Postgame: Flyers 5, Rangers 2


Almost hate to interrupt the previous thread … but I figured you’d want some of what went on in the postgame, especially since MSG Network wasn’t there with its postgame show.

So here are Tom Renney’s remarks and some notes:

Reaction to the 3-on-5 goal:
“Not very happy. Simple as that. It’s one of those things where you try to press to get a part of your game going and you give up a short-handed goal. It’s pretty disappointing, to say the least.”

“It’s a tough day for us. A tough day for everybody.”

On the team’s mental state, giving up the three quick goals after the short-hander:

“Confidence is always an issue when you’re struggling, there’s no question about that. And I think what you’ve got to do is look to find small successes in your game, play the game in increments not of 20 minutes but less than that, and really get back to building a game. You build a game off a good foundation, hard work, managing the puck well, being on the right side of the puck and just keep pushing it forward.”

On the chants of “Fire Renney” and “Fire Sather,” and what blame he takes:

“I take full responsibility for where this team is right now. That’s incumbent with the position. My job is to correct this, get us wining, get us feeing better about ourselves. I look to be a solution. It’s as simple as that.”

He plans to meet with players one-on-one and “make sure we’re real clear on what’s expected of the players, give them a solid foundation of expectation, because sometimes that gets a little blurred too. You know, coaching’s an interesting art because you can climb down guys throats and hope they respond that way, you can soft-love them and hope they’ll respond that way. … That’s coaching. We’re at a stage where we have to know our athletes and press the right buttons. I think we’re a good staff, I think we’re capable of doing that, and I know this team wants very badly to win.
“So it’s all hands on deck now.”

“We all have to step up now. It’s not exclusive to one guy. This is an all-in thing. It’s time to man-up.”

A few notes:

Paul Mara popped his right shoulder out in the fight with Arron Asham in the third period and did not make the trip to St. Louis. He said it will take a few days for the swelling to go down before the injury can be diagnosed. It looked pretty bad, though. Mara praised Asham for his sportsmanship; Asham stopped fighting when he realized Mara was hurt. …

Nik Zherdev was benched for part of the second period for his lack of effort and preparation. “And that’s part of my job,” Renney said. “I’ve got to make sure he and everybody is ready to go. So in as much as it is he who pays the price there, you’ve got to take responsibility as a coach.” …

Renney had planned to play Steve Valiquette in St. Louis tomorrow, but he said part of his thinking for pulling Lundqvist was that he likely will go back to his No. 1 goalie tomorrow. …

How rare is the 3-on-5 short-handed goal. Well, it was the third of Mike Richards’ career and that’s the NHL record.

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    Hmm, I just checked back to make sure i was right about the 12 game thing with LQ. The funny thing is that this team couldnt really score back then. The Rangers lost quite a few of those games in that stretch or won in typical Renney fashion, the shootout. I think Renney needs to go, but for people to suggest this team is A LOT better than they are playing should look back to even when they were successful. They still were only scoring about 2 goals a game.

  2. Renney’s a moron.

    Nicky Z wasn’t playing that great the last few games, but even so, to bench him for doing what everyone else was doing, that’s pretty pathetic. I didn’t see Dru miss a shift after he caused a shorthanded goal against on a god damn 5 on 3.

    Im sure he’ll do what ever it takes to keep his job, cause he knows he’s in hot water. He’ll have his little meetings, and all this other .

    I cant stand it, fire this jerkoff already, enough’s enough.

    Where are all the Renney lovers now ??

  3. I want to personally start the Boycott.

    I’m not watching this team until something is done. I turned the game off after Giroux scored, if i had seen this team get scored on AGAINST on a 5v3 my remote would be in the television.

    No more Rangers. Sorry boys.

  4. Hank’s not innocent in this, he was pathetic, and that’s the way he’s been lately. He’ll come back with games like he had against the Cats, and the Bruins, but Hank is having his worst season in my opinion, im not sure how stats go, but he just doesn’t look good this year, as he did the last 2 seasons down the stretch. I don’t blame him completely, look what he has to deal with, but at the same time, you cant let in the kinds of goals he let in today. Cry all you want aboot the team not able to score goals, and how it frustrates you, but if you’re gonna complain aboot it, then you cant give up goals like that. He needs to bounce back, they all do, but i hope they dont. Gotta get rid of Renney, and i hate to say it, but this is how it needs to be done.

  5. There was a time when I would watch the Rangers, and win or lose, it was just a game and I had a blast watching them.
    However, now that I am off of drugs, I must say, this is really painful. This organization needs to be stripped down from the bottom and worked up all over again.

  6. The coach’s choices of whom to bench in-game continue to astound. Gomez and Redden and Naslund and especially Dawes all floated like they were in the Thanksgiving day parade, but Tom gets tough with Zherdev. The man is a clown.

  7. Becoming sellers is our best bet at this point, rangers hockey hurts more knowing that we’re paying way too much to see the same old dumpster happening. It’s funny, that Jagr’s “washed up” group did much better than this new “re-worked” group that Sather has for us.

    Awesome work. Looks to be both the coach and the GM. Stop sitting guys like Zherdev, he had his confidence kicked enough in a CBJ uni.

  8. “Nik Zherdev was benched for part of the second period for his lack of effort and preparation”
    Carp why no one ask about luck of effort from the “big boys”.
    Why no benching Drury,Gomez or Redden.
    Why can’t You ask this?

  9. longtimerangersfan on

    He plans to meet with players one-on-one and “make sure we’re real clear on what’s expected of the players, give them a solid foundation of expectation, because sometimes that gets a little blurred too.

    I’m sorry…aren’t players expected to give their all? How in hell can that ever get blurred?

  10. I didn’t think the defense was going to get any worse, and now they lose Mara who is one of the guys this year that deserves his money, and to wear the Rangers sweater. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    ” “I’ve got to make sure he and everybody is ready to go. So in as much as it is he who pays the price there, you’ve got to take responsibility as a coach.” …”

    So why hasn’t Redden sat all season? And Prucha pays the price all season because Renney is an irresponsible coach?

  12. So i’m going to have to agree with many people that the Rangers hot start is a large result of playing teams that were playing their first game of the season and the solid goaltending of LQ. The team scored 3 or more goals 5 times against in that 12 game span against the likes of the Islanders, Thrashers, and the terrible Lightning. The Rangers had 3 SO victories and one SOL. I think everyone was agreed back then that the Rangers would not be able to win the rate of games they were.

    I want Renney gone, but with that said, the personnel of this team is bad.

    I agree Ford, I dont get how Renney makes his decisions to bench players, but he never holds his veteran players accountable…you would think that after the 5-3 shortie he’d bench Nas, Dru, and Gom from the PP, but nope.

  13. Zherdev benched?!?!?!

    Are you kidding me?

    I dont think hes been so productive either but to not bench Captain Boring, and
    Scottie “ChaChing!” Gomez is ridiculous.

    I wont even touch on Redden because i think the garden cheers will say it all.

    Next it will be like the begining of season when Z, Dubinski and voros were doing great and he broke up tht eline at its prime.

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  15. I can’t really post as much as I want as I’m send this from my phone. But why is Zherdev the only play Renney benches? Why not Dawes, Drury, Gomez & Redden. I mean you had every NBC announcer lacing into them. I love my team more than anything, but I was downright embarrassed to be a Rangers fan today. I have never said that and meant it like I do now.

    Renneys comments are just pathetic. Mr. Renney, you have 100% control of this run away horse. And you aren’t getting it back.

    Hey how is OTTAWA doing since THEY FIRED THEIR COACH MID SEASON?!?!

  16. NYR56 On Renney as a coach ” hahahahahaha”
    NYR56 on powerplay “The power play is the best penalty kill in the game

  17. Adam and his apple on

    redden = the worst contract in NHL history, it looks like hes on drugs, 35 straight games without a power play point, wow hes some PP QB, what a crock!

  18. Like i said over and over again once Jagr left it became Tom’s team………..

    “And he blew it” (in Robert De Niro voice)

  19. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to watch this team anymore, it’s too depressing. Ill continue to watch out of curiosity, but i don’t care if they win or lose, id prefer it if they lose so they can get a good pick in the draft like ive mentioned a shit load of times. Even if Renney gets fired, im still not getting into this team, we’re gonna have to wait until next year. No way this team goes anywhere while they’re being led by Drury, Gomez, and Redden.

    At least Avery will be entertaining, unless his “Anger Management” fugged his game up.

  20. I am just amazed at how he can rationalize benching Zherdev, but refuses to bench Gomez or Drury! Especially after being on the ice for 3 goals, including a shorthanded one!

    The fact that this guy still has a job is ridiculous!

  21. Sather should not be allowed to fix this team. He got lucky after the lockout with Jagr carrying the team, and Sather’s genius then went on to get rid of every player responsible for that success, except Lundqvist. Why didn’t NBC criticize Sather? Obviously he’s a nasty guy, but why is everyone in hockey afraid of him? What influence does he have that allows him to keep his power? Why isn’t he called out in the press even more? Why does he get special treatment when every other GM in NY gets attacked constantly?

  22. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    This is the first time since the lockout that I actually WANT the Rangers to lose. Until changes are made this team is DOA.

  23. Renny should be fired for “lack of effort and preparation” all season……

    and stop with the lose to get good draft picks. Sather and co are awful judge of talent!

  24. All Hail King Henrik on

    This team is terrible.

    Wade Redden’s contract is the worst in the NHL.

    Scott Gomez & Chris Drury’s contracts are fairly terrible as well.

    Glen Sather is the absolute worst GM in the NHL.

    Renney is going to get fired and this team will perform even worse. Perhaps they’ll have four or five good games, but they’ll quickly fall back on their old ways.

    Scotty Bowman would not make this team a contender. This roster is seriously, seriously flawed and 99% of the blame for what is happening right now falls on Sather.

    I can’t believe most fans are calling for Renney’s head over Sather’s. Renney is not blameless here, but he’s not nearly as cupable as many make him out to be. Do any of you really believe this is a roster that will contend for the cup? Advance past the first round? Even make it to the playoffs?

    Where does that blame fall? Sather.

  25. Well one thing’s for sure… now that I’ve given up on them I have more free time.

    Anyone know anything about knitting?

    Maybe a good knitting blog?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  26. Rangers have fired Renney…Ted Nolan set to replace him. Expect something within the next 2 hours once the team arrives in St.Louis. Pearn and Pelino will remain on the staff.

  27. all hail –

    Yes we all recognize it’s Sathers fault, but he has his job for life & isn’t going anywhere. Unless, ppl start boycotting going to the games. But Dolan doesn’t care, they have their money from season tickets. So the next best thing is Renney.

    I’m glad Pierre & mike pointed out that drury & gomez are “average” players & said “what happened to these guys since the put on that blueshirt”

  28. It’s to late for Renny and his sidekicks. They have made all their speeches, ranted all their rants to no aveil. It’s time to go.

  29. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Renney and the staff have got to go. NOW!!!! Bringing in someone else to coach this team really isn’t going to make matters any worse at this point. Benching Zherdev – what the hell.

  30. renney must go first on

    they went 10-2-1 to start the season. you can’t do that with no talent. just ask the Atlanta thrashers.

    the Renney defenders are pathetic. they won’t admit that Wash last season. Chi, Ott lately, SJ, all have improved by getting a new coach.

    just look at Det after Bowman retired. dave Lewis was a disaster there.

  31. The good news is that there is still time, brother. The team collapsed on Renney the first year he was here down the stretch They were dead in the water the second year when Avery arrived. That was like putting in a new spark plug. But the rest of the engine was in good shape. This year it looks that they need a complete overhaul. I know Sather doesn’t want to give up draft choices because we are supposed to be building for the future, but he’s already mortgaged the future on dumb signings like Redden. One more lifeless loss and I say bring in Schoenfeld to see if he can lit a fire under these guys. Or Nolan. Or Quinn.

  32. Chris, they could do that, but AFAIK, they’d still have the cap hit, right? At this point, they have to do what they can to make room under the cap. Carp, what would some of the options be to free up $$$ space?

  33. 1. The benching of younger players who are much less at fault for what is happening instead of Gomez,Naslund, Redden, et al is a complete joke.

    2. Sather has blown the Avery situation. What Dallas wants is for Avery to stay in Hartford as long as possible and show he is a good citizen, and he WILL do that for them. Dallas’ hope is that they will not have to put him through re-entry waivers but that someone will actually trade for him and they will be freed of his entire salary. Or they want the Rangers to think that someone below them will pick him up. The longer they drag it out, the longer he behaves, the more likely it becomes. And to the Stars, they already know that the worst thing that will happen to them is that Avery will become the Rangers problem at half price.

    3. No, Dolan won’t fire Sather. But as Sather is also President of Hockey Operations, he doesn’t have to. Sather simply has to be embarrassed or shamed into stepping down from the GM position. He can remain the club President. Schoeney can then step in as GM and fire Renney and staff and get heads rolling. I predict this will happen in the next week or two.

  34. Renney should be fired strictly on say “…soft love…” alone!!!
    Same BS
    I honestly dislike Sather more than Renney though, but they both disgust me!

  35. guys-the talent is not as bad as the team looks….it’s salary cap time, all teams are flawed on paper. The teams that compete hardest win.

    Renney doesn’t have his team competing. It’s a country club, with no accountability. With the right coach, they’d be giving the devils a run. They’re only 9-11 points back with same number of games played. They blew that huge lead in Montreal, huge lead against Washington, big lead against Toronto….

    The right coach, benching guys that don’t compete, and getting the power play to work just a bit better, would have us an extra 8-10 points as far as I’m concerned.

  36. It’s not to late things seem to be looking up in Ottawa since the got a new guy behind the bench.

  37. What an embarassment today on national T.V. It was refreshing though to hear the announcers bashing the Rangers all game long, with every shot deserved. How the hell does Renney bench Zherdev, again, but continues to give valuable minutes to Redden, Rosival, Drury and Gomez, while not giving enough ice time to Dubi, Korpikoski, Zherdev and Callahan.

  38. Sather has the say for sure easy to see that by who gets played, but Renney is hands on and who the players deal with.

  39. I almost went to this game today too. Glad I stayed home. Why doesn’t Sather bench Renny and let Perne and Pelino take over for a game or two? How could you keep Redden out on the powerless play so long without accountability– Ok I mean on the blue line at all- how about Potter in Hartford- he didn’t look at all out of place in comparison- Oh I forgot- the big bucks they gave Redden- don’t want to show how bad they screwed up.
    Hello JD- please come back……….

  40. “Rangers have fired Renney…Johnny Trots set to replace him. Expect something within the next 2 hours once the team arrives in St.Louis. Pearn and Pelino will remain on the staff and continue to blow”

  41. If i were Dolan, i would beg for JD to come back. He’s a Ranger legend, legendary partner of Sam’s, and a well known figure around MSG. Plus, do you see what he’s doing in St. Louis? He’s got them stacked with prospects for the next few years. JD for President.

  42. NYR56 February 15th, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    “Rangers have fired Renney…Johnny Trots set to replace him. Expect something within the next 2 hours once the team arrives in St.Louis. Pearn and Pelino will remain on the staff and continue to blow”

    You copied that from the other kid, then replaced Ted Nolan with Trots. Nice try, we’re not retarded.

  43. onecupin67years on

    This team is in a sorry state.
    I’ll bet no Cup winning team has ever given up 14 short handed goals.

    So, there will be no cup in NY this year.
    You can blame Renney and Sather, but I blame the Dolans’.

    Yes ,Renney can’t coach.
    Sather can’t GM in the new NHL.
    But the Dolans sign the checks.

    Today’s game was a nightmare for NBC .
    How can you promote the NHL with the sorry performance the Rangers displayed?

    Years ago when the rangers were self destructing ,their Sunday telecasts were canceled and given to the Av’s and the wings and any other team would compete.

    So Renney could have his heart to hearts . Sather ? who cares.
    But because the dolans have money, they manage to screw up everything. Sports channel with the mets telecast, Ranger telecasts years ago, battling the NHL. They’re a bunch of classless losers.

  44. Matt K you responded to it.
    You are retarded and have zero sense of humor! But you are super smart!

  45. The season’s over, folks. This team isn’t making the playoffs, not even a first-round exit.

    Renney’s worthless.
    Sather’s an idiot.
    Most of the team are third liners.

    It ain’t happening this year.

  46. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    “Nik Zherdev was benched for part of the second period for his lack of effort and preparation. “And that’s part of my job,” Renney said. “I’ve got to make sure he and everybody is ready to go. So in as much as it is he who pays the price there, you’ve got to take responsibility as a coach.””

    Oh, wonderful! What about all the other guys that make a lot more money than Z who NEVER get benched???

    I’ve had it with Renney.

  47. As much as I think Ted Nolan would be a great coach for this team Sather is not going to hire a power hungry guy like him .
    if he did, it would show how bad things are. Renney still goes with redden,gomez,and drury at key times under Nolan they all would spend alot of time on the bench.In redden’s case he would be out of the line up on many nites making Sather look like a fool for paying him so much.

  48. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Hold it! I might have figured out the real reason for Zherdev getting benched! He was looking good out there with Prucha. That’s a no-no in Renney land.

  49. renney must go first on

    On the chants of “Fire Renney” and “Fire Sather,” and what blame he takes:
    “I take full responsibility for where this team is right now.


    great. then YOU’RE FIRED !!!!

  50. All Hail King Henrik on

    “I’ll bet no cup winning team has ever given up shorthanded goals”


    You might not want to make that bet. If I recall correctly, the NHL record for shorthanded goals allowed is 22. Set by Colorado in 1996; the year they won their first cup.

    Check the stat, but I’m fairly certain it was mentioned on one of the Rangers broadcasts this season when mentioning all the goals they’ve allowed.

    Sadly, the comparisons to the Avs end at the shorties allowed. The Rangers aren’t winning the cup.

  51. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “And I think what you’ve got to do is look to find small successes in your game, play the game in increments not of 20 minutes but less than that, and really get back to building a game.”

    Wait, I think he’s got it figured out! Winnings games didn’t work so he explained the need to “win periods!” Now we just need to win “increments of less than 20 minutes!” So just expect this losing streak to continue a little longer until the team figures exactly what that vague period of time that equates to. I can’t stand reading what he says.

  52. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Any guess as to Prucha’s status for tomorrow?

    My guess is he’s playing becaues I think Renney knows that
    Voros = unemployment.

    even if he can deny that Prucha brought the energy in the 3rd.

  53. even if he can deny that Prucha brought the energy in the 3rd.

    You realize Renney is the same coach who scratched Prucha for the past 6 games after he went 2 games without a point, who prior to that stretch had a 4 or 5 game points steak.

  54. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    Okay we all need to take this on a serious front…
    1…We all know Sather will not be fired by the Dolans they love him.

    2…Renney on the other hand just may be fired by Sather if this pathetic team keeps playing the way they do.

    3…The Rangers are not going to be able to get rid of these big contracts that they have handcuffed themselves with.

    4…A team just may be willing to take Roszival, Drury or Gomez’s contracts off of us but definitely not Redden.

    5…The team just may need to go through a fire-sale again to wake them up. Sell off some of the aforementioned players for really nothing. Maybe some picks or mid-level prospects.

    6…Keep the core of young players…INCLUDING PRUCHA. They can play with an edge but getting the limited playing time because Renney feels this need to play his UNDER-performing high-played players.

    7…Is it a coincidence that once Girardi was placed with Redden his offensive production went to the basement.

    sorry to say this team has really gotten to me. I am a die hard Rangers fr life and always will be but some things just need to change

  55. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    “”All Hail King Henrik February 15th, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    This team is terrible.

    Wade Redden’s contract is the worst in the NHL.

    Scott Gomez & Chris Drury’s contracts are fairly terrible as well.

    Glen Sather is the absolute worst GM in the NHL.

    Renney is going to get fired and this team will perform even worse. Perhaps they’ll have four or five good games, but they’ll quickly fall back on their old ways.

    Scotty Bowman would not make this team a contender. This roster is seriously, seriously flawed and 99% of the blame for what is happening right now falls on Sather.””

    How could you defend a man who clearly has no idea of how to manage his bench or handle the personnel he was given???! If Renney was coach of the Red Wings he wouldn’t have done anything with them, either, and I’m not saying the Rangers are like the Red Wings, but if you want to be hypothetical then I will be, too.

  56. Great. Bench Zherdev for lack of preparation and effort. How about… bench Redden? Bench Roszival? Bench Gomez? It’s bs… plain and simple. Dan Fritsche said it… “Renney has his guys…” Benching Zherdev is like putting a band aid on a hemorrhage…

  57. Still don’t think Renney is fired before the end of the season. Sather has no fear of losing his job so he has no need to replace the coach. You can chant Fire Sather all you want. We did that back in 2004 and he’s still here.

  58. If Mara is out I wanna see Sanguinetti already; i don’t care if he’s not good defensively, I wanna see him run a PP.

  59. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “You realize Renney is the same coach who scratched Prucha for the past 6 games after he went 2 games without a point, who prior to that stretch had a 4 or 5 game points steak.”

    Of course I do. I was just speculating. Being optimistic. I’d also think he can’t use the size card against St. Louis. Actually I think the real reason he’ll play is because it’s on VS and he doesn’t have Micheletti to defend him and Voros and he’s on the hot seat.

    Dec 29 NYI Versus Prucha played
    Jan 5 Pit Versus Prucha played
    Jan 18 @Pit NBC Prucha played
    Last monday @NJD Versus Prucha scratched
    today NBC Prucha played

  60. czechthemout!!!! on

    I’ve changed my mind on Renney after the post game comments.

    I think he’s the best coach the Rangers have ever had!!! I think we are fortunate to have Renney and his long track record of success in his career. Mess was wrong to run him out of Vanc. and probobly cost himself another cup.I think his powerplay coaching is top notch.His defensive knowledge is second to none.

    He has developed a plethora of young players for the Rangers and was quick to recognize the Kings ability as his number one goalie.

    Tom holds the right players accountable day in and day out,that’s why he benches Prucha,Z,Dubi,it’s usually their fault.We should be thrilled to have someone of Wade Redden’s stature and quality on our team.

    Chris Drury is the best leader since Mess.Gomez is a stud.Just look at how good he looks caarying the puck up the ice on a daily basis.It’s the aforementioned benched players who cannot finnish,that’s the problem.Rozy should be a finalist for the Norris this year.Once again let me add that I am very sorry for going after Renney tp the extent that I have over the last two+ years,I was wrong!!

    Again Tom Renney,I am sorry!

  61. Maybe Sanguinetti can be brought up for one game, play 5 minutes, and be sent down. We’re good at that. Pair him with Redden.

  62. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Scotty 2 Hotty – Completely agree.

    Especially on #6 & 7

    If Prucha goes the fan base may be turned off to the team (I’m speaking for myself here).

  63. czechthemout!!!! on

    Once again-

    Bob,pemoco,Inferno,MikaA,Orr,Alex b,CCCP,Staal wart,Salty,
    and all the rest of the Renney haters,I was wrong and Renney needs to stay.PLease Glenn don’t Fire Tom Renney.

  64. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I just hope the VS announcers saw the 1st intermission and take it a step further and go after Renney tomorrow night. I didn’t expect pierre mcguire to say anything but nice things about renney anyway.

  65. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    I just wanna see if someone agrees with me on this. Renney said in an interview that he didn’t think Prucha could handle it playing so much in physical type games, which is why he plays the bigger Voros. THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU PLAY HIM AGAINST THE HARD HITTING FLYERS?

  66. MY interview with Renney:

    RB: “Coach, losing games with regularity now, and with frequent embarrassment, is not about the team needing to work harder, in games and in conditioning skates. This downward spiral appears to be the symptom of a much larger cause – the fact that you have lost control of the team, the team’s moral is low, and the team appears disoriented on the power play, and enfeebled at even-strenght. Should not you, wanting to be known as a man of integrity and as a reality-based human being, step aside now, in timely fashion, to give the reins to someone who can come in here and redirect the focus and reconstruct the strategy, for the greater good of all concerned?”

    RENNEY: ‘I do believe we can turn this around, so long as I don’t have to play Prucha more than twice a month over Voros, to tame the wolves out there; so long as the GM doesn’t bust of our solid veteran defense corps of Roszival-Kalinin-Redden, and Reitz, so long as the GM does not yield to temptation and pressure to bring up Anisimov, Parenteau, Sauer, Potter, and Sanguinetti, while cutting the likes of Bettman, Orr, and others who will not be here next year. So long as we don’t panic and make sweeping changes, Rob, I think we will come out of this, alright. After all, why make the playoffs with spirited, talented kids when we can either miss the playoffs or get bounced in four games in round one, with our veteran corps. Frankly, if it were up to me Rob. we would not promote any players to the parent club, under 27. And we would have kept “Shanny” until he turns 50 – so I am really not the crux of the problem, here. And trust me, no more 5 on 3 power play backfire goals for at least the next three games. We will work on that.

  67. Czechmouth-You’re wrong, I like Renney I want him to finish off the season and maybe even back next year. I don’t like Sather but I like Clarke and Hedberg. It’s the players on this team that suck; Gomez, Drury, and Redden. Even Naslund is beginning to wear down.

    Bottom line;this team makes me f’n sick. And you know what, I’m gonna watch tomorrow? Why? Because I’m an @sshole.

  68. Bottom line;this team makes me f’n sick. And you know what, I’m gonna watch tomorrow? Why? Because I’m an @sshole.


  69. Maybe the announcers seem to be supporting Renney because they have information about what he has to deal with in Sather?

  70. The Renney basher and especially “Scott Kay”, please do boycott the team. We don’t want you onboard. But when they do turn this around, you are not allowed to celebrate as a Ranger fan. Deal?

  71. I just realized why the Rangers are one of the very few teams in the league who have not been killed by injuries — THEY DON’T PLAY HARD ENOUGH FOR THAT TO HAPPEN!!!

    i CAN’T HELP BUT THINK ABOUT HOW cAPTAIN CLUELESS SCORED ON US IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH SEVEN SECONDS LEFT! He’s not a Ranger in my book. HOw the F do you make someone captain who puts you to sleep with whenever he opens his mouth? This guy is a motivator? Are you kidding? BTW did he play today, or was he his same old invisible self out there again?

  72. Andy – Bottom line;this team makes me f’n sick. And you know what, I’m gonna watch tomorrow? Why? Because I’m an @sshole.

    I hear you Andy – you and me both. I can’t figure out why i invest my time on a team that just doesn’t give a

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    “I can’t believe most fans are calling for Renney’s head over Sather’s. Renney is not blameless here, but he’s not nearly as cupable as many make him out to be. Do any of you really believe this is a roster that will contend for the cup? Advance past the first round? Even make it to the playoffs?

    Where does that blame fall? Sather.”

    I agree that regardless of who the coach is, this team probably isn’t winning, and that’s Glen Sather’s fault. But The thing is, Slats isn’t going anywhere until he wants to leave.

    With this coach and with these players we won’t win. But since the players aren’t going anywhere, the only way to potentially win is with another coach. I’ll admit the chances are still slim to none (close to none than slim), but that’s still better than none under Renney. That’s why Renney should be fired, regardless of whether you blame Sather entirely for this mess or not. They won’t win with Renney and the players aren’t going anywehre. Therefore Renney has to go.

  74. OK I had my 3-4 hours to pout… and 3-4 beverages…
    Now it’s —
    Let’s go Rangers… clap- clap- clap clap clap

    After tomorrow night this will all be a bad dream and we will be looking forward to the playoffs again

    Hmmm… talk about die hard… anyone else??

  75. I missed the 5-3 goal. I just saw the highlight. Wow, talk about terrible. I thought Drury was supposed to be good defensively, he made himself look really BAD on that play that led to the SHG. It’s sad when teams know your PP is so bad that you can take chances on a 5-3 to score.

  76. Andy—-You’re not an asshole you’re a Ranger fan just like me. I’m watching them tomorrow too,why Because know matter how much I bash Renney the Defence,or any of our player’s I LOVE THE RANGER”S,Do they suck this year ? HELL YA.
    It’s gonna be tough but there our team.


  77. I think a change of scenery might help Redden, he at one point in his life was a world class d-man…Blow-mez on the other hand, is just a second line center, and WAY WAY overpaid

    i agree with doplerbob…
    lets go rangers…

  78. Lobster and ACDAVIDDC

    MikeA was the original poster of that statement, I was only agreeing with him. I think he summed up what it’s like to be a Ranger fan lately. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m rooting for the jersey, not the people wearing it.

  79. This was supposed to be Redden’s change of scenery. He’s no world class player anymore. Of course playing in the Renney “system” doesn’t help

  80. Chris, you made a great, great point for all to ponder: If you abandon ship, you can’t celebrate when it turns around. There were a lot of frauds on the ’94 bandwagon, but you could tell which fans were the loyal long-sufferers.

  81. One more thing before I have to run out for a while … somebody pretty connected in the NHL told me today that just about every scout in the league knew Redden’s skills were going or gone last year. Your team apparently did not know.

    And it’s hard to blame Redden for taking the money under those circumstances, isn’t it?

  82. But Perry Pearn recommended Redden, and based on Pearn’s outstanding success as architect of the power play, who cares what everyone else says? And he makes great first passes.

  83. Can we please fire Sather and hire Messier already. Also if your not going to fire Renney, at least fire Pearn and hire someone who has had success with PP. Cant we send Redden down now and then trade for a defenseman?

  84. Its a sad day to have had my 2 day old son watch his first game with dad. This team makes changing a diaper and not sleeping fun.

    Can we please get rid of Renney and/or the other crap behind the bench that won’t make necessary changes to the lineup. It’s clear Dolan is still in love with Sather and he ain’t going nowhere…

  85. CARP, Chris- Who’se abandoning ship? Are we supposed to be all hunky Dorey watching the team we love dragged through the mud buy an arrogant Gm, an idiot Coach and a bunch of overpaid uninterested mercenaries? I only wish this team showed half the heart of the guys sitting in the Blue Seats. We love this team enough to abhor ANYBODY that does this to it. THAT is a REAL rangers Fan.

  86. Reddon has never had a minus +/- season in the NHL….

    And hindsight is 20/20 Rick, but ya the renney system is killing him.

    And when he made that first pass, it used to be to a Alfreddson, Heatley, or a Spezza.

    I’m just saying, he could be a “project” for another team.

    We are in desperate need of a power forward and a whole LOT of confidence, this team is fragile. Hopefully a road game might help.


    The Pittsburgh Penguins have fired head coach Michel Therrien. Head coach of the Wilkes/Barre Penguins’ Dan Bylsma will take over.

  88. Voice of Reason on

    If Mara ‘popped’ his shoulder out, it means he dislocated it. The MINIMUM time he should be out is 4-6 weeks. Since he is an Unrestricted Free Agent he would be endangering himself if he comes back sooner.

    Would like to see Michael Sauer called up. Former 2nd Rounder, physical, stay at home type, 6-3 215…

  89. Congrats on the bundle of joy, ShapsRanger. Nice Valentines gift. Good to see we have something positive to see here on the forum! My wonderful wife is still here with me tonight after my temper tantrum today! Can’t be all that bad for me either.
    Good luck with your addition. I’m going to watch the NBA all star game now. Besides Uconn ball, its the only B-ball I watch all year.

  90. Wow coach was in the finals last year, and gets fired before Renney, well I guess having Hossa last year helps.

  91. Voice of reason- I would love to see Mike Sauer get the call up, but it is a shame Mara got hurt, the guy has played really well for us in his time here. I think he has been a great mentor for Staal.

  92. Nik Zherdev was benched for part of the second period for his lack of effort and preparation. “And that’s part of my job,” Renney said. “I’ve got to make sure he and everybody is ready to go. So in as much as it is he who pays the price there, you’ve got to take responsibility as a coach.” …

    Renney is mind controlled. The British Columbian Candidate.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    No way would I take Therrien over Renney. Our PP won’t click with Gomez, Drury, Redden, Naslund et al.

    Therrien had Crosby and Malkin and couldn’t get his PP to click. That’s MUCH worse.

  94. andy lol!!

    and the *press release we would love to see*….

    “We believe we need a change in direction and, with 25 games remaining in the regular season, our goal remains to finish strong and qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs,” Sather said. “Ken Gernanderis one of the bright young coaches in the game and has done an exceptional job as the head coach in Hartford this season.

    “We also would like to thank Tom Renney for his significant contributions to the Rangers organization.”

  95. Ken Genander PLEEEEEZ NOOOOOO he couldnt make it into the NHL and now is just another Sather cronny–Yesman

  96. Hey Gang,

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the kind words and support. Oh, and does anyone know where I can score some charlie in St. Louis?

  97. That’s incumbent, Tom? No, that’s inherent.
    I’ve been lurking a bit, Carp, because I really liked Sam. I shed a tear or two when he moved on. We all got used to hearing about his kids, his wife, and his life.
    Nonetheless, I have to say that you are doing a great job, and are a bit tougher than Sam on the team, which is good. (As a professional writer and editor myself, I have to say that you’re a pleasure to read. I may have to move to the lower Hudson Valley.) If I I don’t sound at the moment like a writing pro, that would be because I am on major painkillers, due to a really awful cooking accident.

  98. Trade Z cause he’ll never sign with Renney here.Whats that you’re not gonna trade Z,Then Fire Renney cause Z WILL WALK after the season with Renney here. Whats that you’re not gonna fire Renney,Then trade all our other free agents cause they’re not gonna sign with Renney here…ect….ect….ect.


  99. Ray Shero finally answers to the crys of his players, I hope Glen Sather take note of this, come on Glen should me you care for this team and FIR Renney with the PP mob (Pearn & Polino)

  100. Ok maybe we are pointing the finger at the wrong player/coach…

    It’s all King Henrik’s fault!!

    He kept the Rangers in the game for so long this season, we got spoiled with the lucky wins and points on shootouts. Now he has faltered just a bit and it exposes the real team that we had all year. Just my 2 cents..

  101. This team goes nowhere unless we get a real offensive star. In my opinion, if Glen wants to justify his job, he’d get on the line to Tampa Bay and ask them what they want for Vincent Lecavalier, and make it happen. There’s also a guy in Atlanta named Ilya Kovalchuk as well who may be available for the right return. Otherwise, we’re one and done at best. All of this is Sather’s fault for his failure to draft even a single star forward in almost 10 years. 10 YEARS. I don’t think any other team has been worse at drafting throughout that span.

    Oh and Redden should absolutely be buried in the minors. He’s worse than Kasparaitis ever was to earn that fate, and is being paid way more. Dolan’s got the money.

  102. OK one more chime in for me then I am a lurker-

    Ranger fan for 35 years, haven’t missed A MINUTE of a game (really) thanks to VCR, DVD recorder, DVR, MSG, USA Network, Metro North, and the wonderful wife. I never felt myself wishing for the Rangers to lose before during a game until today after the 5 on 3 goal against. The only thing that came to my mind after that was maybe if they lose bad enough again, something might happen. I feel terrible for my bad wishes but what can I say??

  103. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    “Rick Carpiniello February 15th, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    One more thing before I have to run out for a while … somebody pretty connected in the NHL told me today that just about every scout in the league knew Redden’s skills were going or gone last year. Your team apparently did not know.

    And it’s hard to blame Redden for taking the money under those circumstances, isn’t it?”

    Okay. It’s official. Sather IS deliberately making this franchise a laughingstock.

  104. Possible Deals on

    Would anyone do any of these deals (all involve even money)?

    Rozsival and Prucha to Edmonton for Dustin Penner and Steve Staios. Penner would fit in on the Rangers, for good or ill.

    Gomez, Staal, Dubinsky, 1st round in ’09, 1st round in ’10 to Tampa for Vincent Lecavalier (assuming they’d take Gomez, of course).

    Gomez and Prucha to Chicago for Havlat and Dustin Byfuglien (the Hawks may actually WANT Gomez – and they want to move Byfuglien, who we should move back to D immediately).

    Anyone else think of any good deals?

  105. Sather is the problem….has been for years. They did a nice job coming out of the lockout with the Czech posse around Jagr. Let’s not forget that Jagr fell into Sather’s lap. Then they decided to transition the club away from Jagr, and they have failed miserably. Slats has done a terrible job, and the club has been exposed as a passionless, talent-challenged club. They blew high draft picks on Jessiman and Montoya, and threw all that money at Redden. Slats needs to be fired……he should have been moved out for Maloney before he left. The remainder of this season is going to be a rough ride. Don’t expect to see the underachieving vets benched……Renney never does that.

  106. don’t get fooled by Carp’s sather bashing. he is and always has been a coaches writer. he loved campbell, he could do no wrong, and he is going down the same path with renney.

  107. so the coach of a better team that went to the cup last year and lost a bunch of important players gets fired before a deadbeat who has a team that is crashing and burning around him for 3.5months now gets to keep his job

  108. wd40sucks SUCKS on

    Where oh where are the Renny droolers?? Shout out Beer Me, Brandon, Timbo, Gargyole, where are you people to defend your hero?? Is there NO ONE who is coming to his aid?

  109. Rick, don’t you think its pretty fortuitous for your NHL source to come out with their assessment of Redden now? Redden is obviously a bust this year but I believe Calgary, Columbus and Florida all made offers in addition to the Rangers. Ottawa too, albeit not near the same level as his current contract.

  110. Considering that the NYR does not have much in terms of young developing talent…giving up Staal and Dubinsky for anyone would absolutely be a criminal thing to do… but then again… Sather is straight up dumb…so expect anything… i would probably offer Gomez, prucha, dawes one of the D in the minors and maybe a draft pick for Vinny… and i would throw a case of sniffing salt on top…

  111. Renny is actually overachieveing with this group – I tell you, he does not have a top line center, winger, or D man – It is what he was given – and the record so far was was misleading – everyone saw that in November

    Trade: Vinny is avail – have to give up 2 possibly – Dawes and anyone – TB does not need a second rate D man at this point

    Prucha should start for rest of season – why not?

    Renny stays – he has done a great job given the personel he was dealt – he cant make a # 1 team out of that group.

  112. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Sean, you or anyone else defending Renney is so weak at this point. Whatever this team lacks is not even the point. Have you read the posts in here that give reason after reason why firing Renney makes perfect sense? It’s painfully obvious that Renney has lost this team. Whether or not they win if he gets fired is beside the point. It seems he’s dragging a lot of players down now and that has to be stopped. They need a shakeup.

  113. Sean, maybe you’re right. Maybe Renney is over-achieving with this group. But he should still go. The reason he should go is because he cannot inspire this team. There are less talented teams who do better because there is 100% effort at all times. Florida comes to mind. You can make up for lack of talent with brutal work ethic, but the Rangers seem to have neither. A new coach needs to be put in place who will work this team and hold people accountable.

  114. lets just wait and see how Shitsburgh respond to a new coach… that roster is pretty foking talented if u ask me… lets see if coaching has any influence on how the players perform… lets just wait and see

  115. Check this out…Therrien being fired e4 at Ecklund

    he also had this gem

    ” There will be a winger for Crosby. The top three that I am hearing are Cole, Gaborik, Prucha and Recchi…likely in that order”

    Yeah..there’s 4 guys in his top three

  116. CCCP- We shall see how the new coach in Pitt does, but just look at the Sens with all their offensive talent, and how it took 5 games for them to break out with a new coach. They are 4-0-1 with a new coach, and came back in Minny last night 3-0 to win 5-3.

  117. “lets see if coaching has any influence on how the players perform… lets just wait and see”

    what are you hinting at here

  118. I’m so Jealous of the Penguins
    first they get to draft Malkin and crosby
    then they go to finals
    then their imbecile coach gets canned

  119. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Ha ha Kaspar.

    I feel jealous of them now, too. Why can’t we fire our coach? Sounds like a whine, but too bad. I’ll take some cheese to go with it.

  120. #___Player__________G__ A_PTS_+/-
    Pierre- Parenteau ___ 23 37 60 -6
    42 Artem Anisimov___23 33 56 2
    18 Patrick Rissmiller__6 25 31
    15 Greg Moore______16 13 29 -11
    21 B Sanguinetti ____4 25 29 -18

    Here is the top of Hartfords scoring list. See the minuses? See the plus on Anisimov? Artem got a one game looks . Why not Parrenteau? or Moore?? Don’t tell me we don’t have scorers!!
    I do not trust this coaching staff at all. They bury certain players based on their particular style of play and promote others who are not skilled based on their ability to defend. It should be based on how many goals you score not how many times you weren’t on the ice for a goal against. It is as simple as that. An attitude adjustment Start by rewarding the goal scorers more than the defenders.

  121. parenteu 23 goals 27 assists -6
    anisimov 23 g 33 a +2
    rissmiller 6 g 23 a
    Moore 16 g 13 a -11
    sanguinetti 4 g 25 assists -18

    Sorry first numbers were messed up

  122. Zherdev,Voros,Dawes,Naslund to Tamps for Vinny. Heck throw in Redden. I only throw Z in there for bait. Naslund is just salary dump…and redden is begging Tampa.

  123. John M-You can’t bring up Parenteau or Rissmiller because they have to go through reentry waivers and someone might take them. So that leaves AA, Sanguinetti, and Moore. I’d rather watch those guys play even if they’re not totally ready. Some of the “better” hockey during the 98-04 down years was after the firesale when half the Wolfpack was up, they weren’t good, but tried damn hard.

    I’m not sold on Reitz, he’s out of position a lot. He’s a fine 7th guy, but if he wants to be anything more, he needs to work on his positioning and skating during this offseason.

  124. Just wonder how long more sather and dolan will keep disrespecting fans like this? I mean, don’t these people care at all? Is it that hard to do your f*cking job and properly run one of the richest organizations in all of professional sports? I don’t think we ask for much…

  125. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    So the penguins players and fans have finally been amancipated,I’d like to congradulate them all.But wee here are winners as well.You see,now The pens will pass us by and force Dolans hand because he won’t get his home playoff games which is all he’s after anyway.The result will be Sather getting the can as well as Renney.

  126. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    MikeA- your right on Reitz,he sucks.I don’t think if he was any good the Wild would have traded him for that Star Fritsche.

  127. “Zherdev,Voros,Dawes,Naslund to Tamps for Vinny. Heck throw in Redden. I only throw Z in there for bait. Naslund is just salary dump…and redden is begging Tampa.”

    That would actually work out pretty the more I think about it. Rangers get Solid goal scorer and take huge contract off of Tampas hands. Tampa gets somewhat decent return with more moveable parts and salary to play with. Redden can even partner with his buddy Mezaros.

  128. Alex, if u think that by missing playoffs sather will be fired u r wrong. Remember 7 years w/o a single playoff appearance…remember all the failed singings and coach changing’s and busted drafts? And guess who is still the GM of NYR… that’s right… one and only… the man…the legend… the visionary… BARF!!

  129. It is pretty funny that playoff invoices have not gone out yet, usually they are out by now, and do by the end of February. It is like they are waiting for the Rangers to win a couple of games them boom they will be in our accounts.

  130. The problem is that we are actually the minority in the Rangers fan base. How many Rangers fans know who Carl Hagelin is or can tell you what team Evgeny Gracehv is now playing for?

    There are many of these generic pissed off “Nu Yawkaz” aka “Wha? The Rangas r playin’ bad, eh whaddya gonna do?” people who go to the games and will keep going.

    Then you have the corporate fan base who just wanna see names, buy their clients the martinis and Fillet Mignon, and leave after two periods, and finally, the people who worship Messier blindly and want to keep reliving 1994 by going to these games.

    So what I’m trying to say is that it takes a few years for the gospel to spread of how bad they’re doing for a mass boycott. It took till 03-04 to FINALLY see the fan base give up, and Jagr ake “Yaromeah Jagah” reenergized the fan base. I know I probably sound like a mean bitter you know what, but if I were to run this team, I’d run it as a mean bitter you know what.

  131. The comments by Renney after the game were so pathetic that even I who know what a fraud he is was saddened. He is going to sit down one to one with the team and explain what is expected?? WHAT??? As if these guys haven’t already heard all the gas that this Hall-of-Fame-quality bag of gas has to expell?? As if they haven’t already responded by virtue of their defeated, lazy performances??

    Renney is no different from any other impostor who has risen far beyond his natural station by a combo platter of a@@-sucking, glibness, faux intelligence, and just plain dumb luck. Now that he is being revealed for the boob he is —- not because of any pressure from the media, which aside from Brooks has played all-too-willing hooker to the coach’s pimp —- he’s a deer in the headlights. The end is near; he knows it. And he agrees with the verdict.

    What surprises Renney most? That it took this long for him to be exposed for the snake oil salesman he is, and for people to finally have no more patience for it.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    “Why not Parrenteau? or Moore??”

    Waivers. He has to make the team out of camp because hw ould definitely be plucked off of re-entry waivers. Moore we had up for a few games last year and he sucks. I think he has to pass through waivers too. Besides, Anisimov has already jumped him on the depth chart.

  133. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Once again I’ll say this.I find it amazing that coaches like Tortorella,Laviolette,were fired after winning the cup
    and now thierien over at pittsburgh,but our cancer has not been excized.

  134. I again was stunned by Renney’s passivity re: Shick’s treatment of Orr. If this coach were respected by the refs in this league, those penalties would never be assessed (because what the eff did Orr actually do??) But the officials all know Tom will just stand there chewing his gum and take it right up the pipe without a word.

    “Thank you sir, may I have another!”

  135. Real quick:

    Therien-Not a good coach; anytime you have Crosby/Malkin with Gonchar/Hossa etc. I could take the team to the finals.

    Greg Moore-He didn’t really show anything in his few games up last year and Sanguinetti has as many points as him. He got all those points playing with Nigel Dawes last year or so it would seem.

    Dolan-The worst owner in all of NY sports history. I wish we could take over the Rangers like the Packers fans and have a say in who stays and who goes. I said it once and I’ll say it again, this team should have fired Sather when Dean Lombardi was free as a GM. THAT man knows how to build a team and has done a great job in LA, in a few years that team is gonna be dynamite.

  136. How does the “let’s fire the coach contingent” explain firings of guys who took their team to the Cup like:

    Hitchcock, Robinson, Torterella, Laviolette, and now Therrien

    Jesus, Hitchcock and Robinson went from Cup champs to back in the finals to fired in three years. Are these guys good coaches, bad coaches, did the players have off years or did they pay for their GM’s follies?

    If they’re good coaches, why did they get fired? If they’re bad coaches how did they achieve success and all land multiple jobs (ex Tortorella)? If the players quit, why weren’t these good coaches able to turn it around? Or is it all just the GM/owner’s fault?

    I’m trying to put Renney’s short coaching career in context.

  137. timbo-Listen to the last video chat Carp and Jane did. NHL coaches only have an average shelf life of four years before players tune them out. It’s sad, but that’s how it goes. It also happens in the NFL. In both these sports, coaches are like neighborhood tramps; the same names get passed around, stay “with someone” aka a team for a few years, are dumped, and passed to the next person/team.

  138. Was at the game earlier today. Obviously the Rangers were horrible and they once again quit on their coach.

    But one definitive observation I carried away with me was how freaking hard Prucha played, even when the game was out of hand. The guy would not stop skating, hitting, and pressing for 60 minutes. If anything, Renney should be fired for Prucha’s misuse alone. It is criminal that he doesn’t start every game.

    Bring Back Avery, Fire Renney, Free Prucha.

  139. All Hail King Henrik on


    I’m not defending Renney–I’m merely saying the blame falls primarily on Sather for this team’s failures. I have no faith in this roster, and I do not think they can win as presently constituted. Outside of Lundqvist, Staal & Dubinsky (and Cally / Korpedo for effort alone), I do not believe in anyone on this team.

    As I said in my other post, Scotty Bowman could come in here, and he’s not going to coach this roster to the cup. Would he make them marginally better? Sure. He would not win the cup with them, though. The only player on this team worth his contract is Lundqvist. Outside of Lundqvist, Staal and Zherdev, the talent on this team is dismal, especially when compared to their contracts.

    As long as Wade Redden is our centerpiece defenseman, we will go nowhere. We basically have a $50 million salary cap due to that contract. It’s further handcuffed when you consider the contracts of Gomez, Drury and Rozsival. It’s hard to compete in a hard cap world, if your cap is internally restricted.

    I’m not defending Renney, as he certainly does have his faults (his team’s lack of talent greatly exaggerate them, however) but I simply do not think this is a roster built to win a Stanley cup. It has been horribly constructed.

  140. All Hail King Henrik on


    Conisder the core of three early favorites for the Stanely cup (goaltenders aside):


    Hossa (maybe)

    San Jose:

    Joe Thornton
    Patrick Marleau
    Dan Boyle
    Rob Blake


    Alex Ovechkin
    Mike Green
    Alex Semin
    Nicklas Backstrom

    Now consider our core:


    Notice the difference in talent level? Our core is comprised of “B” list talent, at “A” list wages. I will not argue that another coach could come in here and improve this team slightly. That’s certainly something that could happen. No coach is taking them to the cup though.

  141. Renney overachieved with this roster for a while, but it looks like they have quit on him because he clearly does not make the right choices. The older players have quit because they no that there are no consequences. The yunger players have quit because they are held to an unfair standard. Players who haven’t quit even though they should have (based on the coach’s treatment): Zherdev, Dubinsky, Prucha. Players who have been solid: Staal, Callahan, Mara, Betts. It would amaze me if the players just hit some switch to show more fire if Avery returns. How much would that indict their current play?

  142. carp, and others (I am sure you have) but simply look at redden’s stats over his career and over the last 3 years takes no insider to realize that he has been on a downswing, and was never good on “D”…

    ..not to mention he is listed at 6’2′ 205lbs and has averaged less than 50 PIMs/yr.. is this a guy you lock up for six years at $6.5mil or .. AT ANY PRICE.?

    Sather has messed the team up big time for the mid-long term.. and the youth movement is well behind others in the league (per a previous posting).. I remain loyal, but Sather makes it sooo hard: he has made horrible decisons and stays out of the limelight because renney is articulate enough to handle the media (its true).. Sather is a dinosaur and has been kept on long enough (last 2 years) to make the next 5-6 years really difficult – no matter who is behind the bench.

    Chris – cood comments.

  143. Scottyhockey has some good proposals on the PP.
    ie. sit Redden, Gomez, Roszy, Cally, Dawes and Voros; bring in a forward on the point (Nas and Z) and let Korpedo, Prucha, Sjo and Orr have a go.
    I agree with him – you’ve got a skill guy(Nas/Z) and someone with a cannon(Staal/Mara) on the point – although i would mix his forwards up a bit as his lines (Korpedo/Dru/Pru and Orr/Dubi/Sjo) look like a big line and a little line.

    Maybe someone can print it out and show it Renney & Co. at practice before the Blues game…?

    We’re losing too many tight games because of the PP and getting blown out like yesterday because we gave up another shortie and couldn’t convert ourselves. Think about it – if the PP had worked, we’d have won a lot more games instead of tight losses, we might have nicked a few points if we could have kept it close and gone to OT by scoring on the PP instead of giving up a SH(like yesterday).

    I reckon with even a decent PP we could be 8-10 points better off and breathing down the necks of the Debbies.

  144. ThisYearsModel on

    Time to get rid of Sather and bring a new management team in that includes Messier and Leetch in some capacity. Perhaps Gordie Clark as GM with Messier and Leetch as coaches to start. One thing is sure……..Messier will not allow players to sully the Rangers jersey like these players are. I truly believe that they don’t have a playoff push in them. As this thing unravels, there becomes a bigger chance that Zherdev will not be back, and that the few promising prospects we do have get signed to offer sheets from other teams.

  145. I would look to Vancouver. Trade Gomez and assorted picks/ prospects for the Sedin twins. Let them walk after the season if we have to. I would also see what it takes to bury Redden in the minors. The Kasparaitis treatment. If I were Sather I would do this then quickly retire and let Schoney take over. I would also trade Zherdev. I believe he could bring a decent return at the deadline. I am not sure I would want to resign him.

  146. they need a new coach, a new GM, and then move some big salaries any way possible. It’s way past time for new leadership in management, then the TEAM.

  147. “Sather should not be allowed to fix this team. He got lucky after the lockout with Jagr carrying the team, and Sather’s genius then went on to get rid of every player responsible for that success, except Lundqvist”

    Slats is an idiot, but give him SOME credit. He hasn’t been the best GM, but 05-06, the credit goes to Slats as well in my opinion, Renney gets very little, but some, but the majority goes to Jags, and Hank. Slats brought in Jags, who nobody took serious anymore, and he brought in a guy who had great chemistry with him, like Nyls, he made some good moves, so ill give him credit for that year.

    Im not defending the guy, he sucks, and raped our future, as far as the cap goes, but even so, you gotta give him some credit.

    But he IS a dumbass GM, who passed on stars like Green, Richards, Carter, Parise, and all the other great young players that bitch us every season.

    Anyway, hopefully Slats does what the Pens just did.

    Im sorry, but for tonight, lets go Blues !!!

    And Pruchs better be in the lineup tonight, and Nicky Z better not get benched or else i might have to pay a bum to go to Renney’s house and take a shit on his flowers.

  148. Yesterdays new was penguins fired their coach…I hope today the rangers follow their lead and do the same to Renney!

    I’m DISGUSTED!!!

  149. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on


    I agree with you but there is a reason Renney is so passive with the refs: He’s afraid of them. Just like any wimp would be.

  150. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    All Hail King Henrik,

    I realize we are not winning the cup this year but all I want to see out of these guys is heart.

  151. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    PS. When they come out like they did yesterday it is disrespecting the fans that pay good money to see them IMHO.

  152. is there anyway that its not considered theft for players like redden gomez and drury to continue to accept paychecks without doing there job?

    forget maydoff these are the guys who should be put away for grand larceny.

  153. Ok – I get that most of you want Renny gone (and no, I am not interested in buying a bridge). The core group that presently plays DO NOT play on a NHL level – they might be good AHL, but certainly not NHL. Now – as I have stated before, I think this is on management, not coaching. However, many here have made great points on why the entire coaching staff must go – I still maintain Renny is a great coach, but in reality he has lost this group.

    If that is the case, who do we bring in and what trades do we make? Even if we made great trades, this mess is not going to be fixed by the deadline. This is a longitudinal problem, and can only be fixed by massive fire sale or careful planning – someone needs to take a step back, look at the market, and build a program for the cup with a 2 year or 3 year goal – and that means careful planning and preparation – with talent and youth

    I hate to say it, but in reality I am not sure I can watch a game again this year (I will, but can it ber any more painful than yesterday?)

  154. after watching yesterday it is not necessary to review how horrible this team plays or is playing. most frustrating thing for me was already mentioned (zhedrev sitting and no other players getting same treatment).
    what i want to say here is that for the entire 3rd period the team played hard. that has to be a sign that renney has not lost this team yet. don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t be upset if he was fired and a quality NHL coach is brought in. but, i think that would be premature. sather needs to make a few moves before he throws renney under the bus. either bring up AA and a Dman or make a trade for a scoring winger who can skate before renney gets canned.
    i know that wasn’t an earth shattering post, but its what needs to happen before the panic button is pushed

  155. I think Renney’s problem is he’s too analytical – he needs to step back open his lungs and scream blue murder at these guys. The softly softly approach, the coddling, the lack of benching players is not doing them any good – too many players can throw-in a subpar performance and still get their 20+ minutes the next game. Renney needs to change tack and turn 100% round and become the “drillmaster type” coach, if he can?

    It’s time for heads to roll, high priced talent to ride pine and give some of the Hartford youngsters a chance. Also mix up the powerplay give players like Korpedo, Staal, Prucha, Orr and co a chance to replace the current big-names on a disgraceful powerplay.

    If this doesn’t happen then Renney must go. He comes across as a smart guy, but surely he’s smart enough to see his current style doesn’t suit the predicament?

  156. p.s. if anyone’s got a link for tonight can you post it here?
    My frickin’ ESPNAmerica cable channel is showing College Basketball?!? WTF is that about?

  157. onecupin67years on

    Win or lose,the lifespan of a coach is always ticking towards the expiration date.

    Renney has been here 5 years without constantly improving the team and developing the young talent.
    5 years is too long.

    Sather has been here longer and the team has taken major steps backwards instead of moving forwards.

    Time for a change on both fronts.

    And the rangers have only finished first 6 times in franchise history, kind of awful.

  158. Hey everyone- I need help!
    My friend was at the Rangers game on 1/27 at MSG and I recorded the game as a gift. Today I went to DVR and it was gone, I am desperately trying to find where I can get a copy of that game.
    Are they archived anywhere? Do you have any ideas?
    Please email at Thank you!!

  159. onecupin67years on

    In past years when the rangers were good , they would often be bite by the injury bug, this year when they stink everyone is healthy… there’s a long list list of players I’d like to see bit.

  160. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok just how bad do we have to get or already be before Sather even thinks about moving Renny. I am begining to think like others on this blog and hope they keep loosing so maybe if not Sather someone will do something.

  161. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Please don’t post the sites that show the games. I can’t get satellite or center ice even if I paid for it so don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  162. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Let’s hope the next update by Carp has the headline, “RENNEY FIRED!”

    I want Sather gone but I won’t be greedy here.

  163. Yes and like the rest of you, I too will suck up and watch tonight, but…I am not going to another game this season.

  164. I have tickets to The Boston game on march 8th.

    To say I am AFRAID to go to this game is a understatement, in fear of what a debacle it may become. Again I PRAY by then there is a new coach, or some new players.

    Anyway, not gonna go over the mess from yesterday.
    BUT, if Im the coach, and the PP is horrible ALL YEAR for the past 3 years wouldnt you try this:

    1st Unit:
    Staal -Naslund – Points
    Sjoestrom, Dubi, Zherdev

    2nd Unit:
    Girardi(Or Sanguinetti or Potter)-Drury -points
    Betts-Callahan-Orr (or anyone else who isnt on the PP)

    I thinkthis would serve to address several problems:
    Accountability – to the top players (although Drury gets a small pass to even be allowed to be on a PP unit)
    A whole new look – players who are not on lines together and who never play the PP woudl bringnew life into it
    A CHANGE- obviously EVERYTHING pearn and Renney do on the PP doesnt work, so why keep trying to make it work.

    I know this will never happen, but to me, and Im a Fire Renney supporter, this would be the only way in my eyes Renney could get back even a glimmer of respect from the fans and his own players.

    Step up or sit down, period. Casue Im gonn aplay everyone who deserves to be on the PP from now on.

    But no, he’ll jsut continue to chew his gum and say things like (Im not happy) about getting scored on a 5-3

  165. Zherdev gets benched, yet Redden and Roszival – with some of the worst Plus/Minus on the team – lead the team in ice time. FIRE RENNEY!!

    Roszival refuses to take a shot on a 5-on-3 with two Rangers in front of the net, then seconds later makes a mind-numbing drop pass at the blue line, runs into a Flyer, gets caught out of position and then makes little-to-no effort to catch Richards on the breakaway (if you get the chance check out a video replay of Rosie’s weak attempt behind Richards)and yet he amazingly isn’t benched at all!! FIRE RENNEY

    In a home game against the Flyers where we need to set the physical tone right from the start (just like we did in the Caps game) Renney scratches Voros – Renney just doesn’t get it. FIRE RENNEY!

    Hartnall runs over Valiquette (and the announcers – on NBC, no less – are saying the book on Hartnall is that he runs over opposition goalies) and no one, not one single person on the Rangers in a blow-out game has an issue with it? I am sorry but that lack of fire filters from the coach on down. FIRE RENNEY!! (and let’s be clear Dubi wasn’t sticking up for Valli, it was Hartnall separately whupping Dubi as the icing on the total domination cake)

    Sather needs to go first but since Dolan doesn’t care that won’t happen so…FIRE RENNEY!!!

  166. Did anyone notice if Zherdev dogged it after Philly had the big lead? I only watched peripherally after Lundqvist was pulled, so I can’t comment.

    After coming to a new city, having a good team start, and being in a contract year I wonder if Zherdev was on his best behavior and now that the team is slumping his true colors are showing. I kind of doubt the rumors coming out of Columbus about him were completely baseless.


  167. timbo, great thoughts (12:28 am) on coaches. They have shelf lives. Renney isn’t a horrible coach and he isn’t the mindless, cowardly idiot some make him out to be. He’s a good coach who has done a bad job in a situation where it would have been impossible to succeed. It happens. Keenan has been fired many times. I believe Al Arbour, too. Tortorella, Hitchcock, all of them … Robinson, Burns.

    It happens. That’s an occupational hazard.

    IMO, if they do fire Renney they should keep him in the organization because he’s a better player-personnel guy than anybody they have.

    Got a new post coming in a little while. It will probably be the only one today. If I get pregame updates I’ll just add it to that post.

  168. “To lay an egg like this at home and in a nationally televised game, we can’t fake it and lie and say that our psyche is OK,” said Chris Drury, minus-two while going through his 11th straight without a goal. “We have our meetings, we have our discussions, but it’s not there.”
    “The fans are booing Glen and Tom, but they’re not the ones on the ice playing the game. We are, and looking in the mirror, I’m not doing what I was brought here to do, I’m not leading the way I should lead and I’m not playing the way I should play. If fans are going to boo, they should boo me. I’m the captain. I’m not hiding behind anything or anybody.”

    Do you hear this Rangers fans… ITS NOT THERE!! How many more players will have to speak out before our refined (i actually puked in my mouth a little just now) coach is kicked out? Fire the coach already… get rid of the thieves… get back to drawing board.

  169. Does this sound like a familiar story…

    But Therrien is still a scapegoat for Shero’s mismanagement of the roster last summer, and the firing of a coach that was just signed to a three-year contract is indicative of that mismanagement. The Penguins may or may not turn their season around with a new face behind the bench; but at some point the heat needs to fall on Shero for the poorly constructed roster that’s now cost Therrien his job.

  170. Henrik has been awful since the All-Star game where he had like 10 goals scored on him in a period. Has anyone else noticed that it has messed with his confidence. We need him back to his top form to compete, unfortunately.

  171. UKRanger.

    He still had the 2 of the top 3 scorers in the NHL this year. That is far better than what we have. Our top scorer would rank 3rd on the Pens and only by 4 points. Our top 4 scorers are still 2 points behind Crosby and Malkin in points.

  172. It is sad how quickly this team has lost the respect of it’s fans. I was very impressed in the beginning of the year when I watched the Rangers play with such speed and quick puck movement. They fought for every puck and got great goaltending. I can’t believe that those same players made me throw up in my mouth yesterday. This team needs a series slap to the face and losing Paul Mara our only other reliable defenseman is brutal.

    I can’t help but watch Redden every time he is on the ice. I must love pain because I stop watching the rest of the game and zone in on how terrible he plays. Anyone who plays hockey and knows anything about defending will tell you when on defense you watch the other players hips not the puck or their stick. Redden gets beat so often because he watches the puck or the other players head movement instead of the body. He gets caught flat footed so often it’s a joke and when I heard about his vaunted “first pass” skill what they really meant was “first turnover”. His passes are terrible they end up in players skates instead of on the tape and he is prone to just banking it off the glass and hoping it gets to one of his players… frustrating to watch.

    I honestly think Renney has lost the teams collective ear and I wonder how long it is going to take to get these guys to play as a team again. I hate to admit it but as much as this team angers and sickens me I almost hope they continue to play this way and I hope it gets to the point that Dolan has no choice but to look at Sather and what a mess he has made of this organization. Fire Sather because the problems begin with him. Renney has to go, his system has fallen on deaf ears it’s to bad you can’t fire your players. I wonder if he has it in him to change the system in the middle of the playoff hunt and save his job I guess we will have to see.

  173. Rick – i’ve always thought Renney was a young player’s coach, someone to bring along talent through the organisation (or pick it in the first place) although too many times he has over-protected our young guys by not dishing out appropriate ice time – even with Jagr here he seemed not so well equipped to deal with big ego’s and high-priced talent, forcing them to play a way not natural to them.

    I like the idea of Jim Schoenfeld coming in chewing his gum and screaming at the likes of Dreaden and Drury and berating the officials….he’s one of Sather’s “guys” so probably has a better chance than Tortellini or other big names..

  174. UK, a better chance of being hired, or a better chance of succeeding.

    I think he would be hired, but I’d rather have Torts for a chance to turn it around (in future years, I mean. This isn’t turning around now, no matter who’s coaching).

    A new post is up.

  175. “He’s a good coach who has done a bad job in a situation where it would have been impossible to succeed.”

    Pure unadulterated malarkey, straight from the spin factory.

  176. “This isn’t turning around now, no matter who’s coaching.”

    How do you know this, Carp? You were completely unaware as of yesterday that Dubinsky was capable of skating the puck the length of the ice. And now you pronounce that no change behind the bench could make an impact on this team’s lifeless, horrible play? Please.

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