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I’ve been thinking all night and all morning, what the heck do I write today? That the Rangers are going to recall a defenseman from Hartford? Like that’s going to matter? Or that maybe Nigel Dawes is going back into the lineup? 

I know only this: It’s not going to be pleasant at MSG tomorrow night, and the Rangers better not fall behind early, or at any time, and better not  let the Islanders — who right now are playing better and who have a couple of players playing legitimately better than any of the Rangers’ top five forwards — beat them.

And I know that a lot of you are torn between rooting for the Rangers and rooting for them to lose so there will be wholesale changes, and that some of you are obsessed with the coach’s firing to the point where you can’t or won’t see how bad this roster is and how dead-in-the-water the organization is in terms of salary cap and thus flexibility to fix anything.

But, geez, what else can you say? And how many times can you say it?

One of the commentors noted that the blogger who poses as the president/GM of the New York Rangers took some shots at me. Then I realized, this is a compliment. So thank you. But it’s spelled Carpiniello.

Some thoughts after that mighty loss in St. Loo:

1) While thinking about the implications of Paul Mara’s shoulder injury, you consider that the Rangers have been remarkably healthy this year. And the first reaction to that is, well, you don’t get hurt when you stay out of the corners and above the circles.

Second reaction: What would this team and its record look like if it had even an average number of injuries? Maybe it would be better off if some of the skating-dead had been sidelined and some younger, fresher, caring players had to be recalled. Couldn’t have been much worse the last three weeks.

2) For the first time since I took over this blog, I’m going to say something nice about Scott Gomez and Wade Redden. I thought, in St. Loo, Gomez got involved a lot more than he has the last three weeks. He took a couple of hits to make plays and he got in Keith Tkachuk’s face at the first-period buzzer, and that’s how he used to play as a Devil. Get dirty to make a play. Redden … well, he is a good passer. He really is. That doesn’t nearly absolve him from all the other deficiencies he’s shown, particularly in the concentration and passion departments. But he is a good passer.

3) Aaron Voros. My, goodness, man, stay down. That was a frightful beating, and I thought that after Voros got tagged that he was obviously hurt or disoriented and I thought the linesmen should have stepped in at that point. He could have been seriously injured. But you have to give the guy at least a little credit for caring after being benched the game before.

4) How many years will it take for Versus to figure out how to televise a hockey game? How many Versus employees does it take to change a light bulb?

This telecast was dreadful, just as was NBC’s on Sunday. Replays? What are replays? Does anybody realize that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry not because it sells out its 16-game season, but because of the way its games are televised. Because it goes by the more-is-better theory. In other words, if there’s a play worth seeing, then it’s worth seeing again and again and again. I still haven’t seen two of the goals from Sunday’s game, or one of the goals last night, actually go into the net.

There seemed to be some question on Korpikoski’s goal, a delayed but emphatic “goal” signal by the referee. And surely it was reviewed in the booth and in Toronto. But not in our living rooms. How about that overhead shot that’s set up in every NHL arena? Why not show us that?

And VS. play-by-play guy Joe Beninati is a real amateur. I mean, he does well enough when describing the plays, but the cliches? Every rookie is a freshman. Goals are tallies. Assists are helpers. Periods are frames or sessions. Defensemen are backliners. It goes on and on. Then, it’s not bad enough that he has to say “on Versus” every 12 seconds — as if that’s going to make us watch Versus more often than we have to — but he also repeats the name of the arena, as if Scottrade, in this case, is paying him and not the Blues, millions for naming rights.

Makes you appreciate the play-by-play guys we have around here.

5) I still think that Sather might wait out the entire season to decide on a coaching change. I really do. And I think that might be a good thing, because I don’t have any faith in his ability to hire the next guy. Likewise, could you imagine if Sather was ever actually fired (never happen)? Imagine Jimmy Dolan conducting a search for a GM? OMG.

6) Did I mention I hate the shootout?

Now please excuse me. I have to go watch A-Roid lie.

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  1. I dont know whats worse the thought of sather conducting a coaching search or dolan conducting a GM search, altho he did ok with the knicks getting donnie walsh.

  2. repost:

    If you want a little vacation from Spittin’ Mad Ranger Hatin’…

    This is a fantastic read. Max Kellerman mentioned the article yesterday so I checked it out:
    author: Michael Lewis (of Liars poker, and Moneyball)

    Disclaimer: It’s about the NBA

    I don’t like basketball. I have a sports fans awareness of happenings in the NBA, who’s good, who’s not, who’s scoring, but I never watch games and I never will.

    It’s more of a sports culture article about making a difference on a team outside of box score statistics. About doing small things well and the dying virtue of unselfishness in the current world of team sports.

    I read the whole article with the Rangers in mind. It very easily applies to hockey, makes you think about mara and cally, and makes you wonder if there is such thing as an unselfish stat.

  3. REPOST:

    Watching these games has become depressing on the one hand, but entertaining on the other. Like during the Flyers game I was actually rooting for it to be like 8 goals, not just 5.

    Is anyone else rooting against them right now? I mean ideally, this team gets beaten down like 3 or 4 more times embarrasingly (like by a few goals, only score 1 or 2 flukey ones, etc) and then we get a house cleaning.

    We have had this debate on this blog a few times in the past years and this year I see it more apparent then ever: WE NEED TO BE A SELLER AT THE DEADLINE.

    Drury or Gomer….Redden…Kalinen…Voros….any or all of them should be sent packing. There are some prohibitively expensive contracts out there, but I think the Rangers would be better off sucking up some of their pay (if they had to) and stocking up the team.

    Now I say this and recall the last time Sather cleaned house and got Maxim Kondratiev and Josef Balet for Leetch and Kovalev. (OK I exaggerate but that is what it felt like then and feels like now.)

    If nothing else, ridding the team of Redden would open up the possibility of Jay Bo or Mike Komisarek for next year. I don’t know who in their right mind would ever take Redden, but a guy can dream right?

    FWIW, Rosy has been much better in the last 20 games than he was in the first 40. Some people say his hip was f-ed up from the offseason surgery and it took him much longer to recover than he admitted. That’s fine. I will try and be an optimist. At least he is “value” relative to Redden.

    BTW, is the Redden deal the worst in Rangers’ history? I cannot think of another that was as bad as this…not one…not even remotely close.

    Trade Deadline offerings: Gomez, Drury, Redden, Voros, Kalinen, Naslund

    Trade Deadline on the fence: Sjostrom, Prucha, Dawes, Mara (cuz of his contract being up this year and him being an outperformer)

    Trade Deadline keepers: Lundy, Staal, Girardi, Z, Cally, Dubi, Orr, Betts, Rosy (give him the benefit of the doubt…cuz I am crazy)

    After the deadline, give some of the young kids a chance like Potter, Sags, Anisimov.

    If this comes to be, we don’t need Avery. Truth is, it seems to this amateur hockey analyst that Sather again took this thing idea and f-ed it up. As soon as Avery is ready, do you think no other team is going to want him? Rangers will have to get in line…

  4. Thanks for bringing up the matter of cliches; if there hadn’t been a slight time disparity between the radio and the TV, I would’ve gone with the radio call. Although, if I hear Maloney say “in all honesty” once more, I may chuck the radio out the window.

  5. Yes, the Redden signing is probably the worst in history, dollar for dollar. I got sick of that guy the first month of the season, and it’s only gotten worse. When I close my eyes I can see a faint picture of Leetch and Zubov at the point, making crisp passes, and quick shots. Man, those were the days.

  6. You are not alone Newman. I find myself cheering on the other team the past few games. It’s been a long time since I have seen the Rangers play a game that I thought they deserved to win. That said I am still cheering for some individuals on the team – Korpi, Callahan and Prucha on the off chance he gets in the lineup.

  7. Newman
    I start off rooting for the Rangers but as soon as its apparent that:
    A) its a loss or..
    B) it will be a lifeless near-win against say..Atlanta

    I begin pulling for a 10-2 blowout

    The Rangers, though they play in NY, have a huge shadow they can hide under. You have all the other teams, all the other news, the MSG money making machine, the fact that GMs and Owners never face the press

    The more humiliating the better..its the only way to drag them out

    Sorry Rick; you and Brooksie are interrogating a witness who can say anything and is free to get away scott-free…like they have International immunity


    blowouts on these cause 3rd parties to comment nation-wide

  8. Newman, I thought Rozi found his game in mid season, but he seems to be going back to his early season status:SUCKS. Naslund also looks like he doesn’t care, the last few games. Losing is contagious and this team is infected.

    MSG Vault:I was watching a vault game last week and saw a stat for Carol Vadnais’ first season with the Rangers:20G 30A. As much as I hated Vadnais, those numbers would look awesome on this team right now.

  9. Great point about the “national” Telecasts. Vs. has no idea how to televise a hockey game. Anyone else notice that EVERY game has either an audio or Video mishap? Seriously Every game that I have ever watched on this station has some sort of malfunction. It is pathetic. I wish that they wouldnt black out the national games either. I would much rather watch the Rangers feed because the other announcers are usually terrible or dull or both.

  10. Speaking of the past

    I’m a Yankee fan and I cant stand John Sterling

    Doea anyone else remember him announcing Islander radio games in the 70’s??

    He used to do this “IIIIIIIIIIIII-lander Goalllllll” he’d scream it like 4 or 5 times in a row afer the Islanders scored…way more annoying than his the Y-y-y-y-y-ankees win thing he does now

  11. On the VS issue….another catclysmic blunder by Buttboy Bettman was not signing up with ESPN for the national deal. What a f-ing clown!

  12. Poor Prucha – I can’t ever cheer for the opposition, i just switch off.

    I also thought Roszi had “rediscovered” his game in recent months but, his form seems to have dipped again. He seems to have a very fragile confidence on the ice and has been dragged down by his team-mates in the last 2 weeks.

    I hope Rick is wrong, we need a change to jumpstart the team – the salary cap situation means that we can’t sign any more top line players, either we get Avery now and hope he can enliven the dressing room, or get the team a coach that will stick a rocket up their a$$e$ and wake them up.

  13. Who Needs Lohan on

    Seriously Carp, you are so much better than Sam with this blog. Makes me want a Mid-season change for the NYR even more. It’s so refreshing to read your posts. You are brutally honest and you report like a fan, not a shill and a wuss!!! You are clearly frustrated like me, and that makes me happy and excited to read your posts. You take the aggression and anger that comes with being a fan of the NYR and you let it out on the telecast. That is exactly what I do when watching this sh!t show!

    For example….Sunday’s game, my wife said….

    “why are you yelling at the announcers, its not their fault your team sucks”! Classic……

  14. Which Rangers have no movement clauses or no trade clauses?
    These clauses put all the power into the hands of the players and create unaccountability.
    By giving up the right to trade someone to the coyotes or the thashers organizations are banking on the pride of a player that no longer has anything to worry about or play for because them and their families are now financially set for the remainder of their lives. They got paid already, what do they care if us peasants boo them. do you really think it bothers them when they get back to their penthouses, screw their model wives, and plan which exclusive golf club they will attend when the season is over?

  15. Sorry to sound crazy, but I am still cheering on this team. Let’s face it: It’s pretty improbable that Drury, Gomez, Redden, etc. will all return back to their old forms. However, if these guys get a boost of confidence (and with games against the Islanders, 2x maple leafs, Buffalo, Avalanche) they potentially can get back to their old forms. And besides, the only difference in the 8th seed and 9th seed is not just one better draft pick, but at least one playoff series that let’s this crew get to play some playoff games together (Which does mean something). I have some hope, though its dying because I think no matter how much you pay a person, they are going to play more uptight with the entire home crowd is booing them. Hopefully some optimism shows up on Wednesday.

  16. Rick,

    What is going on here? We need offense and Prucha plays only 7:36 and not a sniff on the PP. Korpi one of the few players producing – 8:36 of ice time. Voros is a big zero. Dawes does not play.

    Team ran out of gas in the third period.

    Have to think Avery will be in the lineup Saturday night in Buffalo. Any chance Sangunetti will be up?

  17. Rick, Dolan’s not that bad at looking for President’s i mean, he did finally realize that the Knicks needed Donnie Walsh, and guess what. He got Donnie Walsh. Now look at the Knicks, they might sneak into the playoffs. If Sather is fired, i don’t think it’ll be that bad. Unless he appoints Isiah Thomas, President/GM.

  18. my favorite bennanti line from last night was a whisker too strong. i dont even think renney knows what that means.

  19. Kaspar February 17th, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Speaking of the past

    I’m a Yankee fan and I cant stand John Sterling

    Doea anyone else remember him announcing Islander radio games in the 70’s??

    He used to do this “IIIIIIIIIIIII-lander Goalllllll” he’d scream it like 4 or 5 times in a row afer the Islanders scored…way more annoying than his the Y-y-y-y-y-ankees win thing he does now

    Lol, turns out Sterling’s a Ranger fan now.

  20. Joey, I like your enthusiasm, it’s a welcome change to this blog. However, even if the Rangers are a 7/8 seed, do you think they’ll win more than 1 game with the way they are currently playing. I almost would rather see them not make it and suffer the consequences as opposed to making the playoffs and exiting early, again.

    Plus no playoffs means no $$ into Dolan’s pocket.

  21. Yeah…we suck…AGAIN! Lets not fool ourselves here plz… right before the lock-out we were a horrible team for 7 straight years… huge contracts…incompetent management/coaches…big washed-out names who never took pride in wearing Rangers jersey… zero success… the year after lockout the NYR were picked to finish dead last in the league… and I could see why… we had Weeks as our #1 goalie!! Nobody knew how good Hank was…not even the management… if they did; Hank would be in net on the opening day of that season. Then, we got very lucky with Jagr, whom Caps couldn’t wait to get rid of…, and Straka who hasn’t had a good year since 2000 and Nylander who also hasn’t had a good year since 2002! Jagr made everyone better around him, and discovering Hank was the best thing that happened to this organization in a really long time! That first post lock-out year was a free pass year…players were playing up to their potential…Renneys claws were not so deep yet… and even Malik was our top D-man! Now, four years later, those who wanted to be a Ranger ( Shany, Avery, Jagr, Straka, Nylander, Kaspar) are gone (again, Sather at his best) and those regular ones, who just want to come to NY to cash in are here…just like in old good days… end result? You see it every night…

  22. if you want the rangers to have any sort of future you want this team to lose, nothing and i mean nothing good can come from them making the playoffs.

    renney has gotten laughable at this point, i mean he said the 4 shots on the pp were an accomplishment for them. the guy is a clown, sooner he is gone the better. let schony take over for the rest of the season and then pray players are waived and sather is fired….neither will happen but thats the only chance this organization is a contender in the next 4/5 years

  23. does anyone else seem to notice that as a team we never have the puck on our sticks?
    Also no one on this team knows where the slot is. they think that it is behind the net.

  24. this is what a good coach says after a game like last night and this horrible stretch they’ve been on:

    “We got four power-play shots, which might not sound like a lot,” Renney said. “But for us, that’s an accomplishment. We had traffic, the shots were intelligent shots, so what we’re doing right now is trying to rebuild our foundation if you will.”


  25. Fischler's Ghost on

    The one bright spot over these last few dreadful hockey (I use the term loosely) games has been Colton beating the snot out of everyone. I wonder who his next victim will be?

    And it seems like the only thing Voros has improved this year is his ability to take a beating like a man, I mean, good lord, that fight was a microcosm of the Rangers since 2009 began (high hopes and then a crushing).

  26. The thing with Rozsival is that he doesn’t know how to play confident. He needs to play with somebody confident in order to be on top of his game. Putting him with Kalinin or Reitz does not boast his confidence. He needs to be with somebody like Mara or Staal knows what their doing, and shows some leadership. Rozy’s a follower not a leader, same with Redden. Redden always had Chara and Chris Phillips to yell at him if he wasn’t doing something. Now that Redden’s “the guy” he’s completely lost. Yeah, Dan Girardi cleans up after him, but Girardi’s too busy fixing his mistakes.

  27. I’m going to miss the next 3 games straight and you know what? I don’t care. Because I hate watching this team, as it’s assembled. I’ll be with my girl Wednesday night and in Michigan Saturday and Sunday visiting my dad. It’s a vacation from the Rangers as much as it’s a vacation from my job…

  28. Zhervalev February 17th, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Redden + 2010 1st for Zubov (yes I know he’s LTIR).

    I almost cryed when we traded Zubov. For what? Luc Robitaille who put up 2 25 goal seasons, then went to the Kings, and Ulf Samuelsson who was the biggest douchebag the sport has ever known. Sorry Avery, you haven’t ended somebodies career with a knee to knee hit yet.

  29. There must be some hockey guys somewhere who know about marketing, business, contracts, and have smart new ideas. Sather needs to “resign” now. It’s in the best interest of the NHL, not to mention the Rangers — we are reliving the pre-lockout years, except without the excitement of Pavel Bure. And get some lawyers with a checkbook over to Russia to figure out how to get Jagr back — at the very least he can get back to teaching Dubinsky and Zherdev how to play offense.

  30. Rick,
    I think what you acurately point out is that it is quite clear that Sather is no longer able to be a GM in this league (and probably hasn’t been since he came here). His hiring of coaches decisions has been just awful. The team missed the playoffs seven straight seasons when he was the GM and he had terrible signings/acquisitions/trades. Who knows what Maloney provided, but maybe the last three seasons were sort of lucky: nobody expected Jagr to be as good as he was and Lundqvist came out of nowhere. The year after the lockout, the Rangers were actually picked to finish dead last in the league. Now, Sather has gone back to his old ways of signing players who do not fit.

    Gomez and Drury have never been the stars of their team, and now he expects them to be. Redden was often paired with a better D-man. It’s like signing Holik who was a career third-line, checking center who had some scoring ability, and expect him to be a first-line center. Certainly the blame can be attributed to everybody, including the players and Renney, but nothing is really going to make a difference until the GM changes or at least he hires someone who wants to have that job.

  31. kc February 17th, 2009 at 11:47 am

    There must be some hockey guys somewhere who know about marketing, business, contracts, and have smart new ideas. Sather needs to “resign” now. It’s in the best interest of the NHL, not to mention the Rangers—we are reliving the pre-lockout years, except without the excitement of Pavel Bure. And get some lawyers with a checkbook over to Russia to figure out how to get Jagr back—at the very least he can get back to teaching Dubinsky and Zherdev how to play offense.

    My best bet would give Messier his front office job. Make him President. Make Jim Schoenfeld the GM. Find a New coach. Tortorella, Burns, don’t care. Even if it’s a Mike Keenan reunion.

  32. WhoNeeds … Thanks … but I am anything but a fan.

    MattK, do you really think Dolan did the research to find Walsh? Or do you think he got help from the league, as he did from Bettman, who suggested the current Rangers president/GM back in 2000?

    One more thing … call me nuts, but I think the Rangers will make the playoffs because of the bad teams beneath them. Then go home quietly.

  33. Who Needs Lohan on

    Carp, maybe you arent a fan, but you certainly have the fire and emotion of a fan. That is what’s usually missing from most reporters…..

  34. Rick:

    But is there even any whisper of a “Plan”?
    Any rumors or even whispers of moving some people, going after a Dman, a sniper, a better winger, ANYTHING/
    I mean the ridiculousness of this team the past 10 games, couploed with the lack of response from Upstaris is jsut sickening isnt it?

    How can SAther NOT act at htis point?
    BEcasue even if he doesnt do anything, were still completely screwed for next season, and the one after that, and the one after that.

    IS there any thing that is going to be done?
    give us some hope that at least VOROS will be sent down to the minors if Avery gets here?

    Will there be ANY new plaeys brought in at the deadline?



  35. Rick you are right that playing dawes over Voros and other minor moves will not make them a cup team but that does not mean that prucha should play and dawes over voros and sjustrom.

    on the sjustrom love front, he is good on the Pk because of Betts, Betts is the key to the Pk.

    Again for the millionth time when you cannot score you need to have 4 lines that at least can skate.
    Again play Orr against certain teams only..

    they look dreadful, the worst 2 players last night were Naslund and Roszival…6 shots in the 3rd period…

  36. Carp…

    So quick to dismiss Renney’s part in the mess. Do your job. The fact that the 4th line got so much ice time in a tie game while Korpi sits is ridiculous.

  37. Announcers: Could be before he called the Islanders, Sterling called the Raiders of the WHA….Raider Goal, Raider Goal…..

    Look, something needs to move on this team. If not the coach, OK, then he has to buck his game plan. Get Prucha in every night and give him minutes. Sit down anyone who doesn’t cover his zone. If that means Gomez, Drury, et al, then do it.

    Put Betts on the ice more, maybe pair him with Prucha.

    Bring Avery up only if you are giving away some salary to Dallas in the trade and let it be opened ended to anyone who doesn’t have a no trade clause.

    A bold move would be to give the A to a Betts or Callahan and see what they do with it.

    Find more moves to bring up some of the Wolfpack guys. Find someone who can teach a team the PP.

    I am tired at yelling at the TV when some one is out of position or not energetic. That makes me horse by the middle of the first period.

  38. Voice of Reason on

    This time is easily the most frustrating time I can recall as a Ranger Fan since 1968-69. Sather’s mismanagement of the Salary Cap has insured that fact.

    In years past, even if the Team was horrific, I would always have hope that something good could occur at the deadline. Maybe we could bring in a star to push the team into the playoffs, or something.

    This situation is hopeless for die hard Ranger fans. The cupboard is relatively bare, and the existing product, as presently utilized is down right terrible. The ability to bring in hope on March 4th is non existent, and the ownership blindly trusts Sather….

  39. I capitulate. I finally realize no one on the Rangers can play winning hockey right now. People are praising the team for being more “involved”, showing “better effort”. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Winning is all that counts in pro sports. I want my team back–and I want it now. Who are these strangers wearing my team’s colors? This is 1964-65, 1986-87 and 1994-95 all over again. Tomorrow when I’m sitting in my seat and Peter Finch (from the movie “Network) appears on the jumbotron exhorting us to get out of seats and shout, I, a longtime supporter of management, will likely join the chorus of “Fire Renney/Fire Sather.”

  40. Honestly at this point I’d be willing to ditch Gomez and Redden for draft picks just to get their contracts out of here.

    Nazzy’s contract isnt that horrible, Rozi I can deal with and Drury hasnt played much below what I expected from him…. though he still gets paid too much.

    Theres got to be someone in the league that would take Gomez and/or Redden for draft picks. Then we can resign some of our younger guys to REASONABLE contracts and continue to promote players form within.

    … ahh, wishful thinking

  41. Numb and Numberer on

    I have just sold my last tix to MSG for 75%

    See yall next year! Rootin’ for the Caps to win this year

  42. yeah the cupboard is bare. grachev breaking jr records, anismov playing great at the AHL level at 20, staal 22 yrs old, the 5th youngest team in the league, henrik 26, yeah the cupboard is empty.

    let’s be honest with our criticism this team is not great but they have many good young players, no studs at the NHL level but they are young.. Dubi is underachieving this year but he is 22 yrs old, same with Korpedo, look at Zajac last yr .to this year.

  43. Show Me Your "V" on

    I’d like Tom Renney to finish the season mainly because he deserves the chance to right the ship. No playoffs or no results in the playoffs will likely mean a change of coaching staff. I’m ok with that. Will changing a coach now make this roster a cup contender? I think not.

    It seems like Wayne Gretzky is nearing the end of his PHX experiment and has a few seasons under his belt. Any idea of what Slats’ relationship is like with The Great One?

  44. I’m afraid the question would be what relationship does Dolan have with Wayne. I would think at this point he would rather be GM than Coach.

  45. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Sather and Renney are in Bettman’s back pocket. He made a deal – they keep the Rangers down and he won’t pursue the website matter.

  46. So true about Vs. I’ve never really been a fan of their coverage.

    And, I would like to see Sather removed before Renney, I decided. But that’s just my opinion. If Sather really believes in the guys he has/acquired, but this time he should really see Renney can’t make them work together. If this is true, Sather should have moved Renney 2-3 weeks ago. Since he hasn’t, I believe still has faith in Renney… where he seems to be the only one left.

  47. Carp, I mentioned too last week here how much more uglier it would be if the Rangers would have had injuries this year.It is amazing too all the media who predicted the Rangers would win the East and go far are not saying this now. Larry Brooks , Stan Fischler and some other writers, I wish they would print there predictions from before the season. I called this from day one, that this team is so poor. There lucky start and playing alot of bad teams in October made fans think that the Cup was coming here. I was laughed at and ridiculed for saying this team is going to be bad. I told everyone talk to me by Adam Graves night to see how well they are doing.

  48. And thank god Pittsburgh has been bad this year[except when they play us] or with more points they would be in a playoff position pushing us further down.

  49. I don’t understand when people say they’re rooting for the other team to beat us.
    I just don’t understand this, I thought being a fan meant you support them them – good & bad.

  50. Carp, Im not on the fire renny bandwagon becasue Im crazed.

    I want to see if its his system or the players. I feel its 70% his system, and 30% terrible play from this team with the exception of few.

    How do you bench Korpi for majority of the 3rd period after he is the only reason your in the game


  52. Carp, you moron. Could you be more disinterested? STOP LINKING THIS BLOG TO BASEBALL. God, I hope you’re only the interim hockey writer there, because you’re not half the reporter Sam was.

    I feel like I can come here and post the news 2-3 days before you blog on it. It’s a joke. Get on the ball, man.

  53. I support this team CHANGING from the piece of crap it is presently. Squeaking by wins is not going to achieve change. TANKING has to happen to get any kind of movement – players, management, whatever.

  54. I dont think Dolan will fire Sather, even if the Rangers continue to tank the season. He might get fired next year when the entire lower section of the garden is empty because corporations cancel their season tickets because of the economy (after all, he can afford perks like that anymore, especially when the team is terrible. The loss of revenue from that (because nobody can afford the price of tickets down there individually–who can afford any of the seats these days?) combined with Sather foolish use of Dolan’s money just might lead to his dismissal.

    Or if the Rangers are lucky enough, hopefully the decline in season tickets will lead DOlan to find the Rangers a bad business and he’ll sell the team.

    We can hope…

  55. Joe, if you have a problem with Carp’s blogging ability then get the hell out of here. He has other responsibilities other than this blog and to satisfy your sorry ass.

  56. We have gone too far into the season. Most of us want a change. A HUGE change. Well I personally think we’ll have to wait until the summer for that. Spose slats is fired today, the new gm can’t do a lot for our team. Wait until the summer, management can do more to improve the chances for next year.

  57. jcl206

    on the money ( play on words) only the loss of revenue can change this team

    nobody cares enough about anything else

    Did you read the quotes by this coach last night?

    oh my God..he’s gone Colonel Kurtz
    and Perry pearn is his own personal Dennis Hopper

  58. Carp writes that “some of you are obsessed with the coach’s firing to the point where you can’t or won’t see how bad this roster is.”

    Complete and utter nonsense. A bad roster that works hard is fun to watch. A bad roster that isn’t tighter than a newborn’s you-know-what does not promote depression in its fans. A bad roster that has any sense of team spirit and hunger actually produces pride in its fans.

    Carp, the bottom line is you are so obsessed with making excuses for the way this team is coached that you can’t or won’t see how bad it is.

  59. The Hetrodox Economist on


    Thanks for the continued coverage since Sam left, and more importantly, providing a place for us Ranger fans to vent.

    Straight to the point as a frequent visitor (but a lurker): I think if available, the Rangers should go after Jay Bouwmeester and be willing to give up Marc Staal and just about anyone else besides Lundqvist that fits with their salary cap.

    As much as we’d all love to unload Redden’s contract, I don’t see it happening at 6 million, especially since FLA has another big-contract defense to deal with (McCabe at 5.75 mill). Relatively speaking, Rozival at 5 mill is a far more better deal than Redden’s 6, but unless a GM is forced to choose between the two, I don’t see what FLA would see in them at these price-tags. IMHO, Marc Staal has been ‘fluffed’ quite a bit by the media this season despite continual mistakes that scream freshman jitters, until I realize that it’s his second year in the big leagues. Essentially, he’s a bigger, smarter Tyutin with longer reach.

    Finally, as far as ‘attrition’ being an issue with the current Rangers, I think this was rather obvious from the beginning. If you want to keep a simple, dump-n-chase style of hockey, you need some grinders to dig the corners. Gomez, Drury, Dawes, Prucha, Zherdev, Naslund et al. are not the players who built their resumes through grinding and asking them to do so now is rather silly when it was never really a part of their game. It’s certainly hard to possess both strength and speed with skills in a player, but when it comes to push or shove, Sather usually goes with players that can skate and this decision to over-load smallish skaters alone deserves plenty of blame.

    With that said, I’m astonished to find that Jiri Hudler has scored 19 goals and 47 points this season at 5″9.

    Keep up the great work.

  60. I’m with Tony on this one

    Rationally, understand everyones arguments against the Renney/Sather Dolan situation, but when I’m watching a game and the puck ends up on a forwards stick in the high slot I WANT IT TO GO IN THE BACK OF THE NET!!(some of you may correctly point out that this situation could never happen)

    I can’t tell my gut not to root for the Rangers, and even though a lot of fans maitain that they want the team to lose, they still jump out of their seat when we score. I’ve been on this blog during games, and there are posts calling for us to be blown away, then– if we’re LUCKY enough to score– those same naysayers go nuts with the exclamation points!


    In the heat of the moment I just can’t understand wanting good things to happen to the team you root for, and by “heat of the moment” I mean a shot from the point, 2 on 1 break, breakaway on hank.

    If this team strung together 3 wins, would you pray for them to start losing again?!?!?

  61. a blind fan supports them in that manner tony, in this case it is in the team’s best interests going forward to lose, sounds terrible but its the truth

  62. Wow Carp.

    I retract my previous statement about you being crap. A fine posting indeed.

    I dont want to write more, the rangers dont deserve it.

    we all still bleed rangers blue though….


  63. I agree with Carp, Renny is here for the remainder of the season. Basically because as bad as you may think he is, and I believe he is very weak in a number ao areas, the players aren’t much better. System or no system, this combination of talent and there is talent, is not working. Just look at last night, for the 1st period they had the puck as much as the Blues but who was forced to make the better saves? The Rangers were shooting but not much was getting thru. The 4th line drove the Blues crazy shift after shift, but hardly came up with any scoring chances. And when they got scored on the 1st time it was all over. And what caused the face off that Druey lost for the 1st score?? It was Druey’s failed attempt to clear with TWO other Rangers standing next to him. He slapped it off the glass and it came right back towards him the play went on and there was a stoppage with the face off in our zone. Failure to execute a clearing attempt.
    I’m really sick of hearing about “building on the little things we are doing right” because outside of a VERY few players who is doing ANYTHING right!?!? News Flash: You’re getting killed by all the things you are doing WRONG!!
    I love the Rangers. But it’s getting so the only way I can watch & root is if I wear blinders and only pay attention to a select few players. Come to think of it I believe that’s how Renny coaches:(

  64. Hey Pete, I’m as frustrated as any one here.
    But to hope we lose ? Never gonna happen. I’ve been a fan since the early 60’s. I’ve seen some really good teams & some really bad teams ( only one cup). But my passion for this team is always the same. I consider myself a true blue fan, sure I get pissed off & I want changes too. My my Rangers are always #1 to me – & Potvin always sucks !

  65. The Islanders are a bad roster who work their asses off and even though their record is terrible, they’re fun to watch, and can surprise good teams with their hunger. Their young guys are going to be really good in time.

    The Rangers are a mediocre-to-bad roster with a great goaltender who really don’t seem to care and half of them just coast their way to massive paychecks. Their record is middle of the road, but when they win, it doesn’t seem like they deserved to and when they lose, they REALLY lose.

    Just because it’s not a Cup team doesn’t mean it can’t play better hockey.

  66. Tony from AZ….is it wrong to root for the thing that most likely would result in an entire team enema?

    In hockey, there is no other team I root for other than the Rangers.

    But if the well is filled with poison, do you keep drinking the water hoping for the poison to eradicate or do you hope that the well gets drained, cleaned, and refilled?

    I for one, have stopped drinking the water in the well and hope that it all gets evaporated, quarantined, or frozen and then removed. It doesn’t need a new filtering system or a new magic cure. It needs to be pumped out and we need to start again.

    That’s what I am rooting for. It just so happens that if the team gets beaten by 5 in the next 5 or 6 games, this cleansing happens a lot faster.

    We need a good old fashioned house cleaning and seeing the Rangers muddle along and be in the 7th or 8th or 10th spot means little and would actually prolong the pain. So put them and us out of our friekin misery already!

  67. Show Me Your "V" on

    Pete, that’s a horrible thing to say. This franchise has survived one of the longer championship droughts in pro sports. The fanbase has been LOYAL to it’s blueshirts for over 80 years. It’s had stretches far worse than the last 3-4 weeks. But it’s only had a few better than the first 20 games this season.

    A “FAN” supports their team and wants them to win each and every night. 1-0 or 6-2. Doesn’t matter. Anything less…is less of a fan. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

    How’s YOUR “V’?

  68. Nasty, no. Drury, Gomez, or Redden’s contract must be involved in that kind of deal. Malkin becomes a 8.7m cap hit next year…

    Also, Staal should be a life-time Ranger. If he or Dubi are traded, I’m changing my team loyalties to a rival.

  69. Rick come on there is talent on this roster, obviously not enough to win a Cup but plenty enough to beat St. Louis or Atlanta or Florida. Are you actually saying that this current losing streak is where this team truly is? That it ought to have gone 5-24-2 out of the chute because the talent is so pitiful? Gimme a break.

  70. I am unsure on what to do with Renney, as he has a good past and has done things with this team but lately has been disgraceful. As for our defense, I would get rid of everyone besides Staal and Girard and even they are on the hot seat. Our defense gets beat on almost every rush down the ice and are constantly out of position. Last night for example, shot on goal from the outside, fair enough, but to have a man sitting by himself on the doorstep with 5 minutes left in a tie game is just unbelievable. Henrik doesnt want to play anymore and I dont blame him. As for our offense, it is one of the worst groups of forwads in the league. Korpikoski and Sjostrom are our biggest offensive threats. Voros should just be released or traded or anything just get him off the ice. Gomez and Drury never were the stars of their teams just playing with better players (Danny Briere and Patrick Elias and Brian Gionta), so we can only blames ourselves for those awful contracts and expectations. The only forwards worth watching are Cally, Dubs, Colton, Blair, and Zherdev before he stopped trying. A roster overhaul is the only thing that will change the results out on the ice.

  71. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on


    I really believe the longer Renney stays the more damage he does to our future. He continually messes with our young players heads like Korpi, Dubi, Zherdev, and the two-year-ongoing saga with Prucha. (Add Anisimov for when he got called up for a cup of coffee and was underused.)

    Renney doesn’t realize the players who NEED their heads messes with are the overpaid vets. They often seem to be too weighted down to skate properly with all that money in their pockets.

  72. whataretheodds? on


    Staal is going to be something special in this league, you can’t discard him so easily.

    You know what’ll happen don’t you? Pru and Dubi will end up torturing us for years, the way Ridley and Miller did with the Caps in the mid/late 80’s.

    The e5 guy (who’s wrong more than he’s right) seems to think Rangers are trying to pry LeCavalier out of Tampa.

    Another bad idea, but it’s Wrecklund, so probably nothing to worry about there.

  73. I still don’t buy it. During a game, everyone here WANTS the Rangers to win. After the game, when they inevitably lose, it doen’t bother us that bad because there might be a silver lining to all of this awful play. But to actually ROOT for your team to lose is…strange. And I have a hard time actually believing many of you.

  74. The Hetrodox Economist on

    I’ll one-up you guys with this hypothetical proposal, instead of Staal, Dubinsky, Rozi and Prucha, subtract Dubinsky and add Zherdev.


  75. Im over it
    nothing is gonna happen, or soemthing huge is going to happen in regards to coaching change, players being traded etc, period. WHAT of course none of us know for sure.

    I will still support our Rangers as I have since I’m 5 years old. And alot of us who have been fans a long time are pretty used to having a bad team for years.

    AS far as trading goes though:

    is Staal to be traded

    He can only get better, and has been one of our bright spots all year

    Dubi as much as I love him, if Malkin is offered to us with Whitney, yes, jsut without Staal

    I actually would love it if we got Gomer to go to Philly and got Briere

    Maybe he and Drury would reignite each others games again, and there pretty much the same contract (or close to it years to dollars)

    Again I would keep and never want to trade: Hank, Staal, Cally, Betts – PK, Orr – Fighter, Mara loyal Very Decent Dman, Korpi-getting better and only a freshman, Zherdev and Dubi

    The rest, trade away as we see fit or for what we can get for them

  76. “But to actually ROOT for your team to lose is…strange. And I have a hard time actually believing many of you.”

    We’re an original 6 franchise with pitiful management. I want one of two scenarios: a cup or a firesale/lottery pick, end of story. What did 97-04 bring us? Early playoff exits or no appearances at all, yet stuck with mid-level drafting.

    Get a lottery pick the next 3 years and you’ll see this team turn around… look what it did for Pitts and Washington.

  77. Carp,

    Do you think if/when Prucha gets traded he will come out with what Renney’s has against him? I think we are all interested to know why…

  78. I was at the game on Sunday and as soon as the Flyers scored the SHG, I knew they were going to win the game, and I stopped caring. When the Rangers finally scored a goal, half the people up in the 400s didn’t even stand up to cheer, and barely anyone sang the goal song.

    I don’t even get happy when the Rangers score goals anymore because I know that they still suck.

  79. I agree with Newman 100% and I hope they’ll keep losing because that not only bring the change faster but hopefully gets us a chance to sign Tavares or Hedman. That is what I’m hoping for. Keep losing Renney and I hope Rangers will sell by the deadline.

  80. honestly, I can’t believe we are still having this conversation. I can not believe both Sather and Renney still have a job with the Rangers.

    I was at the Sunday game. I was two rows off the ice and giving Redden a piece of my mind at any break in the “lets play the music so loud between whistles so the fans can’t express themselves” routine going on at the garden.

    How can an owner allow that product to be on his ice? First it was Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago, getting destroyed on NBC, yes Pittsburgh, the same team that just fired their coach. The one who took them to the Finals last year. Then it was Pittsburgh again 5-2, then Dallas 10-2 and New Jersey 3-0, and now 5-2 to Philly at home. When is it going to end?

    The fact Dolan still has these two running their team tells me he cares little about the real fans of this team. The fans that spend their spare time blogging about their team. And personally, it’s a slap in the face to me and every other true fan and shows a total lack of respect for us.

    If these guys don’t want to play hockey they have got to get someone behind the bench that will make them play or they will sit. get an offensive game plan and some toughness and let the chips fall, but someone show some heart.

  81. I don’t want to get rid of Staal either. But if this team is going to get a legitimate scoring threat, you have to think that a team is going to want someone young and good in return. We don’t have much young and good to give. I think Dubi will be a very good player in this league, and Staal is going to be amazing, but other than those two, we fall way short in the “good young player” category.

  82. Tom Runny-nose on

    good post, Ford. you are right. the media are so biased toward “nice” guys who give them quotes, that they won’t call for their firing. they won’t admit that the PP has been bad for 2 years, INCLUDING the “talent” that they had last year. so, the PP is not just the talent, that is the coaching, including clueless Pearn.

    and, they won’t admit that the accountability that a coach must demand from his players is missing with Renney. when has he sat out a bigname underacheiever? does Renney think that benching a young guy means diddly to Drury, Gomez, Redden, Naslund, Rosival etc?

    no, he needed to bench a couple of them to make a statement to them, and that never happened. and despite that, the vets have quit on Renney.

    why won’t the media admit that? they have QUIT on Renney, and for that reason alone he must go.

  83. And this one will last a lifetime on


    While it is no guarantee, look at how many times a coaching change ignites a team or at least changes the momentum.
    (Ottawa i.e. right now , Devils how many times?)

    Why wait out the season? Nosediving out of the playoffs with 20+ games to save the season. We need some drastic changes but cannot overhaul the roster so we must overhaul the coaching.

    If Sather cannot hire a new coach he should keep Pelino and go down to the bench himself and take Graves or Messier with him.

  84. freakin’ Cory Clouston has come in and turned around a moribund Ottawa team that has floundered for 13 months.

    what does that tell the Renney defenders?

    I doubt anything will convince them. they are as clueless as their hero Tommy boy.

  85. Guys do yourselves a favor and just change the channel. I gave up after Graves night and have felt a whole lot better since then. This team is good for nothing but comic relief at this point.

  86. ‘Kaspar, hopefully I have the fists of Orr and not Voros”
    Rob L.

    LOL…what a beating that guy took last night!

    As far as this Renny/Sather thing goes…we can forgive a lot of things but not players giving less than 100% effort and chicken-crap coaching of not being able to bench anyone making more than 2 million a year…

    Sorry, I know Sather is a moron but there is no forgiving this coaching..none; there are worse rosters and people play and coaches act like men in charge…benching the minimum wage guys is weak…he lost the team no matter how badly constructed it might have been

    Fire both if you can
    the coach for starters

  87. Holy crud, Voros got beat up – he may be worse than Hollweg…

    …speaking of whom, it looks like he got sent to the minors .. after playing 70 and 78 games, respectively over the last two years with the Rangers.. if I recall, he was rarely a healthy scratch, but did contribute 7 points in those 148 games…

    never hated Renney, but his personnel decisions must be questioned..

  88. The only players I want on this team from here on out are:

    Callahan, Korpikoski, Reitz, Dubinsky, Staal, Voros, Henrik, Girardi, Prucha, Mara, Orr and Betts.

    Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozival, Kalinin, Sjostrom, Dawes, Naslund can all go as far as I am concerned.

    I know Zherdev is a great talent, but at this point in this team’s history, it is quite evident how far away they are from being able to compete at a high level, so what’s the point of keeping him? Might as well see if you can deal him. Might as well get a first round pick for him.

    Bring up Anisimov, Potter, Sanguetti, Moore and Sauer

    Make your lineup:

    Korpikoski, Callahan, Anisimov
    Dubinksy, Prucha and Zherdev
    Betts, Orr, Moore

    Potter, Staal, Sauer, Reitz, Girardi,

    Obviously that lineup is missing some players, but we could add who we get back in the deals for the dead weight on this team.

    Oh yes, and get rid of Renney, and get someone who can evaluate talent and put a team together.

  89. Tony….did you read my post? I am not rooting for the Isles…give me a break.

    But if you are asking if I would rather see the Rangers lose 2-1 in a shootout to the Isles (and go 0 for 8 on the PP) or lose 5-0, I am going with the latter.

    At least Gomer, Drury, and Redden will be thoroughly embarrassed…

  90. right, why I otta. they have a GM, Murray, who is just as much under fire as Sather. he did not make any big player changes yet. he first changed coaches, just hoping. and it worked so far.

    and that should be the Rangers first step. THEN, if that does not work, you change the players. I wanted Sather gone since ’04, but we know that is not going to happen anytime soon, so I don’t dwell on the impossible.

  91. Newman- give ME a break.
    You said & I quote:
    “But if you are asking if I would rather see the Rangers lose 2-1 in a shootout to the Isles (and go 0 for 8 on the PP) or lose 5-0, I am going with the latter.”
    Can’t have it both ways my friend.

  92. rick come on we all know how terrible versus does covering a game. All of those guys are renney supporters and are only blaming the players for the downward spiral. Although i have to disagree with you on nbc. I thought nbc did a great job making a mockery of this team, with the shots they took at renney and when they followed drury with the camera while playing clown music. He did play better yesterday but looked absolutely lost in the philly game.

  93. I was watching the game on delay cause i waited for my roomate to get back and i fast forwarded as much as possible. Why did renney take that time out. and wasnt that the funniest thing ever that the blues scored seconds after. renney thats impressive.

  94. I doubt I’m alone when I say that even if we win tonight, it won’t mean crap unless it’s 10-0 and we’ve racked up 80 hits.

    That said, I’ll never root for this team to lose – but unless the above happens, a win or a loss will feel the same….only the win will make me go “great, this is going to delay some kind of change because we somehow beat the Islanders in a shootout”.

    I’d just love to see some effort tonight, another Korpikoski goal would make me happy. I’d also love to see Prucha net one and shove it down Renney’s throat.

  95. who cares if we keep losing. You all know that even if we had the oppurtunity to pick up tavares or hedman, sather would some how screw it up and lose out on them.

  96. Joe B. may be cliche ridden, but he is still better than Mike (shovel shot, he knifed the puck, he ran him into the ditch) Emrick.

    Emrick won’t even use hockey terms such as wrist shot, pokecheck, bodycheck, save.

    and his voice and bored, smarmy delivery are just too much to stand.

  97. mikey mcdick

    great point. Also, Tavares and Hedman are the only real “sure things” in this draft. There’s still some talent after those two, but with our track record, would you bet that we’d pick the right guy? nope.

  98. I still cant get over Sather and the 2003 draft. I remember when they picked Jessiman, and the announcers of the draft lambasted the Rangers for not picking Zach Parise, they mentioned he’d be great for the Rangers. The worse part about the Jessiman thing is that I recall Sather saying the Rangers were very happy to get him 12th because they rated him a top 5 player in the draft. I think the announcers were shocked. Hahaha, looks like the people discussing the draft knew what they were talking about…Jessiman no games in the NHL and Parise is perhaps the best American player in the NHL right now.

    People, this team cannot rebuild because our organization is terrible at drafting and developing. We can trade all we wont, but nothing will change until Sather is gone. I will continue to focus on the Rangers, despite their putrid play, because it is a welcome distraction from the economy. However, I cant decide which is more depressing between the two.

  99. Hey Dan Kelly!!

    I used to play this Emerick game with my kids;
    You watch a Devils game and count the following:

    1)Count how many times he screamed “Save Brodeur!!” each period…he would do it like 20 time

    2) count how little he waould say “save…whatever the other goalies name is”….he would do this 2 times

    end of period shot totals…NJDevils 10 opponent 8

    Funny as hell

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    “Would you do Staal, Dubinsky, Rozi, and Prucha


    Malkin and Whitney?

    Just curious.”

    Yes. Then we suck for a while, stockpiling picks and A+ talent waiting for Gomez, Drury, and Redden’s contracts to expire, and then build around Malkin with our 5 years of lotto picks and extra 21 million in cap space.

  101. OK Tony…have it your way…I want the Rangers to win but Sather to croak on his way to MSG. There, I said it. I am not rooting for the Rangers to lose…I am rooting for Sather in the death pool.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I remember you complaining about that VS. announcer last season. You said something along the lines of “he has every cliche in the book, but not a clue.”

    He’s the worst. He’s also ridiculously biased in favor of Crosby and to a lesser extent the Penguins.

  103. OK Newman, I’m not trying to be a smart ass. I agree with you. I want the team to win ….& I want a new coach, a new GM, better Defense, more scoring, better player yadda, yadda, yadda,
    I just want to win !
    I heart Newman !

  104. Doodie:

    “Yes. Then we suck for a while, stockpiling picks and A+ talent waiting for Gomez, Drury, and Redden’s contracts to expire, and then build around Malkin with our 5 years of lotto picks and extra 21 million in cap space.”

    Wasn’t that supposed to have happened already?

  105. why would pittsburgh do that trade? they are giving up the 2 best players, in malkin and whitney. as a ranger fan i would do it in a second.

  106. kaspar. yes, he and Chico are so wedded to Brodeur that they cannot ever say a goal is his fault. and any shot going wide is a great stop.

    they already are laying the groundwork to bench Clemmensen again, keeping up the references to Brodeur and how his recovery is going and now how close he is to returning.

  107. Let me apologize now in case anyone has already commented on this. I’m at work and doing this on the sly and there are too many comments for me to catch up on lol!

    Rick, you’re #4 is exactly what I’ve been saying for as long as Versus has carried the NHL. They are an amateur outfit who have NO clue how to televise the game, and their choice of announcers leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve been railing against that Joe Beninati guy on the Rangers talk back on topix for just as long! Last night they carried on and on about some guys tie, then talked about cheese and pickles. I was thinking, what in the blue hell am I listening to, fashion and food or a damned hockey game!!! Their banter is inane, they miss puck drops coming back from commercial, they don’t show enough replays, they talk about Crosby ad nauseum, it just goes on and on. And another thing that ticks me off..and this is on that airhead Bill Clement…ITS A GAME NOT A TILT!!! Holy hell I hate that! Now everyone and their spastic colon calls it a tilt, I just can’t take it!!! And then there’s Doc and his ‘pitchforking’, and his shrill, nails on a blackboard voice!!!! His voice is higher than mine for cryin out loud! Yea, lets paint a word picture with THAT ONE!!! Whats a girl to do?!

    AND THEN, AND THEN…they let Renney off the hook. Sure he has to work with what Yeti has given him, but sheesh, BEND A LITTLE BIT and adjust the system slightly to the talent that you have. Stop stifling the creative guys, its just killing everyone!!

    As for Voros, to put the best spin on it, he tried to get the team up with his fisticuffs, unfortunately for him, he got a beatdown, and it didnt spur the team on either.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    “Wasn’t that supposed to have happened already?”

    Yes. But when we were losing consistently, we weren’t finishing near the bottom and we weren’t getting the dynamite picks. And let’s not mention how many of our picks were wasted by Slats.

    Then coming out of the lockout, it looked like we were going to be terrible for a few years in a row, but Jagr and Hank carried us into the playoffs and that was the end of rebuilding. The next season they signed Shanahan, Cullen, and Ward thinking it would put us over the top. Then the year later it was Gomez and Drury. This year it was Wade Redden.

    And just like that, we went from promise to half a decade of mediocrity.

  109. supposedly the trade that Pitt will make is Jordan Staal to Fla for Horton

    that makes sense. they will play Horton on the wing

    Staal is a C who does not belong on the third line.

  110. Doodie, Beninati is the Caps play-by-play man. Say what you will about him, but there’s no pro-Crosby or pro-Penguins bias there. Quite the opposite in fact.

  111. HAHAHAH who honestly thinks that the Pens are going to give up Malkin??? Pipe dream ppl Pipe dream!!!

  112. For everyone who wants the team to sink into the cesspool in order to rebuild. Do you think Sather would make the right moves in rebuilding? When he got rid of Leetch and everybody else, did he bring anything great back? I can’t watch a game and hope the Rangers lose, but I do admit that watching them is pretty difficult. No life, no action, no effort. The only thing we can really hope for is Dolan gets electrocuted the next time he plugs in his guitar and Chuckie D Dolan sells. By the way, how do you run a cable co., 2 major sports teams plus an arena and still have time for band practice?

  113. What?
    no press conference yet?

    what are they waiting for the Islanders to hand us our lunch? or is it Buffalo that will finally do it?

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, just listen to a single game he covers when the Penguins play. They way he gets so excited everytime Crosby touches the puck or scores. It’s disgusting.

    Just because he covers the Caps doesn’t mean that he can’t hype up Crosby and the Pens when working on VS.

    Did you watch any of the games during the playoffs last year? It made me want to puke.

  115. no, if you’ll recall, sather traded only with the 6 canadian teams in ’04, giving them our mostly washed up name players and taking crap in return to ingratiate himself in the minds of canadian fans.

    sather is disgusting, and so are dolan and renney. but, since Dolan is clueless, all fans can do is withhold their money from MSG and refuse to go to games.

  116. When Doc was sick for the winter classic… I think i did 6 victory laps around my house when i found out Joe B wasnt calling the game…

    Carp… you also forgot stanzas for periods… and he also has to tell you who is in what jersey and the exact color it came out of the crayola box… Doc Emmerick is definitely Joe Bettinatti’s idol… but fails miserably at what Doc does…

    I wish VS. would go back to what they did the first season… Either the home teams announcers would call the game.. or the better of the 2..

    Eddie-O … is alright

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, I don’t think the Pens would give up Malkin. Not even in EA Sports would that trade even come close to being accepted. Malkin is the 2nd best player in the league. No way they deal him unless he demands a trade.

  118. ..since JD went front office, hockey announcing has not been the same – why is he not the Rangers GM?

  119. Here is a small list of missing people better than Sather at being a manager:

    Loui from Taxi
    The guy from the Kinney parking lot around the block from Carolines Comdey Club (night shift)

  120. Is it really necessary for you to make that comment about arod at the bottom of your post rick? I haven’t really been a fan of this blog since Sam left and what you said was pretty unprofessional. Needless to say I won’t be checking out this website anymore

  121. it is kind of sad to think Doc is the best that notionally televised games has to offer….

    i frankly think Dave strader is way better than either of them..

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t have the same hatred for Emrick as everyone else. He is a little irritating at times, but so is Sam, perpetually mispronouncing every single player’s name and sounding like he has a turkey leg in his mouth when he shouts “SCORES!”

    What Emrick has over most announcers is that he is REALLY smart, and he KNOWS hockey. That right there puts him over 95% of American hockey play by play guys.

  123. RE: the hockeycrap article by eklund

    If it ment getting Vinny, I would be very very upset to see Staal go but if staal had to go with say Redden and Gomez then I would almost have to live with it.

    Anyone who saw Del Zotto play in pre-season knows that the kid is ready within 1-2yrs for the big time. Kid looked awesome, and Sanguenetti will probably be ready soon as well. I could probably cope with losing Staal if those kids end up good

    Staal and Hank are by far my favorite players on this team.

  124. forget about tanking the season for a management change, but as a season ticket holder not only will i be able to save a fortune on team unlikely to get by the first round, but also the lower we fall in the standing the better pick we will get. This draft is SOOOO deep, and falling down to get a pick between 10-15 and maybe higher based on a trade would be so beneficial to this team after losing cherapanov.

  125. I agree with the A-roid part of Carps’ post today. I disagree with some of his Renney defending

    ” that some of you are obsessed with the coach’s firing to the point where you can’t or won’t see how bad this roster is and how dead-in-the-water the organization is in terms of salary cap and thus flexibility to fix anything.”

    Carp, we KNOW all about the bad contracts. we can’t change those. but we CAN change the coach. you know, like Ottawa, Chi, SJ, Fla, etc etc. and Calg and Wash last season

  126. And Carp was on the money about A-Roid. Lying through his teeth.

    I didn’t know it was wrong, but I hid it from everyone. I didn’t know what it did or if it worked, but I still took it for three years.

  127. onecupin67years on

    Nicole ,
    there is no Carp, he’s a psycho writer.Notice Bob disappeared when Sam left,but now there’s Carp.

  128. emrick does NOT “know hockey”. he knows stories and stats. he never played the game at any level.

    and he does not even know that a wrist shot is a wrist shot, not a “shovel shot”

    or that a pokecheck is a pokecheck, not a “he knifed the puck”

  129. onecupin67years on

    Who cares about Arod and roids, I’ll bet 90 percent of MLB is guilty of using them,so leave him be.

  130. You mean, Gary Thorne, who couldn’t pronounce any of the players’ names, who used the term “cleared in” (you only clear the puck out of your zone, not in)? You mean the guy who screamed (as he always does) that the Rangers were going to the finals for the first time in 54 years when they beat the Devils? That Gary Thorne?

  131. we as fans can’t change the coach. only can try to put enough pressure on mgmt to make the change.

  132. onecupin67years on

    There’s nothing better than talking ranger hockey, I’m a Winn Elliot fan from the wpix days

  133. Gary Thorne not only mis-renounced players names

    but he also was a big players union supporter during the lockout. the owners dumped him for his very over the top NHLPA backing

  134. Rick,

    You’ve inspired me to comment for the first time since you took over for Sam. Thank you. Thanks for your honesty and being someone who says it like it is. i thought Beninati was brutal too. I cant stand him on Cap’s broadcast’s either. the guy is a Tool. i wanted a better angle on Korpi’s goal also. you would think VS could have found one. Anyway, i liked sam but i love your candor more. Dont change.

  135. Newman
    yea we salavated over that Brooks article the other day…for the feast that has yet to be served……..

  136. I find myself agreeing with almost everythign you say – except Redden. He’s a very good passer? My sister in law is a very good passer…but she’s faster than he is.

    As for Sather and Renney and all the rest of this home for the undead, I have nothing further to say pertaining to their culpability in this disastrous season that began with such promise. ( hoo boy!)

    I’ve made my case, and repetition is futile. My gripe with this gorup stems from two seasons ago, and there has been NO – repeat NO improvement in any aspect of the game save for Lundqvist and Staal. Mara is still and has been their steadiest and most reliable defenseman. Just about every one else has declined in ability and effort. ( Although there is a special spot for Callahan away from this herd, and who can fault those third liners? The skill level does not aproach their peers, but their desire and effort has certainly shown up the rest of them. The bigger the stars ( and salaries) the pooer their effort has been. Game after game. But It’s the bench masters that have been their la Brea tar pit.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    “OK, goodbye Nicole.”

    HA, awesome.

    Yes, E.M., he knows stories and hasn’t played. But he knows hockey through stories and history and actually UNDERSTANDS those things to be stories and history, not knowledge of the game. Unlike Stan Fischler, who knows stories and history but thinks it’s actual knowledge of the game and just sounds like a buffoon. I read somewhere once that Gretzky said that Fischler was an idiot and didn’t know anything about hockey.

    Doc is always very well prepared, calls about as even of a game you can (showing excitement for both teams), never mispronounces a name (he’s the founding member and President of the NHL Pronounciation Guide), and is good at following the action.

    So what he’s the Devils announcer and is a homer when calling their games. Every announcer with a home city is a homer when calling that team’s games.

  138. “You see when they score a goal, we totally lose our composure and start running around, “Henrik Lundqvist said. “It takes a lot for us to bounce back from a goal because everybody gets so tight.”

    From the NYPost blog today

    You dont say Henrik? now…why would that be?

  139. Kaspar

    I recall Sterling back then….and that Islander goal shout was maddening. ONe thing I noticed about him that really brought my teeth on edge was his habit of speaking sonorously about some trivial side light, while the game was on going and by passing a great deal of the action, but then giving a quick synopsis of what happened ( if anything) immediately after his treatise. He was a real stiff.

  140. you know who also loves emrick? mad dog russo. that tells you plenty. that he is the favorite of goobers who know nothing about hockey.

  141. I’m not sure if it he is technically a sound coach, but I’d like to have someone like John Tortorella come in and crack skulls. Hold every idiot on this team accountable… even Drury.

  142. Fran
    when I was a little kid he had a sports talk show every night on WMCA ( I think the Islanders wound up on there too); the only time I ever called a sports talk show in my life; I called him to ask if he thought Steve Vickers would win rookie of the year; so it was 72-73 ( givin away my age) but I remember him saying he thought someone else would win; cant remember who but he was still wrong even then…

  143. Carp, I haven’t posted for a couple of days just because I’m with you. What else do you say at this point? Sather (pompous ass) has ruined the team, and left us no room to fix it. Renney got rid of Jagr and company to make the team he wanted so they would play defense first.

    The biggest shame of it is that The King has to endur all of this when he should be playing for the cup. If he demanded a trade I wouldn’t blame him.

  144. kaspar, the other guy vs. Vickers was Barber, I remember the Flyers being crazed when he didn’t win it.

  145. it is also part of the announcer’s job to help fill the arena for home games. and emrick has sure done a crappy job of that over the years.

  146. forcrissakes
    that article is perfect; 1 man attack and you sign Gomez (a passer) my girlfriend hates Scotty because all he does is cross the blueline and pass backwards, usually leading to give-aways and I keep defending him saying no one ever comes in with him on the wing like Gionta and Elias would..or likeany other normally coached hockey team…same with Redden, why have this guy if your playing dee first..he’s never been good at defense…assanine

    Thanks, couldn’t remember the other guy being Barber…I was a kid and in awe of being on with great sterl-meister..vickers still one of my favorite players…first game I watched him in he beat the crap out of some Flyer

  147. Emrick also = the cartoon Fred Astaire as the narrator of Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

    Emrick has ruind that movie for me…another childhood memory gone.

  148. Here’s the bottom line: Glen Sather is a tool. He’s a crap GM and a crappier coach. He has no clue what he’s doing and he’s in my opinion the Plaxico Burress of the NYR organization. He has no clue what to draft or who to pick up during free agency. Why would you let Shannahan go and pick up Wade Redden or Chris Drury or Scott Gomez? Redden has been the worst aquisition of them all. He can’t do anything right. Chris Drury is a good player but simply cannot play in NYC. Buffalo and NYC are 2 completely diff markets. Scott Gomez is another one. He’s a good player but he tries to do too much with the puck and he can’t finish. Scott Gomez is a playmaker so why in god’s name is he tryin to shoot the puck as if he were a forward or a sniper? Dubinski needs to go as well. He’s peaked and is as good as he’s going to get. The Rangers also made a mistake of getting rid of Ryan Hollweg. The only physical player they have on the team now is Colton Orr. He can’t do it all himself as much as he’d like to. The NYR are too small of a team and too soft of a team. They have too many defenseman and not enough scorers. Marcus Nazland also needs to go. He’s currently a -12. Drury a -11 or so and Gomez a -9 or so. THAT’S TERRIBLE!!! Glen Sather and Tom Renney both owe it to Petr Prucha to trade him. He’s a highly skilled and underrated player that they don’t utilize. He’s not going to learn anything by riding the bench, or not even being apart of the bench.

    Dubinski, Gomez, Nasland, Drury, Prucha and Redden all need to go. Dallas needs to call up Avery so the Rangers can aquire him off waivers.

  149. Montreal Canadians GM Bob Gainey told Kovalev to stay home for the next two games -per TSN.

    I wish Sather would tell that to Gomez, Drury and Redden…and Renney :)

  150. Carp and everyone I have question…
    At some point in the next week here the Rangers are going to have to decide if we are buyers or sellers…
    the way I see it there is no possible way in hell that we can buy anything so…
    Is there anyone on this team that is sellable? Is there a team out there dumb enough to take on a big contract player.
    It may be a dumb question but I have just been wondering all day…and I’m so sick of talking about the same stuff everyday I figured this would be a good discussion

  151. And to think, Kovalev is only a 4.5 million dollar cap hit…imagine what the fans would be screaming in MTL if they had Drury and Gomez with their 7 million plus cap hit.

  152. onecupin67years on

    The Ranger’s are always the buyers.
    The only players they can sell are the young guys making less money.
    Which gm’s are going do ny a favor and take the high salaried Roszival ,drury, gomez, redden?
    They’ll have no problem moving prucha ,dawes, stall, dubi, callahan. Gerardi is a bit high too with his new contract.

    Its been a long time since NY made a great trade,graves in 91 was the last.

  153. Hollweg at least has some form of physicality to his play. He can throw his body around and knock some people down. Dubi in my honest opinion has peaked. I think his skill level is as good as he’s going to get. Anyone ever notice how the isles always get dumped with the shitty players? We should continue that trend with Redden. He has got to be the worst aquisition the team has made post lockout.

    p.s. Anyone ever know what happened to Roman Czechmanick? Did he retire or what? Like Pavel Bure, he just disappeared.

  154. sell sell sell

    Good for Gainey in montreol…you’re right Mako..even w/o the pressure Sather wont do anything

    Gainey also has the split in the media to deal with…where the French support Carbaneau and the English support him…its uglier up here then it is in NY…wasnt even a Ranger feature in the papers down there I bet…forget about getting on the radio..
    the habs talk has been non-stop here for weeks

  155. Carp- Good point on Avery, and I can never see Sather becoming a seller this year, but yes they are going to bring in Avery to try and boost the team, but he is also going to be brought in here for the long term as well.

    Also Carp when do you think the Stars are going to put him on re entry waivers.

  156. reginald dunlop on

    the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results……there in lies the problem

  157. I’m guessing the Stars are still trying to trade him, which won’t happen, so they can get out from under his whole contract. I imagine if the Rangers give them the word that they’re all-in, they’ll recall Avery.

  158. Is it me, or does Kovelav hate being “The Guy”. With the Rangers the first time, he was “Just another 20 goal scorer”, then we trade him to the Pens, and he’s Mario’s butt buddy. Then we get him back to be “The Guy” and boom (john madden!)..he sucks. Then we send him to Montreal, and the Canadians when Koivu was “the guy” and Kovey’s back to being amazing. Then Kovelav becomes the main guy because Koivu’s been missing time with various injuries, and then all of a sudden he sucks. Is it me or does Alexei hate pressure?

  159. Anson Carter for Jagr at half price. I’m sorry but thats about the only good deal Sather’s made during his time as GM. Besides maybe Jason Ward for Avery.

  160. Kaspar

    Yep. Even in Toronto same stress, strain and pressure.
    I posted that Kaberle is in the rumor bin.

    At least the recognize players not performing to their potential. Kovalev is one of the faces of MTL. Sitting him or sending him home is a HUGE message. And sending Komaserik down to the AHL is another one.

  161. hey rick,
    how about when neil smith traded for luc robitalle, and cambell moved him to right wing. or how about when smith traded for kurri, and cambell mover him to center. 2 of the most prolific goals scorers at there position in NHL history, and the coach changed there posisitions. those were good trades, helped by great coach.don’t you think rick.

  162. woe Mako

    Komaserik wasnt sent down was he? It was one of the Corsican or kostitzkin brothers..whatever their names are

  163. I dont think Kovalev has ever reached his potential. It’s a shame because he has loads of skills.

    He still is a consistently good playoff performer. He’s a career .85PPG playoff performer (with 42 goals) in 112 games.

  164. jason February 17th, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Matt K.

    You’re not penske material!


  165. Hollweg was awful, too many stupid penatites.. I really belived Voros was an upgrade there when they signed him (esp after week one), but that has gone down the tubes, as well..

    I dont know who on the roster anyone in the NHL wants.. Staal, Girardi.. maybe Dubinsky, Cally .. I cant believe Prucha’s trade value very high after the league has watched him wilt away while the Rangers were in desperate need of goals… not to mention thge lack of leverage we have with any trade partner given the current state

    Redden has six power play points this year..SIX (that’s goals plus assists!)!!!

  166. One good thing about pierre mcguire and this is it:

    He knew Jagr when Jags came to NHL; Mcguirre reminds people that the generation of NHL players who were teenagers in the eastern block during the 80’s and very early 90’s all seem a little off to North Americans because of the life they led…

    People in their families either imprisoned or hushed up as the eastern bloc crumbled..they grew up different and for this reason thier answers to questions are never the standard Derek jeter “well we gotta come out hard next game etcc”

    Kovalev gives penatrating interviews, accuses MTL fans and management of being euro-biased etc…remeber Jagr being that to a Gomez interview…

    We think hockey is LIFE

    I think those guys know..its just a part of it

    Go rangers
    Fire renny

  167. onecupin67years on

    Maybe Pittsburgh should go for Kovalev,
    he never did blossom .
    Hollewig was sent down by toronto

  168. The majority of this team has either given up or lacks any type of heart. Bring back Ortmeyer at least he had heart and would block shots with his body!!

  169. Hollweg!!!

    Give me a break that sack of you know what can’t even pla yfor our present roster.

    Hollweg stinks…

  170. midseason caoching change results from above study:

    “The results have shown that coaching ability has a rather significant positive effect on team performance, and that managerial succession during the season is found to have a rather significant negative effect on team performance. The results also indicate a strong correlation between coaching ability and team performance.”

    ummmmmmm FIRE RENNEY?

  171. Look at the Florida Panthers roster. Tell me we cant score as many goals as them, and tell me we should be giving up more goals than them.

    its BS that we dont have the horses imho. The fact of the matter is as long as Renney is the coach, there is no way, i repeat NO WAY to know if we do or if we dont.


    Where were all these Glen Sather excuses last year when we had Shanahan, Jagr, Straka, Gomez, Drury, Avery etc, and STILL were in the bottom 5 in the NHL in terms of goals for.

    All I hear are Renney apologist excuses everywhere. Again, no explanation as to why we couldnt score last year when we had the 25th worst offense in the NHL, no explanation as to why under Tom Renney our offensive rankings have been…
    30th, 25th, 18th…and even when Jaromir Jagr and Petr Prucha accounted for 84 goals for in the season out of the lockout, we still werent able to get into the top 10 in offense (14th in the NHL).

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, three times, four times, shame on me. I feel really sad for people who cant see a pattern of diminishing offensive production as the talent on the team increased over the past 3 seasons. You can argue with me all you want about THIS year, but 3 seasons in a row prior to this one makes a pattern. This is just the culmination of an inept coach with no idea how to make his teams score goals.

    Also, for all those people wanting to blame Glen Sather for these moves, let’s not forget that Tom Renney has had a hand in EVERY SINGLE signing the club has done since he has been here. He was on record last offseason saying he and Glen had discussed what players to bring in and who he wanted.


  172. onecupin67years on

    Anyone going to Sunday’s game?

    Maybe there will be a new coach and Avery, don’t know if Avery will be a leaf or a ranger

  173. Here’s your chance to play GM:

    I hope Rangers have new management for the June draft. Sather’s staff has improved on selections lately but if you take it back to 2000, and made the better alternate picks, where shown, just from that alone you would have a better team than the present version.

    Since Sather and staff couldn’t have a crystal ball concerning the death of Cherepanov and the career ending injury for Blackburn, no alternate was suggested by me for those picks.

    What team would you have from the list selecting the draft pick alternate (your option) shown plus the picks they did select?

    Play GM and make up your team from this list.

    64 – Novak —– Rupp or Kurt Sauer
    95 – Dom. Moore
    112 – Duben
    140 – Martz
    143 – Snee — Liles
    175 – Helfenstein — Lombardi
    205 – Lundqvist
    238 – Eberly
    269 – M. Richter

    10 – Blackburn
    40 – Tyutin
    79 – Garth Murray — Patrick Sharp
    113 – Lampman
    139 – Collymore
    176 – Zidlicky
    206 – Preucil
    226 – Petterstrom
    230 – Zvachkin
    238 – Hollweg
    269 – Stals

    33 – Fardeleau — Jiri Hudler or Fleischmann or Greg Campbell
    81 – Jonasen — Cam Janssen
    127 – Guenin
    143 – Walsh — Paul Ranger
    177 – Jake Taylor
    194 – Hirschovits
    226 – Crabb
    240 – Prucha
    270 – Rob Flynn

    12 – High Jessiman — Dustin Brown or Seabrook or Zach Parise or Ryan Getzlaf or Mark Stuart or Ryan Kessler or Mike Richards or Corey Perry
    50 – Baranka — Hejda
    75 – Roche — Picard
    122 – Corey Potter
    149 – Nigel Dawes
    176 – Dornic
    179 – Furrer
    180 – Holt
    209 – Reese
    243 – Jan Marek

    6 – Montoya —> Mike Green
    19 – Korpikoski
    24 – Darin Oliver
    48 – Dane Byers
    51 – Bruce Graham
    60 – Brandon Dubinsky
    73 – Behensky
    80 – Billy Ryan
    127 – Ryan Callahan
    135 – Psurny
    169 – Jordan Foote — Chris Campoli
    247 – Johnathon Paiement — Mark Streit
    266 – Petrusalek

    12 – Mark Staal
    40 – Michael Sauer — Paul Stastny
    56 – Marc-Andre Cliche — Johnathon Quick
    66 – Brodie Dupont
    77 – Dalyn Flatt
    107 – Tom Pyatt
    147 – Trevor Koverko
    178 – Greg Beller
    211 – Ryan Russell

    21 – Sanguinetti — Patrik Berglund
    54 – Anisimov
    84 – Hiller
    104 – Kveton
    137 – Zaborsky
    174 – Eric Hunter
    204 – Lukas Zeliska

    17 – Cherepanov (RIP)
    48 – Antoine Lafleur
    138 – Max Campbell
    168 – Carl Hagelin
    193 – David Skokan
    198 – Danny Hobbs

    20 – Del Zotto — Carlson
    51 – Derek Stepan
    75 – Grachev
    90 – Tomas Kundratek
    111 – Dale Weise
    141 – Chris Doyle
    171 – Mitch Gaulton

  174. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!!...says Greg L. on

    Nice research lenny , Mr . Carp …Your getting a little heavey on the RANGER BASHING in your blog here …I find it quite odd that you would speak your mind so freely . I’m shocked at the players and Management you flat out , called out!! You know I can’t argue any of your points because they are all so true. Keep up the honest blogging and I think everyone will be pritty happy . Actually your post today made me feel a lil better . ty.

  175. Mako, thnx for the link… this is absolutely insane!

    Tom Renney wanted to do something that has never been done, make a PERFECT HOCKEY CLUB! Isn’t he great? Isn’t he just a dream for any organization? Well Tom you tried, now please DISAPEAR!

  176. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but Rozsival was downright dreadful last night. Wow!

    I know this is not a nice thing to say but when you look at his face he looks really dumb, or clueless to what’s going on. This guy is about as soft as they come.

    BTW- Speaking of soft, Who is the bigger pus*%+y, Redding or Rozsival?

  177. oneCup-I’ll be at Sunday’s game. It’s a cool thing to pay tribute to something and some people who are not 94 related. Those guys are waaay before my time, but if you’re a fan, you gotta pay attention to the history of your team.

    I’ll be cheering Howell and Bathgate, but once the current Rangers start….I’m gonna be THAT guy :)P

    BTW-very cool story; my friend’s dad who took me and a few of my friends to my first game at MSG (and the last ever Rangers-Whalers game in Hartford) went to his first hockey game taken by his cousin in 1959 when Howell and Bathgate were staring. This Sunday, he’s taking his cousin to Howell-Bathgate night. There men are in there early and late 60s respectively; it all comes full circle!

  178. This roster can be made more offensive,as in scoring goals, through trades. It would require trading 2 promising players with a few high paid non producers. It would require selling Stall or Del Zotto or Sanguinetti in a package.
    Kovelev,Ryan Smyth, Pronger, Boewmeister, Streit,, J Blake, and so on will be available

  179. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Tony from AZ February 17th, 2009 at 1:09 pm
    Hey Pete, I’m as frustrated as any one here.
    But to hope we lose ? Never gonna happen. I’ve been a fan since the early 60’s. I’ve seen some really good teams & some really bad teams ( only one cup). But my passion for this team is always the same. I consider myself a true blue fan, sure I get pissed off & I want changes too. My my Rangers are always #1 to me – & Potvin always sucks !

    Tony – It’s so good to find someone one feels as I do!

  180. JohnM-let us not repeat the mistakes of our forefathers and trade Sags and Del Z.

    I’m gonna say this time and again but I believe in Anisimov, Grachev, and these two dmen. I believe in Carl Hagelin.

    A lot of you will say “yeah, whatever” but I’m willing to sit back and give the franchise to these guys plus the young guys we have now. Even if it means doing nothing at the deadline.

    And what if I’m wrong? Well, I paraphrase Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters:

    “If I’m wrong then nothing happens and you
    toss us me the can and tell me to shut up and I don’t know jack. But if I’m right, and
    if we can stop this thing (making the same mistakes as our forefathers) … well, let’s
    just say that you could save the lives of a
    lot of registered voters.”


  181. Hey while I agree that Renney is not responsible for the bringing in the misfits masquerading as hockey players he is definetly responsible for the coaching that goes into the power play which has no power. Perry Pern must go.I have seen power plays more effective at the high school level. Prucha should be on the power paly. The guy scored 30 in his rookie season and was a big contributor on the power paly.

    Now to Sather…. He has got to go. How do you justify spending 6 mil on Redden, 5 mil on Rosival and over 2 mil on Kallin. He has single handidly created a monster of a cap problem for the Rangers very similiar to waht the Knick did with Issiah Thomas. We will be feeling the effects of this bad cap stuff for years to come.I love Gomer and Drury but there is no way they are 7 million dollar players. They are excellent roll players but neither one can be expected to caary a team. I say dump Redden, Rosival and Kallin. Take whatever you can and move on with life. Give the kids a chance. I think yes theu will make mistakes for a while but they will always give 100% effort.

  182. onecupin67years on

    Mike in IA I’ll be at the game ,sect 415.. I will be wearing my #9 jersey . I did meet bathgate , howell , fontinato, bill gadsby and a few others when i was a kid, still have autographed sticks and pictures. I don’t care if they lose,but it would be nice to see them win. I wonder if toronto will give bathgate a gift, he did play for their cup winning team in 64.

  183. Gross on Renney today: “He believes having Chris Drury on the power-play point could be promising, he thought the team battled against the Blues, he thought Ryan Callahan showed some chemistry back on the top line with Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund.”


  184. From Lenny’s post obviously the killer pick was Jessiman..

    Blackburn and Cherapanov are just unfortunate things you cannot do anything about.

    It does appear lately the picks have been much much better.

    again grachev and Anisimov are key to turning the offense around over the next few years, they need them to be studs……

  185. CCCP

    I was at work when I was reading that and the words “Oh my G*d, Unbelievable, You suck Tom” kept on repeating out of my mouth. Sickening stats.

    Thanks for all that info Inferno. Great work.

  186. Great posts above….

    good link…thanks…38 games out of 58!! Jeez I didnt even think it was that bad

    I’m looking forward to those guys too…and I can wait…just hope Sather and renney dont try to fix their mess by getting rid of any of Dubi, Staal, Hank,Ansimov, Delz or the rest…but I’m nervous about it

    Good work…make me want to cry..but good work

    Yeah…been sayin it all year..blame Sather all you want..this crap started last year with a team that seemed constructed to score and we just sat back and let hank win games…had enough pure talent to kick it late but…IMO it was in spite of Renny

    thanks for the Link on Hagelin

  187. Another mind-boggling Renney deficiency:

    Renney is satisfied with any game where they hold the opposition to below 3 goals. He has absolutely no clue about the offensive side of the game. It doesn’t matter if they win the game as long as they stay under 3 goals against.

    To Renney, losing 0-2 is as good as winning 6-2. Even after losing 0-2, he feels “his guys” (Betts, Orr, Sjostrom) have done their jobs, and he’s not too disappointed.

    How can somebody this clueless be an NHL coach???

  188. Some choice tonite
    feel like watching Devil game..I got Emrick and that whining Chico or….Potvin and the FLA broadcast team….

  189. Thanks Mark,

    I was thinking of going online for the B’s tonite

    By the way..Thats the best live online sports link I’ve ever had…been using it last few of weeks since I got the link from this blog ( maybe from you)

    I have NHL center ice on TV..but here in New england B’s games blacked out

  190. Yea I’m not sure how this site has not been shut down since they seem to have every sport, but the quality is tremendous.

  191. Watching B’s online

    anyone having problems with NHL center ice TV tonite?
    All pictures freezing up every 10-15 seconds…unwatchable

    stayin online

  192. It’s easy to look back and say i would have rather had so and so over the guy that the Rangers picked 5 years later after the original draft. Im sure 5 years from now when some of those guys dont pan-out, you would be changing your selections again…… That’s just the luck of the draw.

    I think that Grachev, Anisimov, Delzotto, Hagelin, Kundarek and Dale Weise are gonna be real good for this team.

    I think we should dump Sanguenetti while we still can

  193. has anyone heard any rumors other than the nonsense that spews from eklunds website?

    with our free fall cousins montreal and pittsburgh making moves, we’ve got to have something brewing.

  194. The Rangers wanted Wheeler but he chose Boston over the Rangers, Minny, NJ, etc. chose them over 8 teams who showed interest.

    Don’t worry about Kalinin guys and gals; he’s gone after this year.

    Do not trade Staal in a dumb package. He WANTS to be here along with Dubi. This is their team. Dmen like him aren’t easy to find.

    Also, the Rangers should play to their strength; drafting Russians. There’s a stereotype that they don’t wanna come here but the last time they had a bunch of good Russians (Zubov, Kovalev, Nemchinov and even Karpotsev) they won the Cup and a Russian led that team in scoring (Zubov). Russians like NY; they have a community here, they can do what they wanna do and live in relative anonymity, the money is good, and they can get home to Moscow quicker than most places. Keep drafting Russians. Sather should have got that Petrov kid the Islanders grabbed to go along with Grachev.

    Also, I’m rooting for a couple of other prospects besides the big 4; Michael Sauer-I wanna see him overcome these injuries and be that solid 2nd or 3rd pair guy Mitch Gaulton-The kid beat Tommy John surgery in 7 months that’s heart. This kid has shown as much heart as Cally and Mara.

    And remember everyone: prospects named Turcotte, Amonte, Weight, Broten, Mallete, Granato were not these “sexy” first rounders when they came up and did fine, and no one ever heard of Zubov or Kovalev. When the Rangers selected Kovalev in 1991 (I watched that draft on Sport Channel) you could hear pins drop everyone was shocked.

  195. MikeA- I don’t want Staal going anywhere, but they better lock him up before the summer of 2010 because I can see a team giving him an offer sheet.

  196. I have a feeling most of the good rental players available at the deadline will go to teams that feel they are close to the Grail. Teams like the Rangers in my view should avoid the temptation of sacrificing their future in order to try for a low playoff spot. If we don’t have the horses to compete for a Cup (and we don’t appear to), let’s focus on making the team better for next year with the highest possible draft position. Of course, if we string together 6 victories in a row starting tomorrow, I take back what I’ve just typed!

  197. When I go back to NY to visit I eat Pizza breakfast lunch and dinner

    My son emails me pix of slices once in a while torment me…Damn kids!!

  198. With 4 of these next 6 at the Garden before the deadline I could see them going like 4-1-1 or something like that, and Sather becoming a buyer, or they will just lose tomorrow and all hell will break loose haha.

  199. ever since i swam over to NY on top of my luggage… i knew i will never leave this place… Greates City in the world, after Odessa, Ukraine :)

  200. MikeA: Couldn’t agree more with the Russian comment. I’ve noted here already that a young Russian D-man named Dmitri Kulikov is highly skilled, playing for Drummondville in the Quebec junior league. He’s ranked right around 15th currently in draft rankings and would be a perfect addition to our blueline. He plays defense and he has very good offensive ability.

  201. A shame we dont have players who have passion like this:

    Throw in Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Semin, and the Capitals are the only team with four 50-point scorers.

    “Alex wants to score 70. Mike Green wants to be the best,” coach Bruce Boudreau said. “So when you’ve got two guys who have that great inner drive, I don’t have any thought that they’re going to sit and take it easy at any time.”

  202. Rick,

    I have been meaning to ask. Do any of the Rangers players have performance clauses in any of their contracts? Or are you not privy to this information?

  203. MAKO-I remember 90-91 when Gartner was going for 50 and got 49 that night (last night of regular season), and all the young guys wanted to get him that 50th. There were quotes in Newsday the next day about how players would’ve traded their goals and given it to Gartner just to get him that 50th.

    Kulikov sounds good. Let’s go for him. We had the Czech posse, let’s start a Russian posse. Ideally it would be great to get Matt Duschene who is Grachev’s buddy, but he’ll be gone by #5.

    I want them to draft Jan Erixon’s kid in the later rounds. He’s a stay at home Dman who grew up in Rye but is a Swedish citizen. If anyone can play defense, it’s Jan’s kid.

    Mark-I’m not worried about an offer sheet. If someone does, they’ll match it. Remember, losing Naslund’s four million is gonna be a huge asset to bring back Staal and Girardi.

  204. answering-scotty on

    there is a guy named scotty writing in the puck daddy roundtable about the Rangers on yahoo.

    if he is on this blog I would like to tell him he is a dishonest POS.

    he claims that Renney has the 3rd best winning % of all Ranger coaches. but this jerk counts the shootout wins as wins, but does not count the shootout losses as losses.

    so, if you count them all, Renney drops to barely above .500, at 143-136.


    hey scotty, you’re a dumb sh!t

  205. MAKO, I’ve been back on this thing less than three weeks. I don’t have that kind of info yet.

    But obviously the people in charge don’t have bonuses based on performance.

  206. I never thought I’d see a coach look less like a coach then Michel Therrien but…I just looked at Rich Tocchet real close…that guy should be in a backroom

  207. Worst move ever? We’re talking about the Rangers here- you know the Vic Hadfield for Nick Beverly Rangers-the Rick Middleton for Ken Hodge Rangers- (I could go on for hours) at least Redden was only money- no talent going the other way- My personal favorite: essentially getting Marcel Dionne for Tom Laidlaw, Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller ( who had earlier been dealt for Bobby Carpenter) the hockey equivalent of “chasing your money”. When I heard that deal while stopped at a traffic light I banged my head on the steering wheel. I have this theory about Marcus Naslund- seeing how far outside he will skate to avoid physical contact- I figure when he was playing out on the pond he probably took his shots from a rock on shore- thus developing (as Sam R. would say) his terrific wrist shot- softer than melted ice cream.

  208. The Habs are struggling like the Rangers are, so they have decided that for their two game trip to Pittsburgh and Montreal they are simply going to leave Alexei Kovalev at home and send Sergei Kostisyn to Hamilton of the AHL. Yes, seriously, not from Eklund but from

    In a similar move, the Rangers have announced that Wade Redden, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez will continue to lead the team in shifts, time on ice, PP time and useless platitudes spouted to the media.

    Somebody needs to do something to make it at least bearable. Until someone does, it will only get worse.

  209. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    watchin the leafs game- brian burke talkin to christine simpson that annoying versus chick. pretty much spoke about the state of the team and alot of trade stuff being talked but hes honest and not afraid to call out his goaltending issues. wish we had a GM like that.

  210. The Rangers will be fine and make the playoffs and lose 2nd round and pick around 20th…

    Guys…It is groundhog day…..

    don’t sweat.

  211. I always hated the Miller and Ridley deals….

    Can you say Amonte and Weight?

    I always remember the juniors and how JD was glowing about Amonte…..he was right.

    Anderson for Gartner? Come on….Gartner was better for Toronto that year than Glennie for the Rangers….. The guy never won the cup and you trade him off the best team at the deadline….

  212. Burke is playing like a wolf in sheep’s clothing….Kaberle is all but gone. Uh TK, can you give me 10 teams I can trade you to? I am only teasing….wink, wink.

  213. I actually just had to re-boot my computer..this is the truth

    I went to Ranger website and then Rangers on demand…I tried listening to the Renney interview from practice today

    at around 40 seconds in I tried getting out…and I couldnt…I tried everything, control-alt-delte, “x” ing out, I tried changing the video, opening another screen, muting the volumes..the more I tried to get rid of him the more he kept talking…finally at about 3-1/2 minutes of the same BS from Renny I had to re-boot…

    There’s a methaphor in there somewhere

  214. homerj, without the Amonte and Weight deals we are probably at 69 years without a Stanley Cup now.

  215. Hard to argue with Amonte and Weight trades that helped bring a championship. The Gartner-Anderson deal was all Keenan. I thought Gartner would have actually given them a better shot at the Cup, but Keenan thought otherwise, and Anderson did get a huge goal in the finals, SHG I believe.

    Middleton for Hodge is all-time worst. Ridley/Miller for Carpenter next. Both influenced by Espo, one as a player, one as the GM. Hadfield for Beverley was the first step in tearing down the early ’70s team that almost broke the curse.

  216. Rick agreed…..

    Watching Middleton and Bruins for a decade was the all time killer…at least Ratelle and Park had some good times in NYR but Middleton was just a kid…sheesh…I still get a shiver

    Only letting Zubov go comes close to that for me

    Amonte and Weight were good players..Zuby won cupsssss

    Hadfield was just about cooked by 74-75 plus he had that laughing fit agianst philly in game 7 while sitting in the box

  217. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lol kaspar. i seen that video today too. its so funny he doesnt seem to care at all that we suck. hes just so chipper and he used that word”cantankerous” again. thats when i lost it

  218. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    matt cullen has as many goals as our captain. just think we coulda kept him, got the same amount of production, and saved about 4-5 mill. or whatever cullen costs.

  219. Glenn Anderson had the game-winners in Games 2 and 3 of the ’94 finals. I don’t lose any sleep over that trade.

  220. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    I never liked the Beck deal, either. We gave up half of the team that took us to the Finals. That broke my heart.

  221. If you picked as many losers at the track as Tochett does you would look like that too, CAN YOU SAY JANET GRETZKY

  222. forcrissakes

    Thats right! Beck was a frickin Bust and he never went away..kept hanging around for years..couldnt stand him..they made him captain..I still remember some midget Islander (Flatley) hitting this giant and breaking every bone in his body..I think his spleen fell out on the ice…frickin Beck…why’d you bring him up?

  223. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    to trade garts for anderson at the time i didnt like it but sure as wasnt complaining in june. its one of those trades that you cant really judge.

  224. I don’t disagree. The Amonte and Weight trades set up a team to win that year. But who is to say that we wouldn’t have won a few instead of the one. Trading youth has always been the one glaring problem with the Rangers trades. Blind squirrels and all.

  225. chara just buried one in the boston game…

    remember when everyone in ranger world didnt want him.. no we got the other former ottawa senator..

  226. Last game Boston played they were down 2-1 with about a minute to play..they planted Chara like an oak tree in front of the Preds net and he just wacked away with four guys on hm to score the tieing goal

    Guys a monster

  227. what kills about the Amonte Ridley deal was that they played so well in the playoffs in ’86 and into the next year only to get trade for a guy with bad knees….

    But Middleton for Hodge….arghhh.

    I still think Boston fleeced us in the Park, Ratelle for Vadnais and Espo. You probably could have done Espo for Ratelle with some sweater….but Park killed us. He played 10 more quality years.

  228. Hey Carp,

    How do you feel about what Gainey is doing in Montreal?

    Bob Gainey, GM of the Canadiens has taken the bull by the horns to stop the bleeding in Montreal. Rather then fire coach Guy Carbonneau, Gainey has assumed responsibility for his organization and is giving Alexei Kovalev some mandatory time off.

    Carbonneau, who is every bit as much on the hot seat as is Tom Renney and as was Michel Therrien, asked his GM if he could send Sergei Kostitsyn down to the minors. Imagine that. Carbonneau had to ask permission. So that’s how it works in Montreal?

    What the hell is Sather doing? Fishing? Smokin a cigar?

  229. I think the Canadiens will be big buyers at the deadline. They can’t miss the playoff in their 100th season can they?

    Also does anyone know when Mara was going for that MRI?

  230. Good work on finding all that info from the drafts but truthfully I think they are crap shoots outside the bona fide stars like Crosby or Lemieux. I think if you took a look at the first two rounds for the last five years and put any team that passed over an eventual superstar in a column, you’d probably have every in the league team there pretty quick. Always interesting to look at but not overly persuasive.

    I know Montoya is held up as a bad pick but the guy had two 30 win seasons at a great school, Michigan, and they needed a goalie. Who knew that Lundqvist would turn out to be such a stud, not the GMs who passed him up until the 7th round in 2000. Incidentally, not a single goalie from Montoya’s draft class has played more than a handful of games in the NHL, so at least they didn’t draft the wrong goalie.

    I’d also like to use this space to say Callahan’s progression is coming along nicely, way more shots this year and they’re leading to goals. No decline in energy or effort. Lets hope he keeps taking it to the next level.

  231. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    “homerj February 17th, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    I still think Boston fleeced us in the Park, Ratelle for Vadnais and Espo. You probably could have done Espo for Ratelle with some sweater….but Park killed us. He played 10 more quality years.”

    Not really fleeced us. I think Vadnais and Espo were a big part of the ’79 team that took us to the Cup finals. Boston never really did much after that trade. Vad and Espo did good things for us. Vad was your quintessential stay-at-home defenseman. You could always count on the guy. Always staying back and directing traffic while skating backwards on a rush against.

  232. Mark – thanks. I stumbled upon that after some trial and error. Kind of like Renney changing his iines, but I found something useful out of it.

  233. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    cally is by far the hardest worker on the team. in time he could be a 25-30 goal scorer. when you work hard like that, thats where most of youre goals come from. he isnt the most talented guy no doubt, but at least he gives it his all. alot of talent on this team is being wasted

  234. Park was a great player for the Rangers overall, but he was definitely out of shape the last season he played in NY. A lot of flat-footed, statue work at the blueline, with the active hook on the onrushing forward that way back then the refs ignored. Needless to say, Park got into superior shape after being with Boston at once. (Something about not drinking all afternoon with the teammates after practice, which was a staple for the NYR since the late ’50s).

    Ratelle was a great loss —- he was such a stalwart on the team from the early ’60s. I hated that trade when it happened, but given that neither team won the Cup in its aftermath (though each came close) it is hard to say it was a calamity for either franchise.

  235. All Hail King Henrik on

    It’s official: 8th place.|STN|Conf

    Florida and Buffalo both won. We’re even in points, but due to the tie breakers we sit in 8th. I know it’s been coming for a looooong time, but it’s still pretty surreal to see the Rangers sitting in 8th, when it seems like not too long ago, I clicked on the same standings page and saw the Rangers in 1st overall.


  236. FCSPP,

    Maybe harsh there. Vadnais was good, but you could have done the Espo for Ratelle and someone else. It might seem pari pasu when you look at it but Ratelle and Espo finished out about the same. Park continued on with many good years and was still the play the man defenseman we knew from years past. Vadnais was a good solid guy, but his numbers fell off dramatically after his first year with Rangers.

  237. I actually blame all of this on Rick Carpiniello. We were doing just fine when Sam was here. Maybe Rick isnt telling Renney the right combinations to use like Sam was.

  238. By the way, I met Brad Park for half a second on Graves night; he was in my friend’s section. Very cool guy, he signed all the autographs, shook everyone’s’ hands, the works. I didn’t wanna bug him, but it was cool to acknowledge him.

    That Zubov trade was a killer. He leads the team in scoring during the Cup year and if you watch game 7, he’s as important as Mess/Leetch/Graves/Richter/Kovalev. He was left out of Messier night and that pissed me off. When he retires, the Rangers should have a Sergei Zubov night. I’m not saying retire his number, but welcome him back to the family, thank him for what he did in 94, let all these people who worship Messier know that it was Zubov who led that team in scoring. Tell his story of how a 12th round draft pick who no one ever heard of made it to the NHL.

    If Glenn Anderson gets to come to all of these charity events and if the Avs can retire Ray Bourque’s number, then there’s no reason why Zubov can’t be properly welcomed back to this family and given his proper due.

  239. i was watching the knick game tonight and i noticed donnie walsh attended the game and was interviewed about the trade deadline. How come the untouchable sather never gets interviewd by msg? is he alive?

  240. I just want to admit that I was one of the people who thought Matt Cullen was overpaid at $3M to be the third line center.

    How fast I would take him back, as selfish as he was…

  241. eric, I take full responsibility for this. In fact, just before Sam left he was noting that the Rangers were in better shape at the all-star break than they’d been in a while. Then he left, I showed up, and it all went to hell.

    mikey, maybe they should get Walsh to handle the Rangers’ trade deadline too. Couldn’t do any worse.

    Going to bed now. See you in the morning. Late morning.

  242. Sweet, 8th place. The Sens showing signs of life, and Carolina and Pittsburgh looking to right the ship, we may be dead in the water.

  243. News to Joe – the team is, in fact, dead in the water and has been for weeks. Months, actually. The death spiral has begun and will be one for the record books.

    But it’s all OK because last night the Rangers gave St. Louis something to think about. Like “how can we reconfigure the United States so that these pushovers are in our division and we can beat up on them more regularly?”

  244. Carp… taking responsability for the rangers downfall is a great character trait…but the question is- what r u going to do about it? :)

  245. I miss the days when Cullen had a slapshot that ended up being the gwg against the thrashers. Its sad that we miss Cullen.

    I miss the days when we owned the Prudential Center.

    Gomez is the only guy with a contract that I think teams would accept since he is such a great passer/speedster. I mean he can make anybody look good in a decent system. @003 here we come!!

  246. Its that time of year again, when i feel i must at least have a cursory glance at Eklund’s website. Today he has us looking at Vinny, but the names he mentions in trading don’t include the “big 3” (Gomez, Redden & Drury), he does worryingly talk about Staal, Girardi and Dubinsky and thinks we would move Roszival and Prucha to create the necessary cap space.

    I like the idea of adding Vinny, it gives us a big bodied top line centerman – and could possibly be the guy to play Drury alongside? I’m just not keen on what it would take to get him (unless its more draft picks than young studs)

  247. The only way the Rags could get Vinny, would be to move Gomez. The only way to move Gomez, is to package him with prospects. I could see moving Gomez, Grachev, Dubinsky, and DelZotto/ Sanguinetti to Vancouver for the Sedin twins or even Mats Sundin. It would take a move like that just to rid the NYR of the Gomez contract. Mats is signed for this season only, as are the twins (UFA’s). A steep price to pay, but with any luck, the NYR could get the twins and spread around some of the $$$ to more positions on the ice.

  248. . . . .or the NYR could get rid of all the players over the summer and then Trade for Vinny. Something like that.

  249. onecupin67years on

    I love the rangers.. but I hate this team, coach, gm and owner..what kind of team is this?

  250. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    or the rangers could just waive redden, bring up potter or fahey, trade gomez and some picks for a big scoring winger and try to claim avery. dump voros and kalinin in the offseason, etc… theres so many moves this team could make just by demoting players or releasing them. problem is that sather will not send redden to hartford, hes gonna give him another season most likely and who knows if he does somehow get his game back maybe he can put up some points and maybe sather can trade him. i cringe when i think of the moves sather will try to pull.

  251. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    who knows maybe redden gets his sh– together and either he becomes the pp qb or we can get something at least a pick for him in a trade. maybe he needs a clean slate. ya know a change of scenery, lol bring up potter and sit redden a game and see how fast he rediscovers his game

  252. I think that BEER ME is Sather cause we don’t here from that Renney loving douch any more either.

  253. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    does gainey have a big sack or what? tellin kovy to stay home a few games. hey man we dont know what goes on in alot of these players personal lives. you know any one of us has to deal with a death in the family, a divorce, anything like that, im sure it affects us at work. and addiction also. you never know who could have problems but it looks like we might have a few on our team. idk im not accusing anybody of anything but people here keep talkin about the white lady with a mr redden gettin it on

  254. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Montreal sent Kostitsin down to the ahl and told Kovy to take some time off. I wish our management had it in them to try something like that at least.

  255. Salty

    12:33 Matt Cullen was again misused by the Coaching staff. He was a stud on the PP point for the Canes. If he was used 5 times at the point on the PP for the Rangers it was alot. And if Im not mistaken, in those 5 times I think he scored 3 goals.

  256. Wouldn't it be nice? on

    “General Manager Bob Gainey said he suggested to the struggling Kovalev that he skip a two-game road trip to rest his body and get his mind straightened out.

    “Alex’s preference was to stay with the team and play, but I could see in his eyes that he agreed with it,” Gainey told the assembled media, adding that the 35-year-old hadn’t been suspended and would still be paid. But he also wouldn’t say when Kovalev would be back in the lineup.

    “That’s not a question I can answer definitely now,” he said. “I’d rather let a couple of days go by than to make a hasty decision right now. We’ll talk in the next 48 hours.”

    He has 13 goals and 26 assists in 57 games this season, but only 1 goal and 4 assists in the 11 games since he was named the most valuable player at the NHL All-Star Game in Montreal on Jan. 25. He has often appeared listless and showed little of the fire that endeared him to Montreal fans last season, when the Canadiens finished first overall in the Eastern Conference.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a GM that would address the media when players are underperforming? Instead of let the press and the fan-base decide what’s wrong and how to handle it?

    “The Canadiens have lost 10 of their last 13 games since Jan. 20, and Kovalev has only one goal and five assists in that span.”

    NYR lost 9 of their last 13. Gomez has 2 goals (1 of them an empty netter) and 8 assts.
    Drury 2 goals, 3 assts and a -7 in those 13 games. That’s your killer….and “captain”. Please slats…no more letting Ranger fans fulfill their dreams of playing for the Rangers.

  257. we want sam back on

    wow rick, why don’t you update a little bit less. i’m so overwhelmed by the amount of updates you provide us with.

    seriously though, why be a beat writer if you’re not going to write about whats going on during the day? it’s not like its the off season when theres nothing happening. and when you do post, it’s just your opinion on the shootout. we get it already, you hate the shootout.

    fire rick, renney, and sather

  258. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Now you got something there Jerkins, lets bring up several players from Hartford. Lets start getting some young guys some NHL experiance, why not what do we got to loose. To bad we can’t send Gomer, Nausland and Redden down to Hartford. A part of me wants to loose this game tonight like really bad, to try to get someones attention. But then again would it do any good, probably not. Oh well we shall see what the outcome is.

  259. Maybe a new coach can re-invigorate Redden and get the team playing in order to maximise Drury’s goal-scoring and Gomer’s play-making skills.
    I think if the players weren’t being shackled by a more defensive system we could see a lot more goals out of Naslund, Gomez, Drury, Zherdev and some of the youngsters – it might not get us many OT or shoot-out wins but it might give the team some confidence to go out and beat teams in regulation.

    If all the players were playing to (or close to) their potential our needs are not that great: a scoring winger with size, a physical d-man.

  260. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    8:59 Wouldn’t it be nice?

    That is a team that has respect for its fanbase. Not contempt like ours seems to.

  261. Wouldn't it be nice? on

    You’re right. It seems like most of the moves management makes (or doesn’t make) are spiteful to the fans.

    I thought we had all liked the idea that we were done with overpaying aging vets, and in comes naslund and redden. Naslund’s doing about what shoulda been expected. But that crook Redden…what a joke.

  262. ~rest on (one’s) laurels~

    -To rely on one’s past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance one’s status or reputation, e.g. Glen Sather.

  263. So we are in 8th place…
    Renney will say…it doesn’t matter 1st place 8th place…
    its like losing 10-2 or 3-2 it doesn’t matter.
    So who wants to win tonight and who wants to loose?

    Oh and F… Sather!

  264. “Also, the Rangers should play to their strength; drafting Russians. There’s a stereotype that they don’t wanna come here but the last time they had a bunch of good Russians (Zubov, Kovalev, Nemchinov and even Karpotsev) they won the Cup and a Russian led that team in scoring (Zubov). Russians like NY; they have a community here, they can do what they wanna do and live in relative anonymity, the money is good, and they can get home to Moscow quicker than most places. Keep drafting Russians. Sather should have got that Petrov kid the Islanders grabbed to go along with Grachev.”

    Please, no more Russians. Yes, there were a couple on the 04 team, but…the 94 team was the most physical team they ever assembled. The had size, they had grit, and they never game up. They had defenseman that weren’t afraid to knock people down, and they had forwards that won battles in the corners. Yes, they had a young Alex Kovy…and now have a relatively young Nick Zherdev, a young center in AA, and Evgeny Gratchev who is tearing up the OHL. But, I pray that the Rangers don’t put all thier eggs in one basket with the Russians. Where the Rangers stand right now, they have a very good chance to grab Zack Zassain. He is everything the current club doesn’t have in thier top 6, and granted it will be a couple of years before he is NHL ready…but again. There is nobody like him in the system right now. A potential Milan Lucic, and should be available if the Rangers stand pat in the draft order.

  265. Please bring Sam back to this blog. 98% said on this blog by Rick regardless of the subject is nasty or negative. It is like listening to Nancy Pelosi speak 24 hours a day.

  266. Mark, are you nuts? This team sucks and Carp’s okay with talking about that. I liked Sam a lot but he was pretty much the most carebear reporter you’re going to get when it came to discussing the hard, cold facts.

  267. Mark

    While I agree with you that Nacy Pelosi is a raging C word. Rick is a breath of fresh air in reporting the Rangers. He tells it like it is. He isnt candy coating anything. If you read Brooks, Zip, hockey rodent you will find the same thing being reported about the Rangers no matter where you look.

  268. Mark, you are living in a fantasy land if you don’t see this team as a train wreck in the making…
    at this point I don’t even think Sam would have positive things to say…

  269. Stretch Pelosi is a embarrasement to this nation…
    If someone like her can reach that position…nvm!

  270. Whatever happened to The Bullet Bob Page? He was always negative…even criticized Leetch about an hour after he won the Conn Smythe…

  271. Drury, Gomez, or Redden must be dumped in some package. One of those three.

    I don’t care if it includes Dubinsky–just not Staal.

  272. I just ran into Sam..he said the Rangers suck, Carps doing great and that all the Renney defenders were dead wrong…then he walked away in his Devils Jersey

  273. true blue
    Like what firings? Trades? Executions?

    No..But they had a nice practice was team photo day, Gomez baked cakes and Renney made smiley face whipcream topping designs

  274. haha- like the Denny’s commercial, but instead of b-fast:

    “Isn’t it time for a serious hockey team”

  275. Audio,
    I don’t see how Rangers will win tonight.
    I want Sather to look so stupid for these moves I can’t stand it.
    I want to here the “Fire Sather” chants through my TV

  276. trueblue
    I love that denny’s commercial!!

    be intersting to see how local announcers treat the chants..make believe thay aren’t happening?

  277. seriously if we lose tonight, what are the repercussion sif any?

    Carp: do you really htink Renney is safe until the summer?
    Do you think ANYONE of the top paid talen t will be benched?
    Do you think they will call up anyone and sit an active player to change it up?

  278. I normally don’t like the Rangers to lose but only if they don’t make the playoffs is there a possibility for wholesale changes. This team is going nowhere so I must root for the opposition. More losses means change at the top and a better draft position, so let the losses mount up.

  279. I’ll go with 4-2 Islanders tonight. Not sure why I think it’ll be that close. As for how loud it might get tonight calling for Renney and Sather’s heads…Trust me, I’m sure they’ll ignore the chants…in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been ordered to tune down the crowd noise…They blast music at every stoppage to drown it out anyways.

  280. Well I dont know how “reliable” this is but a friend of mine his co worker who goes to every single home game and Rangers event and knows 2 players on the current team, knew some of the former players said “if the rangers dont win tonight – tom renney is sure as gone”

    again dont quote me. I just heard this 2 min ago. dont kill the messenger if this doesnt happen LOL

  281. My favorite lately is Redden getting booed…I love it for some reason…and also when he gets crunched into the boards.
    Against Philthy the other day my wife was wondering why I was so happy dispite the score…I said every time Redden touches the puck he gets booed, its like he’s playing in Ottawa.

  282. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    My prediction:

    The Rangers will score 1 goal for every 4 minutes of ice time Petr Prucha gets (rounded down).

    The Islanders will score 1 for every 2 minutes of ice time Aaron Voros gets (rounded up).

  283. When I watch the game on MSG I don’t hear any chants. Then I speak with friends who were at the game and they say, “Did you hear all the Fire Renney and Fire Sather chants?”

    The only explanation is that MSG is censoring its’ audio output and muting the arena mics when the chants begin.

    In fact, for a while now I haven’t heard the Potvin chant, although it’s still done at each game. All I hear is the whistling that precedes the chant, then nothing much.

    Meanwhile, Sam Nosen and Joe the Shill talk it up even more, using the stupid banter to drown out any background audio. We can’t have the impression going out over the airwaves that all is not right in Rangerland, can we?

    MSG/CVCC (a.k.a the Dolan Corporation) is an embarrassment to all true Ranger fans. The franchise is in hell until they are removed from all influence.

  284. Kaspar

    Who’s to say it doesnt already. He was one ugly mofo. LOL

    Islanders score 1 goal for ever 10 min Redden is on the ice :)


  286. Rick, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Stick to your guns, the rest of us are going to do what we want any how. There’s only so many ways to say the rangers aren’t doing too well right now, and once you’ve said it, why repeat yourself over and over again.

  287. PHX Suns fired their defensive minded coach on Monday. Their first game back to their offensive minded system and what do they do? Put up 81 in the first half and 140 in the game…

  288. My biggest fear is Renney getting fired and Slather going behind the bench…
    We all know Slather doesn’t like Torts so…I doubt he will be hired.

  289. Also, Korpikoski is “hurt” with an upper body injury. Renney probably slapped him in the face for scoring a goal and hurt him.

  290. Petr Prucha will be placed on waivers as he does not make the 09′-’10 team out of camp. Picked up by the Icelanders.

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