It could be worse (updated)


Yeah, the Rangers’ situation isn’t rosy, and the future isn’t bright. But right now they’re in a playoff spot, and not in the police blotter.

How’d you like to be the Montreal Canadiens, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the second-most successful pro sports franchise in North America, and having a week like this: The Habs are also hanging on to a playoff berth (they actually trail the Rangers) their best player, Alex Kovalev, has been sent home by the coach and the GM, and now there is an investigation into whether Habs players are involved with organized crime?

The Habs will hold a press conference today at 2 p.m. The story is breaking in La Presse, a French-language paper. But the English-language Montreal Gazette has this update today.

Not to make this an Around-the-NHL thing, but did you happen to see Alex Ovechkin’s latest hightlight goal. It’s here, on

Hope to have some updates later.



Just want to give you all a heads-up on the NHL trade deadline site on Good reading.



All but Mara skated this morning, and Korpikoski expects to be available tomorrow in Buffalo. No word on who sits if he plays, though. Anybody venture a guess?



The March 8 game against Boston has been moved up to a 12:30 start for NBC. Somebody might want to tell the Rangers, who didn’t show up until about 2 p.m. the last time this happened.

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  1. 1. Ovechkin

    2. Malkin

    3. Crosby

    It’s not even up for debate who the face of this league should be.


    I just translated the RDS story from French to english

    Thanks MAKO

    The guy is a criminal, into everything, he know the brothers Kostistan it seems…set them up with Limos and girls..has had phone conversations with them..the guy was arrested but not the players….so?

    French press needs an A-rod of their own

  3. Brandon

    I wont argue with one or two
    but Pavel Datsyuk could be two, and if not, he is definitely three…the guy does everything

  4. I forgot about that unreal goal Ovie scored on his back in their old white and blue sweaters. Sick, sick, sick. The guy blows away Cindy.

  5. Anyone hear that we may be intereseted in Lecavalier? I don’t know where this started– and doesn’t sound plausible (or even desirable).

  6. Two things about Brooks’ article:

    (1)”If Renney is behind the bench tomorrow night in Buffalo, and there is no reason on earth to expect anything different, he should remain for the duration of the season.”

    Really? This is a ridiculous statement. So this team can totally mail it in the day after, sink to the bottom of the standings, and he should just get a pass to the end of the year? BS.

    (2) “Regardless of the outcome of this season, Renney has ensured his place as one the most significant head coaches in franchise history, in fact joining Mike Keenan and Emile Francis as the team’s three most important and successful coaches of the modern era.”

    Whether this is true is debatable. But the fact that it is even debatable is a sad commentary on the long-term success (or lack thereof) of the franchise. Urgh.

  7. KPh

    He forgot Freddy Shero too

    I mean he went to the finals 3 seasons after the darkest of darkest seasons in modern Ranger history

  8. Renney has been instrumental in turning the “image” of the franchise around, but part of the credit has to go to the lock-out and salary cap for tightening up the bad-spending of Sather and company…too bad all of this only lasted three years.

  9. I’d argue, then, that Roger Neilson should be in that group. He took over from the God-awful Espo regime in 1989-90, and in his first year won the franchise’s first division title since 1942! Got to the playoffs in ’90 and ’91, then won the Presidents’ Trophy in ’91-92. That’s a pretty good run for a Rangers coach. Yeah, no Cup, but how many Rangers coaches have that zero on their resume the last 69 years? (answer: all but one).

  10. Rick, how dare you talk captain video over your beloved Renney?

    Any way to get Redden involved in organized crime?

  11. Guys and Girls, just found out can’t make it sunday to the big game…if anyone is interested in 4 tix to Sunday’s game and festivities, section 221, last row, sick seats, please email me at Sorry to use the board for this, but is pretty last minute. Thanks Carp.

  12. Don’t you think… Now, when a dust settled, couldn’t everyone of hot heads see that Rangers are exactly where it supposed to be – absolutely avarage team swinging around middle of standing, struggling to make playoffs. All this emotional blog talks are nothing but result of unbased and broken hopes and expectations.They do what they CAN,not what we WANT.(GM polices and desisions are different metter)

  13. Neilson and “the fog” definitely deserve to be held in high regard. Ted Sator took the team to the semi’s in the 80’s but that doesn’t mean his time was successful. Let’s not write Renney’s story yet. If the Rangers flop and miss the playoffs, is his record still as great as Brooks thinks?

  14. Crosby who ?? That guy is nothing compared to Ovechkin. He’s just flat out great, and is better than Crosby at every part of this game in my opinion.

    I was watching the Sharks vs Kings game last night, and i cant believe how biased the announcers are, the bald guy said that Joe Thornton is the best in the league, he’s a hell of a player, don’t get me wrong, but he said that he’s better than Ovechkin. Thorts is probably one of the best playmakers in the game today, and he’s a leader, but he’s not much of a goal scorer, Ovechkin can do all of that, and more. Not just that, but these guys were just as bad as Chico, every boarding penalty had to be a 5 minute major, they were pretty pathetic.

    Say what you want aboot Joe, and Sam. They get annoying, but at least they’re not like Chico, i cant stand that creepy old moron, and his buddy, Doc.

    Anyway, im so happy the Habs are doing so bad. They’re looking pathetic with everything that’s going on, and now this, ahaha good !! Throw last year on top of that, with that idiot prospect, and Kostopoulos stealing some ladies purse, lol what a bunch of losers. I hope they miss the playoffs, along with the Pens.

  15. Maybe the Ranger players should be involved with some organized crime guys. Just maybe that would be the motivator to play with more urgency.

  16. Comparing Renney with Francis and Keenan is insulting to them and to anyone familiar with them and what they meant to this franchise. The major difference is simple to isolate: player INSPIRATION. Vic Hadfield led 10 other Rangers over the endboards plexiglass into the stands in November of 1965 in a game vs. Detroit at the old Garden, in defense of Emile Francis who was being heckled by some fans, resulting from Francis having a dispute with a goal judge. How many Rangers would literally go over a wall for Renney? How many Rangers will be devastated when Renney is finally gone? Name one.

    As regards Keenan vs. Renney, Renney couldn’t win a jock strap protective cup, much less a Stanley Cup. Whoever said Renney is on a par with Francis and Keenan is a mole from some other site.

  17. if renney was coaching in 1994 kovalev would have never played (or certainly never with messier) and we would have never won the cup. same goes for campbell, they dont know what to do with skilled european players

  18. Carp, Roger Neilson was a good coach, but overated coach if that makes sense.Roger won the division that first year but with the lowest points total ever, 85! I know it was unstable with Espo but if you look they had just about the same number of points and wins the 2 years was Bergeron coaching. Bottom line it was a more stable atmosphere with Neil Smith around.

  19. Adam, that is a great site, but all that info is on I’ll put the link in the post above.

    Say what you want about Campbell, but without him they don’t win the Cup in ’94. So much more behind Keenan’s curtain than you know.

  20. True. Keenan paid the scorekeepers to credit Messier with that goal in Game 7. Brian Noonan always gets lost in the shuffle.

  21. Note the French Canadian press is happy to tie European players into all the Habs’ problems. By the way, they lost both games without Kovalev. And secondly, two young Belorussian brothers were hanging around nightclubs with unsavory nightclub people — surprise. Doesn’t the NHL give training in that sort of thing? Shouldn’t the team have been keeping an eye on young guys who don’t speak the language? No one in Montreal knows the unsavory Montreal characters better than Montreal Canadiens management — did they just ignore this situation? It’s a small city — why didn’t Habs people help these guys and tell them who to avoid? Gee, did management think that people who hang out in nightclubs are wholesome and would never want to befriend hockey players? And it’s hard to believe not one North American player knew any of these unsavory guys.

  22. but if Campbell was coach Rick would he have played kovalev so much or with messier. i think his conduct when he became head coach re kovalev and zubov makes it clear that he would not have

  23. Guys, I figured I would share this story. I think some of you can appreciate this, especially if you watched the game against philly over the weekend. We all had a bit of a laugh about Snuggies, and I made a sarcastic comment about them, and most of you agreed.

    Well here is an email that a woman I work with sent to our entire faculty. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!

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    A Snuggie for your Snuggly! Who could ask for more?!

    I hope at least a few of you got a laugh over this. If not, I apologize for wasting your time.

  24. KC

    Agree 100% with all you wrote

    The thing is going out of control on Montreol radio right now…even though every 5 minutes or so someone will say “of course they have not been accused themselves of doing anything illegal..they just know the guy” but then they continue going on and on about it for 1/2 hour

    The French press is outrageous when it comes to non-french players…Tom kostapolous who plays with more heart than the rest of the team combined was once referred to as “Tom F’ing Kostaoplous by the same guy ( francious gagnon..spelling is close)who’s leading the charge from Lapresse…he is also the same guy who supposedly had inside info on what Kovalev reportedly said to the russian papers last year and then completely backed off when pressed for the info

    young guys from europe hanging in nightclubs? what a suprise? anyone here ever been to Montreol???

  25. Even when Sather got it right, he screwed up:

    March 9, 2004: NY Rangers traded LW Martin Rucinsky to Vancouver for C R.J. Umberger and D Martin Grenier.

  26. The Sham-wow guy is for real. He did that whole performance all weekend long last year at the Detroit Autorama. I bet he’s going to be out there this year too.

  27. maybe they quit on him b/c he’s a bad coach and anti-european like a lot of canandien coaches/analysts are or were (don cherry anyone)

    and so he would have put his personal issues with players ahead of the need for the team, bottom line those two players dont play in 94 we dont win the cup

  28. Carp great job as usual

    Did Brooks lose his mind or some other part of his body?
    Having Jagr was what made Renny successful
    Also it was Jagr who got the press off of Sather’s back
    Jagr was one of the top players in the league
    maybe #1
    – but not anymore

    Now AO is by far the best!
    but can not be the face of the league
    he is Russian and Crosby is Canadian
    yet, still the best player in the world

  29. Not to change the subject but…
    Blue Jax just completed brutal game ( their 5th game in 7 nights)against Toronto..
    Completely outplayed and on their heels….and won yet again, this time in Ranger 4-3 shoot-out fashion

    Worst game I’ve seen them play all year ( except for 7-3 pasting by Dallas a month ago) and Mr. triple chin Hitchcock got another win out of them

  30. Is this true??: “True. Keenan paid the scorekeepers to credit Messier with that goal in Game 7. Brian Noonan always gets lost in the shuffle.”

    I’ve always thought that Messier never touched that puck. Am I right?

  31. kph, Absolutely untrue. Do you think Keenan ran across the ice to give the scorekeepers money during the third period of Game 7? Because the scorekeepers immediately gave the goal to Messier. It’s arguable whether it was Messier, Noonan or Graves — all of them swiped at the puck — who actually scored the goal. But it’s ridiculous to think the scorekeeper was influenced by Keenan.

    Kaspar, too bad Hitchcock never wanted to coach the Rangers. Oh, wait. He did want to.

  32. Paying the refs part was made up, obviously, but c’mon Carp, that was Noonan’s goal…haven’t you watched one of the 40,000 re-runs of the Game 7 on MSG? They get up close and you can see Messier’s stick nowhere near that puck.

    Let’s be honest, Mess got the credit because it was a better storyline.

  33. reginald dunlop on

    besides the scorekeeper sits upstairs not iceside….and too far a walk to go for a payoff


    All but Mara skated this morning, and Korpikoski expects to be available tomorrow in Buffalo. No word on who sits if he plays, though. Anybody venture a guess?

    *cough* Prucha *cough*

  35. The Russian Mob could’ve been involved, but then Nemchinov would’ve gotten credit for the goal with an assist from Kovalev and Karpostsev.

  36. Kaspar February 20th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    who is this Messier you all speak of?
    and if he is so great… why cant he help us now?

    He could..He should..But they won’t let him.

  37. Buster, No doubt it was a better story line … but also nobody in his right mind (especially Noonan or Graves) was going to claim that goal. And I have watched it a number of times, and I am still not sure Messier didn’t get it.

    Kaspar, do you mean the Stooges? You will show me the Stooges?

  38. There actually were two of them. One played for, and lead, the early to mid-90’s team, and the second played for the early 00’s teams. Remember, he brought in his old cronies and his own coaches…we all know how that worked out…

  39. I miss Jagr…and every dumpin-chasin-one-man-in-try-to -change-lines-without-getting-a-penalty-can’t-score-to-save -their-life- Ranger….. misses him too


  40. Rick,

    I have a hard time believing that Dolan & Sather really want what’s best for the team. Why wouldnt they want the BEST coach and breed the BEST players to play for the Rangers?

    Is there something we as fans dont know about? Not that you have to divulge your info, we dont expect you to. But, I mean didnt Sather have a “plan b” if Redden didnt work out?

  41. It wasn’t Rick who even brought up who the goal belongs to, he was just adding his opinion. It is his blog now, so, I don’t know, it would make sense if he added his opinion. I liked Sam a lot, but Rick is actually on here much more giving his opinions and back and actually answering our questions directly, and I applaud him for that.

  42. nasty,

    btw so are you going to get a snuggie… thats hilarious… Jo was buying something (I think it was one of those knives) and they kept trying to sell her more and more stuff. eventually she said if they tried to sell her one more thing she wasn’t getting anything. They said they’d stop and then offered something else like two minutes later… she just hung up on them…

  43. MAKO, no idea what Sather is thinking. Or Dolan. Nobody knows. But plenty of good coaches have wanted the Rangerrs’ job and haven’t gotten it. As for Redden … once you make a Plan A like that, there can’t be a Plan B because there’s no undoing Plan A.

    Tony, no, not at all.

  44. No, I don’t think I am a snuggie kind of a guy. I just thought it was funny that we just had some discussion about it, and a few days later a woman at my work sent that email out. Ha. I would rather fight Wade Redden with one hand tied behind my back for the rights to Tony Montana’s desk, at the end of Scarface,than be caught wearing a snuggie.

  45. I found Avery’s comments interesting after his last game. He said that he, “Wants and thinks he is ready to help an NHL team.” He made it sound like he is open to going anywhere. If the Rangers do want him back, I wonder if that changes their chances of getting him.

  46. Nasty, I’ve got a similar story. We came home one day to find a big orange TiVo box on our front porch. We opened it up, and sure enough it was a TiVo. So we called the store chain that shipped it and said we never ordered a TiVo, this must have been mistakenly delivered here. We asked them to please come and pick it up. They said we would have to ship it back to them. We would either have to pay to have it shipped, or take it to UPS and have it shipped.
    Uh, no.
    Long-story-short, there’s a free, unused, still boxed, TiVo in my basement for the last few years.

    Kaspar, you? you’ll be out before we get the check.

  47. Ha, good. Wasn’t your mistake. You should have given it to someone as a present. Then, if anything came up later, you could have said, “Funny, we shipped the damn thing back the day after it was wrongly delivered to my house, UPS driver must be on the sauce.” Ha.

  48. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I have recently thought that maybe Messy might have something to offer our struggling team. Somewhere I heard Leetcher talking about Messy and saying he thought one day he would be a good coach. Not saying he should take over as coach but maybe offer something to Renny that he sees or don’t see us doing. But then again maybe Renny would take offence to that.

  49. Hockeyman Rangers on

    In my book IF HE WAS A GOOD COACH, ha ha He would except some suggestions from some good sources.

  50. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Well on the other hand Renny could read this blog and get plenty of suggestions. Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are, that’s some funny stuff right there.

  51. who cares if it would bother renney, i mean the isles powerplay was head and shoulders above ours. that has a lot to do w/streit but u cant really say the isles forwards are that much better than ours. if drury is on the pp at all he should be camped out in front of the net. he doesnt have a good shot and cant play defense why have him on the point? and cally should no longer be on the pp he just isnt an offensive player.

    finally it still amazes (tho i know it shouldnt with renney coaching) me that prucha cant get any time with gomez, just seems like such an obvious move. the moment we signed gomez i thought thatd be a great combo and it looked great for the 3 games it was tried last year. i know its a moot point to even talk about but hey

  52. The sea was angray that day my friends,Like an old man trying to return cold soup at the deli.

  53. Line combos for the day:


    You guys think Renney FINALLY relaized Voros is just not goign to score anymroe goals?
    Lets all hope so, and PRAy these are the lines for tomorrow

  54. Oh and I almsot forgot

    “She had MAN-HANDS”

    Your a Vile beast of a man Jerry, one day I will have my revenge, and it will be ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so sweet!!!

  55. Redden's A Thief on

    I had to look at some #’s. I’m a #’s kinda guy.

    If you drop off coaches that only spent 1 season with the NYR … ok, mike keenan.

    Tom Renney has the highest winning percentage(.577) of any Ranger coach in history.

  56. You guys definitly help me get through my work day. Even if I have no clue what you’re talking about.

  57. Usually read…don’t normally post. Had to chime in on the Seinfeld stuff.

    Two episodes…Man Hands and Shrinkage

  58. Thought of another one….and I’ve been saying this after Ranger games lately.

    “I hate my guy”

  59. Sather thought he’d signed someone to play defense. Imagine how surprised he was when Wade Redden showed up in his office and said: “I’m not who you think I am. My name’s Buck Naked, I’m a porno star.”

    Somebody stop me…..

  60. onecupin67years on

    Today’s Brook’s NY post story makes me laugh!
    Praising Renney. Mr. Mediocrity , the NHL’s Jim Fassel

  61. Renney should just do the opposite. If every instinct he has is wrong… then the opposite must be right.

  62. onecupin67years on

    Tony From az, have the cuff surgery, my shoulder is still a little sore , I was using the snowblower 5 days later like jerk.

  63. My Little Man’s an idiot.

    Johnny LaRue
    February 20th, 2009 at 3:13 pm e
    How about a line of Banya, Sakamano, and Gack.
    Gack, what is that Dutch?

    Would that be the first line?

    I’d have Martin and Brody as my enforcers, centered by Jack Klompas.
    Second line: The Maestro, Poppy and Ciccio.
    Third line (checkers): Uncle Leo, Art Vandelay and Dr. Van Nostrand.

    On D: Puddy-Keith Hernandez
    Man Hands-Jackie Chiles

    In goal: Newman.

  64. to an earlier comment by carp about kovalev, and zubov. cambell scratched them both in a game 7 for the rangers farm team at the time.(1993) they of course lost the game. so did campbell quit on them, or did they quit on campbell?

  65. salary cap hit vs points per game past 2.5 seasons

    Thornton 7.2 mil 1.259
    Iginla 7.0 mil 1.205
    Lecavalier 6.9 mil 1.149
    Spezza 7.0 mil 1.125
    Vanek 7.1 mil 0.917
    Gomez 7.4 mil 0.739
    Drury 7.1 mil 0.713

  66. “Renney should just do the opposite. If every instinct he has is wrong… then the opposite must be right”

    Hahaha, he might turn into the greatest coach of all time, or at least win us a few Cups.


    You should watch it, it’s a great show. It’s on every day, and probably will be on until the world ends.

    Im not a big fan of comedy shows these days, they’re all pretty boring, i just like “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

  67. My favorite line: “Hello Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, call me back.”

    bull dog, the actual circumstances were these: Campbell was a Neilson assistant when he was forced to take over the minor league team after Neilson was fired and Ron Smith, the minor-league coach, promoted to interim coach. They had a really good team in the minors and an obvious disaster in the NHL.
    The Rangers thought it would be good for the rookies, Zubov and Kovalev, to go get some playoff experience since there would be no playoffs in ’93. They didn’t want to go and barely broke a sweat down there. Those playoffs were important to the organization and to Campbell, who wanted to be a head coach. They quit on him first.

  68. Orr I know thats the shame of it I suppose it is always on… and its not like I purposely don’t watch it.. I just never have… I love his standup the “I’m telling you for the last time” is my fright up there…

  69. onecupin67years on

    I heard Seinfeld say that his show was loosely based on the Abbott and Costello show, very similar, crazy characters in the building .

  70. onecup, he actually had a character named Sidney Fields in one of the Seinfeld episodes. Sidney Fields was the landlord in Abbott and Costello, and in just about every episode.

    Man, this is way better than discussing whether Korpikoski is going to play or not.

  71. Summer of George on

    Believe it or not, George isn’t at home,
    So leave a message at the beep.
    I must be out or I’d pick up the phone,
    Where could I beeeeeee?
    Believe it or not, I’m not home.

  72. Are you giving me the “it isn’t you its me” routine?
    I invented the “it isn’t you it’s me routine” honey

  73. Rick, I guess Morgan and Wilhelm would be healthy scratches?
    “What’s the matter Wilhelm, you got the crazies again?”

    Rangers should have more special nights at the Garden like Jon Voight night.

  74. oh Summer!! I know that one!! The Greatest American Hero theme song as his answering machine…

    yay I was able to get one Seinfeld reference!!

  75. Summer of George on

    GEORGE: You see, right now, I have Relationship George, but
    there is also Independent George. That’s the George you know, the George you grew up with — Movie George, Coffee shop George, Liar George, Bawdy George.

    JERRY: I, I love that George.

    GEORGE: Me Too! And he’s Dying Jerry! If Relationship George walks through this door, he will Kill Independent George! A George, divided against itself, Cannot Stand!

  76. This is by far the best blog thread in months!!
    Tony from AZ wins!! “…Real and .. spectacular”

  77. Everybody’s talkin’ at me. Can’t hear a word they’re saying. Just drivin’ around in Jon Voight’s car.

  78. OK one more………

    Kramer”It’s not a pizza til you put it in the oven”
    Poppy “It’s a pizza as soon as you put your fists in the doe”

  79. Summer of George on

    JERRY: Alright. You’re on a desert island, you can bring five books. Which five do you take?

    GEORGE: I gotta read five books?

    JERRY: Okay, only one.

    [George takes a long time to answer]

    JERRY: Come on!

    GEORGE: Ah! I got it. The Three Musketeers.

    JERRY: You’ve read that?

    GEORGE: No. I’m saving it for the island.

  80. “I signed Drury, Gomez, Rozsival, and Redden to insane contracts, yada yada yada, now my team sucks.”

  81. Summer of George on

    Let me tell you something. A man without hand is not a man. I’ve got so much hand I’m coming out of my gloves.

    Tom Renney has no hand.

  82. Summer of George on

    Aaron Voros: To think I’d fail at failing.
    Tom Renney: Oh come on.
    Aaron Voros: I can’t do anything wrong.
    Tom Renney: Nonsense. You do everything wrong.
    Aaron Voros: You think so?
    Tom Renney: Absolutely. I have no confidence in you.
    Aaron Voros: Well, I guess I’ll have to pick myself up, dust myself up, and throw myself right back down again!
    Tom Renney: That’s the spirit! You suck.
    Aaron Voros: I know.

    Ok, I’m done now.

  83. How’s things been here in Ranger-Hell lately? I’m away on business and haven’t been able to stop by. I’m sure it’s been all puppy-dog tails and rainbows given that they won the other night… right?

  84. “Believe it or not, George isn’t at home, please leave a message at the beep… I must be out or I’d pick up the phone, where could I be? Believe it or not, I’m not home”

  85. Campoli and Comrie traded to Ottowa today

    Isles get back a First round draft pick, and MCaamond?
    I forgot the player there getting, but he’s 35

  86. Kaspar, I had Puddy on D.

    Johnny L, Wilhelm is going to be my Prucha. He’s scratched.

    MikeyNJ, thanks for the heads-up on the trade while we were all goofing around. Pretty good trade for NYI.

  87. Islanders traded comrie and campolli to the sens for mcammond and a first…

    why would the sens do it? They are going nowhere fast..

  88. “Islanders traded comrie and campolli to the sens for mcammond and a first…

    why would the sens do it? They are going nowhere fast..”

    Almost makes you wonder if they’d take back Redden! Oh to dream!

  89. Anyone wanna hear a funny story/joke?

    A few minutes ago after I got out of work I went to the local Ticketmaster to buy a ticket to see Opeth on May 26th (think 70s prog rock group Yes but as a death metal band, I kid you not; quite awesome).

    Before I bought the ticket I stopped myself and thought “Wait, but what if the Rangers are still in the playoffs then?”

    (insert comments from everyone here)

    Let’s just say it was $41 well spent.

    Does anyone else here find it strange that the day after this Montreal thing comes out, to Yankees (Damon and Nady) are in financial trouble? Seriously, I may take some heat for this but Yankees and Hab fans have more in common than Yankees and Rangers fans. Die hards I mean. If there’s one other group of team who I think is closest to the Rangers, ironically it’s the Red Sox; we’re both crazy, have had to endure ridiculous circumstances, very critical, but watch till the bitter end.

    Now if only we could get some wiz kid GM to win two Cups in four years. I applied but they shot me down.

  90. One thing about the Isles; they are stocking up on draft pix..not sure if the quality is in the quantity but I believe they had 11-12 pix in the last draft

  91. “A pinkish hue?”

    …and I’d have to rank the Pigman episode as one of the best…

    This blog was a lot of fun to read just now… thanks everyone!


  92. Imagine building an army of Pigmen and putting Rangers uniforms on them?

    Just put up a post about tickets available for Sunday and MSG Network’s schedule for that night.

  93. Renney will never lead this team to a Cup. Chris drury will never lead this team to a Cup. Renney would be great for a AHL team. I think the best thing the organization can do right now is trade for young prospects. Then hire a coach that is commited to the stanley cup, Not some guy who will show his team love before the game even starts.

  94. Korpi in for Voros! and while I’m dreaming…Sanquinetti in for Kalinin, Del Zotto in for Redden, Anisimov in for Drury, and Parenteau in for Prucha!

  95. Why don’t you folks that are praising Renney for his tenure and record of the Rangers pay a little closer attention to what you are praising?

    I didn’t read Brooks article, but I assume that he played Mr bad guy in critiquing Renney and now has to make nice to him, in oder to maintain his standing. I just don’t trust all that much what the guy has to say – I watch what my lying eyes tell me.

    You are singing his Hosannahs, for “getting the team to the playoffs!” WHAT an achievement to point for ! Stop and check out how many teams in this league make the playoffs
    ( or better yet – count the numbers that don’t.)

    If that’s your standard for a successful season, well then you shouldn’t be all that unhappy, because they just might squeak in again. ( How long they stay in is the big question.) From what I’ve seen of them this season the answer is …not very long. Regardless who they play.

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