UPDATED: Blame Game On


So it has begun. The blaming. And probably not a moment too soon.

Of course with the now-underachieving Rangers (who earlier overachieved, at least in terms of a record artificially pumped up by the PED of shootout points) there is plenty to go around.

The GM has made an absolute mess with his roster and his salary cap, a mess for which there will be no easy of quick answers.

The coach continues to fluster a good portion of the fan base, and probably some players, by refusing to play a popular scorer named Petr Prucha while the team fails game after game to generate enough offense, and by not holding his top-dollar players accountable; indeed by continuing to send them out, never missing a shift. And by, arguably, stifling their abilities with a conservative scheme.

And the top players are just awful for the most part. Some of that is not their faults, because it’s not fair to expect that extra-large dollars will equate to more production. But plenty of it is their faults, because none of them is living up to reasonable expectations.

Personally, I continue to bang the drum about the roster not being nearly good enough to be a serious competitor for the Stanley Cup, and maybe not even for entry into the playoffs, although it should be that good.

“All of the above” surely fits when trying to figure out what’s going wrong with a team that has lost six of seven, scoring nine goals in that stretch, four of them in one game against a Washington team willing to trade chances.

Some of you have noted that the competition (Larry Brooks of the Post) beat me to some of this blame game today. Good for him. He’s never been afraid to take out the ripper. He shredded the top management, the coach, and the players today.

The question, though, is what James Dolan is prepared or qualified to do to fix it. Sather can fire Renney (I think it will have to get much worse before he does). Dolan won’t fire Sather (ever, it seems). Renney won’t bench Sather’s players. Sather’s players won’t perform for Renney. And there is no space in the salary cap for help, with the exception of a half-priced Hartford Wolf Packer, Sean Avery, who will provide spark and distraction, but not much offense. He’d have to be Jaromir Jagr, circa 1990s, to have a serious impact, anyway. And Prucha, if he ever gets a chance, will have so much expectation on him that it just won’t be fair. He’s not going to come in and score 20 goals the rest of the way.

What a mess.

(PS, watch how the NBC crew parachutes into town, reads the Post and all of a sudden starts tearing apart the Rangers. That’s how these networks operate: Read the paper, gain instant expertise).

Try to enjoy the game.



Voros and Kalinin out; Prucha and Reitz in. No kidding. Not absolute 100 percent definite, and everybody will skate in warmups, and Reitz does have a bruised foot, but Renney said he’s planning to use Prucha and Reitz! And it’s not even April Fool’s Day.

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  1. Good article… Haha you really reinforced my faith in this team…Whatever, I’m young- Hopefully I can outlive the Sather/Dolan regime

  2. This mess is on Sather. I believe that there is a plan for Sather to step aside and let Schoney take over. This way, Sather goes with no blame, Dolan doesn’t have to fire him, Renney gets spared for the time being, and the change in guard becomes an excuse for not succeeding this year. Renney gets reassigned in the org after the season, openning the door for Tortarella to come in. Everybody wins (or loses). This group of players isn’t any good. You got Henke and maybe Stall. Maybe Zherdev. But everyone else is below average at best. Credit Renney with getting the points in the standings that he has, and get ready for a new chapter of Ranger hockey this summer.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, good post.

    As for the NBC crew, I don’t even think this is new news to them. Emrick definitely knows what’s going on. Eddie O generally keeps his ear to the ground, as does Pierre Mcguire. And you know Mike Milbury just straight up hates the Rangers so will have ever flaw of theirs well documented.

    But did you consider that the timing of Larry’s story was in order for some of the words to get airtime on NBC? Bring it to the entire NBC audience’s attention how terrible Dolan/Sather/Renney/High priced Rangers are? But I think that they were going to mention it anyway. It’s no secret how bad the Blueshirts have been.

    EDIT: “But plenty of it is their faults, because none of them *is* living up to reasonable expectations.”

    Should be are.

  4. I hope the clowns at NBC roast the Rangers today; however uninformed they may be…Players, management and coaching staff need to be embarrassed….

    We have a world class goaltender and built a team that doesnt hit, doesnt forecheck and plays a “quasi-defensive system”…basically hold your breath and pray that Hank delivers…

    Say what you want about Sather’s team building..he’s guilty as sin

    but this “fraidy-cat” coaching staff did the same thing last year with even bigger names and potentials…2.5 GPG; play for ties, shootouts, one man in, no forecheck…

    in the Pre-overtime/shootout gimmick days the Rangers would be a 32-30-20 team every year..look it up! and nobody would be silly enough to call this Renney led group the re-birth of the organization

  5. …speaking of NBC listen for McGuire to defend Renney to the rafters..he thinks that good teams have good coaches and bad teams have bad players..never blames a coach…thats because his one try at coaching failed miserably and he’d rather have the players take the hit than a coach….

    Kinda like some shrink who hates his mommy that all his diagnosis have to blame mothers

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like that he lumps Theo Fleury in with Holik and Quintal. Fleury was really good for the Rangers in the second and third seasons he was here and was having and MVP caliber season in his second year until his alcohol issues came up, something that you can’t blame Slats for. I also loved that he would throw hits at the all-star game.

  7. lets hope flyers beat us bigtime, so we´re gettin a step “closer” to gettin Renney kicked out the door. Wouldnt surprise me if they pushed and showed us so much into the boards we have to recall a whole new team from Hartford for the next game, wouldnt hurt though. I CANT STAND WATCHING REDDEN ANYMORE?!?! Ah, i feel bad for Lundqvist already, ask for a trade to Detorit…seriosuly

  8. howyagonnatellme on

    Although I spent a lot of time blaming the mess on Renney, it’s clear that Sather and the vets all have a roll in the current doom and gloom situtation the Rangers find themselves in. Carp, keep up the good writing and reporting!

    Do we have a lineup tonight? Any chance Prucha plays? Is Kalinin in?

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, not that I’m defending Renney, but the rules are what they are. The shootout is here and the Rangers’ record is what it is as a result. I don’t like using the “Rangers record with and without the shootout” for that reason. “The Rangers record would be XYZ without the shootout!” Yeah, and if the Queen had balls she’d be the King.

    Now, I don’t like how often they use the shootout because that doesn’t help them in the playoffs and because of how many points they give away to opposing teams. They need to be able to put teams away in regulation if they want to have any real success. Those are real concerns even without resorting to what ifs.

    As for NBC, each guy is going to blame someone else because it makes for better dialogue if they all blame one of the parties. Milbury will blame the players. McGuire will blame Slats. Eddie O will blame Renney and his roster/icetime choices. And Doc Emrick won’t say a peep because he’s still an MSG employee of sorts. MAYBE he’ll mention Petr Puck.

    No one will blame Dolan for two reasons:

    1) It’s pointless. The only way to blame him is for not canning Slats. The best way to point that out is the indictment of Sather.

    2) See how much Dolan will want the Rangers on NBC if they roast him there. No Rangers on NBC=no NHL on NBC=NHL losing a lot of exposure and money.

  10. What’s up with the italics? Even more mind-boggling is that Prucha is playing! I almost choked on my bagel!

  11. longtimerangersfan on

    So it looks like Prucha is in…if he doesn’t score he won’t be for long. Renney hates him for some reason.

  12. Hey, Rick–long time reader, here. Want to start by saying that you’re doing a fine job with the blog (I was really disappointed when Sam left, but you’ve been excellent in his stead).

    I thought your description of the NBC commentators was incredibly apt: “parachuting” into town and so on. There conduct is douchey, and I’m pleased to see that sentiment reflected in your blog.

  13. I don’t care what anyone says — this team could have Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Green and Phaneuf in their lineup and they’d still be playing like crap. Yes, there is some blame to go around to everyone, including Garden ownership, but the bulk of the blame goes to the guy who has no eye for talent, has no eye for what talent plays well with other talent, has his favorites, starves offensive players with minimal ice time, and generally speaking thinks everyone on the team should play someone elses game instead of their own. Indeed, has anyone ever noticed that the best coaches get players to collectively play their best games while failures such as Renney always want guys to play someone else’s game?

    Bottom line, we’ve tried making a bunch of trades over the last 4 years, and it still led us to boring, bottom tier hockey and embarrassing first or second round playoff defeats. It’s time to bring in someone who can put it all together, who doesn’t play favorites, and, most importantly, plays to win.

    No more playing for the tie or shootout. No more ‘I thought we played a good game’ after losing, or winning 1 game in 7. No more Mr. Smiley, gum-chewing, passive personality behind the bench. Get someone in here who holds players accountable and has some fire in his belly. It’s long, LONG overdue.

    Fire Renney.

  14. I love how Renney sets Prucha up to fail. He complains that he wears down, so he puts him in against a physical team. I sure hope this comes back to bite Renney in the ass!

  15. Speaking of the draft record of Sather ( nobody was) having good picks 4 or 5 years apart means that Lundy hits his prime 4-5 years before Staal will..and Staal will 3-4 years before DelZ…while this spreads the cap hit wider it also means that a group like Washington has will never gel together…The Caps probably wont be able to keep Semin-AO-Green-Backstrom together forever but they’ll hit their stride together..like this year and next year…




    It worked for the Bad News Bears and now, for a day, it works for Petr Prucha!

  17. Doodie Machetto on


    “Not absolute 100 percent definite, and everybody will skate in warmups, and Reitz does have a bruised foot, but Renney said he’s planning to use Prucha and Reitz!”

    I love that you have the exclamation point there. Awesome.

    PS, this just goes to show how full of BS Renney is with his “wanting some size” in the lineup reasoning. Philly is a big and nasty team. How could he not want size for this matchup, but want size against the very small and soft Hurricanes, Penguins, Thrashers, Devils, and Capitals? And I’m not saying that each of these teams don’t have maybe two or three bigger guys, but overall, they aren’t big or tough teams.

  18. DomivBaumgartner on

    I hope Prucha scores a hattrick so Vorros never sees the ice again. He’s worse than Shane Churla and thats not saying much.

  19. Rick,

    Pretty accurate evaluation of the situation.

    As far as NBC goes, most Ranger fans don’t give a flying f*ck what the empty suits have to say. Let’s hope today the Rangers comport themselves well so they won’t give the NBC morons like Milbury anything more to talk about.

    What pisses me off the most is that the Poster Boy and the Penguins are in more of a free fall then the Rangers yet no one at NBC or TSN is ripping them or Therrien or Mario a new one.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  20. My biggest dissapointment of this season was not being able to find out what Hank was yelling at Renney in that Montreol debacle….

    The media folded up like tents in a storm once the propoganda ministry tried to minimize it…

    Carp..did you ever hear what was said?

    Anyone venture a guess?

    was it “Thats the last game I ever play for the Canadiens”

  21. I thought I said this before, but it didn’t show up on the Comments … so forgive me if this ends up being repetitious.

    Sorry about the italics. I hit a wrong button or something. I think they’re gone now.

    Howyagonna, and TheGill, thank you.

    And, yes, I updated the original post: Prucha is playing. Reitz has a bruised foot, but will skate in warmups and probably play.

  22. DomivBaumgartner on

    Doodie – I believe the devils are bigger than the flyers, their 3rd and 4th line is avg 6’3 and 700lbs and 6’2 600lbs respectively.

    Carpy – Why can’t Milbury call Renney a Pansy on national tv prompting a LGBT spokesperson to come on the air and ask for an apology etc. etc. like what transpired on CBC a couple weeks back. Wouldn’t that make for made for TV drama?

  23. I have no problem with Reitz. I think he has played fine so far, and frankly is the only physical presence on the blueline.


  24. cwgatti,

    You’re dead on. He’s the only guy that has the potential to knock someone to the ice on every shift. I’d much rather see him out there instead of any other defenseman we have other than Staal.

  25. I dont know about you kids; but once I spend a whole day banging the drums for REITZ over KALINEN, PRUCHA over VOROS or AVERY to the rescue!! Then I realize just how dismal the depths of this team has reached to be actually counting on three mediocre talents like that…I crawl into bed, in my Ranger jersey,and cry myself to sleep….

  26. DomivBaumgartner on

    Will Renney ever bench Redden for one game. How many times will he be out of position today and how many goals will be scored when he’s on the ice.

  27. onecupin67years on

    WE all know that there is some sound reasoning for benching Prucha.. he isn’t the same 30+ goal scorer he once was and his defensive liabilities and his inept stickhandling. he constantly carries along the wall and BAM.

    But he isn’t the only inept ranger on the roster.

    But by not playing him his worth is diminished via trade.

    I wouldn’t miss him if he was traded.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Corrected about the Devils. Never realized how big some of their guys are (Zajac is 6’2″ 205, who knew?). I also forgot about Zubrus and Shanahan.

    I just think of their offensive weapons like Parise, Elias, Gionta, who are all shrimps, as well as their defense, who without White and Salvador are pretty tiny too.

  29. onecupin67years on

    REPOST:February 14th, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Mr. Carp,

    I was wondering what the rangers record is under the dolan era and cablevision vs, when Gutkowski was garden pres and viacom owned the rangers during the late 80’s to the 94 cup?

    The Knicks and Rangers have floundered under the Dolan ownership

  30. “popular scorer named Petr Prucha”??

    Some scorer – ten goals in his last 83 games. Wow, I can only imagine what the press coverage of this team would be if they were really bad!

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Surprisingly, the Devils also have the most “American” team with 11 of 23 players from the U S of A.

  32. onecupin67years on

    Kaspar, I don’t know , I tried to google it , go on the ranger site , couldn’t find it. but when Bob Gutkowski and dave Checketts were fired , bad things started to happen. Best guess is late 90’s?

  33. gotta love renney, stacking the odds so prucha will fail. renney plays him in the 1230 game, a game that no ranger has showed up to yet.

  34. If you want to compare the Devils and the Ranger the argument starts and ends at Lou v. Glen. Lou has outclassed Glen in what 13 of the last 14 years these guys have had the GM jobs at the same time? Another compelling reason for Sather to consider retiring.

    I bet Schoney is ready.

  35. I also think Pearn did more to get Redden here than Glen himself did. It is a lot easier to be GM when you have Gretzky and Messier, than Dubinsky and Dawes. That resume has bought him a lot more credit than it should have.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Alan, Prucha is never put in situations where he can succeed. A lot of those 83 games were spent on the 4th line with Betts and Orr. How many goals do you expect him to rack up with those two dregs feeding him the puck?

    Also, Compare his goals scored to icetime. Last season he had the highest points to icetime ratio of any player averaging less than 13 minutes per game.

    The fact that he doesn’t play more in situations when he would otherwise have the chance to succeed. Guaranteed that when he joins another team next year he scores at least 20 goals.

  37. Doodie;

    Check out 05-06 Devils…I remember, as they crushed the Rangers, someone mentioning a total of Americans in the teens…13, 15??

    Also, do you consider the Parise’s, Stasny’s etc…sons of Canadiens real Americans? Pierre Lebrun on ESPN called them “fake Americans” LOL

    One cup
    if it was late nineties then obvioulsy Viacom wins hands down…division titles, Presidents trophies, Stanley cup, and two semi-final appearences; and what was it..8 playoffs in 9 years compared to…going oh for the 2000’s until three straight playoffs…only getting to QF round..and not beyond

  38. DomivBaumgartner on

    As a rangers fan it’s easy to envy Lou and the success the devils have endured. I think Lou is a hot head who has no problem firing a coach before the team makes the playoffs. Where is Sather? still vacationing at his home in Banff? Why isn’t Renney fired yet? This team has no fire under it’s ass and it comes from the braindead management that watches the game from up above or from his personal box at center ice.

  39. onecupin67years on

    One of the big differences between the Devils and NY is that , Lou doesn’t take crap from the players not resigning and never misses a beat when he loses a key player.
    I’m surprised he’s kept Broduer, but Broduer is great and never tested the free agent market.He hasn’t played this year and doesn’t look like he’s missed.

    While the rangers , keep players too long..Leetch and richter, Messier, sign over the hill free agent and toss money around , give long term contracts etc.

    Trade hank in NY? never .. But I bet Lou would for the right deal.

  40. hey..anyone watching the HNIC game last night?
    Rumour has it that Sutter wants to leave the Devils after this season…Family is in Alberta etc..

    Do you think..
    Keenan is out and Darryl hires Brent?
    Seems to make sense

  41. Brooks’ citing of Sykora and Cullen as vital point men on the PP of teams that won Cups tells you all you need to know about Renney’s fear. He had those players, and he had no idea how to use them —- or perhaps he did, but was too pants-wet with terror to deploy them effectively.

    And the great irony of course is that the master of safety first has presided over a team that has allowed shorties against this season like they’re going out of style.

  42. Domi
    yes it was on hotstove..real quick like they didnt have the time to get into it fully..they said it, like its for another time, then the segment ended

  43. DomivBaumgartner on

    i fully missed that. Also it was hard to comprehend what the dialog was last night as Strachan seemed to have alstheimer’s and was pretty forgetful. LeBrun had to correct him a bunch of times.

    Off to the game!

  44. Rick,

    “(PS, watch how the NBC crew parachutes into town, reads the Post and all of a sudden starts tearing apart the Rangers. That’s how these networks operate: Read the paper, gain instant expertise).”

    Hilarious, I knew it! Thanks for the inside scoop on that one…even though they’re all hockey guys it’s impossible to know everything about every team, especially inner workings. By reading the papers today they’ll come out guns blazing against the Rangers.

    Just as well, the MSG lackies won’t.

    Go Rangers!

  45. “Brooks’ citing of Sykora and Cullen as vital point men on the PP of teams that won Cups tells you all you need to know about Renney’s fear. He had those players, and he had no idea how to use them——or perhaps he did, but was too pants-wet with terror to deploy them effectively.”

    Really ford, you’ll use anything to back your rhetoric. please. Show me a post of yours from when Sykora or Cullen were on the team where you thought they were the answer to anything.

  46. You know, we’re so lucky to be playing all these teams on the second night of their back-to-backs, it would be nice if we could ever take advantage of it.

  47. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    February 15th, 2009 at 11:17 am

    You’re dead on. He’s the only guy that has the potential to knock someone to the ice on every shift. I’d much rather see him out there instead of any other defenseman we have other than Staal.

    no id rather see staal, mara, then its a ti between reitz and girardi. i still have faith in danny boy

  48. Guys, I think I have the Gutkowski years and stuff at home. I’ll get on it tomorrow or tonight. Gutkowski was fired when Dolan walked through the door, so there’s a pretty obvious line of decline at that point. Checketts was mainly responsible for brining in Gretzky instead of rebuilding, and for helping run Messier out of town, which sped up the downward spiral after 1997.

    Kaspar, I’m pretty sure that night in Montreal, Hank was screaming “Free Prucha!”

  49. Yeah Ford, how dare you point to an example where Renney refused to play a guy in a position where he had helped a PP on a team that won a Cup. Step away from the car!

  50. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    How long ahve you posted here? I don’t really recall ever seeing you post over the last several years.Myself,Lennynyr,Wd40,Yes even lijoe all were calling for Cullen to be used on the point for the PP.Renney is a chicken fool who is so damn stubborn and so full of himself that he has to prove to the world that his way is correct.Damn the results on the ice.

  51. why is brooks the only reporter to criticize these guys in the published edition of the paper. easy to criticize on a blog, but the attacks need to be public to hope to gain any steam/momentum

  52. “aspar, I’m pretty sure that night in Montreal, Hank was screaming “Free Prucha!””

    I KNEW IT!!!!

  53. I’m not saying that Prucha will be a savior, but Renney better actually play him…none of this only 10 minutes of ice time with no PP time. Otherwise, there really is little use in playing him, besides of course not having Voros in the lineup.

  54. I had a crazy dream last night after a night out in Philly drinking.

    I was playing for the Rangers, I couldn’t tell who our opponent was. I was playing right wing, and I dished the puck back to the point. Wade Redden took the pass and fired a lap shot over the goalie’s shoulder. We all celebrated and I said to him, “You finally got one, now the monkey is off your back and the goals will flow like water.” It was at this point that I woke up and thought that if Redden scored I really must be dreaming.

    But instead of playing at MSG, we were playing at the local ice rink where I play mens league, so maybe that’s where Redden belongs afterall.

    Crazy stuff. I’ll be rooting for Prucha to stick it to Renney today. I also find it no coincidence that Prucha, who Renney has openly complained about being too small, finally gets his chance against a big, tough Philly team.

  55. No offense alex b but i didn’t ask if you posted on Cullen or Sykora, just ford.

    Interestingly, ford or wd40 didn’t even post on this site before 2008 according to google, unless they did it under different names

  56. PS, watch how the NBC crew parachutes into town, reads the Post and all of a sudden starts tearing apart the Rangers. That’s how these networks operate: Read the paper, gain instant expertise

    That is priceless as NBC treats the Rangers like Charles Manson


    my eyes must’ve been playing tricks on me, or it was an old shot, I KNOW I SAW THAT FREAK!! lol

  58. Carp,

    Tell us how you really feel! I’m sick of you sugar coating things.

    Great post! Top – bottom this club is in trouble.

  59. Tom

    Is your argument that no one can post credibly on a matter dating to a couple seasons ago unless they can document that position at that time and space? Really?

    Makes sense perhaps if the issue is Renney’s sex life or interest in zoology. But when it concerns Cullen and Sykora on the PP point —– the non-use of whom there was widely remarked upon in the press —- you’re straining, I think.

  60. Tom, you’re telling me you took the time to Google posters on this site??

    And I think sometimes I have got no life. Wow.

  61. like really hank makes teh first two saves is everyone just gonna watch

    where was drurys superb defense skills there

  62. where was drurys superb defense skills there

    Dont worry he’ll make it up with a goal. Wait, he hasnt scored in 10 games.

  63. I’d say that we’re done now that it’s 1-0 but let’s be honest… this game was over before the first puck was dropped.

  64. NBC is making a mess of this game (worse than the Blueshirts? NO)

    The audio issues, the camera issues, they had the PP clock on the Flyers instead of NYR…


  65. wow redden getting beat on the point again

    when has that happened ever

    that 10yrs for 2mill looks so tempting right now

  66. wow are you kidding interference? so when a players running straight into your goalie you cant stop him

  67. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    see the difference between pp’s? god whats it gonna take to change this crappy team

  68. Remember in August how we couldn’t wait for hockey season?

    Remember how we wanted pre-season to start?


    Those were the days… we had no idea how much pain we would go through. How pathetic our team would be.

  69. Am I the only one who sits here and actually hopes that we get scored on so that this mercenary – Renney – is let go?

  70. jason thats becasue when renny tells them to forecheck 1-2-2 theres zero pressure…..

    also Mara should be the captain, and Staal and Callahan A’s…they are the only people who exemplify anything that is remotely close to what it means to be a ranger

  71. glad i sold my tix for today. need to get some of my money back for season tix

    we suck

    freaking hate drury

  72. Riche
    I suggest watching Blue Jackets games…more offensively challenged, more journeymen players, no glitz ( other than Nash) but better coached and always always hustling and hitting…

    Tyuten is their go-to deeman!!!

  73. Did NBC spend 50 dollars on this production?
    Terribly dark contrast, skips in video and audio…WTF?

  74. The NBC production is awful, and Doc Emerick your soooooooo funny with your its still early enough to get a libaray book.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Kaspar, most of the equipment belongs to MSG. Just the production truck is NBC’s. I think Dolan sabotaged the MSG stuff to skip anytime they are about to criticize the team.

  76. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok these announcers make it sound like this a 5-0 game. Yes the Rangers ARE NOT PLAYING TERRIFICALLY but they are not totally sucking either.

  77. I don’t know where you guys live or watch the game from but it very well could be TWC. I have issues with other TWC HD channels all the time.

  78. hockeyman: you watching the same game as most of us. we are fortunate to be down 1-0. we did NOTHING in this period. this team has no urgency no talent and overprized crap up front.

    redden is a born loser

  79. the audios cutting on Fios as well(HD feed atleast)

    its NBC not MSG

    im so happy too that they are ripping this team you have no idea

  80. when did the intermission report turn into a gay lovefest … i get the feeling Pierre and Milbury are going to start making out any point now

  81. strong words from our captain … I can’t wait until this interview … it’s going to be rivetting

  82. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    wow i actually liked watching these 2 guys yellin at the players for not doing anything!!!!

  83. I hate Milbury and Milbury HATES the Rangers. Maybe Milbury should coach the Rangers. Maybe having a coach who hates his team would be more affective in this situation :)

  84. millbury is off my shit list officially. I think that sam and joe probably blushed at how soft they are on this team after watching that

  85. “But when it concerns Cullen and Sykora on the PP point——- the non-use of whom there was widely remarked upon in the press——you’re straining, I think.”

    I don’t care for people using revisionist history to support their commentary. There was actually a reason Cullen wasn’t used on the point. He was the de facto 2nd line center and Straka had already been shifted to the point. In fact I think people at the time were lobbying for Cullen to be off the powerplay he was so ineffective. Find me a Brooks article where he suggested using Sykora on the point, I don’t think it exists.

  86. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Mike Milbury,and Pierre Mcguire are really giving it to the Rangers and rightfully so.Everything Milbury said is dead spot on!!!! Calling out Redden,Gomez,Drury and to a lesser extent the hyena.

    What a disgracefull period.Only reason it’s still only 1-0 is because the Flyers are playing so-so,and the king made a
    coulple of good stops.

  87. Speaking of why there hasn’t been more blasting of the Ranger management, don’t forget that Zipay has his hands tied. He works for Newsday which is owned by Dolan. Until he turns into Marv Albert or Bob Page, all you’llvget over there is vanilla-like comments.

    Rick is getting his feet wet. Almost ready to come up to your waist Rick? I think so.

  88. Best..intermission..ever..they totally ripped apart the entire ranger organization and clarified that people NEED to be held accountable!

  89. So…

    A) the players played great in other places


    B) The Powerplay isnt laid out correctly

    the answer is….

    Its the players not the coach???

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    “Find me a Brooks article where he suggested using Sykora on the point, I don’t think it exists.”

    You wouldn’t because their PP was 5th in the NHL that season.

    Hold my hand? I think they are going to kiss soon.

  91. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    actually redden was a pretty damn good dman few years ago. of course now hes a ranger, hes a dud, like every other FORMER great player that comes here

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, he said Avery would fix the team, when clearly he would just be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  93. I just asked my girlfriend if she has a crush on Avery..

    she used to watch games so intently

    right now she is reading a romance novel

    hey..either way I lose but boy were games fun to watch the last couple of years…this is just pitiful

  94. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    avery will help at first but it comes down to a mr. jagr who carried this team in a way dru or gomer cannot. both combined arent good enough as jags was

  95. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Renney getting little blame from mad Mike and pierre lapewww.I guess renney gave them a cantankorus(sp)synergistic beat down.

  96. thw worst announcing crew in hockey. what a disgrace. nothing but Renney defenders.

    you can’t even tell who has the puck with the crappy announcing by Emrick, and Eddie O, Milbury and Pierre are doing just what Carp predicted, following the papers and ripping the Rangers. that’s fine, but when they absolve Renney of any blame at all, that is a bloody disgrace.

    as though his sh!tty coaching has nothing to do with it.

    and Renney’s bs about the Dmen getting up into the Attack. HE is the one who usually frowns on that. but for the cameras, he does a 180, and pretends that it is all the players who are not doing his bidding.

  97. “I don’t care for people using revisionist history to support their commentary. There was actually a reason Cullen wasn’t used on the point….Straka had already been shifted to the point.”

    This is revisionism at its best! Straka played no more than a handful of games at the point —– and his shot did not even compare to Cullen’s, so why was he there in the first place? Cullen spearheaded a Cu winning PP —- and Renney took him off it in NY after the most half-assed look-see in the history of time.

  98. on the replay you clearly see rosival interfered with by richards before the break away

    this team is awful regardless

  99. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who asked the other day about a SH 5 on 3? That was our second of the year!!!!!

  100. You know the saying: Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying?
    Well watching this mess right now I think that applies.

  101. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    ReDden conitinues to play on the PP and all you idiot Renney droolers continue to defend the indefensible!

  102. So, it’s clear right? This team is fine… keep Renney, keep all the players… we’re good to go.

    Nothing has to change… nothing.

  103. best thing that could happen is NYR getting embarrassed on national TV

    Dont hate me

    I’m going to say it…

    Lets go Flyers

  104. Are these guys telling us that they want us to start rooting for them to lose? I can read between the lines. It sure seems like it.

    They won’t even score a goal.

  105. There’s no way this is rock-bottom.

    Did one of the announcers just say “I like the move by Renney… changing up the lines… get some momentum.”

    He doesn’t watch this team much does he?

  106. “Cullen spearheaded a Cu winning PP——and Renney took him off it in NY after the most half-assed look-see in the history of time.”

    Cullen has averaged 3 pp goals and 6 pp assists per year over 10 years. He’s had two great pp seasons, he’s not Paul Coffey.

  107. 3-0!!!

    Here we go.

    Maybe call a timeout Tom?

    I know you’re smarter than me… just a suggestion. Or don’t…

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Renney has to play Redden on the PP because Slats tells him to, end of story. I refuse to believe that a guy who is smart enough to become a head coach in the NHL is dumb enough to not see that Redden doesn’t belong on the PP.

    I’m not saying he’s a good coach, but I simply refuse to believe Renney is THAT stupid.

    Nigel Dawes should be benched for that.

  109. Leetch is the man on

    They need to bite the bullet and buy out contracts. It wont hit the cap they just look like idiots for signing them in the first place but im sure Dolan can afford it

  110. This team is wound tighter than a newborn baby’s you know what. A perfect reflection of the coach’s state of mind.

  111. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This game is a disgrace!! Renney and his crew if ahole assistant coaches needs t go.

  112. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    at the garden no less on national tv. this team is a goner for the rest of the season. bye renny.

  113. jeninks the only reason were not 14th is becasue 90% of the time hes bailing this teams ass out in a way that only a handful of goalies could

  114. Its funny that Renney puts the 4th line out, and Philly puts out the first like and it takes what 15 second for the Flyers to score. Yes Tom the Flyers are really going to want to fight Orr up 4-0 before the 5th goal.

  115. I think this officially is rock bottom. If renney is not done after today, what is it going to take to get him out?

  116. boxcareddiehospodar on

    This is what happens when your power play stinks; you play 3rd and 4th liners as 1st liners.

    Keep playing dawes,callahan,naslund,rosizval,redden etc.

    Last place here we come.

  117. Valiquette should have had that one, too; it ticked off of his glove.

    Nasty 1 – You should get in contact with your “fire Renney” source and see if he will be fired before the next game. I think they should do it after the team flies out there.

  118. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    OMG THrow in the towel!!!!!! plzzzz , can we forfit after the second period!!!?? Things may get uglier!!!

    Boooooo Firenney!!

  119. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we cant get even 1 decent scoring chance. not 1. if i was at the garden and paid good money to be there im gettin drunk and startin fights. i jump down to rangers bench and pound some these guys heads in, and then grab pruchas skate and decapitate renny with it

  120. Time to start trimming the fat. Does this team even want to play? Maybe they should all concentrate more on practicing and playing the game instead of photo shoots and chasing girls.

  121. this is a disgrace. i am at a loss for words. we suck i am done selling my tix for rest of year. i hope i get a dollar

  122. Leetch is the man on

    this is worse than the prelock out at least we had some talented players…..worse than the Pittsburgh Pirates

  123. It is so sad that we don’t get to here Tom Renney in the postgame today. Drury will probably just throw it in the garbage.

  124. Renney needs to be canned after this game along with Pearn & Polino, someone needs to rip the C off of Drury’s jersey as well as the A’s off of Gomez & Naslund. This is a team with no leadership, keep on playing the youth, it has FAILED. No one seems to understand that this team is missing leadership.

  125. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    As a Rangers fan,it pains me to watch what this piece of shit Sather has done to this orginization.From the rediculous coaches to the rediculous contracts,to absolute ineptnes at the draft table.Nine years of this disgrace,we fans have had enough!!!!!!!!!!

  126. I’m sooooooo happy this is happening.It’s the only way to have something happen.I’ll welcome any moves,trades,firings.ANYTHING> FIRE RENNEY

  127. come back or not, even if they make it 5-4 and lose renny has to go

    what the hell did he tell this team between periods that they manage to not score on a 5on3 give up a sh goal 5on3 and then give up 3 more

  128. Good job by Renney to send Orr out there. Even Cote knows not to fight now, and he can’t even think. just more poor in game coaching

  129. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    And now right after we score a goal when you need it least Colton Whoore takes a stupid penalty.

  130. ok, time for a serious question. Yes or No, do you think Renny gets fired before tomorrow’s face of in St. Louis?

  131. I had to log onto my phone to express my disgust for this side show of a team.

    Prucha set upto fail.

    I loathe Mcguire & Milbury but I was SOOOO happy they called out and blasted Gomez, Drury – even called him “dreary” & Redden. Said “Disasterous” signings.

    During the game I’m happy eddie said “these are games that get coaches fired” well now there have been the Dallas game as well.

    Again, korpi & dally getting the goal.


  132. I love hockey fights.. but, why, why.. send orr out there (for a momentum change fight) AFTER they finally score a goal?.. it was obvious the ref was going to call something for a stupid instigator esp with the game on NBC.

  133. Well at this point we can only hope for Philthy to put up a 10 spot on us, maybe Sather and/or Dolan will have no choice but to Fire someone. SHG while on a 5 on 3?? this team isn’t even trying, that is 100% on management

  134. I’m not a Renney supporter or a non supporter. Sather has been the rangers GM for how long now? If it wasn’t for the strike it is possible that under Sather’s watch the rangers might not have ever made the playoffs. Sather is the main problem here. I really don’t care if renney is fired but it won’t make that much of a difference as long as sather is the President of the ranger’s.

  135. Before even talking about if it was a bad call or not, Orr had no business being out there after we just scored a goal.

    What was Renney thinking of ripping away the first momentum we could have had in the game?

  136. Voice of Reason on

    Rock Bottom: are we there yet?

    Are there any Contenders that would want Gomez AND Drury? I mean if they can’t score, why pay ’em. Maybe a prospect and draft pick or two will help. Can’t be any worse than this. I’m sure they’d waive their no trade to avoid embarrassments like today in future.

    We KNOW nobody would be as dumb as Sather was to take Redden… Still send him to Hartford… Sather has a better chance of being struck by Lightning than having someone claim him off waivers.

    Just took $20,000,000 off the cap…

  137. With the trade deadline looming; trade Gomez, Drury, Nasland, Rozsival, Mara, Redden (eat his $$)and fire Renney. I’ve been a supporter of Renney through the years, but if he can’t see what I’ve seen all freaking season– Drury and Gomez playing pansy afraid hockey game in and out– he should be fired. This team is probably the worst assembled group of Ranger players I’ve ever seen. I’d rather watch this team lose with Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Prucha gutting it out with heart than this Gomez, Drury, Redden, Nasland B.S. Unfortunately, Sather will never be blamed for his absolutely horrible signings. Start it all over. This team doesn’t deserve the playoffs.

  138. Thats the problem with Renney he does things too late eg: calls timeouts after down by 6 goals, sends in the goons after giving up 4 goals in one period, etc. etc.
    Very simple from the quote of New York New York ” I’m leaving today” Fire Renney

  139. Thats it Mcguirre; question the players, question the GM say nothing about sending Orr out in a 5-1 game right after we score…that was a player/GM decision I guess

  140. notused to be arenney supporteer, Now totally indifferent.. Sather its awful, he hasd same attitude his players…the Rangers one goal today will save renney his job.. I really think that.

  141. used to be a renney supporteer, now totally indifferent.. Sather is awful, he has same attitude his players (dont care, I am secure witha bigfg contract)…the Rangers one goal today will save renney his job.. I really think that.

  142. Sather is an idiot. Renney is clueless. But this team’s situation falls on its players: they suck. And they have no heart. They talk and they talk, but they DO S–T.


  143. Renney will be here until the end of the season. Next season you will see Messier will be the head coach along with Graves & Leetch as the assts

  144. This team has no heart.

    Hartnell runs right over Vally, and no Ranger does anything about it. You can’t let that happen to your goalie, no matter if it’s the backup or the starter in there

  145. Voice of Reason on

    Without Gomez, Drury and Redden, the lineup might look like this if you recall Artem Anisimov and Brodie Dupont:

    Naslund Dubinsky Callahan
    Dupont Anisimov Zherdev
    Sjostrom Betts Prucha
    Voros Korpikoski Orr

    Staal Roszival
    Mara Girardi
    Kalinin Reitz

    extra forward Dawes

    Honest question: Would this lineup fare any worse than what we’ve seen recently?????????

  146. Honestly, I’d like to see everyone on this team gone, except Staal and Lundqvist. And Hank still needs a backup that isn’t his buddy and who is real competition. Everyone, veterans, young guys, they all stink. Dawes, Cally, Dubi are Drury and Gomez in the making.

    One more exception, though I don’t care if he stays, but Blair Betts works his ass off.

  147. ..I am a hiuge Giradi fan and know he is not a fighter type.. but he had to jump on and beat hartnell after running Valliquette..this is Rangers-Flyers; the lack of intensity is contagious

  148. Serious, after this game Chris Drury should make the announcement of his emmbarassed play most of the season and demoted himself from being the captain.

  149. I’m…

    I’m just stunned.

    This is the worst hockey team I’ve ever watched.

    I can’t even defend these guys… they’re bad, I know they’re bad, everyone knows they’re bad and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  150. It is time – 3 weeks prior two trade deadline – DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP (You can fill in the blanks of who we are speaking of …)

    Get some youth, get some speed, get something and re-tool –

  151. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    To me it looks like the flyers are just toying withthem.

  152. It is time – 3 weeks prior two trade deadline – DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP, DUMP (You can fill in the blanks of who we are speaking of …)

    Get some youth, get some speed, get something and re-tool –

    Problem is, it’s still Staher doing the retooling. How’s that pre-lockout fire sale working out?

  153. Voice of Reason
    February 15th, 2009 at 2:01 pm
    Without Gomez, Drury and Redden, the lineup might look like this if you recall Artem Anisimov and Brodie Dupont:

    Naslund Dubinsky Callahan
    Dupont Anisimov Zherdev
    Sjostrom Betts Prucha
    Voros Korpikoski Orr

    Staal Roszival
    Mara Girardi
    Kalinin Reitz

    extra forward Dawes

    Honest question: Would this lineup fare any worse than what we’ve seen recently?????????

    Youth will not save this team, it is what that has been missed all season Leadership, where is the leadership and not for nothing, after watching the Hartford game last night Anisimov & Dupont did not impress me

  154. it seems z was benched

    this team would be well delt at the deadline..

    Keep Hank, Staal, Mara, Cally, Korpi and Dubi

  155. Kern, I put naslund in the next level down, under Redden, Gomez and Drury….at least he’s got a much shorter contract

  156. Did McGuire just say “bukkake”? Sounds about right, that’s what Philly is giving the Rangers right now

  157. we cant trade any of this crap. why would anyone trade with us and these contracts. we are stuck with these guys. drury and gomez have no trade clause. gomez limited teams. drury full no trade.

  158. Chris- you are saying you dont want callahan? hes our most consistent player.
    I say try to unload everyone but hank, staal, mara (keep staal and mara together!), dubi, callahan, Z, betts and korpi.

  159. yep.. under the radar is Naslund’s $4 million for two years.. after everytone else in the NHL offered him.. uhhh, nothing..

  160. how many times do they have to tank a game to give sather the message that they have quit on Renney?

  161. Here’s your choices for what happens after the game:

    A) Renney Fired

    B) Closed door meeting

    C) Prucha not dressed

    D) Line Changes

    E) Avery

  162. Yah, Naslund is a classic case of Sather bidding against himself.

    On the no-trade clauses, if I were a player, I’d want to go. Same money, different town, probably a contender, less media & embarassment.

    As lame as Redden, Gomez & Drury are, after a while, you have to think life is pretty miserable in NYC compared to where it would be elsewhere. Again, as long as there’s no pay cut, why not get the hell away from this mess?

  163. Naslund sucks too. but at least I will give him credit for exposing Renney in the comments he made about Renney’s crappy system.

  164. Who Needs Lohan on

    Its a good think Carp doesnt know what Bukkake is! HAHAHA! I dont know about you guys, but I was rooting for Philly there. Kinda felt good ya know. Note on our goal, two men went in on the forecheck. Again, its not the players folks its the passive d first system. First time in the game that two men went in on the forecheck and we score. I honestly think Renney or Pearn or both are gone after this….

  165. I think I have found the root problem of this team: TOUGHNESS. How is it that in such a rough sport as hockey, that we have the biggest pansies throughout this entire team. You cannnot play hockey without energy, hitting, and this is how this team has been playing all season. Go right down the roster:
    Gomez – pansy Redden-pansy Drury-pansy
    Naslund – pansy roszival-pansy girardi-pansy
    staal – pansy dawes – pansy zherdev-pansy


    Does anyone besides Callahan have BALLS on this team?

  166. dallas is in no rush to put avery on re entry waivers. they would be content with him in hartford. he wont be here so soon.

  167. Lobster
    February 15th, 2009 at 2:14 pm
    I think I have found the root problem of this team: TOUGHNESS. How is it that in such a rough sport as hockey, that we have the biggest pansies throughout this entire team. You cannnot play hockey without energy, hitting, and this is how this team has been playing all season. Go right down the roster:

    Gomez – pansy Redden-pansy Drury-pansy
    Naslund – pansy roszival-pansy girardi-pansy
    staal – pansy dawes – pansy zherdev-pansy


    Does anyone besides Callahan have BALLS on this team

    Yeah, us Rangers fans who are calling for Renney’s job

  168. this ain’t rock bottom, folks. they just need to “tidy up” a few things. just a few breaks here and there, and they would be winning.

    right. and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for you.

  169. chris- my bad, i think this team has killed too many brain cells to the point where i cant read right anymore.

  170. So the only player to get benched is Z. That’s great coaching Renney. Try putting Prucha on the PP. I mean his stars Drury, Gomez and Naslund already embarrassed themsevles letting a SHG on a 5-3

  171. This is sad, i hope the Flowers reach 10. This could very well be the game that gets this idiot fired. I cant wait for tomorrow, im gonna enjoy waking up to the headlines of “Renney Fired”

    Renney wasn’t matching lines this whole game, he should have had Orr out there when it was fuggin 0-0 when this team looked half dead, instead he waits for 5-1, lol what a dick head.

    Cally is the only reason to watch this team, he works hard, takes hits to make plays. Everyone else is dead to the world, and it’s pathetic, but hey, that’s Ranger hockey these days.

    Hopefull Torts, or Laviolette comes in and prep’s them for next season, cause this year is a lost cause. Just let this season end, and hopefully get a promising draft pick, and not a bust, and try and get rid of the waste’s that are poisoning this team, and the youth.

    Sad to be a Rangers.

  172. I don’t think Renney gets fired after this, just because of the busy schedule…shame really.

  173. here is waht will happen
    Sather wont rick losing Avery on re-entry

    he’ll trade youth and a vet for Avery

  174. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart-

    Come on man,bring it!! let see you blast Renney since you’ve seen the light.It’s the final step that’s needed to finaly cure yourself from Renneyaide!!!

  175. i would love to see Z with a coach that will let him go all out and have faith in him while doing it because renney definatly is not that guy

  176. If sather wanted to finally get smart, he’d give Dallas a “take it or leave it” offer of Redden & a 2nd for Avery, rather than reentry waivers

  177. he benches Zherdev, but not Drury, or Gomez or Redden, or Naslund etc

    Renney’s phony accountability only applies to young players. NEVER the big name big money bigshots.

  178. dawes didnt get benched after Eddie O correwctly pointed out his obviously misplay on the Carle goal (realizing u can bench everyone), but jeez.. bench redden put a fwd on D to make a point.. ANYTHING!!

    I long for for the days of Strudwick, but he was obviously too pricey at $625k per.

  179. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!)
    February 15th, 2009 at 2:19 pm
    Staal Wart-

    Come on man,bring it!! let see you blast Renney since you’ve seen the light.It’s the final step that’s needed to finaly cure yourself from Renneyaide!!!

    Sorry Carp…but FU alex b you flipping ahole
    if you have read anything for the past few weeks you prick you would have seen a 180 degree change from my previous thinking.
    and another thing you ass…I don’t owe you explaination of my thinking EVER!!! Go F yourself!!!

  180. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    no better day to suck mightily than on nbc at the garden. finally our dreams will finally come true and renny gets fired

  181. Sundin's Ghost on


    Wait, what’s that? He hasn’t made a single bit of difference like he hasn’t made a single bit of difference since his rookie year?

    Welcome to reality.

  182. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    i really hope we scratch a win from st. louis then renney gets fired. Let him go willie randolph style

  183. Do any of you really think that losing this game is going to change anything?

    Sather will still be our clueless GM, Renney will blame the loss on not playing the “system” and not get fired, and Drury will still be our soulless captain and make some stupid post game comment about the team still being in the hunt and that he won’t let the loss ruin his President’s day.

  184. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart-

    You misunderstood my post.Take a deep breath and relax.I am admitting that you’ve turned,I was just hoping to hear you blast Renney that’s all.That being said,It funny how brave you are behind a key board.I bet you would not have the balls to say something like that to my face you little turd.

  185. TRAGIC, i just wish for philly to score 5 more goals…. SCORE SCORE SCORE!!!!! rangers are over!

  186. its too bad you can’t try me alex b…
    whats even funnier is you actually think I have to blast Renney, to proove I don’t like him…like you are the leader of the Renney sucks brigade.
    as laughable as this team…

  187. BBK-Bring Back Kasper on

    I love how people don’t like our 4th line…yet its them Dubi, Callahan etc who play anything remotely close to aggressive inspired hockey

  188. When are they going to fire this lame coach

    get someone with a pair..confront a player making more then chump change

  189. Doodie Machetto on

    Sandis and his cocaine over Redden and his cocaine?

    Redden’s shot was deflected, now he’s a lock for the PP.

  190. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    why is it they wait till theyre blown out of the water until they forecheck and try to score?

  191. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart-
    “its too bad you can’t try me alex b…
    whats even funnier is you actually think I have to blast Renney, to proove I don’t like him…like you are the leader of the Renney sucks brigade.
    as laughable as this team…”

    I Love try ,just ask Carp to to give you my email and we can see how brave you are YOU asshole.You still don’t get that I was just tryong to be funny but why should I expect anything like a sense of humor from you.

    As for My leadership of the Anti renney brigade.I posted for almost a year on BB and went back and fourth with you and the rest of the polyana fans over there,so piss off asshole.

  192. RangersAsUsual on

    Is Gomez benched or something? I haven’t seen him in a while…did Renney actually grow a pair and bench him?

  193. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ohh pierre just tryin to be funny. the kid is tougher than some of the rangers!! lol

  194. alex I have never posted on BB.
    and there is nothing funny about this team or Renney or Sather or anything…your proving to be quit the winner

  195. Just a thought on

    Lot of losers on this team and this blog. Classic, threating to beat people up, so tuff. I feel like I am in the 3rd grade again and on the playground.

  196. Seriously, wtf is Renney rolling 4 lines right now when the Dubinsky line is pressing every shift. FIRE RENNEY!

  197. BB is a joke.

    im going to pay him to read his typepad page becasue he claims it costs money

    typepad is a free blog

  198. “I wish someone would punch Pierre McQuire and Mike Milbury right in the mouth. 2 idiots.”

    ^Really? I would usually agree with you, but for today’s performance they have been spot on. I have never agreed with these guys but today I think that they are spot on. IU mean Millybury blasted Gomez, Drury and Redden and said they were the problem and how they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they deserve the privledge of playing and wearing the blueshirts.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Sather, Renney, Gomez, Redden, Voros and Kalinin all need to go!!!

    On a side note, the Pruch, Dubi, Zherdev line has been the best line all period.

  199. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart- You are obviously a liar too.You absolutley posted on BB.And you are right,I am a winner,I’ve called for this ahole’s head for two years now and was right all along unlike you who finally has seen the last week or so.

  200. “Tom You are a history buff, so how many games did Straka play on the PP point?”

    ford. Is this the part where you fail to admit you were wrong about Cullen being a pp force when confronted with actual numbers but now nitpick on one point of my statement to prove how smart you are? Why not just give up?

    I don’t know how many games Straka played at the point, I seem to recall it was an intermittent experiment. Too bad they don’t keep that stat so we can see who is right. You must be though, since you knew how much of an expert Cullen is when it comes to pp production.

  201. Can anyone argue that change for change sake wouldn’t be good now?



  202. Just because you have wanted Renney fired for two years doesn’t make you a winner. The vast majority of coaches will be fired to end their term with a team. Two years ago, there wasn’t reason for him to be fired. Now, it seems like he has lost the team, so there’s much more reason. It’s like saying for five years that you thought the Cardinals would make it to the Super Bowl. Sure, you’re right now, but you were wrong for a long time beforehand.

  203. that suckass NBC clown crew defended Renney all the way, saying none of it was his fault.

    eddie O and Emrick are disgraces too

    eddie O blaming henrik

  204. NYR just 2 points out of 8th place!!! at this point i am hoping they dont make the playoffs. i think if they dont make the playoffs, renney is definitely gone and possibly sather as well. that is very wishful thinking.

    they are going to get blown out in STL.

  205. alex I obviously can’t prove it but since you know so much… can you tell me what my name was, because even I don’t know. I figured since you are right about everything…
    also you get my email from Carp…I don’t want the 2 extra minutes for instigating

  206. Just a thought on

    Yeah for alex b he is finally right. Two years of repeating the same crap. Congrats. If you keep saying the same thing it is bound to finally prove to be true, all things in sports come to an end.

  207. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we’ll be lucky to make the playofs. hopefully we dont, for the sake of contuing mediocrity and enzo- u idiot, sayin renny is not at fault at all!!!!. yea ok. yea the players suck but did u watch the 3rd? they played how they shouldve the first 40. renny needs to get pissed and bench these guys if dru cant get them fired up. this is the end of the season almost and theyre lookin like theyre in preseason mode. isnt it funny how drury yelled and screamed in that exhibition game but has been a zombie ever since?? somethins up. they want renny gone. one half the team is not trying. the other half seem loyal to renny so u can see the split and they are playing by themselves not as a team.

  208. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    Renney lost me after the Buffulo series.The same issues that lead me to believe that he should be fired then are the same reasons he should be fired now.I don’t need to go into them again we all know what they are.

    Staal Wart-

    You posted under the same name you post here just like me.

  209. all these guys on NBC are failed management guys Olzyck couldnt handle being given Crosby and fluery on the 05-06 Pens

    Mcguirre is a failed coach

    Milbury is a failed everything

    who are they gonna blame? a coach or a hi paid player?/
    Dont they get it?
    It doesnt matter..if the coach cant plant a Redden on the bench…its still the goddamn coaches fault

  210. I’m pretty fuming now. I woke up early today to watch this crap?!!! The Rangers owe me three hours of sound sleep back.

    Why is it that this Giroux kid for Philly in the lineup and not AA for the Rangers? That’s a slap in the face.

    I really don’t like Drury at all. He’s useless. Go back to Colo you emotionless jabroni.

  211. they played the 3rd period in the Flyers zone only because the flyers were satisfied with the big lead,and just sat back and did not forecheck at all

  212. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    And of course Eddie O has no clue,It’s not Renney’s or the staffs fault.Just like it wasn’t his fault he could not coach with a loaded Penguins team.

  213. The perfect world would be the rangers missing the playoffs and Dolan selling the team and the new owner cleaning house and firing Sather, Renney and the coaching staff. One can only dream. We all know the reality of the situation is the Rangers missing the playoffs, Dolan is still the owner and Sather still has a job.

  214. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    spider- isnt it ironic that renny lost you on the buff series and guess who killed it for us. dru!!!!! now hes on our side and is playing like hes on the other team, and hank has been great but tonight was pretty bad. i mean i know our d sucks but cmon hank is better than that. he shouldve had 2 of the goals they scored.

  215. dg
    dead on…

    no conclusions other than that should be drawn for holding Philly scoreless in the 3rd

    But…I’m afraid because it didnt get to 10-2 again that the pinhead behind the bench will be doing his gum-chewing, bench-a-scrub-but-not-a-star, 1 man attacking offense/defense in St. Louis

  216. Tom

    A revisionist without portfolio. You stated that Cullen was not played at the point because Straka was already there. You were wrong …. all while dressed up in the guise of someone who had rode his horse into town to bust someone else for not being straight with the facts!

    All I know is that when I watched Cullen play at the point during the Canes’ run, I thought his play was dynamic, the power play was effective, and his shot spoke for itself. All of which ought to have earned him more than five or six games (if he even got that) under Renney.

  217. alex, I hate to break it to you but I have never posted there… the only place I have ever posted is here and 2 years ago I posted on Rangerland.net under the name of Capt. Colton. Thats it…I don’t have time to post anywhere but here.

  218. I agree with the earlier poster who said, how many games does the team have to tank before it is admitted by mgmt that they have quit on Renney?

  219. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    eric- no clue id like to watch it too but i dont see renny sayin anything but tired cliches. i dont even care anymore what he has to say

  220. Carp-

    You know what is funny. You could have written about this game before the game even started and it’d be 100% spot on. Same old terrible story with this team. At least it was amusing to hear the fire Renney chants for a few minutes.

    I’m sorry I lost it for NBC annoucers when they even had the audacity to say Pern is not at all responsible for this mess.

  221. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    staal- why bother defending yourself against someone saying u posted somewhere else before? who cares, just laugh about it.

  222. I was going to get tickets to see the Rangers vs. Colorado on the 28th…but I’ve changed my mind.

  223. Attention shoppers: There is a team for sale! I repeat: there is a team for sale! Buy the team, get the GM and the coach FREE! Headache also included…

  224. They got a tough practice one day

    then promply lost 10-2

    they got so upset by that

    that they lost 3-0

    after an emotional win vs Caps and AO/MG….

    They lose 2-1

    they were so upset by that

    they were down 1-0 after 1 period today

    this led to a team meeting

    and they fell behind 5-0

    today they’ll have another talk and…..

  225. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart-

    Good one,keep trying to convince yourself.

  226. St. Louis will win tomorrow…you heard it here….why?
    because they are fighting to make the playoffs and we are, well we are barely playing!

  227. another stellar defensive effort from the tight checking, stylings of Renney’s Rangers! We’ll be lucky to get blown out by NJ or WAS in the first round.

  228. Meanwhile Devils score 30 seconds in against the best team in hockey…
    just keeps getting better

  229. Alex keep typing bro…you are mistaking me for someone who cares…and stop trying to make like we were friends on a different blog…I wouldn’t want anyone to think we were friends.

  230. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Staal Wart, I just picked up some tickets for that game too… I’m hoping there’s a new coach or mgmt by then. If not I’ll be starting the FIRE RENNEY chants. And cheering on Prucha regardless of if he’s on the ice.

  231. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart-I never said we were friends on that or this Blog.You have no life if you have friends on blogs.My friends are people I spend time with outside of the computer not on it.


    Beside drafting Marty Brodeaur the key aquisition for the Devils that led to three cups was when they were awarded Scott Stevens by the NHL after Shanahan signed with the Blues….

    After that they sign “0” big time free agents; in fact they let Lemieux, Richer,Ralston, Holik, Gomez and Neidemeyer go…

    and then they get some of them back on the cheap

    Meanwhile across the river……

    If its true that by sending redden to the AHL no free agents will sign here ever again? then do it tonight

  233. Depressing. No fire at the start, no energy. i just get the sense that Renny has absolutely no clue how his team is going to come out every night/day, and if that is so or even partly so, he has got to be taken out asap.


  234. 12 goals in 8 games

    take away the Cap game? 8 goals in 7 games

    Yes…keep the coach..makes perfect sense.

  235. Yeah and let’s be honest, the only reason they got 4 on Wash is because they drove t othe ent and played ugly, Theodore isn’t what he was, and the Caps D might be less physical than ours.

  236. I’m out…
    if this team can’t put any effort out, then I don’t want to put out any effort talking about them…they are a complete waste of time.

  237. By the way, Prucha made more plays today with the puck (that not only set himself up for chances but also his linemates) than Dawes has done in total since before Christmas. But of course Renney sees Dawes as having much more “playmaking” ability:

    Right. One assist in 13 games.

  238. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I don’t know if anything Renney says has any credability anymore,at least not with sane people.

  239. Bottom line changes need to be made, and firing renney isn’t one of them. Where as I agree with all that he shows the same weak fire torre did during his reign with the yankees, the team has failed him.

    needs to go: Redden, Dawes, Voros, Rosival
    needs to be brought up: Sanguetti, Del Zotto, and pyatt.
    Trade for Bouwmeister and you have a solid you d for the future. stahl, sanguetti, del zotto, bouwmeister, girardi, and reitz/ Mara.
    Finally as much as prucha has disappointed in past yrs off his stellar rookie showing what they are doing to him is completely unfair, either play him or trade him.
    And if any coaching changes need to happen, mike paulino should be out the door, he is in charge of the power play and even the sinking of the titanic has had better results than his ineptness

  240. ford, shocking you managed to ignore the whole of what i said. So i’ll explain it again, here’s why he didn’t play the point – #2 center on the team, straka at the point, and poor performance. Those factors all contributed in varying degrees and at varying times during the season. Do you really not think when Straka played the point that it didn’t contribute to not putting another forward back there? Can you answer definitively answer how many games Straka played at the point? Are you going to tell me Cullen wasn’t the #2 center or wasn’t ineffective on the pp that year?

  241. I’m curious, I’ve only been a Ranger fan since 92-93. Is this the worst team in the last 25 years?

  242. jcl206 February 15th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    I’m curious, I’ve only been a Ranger fan since 92-93. Is this the worst team in the last 25 years?

    No the pre lock-out team went something like 18-40

  243. longtimerangersfan on


    Yes, this is the worst “team” team in the last 30 years!!!!!
    Back when I started watching them they had the “GAG” (goal a game) line now we don’t even have a GAG team.

  244. I guess I should rephrase, the style and execution of the team the last 3 months, is it the worse than prelockout? I remember it being bad, but those 7 years without the playoffs were pretty bad (I just cant distinguish one season from another then).

    Is it not telling when the announcers mention that the Ranger bench is quiet and non of their “born leader” like Drury are saying anything.

  245. This is not all Renneys or the other coaches fault, but I think they have to clean house to stop this bleeding, before it’s to late. It’s clear Renney and his help can’t straighten up this ship. It has to be done now!!

  246. Firing Renney isn’t the point. Is it time for a coaching change? Sure why not. Will changing the coach really have any true impact? Probably not. I have no issue with getting rid of Renney, but as long as Sather is GM, what does it really matter? Renney was the best coach Sather has picked so far. How sad is that? This team needs a new GM, new Coach, and new roster. Changing the coach alone will change nothing. At worst, it will cause this team to play just well enough to make the playoffs and to prolong the misery that is this team. Sather is the criminal. Nothing changes for this team until he is gone. Take that to the bank.

  247. Fair to say that this team is worse than some Ranger teams which missed the playoffs.

    All I know is: A flipping 25-GAME LOSING STREAK would not get Renney fired. This is a hands-off, stick in the mud “organization.” The owner doesn’t care, the GM is too busy lighting cigars and drinking rum-spiked coffee to do anything else, the coach does not have the personal integrity to quit and allow someone else to give this team direction and motivation, and the assistant coaches are too busy diagramming how to keep short-handed 5 on 3 goals against down to a bare minimum of 10 per season, to do anything else.

    HEY, I WAS RIDICULED HERE IN December FOR SAYING THIS TEAM Will MISS THE Post-SEASON. Raise your hand, all you who think this team will get there. I am taking names. And if we had a GM, we could trade Drury to a TV network to star in a series called “The Invisible Man.” Or maybe “The Invisible Team. Glad to see Valiquette had a decent half-game outing.

  248. “Where are you Petr Nedved”

    Haha, i bet Nedved is glad he got turned down by Slats.

    I hope they lose tomorrow, cause i didn’t realize there was a game, i don’t know if Slats has the balls to fire Renney on game day, so who knows.

    This needs to be done, these guys are not playing for him, he just cant get these guys to give 100%, and the guys that do give it there all, they’re either benched, or barely get any ice time.

    And it’s aboot time the fuggin Ranger fans started chanting “Fire Renney”.

    Hopefully tomorrow Slats fires Renney, then after the Blues game, he feels so bad aboot it, he fires himself, and that ends that.

    Go Tavares !

  249. February 15th, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    jcl206 February 15th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    I’m curious, I’ve only been a Ranger fan since 92-93. Is this the worst team in the last 25 years?

    No the pre lock-out team went something like 18-40

    That’s very true, but they didnt have the benefit of the shootout to inflate their record. But I believe I had season tickets in 03-04, they were pretty brutal.

    By the way, I just remembered something. We got off to strong start this season because Lundqvist went 12 straight games with only allowing 2 goals or less. The sad thing is he’d lost just about all those games now with this team.

  250. DomivBaumgartner on

    Hooray Drury for letting Richards skate around you on the 5 on 3. Hooray Redden for getting 2 assists and Hooray Prucha for having a horrible 1st and 2nd and playing a pretty well third leading to an assist on Zherdevs goal.

    Btw, where was Dubinsky, Gomez and Drury? We are in serious need of a No. 1 center.

    Fire Renney. That Power play was terrible, it took us 1.40 seconds to get in the zone. The blue jackets have the worst PP in the league and they look much better than us, hey they can actually get the puck in the zone and set up the unit.

  251. Tom

    1) Since when does being a 2nd line center preclude playing the point on the power play?? It didn’t in Carolina. Or are you saying that Cullen would be automatically placed on the PP second unit as center, and therefore that would be set in stone?? Are you maintaining that PP units must be identical to even strength ones?? You cannot be serious.

    2) You brought up Straka initially …. and now you are asking me to tell you how often he played there?? It was absolutely the exception and not the rule, and at no point EVER was he solidified on the first team on the point. As I recall, he would occasionally be tried there during the course of a game. To suggest that he was such a mainstay that Cullen could never have replaced him is total crap.

    3) Cullen did not get a chance on the point, so to argue that he was totally ineffective when he was yanked from the PP assumes there was a significant sample to rely on —– say, the fifty plus games Redden has gotten. I honestly don’t remember Cullen getting more than four or five games, tops. If you think that’s enough, knock yourself out.

  252. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    With the way things are right now,absent a coaching change or a major personell change,I am hard pressed to believe that they win more tahn another 6-8 games,if that much.

  253. jcl206, this isn’t even close to being the worst Rangers team in the last 25 years. Trust me. Some didn’t even come close to making the playoffs or playing .500 hockey. Some were closing in on elimination at this point in the season, including one with Wayne Gretzky on it.

    I’ll be putting up a new post with post-game comments and notes in a few minutes.

  254. The 03-04 team was the worst team since I’ve been a fan (89-90). This team isn’t that bad, but not very good. The way Sather and the Dolans run the Garden, the way the Yankees own this town, the way nobody gives a sh*t about hockey in this area anymore, the way MTL and Det continue to dance around and celebrate, celebrate celebrate, and the way these losers like Redden and Drury continue to get PP time and are not sent to the minors, it all makes me ^$^@#^ sick.

  255. i couldnt be happier than i slept throughout the entirety of todays game after watching giroux score.

    The Rangers will always be the #1 team in my heart, but right now, my mind is telling me to look another way, because this is bogus.

  256. This team is really not that bad compared to lot of them. I Remember when Espo ran things. Hell I ever remember when the cat was manager. There was some bad ones then. I still don’t think the coaches here now can bring this team out of this funk. It’s to late for them. Maybe I’m not as patient as I used to be

  257. Hmm, I just checked back to make sure i was right about the 12 game thing with LQ. The funny thing is that this team couldnt really score back then. The Rangers lost quite a few of those games in that stretch or won in typical Renney fashion, the shootout. I think Renney needs to go, but for people to suggest this team is A LOT better than they are playing should look back to even when they were successful. They still were only scoring really 2 goals a game.

  258. And Cullen, before Weight arrived (which one could argue nudged him down the depth chart at center), played plenty of PP point when his ice time 5-on-5 was equal to that of a top 6 forward.

  259. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    The fans need to hit the team by not paying money on merchandise and not go to the games. Hit them where they breathe. Wishful thinking.

  260. tom, this is from an article that was published on July 2 2006.

    ‘We are very happy to add Matt to our lineup,’ Rangers president and general manager Glen Sather said. ‘He brings speed and versatility to the team, with the ability to play center or wing as well as the point on the power play.’

    Kind of hard to deny that Cullen was looked to to help the PP from the spot on the ice where he helped the Canes.

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