Want to see the ceremony Sunday?


The Rangers just announced that “Last Minute Tickets” which became available have been released for Sunday’s game and the Andy Bathgate-Harry Howell ceremony.

Visit newyorkrangers.com or call 212-301-7171 for info. The ceremony begins at 6:30 p.m.

Also, here is MSG Network’s scheduled programming that evening, for those who can’t get to MSG.

5:30 p.m.:        “MSG Vault: Classic Rangers”

         A behind the scenes look at the original salute to Harry Howell in 1967

6:30 p.m.:        Bathgate and Howell Night Ceremony, hosted by Sam Rosen

7:15 p.m.:        New York Rangers Pre-game

8:00 p.m.:        New York Rangers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

10:30 p.m.:      New York Rangers Post-game


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  1. Andy Bathgate was a great. great player. Harry Howell was not in his class, but a very steady, honest player. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

    From tsn.ca:

    “The consensus around the nation’s capital is that the Senators are a much-improved team since Clouston took over from Craig Hartsburg earlier this month and Clouston hasn’t been afraid to push a few buttons in order to get the underachieving team to perform.

    “Just ask star centre Jason Spezza, who was benched during Thursday’s loss to Vancouver – only the Senators’ second regulation loss in nine games since the coaching change.

    “‘As a top guy, you’re expected to outplay the other teams top guys and last night, I didn’t,’ Spezza said Friday, the morning after he sat out most of the second period during a 5-2 defeat to the Canucks at Scotiabank Place. ‘Cory has to do what he has to do to get the team going and that’s part of his job, too, so he made the right move.'”

  2. In other news, Glen Sather choked on the free hotdog. Rangers fans all over the world rejoiced…

    More news @ 11

  3. “Cory has to do what he has to do to get the team going and that’s part of his job, too, so he made the right move.’”

    can someone be fired for not doing his job? just asking…

  4. Oh and AHEM… Am I in the right place? This isn’t the “Seinfeld” groupie convention place, is it? Hate that show btw…

  5. The Fishsticks just made a good move.

    Dumping Comrie and Campoli for a scrub and a 1st round pick.

    God, I pray that Jim Dolan will wake up from his coma and realize that Sather is the worst GM in hockey.

    By the way…Tytunin has 8 goals…he would be tied for 2nd on the team with that total.

  6. DomivBaumgartner on


    There have been a lot of seats open throughout the course of the season. I wonder why? could it be the economy?

  7. dudes,

    (1st time poster, but i love ya all)

    this team is done as long as renney is at the helm. i’m a season ticket holder (403) and the last time i was excited about this team was in pittsburgh. i’m a life long fan/season ticket holder, but when renney plays the 1-4 trap versus atlanta, it’s time to go. renney, you are horrible. please just retire, you are much better in the background.

  8. Very good move by the Islanders today. Is OTT drunk or something? Are those two going to get them in the playoffs?

  9. Nasty 1 – Just read your story from the last blog post. That’s what she gets for ordering a snuggie! Her husband should throw her out; like she said, she can live in the boxes and snuggies.

  10. Welcome Jdub

    Preachin to the choir here

    That Atlanta game ( on Graves night no less) was it as far as Renney goes.

    The single most gutless game plan ever imagined by an NHL coach

  11. I’m so sick of that SI article. It offers no real insight to the Rangers. It’s cool to make fun of the Rangers, always has been, just like it’s cool not to like Star Trek or uncool for guys to think Madonna is a good song writer. Don’t be a conformist; SI knows as much about hockey as I do about Women’s Gymnastics. If anything Renney should put this in the lockeroom a la 2005 with the predictions.

    The second I saw this article made no mention of Staal, Anisimov, Grachev, Hagelin, etc. I disregarded it. Get your facts right as the editor told Woodward and Bernstein in All The President’s Men.

    In other news in Hartford so far AA has 3 points, his buddy Paranteau has 2 goals, and Mr. Avery is now a -1 making it -3 and no goals in 3 games. Y’all sure you want him back? LOL.

    It’s gym time so I can become the White Plains Batman. Peeeacce.

  12. “ZZZZZzzzzzzz…. wake me up when the puck drops”

    Exactly. Im sorry to say, but these ceremonies are fuggin BOOORING. It was a hell of a lot better when it started at 7 p.m., and ended at 7:30 p.m, and the puck dropped 7 mins later. Now they have this stupid 1 hour pre game
    where we have to see the ugly faces of Trautwig, Sam, and Giannone.

    Ugh, just put the numbers upstairs and wrap it up, and get to the game.

    It wouldn’t been better if this was a day game, at least id get some extra sleep while the ceremony is going.

    I don’t know aboot any of you, but im glad i don’t have to see Comrie’s gnome face anymore, along with that bitch Campoli. I thought at first they traded their 1st rounder, but it’s the Sharks. Screw the both of them. Snow is gonna make them worse so he knows they will get 1st pick.

  13. HockeymanRangers on


    Has any one mentioned this article that Jim Kelly has out there? He really lays out the entire Rangers organization. I hope I posted it correctly so you can bring it up?? I have to admit a lot of what he says is true. However I don’t want to defend Sather but if things worked out with Redden and Nausland and if they could have made this team work Sather would be a hero right now. IT’S A GAMBLE.

  14. HockeymanRangers on

    Per my last post, Yes they are over paid no matter what they do, and that we can blame Sather for.

  15. I guess most of the posters here get Rangers games via cable, but Directv Center Ice package viewers are still being shutout of HD telecasts of Rangers games on MSG. I’ve heard this is a dispute between the NHL & Dolan relating to the controversy over the Rangers control over their own website, but I’ve been unable to get confirmation of the facts from anyone.

  16. Thanks Rick, since I’ve only received 37 emails and 9 text messages from MSG about this game and these “newly released” tickets, I might have totally missed it.

  17. Hockeyman, you read my thoughts on that article?

    Whose worse at covering hockey SI or ESPN? I’d say SI but it’s close. ESPN would find some way to relate hockey to Fenway Park, A-rod, Tom Brady, or Tiger Woods because that’s all they do.

    Jim Kelly is an idiot because he only did half his homework. At least that Islanders fan from Westchester EJ Hardek knows his stuff and backed up his arguments.

  18. By the way everyone; Avery -2 tonight in Hartford. What does anyone here think about that?

    Carp-do you think it’s rust and he’ll get his scoring touch back or is he not going to be ready by March 4th?

    I think plan B should be Carcillo. Either Voros and a mid level pick or Voros and Prucha (only if they’re going to scratch him) for the poor man’s Avery.

  19. No one but Cable has MSG in HD… I have verizon fios and we don’t ge tit either… it is a sipute with DOlan but the guy installing it said they were sloce (of course they’ll say anything to get you to sign up, as evidenced by us joining it… got to say as soon as the contract is ove rwe are switching back to Directv!)

    Mike… Avery was never a big goal scorere really… I mean he tops at 15 right (which we need right now but its not like he was ever a 30 goal guy or anything) I could be wrong on that I will check it later…

  20. Agravaine-True dat, but he should be able to score in the AHL especially after Andrew Gross said he looked a step faster than mostly everyone else. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if he can’t score in the AHL and is rust, is he really gonna help that much more than Colton Orr?

    Dolan? You know, I don’t know how many people here are familiar with WWF/WWE (I was a big fan as a little kid in the late 80s/early 90s and again in HS) but I’d love to give Dolan a Stone Cold Stunner. Like the whole deal; low blow, flip him the birdy, kick/stunner, then have someone throw me two beers which I’d spill all over him. I hate that man. what King Midas is to Gold, Dolan is to feces.

  21. “what King Midas is to Gold, Dolan is to feces”

    Congrats MikeA, that could possibly be the most accurate description of Dolan ever written/thought/typed.

    And someone please clarify for me…would sather be choking on dolans hot dog, or a hot dog dolan gave him for free??

  22. I will bet anyone here, that while the team is under Glen Sather, we will never win a cup. The man cant do anything right, and for god’s sake, he just signed redden for 6 years, Marek Malik was a better defencemen than redden. As much as we all love hockey and going to games. The only way this team will move on is if fans strike and sather gets fired.

  23. re: Avery

    Don’t forget 21 teams can pick him up before the Rangers are eligible… I like to think he’s laying low on the scoring touch, just making sure not to be terrible, so he’ll be available for the Blueshirts.

    Yeah it’s far-fetched.

  24. Good call on Avery. And as far as Sather goes, he’s turning 66 in September, so maybe he’ll step down in a couple of years to spend time with the grand kids. I remember his son got married around the time that Lindros got traded here (I’m about to throw up thinking about those days although Carp’s book from the season before Lindros is a great read) so hopefully his son and his daughter in law are being fruitful and multiplying. I’ll chip in a few bucks to buy them some candles and send them some Barry White/Issac Hayes CDs. Anyone here down?

  25. I have no problem with the Naslund deal. Considering he is playing with Gomez, those 17 goals are impressive. Redden has been terrible, but I think he has bottomed out. The booing doesn’t seem to bother him, so maybe he bounces back. Call me crazy, but if Avery comes back, a deal is made for Carcillo, and Reitz can hold his own, this team becomes a little togher to play against. If this team could add some affordable (and competent) grit, they would be more successful at this boring attrition style of play. I am not betting the ranch, but if Sather can do anything this next week or two, the season isn’t lost. With Henke is the season ever lost?

    That will be my last optimistic post ever.

  26. too bad Ottawa started winning, i was hoping for a deal for Chris Neal…much rather have him over Avery.

  27. IF,We are really serious about getting a player or two in here to help we HAVE TO trade some body or bodies that we don’t want to.Here are 3 that if we do anything major(witch I don’t think we will)we’ll need to trade to get some real value back.

    1)Zherdve-Only cause he’s an URF after this season.I really don’t think he wants to come back with this defense first team.

    2)Drury-He just doesn’t fit in here.

    3)Mara-Big tough,lets face it we’re stuck with all our over paid d-man.

    Dubinski–are untouchables

  28. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Carcillo is a piece of garbage and I’d rather have Voros than him (scratched nonetheless) but that says a lot.

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