Who were those masked men?


They were offensive, and I don’t mean that they offended. They played aggressively. They played tough and with passion. It obviously was a heckuva lot easier on the eyeballs

And I won’t mention that they still almost lost.

But the Rangers’ losing streak is over, and so, for now, is the goal drought after the 5-4 shootout win over Wahsington tonight.

Some lockerroom remarks:

Markus Naslund: “We’re a desperate team right now. We need the wins and I think it was an all-around hard-working effort from the whole group.”

I asked him, and several others if the pace was dictated by the Rangers, or allowed by the Capitals:

“I think it was a little bit of both,” Naslund said. “A guy like Ovechkin, you’ve got to be careful not to give him odd-man rushed and chances to shoot the puck. I thought we skated well. We skated with them. I thought we drove the net well and got more pucks to the net than we have.”

Chris Drury: “I think they always play like that, it seems like, especially against us. We finally matched it and dictated the play to them. We really had our legs going.

“When we have a chance, go. Be aggressive. Certainly when Ovechkin’s out there and Green’s flying around, you have to pick your spots, but when  there’s a chance for us to be aggressive and jump into the play we’ve got to go for it.”

Tom Renney: “I think every team wants to play with pace and tempo. … Both teams kind of went at each other. … I’d like to think we had something to do with that, going after a very important win for our team.

Henrik Lundqvist: It was huge to get the win tonight after everything that was going on the last couple of weeks.

“It felt really important to get the win tonight. We played really hard tonight and we created a lot. You could see that we got a lot of confidence from scoring. Our guys needed to score and feel good and feel that the game is working. So it was a really good performance, I think. It was a tough game to play. They’re a good team, but we battled.

“They’ve got a lot of talent there, but we managed to keep up with them and get the two points, which was huge for us now. Going to Florida tomorrow, you’re going to see a couple of smiles on the plane, and it’s been a while. You walk around and it’s pretty painful when you’re not winning. You put a lot of pressure on yourself. You want to win. This business is all about winning.”

The Rangers actually got a huge break in the shootout, their forte, after Alex Ovechkin tied it to send it to extra shooters. Ryan Callahan, excellent all night, rang one off the crossbar behind Jose Theodore, and it was waved off, but the puck hit Theodore in the back of the leg and trickled into the net for what proved to be the winner.

“It’s good to get a good bounce there,” Callahan said. “I got the shot off I wanted to, and I heard it hit the crossbar and didn’t think it went in and I look back and saw it go into the net. It was a good break and a good win for us.

“I was just hoping they didn’t call it back,” Drury said. “I didn’t know what the rule is. At first they waved it off. So you’re just thinking, ‘God, please just count it somehow.’ “

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  1. JL and OneCup-My dream PP would be Mr. Spock standing in front of the net, with Bullseye from Daredevil comics and Megatron from the Decepticons firing shots from the point.

  2. Yup, they gotta outwork a hard working scrappy Florida team and continue to play dirty and ugly hockey. No fun in the sun for these guys.

  3. That game was fun to watch, it was nerve racking in a good sense, in that we had something to lose, we were actually playing for something. Renney says that “every team wants to play with pace and tempo”… i hope that’s tonight’s epiphany.

  4. They need to continue this type of play and build on this shootout victory. There are still many flaws in their game, but a win is a win.

    I hope to God one day they will know what they are doing on the PP, because it is very painful to watch right now.

  5. long time reader, first time poster….

    they still have a long way to go, but a W is a W – Redden still blows, Dawes needs to be a scratch and we need to see Prucha.

    I am curious to see what the next game says…

  6. The Rangers are beginning an important stretch of games with several must wins. It will be interesting to see if the Rangers can build off tonight and continue the aggressive. Not to sound negative but I doubt the Rangers will continue the aggressive, gritty play and they’ll fall back into the passive perimeter style.

  7. tell Renney to have his bags packed, next loss & he needs to go – can he fit Sather in his carry-on?

  8. onecupin67years on

    The rangers don’t fare too well on back to back games.

    I did notice during the game 1 and 2nd periods that the ranger forwards didn’t do good job covering the points in their own end which allowed the caps to pass to their d for shots, If I noticed it where was renney and his dweebs?
    check rangers in 60

  9. Excellent win boys!

    Notice “BOB” isn’t around when they are willing? Just a sore loser bandwagon fan it seems.

  10. PP problems-1. No one who is an A-lister with deflecting pucks from inside the crease; Drury is decent and Cally is getting better, Prucha’s good at collecting garbage but he’d need to play in order to do it. Solution: Avery for this year and in the future Anisimov is great at deflecting pucks and Grachev is a big man, plus maybe Dupont.

    2. Point men-Redden’s shot is useless and Rozi on a contender is on a second PP unit at best with his hesitance to shoot. Solution: For now Mara has the most consistent shot and that’s who they gotta live and die with, him and Rozi shooting. If Girardi could be separated from Redden maybe he could activate more and use his good wrist shot.

    3. Not enough snipers-Dawes has the potential with his wrist shot and Zherdev. Solution: have Dawes shoot more from the perimeter a la Jagr, ditto for Naslund.

    4. Creativity-Only Gomez and Zherdev are truly creative with making passes Solution: can’t do much this year but Sags and Anisimov are great passers and I believe can help next year. Korpi’s a good passer, maybe try him with the veterans?

  11. Good game, offense needs to keep this up. Lundqvist let in 4 goals but hey when we lost he gave up 2 or less.

  12. Great game, but the power play is still useless. You can have a great PK, but you’re going nowhere in the post season (wishful thinking, I know) without a top PP.

  13. Tonight’s game was awesome. I got a last minute call with an extra ticket and jumped on the opportunity to see AO beat up on the team I’ve been cursing all year.

    Really exciting game though. Callahan should have got the #1 star over Korpedo (also AWESOME tonight), He had the first goal, assist, and the GWG.

    Redden should eat a diaper.

  14. Imagine Caps with a decent goaltender… they could really give any team in the league run for their money…
    As for the NYR… playoffs started today… every game is a must win from now on

  15. why would u want dawes to shoot from the perimeter, he can hardly score point blank. the kid is not gonna be a sniper in the nhl and he is no playmaker, i think he only plays over prucha b/c he’s a canuck, thats the only reason i can see

    and how can our pp still be so bad and yet he keeps throwing the same tired combinations out there. why would you not use staal out there and develop his offense, got to at least help one kid improve this year

  16. I would like to have seen more talk about Federov and solo camera shots of him. I loved him growing up as a kid…what an exciting player he was…and at 39 he still is…imagine having Federov on your third/fourth line? Wow, he can still skate.

  17. I had the Wash feed on TV tonight and almost puked when the announcer said he’d asked Renny why his PK was so good. Renny told him “because they do what we coaches tell them, they follow the plan.” Then he asked him why the PP was so bad. “Because they don’t do what we tell them to do.”

    Classic used car snake-oil salesman Tom. “I coached good, they played bad.” And “When it works out, it’s all due to me. When it doesn’t, it’s not my fault.”

    And people wonder why those who see thru this clown can’t stand him??

  18. They did exactly what I said they should do. Jane are you passing on my comments to Renney? haha. I said they should stop taking the stupid shots from bad angles and fight to get to the slot. Sure enough they do that.

  19. Whoa dudes and dudettes EDM is spanking MTL 6-1 after the second. They’re in the same boat as the Rangers and gotta get desperate.

  20. Few thoughts on tonight’s game:

    If the youth on this team had turned out to be the reliable scorers we’d hoped for, it wouldn’t be as big a deal that the veterans have sucked.

    Somehow the Rangers seem to use half their passes on the PP to eliminate the extra space given them by the man advantage.

    Hitting the net with the puck is a real plus (on offense).

  21. right here. Renney as usual is bailed out by the shootout. 9 wins in the SO. without that, he is history

  22. Renney has about as much to do with the Shootout victories as the posters on this board.

    here is his contribution—

    “please Henrik, I beg you, save my job again”

  23. Renney Haters, Inc. on

    “Where are all the Renney haters now?”

    Sounding off, one two three four:









    Present and acoounted for






    Hear, hear!









  24. i think Rosival is actually scared of shooting the puck on net… i think he has a phobia of the red light going on with the fans cheering at MSG….

  25. Naw, the rinks in the Czech leagues are different sizes than NHL rinks so he was trained to look for the pass rather than shoot and I don’t know how much PP time he got in Pitt; that’s a lot of years to get it out of his head; case in point, I’ve been driving for 11-12 years and I still do things like put the e-brake on when I park and lock my trunk when I’m home because I was trained that way and it’s like a reflex reaction and my friends give me sh-t for it hehe.

  26. Fun game to watch @ home….Fans in attendance @ MSG got their moneys worth too.

    Gotta love the ongoing Staalsy/AO battles….I havent watched many other teams play this year, so not sure if any other Eastern Conference defenseman gives AO a run for the money like Staalsy does…..

    With Montreal in a tailspin, and below the Rangers in the standings, I wonder if they would pluck S. Avery if and when the Stars call him up through waivers re-entry.

  27. Renney and Stimpy on

    well, I reckon I’ll mosey on over to the saloon, have me a sasparilla, and hope that snake oil varmint Renney don’t start sellin’ his bottles of magic elixir to all the townfolk.

    the last time I bought one, it gave me the vapors, and the runs. I call it Renney-gade.

  28. As Rangers fans we should pull back on that microscope and look at what TSN sees this game as. If anyone is unfamiliar with them, well, they’re the Canadian ESPN…as in they’re hockey-centric.

    Just to get a different perspective check out the wrap-up here: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/

    They only care about the NHL’s big picture, not the coaching, overpaid captains or lack of passion. Just Green’s record breaking goal scoring streak. Yeup.

  29. “Redden should eat a diaper.”

    Should read “Redden should eat a poopy diaper.”

    Sorry, those of us with kids need to be more graphic…

  30. In 2005-06, the Rangers gave away first place in the Atlantic with a late season slump that allowed the Devils and Flyers to push past the Rangers. By finishing off the season 4-6 in their last 10 games the Rangers went from Atlantic Division Champs to 6th.

    In 2006-07, the Rangers needed a 7-2-1 finish just to hold off the Lightning and Islanders to finish in 6th place. During that season it was losing streaks during December and February that led to the desperate fight for the playoffs.

    In 2007-08, the Rangers using a 5-1-4 finish was able to improve to 5th place in a season that gave a glimpse to the problems scoring and on the power play that are very clear this season. In this season it was a 5-7-2 January that set the stage for another fight to make the playoffs.

    Does the line: “The Song Remains the Same” mean anything?

  31. goodwin but nothing really has changed except the young guys had a good game.

    prucha sgould still be in the lineup and the big dollar guys especially redden stinks

    the PP is beyond words…

  32. Whoa, just got back from the game. A 2 hour drive sucks after going crazy at the Garden.

    Good win, VERY entertaining to watch, but don’t be fooled into thinking we’ve turned some magical corner. This team did not deserve to win this game. Some thoughts from the game.

    -Redden literally stood there and watched Fleischmann put in the Caps first goal. It was painful. I see better D in my beer league. I yelled from section 403 that his mother should have had an abortion, I hope he heard me.

    -Voros is unwatchable. He can’t skate, shoot or fight. Playing him on the first line and the PP is absurd. Prucha should be in, but if Prucha really did finger-blast a relative of Renney, Anisomov, Valliquette, or the Midget Ranger kid that toe dragged during 1st intermission would be improvements. Voros – 2 hits. Dubinsky – 6. Callahan – 5. GOMEZ – 4.

    -Reitz is a servicable D man and is an improvement over Kalinin.

    -Staal did a great job shutting down Ovie tonight, but they left Green wide open, who is just as dangerous. If this team is going to succeed, they’re going to need to be aware of more than 1 dangerous opponent on the ice at a time.

    -The PP is sickening. The Caps were handing the Rangers the game in the 3rd, and they couldn’t seal the deal. Good coaches fix the problem. Our PP has sucked for 3 years.

    -Nobody on this team has ever heard of a one timer. I think that could be a huge reason of why the PP sucks as bad as it does. NOTHING gets through from the point, because the point man cradles the pass and sets it up, and by that time, opposition has clogged the shooting lane. If I were coach I’d make point men practice 1 timers until they run out of sticks to use. Shanahan was a one timer GOD.

    -It’s amazing what happens when you go to the net.

  33. Don’t be fooled by the “Reitz is better than Kalinin” sentiments. After all, your grandmother is better than Kalinin, too. No, Reitz’s real job here is to BLOCK the advancement of the Sauer, Potter, Sanguinetti connection, from reaching Broadway until they are 25-27 years of age. Just think, if Reitz had not been acquired, one of the above would actually be playing for a few games, rather than experiencing Renney’s patented “one game trial” dementia.

  34. Good game last night, thank god we got the win. It just shows that when the effort is there we have a chance – anyone notice that the guys were “going to the net” a lot more last night?

    2 things still worried me the most: Voros was awful (could someone at MSG not have accidentally locked the penalty box door for say – 2 hours to keep him in there?); the PP was equally as awful, all we needed was a single PP goal and we’d have won that game in regulation in the 3rd. It seems to have regressed even further to that “find the perfect shot” format. Get Prucha in the lineup and 10 feet from the goal and send some bombs from Mara, Staal and Girardi and see what happens – it can’t be worse than the current debacle can it?

  35. Blog is looking good so far today. Nice to see people taking this win for what it was and realizing although it was an exciting game, it’s nothing to slime your undies over.

    Agreed big time on Reitz. He plays with an aggressive edge and is an improvement over Kalinen… but ENOUGH with these oddball trades and acquisitions when *we have these players in our system already*.

    That said, I hope they have the sense to keep Reitz in over dkal.

  36. Pretty good win last night, but im still not convinced. We needed a shootout to beat them, which isn’t satisfying, but we needed points in what ever way possible, so you just have to take it.

    The thing that pisses me off is, when we cant score a goal, most of the time Hank barely gives up a goal, and when we’re scoring goals, Hank is giving up too many. That’s not good, and it has to change.

    Hank nearly blew that one, but made a fuggin awesome save to win it, an the Cally goal was total luck, which this team needed badly.

    Im happy they won, but this saves Renney. You can tell by Pelino’s reaction, kind of a “we won, you’re not getting fired, let’s have a wine cooly” kind of reaction.

    That might have been the game where, if lost, could have been the final game Renney coached. So it’s bittersweet for me, but what ever. The more i think of it, this guy wont get fired, at least not now, which sucks, but ive dealt with it for 2 seasons now, so what’s another 2 or 3, ugh.

    Big game against the Cats, they lose that, they are in deep shit.

  37. JoeInDE – It was actually Mara who shut down Ovechkin for most of that game and he did a great job of it.

  38. Heres the question of the ages ” How many of these games would we win if we had a half way decent PP” Why is Pearn still coaching. You could get Stevie Wonder to do a better job.Love the win but Clueless and staff MUST GO


  39. From Brooks this morning:

    “We’ve gotten to the point where we have to go, we can’t just stand around and hope for mistakes,” Markus Naslund said.

    If THAT doesn’t prove my “the players hate Renney and were dogging it because of him” statement, then I do not know what does.

  40. It was Mara and Rozi every time I looked up thats whose side he was on… I think he went against Staal a few times (and yes Staal did shut him down then obviously he didn’t score) but he was matching up on the other side…

    Hey guys a reminder Stan Fischler is going to be discussing the team tonight at 9pm exclusively at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nyrnationradio

    you can call in LIVE to the show at 347-?884-?8692

  41. They are making a book about this year’s team. It’s call “Shootout or Shutout: The Story of the 08-09 New York Rangers.”


  42. Yes Chris Drury, your imaginary friend God was responsible for the puck bouncing off of the goalie and into the net.

    I was glad it happened though good job Callahan.

  43. It obvious after last night. Even with the win, we will stand zero chance of beating the Caps in a 7 game series, unless HL stands on his head. Caps took 7 of 8 points from us.

  44. Agravaine, I was able to get the sign in, but the team showed up last night so there was no need to really show it.

    However, with 5 minutes left the closed circut camera was filming our section and the FIRE SATHER sign made it onto the jumbotron. MSG was not too happy as they threw up the NYR logo very quickly and I was not bothered by MSG security.

  45. Now if they would just get their damn PP working, that game wouldnt have even gone to a shootout….. but i guess 1 step at a time.

    Lets Go Rangers !!!

  46. Cally is the prototype for this team, or he should be. He is not going to score 30, but he hits people, he hustles, and always leaves his heart out on the ice. If the whole team had his heart, grit, and aggression, we’d be leading the East. No doubt in my mind.

    Redden still blows and it actually gets more nauseating every day to watch him.

    Nice game by Korpikoski.

    Even Gomez played decently.

    Drury is still lost out there.

    And the f-ing PP is just a laugh. I mean 5 on 3 and you have guys standing around and the puck not even moving. Pathetic. But so glad we have Redden as our PP QB.

    I didn’t see the first period (DVR glitch…I blame the wife) but from what I saw they did play with some more desperation than they have recently. I also wonder about Renney’s system further as we opened it up a little and scored 4 and got a win (granted in a SO, not regulation). The name of the game is to score more than you give up and get a W. Renney’s system seemed slightly abandoned last night and we still got the win. Hmmmmm….

    One game is one game though. It means nothing. This is still a team lacking any consistency, heart, or determination.

    Suffice to say but Friday’s game is now HUGE. In fact, almost every game between here and April is now.

    BTW, anyone at the game last night see the “Fire Sather” sign hit the Jumbotron? My bro was holding it up and when the cameras focused on our section he said it made the big screen. I wasn’t there so I cannot say but was curious if anyone else saw it.

  47. I saw a FIRE SATHER sign way across the Garden. I was in 315, I saw it on the other side…I was so proud of whoever that was. Sec 222 or 333? around there?

  48. Oh and thank you Salty. BTW, I am saving the sign for future use. I think we might need it, unless they play like they did last for the next 25 games.

  49. A win is a win and glad the losing streak is over

    But in the immortal words of MR. Wolfe from Pulp Fiction: “Let’s not start suckng each others di@cs just yet.”

    They played hard and fought for evry goal. Which is what your SUPPOSED to do.

    HAnk, Cally, NAslund, Korpi, MAra, Staal, Orr & betts were all great last night
    FINALLY Orr starts some sheet early and wins against BRashear

    But Aaron Voros, I mean was that game enough for you Renney to sit his ass for the next 10 games?

    Did anyone see the look on his face after Hank stopped the last shooter in the shootout. Pelino punched him in the arm as if to say “See, were not fired yet!”

    Win the next two games with the same type of passion and OFFENSE and I’ll be a very happy Ranger fan.

    And Montreal got BLOWN OUT last ngiht 7-2 by edmonton. Good for us.
    Now lets hope Philly loses to the surgin Senators tonight

    Oh yea, fire renney

  50. We will know 5 minutes in to the game if the Rangers really know how they have to play to have a chance to win. If they avoid hits and physical play and try to be fancy and creative, they don’t know jack squat. If they take the body, forecheck, and shoot the puck at the net, maybe the mindset of this team will actually be changing. I am not saying last night’s win was a good win, but it is a start, for an extremely fragile team.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    They managed to get a win and score a few goals, but the win came in the shootout, after having almost half a period’s worth of PP time, about 40 seconds of which was 5 on 3. In other words, it shouldn’t have taken the shootout. That PP is dreadful.

    And speaking of the 5 on 3, how long did it take them to turn the puck over? Everyone get out of the way and just throw it at the goalie. Or even if you can’t do that, since it’s automatically a faceoff in the offensive zone when there is a penalty call, just get it to the point and stickhandle out and into the zone. The offside stops the play, and even though it was deliberate, you get the offensive zone faceoff. Instead they wasted 20 seconds trying to get the puck to a Caps defender.

  52. Look as everyone else will, I’ll take the win but seriously… “A lot of smiles on faces on the plane to FL.”

    Really? For squeaking out a win to not have lost 6 in a row? Smiles?

    I’ll tell you what… the only reason they were in this game at all is because tehy actually TRIED.

    That’s it. They put in effort.

    Good for them


    Is this a revelation or something?

    If last night was an OK game for them, or a decent effort then I’d be convinced… but it’s not… it’s a great win.

  53. Rick, was watching the game last night. Before the shooutout, there seemed to be some gamesmanship going on. Budreau called an official over and had them say something to Lundqvist. Then Renney, to his credit, appeared to get the officials to give Theodore the same treatment. Any idea what that was all about? Can you post about it?

  54. Carp,

    I forgot about that until moses brought it up. Do you know what those talking-to’s were all about…

    Newman… Jo (I don’t know if you remember her but she used to post on here a long while ago) and I are twins. On a different board (for a diff subject) we have both said we are twins both said we live in NY and constantly talk back and forth with each other referring to the same things… other people on the board don’t even get that we are related never mind that we are each other’s twin… it is quite humorous… We have fun seeing how close we can get to saying we are sisters before someone realizes (without, of course, actually saying we are sisters)

  55. Pretty simple. When the terrified anal-retentive coach is tuned out and the players play to win by attacking instead of “waiting for mistakes” as Naslund said, it is possible for good things to happen.

    Renney the Frightened will reappear any moment now, and undoubtedly you will see the play-to-lose trap in Florida on Friday. But in the meantime, all you people who have told us “Renney has actually overachieved with this bunch” look at the tape from last night and learn the lesson it tells so plainly: When freed to play hockey instinctually, the Rangers’ level of play rises dramatically.

  56. Riddle me this, as the best defenseman on the team, and a decent shot why the hell is Staal at least not given a shot on the PP? Can he do any worse than Rosival or Redden is right now?

  57. Good quote MikeyNJ – its a start but there’s a long way to go yet until this team is ready to contend each night – consistent effort like that is required each night. Let’s see if they can follow it up with a few more games like that and build up some confidence again.

    Was it ORR.. who is going to the Hartford game on Saturday? I’m looking forward to an Avery update on Sunday morning..!

  58. I’m so tired of reading how the power play is in a “slump”… for it to be slumping, it has to have been better at some point, doesn’t it?

  59. Nasty 1…in that case you were happy that Orr and Voros dropped the gloves early right? I mean that to me said they were a little pissed off and needed to set the tone. I liked that feistiness.

    Yes, Voros did little else. But at least he was trying to spark the team. So I will give him some credit for getting something going. Not much else in upside in his game but he actually was the best of the worst on the ice during the PP.

    If this team had a PP, we’d have at least 10 more points this season. No question in my mind. How Staal is not getting at least a look on the PP is just ridiculous.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    swizzle, Staal is many things and has many tools. He has a great stick in the defensive zone, is HIGLHY intelligent defensively, is pretty good at taking the body, can make good first passes, and can really skate with the puck through any zone. But the one thing he lacks is a decent shot. His shot is TERRIBLE. Soft and very inaccurate. I’ve been saying it since the middle of last season, there are two things he needs to do during the offseason: lift weights and practice his shot.

    Rozsival should definitely shoot more. He has a GREAT shot. I mean, he shouldn’t shoot everytime the idiots in the Garden tell him to, but he definitely passes up one or two very good shots a game. Then again, I can understand how he would be so timid to shoot when our PP has given up so many shorthanded goals this year.

    And why can’t Mara take more shots like the goal he had last night? That shot was perfect.

  61. ” saw a FIRE SATHER sign way across the Garden. I was in 315, I saw it on the other side…I was so proud of whoever that was. Sec 222 or 333? around there?”
    Salty 2-12-09

    Hey Salty!!

    That was a FIRE EXIT sign….How many empties at that point? :)

  62. Doodie… especially since two or three of those SH goals were resulted form hard shots Rozy took that were blocked and bounced past him. No one was behind him (obviously) and there were breakaways that resulted in goals. It has to be on his mind every time he is on the PP….

  63. “We’ve gotten to the point where we have to go, we can’t just stand around and hope for mistakes,” Markus Naslund said. “Obviously we have to have good support on the puck, but we have to read and react instantly and with passion.

    “If we’re going to lose, at least it will be by trying to make things happen instead of allowing teams to walk all over us. That has to end. Everyone here feels the exact same way.”

    Any Renney fans want to take issue with this? After all, this is the OPPOSITE of what your hero has imposed on these players since before Thanksgiving. Anybody?

  64. Maybe, just maybe. Rangerfans should be focusing alot of this attention to Perry pearn. I mean, I know renney has made quite a bit of mistakes this year, with prucha, with the whole our team is a 2-1 team, and line juggling. But think about this, does a team who is last in any statistical catagory in hockey do anything. we are pretty much dead last in goals for, and the power play. Lots of goals for a team are supposed to be on the power play. If the rangers had 20 more pp goals we would be middle of the road goals for, and pp. A PP can make or break the team. I really belive if we had a decent power play we would have like 5 more wins. and Btw i dont want to hear anything about skilled offensive players on the pp, look at the devils pp, nothing fancy, throw it at the net and drive and win battles,and they are 13th. All hockey players are called to win battles not just grinders. Thats why parise, who is not the biggest guy is so good, and also detroit, they have skilled players who check and battle. We did some of that last night and won against a good team, but we did not show that passion on the pp, if we did we would have won that game in reg 6-4. Perry pearn is the cancer. IN TODAYS NHL THE PP IS AS IMPORTANT AS DEF, OFF, PK


    If the team still stinks with a good pp, then ill look at renney, but the guy is working with imbusels, sather and pearn.

  65. cakewalk 4:48 am

    potter is already 25 and really is a 7th dman type. sauer had major knee surgery last yr. sanguinetti is extremely weak defensively

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