UPDATED: “Let’s go boys”


That’s the way backup goalie Steve Valiquette describes the mood in the locker room heading into tonight’s game against Dallas.

“Our next three games we’re all pretty much like, let’s go boys, let’s go to work,” Valiquette said. The Rangers are In Dallas, then schlep to the Devils on Monday and host Washington on Wednesday. Those are the three games, and Valiquette said the team will have a better of indication of what the team is made of once that stretch is done.

In his own words:


I’m sure everyone has seen the report on Sean Avery. Would he improve the Rangers? The current issue is scoring, and does he help with that? Even if he does help the team, Avery is probably going to be expensive, and you might have to sacrifice another player on your wish list, a possible move at the trade deadline, to get him. Any cap flexibility would be gone.

By the way, I love this line from his Wikipedia page.

“Avery’s “double life” of being a professional athlete while having an interest in fashion has prompted New Line Cinema to commission a screenplay.”

Unrelated, Carp and Sam Borden are debating the Knicks’ fans and their star treatment of Kobe Bryant and LeBron over at the Faceoff blog. Carp says that Rangers fans would never do such a thing to an opponent.




First, Henrik Lundqvist and Paul Mara are both still sick with the flu and out for tonight’s game in Big D. So I guess we’ll see Corey Potter on D. Of course, Valiquette in goal.

Second, I heard that the Avery thing is nothing even remotely close to being a done deal. It is certainly in a discussion phase, and it would take an awful lot to happen for him to actually be elevated from Hartford to the NHL, even if the Rangers do acquire his rights.

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  1. I don’t think anyone thinks that Avery is going to contribute enough goals himself in order to make up for the current shortfall. I think the hope is that he’ll shake up the team in some way that makes it come alive and gets everyone else’s scoring back on track.

    Don’t know whether it will happen but that would be the best case scenario.

  2. Brooks said if we get Avery from Dallas over re-entry waivers we’d be paying half his salary for the remainder of his contract (3 more years)…avery at about 2 mil/yr is not that expensive at all, that’s a great deal for us…Avery’s not a sniper but he scored for us and his agitating style makes teams focus on him, allowing our scorers to go under the radar more and get the offense going…can Jagr come back too?

  3. How long into the game will Renney kill the “lets go Boys” attitude with a constricting trap to try and get the game into the shootout? I say halfway through the 1st.

  4. Bring on Avery…. I wish I’d bought one o’ those half-price #16 jerseys last summer….

  5. The mere mention of Knicks on this blog makes me puke.


    Please do not relate the name of that organization here

  6. doodie machetto on


    “Dallas isnt going to take 2, 3, or 4 players from us. They are playing well lately. They are making a playoff push with the guys they have. The last time they brought new blood to the locker room it was a terrible experience. I expect Dallas to be EXTREMELY hesitant to make any NHL-level changes to their team until the offseason.”

    Morrow is out for a while, Zubov is gone for the season. Richards actually really helped the team down the stretch and into the playoffs last season. Almost a ppg clip for both.

    So we’re giving them two roster players, two prospects and a pick for Lehtinen who is UFA at season’s end. Toss in Callahan if they want a good two-way player to replace him. Also throw in a conditional 2nd rounder if he resigns with us (which if I were in charge, and unfortunately I never will be, he wouldn’t).

    Personally, I think for us, all of that is worth it just to be rid of Redden.

    But this plan only works if we NEVER RECALL AVERY.

  7. my best case lines right now



    voros over orr becasue orr hasnt been fighting every game and voros can ad some offense more than orr can to sjostrom and betts game

  8. This team doesn’t need Avery. They don’t need to add a piece that merely helps maintain the current “play not to lose” system. They need true offensive talent and a thug of a defenseman.

    Avery’s a headache the Blueshirts don’t need and a penalty taking burden they can’t afford.

  9. doodie machetto on

    Oh, and just so you Avery advocates remember, sure, his 2.3 million for 3 years isnt terrible, but it is terrible when you consider that we’ll like lose Zherdev if we don’t have that money available in the upcoming seasons.

    And if we somehow keep Zherdev and Avery, we will definitely lose Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha, and Callahan. extra 5-6 million in salary will have to come from somewhere.

    Avery > Zherdev? Not a chance.

  10. I find it hard to believe that anyone would even look at Redden let alone take him on board. The guy is flat out bad.

  11. With Avery looking to come back, I wonder what Dubinsky, Valiquette, Drury, & Giannone’s thinking?

  12. Screw those guys. They should have played better hockey instead of cuddling with each other in the locker room. Avery is the NY Ranger alter ego. They need him a hell of a lot more than they want to admit.

  13. Avery doesn’t score goals, clear the crease, or coach, so he doesn’t really solve any of our problems. On top of that, even if we claim him off of re-entry waivers that is still 2 mil per over the next 3 seasons that we can’t really afford in cap room. We need to be clearing space, not taking it away. Now if we can deal Redden for him, that’s entirely different.

  14. i think we can all agree that unless gomez and or redden is traded this team is screwed next year

    as in 10thplace or worse screwed

  15. doodie machetto on

    Nasty, that’s why you really need to sweeten the pot.

    Lou traded Maladog with a first rounder to San Jose for Korulyuk (who was going to Russia) and an AHL lifer.

    Why can’t we do it with Redden?

  16. I have a feeling this team is going to look a good deal different before the end of the month. And we might not just see Rozi or Redden being dealt. I have a gut feeling that Drury or Gomez might be gone too. Maybe not in this deal, but in a separate deal.

  17. first it was reported that Renney could be on the way out as early as next week… now slats wants avery to spark the team…which, if happens, helps renney to remain as a head coach… which brings everything back to the root of the problem… i say Fire renney first… bring another coach in…maybe than we won’t even need the side show avery…

  18. wd – I called it a toilet, but I didn’t say it wasn’t addicting!

    cccp – I just miss ya, that’s all.

    Whether Avery is brought in or not, it’s a kick in the pants just to have the idea thrown out there. I’m sure there’s a few guys on the team that will play even harder now just to keep him from coming.

  19. Why should we care? We aren’t drinking beers with them after the game. Who cares if Avery is a ? The MSG fans LOVED that guy. Bring him back.

  20. cccp is it really possible renney could be gone. My birthday is in 19 days that would be an amazing gift.

  21. Avery will immediately give the team a boost. He was here for almost 2 years so they all know his personality. They know he talks crap about 29 other teams when he’s not on your team.

    Voros and Dawes are USELESS! Dump those bums and there’s the 1.9m’ish

  22. Avery at 1.9 good
    Cross promoting basketball stuff bad

    Next years team at $42M approx

    FWD(13)Gomez, Prucha, Dubi, Cally, Korpi, Zherdev,Ansimov, Gravchek, Betts, Orr, Sjostrom, Avery?, Rissmueller

    FWDS TRADED, LET GO OR WAIVED Drury, Voros, Dawes, Naslund

    Def (8) Staal, Mara, Girardi, Potter, Reitz, Fahey, Sangy, Del Z

    DEF TRADED, LET GO OR WAIVED Redden, Kalinen,Rozival

    GOAL(2) Hank, Vally

    Possibly not a playoff team but I cleared some space….

    you’re welcome

  23. Hitchcock on mid-season coaching changes:

    “There are a lot of things that go into it, but when it happens it’s usually after there have been a lot of changes on the team and the chemistry is not there yet,” Hitchcock told the Philadelphia Daily News. “I’m not sure if someone a lot smarter than me did a study if it would show that it actually makes a difference. I can think of only two times where I think it has. The first was in 2000 when the Devils fired Robbie Ftorek and hired Larry Robinson and they won the Cup. The second was last year when Washington hired Bruce Boudreau. He came in and made a difference right away.
    “Other than that, I can’t think of when it has made an immediate difference, but that’s just the nature of the job,” Hitchcock added.

  24. Redden, Rozi, Drury and Gomez are LIFERS!!! A Lifer is an untradeable player. You better hope Avery comes in and starts widdling away at those no trade clauses.

  25. Oh and another thing: This Avery deal will be Renney’s last straw. If the team falters after getting their alter ego back (Avery) you will see Shoeny’s good buddy John Tortarella behind the bench.

  26. I hate the country club attitude of these guys. They are all buddies, and it is a good room. WHO CARES?!?!?! I didn’t pay $100 dollars so you can stink it up on the ice, and then go out to dinner together. Geez

  27. Kaspar, I’m not cross-promoting Knicks and Rangers. I’m defending you guys. That’s the point. (but there might be a few of you out there who root for more than one New York team).

    I don’t see Dallas taking Redden. Just saying …

  28. Maybe we want Redden to start doing coke. I mean, if he is clean, maybe that is why he sucks. Hey, two letters one man “L T”. :)

  29. Redden is a LIFER!!!! You can wear that Redden jersey for 5 more years. Trust me. You will feel shame, but you can still wear it.

  30. Other good rooms:

    Welcome back Kotter
    The late 70’s Mets of Joe Torree
    Dead poets society
    Room 325 of the Shangi-la motel in Waukesha Wisconsin
    The room Chris Farley was sleeping in when “housekeeping” came a knocking…

  31. doodie, it is NOT $2.3 m

    it is $1.9375 mill in salary and cap charges for the next 3 seasons, and the prorated amount for the remainder of this season.

  32. Drury is a million times the man Avery is, he’s not gonna let Avery run him out of town, in fact, no Ranger is really intimidated by Sean, they just role their eyes when he does/says something stupid like he always does.

    “first it was reported that Renney could be on the way out as early as next week… ”

    Where, got a link CCP ?

  33. Carp, it is not about Avery scoring lots of goals. it is about him injecting some FORECHECKING into the ranger game. that is sadly lacking. and he DOES drive to the net, which is what you reported that Renney was demanding more of in the practice the other day.

  34. Rick
    Sorry about the B-ball crack….I just remembered watching that Thrasher-Ranger game the other night where after Joe Mich and Sam spent the first 10 minutes telling us how good the Thrashers offense, defense and goaltending was( so that the Ranger coaches can be excused if we lose to this powerhouse of a club)…they spent the middle portion of the game updating us on the Knicks games past and present

  35. Joe;
    its either there or Europe I guess

    The AHL could use him; maybe they suspend him for NOT BEING SCANDALOUS…..

  36. This is a Rangers Blog. Stop referring to the Jets blog and especially the Knicks. Use the space to right something relevant about the Rangers please.

  37. the Yankees honor Reggie Jackson, the arrogant sef-proclaimed “straw that stirs the drink”

    and he was a locker room divisive jerk.

    so, why is Avery any different?

    you will say, well he is not a star like Jackson. yes, but then you are saying that it is ok to be a jerk as long as you are a top player. and that is exactly what we are saying, too. if Avery does not help them win on the ice, then nothing he does off the ice will matter anyway.

    after all that is the crux of the matter. IF the Dallas Stars had been winning with Avery, he would still be there.

    he became, with his jerk behavior, a convenient fall guy for the other players poor start.

  38. no, kaspar, I meant that it is the forerunner of him soon returning to the NHL, and that the Ranger rumor has legs.

  39. 50–23–13 with Avery in the lineup….

    That is like a poor man’s Redwings record!!!

    I am 1000% onboard for any type of deal that sends Sean Avery back to NYC.

  40. Say what you will about Avery, but you know somewhere in New Jersey, Marty Brodeur is cursing to the sky.

  41. yea Joe I know…my point was once his re-hab is completed he “has to go” someplace…Dallas either takes him back(not happening) or they have to bury his contract with a team in the AHL so everyone kind of knew an assignment in the AHL was coming sooner or later

  42. I wish everyone would stop bashing Roszival. He is leading our team in points for defenseman. Did anyone really think that he was Scott Stevens in the defensive zone? Redden on the other hand is one of the most useless players that I have ever seen and has the personality of a Tree. Imagine how bad he would be if Girardi wasn’t his partner.Girardi’s play is suffering badly with Redden next to him. I miss Rootin Tyutin more and more. He had good chemistry with Girardi

  43. I want him back for entertainment value alone!

    Next time Marty ( or Clemmenson) and Devils play us you think Avery would sit back and watch them reclaim the town from us like we have against Clemmenson…going down without a whimper?

  44. My predictions for next three games are not too bright.

    1. Stars 2 Rangers 1 (or 0)
    2. Devs 3 Rangers 2
    3. Wash 4 Rangers 1

    Really hope I am wrong.

    Anyway question – in the past years I do not think I have ever felt this cr@ppy about the rangers except for the season when they lost the last 10 games or whatever – blew their chance at winning the division on the last night and then proceeded to get embarressed in round 1 by New Jersey. Am I alone here… I mean I never miss a game. Never! Not in years (save for the pitt game we lost 3-0 a few wks back as i thought it was a 7pm start)!! But I am honestly not even psyched to go home and watch this game tonight. What the f is wrong with me!!!


  45. Gargoyle
    February 6th, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    “first it was reported that Renney could be on the way out as early as next week… ”

    Where, got a link CCP ?


    no link… just hope… it was mentioned on the radio last night i believe

  46. LI joe

    Wideman’s shootout attempt is one of my all time fav hockey clips…. Kovalchuk gave us our own little Stefan moment the other night.

  47. Parros; you are suffering from Rennyitus; its only cures are winning or losing but scoring some goals ( or god help us….being able to actually change on the fly!)

    Take some aspirin, two glasses of Crown Royal on the rocks and the games will be alot better

  48. doodie machetto on

    I’m off by .4 million. My bad. Still, another 1.9 million that will have to come from somewhere, making our RFAs vulnerable to offer sheets/not retainable.

    We’ll need that 1.9 million next summer when Staal is RFA. Just saying.

    I think Avery is overrated as a player, especially in NY. I don’t want to see him returning to the Rangers roster. I have no problem with him ending up in Hartford if it means we can dump one of our larger contracts. Otherwise, I don’t want him to be a part of this organization.

    That’s the last thing I’ll say on the matter since I don’t care enough about him to talk about it more.

  49. CCCP, I don’t think it was a report as much as speculation by the WFAN update guy after Francesa asked him for his state of the Rangers yesterday. And before Francesa acted surprised and said he thought the Rangers were having a pretty good season.

    I wouldn’t put any stock in it at all … and besides, if you’re going to bring in a new coach, don’t you want to do it BEFORE you bring in a guy like Avery? Again, unless somebody sees Tortorella walking out of Slats’ office, don’t count on a change soon.

  50. Carp – Thanks for defending, but it sounds like Kobe and LeBron were/are in the local and national media spotlight and you guys are jumpin on the ‘ole bandwagon for a piece of the action. That would be a good poll. How many Rangers fans actually like basketball and/or the Knicks? Def not this guy.

    PS: for those of us that don’t subscribe to satellite, watching the rangers on MSG2 instead of MSG blows..

  51. Jeffluke
    Thanks for the Malkin link…good story, my biggest suprise is that idiot Madden still has a radio show!! He’s the guy who said something to the effect that “it was too bad Ted Kennedy had a brain tumour because now he wouldn’t live to be assassinated”….can you belive they still let this guy have a forum to speak on???

  52. Thx Kaspar….. I’m sure the economy aint helping my head either! But this is a Rangers blog so lets leave the economy out of it… At last until the yotes fold.

  53. RE: the malkin link

    if you scroll down to the comments you can see the PENSBLOG curator posting something to the effect of:

    Cindy Crosby? i thought that name died 2 years ago…
    How about Alice Ovechkin!

  54. I think Jane is a bit off. The Rangers only problem isn’t scoring — passion and pressure are also problems; 2 aspects that often lead to goals.

    One thing about Avery is he’s a very good forechecker. He often makes a very good first hit and comes away with the puck (i.e. assist against buffalo when he made bruising hit behind net).

    Passion is a given with Avery.

    You can’t just sign scorers with our current cap situation so you need to get the best alternative.

  55. Maybe the Avery rumor, just like the “bag skate” are items fed to the media to light a fire under the players. Maybe because the coach has lost the players.

  56. You see me in that Russian allstar game Doodie!
    I was doing dipsy doodles and flippin the puck around “hot potato style” on my stick like Ovechkin!!!…oh…and I played a bit too!!

  57. Beer Me! February 6th, 2009 at 12:45 pm
    cccp – I just miss ya, that’s all.

    Beer Me! Does that mean you still want to “communicate” with me? Im touched…but not impressed…thnx anyway lol …come, I’ll give you the “Russian hug” :)

    Hey guys guess what I just learned by playing NHL 09 on my PS3… Niki Z was a captain of 2004 Russian Junior team… even thought he didn’t play on that team because he left for States…it’s the recognition that counts…we have a potential leader on our hands… I’d love to see an interview with Nik… Hey Carp, tell me, how’s Zherdev English? Do the reporters care to ask him anything and then share it with the fans? Could you do me a favor, if possible, ask him what his take on the team? Does he like playing for Renney? And one more… tell him my mom makes great Ukrainian borsht and he is invited :)

    …in a meantime … check out the link… he has good hands indeed :)


  58. CCCP, thank you for sharing that. I’ll tell him about the borscht next week … maybe.

    Zhervalev, Don’t know about Kalinin, but I was under the impression that he didn’t make the trip. If he did and he’s OK, then maybe Reitz stays in and Potter is out. But I’m pretty certain that Kalinin is home and both kids are playing.

  59. Vally in nets…does that mean Hank sits on the bench with a cup of tea and some Kleenex for his runny nose?

  60. doodie machetto on

    kc, that’s an interesting thought.

    Brandon, we have guys on our team who can forecheck, but they are never given an opportunity to under our “system.” Callahan forechecks like crazy. Prucha never says die (that’s not to say hes successful, just that he works his tail off). Dubinsky has size along the boards. Drury forechecks pretty well too. Zherdev is great in the offensive zone. Our 4th line is only good at defense and forechecking (not scoring). Hell, even Voros is an OK forechecker.

    The thing is, they systematically don’t forecheck anymore. Think about how the season started. They forechecked like crazy. They didn’t need Avery then to be able to forecheck. Bringing him in won’t solve that problem.

  61. Sather is on the trip to Dallas. so, something must be up. how often does he go to road games that aren’t in Canada?

  62. “Kaspar I saw Marcel Hossa get a hat trick. Some league they’ve got”

    Yeah…no Betts and Orr as linemates for Hossa anymore; you can see the difference with Freddy Sjo there in NYC can’t you? Its like…night and night

  63. Beer Me! trust me .. u dont want to know… ill that one open for your imagination

    Carp, thnx… and btw i did say to bring in the new coach first… then see if the team still needs someone like Avery

  64. “and btw i did say to bring in the new coach first… then see if the team still needs someone like Avery”

    We have a new coach!!!!????

  65. If this Avery ploy goes down, Renney will be on his last chance as the coach. Should he fail with Avery on the roster, he will be replaced with John Tortarella. Should the deal fall apart, Renney will be on tenuous ground, with Torts waiting for the call from his good buddy Schoeney. . . . .

  66. “Torts would never take the job out of loyalty to his BFF Tom Renney!”

    Can’t wait to start reading that mythology again….

  67. really, it comes down to that last year’s team was better than this years team, even if you put sean avery on both. We didn’t get to the finals last year WITH avery. Even if he is a savior, no one here is under the delusion that this team, as it stands, will make it past the conference final.
    Avery isnt an agitator, he’s a distraction. He distracts other team’s best offensive players from producing, their best defensive players from matching our best offensive players, and our fans from the stagnation of our team just above mediocrity, but just below the elite cup contenders.

  68. “do u guys think if Renney is done as a caoch will he still stay with the team doing something else?”

    In all seriousness here, I could see him and Shoeny switching spots.

  69. from previous thread

    zherv – 9:27 waiver order is by reverse standings calculated by % of pts avail. in other words if flyers have 1 pt less than us but 2 games in hand we would be considered below them in the standings and would be able to claim a player before them

    LI Joe
    February 6th, 2009 at 2:13 pm
    zherv 11:27

    buyout for avery would be over 6 yrs not 8 since he would have 3 yrs left. and take the $2 mm + figure you used and divide by 2. really is 1/3 of yrly salary over twice the remaining yrs

  70. Beer Me, great link. Didn’t see many Rangers on there, except for “great leader” Drury in the honorable mentions.

    Kaspar, love your subtle Seinfeld references.

  71. Hey LI joe!!
    Did you go to hockeybuzz.com, read Ecks story about the Islanders being for sale?

    Then you can follow a link to vote “your support” for the lighthouse project…to help SAVE THE ISLANDERS

  72. Rick
    I try to get a Seiny reference in once a day….at least when that guy costanza isn’t postin…..

    Beer Me!
    Great link; hey so much for the sanctity of the game with these millionaire players heh?…Las Vegas wins as best expansion sight?? Makes you wonder about the rest of their choices too….

  73. Fischler's Ghost on

    “voros over orr becasue orr hasnt been fighting every game and voros can ad some offense more than orr can to sjostrom and betts game”

    I disagree completely. If you take away the 9 or 10 points Voros got at the beginning of the year, he has 5 since then. Orr is no scorer, it’s not his job, but unlike Voros who dumps it in and then gets beat to the puck, Orrsie skates his a@* off and wins the puck or at least ties up the D long enough for Betts or Freddy to come flying in and get the cycle going.

    Voros is worthless, at this point I’d trade him, Redden and Rozival for a bag of pucks and a shooter-tutor.

  74. Turcottelives…..you honestly don’t think that when Avery was a Blueshirt that opposing teams didn’t make it a point to take a shot at him, nail him, and get in his grill? You don’t think he took the opponents out of their own game plan? I have to 100% disagree. Did he go overboard and sometimes create a distraction? Most definitely.

    But can you honestly say that (a) he wasn’t entertaining to watch and (b) a lot of the Rangers were allowed to go about their business while he commanded a lot of attention and distracted the other team?

    Did you think the Rangers were a better team with him or without him? Tell the truth. If you say better without him, tell me why.

  75. #1 – you can’t return to New York. See Messier and Kovalev. Can’t be done. So there’s no point in having Avery back. Players who come back to New York never live up to the hype surrounding the reason for the return. So I think it is pointless to try and pursue Avery.

    #2 – the guy is no good over three seasons. This organization already has players like Redden, Drury, Gomez locked in long term and are getting back minimal return. Wha’ts the point in bringing in another player who will wear out his welcome sooner or later?

    This team needs players! Not side shows. We need youth, draft picks, players who want to be winners, not be in the movies or on the cover of a magazine.

  76. Beer

    Yep, that settles it. No way he’d ever even think of accepting the job. Case closed! After all, that was just the other d——Oops, eight months ago!

    Now if you can provide me a link where Torts says he will never accept the job to be the head coach of the NYR if Renney gets fired, you will have done yourself proud.

    Extra credit question: What is the difference between a neutral zone trap and a two-man forecheck? No cheating now…

  77. hellllllllllo newman

    Better with Avery
    more exciting with Avery
    more “assertive” with Avery

    My hi-point of Renny-Reign was when, after we got Aves, and played the devils Fat Marty poked at Avery and Avery knocked him on his a**!!

    To me that was the hi-point, we went to QF that year and it was a “feel good” year to lose in QF…we then took back the battle of the Hudson last year…. ALL YEAR…..

  78. Newman,

    I think THAT ranger team was better with him, because of the type of top tier players they had last year. He was the Yin to Jagr’s Yang. Gomer can mix it up, Zherdev throws the body. The way this ranger team is headed now, i don’t think he fits. Im not ready to commit even 2 mil a year in cap room. For him to be “changed” has to detract from his effectiveness. Overall though, I didn’t say he wasn’t effective, but making a move for him is definitely not winning us a cup this year, and it’s tying up cap space for 3 years. Who knows who might be available in that time, which that 2 mil might help us get? fair?

  79. uh Beer me, a guy saying he doesn’t like rumors about taking another guy’s job is not exactly saying he would not accept it if it came his way. hello?

  80. Carp

    Anyone who says the Rangers are having a good season isn’t watching the games. This team is awful.

  81. Bring Sam Back!!! Everyday you people plug your other sports jibberish…WE DONT CARE!!

    This is a Rangers Blog, Fans dont come to this site to hear people debate about the Knicks..Get a clue.

    IDC how much the Rangers get along in the locker room now, bring Avery back to shake things up.

  82. Justin, Sam is also in the behavior modification program. they are trying to wean him off that thing called golf.

  83. Turcotte…hold on.

    Gomer mixes it up? You are joking right? Cuz he punched Kovalchuk in the face once, he mixes it up? Next you will say Redden is physidal cuz he got in one fight this season. Pass the doobie on the left hand side man….

    When was the last time Gomer hit anyone while forechecking or in the open ice? I cannot even remember. The best skater on our team and countless times he flails his stick at someone to try and take the puck from them instead of planting his ass in their midsection for a quasi-hip check.

    Z hits people. Yes, a little. But that’s not even his role. Drury should hit more people than Z does, but he doesn’t.

    Dubi is a better player when he hits people and gets physical. Sadly that is only about every other game at the most.

    THAT team was better with Avery? This current team sucks donkey balls without him.


  84. Ok, I know what will happen..

    The Piles are not selling seats and they’re doomed… so Avery will be picked up from re-entry by them.. just to spite us.

  85. Let me be clear….I don’t think he is without baggage. The sideshows will continue. He will always be a loose cannon. But you take the good with the bad. Right now the Rangers need a firecracker or else I guarantee a first round exit in April.

  86. Vogs — interesting point — the ‘return to ny’ didn’t work for Duguay, either when Espo brought him back and I’m sure there are others. Nedved. I suppose Rucinsky twice, haha.

    You can never go home!

  87. avery will not bring what we need and that is a pure sniper. someone mentioned earlier they arent excited to watch tonight i am a season tix holder in 330 this offensively challenged team makes me sick. i have had it with drury redden and gomez. the 3 worst contracts in hockey.

  88. 0necupin67years on

    Get real, getting Avery isn’t going to lead to the cup.
    This team will find new ways to lose with him.
    The rangers didn’t want him and he didn’t want the rangers, so let him keep walking.

    The Avery talk is diversion away from the pressure on renney and this team. Sign Avery and they’ll be hell to pay for sather and renney when he fails ,I hope.

  89. haha, Mako, that’s priceless. the debbies fans are already crapping their pants because they know the Rangers owned them with Avery disrupting Brodeur.

    they are doing everything they can to try to convince themselves that it won’t happen again.

  90. i know this team ” without him. i couldnt agree more.

    so you put avery on this team. how far do they go? you think this team is a cup contender with avery? if so, your michael phelps reference is misplaced. they are not close to a contender with him, and and would have their hands tied even more financially. you pick up avery, its effectively the last substantial move you make this season, and hurts you for the next three. it does more harm than good.

    b) im saying gomer is fiery, unlike the emotionless drury. Forgive him for not forechecking more in a system that would prefer if he didn’t.

  91. This blog is already starting to slip…worst then the rangers. Bring Avery here to blog and put Weinman on the Rangers

  92. MAKO

    wow! good call, that was a spirited read. A lot of Rangers fans, and a lot of Anti-Henrik talk. “henrietta” even.

  93. carp – the 1/2 waiver thing on the way up would have to be done by dallas. meaning dallas would loan him to hartford and at some point try to bring him back where we try to claim him for 1/2 price. if we had his rights and tried to bring him back and he was claimed by another team we get stuck with 1/2 his salary for remainder of his contract – in other words a disaster as we would not even have use of the player. and if we trade for his rights and bring him back – even if unclaimed by other teams we are then responsible for his full salary vs the cap.

    so dallas has to be the team to try to bring him back from ahl once he’s sent down. and for that to happen he has to remain dallas property at that point

  94. does he make them a cup winner? does anybody? BUT, he does give them a LOT better chance of beating the Debbies in a playoff series. and THAT is important.

  95. good catch on that stuff Mako.

    wd/ford – I musta missed that you were looking for an exact quote on an exact matter in an exact format. Apologies. If he wouldn’t do it for muckler, who he presumably didn’t like, why would he do it for a guy that he does like? It’s a waste of time to contemplate a change at this point.

    Carp…or anyone that may know…I know for a fact that Avery has a No Trade Clause. I don’t believe that it’s a No Movement Clause. But could the former allow him to “pick” his team?

  96. In addition to LIJoe’s thought…any team that finished below them in the standings would have 1st shot. Too bad we’re so competitive nowaday’s eh?

  97. Why would it help Dallas to bring Avery up ( re-call him so rangers or someone can grab him)?
    wouldnt they be better off burying him; let him go to Europe than to have $2M on the books for next three years…or are they so scrapped they need to do tht rather than pay him $4M off the cap hit??

  98. lets not forget that Avery is marked by the league now… i wonder how much of the “old” Avery we will see… that sort of puts us in disadvantage on the ice…we don’t get too many calls going our way as is…

  99. If avery comes back he obviously seems like a replacement for voros.

    FYI: Listening to NHL Live on XM yesterday, i don’t remember what show, but they were talking about the USA Olympic Hockey team for next year and what possible rosters would look like. Chris Drury and Scotty Gomez were on them.

    Heres the point. They said Gomer needs a sniper and a guy in size to get the garbage goals. We have nazzy, and he’s the closest we’re gonna get to gomer’s sniper. Size is what we’ve been playing around with lately. Do I think voros is the right guy for that? no. But Avery Might.

    My advice: Get avery back if he’s not going to be the virus in the locker room. If he is, look some where else.

    PS. You guys are killing me with the “Trade Gomer and Drury, and other Veterans as well” to get picks and prospects. Because once the picks and prospects grow up to staal and dubinsky, callahan you want to trade them to get big name contracts. If the team was left to you guys there would be a constant in flux of players and no team.

  100. Yeah !!!

    Bring him back !! If we only have to pay half his salary, which would be 2-3 mil or something, that would be perfect. This is where he belongs, he shouldn’t have left, and who knows maybe it will be good.

    He’s not having a good year, but who cares. Last time i remembered him as a Ranger he was leading this team in goals in the playoffs, until that freak injury, which was no Gaborik / Forsberg injury. We have a lot of 3rd liners on this team, but he’s a 3rd liner id rather have. Unlike Dawes he’s willing to take a hit.

    I wont get my hopes up with this though, i just hope those two girls Drury, and Gomez don’t go crying to Sather, if they can find him. You gotta give Aves credit, didn’t he say Redden was gonna have his worst year in NY ? Ha, smart guy, not only does he know his fashion, but he actually knows his hockey.

    Either way, gotta win tonight, this isn’t the time of the year to go on a god damn 4 game losing streak.

  101. I am grateful for this blog. since Sam went on to greener pastures, we should be supportive of those who are trying to keep it going.

    that does not mean we can’t be critical, Carp said he wants that.

    But I’m very glad that he actually keeps a current dialogue with the posters. that is seldom done by others.

  102. hypothetical question

    what happens if we win 5-1 tonight?

    Renney genius?
    Player effort and complcency was the problem?
    Finally got some bounces?
    Autopsy reveals Turco time of death 7:38?

  103. Funny how some of you are worried about calls going our way – I worry that anyone on our team is actually alive and breathing out there. My son’s mite team is harder to play against, especially when they get mad.

  104. ely 12:23 jagr can’t come back in season. he would be subject to waivers like the isles lost dubi their goalie to columbus for same reason (coming back from overseas is subject to this waiver)

    DM – quite a few good posts by you today including 12:30 and 12:33

    DR O – 12:38 right on. just say no to avery and lets work on clearing space not bringing in more contracts for next 3 yrs. even at 1/2 price of $ 2 mm avery would be expensive for us

    nasty – kaspar and cwg – drury with no trade and no movement. i just don’t see him going anywhere

    kph – right on about dolan. he is a big part of the problem

  105. If renney was let go…because he wouldn’t be fired. I see he going to Montreal…they could use him. Besides, by then they’ll be up to their 50th coach

  106. HAHAHAH thanks guys. Yeah I know there is always gonna be some anti-Henrik talk across the River. They are just sore Martina’s career is coming to an end. They shouldnt complain they have their cups. Now its LQ turn. Forget about DeePee – I think his games are numbered. Too many problems with his joints (hips / Knees)…

  107. We didnt have Avery in Chicago and that was the single most disgraceful ref’ing I’ve ever seen..I was on Hawks blog reading what people theree thought and they even agreed…Then there is the Crosby refs and dont forget the Habs rule ( call penalties in favor of habs 6-1 during the game, then in the last minute call 2 or 3 meaningless penalties against the Habs so at the end its around 7-5 or 6-4 and looks legit)

  108. “kaspar 1:01 was that you next door in room 325”

    No LI Joe
    That room was 45 dollars for the night or…$20 for an hour :)

  109. kaspar, and how about that outrageous call against Phoenix the other night? a total dive by Hossa. at the very least it should have been 2 mins each. but, instead they handed Det a last min win.

    that shows that even Gretz does not get the benefit of the doubt over established league cronies like Det and NJ

  110. As of 1/18/09

    “The Flyers have taken 251 minor penalties this season — second in the NHL to the Anaheim Ducks’ 266 — and they *lead the NHL* with 11 bench minors for too many men on the ice.”

    And they want to add Avery?

  111. Id love to see that loser Giannone’s face when he hears Avery was picked up by Nyr. He’ll probably quit, which would be perfect.

    Then again, i read the thing on TSN, and it said the players get a vote. So it wont happen, Drury, and Gomez are girly morons who only care aboot themselves, and the money they make that they don’t deserve, along with Redden. So im not expecting this to go down.

    Hopefully the team doesn’t act like high school cheerleaders, swallow your god damn pride, unless some of you have the balls to do what he does, which nobody does.

  112. kaspar it does make sense for dallas to put avery through re entry waivers. I believe it would cost them 8 mil to buy him out and 7 if hes picked up on re entry.

  113. so in making a point about avery, everyone’s focusing more on the gomez example. allow me to explain.

    Up to the end of last year, this was jagr’s team. When people were showering renney with accolades, it was because “he allowed jagr to be himself,” and didn’t stifle him. People said the same in regards to him and avery. Well now that renney’s long term post-lockout plans are coming to fruition, and sather has brought in the personnel that renney has asked for, renney has shown his inability to lead. Forget his systems. He can’t light a fire. The last two years, younger players would look at jagr when he was playing like a man possessed, and listen to shanny when he offered them advice. renney would defer to the two future hall of famers.

    They’re gone now, so who do the kids look up to? Renney slaps the “C” on drury’s chest. Don’t get me wrong, drury is a good player. he might not be worth his salary, but that’s sather’s fault, not drury’s. his demeanor and professionalism are great, but is he going to show the younger guys on the team how to have 40 goal seasons? does he have games where he single-handedly wins games for the rangers? he gets his “clutch goals” cause he gets the clutch ice time (if the 4th line’s not out there). After Fritcshe’s comments about renney having his favorites, which is more than believable, renney’s message is clear: the premium on this team is placed on composure. it’s smothering the rangers.

    When the rangers were winning early in the year, it was dubinsky, Z, and Voros. Remember them jumping all over each other after scoring goals when we got back from prague? that was the most fun i’ve had watching this team this year. but that was back when dubinsky and Z were getting benched. now, they’ve bought in, and aren’t producing anywhere near as much. it’s not fun to watch, including some wins.

    I think these players (especially guys like gomez) would thrive under a coach who just let them play. Avery is not the answer. Don’t let glen distract you with avery a day after larry brooks’ spot-on article.

  114. This blog went from my favorite place to read about rangers news to a half-assed effort by some throw-ins. Sam wasn’t a replacable person.

    Steve Zipay will have to do. This is rubbish. The KNICKS?!

  115. Rick says two things about the Knicks and everyone’s in an uproar? Puhllease!

    He’s been actively participating with us, the fans, about the Rangers.

    What else do you want?

  116. “Scott Kay
    February 6th, 2009 at 3:56 pm
    This blog went from my favorite place to read about rangers news to a half-assed effort by some throw-ins. Sam wasn’t a replacable person.

    Steve Zipay will have to do. This is rubbish. The KNICKS?!”

    Settle down Francis!

  117. doodie machetto on

    “Autopsy reveals Turco time of death 7:38?”

    Actually, benching Turco is the best chance the Stars have. Put in a backup/AHL goaltender and we’re getting shutout. Guaranteed.

  118. Damn!!!!!!!!! What is going on here there are definetly some people with their TIDY WHITIES in a knot. To people like Scott Kay listen to what Frankie said ” RELAX DONT DO IT ” and by that I mean dont come here with an attitude

    Thank You Berry Much

  119. doodie machetto on

    Legace is on waivers.

    Legace will be finishing the season as starter for the Islanders.

  120. doodie

    funny you mention that:

    “Stars did not skate, but Brent Krahn is in the house and he is a big boy
    (6-5, 220). He makes Razor look small. So for those who preach the
    greatness of the big goalie, he has that in spades.”-Dallas stars Blog

    Just called up a new backup, but it looks like Turco’s starting. (phew)

  121. Turcotte…I see your point to a degree but then you go on to say Sather brought in the guys that Renney wanted. Do you know this for a fact? That sounds like a wild supposition on your part. And if in fact it is correct, both those idiots should be fired ASAP and this team is more f-ed than I even thought.

    On the other sports teams appearing here….Let’s give Carp a do-over on the transgression. But I will say that Jane’s experience covering the Jets gives me no excitement whatsoever and leaves a lot to be proven to some degree. Please, no more talk about non-Ranger team on this blog unless it is an opponent of theirs at some point during the season.

  122. newman Renney said he helped with this roster and they’d go past the 2nd rd with these guys

  123. newman, this is what renney’s been working on since he was front office with glen. and yes, you are 100% correct, both need to go. its just that renney is mildly realistic, while glen will probably never leave unless it’s on his own terms.

  124. yeah, they have knick commercials during Ranger telecasts. we have to put up with that crap. I don’t see francis the mule scott kay turning off his ranger games when MSG forces knick ads on him.

  125. Hey, look, I’m just trying to tell you what else I’m doing. I thought it might interest some people that I said that Rangers fans would never act like Knicks fans, who have turned their half of MSG into Arco Arena. I was defending you guys! And I know for fact that some of you also are interested in other sports.

    Would you rather I talked about my iPod or what I’m having for lunch? Because that’s what the other Rangers blog authors do. I try to keep it about Rangers, Rangers, Rangers. You won’t get any more Blue than here.

    I’ve also taken quite a few suggestions and done as many of those as I can. I am open to whatever, because this is your blog more than it is mine. If you don’t want to read a link I put up, don’t. No problem. People link here all the time. I don’t go to all of them. I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you want to disagree with me, that’s cool, too.

    There really aren’t many rules here except “no vulgarities” That seems pretty fair to me.

    And thanks for those who have my back as if you were Adam Graves or Beuk.

  126. I love this idea that Poor Renney is just playing with the cards he’s dealt…he really doesnt want to play boring hockey but what can he do?

    Jagr was interviewed late last year about his coring slump he said some thing to the effect of “we play low scoring games where we try to play defense first” the reason I remeber it clearly is what he said next “Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in Hockey; thats why goal scorers are so sought after; anyone can play defense..thats why so many people play it that way”

  127. turcotte 2:26. sean is also a major distraction to teammates and coaches. and chances are next yr we will have a new coach – don’t think its fair for a new coach to have to deal with that distraction.

    remember sean is like you break it you buy it that colin powell said about iraq. its not just for this yr its 3 yrs more on top of that

  128. Kaspar

    I remember the exact same thing. Most times I post about Jagr I always include his “subtle” hints to the media about the “system” the team plays and how that hinders is offense.

  129. Had some free time since the US financial markets closed….so I figured I would play on facebook before hopping on a train…..

    I see that Barry Beck is on FB …so I checked out his friends list…He had Tom Laidlaw, Ron Greschner and Chris Kostopulous (sp?) and a huge amount of Asian women on it…..

    Bubba Becks status update reads :


  130. The only 2nd round that this team is going past is the one at the Blarney Stone on 34th St.

  131. Rick you’re alright man… your effort much appreciated…your interaction with us is absolutely great! Makes this place even more worthy… Sam was cool… but now he is into “grass”…so, good job Carp! I am interested in other sports; I’m not a “one dimensional” fan! Of course Rangers is my number one team and has been for the past 17 years…so if i could find an interesting link posted on the blog about other sports that interest me i will read it! If I’m not INTERESTED ill do what a normal person would do… skip it… keep up the beat Carp!

  132. LIJOE Avery backfires , he can be waived , and he’d be off the cap. It’s not a BIG gamble.

  133. Laidlaw’s FB has Giannone, Larry Brooks, Cammi Granato, Greshner, Stu Grimson – good stuff on there LOL

  134. Mako- Here is dialogue between Bubba Beck and his Asian Facebook harem:

    Yun Li: Ohhh Bubba, you gaht shrong big as a rrrobster!

    Bubba Beck: Why thank u….now take off them Sassoons , its time for Bubba to on the power play!!!…..

  135. kaspar – 2:31 i want the isles to move or contract. i don’t want them saved and your 2:35 some players voted for hawaii. now that team would have a home ice advantage

  136. Took me a minute on the “Francis” reference – well done.. Keep up the good work, Carp!

    The Wolfpack is having a Nigel Dawes bobblehead giveaway on Valentine’s Day – is there anything that can be read into that?

  137. All Hail King Henrik on

    Daniel Carcillo of Phoenix brings with him everything Avery does and more. This team desperately needs an agitator, but Avery is not the answer. Carcillo is a much more viable option. Also, he has not burned any bridges within the room.

    -His cap hit is $884,000 as opposed to $1.9 for Avery (off re-entry waivers). He’s an RFA in 2010/2011.

    -He’s bigger and more physical than Avery (this team is small on the wings)

    -He’s a better fighter than Avery, and will engage with the heavyweights/super-heavyweights of the league. Basically, he’s only 6′ 205, but he’ll fight the same players Orr fights.

    -He has similar offensive talent, and perhaps more potential. Some project him to be a perennial 20 goal scorer.

    -He’s leading the league in PIMS.

    Phoenix is going to be a seller at the deadline. Carcillo could probably be had for one of our spare parts (Prucha?) and a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.

  138. CARP

    Instead of Knicks, you should post some links of some website with hot tennis chicks, like Sharapova, and Ivanovic.

    I had a website of hockey players gf’s and wives. Kovalchuks gf looks like a blowfish. Horrible lip job.


    I doubt that, they’d much rather have no names. Better chance at finishing in the final two spots on the bottom.

  139. HENRIK

    Seller ?? Weren’t they in 7th place or something ? Id love Carcillo, but i don’t know if the Yotes would get rid of him. Supposedly he’s one of Gretzky’s fav players on the team, and Maloney likes him. But who knows.

    Either way, i just want a player that has some balls on this team. This team is full of pussy’s. Led by the “leaders”.

  140. Carcillo may not be a bad pick up .. he seems really annoying (not in the avery league) – but may provide a needed spark.. I thgt the same about Barnaby and ended up liking him as a Ranger.

  141. the Isles will be dumping vets at the deadline, not adding them

    look for Weight, Comrie, etc to be traded

    that accomplishes 2 things. it saves them some money, and it makes them more likely to finish with a better chance at the #1 pick

  142. Renney and Staal comment on Avery; from TSN Article:

    He is expected to be cleared from the program this week or sometime early next week.

    The Rangers did not have much to say when asked about the report on Friday.

    “Discussing anything about Sean Avery, he’s in another organization so it’s inappropriate for us to discuss that and anything beyond is speculation,” said head coach Tom Renney.

    “When he played for us he played hard and he played hard every night,” said Rangers’ Marc Staal on Friday. “He’s a good teammate and whatever happened in Dallas, I have no idea what went on but we enjoyed him in New York.”

  143. ..Is he going to show the younger guys on the team how to have 40 goal seasons? …

    Turcotte,in regards to Drury – there are plenty of captains who aren’t 40 goal scorers in the league. Brind’Amour, Koivu, Luongo, Brunette, Rivet, Moreau – doesn’t seem to be a qualification to be captain.

  144. Staal’s already laying the goodwill groundwork for Avery’s return. I love it.

    I don’t understand the violent reactions to a few throwaway mentions of the [NY Basketball Team That Shall Not Be Named].

    You are doing a great job Carp. Keep it up.

  145. All Hail King Henrik on


    Phoenix currently sits in 11th place and have lost 5 in a row. Before that losing streak, they were in pretty good playoff position. They’re still only 2 pts out of a playoff spot, but they’ve played at least 2 more games than all of the teams in front of them in the standings. If they continue to slide, they will be sellers.


    Danny gives me 15% because I’m such a damn good agent. HAHA We’re looking for Avery money on his next contract. $4 mil per for 6 years. :-p

  146. Staal is the most valuable of the young Rangers , and he WELCOMES Avery.

    does not sound like Avery is bad for the REAL kids on the team.

    sounds more to me like Avery is bad for the Drurys of the world, the vets who like it just like it is, quiet with no one challenging them or making waves.

    screw them. they had their chance, and they were the leader of the BLAND, instead of the band.

  147. Before and after every game the last 3 years, Jagr and then Shanahan, always answered media questions. Why do Drury and Gomez only occasionally talk to the media, or at least only occasionally appear in print? Are they that boring (possible), or do they just get away with avoiding the media like Sather? Why are Nigel Dawes and Staal the ones talking to the press about Avery?

  148. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This is a desperate attempt by Renney and Sather to salvage what they believe is a season that’s spiraling out of control and into the abyss.With this potential,move they are hoping to recapture the magic that Avery brought here the first time around. Those who’ve seen my posts both on here and over on BB last last year know that I’m a huge fan of his.In the right circumstance,a player like Avery is very much needed to spark a team,especially one so devoid of any kind of personality and grit.I also have maintained that if not for Sean Avery,both last year and the year before,Tom Renney would be out of a job.He was the missing ingredient needed to complete the chemistry on this team.

    So in closing, It looks to me that Renney is once again looking for a bailout.Then again bailouts are the in thing right now!

    P.S. I also think that Marc Staal has got the pulse of the team alot more than the “minor League Goalie,What’s his name” as Avery said earlier this year.

  149. bklynblue 4:56 if avery backfires we can just waive him? yes and if no one claims him we infect our ahl’ers with his attitude of me 1st. or then buy him out for the 1/2 we owe him. i have serious reservations for 3 + yrs of sean. unless all we care is the freakish entertainment of calling marty fatso etc. i have higher goals. even if it means a step back so we can do 2 steps forward

  150. Leetchhalloffame on

    Can this disaster tonight against the lousy Stars be the end of Renney? What a disgrace!

  151. Did not see the 3rd period but I could imagine..

    DISGRACE IS not astrong enough word. I saw the 3 goals in the first period none should have scored if GOmez did not suck and same for Redden.

    that is 3 lousy goals.. this team if they do not make some big moves now they are toast, they are not tough like the debbies they are pussies.

    COme on media ask the hard question and follow up when they give you the BS answer.

  152. Lucky Prucha did not play and they got the big bad Voros in the game….

    I wonder if the loser homer woosie announcers said it like it was or sugarcoated it for this soft underachieving bunch of losers…

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