Welcome to Hartford, Sean


 He will clear waivers by noon Eastern time, and will be assigned to Hartford of the AHL, the Rangers’ affiliate, and soon, if not immediately be put on re-entry waivers. That’s when the Rangers will almost surely claim Sean Avery, unless somebody beneath them in the standings does it first.

I don’t see that happening, because as I understand it, any team that claims Avery claims the remaining three years of his contract at, I believe, half its value. The cap hit isn’t even the issue, to me, as much as the idea that you are stuck with this guy for three years after this. For the rest of 2008-09, he might provide a spark.

But by next year or the year after, he’s almost sure to bring terrible distraction to his team, and create a train-wreck in the lockerroom … unless, of course, he’s really been rehabilitated.

I just wouldn’t do that, especially if I’m the Rangers management and I’m thinking I may want a new coach at some point before the end of this season, or in the summer. I wouldn’t want handcuffs like that on the new guy.

The smart move, if Glen Sather is really entertaining the firing of Tom Renney — and I’m not convinced he is — would be to make that move first, bring in the new guy, then decide on Avery.

I doubt much thought will go into this decision, though. It’s simply a matter of: The Rangers look awful, and throwing a grenade like Avery into the room might make a difference. It surely will on the ice, at least short term.

But seat-of-the-pants decisions like that tend to be grenades of a more destructive type in the future.

Jane will be back with a pre-game post from Newark this afternoon. I’ll stop in from time to time in the Comments section, as usual. See ya.

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  1. Kaspar February 9th, 2009 at 10:41 am
    “who will control Avery when the times call for it now if he indeed joins the team?”
    I’m available


    …kaspar i knew we could always count on “The blond knight” LOL

  2. Carp – won’t this just appear to Slats as an opportunity to get the term and cap hit for Avery that he wanted to pay him in the first place last summer?

    I agree that it could backfire, but this team needs a big kick up the rear and the coach’s “bag skate” last week didn’t seem to do the trick.

    How quickly can he be put on re-entry waivers? Are we talking straight away as in minutes/hours or is it the next day?

  3. He’s played his best hockey in NY.

    We wants to be in NY.

    This is his last chance to play in the NHL.

    Even when they bring in a new coach he’ll still want to be in NY.

    I say it’ a no brainer. Bring him back.

    And if the current Rangers think that they can win with the team that they have now then they should watch that debacle on Friday night over and over again.

    THAT was not the performance of a championship hockey team.

  4. Hey, what happens if we claim him, and that means we only pay half his wages. Then next year or year after we waive him, and in re-entry waivers someone else claims him are we on the hook for half of his half salary?

    Whats a million amoungst friends???

  5. Personally, I think this is a smart move by Sather. Especially since Dallas, if all goes to plan, will be on the hook for half of Sean’s salary.

    This team needs an edge. As for Avery detracting from group chemistry: teams filled with nice guys don’t excel in the playoffs and certainly don’t win Stanley Cups. Carp, you know as well as I do that guys like Graves and Messier were not alter boys and criers on the ice.

    Bad chemistry is only an issue when the team is losing, so as long as everyone shuts their mouths and performs their job on the ice there won’t be problems.

    This team, as currently constructed, is soft and lacks emotion. When Avery is on his game, he’s aggressive, draws penalties, forechecks hard, screens goaltenders, etc. This team needs someone who isn’t afraid to battle in the trenches.

    Avery’s on-ice play also can lead to other guys stepping up their level of compete. Guys like Callahan, Dubinsky, and even Orr played nastier when Avery was around because they saw how hard he plays most nights. Let’s also not forget that he has great speed and a pretty good set of hands.

    Obviously Sean has his off-ice flaws and a couple of nights where he is invisible, but this is definitely a great addition for an oft-described “vanilla” Rangers squad.

  6. Rick

    the rangers are one of the few teams that can afford to claim Avery; hope he ignites them again… and then next year, if he’s still an idiot and it really hurts them so much that he is one, ….simply banish him to AHL/Russia and continue paying him…I dont know that Buffalo can afford that or Fla….

    its a win-win to me…

  7. 0necupin67years on

    “Nothings succeeds like excess” author unknown

    Do Renney and sather really think that their problems will be solved and a cup will be in their grasp by signing Avery?

    A 3 year commitment just screws the rebuilding process.
    So whats the point of signing Avery?

  8. Rick – This entire roster was formed by seat-of-the-pants decisions! Why would this suprise any of us? JH is right, he palyed his best hockey here, and this is his last chance, so it’s either work here or don’t work (in hockey, at least).
    We already know that Cablevision has no problem paying people to do nothing. That’s what their doing with Marbury on the Knicks. And thats what their doing with the entire Rangers roster.
    With guys like Redden, Drury, and Gomez not performing and signed on for the next 3+ years, where’s the harm in bringing in Avery? This team is essentially built to look like it does now for the foreseeable future. I don’t see how a cancer in the locker room will make it much worse! If anything, maybe some of these high salary guys will waive their no-movement/trade clauses just to get out of here.

  9. I don’t want Avery to come back – but for different reasons. I do think he’d help the team, BUT…

    All he would do is make the team just good enough to make the playoffs, and extend Renney’s miserable employment here. Another first or second round exit, and back to business as usual.

    We need to miss the playoffs, totally clean out the coaching staff, get the best possible draft pick, and install a forechecking system with a coach who knows how to put players in a position to succeed.

    The new coach must be someone with a good track record. He has to be a coach who has had success before, someone that the players will respect. Someone who won’t lick Sather’s boots. If Sather won’t hire that person, then he must go as well.

    Bringing in Avery will only postpone the inevitable. Like putting a band-aid on a malignant tumor.

  10. All the comments over this season are great entertainment! Carp, you coming on now and again to chastise some commenters, is great! Obviously, as long as Sather is running this team, we will have negative comments about the Ranger team! He makes and has made many questionable and harmful to the progress of the team, moves that we can all postulate what needs to be done, but as long as he has the keys to the store, it isn’t changing for the better!! And Dolan doesn’t care at all about the direction of the team because he has unwaivering faith in Sather’s hockey knowledge!!

  11. God what a horrible move. I acknowledge that he played some great hockey here in NY but this move will do nothing nothing nothing to address the core issues with the team.

  12. Everyone knows Avery has his issues, but 2 facts stand out which should not be ignored: #1 & the most important, NYR wins with Avery in the lineup, #2 Avery produces when he’s playing for NYR. In 86 regular season games he’s scored 23 goals, added 33 assists with 212 pim- many of which he received for just being “Avery”. I’d love to see him on a line with Dubinsky & Callahan & watch as the 3 of them take it to the opposition. Who’s to say when he wears out his welcome, but the team needs a jolt.

  13. RICK is there a problem in the room with any players or a player and the coach, besides the obvious Prucha. Rumor has Drury and Renney not getting along. When are they going to free Prucha from Renney’s assessment? I’d bet Renney is wrong with Prucha on another team. What’s that tell you, and what do you think the rest of the team thinks on this? Is Renney ok with Avery or did he want him gone after last season?

  14. Forget all the long-terms, what if’s and maybe’s. If you’re starting a team from scratch, would you take any of the below wingers over Sean Avery, factoring in potential and intagibles:

    – Nigel Dawes
    – Peter Prucha
    – Aaron Voros
    – Freddy Shoes
    – Ryan Callahan
    – Colton Orr
    – Lori Korpikoski

    Personally, I’d rather have Avery over any of those guys. Sure, they’re all different players, but if you had to rank them, he’d be #1.

    Says a lot.

  15. If the Rangers are lucky enough to get him, there is only upside to him being on the team. I think the players will elevate their play if he is on the ice with him.

    RE Messier. Im sure Mess was the type of leader if the locker room, “you dont have to like me, but you will respect me and I will get the very best out of you” So, wishy washy locker room chemistry isnt that big of a deal. This team isnt tight, if it was, there would have been revenge for two players breaking Z’s nose, every big hit on a smaller player. If there isnt any chemistry on the ice, I really cant believe there is in the lockeroom.

    Im really starting to think Gomez is in this for himself.

  16. Rangers with Avery = more entertaining than current Rangers without Avery. Bring him on. Welcome home Sean.

  17. And speaking on those problems. It will be interesting to see how guys like Vally and Dubi will welcome back Avery after they had spoken out about how happy they were about him leaving via Free Agency and how bad of a teammate he was.

  18. Maybe management could let “minor leaguer” Vally make the call to Avery in Hartford when it’s time to inform him that he will be given another shot in the “big leagues”.

  19. So there are 186 days in the hockey season

    Avery at 4 million dollars/186 days=21,505 per day

    If we claim him Wednesday there will be 61 days left in the season so 61*21,505=1,311,805

    Split evenly with the Stars the Rangers would be responsible for 655,902

  20. Cant they pull off this whole Waiver-re-entry krap by tonight so that Avery can stare up-smiling into the press box at Marty…while wearing one of those “Easy Does It” buttons???

  21. It appears as though Sather has acknowledged the fact that the Rangers are a bit grittier with Avery in the lineup, and for possibly half the salary.

    Too bad they couldn’t get him into the lineup for tonight’s match-up so we could see how Clemmensen would handle the stick waving screen!

  22. Fischler's Ghost on

    I guess the only good that would come of this would be getting rid of Voros. A fourth line of Avery-Betts-Orr would entertaining to watch as the Rangers battle for the number 9 spot in the conference.

  23. Mark – could be less if he gets given a 10-day conditioning assignment to Hartford, which i think was mentioned over the weekend, making that cap hit over $100k less.

  24. re vally and dubi and whomever else- you’ll hear bs about how it’s about winning…but underneath it all; this is a trojan horse of sorts….

    i think avery has done well for us in the past…don’t see it this time around…

    meanwhile, if you’re prucha you’re thinking- wtf…what do i have to do to get a spot on this team?

  25. Typical NYR fashion, they will apply a band aid…heck not even the right kind of band aid. THEY ARE LACKING GOALSCORING more than anything else. They have no consistent and deadly finishers. Avery will not provide that. He has 15 goals twice in his NHL career…not a goalscorer’s resume.

    Avery will not do wonders to this team. Lot of you are living in fantasy land thinking this is the right thing at the right time.

  26. Friends of Dr. D on

    I heard Larry Brooks drove down to Dallas all weekend and is driving him up to Hartford personally.

  27. If Avery skated out on the ice tonight the place would explode with cheers equiling an over time goal,and ANYONE that thinks otherwise dosen’t know s##t.
    I want Avery here as much as I want Renney gone.
    I’ve been calling for Renney to go since last season.

  28. Rick,

    While I agree with you that bringing back Avery for the remaining 3 years of his contract is a huge risk, I do believe that Sather will tell Avery that he’s on a VERY short leash (and I’m sure Avery knows this too). I believe that Sather would have no problem waiving Avery the minute he becomes a distraction and/or sideshow…

  29. doodie machetto on

    “Forget all the long-terms, what if’s and maybe’s. If you’re starting a team from scratch, would you take any of the below wingers over Sean Avery, factoring in potential and intagibles:

    – Nigel Dawes – Peter Prucha – Aaron Voros – Freddy Shoes – Ryan Callahan – Colton Orr – Lori Korpikoski

    Personally, I’d rather have Avery over any of those guys. Sure, they’re all different players, but if you had to rank them, he’d be #1.

    Says a lot”

    Fair enough, although I differ with you on Prucha who I think can be a consistent 20-30 goal scorer compared to Avery, who I think is more of a 15-20 kind of guy.

    But let me ask you this: Starting a team from scratch, would you rather have Avery than any of these guys, factoring in potential and intangibles:

    Zherdev, Staal, Dubinsky, and Girardi.

    Because the team is going to have a hard enough time retaining those 4 guys without Avery’s contract. With Avery’s contract, at least 3 will be gone, guaranteed.

  30. UKranger.

    A player still counts against the cap if he is on a conditioning stint in the AHL since he is essentially still on the 23 man roster and did not have to clear waivers.

  31. If the Rangers do get Avery back, I would love to see how Dubinsky and Valiquette respond to having him on the team again. The battles they had through the media were pretty funny.

    Hope they would be able to get along

  32. I hope to god this happens…Avery is exactly what this team needs. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship: Avery needs NY (it keeps him busy off the ice…I’m convinced he was bored in Dallas and just hated it, which made him a jackass in the locker room), and the Rangers CERTAINLY need Sean Avery.

    From a hockey point of view, I see Avery on a line with Dubinsky and Zherdev. WHAT A LINE that could be. Avery gets in on the forecheck to recover the puck, Zherdev draws defenders with his skill, Dubinsky makes the plays around the net.

    I can’t believe people don’t consider getting Avery killing two birds with one stone. He will provide a needed jolt of energy, but he will also SCORE AND CREATE GOALS. He’s much more talented offensively than people give him credit for. He always makes smart passes, he’s a great skater and he has a hell of a wrist shot. If Sean plays 20 games or so for the Rangers, I could easily see him put up 7-8 goals and 10 assists. Plus, he is so valuable in the playoffs.

    Can’t wait to see him in the blue #16 sweater again. And I can’t wait to hear the roar at the Garden when he steps back on the ice…it will be electric.

  33. I think this Avery situation sums up the stark contrast in the current management of both organizations, the Dallas Stars and New York Rangers.

    One suspends the player immediately and the team gets better, kicking the Rangers’ collective rear ends 10-2 Friday night.

    The other, is eager to pick up the suspended and now waived player as soon as they can, in order to save their “playoff” hopes this season.

    I mean are you kidding me? One team will contend for the Cup, the other one just talks about it.

    One more filthy word out of his mouth and the Rangers image will get that much worse.

    Anyone who can mentioned Avery in the same breath as Graves and Messier needs a reality check.

  34. doodie machetto on

    Voros won’t sit if Avery is in the lineup. It will be Dawes.

    Dawes and Prucha should start thinking about which teams they want to play for next season and hope they get an offer sheet.

  35. I happen to agree with Mako. This team needs a leader. Avery has never been as much of a “problem” on teams with outspoken veterans (i.e. Detroit and 06,07 Rangers). I think guys like Shannahan and Jagr kept him in line last year, alike Hull, Yzerman and the likes kept him in line in Detroit.

    I’d argue Dallas doesn’t have a true leader, which is why they’ve had so many issues the past 3-4 years. Mike Modano, for all his greatness, is a mild mannered, low key type, sorta like a Chris Drury.

    LA didn’t have a leader with Avery there either.

    Gomez is a clown and Drury would make a great Leiutenant, but he’s no captain. So, we’ll see who steps in and can keep him in line with no real outspoken veteran that will field reporter questions after games and tell him to keep quiet.

  36. doodie, that’s my point. You get it.

    He might make it tougher to keep one of those guys in the future. And he will probably right off the bat cost Prucha … although he never plays anyway, it’s a shame to lose a guy like that for nothing.

  37. Sundin's Ghost on

    I have to laugh at you people going “Welcome home Averyyyy!!” The same Avery who badmouthed the Rangers and their new players when signing in Dallas, and started confrontations with Dubinsky, Lundqvist and Valiquette when Dallas played in NY. HE’S going to restore the pride of the NY Rangers! Some of you have the rationality and character evaluation skills of a 14-year old girl.

  38. FINALLY! Some critical analysis! Bravo, Rick. This is what I’m talking about. This is what we expect from guys whose job it is to cover the Rangers.

    I ripped you a new one yesterday because I felt you deserved it, and likewise I feel you deserve to be commended for your column today. (I’m fair and balanced in that sense.)

    Thus far you’re the only guy who’s hit the nail on the head on why Avery’s return is a bad idea. All the other writers in this town are too busy rolling over and laying down the welcome mat. It’s pathetic.

    I agree with you completely — it would be one thing if his contract expired at the end of the year, but another 3 years is a recipe for disaster.

    Avery doesn’t ripen with time on teams, he rots and spoils and in the process takes everyone with him. Bringing Avery back is purely a desperation move which fails to address the team’s real problem — Tom Renney. And I’m glad you touched on that as well. (Keep it up.)

    I don’t want to praise you too much though. You might get comfortable and revert back to your old ways. However, I do want you to know that you have a real opportunity to stand out among the pack.

    No one in this town is holding this team’s feet to the fire. You keep writing columns like this though and you will quickly gain the respect of Ranger fans across the board. The opportunity is your for the taking.

  39. doodie machetto on

    I hate Glen Sather. Never have I hated a law abiding citizen I haven’t met as much as I hate Sather. This Avery move is just icing on the cake.

  40. Vogs, don’t be so quick to plan the parade in Dallas.

    Remember, this a team that got absolutely manhandled and embarassed in the playoffs last year. They brought in Avery for some much needed grit as they were deemed one of the softest teams in the league.

    Fast forward to the present, sure they beat us 10-2, but save for Steve Ott, this is still very much a soft team.

  41. I’d rather see higher executive changes being made. If that means moving out Sather and Renney, so be it. I’d rather see those 2 put even more pressure on the team leaders. Hold them accountable. I’d rather see the team leaders inspire and actually lead by example to the younger team players. One player is not going to make, nor break, this team. Jagr made some mistakes last year, and said it was his fault. I don’t hear or see anyone from the current roster doing the same. Yes, it’s a team sport, but you have to know when and how you are failing your own team. I from top to bottom, staff included, believes the pressure lies equally and if one person performs well, everyone will follow. But, when no one is performing… will bringing in a person like Sean Avery change this concept? I don’t think it will. It goes much deeper, and Avery would only be a short time fix for the larger team ailment. Conversely, I am a very supportive of Avery coming back to the NHL, but I don’t think his re-introduction into the Rangers line up is going to help us in the long term.

    Let’s fix what we have first, and then introduce more people.

    I think it’s less like putting a band aid on a broken leg, but more like painting flames on a rust bucket of a car. It’s a distraction and denial of what really needs to be addressed. What’s under the hood and the driver(s).

  42. Vogs,

    I agree completely with you. I think this is a show of display that Sather is panicking and trying to try everything to right the ship before he makes a BIG move.

  43. doodie

    You cannot put Girardi’s name on the same list as Staal, Z and Dubinsky. He is totally expendable —- a nice sixth defenseman on a very good hockey team. But not even close to an top 4 on an average team, not even close.

  44. doodie machetto on

    Yeah Carp, I’ve been saying the same thing ever since the Avery rumor popped up. Glad to see someone on the beat that isn’t just hoping Avery returns because of how easy it makes their job because he’s always good for a quote.

    We have the worst GM in the NHL over the past 15 years.

    Sundin’s Ghost you nailed it on the head. He badmouthed our team and the players on it, but they’re right, welcome home.

    Also, can’t wait to see what happens with Giannone.

  45. Rick, good thoughts…I have to say Sathers actions the past few years have been devoid of thought so…this comes as no surprise. The entire organization is grasping at straws now. Avery ain’t playin with Jagr again so we can’t expect much in the way of scoring…just alot of antics on and off the ice. I will say I did like Avery before…but before seemed like the right move…this seems like a knee jerk reaction and we will have to see how it plays out.
    So who is going to move to create salary cap room for Avery?

  46. Haha, the Circus is back early !

    Avery is a moron, and he’s not even himself now that he went to anger management, we’re getting the new Avery which means he’s gonna keep his nose clean, which defeats the purpose of bringing him here.

    And meanwhile Sather is doing everything he can to deflect attention away from the really bad signings he’s totally responsible for.

    Well, at least now people won’tt be bored…..

  47. doodie machetto on

    ford, fair enough.

    Either way, Girardi was likely the only one we would be able to keep. Staal, Zherdev, and Dubinsky were going to be hard to retain without an extra 2 million in space tied up with Avery. With him, Zherdev is definitely gone, Staal likely to be gone, and Dubinsky is also a long shot. And there is no way we can keep two of them.

    So I hope you guys think Avery is worth Zherdev, Staal, or Dubinsky, because that’s what he is going to cost.

  48. Girardi hits, and for that he deserves credit. But he is awful in his own end with the puck, is often way out of position and flat-footed at the blueline against the rush, and has apparently lost any and all ability to provide even a flicker of offense.

    He is one of those guys whose reputation league wide is still better than his actual play, so a useful figure for a savvy GM. Of course this team doesn’t have a savvy GM, so….

  49. DomivBaumgartner on


    Why hasn’t the front office fired Renney yet? Look what happened in ’92 when the Rangers were playing at the league lows that year and went into Buffalo and were embarrassed at the Aud. The next day Rangers Front Office fired Neilson, seems like his ghost is behind the bench lately. It happened another time but forgot the year and coach.

    The overall problem this team has besides signing role players to outrageous lengthy over priced contracts is that there just is no fire. You may claim there could be some because you are with the team on a daily basis but I’ll disagree vehemently.

    Appreciate your insight and articles about my favorite sports team.


  50. NYR wanted to sign Avery in the off-season. They didn’t want to over pay for him. This is insane. NYR gets what it wants at half the price.

  51. Could someone who is more familiar with the CBA please clarify this for me…

    Avery’s cap hit to us will be 1.9XX mill/per. If we decide after this season that we want to part ways with him, could we ditch him in Hartford for the whole 09-10 season, then buy him out at the end? Also, would that buyout cost us 2/3 the remaining money over double the term with the 1.9XX million, or his whole contract of 4 mil?

  52. Voros is not sitting if Avery is claimed. Renney has a man crush on him. More likely Dawes or Korpikoski.

  53. Joe..If we claim Avery it’s not to bury him in hartford for an entire season. He’ll play on one of the top 2 lines and it won’t be in Hartford.

  54. i think bringing avery back is a sign that there are other major changes coming. they almost have to make changes/trades to free up cap space for the future signings of the younger players.

    i know sather is an idiot, but they arent going to sit on their hands and watch the skilled younger players (Z, Dubie and Staal) walk away without making an effort to keep them.

    i just see something happening. they have to open up some cap space. gomez, rosi, prucha, dawes, voros all could be moved by the end of the month.

  55. Brandon

    Thanks. True Championship teams have stand out leaders. I just dont see one on this team. Drury is a low key guy, mild mannered buy like Brian Leetch. Leetchie couldnt wait to get that “C” off of his chest to give to Mess when he came back.

    Morrison is a pretty good captain for the Stars. As much as Gomez is a clown, he would make a better Captain than Drury. They have no identity, they dont intimidate any team and are very predictable on the ice.

  56. Congrats Carp, Phil approves today! Yesterday you were a worthless POS. Today, you are Joseph Pulitzer.

    Getting Avery is just what it was when we obtained him the first time: a high-risk, high-reward move. That is what you do when you are desperate, and this team is desperate.

    Jeffluke: Avery confronted Giannone during the Stars’ visit to MSG early in the year. Apparently he made some nasty comments about his wife and the two almost went at it. Not sure of all the details.

  57. Renneys gotta go. Maybe Avery will say to glen, after he picks him up, ill only play if renney is gone.

  58. PJ, Gomez has a NTC and won’t waive it when he can phone it in every night and live in NY. No one would want Rozsival’s contract. Dawes and Prucha aren’t coming back at the end of the season, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them traded. But either way, the team still needed to clear more money to sign Zherdev and still have enough room for Staal and Dubinsky next season. By ditching Prucha and Dawes, all you’ve done is create the room for Avery.

    Assuming we no longer have Dawes, Prucha, Kalinin, and Mara on the roster, that will give us about 7 million in cap space. Supposing we resign Zherdev at at least 5 million per season (no way we can retain him for less due to our salary cap structure), that leaves you with 2 million to replace two defensemen.

    Even if you manage to do that, next season you have to find enough cap space to resign Staal (at least 3 million) and Dubinksy (at least 2 million). It’s not happening. They’ll try and find a way to keep Staal, but I think Zherdev and Dubinsky are toast.

  59. I think it’s a good move for now. The fact is the guy knows how to play hockey. He’s a 15-20 goal scorer that we can have 3 years at below the going rate.

    He’s an established NHLer and has proven his worth on the ice. He does bring an edge to the team, and he knows how to fight and play scrappy. His presence SHOULD end the Voros experiment, as his role has been negated by someone much more effective.

    I honestly don’t think we have any chemistry to mess up, because clearly the Rangers have no chemistry, at least on the ice.

    Avery has a load of speed.

    I honestly think the ONE thing Renney has done right is manage players with very different personalities. Sather doesn’t mind having him in his office every week either. Most GM’s wouldn’t put up with this.

    Avery probably realizes that if he blows this chance, he may never get a chance to play NHL hockey again. Even an total selfish J-off realizes that he won’t want to sniff diesel fumes and eat Days Inn breakfasts for the next 10 years in the ECHL.

    These are adults and they can let it be water under the brdige. Even people that don’t like each other can be united with a common goal.

    If he’s still a prick, he can be bought out or buried in the minors with a relatively minor cap hit. 3 years isn’t nearly as bad as Redden’s 6, and he’s a much more effective player. Do it.

  60. Rob L, I understand that we would call up Avery to the NHL squad this year. But I’m looking down the road (something that Sather doesn’t do). What if the Avery 2.0 experiment doesn’t work out? How can we get rid of him and have the least impact on the Rangers cap situation?

    That’s why I was hoping someone could clarify that part of the CBA for me

  61. Greg, in cas you haven’t noticed, Rick and Jen are part of a team — which is why when I criticized yesterday’s column, he felt the need to respond.

    kph, I never called Rick a POS. In fact, I usually reserve labels like that for bags who troll my posts.

  62. I don’t know if I should cheer or Gulp, but at 2 mil a season, maybe both? Avery is not going to get claimed by another team, he IS a distraction and a constant problem but the rangers were fortunate enough to have Drury and Gomez control him. Besides, he will be on his best behaviour because he knows the league will be watching him very closely. I’m not sure how I feel about this from a game perspective, I mean Avery will torment the opposition and raise the rangers game to a level that will almost put them over the top, but this is a very rash desicion and I hope this doesn’t blow up in the Rangers face. I mean Avery made enemies after he left and I hope to mend the wounds he apoligizes to Naslund, Redden, Valiquette, Lundqvist and Dubinsky for his actions prior to and during the Dallas-NY game…Lets Go Rangers I hope…

  63. P.S. Bye Bye Aaron, its been fun while we had you…Do I see an Avery-Dubinsky-Zherdev line comming? Carp, if Avery returns at 2 mil a season, won’t the Rangers need to clear more space for the ocassional call up?

  64. Zhervalev, they’re waiting on Niedermayer. If they drop in the standings, they’ll deal him and start resigning Beauchemin. If they keep Niedermayer, they will wait until he makes up his mind about retiring or not. If he decides to retire, they sign Beauchemin. If Nieds plays, they keep him.

    They also have about half of their forwards about to hit free agency. So imagine filling out your roster when Rozsival is taking up 5 million in cap space.

    Either way, they won’t have the cap space to absorb Rozsi’s contract, especially with how Bobby Ryan has played. They’ll need a lot of money to keep him in the fold in 2010.

    No one wants Rozsival’s contract. No one wants Redden’s contract. No one wants Gomez’s or Drury’s contracts. We’re stuck with them, for better or worse (read: worst) until the last years of their deals, when we might be able to trade them at the deadline.

    We’re in bad shape for the next 5 years.

  65. Avery is not always good for a quote. For several stretches while he was here, he actually wouldn’t provide any quotes at all. So the story, often times, was that there was no story at all. Not exactly a reporter’s dream.

  66. doodie machetto on

    Voros will not sit if Avery returns. Voros has been playing over both Dawes and Prucha. Logic dictates that Dawes will join Prucha in the press box on a more permanent basis.

  67. no other team wants anything to do with avery.
    here come the rangers.
    just wish we had a gm with brains.

  68. reginald dunlop on

    heard domi cut up a towel and wore it like long hair out the back of his helmet ….like baumgartner…after baumgartner put on domi’s helmet and spun it around effortlessly on his head………pretty funny msg moment when domi strutted to bench swinging his hair after serving major

  69. Here’s the thing with Avery….he is a bargain right now and has some skills and jam that the Rangers need. Is it the end-all, be-all problem solver? No. Not at all. But at least the Rangers now have a guy that will command some attention and focus from the other team.

    This is not even a done deal mind you. But I like that the Rangers now have some pep and energy in their lineup, if Avery gets the call.

    And BTW, if and when Avery comes back, I think Sather has to be given the “Worst GM in the NHL” prize by a unanimous vote. I cannot think of anyone who has signed and let go more guys and let go and resigned more guys in the past handful of years. Can anyone name more than 2 good moves Sather has made in the past few years? How many crap ones can you name. Sather is a waste of f-ing space.

  70. doodie machetto on

    Adam, his silence became the story. Still a reporter’s dream. The guy who always runs his mouth suddenly becomes inexplicably quiet. There’s a story. And it was constantly reported how he wouldn’t talk to reporters.

    As I said, a reporter’s dream. Especially in this second go round. Especially with all of the controversy he raised before and during Dallas’ last visit to NY. There are also the cap constraints it will create going forward. There’s a gold mine of stuff to report upon.

  71. Sather’s best moves, in no particular order:

    The Jagr trade.

    The Zherdev trade.

    The Avery trade.

    The Nylander and Straka signings

  72. If Sather was paying attention the last few years we wouldnt be looking for a guy like Avery.

    Then again, if the power play was ranked in the middle of the pack, not too many people would be complaining. How many 5-3’s have not been capitilized on early in games? That to me says this team needs scoring as much as it needs a little jump to the forward ranks.

  73. Evan S — Avery doesn’t have to apologize to anyone he razzed while with Dallas. What is this, cricket? He’s intentionally trying to get under their skin. Lucky he didn’t have anything on their wives or girl friends. If a guy isn’t ready to run over his grandmother if she’s in his way as he skates to the goal, he shouldn’t be in the NHL.

  74. New Newman
    February 9th, 2009 at 12:22 pm
    Here’s the thing with Avery….he is a bargain right now and has some skills and jam that the Rangers need. Is it the end-all, be-all problem solver? No. Not at all. But at least the Rangers now have a guy that will command some attention and focus from the other team.

    This is not even a done deal mind you. But I like that the Rangers now have some pep and energy in their lineup, if Avery gets the call.

    And BTW, if and when Avery comes back, I think Sather has to be given the “Worst GM in the NHL” prize by a unanimous vote. I cannot think of anyone who has signed and let go more guys and let go and resigned more guys in the past handful of years. Can anyone name more than 2 good moves Sather has made in the past few years? How many crap ones can you name. Sather is a waste of f-ing space.

    Don’t jump the gun just yet, it is not official yet & he has not played a game back at the garden.

  75. doodie machetto on

    Agreed Newman. But I like the challenge and so I will take it:

    Good move #1: Trade Carter for 1/2 price Jagr.
    Good move #2: Trade Tyutin and Backman for Zherdev
    Good move #3: Trade Kondtratiev for Sykora and a 4th
    Good move #4: Draft Cherepanov.
    Good move #5: Trade J.Ward, Clichee, and never appearing in the US Marek for Avery
    Good move #6: Trade A.Ward for Mara

    Honestly, can’t think of anything else.

  76. Jive,
    I believe Dallas has to assign him to the minor club of they’re choice since they do not have an AHL team

  77. Voros absolutely sits if Avery comes. Renney justifies his presence by saying he will stand in front of the net on the PP. Avery immediately displaces him in that regard.

  78. #4 was a mistake. Doctors knew he was blood doping and I’m sure many GM’s did as well (why else would he fall to #17).

    Should’ve taken Perron or Backlund.

  79. doodie machetto on

    “The Nylander and Straka signings”

    I think those weren’t good moves so much as moves that worked out MUCH better than anticipated.

  80. doodie machetto on

    Zhervalev, he wasn’t blood doping. He was having his heart condition treated by incompetent doctors that gave him the wrong type of treatment.

    The reason he fell to #17 was two fold. There was a reported attitude problem, like he occasionally didn’t try very hard. The second was that he was under contract in Russia for a couple of years and no one knew what his commitment to come to the NHL would be. Same reason why Grachev fell so low.

    In fact, I’ll give him credit for taking the chance on Grachev too.

  81. “I think those weren’t good moves so much as moves that worked out MUCH better than anticipated.”

    If that’s your demarcation line, the Avery trade belongs in that category, not those two. Nylander and Straka were both proven players who complemented Jagr to a T.

  82. “Adam Z. –
    Sather’s best moves, in no particular order:
    The Jagr trade.
    The Zherdev trade.
    The Avery trade.
    The Nylander and Straka signings”

    The only thing to add is: that’s over the course of 8 years!
    In 8 years we can measure Sather’s trade/free agent success in 5 moves. I’d start putting together the worst moves but I’m afraid there’s not enough time before the end of the season.

  83. If we’re going to give Sather credit for drafting Grachev, surely we must give him credit for drafting Lundqvist, yes?

  84. over 100 commenst since carp’s 10:53 post…its all about Ave’s baby

    “He might make it tougher to keep one of those guys in the future. And he will probably right off the bat cost Prucha … although he never plays anyway”
    Carp 2-09-09

    Rick, what does this post mean? Avery can be banished to minors anytime..why would that effect these two guys one who is being ignored and one who so underpreforms that he is part of the reason we need Avery in the first place

  85. Of course the first half of Sather’s tenure was awful. The second half has been a whole lot better. Give credit and blame when and where they’re due. Two years ago were we 7 seconds away from being a game away from Round 3.

    And a point that deserves to be made about this season: we’ve got pretty decent goaltending, penalty-killing, and experience in one-goal games. Not exactly a bad thing come playoff time.

  86. doodie machetto on

    Adam, see above. I think they were decent signings that just worked WAY better than anyone thought.

    I picked the things that he did that when he did them, I thought to myself “WOW, we totally made out better than we should have there.” When we traded Ward and a decent prospect for Avery, that was a steal. When we traded a bad prospect for Sykora and a pick, that was a steal. When we traded cap killing and declining play Tyutin with sieve Chris Backman for Nik Zherdev and prospect Fritsche, that was a steal. When we got the player who at one point was the #1 ranked European at the draft at #17, that was a steal.

    When we traded Carter for a half price Jagr, that was the steal of the decade.

    Straka and Nylander were things that left me saying “OK, that’s nice, but who is our #1 center going to be? Nylander? Seriously?”

    It just worked out a lot better than everyone, I’m sure including Sather, expected it to.

  87. If we actually do sign avery, our immediate concerns for next year are and in this order:

    Staal – Big Raise and he ours, homegrown, we have to do wahtever it takes to keep him
    Zherdev – Raise but love NY and may take a small discount

    Prucah Dawes and Voros are no brainers for trades in the off season, absolutely especialyl Voros get him the hell out of town

    MAra we can resing for cheap if he still lvoe splayin ghere by then, maybe a small raise
    Valli- ? who knows, maybe wikka will be ready in HArtford by then

    Keep Rosi, m fine with as he’s a hell of alot more reliable than Redden

    Trade Redden
    Kalinen is gone anyway

    I dont mind bringin Avery back, but again this does NOTHING to address our needs. Scoring WInger (A TOP WINGER that is) and a bruising Dman

    SAther is a total f-ing moron

  88. Adam, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Don’t give Sather too much credit.


  89. doodie machetto on

    Adam, the Avery trade did work out much better than expected, but even at the time, I thought it was a steal.

    We desperately needed a second line player to play with Shanahan. The fact that we got one for so little was amazing.

    Now, granted, it did work much better than anyone expected, but that doesn’t change the fact that the move itself was already genius on paper.

  90. I’m not giving Sather too much credit, simply pointing out that the second half of his tenure has been much better than the first. That’s all I’m saying, and you can’t really argue that. Of course he had nowhere to go but up, but hey, it’s nice to be a perrennial playoff team again.

  91. Whether he has cleared or not — and he surely has — now the next step can take some time, or no time at all. It’s up to Dallas to announce his assignment to Hartford and then his recall through re-entry waivers, and then that could be a process over time as teams pass on him until he gets to the Rangers. That’s the way I understand it … so it could be any minute, or it could be tomorrow.

  92. Didn’t almost everyone on this blog say they would take Avery back for $3mn when he was a free agent to be??

    $1.9mn sounds like a deal to me, I’d take that chance if I were the GM.

  93. Joe, it’s really not news anymore when we point out that Redden isn’t living up to the terms of his contract. It’s been talked about once or twice before.

  94. This is great, in nearly a decade on the job we can think of six good transactions our GM has made on a roster than has completely turned over twice. How about a list of bad moves? I’ll bet we can’t remember them all but I’ll start:

    Bad UFA signings: Karpa, Ulanov, Aaron Ward, Redden, Rozival, Rismiller, Voros, Holik, Malakhov, Berard, Ciger, Rachunek.

    Bad trades: Every single deadline deal in 2004 unless Korpikoski really turns into something, Lindros trade, Poti trade, Malhotra trade, Ozolinsh trade.

    Bad drafts: Too many to name but obviously Jessiman, Montoya are near tragic wastes of firt round picks. Didn’t have a first rounder after the Bure trade which also didn’t work out at all since his career ended almost immediately thereafter. Only first rounder with any semblance of impact has been Staal.

  95. Like Adam said, I think the draft record in second half of decade shows a good plan…is Sather a capologist? hell no, and maybe I’m giving him too much credit but heres what I think was his plan…

    G) Hank
    D) Staal, Sanguinetti, Delz, Girardi, fill in two spots
    F) Cheripanov, Ansimov, Dubi, Gravchek, Gomez,Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, fill in 4 spots of grinders/specialists ala Betts

    Not all of these were going to work out obviously some already haven’t…but additions could be made ( Zherdev)

    Rozival and Drury can be written off to transition, both have years left..who knows when Delz and Sangy will be ready…same with Gravchek

    The only thing that doesnt fit in is Redden..not by a long shot..what was he thinking here? I dont know

    Please dont tell me that Gomez was a bad signing, he was a $5M hit in his last year in NJ, won two cups and was a free agent…

  96. Peter

    I didnt think Aaron Ward was all that bad. He just didnt get along with Jagr and called him out on the bench during a game. Then was traded the next few days after.

  97. doodie,

    i agree with you on your assessment of the NYR cap situation. i do not agree that all of those contracts are untradeable. i guess i have a different view of how the organization would handle a bad contract moving forward. yes, they were bad contracts from the moment the ink dried on them. yes, they will be weighing down the cap in the future. i dont see the NYR just sitting and waiting around for the contracts to expire. i have faith that they will do something, sometime to move 1-2 of the bad contracts. maybe i am an optimist.

    for all of sather’s bad moves, he has made some decently shrewd moves as well. the bad obviously outweigh the good on these kinds of boards/blogs. i am not sticking up for him, i just think some people on these boards are too pessimistic. yes, the NYR could very well be screwed capwise for the next 5 years. they could sit on their hands, accept their failures and wait for the bad contracts to expire. meanwhile, the few, young talented players that they do have walk away because they cant figure out a way to get out from under the contracts.

    i am not knowledgeable on the specifics of everyone’s contract. i had read here that gomez had a limited NTC. it may have been posted incorrectly. maybe they have to give more then they want to in a possible trade. maybe gomez, plus a current member of the team, a prospect and a pick gets a deal done. same formula goes for rosy. again i dont know the specifics of rosy’s deal, maybe he has a NTC as well? there is no doubt that the NYR will have to add something to a possible deal to make their contracts a bit more attractive to a team who has interest in them. i dont believe that the market for these two players is completely dead and they are stuck here for the duration of their contracts.

    maybe dubie gets moved in a trade with gomez or rosy. if the NYR know they wont be able to sign him when he is up for a new contract i would hope that they would use him as an asset and move him before they lost him for nothing. i know the management hasnt been the greatest over the past few years, but some credit has to be given to them. i hope that someone within the organization has at least some forethought and pride in what they do to make at least some intelligent decisions.

    redden…thats a different story. his contract is terrible, i agree with you, he is nearly immovable. i think they will probably send him to hartford. that would free up some cap space, right?

    drury…i have read he does have a NTC. maybe things get so bad here that he waves it and moves onto another team? who knows.

    i just dont see the NYR waiting around and watching the younger guys move on without any effort of fight. you and others will probably disagree with me, which is fine. that is why i enjoy reading your posts and the others on this board. it keeps things interesting when the team is boring.

  98. reginald dunlop February 9th, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    heard domi cut up a towel and wore it like long hair out the back of his helmet ….like baumgartner…after baumgartner put on domi’s helmet and spun it around effortlessly on his head………pretty funny msg moment when domi strutted to bench swinging his hair after serving major

    Is there a video for that fight…histerical!

  99. Doodie the ywill not lose Dubi, or Girardi or the other person you mentioned.

    They will not have on the roster next year the likes of ; mara, kalinan, sju, prucha, VOros and vally maybe.. that is $9 mill + right there…They also may not bring back the likes of Betts and Orr and others..

    Yeah they need to replace the players and they will and most of the replacements will be lower cost…Kalinan makes $2 mill and Mara just short of that. $4 mill they can replace with Sauer or Sang.and save a few bucks..

    Prucha makes $1.6(he should be playing) but that money will be gone he has played 21 games, that slot should be at $800k or so…These pennies add up..Sather has f-cked things up but they are not losing Dubi(he is getting a mrginal raise if at all)….

  100. Peter, well done. Unfortunately, you’ve only touched on a mere half of the bad signings, trades and contracts, ha.

    Let’s not forget that this is the same man who traded away our beloved Brian Leetch and Adam Graves for a bag of pucks.

    The best thing, and maybe the only thing, I’ll give him credit for is bringing in Jagr. It’s just a shame he followed that up by not pursuing him after an “average” 75 point season.

    Most of you didn’t like Jagr, but I, personally, loved him. Even at 50% he’s better than every single Ranger we have at 100%. He was always good for 10 wins on his own and titanic playoff performances. Even in the series we lost to Buffalo and Pitt there was no player on the ice for both teams who was more dominant.

    Quite frankly, I think Slats just wants to be known for being the brainchild behind any success. Anytime there’s an athlete that can deflect away from his attention (Jagr, Shannahan, Avery), he gets rid of them.

  101. Roszival is tradeable he has a reasonable contract, Jeff Finger is not 1/2 the player he is.

    Roszivals contract is not even in the neighborhood of Redden when counting Reddens performance…

  102. “Good move #3: Trade Kondtratiev for Sykora and a 4th”

    .. he gets no credit for that one as the precursor was moving leetch – Sykora’s only plus w/the Rangers was his nice rooftop, backhand he was able to put in on shutouts.. otherwise, okay

  103. I’m not ready to call Gomez and Drury busts yet, mainly because I think their production is mostly a victim of Renney’s system and inferior coaching, with secondary fault going to a supporting cast inferior to that of their former teams.

    If I were GM, I’d also be very hesitant to let go of Dubi, Cally, Prucha and Dawes, because with a coaching change, every one of them could be 20-30 goal scorers. We only think of them as 2nd, 3rd and 4th liners because that’s how they’re performing. If Dubi and Cally broke out this year like Franzen and Hudler, we’d be talking about our 1st line wing and center

  104. Brandon

    Im there with you on Jagr. He was stellar for the team. I really believe he wanted back on the team, just not with Renney at the reins.

  105. I’m not too upset about Rozi’s contract. He hasn’t been too bad lately and seems to be getting back into form and firing the puck more. Is he worth 5 mil/per? No, but defensemen are overpaid in this league now and he is playing at least close to what his salary dictates

  106. The only way I thought the Avery thing would make sense is if we lost a bad contract in the process (read: Redden). Claiming him off waivers doesn’t do that… so I can’t imagine this working out cap wise.

    I see it as good for the fans who want instant gratification… but once the smoke clears this team won’t be any closer to being a contender. If Avery is in the lineup the other night we lose 6-2? 3-2? Win? Come on.

  107. If Avery claims to anyone interested that he only wants to play for the Rangers, would that definitely turn other teams away from wanting his services? Like say, Atlanta wanted him, and that is definitely just a hypothetical, because I can’t think of a faster way to run Iilya out of town, would a GM think, “Hmm, OK Avery only wants to play for NY. I will take a chance on him anyway.”

    I doubt it.

  108. Here is something I found to be very interesting… last stretch that Prucha was in the line up the Rangers record is 7-3-1… so far with Voros in the line-up we are 0-3-1…

  109. Riche, if Avery is in the lineup in Dallas, he’s causing havoc in front of the net for the 1:50 5-on-3 we had late in the second period when it was a 3-2 game. If we cash in there, even take the lead, the whole complexion of the game changes, and maybe we pull it out.

  110. ufa’S THIS OFFSEASON ARE; betts $600k,Kalinan $2 mil, Mara 1.9, valley $750k, Orr $537, Rissmiller $1 mill. they lose and should let them all walk except Vally in my opinion..That is $6 mill .RFA that will not be back include Prucha $1.6, SJu 800k, and there may be others that is $8.4 mill.Reitz is a RFA at $500k.

    Dubi made $633 this year, what kind of raise will he get? $600k ??

    Things are bleak but if Sather had a brain they could manage things..

    Naslund has one yr left at $4 mill. he has been decent if they wanted to trade him I think there would be takers and Roszival at 3 yrs $15 mill the same….

  111. Zheralev,

    Good post about Cheraponov… but less about doping and absolutely about the condition. That’s why he went 17th… that’s why he was a gamble and that’s why it didn’t work.

    On Sather’s moves:

    Sather’s fire sale was almost spot on (except for Leetch obviously)… he needed to shed salary becuase he knew a cap was coming. Gotta give him credit for that.

  112. Thats correct Nasty.

    And thats why Jagr came so cheap as well, no one wanted to spend assets on a guy who wanted to be traded to one specific team.

  113. Adma Z.

    You hope he would be creating havoc. He could be in the penalty box (let’s not forget the Reffs are gonna have a field day on us… the Chicago game look like paddy-cake). I’m just saying… he’s not the difference maker evryone is making him out to be.

    And please don’t quote me the NYR record with him in. I know what it is.

    This team has problems top to bottom and Avery is not the solution to any of them except grit.

  114. Credit to you guys for trying to find Sather’s good moves. He came here in 2000….it is now 2009. So you guys found a handful of good moves….over 9 years. Good effort in finding that many.

    As someone said, there is not enough time to go through the crap ones. In the last season, signed Z…fine….how about Voros, Rissmiller, Redden, Fritsche (I know, a throw in for the Z trade…but a bag of used pucks would have been better.) What about signing Drury AND Gomez AND Blowzival? Let’s go back further….what about when they cleaned house and got rid of Leetch and AK27 and others? What did we get for that “youth movement”? Josef Balej and Maxim Kondratiev! Wow!

    How about the countless number of kids who were in the Rangers organization and are now big players elsewhere?

    At the end of the day, monkeys throwing darts at a board could make better moves than Sather. I mean seriously, what % of his trades/moves have been good ones versus not? I am a seller at 25%…..

    The guy should be runover by a zamboni…that would be this team’s fresh start and road to the Cup.

  115. cccp et al,

    theres no reason to waste ur time to try to figure out why pru should be in the lineup and why renney doesnt put him in the lineup. if u do try to waste ur time u will be unproductive.

    take care

  116. Right Riche’, give credit for Sather for being aware of the coming cap….because he really paid it a lot of mind signing Redden, Rosy, Gomer, and Dru. He is really a visionary! Give me a break.

  117. Mikael Samuelsson was traded for Gravey. Not a bag of pucks. I wish we had never traded him to Pitt.

    Jagr sucked last year, playoffs aside. I’m sure we’d be complaining about him too if he was here.

    After Wed we should be at a six-game losing streak, which could turn worse going against a tougher Florida team in Florida and Philly next Sunday. Believe it or not, we could be out of the top eight by next week! pretty friggin extraordinary.

  118. Hey, if the NHL has revenue problems, they can charge to have dedicated video/audio feeds of a mic’d Avery. Then there wouldn’t need to be a salary cap!

  119. Riche, if you already know the Rangers record with him in the lineup, how can you claim he’s not the difference-maker others make him out to be?

  120. Off topic,

    Considering the current state of the Rangers, can we change the poll?

    Or at least add an option ‘No one’?

  121. I think a lot of people forget that when the Rangers had Avery in the lineup for that 50-25 record he bragged about, they also had a guy named JAROMIR JAGR…

    I know us tough North Americans hate Jagr for his one sided play, but when the team needed a goal (i.e. every playoff game last year, ESPECIALLY GAME 4 AGAINST PITT), who’d they turn to???

    Bottom line, forget your Renney hate, Sather hate, and totally misplaced Avery love, and pray that a deal for a sniper goes through. Sure Avery is a similar agitator to Claude Lemieux (although nowhere near the complete player he was), but no team wins without a player that is offensively gifted and can take the team on his shoulders. Think of any Stanley Cup champ and you will see a player (or line) that the team could turn to not for leadership or toughness, but GOALS… This Ranger team has none of that, and they will be going nowhere.

    They can bring back Avery and talk all about how they have a great locker room, but they are going nowhere because they have nothing up front.

  122. kotalik 2.33 m why dont we go get him??? hes a proven finisher we dont need to make a big splash bc we wcant given the cap situation but come one glen…….. you gotta make some kid of small time move to get someone to FINISH plays,not to be a 40 goal scorer we cant get or have that with the cap situation we just need a finisher of some sort

  123. “Hey, if the NHL has revenue problems, they can charge to have dedicated video/audio feeds of a mic’d Avery. Then there wouldn’t need to be a salary cap!”


    see those empty seats in Atlanta, Anahiem, Dallas, Long Island etc,,

    By the way…best camermen on earth are in Columbus Ohio..even though they dont draw; whenever you watch there games ( and I do..cause I kinda like them..I admit it) you never see the empties that you see in every other bad market…amazing camera work and I guess Directing

  124. Claude Lemieux
    -drafted in the second round of the 1983 NHL Entry Draft
    -Won four Stanley Cups in 1986, 1995, 1996, and 2000.
    -Won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP in 1995.
    -9th all-time in Stanley Cup playoffs goals with 80.

    settle down their Baumer582

  125. Rob C

    Look – I don’t give a hoot whether Avery ever comes back to this team. The whole thing is a sideshow no matter how you look at it. They’re looking for a diversion ( and after that stinker the other night who wouldn’t?)

    But to suppose that he is going to change the complexion of what is laughingly called an NHL team, is taking a flight of fancy.

    These are still the same mopes who have frittered away the better half of a season without anyone else’s help. They are capable of a lot worse believe me.

    But to suppose that ANYONE in this dressing room has earned the right to offer any critisism of Avery – and for ANY reason! – is beyond absurd. They’re where they are all by themselves with no input from him at all ( save rumor),
    and he might well turn into another coming of MArcel Hossa for all that we know. They may have disciplined all sense of fight and enthusiasm from him, to the poiunt where he’ll resemble the rest of these Stepford skaters.

    This club is on an escape chute directly to the basement, and the option of drafting Tavares ( which of course Sather would bypass to pluck some obscure skater from some where near the bottom of the scouting reports, because in his infinite wisdom he “senses” something that no one else has glommed on to.

    I’ll still be watching the rest6 of this farce of a season but without any thing like mild amusement.

  126. Let me just see if I have this clear:

    The Rangers now have no Jagr, but a handful of mediocre offensive talents who are not turning out to be the leaders everyone claimed they were? They have Sean Avery back, who is a renowned cancer and one that every ref hates? They have no tough defensemen and no PP quarterback? And they still have a coach who, for all his supposed intelligence and decency, seems incapable of elevating his team, or even inspiring or controlling it?

    Yup. Glad we have off seasons. This team has surely moved in the right direction since the lockout…

  127. Worth noting: if the Rangers were as god-awful as many on here would have us believe, there wouldn’t be 20 teams below us to have a first shot at claiming Avery.

  128. Avery is a hack… and the mere fact that we are entertaining signing him shows just how bad a shape our organization is in.

  129. Doogie,
    Drury said it yesterday at practice. And he was saying it generally in regards to Avery coming back to the NHL. League rules mean he can’t talk about Avery as a Ranger while he was technically with Dallas.

  130. CCCP
    February 9th, 2009 at 1:07 pm
    Here is something I found to be very interesting… last stretch that Prucha was in the line up the Rangers record is 7-3-1… so far with Voros in the line-up we are 0-3-1…

    Yes – But according to Renney, Petr peters out after a few games in and can’t sustain the level of intensity that is required to play his game. hmmm – I love Renney speak.

    There is no question that Renney has a personal problem with Prucha. It simply cannot be his level of play. [Begin Renney speak] “That would suggest to me that the coach is not able to put aside his pride for the good of the team. And to a man, it certainly would be required at this jucture in our season.”

    Rick – Great job! – thanks for the hard work.

  131. Adam Z… open your eyes bro. We svck. Let the next week or two play out and we will be on the outside looking in…

  132. do you think that one of the big bad contract 3, Gomez, Drury, or Redden might demand a trade?

    if they hate Avery enough, one of them may give Sather permission to trade them. he won’t get much in return, but at least we would be rid of a bad contract.

  133. FYI

    The game is TSN feature game tonight so I’m sure if their is any hot news this afternoon they (McGuire/McKenzie/Ferraro) will be all over it.

    thanks jane….I was wondering if (now that he has cleared waivers….) anyone else had a comment today?

  134. Hey Theflynn

    You’re not up in Vermont are you?
    there’s a theatre up here called the Flynn…saw George Carlin on his last tour there

  135. Giannone

    That would be funny if Avery is in essence a hired $1.9 mil hitman. Operation: End Redden.

  136. Bob McKenzie on NHL Live just said that they will have the time at Hartford to evaluate Avery, and then tell the Stars to put him on re-entry, and he believes that no one else would really put in a claim except the rangers.

  137. Game is on Versus tonite..it will be blocked out on me…I dont feel like watching on laptop either….maybe I’ll watch the BlueJackets play and keep checking the blog

  138. I think someone will claim him because Slats will become desperate… and the Piles will want Prucha in return for Avery… just a hunch.

  139. never ending nightmare/joke with this team.

    Avery left, and burned his bridge. Bringing him back is another band aid.

    And whoever said “Luckily we had *Drury* and *Gomez* to keep Avery in line… wow. That is pretty delusional.

    Avery will not work here again without a Shanny on the bench.

  140. Salty…I am suprised you are against the possibility of bringing Avery back…..

    Nightmare, yes
    Joke, yes
    too many other options, noooooo

    Possibility that it may be just what is needed, maybe

  141. I like Avery, and want him back. but part of his effectiveness on the ice is verbally harassing opponents to get them off their game. and since that is being curtailed, it makes me wonder if a “boy scout” version of Avery will be as effective as the blue version.

    because he tended to be less involved when the opponents ignored him. and since he will have to be careful in what he says, I wonder if he will have the same fire and drive to be an effective pest if his game is partially lobotomized.

    I agree with an earlier post that a line with Avery-Dubi-Callahan would be very physical, but since he and Dubi don’t get along, I wonder if that would work out.

    we shall see.

  142. I realize how ridiculous this statement is, but hey, none of you are close enough to punch me…

    I really don’t care about this Avery situation as much as I should, but hearing about “no more shanny to keep him in line…” I’m wondering how you could actually keep Avery in a responsible and level-headed disposition.

    What if, after a couple of games, they slap an “A” on his sweater? (not like anyone really deserves it at this point anyway)

    I know, I know… but I have worked a while as a Behavior Modification Therapist, and one strategy we’d use when dealing with someone who’s not, ahem, “all there”, is to make them feel important and in charge.

    Face it, no one on this team has the track record, attitude, or pedigree to keep tabs on Avery. Avery has verbal ammo against every player, be it, “you’re a minor leaguer, you’re all 5th liner’s, how much do you make?” etc.

    VH1 may wanna get some cameras in this dressing room, stat.

  143. Why are so many people thinking Avery is going to be ineffective after his anger management?

    He was learning how to not have off-ice outburts, get into arguments with teammates in the locker room, in practice, etc.

    Why would he have to remain silent on the ice? He can trash talk all he wants on the ice, so long as his off ice behavior is acceptable. Steve Ott manages to do it on the ice only, liked by teammates, no behavior punishment from the league.

    I think Avery can be just as annoying and effective on the ice, while behaving off it.

  144. “What if, after a couple of games, they slap an “A” on his sweater? (not like anyone really deserves it at this point anyway)”

    Maybe they can stick him in Obama’s cabinet for a month or so?

  145. Can’t wait for Sean to join the team. Maybe now I won’t fall asleep during the bore-fests that the games have become.

  146. Does anyone think that other NHL’ers will now have even less respect for Avery now that the dog has been tamed? Meaning, if he barks, will anyone care?

    Just a question.

  147. “Can’t wait for Sean to join the team. Maybe now I won’t fall asleep during the bore-fests that the games have become.”


    Besides him being a half-way decent player…This is a middle of the rung team that has been becoming more and more boring since last year…playing for ties and shootouts…

  148. because Ott does not have the suspension history, and because he does not apparently carry it over the edge as Avery did.

    also, Avery has to err on the side of caution now, because he is under league scrutiny on every word.

    just look at Hollweg now. after he got the last dire warning from the league, he barely even will hit at all, let alone from behind.

  149. i want to know one thing: why are the rangers the only team in the entire NHL that would even consider having him on our team? How effective can he be after going throught all of this? He isnt going to score or get points.. that is not what he does. I ask again “why are the rangers the only team in the entire NHL that would even consider having him on our Team”? beacause we are a terrible organization and want to worsen our already suffocating cap situation for the next three years? Why the else?

  150. “Does anyone think that other NHL’ers will now have even less respect for Avery now that the dog has been tamed? Meaning, if he barks, will anyone care?”

    I think he’ll be just as effective. Everyone knows Avery has a big ego and I’m 1000000% convinced that any “treatment” he was exposed to was just laughed off when he was alone.

    He was made for New York, and so is this team… the 53-20-whatever record proves it.

  151. Predictions for tonight… Rangers 1 Devils 4

    Shanny – 2 points
    Voros – 2 stupid penalties
    Gomez – 5 give aways in the offensize zone.
    Madden – 1 short handed goal
    Renney – 1 bench penaly for too many men
    Lundy – gets beat on 2 breakaways

  152. One thing that should be mentioned…

    Despite what the MSG clowns said about the “benevolent” Sather who cares about giving people second chances…(heh)
    …can anyone not be mystified how Sather’s plans have fallen to pieces???

    I mean…he’s basically counting on Avery to spark his team to life…

    I want the guy back…it’ll be fun but really…what happened to this coaching staff’s motivational record…if they are that lame…cut them already?

  153. Zhervalev
    February 9th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
    “Does anyone think that other NHL’ers will now have even less respect for Avery now that the dog has been tamed? Meaning, if he barks, will anyone care?”

    I think he’ll be just as effective. Everyone knows Avery has a big ego and I’m 1000000% convinced that any “treatment” he was exposed to was just laughed off when he was alone.

    He was made for New York, and so is this team… the 53-20-whatever record proves it.


  154. Parros

    my prediction

    Rangers 2-1

    but it somehow feels just as empty and awful as your prediction.

  155. Avery is not the answer, he will not help the scoring problems or the swiss cheese defense. The Rangers are a #1 line and 2 solid D-men from having a serious chance to compete.

    Sather has screwed this team up, bringing Avery back will make it worse and will not bring the cup to NY.

  156. Zherdelev

    I agree 100000%%% Im sure it did nothing for him… Why wouldnt you say “oh yeah, I have seen the light, I am a changed man!!” puhlease… He will say anything to get back into the NHL. Anyone would…. Him and his agent know the truth…

  157. I still don’t think the reason for Sather going to Dallas was to arrange the Avery deal.

    he could have done that on the phone. and Avery was not in Dallas. he was not skating there. so why did Sather have to fly to Dallas?

    there must have been some other reason. if it was to get the team to play harder, it was a complete flop.

    if it was to scout a possible other trade, then it makes more sense.

  158. doodie machetto on

    All I know is that Avery will be in the box more than he will be on the ice. He’s going to have a bulls-eye on him the size of Marty’s fat gut. Any time he comes close to skirting the line, he’ll be in the box.

    How effective can he be if the refs call every possible infraction on him?

    And if the team loses once he’s on board (which they will, since their problems run a lot deeper than missing Sean Avery), what happens to all the people who point out the Rangers record with him and without him?

  159. The one reason I liked Avery is how he distracted people.. remember that series vs NJ? I remember the goal where Avery was getting pummeled in front of FattyMcFatFat and then Gomez comes in and put the puck in. It’s plays like that.. and what about the stick waving?

    It’s not like Avery injures people on purpose.. he runs his mouth. Big whoop. Is this figure skating or HOCKEY!?

  160. If Sean Avery gets signed we can speculate on what will happen till the cows come home…3 things that come to my mind are…

    A) Renney (even though he may have the coaching ability of a shoe) has coached him before

    B) While Avery was on the team the Rangers record with Avery in the line up……

    C) Who knows with how boring and uninspiring our coach and captain are maybe they will drag Avery down to their level of boring unenthusiastic play

    When he was on the team I can remember a few times being at the garden when after a game him and Shanny would be at the players entrance for about an hour signing autographs…. So i really feel like he loved NY more than other places hes been….. plus if all else fails NY is a great place for fashion (at least it sure beats Dallas) so i think if the rangers give him the gift to play again he might be reluctant to mess it up… however given said points above… I think we should give him a shot if we do sign him before we try to run him out of town….

  161. The rangers desperately need Sean Avery. I’m still sick from this offseason. I think the Dallas game was an aberration. Dallas has been on fire (since they suspended Aves ironically) and keep in mind our MVP was not playing that night, Vally was.

    The ATL and Boston games… we just didn’t score goals (we didn’t score in the Dallas game either). But its not like they didn’t battle.

    The Rangers still play very well defensively, especially their forwards. That’s a mark of a Renney team that impresses me. They DO win a lot of 2-1, 3-2 games and they often score late goals to pick points.

    But the thing is, Scotty and Dru aren’t really finishers, they aren’t 30 goal guys. in fact the only potential 30 goal guy on the team is Zherdev. So Scotty and Dru setting up plays and being defensivly responsible, that’s why they make the big bucks, and they are doing that. Redden is awful, let’s just hope for a career ending injury.

    I can’t say that they’ve quit on Renney. I don’t think Hank, Dru, Nazzy, Scotty have quit on him. But on paper they might just be a middle of the pack Eastern Conf team… and its a TOUGH conference, look at where Pitt is now.

    Plain and simple, Sather has only put one natural goal scorer on this team and I have to give him credit for the Zherdev trade. It just makes me sick they didn’t keep JJ.

    But on the other hand, Renney has failed to change things effectively. He hasn’t figured out a way to use Pruchs who HAS scored 25 goals. And the powerplay is just annoying.

    The main problem though is we haven’t developed a forward of our own since like Alexei Kovalvev. That falls on Slats and Neil Smith.

    So at the end of the day, Sather’s best move may have been Zherdev and everything else he’s done has been without a master plan. That’s the whole problem, the elite teams approach with a big picture plan along with their little moves.

    I’d love Torts behind the NYR bench and I’d love a GM who’s last good year wasn’t 1991. But I guess I’m also saying that Torts and Aves and a new GM aren’t going to magically turn any of our guys into Rick Nash.

    But we had a respectable nice guy veteran coach in 92 and 93 named Roger Neilson. He was fired and replaced by Mike Keenan for 94 and the rest is hisory. So who knows…

  162. Brandon – I would only take Callahan over Avery from the players on your list. It could be Korpikoski, too, but I haven’t seen him score enough yet. On Dallas, they also have Krys Barch and Brian Sutherby, but they obviously weren’t noticed as much in our game.

    Fischler’s Ghost – There’s no way that the Rangers are bringing in Avery to play on the fourth line. He will have to get more than five minutes to be effective.

    Matt – The cap number only starts counting once he is placed on the roster. Think along the same lines as the Sundin contract with the Canucks; he was signed and started practicing with the team but was not on the roster for perhaps another week, which was when his salary starting counting against the cap.

    Zhervalev – Fine. At this point, since I know Prucha is not playing here, I would much rather have him at one of the other local teams so I can see him play a few times a season, and if he plays well, it will be even more of a smack to Sather.

    doodie – That will be a problem that he will be so watched, but I think it was that way towards the end of last season, too. Hopefully, his attitude can carry over to other members of the team that aren’t being so carefully observed. As long as he just runs his mouth on the ice (not to the refs) and doesn’t do any illegal hitting, he can’t be put in the box.

  163. Great point about the autographs. I remember him going around the 400s just shootin’ the stuff with fans when he was injuried.. to the fans he was great.

  164. Kaspar

    “One thing that should be mentioned…

    Despite what the MSG clowns said about the “benevolent” Sather who cares about giving people second chances…(heh)
    …can anyone not be mystified how Sather’s plans have fallen to pieces???

    I mean…he’s basically counting on Avery to spark his team to life…

    I want the guy back…it’ll be fun but really…what happened to this coaching staff’s motivational record…if they are that lame…cut them already?””

    I agree 100%

  165. I’m not really sure what you guys who say Avery is a marked man actually mean..

    Outside of a big mouth he played clean hockey…this isn’t a guy delivering late hits or hi stix..he just has a big mouth…and drew as many penalties as he got; he also draws people to him and leaves others open ( remember the gomez goal on Marty from behind the net last year? thats when Madden, White and Fatso were so obsessed with hacking at Avery they left goofy gomez alone behind the net)

  166. Doodie, when has he not had the bulls-eye on his back? You make it seem like this is a new development. He’s managed to be pretty effetcive for us while the refs were watching his every move.

  167. It looks to me the self handcuffing move to get Avery back will weaken our chances at re-signing Zherdev, our most and only skilled player.

    I wish I could spell a scream here.

  168. “I think he’ll be just as effective. Everyone knows Avery has a big ego and I’m 1000000% convinced that any “treatment” he was exposed to was just laughed off when he was alone.

    He was made for New York, and so is this team… the 53-20-whatever record proves it.” Zhervalev

    So you think he lauhed off this thing that couldve caused him his living? Caused him huge amounts of negative publicity about his character?

    And yes, that was our record with Avery AND JAGR on the same team.

  169. The stat I like is the record of Dallas WITHOUT him in the line up…..

    Just what we need, another third line player….

    Please remember folks the players not only on the ice, but in the room, when he was a ranger…..

    He is a smaller Voros (although a better skater), bigger mouth, dumber penaltes, inconsistent point getter

    DUCT TAPE….that is the only way I see him helping this team….besides his BIG mouth, the only other thing he is good at is forechecking, and the odd hit

    He still is only 5’10’//195 lbs…another third line small forward

  170. Wouldnt it be crazy if this was all an elaborate plan by him and Slats to get him back here at half price after the arbitration meetings…HAHA

  171. LOL Gargoyle that’s the point… Even if the treatment did nothing for him. Im sure anyone would say “Im changed” just to have your job back. Why the hell not?!?!?!


    You are right. Very rarely did Avery take a stupid penality and he wasnt a dirty player.

  172. yeah, that’s a good point about Neilson. he also was an overly defensive, trapping coach nice guy just like Renney, and they had to get rid of him to move to the next level.

  173. Cost him his living? Why do you think he interned at Vogue. Hockey players have an indefinite shelf life. If AROID and Bonds can still rake in $ after their huge scandals, Avery can do the same for saying a few off color remarks.

  174. Doogie

    He didnt take dumb penalties and is a team player. Remember? He played with a lacerated spleen for an entire game. He was in pain the rest of the game when it happened to him…

  175. I think Slats and Avery planned this all along… Avery signs the deal of a lifetime only to be shunned a couple of months later… and now there’s a possibility to get him back at half the price?…. he also had 10p in 23g.. it’s not like he had 3 points in the last 30 games and took stupid penalties like his replacement.

  176. I wonder why their are hard feelings between Avery and Dubinsky…..Jagr got along very well with Avery….which is strange because they are very different characters….

    Furthermore, Dubinsky got along well with Jags also last season and at one point was trying to play the Gravey roll by stepping in when the opposition would get frisky with Jags.

  177. What are we afraid of? Destroying the chemistry? Ruining the one for all, all for one atmosphere? Destroying morale? Forsake the team spirit we have? None of that exists right now.

    Worried what Valliquette will say? Dubi will say? Drury will say? Who cares?.

    If he sparks them into playing better regardless of their reasoning, I say bring him back yesterday.

  178. Theres no way Sean was laughing when they suspended him, if you think thats the case you really shouldnt be giving your opinion.

  179. Avery seldom took a bad penalty…..Actually it was the other way around. Voros is slow and gets the stupid penalties called against him because he rarely can keep up with the flow of a game…

    On the flip side, Avery would use his speed and hustle and would have guys hacking, tripping, interfering, and going after him to induce roughing calls against the other team.

  180. DomivBaumgartner on

    Jive –

    Noone takes more bad penalties than Voros because noone is out of position more than Voros.

  181. Gargoyle

    We never said he was laughing at his suspension. Just the treatment of Anger Management therapy…

    Go sit on top of a building or something lol

  182. Domivs

    Um I beg to differ. Redden is. He has had 4-5 delay game penalties – tossing the puck into the stands. Scary eh? a few more and he will have $1mm per delay of game calls LOL

  183. Well, if he’s laughing at any of this he’s a complete joke, not that we didn’t know this already.

  184. DomivBaumgartner on

    Let’s make it clear. I definitely didn’t think Avery was the best choice for this team but after watching the last 5 games and realizing they need a catalyst to change the mentality in the locker room and on ice. I truly can’t wait to hear the garden chant; AVERY! AVERY! AVERY! AVERY!

    With that being said, for most of you hockey fans, buy the package and watch the interesting 8 team race for the last 3 playoff spot in the Western Conference because the Rangers won’t turn things around enough to get far in the playoffs. Would actually like to see a team like FLA make it to the playoffs than the underacheiving Rangers.

  185. I’ve been in bed with a bad back for over 1 week now so I’m a little out of touch with what’s going on. Only news I get is from TV.

    With that, my friend called me b/4 the Dallas game and told me of the Avery rumor. Obviously this team needs something to change direction. I can’t believe Sather is so senile to go down the Avery road. Like him or hate him, his time is past with this team. If Sather can’t do anything else to shake up this DEAD team, he has to go. Hey Dolan, wake up!! Your hero Sather is a bum!

  186. news flash: sean still isn’t ranger property and likely won’t be until tomorrow around noon… if even then. plus, the thing that made this deal for avery attractive was the initial thought that we’d be sending a lousy contract to dallas in exchange for his rights. unfortunately, that’s not happening…

    voros takes less stupid penalties than avery did? are you out of your god damn mind? voros has taken so many ridiculous penalties while in the offensive zone this year. he’s not half the hockey player that avery is and to be honest, if sean does make it back to nyr, i wouldn’t be shocked if voros was a goner because sean hits more than voros and sean can actually score some goals.. unlike voros who’s a complete jackass when he’s on the ice.

    and i could care less what drury thinks about avery coming back. drury has to be the most worthless captain we’ve had in a long time. captain crap is l-o-u-s-y.

  187. doodie machetto on

    “Doodie, when has he not had the bulls-eye on his back? You make it seem like this is a new development. He’s managed to be pretty effetcive for us while the refs were watching his every move.”

    But now the league really has stood up to him running his mouth. That suspension was no joke. If they see anything even a shadow out of line with him they will call it. They don’t want him turning back into what he was.

    In other words, him running his mouth will instantly become an unsportsmanlike conduct. He’s going to be held to a different standard than the rest of the league. The NHL doesn’t want Avery in the league anymore and will do everything it can to get rid of him.

  188. JH
    February 9th, 2009 at 11:03 am
    He’s played his best hockey in NY.

    We wants to be in NY.

    ok smeagol you’s can be in ny. lol j/k man

  189. DomivBaumgartner on

    Once Avery is signed i’m buying tickets for Flames v. Rangers? Phaneuf v Avery would be a great matchup.

  190. This Rangers organization is very dangerous… they’ve got the money…but they aint got no brain! And that is suicidal…

  191. doodie machetto on

    “wasn’t there a comedy movie with jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler about anger mgmt?”

    Yes, cleverly titled “Anger Management”

  192. shesends- exactly who gives a crap what dru thinks? hes not doin the job that he should be. not close, so screw his thoughts. he gets paid the big bucks to lead and fire the team up. he did that in a preseason exhibition game but hasnt since. wtf???? at this point i dont think dru has really done anything to have input on whether avery should be here or not. ohh, because he didnt like what he did to fatso during the playoffs wavin the stick in the face which actually helped us score on the pp a few moments later, screw dru!!!!!!! free pru!!!!!

  193. “The NHL doesn’t want Avery in the league anymore and will do everything it can to get rid of him.”

    You have it backwards. The NHL, I would guess, would want him to do quite well. The more Avery succeeds, the more the NHL can pat itself on the back for running a successful recovery program. If he does something colossally stupid right when he gets back, the NHL has to deal with more negative press. I’d imagine it would strongly prefer a success story than being forced to run him out of town.

  194. Fire Renney,Sather too….Redden SUCKS.Kilenin SUCKS,Drury SUCKS,Dawes SUCKS,Voros SUCKS,Gomez SUCKS,,,and the list goes on.
    Lets face it everybody we’re in sad shape.Avery will make it more exciting I’m sure,But With Renney and our SUCK ASS DEFENCE.WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

  195. mike in la:

    well said. drury has been a disaster and there’s absolutely no reason to keep prucha out of this line up.

  196. Mike in IA

    While I share your feelings about Drury. When he went over to Avery during the “distraction” he told him to keep his stick down, he pushed it down with his glove and then that is when Avery started waving his arms all over the place.


  197. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    as long as aves replaces voros i’ll welcome the circus again. now only if pru can get in for black magic then wed be set. lol no but wed be a tad better

  198. Mako- It was the ref behind the net who was yelling about Avery and his stick waving and that he was going to call a penalty….Drury was by side of net and told Avery to knock it off because the ref would penalize the Rangers

  199. If Avery comes back and I certainly hope he does because he should have been here since Oct 6 in the Czech Republic, I’m just wondering if John Gianone is gonna lose his job. Can we see a John Gianone v Sean Avery death match?

  200. naslund – drury – gomez
    zherdev – avery – dubinsky
    prucha – korpi – sjostrom
    betts – callahan – orr

    girardi – staal
    rosival – reitz
    mara – redden


    Thats how i would set it up. I hope Reitz pans out, i don’t know much about him

  201. it would be nice if the Rangers could raise their stick AFTER beating Brodeur later this year when he returns.

  202. if renny is replaced, what would the first 3 moves you as the new coach would do?

    1. Sit Redden 2 games
    2. find a new PP coach
    3. set lines to keep for duration of season

  203. Liquid

    And what would Avery have been penalized for? He wasnt doing anything wrong. It was only until after the game it was a big deal. Dru went over to him to tell him to keep his stick down. Watch the replay on you tube, after Drury goes over to him, that is when Avery started waving his arms in the air. I was at the viewing party and got word that is what he said afterwards….

  204. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yup exactly mako- why cant dru fire the team up? anyway, do u subscribe to dubi’s blog? its like 3$ a month right? i used to go there when it was free but now just mainly here n few other places. i remember back last year when orr whats it good for was fightin everyone in the place thats when i saw him here and initially came here to read sams good blogs and see orrs ridiculously funny posts. i think he had the name’orr-loves megan fox and hazel heely’ lol hes a trip. anyway if u do subscribe, is it worth it?

  205. Salty,

    Maybe Torts could keep Avery in line?

    I was thinking the same thing. I think they might even get along rather fondly.

    Avery will be a HUGE liability. EVERYTHING he does will be a call, it WAS back then, and it will be even worse now.

  206. Mike in IA

    No I dont. I used to read it all the time when it was free, I remember I got a no no email from jess because I commented on when DeePee and whichever Islander do that “Chest Thump” at the end of a win I called it q*eer. and I was given a warning, so I left. I remember Orr getting into it with everyone LOL

    I used to blog on Blue Seats from the NY Post. But I cant seem to get any comments on there, they never go through. Good bunch of guys there…

  207. I think Drury does get off alot from the fans probably because he is so boring. The one time he had that awful quote about throwing that game vs Washington in the garbage ugh.

  208. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    dg- callys not on the 4th. hes on the 2nd with z and doobs. its just listed out of order. i mean at least i dont think he plays over cally, that whole line of dawes sjo and korp should not get more minutes than doo nicky beaks(big honker nose)chris drury shall now be known as chris(droopy)drury. droopy d

  209. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    mako- yea i never posted back then on dubi’s site, or here for a long time for that matter just read all the posts and stated wakin up in the mornin and before work id hit this site it became ritual to this day and i started posting and gettin to converse with ranger fans that i cant do out here in iowa. man i miss ny. im plannin a trip back next year. hopefully the rangers will be a better team with some new faces and maybe a bonafide sniper to play with gomer.

  210. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    dg- oh i hadnt read his post. i thought u were reffering to the combos posted by carp on the last post

  211. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey carp- are u related to that lil stump kid carp from the 1st mighty ducks movie? the one that gets hit in the head with the puck and goes down hard.

  212. A-fraud admitted that he used ‘roids… now if could get Sather admit that he is the worst GM in NHL for the past 15 years I will take everyone from this blog to a steak dinner!

  213. want to get frustrated… go to NHL.Com or even google and try to get NHL contact info to recommend rule changes or any other requests having to do with how the league is run ( salary caps, Tv broadcast policies etc…)

    The NHl, which claims to adopt rules that fans request has no links for this…even under “rules” at the bottom of the NHL.com homepage

  214. Leaving to go to the rock I hope to see some improvements and hear what people are saying aboutthe Avery situation.

    Kaspar – I will be wearing your #6 jersey…lol.

  215. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah all you who say signing Avery wont help the problems we aready have , id beg to differ on that one…

    Ok sure I slammed Avery for leaving us a few months ago but hey ….we just lost 10 2 and been shut out almost a few times in the process…I think we need a shake up and we need one bad!!!

    Avery could tell Gomez and Redden to stop playing like punks and he can tell Vally to shut up and worry about stopping pucks and not comments people make.

    Avery is a heart-beat , just like Jagr was but Avery is alot smaller spark plug that this team needs to get its engine running!!

    Like him or hate him , hes comming back!! Fan held up signs last year saying sign Avery , well alot of us Ranger fans want him , and the ones that dont ,,,,you can all go F yerself!! ( sorry bout the vulgarity)

    Rangers do like Dallas ‘s sloppy seconds , Averys sloppy second time here!!

  216. New Newman,

    I was saying Sather’s firesale was good not his post cap moves. But you can take issue with it if you want. I think you’d have to be a moron to think that what he’s done with Redden, to an extent Rozi, Gomez, Drury has been good GM-ing. Plus I never called him a visionary :)

    Adam Z.

    My contention with Avery is that he won’t solve the most pressing problems this squad has… scoring and better defense.

    Grit yes, and with that will come penalties a plenty.

  217. the problem with Gomez is his lack of an outside shot. what good does it do to fly thru the neutral zone with the puck and then enter the offensive zone at full speed if you’re not going to get off a hard shot. but all he does is go toward the corner, stop, and look for a trailer to pass to.

    Carter shoots, shoots. you look at the top goal scorers in the league, they are the guys who shoot the puck a lot.

    Gomez is too one dimensional and predictable. the opponents know he’s not going to shoot from well out, so they back in and neutralize his speed, force him to the corner, and basically neuter his full speed rushes.

    it won’t matter who you put with him until he wakes up and improves his own game by adding more options to his game by shooting the puck and forcing the dmen to play him more honestly.

  218. gionta

    When Gomez does shoot form beyond the faceoff circle, it’s laughable. He does not posess an NHL caliber shot.

  219. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.

    I was pro-Avery prior to losing him at the end of the season, and still think he’d be a great asset if you know how to incorporate him and guide him. But, I do not think he is the ‘shake up’ you speak of. It’s going to be more than one person, and it needs to start with the people we already have and will have for the next 2-5 years. If he comes, I wouldn’t be any less supportive of him, but I would hope to see it as the first STEP of many significant shake up items in play.

  220. jeffluke, that is exactly what I am talking about. he has to work on his shot to improve it. this is another reason why Renney is a joke. he should have noticed this and had Gomez working on it in practices long ago.

  221. Kaspar

    you can get the NHL info. The HQ is here in NYC:

    1185 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Fl.
    New York, NY 10020 (Map)
    Phone: 212-789-2000
    Fax: 212-789-2020

  222. Kaspar

    However the game transpires, yeah I think it will be a post fest!!! Getting the fingers ready LOL

  223. This team lacks SPIRIT. Avery has spirit, in spades, unlike the de facto / default “Captain” of the team. I understand Drury and Avery have bad chemistry. If Avery comes back I would move that wimp-worm-no style-no color-no personality phony – who never should have been made captain of this team, faster than the sound of light.

  224. Kaspar, if you call the league, they will listen to you. I have done it. if you want to talk about rule changes, say you want to talk to Colin Campbell or Mike Murphy. they won’t put them on, but they will give you an assistant who will take down your ideas and pass them on.

  225. Gionta

    I agree. If not for his wonderful neutral zone abilities (in many ways he’s a one man trap-beater) I don’t think that Gomez would be more than a 3rd line player. An NHL caliber shot has to be all of the following:

    Quickly released from any posture (puck in skates, pass too far behind etc.)
    Intelligently placed (create rebounds, out-guess the goalie)

    Get to work Gomer.

  226. Has anyone thought that Avery might not be the same player he was?

    He played with an edge, very chatty with no filter. Since he ran into problem in Calgary and the NHL suspended him I’m sure they are going to keep a VERY close eye on him on and off the ice watching what he says, to whom he says it to, if his play is “clean” and he looks like a changed man.

    Some of the things he used to his advantage to be the player he was are things he will have to shy away from.

    This team has problems scoring goals, Sean Avery is not a goal scorer.

  227. Why is Avery even being talked about?

    Because the big income guys (except King H) have been terrible – Gomez, Drury, Redden. Big contracts mean putting the puck in the net and they haven’t delivered.

    Because their PP is terrible and the players and coaches both have to accept responsibility. How can other teams have PPs with movement and pressure, and we get caught with so many short handed goals against?

    Because the players get juggled too much. How about some consistency?

    Because Prucha is sent into the witness protection program and pops up once in a while to testify well and then is moved to a new unknown location. He has grit, he scores, he shoots, he gets knocked down and then gets right back into the play. The coaching staff has fumbled this one big time,
    hurting the team by depriving it of his ability and, if you wanted to trade him, for not giving him the ice time to possibly get something good in return.

    The coaching staff also hurt the blueline. They never gave D-man Pock a full opportunity. If you had to choose today, would you have taken Pock over Redden? Kalenin? You bet.

    Because Sather, who was rescued by the lock out and had to revamp under the salary cap, has gone back to his old spending ways and screwed up again by giving big pay days to players who don’t deliver.

    Because our only bright spots are the goalies and a number of the kids.

  228. doodie,
    I agree with you 100%.
    Bringing avery back is the last nail in the couffin. I’ve had it with sather. After the strike I thought the rangers were finally going in the right direction and than Sather signs drury, gomez and redden with riduculous contracts in a salary cap league. Sather and his idiots didn’t do a great job of drafting either. I am truly convinced that as long as Dolan is the owner and sather is the president the rangers will never win a cup or even smell a finals. I can’t even watch the rangers anymore because I know what the future holds for this year. The rangers collapsing and not making the playoffs.

  229. I hate to break the news, but they did not score goals last year either. they were near the bottom in goals scored last year too. it is because of Renney’s hangback system. you have to score off of transition turnovers with his hangback system, and that means few goals from forechecking.

  230. Mike V. February 9th, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    “Because Prucha is sent into the witness protection program and pops up once in a while to testify well and then is moved to a new unknown location.”

    LOL… sad but true… I have to laugh otherwise I’ll start getting pissed off again

  231. Mako
    thanks for NHL info…now maybe I can get my “each team has a Crazy Chimpanzee toss sticks angrily onto ice after bad calls” rule instated!!

  232. 0necupin67years on

    Its very strange that the team that’s courting Avery gets to have him play on their farm team AND if by chance the Rangers sign Avery it will be by Dumb Luck,.
    No fix right Bettman?
    And every time the ranger’s have to draw for a draft pick they lose. What does that tell you.

  233. Kaspar

    NO not Vermont.try Florida, but originally from New Haven, Duluth, and Chicago. Been in and around the game in all capacity for most my younger years, and Flynn is the name from grandparents who left the county of Tipperary.

  234. from nhl.com

    Renney also once again juggled his line combinations during practice, although he was quick to point out that there was no guarantee the revamped lines would be used against the Devils.

  235. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    This is a tense time. We all know trades are coming and hopefully a coaching change. I can’t wait!! I’m torn about tonites game even. I always want to beat the Jersey deviled eggs but not if it gives miseur Renney any wiggle room.

  236. doodie machetto on

    “I can only imagine what Dubinsky is thinking.”

    He’s thinking about where he is going to end up playing in the 2010-2011 season since the Rangers won’t have the cap space to resign him.

  237. jeffluke – When Gomez does shoot form beyond the faceoff circle, it’s laughable. He does not posess an NHL caliber shot.

    I have been saying that for a long time with Blowmez. I mean if you look at this guy shoot the puck…there is nothing behind it at all! It is defintely below average for the NHL. THe only thing this guy has is speed….when he wants to.

    A month ago, I would have said F Avery, but you know what, this team of softee’s needs him. Time after time we have seen Rangers getting nailed and nobody stands up for them. The last case of this is when two players on the Stars broke the Rangers’s best player, Zherdev’s nose, and nobody does a damn thing.

    F chemistry also. I am getting tired hearing about how all the Rangers love each other in the lockerroom. This certainly hasn’t helped them on the ice – as we see nobody sticking up for one another

    i say F everyone on this team except Lundqvist, Prucha, Zherdev, Callahan, Staal…and that’s about it.

  238. michael therrien on

    you would think that Pitt would want him, simply because they are in bigger trouble than the Rangers, and they are weak on the wing. he is what they need, but they probably will stick with dogs like satan,

  239. Dubinsky actually plays well considering the contract that he has.. one of the few guys who even tries game in and out….

    i think gomez just needs a longer stick…. or new skates… or maybe his helmet is to tight… beats me

  240. Lobster

    I have to add Mara and Girardi to that mix. Girardi’s game has gone into the toilet since been matched up with Redden.

  241. all lot of people here wanted sundin,i hope the same happens to avery

    yeah, really…

    Avery is a mistake in a lot of ways.

    doodie, you think he will or *wont* get picked up by NYR?

  242. yeah i know he did…

    i was just making a sarcastic comment that he tries everythign and hes really fast but the rest of his game is shot… or lack there of… god i slay myself

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