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Rangers coach Tom Renney said he didn’t spot Brendan Shanahan in the halls of the Prudential Center before tonight’s game against the Devils, but he’s pretty sure he’ll see plenty of the former Ranger once the game starts.

Both the Rangers and Devils are coming off losses, but the Rangers’ trouble extend a little deeper (as a few of you have noted) after a 10-2 loss to the Stars last Friday. Renney said he thinks the team is ready to go after the weekend of practice.

“I want to say they’re bang on, they’re spot on,” Renney said. “And I’m sure that wouldn’t surprise you if I said that. There’s a part of me that’s hoping that, in all honesty, but there’s also a bigger part of me that believes it because we’ve done that throughout the year. We’ve been avble to bounce back from adversity and tough outings and really risen to the occasion. So I have faith in these guys being able to do that tonight.”

Still no official word on Sean Avery, although he passed through the initial round of waivers at noon. It’s a waiting game, but one that is expected to resolve in Hartford soon.

The lines from yesterday’s practice should hold up, and no one seems to have the plague.

Enjoy the game.

Update 7:04: Corey Potter, Dmitri Kalinin and Petr Prucha are scratched. Discuss.

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  1. The media will surely ask Shanahan what he thinks of the Rangers this year, but please don’t feed him softies. It would be great to hear some real opinions from him, not just platitudes — do your best, although he probably won’t say anything.

  2. Pfft ““I want to say they’re bang on, they’re spot on,”

    Um what does that mean Tom? Lets see how the PP is tonight

  3. So if they get killed again tonight, what will Renney say? He still has confidence in these guys?

  4. all lot of people here wanted sundin,i hope the same happens to avery

    yeah, really…

    Avery is a mistake in a lot of ways.

    doodie, you think he will or wont get picked up by NYR?

  5. “I want to say they’re bang on, they’re spot on…”

    … he wants to and can’t, or won’t?

  6. Is there any way to agree to have the Stars assign Avery to Hartford, put him on re-entry waivers, have the Rangers claim him, and have him lace them up in the next 1 hour and 12 min before tonight’s game? Please?

    I can’t remember the last time I was really not looking forward to a game like this. I keep having this nightmare that Shanny drops three natural hat-tricks on us.

  7. yeah sure tom.. keep drinking the dolan kool aid.. it’s doing wonders for your iq.. your getting dumber as the days go by..

  8. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Nice start before game time Jane , having a woman lead this blog is quite cool , nice to see a fresh face, Don’t mind me , ima just a BIG RANGER FAN and were gonna kick some MUTH …um yeah , you know ..beat them. Beat them bad :)

    GO RANGERSSSSS , we neeed the points!!!

    Yo( Doodie ) , we aint losing Dubinsky now ,because we may sign Avery …for less , come on …and like you said 5 years of hell!!!?? Who knows , maybe one of those guys pulls a Matteau and we all like the guy.??.you and (TMGO) should maybe go route for anutha team cuz yer whinning and depression is making me sick.

    Sathers best deal was trading Messier to the Rangers and swaping Rejio Rusolanien back n forth from NY to edm to NY to edm to ny. OK fine he wasn’t the NYR gm but he did make good trades for NY (hehe)

    Down with Jersey , 4 – 2 Rangers

  9. Personally, if the Rangers win tonight, then everyone will think that everything is okay with the team and do nothing. If they lose again, and Shanny lights the lamp on the PP, maybe someone upstairs will finally say enough and start to make changes, because at this rate, the Rangers will not make the playoffs. Henrik is the only bright spot and you can’t expect him to save a team that plays like crap in front of him.

  10. 1)”Bang on?”…What is this man still doing coaching this team?

    )Someone mentioned the Pens grabbing Avery on the last post….wow, what an idea!!…they could use him but that team is too tight…I mean serious tight (the Rangers might be as well..Crury, Renny, Redden, Rozival..tight like overwound snaredrums)…can you imagine what Avery would do to Crosby, Malkin and Fluery?? I almost want it to happen; Crosby seems to have this A-Rod image thing going…ever see him look like he’s having fun even once?

  11. I hope you mean management and coaches when you say EVERYONE is going to think everything is OK. Because I sure as hell won’t think everything is OK even if we win 5 games in a row. Nothing is ever OK with this team.

  12. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (Murphlar) , If we win or lose , stuff will be done…im not liking your idea and others on here to tank this game so the coach gets fired!!?? NEWSFLASH : IF WE DONT WIN WE DONT GET TO WATCH ANY RANGER PLAYOFF GAMES , even if its only 4 , I wanna win at all cost , bring in Avery or mother teresa , I-don’t-care , I just wanna win!!!!

    exactly (Kaspar) , and other teams bringing in Avery is a risk , thats why the Rangers will get him. We know what were getting and he didnt leave town because of his antics , It was all about the money. Now we can have him at our price so yes we can afford him with hurting anyoe elses up coming salary ext.

  13. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    I hope after anger management Avery doesn’t end up a lady bing candidate. Hugs instead of slugs. It could happen.

  14. Its funny how 17,000 people a night can cheer a guy like Todd Bertuzzi ( who I belive waited like 4 years to apologize for mugging Steve Moore)but a lot of people have serious issues with a guy like Avery getting a second ( ok a fourth) chance because he has a big mouth…funny people




    NEED 6 OF 8 PTS

  16. Nasty 1… u practically ruined my life with that coach changing + big trade source rumor last week! i went out bought a new suite…new tie… got dressed and was waiting by the computer all weekend and nothing happened! I hope I didn’t waste my money for nothing on the new suite… lol

  17. He is still standing by what he said over the weekend, and added that win a few lose a few won’t be good enough either. Thinks this week will be very telling.

  18. CCCP, that is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Is it a nicer suit that what Renney wears? Ha. Renney can go be a professor somewhere. I am sure he will be great at it. Or can teach kids how to take the ISEE test, ha.

  19. A Ranger winger named, Petr, nay for short Pete
    Plays his butt off yet constantly shown the seat
    It surely would take much more than a penny
    To get a decent explanation from the man named Renney

    His friends Jagr and Straka were shown the door
    Now poor little Petr can’t play at all anymore
    “Why can’t I play?” says Petr with a pouting frown
    “Because”, says Mr. Tom, “you have worn down.”

  20. I never said anything about tanking a game. As an athlete or a fan, I would never condone such a thing. My point is that the team has waited too long to right the ship, and that I wouldn’t care if Shanny has a great game because it will be a reminder that we should’ve resigned him, and not Voros, REdden, Rissmiller, etc.

  21. “Kaspar – Avery is getting a (sloppy) second chance. Get it right! ;)”

    Just tryin to keep it clean…..for the children

  22. kasper

    should be available around midnight tonite. look for the late addition of the post.

    as a season tix holder i am sick of this crap team

  23. DanTheRangerFan on

    I will welcome Avery back in a second….Lets remember WWAD and those Avery chants…we need something on this dead roster an avery can def help. It’s funny how everyone turns on the guy…ya he messed up and has messed up before but he played great in NY once and my gut is he will only help… by the way great job so far Rick

  24. I am kind of interested to see what plays out tonight, as I am sure the rest of you are. I mean if the Rangers go out, and lay another stinker does Renney make it to Wednesday? If he does he better hope they show up vs Washington at the Garden on Wednesday because it could get ugly quick.

  25. Yeah Nasty 1, it’s a nice suite… its green color and is recycle friendly…made from used material… it has no sleeves and no buttons, so when the suite worn out there be less to recycle! Im all about environment friendly stuff… lately though the rangers land been polluted a lot by some major bullshit… time to clean and make the house green again!

  26. If this guy yet again has his team “feeling out” the Devils early on in order to “weather the storm of the first ten minutes,” then this team is going to “have its a@@ handed to it” on a black-and-red platter. “Quite honestly.”

    Attack, attack, attack.

  27. avery wants new york…not the new york rangers, he only wants to go play with dresses at vogue.

    jive…career wise, how about the year he led the leaugue in penalties??
    2005/06 257 minutes (led the league)
    2006/07 174 minutes (5th most in league)
    2007/08 154 minutes (led the rangers)

    mako….case in point…do you know how many members of the new york rangers organization went to visit him in the hospital when his spleen was ruptured?? ZERO, none, not one!!

  28. DomivBaumgartner on


    How bad is the Versus telecast? Sure wish we had John Saunders and Barry Melrose on ESPN, those were the days. To make matters worst Doc Emerick is calling the game.

  29. I wish it was Billy Jaffe over Eddie O doing play by play. I know he does the Islanders, but I’m a fan of Jaffe.

  30. I am mildly enthused about after reading that Sportsnet story Nasty posted the link to. Not because of Avery (although I would be fine with having him back at a nice reduced rate)but this quote –

    “There is no clear favourite to represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final. The Bruins have been mighty impressive, but until Tim Thomas proves he can win in the playoffs, they remain a wait-and-see team.

    The Capitals also look strong, but do you envision Jose Theodore playing four rounds in the postseason? Philadelphia and Montreal also have goaltending concerns.”

    Throw in a potentially shaky Brodeur plus a return to normalcy from Fleury this year and I like Lundqvist’s chances to steal a playoff series or two.

  31. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    yeah off the record they did say from an inside source that none went to visit Avery at the hospital but was n’t everyone playing in the playoffs and were not around?

  32. Naslund with a terrible start. Mishandled a pass, takes a penalty on the PP.

    Emrick: “The Rangers sometimes play a 1-2-2” Yeah, and the Pope is Catholic.

  33. What do you know, they are forechecking tonight. Much more purpose and urgency so far than the norm.

  34. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Reiz ,is doing some nice hitting for the guy who can’t see the game and is checking this blog…can’t remeber who it was …

  35. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    god our passing in the offensive zone is so sloppy, yet the devs come right back and its like they stand there in front of hank with no pressure . its pathetic

  36. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    good call ford. i saw that too. alot of passes from dru to nas n gomer have been bad too

  37. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    catch the game on TSN man , but it the versus telecast…Hank , ohhhhhhh I missed him!!!!! Can ‘t believe how much more confedent he holds himself then washed out ol Vally . ” Pucks are having a hard time hitting him” dam anouncer was so right.

  38. I guess Renney cant let go the idea that Voros is a Franzen type player in front of the net, as evidenced by putting him again on the PP.

  39. The Rangers have forechecked this period. By my count, the Devils have had one odd man rush against. Are Renney people beginning to understand that trying to play in the other team’s zone doesn’t equal defensive swiis cheese?

  40. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    You guys are too bitchy , come on , 0 – 0 game…looking perty good so far …

  41. michael therrien on

    Renney wants to score goals?, hah.

    he’s got Betts out there on the 4-on-4

    that says it all about his paranoid defensive emphasis

  42. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    ALright reiz !!!! Maybe threw a couple lil rabbit punches and a eye poke … Yessss this guys funny kunda but I like ’em

  43. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    cmon shanny go over there and whoop drurys ass. show him how a leader does it

  44. Nice work, TK.

    Does anybody else hate the way Versus cameras always go away from the post-whistle scrums? ESPN started doing the same thing before it lost the NHL rights. I don’t get this? When something’s going on, the camera goes elsewhere as if under orders.

  45. Colton Orr almost had 2 minutes there in the first got to 1:56. Thank god for Henrik. PP is just hard to watch.

  46. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    well at least we didnt give the devils much but we gotta score on one of these pp’s. i mean were on #4 now and havent really done anything with it.

  47. That power play is pathetic. Change it up, no more of the all captain line.

    If Avery comes back imagine he’s Born Again and wears all white suits. THAT would be funny.

    Carp-I hate watching VS it’s budget.

    Why is Dawes with Z/Dubi it should be Cally who is grittier.

  48. power play loses this game. devils will get there chances and convert. 0-3 going on 0-4 in 1 period.

    how pearn is here is beyond me

  49. michael therrien on

    I guess Prucha can’t do more than dawes or Voros, yeah, right.

    4 PPs, 2 scoring chances. nice work Pearn.

  50. Good point, Rick. It’s kind of like when a fan runs out onto a baseball field and the cameras turn away in order to not condone the behavior and give fans the incentive that they’ll get on TV.

  51. Carp…very true… i wont be surprised if that is exactly y the cameras move away from those plays… the NHL is trying to put on a “pink dress” and attract younger girls population…

  52. Geez this is tough to watch. It’s amazing that some of you think this is a pretty good period only because the Rangers haven’t given up any goals. Their passing is ATROCIOUS! Can someone make a pass around here!

    At least Reitz stands up for his guys…unlike any other Rangers who has been here all year!

  53. people sure bitch a lot!!

    I would really like to see the next Devil that takes a whack at Henrik get a stick, a shove, anything!! Come on Rangers, they ran over your goalie!!

    What is with the “pass” in the neutral zone EVERY power play?? Cross the red line and everyone wants to make this crazy lateral pass…guys with speed, skate on by, go offside, loose possesion…

  54. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    tomy its passing its hitting its blueline turnovers and mishaps. the guys are still feelin it from the dallas game. theyre not gonna score much this game. lets just hope hank can get us a w because hes played pretty damn good lately and hasnt won in awhile. we need to get him a win and just a win in general. this pp to start the period we need to at least break through the zone and presure the corners and hopefully just blast a few in from the point cuz its been hard for guys to get in the slot

  55. Is there a reason Versus is pumping Flyers Redwings that is to be played more than a month from now? No reason to pump up Sharks Bruins which is TOMORROW.

  56. Reitz is better the nKalinan no doubt about it..

    the rangers did zippo offensively in tha tperiod..

    they need to crash the net, is that real hard to figure out.

    yeah prucha cannot add any energy to this lineup..

  57. i think on the power play we should just keep putting the same guys out there over and over,we all see how great its been. maybe its time to call up a Power Play QB. (bobby sangs)
    we do not need colton the defensive specialist orr to play. dress 7 Dmen. i know, Orr is an improved skater good on D, and so on and so on. he is a waste of a uniform.

  58. michael therrien on

    at least Kelly of the NHLPA has an intelligent take on fighting. he knows you have to keep it in

  59. Rick – Thanks.

    Hopefully the PK will wear on the Devils legs as the game moves along. Hopefully.

  60. i think we can all agree on 3 things

    druy-gomez-naslund through one period are terrible

    dawes is not fast or physical enough to keep up with z and dubi, callahan should be on that line

    Rietz might endup being a steal for us, kalinin better pack his bags becasue hes likely a trade now

  61. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah Rick , I was yelling at the tv saying get over there!!!! We missed were Reiz stepped in for Mara .On the replay it was shown.

    Shanny wont score on Hank and I think Gomez is gonna score one this game.

  62. czechthemout!!!!! on

    They certainly are playing like a team playing for thier coach tonight,don’t they?

    Six shots on goal with 4 pp chances,how pathetic!!!!!!

  63. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.
    February 9th, 2009 at 7:11 pm
    yeah off the record they did say from an inside source that none went to visit Avery at the hospital but was n’t everyone playing in the playoffs and were not around/

    game april 29th in NYC
    sleen out morning of 30th
    game may 1st in NYC
    game 5 may 4th in Pitt

    face it, nobody likes him

  64. Gomez and Redden on the same PP, We can all count how many PP goals they have combined on one hand

  65. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    Anybody that thinks Voros could have done what Orr just did to rupp doesn’t have a clue.

  66. id say that was dumb of gomez there negating the power play but its not like we were gonna score on it anyway

  67. theres something weird going on with the feed quality it looks like the glass is tempered like im watching hockey being played behind a shower door.

    oh god damnit game over

  68. bounce….

    come out of the woodworks lundqvist haters..

    do you want to go back to the mike duhnamn days

  69. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    Alot of clowns on here said Shanahan was washed up. I hope they are big enough to admit they were wrong.(most of them are not).

  70. Game over. They won’t come close to scoring 2 for the rest of the night. Jersey’s gonna get at least 1 more

  71. this has to be it

    this team is not mustering up 1 goal let alone 3 to win now


  72. “Devils are outskating the Rangers and are beating them to the loose pucks”

    just delete Devils and insert whoever they play.

  73. One team is well-coached and opportunistic. One team is coached horribly and squanders every chance it gets.

  74. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    boooooooooo 2 goals for NJ and we have ….sigh …um we have nothing. Passion and heart is shown and if we don’t prevail ….head are gonna fly , WE NEED WINS!!!

  75. anyone want the rest of my season tix . i am done with this crap team.


  76. “NYR56 February 9th, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    “Devils are outskating the Rangers and are beating them to the loose pucks”

    just delete Devils and insert whoever they play.”

    quoted for truth

  77. I agree firing Renney should happen. However, no new coach is going to make Gomez or Drury first line players. The new coach doesnt have much talent to work with, but got this Renney approach needs to end.

  78. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    rangers suck. im sick of our 30 something million first line who cant do jack

  79. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    this game was lost when we got 6 shots and no actual good scoring chances on those 4 powerplays. if we score just 1 on any of those 4 we are in this game right now

  80. id rather watch anisimov instead of gomez

    can we bring the wolfpack up and send the rangers down?

  81. I would say that I hope they lose 10-0 if I felt changes would be made. But I know there won’t be any

  82. id rather watch anisimov instead of gomez

    dont worry, you’ve got 5 more years of watching the guy.

  83. little green men on

    I feel bad for Betts, z, cally and orr. They are giving it 100%, the rest of the team doesn’t look like they care.

  84. on the bright side i noticed that redden pushed someone after a whistle, and then said the f-word. PASSION CITY!

  85. i cant say i ever would wish the devs to win but mayb a loss here will be enuff for some sort of coachin change even just a pearn firing

  86. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    no tom there wont be changes now, but give it a few more games of this crap on ice show. i have never been so bored and frustrated watching a hockey game in my life. betts has been our best player. he plays like he doesnt care, drury n gomer are so weak.

  87. The Obama Administration has just announced that, in addition to closing Guantanamo, it will be banning the following interrogation techniques as forms of “torture.”

    – Waterboarding
    – The Rack
    – Sleep deprivation
    – Watching Rangers hockey

    (hat tip: jj)

  88. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    Tom Renney says “This game is unacceptable……I’m gonna bench Prucha!”

  89. eeic – i might be interested in a couple of games for free of course since they are not worth anything other than that to me.

  90. they are completely clueless on offense. Most teams try to score by design (coaching)… we try to score by luck!?

    Fire Renney!

  91. First D.J.: Okay, Rangers fans, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.
    Second D.J.: It’s coooold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?
    First D.J.: Not hardly. And you know, you can expect hazardous game play today with that, you know, that, uh, that Renney thing.
    Second D.J.: [mockingly] That Renney – thing. That Renney – thing. Oh, well, here’s the gameplan! The National Hockey League is calling for a “big snoozer!”
    First D.J.: Yessss, they are. But you know, there’s another reason why tonight’s game will be especially boring.
    Second D.J.: Especially dull!
    First D.J.: Especially dull, okay, but the big question on everybody’s lips…
    Second D.J.: – On their chapped lips…
    First D.J.: – On their chapped lips, right: Do ya think Renney is gonna get fired?
    Second D.J.: Clueless Renney!
    First D.J.: Thats right, woodchuck-chuckers – it’s
    [in unison]
    First D.J. and Second D.J.: RENNEY GETS FIRED DAY!

  92. has clemmenson faced anything other than a wide high bad angle shot?

    Renney should make a video for kids to watch because that is our whole offense.

  93. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    hey tom said we got the goods so we must right? you got the right stuff baby. sure we do tom. could we get a coach who is more un new york like than him? he is wussified

  94. “How about a game in Hartford vs Wolfpack. winner plays in NHL”

    I love it. Kinda like soccer, where if you suck you get relegated to a lesser league.

  95. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    They should turn the lights out completely, thats the only way we might win.

  96. If David Copperfield can make the Statue of Liberty disappear, can he make Renney , Redden, Gomez and Drury vanish for good?

  97. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i wish i could hear what is goin on in the rangers lockerroom right now. theres def somethin up ive never seen a 1st line so incapable of providing any sort of attack or scoring chances. not one good tape-tape pass so far and nothing but outside shots. i think betts had more good chances than the whole 1st line combined.

  98. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    Tom Renney will say “It came down to special teams”.(or some such nonsense.

  99. Gomez is a completely selfish player. And he’s a “leader” of the team? No wonder we’re awful.

  100. Conversation to take place on the bench during the 3rd period:

    PERN: I think people place too much emphasis on their careers. I wish we could all live in the mountains. At high altitude … That’s where I see myself in five years. How about you?
    RENNEY: Oh, I agree. I just like to go with the flow. See where it leads me.
    PERN: Well, it’s led you here.
    RENNEY: It’s about a million miles from where I started in college.
    PERN: You weren’t in coaching or scouting?
    RENNEY: Believe it or not, I studied 19th-century Canadian poetry.
    PERN: What a waste of time! I mean, for someone else that would be an incredible waste of time. So bold of you to choose that …

  101. michael therrien on

    Renney postgame=

    “we were dominant, but we just didn’t get the breaks. we just need to tidy up a few things, and we’ll be fine.”

  102. When are the Devils retiring this goalie’s number? He’s amazing! Maybe we can package Staal, and Prucha plus a pick for him?

  103. This is pathetic, I’m becoming numb from this team. I hate Redden/Gomez/Drury and Rozi and Voros can go with them.

    I’d seriously rather watch a Anisimov/Paranteau/Dupont then those guys. I’d actually rather watch a Wolfpack reality show where Ken Gernander is some whacky landlord then this crap.

    This organization needs a major overhaul. :(

  104. funny stuff miami pimp. that is a great analogy for this team right now.

    can we fire renney and move on already? did anyone expect the team to “play for its coach” when his job is on the line? doesnt management see that they have given up on him? sure, lets just throw some more points away and let tom try and work this out with the team.

  105. Only good thing about tonight’s game is that we haven’t seen much of Voros’ face – makes me sick.

    See Renney’s face after Orr kicked the crap out of Rupp – he looked like the king of the castle. Scum.

  106. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    ok we are 1 – 1 in the fights and 2 – 0 in the score , for a team fighting to stay in a playoff spot we have to start scoring goals . This game better not wind down to a 3 – 0 game !

    Where is Scott Gomez!!!!??? Is he playing his former team or is he helping them? I bet dollar to donuts that Gomez winds back up in New Jersey. Maybe we can trade Shanahan for him .. straight across and Gomez will waive any no – trade claus to be back with his buddies. If we are considering taking Avery back then im pritty sure NJ will take Gomez back . Just a thought …

  107. Right in between the Amboy Multiplex and the old lot where Razzmataz once was. Ha. Please tell me someone remembers that place.

  108. Things I could be doing now:

    -@ the gym
    -Looking for a better job
    -Cleaning my room
    -Working on a film script
    -Starting my hockey blog
    -Watching Heroes
    -Doing Laundry
    -Waiting for NFL Free Agency

    Anyone else care to chime in?

  109. Ryan Callahan not even of 7 minutes of ice time, Lauri Korpikoski not even 5 minutes of ice time. Send them to Hartford so they can at least get 20 minutes a night.

    I kid with that last line, just annoyed.

  110. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    im actually lookin forward to watchin bruins -sharks tommorow. i love watchin other teams execute the simple plays and make a game interesting and worth watching. this one is so over im just watchin to see how many 3rd period goals we give up after we abandon the trap

  111. Chris Drury has played 16 minutes so far, Z only 12…though Drury does do PK. Is it just me or does Renney overuse the guy? It’s like Renney thinks Drury is a Datysuk caliber player.

  112. It was nice to take pride in this team for a few years. This team gives me no reason at all to feel proud anymore. It is truly pathetic and a shame and the organization should be ashamed.

  113. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    cccp- did u hear bill patrick say “do the rangers have what it takes to come back” after tellin us that jersey is 16-0 when leadin by 2 goin into the 3rd. lol they are funny

  114. How come our defense doesn’t block more shots? Rozy leads the team with 56 and thats only good enough for 50 something in the league. staal’s got 28. kinda weird. Must be something going on positionally in the defensive zone…we need craig ludwig shinguards

  115. Also if the yahoo box score is right Renney is running only 5 d-men Reitz has 5:37 of playing time how is that possible?

  116. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    nyr56- cut toenails, watch my fish eat rocks or screw each other, get drunk with my grandma, or watch the rangers blow up and lose 7-0. im gonna watch!! lol

  117. Nathan Horton hears a who on

    -watch saint obama
    -go out for a pack of ciggarettes and not return
    -have avery’s sloppy se…..

  118. li joe “quote unquote”…I’m just repeating, maybe they were there, maybe they were not..he ain’t the answer…

    shanny looks pretty good, for being a washed up 40 year old.


  119. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    devs are gettin better chances even while winning. how can we suck so bad? they really want renny gone

  120. Found this blog a few days ago and I just want to thank you guys for helping keep me sane down here in Bama! I’ve been a Rangers fan since 1978, and this is as bad as i’ve ever seen a team play, if not worse! How can they not be embarrassed to put on their jerseys and go out and play the way they’ve been playing lately? I thought the game on Adam Graves night was rock bottom, and then comes the Stars game. It just boggles the mind!

    We really need a change from the top down. The game passed Sather ( or as I call him YETI) by about 20 years ago, and how he has a job for life just reinforces the fact that we have a horrible, know nothing hack of an owner. Between Dolan, Sather, overpaid middle of the road veterans, and the horrible system and non existent power play, they are taking all the joy out of loving this team.

    At least Orr leveled Rupp!

    Well, I just wanted to post a little somethin & to thank you for all your great commentary, and I hope ya don’t mind if I post more frequently!

  121. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    l.a. came here and just dominated the devs. they were playing like they were having fun. this team looks like playing hockey is agonizing for them

  122. Renney has his mad scientist hat on again… He’s jumbling the jumbled lines… What a surprise. Yet the PP units have the same faces on it..

  123. When the fans care more than the players and management its time for the fans to protest.At some future game, if no changes are made, the fans should en masse leave at the beginning of the third period. the fans need to make a statement. Dolan should notice a partially empty garden. Just talking does nothing.

  124. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- post it up girl. were havin a great time here i know i am. i agree with everything u said

  125. if this doesn’t get renney fired, there is no hope

    the players are SO obviously not giving a sh*t…and now a penalty when it’s a 4v1 in your own zone? seriously?

  126. Seriously, if only thinks Redden has been better lately, watch this game. The guy is worst than Malik if you factor in salary.

  127. I feel like I’m watching the Cleveland Indians at the beginning of Major League and Renney is that effin biatch owner that wants the team to loose

  128. linda – the comments keep you sane?

    well welcome to a fellow ranger fan. i live in the south too. the south shore of LI.

    i feel bad for the ranger fans actually in attendance.

    btw – how did you become a ranger fan

  129. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Welcome Linda , yeah the fight was good!! Post here and don’t take any crap because this place is full of negativity and as bad as it is . I usually say positive stuff but the coach has to shoulder the blame even though his GM made some costly high priced mistakes.

  130. Pretty funny that the didn’t sign Shanahan since they wanted Drury as the unquestioned leader of the team. Chris Drury is BY FAR the worst captain the Rangers have had since I’ve been watching hockey (since 1979)

  131. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    you know what i like renny. i really just seen the players give up. this crap is hardly on renny. i dont care what is the man supposed to do with these clowns

  132. well,judging by all the toenail cutting going on in here, i gotta say a well groomed man is sexy!

    anyway, i was gonna say Reitz=Prucha on the d, and fingernails on the blackboard Emerik called his name twice! Gotta love Renney giving the kid who wasnt afraid to mix it up in the first some freakin splinters. Guy’s been here for a week and has showed more fire than anyone else on the team outside of Orr (who it seems has been reigned in lately until that TKO) and Callahan.

    My favorite player of all time is Adam Graves, followed by Shanahan (from his days on the Whale), unfortunately, we don’t have guys like that on this team. Every time I hear them say Gomez, I just twitch.. and NOT in a good way!

  133. Staalsy getting pissed….With the amount of garbage play by his team mates and taking out his anger on the opponent…..He is gonna turn into Pronger over night

  134. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    why dont they play like this at the freakin start of the game????? why???

  135. ctrain – i think kaspar is the guy beating the drum in the outfield at the beginning of the movie

  136. I hope someone becomes like Pronger.. maybe Voros? I want him to injure Zubrus, permanently. At least then Renney will be forced to use someone else in the lineup!

  137. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    ctrain-id rather half the team did. sry but renny had this dud team winning like mad men at the beginning, now they arent competing, and this game, and the last few are not on renny. maybe putting prucha in is what hes at fault for but cmon this team just doesnt have anything right now. but yea renny needs to either bench some of these guys, get tuff or get out

  138. lifelong NY’er who moved to Alabama in 2006 cuz, yea, I like more money in my wallet lol! Some of you might know me from the Rangers Talk Back on Topix (rangergiRL in alabama). I gotta say, you guys are totally hysterical, I’ve been tryin to post and keep up with what you’re all saying and you guys are just hilarious!

    Betts has had a pretty good game tonight, and its funny someone compared Redden ( the walking zombie) to Malik, I mentioned that on topix about 2 weeks ago. How in the blue hell did we get stuck with 4 horrendous contracts! Sheesh, I’d much rather have had Streit (even though he did trip over himself at the Skills Comp lol) instead of Zombie. Ya know, Sather was a ‘genius’ when he had no money when he ran the Oil. He comes to NY, with Daddy Warbucks money, and is a complete tool!

    Whats the over under on Prucha’s next game?

  139. is it kind of sick that i’m hoping for the shutout at this point? i feel like that’d be better than losing 2-1.

  140. Rask Lehtonen Clemmenson 2 shutouts that should have been 3 if it were not that Naslund goal with 10 seconds.

  141. they’re forechecking? are you serious? the puck hasn’t left the boards in the devil’s zone once…and the one time it did earlier in the period drury shot it 15 feet over the net as usual

  142. i see this thread beating the other for most posts unless carp pulls a fast one and posts a new thread later tonight

  143. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda- ur funny.” how in the blue hell?”. yea were gettin wacky on here tonight

  144. What Renney-isms will come forth during the post game show, that I WONT GET grrrr. It’s making me sick that some of these guys are just going through the motions. It’s an insult to the game, and to the fans.

  145. Forget about signing Avery. Time to be sellers at the deadline. Anyone but Staal and Henrik are available.

  146. This has got to be the worst stretch of hockey this team has played since I started watchin them back in the day! And that’s saying a lot. I swear, they are mocking our jersey!

  147. Why can’t we have the owner if jagrs khl team own the rangers. Renney wouldn’t have made it past the second period tonight

  148. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    lets go rangers!!!!!!!!!!! theyve done it. one more step for renny out the door.

  149. jerkins- Renney had his players playing excellent early on, busting their a$$es off for him night in and night out. But the present is a diffent story there is no faith in him and his system anymore and you can see that from the play of his players. I do agree i would get rid of some of the people on this team but how can you not think renney is a problem?

  150. Dubi’s mind is so messed up that he just passed the puck out of the offensive zone to Staal in center ice. OMG, this is beyond belief.

  151. “I want to say they’re bang on, they’re spot on…”

    Tom, I beg to differ. This is not a spot on or ‘bang on’ team.

  152. Duh on my part about the post game show, but don’t they still do something on MSG after the games? I’d love to hear the Renney-isms but I guess I’ll have to read the Post, Daily News and Newsday online at work as usual!

    LOL@ Keith Jones and the understatement of the night! LOL @ Voros being a passenger…this guy is a riot

  153. Thank God Sean Avery is coming to save us!!! What a joke!! We need goal scoring this team is a disgrace!!

  154. Seriously, Redden needs to be benched. I hope the Rangers fire Renney and get a coach with the balls to bench Redden foremost, while also considering benching players like Gomez.

  155. Ya gotta love Keith Jones, last time they were on Versus he ripped Redden, tonight he rips Redden AND Voros, tell it like it is! This team is a disgrace! I am going to see them March 12 in Nashville, and sheesh, do I wear my jersey or not???? I’m about to get my brown paper bag I have for after the Mets choke in september and decorate the other side for the Rangers! OI VEY is right!

  156. how does voros play over prucha when we cant score any goals? does that make any sense? i agree renney needs to go, but sather gave renney nothing to work with. this team has absolutely no skill players.

  157. Jones said that Redden is getting paid big bucks and that he’s been a major disappointment and that he needs to play better. He really ripped Voros calling him a passenger in games and that he needs to bring a physical element that was nonexistatn in this game…and stop trying to score goals because that’s not his job because he cant.

  158. Leetch is the man on

    This team really reminds me of the pre lockout. They come in as underdogs but this time with a pussy coach who chews gum and not on superstar on that team. Nobody on this team should be making over 4.5 million. Just doesnt have the talent except Henrik. Everyone else is second line players. Staal will be great and Z who knows. Everyone else should die a slow death.

  159. “We only got scored against 3 times on the road! Good road game! Lots of positives tonight. We played with sexiness and sandpaper!”

    Watch Renney say this. That’s my prediction.

  160. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    linda i blame renny for some things but this team is not playing for him anymore. its not all on his shoulders. its very clear to see that the players are at fault for the last 5 games. i dont think renny is tuff enough on them but what else can the guy do? little things here and there are not gonna turn this crap show around. droopy, gumby and nas-snail are not scoring and dreaden and retardi girardi are weak and gettin weaker on d. not caring

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re finished. Love that this Keith Jones is crushing Voros and Redden. Now if only he could’ve said somehting about playing Prucha, it would’ve been the trifecta.

    I’m disapointed that they couldn’t keep their early season form, but I am not surprised. I said it at the beginning of the season that they would be struggling to make the playoffs.

    This team needs to be blown up. There is no way they can win with their current build and salary cap structure. Bringing in Avery would not fix anything, but would just be the final nail in the team’s coffin for the next 3 years (until Drury and Avery’s contracts would be over).

  162. This is getting as bad as the pre-lockout days. There’s still time left but not much.

    I can’t believe he went back to the original lines. Is Renney pulling a Willie Randolph?

    I wanna pull the plug on watching these guys but for some reason I just can’t and there’s one more game I’m going to.

    I hope the crowd starts booing Redden/Gomez/Drury on Wednesday.

    There’s no reason AA and Bobby Sags shouldn’t be given some PP time if these other idiots can’t do anything.

  163. The team is Sather’s fault just like he did before the lockout. Underachieving big payout players, and leaving us no cap room and not giving the coaching staff the parts to work with.

    Blame also to the coaching staff for not knowing how to work the PP, move the puck, sit underperforming parts, and putting Prucha in Siberia.

    Blame also on the big ticket items not coming through with goals. And can any of the big salary stiffs get a shot on goal when no one is one them. I’m tired of seeing shots go high or wide.

    Sather should be given his walking papers, but that is going to happen. A shake up is needed. The three coaches have to go. Bring Shoenfeld out of the front office for just the rest of the year since he really doesn’t want to coach longterm. See if Tortorella or some other key candidate wants to assist and possibly be the choice for next season.

    Someone has to do something.

  164. Maloney said our elite players don’t match up with the other teams elite players. The losing is only going to continue the Sean Avery stuff and this coaching “thing”

  165. there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. wednesday will just bring another loss to the capitals and renney will still have his job…

    this team is in serious trouble. here’s to another disappointing season and no sense that things are going to get any better.

  166. The Rangers are back to being the pre-lockout team who never beat the Devils. They only beat the Devils the last 3 seasons with Jagr and Straka. And never mind the power play, look at the Rangers at even strength — 5 on 5 this year they are at the bottom of the league — last 3 years they were in the top ten or higher. This team is just a notch above the Islanders, except the Islanders try harder. Disgrace. Good job Slats; you’ve got plenty of that good old Canadian grit now — how’s it working for you?

  167. what a heartless effort
    5 players on the rangers are worthy of a letter: dubinsky, callahan, mara, lundqvist and betts…they all play hard game in game out all game long
    guess what…none of them have letters.
    drury, gomez, and naslund are our letters and they have no heart!
    what an awful game…this team is terrible.
    let avery replace naslund who may be our top scorer but is awful
    cant wait until next year when sanguinetti and del zotto can replace redden and rozival..then we can afford a team with talent.

  168. Do you guys really want to give sather the opportunity to hire a new coach, Renney was his best hire. the rest, low, potvin sucked. the man is clueless!!!

  169. I don’t care anymore, I’m down for trading Naslund and Rozi just to free up cap room. Even if it’s nothing more than a 3rd or 4th round pick for each. I know he’s our top goal scorer but make some cap room. Then waive Redden who is HORRIBLE. I Miss Malik!!!!!

  170. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    February 9th, 2009 at 9:43 pm
    how does voros play over prucha when we cant score any goals? does that make any sense? i agree renney needs to go, but sather gave renney nothing to work with. this team has absolutely no skill players.

    exactly. i know renny is to blame for some things here but if they were winning so much at the beginning of the season why do they get frustrated with the system and stop trying? renny proved his system can work. no excuse i dont care if they think its boring or whatnot they get paid to do their job and the coach is their boss.

  171. And we had to listen to Doc talk about how great Betts was playing. He’s ok, but I’d prefer to have Holik and Shanahan on the Rangers 4th line. Oh that’s right, the Rangers did have them — Glen just decided to go in a different direction.

  172. i can’t imagine what this team would be like if they had a mediocre goalie and not one of the best in the league. sad to see him wasted like that.

  173. Everybody wants Renney fired, fine get a new coach but this team needs to be guttered. With Sather around it will be the same old sh*t.

  174. God this blog is just awful since Sam left. No disrespect Carpy, I think you’re a fantastic hockey writer, but are you and Jane actually covering this team? It seems like you’re just throwing up things that we already know and telling us to discuss. If there’s no beat writer anymore, can you guys just let us know and not act like somebody is covering the team.

  175. NO! You rotten bums! You overpaid weenies! Mild thing, you make my butt sting! I *detest* you! You’re all garbage! All of ya! Back up the truck! Back it up!

  176. Mike A, good points, and yes, I agree that the players on this team stopped trying right after the all star game. They were really good and entertaining at the beginning of the year. This team is just an assemblage of parts that will not fit together, and, unfortunately, with the albatross contracts of Gomez, Drury, Roszival and Redden, it seems we are doomed for the next 5 years. Gomez and Redden really need to be benched for a minimum of 3 games each, just to show that SOMEONE CARES!

    The whole Dawes and Voros over Prucha thing is out of control! Did Pru have intimate dalliances with Renneys wife, or daughter?? How is this guy the poster child for what is wrong with this team, when all he does is play his heart out when he gets tossed a crumb and gets in a game. I know the guy’s 170 soakin wet, but he plays HARD, mucks it up and does the corner work noone else seems to want to do.

  177. jerkins stop kissing renney’s ass

    this team is a .500 team and in 12th place without shootouts

    some system renney built the team on

  178. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    versus has a bit on an indian cricket player instead of the postgame coverage. versus sucks!!!

  179. michael therrien on

    the point is this. Drury, Gomez, and Redden, and Naslund are not playing up to their capabilities. that is Renney’s job, top get his top players to be his top players.

    the fact that THOSE 4 have quit on him is an indictment of all 4 of them certainly, but also of Renney.

    after all, it is the job of the coach to get the most out of his players. if he can’t, then he must be replaced.

    a pox on all their house.

  180. Wow the radio postgame was awful, not 1 audio clip from Renney or a player, but don’t worry got to here the 3 Devils goals again.

  181. No interviews on 1050. They never have them for Versus games. i think they use MSG’s audio the rest of the time.

  182. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    rob f- kissin rennys ass? yea thats what im doin because i hope to someday get on the team. dumbass

  183. If the outpouring for Graves did nothing for this team, then nothing will. We will be lucky if we hold on to the 8th spot, and then what do we get – Boston!

    They need to see what veterans they can move. Trade what you can and fold the tent.

    Hey, Slats, are you listening? Clean house any way you can, learn how to find and play players who have spirit and an edge. Learn how to draft.

  184. the common misconception about this situation is:

    people say that gomez, drury, naslund etc. are all second rate players and we lack stars

    truthfully, a player like gomez has the ability to be a first line center…but renney can’t get him to play close to his potential, so it SEEMS like he’s a second rate player because that’s what the sather haters are so used to seeing

    first, replace the coach and get someone that holds veterans accountable and can get his players to play to their potential

  185. A very depressing loss yet again.

    We all know Pru can play better than both Dawes and Voros combined, but yet Renney obviously hates him, so he refuses to play him and keeps him out of the lineup.

    It’s BS

  186. Well folks. It will be all AFRAUD on the airwaves tomorrow on local sports talk. If you’re lucky Don and possibly Jaffe/Hradik will debate the Renney thing, but they wont score any interviews with Renney himself or Sather. So, we’re in for a second half of the season.

  187. great posts kc and jk! it’s nice to be on a site where there are so many opinions and good points being made. It’s sad that we’re all resigned to the fact that unless some miracle happens (aka Sather vanishing off the face of the earth, new younger coaching staff better able to handle the ‘new nhl’ i guess lol) the season’s pretty much over cuz we have heartless bastages wearing our jersey!

  188. Sundin's Ghost on

    I’m close to giving up on them for the rest of the season unless they fire Renney. When they win (which hasn’t been for a couple weeks now), they win unconvincingly. When they lose, they lose thoroughly. Anyone can see how shaky a foundation that is. Please god just get rid of him already. And just say NO to Avery. Last thing this team needs is another marginally talented player chewing up cap space.

  189. GREAT QUOTE ctrain016!!!

    Classic disgruntled fan. Randy Quaid had his moments. That one sums it up pretty f-in well right now.

  190. LI Joe, I’m going to let this thread go as far as it wants, or until tomorrow morning, whichever comes first … but Jane might file something new from Newark …

    Linda, welcome aboard. Always good to have a new voice with a great sense of humor. We have two rules: 1) No vulgarities, and 2) comment early and often.

    Gotta love Maloney. He might get himself in trouble with the big guy, though.

  191. honestly, i hope the Rangers keep Renney and they continue to play this way. Because this type of play is so abysmal and unbearable to watch that the Rangers will lose season tickets and ratings will go down (money will go down, which is the only way to attract Dolan’s attention) and then maybe, just may he’d fire Sather.

  192. Actually everyone who scored used to be or should have been a Ranger. Parise should have been a Ranger, but Sather went with Hugh Jessiman. And Shanny and Holik were too old to play 4th line for our team. Good job, Slats.

    Sather’s new job is to convince the hockey world that Renney is the problem. He will never accept any blame on himself. He’ll be happy to throw Renney and every player he overpaid for under the bus — just ask Brian Leetch.

  193. 0necupin67years on

    bang on spot on?
    where are we in merry old England?
    I want a coach who doesn’t chew gum like a cow and who could coach.
    Tom can’t do either.

    I would hate to see renney and sather win , make the playoffs and get a stay of execution, while we paying fans get screwed for another year, wake up dolan

  194. You know a change HAS TO BE MADE!!! It has to. This squad is going nowhere near the play-offs. This is a collapse of tremendous proportions.

    Renney said prior to this game that they were ready.


    So that’s why they lost 3-0?!!!

    That’s how bad it’s gotten for %$#@’s sake!!!!!!!!!!

    3-0 isn’t a bad loss anymore!!!!



    (that was me pulling all my hair out btw)

  195. this season was lost july 1 2008 when we signed rozival and redden and decided to let jagr shanny go. sather should be flat out executed. renney should go tonite because of his awful coaching and hes the only one who could go. you cant fire the players so hes the only option.

    as a season tixholder who pays 4500 a year i am the real moron. what a disgrace

  196. Play the kids. Get Prucha in every day. Bring back Asinimov. Hey, do any of you know that the second leading scorer for the AHL is in Hartford? It’s Parenteau — 22 G, 36 A. Why not bring him up and see if he can adjust to the next level. Couldn’t be any worse.

    As they said on those western cattle drives – Move them doggies up, and move those others out!

  197. No goals? That’s what happens when you just throw out any combination with every player out of position.

  198. Maloney was also the only MSG voice to say last summer that they needed to bring back Jagr. He obviously isn’t intimidated by Sather. Can he coach?

  199. Voice of Reason on

    The line combinations were horrendous. They really seemed to quit on him tonight..

    Please Renney I beg you, try these combinations:

    Naslund Gomez Prucha
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Sjostrom Dubinsky Zherdev
    Korpikoski Betts Orr

    Every line has skill, grit and speed. If for some reason you fall behind, you can sit Orr and double shift the RW that is having the best night.

    Prucha’s enthusiasm just might rub off on Gomez, and Sjostrom will work really hard to prove he can play minutes other than on the PK.

  200. To be an optimist, there’s still plenty of time to turn this thing around and games against teams like Nash/Colo/St. Louis/Islanders coming up. However, somethings needs to change, whether it’s a minor shakeup a coaching change, or new line combos. Here’s what I’d do.

    Bring back Avery and have him play with Gomez and Naslund.

    Bring up Anisimov and put him with Dubi and Zherdev and give him freaking power play time.

    Reunite the emotionless Drury with Cally and Dawes because that’s who he plays well with.

    And trade Prucha and Voros for Chris Neil. I don’t want Pruhca gone but if they’re not gonna use him, then send him somewhere. Put Neil on the fourth line with Betts and some combo of Korpi/Orr/Sjo.

    I think Redden needs to be benched and Sags needs a shot as a 7th dman. Funny how much they miss Kalinin LOL.

  201. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Thank you, Tom Renney, for:

    …sucking the life out of this team
    …refusing to make a statement to Redden, Drury, and Gomez by sitting them
    …saving the tough-guy routine for Dubinsky, Dawes, and Zherdev
    …messing with Petr Prucha’s head
    …thinking Voros, Rissmiller, and Fritsche were actually alternatives to Prucha
    …giving us bullshit excuses night after night
    …making me wish we never got power plays or 2-on-1’s, which only expose our lack of talent and dysfunctional “system”
    …reinforcing that it’s OK to stay at work late, because this team is unwatchable

    They may not have gotten along, but I think Jagr and Shanahan are laughing for the same reason.

  202. Please Renney I beg you, try these combinations:

    Naslund Gomez Prucha
    Dawes Drury Callahan
    Sjostrom Dubinsky Zherdev
    Korpikoski Betts Orr

    Haha, the irony is all in your name. Renney lacks a voice of reason.

  203. This team has fully given up on Renney and I am following suit. 22-5 in our last five games!? WTF? That is bush league. My guess, we lose 5-1 to washington. Ovie gets the hat. Renney gets the axe….

    at least we can dream….

  204. The Westminster Dog show is in MSG…

    I hope every frikin dog drops a deuce in Renney’s office.

  205. Rob F

    You are right about Gomez. The guy has been world class in huge, bigtime Cup-winning series and games —- intense, fearless and smart/creative with the puck. Then he signs in NY, relaxes, his coach permits it, indulges it, makes excuses for it ….. and the next thing you know he’s playing like Lance Nethery.

    Gomez does not respect Renney. And he will not be a great player again until he has a coach he is forced to respect.

  206. Is anyone here hoping that JD gets fired in St Louis and replaces Sather? That would be too good to be true…kinda like LA trading the Rangers Kopitar for Gomez…..

  207. With washington coming up, as much as I have been against it in the past, maybe tonight or tomorrow is the day to let renney go, you probably are all aware that i have been against his firing, but i now think its time for a change, not necessarily because this is all his fault, but just for a change in case we want to make noise come playoffs. also, im not disappointed in naslund who i actually think has had a solid season. obviously am hating on drury and gomez now and well our primadonna farmboy redden well we know whats up with him…

  208. that game was utterly disgusting.

    I heard someone say it on here the other night and I like the idea…

    sometimes games like the last few really make you wish you had a couch that’d throw a chair…

    seems like rennys unwillingness to get emotional/upset about the problem really rubs off on his players… you have top paid guys like gomez and naslud gliding to loose pucks and getting beat to each and every one of them, and sjostom prucha dawes korpikosky and cally are losing minutes to these walking dead..

    Its a disgrace to the uniform.

  209. Mike A, I like the idea of trying to pry Neil away from the Senators. Not sure Prucha/Voros would get it done, but something along those lines might be worth it. Imagine Neil and Avery in the same lineup. At least things would be entertaining!

  210. 0necupin67years on

    Renney’s system is so flawed that the ranger d seldom scores a goal leaving it all to the fowards.

    Renney was in panic mode tonight desperately changing line combos,and they responded by squeezing their sticks harder.
    It can’t be fun playing for renney

  211. Mig February 9th, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Mike A, I like the idea of trying to pry Neil away from the Senators. Not sure Prucha/Voros would get it done, but something along those lines might be worth it. Imagine Neil and Avery in the same lineup. At least things would be entertaining!

    Have 2 teammates ever fought each other?

  212. spot on, bang on.

    what, is Renney practicing for his next job as a chimney sweep?

    eh, guv na?

    chim chim cheree

  213. Not only do the Caps have Ovechkin and Semin, they have Michael Nylander who will no doubt be thrilled to cycle and pop in a goal or two. But we can match up Colton Orr with Semin, and we’ll be fine.

  214. Prucha25 February 9th, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Richie, Did Renney actually say that this game was an improvement?????

    It is in a way. 3-0 is better then 10-2. I’d like 10-0 and 3-2 but who’s counting.

  215. No Prucha25,

    It’s just that he was saying they were “ready”

    Didn’t mean to mislead, sorry. I’m litterally losing it over these pathetic bastards.

  216. Matt K and Mig-Neil isn’t worth that much. He has like 2 goals this year and 8 in the last two seasons combined.

    Neil and Avery fighting each other? No way, if anything I’d hope they both team up on Redden in practice.

  217. Matt K- 2 teammates have fought each other, I want to say pre-lockout one of the atlantic division teams, either the rangers or devils had a pretty decent fight during practice. i’d like to even hear about something like that from our locker room, at least it’d mean someone had a little fire

  218. Thanks for the welcome Rick, great bunch of people on here! I’ve been reading for a few days, and just wanted to see how I’d fit in.

    KC, another great post. It’s incredible how the owner of this team could not care less, as long as he’s making money. I always thought the best part about owning a team would be to assemble THE best players possible, and contend for a championship every year (kinda like the hated Yankees, and more recently, the Red Sox). Our owner, he’s happy as long as we get a couple of home games in the first round of the playoffs so he can gouge on ticket pricing and get the extra couple of gate receipts.

    Renney is a good guy, a smart guy, and he’s trying to make it work with the players that YETI has gotten for him, but when the power play has been an embarrassment for 3 seasons and you still have the same guy running it, when you have terrible line combinations and sit guys who bust their hump when they play, and when you try to sugar coat things with “isms” it just gets old! HOLD VETS ACCOUNTABLE and not just Prucha, get rid of your assistants and bring in some new blood, and get a clue about line combos! Ya know he’s not gonna be gone as long as Yeti is here, unless he has a singular moment of clarity.

    It makes me sad that this great Original Six team is being run into the ground by the clueless, the soulless, and the quitters.

  219. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    i cant argue with anyones point of view on sather, renny, team, whatever. at this point the whole organization is screwed and avery is gonna come back and ruin the young guys in hartford. while dallas starts winning and we get stuck with the $2 million nutjob. things are definitely wrong in rangerland. that would suck if maloney got fired he would make a good coach. he would smack the back of gomers head whenever he cracks his goofy smile like the drill sergeant from full metal jacket. ” GOMER PYLE YOU LOOK LIKE 150 LBS OF CHEWED BUBBLEGUM”!!!!!

  220. kc – I understand that frustration can cause people to say irrational things, but I have to wonder, did you actually see Holik play when he was here?

  221. 0necupin67years on

    Look at it this way:
    right now they suck, but maybe one day, not this year or next,they will one day win the cup and just think how great that will feel… but right now we have to wait

  222. will be in 9th by end of the week. i just want to punch sather so freaking hard i knock his teeth out.

    renney is a born loser

  223. All Hail King Henrik on

    This game would’ve been 5-0 or 6-0 if Valiquette had played the whole game. A 10-2 loss, then a 6-0 loss. Renney might’ve been gone after that.

    If Renney gets fired, I honestly don’t see a new coach coming in and making much of a difference. No coach is going to turn Wade Redden into a good hockey player, or a player worth even half of his contract. I don’t see any coaches turning Gomez or Drury into 90 point players, either.

    Dawes is terrible. Why does he play over Prucha? If you’re TINY, don’t hit and suck at backchecking, you damn well better score some goals. If Dawes isn’t scoring at least every 4-5 games, he serves no purpose. I’ve disliked his play since watching him float around in the preseason and do nothing(which has continued straight through to now), but after seeing the play he made on Boston’s goal the other day and his play tonight, I just want this guy off the team. As useless as Voros is, I’d rather see him in there over Dawes. I’d much rather see AA over both of them, but that’s another story…

  224. Holik was signed to be a checking center, but they made him a first liner. And he was actually one of the top scorers on the team at the time — and he had Matthew Barnaby as a wing. Once again, a player was recruited for one position, then jammed into another role. In New Jersey, he plays where he should be playing. And he also said to the media that the Rangers were fundamentally the worst team in the NHL one year after a loss — Sather doesn’t like honest players. It disrupts the “hockey genius” persona that Sather likes to present to the press.

  225. I was at the Rock tonight. I have never had less fun watching the Rangers in person than this game tonight. Completely lifeless…completely emotionless. I was not a fan of bringing back Avery but I think it almost has to be done at this point. Renney really has to go; he has completely and utterly lost this team.

    Complete free fall. I’m embarrassed.

  226. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    The Westminster Dog show is in MSG…

    I hope every frikin dog drops a deuce in Renney’s office


    linda- good posts, basically reflecting my own and many others heres thoughts

  227. As I watch the Flames/Habs on Center Ice (non HD which sux)….

    Is it me…..or does it appear that the ice is so wide open and full of lanes when you watch non Ranger games??

    Drury & Staal for Ingilia & Phaneuf…..Any takers?

  228. Liquid, great pic of renney, you’ve been making me literally laugh out loud all night! Riche’: funny dog show comment.

    I wish I could have heard Dave Maloney, unfortunately, even on the comp, its hard to keep up with the local announcers down here in da dirrrrty south.

    Whoever commented on Gomez not respecting Renney, sorry i forget who it was right now, but that has to be the most honest assessment of him to date. To me, he always has that sarcastic, wisearsed look on his face at the bench, and I never remember him looking like that when he was on the Devs. This team needs a strong, take no prisoners coach. Bump Renney to the front office and get someone in here who will be hard on the vets, and who will bring along the young guys correctly. I’ve heard Ted Nolan was not good with young kids, he’d have been interesting. I hope whoever the next coach is, WHENEVER that may be, its not just the same old retread though.

  229. The new coach might not make Redden a good player…but new coach might bench Redden…and Gomer… and captain “Tin Man” … the new coach might call needed players from WolfPack… and play those who deserve to be played (see prucha) new coach might even play to WIN!! I take a new coach!

  230. LOL @ Linda’s comment. I’m in for the Great Dane making a nice sized dump in Tom’s office.

  231. Drury & Staal for Ingilia & Phaneuf…..Any takers?

    Never happen. Calgary values Iginlia too much, and Drury wouldn’t waive his no trade clause to go back to a place that traded him in the first place.

  232. “Everything is right in the universe, nothing matters, nothing matters, everything is right in the universe.”

    – Swami Baha

  233. This losing streak is all Prucha’s fault. He isn’t cheering hard enough from the press box.

  234. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    allhail- continue to agree with you about the coaching and how a new guy is gonna turn crap into gold. but still i cant see renny staying anymore. jagr really carried this team more than we thought. hank cant score so hes half the solution, jagr was the other. i like renny but he along with our 3 top paid guys should go . its sad because sather gave renny this team and he got alot out of them early on but hes not tuff enough to keep them focused. i mean theyre grown men why should he have to do this constantly but they dont respect him and have no fear of benchings

  235. Depressing and disgusting. and anyone who thinks this roster was thrust on Renny without his direct & explicit consent to each and every signing is delusional. Sather is a pig don’t get me wrong, but this is the team Renny wanted, one without powerful personalities like Jagr and Shanahan, one where he would be unchallenged and would finally show the world what a genius coach he really was.

    He is a frightened little man. And Sather should be strung up right next to him.

  236. Thanks Linda. Welcome to the board. You’re with friends here. We all have a problem, but we find strength in each other.

  237. Make Redden’s tenure so unhappy that he will be glad to leave, buying his own ticket out of town. Oh please all you worry-warts about the detrimental effect of Avery. You have faith in the present roster? Under the present coach?

  238. All Hail King Henrik on

    The NYR are now tied with Ottawa for 30th overall offensively. 2.35 Goals Per Game. Dead last. Ouch.

    We’re tied for 5th in Shots Against, with 32.0 per game.

    The gives us a team shooting percentage of 7.8%

    I’m to lazy to check it, but I’d be shocked if that wasn’t the worst in the league.

  239. Way to call him out Prucha25!

    I’m sure Renney would agree. He needs to find his battle level up there in his street clothes.

  240. WD hit the nail on the head..No longer Jagr’s team. It was Tom’s Team. He blew it, show him the door.

  241. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    onecup we’ll probably be dead by the time that happens. im 27 so maybe just maybe if i live another 50 years i’ll get to see it. but i’ll be 77 and senile and shitting myself and wouldnt give 2 flying rat finks by then

  242. Thanks for the welcome Riche’, you guys are hardcore over here and I am really enjoying everyone and their insights.

    wd40, this has to be one of the best, non comedic lines of the night:

    “but this is the team Renny wanted, one without powerful personalities like Jagr and Shanahan, one where he would be unchallenged and would finally show the world what a genius coach he really was.” That just is the be all end all right now. To borrow the phrase, its so spot on!

    7.8% shooting percentage, wow, that is just anemic!

  243. Someone brought up Straka today. His importance the past three years shouldn’t be overlooked — he could fit in on any line and play well — there is no winger on this current team who can do that.

  244. All Hail King Henrik on


    I won’t disagree with you that a new coach might make those moves you’ve suggested. They might help some, and I would agree with them being made. I’ll take a new coach at this point, too, but I don’t expect him to come in and turn this roster into contenders. As long as Gomez, Drury and Redden are our highest paid players, this team will never be a true contender.

    This team needs a hard-ass coach that is committed to defense, but not overly committed. Without a commitment to defense, we’ll see a lot more 10-2 games.

    We basically need a clone of Sutter or Julien–tough as nails, gets the most out of their players, and most importantly, COACHES TO WIN. A system that employs a strong, aggressive forecheck, but not at the expense of structured, committed team-defense.
    Look no further than tonight’s game, for an example of that.

    NJ may not be a 100% trapping team, but they’re still 100% committed to defensive play in their own zone.

  245. I can’t watch this crap anymore…I am to the point of not watching for awhile.
    I guess if Avery joins the team the losses will be more entertaining…
    Unreal…I am all aboard…Fire Sather, Fire Renney…
    I want to plummet to the bottom…for a better draft pick this team is dispicable.

  246. jerkins perkins(mike in ia) on

    spot on mates!!! tom renny looks like a 4 year old f**ked up reindeer. i think the guy who does the voice of spongebob has the same name. tom renny or tom lenny or somethin

  247. Renny Post Game

    The power play hurt us, it requires more intensity, more commitment,” Renney said. “We have to be more on our toes and increase our battle level and shoot, shoot, shoot. Maybe they’re trying to pick corners. Maybe they’re trying to be too precise. Maybe they’re trying to pass the pucks into the net. That’s not a guess. That’s reality.”

    At the same time, Renney, as any coach would, emanated a confident tone.

    “We’ll put our shoulders in and get at it,” Renney said. “That teams that quit doing that are the teams that lose. We’re not going to quit doing that. We’re going to find a way, it’s as simple as that.”

  248. All Hail King Henrik on

    Mike (jerkins),

    I, too, can’t see Renney staying anymore. If he’s not fired mid-season (which is looking very liekly(, he’ll be gone in the offseason, barring some sort of miraculous playoff run to the conference finals.

    Jagr definitely carried this team, along with Lundqvist. The Rangers desperately lack that one true offensive superstar, despite the contracts that say otherwise. An offensive juggernaut in the vein of Jagr, Ovechkin, etc. would do wonders for this team.

    We don’t need to be top of the league in scoring, but if we could score 3 goals consistenly, Lundqvist would win most all the games he played.

    Also agree on the top 3 $ guys needing to go, as well as the lack of respect most seem to have for Renney.

  249. Straka and Nylander.

    We can bemoan all the guys who are gone now, moves were made that management thought were right at the time, but I’m sure a lot of you guys weren’t happy when they let Nylander go. I don’t think they’ve properly replaced him yet! I think not signing Shanahan was a mistake, he could have done the job for us he’s been doing for the devils since he signed there. I know alot of people didn’t want him back because he’d be taking someone elses minutes, but there’s NOONE that’s stepped up to take his place properly either! The possibility of Avery coming back might galvanize certain players in the locker room and make them play with some fire, some passion, things that have been missing for WEEKS! How long that will last is anyones guess.

  250. The PP failing for the ka-trillionth time is enough of a reason to show Renney the door.

    How many years of that black eye do we have to endure?

  251. All Hail King Henrik…

    At least we got to see this one. Though i’m thinking watching TV guide channel might be more exciting then watching this lame excuse for a team

  252. I was hoping that after Adam Graves Night ceremonies, Messier, Leetch, Graves, Beukeboom and Domi would suit up and take over the first line assignment from the current circus act. I’m convinced that those guys could STILL outplay anyone on this dismal team. I guess none of those guys figured out that the theme of that night was that Gravy played with “heart”. What the team needs is a no bullsh*t coach like Mike Keenan to kick them in the ass, especially overpaid Drury and Gomez.

  253. Drury was pretty much invisible. Again.

    Dubi, Zherdev, Staal, Henrik, and Betts and sometimes Cally were the only ones going 10/10ths. At least that’s what it seemed.

  254. Renney can’t teach them anything. It’s not even a matter of effort. There is nothing they want to listen to him say, which is why Naslund has made his wonderfully semi-snarky remarks to the press.
    Renney has absolutely nothing to add.

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