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I’m probably looking forward to seeing Alex Ovechkin more than you are. I mean, if you were an odds-maker, what kind of odds would you lay that Ovechkin might outscore the Rangers by himself tonight?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it more because I’m scheduled to go to the game, and because while trying to do this full-time job and my other full-time job at the same time (I think I have to write about Brett Favre before going to MSG), I haven’t been able go to nearly enough games. And one of the games I did see since taking over the blog from Sam, it was Adam Graves night, so I was really busy interviewing people and writing about Graves, not seeing the whole game.

So tonight it’s just me and a hockey game, like the old days. This is something I need to do more because you all have a lot of questions, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable answering them given that, prior to Sam’s departure, you had examined the Rangers a lot more closely than I had.

Here’s my slate since taking over for Sam on Jan. 29:  No wins, four losses, three goals. One by Markus Naslund with seconds left in the Atlanta game, two by Nik Zherdev from behind the goal line in that stellar game in Dallas.

Here’s my quickie assessment of the players since that night (and Sam ended his reign with the collapse at Pittsburgh, and I watched most of that one, so it’s five straight losses as you know):

Players who’ve actually played well, for the most part: Betts, Lundqvist, Zherdev, Dubinksy, Callahan.

Players who have been OK, or haven’t been terribly noticable, which is a good thing in a streak like this: Staal, Reitz, Orr, Girardi, Mara, Korpikoski, Naslund.

Players who have been awful, dreadful and various other levels of putrid: Gomez, Drury, Rozsival, Redden, Dawes, Sjostrom, Voros.

Players who are completely blameless for obvious reasons: Prucha and Kalinin.

Player who doesn’t fit any of these categories because of Dallas and what happened there: Valiquette.

Be back later with some news, hopefully, and then a new thread as always before the game. Now I have to chase a story about another player and another team that collapsed down the stretch.



Newsflash, newsflash: Prucha looks like a healthy scratch tonight.

Otherwise, Kalinin is getting close to full practice. Could be tomorrow. He could play Friday in beautiful middle-of-nowhere Sunrise, Fla.

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  1. Rick,

    This the guy we need…can u talk to sather or is he fishing again.

    Shane O’Brien was a healthy scratch for the fourth straight game on Tuesday.

    O’Brien has not played since he was called out by GM Mike Gillis for not fighting as much as the Canucks want him to. Kyle Wellwood was also a healthy scratch on Tuesday.

  2. repost


    I wanted a spread of the entire league, but while we’re at it….

    we’ve given up 61 points in 54 games… that means teams get %56 of the points available to them…

    we have earned 63 of a possible 108 points…thats %58.

    wow this is weird. i hope other teams reflect this wee little diffrence between points earned and points given.

  3. Doodie Machetto on


    Ugh. Avery rejoining the team. Things are just getting worse.

    Don’t get me wrong, at 2 million a year, it’s not a bad deal. Sean can play, although I think he has definitely been overrate by a lot of Ranger fans due to that “record in the lineup” stat that’s about as meaningful as plus/minus. Marek Malik had a good one going for him until last year, Paul Mara had a better one than Avery after both of their respective moves to the team in 06-07, and really it all revolved around mid season slumps due to Henrik Lundqvist’s inconsistency, and last year additionally to Jagr turning on the jets for the stretch run.

    Sorry, got a little off point. Avery is worth 2 million a year. He’s never had 20 goals, never had 50 points. He doesn’t have size and isn’t especially fast. He’s a 2 million a year player. Point is, Avery’s 2 million would be OK with me, if that 2 million wasn’t going to come at the expense of some our better young players, like Zherdev, Staal, and Dubinsky. With the contracts we’ve been saddled with (Redden, Drury, Gomez, and to a lesser extent, Lundqvist, Naslund, and Rozsival), we could really use that 2 million to help us resign some of our important core guys.

    If during the offseason, Slats saved 3 million on Redden and signed Mark Streit to a 4.5 million deal, I would have no problem with Avery joining the team. But fact is, we need the money now and in the future more than we need Avery now and in the future.

    Honestly, does anyone REALLY think Avery is going to turn this team around? Suppose they right things a little bit and make the playoffs, does anyone think this team is going anywhere? All it will do is hurt our cap for the future, our draft prospects (if things turn around), give Dolan an excuse to raise ticket prices, and probably give Renney a stay of execution. I hope all of that is worth a first or second round exit.

  4. Rick,

    Agree with your assessments as usual. Either you or I need to break the streak tonight as I will be in attendance.

    Rangers have never been swept by the Caps in a season series. Green trying to tie the record tonight for goals by a D-Man in consecutive games.

    Wish they would play Pruch tonight!!

  5. Doodie,

    You know nothing about hockey.

    For all his baggage and whatever it is…it has been highly inflated…the guy plays all out ever shift.

    How many Rangers do that now?

    Who is upset about Avery’s return, Vally, so what, he is a back up.

    Look at Drury, he is beggin for Avery to return..because he is the worst leader in sports.

    He wants Avery back to help guide the team because he can’t.

    Who do u prefer Radek Dvorak.

  6. Personally, I might have put Mara on the “Players who’ve actually played well, for the most part” list. And I’m glad to see Zherdev on that list, as well.

    Would be interesting to see the salary total for the “Players who have been awful, dreadful and various other levels of putrid” list. And by interesting I mean… ouch.

  7. Rick, found myself going through my bookshelf and flipping through your book “Nightmare on 33rd Street” documenting Sather’s FIRST year here in NY last night…

    Man, oh man, it’s practically a tragic comedy come to life how all the things he accused the Rangers of being PRIOR to him getting here have come to pass all over again.

    Dave Checketts words at the time: “We didn’t have enough of anything. We didn’t have enough scoring. We didn’t have enough defense. We didn’t have enough leadership. We didn’t have enough pride in being a Ranger”

    Sends a chill down the spine, don’t it?

    Also, one of Sather’s first moves was to sign Vladimir Malakhov to a ridiculous 4-year contract at the time which I think was $4 million per…and even said he was their best defenseman on the team.

    A team that included Brian Leetch.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  8. ThanX Rick, I Like the TYPO “and then a new threat as always before the game.” Honestly we haven’t had a “New Threat” since mid-November. LOL

  9. Disagree on Rosival … he has been OK …

    Sjostrom needs to be released ‘good’ penalty killers are a dime a dozen. People think Sjostrom is a good penalty killer because he can skate … how many of his clears do not get cleared? —- many …. how many times is he on the wrong side of the shooter killing the pk … many … granted he is not a bad pk, he is ok but I would give that job to Korpokoski and fill Sjostrom spot with either Prucha or someone from Hartford …

  10. If we don’t make any trades, ummm because no one wants the likes of Redden, Rozi, Gomer, Dru, etc couldn’t we just send them all down to the Wolfpack and call up the kids…even if we lost it’d be a heck of alot more entertaining watching them.
    BTW any news on Renney’s job. I mean the economy is tough…can we really afford to keep him?
    My only fear is that Sather takes over behind the bench…

  11. Sorry about that. I’ll fix it to thread. Maybe it was Freudian?

    Thanks, CJB. I remember him saying that about Malakhov as if it were yesterday: “He’s the best defenseman we have.” With Brian Leetch in the room!! I also remember him immediately deciding that Tortorelli (that’s how he said it) and Schneider had to go.

    Same old, same old.

  12. I agree with everyone you mentioned except:

    Swap Dubinski for Sjostrom.

    Dubi has been slumping majorly..and while he hasnt been performing up to our expectations or his own for that matter, he is still young and is learning..but I def dont think he has been one of the players to shine this year..

    Sjostrom on the other hand I totally disagree with..This guy creates the speed and energy that we need..Unfortunately, that guy behind the bench we call a coach, has used him in spurts on a higher caliber line and even on PP time, but never enough time to mesh..I think putting Sjo on the second line with Zheredev and Dubi would be a great line

  13. Patrick that is a spot on write-up of Sather. The draft-picks we missed out on in the Jessimen almost made me puke…I felt nausous, sick to my stomach and had to reach for pepto…yet somehow Sather still sits up there…
    Dolan has a man crush…LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rick,
    Excellent list. Drury and Gomez have been awful, but I think Redden needs his own category. I never thought I’d say this, but I would rather have Malik back there, at least he was able to make outlet passes. I was at the Graves game and the game in Newark on Monday and Redden is just plain awful. He doesn’t do anything well, nothing, I have not even seen him skate fast and hustle once this entire season. Probably Sather’s worst signing since the lockout, if not before then.

  15. Jack – Vally has to be mad about Avery returning. And even though he’s a backup, he definitely a locker room leader..you can easily tell from all of the interviews and the way the team talks about Vally.

  16. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I agree with most of the sentiment in the article except Renney is NOT a good coach. He is compltly at the mercy of his goalie having to stand on his head night in and night out. Reason he has to rely so much on his goalie is because of his shitty “system” stifling the ability of players like Gomez and Drury to perform to thier career levels.He fails to make in-game adjustments and holds non of his players making more than two million per year accountable for thier lousy play. He is also an awfull motivater. These are all negatives that can’t really be disputed by anyone. What I’m curious to hear from anyone is what are his positives,other than he’s a good guy.

  17. Little harsh on Rozy maybe there Carp?

    It kills me though that after all this no signifigant moves have been made other than aquiring the Big Queer and sending him to Hartford.

  18. Hey Carp,

    Ill see you tonight. Ill buy u a drink if one of two things happens.

    1. Renney is fired
    2. Ovechin checks Renney

  19. EJ Hradek’s article is spot on. 110% true. He nailed it. Everyone should print that article out and send paper airplanes to the bench tonight from everywhere they sit. Seriously.

    Rick, your list misplaces Dubi I think. He has not been good. He is playing pond hockey out there. I also think Sjostrom has been OK. Not great but not horrible.

    Would like to know if you have been able to figure out any further color on why Prucha isn’t getting a chance?

  20. Can’t agree on your assessment of Valli’s game in Dallas. Yes, there was no D in front of him to speak of. BUT, he let in a couple of very, very weak goals that contributed to the snowball. And he made no extraordinary saves, which is what it takes sometimes to stem the tide.

    And my take has nothing to do with Avery. Team sucked that night. He did too. No free pass.

  21. Lets just hope the sickness the Rangers have doesnt rub off on the Caps. We seem to play down to our opponent. Im not sure if we have faced an opponent playing as bad as you are though.

  22. Thanks for your honesty in this post Carp.

    It’s definitely going to be an entertaining game tonight, with Ovechkin coming in town. I’m just hoping the Rangers don’t let him get 13+ shots again, like he did to us earlier in the season.

  23. Shane O’brien stinks. Enough with the tough guys that cannot play hockey. O’brien is exactly what they need a bad skater, who takes many many dumb penalties…

    Yea is Prucha sitting tonight or is he in Renny’s view just to worn down to play.

    SJustrom stinks anyone who cannot see that is blind and knows nothing about hockey. When you think of SJustrom think of Rico Fata or a bad Dvorak, or other fast skating hands of stone…

    sit either voros or sjustrom or orr, play prucha, hopefully kalinan is still hurt and play reitz..

    tell the underachiveing wooosies; gomez, drury, redden, to wake up.

    Play redden less minutes then staal, girardi, and roszival…

    I would put lori on the 4th line with betts and maybe sjustrom and then you have 4 lines that at least can skate….

    trade voros for a 7th round pick, do the same with sjustrom, and bring up a AA or someone wels.

    My renny complaints are; allocation of minutes, lineup, and not sitting vets for mistakes.. He is not a terrible terrible coach but he could be smarter and more consistent…

  24. My prediction tonight…
    Caps 7
    Rangers 0
    AO has a 4 goals, Semin has 2 and Green has 1

    Renney gets canned after the game and Sather takes his spot till the end of the season…and then proceeds to sign Drury, Redden, and Gomez to contract extensions.

  25. Why in god’s name is Voros still in the lineup? It boggles my mind that with all the line tinkering Renney does, Prucha never cracks the lineup…

  26. Krystof – I’m not implying that Vally is THE leader. But clearly the team respects him he has a voice in the locker room. And we all know that Drury is not a vocal leader.

    GC – The weak goals came toward the end of the romp. And you can’t fault the guy for giving up weak goals after a period of non-existent defense in front of him. The team gave up way before he did. Did he pay great? No, but isn’t it a little ridiculous to require both your goalies to play great and make those “extraordinary saves” every single game for them to have a chance? I do.

  27. jeffluke Here are some raw numbers I got quickly… you do the math or I will when I can get more time…

    Team: Points For: Points Against: Total Possible Points
    BOS: 85:38:110

  28. Agreed, Valiquette was bad in the third period, no matter how poorly the team played in front of him. I’m absolving him of the guilt of this five-game losing streak, though. That game was going to be lost regardless, and he didn’t play in the other games.

  29. Not sure you can blame Renney for not playing Prucha (in the past yes, but not now). I would bet he’s being told from above not to. Prucha showed a nice flash in the last few games he played, even scored! So assuming it’s a lock that Sather is trying to move him by the deadline, why risk an injury or poor play. They may have gotten his trade value (admittedly not much) to the highest point they possibly can. I’d bet Renney’s been told to leave it alone.

  30. btw… I disagree on Rozi… if you are going by the whole season yea he has been a disappointment but lately he has been much better (I think part of the early problem was the off season surgery… but you would know better)

    PS that radio program I mentioned guys… Hradek is going to be on it in three weeks..

    Stan Fishcler – 2/12 @ 9pm EST
    Bob Crawford – 2/20 @ 9pm EST
    E.J. Hradek – 2/24 @ 9pm EST


    Questions and comments can be called in live to the show @ (347) 884-8692
    Or email them to radio@nyrnation.com

    just saying its a good show.

  31. ps, E.J. Hradek is a long-time good friend of mine, and I respect his opinion greatly. I think he’s “bang-on” with the column linked above. But I’ve kind of been saying the same things since 2000.

  32. I sometimes think the GM job is hard. Sometimes not so much. I remember taking my girlfriend to a pre-season game this year. She’s not much of a hockey fan but at one point she asked if they were still trying out players to see who would make the cut. I said yes and she said, “They gotta get rid of #6.” I said we just got him and he cost us an arm and a leg. She said, “Is there ANYBODY smart in hockey?”

  33. Matt R
    we cant send renney to siberia, jagr went there to get away from him, you cant do that to him, but could we trade him to omsk to get jagr back??? LOL

  34. How is Prucha’s trade value at its highest point? He hasn’t and never plays..You are sitting there trying to tell me that Sather is telling Renney to play Voros over Prucha?

  35. where do I find those stats?

    I put them together form the numbers at NHL.com… I was more detailed when I just did the Rangers before to show how I came to the Points Given Away… but its all form NHL.com

  36. I should explain.. often go to stats becuase when I first got into sports my love was baseball… I got so used to going to statistics that I still do it quite frequently…

  37. Rick,

    Nice job with the blog so far.
    Enjoy the Ovechkin show tonight. The only guy in the NHL worth paying to see. Went to see him at the Mausoleum last month and he didn’t disappoint, both goals in a 2-1 win. Someone on another blog described him perfectly: a cross between Mark Messier and Pavel Bure. Maybe he can put Redden through the boards for us tonight.


  38. Re: Players who have been awful, dreadful and various other levels of putrid: Sjostrom? Are you kidding? I completely disagree with that call, Rick. This guy has played his butt off since he got here. He possesses offensive skills, but Renney’s stubborn ways continue to keep in roles that don’t highlight them. He is totally misused on this team. That’s the ONLY reason why I believe you have that perception.

  39. Still amazing to me that this disaster continues to be seen as a zero-sum affair, where there can be only one culprit, and once that lone assassin is IDed, everyone else is let off the hook.

    Sather is a horrendous GM. Everyone agrees. It’s a fact, like the sun coming up in the east every morning.

    But another fact remains, and it is irrefutable. This team played an attacking, pressure the puck style for the first fifteen or so games of the season, and it succeeded at it.

    At that point, haunted by fear, desperate to consolidate and preserve the gains made, Renney reverted to a neutral zone trap, dump and change, allow the other team to own the puck through 50% of the rink —— and the team’s play at once cratered. Ironically, defensive breakdowns and odd man chances agsint exploded, while offensive opportunism was actively discouraged.

    So the lesson: This failure runs wide and it runs deep, and it is due to idiocy by both the GM and the coach.

  40. staal wart I would like to trade SJu but if he is not traded maybe put him on the 4th line with another guy who can skate.

    my preference is to trade Voros and Sjustrom and others like Kalinan when he is healthy…

    Prucha is scratched again, I cannot believe it……

  41. OK, so maybe Sjostrom should be up a notch. I’d rather see him play than any of the others in the last category. But if your best and most expensive players are your worst, obviously there’s trouble.

  42. I’m honest kids…I’m burned out from thinking-writing and crying about the coach…They win!…they wore me down..I now fully accept the regime; the Renney coaching staff is our friend and ally and they have always been our friends and allies from the beginning of history!!

  43. Sorry Carp I have to disagree with Sjo

    I think he brings some great speed to the team, he is defensively sound, great PKer, great along the boards and hits when he can. Burrying him on the 4th line, doesnt do much for him…

    That article was DEAD ON THE MONEY!!!
    But still a good coach can get something more out of these players – even if it’s just a little. A good coach will put Prucha out there on the PP and not just run the first and second line on the PP. Why does that happen?

    Why not have Prucha, Dubinsky and Z on the first PP unit
    and Drury, Gomez and Naslund/Cally???

  44. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    We lack scoring and we don’t put in Prucha!!?? Aww come on , why not? Boooooo btw Rick C . I like yer list , its what theses people love ,, and the negativity you shown , They Crave!!! Keep up the good stuff and before some of you guys rip into his acticle , just remeber that you asked for it!!

  45. Ford

    Great post. You put into words what I have been trying to express to friends for weeks now!

  46. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    The only reason I am tuning in tonight is to hear the crowd let Renney have it. If I was there tonight I would throw my voice out cheering for Prucha, press box or not. I’m questioning why I pay so much for TV service now that I don’t even enjoy watching the Rangers anymore.

  47. Agravaine – Yeah, but how do you figure out how many of each team’s wins are in overtime? This is when they give away one point to the other team, but that’s not shown on a regular standings list.

  48. Thank goodness the USA-Mexico game starts at the same time as the nyr game … something to keep me from watching the putrid crap that is this Rangers team.

  49. GC…sorry to say but your analysis on Prucha seems silly. He has produced when he played recently. No one else on our team shows the energy or passion or, hell, scoring ability lately. So rather than play him in the face of 5 goals in the last 5 games, they rest up Prucha for a trade that may or may not happen? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    A simpler, better explanation is that the staff is foolishly valuing size over skill (see Voros, Korpikoski). Or maybe even that Renney is still pissed at Prucha for showing him up by refusing a demotion. I could even accept Prucha is on the Sather’s blacklist. But your explanation seems holey.

    Speaking of potential trades, obviously some team values Prucha but not our team. And given our staff’s ability to judge talent, I am sure their logic for not playing him makes total sense.

    Like Hradek said, GM of a team is a 24 hour job. Tell Sather that means 24/7, not 24 hours a week.

  50. Good to hear you’ll be able to enjoy the game tonight, and see the league’s best player…enjoy!

    I loved today’s entry, and agree with it 99.9%, my only dispute, and it’s not a big one, is with Dawes.

    I believe he deserves to be in the “OK” category. I don’t think he’s played terrible, and when he’s played well, he’s be dangerous and has contributed.

    He’s one of those guys that suffers from Drury and Gomez and other guys’ big contracts, and isn’t always in the lineup.

    Anyways, arguing over Dawes is meaningless at this point, whether Mr. Dawes is exceptional or not, he’s not the reason this team is where it is.

    So, with that being said, let’s hope the team gets it on track tonight.

    Also, good to see Avery skating again in Hartford. He said the right things, will play Friday, and we’ll see where it goes from there…

  51. Radek gets right what he gets right, but he completely glosses over Renny’s multiple failings:

    —- Horrible in-game management

    —- Zero accountability

    —- Personnel decisions (Dawes/Voros over Prucha)

    —- ZERO INJURIES TO OVERCOME (this gets no attention)

    —- Abandoning an aggressive puck pursuit game that got the team off to a fast start

    —- I can see one, two even three guys having off years and
    not putting that at the coach. But the entire roster, other than Staal and Hank????!!!

  52. Carp,

    Great job thus far. I will not continue to overstate the obvious, but simply reiterate that this is a team mired in a state of mediocrity. Since the Purge of 04′, we have missed Leetch (had a chance to convince him to come back), or anything that looks like a #1 D-man. Why ddid (do) players like Gomer et al. believe that being friends in the locker room is so important, even over winning and putting a consistent team effort every night?

    This team does need Avery’s enegery and ability, but they need more. Prucha needs to play. He is far more skilled than Dawes, Sjostrom, Voros, etc. Naslund and Redden play like they are asleep. Dubi & Cally are the only forwards who finish their checks (WTF?) And Betts plays far beyond his capabilities and what he should have to do, and I commend his efforts.

    Henrik is a Top 3 goalie in teh league, but he needs to step his game up a notch, but we can’t expect him to stand on his head night in and night out, if the play infront of him breaks down in their D-Zone coverage, take too many penalties, and really just play like they have no pulse.

    I think we all can agree that we should have traded for or signed Dan Boyle or Brooks Orpik last year/offseason. This team is screwed right now.
    Is Messier & Leetch ready to coach yet?

    Still TrueBlue till the end…

  53. Patrick Hoffman on

    I’m sure glad I brought up the ESPN article. Nice to see that many people agree with it.


    Thats it Carp, I hope they lose tonight, its patehtic
    They dont even give THEMSELVES a chance to win with who they dress anymore

    YEAH Kalinen savior is coming back, that will help

    And TWO PLAYERS who have done ABOSLUTELY NOTHING FOR 5 GAMES and more are not sat in favor of a guy who has gotten 5 points in 9 games the last time he was in the lineup?

    It really boggles my mind.
    Seriously where is the logic in this?

    Im done I dont care anymore.

    CARP go slap Gomez for me and tell him THIS is rock bottom

    Im so done with Renney

  55. GC – I agree, I have to believe that the “No Prucha” mandate is coming from above.. I mean, it just silly now.

    Carp – the list is fine, mara has been strong and Sjo could be a notch higher but does it make a difference?.. the truth is that a majority of the payroll in stuck in that bottom category for the next SIX years…Sather has done an awful job.

  56. Voros’s size is definitely needed in the lineup. It has helped them score and not get blown out and shout out recently. (That was too much sarcasm for one sentence but why does he still get a spot on the ice?)

    Why do you think Sjostrom has been awful recently?

  57. A team that has no fire and cannot score sits Prucha again.

    He has played in 21 games this year… WHen he plays he hustles and hits.


    Lucky if Kalinan comes back friday this team of total softies will have back one of the kings of soft.. Kalinan another wasted signing. $2 mill for what? The ycould get the same thing from Potter or Reitz with increased toughness at 1/3 or 1/4 the costs.

    All the money you waste on fringe guys hurts the team also..

    if they did not sign rissmiller, voros, and kalinan 3 fringe players that they could have filled easily off the scrap heap or from Hartford they would have $4 mill left over and then could make a inseason trade for a Thazcuk or a Guerin or ANtropov or another big forward who can score…

    It is not just the big 3 signings that hurt and again I was not opposed to the drury and gomez signings but it is the fringe signings that hurt also. Was there a big clamoring to sign rissmiller or voros or kalinan???If Kalinan got a mill would he have signed elsewhere??? COME ON..

    You telling me Shanny at $800k(even before he showed his good play I was for it) would have not been a logical reasonable gamble 4 weeks agao if they had some cap room???

    So the bad signings of Voros, rissmiller, and Kalinan do hurt………..

    Naslund has not been great but at $4 mill for 2 years that was a reasonable signing and appears to be a C signing….

  58. Actually, it can be regarded as a personal insult to the fans to sit Prucha indefinitely. For a team in trouble, they should be putting fan favorite (not to mention potential goal scorer) Prucha in the line-up, especially in a 5 game losing streak. Even if they plan to trade him, since when do teams scratch players for 2 months because maybe they’ll trade him? Fans should take it personally — this is MSG telling us they don’t care what we want, just hand over your money.

  59. That quote from Renney over on Ranger Rants IS very Telling

    The Kid is in the doghouse and that’s it, period end of discussion

    Im not bitching about PRucha anymore. Even Renney said the kid can score and all he’s worried about is Dawes Super fantastic passing abilities? where the hell have they been all year long?

    I hope one of three things happens tonight:
    1.) Renney chokes on his gum and has to leave the game
    2.) Renney gets hit in the head again with a stick and has to leave the game
    3.) Voros or Dawes are injured so When Avery gets here, he can play with Prucha

    see you all tomorrow after the loss

  60. EJ finally opened his ears and put his position at ESPN to use.. Agreed on everything except Renney. Renney’s a half way decent coach, yes, but he’s surely not a motivator of men or kids. That reflects in his track record of not holding key players accountable for their actions on the ice (or to put it in simpler form, he doesn’t f*** with their minds enough to keep them thinking, which, if he did, would result in better play and more gumption).

    But, just like the rest of us, EJ’s barkin’ up a dead dogs ass (Dolan).

  61. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Renney: “To me, it boils down to our opponent and what we’re up against and the need for size, at least a certain strength in our lineup. Pete has the strength but he’s not able to kind of keep it rolling.”

    There is a need for goals, not size.
    Voros and Dawes are certainly keeping it rolling – our losing streak, that is.

  62. Rucchin @ 1:23 – u kidding? Voros is slow and not skilled enough to play on any line except the fourth. By the way, he can;t fight either, so scratch the fourth line as well. Where should that leave him then??? No, not the press box. He doesn’t deserve that either. He belongs with the Wolf Pack, maybe Avery can teach him how to power skate..

  63. Trueblue in the other thread

    “”I was just thining this Avery thing is pure genius…with the penalties he’ll take and the increased scrutiny the team will get from the refs we’ll never be on the power play…which is actually a net positive for this team…””

    Hey, maybe Sather just may be a genius after all!


  64. Renney on playing Dawes over Prucha: “That’s the thing with respect to Nigel, he might have a little bit more versatility in his package.”

    Yes. An inability to receive a pass (see Devils gaame)

    An inability to score ANY points for almost one full month.

    A refusal to play in dirty areas of the ice.

    A willingness to shame himself and his teammates by cowardly refusing to take a hit to clear the zone against Lucic in Boston.


  65. scored sweet seats today section 90. will be my first time seeing AO8 and MIKE GREEN!

    ::forgets he’s a Rangers fan::

  66. “the Renney coaching staff is our friend and ally and they have always been our friends and allies from the beginning of history!!”

  67. Yeah Renney’s excuses for not playing Prucha reeks of some BS bias. I mean, “He scores but it’s not sustainable?” That makes sense given the team’s 5 goals in the last 5 games. “He might not be able to handle it physically?” Right because having Voros out there is great because although we are more physical, we are in the penalty box 3 more times a game. On the PP, “We had guys who complemented Petr?” Does that mean guys who could score were like Petr and now we don’t have anyone who can score so why have him out there? I mean WTF. Naslund is the only person who has shown he can score on the PP (maybe Z as well a little but not much) and it would be foolish to give Pruch a chance on the PP. I get it.

    Renney is either stupid or hiding something from everyone. I give him props for being polite and gentlemanly about it, but stop telling it like it ain’t.

  68. Prucha is scratched again tonight?…unbelievable…

    Saturday, January 31st: 1-0 loss to Boston

    Tuesday, February 3rd: 2-1 SO loss to Atlanta

    Friday, February 6th: 10-2 loss to Dallas

    Monday, February 9th: 3-0 loss to NJ

    Let’s keep in mind the one goal vs. Atlanta was a pulled goalie 6 on 5 mad dash to the buzzer by Naslund and the two goals in Dallas were garbage lucky bounce behind the net goals for Zherdev….and yet Prucha still sits…???

    You’ve got to be fair to they guy’s career now and trade him. He needs to be given the a chance to play…and for some completely unknown reason it’s just not going to happen here. We all know that wherever he ends up, he’ll score 30 goals…10 on the PP…

  69. That interview with Renney on Prucha is absolute horse sh*t.
    They have players like Voros who was called out for being “out of shape” because he sat for 3 games. Come on, you are a professional athlete – how do you get out of shape in 1 week. Hell even when I played college I fractured my wrist but was riding the bike, jumping rope and running every day to stay in shape. Voros LOOKS out of shape to this day. So Petr isnt 6’4″ but he plays like he is. Its BS!!!

  70. Buster

    I hope where ever he ends up scores a hat trick every time he plays against the Rangers. Like Petr Sykora – vengence every time he plays against us.

  71. Guys, whats the point? If by some miracle we make the playoffs, we’ll just be bounced out in the first round by washington or NJ. This team just doesn’t have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs. Jagr was possibly the best offensive player the rangers ever had and they let him go. not bringing him back maybe a worse move than trading mess to van.

    We need to cut our losses, take what we can get for the aging veterans at the deadline and look towards next season (hopefully without renney) I’m hoping for a plane crash on the next trip. Everybody on board dies and we call up the entire Wolfpack. At least they’d play with some heart.

    Why did I drop 160 bucks on the Center Ice package. It’s like paying somebody to aggravate and torment you.

  72. ESPN article is pretty close, but I think EJ gives Renney too much credit. His in game coaching is horrible, the constant juggling of lines and subsequent too many men penalties are unforgivable. The defensive system, if you can call it that with as many SH goals we’ve let up and the negative goal differential, is not what the personnel on this team should be designed to plan. Renney has been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole all season, and the closer he gets to doing it, the worse the team is performing.

    His logic for not using Prucha holds no water. Prucha held up just fine through 2 full seasons of NHL hockey, and is comparable size to midget Dawes and even Drury. Yes, Prucha is on the lanky side, but Marty Straka was both short and of small stature, and had no problems playing in the NHL for many years. If Prucha wants to go out there and get his block knocked off, he’s an adult and it’s his decision. Don’t let Renney make you think he’s trying to protect him, it’s a smoke screen. And it’s awful easy to see through.

  73. I’ll be at the game tonight. Up in the 400s with my Prucha jersey on yelling for Renney’s head.

  74. I don’t think Hradek blames Renney enough, but he is right in placing more blame on Sather, since his losing track record is so much longer. We are still at a point where Renney has done well with what was given him. If we don’t make the playoffs, however, Renney did a bad job.

    Agravaine – Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.

  75. From Newsday:

    Glen Sather refused to comment on Renney’s job status through a team spokesman, but several people who speak with Sather regularly say the Rangers’ president is not ready to make a coaching change, despite the slide that has left the Rangers only five points clear of ninth place in the Eastern Conference.

  76. Carp, does Redden have a no-movement clause in his contract also, or could he be waived and sent to Hartford?

  77. Thanks LI Joe for the Prucha/renney link

    Intersting that a guy who’s only problem seems to be sustainability gets rested for weeks at a time…I mean if its just that why not start him every three games..it makes no sense

    Li Joe
    I ask you, as one of more even headed guys on this blog re:renney where you stand on this issue..do you take Renny for his word here?


    “Fire Renney” obviously doesn’t work, so how about a Garden chant of DON’T FIRE RENNEY! – to get the perverse GM doing what we want. And anyone other than that shill for Renney who started popping up here a couple days ago, who really does not want Renney fired, well, also doesn’t want to see Dubinsky come out of his funk; doesn’t want to see Prucha play ahead of Voros; and loves seeing kids called up from Hartford for one game, and then automatically demoted.

    It is OFFICIAL: “Tommy Girl” Renney is the WORST coach in the National Hockey League. How could Barry Melrose be as bad or worse? How could Perry Pearn be worse (that would be a close call)? Maybe Pearn would not refer to a 3-0 shutout loss as “improvement.” But you never know. PLEASE SLATS I BEG YOU – FIRE THIS GROSSLY INCOMPETENT EXCUSE FOR AN NHL HEAD COACH. JUST DO IT! DAMMIT!

  79. Carp, I have to disagree on Sjostrom. If you have Betts in the ‘played well’ category and Orr in the ‘OK, not noticable’ category, then Sjo doesn’t belong in the bad category. Even in the game when he wasn’t 4th line, he didn’t make any glaring mistakes that I saw. He and Betts are among the best at PK, although that wasn’t great in the last game. Still, he doesn’t belong in the dreadful category.

  80. Dawes’ numbers since January 9:

    01/09 NYR BUF L 1-2 0 0 0 -1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 18:41 0 0
    01/10 NYR OTT W 2-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 13:01 1:06 0
    01/13 NYR NYI W 2-1 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 50.0 0 0 0 0 13:38 1:01 0
    01/16 NYR CHI W 3-2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 12:20 1:38 0
    01/18 NYR PIT L 0-3 0 0 0 -1 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 13:50 0 0
    01/20 NYR ANA W 4-2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 12:52 1:47 0
    01/27 NYR CAR W 3-2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 13:11 0 0
    01/28 NYR PIT L 2-6 0 0 0 -2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14:05 0 0
    01/31 NYR BOS L 0-1 0 0 0 -1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 12:12 0 0
    02/06 NYR DAL L2-10 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 11:23 0 0
    02/09 NYR NJ L 0-3 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10:27 1:28 0

    Eleven games. One point. Minus 6. (And Prucha “wears down” ……..)

    Now that’s what I call accountability.

  81. Voice of Reason on

    While I agree with much of the ESPN EJ Hradek article, I place more blame on Renney. I think HE has a man crush on Aaron Voros. Has anyone ever checked Voros’ stats prior to being a Ranger? (see hockeydb.com)

    This is a Minor Leaguer. In fact prior to being hurt, Rangers prospect Dane Byers has had much better stats, skates better, and plays a similar game.

    Regarding Renney: It is blatantly obvious that he has some issue with Prucha. It has to be personal. Yes Prucha is flawed, but at least he shows a full effort every shift, and has a knack at getting loose pucks. On a team that needs goals, how can your Coach sit a scorer for a Minor Leaguer?

    I think a little while back, Carp, you mentioned that the powers that be read this blog or at least monitor it.

    If that’s the case, how can the same mistakes occur over and over?

  82. Does anyone really think playing Prucha is going to solve the Rangers problems? I understand if you like the guy, but enough of this BS already.

  83. The Islanders scored 3 goals last night and now have only 4 less goals scored than the Rangers with a game in hand. Awesome.

  84. “Rangers owner Jim Dolan has long had some sort of man-crush on Sather. So Slats likely isn’t going anywhere. ”


    February 11th, 2009 at 1:10 pm
    The New York Rangers…. where 30 goal scorers are healthy scratches

    Remember Jason, “Hockey is different here”

  85. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    My guess is that Prucha told Renney he couldn’t smoke cigarettes in the locker room.

  86. Ovie will slam a hat-trick to reach 40 goals, Green will naturally score for his seventh consecutive game, wouldn´t be too surprised if Theodore had a 0-game.
    I think were close to seeing Lundqvist throwing his stick on Redden after, lets say 4 goals let in because of Redden fatal mistakes.
    We will definitely see Voros fall too the ice thousand of times when he´s “in front of the net”…
    I´d like too see a fight between Drury and Brashear, dont know why….
    WAS 5 – NYR 0, might get a behind the net goal from Zherdev.

  87. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    an hour of hearing the chants “FI-RE REN-NEY!” mixed in with “PET-R PRU-CHA!” each time the Rangers get scored on and simply “PRUUUUUUUUUU” when Voros/Gomez/Dawes touch the puck would make my night.

  88. So Renney says Prucha can score when he has opportunities. Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we.
    Watch Nigel Dawes try to clear the defensive zone tonight — he can’t do it. Let’s see how many times Dawes gets knocked off the puck in the offensive zone. Let’s see how many times he whiffs in front of the net. (Of course tonight, he’ll probably get his one goal for the month). Let’s see the great offensive plays he makes. For the millionth time, Renney has no idea what offense is!! And his strategy for this year was to get rid of all of our offense. Prucha has the same stats as Avery, with less games played. I hope to hear Prucha chants tonight.

  89. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Did you all see what Voros was doing in front of Clementine on the PP on Monday? He was just slashing away at him… I’m surprised he didn’t end up in the box. I would rather have Hollweg back.

  90. matteauonov

    I don’t think Prucha is goign to instantly carry the team on his shoulders and get us to the playoffs…

    but I think he will try. I hope he will inspire others to try. If his energy and heart were rewarded instead of stifled we would have a very different dynamic on the ice.

    I can deal with not going far in the playoffs. I can deal with not making the playoffs… but I need to see that the guys care in order for that to happen.

    I can’t speak for the others on the blog I can just say I am one girl who wants to see the Rangers with some passion on the ice. THey aren’t the most talented group in the world, but that doesn’t excuse them form working hard. Prucha does others who play don’t… it is the wrong reward system….

  91. i think you guys are missing the point on sjoostrom. for the amount that he plays, he produces nothing. he is sympton of what is wrong with the way this team is coached. the sjoostrom of the rangers get to play unconditionally weather they produce or not.betts is in the same boat. cut there ice time to what it should be, then maybe they are effective players. there are many players on the team who can kill penalties, as well as give some O.

  92. charlie the tuna on

    Hey guys,
    I’ll be glad to pull Glen Sather over board the next time he goes fishing. What’ya say?

  93. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    +1 on the support of Freddie Sjostrom… a skilled player in a smothered role. Before he came to NYR last year he had 10 goals in as many games as he’s played thus far this season… including 2 on the PP and 2 on the PK.

  94. Agravaine …

    Thanks for your response. I just find tiring reading every other post about Prucha. I happen to like him myself, but he isn’t that good.

  95. The problem isn’t with Betts and Sjostrom. It’s that they get too much ice time. Like every other shift in OT against Atlanta last week.

  96. Can’t find any fault with Betts, Sjo and Orr… they play their minutes and they have to play in a defensive set because of the system and because of their role…

    and yet their line often does a lot of forechecking and creating chances… then they come off and Gomez or Drury’s lines come on and the chance ends.

  97. actually,

    when looking at ONLY 5 on 5 minutes, only mara and staal produce less than sjostrom (per 60 minutes of even strength playing time).

  98. MAKO
    sjooostrom is 7th in ice time for ranger forwards. he averages 9 1/2 minutes of even strength time, and only 2 plus shorthanded. i stand by what i said.

  99. Can someone here dress up as a woman and go over to Glen Sather’s office and try to seduce him so we can have a scandal? Then maybe he’ll have to quit. Never mind, he won’t be in his office anyway. Fire Sather chants will have to suffice.

  100. Sjostrom and Rozy have NOT been bad… Rozy was bad earlier in the year but he’s been good since.

  101. wait a while here….Drury and Gomez have played twice as much 5 on 5 and have scored five to six times as many points as Betts-Sjo and the latter is supposedly being called better offensively…create more chances?? You cant blame to PP either because we all know how bad that is…

    I know things are bad here in Renny-land but lets not become glue-sniffin’- delirious

  102. bull dog… but even his even strength time comes when he is put on the ice to create a chance and then get off so the scorers can do their nonexistent thing…

    look at his blocked shots numbers… indicative of the fact he is constantly in a defensive position not allowed to score… kind of like how with the Devils a bunch of them (MAdden, Pando, others) scored when the reigns were loosened where they had just been thought of as defensive forwards before that.

    Sjo Betts and Orr get the least ES TOI on the team… if you want to complain about them not scoring look at the guys who get more time and are supposed to be scoring….

  103. Its ok. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I like the guy, he hustles, has talent and I liked him even more last year in the playoffs, he made a few amazing plays against Malkin defensively, when no one else picked him up.

  104. Prucha should play but all the venom for Dawes. The guy just turned 24.. WHy no venom for Sjostrum or Orr or Voros???

    Dawes is better then those 3 and so is Prucha…

    Orr should be on the 223 man roster but play selectivley..

    Dawes makes 1/2 of what Vors makes and 20% less the freddie Rico fata Sjustrom.

    Dawes and Prucha should both be in the lineup..

  105. i see that we have turned our venom towards Sather. granted, there have been mistakes, but give me the guy that Renney has gotten the most out of. did Gomez,Drury, and naslund suddenly become bad players? or is there something else? is renney getting the most out of Staal, Dubi, Cally, and Korpikoski? thats not sather, that is the coach.

  106. btw and ice time per game he is not 7th…

    player ES TOI/G: TOI/G
    Gomez 15:46/21:23 (1)
    Naslund 14:21/17:57(3)
    Drury 14:09/20:17(2)
    Z 13:50/16:53 (4)
    Cally 13:34/16:37(5)
    Dubi 13:02/16:19(6)
    Dawes 12:03/12:56(7)
    Pru 11:39/12:15 (9)
    Korpi 10:25/11:08(12)
    Voros 9:51/11:32(10)

    Sjo 9:33/12:18(8)

    Betts 8:12/11:22(11)
    Orr 6:53/6:59(13)

  107. Hopefully this Friday….the 13th, JASON pops out of Crystal Lake and takes Glenn Sather right out his fishing canoe and into the water for good

  108. MAKO,
    I do not dislike Sjoostrom, i feel he is overused. as is Betts. cut back there ice time, and then i wont look for O, and there penalty killing means more to me.

  109. sorry, he is 8th. that means he should be producing as a top 9 forward. which of course he does not. as i said he is a sympton of what is wrong with this team.

  110. carp – don’t agree at all with dubi in the good category. he is so overhyped it’s scary. a good 3rd center – that is what he is

    kaspar – renney needs to go. badly. but we also need sather gone. and hope the economy ruins cablevision enough that they are forced to sell. i can’t stand dolan as much as anyone here can’t stand renney or whoever. and sather is so out of his element it’s scary. arrogance and incompetence are a deadly combo and both dolan and sather have both in spades. as for renney re prucha it makes no sense. if he really felt he wore down sit him once a week. not 10 games in a row or whatever.

  111. agravaine

    Rating: is the individual players +/- relative to the rest of the team. So, Zherdev at +12 has a much hugher Rating (1.9) than the rest of the team (notice sjo and orr). Gomez @ -2 still has a positive rating (though small @.08) because many of his teammates are much worse.

  112. Coach Clueless is keeping Prucha out again and leaving in Voros, Dawes and Orr.

    I hope to God everyone at this game gets a Fire Renny and we want Prucha chant.

    I could have landed tickets to mondays game and tonight’s game but I knew a) they are going to lose both and b) I have class tonight. Which leads me to this question… Aside from yahoo what websites allow you to watch the game online? Yahoos player doesnt work up at school for some reason

  113. OMG for the money Betts is one of THE BEST defensive forwards. We already argued this point. If you cant see the value in Betts – then Im not going to explain it to you.

  114. exactly right, bulldog line. when the teams players play beneath their ability, that is on the coach.

    sure, it is on the players foremost, but they DID play well for about 15 games to start the season. it was RENNEY who pulled them back, took them away from their comfort zone, which is forechecking, skating, pursuit hockey. no, he decided to make them standstill neutral zone pylons, and then wonders why they have gone south?

  115. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I know everyone here knows how reliable EKLUND is but he just sent something out about trade rumors regarding the Habs, NY and Pit. it sent ot me in a e-mail but i don’t have access to his sight nor do I want to.

  116. My guess, tonight, Nyr will lose 4-2, Ovechkin scores 2, Green, and Federov score the others. Renney will chew through 12 pieces of gum, and unfortunately not choke on a single piece. Pearn will look like a depressed fool as always, and the 4th line will have more ice time than the 3rd, and will have a shift in the final minute.

    I just hope Orr knocks out Brashear, ive wanted to see that for years. Brash isn’t a fighter, he’s a wrestler, stop parading around like you’re the “heavyweight champ” of the league.

  117. Prucha should have his picture put on a milk carton.

    He should be the star of an episode of “Without a Trace”

  118. Hockeyman Rangers on

    From Eklunds e-mail

    I New York…..

    Well the annual calls for the GM’s and Coach’s heads are out there and Renney being fired rumors aren’t hard to find. I don’t see Renney being fired, although for his sake I am not so sure that leaving wouldn’t be a good thing.

    This Avery dance has distracted lately from the fact that this team is built one way and coached another way. It feels a bit too contrived, and a bit too public and while I am sure Avery will lend some spunk, a team of this talent level really shouldn’t be hanging their hat on a PR Project.

    The Rangers are trying to move Rozsival and may have a taker in Tampa if they are willing to take some money back. Also, the Sabres are said to have some interest in Rozsival as are the Ducks should they move Pronger.

    The Rangers need direction and leadership. They could relly benefit from a strong player like Tkachuk. I have also heard they are talking to Chicago although I don’t have any more details.

    I know the Penguins would love to grab Prucha.

  119. Betts is a minus19 for his career(mius10 in playoffs) that is not one of the best defencive forwards, that is a weak defensive forward. he is a good penalty killer, nothing else. man he not even good on faceoffs.

  120. Yes Eklund is full of garbage 99%. With that said, he mentioned that the Penguins would love to have Prucha. Gee Tom, a team much more skilled than the Rangers would love to have Prucha. I would love to have this come to fruition can you imagine the backlash against Sather. I mean, having Crosby (seems like Public Enemy #1) dishes perfect passes to fan favorite Petr Prucha.

    Yawn. I’ll watch this game to see if the crowd gets any good chants going, if not, it’s Lost and whatever else is on television for the night.

  121. LOL 95% of the team is –

    pretty weak argument. When Renney aligns him against other teams #1 lines what do you expect? Again – hard working guy for the $. Blame Renney not Betts for the ice time.

  122. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Matteauonov February 11th, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Does anyone really think playing Prucha is going to solve the Rangers problems? I understand if you like the guy, but enough of this BS already.


    You’re missing the point. The point it A.C.C.O.U.N.T.A.B.I.L.I.T.Y.!!!!

  123. Speaking of which. I would love to see Sykora & Prucha seek revenge against the Rangers if he gets traded there.

    Prucha on a milk carton is priceless.

  124. Prucha would score 40 in Pittsburgh… Cindy and Malkin have insanely good puck control and Prucha would just be a floater and pop in perfect set ups.

  125. What’s with the Sjostrom hate? He has consistently been one of our best and hardest working players at his position on the checking line and on the PK. If anything, he has been used in a lot of wrong places lately. Hardly his fault.

    He’s a tough board grinder with a big heart, a fast puck mover going up the ice, and a die hard self-sacrificer during PK. Used in any of those roles he excels more than most other on the team does in their respective roles.

    Maybe seeing the game live will enlighten you to appreciate Sjo’s work effort with and without the puck.

    Other than that, I agree with most of your list, though. The overpaid ones in the bottom pack are wastes of ice at this point.

  126. Doodie Machetto on


    You know nothing about hockey.

    For all his baggage and whatever it is…it has been highly inflated…the guy plays all out ever shift.

    How many Rangers do that now?

    Who is upset about Avery’s return, Vally, so what, he is a back up.

    Look at Drury, he is beggin for Avery to return..because he is the worst leader in sports.

    He wants Avery back to help guide the team because he can’t.

    Who do u prefer Radek Dvorak.”

    Did you even read my post? Or did you stop after reading the first sentence? I said the team is going nowhere, regardless of whether he is on it or not. That’s why the shrewd move would be to save the money on his salary for the offseason when we could give it to Zherdev and Staal/Dubinsky in 2010.

    I think they should do their best to blow up the team, not try and add to it. Unfortunately, that won’t happen for 3 reasons: 1) No one wants our terrible contracts and 2) Most of our terrible contracts have NTCs that won’t be waived, and 3) Look how long it took Slats to admit he was wrong with Rissmiller, a $1mil contract. Now imagine him saying he was wrong about $21 million per year. It ain’t happening.

    So my point is, why add Avery’s contract when we are already dying for cap space and it we’re still going to lose anyway.

  127. bull dog line

    The problem with looking at defensive forwards and +/- is that….. they don’t score. If you were condemning Betts as a two-way forward, then +/- would be a little more accurate. Defensive forwards often play against the top units, and often in unenviable positions (example: put out to take a defensive draw against a line that contains crosby and malkin…. you do enough of those you’re gonna get burned). The days of the shadow or “shutdown” forwards are pretty much dead, but i’d guess that those guys had some poor +/- ratings. Now we fight fire with fire, preferably with a two way forward like datsyuk, or to a lesser extent lehtinen

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Prucha is going to be a big time Ranger killer when he leaves NY.

    How come none of our free agents ever kill their former teams? Honestly, can you think of any player we have ever signed that was great against his former team? Meanwhile, I can name 4 Ranger killers from the past decade.

  129. Doodie

    I hope he is. Nope – cant think of any off of the top of my head. Other than Jagr when he played against the Pens.

  130. I will root for Renney to lose as long as it means that Prucha will eventually make it into the lineup when Renney is fired (unless the Rangers are playing the Penguins or Devils… then I may root for no team).

    And on that note, LETS GO OVECHKIN!!

  131. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on



    I wanted a spread of the entire league, but while we’re at it….

    we’ve given up 61 points in 54 games… that means teams get %56 of the points available to them…

    we have earned 63 of a possible 108 points…thats %58.

    wow this is weird. i hope other teams reflect this wee little diffrence between points earned and points given.

    wow man- u need a hobby. seriously who really cares?

  132. Forcrissakes,playPrucha!

    I don’t know if anyone thinks he will make a difference as far as scoring goes, but the fact that he doesn’t play just goes to show how bad of a coach Renney is.

    He plays with more heart than most of these losers, cause he has something to prove. Dawes, Voros, they do nothing, they don’t play with much passion. Dawes played like a in Boston, and screwed Nyr, and missed a game, with Voros playing for him. Voros takes a load of penalties, and still plays over Pruchs. Fritsche even got to play before he can.

    Renney is a total moron, if you don’t want him to play, fine, just don’t lie to the fans, and to everyone else aboot it with your retard excuses.

    Because of Renney, when Slats does trade Pruchs, we wont get anything decent for him, because no team wants a 30 goal scorer that cant even break the lineup for more than 3 games. That’s what Renney is doing, not only screwing up his career, but his trade value.

    Honest to god, i think Bob can coach this team, and have the same results, if not a tiny bit better. Renney lovers, you are insane.

  133. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    True Fans – I didn’t feel any emotion as the 10-2 and 3-0 losses unfolded. I’d be scared to see how I’d take it against *hitsburgh. Hopefully Renney’s gone by 3/28 and we won’t have to find out. Hopefully he’s gone sooner so a playoff spot is still on the line.

  134. bull dog line
    February 11th, 2009 at 2:26 pm
    i see that we have turned our venom towards Sather. granted, there have been mistakes, but give me the guy that Renney has gotten the most out of. did Gomez,Drury, and naslund suddenly become bad players? or is there something else? is renney getting the most out of Staal, Dubi, Cally, and Korpikoski? thats not sather, that is the coach.

    Aint’ that the bitter truth?

    And where were the Sather-haters who are saying this is a terribly constructed team when they started 10-2-1?! Oh yea, the players are sooooooo bad. Heck, I don’t like some of the players for their contracts, but they still started the season 10-2-1! FIRE RENNEY!!!

  135. Ok Rick I pretty much agree, but I disagree with you and others about Sjostrom. Ok the results aren’t great (but then on this team of losers, who is), but the guy works his tail off every shift. THis is more than I can say for many on this team…uh, Dreary, Blowmez…

    Also, Voros – this guy does not even belong in in the NHL. Seriously. He should be thanking his parents, because the only reason he’s here is his size (6’2, 3 whatever it is). He can’t shoot, skate, pass, fight – hmmm…. let’s make a hockey player out of him. Or as the Rangers see it – that’s exactly the guy we want!

  136. i agree doodie @3:17

    Isn’t it strange that there are “stone hands” at an NHL level? I mean, in order to make the NHL you have to score at a high clip at SOME point in your junior career. You have to stand out…you just have to. Yet, 4th line players (goons are an obvious exception) tend to make overly simple offensive choices, they often pass into skates or regularly miss one timers.

    Sjo’s solid in the shootout… but put the puck on his stick in the high slot and 8 out of 10 times…nothing happens.

    I want to like the guy… he’s got tremendous top speed, but I wonder why his slick “practice shootout” abilities don’t translate to an NHL game.

  137. Just jumping in here,loved that EJ article, but we all know Dolan doesn’t care about hockey, and he loves Satan I mean Sather. Glenn is not going anywhere, unless he retires, but why retire when your getting a huge pay check to spend someone else’s money.

    I hate to see Reitz get taken out of the lineup, kid isn’t bad, and is PHYSICAL.

    The quotes from Gross was good stuff today, and this was my favorite, Renney: “He had opportunities on the power play in his first year, naturally.

    You know you can try him on the power play now, its not like its clicking right now haha.

  138. Lobster February 11th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Also, Voros – this guy does not even belong in in the NHL. Seriously. He should be thanking his parents, because the only reason he’s here is his size (6’2, 3 whatever it is). He can’t shoot, skate, pass, fight – hmmm…. let’s make a hockey player out of him. Or as the Rangers see it – that’s exactly the guy we want!
    And pay him a million dollars for 3 years!!!!!!

  139. CARP -Finally somebiody getting it on Sjostrom…Outside the PK, the guy has been an absolute zero all year.a total black hole of offense…But all his fans say “He was playing with Orr and Betts blah blah blah”..The guy has been averaging 10-15 minutes a night all year, and a few week stretch getting up to 15-17 minutes a night…Playing with different players not named Orr and Betts…But the only thibng that stayed the same is SJostrom total lack of offense…3G and 3A in hs last 52 GAMES! 3G in hios last 71 GAMES as a Ranger! 5G in his last 100 GAMES for two teams….he has got to be the most impotent winger in the entire NHL when it comes to pints per ice time….yet he plays every damn night…Unbelivable…yeah, he deserves to be on the tean and should play alot for his PK ability but if you want and need some offense, make him take a seat…

    And his ES defense is nothing to write home about…alot of stupide mental mistakes…even Channeling Hollweg with his hits from behind lately…

    But hey, he skates hard!

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    True Fans, we also hit the ground running a lot faster than most other teams. We had an earlier training camp, the international exhibition, and two games overseas before any team (besides Tampa) had played their first game. Then they got to come home and practice for almost a week.

    Our third game was against Chicago in their first game. Our fourth was Philly in THEIR first game.

    Aaron Voros had 5 goals and 4 assists.

    I mean, they definitely were playing better, but there were some factors at work beyond just better play to get them to that 10-2-1 record.

  141. jerkins perkins(mike in ia)
    February 11th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    wow man- u need a hobby. seriously who really cares?

    Sorry. Didn’t think a harmless question deserves an insult in response. Statistics is a hobby of mine, and it’s the only one i can actively practice while being paid to do something else.

    I’ll get to bronc-ridin,’ fight-winnin’ and jet-flyin’ after 5pm. (kidding)

    A lot of what you know and understand about the game of hockey is derived from quantitative stats. no harm in looking at things a different way, right?

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d give Sykora an honorable mention. Most games he does nothing, but he’s had a couple of big ones.

  143. STAAl

    Sykora had two against us last time didn’t he. I think three in the last two. I could be wrong.

    MATT R

    Lol, you’re right.

    I do think it’s sad that this team is so bad that they have to bring in Aves, i think it really is rock bottom, but i don’t care, i just want Aves back here. Maybe for me, that will get me more excited and pumped up to watch these games, i don’t know aboot the rest of you, but that’s how im looking at the Aves situation. I just hope this “anger management” didn’t turn him into a.

  144. let’s face it. the fans in the blue seats get it, and they will respond to Renney. but most of the fans in the lower seats rinkside are nothing but corporate suits who show up late, sit there like robots, and would not boo Renney if their life depended on it.

  145. Doodie, I understand your point and there is something to be said for a team having a “good” training camp.

    But Renney’s style also changed. He either allowed his players to back off the forecheck or forced them to be behind the puck 60 minutes a game and that has destroyed much of the offense they generated at the start of the season. He’s also allowed the PP to become stagnant, that’s a crime he and Pearn are accountable for.

    I see your point, but I think there’s more that Renney’s changed to go from where we were at 10-2-1 to where we are now, rather than saying Sather doomed this team with its construction.

    They use to win and score goals… Renney changed that, not Sather.

  146. I just know every time we play the pens it seems Dupuis scores and Sykora scores…and occasionally when we play the Hurricanes…Cullen scores

    Mark should I tune out till 2014-2015? hopefully Staal,Dubi Cally etc will still be here and Sather will be gone

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Try and imagine what would have happened if they had resigned Nylander. One of Gomez or Drury wouldn’t be here, Jagr would’ve hit 84 points last season, no Naslund contract.

    Too bad. Hindsight is 20/20 though. I thought Gomez and Jagr would be a winning combination. Now we know we shouldn’t have passed on the Swedish Gretzky.

  148. True Fans…
    Like Doodie said, we hit the ground running, I think the team we are seeing now is performing to its potential in a way.
    Sather built it, without a true first line and with out any good scoring wingers and without any formidable defense.

  149. Staal- It was a joke, the cap is a disaster. Sather has no idea what he was doing. One day I need to go back from last summer, and see how everyone felt about Redden. I bet 99% probably more wanted no part of that contract, and what exactly did Sather need both Patrick Rissmiller and Aaron Voros for?

  150. Also Reitz has been a breath of fresh air. He certainly isn’t a number 1 or 2 defenseman but Mara, Staal, Girardi, Reitz, that in my book isn’t too bad and Staal is only gonna get better.
    Kalinin, and Redden…just horrid.

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    “I see your point, but I think there’s more that Renney’s changed to go from where we were at 10-2-1 to where we are now, rather than saying Sather doomed this team with its construction.”

    I think it’s both. When I looked at this team I saw that they just weren’t a good team. Which is why I said, while they were 10-2-1, that this team would be struggling to make the playoffs. But there is no doubt that Renney has now “overcoached” them to the point that they can’t score.

  152. If this game gets out of hand tonight, it will be interesting to see if the Fire whoever chants cna be heard on MSG tonight, and what Sam and Joe say, but I never expect many criticisms from them.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    I swear sometimes I think Sather makes his managerial decisions based on NHL 2004. No cap, Drury, Gomez, Redden, Naslund all high 80s, no need to play Prucha since he’s not in the game, etc.

  154. I’m embarrassed sometimes because I actually thought Sather had a plan…when he didnt sign Shanny, Jagr, Straka, Aves I thought…”Oh well, we’ll get younger and save some cap space”

    Coincidentally we did get younger…but you know about the cap

    then when Shanny went unsigned I assumed Slats was just waiting for the right moment

    When Sundin was hanging around I thought…he’s gonna swing a deal, shed cap dollars and sign the cro-magnon ape to a 1/2 year deal

    in the end…i now think there is no plan…theres a few lucky accidents ( not many) and thats it..he’s makin it up as he goes

  155. Staal Wart
    February 11th, 2009 at 3:52 pm
    True Fans…
    Like Doodie said, we hit the ground running, I think the team we are seeing now is performing to its potential in a way.
    Sather built it, without a true first line and with out any good scoring wingers and without any formidable defense.

    Staal, you could make a convincing argument if they had a GOOD season start.

    You’re telling me the BEST START in FRANCHISE HISTORY (through 13 games) was a product of only hitting the ground running or having a great camp? You’re also saying that no other Rangers team in almost 80 years of hockey has “hit the ground running?” And that includes the 4 cup teams, president trophy winners, finalists… etc, etc… I think not, “hitting the ground running” is not the sole explanation.

    This team is DIFFERENT from who they were the first 13 games and Sather hasn’t changed a thing.


  156. I’m very impressed with Reitz. He can’t fight worth a damn, but any time I’ve seen him in a pressing situation (other than the puck that went off his skate), he calmly cleared the zone or made a pass to someone who then cleared the zone.

    It’s the simple things.

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I hope Reitz didn’t get used to playing, because you know Renney is going to dress Kalinin as soon as he’s healthy. Because Kalinin is a good player. Hello?

  158. This team is DIFFERENT from who they were the first 13 games and Sather hasn’t changed a thing.



    He began hanging on for a playoff spot; he played the season like a game; OK we’re ahead; lets tighten up

    Now they’re just tight

    Can’t stand it

  159. True Fans, I’m not disagreeing and I’m not defending Renney.
    I think its a combo of alot of factors.
    Do you think firing Renney is going to do that much though? I mean, if Renney goes, Sather will probably replace him till the end of the season. We know Sather doesn’t like Torts soooo…

  160. Doodie thats a shame and F’ Renney. This guy is blind. Prucha should be in, Voros out, Reitz in, Redden out…unless Sather has a bigger say than we know.

  161. “You’re telling me the BEST START in FRANCHISE HISTORY (through 13 games) was a product of only hitting the ground running or having a great camp? You’re also saying that no other Rangers team in almost 80 years of hockey has “hit the ground running?” And that includes the 4 cup teams, president trophy winners, finalists… etc, etc… I think not, “hitting the ground running” is not the sole explanation.”


    you are making too much common sense, True Fans.

    the Renney defenders just can’t argue with that, but they will try.

    it is said that ALL coaches eventually are tuned out by their players. Renney has exceeded his shelf life. it is time to get a new bandleader to wave the baton, cuz Renney has them playing off-key

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, I’d rather have Redden in than Kalinin. But I would want Redden to be the #6 d-man in that situation.

    Although I’d honestly prefer Sanguinetti over Redden at this point.

  163. Staal,

    At least if Sather coached he would make players more accountable. He also (from the mouths of Gretz and Mess) had a keen sense for how to handle young players. I believe he’s also less of a ‘veterans’ or less of a ‘players’ coach than Renney. So I think it could only help.

    At this rate, I don’t know if they even make the playoffs. Finishing 9th or losing first round to Boston only earns them a mediocre draft pick.

    Thus, I see SOME potential if Renney is fired. Not alot, but more than what is there now.

  164. I still can’t believe how Prucha has been treated. In Prague he was supposedly not going to start! Then he is sat and Renney claims that he needs to score. Fair enough. Then Renney asks him to go to Hartford to get in shape and Prucha doesn’t want to, because he is already in game shape as he works hard off the ice. Then Renney immediately plays him whereby he scores 2 or 3 goals in five games and single-handedly sets up another two. Now he is not playing at all on a team that is collapsing due to lack of scoring.

    It is sheer lunacy. Granted he is not Jaromir Jagr but the kid has something to contribute and is a former 30 goal scorer, unlike most players on this team.

  165. Except for Shanahan, who did well on short term deals, who exactly were the great free-agent aquisitions that we made in the Sather Era?

    The reason I ask is everyone here says “if we sent Redden to the AHL no free agent will ever sign here again”…as if this tried and proven path would be taken away from us forever…

    Whats to fear?

  166. Kaspar, Straka was here on individual 1-year deals and had two 70 point seasons. Sykora came in and got really hot that half season. Rucinsky averaged more than a point a game his second stint.

    There’s no Malkin’s, Ovechkin’s, or Phaneuf’s… but Sather made some decent moves around the cap (including aquiring Jagr and building the team around him).

    Since then (HOWEVER) … Gomez, Redden, Drury, Rozsival … Sather has gone astray.

  167. DCloutier39
    February 11th, 2009 at 4:19 pm
    Renney should be fired just for his treatment of Prucha alone! POS!!


    I swear I was about to type the same exact sentance!! except for the “POS” at the end…what the hell is that?

  168. that is a problem, too. Sather won’t hire anyone who is not a yes man behind the bench, except Schonfeld, who already told Sather no 5 years ago.

    the ultimate was when Sather hired Trottier, with no experience and a hated Isle to boot, simply because Sather said he liked the 70 page resume that Trottier submitted.

    if that ain’t clueless dart throwing, I don’t know what is.

    but, Dolan thinks Sather walks on water, the frozen variety, so we’ve got the trifecta of ineptitude, Junior Samples, ol’ Sneerlip, and Encyclopedia salesman Tom

  169. At least if Sather coached he would make players more accountable.

    Do you really think Sather would bench his prized offseason acquisition of Redden, or Voros for that matter. That would mean admitting failure on his part, unequivocally. Sather does not come across as a very humble guy. We all know Renney needs to go, but making statements like Sather holding people accountable is laughable, if he did that Redden would be in the AHL and other players would be gone. This team has never been good. We got off to a great start because of many factors most likely
    1) Beginning the season early and getting to play teams who were playing their first game 2) Brilliant Goaltending by LQ and Vally. 3) We were playing more uptempo (blame Renney for that now). But honestly, we were not a scoring machine the beginning of the season, it took Drury till game 12 to score, and we had Voros playing the best 2 weeks of his life with Dubinsky and Z. We should have seen the writing on the wall when Buffalo completely handcuffed this team in their 3-1 victory.

  170. kaspar – that’s fine. but if we send redden down – don’t expect bowmeister or hossa or anyone else to come here. their agents will tell them go to 2nd highest bidder. if someone offers 6 yrs $45 mm and we offer 6 yrs $ 50 mm – they’ll take the 2nd highest bid. at least they know they’ll be in nhl the wjhole time. and i am not at all a redden fan.

    we should just take our medicine for next few yrs andf build from within. and i hope the ones in ahl and juniors and future draft picks are better than the 1st wave of our youth movement.

  171. LI Joe. that is pure bull. San Jose sent Kyle MacLaren to the minors, Lou did it in NJ, and both of those teams are still highly sought out by players.

    your contention is just pure bull.

  172. Renney isn’t the only problem but his inability to ever fix the PP in 4 seasons is reason enough.

    The fact that he doesn’t get the best from his players is enough…

    and the fact that his handling of Pru has been shamefull…

    and that his solution to everything is just mixing up the lines…

    and he wants defense first so his team goes out and loses 10-2, or gives up 5 goals in the third to lose 5-2, or is up 4-0 and blows it becuase his team stopped skating and he did nothing about it…

    All enough.

    Either that or this is just a bump in the road and everything will be fine.

  173. LI Joe

    I was so happy when the salary cap was implemented simply because I thought it would artificially hand-cuff Sather from grabbing his check-book…

    I almost hope that they send a free agent or two down just so that people wouldn’t sign here for half a decade or so

    I understand what you are saying about J-Bo and Hossa but I swear… but they are impossible to think about at current cap is maxed….in fact, in a wierd paradox, the only way they are do-able is to send down a Redden or banish a Rozi to Bohemia ( not Bohemia Long Island either)

  174. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on


    I wanted Shanny back here ONLY if we had a coach that knew how to use him right. Remember last year when he would be getting almost 30 minutes a game right from the start of the season? He’d be completely worn out in a month’s time. With the Devils, he’s averaging about 10 minutes a game now.

  175. anyone who tells you if they sent redden down to the AHL it would hurt future signings is a fool..

    Redden should be the 6th d man or sent down because his play is terrible…

    again renny at a minimum should reduce reddens minutes.

    back to my favorite topic, Prucha. There is no logical explanation for him not playing and renny’s BS on it should be called out.

    I am not a fool this is not a championship team but in the weak east it should be a 6th seed or so…

    I believe if I coached this team we would have more success….I would have a expert deal with almost all the x’s and o’s and I would deal with lineup, minutes allocation, and motivation, and responsibility.

    If they trap 2 guys low, etc is for smarter guys then me to decide but having Redden getting 20 + minutes a game and being the PP quarterback with basically zero results is just STUPID………

  176. # True Fans Bleed RW&B February 11th, 2009 at 4:14 pm


    At least if Sather coached he would make players more accountable. He also (from the mouths of Gretz and Mess) had a keen sense for how to handle young players. I believe he’s also less of a ‘veterans’ or less of a ‘players’ coach than Renney. So I think it could only help.

    At this rate, I don’t know if they even make the playoffs. Finishing 9th or losing first round to Boston only earns them a mediocre draft pick.

    Thus, I see SOME potential if Renney is fired. Not alot, but more than what is there now.

    100% Agreed!

  177. “Remember last year when he would be getting almost 30 minutes a game ”

    Who did he think he was…Peter Prucha”?

    Back in 2006-07, I remember saying to the gang in my house ( who, as usual, fell asleep while I was speaking) that the Rangers and Shanny caught a lucky break in a strange way, when he ran into Knuble and missed a couple of weeks…he seemed to be rejuvenated early in that playoff series agains Atlanta

  178. boo -we’ve already done it with rissmiller and kaspar. so once or twice you can get away with it. say we do it with redden. and you’ll probably say add gomez to that. so if you think free agents and their agents don’t see that and react, i’d rather not continue this conversation with you. because whoever the new free agent signee was you’d be the 1st to add them to the hartford roster the 1st time they go 3 games without scoring

    mclaren was in last yr of contract. with history of knee injuries. big difference vs a guy signing a 6 yr deal and doing it after 1 yr.

  179. Kaspar February 11th, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    February 11th, 2009 at 4:19 pm
    Renney should be fired just for his treatment of Prucha alone! POS!!


    I swear I was about to type the same exact sentance!! except for the “POS” at the end…what the hell is that?

    haha… Piece of #$%@

  180. If they let Prucha go to the Pens, then this team needs to be sold. I’m not gonna watch another good semi-proven talent flourish with another Atlantic team. Sather if you’re gonna move Pru, and it’s highly recommended that you don’t, move him to the West coast.

  181. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Hey, I’d have no problems if we took any action that discouraged future FA signings. We seem to get screwed every time.

  182. # Staal Wart February 11th, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Lobster February 11th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Also, Voros – this guy does not even belong in in the NHL. Seriously. He should be thanking his parents, because the only reason he’s here is his size (6’2, 3 whatever it is). He can’t shoot, skate, pass, fight – hmmm…. let’s make a hockey player out of him. Or as the Rangers see it – that’s exactly the guy we want!
    And pay him a million dollars for 3 years!!!!!!

    Who knows what Sather was thinking there. Look at Voros’ stats. Sather signed a guy who had played only 55 NHL games with 15 points prior to that stupid contract. Look at his other stats. The guy has ever produced on the AHL level, and he has always had terrile +/- (probably his inability to skate back to defend). He only played in a handful of AHL games before his 55 game campaign with the Wild. The only rationale I can give Sather is that Voros’ was drafted by the draft guru Lou Lamoriello, so he thought maybe he had a gem in the guy.

  183. Rick Carpiniello
    February 11th, 2009 at 4:52 pm
    Hey, Orr. I love your enthusiasm and all, but could you make an attempt to keep it clean?

    LOL, there would only be 3 words per post if he kept it clean!

  184. lets be real, wade and tom are not going anywhere…

    and the gossip, sources, and rumors that are believed on here, are comical….

    LI Joe makes perfect sense

    Why would Dolan pay him to play in Hartford?

  185. Since the Rangers have not been playing well…the posts on this blog have become somewhat redundant. For those keeping score at home, here is the list of beaten horses (in no particular order):

    Jagr and him leaving
    Shanny, unsigned then going to Devils
    Prucha, Renney not putting him in lineup
    Redden, total bust, emotionless zombie
    Gomez, horrible turnovers, belongs back in NJ
    Drury, lack of emotion as Captain of NYR, so-so play
    Avery, will he go through re-entry waivers and be signed by NYR
    Renney, when will he be fired, system sux, players tune him out
    Sather, horrible tenure with NYR, terrible drafting/free agent moves
    Voros, waste of a roster spot
    Naslund, declining skills, not the savior
    Kalinin, horrible , enough said

    Anyone have a new topic to discuss? The list above is getting so fuggin boring already

  186. Lou L. sends high paid vets to the minors. he also brings back players he once traded or let go.

    macLaren was sent down purely for cap reasons. and it is tougher to get rid of a guy who has been with you for years than a guy who just showed up and is very unpopular

  187. Liquid, if Renney can keep re-arranging his lines, then we posters can keep re-arranging our posts. :))

  188. Anyone have a new topic to discuss? The list above is getting so fuggin boring already

    How about the best arenas to watch a hockey game. I will start. I’ve only been to MSG (which I find overrated and dead most nights these days), Carolina (which was still a fledgling franchise when I lived in the area, Prudential/Continental Airlines, Wachovia Center, TD Banknorth, whatever the Panther’s arena is called…

    I have to give the nod to the Flyers for the places I’ve been. There really are no bad seats, their fans may be a-holes sometimes, but they are passionate and it gets loud. However, I’m sure Montreal and the other Canadian arenas are a whole different animal…and I hear the Wild have great fans.

  189. boo

    you’re talking like a fan. i’m talking about agents and other players around the league. who has lou l sent down. he brings guys back when they have very limited options like shanny. if you believe the rangers can send down anyone and everyone and it won’t have any ramnifications, then i can’t help you. maclaren is a terrible example compared to a guy in 1st yr of 6 yr contract.

  190. “Hey, Orr. I love your enthusiasm and all, but could you make an attempt to keep it clean?”
    Carp 2-11-09

    Hey Carp!
    Thats Orr while he’s still waking up…wait’ll he gets some Yoo-Hoos into him

  191. Li Joe

    You may be right, you may be wrong. But what is certain is that you are conjecturing —— nobody has any idea how much such a move would hurt the Rangers in the UFA market.

    And the idea that an agent would automatically take the 2nd best offer if the Rangers were top bidder is the epitome of “talking like a fan.” There is not a shred of evidence in the real world to support that assertion.

  192. jcl206- I have family in Raleigh ares so I went to the RBC in last year…2nd game of season, Canes/Pens….

    The arena is nice, I guess from being new….I thought the concourse though had a lack of character though…almost like a minor league rink…..Plus, the prices at the concession was as much as MSG, if not more. Ticket prices were expensive as well….I will be moving to the area this year, so I will def. go to the Rangers play there as my hockey fix.

    Meanwhile, I am hearing from disgruntled out of town fans that the MSG feed is in standard definition. I wonder if that will change when tv goes to 100% digital.

  193. Someone yesterday said something about a FIRE SATHER sign for tonight’s game. Well keep and eye out in Sec 124. If it is needed you will see it. Just has to make it in.

  194. Liquid,

    Never been to the RBC but I use to go to the Greensboro Coliseum all the time when the Hurricanes played there (moved there the same year the Whale did). I’m sure the RBC and the community are more into it but the Greensboro Coliseum was horrible. Great arena, but it was NEVER full (the upper level was always curtained off) and the community didn’t care much except for us transplants for obvious reasons.

    Always got great seats to see the Rangers were in town. The newspaper coverage the first time they were in town was incredible thanks to Gretzky.

  195. ford – if the rangers sent down 2 of the big guys down (say gomez and redden) and i was an agent, or player for that matter and my turn at free agency came up, i would no question go elsewhere. the rangers tend to overbid others but not to the extreme that other factors would not offset. such as lower cost of living and state taxes elsewhere, as well as peace of mind that they would not be the next victim of the rangers shell game. and remember we’re not talking about the yankees outbidding everyone by several yrs and $ 10’s of millions of $.

    i’m just pointing out there are consequences in life. as the saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    btw – i fully expect the next cba to close this loophole of parking expensive contracts in minors. that will also have the effect of lowering salaries and lengths of contracts.

  196. I live in Northshore Eastern LI, so getting to MSG during the regular season is a hassle…Over the past 3 years, I have gone to all of the NY Rangers home playoff games, and that is really the only time their is a buzz in the building.

    On the flip side, I do go to a decent amount of Rangers/Iceholes games at the Masoleum since its easy for me to get there. What a joke for us Long Islanders to pay enormous taxes and have that building as the flagship arena. The sightlines are decent though….The Icehole fans are tame these days….I guess that is what to expect since that team sux for many years now……I do miss the heated rivalry, but not at the cost of a good Icehole team

  197. right, Ford. I KNOW that Redden won’t be sent to hartford. he should be, but it is Sathers’s ego that is the reason he won’t send him down. that would be admitting his mistake.

    that won’t happen. but you’re right. future FAs will sign or not sign with NYR because of factors like Money, city, family etc, especially MONEY.

    whether an underperforming big money long contract signee got sent to Hartford will NOT affect adversely future decisions by other players.

  198. I was in Montreal for the 6-5 game last year. The energy of the fans after MTL’s first goal really impacted the MTL players and they became unstoppable.

    It was unreal.

  199. How about this

    Pair Reitz and Redden , skate them both 12-15 min (not Reitz at 8 min and Redden at 24 vs NJ), increase the ice time for the other pairs.

    This way you have lift and seperate, a la Hardy/Patrick

  200. Richard February 11th, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Someone yesterday said something about a FIRE SATHER sign for tonight’s game. Well keep and eye out in Sec 124. If it is needed you will see it. Just has to make it in.

    if only 18200 fans could bring in the same sign what a glorious sight!

  201. By no means do I consider Prucha a savior, but surely he’d add something more than Voros. It’s kind of getting absurd now.

  202. Highly doubt that will make it on camera LOL I say 50% of MSG should have “Fire Sather / Renney”. Other 50% either “Free Prucha” or “Play Prucha”

  203. I would love to know why Renney is so anti-Prucha.

    With the team struggling the way it is, why not put him in? It really can’t hurt the team at all to give him a shot, especially since he was playing his heart out when he did get the rare ice time.

    He will have the freshest legs on the team and will give the team a jolt.

  204. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    NY Rangers Examiner

    Remember the last time Prucha played? He got a big point or goal and even the players commented on how they had no idea why he is never in the lineup. Even THEY know Renney is clueless.

  205. In a way, I hope I get the Washington feed for the game tonight so I can possibly have a chance of seeing the signs you guys are bringing!!! I know if it’s the MSG feed, I won’t see anything like that! It would also be interesting to hear other announcers opinions of this team. Hope its not a total calamity on ice for all those going tonight! Ovechkin with the hat…

  206. DanTheRangerFan on

    Drury has no furry to lead…Redden they should have never have let in….Gomez or should I say Gomer pile sucks so bad but is in denile..you have dawes with those non scoring baboon paws…But then theres voros who sucks the most…But hope I still have with this flying kid Zherdev who until now most have never heard of…and who is this kid staal who shines ever night and is the best of them all…

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