Post game on the 3-0 loss


Since it sounds like some of you were looking for post game, I’ll throw up some audio from Rangers coach Tom Renney’s press conference after the 3-0 loss to the Devils at the Prudential Center.

He did say the effort was an improvement, and he was asked about why the Rangers could only get off seven shots on goal in the first period despite four power plays. It was a stat that caused Renney and Scott Gomez to shake their heads.

“Maybe they’re trying to pick corners, maybe they’re trying to be too precise, maybe they’re trying to pass the puck into the net,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “That is not a guess, that’s reality.”

Here’s Renney audio on keeping the slump from worsening.


In other news, Renney would not say anything about an report that cited an unnamed source saying Sean Avery would be heading to Hartford tomorrow. He said he had been focused on the game and wouldn’t comment.

As for Brendan Shanahan, he had an assist on the first Devils goal, and said he tried to keep his emotions about the situation with the Rangers from complicating the game for him. Afterwards, Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist smiled when asked about Shanahan.

“I miss the guy,” Lundqvist said of Shanahan. “He was a great guy and a great player. Too bad he’s on the other side of the river. But that’s the case. He looked great out there.”

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  1. I bet you feel special LIQUID..real special. On the other hand is Renney fired yet? It’s like when Milbury was with the Islanders, you knew they were gonna fire him you just didn’t know when.

  2. sorry, this game was no improvement. this guy just sucks…i don’t know how else to describe it.

  3. and thanks for the small update jane…everyone really was looking for some post game, even though we expected more of the same crap, which is what we got.

  4. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    he thought goin 0-5 on the pp while getting no good chances at all is an improvement. no, actually we had hank in net or we get blown out of the water again. redden gets circles skated around him and hes directly responsible for at least 3 good scoring chances for the devils including a partial breakaway. well folks, thats what you get when captain squidward thinks this is something to build from. no goals, no good shots. getting beaten to loose pucks and the best was when the 2 dmen were passing the puck back n forth 4 feet from each other behind their own net on a pp and watching shanny work both of them into giving up a pp.

  5. We want Tavares! *clap clap – clap clap clap* Hedman’s equally as nice! *clap clap – clap clap clap*

  6. How is losing again an improvement? If they have 8 shots on goal in the first and only lose 1-0 to the caps would Renney consider that an improvement as well?

  7. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    yea that shannys old and crippled and cant help our team. i remember the first year he was here when nobody was scoring he was. almost on a nightly basis. he cant be that bad for half a season. o well its saTHER FOLKS. WHAT U EXPECT

  8. Lets trade Gomez to Atlanta for their #1, Drury and Roszival to Kansas City for their #1, then Naslund and Redden to Ottawa for their #1. That way were pretty much guaranteed a top 3 pick, with a possibility of picking #1, #2, and #3

  9. Poor Hank, Sather has left him out to dry…I am so pissed about this “hodge podge” piece of team Sather has thrown together.
    My mind is blown by this whole thing!
    As fans this is unacceptable…I was planning on going to at least 2 more games this season…not anymore, I refuse to sit through this crap.
    I’m all aboard…Fire Renney, but in my mind most of this mess still falls on Sather.
    And anyone who thinks Avery is gonna make that much of a difference is crazy…Bringing Avery back is just proof that Sather doesn’t have clue as to how to run a hockey team.

  10. The guys on NHL on the Fly just called out the entire team:

    Juggling lines all game… there’s no skating, no urgency, it’s a one man show… I’ll take or you take it.


    Called them lazy and everything.

  11. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey idk hows stamkos doin? not good i think. whats up i thought he was awesome.

  12. I mean seroiusly jerkins perkins imagine the chants at the draft. “WE WANT TAVARES, HEDMAN, AND DUCHENE/RANDOM THIRD GUY!”

  13. why on earth is prucha not playing. on a team that is offensively inept, why is a guy who has had a 30 and 20 goal season in street clothes every night. god forbid we deprive ourselves of aaron voros’ majestic stride and goal scoring touch and throw prucha a bone. it makes absolutely no sense. voros is only useful as a body in front of the net on the pp and he is rarely used there.

    this will be the rangers for the next few years, until drury, gomez, redden, etc. are gone; a meddling team that will have to scratch and claw to maybe make the playoffs, handcuffed by terrible contracts. Whether Renney is behind the bench or not (shutouts are improvements now?) will, sadly, not change that.

  14. Prucha25,

    I guess I didn’t mislead you after all. I just know Renney’s BS so well that I don’t need to hear it to know what he’s gonna say.


  15. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) February 9th, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    hey idk hows stamkos doin? not good i think. whats up i thought he was awesome.

    Turns out that he sucks, and that Pietrangelo was boosting him up so he didn’t have to go to a crappy team like Tampa Bay.

  16. So here’s us:

    “I’m down, let’s trade away Gomer and Redden to Atlanta for their 1st L@L”

    And here’s Atlanta:

    “I’m down. Hey, let’s trade away Schneider and Kozlov to the Rangers for Staal and their #1.”

    And here’s Sather:

    “I’m down. Wait, did you mean Matthew Schneider or his less talented, less well known about brother Sammy “the Psychotic Elf” Schneider? Aw, never mind, you’ve got a deal. Never pass up a puck moving defenseman.”

  17. Breaking News: Tom Renney signs 10 year contract extention with the New York Rangers, reportedly worth more then Cable Vision. Here’s on some viewers thoughs?

    Reporter: Sir, what do you think?
    Fan: When did we hire Charlie Weis?

  18. “Lets trade Gomez to Atlanta for their #1, Drury and Roszival to Kansas City for their #1, then Naslund and Redden to Ottawa for their #1. That way were pretty much guaranteed a top 3 pick, with a possibility of picking #1, #2, and #3”


    unfortunately, Matt, everything Sather touches turns into #2

  19. Someone shake me when this nealy-mouthed blowhard stands up before the media and calls out himself.

    As long as the nature of the post-game interaction with the press does not delve into the real world, where the coach is asked to comment on the refusal of players like Redden and Voros to compete —— not to score, or succeed, or star, but simply TO COMPETE —— there is nothing to listen to here that has even a speck of worth.

  20. I don’t know who is going to the Caps game but could I please hear the “Fire Renney, Sather Sucks” chants coming through the TV?

  21. Exactly how the Avery from LA deal worked:

    LA: We want Aaron ward and we’ll talk about something in return
    Sather: We’ll give you Jason Ward, and we get Avery?
    LA: No, Aaron Ward, and we never said anything about Avery.
    Sather: Too late, i already told Bettman
    LA : **** You Glen.

  22. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Even a blind man can see that they are just not playing hard.The hammer has to fall before the season is completly lost.Then again it might already be lost. There is no way we can finish low enough to get Hedman or Tavares.I would also be happy with Matt Duschene,he is Grachev’s center and is a gifted player.He reminds me of Parise,plays like him too.But even if we tank the rest of the season and are in position to draft a good player,we won’t.Sather is incapable of drafting well.

  23. if renney is coach squidward, does that make sather(yeti) mr. crabbs and pearn patrick the starfish?

    Brutal game, brutal commentary from the coach, all around nightmare. In the words of Nathan Explosion.”go forth, be conquered, go forth and die…” What a shambles. Someone said it right, almost as bad and the Islanders, but at least they try! What a horror show!

  24. Welcome to hell.
    Renney Gomez and Redden do not matter. what matters is ……Sather isn’t going anywhere!

    I am F-ing sick to my stomach.

  25. Rock Bottom February 9th, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    “Lets trade Gomez to Atlanta for their #1, Drury and Roszival to Kansas City for their #1, then Naslund and Redden to Ottawa for their #1. That way were pretty much guaranteed a top 3 pick, with a possibility of picking #1, #2, and #3”

    unfortunately, Matt, everything Sather touches turns into #2

    So we could get the second pick..possibly a 4, and the 5? Nice..Hedman/Tavares, a winger, and possibly another defensemen. Im telling ya, if i was GM, we’d be the rookie all star team. Trade everyone for first round pick, whole first round goes “1st overall to the Rangers” “2nd overall to the Rangers’ etc etc.

  26. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Staal Wart–

    Welcome aboard man,it’s never to late to rehabilitate from Renneyaide.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you’re right FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Thanks alex b,
    I mean enough is enough, I just can’t stand to watch this anymore. We play a horrible version of the 90’s debbies, but we are worse we can’t score or play defense. There is literally nothing happening on the ice…nothing. every rush ends up the same way…it is unwatchable.

  28. Haha Renney, what a joke… How could you possibly look at this game as an improvement? Cause you didn’t let up 10 goals this time?! Yeah sure that’s an improvement but you’re team didn’t score any at all! I guess Voros just needs a little more PP time so we can solve that problem.
    I think after this game I’m going to have to boycott the Rangers until Renney (and Sather, if it were only possible) is fired

  29. I would not want to be Redden, Gomez and the rest of the walking dead Wed night at MSG. And forget about it if things go bad real early against the Caps.

  30. It would be amazing if on Wed. an audible “Fi-re Ren-ney, Sa-ther Sucks!” chant goes up. Amazing. I won’t be there, but the rest of you, please make it happen.

  31. My closing thoughts: I don’t think anyone can fully understand how angry I am not necessarily solely at the veteran leadership but us as fans deserve better. I can’t believe in my lifetime this team has let two con men in Esposito and Sather run them based solely on name. It’s so frustrating to watch your favorite team be completely mediocre when we the fans know how to run this franchise better than the “pros.”

    I like Tom Renney but if he wants to stay on board he needs to have a Tom Coughlin like change but this time get meaner and tougher and that means benching vets and going with the farm.

    It’s a sad day when a 28-year-old knows that the Rangers D is too soft yet a nearly 70 year-old man is obsessed with “first outlet passes” by $6.5 million losers.

    Haven’t we suffered enough through all the bad trades, bad management, and that stupid curse by Red Dutton? This is NY bleeping city. We deserve better!

  32. Jane, thanks for your work after the game in providing the audio and quotes you did.

    BTW, Renney used the word “conundrum” in the audio portion, which by itself ought to get him fired.

  33. When is Rick going to have another cleverly-worded referendum on the coach? How about another lecture on how Renney forgets more about hockey every day than any of us will know in our lifetime? I might not be an authority on hockey, but I know enough to know a bad coach when I see one.

  34. Is Sather not the worst GM ever? The only good move he eve made was bringing Jagr, and that was a no brainer getting him at half price. Every time I see Parise, or Carter or anyone else before Jessiman was chosen makes me sick!!! WE HAVE NO GAME CHANGERS! NONE OF THE KIDS ARE FIRST LINERS! SUPER JOB GLEN!

  35. Adam and his apple on

    hank sayin “he looked great out there” when talkin about shanny is totally a spit in the face of sather for not gettin em, rangers, i actually look forward more to knicks games lately hahahahaha

  36. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    When the players understand that all Renney has wanted to do is to generate a Synergy that creates a Cantankorous Conundrum,they will start winning again!!!

  37. Oh and they think AVERY will make a difference? We need a coach who can get the most out of his players like TORTS! Redden will be the first whipping boy. Drury the second, he hasn’t been clutch since we signed him, more like invisible.

  38. Seriosuly, I think I dislike Redden and Drury more than Kaminsky/Churla/Quintal/Poti/Ozo. Those two combined are almost $14 million useless jabronies.

  39. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    forget it if renney wasnt fired after the dec. 23rd game against the caps then he aint going anywhere. i lost all respect for him after that game. its been 44 days since that game and look at where we’re at right now look at our record since that game…. the only way he’ll leave us is if he willingly quits the team. personally id rather see renney go before i see avery back on the team. If avery comes back ill welcome him with open arms if not so be it. but we desperately need a new coach i dont care who the heck it is as long as he has an offensive mentality. one who encourages a decent forecheck. lets not dump and chase on the power play. lets not be called for too many men on the PP!! lets not make assinine cross ice passes in our defensive zone.

    and as for the players give prucha a chance for christ sake. every game hes played in which hasnt been too many hes made something positive happen on the ice. To me it seems like renney thinks that if prucha is not scoring or displaying a certain level of phsyicality theres no purpose for him on the ice. If so then why keep playing dawes? dawes sucks. Voros cant skate. Redden is god awful, maybe he should lay off the yayo and play with a sense of urgency for once. kalinin please stay out of the line up as long as possible (milk your injury for what its worth we dont wanna see you on the ice at the garden anymore you make malik look like an all star). k im done ranting. if the rangers dont start winning some games ill be looking for buyers for some of my season tickets.

  40. It’s ok to boycott your own team if you want changes. I did it to the Rangers in 03-04 because I despised that team from opening night and rooted for them to lose; they epitomized everything I hate in a team; lazy, uninspired, selfish, fat cats.

    We ARE the customers after all so if the product stinks, don’t buy it; case in point the late 70s Mets or the early 90s Yankees.

    I’ve been very happy since 05-06, there has been youth infusion, and while not always, I feel Renney has done a good job. If the Gomez/Redden/Drury/Rozi are not held accountable and the Anisimovs/Sanguinettis/etc. are not given a chance even if they will struggle, then I’m unhappy with the product and I will stop going to games and miss opening night next season which will be only the second time in the last six years (03-04).

  41. Drury was never a great player. his entire career he has just been a second fiddle to bigger stars. never truly a go to guy. he is a gutty player which is nice, but not for his price. he is not a player the opposition goes into the game worrying about on a team full guys the opponent doesnt fear.

  42. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    To all of the few remaining renneyaiders left,you all always say that he’s a good/nice guy.How could anyone in good conscience say that after the way he’s treated Peter Prucha the last two seasons?

  43. Renney lovers are morons. I hate to say it, they might be nice people, but they’re just stupid for sticking behind this guy for this long. He’s dragging this team down.

    It’s one thing to lose 5 in a row, but to barely compete in those games ? Cmon, his job is to get this teams shit together, and for those who cant do that, then they have to sit a game or two to learn from their mistakes, but no, he doesn’t do that, so what do you get ? The same results.

    These aren’t just losses, these are PATHETIC losses.

  44. absolutely no sustained offense, NONE…

    the Korpi line never saw the ice…

    Redden sucks, sjustrom does jack, you know things are bad when your 4th line center is there best player..

    why shake things up, things are going so well as is..

    maybe we can double shift scotty boy and redden and maybe voros..

    yeah Prucha cannot help the offense ……….

  45. The Rangers have borrowed Jerry Jones’ private jet for Pat Quinn – he’ll be here first thing tomorrow …

  46. STUART

    Yeah, he cant, but at least he shows more heart than this sad group. And at this point, that’s exactly what im looking for, heart, some fuggin pride, go down with a fight, not this crap we all have to watch for 3 hours.

    They all had something better to do. Maybe Redden had a party at his new house, probably bought some of the finest powder New York had to offer, and handed some out in party bags.

  47. Orr was right – the game’s highlight was the roundhouse right that put Rupp on his butt – terrific punch!

    How about Renney’s treatment of Reitz? The guy jumps in to protect a teammate, moves the puck well, causes no harm, and gets rewarded with EIGHT MINUTES of ice time.

    Pathetic. Like there are so many better options on our D.

  48. i am starting to get sick adding up the hours i put into watching this team…what the hell is wrong with me. why do i work all day and then come home and watch these underperforming lazy jackasses. that 3rd period was
    disgusting down 2-0 and one halfway decent shot on goal.

    maybe we are the idoits…going to the games..buying the gear..ect ect. maybe dolan and co are happy with everything because the seats are filled….to them sather is doing a great job.

  49. God these comments are depressing. I have partial season tickets and these get harder to watch. This team is a puddle of gasoline and these comments are one huge match thrown on ’em after every bad loss.

  50. #1 problem is Sather without a doubt (cap space problems)
    #2 Renny/Pearn
    #3 Redden, Gomez, Drury (in that order)
    #4 Lack of goalscorer

  51. phlipdowt, i’ve stopped doing half those things. i dont go to games anymore, i dont buy merch from their stores, i dont watch the games really anymore. after it was 3-2 against the stars i knew it was over. i turned it off to watch a movie with my friend, then checked on a 10-2 score. glad i didnt watch.

    tonight i got to study more instead of watch the game, because after parise scored the game was over. we have no heart.

    honestly, bringing avery back is just a sad gesture at this point. truly.

    yeah, he’s gonna give us a jolt. again..

  52. I would welcome Avery back at this point. Less than $2 million cap hit? Hell why not do that and waive Redden, bring up Del Z or AA for a while.

    This team is not winning the Cup with what they have and need to look to the future. Giving up something like a pick or a prospect for a rent-a-player is not worth it. If they can get rid of Gomez, Drury, or I hate to say it Rozsi, then that’d be better for the players that need to be locked up next season.

    Avery could light a fire under this team, especially Renney’s ass. He’s not the answer but he crashes the net, can shoot the puck, and adds toughness and the desire to win not just play not to lose. He will get in people’s faces (a la Malik) hopefully Redden and other underachievers.

  53. my wife thinks that the red wings are rare birds and is STILL mad at me for watching this crud..

    Ice Time:
    Redden: 24:02
    Mara: 18:39


  54. February 10th, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Where are the Renney lovers now? They all went to bed early?

    I’m a Renney supporter, albeit not an ardent one, he does plenty of strange moves (sitting prucha, playing voros, heaping minutes on the 4th line, constantly juggling lines) but i still think he is a coach this team can win with. The problem lies in this tomato can line-up that sather has put together. they are a good supporting cast with no star to be a centerpiece.

    its easy to jump to the conclusion that renney has lost the team and if he has then maybe it is time to consider a change. but that begs the question, to whom does slats turn? but to me i think that the team has just completely hit the skids right now.

  55. Unfortunately this team that “bonded” so well in the Chezch Republic has become unglued.

    Why, why did we ever take Redden? He’s been a visable waste and kills our salary cap. Every NYR fan knows he’s an overpaid waste and I would hope Redden would know that as well.

    Renney needs to get a pair and start throwing tantrums instead of being stoic and chewing gum.If this team can pull itself together it would be nice to see Renney get past the second round of playoffs.

    Sather- same thing as I wrote about Redden. Let him go out to pasture.

  56. “They all had something better to do. Maybe Redden had a party at his new house, probably bought some of the finest powder New York had to offer, and handed some out in party bags.”

    haha i wish these guys were coked up, at least they’d have some legs. redden especially should do a line before each shift. looks more like he was smoking bongs with phelps. delayed reaction time, squinted eyes, slow oafish behavior. god help us against the caps. i’d trade a blowout at home for a renney firing.

    and we’re freeeeeeeeeeee freeeeeeeeeee falliinnnnnnnnnnnnn

  57. reitz has played just fine, he is better then Kalinan.. He hits and gets the puck out of the zone quickly

  58. wishlist:

    1. in some way, slats have to leave his “job”.
    2. fire renney’
    3. fire the PP coach
    4. Trade Gomez, rozsival, Kalinin, NOW. Gomez would fit in L.A. with Dustin Brown, the others wouldnt fit anywhere else, AHL next.
    5. Since it´ll be hard to get rid off Drury and Redden something has to make them fear NY so much the run away from this franchise with their tails down.
    6. Trade Prucha to Detroit where will will blossom and score a hat trick next season when Detroit will beat us in a 6-1 game.
    4. get rid of Sam Rosen and his sidekick clown talking , im so tired of Sam Rosen´s voice right now i´m ripping my hair of everytime he say´s “it´sssss a POWERPLAY GOAL”, ah well…
    7. Get some friggin lights in the roof MSG, light the audience up, its so fkin dark in here, it looks the the rangers games were played in the 70´s, talking about the way the game is played by the NYR.

  59. btw, i just have to mention that i love the picture from the devs game when u see Voros in the middle, devs salvador to the right and betts flying to the left. Isn´t that a great picture showing Voros hits this season? That guy just dont know what hes doing…
    I´m looking forward to next season already.

  60. lets see…

    aside from phaneuf and iginla the flames dont boast much better or more impressive of a lineup than the rangers on paper….

    Yet we lose 6-2 last month to the canadiens, they beat the canadiens 6-2…

    It amazes me watching NHL on the fly how other teams score with such ease and the rangers do nothing like other teams to even get them into a position to score

  61. I love how the blog has turned. I really hope Renney gets canned, just out of principle if nothing else. The guy has no thirst and clearly it trickles down the bench.

    Gomez was not a schmuck like this last season. It’s how he’s gradually adapted to Tom’s “chill” environment. Just hope he can come out of it under the new coach whenever that may be. Drury I have no hope for as a captain, maybe he’ll become a 30 goal guy again at some point in his life but he should not be “leading” anyone, he’s a mouse. Redden is somehow the worst signing I’ve ever seen in my life… zero hope there either.

  62. Salty – i like Renney, i think he’s a good coach – he’s just not doing a great job right now. If you can’t get your players motivated after the humiliation over the weekend then maybe he is the wrong coach for the team. I have a certain amount of sympathy for him as he’s a bit restricted by the roster put together by the GM, but he should be able to at least motivate these guys. How he is able to remove Prucha from the lineup at will but leave Voros in after he played like a clown 3 games in a row i have no idea.

    Maybe some of these players are too comfortable, maybe Avery will get them out of their comfort zone and bring a little edge and excitement to the hockey, and encourage them to get at their opponents instead of trying to contain them. This team needs changes, big time!

  63. I saw on ESPN that Avery was going to be assigned to Hartford. Thinking about it a little, this is really a win/win for the Rangers and Avery.

    The Rangers get Avery at a discount and with leverage from Avery’s behavior and the ability to easily trade a $1.9mn contract. Avery gets the money he wanted and the city he wanted.

    Not that its going to turn the whole season around but I think picking up Avery is a good move.

  64. Rick, somewhere in the past few days you got into it with someone who was questioning your journalistic ability and credentials. You answered him quite well with some very well place sarcasm.
    However, since I do respect your ability and expertise, I would have to feel that after last night’s debacle (I was there and have never ever seen the Rangers play so poorly and passionless, it was embarrassing) you have to agree with this. It is time (high time) for you and your peers to question Renney and question him again when he gives his “conundrum” type responses, until he truly answers with believable statements and not BS. His response re Prucha was so off the planet but OK I will give you pass before yesterday since you at least asked the question. However not following it up now and putting Renney up against the wall (respectfully of course) is neglect on your part. I think saying to him, excuse me Mr. Renney but the way Voros and Dawes, et al have played how can you keep Prucha out. You can even add that if one were to believe Renney’s statement re wearing down, since he has been out of the lineup now for many days he should be ready to play at least a couple of games. I need to add that at last night’s game I kept watching Voros. He could not skate, was dead after ½ his shift, and barely made it back to the bench at line changes.
    There are many other questions and follow ups to ask about various things and the way the team is playing makes it legitimate for you and the others to ask these questions. If this was Montreal or Toronto, they would not have waited until there were more than enough reasons to do so.

  65. 0necupin67years on

    I think Renney and Sather are one part of the problem, the other 2 are the players and the Dolans.
    Winning is everything even in small steps toward a goal, this team is a boom or bust mentality and its often bust.
    I don’t think the players fit well together and I’m beginning to doubt the abilities of Callahan, Dubinski and Dawes, I think what you are now seeing is what they will be, they don’t even show a sniff of improvement. Never mind the veterans , they should all go.
    So, will a coaching change make a long term change, only if the GM is canned.
    And the dolans despite their wealth and success should sell MSG and the knicks and rangers

  66. The team’s barometer starts with the captain. And Chris Drury is by far the worst Rangers captain I’ve seen in the past 30 years. He doesn’t come up with thundering checks like Beck or Gresh. He doesn’t play with the heart of Kisio. He doesn’t have the voice, stature, or skill of Messier. Doesn’t have the cool confidence to match his skill like Leetch. And doesn’t have the ability to use willpower to take over a game like Jagr.

  67. We need to get rid of 2 problems with this team, 1-the coaching staff except for Alaire, 2- trade Drury, he has been a quiet all season, unlike the past captains who always commented after every game and gave it they’re all, this guy becomes the invisible man at every game, no where to be found.

  68. How is this an improvement? Because we didn’t let in 10 goals, we played better? We still got shut out.

  69. UK – I partially agree with your 4:35am post. I still think Renney’s a good coach, and he still has my utmost respect for turning this franchise around post-lockout.

    A change is needed, but a change behind the bench does ZERO for this team right now. The common factor for the last decade + of not performing to the NY fans standards is Glen Sather. Coaches have come and gone, but the team is always missing pieces.

    If as fans you are REALLY serious about wanting this team to change, the head you should be calling for is Glen Sathers. With that change will happen all the way down. You’ll get your new coach, the “C” will change sweaters(please god), and hopefully the new GM will have at least SOME type of understanding how a salary cap works.

    The one thing I’m thankful for right now in regards to this team is that I’m very busy outside of being a sportsfan with work, a house, car shopping/research, etc. It’s really the only thing keeping me sane.

    Doodie – I can’t help but think about our conversation a week or so ago about a “return on an investment”. And I’m taking my own advice on this one. If you feel you’re not getting the return you deserve on such a large investment…don’t invest as much.

    About 2 weeks ago my wife and I bought tickets for a game in Hartford for V-day this Saturday. $25 to sit 3 rows off the ice didn’t seem like a bad deal to me. It’s even cooler now that they’ll be an extra buzz around. And I don’t mean the Nigel Dawes bobblehead give-away.

    So with that, I leave you with the thought that a few weeks ago the Penguins went 5 games earning ZERO points. THAT, with the league’s 2 leading point scorers. They’re still there. Therrien is still there, and they’re battling through it.

  70. I think Drury is just being Drury – he’s not a big personality, he’s a reasonably quiet guy, a two-way center who is good on the PK and will score 50-60 points a year.

    I think under a different system he could have carried on being a 30+ goals a year guy, but with our more defensive system and a malfunctioning powerplay he’s only going to get 20-25 a year.

    Is Avery a Ranger yet?

  71. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    if renney is coach squidward, does that make sather(yeti) mr. crabbs and pearn patrick the starfish?

    linda- actually, yea but sather and dolan are both mr crabs. pearn is spongebob and pelino is patrick. chris drury is gary the snail. well gary can actually be the team itself. it really makes sense too when u think about it. idk maybe its cuz i have to watch it cuz my 3 year old daughter wont let me watch anything else.

  72. RE: Sather.

    It’s a *given* that if you’re a Ranger fan you want Sather out. Let’s not act like that is some secret answer. Of course we want Slats’ head. We know how unrealistic that is though.

    I also think we’ve had pretttty good team last year and really blew a special opportunity to have a special year with Renney playing his chess all year. fker. I still think this roster is much better than we give credit for.

    I also want to give credit to Roszi for slowly, surely, and quietly bringing himself back to general respectability. Roszi has always been a guy you want to like, and now it’s okay to do that again. $5M is still too much for what he brings, but I think he’s one of our few guys who actually does give an eff about how they play.

  73. Back to the basics, passing, skating, the things you learn in peewee. To much gliding going on and bad passing, passing to nobody to much.

  74. We were so bad last night I think even the Devils felt sorry for us. They had plenty of chances at a 2nd empty netter last night and didn’t even take the shot… so embarressing.

  75. if the SJO fits on

    hey listen, i haven’t posted here in quite some time, but i have been reading plenty of the comments, especially since the dallas game. after last night, i think its safe to say that something drastic HAS to happen within the next day or two. this team will be playing against the caps tomorrow, and theres no way that last nights show of “improvment” will do ANY justice against this caps team. i expect the rangers to get completey outworked like they always do against AO and the boys. i think we should all prepare ourselves for another tough loss tomorrow night. my expectations have dropped so much over the last month that watching them lose now doesn’t phase me whatsoever and i just sit and wait for the next move.

  76. How was the Devils game an improvement?

    I thought after the Stars game Renney said a 10-2 loss was the same as a 3-2 loss? So shouldnt it be the same as a 3-0 loss?

  77. At this point, there is absolutely nothing wrong with just taking their foot off the break and playing flat out balls to the wall pond hockey. We need to score goals and then just rely on Hank and throw up a prayer.

  78. Only the warped brain of Tom Renney would say that being shut out is an improvement. What a loser. That is all.

  79. Oh, yeah, someone get a note to Rangers’s management: A goalie can’t WIN you games, he can only save them AFTER you get goals for him. Obviously these 3 Blind Mice don’t know that.

  80. If the Sjo fits

    I agree with you. I, too, feel no emotion watching these guys lose. When they get scored against or ever when they score, I feel NOTHING. It’s weird. A major shakeup is needed.

  81. i know why the rangers rnt playing well

    its the reporters fault. the reporters write it in the paper and then the opposing coaches see it and know. and it puts us (the rangers) in a tough position because of ur articles

  82. Pru25 and Sjo

    The difference is this…. the past couple years we were good… we had a few nights were the boys didn’t show up and didn’t play 100% but at the end of the day we were a talented team and fun to watch… so you expected a win every night.

    Now we just svck… The games aren’t even fun to watch. We haven’t scored a real goal in like 5 or 6 games. I expected to lose the past two and expect to get the kicked into us by Washington. Their is just zero point in watching… This team ain’t accomplishing jake shite!

    Graves night was the nail in the coffin for me… anyone else?

  83. Good parts of last nights game:

    Orr cleaning Rupp’s clock
    Betts hustling his ass off all night and getting rewarded with 2nd or 1st line time (cant remember)
    Hank making some great saves.
    And….That’s it!

    HEre’s a nice stat from last night – Nigel Dawes – NO SHOTS ON GOAL- the entire game? how is that even possible. If I hear anyone say he’s a pure goal scorer I’ll puke

    Gomer, NAslund, Drury – That line is dead and should be disbanded immediately

    Dubi, Z and Calli were wokring, and Z had an almost goal on that face -off, but there the oNLY line Im giving a pass to. At least they played hard all night long.

    Rosi – Was as good as Ive seen him last night, and was the only Dman trying to make anythign happen

    MAra, Retiz, Staal were all blah last ngiht

    Redden – Jsut go pack your bags, refund your paycheck to the NYR and get the hell out of town.

    Oh yeah and of Course Voros added so much and Prucha again is worn out so why bother maybe him playing in a game and scoring right?

    Fire renney, it has to happen this week after we get blown out by washington

    Sather better get his head out of his ass and stop masturbating over signing avery and get us some scorers for the love of God.

  84. Let’s talk about a new coach candidates. Who do you think has the best chance to get the job. I have two – Tortorella, Quinn. Who else?

  85. When they get scored against or ever when they score, I feel NOTHING. It’s weird. A major shakeup is needed.

    yup… it’s a stale feeling. The goals we score, it’s like “that wasn’t even a real goal, I can’t get excited about that” and when the other team scores it’s like… “YEP…THATS ABOUT RIGHT…KEEP IT COMING MAKE IT HURT”

  86. Nasty,

    if u dont know ive hated him for the past yr u havent been following this board much.

    and that comment i made i was an attack on renney. remember when he blamed the beat writers to the reason why the pp was bad.

  87. Nice memories with the Jagr video — the only Captain at the game on Wednesday who will be playing like that will be Ovechkin.
    Chant should be “Bring back Jagr” and “Fire Sather”. Sather is responsible for all coaches and all players for the last 10 years. And it was only with Jagr (and Straka) that the Rangers had any success for 3 seasons.
    Renney is only the coach because when Sather took over coaching from Trottier, he couldn’t stand the Fire Sather chants, so he gutlessly handed the reins over to Renney with maybe 15 games left in the season.

  88. I think Tort’s as well, but I’d be okay with Laviolette too. I’d also take whats his face… forget his name this second… the former sabres/isles coach who tagged out hasek’s wife… I would take him in a second over renney, he gets the most out of his players.

  89. Damn, I remember those Fire Sather chants!!! Great stuff. Face it boys, our team is the team thst played last night and no bitching onthis blog or reporters asking pointed questions is gonna change that!!! Sather will never be fired and the players just can’t seem to find a way to play like they did in the 1st month!! Renney sticking with Voros is a conundrum. Drury being named captain has shown to have been a major mistake (but who would you give the C to?). Jagr being gone is righteous; you all rememebr how he took about 65 games off during the regular season because he only plays hard in the playoffs. And last year was his worst regular season as a Ranger but his best playoff season as a Ranger. We can’t have Shanny back,, we’re probably getting Avery back and Renney & staff are going NOWHERE!! After stating all that depressing news, here’s some good news; Pitchers & Catchers report this week!!!!

  90. if the SJO fits on

    i honestly would take ANYONE to coach us at this point. i’ve always like ted nolan cause he looks like he doesn’t mess around and doesn’t beat around the bush (like renney) when it comes to explaining to the media what’s wrong with the team. at least laviolette and tortorella have cup experience, so they aren’t bad candidates AT ALL.

    and anytime i hear or see jagr’s name, it’s like hearing about that really hot girlfriend that you let slip away in high school. you just wish he was around again. there’s nothing that would honestly make me happier than seeing him in a rangers uniform. mexican food happens to be my favorite thing to indulge in, and in a split second would sacrifice mexican food to have jagr back. (i know, thats a pretty stupid statement)

  91. Matt, if you don’t know that I was being sarcastic then you haven’t ever visited this board.

  92. Matt R. I like that theory!
    And before you start thinking the Rangers have crashed and burned only since Sam has been gone, I’ll say the first two losses were on his watch. Blame not the messengers.

  93. This is what I think. Renney and the players are going to talk the talk and yada yada yada today and tomorrow. Tomorrow night they are going to be far from walking the walk and they are going to lose at home, say 4-1 or worse. Then, Renney gets canned. That is what I see happening. Ovechkin already is in his caged tank sniffing the blood and he is banging the against the bars with his face because he is hungry. He is going to set the ice on fire at the garden tomorrow night and ultimately be the final say in Renney get the boot. Remember Ovechkin has already taken us to task this year and called out our team for “Stopping playing.”

  94. Speaking of Renney……………………..

    I overheard on that NHL network channel that guy Hradek? and another one named McKenzie from uparound Toronto way discussing that prior Ranger game, and the prospects of Renney’s job being in jeopardy.

    McKenzie said that he didn’t think so because he’s really a great coach (??) and then Hradek pipes up, ” Oh I think is is too!”

    So it looks like the cool ade is working it’s way thru the pundits who apparently know very little about what has really been going on in Rangerland and are only looking at the Stats ( which still confound me.)

  95. In our last 8 games we are 2-5-1 which is really 2-6. We have scored 13 goals and given up 28. In our last 5 games we are 0-4-1 which is really 0-5. We have scored 4 goals and given up 18 and have been shut out twice. That my friends is absolutely HORRIBLE and a MAJOR call for a change. Plain and simple.

  96. This team has no goalscoring. If the PP was working you fat ass curmudgeons wouldn’t have anything to bitch about. Wait, who am i kidding, you’d guys would bitch about the ice being too cold in your diet pepsi’s.

  97. Even if we only scored on the PP we would not be winning games right now. It used to be that the PP would give us another goal and a cushion in a game. Now we are not scoring AT ALL!!!!!!!!! And you know what, the ice in my diet pepsi is not making my drink cold enough this morning. Thank you for giving me something else to complain about. If you are a Ranger fan, and you are not complaining about something right now, then I really don’t know what to say.

  98. Yeah, Teddy Nolan has been very successful at keeping coaching jobs, but Hradek & McKenzie are koolaid drinkers for thinking Renney is a good coach…..!!?


  99. Nasty,

    Im still sleeping. i figured u knew that. sometimes its tough to tell sarcasm through internet

  100. The team has no scorers, you guys are blasting Renney, meanwhile his coaching has kept us in this season up until now. He’s no miracle worker, that was Slats job to get scoring and he failed, yet again.

    Sure we’re all mad at this team, but who exactly is good enough to take over the goals Jagr, Straka & Shanny scored?

    This is all on Sather, the Dick Cheney of hockey.

  101. Carpie, I sometimes wonder how you do it? Most of these sports figures are such a-holes, but you have to always talk to them!!! Kinda’ like going to the dentist for a filling every day!

  102. …that sather clip was hilarious…thanks for that…

    obvious statement, but did sich a bad job that there is (realistically) HARDLY anything we can do esp with longer term reprecussions..nobody wanted the gomez, Dru and Redden contracts when they were written and they are less attractive now, given performance

  103. A few things:

    1) Blair Betts is your best player on the ice, you know you have problems. For all the Betts haters (Bob I am talking to you!) just STFU now. He is solid and underrated. Not that he is bringing us the Cup, but he is the best role player in the league as far as I am concerned. And cheap too!

    2) Drury might have been the worst on the ice last night with a close 2nd to Redden. Though there are many more candidates I have for “Worst on the ice” last night. I think Drury is good when he is not expected to be one of your top 3 players. When he is underrated and people expect less of him, he is a better player. Is that worth $7mm a year, F no! But he got the deal…Sather is stupid…But that is not new news.

    3) Redden actually can get worse each game. For every 1 good play, he makes like 10 bad ones. When was the last time he had a shot on goal too? I mean he flips the puck to the net and prays it reaches the goal. Pathetic. 5 more years of him…awesome!

    4) Gomer doesn’t care anymore. That is apparent. Another guy who they paid huge $ and now just watches his bank account really.

    5) Other than Zherdev, do we have a real offensive threat? The answer is no. Everyone else is like a B level offensive player….at best.

    6) What is the deal with Dubi? He looks like he is playing pond hockey really. He skated along the left boards, picked up the puck, and blindly flipped it back to the pointman. It went either right out of the zone or the Devils guy flipped it out shortly after. I mean WTF? At least make an attempt to possess the puck and see who you might pass it too. Again, he skates around like he is playing pond hockey.

    7) Did we have any “in the slot” shots other than Z’s crossbar off the faceoff? I cannot think of too many.

    8) How Peter Prucha is not getting a look is unfathomable right now. I mean can someone, please, for the love of God, ask Renney flat out and bluntly, “Could PP do any worse than Dawes, Voros, or Korpikoski?”

    9) Orr is the man. Why didn’t he take on Ott when Zherdev was hit the other night? Still a mystery to me. How Renney wouldn’t have tapped him on the shoulder and called his number is also mindnumbing.

    I am a season ticket holder. This too shall pass. But it won’t be fun for a while again. Avery will provide some comic relief and grit if he shows up. But I am thinking the team is a 30% chance to make the playoffs now.

  104. Fire Renney, Sather does not deserve a chance to pick another coach, period. Put Sather as President in charge of fishing, promote Shoney to GM and then let him make the decision on Renney. But Shoney first order of business is telling Redden how to go to Hartford for a 5 year conditioning skate. Renney may have lost this team but the team sucks.

  105. No playoffs this year, not a chance, and I hope tat comes to pass because this is a one and done team and changes are needed as high up as possible.

    And any concern about someone else snapping up Avery on re-entry waivers, all he has to do is conme out at a press conmference and say he doesn’t want to play anywhere else. NOBODY would take a flyer under those conditions.

  106. Has anyone asked Gomez if this is rock bottom yet?

    Though, sadly,

    The answer would still be a confident “No”

    There’s still some room to get worse.

  107. Gargoyle

    Please educate us SPECIFICALLY on how Renney’s coaching has “kept us in this season up until now.”

  108. Fortunately, I had to go out to dinner with a few friends. I see I didnt miss anything. I checked the score on my phone and was glad I didnt see the game. Im at a loss for words. I wanna see my boy Ovechkin with Green, Semin and Backstrom rip the Rangers apart tomorrow. Sorry, dont care. I’l like to see another 10-1 game actually. Maybe then Renney will get fired.

  109. Why would a qualified coach, as everybody is asking for here, take this team. The leadership above them does not listen, the cap is a mess, they are bringing in a clubhouse cancer for three more years, and they are a team full of third liners.

  110. Ford I’ll do you one better, thsi is from HF boards, from a very smart and unbias poster there:

    “Renney might well lose his job, but, to me that would just be window dressing. The fact is this team entered the season with too much uncertainty. I don’t see how anyone could say this team has underachieved when there’s really no body of work to measure it against. Any high expecations are and were completely self-generated.

    Between the turnover this offseason and the reliance on young players that you really didn’t know what you were going to get from how can anyone really be surprised by this team — and certainly not by their lack of scoring.

    1) They lost 4 of their top 8 scorers from last season. 4 were forwards, while only two were replaced by adding Naslund and Zherdev.
    2) They entered the season looking to fill for 5 of the top 9 forward spots with who had combined for less 100 career goals in Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, Korpikoski, Voros and Fritsche.
    3) People were expecting much more from Dubinsky, despite Jagr being gone.

    To the Renney killers:

    It’s fine to be frustrated but the venom towards him on this board is disgraceful. He deserves better.

    1) He has conducted himself with class, dignity and eloquence. And by and large his players have done the same.
    2) He made a conscientious effort to win the fans back.
    3) He has been consistent about the way that he has talked about his teams after every game — that is, no “We Won” and no “They Lost”
    4) Whether it was by circumstance or not, he has added more youth into a Rangers lineup than any Ranger coach since Roger Neilson. Of course Lundqvist but guys like Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi and Callahan have all emerged as legit NHL players who are still developing and getting better.
    5) This is a very young team.
    6) He made the playoffs every season he’s coached this team — and still has this team in a playoff spot. And that has allowed some to conveniently forget the seven seasons prior to the lockout. Some say that Trottier, Lowe and Sather would do a better job? Stop.”

    Absolutely a great post about the current Rangers.

  111. Jane,

    Thanks for liking my theory. I have another one. Renney is a really bad coach and you need to throw him into the corner and beat answers out of him. I for one and the rest of the world would like to know why doesnt prucha play. does a player who was supposeldy in the best condition really need a month off to recover.

    Guys what do u think happens first:

    1. prucha plays
    2. the “stimulus” bill passes

  112. TOM RENNEY: ” The (3-0) loss was an “improvement.” (Right, compared with the 10-2 loss. A 9-2 loss would represent improvement, also.)

    VINCE LOMBARDI: “Sure we lost the Super Bowl, but, hey, we were just happy to be here.”

    GEORGE STEINBRENNER: “Winning isn’t everything. Sure we lost but the boys played their hearts out.”

    TIGER WOODS: ” Hey, win some, lose some, I can’t win them all. So I missed that short putt, no big deal, I’ll be back.”

    Ah. the joy of living in Tom Renney’s little P.C. world, where “effort” trumps results by a mile.

  113. Just a thought made me think that yeah, maybe a good coach doenst want to come here with this project of a team. They probably cant stand Sather & Dolan as well.

    Bringing in Avery cant make this team worse….

  114. Gargoyle, I agree with you to a point about the team not having offense and in reality who was going to score this year People want a new coach to play a puck pursuit type game, send 2 men in. Thats fine but that wil create odd man rushes. Do you want that with this crop of defensemen? They are horrible just playing 1 on 1, could you imagine numerous 3 or 4 on 2’s? Renney does drive me crazy with Prucha being scratched and the overuse of the Betts line , especially when we are losing late in a game.I am a season ticket holder for years, everybody laughed at me in October when I said this team has problems that were not addressed over the summer. No finisher, no size, no quaterback for the PP and no physical D- man.They were lucky they had a lucky Oct. and Henrik stood on his head but the real loser he is Sather as this franchise is once again in disarray under him.

  115. Mako, no he can’t make them worse but he can make people not want to come here. (players and coaches) Plus he doesn’t help the cap. And he is not the answer

    My point to all the Renney haters is this: Who is the best coach that Sather has hired while in New York. Be honest.

  116. Gargoyle – Thank you for sharing that from whomever posted it. Send them my congrats on the outstanding perspective. He’s not alone, just in our minority as fans.

  117. The fans deserve? This is a franchise that took 54 years to win its last Cup. Those fans didnt deserve to win?? You’re a selfish jackass that doesn’t realize that Renney has given you playoffs and wins unlike most coaches this franchise has ever had.

    Sather is the idiot who signed Redden.
    Prucha, how about the bright idea of not going after Chara when he was totally available? How would Marc Savard look here instead of Gomez?

    Every fan of this team is upset, but the anger and blame is pointed in the wrong direction.

  118. Just

    Listen, I know what you are getting at. The Rangers havent had very good coaches in the last 20 years. But then again before the cap, they just bought up all “marquee” players who didnt do squat for the team. Missed the playoffs for 7-8 years. Yes Renney brought them to the playoffs. All early exits, which both the Penns and Buf series could have been won. I think we all know that. I feel he’s over stayed his welcome and this team just isnt responding to them. His “system” isnt working. They arent producing and he is mismanaging his players. I mean come on, why isnt Prucha being played? Why isnt he at least on the PP? The only way it gets worse is if players start going down with injuries (Lundqvist) and God I hope that doesnt happen.

    Im sorry, I dont think this time he’s going to save the team…

    BTW I think Avery is a “quick fix” – I doubt he will be with the team next year.

  119. No Matt R my point is if Renney is so bad and he is the best that Sather did, why give Sather another chance to hire someone. Maybe he peaked with Renney. I am not saying not to fire Renney but whats the point, Sather is the real problem.

  120. Was that Sather’s first actual statement of the season?
    What a piece of ShEET.

    What about a Dman?
    What about two scoring wingers?
    What about doing SOMETHING!!!!!

    For Christs sake SAther you a hole DO SOMETHING!!

    C’mon guys & gals and Carp & Jane:

    Does Sather and Renney really think they have no options at this point and cant make any trades with anyone?
    IS Sather even remotely trying to make a move other than Avery?
    How can he not be working the phones trying to move Daws & Voros & even Redden at this point?
    IS that what we are stuck with til the end of the season?
    Why is Korpi still up here and Anisimov still in HArtford?
    Wouldnt that inject a little scoring into the lineup?
    Hell send Korpi or Voros or Dawes down and let him play? Would that be so bad?

    And after last night if Prucah is not in the lineup for wed, then Whatever miniscule amount of intelligence i THOUGHT Renney had left in that head of his is now gone

    I just cant even watch anymore

    Glad my only NY Rangers Jersey’s are Hank’s and an Original Gretsky white that my father bought for me as a b-day gift.

  121. Purely from a business point of view, in a bad economy, if you want fans to hand over their cash, management should at the very minimum be making sure the product is entertaining on the ice.
    Renney’s and Sather’s concept of a low scoring, defensive minded, passive team is just bad business. Even when the Rangers had all those non-playoff years, they would score some goals and fans could be entertained by Pavel Bure and Brian Leetch and Matt Barnaby and the FLY line. Jagr and Shanahan weren’t allowed to play an offensive style, and were accordingly shown the door because they didn’t agree with Renney. Where’s the up tempo? Where’s the personality? Where’s the fun? There is nothing happening on the ice. This team cannot even cycle the puck for a shift. The first power play last night with only Gomez in the offensive end as the other Rangers back skated while 3 short handed Devils controlled the puck said it all. Enough is enough.

  122. Gargoyle

    Five quickies:

    1) Accountability. Show me where there has been any demanded from the veterans on this team.

    2) Where were you when this team started 10-2-1 to tell us it was all a mirage?

    3) Renney has conducted himself with class?? Tell that to Prucha who sits and watches as players mail it in every night and Renney ignores it.

    4) When has Renney ever pointed to finger at himself for the lack of effort that is shown nightly? Redden did not compete last night —- Renney says the effort was good. Who do you believe, Renney or your eyes?

    5) Renney has added more youth?? Then you agree with me that he has had a lot of say regarding the roster — if so, and the result is abysmal, how is he not responsible?

  123. ThisTeamisBoring on

    I grew up watching the Rangers and hating the boring trap of the Devils, now I’m lucky to live in DC where I can watch Ovechkin make things interesting instead of the boring crap of the Rangers.

  124. Gotta love how Beer me, who used to post here more than anyone in the good old days when idiots ruled the board, now crawls out from under his rock once or twice a day to pip a squeak, then crawls back under.

  125. czechthemout!!!!! on


    IN that post,the poster says Renney deserves better. I ask why? Look at the way he’s treated Prucha and all of the other players on the team making less than 2million dollars a year.Does he deserve better because he doesn’t hold any of the high priced vets accountable? Does he deserve better because each and every young player on his team is regressing? Or does he deserve better because the msg propoganda machine calls him a nice guy or a good man? Do you Beer me,or any of the other Reney droolers know him personally that you can say he’s a good guy? give me a break with this “deserves better” crap. You can believe me about this or not but I have it on very very good athuority that Renney is a ass kissing jerk who has very little control of the team wich is why it seems like anything he tries falls on deaf addition,the players DO NOT believe in his “system”.

  126. AC:

    Korpi works hard but hasnt done squat offensively all season
    But honestly Id send down voros or Dawes before him.

    ANY of them to give AA a shot for at leat 5 games

  127. Why is Korpikoski still here? Because he is all we have to show for after Sather gave Brian Leetch away to Toronto. At the time he said we are stockpiling our team of young players for the future. WHERE? WHERE?

  128. Gargoyle….Your points are reasonable. And I don’t think anyone here is 100% blaming Renney. I am not. Sather has f-ed this team up more than Renney by a country mile.

    In addition, we never will know the true story as to why Shanny didn’t end up here. I heard it was Renney, not Sather. We also don’t know the true reason Prucha is not playing but I would guess it was Renney not Sather. But we don’t know. All that aside, here is the real problem:

    For whatever reason, the players are lost with Renney now. Period. I won’t say Sather is free and clear of this issue, but this fact clearly lies with Renney. His system stifles players. Callahan should NEVER be playing a “wait back, let them come to you” style. Dubi should not be either. Sorry to say that this is Renney’s system, not Sather’s decision. Again I am not 100% sure of that, but I feel pretty strongly I am right.

    These players do not respect Renney. For whatever reason, this seems to be the case. For the guy to make them sprint for hours and then come out and get blown apart 10-2 means that they don’t give a F. This is Renney’s fault.

    I give Renney credit for bringing back respectability to the franchise. Thank you for that Tom. But no one’s job is forever. His welcome is starting to wear thin. The way the team plays with zero passion and no desire to stick up for each other or have no self-respect is the fault of the coach.

    No accountability to the veterans and no willingness to give the kids a chance who play their hearts out is the fault of the coach. Though this could be, to a degree, Sather’s fault. But we will never know that.

    Bottom line: The team has given up on Renney. Sure, Sather has filled the roster with crap. But the fact that these guys don’t respond to Renney and, at this point, don’t seem to care if he is here or not (evidenced by their horrendous effort) means Renney has to go. I don’t have to say it’s Renney’s “fault” per se, but he is to blame for the team’s quitting.

  129. 1) “Accountability” – You must not watch any other games besides NYR, am I right? How many leaders of teams have been benched this year? Make a list for me and get back to us….

    2) “Where were you when this team started 10-2-1 to tell us it was all a mirage?” I never thought we’d make the playoffs, thought we’d be struggling for the #8 spot. The fast start made me think we could get that #8 spot. Those were my highest expectations for a team icing 2nd liners and youth. One of teh youngest teams in recent Ranger history.

    3) “Renney has conducted himself with class??” – Yes, ask anyone in the know, the guy is all class. I’m not sure why Prucha sits, but that Prucha that scored 30 goals hasn’t shown he’s capable of doing it again. And that includes getting 11-13 minutes of icetime last year for 62 games. If you’re a scorer, scoring happens. No coach or benching can take that away from you. The truth is Prucha is a nice little energy player who gets involved but doesnt do any one thing great. Renney chose to play players who’s #1 asset is needed in the lineup. You tell me Prucha is a scorer, i tell you go ask any other GM in the league if they think that.

    4) “When has Renney ever pointed to finger at himself for the lack of effort that is shown nightly?” – Plenty of times this year he’s said players and coaches should share in the blame of certain losses we’ve had. The truth is, we did show alot of improvement and energy last night, but like most 2nd tier players, they can’t play a full 60 minutes. Thats talent level, not coaching.

    5) “Renney has added more youth?? ” – NO, he PLAYS more youth than any recent Ranger coach, thats a fact.

    Renney job is to win, and he’s done that more often than not. I’m sorry that it bores you, I just don’t see it that way.

  130. Sather is a jerk and his treatment of Shanahan is the only example I need provide. I feel sick to my stomach in the way they treated him and the lack of respect is mind numbing. Shanny would take a bullet for his team and he usually does in his willingness to block shots go to the corners and play an all around solid game.

    I like Renney. I can’t easily forget the improvements he made when he took over but I think he has maxed his potential and is not the coach this team needs right now. I feel his judgment on keeping #25 on the bench is down right criminal. Peter has the heart of a lion and plays with creativity. It pisses me off to see that creativity stifled and players like Dawes get a free pass. If you want to play a dump and chase game at least put players in that will do just that..

  131. Good post New Newman, I disagree with alot you are saying but at least its presented the right way instead of all this bullshit arguing.

    But everything you descibed as what ‘should be’ happening is too idealistic. You make it sound like we have the 94 team here just waiting to do all those things but the coach is stifling them to the point of taking everyone of them off their game. I can’t agree with that. We are a 2nd tier team talent wise. Blame Slats for maxing out with 2nd tier assets. Zherdev has talent, and he has the points to backup that talent in Renneys system. The rest of our ‘scorers’ are setup guys, none of these guys has a shot you fear. None of them make the opposition fearful either. Scoring & size on the wing are two huge holes this team lacks that elite teams have.

  132. Gargoyle

    “‘Accountability” – You must not watch any other games besides NYR, am I right? How many leaders of teams have been benched this year? Make a list for me and get back to us….”

    Okay Gargoyle, here you go, just off the top of my head:

    Kovalev in Montreal …. Blake in Toronto …. Nylander in Washington …. Tallinder and Afinegenov in Buffalo …. Huselius in Calgary ….. Hartnell in Philadelphia

    What’s the old saying, “Like shooting fish in a barrel?”

    Come on, bring it a little stronger than that….

  133. Guys & gals, we can e-mail complain forever, and nothing is going to happen. when you go to the store if you don’t like a product you don’t buy it. quit going to games, they need to feel it in the pocketbook- then something will change

  134. The fact you’re calling those guys leaders says alot about your hockey knowledge.



  135. Gargoyle you are right that the hope for this team was too idealistic. I agree. And the 10-2 start really gave a lot of people major wood in their pants.

    Let’s agree that Sather filled the stage with the puppets and he did a horrible job (Rissmiller, Voros, Fritsche, Redden, etc).

    But the puppeteer is Renney. And the puppets are revolting against the puppeteer. That is Renney, 100%. Whatever Renney is doing or saying, the players just don’t believe it or trust it anymore.

    The powerplay is a microcosm of the whole thing and has been an ongoing sore since day 1. The PP is in the bottom 5 in the league. So what do they do? Keep trying the same thing over and over. Now you may say that there are no real skill guys to have a decent PP perhaps. Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev, Drury, Prucha and Rosy, Redden, Girardi, Staal and you are telling me that Renney isn’t to blame (or his coaches…but he is head coach) for that ineptitude? Either the players don’t respond to his system (his fault) or his system sucks (his fault). Clearly his approach to the PP hasn’t worked all season and have you seen a “new” look to this at any point during the season?

    Let me know your thoughts.

  136. New – True, Renney & coahces deserve blame for the PP, no dobt. But so do the players. So does Chaney Sather. Be honest, do you really see more than one forward on this team you know is gonna bang it home once the pucks on his stick? Who has that kinda shot upfront? Naslund? Maybe in his younger days. Zman? a creative playmaker and is Kovalevesque in his ability to pass rather than shoot.

    WD40 – Too easy what? Ford got it totally wrong.

  137. Morrison is not a leader, Spezza has played every game, so has Elias.

    You guys still want to play this game?

  138. wd40

    Yeah, I got it totally wrong. Kovalev is not seen as a team leader, which is why he wore the “C” when Koivu was out. And Hartnell is absolutely not expected to play a major role in Philly.

    By the way, Gargoyle, by your own standard, there are no leaders on the Rangers, which makes Renney’s refusal to bench them all the more ridiculous. But that might be a bit too subtle a concept for you, so proceed at your own risk.

  139. Ford, seriously, seriously????

    Hartnell & Kovalev have not missed ONE game, i encourage everyone to look up the stats !

    This is exactly why you dont get it. You dont understand why some players are benched and why others are not. You’d be amazed if you saw what goes on behind the scenes, its different than say sitting behind your keyboard spilling diet soda.

  140. Gargoyle

    Duh?? You can be benched without missing a game —- do you think the term applies solely to being a healthy scratch??

  141. “By the way, Gargoyle, by your own standard, there are no leaders on the Rangers, which makes Renney’s refusal to bench them all the more ridiculous.”


  142. Okay so those guys missed a few shifts. Great, they did it while their teams were losing. Up until NOW, Renney has had no choice but to play his best hand which is keeping these players in the lineup.

    Our leaders have been far from perfect, but the effort was there until the Dallas game. You want to start benching your team leaders against the Devs & Caps in february, good luck with that….

  143. “….but the effort was there until the Dallas game.”

    Completely disagree. This team has not put forth a solid sixty minute effort all season. Not once.

    “You want to start benching your team leaders against the Devs & Caps in february, good luck with that…”

    If you know what you’re doing, you bench them BEFORE the team collapses as a result of leaders mailing it in all year long. So that when you get to February, the team is fully aware of the standard of commitment that is non-negotiable and absolute. Renney has totally failed to impose that demand for effort —- just look at Redden and Voros not 24 hours ago.

  144. Thats bullshit, they don’t have the record they do by mailing it in…thats loser talk and as of now we’re in playoff position , its ours to lose.

    Again, this 60 minute thing is bullshit ! Only a few teams can claim they do 60 full minutes of near flawless play over the season. This team made up of 2nd tier talent explodes in the latter half of games – why? Maybe cause they’re playing above their heads, we have guys playing the wrong roles and that is not Renney, thats Sathers problem for not supplying the team with 1st line talent.

  145. Gargoyle

    There was loads of “first line talent” last year on this roster, and the team was still 25th in offense. With a horrendous power play. Where and when do your excuses end?

    “This team made up of 2nd tier talent explodes in the latter half of games – why? Maybe cause they’re playing above their heads.”

    “Explodes.” Maybe the most unintentionally hilarious post of the year.

  146. gargolye, do you remember what Renny said in camp and at the start of the year. That this was a team with ideal personnel to hunt the puck, pressure the puck, aggressively forecheck because of the superior skating ability throughout the lineup.

    The team attacked for the first fifteen games or so, then Renny suddenly imposed a trap to lead off every single effoing game, whether against a great team or a terrible team. That is simple malpractice. To embrace a gameplan that is the opposite of forechecking and pressuring the puck that got you off to such a good start is the act of a man who doesn’t know what he is doing.

  147. Matt K

    So the Canadiens are having their prolems too? I wouldn’t mind trading ANY of their problems for the ones that Rangers have.

  148. Chris

    Are you serious about Calgary having not much better lineup than Rangers?

    HOw many of their games have you watched?

    Are you unimpressed with their overall team speed, their consistent hard physical game, their great goaltender, and the overall attitude of them on the ice. They’re so far above Rangers that it’s laughable to suggest otherwise.

  149. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    An improvement is when you go from scoring 20% as much as your opponents to 0%? Or was it an improvement just because they only let up 3 this time? This team’s heart was in the press box once again.

  150. It would be funny if Avery came out onto the ice for warmups for Fridays AHL game dressed like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction…..

    And over the rinks PA, they play some crazy goth metal music….

    Crowd would go nuts

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