A night to remember


Hi all, Sam Borden here. Sorry I’m not the Sam you guys (rightfully) loved for so long, but I just wanted to drop in with a few thoughts and a fresh thread for tonight’s goings-on.

First, I put the subject of this post as “A Night to Remember”  because the pre-game ceremony was memorable but also because I wonder if another loss tonight will spell the end for Tom Renney. The win over the Islanders was welcome, obviously, but another poor performance yesterday in Buffalo put the crosshairs squarely back in place.

Second, I spent some time with Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell on Friday afternoon for a column that you’ll see in The Journal News and LoHud.com tomorrow. These guys are total class acts and really enjoyable to chat with. Howell broke up the room talking about playing for a New Jersey franchise in the WHA that played in an arena that was, literally, condemned.

One of the more interesting exchanges, at least for me, was when both men talked about the way the game is being officiated nowadays. I’m a referee/umpire/any-kind-of-official buff, and it was terrific to hear them give their thoughts on how tight the NHL has become with the rules. “I don’t really appreciate how the referees are now,” Howell said. “I don’t even think they need two referees. We could get away with a lot more stuff.”

The refs back then had a great sense of humor, Howell added, mentioning a time when he was called for a penalty he thought he didn’t deserve. “The referee called a penalty and I threw my stick up in the air,” he said. “The referee said, ‘Howell, when that thing comes down, you got 10 (minute misconduct).'”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ceremony – I thought it was fantastic – and I’ll try to check in a few times during the game.

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  1. Good ceremony, I especially liked the guys from other Original 6 teams being there. It’s a shame the fans couldn’t show up.
    And Prucha’s out for worthless Voros again. At least it’s not Korpikoski sitting.

  2. I really hate that NHL Center Ice commercial with the Pens fans…THEY LOST THAT SERIES!!!

    Interesting though how the NBC guys were gushing all about AO today and wondering why the Pens don’t seem to stick up for Cindy.

  3. I like how the Garden was half empty, show some respect for these guys. Although most of us didn’t get to see them actually play, they paved the way for lots of players.

  4. Just talked to Tom Renney and he told me since Prucha didn’t have a point in the last game, he’s benched for the rest of the year.

  5. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    please if you’re there start calling for renney’s head NOW

    this is going to be a miserable game, get your money’s worth.

    OH no gdown goes voros

  6. ThisYearsModel on

    The good news is…..Redden is off the ice for 2 minutes. The bad news…..an utterly stupid penalty.

  7. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I’m done watching this game, voros sucks and renney is a piece of garbage of a human being.

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    Lets see……….we are in the 6th month of the season and we still cannot change lines properly.

  9. well sally, theres the obligatory too man men on the ice penalty! change the lines 8 more times during the game damnit. Did ya see Redden before, he looked like he wouldnt be able to navigate his way out of a paper bag!

    And joyous rapture, Everlast is playing tonight. That’s a real uptick in the offense!

  10. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    hmm 2 guys in the crease and dubinsky has a clear pass yet decides to skate around the net and pass to the blue line

  11. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    i’m gonna be sick until I see saturday’s lineup… or hear that renney gets fired… whichever comes first

  12. i cant even imagine the disappointment I’ll feel if Voros plays the game in Nashville…it’s bad enough Redden will play, unless he gets injured slipping on some ice while getting out of a cab in the next week or two lol

  13. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    wow, rennys system or not drury just flat out screwed that play up. now the too many men penalty, thats renny. i guess its just safe to say all around, top to bottom besides the goaltending, this team stinks

  14. Jonathan Probber on

    Sam —

    I thought the ceremony was lovely. More empty seats than I would have liked, but I guess that’s a generational phenomenon.

    I hope Andy and Harry took away how much we all love them, and how important they were, and are.

    We get caught up in the day-to-day stuff to out detriment, so it’s nice to slow down a bit and reflect on the heritage.

  15. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lol sam- “this is great, no score in the game and we got richter in the booth”.

  16. maybe graves, bathgate and howell can ask for refunds on their nights, and have another one when this team has PLAYERS THAT EFFIN CARE on it!

  17. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Richter talking about Messier making a great coach or GM…

    and Zherdev makes 5 moves and gives up the puck

  18. We can very much reflect on heritage during this game… It’s like trying to pull Jarkko Rutuu’s teeth. Bored, bored, bored!

  19. Fritsche scores in his 2 straight game. However, he did go 8 games without a point, but the point is, the coach kept with him. Something Renney would never do with Prucha.

  20. Not to really defend Redden but Naslund should’ve been back when Redden pinched in the Leaf’s zone…that does show however the lack of communication between the players on the ice.

  21. im going to turn the base up on my surround sound to see if the boo’s at the end of the period shake my house

  22. What an awful display of coverage and fundamental hockey. Redden with a bad pass but players running around and no one to settle down the play. The constant throughout this slump has been that they get outworked in their own end. You really wonder what they do at practice or what the coaching staff analyzes when they watch tape.

  23. wow everlast in the box twice in the same period. what a freakin schmeg! he could possibly overtake redden as the worst guy on the team! this guy should be baggin my groceries at publix and NOT on an ORIGINAL SIX professional hockey team!!

  24. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    i knew renney praising Prucha’s play the other night was a lie.

    He has nothing good to say about voros besides “he’s big”

  25. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yea zherdev nheeds to stop playin around all day with the puck, hes becoming very useless. besides the stagnant offense, theyre 6.5 mill. d man just did the dumbest pass to try to clear, hes gotta be drugged up. he gets knocked off the puck, outworked, at least score some goals redden!!!. does anybody get sick of seeing rennys stupid looking sneer after every bad play we make. start yellin at them, bench their asses. i loved hearin the boos from the fans though

  26. thankfully there is a potentially really bad sci fi movie “Hydra” on right now. Bet theres more action there than this alleged game!

    Honestly, why DOESNT redden ever sit?! It would probably improve the teams play by 20% if he was not on the ice.

  27. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    virus is the worst on the team. but i agree that his contract is even worse than redden’s. the Rangers are the laughingstock of the NHL for dressing him more than 2x as much as Petr Prucha.

  28. Friends of Dr. D on

    Can someone ban “PruBelongsOnTheIce” already please? Who the hell wants to read 200 comments from the same person? Get a blog, buddy. You can call it “Stalking Prucha”

  29. This team BLOOOOOOOWWWWWWSSSSSS. Seriously, Voros has almost as many PIMs so far as Prucha’s average TOI in the past 3 games.

  30. Hank probably thinks he can’t give up more than 0.

    I can’t believe how bad Voros is playing/has played/will always play. I was actually excited to get this guy in the offseason. I must have seen his good games in Minnesota. Unless of course, it’s actually Renney’s fault, since Voros actually played well in his first few games. Come to think of it, Redden played well in his first few games. too. Well, that’s an interesting something.

  31. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- publix, lol. we got hyvee in iowa. i miss ny!!!. i miss pathmark and king kullen even though king colon was expensive. the grocery stores in iowa have a seafood section next to the meat section and its about 3 feet long. and no seafood either besides shrimp. then its catfish, salmon, few other crappy things. i cant even find a can of manhattan clam chowder. they only sell new england. the deli sucks too. no good coldcuts or fresh rolls. just awful out here. and im sick of the country music stations!!! between that, the food and the freakin rangers im gonna shoot myself!

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    That was one hell of a period,wasn’t it? Tom Renney and his “sysytem” is sucking out the passion for the team that so many of us have.This team looks disintersted,bored,like they are just going through the motions until something happens.Why was Prucha scratched again in favor of an echl player? The garden is going to be empty if the Rangers are behind by any amount of goals after the second.Shit if I was there,I’d probobly be headed for the exits already.Watching this team is like watching paint dry!!!!!!
    Actually,watching paint dry is more entertaining than this crock of shit!!!!!!!!

  33. Do the Renney KoolAid drinkers want to make the case that there isn’t enough talent on the Rangers to avoid being dominated in the first 20 minutes by the bottom-feeding Maple Leafs?

    Do they not understand that their arguments go up in smoke when the team puts on an exhibition like that against one of the worst rosters in professional hockey?

  34. ThisYearsModel on

    It is past the time that the media start holding Sather accountable. His entire tenure here has been a failure. I read somewhere some guy who was an intern at the Garden and said that Slats spent a few hours a day in the office, when he was in town. He is a legend in his own mind………well, his and Dolan’s. This franchise is going nowhere until he is gone along with some of these stupid contracts he doled out.

  35. Mike in IA, the beer is way cheaper in Iowa. And the hockey teams there have Jimmy Buffet night with half-priced cheeseburgers and margaritas. No complaining!

  36. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    gotta love maloney. i look forward to hearin him. its better than sam n joe.

  37. little green men on

    I am pretty sure you will see a coaching change (thank god) and a trade occur at the same time. It will happen soon.

  38. czechthemout!!!!! on


    All the Renneyaide drinkers are gone!!! They’ve been shamed by there own ignorance and blind support for the master of verbal masterbation himself, the hyena,Tom Renney. All these clowns are now hiding somewhere under a rock.

  39. “Simple question. Who would you rather be playing right now, Prucha, or Voros?”

    Too simple

    for A team that barely has a pulse

  40. lol mike, at least publix has boars head cold cuts!! and i swear, whenever I have a Rangers jersey on when I shop there, I always run into a fellow displaced new yorker OR this one old guy with his devils hat!! It’s classic. When I go to a Havoc game ( SPHL team) and I have my jersey on, I see 3 other people in Rangers jerseys and a few in Wings or Leafs jerseys.

    I’ll be sportin the Graves Liberty one in Nashville. Should be interesting! Maybe I’ll have my man wear my CHURLA one ( an ex boyfriend got that for me…i got him a gretzky one…hmmm).

    I swear, this team is givin me agita on a daily basis!

    Pru, you liking Hydra yet?

  41. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    so far it’s entertaining, but I have work to do so I’ll have to rent it sometime.

    wow that guy blew right by voros

  42. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    meant to say he passes when he should shoot n tries to beat 4 guys when he should pass

  43. glad ya liked that one Rick! Tryin to be creative and “clean” with nicknames for these guys!


  44. Carp

    You wrote a few days ago that this Ranger roster was bad.

    Try to sxplain this performance so far against a team whose roster is far worse without question as being anything other than that of a coach who has totally lost his players.

  45. Linda, agita? I really did break out in hives last night. Today I’m going for an eye tic… maybe if they give up another SHG.

  46. Can any of you guys help me? A guy named Rich Gilligan was interviewed during the Howell-Bathgate segment. I’ve been trying to find him for years. He was so kind to me when I was a young season ticket holder in section 404. Actually did a silly ceremony at the end of the season, naming me rookie of the year (I was thirteen; the other guys in the section–except for Da Broon Fan, were in their late twenties.) I’d really love to get in touch with him.

  47. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yea linda i see wannabe new yorkers here that wear yankees hats and shirts but i ask them where theyre from and say, oh im from des moines, lol

  48. I’d like to know the two teams that are actually worse than the Rangers on the power play!

  49. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    doesnt gomez shot scare the goalie? im surprised toskala doesnt cringe and try to get outta the way. man its powerful

  50. “I’d like to know the two teams that are actually worse than the Rangers on the power play!”

    Nashville and Columbus

  51. Carp,

    Well, I guess thats an argument, it’s just not a very good one.

    When comes to his game, theres just nothing there. Nothing.

  52. As someone posted a couple of weeks ago;

    Wade Redden is the worst signing in Rangers franchise history.

  53. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Redden’s stupidity is boundless

    hes not stupid. sather is for givin him the money that he couldve used for staal and doobs next year. lol that was funny though

  54. mike the dude with the devils hat is the best, he’s like 70 and you KNOW he’s old school joisey! where i live, its not the ‘real’alabama, so I’m not surprised to see hockey jerseys.

    Virus gets paid the same way Redden does…it must be on some kinda insane curve! Crazy Renney Bonus Bucks

  55. is voros trying to take orr’s job? Orr must piss himself from laughter after watching voros fight

  56. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    man u think the 2 old timers will lace em up n get some icetime in the 3rd? theyd probably score 1 too.

  57. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    u think about it, this is almost playing out exactly like graves night. no goals until the 3rd

  58. space balls!

    Do you think if we offered sam a decent payout, he’d actually call it ‘the powerless play’ one night??? I think I’d actually fall outta my chair if he ever said that!

    LMAO @ 1 with 1o seconds left!! Clever

    dawes, redden, drury, gomez and naslund on the power play… that is just effin pathetic!

  59. Fire Renney.

    (I mean that literally. Set the idiot on fire and let him burn in an alley somewhere.)

  60. trappist Renney on

    rangers and leafs already played a 0-0 game at MSG this season, so they are right on track. Renney must be getting his jollies watching teams PREVENT goals.

  61. Andrew Gross blogged that the PP is getting to Lundqvist, describing that LQ shook his head in disbelief and slammed his water bottle down toward the end of the last PP.

    This team is so pathetic.

  62. czechthemout!!!!! on

    This team should be ashamed of them selves for this effort tonight! One team has a playoff spot to fight for.The other,absolutley nothing.Without knowing which one is fighting for a playoff spot,could anyone tell the difference?

  63. I’ve seen enough of Trout Wigs visage tonight to last me a lifetime. Why does he sound like he’s at a funeral parlor? Man, this night is just gettin worse by the minute. Poor Howell and Bathgate, they gotta be pretty unimpressed with this collection of carpetbaggers, slackers, lardasses and YETI.

    Do you think ANYONe on the current team could have played when these guys did? I have one or two in mind, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    OH CRAP BUTCH GORING..guy has a face for radio and that’s where he should be!

  64. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yep if only nigel was a few inches taller he couldve tucked the puck behind toskala. this is turnin out to be a ranger classic. i have a feeling toronto is gonna score early or the middle of the 3rd and then we probably tie it up to lose 2-1 in ot

  65. Just kidding. I don’t want Renney to die or burn or be hurt in any serious way. But I want him away from this team NOW.

  66. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lev, lol yea i think so. poor guy still could outplay redden and he can barely speak anymore.

  67. Actually I’m switchin gears alltogether

    Sanford and Son..the second season

    Sather: Renney you big dummy play prucha!

    Lundqvist: (looking up to the booth at Mike Richter) Richter honey I’m coming to join you honey!….with a brain dead millionaire defenseman named Wade

  68. czech just grin and bear it. Hopefully they get Renney fired and then his boss. And the new GM get rid of the dead overpaid wood.

  69. Who Needs Lohan on

    I have a promotional idea for Audi on the PP. Add an extra ring to your symbol each time the Rangers fail to score on the power play. In a week you couldnt even see the screen. Come to think of it, that might be nice!

  70. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Renney must be happy though.The Rangers have not given up a shorthanded goal to the worst PK in the league.And he’s got a shot at a 2-1 game tonight!

  71. lol LEV! Regina!

    I swear, I just wanna see Hank just assault someone one night during the powerless play! I wanna see him pull a Cloutier but beat the peesss outta redden, or gomez, or drury! that would be the hightlight of the year, after Orrs TKO and Everlast needing to be restuffed!

  72. czechthemout!!!!! on


    I’m trying but it’s hard! As you probably know,I’ve been calling for this assholes head for two seasons now and he seems to always survive! Although he doesn’t have Jagr and Avery to bail his incompetant ass out this time I hope.

  73. Who Needs Lohan on

    yesitspms i actually did mean Redden. They are almost interchangeable on my leve of hate list……

  74. Who Needs Lohan on

    yesitspms i actually did mean Redden. They are almost interchangeable on my leve of hate list……



  76. bad giveaway by Girardi on the goal, but poor positioning by Staal, maybe he thought he was out there with Rosi, thinking he had to cover 2 guys.

  77. Mike, did you once work for dionne warwick and her psychic friends network!? You called that goal!

    Guy has 5 goals on the season 3 vs the rangers! Sheesh!

    LOL @ Sanford and Son! Sather is Aunt Esther

  78. oh we’re losing by a goal in the 3rd…time for orr to start getting double shifted now, right renney?

  79. man this team is an absolute disgrace! HOW do you let em score half a minute after YOU score? Oh man! SIT THESE CLOWNS!


  81. this might be pointing out the obvious but does anyone see how renney has stifled zherdev’s creativity? zherdev looks just like every other lifeless zombie going through the motions out there these days…he used to be SO exciting to watch, even if he caused bad turnovers sometimes…the good far outweighed the bad

  82. Luke Schenn looks like a more poised dman than Staal. I really think Staal’s play has been rather poor the last half of this season.

  83. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    im just freakin laughin my ass off at how incompetent these guys are. first drury who gives up totally on the goal, then doobs who couldnt score a goal if it was an empty net staring 5 feet from him

  84. If they lose this game in reg, I think it is possible Renney will be gassed tomorrow. Not because of the media, which is weak and useless, but because there will be a revolt in the locker room against him.

  85. Doobs? Really? He’s one of the few guys that plays like he cares. He’s having a tough year but he’s proven that he’s got talent. I think he’ll snap out of it eventually.

  86. nothing wrong with this team defensively tonight, drury took a shot to try and spring a breakaway…. he intercepts that pass and it’s a nice play. with the way this team struggles offensively, he has to take that shot.

  87. I’d really REALLY like to get rid of this 3rd line player called Chris Drury. He’s small, can’t pass very well, can’t shoot very well, doesn’t win a whole lot of faceoffs, is at times a defensive liability…but maybe one of these days we’ll see one of those magical “clutch goals” we keep hearing about…Yeah, right after I see a Yeti walking down the block

  88. Dubinsky’s sub-average season hasn’t exactly been aided with superb linemates like Aaron Voros. He, Callahan, Mara and sometimes Korpikoski and Prucha (if he ever plays) actually play like they give a crap about the actual team. Everyone else is either too panicky, or cashing their paycheck, or they play like a traffic cone ment for everyone to skate around.

  89. ctrain, on the contrary, because of this team’s offensive struggles, he needs to not make that play to give his man a b-line to the net untouched

    even if he got a breakaway, he’d take a slapshot from the top of the circles and miss the net

  90. ctrain016
    February 22nd, 2009 at 10:26 pm
    “nothing wrong with this team defensively tonight, drury took a shot to try and spring a breakaway…. he intercepts that pass and it’s a nice play. with the way this team struggles offensively, he has to take that shot.”

    No way. You have a legitimate argument if it’s 5-on-5. But not when it’s 4-on-4 with all that open ice.

  91. Rob, he actually BROKE his line generator.. I think he’s using a magic 8 ball and a ouija board tonight!

    DAMN YOU YETI SATHER!! Sather & Bettman, poxes upon the NHL

  92. so ford, do you think our power play is gonna get us the goal then. If one of our best defensive players (if not the best) takes a shot to spring a breakaway, you’re gonna hang him for it????

  93. LOL @ denied by Redden! Am i living in an alternate universe?

    WOOO HOOO Chupacabra Dark Seas up next
    HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN !!! Another too many men!!!

    This is absolutely UNCONSCIONABLE (SP??)

  94. Renney is done, book it. I’m in central NJ, but I’d like to find a bar and invite fellow Renney-haters for a party.. hell we can do that before the next game.

  95. having too many men on the ice isn’t directly renney’s fault..

    the fact that he does NOTHING about it (benching, whatever) is his fault though..stupid ass

  96. Friends of Dr. D on

    How the hell does Renney still have a job?!?

    I know Sather left him with a mediocre roster, but less talented teams outplay the Rangers all the time. Like tonight!

    And now, two too many men on the ice penalties in the same game?!


  97. renney is not done…sather is spending the night at a cigar shop in edmonton tonight…has no idea what’s going on

  98. Scott Kay- I don’t think anything’s going to happen, because picking up a phone and calling Renney to tell him he’s fired would have to be too much effort. He’d have to put down his cigar, pick up the phone, dial the number, talk, and then hang up and then find a new coach, pick up the phone, dial again, talk again. WAY TOO MUCH!!

  99. Scott Kay- I don’t think anything’s going to happen, because picking up a phone and calling Renney to tell him he’s fired would have to be too much effort. He’d have to put down his cigar, pick up the phone, dial the number, talk, and then hang up and then find a new coach, pick up the phone, dial again, talk again. WAY TOO MUCH!!

  100. Renney’s not going to be fired any time soon. If he is fired at all, it will be after April 12th, if they playoffs don’t arrive in New York.

    Oh look, this new guy, 33? He’s shooting the puck. And scoring a goal. Hmmm…

  101. I cant wait to hear the message we sent to Toronto. How pathetic can a GM be to watch his team be so poorly coached and not do anything about it. This team is beyond pathetic.

  102. Holy crap! Renney is relieved. Rozsival is rewarded for taking shots all night, causing a too many men penalty, and drawing a holding the stick penalty.

  103. Friends of Dr. D on

    With Staal’s game falling off a cliff lately, Rozsival is the Rangers best defenseman… again.

    Nice of those fans to boo him in the ceremony. Dumb asses.

  104. hey kids!! i just got home… what did i miss? did i miss a great game where rangrers outplayed outperformed and out-for -checked the leafs? are we still being coached by the Tom Redden? how’s Redden btw, is he having his best game yet? tell me tell me everything!!! :)

  105. Dr. D, your wrong. Staal is the player that keeps rosi from getting booed off the ice every night. Take a look at when rosi was playin on a line with kalanin

  106. watch, Renney will be back with a new suit and tie on wednesday for you all.

    have a nice night renney haters, you wont get your wish.

  107. HOLY CRAP!!!!

    HOLY CRAP Hank is effin FURIOUS!!!

    Renney and Sather please just resign. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RESIGN!!!

    Hank should just go awol now. Just go back to Sweden and become the greatest death metal band ever.

  108. “February 22nd, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    if renney isnt gone after this i give up”

    Good. We don’t want you as a fan! Good luck rooting for the Devs!

  109. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    dude hank better beat some ass tonight. beat betts, beat dru, beat all of em, especially renny. sad man, a wasted talent in henrik and you can see hes just had it with this bunch of losers. i cant even call them a team

  110. 2 too many men penalties in one game.

    another lackluster effort vs a poor team

    how many times do the players have to demonstrate that they have quit on clueless Renney?

  111. GOD AWFUL.

    Just pathetic.

    I’m glad Hank is so pissed. Good. He should rip into them… why not… the “leaders” on this team don’t do shite… he might as well.

  112. Leetchhalloffame on

    Hey Renney – why don’t you play Betts for the entire 5 minutes of OT? You play to win the game!

  113. relax man. its just really frustrating watching this team when they clearly have lost faith in his system and no one knows if sather gives a crap to do anything about it

  114. scott kay, what makes u so fond of renney? what the f”ck do u see in this coach? is it his complete knowledge of Webster’s new world dictionary and thesaurus ? or is it his taste in clothes? which is it?

  115. someone please let me know whats happening on the Rangers Post Mortem, i mean post game show! Renney should just remove himself from the situation and resign.

  116. Time for another uplifting edition of “dead man walking” otherwise known as the Renney post game press conference.

  117. Dominic Moore- basically admitting his ream didnt deserve to win as much as the rangers deserved to win

    thank you for speaking the truth. Hank played great just like 95% of the time and got let down by the team.

  118. That’s what you get when you have Blair Betts out on the OT 4 on 4. That is playing not to win.

  119. I just got done watching a couple of Sanford and Sons…saw Woodrow the Wino and Aunt Esther…F’ing hilarious…busted my spleen laughing so hard…

    Hey, why all the long faces?

  120. ya mean they arent talkin to gomez???? what a shock!!

    3 more games this week, could it possibly mean 3 more losses?

    They are on NBC March 8…to hell with that, I’m gonna go see Watchmen!

  121. Rick Carpiniello

    Anytime you wanna weigh in on the “roster is bad” argument you made a few days ago, feel free. It won’t fly tonight, because you know and I know Toronto’s roster is much worse.

    When are you going to face the fact that Renney has sh!t the bed here beyond belief?

  122. Not So Smilin' Bob on

    Yeah, just who were those guys playing for the Leafs tonight? Except for Dominic Moore, I didn’t recognize anyone from that roster.

  123. Yet another disappointing loss on what should have been a wonderful and unforgettable night to honor Bathgate and Howell.

    Why can’t this team win on nights when celebrating past legends?


  125. any new renneyisms tonight?

    Hanks on the phone with sather now demanding a trade.

    These sadsack veterans are gonna run our franchise goalie out of town! Incredible.

  126. why can’t renney pull a gainey / kovalev and sit redden, drury, naslund and gomez, all in one night? would anyone here go for it?

  127. Drury said they played with “effort” tonight?! What a joke! The only reason this guy has won in the past is because he had great players to carry his ass.

  128. Hank is making the same phone call that the Charlestown Chiefs goalie made to his GM……”trade me….right f***ing now!”

  129. Ladies and Gentlemen, Perry Pearn will be available in a few moments, due to the sudden, unexpected resignation of Tom Renney.

  130. The Devils organization had no problem being proactive and firing a coach with the team in 1st place. Letting this drag on is inexcusable. The team is a disorganized mess, a good portion of the fan base is alienated…enough already.

  131. Heard several “Fire Sather” chants — but MSG put on slides of the standings, played music and forced Sam to talk about the schedule during most of the chants.
    Drury was bad last year, but Jagr overshadowed Drury’s failings. And now his weaknesses are shining for everyone to see. More good team building, Slats. Gee, do you think Nylander is having any fun playing in Washington, or would he rather come back here?

  132. What coach plays his 4th line center in the overtime of a game the Rangers desperately need to win?!?! Serves him right.

    Renney’s fan club in the media need to get their walking papers along with Renney and Sather. It’s like everyone and everything about this team from Sather to Renney to MSG to the beat writers are completely full of and more interested in playing out their own agendas than doing their jobs.

  133. Did anyone notice the look on Renney’s face as he was the first guy to leave the ice… looked like he knew he was fired already…

  134. Renney’s a good guy, but new GM Arnold Schwarzenegger eats good guys for breakfast, and right now hes very hungry!

  135. Stay the course? What’s next, “a thousand points of light”? He sounds like Dana Carvey imitating Bush 1

  136. and Sather has time to shop around for a special watch for his trainer

    but he has no time to look for a decent coach or make a couple trades

  137. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Does anyone else remember back, I think it was in December, when a couple of the Rangers (Drury and Lundqvist) mentioned something about how they felt the season was dragging on and soon they could see the end? Like they couldn’t wait for the season to be over. It seems after that, they took a nosedive. They aren’t having fun out there playing and that is a reflection on the coaching.

  138. Renney doesn’t want to criticize his players too much, which may be a flaw. But Sather is the one who never apologizes or admits to his mistakes, yet lets everyone else take the fall for him, while he hides in the dark. At least Renney faces the media — Sather, like most bullies, is a coward.

  139. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    ghiet February 22nd, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    and Sather has time to shop around for a special watch for his trainer

    but he has no time to look for a decent coach or make a couple trades””

    No, no. Don’t you know? They have watch advertisements in the fishing magazines. Not coaches or hockey players!


  140. Remember they also talked about coming out of the All Star Break without having to worry about battling for a playoff spot like two years past and could concentrate on getting their game primed for the playoffs. This team LONG ago accepted mediocrity and truly played as if they had all the time in the world to fix their obvious problems…the LACK of urgency was evident early in the season and carries through until now. The LACK of a killer instinct has been evident all season as well, particularly in the way Tom Renney has chosen to coach NOT TO LOSE (eg: Betts on the ice in OT)…

  141. can anyone in the media ask Renny a tough question?

    Not Renny’s fault? how about 2 too many penalties
    no playing Zherdev in ot but played Betts?

  142. And please, for the love of God, don’t put the microphone in front of Chris Drury…the games are painful enough to watch without this zombie whispering.

  143. Betts on ice immediatley after the game was tied in Reg. as well!!!…what was there 20 seconds left???…and then in OT

    Crazy sh**

    Watch Sanford and Son

    Much better

  144. The defiance that Renney showed toward the first questioner was hysterical. As if he had just painted the Mona Lisa and someone wasn’t sure it was a masterpiece.

    The bar is now so low now re: the media’s handling of Renney that he feels not embarrassment at not defeating a truly horrible team …. but in fact wants a medal for valor because the team played so “hard.” Which, of course back in the real world, they didn’t.

    Because who left it all out there all game long tonight? Dubi? Hank? Who else? And this a@@hole has the gall to challenge and bristle at a very gentle question?


  145. notice how Girardi’s play has slipped since he was paired with Redden?

    these overpaid vets are ruining the Ranger youth, besides playing way beneath their pay grade.

  146. Renney was protecting a tie on a jersey retirement night against a losing team being readied to be broken up at the dealine!!!

    Betts on after the tieing goal was scored!!

    Please fire this gutless coach…please I’m begging

    Thank God I got Lamont and Fred and Rollo and Smitty and Swanny and Slappy

  147. did not see the postgame but my observations.If I can see this anyone with a brain should be able to see these issues

    redden has 2 goals and roszival has 8, why is redden playing 20 minutes a game.

    really what does Voros do? the guy is good for one offensive zone penalty a game, sit him permanately enough.

    Sjustrom is a bricklayer, he cannot play on anything but a 4th line or not at all.

    Betts on in OT for a shift on occasion, I have no problem with it he is a good skater and responsible defensively…

    WHy is the dumb fans favorite Orr even playing? Yeah he skated better then me but really unless they are playing the ducks or flyers what is he doing out there??????

    they need to roll 4 lines who can skate.

    Yeah Zherdev is the most dangerous ranger but he is a idiot, the drop pass in the first period on a partial breakaway is just him. he is a 25 goal scoring kovalev type knucklehead with no hockey IQ..

    Dubi played hard but he has no hands…

    if they make a few moves they will make the playoffs but this team is going no where ……….

  148. Two many men on the ice penalty isn’t the coaches fault. The horrible system is. The horrendous line combo’s is. Not playing a player who shows up at every chance he can and works harder than most guys on this team is.

    Two many men is the players fault. Coaches call the next line up. You as a player have to know who the man you’re replacing is. If you don’t, you jump on for someone else’s guy.

    Renney not punishing the player(s) who make this mistake is his fault.

  149. anyone realize this…

    we tied the game with 39 seconds left
    3-howell 9-bathgate=39

    rozi tied the game after giving up the number “3” that was retired tonight

    we have had two retirement ceremonies this season and in both games we tied the game with less than a minute to go.

    then we lost them both

  150. they should have asked Messier about Renney in Vanc in the mid 90’s

    Messier got him fired there because the players did not like his “system”

    sound familiar?

  151. Got back from the game; Excellent ceremony for both Bathgate and Howell. Those guys are really classy and I’m glad they got that honor. It was cool seeing a lot of Rangers from before the 70s who I really didn’t know other than Lou Fontinato who got a huge pop. That Schack dude had a great handlebar mustache.

    The game wasn’t as bad as the ATL game, but the Rangers are killing the crowd with their passive play.

    I gotta say I liked the two Alaskans together. If this is permanent, then let’s put the two Russians together (Zherdev/Anisimov) once and for all and keep Korpi with them. Cally as usual busted his behind and I’m happy he rewarded with an assist.

    Redden and Drury are horrible. Drury was dreadful tonight and Redden is really starting to get a lot of heat. Don’t worry true believers, the booing is going to increase and he’ll want out of NY way before the six years are up.

  152. Jason, I agree that all those things you mentioned are Renny’s fault
    I did not see the first 2 many men
    but the second, Rozi was sitting on the boards for a couple of seconds, I think the coach should recoginze that
    & the coach is responsible for who changes
    this is not amature hockey, where players are responsible
    the coach is responsible for everything
    Playing Voros anytime is terrible, & he continues to play him on the PP, while Prucha sits

  153. Jason, I agree that all those things you mentioned are Renny’s fault
    I did not see the first 2 many men
    but the second, Rozi was sitting on the boards for a couple of seconds, I think the coach should recoginze that
    & the coach is responsible for who changes
    this is not amature hockey, where players are responsible
    the coach is responsible for everything
    Playing Voros anytime is terrible, & he continues to play him on the PP, while Prucha sits

  154. WOW SWEET goal for Scotty tonight huh?

    aaaaan wow theres the the Drury goof…

    I like how Gomez and Dubinsky look though… some clear chemisrty there, actually a really good sign.

  155. Thanks for the insight Stuart. Just a whole goldarn bunch of useless players, all useless, all at the same time, and all on the same team.

    Weird, eh?

  156. So…wow. Awful game through and through. I always feel so bad for Hank…he’s a world class goalie behind a dumpy, lazy, ball-less team.

    How about two too many men on the ice penalties? That’s (lack of/too much) coaching. The Rangers have 12 bench minors, tied for third most. And I don’t even think NHL.com’s website has been updated tonight…wow.

    Rangers FTL. We need a new coach, a few benchings and a major trade to happen.

  157. MikeA: nice to hear that the heat is being turned up on the one truly useless player, Wade Redden. I saw him slowly move, pass the puck in to Drury’s feet, then barely be able to turn back only to be beaten soundly on the outside by the attacking Leaf.
    He looked arthritic.

  158. If I dont see a trade by wednesday, there is no hope left for this team. I dont blame Renney, i blame the sloppiness of our “all stars” performances and most of all our GM.


    If that were to happen, i feel like a fuckin retarded monkey could do a better job at GM than Sather…

  159. Wednesday will be the first time that I’m home in NY that I do not watch a Rangers game and choose not to tape it since 03-04. I’m going to a concert and whatever. I want nothing to happen at the deadline this year other than some guys get waived benched and some other called up.

    I’m done going to the Garden until Opening Night and I may not even go if I don’t like the personnel moves. It’s a shame because I love and root for guys like Dubi, Cally, Henrik, Staal, etc. They deserve better.

    Two Alaskans are together, now make it two Russians (AA/NZ) and please bench Redden.

  160. I like Renney. But this team is horribly coached. Bad, bad penalies, especially the bench minors. A defensive system that is bad, and zero offense. A PP that is crippling. Players, young and old, getting worse by the period. Enough’s enough.

    Not that the team isn’t shameful. The vets are tired or mediocre or both. The youth are overloved and overhyped and being taught to play their “roles” instead of to become better and more explosive than ever before.

    And then there’s Hank. An insane natural talent with a weak psyche being left out to dry and becoming more rattled by the minute.

    Shameful. I hope, as a fan of 20 something years, that they get their crap together. Really a bummer to watch. Not even the glimpses of fun or excellence that we could pray for in the years when they were overpaying actually great [over the hill] legends like Gretzky and Lafleur, etc.

  161. All Hail King Henrik on

    How ironic it will be if Renney is fired after a loss “caused” by a Blair Betts penalty in overtime. Oh, sweet irony…

  162. Hey Salty. Wonder if you’ll look as good when you’re Eddie Shack’s age.??? Have some respect man. He was a piece of work in his time

  163. I won’t live to see Shack’s age.

    I respect the guy, he just came out looking like Rip Taylor with that protein-waxed mustache and that happy step walk he was doing.

    cmon. theres kids in the stands.

  164. Chris.F – i agree completely. I think the players we have aren’t all that talented and the system is restricting them even more. The defensemen are nervous and the forecheck lacks aggression. Hank looks gradually more pi$$ed off each game. The youngsters need to be able to play more freely and the vets use their instinct instead of worrying about commiting too far up the ice. Is it too much to ask to find a defenseman who knows how to take the body with conviction? Staal’s a good defender but he doesn’t hold the intimidation factor of someone who is likely to hip-check or drop their shoulder into your mid-section when you get anywhere near them.

    10 days to the deadline…..will there be a new coach? any big departures? Can we afford anyone under the cap?

    I’m hoping the answers will be Yes, Yes, Yes – but as Meatloaf said “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”.

  165. If/when Renney goes……and you are an out-of-work coach, are you going to take one look at the Rangers roster and say “i don’t want anywhere near that team” or do you think they’ll jump at the chance of trying to get Gomer, Dru, Dreaden and co. playing to their potential?
    Or do you sit down with Slats (if he doesn’t get the boot too) and say “i’m in, but..” and then give him an ultimatum about getting shot of some guys, renewing others and bringing in a certain type of player?

  166. onecupin67years on

    I was the the game last night.

    A large number of people left after the 2nd period.

    “We come here expecting them to lose” said a guy on the way out.

  167. That was the most boring ending to a tie the game late with the goalie pulled ever. I’m so glad we finally got rid of Jagr and could finally move ahead. This new group is AWESOME and so exciting to watch.

  168. The players are garbage. Blame Renney all you want. He is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken s***. The players suck. Plain and simple. Renney can’t bench them because the kids behind them are even worse!!! Sather passes on Savard & Chara because he thinks the youth he had and Jagr would be good enough. THEN he reverses course and overpays for Gomez & Drury. THEN he does it again for Rozi & Redden!!!! What can Renney do with this group?!?!?! THEY ARE S*** PLAYERS!!!!! 6 mil to Redden, but we can’t give that $$$ to Jagr?!?! Jagr was the straw that stirred the drink. Even at 37 he is LIGHT YEARS better than anyone on this team. Blame Renney all ya want. This is Sather’s folly.

  169. And I hate to say it, but the Rangers are gonna have to make some tough decisions. They are gonna have to make painful trades. Package deals to get rid of bad contracts. Like Gomez packaged with Stall, Redden packaged with Del Zotto and Grachev, Rozi packages with Zherdev, etc. And maybe even Henke packaged with Drury just to get rid of dead weight and take their chances on the free agent market next year. Trading Henke may seem absurd, but that is one of the very few ways to get rid of the cancerous tumors (large contracts) on this team.

    Just start over.

  170. My God, we have someone here recommending trading Del Zotto, Staal, etc. just to dump the garbage contracts at the same time. That is all we need, to rid ourselves of future talent, so that ALL we have left is other team’s junk. What, more Redden’s, more Kalinin’s, more Gomez’s and Drury’s and FEWER Del Zotto’s, fewer Staal’s, fewer Sauer, Potter, Sanguineti prospects? Dump Callahan, Dubinsky, and Korpedo. along with dumping Gomez and Redden, etc., that seems to be your solution to current problems – making future problems even bigger.

    Tell me something, genius – when you dump yesterday’s garbage, do you also dump tomorrow’s sirloin, and filet mignon, and Hazen Dags containers with it? That is what you would have the Rangers do. Do us a favor, get in line for a brains bail-out, you are the most needy of all.

  171. At the end of the day, I think the majority of us were ok with letting Jagr go. The team had become one-dimensional and too predictable. Stop Jagr. Stop the Rangers. On occasion, when he felt like it, he was able to find ways around that. Now, couple letting Jagr go along with Shanahan, Straka, Avery and even Tyutin to a degree, and you suddenly have more roles/responsibilities to fill. Naslund, Zherdev, Voros, Redden and, ahem, Kalinin, have filled those spots. Unfortunately, the sum of those parts don’t even come close to adding up to the value of the five guys that are gone.

  172. I fell asleep after tieing goal…tell me? did we protect the tie? did we send Blair Betts out to kill the last 39 seconds so we could tie the powerhouse leafs? and if so…did we remember to play for the tie in the OT?
    This is all I live for…crappy teams coming to MSG and a trembling coach playing for a tie….

    I am a Ranger

  173. Typical Ranger game…

    1. Prucha doesn’t dress, Voros does.
    2. Team surrenders a goal while on the power play.
    3. Team takes a “too many men on the ice penalty.”
    4. Kalinin is the worst D on the ice, but Redden takes most of the post-
    game heat.
    5. Team goes 0-5 on the Power Play.
    6. Team takes a couple penalties for grabbing an opponent’s stick.
    7. Orr doesn’t get into a fight, but acts like he is mad at someone a
    coouple times. That is his job, now.
    8. A kid gets called up from Hartford, plays well, then is immediately
    dispatched to Hartford.
    9. Renney, in his post-game press conference, talks about how the team
    “improved” in tonight’s loss, compared with how the team played in
    its loss in the previous game.
    10. Rangers lose for the 10th time in 12 games. Nothing from Sather re
    firing Renney. Nothing from Dolan re firing Sather.
    11. Recycle the above for each game for the rest of the season. Do not
    Sather or Renney. Sign a couple more deadbeat FA defensemen
    during the off-season so that Sauer, Potter, and Sanguinetti can just
    be window dressing in training camp.
    12. Return Anisimov to Hartford following training camp, as he will be
    only 23 next season.

    13. Raise ticket prices for next season, despite the fact that the team
    missed the playoffs. After all, this is a BUSINESS.

  174. If renney isnt fired today he wont be fired till sunday and if hes not fired on sunday then he wont be fired until the seasons over.

    is it wrong of me that i had a little smirk on my face when toronto won it because betts was in the box

  175. Hi Guys
    Just an outsider from Buffalo throwing two cents in after watching Saturday’s game… I don’t think your team is that far off, but you lack a horse… someone the other team has to account for… we have Vanek (although he’s out with a broken jaw)…. There’s no real threat from your team … Scoring is your problem, but it sounds like your cap problems won’t help that situation. As for Drury, our coach Ruff knows how to get the most out of every player (after being forced to by years of cheap management)… he knew how to use Drury… to me, our old captain looked out of place…. and not just him, so did other players …not too familiar with your style, but the Rangers play looked “hesitant” …. Ruff tells our team to play within themselves, but if a situation presents itself, they jump on it. Good luck and maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs.

  176. I have no problem at all with Betts, but the only time he should be on the ice in OT, is if someone else on the team took a penalty, and he is killing it. End of story.

  177. Can A-Roid just lend Drury, Gomez, Orr, Kalinin, Redden, Voros, et al, some of his steroids? And can Fat Albert lend Renney some brains? And can Sean Avery just lend Slats Sather some balls? And can Donald Trump just buy-out Jim Dolan? And can the National Hockey League put a viable hockey franchise in Madison Square Garden to replace the current Newfie Shinny rag-tag outfit?

  178. Hey BuffaloGal, your management needs to re-adopt the buffalo logo uniform. The current sicko uniform looks like a chipmunk logo. Buffalo Chipmunks I call them, whenever I see them on TV. You have a real hockey team but an awful uniform. We have a crapper hockey team but a cutesy little uniform. I would rather have a nice-looking team, than a good team. Well, almost.

  179. Nah, I’ll take the crappy logo and a team that beats your high-priced payroll! Thanks anyway….

  180. BuffaloGoal

    Couldn’t have said it any better…Our entire team looks out of place thanks to weak coaching and an even weaker GM making horrific trades.
    Playoffs…HAHAHAHAHA..Yeah right, not this team.

  181. BuffaloGal, you seem to have a little edge to you. Would you like to play for the NYR? We could really use someone like you. Pick a position and it is yours :)

  182. For the first time since I have been a Ranger fan…and I’m talking Pete Stemkowski times here gang…when Scott Gomez tied the game early in the 3rd period a part of was dissapointed…I’ve never felt that way before


  183. Cakewalk,
    Or just keep the status quo and suck anyway. If that’s the way you see it, then stop complaining. Only a fool would cry for Prucha (who sucks too). What kid has come up from Hartford, played well and was dispatched back to Hartford? Korpi? Last I looked he was still here. It wasn’t Anisimov if that’s what you are trying to say. I agree that Redden is taking more heat than he probably should. EVERY SINGLE D-MAN has been bad this year. Even Staal’s game is regressing. But the point is Redden was a mistake. The Rangers can live with the mistakes (keep them) or package them and start over.

    So, it’s not “brainless”. It is actually an unfortunate reality. Or, like you suggest, we could keep players that suck, and hope these bright young kids can succeed. . . playing alongside these useless stiffs.

  184. Kaspar…Me too, I have never rooted against the rangers, but I find myself doing just that hoping for some big time firings and changes.
    I don’t even get angry at losses anymore, I am numb to it.

  185. Capt. Drury in post game interview says he’s happy with effort and not happy with results. How about calling some teammates out and lighting a fire? How about commenting how your gamble to intercept a pass leads to a go ahead goal seconds after your team ties it up? 9 too many men penalties in a season, is that a record?

    FIRE SATHER, FIRE RENNEY, hell fire the trainer, he’s been here too long. All dead wood must go.

  186. Put Drury and Redden on waivers today…see what happens; if it hurts their feelings tell them to ask for a trade

  187. If I could skate, I’d take you up on it Nasty 1…seriously, your organization should rethink its mission… laugh at the Sabres, but they have a self-imposed cap which is really lower than the actual cap… hence, we have a lot of money to play with… once they unload some dead weight next season (Afinogenov, who is currenly $6 mil sitting in the press box) and Teppo Numminun, who is ancient, etc…. they’ll be sitting pretty… major players are under contract (Miller, Pominville, Roy, etc)… and few young guys (Gerbe, Kennedy, Mancari) waiting in the wings… homegrown talent seems to be the way here… we were sorry to see Drury, Briere and Brian Campbell go, but in hindsight, it worked. Have a good day.

  188. ” The team had become one-dimensional and too predictable. Stop Jagr. Stop the Rangers.”

    Yeah, now the team is non-dimensional and predictable. Play the Rangers. Beat the Rangers. There isn’t even anyone that needs to be stopped. A team can bring their “C” game and just get a lucky bounce or two and easily beat these guys.

  189. Uh, nobody here is laughing at the Sabres. Their uniforms maybe. In fact, no one here is laughing at all.

  190. Dispatched immediately to Hartford after playing well:

    1. Barnanka, last season.
    2. Potter
    3. Anisimov
    4. Sanguinetti Was recalled to skate in the pre-game, then dispatched,
    without dressing.
    5. Potter accompanied the team for a three-game west coast trip. Did
    not dress.
    6. Pock was exiled in favor of Ozone’s last NHL stand, then was exiled in
    Favor of Kasparitis’s last NHL stand.
    7. Korpedo was dispatched earlier, after a short-trial, too.
    8. Prucha is treated like the resident leper.


  191. You forgot how long the Weekes-Lundy thing went on

    The Prucha thing is the most amazing; 31 goals in his first year, every said “well thats because he played PP with Jags” so the next year he loses the PP spot to Shanny…and he scores 22 goals after a slow start…then the “hate” began…coincidentally at exactly the same time Renney started coaching chicken-crap…playing for ties; one man in…Jagr spoke about it last year; Lundqvist has this year…

    This “offensive lapse” is two years old now kids…its not THIS ROSTER…it was last years too

    Get rid of Renney and kids will play Hockey again

  192. Here we Go…two year deal

    42 W 40 L
    2.60 GPG

    31W 30L
    2.52 GPG

    Both totals include that lame shoot out goal being counted as a goal scored…see any major difference?

    Bottom line…same crap just we lost some personality and enthusiasm in Jags, Shanny, Strak and Avery…these guys made it as enteratining as possible with this negative coaching staff

    replaced leadership lost with Redden and Naslund who, together with Drury, have the personalities of tree bark

    Its all on Renney and his coaching style; never saw a team that doesnt attack enough but still gives up 3-4 odd man rushes per period

  193. Too bad Harry Howell didn’t put the skates on. I’d bet a 75 year old school player would have given better effort.

    WHY IS REDDEN STILL ON THE PP??????????????????

  194. To Buffalo Gal,

    Playoffs?!? Don’t talk about playoffs! Playoffs?! Are you kidding me? I’m just hoping we can win a game, another game!!

  195. Patrick, why is Redden here?

    Because of Sather, because of Sather.

    I’m off to the doctor for a physical, the finger in the you know what will be less painful than watching a Rangers game.

  196. I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact that this team isn’t going to advance pass the teams from the previous two seasons. Last year was probably the team that was geared to make a big run but they ran into a Pens team that simply had bigger guns.

    I know they really don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to team construction, but when management decided to gut the team over the off-season I am hoping they did so with 2 or 3 years down the road in mind. Other than the canned and cliche quotes about what the expectations for this season were (the Stanley Cup of course), I don’t recall a lot of people both inside the Rangers organization or media pundits predicting the Rangers to make a serious run. Before the season started I thought if they could finish 4th in the conference that would be a success because I had no idea that Pittsburgh was going to struggle as much as they had or I thought the Flyers were going to take a big step forward. And that 4th place finish was predicated on a lot of things going right for the team such as Drury and Gomez successfully taking the reins, Zherdev emerging as a legit 30+ goal threat, the defense becoming more active and the team as a whole becoming a more aggressive, puck possession team. Something along the lines of Red Wings-lite.

    With that in mind, there were some serious miscalculations with the salary cap. If you look around the league there are very few free agents that get offered the type of contracts that were offered to Drury/Gomez/Redden. The only players that get those type of offers are ones that teams have developed themselves and have a far better idea what their intrinsic values really are (i.e. Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Mike Richards, Lecavalier, Zetterberg, etc.). Sather must have believed that the salary cap would continue to increase thus by years 3/4/5 of the contracts, their $6-7MM cap hit would not be quite as damaging. Well, much like Wall St. traders and their belief in a perpetually appreciating real estate market, he was wrong and now we’re stuck with a lot of untrade-able assets.

    The important part to remember is that this a still a very young team. While no one is saying that Dubinsky/Callahan/Dawes/Korpikoski/Staal/Girardi are the second coming of Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Holmstrom/Lidstrom, it’s easy to forget that the Rangers youngsters have about a dozen or so years of experience combined. If this season is pretty much going to be a wash, then I’d like to see the Rangers take more of a Philly approach to building the team. They were flat out awful two years ago but they decided to let the youth gain experience, even if it was baptism by fire. And while Richards and Carter projected higher than most of the Rangers youth, they weren’t quite the “can’t miss” propsects like Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin. Carter was being dangled last year at the trade deadline.

    Unfortunately, it seems that Renney and the front office are running the team like it still has a shot to make some sort of miracle run this year. I’d be more than content with letting the kids get more ice time and figuring out what type of players they show signs of being while sacrificing this season.

  197. Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham and Satan can call take over as coaches for this team and they’ll still yield the same results.

    Until you can sign guys that shoot from 2 ft. out and can bury a rebound with consistency, you’re not going to win hockey games.

    If Albert Pujols gets an 85 mph “fastball” down the middle of the plate, he hits it for a HR 9/10 times.

    Chris Drury walks in all alone completely untouched 2/3 times a night and doesn’t score.

    Professionals are supposed to bury opportunities, that’s what makes them different from amateurs. Kobe Bryant doesn’t miss uncontested jump shots, Alexander Ovechkin doesn’t get denied on breakaways. Stars are stars because they finish.

    We don’t have ONE finisher.

    This teams was put together similar to the method I traded my Upper Deck hockey cards to friends in the 3rd grade. No tought, just which card looked the coolest and might be “worth the most” in Beckett down the line.

    Slats doesn’t put in the work. If he watched a lick of film or scouted other players he wouldn’t consistently make bad signings.

    He’s too oldschool for the new professional sport. He just signs on whims and guts. Guys like Burke use STATS and FILM, whoooaaaa mind boggling stuff, to make draft picks and signings.

    Renney may need to go, but he’s not the problem, nor is firing him going to be the solution…

  198. Hey for whoever was at the game last night…
    was there loud chants “fire Sather”?
    I could have sworn I heard them loud and clear in my living room. Outside of the ceremony that was the only thing that made my night?

  199. UESblueshirt

    Great post!

    This seasons outlook is dark…Renney has lost the team.

    If nobody panics; outside of a coaching change and losing one big contract (somehow);next seasons is a little brighter

    One big reason for optimism, paradoxically, is that because we are up against it cap-wise…this should eliminate anymore ridiculous signings

  200. That ceremony was WAAAYYYYYY overdue; better late than never. Nice that they brought out all their old teammates, and the music choice(s) were alot of fun.

    Not too thrilled with these pedestrian gifts, movie and TV references, but whatever, maybe everyone else loves that.

  201. Mark (the orginal) on

    Not many Fire Sather chants at all. The chants really only started in the 3rd period, and by that time looking at the Garden a lot of people had left because of how late it was, and it being a Sunday night.

    Felt bad for Howell and Bathgate that there were many empty seats, but the problem was most of the seats that were empty were the purple corporates. I would say I got there right aroudn 6:40, and most of the 300’s and 400’s were pretty much filled.

  202. KASPAR — I hope you’re right on the signings. Maybe the cap will drop and we’ll have to unload a pair of spendy D-Men.

  203. If anything happens to move one of these guys just top bail out this sorry a** team and its Fraidy-Kat coach I will not renew NHL center ice and will not buy that Kitchy-ranger key-chian I’ve been spying on Amazon

    Del Zotto

    the rest of these sleepy turds they can do what they want with

  204. What a pathetic game. It’s a shame they got a point cause that might save Renney even longer. Betts should NOT be playing in OT, he CANT SCORE. He’s supposed to be our best defensive player, and he screws us, real nice.

    And once again, this shithead Renney scratching Pruchs, such BS. I hope when he goes to the Blues he puts up some major points. I HATE Renney, i think i hate him more than Crosby.

    He says the same bullshit over and over after a loss. He better get fired later today, enough’s enough already, they get embarrassed on Graves night, they get embarrassed on Howell / Bathgate night. This team clearly doesn’t care.

    Hank needs to open his god damn mouth, and have a talk with Slats, this whole team does. But that wont happen, cause the Vets LOVE Renney, cause they know they wont miss a shift, but the kids cant do shit, cause they’re just kids.

    This would be the perfect time to fire Renney, we got an extra day off, let it sink in before they play the Leafs.

    And i love the Captains comments after every loss. Did Lindy Ruff possess this guy with some ancient ghost he hides in a bottle ? This guy was a whole different player in Buffalo, this is pathetic. How do you make more money, and play shitty ?

    Where are the Renney lovers ??? What more do you need to prove this guys the worst coach in the league. Put Renney on the Panthers, or the Kings, and they’ll be where they’re usually at, which is the bottom of the league, cause he cant get shit out of his players.

  205. The only thing that keeps me awake in a Ranger game is waiting to curse out Renney every time they show his gum-chewing mug…and counting the idiotic moves he makes…Betts was put on the ice in the final 30 seconds after tieng a game up!??! what the…..

  206. The fire Renney and Sather chants were pretty weak. I think everyone was tired and disgusted. Plus it was an incredibly boring game. I’ve been saying for weeks that Renney will not be fired before the end of the season and I’m sticking to it. And if they make the playoffs he’ll be back next year. Count on it.

  207. Mark (the orginal) on

    This from Andrew Gross this morning:

    Arrived here for the 10:30 practice but there’s nobody on the ice. As of right now, according to Rangers’ PR, it’s unclear what the team is doing today, whether it’ll just be off-ice meetings/workouts or an on-ice session as well.

    As you saw, The Post’s Larry Brooks gave it a good go last night trying to pin down GM Glen Sather, who wouldn’t even confirm his name to Larry. However, I thought the most telling thing was Sather saying he wouldn’t comment on whether Tom Renney would run practice today. Right now, the whole practice is questionable.

  208. Mark (the orginal) on

    This from Andrew Gross this morning:

    Arrived here for the 10:30 practice but there’s nobody on the ice. As of right now, according to Rangers’ PR, it’s unclear what the team is doing today, whether it’ll just be off-ice meetings/workouts or an on-ice session as well.

    As you saw, The Post’s Larry Brooks gave it a good go last night trying to pin down GM Glen Sather, who wouldn’t even confirm his name to Larry. However, I thought the most telling thing was Sather saying he wouldn’t comment on whether Tom Renney would run practice today. Right now, the whole practice is questionable.

  209. Player’s play, player’s compete. If you’re a man aged 22-45 you don’t need another man to tell you how or when to play harder. If you’re a man and you’re a competitor you just do it.

    If I put in 50% effort at work, it’s on me. I can’t say, well I’m just not that into my boss, I really don’t like his style.

    It’s called personal pride. You give 100 percent effort for yourself, you don’t need a coach to kick you in the ass.

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    Was at the game last night. Retirement ceremony was about as nice as they could have made it for those guys since they both retired 40 years ago. I thought it was very wise of all parties that spoke not to specifically name Dolan/Sather et al., but instead to just thank the Rangers organIzation. Although, it was really poor planning by said organIzation to include Rozsival, Drury, Gomez, and Naslund, who were booed mercilessly.

    Also, Richter made an appearance in the 400s and I got to shake his hand. I wished that I had a better camera than my phone and/or a marker for him to sign my jersey. I always knew he wasn’t a big dude, but man, he is REALLY small.

    As for the game, they were terrible. The game itself was terrible. The first two periods were SO boring. Awful.

    As for Renney. He sat Prucha, which is terrible since Prucha has 2 assists in the 4 games he’s been in the lineup this month, which is 2 points more than Voros has had in his last 9 games. In fact, for Voros to rack up 2 points, you’d have to go back 22 games. Petr Puck has 2 in 4, yeah, let’s sit him. Although it was a lot of fun to watch Voros get his ass kicked again. He is the worst fighter I’ve seen in a long time. People won’t fight Orr because they know they can get Voros to fight and beat the hell out of him. Why fight Orr and potentially get KOed? IT makes no sense to have both of them in the lineup. Actually, it just makes no sense to have Voros in the lineup, period.

    Wade Redden on the PP! Nuff said.

    Blair Betts in OT! Way to go for the win! Oh he took a penalty that led to the GWG? WHOOPS!

    Too many men on the ice. Always a bad reflection on the coach. But this is especially grievous for two reasons:

    2) TWO IN ONE GAME!!!


    Some of my favorite comments I heard from the fans:

    1) When Rangers would draw a penalty, some would chant “Defense” like for the Knicks. Others shouted for them to decline it.

    2) Someone shouted bring back Poti while Redden fumbled with the puck.

    3) While Bathgate was talking about his time on the powerplay, someone yelled for him to lace up his skates.

  211. At this point I hope the rangers lose most of there remaining games and with a little help end up with the worse record in hockey and get the first pick in the draft because making the playoffs doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t think moron sather could screw up the first draft, could he?

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, one last thing. Toronto scored on 3 of their last 5 shots, with shots 1 and 2 being consecutive goals.

  213. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, one last thing. Toronto scored on 3 of their last 5 shots, with shots 1 and 2 being consecutive goals.

  214. TomG
    ever heard of Jessiman?

    Did you see Betts on the ice right after we tied it up??
    Goin for the tie….gutless

    I feel for anyone there last night I mean it

  215. Redden is starting to make Poti, Backman, and Malik look good. He’s not as bad as Ozolinsh. Yet.

  216. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, if we had the first pick, he would pass on Tavares and we would end up with Hugh Jessiman 3.0 (2.0 was Montoya).

  217. “It’s called personal pride. You give 100 percent effort for yourself, you don’t need a coach to kick you in the ass.”

    Ask petr Prucha if personal pride helped him

  218. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, absolutely, but I thought the offense was much more eggregious in OT. I get it that he wants to make sure they get the point by getting to OT. With how the team collapsed right after they scored the first one, I can’t even really hold that against him THAT much. But once you’re in OT, you already have the point secured, so play for the second point! Instead he was CLEARLY trying to get a shootout.

    After 2 when it was 0-0, I told my friend that Renney had a boner.

  219. Too many men on the ice penalties:

    1. It’s not on Renney; it’s on Pearn and Pelino. The head coach is not responsible for making sure each player knows who he’s taking off the ice.

    2. If you played hockey, you know it’s always the player’s fault for commiting the cardinal sin of too many men.

    You don’t spontaneously jump on the ice. Everyone has a position, and everyone knows who they’re substituting in advance of their shift. Occassionally, changes are made, but it’s still not that complicated. One player comes off, another goes on. It’s as simple as that. Pearn and Pelino are there to make sure everyone knows who’s going out next.

    Like I said, if you’ve played the sport, you know.

    If you haven’t played the sport competitively, and you think it’s the coach’s fault, then you’re highly misinformed.

  220. Interesting post from Andrew Gross about the lack of anything at practice – could there be a change coming today?
    or could they be having a team meeting or a video session or another pointless exercise.

    The players should be on the ice being punished for another sub-par performance and the GM should be working the phones trying to bring in some new talent, get rid of some abatross contracts and find a new coach.

  221. Ozolinsh also scored a goal on Weekes in the playoffs three years ago. This was back when they were both wearing the same uniform.

  222. “After 2 when it was 0-0, I told my friend that Renney had a boner.”


    I gotta tell you; normally I would agree but last night he truly looked befuddled and nervous…and they showed him alot…alomost like MSG productions was playing on the firing rumours….I almost felt bad for him…

    Until I saw betts playing

  223. Fischler's Ghost on


    how about

    C) Both of the above.

    I’m so frustrated/angry/going gray prematurely, I can’t even comment on the “game” last night.

  224. Doodie Machetto on


    Interesting article about past draft picks projecting the value of picks based on overall number for draft picks from 1995-2004.

    What makes the article so funny is that the picks are broken down by every 5, and for overall pick number sets 1-5 (Brendl), 6-10 (Montoya), 11-15 (Jessiman), and 21-25 (Brown), we have someone listed as one of the worst picks. But if we had picks in 95, 00, and 02, I’m confident we could’ve had more in the “worst” category.

    We also don’t have someone that we drafted in the “best” category until 36-40 (Tyutin), and no one that we drafted and still have until 56-60 (Dubinsky). The highest player we have in the “best” category is at 26-30 (Gomez).

  225. “Dispatched immediately to Hartford after playing well:

    1. Barnanka, last season.
    2. Potter
    3. Anisimov
    4. Sanguinetti Was recalled to skate in the pre-game, then dispatched,

    without dressing.
    5. Potter accompanied the team for a three-game west coast trip. Did
    not dress.
    6. Pock was exiled in favor of Ozone’s last NHL stand, then was exiled in
    Favor of Kasparitis’s last NHL stand.
    7. Korpedo was dispatched earlier, after a short-trial, too.
    8. Prucha is treated like the resident leper.”

    Quote from Mr. Cakewalk.

    ummm. . . . these are the great players that didn’t get a chance? That is really poor evidence. You can clearly see that as much as the big contracts suck, none of these kids are ready/good enough to take their spots. Pock got cut by the ISLES!!!!!. Korpi got his chance and he is with the big team. For a genius your evidence sucks.

  226. -Sit Voros indefinitely
    -Play Prucha, and put him on the first Power Play Unit
    -Keep Dubi with Gomer and Naslund
    -Keep Redden OFF all the PP Units
    -Put Rosi at one point on the first Unit
    -Put Staal at the point on the second unit
    -Show some accountability to your players and they will HAVE to respect what you preach

    I mean we only half or less of us are former hokcey players, and still we ALL can see what needs to be done, and this is without any trades.

    Al Trautface, Ron Urgay, Butchie and Daneko all said it the other night after the loss to the Sabres;
    WHY keep trying the same things that do not work?
    PP should be completely re-vamped

    Renney does not get it

    I hope he is finally put out of his misery today, and lets hope Gross reporting htere is no practice means he’s being fired as we speak.

  227. Brandon

    The coach calls out the lines. I have played college hockey and div I & II rec. I have seen Renney himself call out players names or tap them right before line changes.

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