’s a really good player too. Brashear has skill to score and fight.

    WOW Gonchar just RIPPPED that shot.

  73. Who Needs Lohan on

    What do you guys think of Mike Green and a 1st rounder to the rangers for Lundqvist and Redden. They have Gonchar back (wow, that was good timing he just scored) so I think they would be willing to trade Green for a top Goalie. The Caps are a goalie upgrade away from being the cup favorite in my opinion. Any thoughts?

  74. Their only weakness is Goaltending… if you can call it that LOL. Laich is great too….

    Very deep team…

  75. No way. Not giving up LQ for Green. Where is our franchise goalie?

    I would only give up LQ for AO. OH and I forgot to mention BACKSTROM!!!

  76. I LOVE IT! Trade Lundqvist the only stable member on the Rangers, for a defensemen who’s having a offensive explosion but can’t handle himself defensively. Question Here: WHO PLAY GOAL!? Valli? Really? He’s a career backup.

  77. I’m happy for the Caps, they have a great arena too, but truth be told those fans are pretty fair weather. I went to college down there and I remember at Rangers, Sharks, and Wings games half the arena was full of opposing team fans. And this was during the Adam Oates/ Peter Bondra/”Chris Simon could score goals” days when the Caps would win their division every year, get hot in Feb, and knocked out in round one. I was able to get tickets to pretty much any game I wanted the day of.

  78. Who Needs Lohan on

    But besides me forgetting that Gonchar hasnt been on the caps in years, any chance of Green for Lundqvist?

  79. Staal Wart
    February 22nd, 2009 at 7:37 am
    true fans
    We are actually going to finish like 2-18-1

    Oh! I didn’t realize we had 2 more games against the Islanders, phewww :)

  80. Who Needs Lohan on

    Well either way I agree that any true rebuilding could occur with us trading the players that people would want. LQ is #1 on that list…

  81. MikeA

    That’s while ago since those players were on the ice. Im sure the fans are completely loyal now.

  82. Hank is only 26. He’s not even in his prime. He’s basically still a kid. If your thinking about trading him, your a bigger retard than Sather.

  83. Forget whether or not your like/hate Renney for a second.

    From a media perspective, Glen Sather has thrown Tom to the wolves for his entire tenure with the team.

    In fact, I don’t think Glen has talked to the media more than 10 times in the last decade, no exaggeration.

    Think about it for a second… Never once did Glen deflect attention away from Renney by speaking to the media after a game. Never once does he answer the questions about the team’s problems. Never does he take the onus on himself to address the issue.

    That has to be a difficult environment to work in for Renney.

    He can never just coach. He has to be in the spotlight 24/7. Sure, it comes with the territory of coaching in NY, but even guys like Omar Minaya, Brian Cashman and even Lou Lamirello are readily available to the media and frequently take the pressure off the coach by “giving him a night off” and answering the tough questions.

    Slats is a disgrace. I saw it with my own eyes when I interned with the Rangers 5 years ago… he does nothing, litterally.

    He used to roll in at 12 and leave at 2.

    Whether you like tom or hate him, Glen owes him the respect of coming out his cave and addressing the coaching rumors.

    He might not be a good coach the way some of you see it, but he’s worked hard and it seems like he’s definitely a good guy. That goes a long way in my book and he deserves some respect… something our GM has never given him.

  84. Who Needs Lohan on

    Doc just imformed us you cant call a TO while play is in motion. THis telecast is geared towards people who are seeing the game for the first time! At least those amateur fans are getting to see an exciting game. Last week they got the typical Rangers snoozefest! No wonder why NBC was so pissed. Here they are trying to promote their product to a national audience and they get a 1-2-2 trap by a team who could care less. I am enjoying this game, even with Doc announcing it!

  85. Mako-I hope you’re right but I was thinking about going to Garnter Night down there like 3 weeks before the game and tickets were still available. I know he played a long time ago and tickets are still available for tonight’s Rangers game, but he played in the modern era and holds nearly all of the Caps scoring records with Bondra at the moment.

    Also there’s a joke when you live in DC that “no one actually lives in DC” and because it’s a political city, everyone is from somewhere else and only stays there the length of their political career so it hurts most of the teams except the Redskins who have been there forever.

    In any event, I like this version of the Caps. I hated them back in the John Druce/Mike Liut days when Schoenny and Murray were coaching them, but this version is a very likable bunch.

  86. MikeA

    Druce was a Ranger killer boy WOW Yeah. I really like this team, good much of guys, play hard every night, they never have an off night. And they always look like they are having fun out there. They do look like a close knit bunch too…

    LOL I heard the same thing too… A friend of mine works for a govt. agency down there in Arlington.

  87. I think the team has to start doing whatever they can to change.

    Unless there is a Lecaevelier coming back I don’t trade Staal. Lundqvist is off limits. Right now nobody else has shown themselves to be anything other than an ineffective part.

    I think somebody out there will want Naslund and his 17 goals and his veteran presence as they head into the playoffs. Perhaps the Panthers, who need some experience and depth up front. Maybe even Boston. That frees up $4 million for next year.

    Redden is untradeable and should be waived and sent to Hartford. That won’t happen but definitely should.

    If anyone out there wants Drury and/or Gomez (and don’t think nobody would want them because of their contracts, in better situations they are still excellent players), we should be able to extract some young playeres for them. I’d rather have that than let Sather have yet another crack at the draft.

    I also wouldn’t hesitate to move Rozsival. Girardi, Callahan, Dawes, Prucha, Korpikoski, and of course the fourth line and other dreck are available for a bag of pucks. Zherdev would be a great rental for someone and the cost would be a #1 pick.

    This organization has no elite talent except Lundqvist and Staal. Let’s start all over again by finding a way to get an elite forward here again at any cost and fill in the gaps around him.

    Obviously ity would be best if Sather were relieved of his duties

    The team is

  88. Can’t take it anymore. Heading to Myrtle for some golf. The guy in the clubhouse down there said that someone named Drury keeps calling to set up tee times for April.

  89. If Ovechkin,Heatly,Spezza, Parise,and Savard were on The Rangers they would have half as many points under the Renney System .
    If Gretzky,Messier, Lafleur, Lemieux, and Phil Esposito were on the Rangers right now, they wouldnt allow Renney to get away with it. This team has NO GUTS.

  90. It’s obvious the team is tanking to get rid of Renney, but today is my birthday and the Rangers’ rarely play on 2/22 and they suck so they’ll lose and dishonor Howell and Bathgate. Ugh.

    GO CAPS!

  91. I’ve just got to say that, for those of you who wouldn’t trade Lundqvist for “anyone but Ovechkin” you are not evaluating Hank’s value correctly. Lunker hasn’t won any hardware, no Vezina, no Conn Smythe (yeah right…) etc. Nada.

    He is not the kind of athletic goalie that can win a game on his own. I have seen enough to know that he needs a system, and may be part of the reason Renney keeps focusing on D instead of O. Has anyone else not noticed that a two-on-one invariably ends up as a goal? The guy can’t stop a breakaway by the slowest of defensive forwards if it’s not during the shootout (now not even that, so much). He is a terrible stickhandler and gets caught out of position a lot. (Maybe I just miss Richter).

    All that being said, he is still young and valuable for his ability to play consistently within a system. There is no reason that we shouldn’t trade him and ride out the season with Vally. Then in the offseason we can sign a serviceable 1st string goalie to split time with Vally next season.

    We could get 1st round picks, young players, and save $$ for UFA’s. Win win if you ask me. AND HL gets to play for a contender.

  92. Bob

    LOL Luongo, Thomas, Fernandez, Nabakov – which out of all of them do you regularly see stone shooters 2 – 1. Not many.

    Sather will NEVER trade him unless he demands a trade.

  93. Bob, you are honestly going to say that Hank has never stole a game on his own? Shame on your brother. Hell, we would not have won half as many games as we did to start the season if not for Hank. End of discussion.

  94. Mako – I seem to recall it on occasion. Even with HL. And if you’re telling me that a goalie can’t do that then why the heck does it matter whether or not it’s HL or freaking Ricky Gervais in net?

    What about the consistent inability to be in position? What about the terrible stick handling? What about the way he picks his own defensemen on occasion?

    Here’s the bad news: he may demand a trade. He has looked as despondent as Patrick Roy in Montreal out there on occasion.

    I do agree that Sather would never otherwise do it. He should but he won’t, which is why he is Sather and why we don’t go anywhere.

  95. N1: yes, he’s good! Obviously why I’m saying he has value! But, had we failed to get those points we would be out of the playoffs by now and watching Renney’s successor, if not Sather’s. Wouldn’t that be nice??

  96. Bro, Hank sometimes is trying to do too much himself, because he knows the team in front of him is about as useful as the drummer from Def Leppard in a game of patty cake. And I think he has every right to call out the players or to get angry at his team. What more can the guy do? If he stick handles to center ice like Roy did when he was with Colorado, at the Garden, (I was actually at that game), then we can start having this discussion.

  97. I understand what you are saying. But to me, and I might get some heat for saying this, but I would trade Staal a hell of a lot faster than I would trade Hank. I don’t want to have to trade either of them, and I don’t think Sather will, unless a hell of an offer is on the table. But unless we move at least one of Gomez, Drury, Redden, or Rozi, I don’t see much of anything happening.

  98. Bob

    Can you blame the guy? He has no help in front of him and he has the weight of the team on his back. I cant blame him for 95% of the losses. He tries to do WAY to much and yes he does get caught out of position from scrambling, being screened and his impotent defense not clearing pucks out of the way. Lundvist is the LEAST of this teams problems.

  99. Carp, not sure of how the salary cap works, but I’m almost positive you can’t “trade money” – aka trade a $6.5M to another team and pay half of it… the only way to do so is put the guy on re-entry waivers after he’s been waived.

    I hear they might speak of it for the next CBA though. But as of now I’m pretty sure you can’t do it.

  100. King Kong Korab on

    yeah, keep on defending renney. now it’s we have to give him respect. horsepucky. the PLAYERS have quit on him, so why should the fans give a rat’s ass what happens to Tom Clueless.

    Sather was not fired in ’04 when things were worse than now. cluelesss Dolan loves him. so what do you expect the fans to do? quit trying to deflect the blame. yes, sather is more responsible for this mess. after all, he hired Renney as coach. that in itself is inexcusable.

    but that does not in any way change the fact that Renney is a pathetically bad coach. he was canned by the players in Vanc in his first go round, and he is being quit on by these players now.

  101. FROM THE RODENT!!!!

    There was a complaint on another forum that Ranger fans have no power to dictate Sather’s behavior.

    When coal-miners felt the same helplessness about a century ago, they unionized and organized labor took their demands to management with the concept of collective bargaining.

    MSG cognoscenti have the capability to bring Slats to his knees with wallets and pocketbooks as weapons. They simply don’t exercise that untapped authority.

    Trust me. If everyone chose to balk at the ever-increasing subscription rates or even elected to have a say in UFA acquisitions whether Glen liked it or not, the world could be moved…

    … But it will never happen. It won’t because for every one of you who feels individually that you’re prepared to hold out by not succumbing to CableVision’s demands, there’s someone else who’ll perceive your hesitance as an opportunity to swoop in and grab your seats for their own.

    James Dolan knows you’re all too uncoördinated to mount a fan revolt. He knows human nature and how that dictates some of you will undercut your peers and (by doing do) unwittingly perpetuate the status quo.

    So stop complaining that you have no power. You do. You simply choose not to wield it.

  102. Every year around this time I begin to suffer hockey-burnout syndrome (HBS in the trade)…usually it came from watching too many exciting hockey games

    This year is different; watching one boring Ranger game after another is the cause.

    The unemotional, passion-free way this team plays should be reason enough to can the coach

    I’m a Ranger fan..believe me I’ve watched some clunker teams in the past but I dont think I have ever seen them this boring to watch…I’m turning off games half way through and putting movies on; there is no will or desire on this team…there are plenty of teams with less or equal talent playing their hearts out..even the leafs put in an effort night in and night out

    …and while every other team makes moves, trades of coaching changes…Sather sits on his hands and lets it all go to sh**

    Toronto 4 Rangers 2

  103. Oh Kaspar

    How I feel your pain. Im right there with you buddy. My father even texted me when I was out last night “They are AWFUL” LOL

    Antropov with 2 goals tonight :P

  104. Hey Kasper-
    2 goals for the Rangers? Much too optimistic. If they score 2 tonight they may win. It looks like I am watching the Golden Globes. I haven’t missed a minute of a Ranger game in 20 years or more (thanks to the VCR, DVD recorder, and now DVR), but the wife wants to watch the Red Carpet on the HD TV and I might not even DVR the game. Let Dolan suffer with less people watching so the advertisers drop out.

  105. Renney’s defensive system, which he described in the past, is to keep the opposition in the perimeter; thus out of the center of the ice and limit their chances of scoring to only long ranges shots


    Except after four years of evidence…the Rangers are a perimeter team while on offense; they play offensively exactly the way he hopes to make other offenses play.

    So…basically this “classy genius” plans BOTH his OFFENSE and DEFENSE to eliminate scoring chances.

    Please deliver me from this!!

  106. CARP- A couple of things:

    1. Great job on the blog. I didn’t think anyone could replace Sam. While you bring a totally different style, you have continued making this a prime destination for Rangers News.

    2. “Korpedo” was actually the kids nickname before he was even drafted by the Rangers. I think a poster on Ranger Fan Central’s Graffiti Wall named OLA (From Sweden) told us that nickname and said that was what he was known as in Scandinavia.

    3. Has anyone in the media asked Renney about REDDEN’s play and why he seems to get a carte blanche as far as dressing and ice-time and Power Play time? It seems he has the audacity to talk about how Prucha wears down and isn’t as effective after a while. If that’s the case, how can he not see the ineffectiveness of his veteran players? Seriously? I don’t think I’ve heard Redden say more than two words to the press this year and while Renney has talked about the usual suspects (Prucha, Voros, Dawes, Korp) not establishing themselves or being consistent, he has yet to call out any other player (excluding the dearly departed Fritsche).

  107. LOL Spider – I changed the channel. Good to know. No they didnt, they did some stupid “Name the mite” or something along those lines it was stupid kid pics of Cindy when he was playing as a kid. You had to “GUESS” who it was… LOL

  108. No Country For Old Rangers on

    RENNEY is gonna have to ride HANK into the ground just to make the playoffs. man this team is hopeless. why did I buy the center ice package? to be tormented every couple of days?

  109. where to start.. AO is great but the best of all time, relax.. Talk to me if he does it for 5 more years….

    Look at the record books.. How many titles has AO won???

    young punks with these comments.

    Mike A is a smart guy.. The cap situation is bad but if they had a GM with a brain they can survive with the boat anchors(redden, then gomez and drury)

    Naslund makes $4 mill for 1 more year he can be moved.. Roszival 3 more at $5 mill. can possibly be moved if they pay some dinero.

    gomez and drury not being moved.

    Dubi needs to be worked with he shoots when he should pass and pases when he should shott, but he hits, skates, plays hard , and is 22…

    redden needs a significantly reduced role…they need to lean on staal, girardi, and roszival…

    they need to forecheck and live of turnovers, they need to play much more aggresive on defense..they need to scrap the 4th line also, they need to add at least 1 guy who can skate to the 4th line.. orr only plays against the flyers and the ducks and those type of teams…

    if they are not going to fire renny they need to make some moves. they will not sign prucha and I would not at $1.6 even though I like him so they need to trade him, and look to move others they will not have back..


  110. Tonight’s assignment: keep your eyes on Drury at all times – I could swear I saw him checking his watch last night during the game with a look that said “How much more time on this contract?”

  111. Thisyearsmodel on

    I can’t root for them to lose, but I can’t help but watch tonight dispassionately with the feeling that if they win, nothing changes and if they lose, something will. Fact is……..they are just not that good. The shootouts of early in the seasonhid their mediocrity

  112. Stuart

    Honestly put a sock in it with AO. The kid is an AMAZING player. And he could be the best two way player of all time. If you are counting cups then not yet

    As for titles here you go:

    NHL All-Rookie Team: 2006
    NHL First All-Star Team: 2006, 2007, 2008
    NHL Number 1 Star of the Month: January 2008, March 2008, November 2008
    NHL Offensive Player of the Month: January 2006
    NHL Rookie of the Month: December 2005 and January 2006
    NHL Number 1 Star of the Week: Weeks ending December 30, 2007; March 9, 2008; March 23, 2008; December 28, 2008.
    NHL Offensive Player of the Week: Week Ending December 31, 2005 and Week Ending January 23, 2006
    NHL Player of the Year – Sporting News: 2008
    NHL All-Star Game Selections: 2007, 2008, 2009
    Kharlamov Trophy – Best NHL Russian player: 2006, 2007, 2008
    Calder Memorial Trophy – NHL Rookie of the Year: 2006
    Lester B. Pearson Award (Most Outstanding Player): 2008
    Hart Memorial Trophy (Most Valuable Player): 2008
    Art Ross Trophy: 2008 (112 points)
    Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy: 2008 (65 goals)

    International Play:
    Gold 2008 Canada Ice hockey
    Bronze 2005 Austria Ice hockey
    Bronze 2007 Russia Ice hockey
    World Junior Championships
    Gold 2002 Czech Republic Ice hockey
    Gold 2003 Canada Ice hockey
    Silver 2005 United States Ice hockey
    World U18 Championships
    Silver 2002 Slovakia Ice hockey
    Bronze 2003 Russia Ice hockey

    NHL Records:
    First player to win the Art Ross Trophy, Maurice Richard Trophy, Lester B. Pearson Award and Hart Memorial Trophy as well as win all four in a single season.[20]
    Most goals scored by a left-winger in a season (2007–08) – 65 goals
    Most points scored by a left-wing rookie (2005-06) – 106 points
    Most shots on goal by a left-winger in a season (2007-08) – 446 shots
    Most shots on goal by a rookie in a season (2005-06) – 425 shots
    Point streak in consecutive games to start an NHL career by a No. 1 overall pick (2005-06) – 8 games
    Most regular season points by a Russian-born NHL rookie (2005-06) – 106 points
    Fastest overtime goal – 6 seconds; (December 15, 2006 vs. Atlanta Thrashers; tied with Mats Sundin and David Legwand)

    Is that enough for you?

  113. Im predicting a 2-0 shut out loss tonight. Poor Bathgate, and Howell, i hope they’re not expecting anything more tonight.

    Im gonna take a nap during the ceremony, cause odds are it will be boring as usual.

    Any word on who’s in net tonight ? Vally’s last game against the Leafs didn’t go well, and his last start didn’t either, but it’s not like Hank is doing any better.

  114. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Nasty 1 February 22nd, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Bro, Hank sometimes is trying to do too much himself, because he knows the team in front of him is about as useful as the drummer from Def Leppard in a game of patty cake.””

    Ha haaaaa!!!!!!!!


  115. All Hail King Henrik on


    I stopped reading your posts on Lundqvist when you began to argue about his positioning. His positioning is the STRONGEST part of his game, and he is one of the best (if not the best) positional goaltenders in the world.

    Yes, his stick handling does suck.

    The reson he can’t stop any 2 on 1s this season is because not a single player on the Ranger knows how to play one. When played properly, the defenseman takes the pass away (covers the open man), and leaves the shooter to the goalie. This is Hockey 101, and is stuff that is taught to 7 year olds. The Rangers play a two on one the EXACT OPPOSITE of how you’re supposed to do it. They take the shooter and leave the pass for the goalie. That’s a gift-wrapped goal for the other team.

    As good as Ricther was, Lundqvist is a far superior goalie to Mike Ricther. He has managed 26 wins behind the worst offense in the NHL. The WORST.

  116. This is very simple. Teams that win consistently, have a strong farm team and draft well. They also only sign top notch talent very rarely, because they let their draft picks become the core of their team. They sign players to bring supplementary talent.
    There is no other better example of this than Detroit. Their captain? A draft pick. Before that? A draft pick. Their two best forwards? Draft picks. To complement… guys like Hossa and Rafalski were brought in. Again, not to run the team… but to assist their core. Sather does it backwards.
    We will continue to fail if we continue to build like we have. When were we most successful? The year after we traded everyone away… and let guys like Jeff Ward, Jed Ortmeyer and the all of a sudden popular Dominic Moore cycle and play their heart out. Imagine how successful we’d be if we still had guys who played with that passion? Sather screwed this all up, more than anyone else… and until we let guys like Dubinsky, Callahan and Staal be the centers and core of our team, we’ll continue to fall into this trap of average.

  117. Stuart-Thanks for the nice compliments. I know I have lot of nutty ideas and this team can bring out the worst in me, but I spend a lot of time thinking about this cap mess/rookies and who I’d like to see at work when I’m doing the busy administrative stuff..if only I put that much effort into grad school or getting a better job.

    Orr-Dude, watch the ceremony hehe, there’s gonna be some great Old Timers there. It’s way before my time too but I’m curious to see these guys.

    I’ll be at the game, hopefully I don’t get kicked out for heckling Redden and Drury too much.

    BTW, my friend who roots for the Islanders (I try not to hold it against him haha) told me there was a lot more to the Comrie/Campolli trade then we know. Apparently Campolli was becoming a locker room problem and moaned to the press how he wanted out so there ya go. This friend also told me to dress up like The Ultimate Warrior tonight and cause a stir at MSG hehe.

    Finally, I remembered this quote talking to my dad (not a hockey fan) this morning. You all gotta appreciate this. When they won the Cup in 1994, his reaction “Yeah, and if these schmucks were so dominant, they would’ve won this thing a week earlier and you would’ve scored at least 5 points higher on your Earth Science final!”

  118. MAKO-

    I’m with Stuart on this. Yeah, he’s had a great start to his career, and I’d pick him over any current player in the NHL as a cornerstone. He may prove to be one of the best players of all time and he obviously hits more than Gretz and is a better defensive player. But it’s easy to forget just how dominating Gretz was during his career. Gretzky also did it for 20 years. Ov isn’t even a 4th there yet. Now put all of Gretz’s records and results up there. BEsides running out of bandwidth, you would see that OV has a long way to go. I saw Gretz in his prime. I’ve seen OV in his time. Comparing the two is difficult because they play the game much differently. Both fantastic players, without a doubt.

  119. Mike

    Yeah I loved Orts and Moore. Moore is playing really well for the Leafs and lets not forget how Sather screwed Orts for $150,000.

  120. Seems like every time the Rangers play the Sabres Lindy Ruff whines and cries over something the Rangers have done to his poor team. Shut up and coach Lindy – and what the hell kind of name is Lindy anyway?

  121. DanTheRangerFan on

    Ill say tgis over and over….

    1) Get rid of Renney
    2) Shop Gomez and prucha together for some young guys
    3) Waive redden and voros
    4) Sign kovalchuk and Jovo if we can free some space
    5) Bring up avery

  122. Funny ass Def Leppard analogy!

    And Kaspar crying out to be delivered from all this…reminds me of Fight Club.

    Deliver all of us Rangers fans…

    Deliver us from Jimmy Dolan, the worst owner in North American pro sports…

    Deliver us from Glen Sather, a man who was last relevant the last time DEF LEPPARD was relevant…

    Deliver us from Tom Renney and all pseudo-intellectuals who refuse to change what Stevie Wonder can see isn’t working…

    Deliver us from Scott Gomez and all his mindless smirks while the team is down by 1…2…3 goals…

    Deliver us from Chris Drury whose on-ice demeanor and off-ice demeanor is better suited for the zombies in The Mummy chanting “IM-HO-TEP” as the walk slowly and blindly to the check cashing store wearing their “I Heart Rangers” t-shirt…

    Deliver us from Wade Redden and all overpaid, overrated, over the hill players who will tarnish the ice at MSG for years to come while being unable or unwilling to play a game worthy of the NHL…

    Deliver us from Markus Naslund and all aging “stars” who never accomplished much and came here to accomplish less…

    Deliver us from Michael Roszival and his mental block with shooting the puck that’s only comparison can be when Chuck Knoblaugh couldn’t throw to first base…

    Deliver us a sports media that buries the Rangers behind FISHING and never once calls the GM to the carpet…

    Deliver us from a team that plays with nary a heartbeat and only drops of passion while offering up nothing but platitudes and cliches and often finding something positive in getting shut out…

    Deliver us from a team that has become worse with each passing game and only admits there is a problem long after they’ve plummeted in the standings…

    And if I can rant on the TRUE culprit of this mess, GLEN SATHER, I want to borrow this from Clark Griswold that I want that fat bastard dragged from his high perch in the Garden or off the nearest golf course and brought before all of the TRUE Rangers fans so we can all tell him what a…

    Cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, over-stuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed, sack of monkey-shit HE IS!!!


    HOLY SHIT….Where’s the Tylenol??

  123. COL Mark

    Listen, Im not downplaying Gretz by ANY means. He was my idol growing up. But was an offensive force while AO is a phenomenal two way player. Granted he doesnt have Messier, Kurri, Huddy etc surrounding him but I have the utmost confidence he will have a fantastic career. He is just so dynamic and his passion for the game is just unlike any other player I have seen in recent times.

    Players like him and Gretz come once in a generation…

  124. Someone at the garden is rumoring a trade between rangers and st louis involving prucha and tkachuk anyone heat that?

  125. Kaspar, as soon as I read your post it just popped into my head…had to get that out. Feel ALOT better now. :-)

  126. Season spiraling down the toilet…coaching staff without anything even smelling like a clue…team leadership a joke in and of itself…

    Ya know…makes perfect sense that Sather would think Keith Tkachuk is what we need!

    And get Avery back, for God’s sake! I wanna hear about him tearing Redden a new ass in practice and ask Drury if it’s the allergy medication that makes him so sleepy…

    Yeah, we’ll still suck…but at least it’ll be entertaining!

  127. Watch MSG now- This is what I call effort. The Rangers of ’78 were not as good as the Habs, but very entertaining to watch. They had some heart!

  128. You’d think we were one player away….

    We’re like 4 players away but we cant get them because we have 4 untradable, immovable guys in their spots….

    Be funny is we AHL’d Redden and Voros and Hartford balked at it…”hey man we’re making a playoff run-what are you trying to do to us?”

    I’ll take anyone who will rock the boat. The Rangers are in dire need of a few locker room pains in the ass that don’t conform right now. It is the only way to get frickin Renney toasted.

  130. MAKO; Whats the chances of this team showing a heartbeat tonite when they couldn’t against frickin Atlanta on Graves night?

    Bathgate and Howell will draw it out of them?

    Will I watch?… for a while but I got some DVDs lined up and at the ready…unlike Sather I wont hesitate to pull the trigger..

  131. I love the “No team in New York can be built from scratch” idiocy, posted above. I AM grateful for that attitude, after all, it is what has kept the puking Yankees (even before A-Roid hit the tabloids) without a world championship since 2000, there being the oldest team in sports, in lieu of building a winner with lesser, but more productive names.

    The Rangers, with a corps of about 30,00 fans in New York, are in a much better position to clean house and build from scratch to solid Cup contention in three years, any time they get the inspiration. You mean to say instead of building a team from within, we have to like Sather continuing to import the Redden’s, Kalinen’s, Gomez’s and Drury’s and Reitz’s of the world. Any player out there with a tin cup can get a contract from Sather, if he is over 30.

    Building from scratch (which means promoting farm system D’s ahead of acquiring the Backman’s, Strudwick’s, Kalinin’s, Redden’s and Reitz’s of the world) is more inspiring than “building” from bad FA signings and bad trades. (I will give credit for the Z acquisition, but the trading block winning percentage, overall for Sather, is LOW.)

    No, we can’t build with our own system kids, here. After all, we are NEW YORK, and that just wouldn’t fly, here. HA HA HA, you watch Mike Francesa too much. Bright guy, Mike is, but badly afflicted with the “Big Town” “That won’t fly in New York” dementia. Meaning what, not winning the Stanley Cup Sather’s way does fly here? Get real.

  132. The only reason we are saying that there are no 1st line players on this team is because they’re all playing like 2-4th liners. If they played to their ability, or in a system that didn’t kill offense, we could easily have 5-6 guys playing up to 1-2 line role. Dubinsky, Gomez, Prucha, Naslund, Callahan, Z and Drury all have the capability. But put them in Renney’s defensive system, and sure enough, nobody scores.

    Mike Green even said it. The Caps were a losing team under Glen Hanlon’s defensive system. When Boudreau was put in place, he allowed the offensive players to play offense. The results speak for themselves. Mike Green was not the offensive threat he is now under Hanlon. The coaching has everything to do with it.

    I’m not saying Sather should get a free pass, or that we could be competing for a Cup with the current roster. Sather has made mistake after mistake, handcuffed the team for years to come and banished us to salary cap hell. For that, he should go. But his personnel mismanagement, along with Renney’s flawed system and zero accountability have put us where we are. There is no reason why we can’t compete among the top division teams. Right now, we look worse than the Isles and the Thrashers. This isn’t a top 5 team in the league, but it certainly isn’t a bottom 5. That is simply unacceptable.

  133. Kaspar

    I dont know. I have a hard time believing if they couldnt get motivated for a monumental evening for a player who has more heart in his pinky than 80% of the currents players on this team. So I cant really see them getting up for this game. I hope they prove me wrong.

    Carolina dusted the Avs. 5 – 2.

  134. King Kong Korab on

    hat trick for Matt Cullen. he now has 19 goals. but genius Renney would not use him on the PP point. tell us again, Renney koolaid drinkers, what a great coach he is.

  135. I find it mildly humorous that HockeyRodent accuses the Rangers of being too slow…without Brendan Shanahan. God forbid we have a player who can get a shot off BEFORE the shooting lane clogs.

  136. cakewalk,

    the reason the rangers can’t build from scratch with youth is that there isn’t a blue chip prospect to build around….just a bunch of 3rd liners. maybe anisimov can be a good center and dubi can be a solid two-way forward. but if you think that dawes, cally, korpi or anyone in hartford will ever score 30 goals in a season you are kidding yourself. staal and lundqvist are great bulding blocks in the back. maybe potter. del zotto and sanguinetti can grow into decent dmen. grachev and kundrantek (sp.?) might be solid nhlers…but my piont is that the rangers have had really bad drafts and it doesn’t seem to be improving for the future.

  137. Joe

    They ARE slow. They coast around like they are winning 9-0. Watching the games, I always catch the players just watching the opposition make plays with the puck. You have Gomez, Sjostrom, Dubinsky (possibly Prucha) who have speed.

    That’s it.

  138. King Kong Korab on

    exactly right, Joe in DE at 5:41 pm

    if Renney was the Wash Caps coach now, they would still be floundering, standing in the neutral zone, like Hanlon had them doing.

  139. Mako
    With NHL center ice you get to see how everyone else plays and its brought home vividly how heartless this team is…there are only six good teams in the NHL (Bost, Sjos, Det, Chi, Wash, NJ) ok maybe Calgary too but…ya know win a playoff round already!!
    The rest are all mediocre in one way or another…but no one plays with less passion than the Rangers…no one


    Rangers have their young star already…its Hank; yeah they need an offensive dynamo for sure…but it can be done..two years ago nobody, not even Philly management, thought Richards and Carter were superstars..if it wasnt for one of the Leafs NTC guys declining to be moved Carter would have been in Toronto last season

    Break’em up now, two years from now it’ll be a bad dream

  140. Kaspar

    I catch the games online and I couldnt agree with you more. Those are the top teams right now….

  141. Fire Renny
    put Shoenfield behind the bench for twenty games

    Immediatley after that put Redden and one of Drury/Gomez on waivers…you never know..lots of teams in playoff hunt, injuries are piling up…whats the worst case scenario? Someone takes both!! or no one takes them…a message has been sent

    Maybe they wake the two of them up..if not its the AHL for Redden; I wish LI Joe were still on the blog to tell me how that kills free agents signing here in the future (which would be a good thing by me)

    Where do you want to sign? In a place that realizes it screwed up and made a change or a place that has this listless-lifeless guy leading the team in minutes?

  142. Did anyone else see the MTL game yesterday where Rutuu tried biting Dandenault’s shoulder? Maybe we should ask Rutuu to piss Redden off so badly that they fight and Rutuu bites his fingers off :]

  143. AK27 I thought I saw him lean his face down onto his shoulder…Ruutu looks a little like an animal to be honest…and animals bite

  144. wow, look at that microphone their using- looks like we’re retiring Petr Nedved’s # 93, or Doug Weight’s # 39…

  145. You know what else is a shame; I think Ranger fans are so respectful of the past that they wont dare to spoil these two guys night by booing or chanting for players/coaches scalps…

    Hey..any chance that Dolan and Ranger Mgmt wanted to wait till after all the ceremonies b4 axing people??

    Wishful thinking?

  146. I’m not a fan of Joe Machavelli color analysis of the Rangers on most nights, but I heard him on HNIC on Sirius during the week and he was a heckuva lot more candid and open in his opinion about the Rangers than he is on TV.

    Oh another thing (for a nickle?) Watching this pregame show tonight and although Stan Fishsticks used to make me crazy, I’ve come to appreciate his hockey knowledge, particularly with the old time Rangers stuff and the fact that he pretty much speaks his mind and isn’t an MSG shill. Maybe I’m growing up.

  147. It’s amazing how the NHL suspends a guy and sends him to councelling, but another guy can get off scott free? Ah, Bettman. And I still think they should at least mention the Cook brothers and Boucher and Johnson because they were the ones who one us the Cup the first times. They’re the Origional Rangers.

  148. That is a shame. You could take that whole circle of guys and make them the new coaching staff. Teach this team a thing about respect and commitment.

  149. Thomthum February 22nd, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Where’s Glenn?

    Don’t ya know, he’s golfing right now.

  150. Rod can’t even talk. Naslund’s not interested. Gomez is bored. Rozsival’s thinking. “Do i change my number now, or later?”

  151. Sam Rosen: “Folks, Andy misses two of his favorite TV shows just as much as he misses playing. Here to give Andy a special gift, from the TV series’ Columbo and Murder She Wrote,Peter Falk and Angela Lansberry.”

  152. Not to diminish Harry Howell’s accomplishments, not at all … but if the Rangers hadn’t traded Leetch against his wishes, he would hold the all-time record for games played as a Ranger.

    Isn’t it sad that nobody can ever mention the top guys in the organization at these ceremonies for fear they’ll be booed? Shame.

  153. Glen: Hey Leetchy, we’re not doing so good, you wanna be traded?
    Brian: No, im good. I love New York
    Glen: GREAT NEWS LEETCHY, Your going to Toronto
    Brian: F**k.

  154. AK27, it’s sad and pathetic.
    If I were the producer, I’d tell the cameramen to stop panning into the crowd.


    I watched the WAS/PIT game today, that was more enjoyable than all the NYR games this season put together.

    Fire Sather/Renney and let’s start over.

  155. Carpi, unlike other teams, the Rangers don’t show respect for their players and trade them away (with the acceptions of Gilbert and Richter; Messier walked away). And Pru belongs… I guess Pru dosen’t belong on the ice in Renney’s eyes tonight.

  156. We’re not going to have enough time for the PRE GAME SHOW! THE PRE GAME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRE GAME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    whew, Prucha’s on the bench. Maybe Tom has Raggedy Aaron out there for a shot of inspiration before he goes to the press box to play playstation.

  158. Actually Rod Gilbert was basically unceremoniously dumped by Fred Shero when he took over in 1978.

  159. Sundin's Ghost on

    Carpiniello said:

    “Not to diminish Harry Howell’s accomplishments, not at all … but if the Rangers hadn’t traded Leetch against his wishes, he would hold the all-time record for games played as a Ranger.

    Isn’t it sad that nobody can ever mention the top guys in the organization at these ceremonies for fear they’ll be booed? Shame.”

    Also sad is that you can barely utter a word on this team without grinding your axes, you hack.

  160. I’ve got to say as a relatively younger fan (late-20’s) this is a special night…


    This is an event the NHL should salavate to have….WTF….talk about mismanagement…the whole sport is marketed worse than the sham-wow…

  161. Sundin’s Ghost, when I went to the doctor to give blood he said not to worry, “It’s just a little prick.”

    When you went to the doctor because you had some burning in your groin area, he said the same thing, “It’s just a little prick.”


  162. Marcus Naslund has way too many banner raisings as a Ranger given his short time as a Ranger…

  163. # Zhervalev February 22nd, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Way to be original, Blozsival.

    Hahah, the irony in that statement. Wasnt Blomez coined first? (Note I’m not bashing you, just trying to find something to humor myself before the borefest)

  164. ThisYearsModel on

    Sather must be in LaQuinta. Everyone was clearly instructed not to menton the names Dolan and Sather.

  165. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    well the Knicks lost to Toronto today… but I’m not sure anyone is surprised

    I only know that because it scrolled on MSG, I hate basketball.

  166. Haha…talking about trading Bathgate:

    “So, the Rangers have a strong history of badly executed trades….so, how do you handicap this current squad coming into the deadline?”

  167. Bathgate scored 20 goals in 67-68 for Penguins….

    was out of NHL for two years;played in the Western league…

    Played in 70-71 scored 15 goals for Penguins….

    Was out of organized hockey for three years..played NOWHERE

    Played 11 games in WHA in 74-75 at 42 YRs Old…scored 1 goal

  168. Sundin’s Ghost, no, you’re right. Everything has been just great around the Rangers organization since, what, 1997? Everything pointing straight up like a compass. Better be careful or my “boneheads” will be after you.

    MAKO, I respectfully disagree with you on AO over Gretzky. I love AO … but it’s kind of crazy to put anybody ahead of Gretzky. I mean, look at the record book. And the four Cups. He wasn’t just the best player in the history of the game, but whoever is second isn’t even close.

  169. AO is a great current player, but Gretzky is the Great One for a reason.

    Drop the puck for bad hockey? Please?

  170. Rick,

    I NEVER EVER put AO over Gretz. I said he was an offensive phenom and was my idol growing up. I think AO is a better two way player, defensively more responsible and physical.

    No doubt he has broken the record for breaking records and give the man my UTMOST respect. Im just saying that AO’s career has just begun and I hope he keeps it up. He is a great personality for the sport today and no way does he have the caliber of players around him that Gretz did.

    Players like them come around once in a generation… :)

  171. Agree with that, with the two-way thing about AO, too. That’s why I compare him to Messier and Gordie Howe and players like that. He could eventually be an all-time great, and probably already is the best player in the game today.

    He probably is the One in this generation.

  172. Could someone just give one good argument why Redden is not in Hartford?

    Is there any level of his game that is good, really?

    I just can’t see it.

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