Critical time: Islanders-Rangers (2nd update)


First, I need to address a few of our bloggers who seem to be angry that I don’t post 24/7. Obviously, those who have been around since Jan. 29 know the deal.

Sam left for greener (literally) pastures at It was an emergency. My bosses were looking for somebody to basically volunteer to keep this blog alive, preferably somebody with experience with the Rangers. I was the obvious choice.

But the caveat is that I had to keep on doing my full-time job as a columnist, which means I don’t have time in my week to attend every practice, or even every single game, or even every single home game. Sorry. I thought, and we think, it is still worth keeping this site going. Most agree.

So, no, I cannot be on top of every little line change, or who’s going to be the healthy scratch every game (we could guess “Prucha” and be right most times). And, ps, the Rangers bloggers who DO blog often and who are at every practice and game, haven’t exactly been filling up the cyberspace with news. You can’t create news, just report it.

However, we have been able to keep up with the important news, even with my limits, and Jane McManus has filled in at practices and games very well, and provided sound bites too (she’s off this week, that’s why she hasn’t posted). Also, I found that sometimes it’s best to just update a current post, or to jump into the comments instead of putting up a new post. Keeps the conversations going.

So, again, I apologize for not posting more often. Most of the readers seem to be enjoying the back-and-forth, the opinions and the news we have provided, though. And I have thoroughly enjoyed being back, even if I go to bed with bloodshot eyes most nights.


Enough about that.

The Islanders are in tonight, and of course this could be the disaster of all disasters this season. Lose to the team many of you so lovingly call “the Fishsticks” and it will be the ugliest night of the season, no doubt.

I have said that I believe there’s every chance that Glen Sather will not make a coaching change during the season. However, if there is a game that could change that, this could be it. Lose to the Islanders at home, and it might be the last straw. And if they do lose, and it isn’t the last straw, then that’s a pretty good indicator that Renney’s staying put … or that it will take a 20-game losing streak to bring him down.

Not advocating, just opining.


I know some people don’t like when I pose questions, but I am curious about something. If the Islanders are sold and relocate, will Rangers fans celebrate or be saddened? I know for the most part, the Isles are annoying to Rangers fans, but they have historically been a great rival. Would you be sorry to lose that rivalry? Or would you drive them to the airport? Don’t feel you have to answer if you don’t want to, and as always, discuss anything you want.

I have an assignment this afternoon, and Sam Borden is going down to do a column on the game. I’ll try to provide some sort of update later.



Andrew Gross, reporting from the morning skate, blogged that Korpikoski is out with an injury and Dawes back in. I believe that the Rangers will have the minimum 20 healthy bodies tonight, so Prucha is still in, too.



Steve Zipay is blogging that Paul Mara’s MRI came back negative — no structural damage, no surgery needed. He’s still in a sling. No timetable for his return.



Here’s a nice story from Harold Gutmann on Henrik Lundqvist doing his part for kids through the Garden of Dreams foundation.

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  1. Rick is doing a fantastic job. He posts a pre-game/game thread, post game thread when we inevitably lose, and then if any roster change occurs (i.e. waiver/trade). What else do you people want?

    We already have record posts to his threads… now if only the Rangers could win!

  2. The Rangers are a dead team skating in more ways than one,maybe a loss tongiht might force a-hole to do something.
    The Rangers are full of over paid (remember this name) FATCATS. The youth we have is nothing above 3rd line players and most are to small.This team needs a complete overhaul from president on down. But we’ll that ever happen ….I don’t think so. So the poor fans who love there hockey team has to watch whay sather has given us which isn’t much.
    Is Renney kidding Pru is a scratch after one game and mr no talent or size dawes is back in? Renny must have man love for him because he is invisable every game along with way to many others.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I would not only drive them to the airport, I’d get a pilot’s license and fly the plane.

  4. Carp, all I have to say is you are doing a fine job. I look forward to reading your thoughts and I love how you chime in, in the comments…Screw everyone else…only they have time to sit and keep hitting refresh!

  5. I would be happy if they were sold. I feel the NHL has too many teams. If the league had (let’s say) 24 teams who could maintain themselves through tickets and merch, we wouldn’t need a salary cap. Rivals or not, it’s still a business.

  6. As Napoleon said: keep your friends close, your enemies closer. I like having the Isles around to hate.

    Firing Renney would be great, but I would rather the players were miraculously changed, even for the Pack.

  7. Hey Carp, I agree with most that you’re doing a great job.
    Thanks for the time you put in & thanks for responding to our comments.
    Now, do you have any coaching experience ?

  8. I would like the Islanders around…I would love the Debbies to move…I hate the fishsticks more than the debbies, and if we think fishstick fans don’t know hockey, talk to a debbie fan…they will blow your mind.

  9. Chris, F. I thought Michael Corleone said that.

    Tony, I coached three media games. One between the writers/trainers and the coaches, two US writers vs. Canadian writers (I think we were 1-1 in those). Probably need a couple games in Hartford before Slats gives me the call. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t be his first choice.

    Thanks for the support everybody.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Correction, I would drive all of them except Okposo, whom I would kidnap and convince to demand a trade to the Rangers.

  11. Rick, you’re doing a great job I agree with everything you said… No reason for a new post every half hour

  12. Zhervalev, I’m with you. Too many teams. Survival of the fittest (hockey markets). Fold Atlanta, Phoenix, and Nashville, consider folding Florida. Have a dispersal draft to stop diluting the talent pool with these go-nowhere Nascar-country teams who survive by siphoning money from the NHL.

  13. I would drive the Isles to the airport. The league is too big and talent too diluted. Teams that can’t draw fans should just pack it up. The NHL would be better for it. Also, the Rangers’ real rivalry is with the Devils now. The Isles have been irrelevant for so long.

  14. Carp,

    No need to apologize to ppl who post here ever so often. Actually, you post quite often and most posts are a few paragraphs long. So thank you for what you do post.

    And to answer your question. I dont want the legacy of the Islanders to leave. Yes, I said it, throw your rotten veggies at me. They are a legacy, I love the rivalry although it has swung the other way in the last 2 years. I remember the fights in the stands in the 80’s when I was a kid, I remember when the Islanders came out for practice my mother was booing them and Butch Goring hear her and gave her the finger through his glove. I cant repeat what she said back to him on here LOL. But now we laugh at it. Those were great times and I was happy to be apart of them. I will be sad if they left.

  15. Rick-

    your doin a hell of a job with this blog. keep it up man and screw the haters. you gotta do what you gotta do. i for one greatly appreciate you keeping this blog alive as it keeps me entertained reading the updates and the readers comments (plus its cool you post below too). anyway not to kiss your ass just wanted to let ya know taht most people def appreciate what your doing.

    as for the islanders ? ild have to say as much as I hate them I would be sad to lose the rivalry. although i grew up in jersey and always thought the Devils were the bigger rivalry. My dad always reminds me of the 80’s when the Rangers vs Islanders games were apparently pretty hardcore. and also what would become of the good ol Potvin Sucks chants?

  16. I’m just hoping that the Rangers “give the Islanders something to think about.” Or that they get maybe 5 shots on goal during the PPs they are on tonight, because that would be “an accomplishment.”

    The bar is set so low that it makes you sick.

  17. Carp, I think you’re doing a great job under the circumstances – so keep it up!

    As for the Islanders, I would hate to see them go because Long Island does have a very passionate fanbase, however it might be better for the league overall. The Islanders are a small-market club trapped in a big market. They have such a small area (Queens and Long Island) to draw fans from and when they aren’t winning, it becomes daunting, if not impossible to succeed.

    Keep in mind the Rangers have Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, parts of New Jersey, and western Long Island to draw from. So even when the club is not a success, tickets are still being sold at MSG because the potential business area is significantly larger.

    Lack of a new arena also contributes to the Islanders woes. It does not seem like local politicians are receptive to the Lighthouse Project. If it fails, Wang should make an attempt to move the team to a more lucrative market.

    Personally, I hope the NHL will relocate struggling clubs like the Islanders and Coyotes to Canada, not Kansas City or Las Vegas. These two US cities have NO history of hockey and the league needs to have clubs in established markets, especially since the economic downturn, to ensure some level of success.

    Why not return to an older NHL city or a Canadian city? Winnipeg, Quebec, and even Hamilton would be much better locations than any potential US city. They have solid fanbases who are starved for NHL hockey and would likely show up to games during losing seasons, if only for the fear of losing their teams again.

    Hockey needs to either reduce the number of teams or return struggling US clubs back to Canada. There is no time or need to be dabbling in untapped and unpredictable US cities any longer.

  18. So Kovalev was given a few days off, and may be on the trading block. Would we want him back? Maybe for a Gomez or Drury (equally underperforming, and cheaper salary at $4.5M).

  19. if the SJO fits on

    I don’t post here often, but I read everyday. I think Carp does a great job considering he doesn’t HAVE to do this. Like Staal said, he chimes in on comments, which Sam didn’t do. Makes things a little more exciting.

    I would not want the Islanders to leave the tri-state area for one main reason. I’m a hockey fan before I’am a Rangers fan. Since I don’t have Center Ice, that just means we get to watch more hockey since they are local. Not that I want to see the Isles play, but if they are playing exciting teams (not the Rangers) like Washington for instance, I’m gonna check out the game. Same deal with the Devils.

    By the way, my reactions to these Rangers losses have been so numb I sometimes feel like I’ve been taking pain killers while watching the game. (Which doesn’t sound like such a bad idea at this point in the season)

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I want the Islanders to leave because it is the ultimate victory in the rivalry. Your franchise is so terrible that it had to move. Rangers win, Islanders lose, forever.

    Game, set, match. Point. (Gold star to whoever guesses what that’s a quote from)

  21. Rick, you have done a great job. I really enjoyed Sam’s contributions in the past. Yours are great as well. The limitations that you are under are completely understandable. Unfortunately, we now live in the age of constantly updated information. So, people are going to sometimes climb on your back. Oh well. As you have said, there are other blogs to fill in the gaps. Strangely, they have all said the same things that are being said here. There really isn’t much new going on!


  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “Andrew Gross, reporting from the morning skate, blogged that Korpikoski is out with an injury and Dawes back in.”

    I heard that he’s got two injuries from the game against the Panthers. The first is blisters on his butt from riding the pine in the third. The second is a concussion from banging his head against the wall in confusion of why he was riding the pine in the third while Gomez, Redden, and Drury were being double and triple shifted.

  24. I would miss this rivalry. As much as I dislike the islanders, losing a profesional team in a huge market like NY would be bad for economy. I would prefer that the town of hempstead get on board with the re-building plans so that when I go to the Coloseum to route against the ice-landers I could at least go to a brand new arena packed with new restaurants and other exciting things to do. Any team moving away from the atlantic division would be a sad day for the NHL.

  25. Do I want the Rangers to lose? of course not. But I think they are going to lose. Isles are a tougher team right now because they work harder. They played Pittsburgh hard, and that’s why they won the other night despite being the inferior team. The Rangers could take a lesson from teams like the Isles right now. Work ethic can compensate for a shortage of talent. When you don’t have either you get the current Rangers.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be too terribly upset to see the Isles go by the way side. I’m too young (24) to remember the Isles being a legitimate franchise and any kind of threat to the Rangers. The Devils have always been the biggest rivalry for me. A close second would go to Philly, especially since everyone down here is crazy about them, and Pittsburgh, after they ousted us in the playoffs last year.

  26. Carp,

    No need to apologize to anyone on here… you are doing a great job, and anyone on here that expects more from you, probably doesnt know what its like to have a real job and still probably lives at home with their parents!

    Anyway, in response to your question, I would drive the F#$#%in Fishsticks to the airport,,along with their DB fans. I grew up 15 minutes from that dump they call the Mausoleum and I would love to have it torn down so they could expand Roosevelt Field Mall or something…

  27. Carp,

    Don’t apologize! You have a few hats you are wearing. The bozos on here who give you a hard time for not reporting everytime Renney burps are probably 8 yrs old and have nothing to do other than watch this blog.

    I am in my late 30s and work from 7am to 5pm and use this blog to vent my NYR frustration, share (minimal) NYR elation, and procrastinate for 2-4 mins at a clip during my workday.

    Don’t listen to the airheads giving you a hard time for doing all of your other jobs.

    I would just ask to please keep non-hockey tidbits off this blog unless there is a good link to the NYR or hockey.

    Originally I had another commitment tonight so that I could not go to the game. Then my plans changed. I want you all to know that for the first time all season I really contemplated if I wanted to go. I am going. But I gotta tell you I don’t even know what I am rooting for.

  28. Carp and Jane: you are doing great. We appreciate your efforts to keep this blog going.

    If any on the roster truely can say “I am a Ranger” then they win big tonight. Crash the net and play solid D.

    The Isles can’t move for several years, until their lease expires at the Coliseum, and I hear that Nassau County will not let them out of that lease early. Plus, Wang is committed to LI, with a lot of real estate investments in the town of Oyster Bay, including IceWorks, the Islander training facility that is home to a lot of LI hockey teams.

    Frankly, LI was never a good place to house an NHL franchinse. Look at the facts: you have about 3 million people in Nassau/Suffolk; the hockey pool of those residents is 500,000 at most; many were and have remained Ranger fans (look how many go to a Ranger/Islander game in the Coliseum); the arena is located in a difficult spot to draw fans from farther out on the Island who have to fight traffic on a weeknight to make a 7 pm game. The arena should have been closer to the Nassau/Suffolk border, more on the Suffolk side to accommodate the east enders.

    The area is a good AHL size market. If the Isles move, and I think they should go to a better hockey market just from a business standpoint, maybe the Rangers can bring the Wolf Pack to LI. I think they would draw very well there.

    P.S. – If the Isles move, PLEASE take the Devils along!!!!

  29. It was more fun to play (and beat) the Islanders when they were good. It’s fun to have the Dipietro – Lundqvist – Brodeur rivalry. It was fun to have Simon vs. Hollweg. It was fun to beat Michael Peca and Jason Blake. It was fun to have a losing season yet still sweep the Islanders. The Islanders need to be a better team — that’s good for the entire tri-state area. Now it’s almost like beating Edmonton — who cares. This salary cap has diluted the league so much, just to pad the owners’ pockets and franchise values.

  30. j/k
    but I would do it for the Satans accross the river!

    By the way. Carp you do a great job!! Don’t let anyone bother you here. You are more than appreciated!

    as far as the Isles leaving – I think what is best for hockey would be my choice, depends on where they go

    the rivarly has not been the same since the 80’s early 90’s

    As far as coaching change – I want Renny to go
    the man has no clue – pp, system, lines, game plan dealing with game changes during a game, etc. etc.

    Yet, let’s get real!
    do you think Sather will give us a great coach like Torts, or Nolan or even Schonfeld???

    Its sad, but until Sather goes, we are in trouble

  31. Rangers fans, the NY metro area, and the NHL all lose if the Isles move. It would be a sad day for hockey.

  32. Really enjoy this coverage, Carp. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. The quality of your writing more than makes up for the limitations on quantity. Thanks for the fine reports on the Rangers.

  33. I would love to see the islander relocate and the wolfpack brought to long island. There are more Ranger than Islander fans there anyway.

    I won’t be rooting for the Islanders to tonight, but I’m definitely not rooting for the Rangers either. The only thing they can do to make amends at this point is get rid of Renney.

  34. Carp, Great job, no need to defend you work here. Keep it up!

    I’d hate to see the Fishsticks go.

  35. Mike V
    histerical bring the wolf pack to LI…
    people in the 400’s would got to the Island to see the Wolf pack…they would pull Ranger fans from the Garden esp this year…
    Honestly at this point, I would go to a Wolf Pack game before I went to the Garden

  36. how about Jay Mckee he has 1 or 2 years at 4 Mill. Trade back wither kalinan and something else or Roszival or figure something out.

    McKee is a stay at home D man not playing in STL. he is still a player and is aD first player who can hit, block shots, and compete!!!!

    Or add to the trade so you get rid of kalinan, prucha, and voros for Mckee and another player..the rangers would be trading $4.6 of contracts with 2 expiring contracts for a much better player then Kalinan and get a prospect or another player back……………..

  37. Mckee has 1 more year at $4 mill he is 31… he is a old time player. St Louis wants to get rid of him, why would he not be a upgrade and no matter what the trade is mara, kalinan for sure will not be back…..

    Prucha is not in the long term plans, and you rid the Rangers of Voros at $1 mill for 2 more years…

    Ask for Crombeen who St Louis got off the scrap heap..


  39. Staal –

    Was at my first Wolfpack game on Saturday to see Avery- I enjoyed it even though they lost they showed alot more heart than the Rangers


  40. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    It was fun when we beat up on them a couple of years ago when we were on the upswing and they just plain sucked.


  41. I really beleive if they are thinking of firing Renney its highly unlikely anything will happen before Monday. With the Bathgate/Howell ceremony Sunday, I do not think they want a media circus upstaging the retirements on Sunday, which would be their first home game after tonight. Just my opinion, but who knows? This fool Sather is very unpredictable.

  42. I don’t doubt it Gerr,
    at this point it would be nice to send Redden, Drury, Kalinin, Gomez, and Voros down, and play Prucha, Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Parenteau, and Potter

  43. Carp-great job, don’t let bashers get to you.
    This site is still the best.

    Hate the Fishsticks and their fans but don’t want them to go. As long as they keep sucking, everything is good.

    I would be really surprised if the Rangers come out with fire and play well tonight. I can see the Fishsticks looking at this game as the highlight of their season and come out smelling blood.

  44. Paul maybe Howell and Bathgate will announce Renney’s firing
    just like Leetch announced Graves retirement

  45. I think the LoHud team is doing a commendable job, regardless of who’s authoring the posts it’s always nice to have varying perspectives on the Rangers scene.

    Regarding the questions of LIE rivals, I think in the past they have been a great rival opponent. But, with their lack luster performance as of late I would not miss them from the NY area. However, if it was a team from the 1980s, I’d love for them to stay and build a new stadium.

    Also, agree on the points about this evenings performance. This *should* be Renney’s breaking point if NYR lose. If not, I can’t really see him moving before the end of the season.

    Makes me even more nervous/worried about March 4th.

    I’d be curious to hear opinions about the impending trade line from fans and LoHud writers.

  46. i love having the islanders as a rival. i would be deeply saddened. they should move to queens, they would do better there.

  47. the islanders moving would be best for the NHL. franchise is dead in LI.
    i do not agree with much of what Carp has to say, but i really do like his interaction on the blog.

  48. Im gonna be at the game tonight and i plan on starting these chants so everyone we should practice now.

    I say fire u say renney


    I say bye bye u say sather

    Bye bye

  49. Carp you are doing a fine job. I enjoy your take, opinions, and ofter justified criticisims (sp?). It’s more important to be meaningful than plentiful. Just don’t become like Ranger scoring…….nonexistent.
    About the Islanders; I’d rather they stay if for just one reason. Between them and NJ we have 6 away games that are just a cross town bus ride. If they move there will be a realainment and more travel for atleast 3 of those games. I say keep ’em close.

  50. If the Islanders move, I will be happy for the NHL to find a deserving team to fill the arena in Kansas City (possibly) and give them a chance to move a team rather than expand. I will be unhappy, however, that this will give the Rangers three tougher road trips and possibly move the Capitals into our division, despite the fact that they seem to be the only possibly sustaining team in the southeast division. I will also be unhappy that Howie Rose is out of a hockey job, but maybe he can take over on our radio broadcasts. MSG will have to let a few people go with one less hockey team to cover.

  51. Staal,

    I like your idea on the announcement. Then maybe they can announce that the 4 retirees off that ’94 team will become the coaching staff

  52. Why would anyone visit this blog to recruit people to another blog and tell us there are no “boneheads” allowed?

    Thats like telling Rosie O’donnell she’s invited to the Party but can’t hane any Swiss Rolls!!

  53. And this one will last a lifetime on

    1. Answer to your question:
    We love to hate the Islanders. If they were sold and moved to say Kansas City , we would miss the rivalry, but cie la vie. They only go back to the 70’s , there is no historical significance. We could go back to hating the Bruins like we used to.
    2. Fixing the Rangers
    Like I been saying. Can’t fire the team, have to fire the head coach.

  54. Jack February 18th, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Who cares if there aren’t posts on here 24/7 when we have . It’s updated quite often with nucleus and far ranging Rangers news. And for a bonus, the site isn’t flooded with bone-headed commenters.

    Jack I don’t see many comments at all are you the only one posting?…I come here to interact with fellow Ranger fans.

  55. Isles are like the Mets.

    As a Yankee/Rangers fan, both teams are beneath me. Mets fans are the worst as they are always trying to compare themselves and their team record to the Yankees during the regular season when it is like comparing apples (AL) to oranges (NL). And no fan cares. I won’t even listen to the envious Mets fans who try–they are choke artists. Call me when they meet up in the World Series again.

    The Ice Mets, although in the same division as the NYRangers, still carry this little brother syndrome that nobody outside of Nassau seems to care about.

    But I’d be sad to see the Isles leave. And I don’t think Bettman will go out of his way to save the team as he did the Pens. And he shouldn’t.

  56. I would miss the Isles if they move, just as much as I still miss the Whalers. I like having the competition close by. For those of you too young to remember, the Isles/Rangers rivalry during the 70s and 80s could not be beat for intensity and fun.

  57. Would love to see the fishers move away..there really isn´y any good things about that organization whatsoever, they just stink all over NHL.. I hope they move to Kansas City or some other Canadian city where they would get a better fanbase; if so i guess theres a new team to cheer for until rangers will get rid off all our overpriced babies..

    Carp, your doing a really nice job here and i feel you are doing a full-hearted work. It´s great to see you replying on so many posts. I really like your insight on the rangers situation and that youre NOT AFRAID of writing the bloody truth! Big UP

  58. I was talking with a guy I sit next to here in the office. We were discussing the Habs currently and Bob Gainey’s latest move. He told AK27 to sit out for the two road games, stay in Montreal, and get his head and body ready for their return. In addition, he told one of the Kostitsyn brothers to go down to the farm club and get his game sharper.

    Would this ever happen in 1mm years in NYC? “Hey Gomer, take a few games off?” “Hey Redden, watch from the pressbox and we are going to give Corey Potter some time and play Staal on the PP?”

    In fact the opposite happens. “Here Gomer, let’s keep you on the ice for 90 secs of the 2 min PP even though you suck.” “Here Wade, even though you have 1 PP point in the last 160 games, play more on the PP. Play more at full strength.”

    It has to be one of the biggest WTFs of the year that Montreal, with a bigger and longer history than the NYR, can do that with their captain and one of their best young players and the NYR brass goes the other way and plays those slackers more.

    If it weren’t so sad it would be funny.

  59. DomivBaumgartner on

    Which Broadcaster besides Sam and Kenny do you like around the NHL?

    I think Rick Jeanneret is #1 followed by Jim Hughson and Bob Cole.

  60. Newman

    Gainey is under 100 times more pressure too; french media/english media, newspaper, radio TV round tables…

    Gotta hand it to him; with the Rangers its like hoping that night wont come, day after day

  61. howyagonnatellme on

    Living on Long Island, you can really get a feel for how badly Mike Milbury ruined the franchise. I hear it all the time… “oh, you’re a Ranger fan? I used to love the Islanders in the ‘80’s.”

    I actually feel bad for Islander fans, even the ones who didn’t stick around. Milbury made such BAD choices, they’re stuck in a cycle of being bad. Normally, a team can get some draft picks and prospects and work itself up. The Islanders started to build up their youth and draft picks, but traded it all away (mostly to Ottawa). Being as there IS a smaller pool of people to be Islander fans… it’s not wonder they can’t sell out their arena! Their fans didn’t give up on them overnight; but ten years, fifteen years, twenty years… time just keeps flying by and they can’t put out a decent time.

    I hope they can stay around long enough to get Okposo, Bailey maybe Tavares after this season, to develop and get going. Get some good solid young guys in (what they should have done in the mid-90’s) and build themselves up. Make them a fun, hardworking team. They’re already hardworking.

    This wouldn’t be an issue if Milbury didn’t completely screw them over. I’d hate to lose the rivalry between the Rangers and the Islanders. It’s just too good.

    It SUCKS that Korpi’s out. For real. The one guy who tries….

  62. howyagonnatellme on

    Plus, anytime I can go see a NHL hockey game for 10 buck, I’m all over that. It costs 10x as much to see a Ranger game, counting the train and all.

  63. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    I could take it or leave it if the Piles moved. They put a team on our fanbase area, so they knew it would be tough to find loyal fans. When they won, everything was ok. When they hit rough patches they knew the people wouldn’t show up and they’d end up losing money. The fanbase for the Piles are disheartened Ranger fans.

    The Piles are like garnish on a dinner plate. If it’s there, fine. If not, that’s fine, too.

  64. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on


    I happen to love Milbury for that reason.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. ;)

  65. Carp – I have been a fan since late 70’s. My first game ever at the Garden was Rangers Vs. Islanders and I was hooked. But living in NJ I have a bigger rivalry with the Devils and the Devils fans so I would not miss the Islanders if they left.

  66. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I haven’t been to a game in 2 months, so i’m glad to finally be going tonight.

    Haven’t had time to catch up here as much as I’d like, but to answer the question, I like having the Islanders around. It makes for fun games, both at the Garden and the Colliseum. I’m also a huge advocate of the league cutting a few teams, so i’d rather have them just die out than move to another city. that’s no fun for anyone.

    this team has played pretty horribly lately. i’ve been a renney supporter throughout this thing, but it’s looking pretty bad for him. this team just doesn’t come to play.

  67. It would really suck for the league itself if a franchise that ran off 4 straight cups moved to another hockey-less market for another short-term windfall…

  68. Stall Wart

    Why don’t you go ahead and tell us what the “boneheaded” commenters say? As far as I’ve notuced, you have recently started to side with the people you used to call “boneheaded” a couple of months ago.

    Seems to me like you’re one of the biggest “boneheads” around here that it took you so long to wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak. Careful who you call out.

  69. fishstick Mrs. Paul on

    the Isles also have a clueless owner. yes, he’s a “nice guy”(see Renney), but his constant hiring of inexperienced incompetent mgmt is on him.

    look at the summer before last.

    he had 2 guys who know hockey quit on him within weeks of joining the franchise. he must be an interfering fool to drive Pat LaFontaine and Neil Smith away that quick.

    then he hired a player with no experience at anything but playing to be GM. come on.

  70. Salty
    maybe you should take your 2nd grade reading level and go back and carefully re-read the comments…don’t just skim like you obviously did…READ CAREFULLY!!!

  71. Agree Kaspar…If they’re gonna nix the NYI, just nix them, don’t move them to another hockeyless butthole.

    if they remove teams like FLA, PHX, NSH, CBJ, etc… the NHL would be a much better league and teams like NYI would get better talent by default.

  72. Don’t know if you guys know this — I’m sure some do.

    No bull: Charlies Wang and Charles Dolan (the father) were best buddies who grew up in the same ‘hood on Long Island. What does that tell you?

  73. Kaspar

    Agreed 100%. I know you love the Jackets, but some of these smaller market teams should go, even re-locate to Canada. They just cant survive…

  74. maybe you should take your 2nd grade reading level and go back and carefully re-read the comments…don’t just skim like you obviously did…READ CAREFULLY!!!


    Don’t have time for that today, if theres something in particular you thikn I should read post the time it was posted and I’ll take a look.

    It’s just funny to me, of all people YOU are the one claiming others commenters are “boneheads”.

  75. Carp mentioned something the other day about this being mostly Sather’s fault… and the media seems hung up on this not being Renney’s fault. I just wanted to say-

    I acknowledge that this would be a completely different team if it wasn’t for Glen Sather’s off season acquisitions. Without a doubt, this is a worthy question; is it the players? Is it the coach? Is it the GM? While the GM may be the biggest culprit, however, it’s not worth crying over spilt milk. It’s over. We’ve got Gomez, Drury, and Redden for years to come. It’d be great to have a “do-over,” but we don’t have that luxury.

    That said, I think firing Tom Renney is the best solution. We’ve seen these players work in his system. Now let’s see these players work in someone else’s. Some say that the Rangers would be killed playing a more offensive system. Others, like me, say that playing a more offensive system would play to the strengths of Gomez, Redden, Kalinin, Prucha, Dubinsky, Dawes among others, and even though the Rangers will never be an offensive firepower, at least games will be way more entertaining.

    That’s what I’m asking for. Give these players a chance to play for a different coach, with a different system. If that doesn’t work? THEN fire Sather, and do your best to trade/waive/ buy out contracts, whatever, and start from scratch.

    But I think these off season acquisitions also need a chance to play a style that suits them best before we write them off completely. Redden will NEVER live up to his insane contract, but we should at least give him the chance to succeed as best as he can, for the sake of the team. That starts with Renney going, IMO. Firing Sather doesn’t change what he’s already done.

  76. The reason I hate the Islanders is because I hate Islander fans. Having the Islanders cease to exist would destroy the Islander fans, thus making me happy.

    It makes me nauseous when I see one of them with their stupid hats, shirts, jackets, etc.

    Move to KC, Hamilton, Vegas, Winnipeg or wherever. Just get out of NY!

  77. Salty, you obviously didn’t read and for that you are a true “bonehead”…you apparently joined the conversation half-way through.
    See “Jack” 12:52

  78. DomivBaumgartner on

    Lou is the man because Madden, Gionta, Oduya and both backup goalies contracts are up. He’ll offer the minimum value those players are worth and convince them they will win the cup becasue Brodeur will be healthy. They all will resign.

  79. DomivBaumgartner February 18th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Lou is the man because Madden, Gionta, Oduya and both backup goalies contracts are up. He’ll offer the minimum value those players are worth and convince them they will win the cup becasue Brodeur will be healthy. They all will resign.

    I heard Gomez is begging Gionta to come over. The “Big” G is going to take the money. Whether that be us, or Lou.

  80. good points newnewman. i have always wondered why BLOWMEZ (obviously still hampered by injury) and Redden (just a soft little girl) never take a seat. EVER.

  81. Keep the Islanders! Great rivalry.

    Carp you are doing a great job. It is appreciated.

    Why haven’t the Rangers called up Potter or Sangunetti ?? They are going to play Reitz and Kalinin … Why aren’t we seeing forwards brought up from Hartford?

    It seems management doesn’t care – from Sather down to Renney – Renney with throwing the same guys out there shift after shift … giving undeserving ones powerplay time …

    Heck, if they don’t care, why should we? They lose tonight, they have lost my allegiance … suffered thru the Knicks with Isaiah … and the Mets keeping Randolph too long … won’t do it with the Blueshirts.

  82. Patrick Hoffman on

    Folks, Rick is one of the best hockey writers in the business so we are extremely lucky to have someone like him covering our team. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and if there is anything that us fans can do, please let us know.

  83. I never played Guild Wars. I used to play Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, and a bit of Tabula Rasa, but haven’t done a MMO in a long time.

  84. watched most of the flames/ canucks game last night. Man oh man could those teams skate. 1st period was some of the fastest hockey I’ve ever seen.

    and this hurts:

    Rene Bourque– 20 goals– 1.3 million
    And he’s 6’2 215. guy can play.

  85. Rick – Hardly a day goes by when you do not acknowledge and respond to one or more blogs, here. This is appreciated and you are setting a new standard, in this regard.

  86. Carp! Good work! Pat on the back! Forward us your emailing address so you can get random emails every once and a while that say YOU’RE AWESOME BUDDY! (Yeah, you would probably get more hate mail from the dumbies on this site).

    IN more serious commenting, I would totally miss the Isles! Granted, them moving potentially could move the capitals back into the atlantic division, which I would think would be awesome, especially since Washington would finally get a natural rival (Philly being close and not a team that was started in the past 15-20 years). Besides, all the major cities in the atlantic area having a hockey team in the same division would be cool.

    To continue my rant, it would be interesting if the nhl did a something like MLB where there is a mix of two leagues. I watched the Cancucks and Flames game and I felt like I was watching a completely different league. I think this would help fix the problem of having teams like detroit in the western conference.

    BTW, go rangers!

  87. Tonight is just what we need to turn this dismal season around. We look NOTHING like the team that opened the season overseas. If we can really beat up on the ice-landers tonight. I mean really hand their arses to them in like 8-2 fashion, then i think we can get something going.

    My prediction though is a one goal loss, hopefully in OT but probably in regulation. Like everybody’s been saying, the Icelanders work harder and want it more. All of our players are posh, spoiled babies who don’t care about playing hockey. They are more concerned with sniffing cocaine at Redden’s upper west side penthouse.

  88. Quite frankly, I prefer Carp’s posts over Sam’s. That’s not to take anything away from Sam, but I think he became a bit “vanilla” himself. Perhaps he caught it from spending too much time with the current Rangers.

    For better or worse, I like that Carp injects his opinion into the posts and chimes in on the dicussion after. If you want traditional news reporting with complete objectivity, read a newspaper.

    This is a blog, it’s supposed to be subjective; that’s the beauty of it.

    SOme of you guys dont like him b/c he doesn’t “agree” with your nonsense.

    Sam just let everyone go on and on with the same song and dance in here.

    I credit Rick for at least taking a stance. Can’t blame the guy for having some balls.

  89. And by the way, youtube suggested I watched the new york knicks 1999 clip and it made me realized that they were underperforming, van gundy was on the bubble, and they barely made the playoffs. However, they turned it on in the playoffs and went all the way to the finals. As the blue brothers would say, I took this as a sign from god. That’s why the Rangers should fight for that last spot. The playoffs are a funny thing how they play out!

  90. onecupin67years on

    Carp, would you rather cover the rangers and the nhl or the local news and BS.
    Is covering the rangers that degrading and low paying?

  91. quote regarding Voros on their comment board

    “He’s probably only ten, like Robin Williams in jack.”

  92. I agree that Milbury ruined that Islanders in the exact same way that Slats is ruining the Rangers. Next thing you know he will be trading Lundqvist to South Florida to gain picks in a draft where he will sign Rick DiPietro’s brother to a 30 yr contract…little RDP will only play 60 games in 30 yrs…

  93. It’s a fact of life right now that The Fishsticks can’t survive in the current economic climate with the weakest fair-weather fan base in the NHL. So I fully advocate their being disbanded and/or moved.

    That being said, I’d be devastated if that happened. I’m fond of saying that as a Yankee fan, I naturally hate the Red Sox with every ounce of my being. But that’s nothing, NOTHING compared to my hatred of the Islanders. I’m almost 40, so I was around 10-11 years old at the start of the Isles great run of 4 cups in a row in the early 80’s. And MAN, did I hear from the Islander fans at my school. Over and over and over again. That left a scar that hasn’t healed.

    I wonder how many of those so-called fans even follow the game anymore? Judging by the empty seats, and the vast number of Rangers jerseys at the Mausoleum each time the Rangers play there, I’d say very few.

    But over the last decade and a half, the Isles haven’t been competitive. The far better rivalry has been with the dreaded Devils. There’s been great playoff series against them, and we’ve also had to suffer through watching them hoist the cup three times since ’94. They’re the Rangers chief rival now.

    So let the Islanders die already. The body’s already cold. But I’ll miss having them to kick around.

    Oh also, as a PS: anyone here, or in the Garden who still longs for and screams out the “Potvin Sucks” chant should be shot. Enough already. The guy was the captain of four Stanley Cup champion teams and he’s a HOF’er. Are you hockey fans or blind loyalists? Give it a rest already, and show a worth opponent some respect by simply saying nothing.

  94. How good is Lindy Ruff?? Honestly, is there anyone out there that thinks he wouldn’t be much more successful than Renney with the same exact lineup that Renney has???

    Not defending Sather, but cocahing is VERY IMPORTANT!!

  95. Mark (the orginal) on

    Late jumping in, but I am in favor of the Islanders because I think in a few years they will have a really stron team with their kids. They usually play the Rangers tough the past few years, and its still a good rivalry.

    I’ll go 3-1 Rangers tonight, but with a late empty netter. The Garden will be nuts tonight if they get down early, or even a couple failed power plays is not going to help things.

  96. Hi all, and thanks again for all the feedback, positive and negative. I wasn’t looking for pats on the back, just wanted to state what is really happening here at Blog HQ. But the pats on the back were appreciated.

    onceup … good question. I loved covering the Rangers all those years, and I love my new job, too. Most papers, ours included, can no longer afford to cover pro teams the way we once did, traveling to every game, with one writer whose only job is to handle that beat. Newspapers don’t have the resources in terms of manpower, or the budgets to do that, by and large, especially in this economy. So going back to what I used to do is no longer an option anyway. My new job as columnist is a promotion, and it is defintely more high profile, and in a lot of cases it isn’t nearly as much fun. But it is more important to my employers, and as I said, I really like doing it. Don’t know if that answers your question.

    Gotta go to another assignment now. I think Sam Borden and Joe Erwin will post something before the game tonight. I will probably miss the first period and catch the rest. Then I’ll check in later or tomorrow. Enjoy.

  97. I think your doing a great job.
    A different look to the way Sam handled it.
    I agree, sam put more into it, but that was his job.
    For a side gig your doing a great job and even if it was your main gig.

    Hardly anyone follows hockey like the old days so to have anyone not being one of the 150 million following A-Roid cases that made the last 10 years of a baseball a joke to a sports fan is worth a lot in my opinion.

    Even if you dont make all the games and workouts, cuddos for doing this at all with real knowledge for the sport unlike those paid gimps on NBC and Versus.

  98. Buffalo and the Rangers hardly have the same lineup. Simply enough, we do not have a homerun hitter — they do, and his name is Tom Vanek. In case you didn’t notice, he was leading the Eastern Conference in goals up until breaking his jaw two weeks ago.

    The coaching debate is moot until we get a homerun hitter. If this was major league baseball we’d have a lineup 1-9 of 7-spot hitters, we’d have the lowest runs scored in the league and would lead the league in runners left on base in scoring position.

    I don’t care if Mario Lemieux and Mark Messier join forces to coach this team; without a legit threat (just one) we’re not going to win.

    This team was built around an erratic goaltender and the best 4th line in the league.

  99. Like the rivalry but Icelander fans are the dumbest. All you hear from them is 4 in a row like it happened yesterday. And those 4 stripes on the jersey is abnoxious. All of their fans are bred to hate the Rangers where we don’t really care about their team. I love that they’re a joke right now but do appreciate the rivalry.

  100. kern

    I completely agree on Ruff. Can you imagine him saying, “I think we made St. Louis up its intensity tonight, I think we gave them something to think about”?? Or “Atlanta is a good team”!!!! Losers are as losers do.

  101. I wouldn’t mind the Islanders moving to Kansas City and keeping their name. It’d be like the LA Lakers or Utah Jazz – teams whose names don’ t make much sense after they’ve moved…

    I guess you could consider the Rangers in that group as well though considering we’re named for a division of the Texas Department of Safety…

  102. onecupin67years on

    Rick , I didn’t mean to diss you, your paper ,yes.
    I was always under the impression that covering a major team in NY was the epitome of a scribes job.
    Times have changes and so has circulation, but when a paper snips here, snips there, the writing is on the wall.

    But from a readers perspective, when you have over qualified writers covering local H.S. sports and leave out the pro’s, the reader’s will go elsewhere for their inf.
    The only people in *Meagan’s soccer game is Meagen and her family.

    *-names were changed to protect the innocent

  103. jock-itch lemaire on

    overly cautious, trapping defensive play is not the answer. the Minn Wild have allowed the fewest goals in the NHL, but they are 10th in the west and in danger of not even making the playoffs.

    so, screw Tom Renney and his Lemaire-like system

  104. onecupin67years on

    I still think that if the isle’s had the right gm , they will win the cup before the rangers do and if they move , they most probably will.

  105. Brandon hit the nail on the head. While it isn’t the ONLY thing we’re lacking, you need a game-changer on your team to be a serious contender. One guy that, when things start faltering, can lift the team on his back, score 2 goals all by himself, and change the course of the game (ie. Ovechkin last time we played them). The one guy who is a constant threat, and whose mere presence in the game gives you a chance to win. We had that with Jagr, and did not replace it.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    I miss the days when we had a team that we expected to miss the playoffs and even though we had over priced free agents, there was no salary cap crushing our future because of them.

    Get me Lindros and Holik on the phone.

  107. Actually it doesn’t matter a whole lot whether they fire Renney or not at this stage of the game. It’s immaterial. This team has it’s epitaph already written for this season. If you think not, the what precisely do you expect of them this next run of games that you have not seen plenty of before?

    And Chris:

    Napolean maynot have said that but he said a couple of other things:

    He said that ” I like Generals who are lucky!”

    And ” Artillery: The Queen of the battlefield.” ( Right on- get those PP shots on goal.)And is a very scathing moment he said that ” If Italy loses one more war …she’ll rule the world,”

  108. onecupin67years on

    A win tonight and Renney will spout some BS and it only drags this crap on.
    If they fire Renney some in -house assistant will likely get the job.Another sather stoolie.
    I doubt if anyone from outside the organization would be offered the job or take the job.They would want their own staff and call their own shots.

  109. Redden sounding like Renney, courtesy of the DN:

    “We haven’t had that ability in the near past to just calm the game down and make it easy on ourselves. I think we’re just going our own ways,” said Wade Redden. “At some point, we just need someone to grab it, take the puck and calm it down. It seems like everybody’s just uptight out there.”

    The near past? How about the last 15-20 games!? Take the puck and calm it down? How about not letting guys blow past you on the ice!? ARGH

  110. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    as a native long islander, i dont exactly hate the isles. i do love the rivalry and it would suck if they moved. it was fun back in school talkin to my ranger buddies and makin fun or talkin smack to isles fans(some were friends) but yea it wasnt a hate thing. then again, im only 27 and wasnt old enough to care when the isles won those 4 cups. if i had to wait as long as some older fans here to wait for a cup while the lowly islanders won 4 straight, i might be a litle more bitter, but in all honesty, if the isles made the playoffs and we were out, id root for ’em just cuz theyre new york. the isles are like the annoying younger brother who walks in ya and starts laughin and makin fun of ya while your tryin to hook up wit a hot chick. anyway- hopefully we kick their ass tonight regardless of my feelings for the the current state of the team. i know most people here want us to lose so changes are made, but not me, i think a 1st round exit this year will do renny in. even a new coach at this point wouldnt change the fortunes of this team. its kinda late in the season for a change like that, i wouldnt mind if renny got replaced but doubt it happens this season, unless like Carp said they lose 20 more which is almost impossible, (almost)

  111. jock-itch lemaire on

    that doesn’t change the fact that tommy boy the cud chewer needs to get the axe. even if they go nowhere with another yes man the remainder of this year.

  112. Brandon, after all your months of cheerleading for Renny, to now say that the coaching situation is moot is a serious come down in your argument. Maybe even you have been pissed off by the disorganization, the trapping against bottom-feeders, the ridiculous postgame quotes (We sure scared, St. Louis hunh!)

    And btw, the idea that Renny cannot be evaluated (ie. the issue is moot) because he doesn’t have a home run hitter is rich. It absolutely has to do with the Rangers not being Cup contenders — you are right about that. But it’s a joke to say that the 1-6-1 run they are on (or whatever it is) is exactly where this team talent-wise deserves to be, and Renny is a hapless bystander. That is total BS.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    onecup, they’ve got some good pieces at good prices (Streit, Hunter, Campoli, Okposo) but their roster has such gaping holes at every position that they are going to be very bad for a while.

    Which, in the long run, is a lot better than being mediocre for a while, which is what the Rangers will be.

    BTW, It’s starting to be put up or shut up time for Sanguinetti. A lot of his first round class has started to play in the NHL. Here are some of the players drafted after Sanguinetti in the first round (21):

    Claude Giroux (22)
    Patrik Berglund (25)
    Nike Foligno (29)

    Now, he gets a pass for this season since he’s a defender and they generally take longer to develop (no other defender in his first round class has played more than 10 games in the NHL yet either except Erik Johnson), but next season really is the time he should make the roster or start to be considered the next Hugh Jessiman/Al Montoya.

    PS, anyone see Montoya’s stats this season? Brutal. We were lucky to even get Sjostrom for him at this point. Montoya is one of only 5 players from that first round yet to play an NHL game. Despite how awesome that draft class was,we drafted him 6th and Korpikoski 16th. I get sick running down the list of players in that first round, even more sick than I do from Jessiman in 2003 because we could have had TWO of those players in 2004.

  114. we want sam back February 18th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    whoa, 2 posts in one day?! slow down big guy

    No YOU want Sam back

  115. Rick, just having something to read about the rangers from you is enough. Zip can provide the up close stuff. losing the Isles is tough one as a season ticket holder what would I do with a Kansas City game wheras a Isles game everyone wants. On the other hand I remeber the 80’s and always falling short to them and that could never happen again.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    Awesome. Voros is almost as bad at fighting as Hollweg.

    And I can’t say it enough, watching him get beat down was the highlight of my season.

  117. Voros got embarrassed just like Orr embarrassed Mitch Fritz in December. If I were Voros I would ask to be demoted
    Whats funny is Fritz immediately got sent down where as Voros is still around after being embarrassed

  118. no way the Isles should move. the more hockey in this town the better. if anyone should move its the people that get all horney over baseballs catchers and pitchers reporting to training camp. Its friggin February not April. Those pansies dont play in the rain let alone the snow!!!

  119. Great, our best goal scorer is out with an injury, we’re dooomed !! And now midget Dawes is back in the lineup, that’s great.

    Islandorks gotta bring it. I never thought id say this during a Ranger-Isles game day, but Lets Go Isles !!

    Anything to get Renney fired. We’ve been losing, but the Blues are a team that still think they can make the playoffs, the Isles know they’re not, so this loss would be more pathetic.

    This Avery thing needs to hurry the fugg up.

  120. Was reading an article on cbc about the kovalev benching and the writer summed up why it had to be done perfectly:

    “Meanwhile, other guys who work harder but don’t have his talent (Steve Begin) were sitting. That’s okay for a three or four game stretch, but not when it extends closer to 10 or 15. That goes double for a team trying to send the proper message to a talented group of young players who have a real chance to be great. You cannot allow them to believe that kind of behaviour is okay.”

    wish Renney understood this. he is sending a terrible message to the younger players both on the rangers and in hartford…basically if I were an upcoming player who expected to have any growing pains the last place id want to play would be for the rangers under renney

  121. Its neither here nor there whether a winning fight effects the team ( Like Orr k/o’s Rupp and then the Rangers give up two goals) but…

    a beat down is different; Rupp just got clocked; Voros was swimming in fists forever…laughable but in the end a real team downer…

  122. Great job Carp!!

    I am sure you got several other votes of approval, but there are a lot to go through so I’m just posting this… I will be sad if the Isles leaves because I live so close to the Coliseum its easier to see games there then MSG (though no nearly as enjoyable)

    but put say the WOlfpack there and I’m golden….

  123. If the Isles left it would break my heart,every time I go to that hole in the ground I think back to a game I was at when Danny Clauthier beat the balls off of Salo and then called out the whole Islander bench I wish this team had someone,anyone with a pair like that

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    If I were a young player, there would be no way I would stay with the Rangers organization. I would demand a trade, immediately.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, he was testing out his new “head to fist” fighting style, mixing in some “shirt and shoulder tugging” style.

    He is a balckbelt at both.

  126. Ugh, Voros is embarrassing. Janssen did the right thing, Orr went after a rookie, unless that rookie is the size of Godzilla, it’s unfair, he should have went after Janssen, but he never did, so much for “team tightness”. It didn’t help that for the second game in a row, Renney wasn’t matching 4th lines. The only time Orr saw Cote was when the score was 5-1, and Cote did the right thing and gave him the cold shoulder, like a former hooker to a pimp, which makes sense cause Orr owns Cote. Then in the last game, i don’t think they were ever one the ice at the same time, and if they were it was at the very end of one of the players shifts.

    Give me Janssen any day, that guy just flat out loves to fight, and hit. He might not punch as hard as Orr, but he rarely gets his ass kicked, and makes up for that with his ferocious hitting.

    Im sure Voros will be gone once Aves comes back, if he does.

  127. Zherdev has an indifferent shift, Renny sits him then can’t wait to tell the dopey, kiss-ass reporters later how tough he is and how a coach must insist on a work ethic.

    The dopey, kiss-ass reporters don’t laugh in his face and ask him, “Well what about Redden’s ethic, Gomez’s ethic, Drury’s ethic, Aaron ‘Hi Fans, I’m Still Out of Shape’ Voros’s ethic.” Why? Because Glib Tom the Coaching Genius calls the dopey kiss-ass reporters by their first name and makes them feel important, and so smitten and aglow, they will never call him out for the laughable garbage he spouts every time he opens his mouth. “He’s too good a guy to treat that way!”

    Enough to make you want to throw up.

  128. Staal wart,

    I have a guild wars account but haven’t played in a while, I have 2 lvl 20’s.
    Decent game.




    But we’re still losing :(. OH NO AVERY

  130. Wd40

    My computer froze last night watching Renney on rangers on demand…I couldn’t shut him up//the mute didnt work, the X didnt work , control alt delete ddidnt work…He just kept yapping away…i almost threw the laptop out in the yard but then I remembered I could cold boot

  131. jock-itch lemaire on

    since Calg lost at home to one of their rivals, the canucks, last night, maybe they still want Dawes. take him, please.

  132. I have a question on Avery? and don’t take this the wrong way…or jump down my throat.
    I liked Avery with the Rangers not all the time but he had an ability to distract another team/player to the point of getting them totally off there game…so
    What so you expect this time if it happens? There is no Jagr, Dubinski line to get him goals. will he play with Gomez? Drury? I honestly am not expecting much. I don’t think he is the answer, but he may make the team more fun to watch on our way to 9th place.

  133. I have to say I would hate to see the Islanders go. I love the atmosphere of an Ranger/Islander game and would really miss that aspect of the Ranger season.

    I don’t know why but I would love to see the Islanders beat up on our boys tonight to see what Sather is going to do. I feel like as soon as the heat starts coming on they put together a win and it keeps us and management at bay for the time being.

    This guy needs to S or get off the pot and make some decisions. Get rid of Gomez, Redden and/or Rosival and see what the kids can do. Chalk this season up as a lose and see what you can do with in the off season with the cap room now. Let’s give Avery a shot because I think if he can play the way he did when he was here he can only help. Suck it up in the locker boys because without him you didn’t have any life out there. The guy has spark and he plays the game well.

    What I am really trying to say is I am just so frustrated with the season and the lack of Heart from mainly the three guys I mentioned above, that I am ready for some wholesale changes.

    Oh and BTW Carp, you are doing a great job. I was glad to see you were taking over when we lost Sam. I love when I get a new RSS update from this blog.

  134. jock-itch lemaire on

    exactly right, wd40. the media won’t call out a guy who gives them quotes and access, and pretends to be nice to them. they will defend him beyond all odds.

  135. I want to start a game.


    What are 5 moves that you’d do right away or at seasons end after an early playoff exit or just exit in general?

    1. RESTRUCTURE DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so vital. I dont care if we have to buy Redden out for 2.2 million for 10 years, he isnt worth what he’s getting at all, i’d rather have a 4 million dollar defenseman that did SOMETHING. I’d try to trade Rozsival to a team like CBJ who is in DIRE need of a PP QB and Rozi can provide that- he also knows Tyutin quite well and could pair quite well with him. Kalinin, i dont need to talk about him.

    2. FIRE. PERRY. PEARN. I, with all of you, want to fire Renney of course cause he’s the face of the blame, but honestly we havent had a good power-play since we had a good Jagr running it, and that’s basically a powerplay in itself. 5v3 goal against? Really? Really!?

    3. Fire sale. If we even CAN get rid of a guy like Scott Gomez i’d LOVE to. Markus Naslund really needs to go too, he’s so far past his prime and such a softie its not even funny. Chris Drury can do something on a team with balance and skill. A puck transfer from defense to offensive zones is what Gomez is good for. If we had somebody that could actually one-time the puck off his passes, he’d be absolutely money. We dont- so that’s that.

    4. Trade anything else for picks

    5. Leave front office

  136. DomivBaumgartner on

    Can someone please lay out Comrie tonight? Just flatten him in front of his gf. That would be the best. Roszy? Redden (definitely not) Girardi (make sure you leave your feet). Staal (Only Dman besides Reitz who throws his body around)

  137. I GUARNTEE! that Avery will say something to Comrie if he’s up for next game.

    but he wont be- because he wont be a ranger- because we arent that lucky. lol.

  138. jock-itch lemaire on

    I’m hoping simply that Avery will make Redden and Drury etc so angry with the organ-eye-zay-shun that they throw up their hands and say, “ok, I waive all my clauses, even Santa. get me outta here.”

  139. It’s funny that we all care way more than the team does. The only person that really looks tight when the goals are scored are the D men mainly Pmarr Girardi and Staalsy, and our other half of defense is crap. Rozsival can be literally the prototype of what you want in a PP QB until he steps up to the plate for the shot and it isnt perfect. I dont understand. He scored 13 goals last year, considered to be a lot for a defenseman (now goals are getting out of hand) and he just doesnt believe he has it in him.

  140. You’ve been great, Carp. I have no problems with the way the blog has been handled.

    Frankly, it’s nice seeing it kept alive. And your change in style from Sam is refreshing, as much as I loved Sam.

    Keep up the good work.

  141. Theres Pruchas first ‘eff you’ point of the night ;-).
    Now to catch up with your posts! You guys certainly are entertaining!

  142. In your blog, I see the real comments! Did not exist many junk posts…… Your blog being in love Reckon that’s it! At least I was such a delicacy. Looking forward to you a better article since i have subscribed…

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