Game night: Rangers vs. Ovech… er … Washington


The Rangers, as you know, have had a dreadful time scoring goals — a total of five in five straight losses, three in the last four games, including shutouts by two opponents’ backup goalies.

So how do you get off a skid like that?

“Just stay with it,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said before tonight’s game. “Most teams that have difficulty scoring aren’t getting chances. And what we’ve got to do is provide ourselves opportunity by getting pucks to the net, getting that second and third chance, not just the one off. Pucks to the net, go hard to the net, look for rebounds, stay in the fight.

“They’re working at it. We’ve recovered from a tough game a couple of games ago and improved out play against New Jersey and we’re going to have to improve it a lot tonight to beat Washington.”

Speaking of the Capitals, there is a certain level of excitement in the building because of Alex Ovechkin, who has 37 goals already, which is six more than the top two Rangers scorers combined (or nine fewer than the Rangers’ top three).

“It goes to show you how important he is to our league,” Renney said. “He gets your attention, no question about that. But so too does our situation. We have to make sure that we really start to string periods of hockey together now that we’re actually winning periods, and ultimately games because of it.”

Renney was asked about his even-keeled personality and approach at a time like this.

“I’m intense when I need to be, but I can get pretty fired up,” he said. “I don’t think that should be underestimated. But I do believe that the right attitude and a sense of timing — and I think that’s a real important coaching trait, knowing when to do those types of things — and be yourself. That’s critical. I don’t think you can pretend to be anything other than what you are. It’s been good to me so far. I have a clear conscience, and that’s the main thing.”

Tonight’s probable lines:


Healthy scratch: Prucha.

Same six on defense, Lundqvist in goal, of course.

Enjoy the game. Talk to you during in the Comments, and afterward.

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    They don’t go to the net – that takes balls to do and this team is really a bunch of pus*&^*s. Tha’t realyy what it comes down to.

    Watch tonight. No second chances, no rebounds, no deflections, becuase there is nobody that crashes the net. I am getting tired of hearing about the need to do this – cause they don’t.

  2. Got to love Dawes getting first line minutes tonight. Hey, if you don’t reward one point in eleven games (with an act of cowardice in Boston that will follow him forever at least in my mind), you’re simply not holding players accountable. And Voros. What a force he has been. Got to make sure these guys know how pleased everyone is with not just the production, but the work ethic too, the will, the hunger to succeed.

  3. only in Renney’s small mind does dawes deserve to move up to the first line for playing so poorly he was benched in the 3rd period in NJ.

    dawes should be sitting out, and Prucha should be in his spot. spot on.

  4. I just want to be pulled out of my seat ONCE! Start small, I know beating the caps may be a tall order, but at least give me a moment where I’m standing in front of the t.v.- hands in the air- singing SOMEBODY’S praises!

  5. Guys I missed the Boston game.. what was “act of cowardice in Boston that will follow him forever” ???

    Also, I think Zherdev is looking hungrier and is trying harder lately… he’s been banging the stick on the ice calling for passes more often

    Voros is lucky he played PS3 with Dubi and Z in the start of the season, otherwise he would be on waivers by now.

  6. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    Gooooo RANGERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Lets beat ‘ol WASHED up Washington!!!!! RANGERS 5 CAPS 4

  7. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Where’s Prucha? Isn’t it time to get him all worn out again?

    Renney’s System = Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We all know what that defines.

    I think he had a childhood trauma playing musical chairs. It seems everytime the music stops at the Garden or elsewhere he needs to switch up the lines.

  8. Can ANYONE in the media ask this dope about how and why he traps? Can ANYONE ask him why he quit attacking with the puck pursuit game he promised in camp and began the season with?

  9. Who Needs Lohan on

    I havent posted in almost a month I bet. Just came on to say that I will not waste my energy talking about this team if management doesnt care enough to get rid of this fool. I still watch the games, all of them. But once the Devils went up 2-0, i started cheering for a 10-0 ass ramming!

  10. Kev

    He didn’t take a check to make a play. The type of play that if you made it for Keenan or Shero or Burns or even Michel Bergeron, you would never ever play for them again.

    Less than a minute left in a 0-0 game. Dawes gets an outlet pass at the half wall but sees Lucic lining him up. He forgets all about the puck, turtles and sh!t his pants as Lucic approaches, hits him, takes the puck away and it’s in the net three seconds later.

  11. GET RID OF VOROS!!!!!



  12. Sjostrom-Betts-Orr.

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Snore, snore, snore …

    This could get embarrassing.

  13. I honestly don’t know if I can stomach watching this team tonight…I hope I’m pleasantly surprised but if history is any indication…

  14. I used to like Renney. I now think is is an absolute idiot. He never changes anything. It’s like watching a retarded kid trying to put a square peg into a round hole. I apologize to any retarded people because they could probably coach this team better right now.

    We obviously all hate this team. I agree 100% with Lobster’s comments above regarding this teams balls & effort. Why won’t he play Prucha?? It’s getting to be a big joke now. Is he going to cure all that’s wrong with this team? Of course not. But at least there will be at least one player on the ice (besides Betts & Orr) that will give everything he has. At least he would be one player that we actually like to root for.

    Prediction for tonight — Caps 3 (Ovechkin 2 of those) and the Rangers 1. I’ll be shocked if we actually compete in this game.

  15. wd40 February 11th, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Can ANYONE in the media ask this dope about how and why he traps? Can ANYONE ask him why he quit attacking with the puck pursuit game he promised in camp and began the season with?

    the funny thing is we aren’t even good at playing the trap.

  16. one of these games Hank is going to bring a pillow and blanket to the crease and just curl up and go to sleep.


    also does anyone have a stream of this that is besides yahoo?? yahoo doesnt work streaming on my schools lab computers

    damn business forecasting

  18. So Renney just said that the fourth line has an advantage over other lines because they know what their job is! So, if I understood this right, first three lines have no idea what their job is? Alright Tom, got ya!

  19. CCCP- I luahged out loud when he said that, maybe it has something with them being together for I don’t more then 45 minutes before Renney needs to change em up.

  20. you would think at some point Renney would just realize that no matter what line combo’s he puts together its just not going to matter…and call up/play Prucha…that would just be too obvious!

  21. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    Anyone that wrist ‘first’ or ‘i’m first’ is such a laughable douche.

    Play Pru !!!!!

    anyone who actually cares that someone writes first- big giant laughable douche

  22. Staal Wart, you are right. Amazing that scoring chances against went thru the roof when renny started to trap — the opposite of what is supposed to happen. lol

  23. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i know changing lines constantly is ridiculous but if these guys are on the same freakin team they should be able to figure out their “job”. score some damn goals!!!!!!!!

  24. I’ve now been on board the “Fire Renney Gravey Train” since the Dallas game and I love it baby!!! so freeing!!!

  25. My friend who is like Quagmire from Family Guy met Ron Duguay last night at a Rangers charity event-between the two of them thy probably rival Wilt Chamberlin’s infamous record so because the universe isn’t suppossed to have two players like that in a room together, the weirdness will carry over and the Rangers will score like 7 goals tonight!

  26. Mark- Thank you

    Staalwart- ive been on the fire renny parade since november when he decided after a 15-3-2 or so start to change all the lines because of two losses and kill this team

  27. And another thing…most of the Renney knob-riders were hitting themselves in the chest that there is nothing to worry about… that this team is a late bloomer for the past three years and that they play their best hockey starting in December and on…well it is almost mid February and the Rangers since December are 11-15!! With half of those loses being complete blow-outs!! Washington comeback and Devils massacre… just to name a few. :)

  28. DanTheRangerFan on

    Drury has no furry to lead…Redden they should have never have let in….Gomez or should I say Gomer pile sucks so bad but is in have dawes with those non scoring baboon paws…But then theres voros who sucks the most…But hope I still have with this flying kid Zherdev who until now most have never heard of…and who is this kid staal who shines ever night and is the best of them all….

  29. The Rangers pregame focused 3 minutes on our putrid PP just telling us the Rangers need to shoot more and also the team needs to eliminate careless mistakes for another 2 minutes. Then they spend 7 minutes detailing Fischler’s ride on a Zamboni. I remember now why I dont watch pregame anymore.

  30. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i will predict a ranger win tonight. no scratch that, i got 1 better. i GARAUNTEE the rangers win this game, then get avery and trade rozy for a 6’5″ power forward /defvensman/ backup goalie and pp coach all in one and rangers beat sharks in 6 for cup!!!!

  31. Are they trying to create a Staal – Ovechkin rivalry. They just showed a vid and it was weird. Staal and Ovechkin have no rivalry fire between them. They just play go hard respectful hockey when near each other.

  32. Well, the Rangers found a way to get the crowd cheering … drop the gloves! So much for Brashear being a wrestler, eh?

    Thought you’d like to know that Redden was pretty loudly booed during introductions.

  33. Brash threw a lot of punches but no real haymakers – i say draw. Credit to Orr for stepping up, Brash is a dangerous fighter. Now for the rest of the team to show they are made of the same.

  34. I cant wait till the Rangers make Jose look like he’s back in his “Hart Trophy Winning” form.

  35. MAKO February 11th, 2009 at 7:20 pm


    Sather had two shots at him….

    I know. We took korpo and uhh..Montoya? who was a joke.

  36. MAKO February 11th, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    I really like this kid Reitz

    He’s not too much offensively, but you don’t hear his name alot which is a good thing for us.


  38. Matt K.
    February 11th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    He’s not too much offensively, but you don’t hear his name alot which is a good thing for us.


    Its ok…. He takes the body and is smart with the puck…

  39. Dawes could be odd man out if/when we get Avery – if i were him i’d be trying to get myself noticed.

  40. …and thats exactly why we need a D-man who takes the body – too many puck watchers and poke checkers is why we conceded that goal

  41. When Dawes skates around Tom Poti. You know Poti sucks..but i guess in 4 years Thomas didn’t get any better.

  42. Hey Renney… Please keep Reitz in! A Dman who hits people and isn’t afraid to get dirty! Who knew?

  43. CCCP February 11th, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    so, who sits when Kalinin is ready to comeback?

    Sorry to say, but im guessing Reitz and Kalinin are probably going to rotate.

  44. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    i really cant understand the logic behind dawes being on the first line and nicky being on the third.


  45. can we please find a west coast team who is looking for a dman for the playoff run

    im sure theres one who will take redden off our hands

  46. Chris D,

    You’re nutz… Redden is ours!!! ALL OURS!!!

    No GM would be that stooopid save for Sather

  47. CCCP

    7:40 You would be right in saying that. I think he is better too.

    And its 2 -1

    F*CK I dropped Fleish from my fantasy roster LOL

  48. You can’t blame Lundqvist on that type of goal…either one of these two Zheralev

    The defense has to take the body in front of the net and can’t allow those types of shots to happen in the first place

  49. You guys realize how much worse Girardi has looked pretty much all year when he’s paired with Redden? I know that last one was on him, but most of the time he’s trying to makeup for Redden’s shortcomings and in effect exposing himself.


  51. You notice how Ovechkin didn’t do anything that period? IMAGINE IF HE WAS SCORING? We lose 2897471299471212784781264781264 – 1

  52. Intermission Question:

    In this days NHL – Which player would you want to build your team around?

    A. Gretzky in his Prime


    B. Ovechkin

  53. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jimmy- im sorry but girardi is his own man ok he screwed up that chance not redden. ok i know redden sucks but stop blaming him just for being on the ice

  54. anything… CHANGE ANYTHING, besides the lines… fire someone… trade someone… waive someone… anything

  55. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    redden hasnt done anything as bad as girardi did leadin to fedorovs chance so far.

  56. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    very inspiring dru. now finish the game a minus 3 and go home get out the bottle of scotch

  57. TBH we’re going to retire numbers, we should retire Howell’s 3, Bathgate’s 9, Ratelle’s 19, Hadfield’s 11!!!! and Gresch’s 4 That would never happen though, since retiring another 11 would piss Messier off, and if they didn’t retire Jean or Gresch’s number already there not going too.

  58. onecupin67years on

    Perry Pearn’s between the period quote “tighten up defensively”
    The rangers make a mistakes and the caps score .
    Great goal by Cally.

  59. I do not think they played that bad in the first..

    some pucks at the feet type goals.

    the first goal the wiff got everyone off.

    had some decent chances, for this team not a bad first..

  60. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    we will fight n claw our way to tie it lste in 3rd and lose in ot or so. watch.

  61. Forcrissakes,playPrucha! on

    Hey Renney, you want to hear a conundrum? I love this team but hate you. Please Caps, keep them goals coming. Help get rid of our clueless coach.

  62. Good Chris. Many of us are pointing our fingers at you. Now do something about it cappy. Captain my captain.

  63. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    stuart- theyre losing. its a bad start. they should be so pissed about losing last 5 that washington shouldnt of even had half of the chances they had. gomers havin another bad game already.

  64. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i cant stand when fans want the team to lose. i dont get it. isnt this supposed to be fun? does losing all the time get u off? u like losing huh. loser

  65. onecupin67years on

    You have to credit the Caps Gm for finding guys beside AO who check, forecheck, go to the net, shoot on net and look better than the bloated ranger stars.

  66. Gomez watched on the backcheck on the flieshman goal..not his fault but just saying..

    …I just heard an ad for the “Brick City Grill” across from the rock on the Rangers radio broadcast – it was brilliant marketing – I’m thinking that Newark ain’t that bad.

  67. I agree. I don’t ever want the team to lose. But I also don’t want them to get excited in winning games that they win in an ugly manner. Winning alone is not good enough. It is how you win.

  68. Scary moments in the NHL on 2-11-09

    1)Joe and Sam telling us how important it is for the rangers to break out of their slump…none of us could think of that on our own

    2) Mr and Mrs Malkin are at the Penguin game tonight and Evgeni resembles Mrs Malkin exactly!!!! I dont know who I feel sorry for more Evgeni, Mrs Malkin or Mr Malkin!

    3) I saw Claude Lemieux arrive 1/2 hr late on a Sjose breakout

    4) Lunqvist is not superhuman…thats bad news for us

  69. Redden was HORRENDOUS that period!

    Can we just cut bait with this guy. He is a liability, and his being on the ice just makes this team worse

  70. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar- somebody said the other day that considering our goalies before hank for the last 8-9 years or so, hank would look superhuman. thing is, he is not gonna save this team. he is great but has looked average last 2 months

  71. Svimvear!! as she walks across the stage with beach ball

    She’s probably got more facial hair than Evgeni

  72. onecupin67years on

    I want the rangers to lose because I want an end to this miserable mediocre style and ranger era.
    Start fresh.

    If the rangers win , it only prolongs sather and renney.

  73. Jerkins
    Got to agree with that assessment…I feel for the guy but our only hope is him stealing games and he just doesn’t seem up to it anymore…maybe soon?

  74. “Svimvear!! as she walks across the stage with beach ball”

    I love it!!!

    Now…its…evening vear…very nice

  75. I think Brashear showed sportsmanship by not fighting Voros, because it wouldnt be a fair fight at all.

  76. # Agravaine February 11th, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    up until this point has Ovy not been trying or have the defenders done well against him and his line?

    He’s going against Rozsy..Ovy’s not trying because he knows that one day when he’s 38 and needs quick money, this will be the team that he will cash in with.

  77. Nevermind it’s Drury, who should be more involved in the offense..he was no where near that least thats what i was seeing.

  78. # Agravaine February 11th, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Matt… except I have never heard of Ovy taking shifts off…

    He’s not..he’s just got a “random” case of what i like to call the Jagrs. Over Passing Syndrome.

    ROOKIE WTF!!!!!!
    Callahan/Korpo: Aren’t we supposed to score
    Renney: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! We’re supposed to go 0-0 into a shoot out and then We win, GOT IT, 0-0 SHOOTOUT WIN!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yup, young guys keepin us in it. vets not doin jack. nas had a glorious chance in the first n took too long. gomer, well yea u know already nice penalty

  81. here come all the lundqvist haters

    nevermind hes the reason that he has won this team countless games this year and is the reason we dont have 5 wins

  82. Why do we need the LEAD to be hungry? This needs to be a pressure pressure pressure game from minute 1.

  83. Renney did suggest that Prucha could be restored to active duty imminently, but Renney’s been saying that all year. The coach also has been talking for weeks about sitting his top players if they merit benching, but other than Scott Gomez in the third period of Friday’s 10-2 loss in Dallas, that pledge has not materialized into reality.

    “I don’t know how much longer I can [scratch] Petr, in fairness to him,” Renney said. “He won’t go [against Washington], but I’m certainly looking at him as maybe a key guy going forward.

    “Right now, it’s a one-off. Every game will be evaluated unto itself. It’s not easy for Petr for sure, and it’s not easy for fans of Prooch to watch that.”

    It’s not easy for fans of the Rangers to watch them, is maybe what the head coach meant to say.

  84. Yeah Callahan! You missed the net but that’s ok..I still lose your clashing call against greenie.

  85. I wish we still had Tie Domi. Him hitting Ovechkin and sidelining him for 3 weeks would make my day.

  86. Great shot by Mara.

    But even more important, we had guys at their net. AT THEIR NET. NOT ON THE OUTSIDE.


  87. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    WELL my prediction is comming true…I said 5 – 4 Rangers!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!! atta boy!!

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow. What happened to the Rangers we all have been complaining about for the past two weeks? I’m not going to have anything to say tomorrow if they keep this up.

    Carp: GREAT joke about Gomez. If he actually scored, THEN it would really be something.

  89. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    Dam GREEN , I should have boooooed him when he was playing for my Saskatoon Blades!! damit.

  90. Notice how Nylander moves with confidence through the offensive zone. Who on our team does that? We just go up down up down. unreal… Green was picked after Jessman. UNREAL!!!!

  91. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    damn i just looked at the 2nd green goal hank had a clear view and still had no chance at it. man somebody give hank a bump. redden stop hoggin it!!!

  92. wow. mike green just has the perfect shot/confidence.

    more points than most players, more goals than anybody on a lot of teams including ours

    can play a solid defensive game and move the puck up

    sounds like ovechkin part 2. and young.

    look for a long term extension

  93. We have a chance…Theodore is really a terrible goalie nowadays. Hopefully Tom has the team continue to press, and not go back to their woeful ways of the past 5 games. The 3rd period should be interesting.

  94. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mako- agree. just wish we could win a game without my heart givin out. another tight 3rd period with the cards stacked against us. god please let the rangers win. please? wit cherrys on top?

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Green was not on the laundry list of players picked after Jessiman.

    He was picked after Montoya and Korpikoski.

    “green just hurt his hand. He looked at his wrist and it looked swollen.”

    I know HD looks great and everything, but no way you were able to see if his wrist was swollen.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Scott, Green doesn’t play a solid defensive game. His defensive game needs a lot of work. He reminds me a lot of Paul Coffey, but with a much better shot.

  97. Rick, I hope your post at 8:29 “Three goals in half a game. THAT’s why Prucha can’t crack the lineup” was tounge in cheek. If they scored 6 goals he still belongs in the line up!!!!

  98. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    HAHAHA yeah Rick give ‘ol gomer the puck , he may wanna put it on his mantle!! Its gonna be 5 – 4 Rangers so all of you can relax ,,,im finnaly gonna get a prediction right …

  99. Doodie Machetto February 11th, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Green was not on the laundry list of players picked after Jessiman.

    He was picked after Montoya and Korpikoski.

    “green just hurt his hand. He looked at his wrist and it looked swollen.”

    I know HD looks great and everything, but no way you were able to see if his wrist was swollen.

    His wrist was swollen believe him, he was checking his hand, and the veins were all near the surface and so you could see them. Plus compared to his other wrist it looked “fat” thats a sign of being swollen.

  100. Watching the Caps offense is unreal, but its hard to imagine how great they would be if they had a star goalie.

  101. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    I can understand people being torn between wanted a win and wanting a loss. They are putting forth the type of effort we want and EXPECT every night(hell, even Redden is trying tonite). The problem is this is a big tease and most fans know that. You might see this kind of effort 2 out of 10 games for the Rangers. 2 out of 10 is enough to keep Renney around unfortunately. That is where I am torn.

  102. Larry Brooks could torture puppies from here to eternity and I will never say a bad word about him because he is the only person ROASTING RENNEY

    Thanks for the link Pru Blue

  103. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    WIN BABY just WIN!!!!! WIN , pointzzzzzzz 13 zzzzzzzzz Come on Zherdev get in on the action man!!

  104. Hell I love this game. GREAT to see some offense! (especially korpi/cally) Sure we could cut down on the goals against, but as fans we’re used to them at this point. It’s not 4-0 it’s 4-4!

    mike green. didn’t even glance down at the puck on that slapper. [sigh]

    beware… a relatively quite 2 periods for ovie…

  105. Why cant ranger announcers ask why Lunqvist is down on his kness on shots from the point..I asked my girlfriend she said “I don’t know maybe he’s tired”

    Is he tired?

  106. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jeffluke im risking a massive stroke watching the next 20. i cant take it man. ovie god please dont score on us

  107. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar- hes just not on top of his game and really needs to make some saves for us now

  108. Matt what are you some doctor? He had a glove on his other hand…you must have X ray vision!!!

  109. Worst thing the rangers can do is score in the first 5 minutes. Then it’s 5 in the frame “let ’em score 3” hockey.

  110. wtf happened here? i went to walk my dog… next thing i know it 4:4!!! did Renney get fire while i was gone? Did they play a good second period?

  111. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    this game is being given to the rangers right now. 3rd consecutive pp in the period, we have to freakin score. if they kill this off i have a bad feelin about the game. gota score

  112. Yeah Staal, i ordered the x-ray vision googles out of the back of the Sporting news magazine. Btw, he wasn’t wearing a glove on his hand, when he was going to the locker room..right before the 3rd period..ah duh.

  113. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    this was basically a pp for the damn period and were gonna lose this one. ovies hot now hes gonna rip us apart.

  114. deja February 11th, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    thats cross checking 99 times out of 100 on nhl 09

    That fact that your using a video game that doesn’t call interference is pathetic. Nobody cares about nhl09..look up the REAL hockey rules.

  115. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yup he puts the high paid duds on the pp and they cant do jack but cally korp and whoever that doesnt get paid over 2 mill is the reason we are even in this game. dru i thought u were clutch

  116. Korpedo is having his best game as a Ranger, we have 5 power plays in a row, and Renney doesn’t give him a sniff of the ice.

  117. that said I don’t want another pp obviously they are useless….

    PS Rozi shot the first time the second time he had three bodies in front of him two caps high and his own man on the ice) If he shot high and hit them the rebound could go past him and there is no one behind him to recover… thats how two goals got scored on him against the Islanders… I am sure he won’t take that chance…

  118. Betts offsides..Defense he’s playing like Draper, Offense he couldn’t hit the net if it was right in front of him, without a goalie in it, and instead of 4′ by 6′ it was 80 by 120.

  119. Shootout
    Ove – Scores
    Backstrom – Scores
    Nylander – Save

    Gomez – Save
    Zherdev – Scores
    Drury – Save

    WE lose.

  120. # Agravaine February 11th, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Matt I think he has an empty netter this year..

    Really? what happened? He tried dumping the puck and he got lucky?

  121. one im a girl 2 I WAS JOKING have the rangers losing so much killed everyones sense of humor? and ive missed 4 games in 10 years dont talk to about watching hockey.

  122. Oh come now guys.

    Korpi has had a whopping 24 seconds on the pp

    Callahan has had ample opportunity to score on the pp with 1:56.

  123. I’m convinced that Renney reads this blog and puts the 4th line out there in last 2 min in a tight game just in spite of us

  124. why would anyone play dump and chase? Your giving up the puck, for a chance to get it back. Why not just skate in, and shoot, then look for rebounds and maybe set up the zone?

  125. the joke was when i play i do that same move and get called for it all time. most people who play complain about it

  126. nice how staal and mara go after ovie physically. any reason they can’t play like that against the other 300 forwards in the league?

  127. Chris T. February 11th, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    nice how staal and mara go after ovie physically. any reason they can’t play like that against the other 300 forwards in the league?

    The other fowards aren’t ovie.

  128. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hank hasnt faced much this period i hope he will be sharp in case of shootout

  129. why is everyone complaining? rangers were on the offense that overtime period. they had some nice chances. they didn’t sit back.

  130. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    cmon guys feed off this one and screw u losers who wanted us to lose this one. go be islander fans

  131. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I didn’t enjoy this. It means Renney won’t get fired and he gets away with locking up Prucha.

  132. I would like to see Renney fired, but not yet. I don’t trust Sather to find a coach that is better than him. Fire Sather.

  133. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    what a great entertaining game but thank god we won or this coulda really done us in. we deserved this game. hopefully we get back on track. real gutsy win and play by cally dawes korp, even dru. voros was tryin but thats cuz hes about to be gone. welcome back avery. hope we get him. he’ll help more than voros

  134. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    chris i didnt say u wanted them to lose. im talkin to everyone who did say it. and if u didnt then y are u defending yourself?

  135. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    wd40sucks February 11th, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Where are all the Renney haters now??

    dont worry dude im still here.

  136. Does Petr Prucha have some disease we don’t know about? i mean honestly. Wasn;t he in best shape coming out of camp or something? I don’t get it?

    FR(fire renney)

  137. FINALLY. wasn’t perfect and theres a lot to complain about with this team but a win is a win. i’ll take it.

  138. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! on

    Yes sweet victory like I predicted before game time. Anyone wanna know the score of the Forida game ..mind you it is on Friday the zzzzzz 13 zzzzzz th …looks like a Ranger romp 6 – 2 Rangers over Florida!!!

  139. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    maybe now that we won one we can try working on the pp. that was a pitiful display on the pp.

  140. Good for cally, he deserves some accolades for pulling us out of that knee-deep-in- loosing streak.

  141. Hey…Rangers won by skin of teeth; which is all they really can do but the truth is…they outplayed Caps tonight…no?

  142. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey renny may not be great but still earned being our coach for the last 3 years even if jagr was here. i dont believe he can get us to the finals or close to a cup but hes done better than our previous ones. even if we changed coaches this far in the season what good would it do. i think the offseason would be a better time.

  143. Caps and Flyers might have the most talented forwards in east but boy do they have goalie issues….hete to say it but next to B’s the Devils might have best all around team…wouldnt it be great if when Marty comes back he screws it all up??

  144. onecupin67years on

    They beat the caps … if ao scores they don’t.

    Typical renney win …I hate it.. it won’t work in the playoffs

  145. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    kaspar thats what it takes and if our high paid guys did what cally did every night wed be in 1st still. but hey its a start. callys my new fave player. hes a tuff irish mother and he resembles what new york is and what the rangers should be

  146. I am actually pretty happy. I will not watch the post game, because Renney will undoubtedly say something that will annoy me and diminish the victory.

  147. onecupin67years on

    The only player on the rangers I wouldn’t trade would be Staal.
    Everyone else is for sale.

  148. For those complaining about Rozsival shooting

    he had a total of 6 attempted shots
    the only others who had more were
    Z 7
    Dru 7
    Cally 13

    not bad for a dman….

  149. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    tom fool if ur not happy get your pulse checked.

    mako- i almost had a massive heartattack man this team is killin me. but they won, so im happy till next game. we gotta whoop those puss… i mean kitties asses

  150. before i go read all your comments, i just gotta get this out…I AM SO FRUSTRATED with technology! Damn game froze up during round 2 of the shoot out… and by the time i got it back…it was over. thanks for letting me off to your comments :-)

  151. When your head coach cannot even bear to look at the most critical time of the game, you know you have leadership issues.

  152. You guys notice how much time our defense had at the point tonight? Puck would go around the boards, dman would keep it in at his point, send it cross ice to his partner who consistently had 10 feet of room to move up and tee off.

    Seemed like the Caps wingers were dropping the ball in the defensive zone.

  153. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jcl yea im with u on that dont wanna see him say anything like he is taking any credit whatsoever for the win

  154. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    somebody said it best a couple weeks ago when we were winning before the 5 game losing streak. “when they lose they suck when they win i feel relieved that its over”

  155. How many minutes on the pp do you need in the third to win? 7 out of 8 points for the Caps vs you guys. Owned.

  156. Caps February 11th, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    How many minutes on the pp do you need in the third to win? 7 out of 8 points for the Caps vs you guys. Owned.

    Haha, you should feel ashamed that the Rangers were able to score 4 goals on your team. The Caps have a great team, but Theodore is a horrible goalie, he’s not even half the Hart Trophy goalie he used to be.

  157. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    jeff- yea but also i think our d men were jumping in and takin chances alot. we played an uptempo high spirited game and came back from bein down twice. good gutsy win. wish we could win one in reg and god the pp is still horrible. thats what will kill us in the playoffs. gotta get the pp goin cuz there aint no shootout in playoffs. pearn is at fault but the players need to execute. if this were a playoff game wed prob lose from not scoring on any of those pp’s

  158. Another thrilling shootout win. How exciting! I’ll just ignore those 3rd period powerplays. My bad.

  159. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    caps- if we had mike green wed beat u guys 3 out of 4 too. hes the main reason u guys got to ot. ovie done jack all game but try to run staal. mara took care of that. dont get me wrong im not braggin here but cmon u lost get off the rangers blog dude.

  160. Very entertaining game. THIS is how the Rangers have to play to win; ugly and gritty hockey, drive to the net and HIT. Maybe this Drury/Cally/Korpo line will be good and be that energetic pain in the @$!@ third line to play against. Dawes did better tonight too and Voros wasn’t horrible.

  161. Renney probably figured his job depended on it…he may not admit it, but he’s feeling the pressure. That’s why he couldnt look.

  162. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    tom u right we had the third handed to us on a silver platter and couldnt finish on theodore. jeez thats when u knows u need a qb. our guys on the point have good shots but play with the puck too much. although they had the puck and cycled it good and maintained pressure they just need a finisher. hope zherdev can become that guy but hes still not there yet. cally reminds me a l.ittle of graves but not really as big but still does a damn good job gettin to those pucks and grindin. he looks like he could be a 20 goal guy in a year or so. hope doobs can get some scorin goin. this team needs everyone to contribute we dont have jags or shanny anymore

  163. The PP is ineffective because Gomez played over 5 min of PP time (he has one PP all season), Drury played 5:38 of PP time, he had one shot on goal all game (he hasnt scored in 9 games), Redden played about 6 minutes of PP time (and he hasnt scored in 51 games, and who knows the last time he got a point). That’s why we cant score, Renney moronically tries the same old tired ways that dont work.

  164. Is it possible that Redden and Rosival could be getting worse? Maybe Renney could give some more ice time to Korpi, I think he has really improved the past couple of weeks. Please get that tool Voros out of the lineup, got his a$$ kicked tonite, and might be on the same skating level as Orr.

  165. TK

    If your coach is counting on “jinxes” and praying to Tinkerbell, you have a loser as a coach.

    But then you knew that, didn’t you.

  166. If they’re gonna play Gomez/Drury/Redden/Rozy on the PP fine; just NOT together and role the hot hand. Korpi and Cally deserved more PP time. I liked last year when Gomez/Drury/Dawes were together for a few weeks. Dawes has a great wrist shot, he should just line up in the slot, let Gomez get him the puck, shoot first and ask questions later.

  167. I’d rather have Lassie, rin tin tin and flipper on the PP over Drury, gomez and rozival

    Dont forget Willy.

  168. I don’t know where you fans have been but Renney has never watched during a shootout…and I watch every game on a 15-inch TV from nine feet away. Hello?

  169. Does this mean the Nigel Dawes Bubblehead I get at Sean’s Wolfpack debut on Sat, has now increased in value??

  170. Renney owes his job to the shootout. without those 9 victories in the SO, Renney is a goner.

    Callahan was great tonight, just as he was the last game vs Caps at MSG

    and you knew it would be high scoring, the way that the Caps play wide open.

    but Renney once again plays to win in the SO, because he knows it’s his salvation.

    btw, Poti still sucks

  171. ugh, this just means prucha will keep getting scratched (tho its almost worse just to play him on friday and then scratch him on sunday, so thats possible) and renney will keep his job…bad day for the ranger franchise, i know i will get blasted for this, but nothing good can come from this team making the playoffs

  172. Jack

    Who said anything about it being the first time Renney didn’t watch? There were numerous shots of him doing so, therefore the comments. Hello?

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