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My bad. I forgot to put this up earlier. Sorry.

The Sunday, Feb. 15 game against the Flyers has been switched from a 3 p.m. start to 12:30 p.m. It’s a nationally televised game.

Jane’s going to practice today, to see if Renney’s “bag skate” — he took away the pucks and made them do sprints for half an hour — had any effect. She’ll post from Greenburgh.

Then the team flies to Dallas for Friday night’s 8:30 game.

I’m out.

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  1. Carp-

    I watched you and Jane do the video, very well done, here’s my question to you:

    You mentioned the Rangers may not have enough money to resign Zherdev….do you feel that with the economy and Zetterberg taking the “hometown discount” that it will be of any help to the Rangers in resigning Nicky Z?

    I can’t see him getting more than $4.5 million per year and if he doesn’t hit 20 goals, no way someone even pays him that much (not including KHL of course). I view this as a Mets/Ollie Perez type of situation where ultimately the fit will play a big factor.

    Also, if someone pulls a Kevin lowe with an offer sheet to him, would you rather match, or take the draft picks? Personally I’d match because he’s a good fit here, seems marketable, and even if he only turns into another Kovalev during his first T.o.D, with the Rangers, that’s pretty good.

  2. Rick, what is that they care about? Do you feel like the players dont play to their potential is some sort of message that they want a coaching change?

  3. so as far as a little risk-reward scenario for the rangers, while it would never actually happen, i would love to see this trade.

    We get:
    Jay Bouwmeester and Nathan Horton (both have made it pretty obvious that this is their last year in FLA). Bouwmeester is a perennial force on a consistently awful team, and Horton, at a young age 23, averages about 30 goals a year the past 3 seasons. My stipulation is that the Rangers get at least one (preferably both) to sign contract extensions before the deal is finalized. This addresses the rangers two biggest flaws, a top six winger, and the prototypical (and productive!) quarterback defenseman.

    We give:
    Either Del Zotto or Sanguinetti. Both of them are being groomed for the same role. While my predisposition towards keeping sanguinetti probably is because of his childhood allegiance to the rangers, aaron voros has taught me better. One of those two goes. We also give up this year’s first round pick, and dimitri kalinin. that helps us shed salary for the remainder of the season to accomodate the remainder of the FLA contracts. FLA gets a blue chip prospect, a mid to late first round pick, and an NHL regular (i use that term loosely) in exchange for two guys who are out the door for nothing come July 1st.

    Thoughts? Tweaks? Other trade proposals? This time of year is always fun for this…

  4. p.s. we buy out redden at the end of the year in my perfect world to make room for those boys.

  5. turcotte-Redden needs another horrible year before he can be bought out unless he doesn’t even hit 20 points this year.

    I know this sounds like the Rangers of old pre-lockout but my idea would be to sign Bowmeester for $5million per for five years and put Redden in Hartford. I know it wouldn’t happen, but it would be a realistic option, and the only ones paying would be the Dolans who pay Stephon Marbury $23 million per to do nothing (I know different regime as Rick Carp pointed out) and the Rangers save $1.5 million in cap room and maybe Redden would get angry and just leave.

    I’d let Mara go to save cash, but then the D would be:
    Staal, Girardi, JayBow, Rozi, Reitz, Sanguinetti.

    By the way, how’s Sauer doing? He’s like a plus every game nowadays. Is he nearly ready for a peak?

  6. All Hail King Henrik on


    Sanguinetti, Kalinin and our 1st in 2009 would not be enough to land Bouwmeester alone. Unfortunately. You’d have to add at least Dubinsky or Staal and a Callahan/Korpikoski/Dawes to land J-Bo.

    Dubinsky, Sanguinetti, Korpikoski, 1st in 2009 might land J-Bo. Kalinin has virtually no value.

    Teams who are desperate will mortage their future for J-Bo. I could see teams offering a similar player package as above, plus the 1st in 2009 and a conditional 1st in 2010 if he resigns.

    Nathan Horton is signed through 2012-2013 at a cap hit of $4 mil per season. I don’t think Florida is trading him, even though there have been rumors that he wants out.

    Unfortunately for us, for the Rangers to land both J-Bo and Horton, the trade would probably have to look something like this:

    To NYR:

    J-Bo, Horton

    To FLA:

    Dubinsky, Staal, Korpikoski, Callahan, Sanguinetti 1st & 3rd in 2009

  7. Turcotte:

    Lay off the crack.

    Florida wouldn’t touch that, nor would we have the cap room.

  8. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. I can virtually guarantee Bouwmeester will resign for no less than $6 mil per. If teams get greedy, you could see him get $7.0 – $7.5 mil., even with the cap expected to drop in 2010. He is a cornerstone player that teams like Toronto will build around. Plays 30 minutes a game, and is excellent both offensively and defensively.

    He’ll probably seek a minimum 6 year term as well, with his agent pushing for 7 or 8 years.

    If Chicago was willing to give Brian Campbell $7.14 mil per, someone will offer similar, or more, to Bouwmeester.

    The Rangers knew J-Bo was up for UFA status this year; it was never a secret, especially after he went to arbitration. Sather should’ve planned ahead, rather than jumping the gun with Redden. I’d rather have J-Bo at an exorbitant $7-7.5 per for 7-8 years than Redden at 6.5 for 6. That’s for damn sure.

  9. we should stay far away from any more outside high priced long contract guys. bowmeister would have the “garden faithful” or a good amt at least itching to get rid of him in no time flat. how has fla done with him? plus like the good dr says we don’t have the cap room.

  10. all hail – i;d take option c – none of the above between redden and bowmeister. keep the cash for our own like staal, etc. unfortuantely nobody asked us.

  11. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    We really don’t have a choice as far as staying away from high-priced UFA. We don’t have the money to sign anyone of impact.

    If we’re able to resign both Dubinsky and Zherdev (which I think we will) we should consider that successful.

    Barring an unforseen salary dump of a big contract, this team has no money to do anything in the free agent market.

    The same will be the case in 2010 as well, with Staal’s salary coming up.

  12. All Hail King Henrik on


    I’d take option C as well, and build from within. Developing our own players is really the only way this organization will ever see success under the current regime.

    However, if it came down to one or the other, as it inevitably does in New York–I’d take J-Bo. J-Bo @ 6.5 and Staal @ say, $4.5-5 would be a solid defensive core to build around.

    Unfortunaly for us, our d-core is going to be Redden and Staal, after Rozi is traded/sent to europe.

  13. I’d sign Jay Bo only if it were to get the cap down meaning Redden goes down to Hartford via waivers and Kalinin/Prucha and unfortunately Mara and 2/3ds of the 4th line would not be back.

    I don’t know to tell you the truth how to fix the cap. The only guy with a contract with any value is Naslund and if you trade him, then the offense is even thinner and he is only around for one more year and has been good.

    I really think the only thing to do is stand pat with a minor move or two, hope that this team comes together at the right time, and waive Redden in the offseason or see if anyone would take Roszival for three years. There’s really not much else to do other than hope that AA learned a lot last night and grabs the bull by the horns, that Grachev can continue to get ready, and that the Dmen corps of Sags/Sauer/Del Zotto/Potter/Gaulton/Kundratek continue to progress with 1-2 being ready for 3rd paid work.

  14. All Hail King Henrik on

    …should read J-Bo @ $6.5 and Staal @ 4.5. Not sure why the “at” signs were removed.

  15. mike a- naslund is the least of our worries since like you said he only has 1 more yr. our cap problems go for 5 more yrs with gomez and redden and maybe henrik. by then staal will be making great money too. and probably others of our own in house as well.

    and the yr after next the cap should come down by quite a bit.

    i really don’t think they’ll send redden to hartford. unless we get a new gm and thats very very unlikely unless sather wants to go or his health fails him.

  16. haha, i love how we are all ready to give Redden the Kasparaitis treatment next year (myself included), but you have to remember too, as far as FLA is concerned, bouwmeester is only someone else’s soon-to-be rental player. Last year, the sabres sent campbell to SJ for bernier and a first rounder. 2 years ago, smyth went to the isles for a third liner and a pick. of course, on the flip side, both these players were adamant about testing the FA market, which reduces a players value.

  17. By the way guys and gals, I’m all down for developing within as I’ve been since the late 90s, but please realize there will be some growing pains that were supposed to take place in 05-06 that we as fans were lucky not to experience because of Jagr and friends and Henrik.

    There will be a lot of moaning/groaning and calling for heads, but as I’ve said, if it means that this team is given to a core of Henrik/Staal/Girardi/Cally/Dubi/Dawes/Nicky Z/Korpo with AA/Grachev/Del Zotto/Bobby Sags all at first struggling but learning their trade and a few other draft picks and FAs coming in, I will gladly sign up even if it means missing the playoffs a few years.

    Are you as fans willing to commit to this while we wait for Rozi/Drury and then Redden/Gomez to finish out their contracts? Will you still watch and go to games and buy Rangers merchandise while your colleagues who don’t like hockey and like to pick on the Rangers and the sport continuously take low blows and trash your team? Will you take the high road against insults from Devils/Islanders/Habs/Flyers/Pens fans while this is going on?

    And finally—do you all feel that Henrik will still be relevant and in his prime when this team is really ready to contend?

    Think about this for a bit and then answer it if you choose to read my posts. I am 100% willing to do it this way.

  18. LI Joe-If Redden doesn’t hit 20 points or 5 freaking goals this year, he deserves to go to Hartford; he’s supposed to be
    a power play QB, not Rod Langway.

  19. mike a – if we ever want to win the cup again we have no choice. that plus cap hell so no more outsiders unless they are signed for 1 yr only. let the contracts run out. get better draft picks. be mild sellers come trade deadline next couple of yrs.

    the goal is the cup. we’ve seen how others have done it.

    re the comments about the other fans. isles fans must be in their glory with the chance to get top end pick (as long as they don’t move something we don’t have to worry about). i actually want them to win and win often so they move up the standings. so i would not worry about barbs from other teams fans unless that team wins the title.

    i want to win the cup again. no more and this will last a lifetime (sam r jinxed us i think), 94′ was also the yr dolans took ownership. coincedence in our team failing by the yr since then (except for a couple more yrs as the existing talent got older back then). I think not re the coincedence.

  20. mike a – sather deserves to be fired for signing that insane contract with redden. neither will happen. hope for your sake you have other sports to root for with as much a passion.

  21. mike a – even if redden gets 5 goals it’s still a disaster of signing and we all knew it in july. he is a defenceman and is awful on that end of the ring.

  22. Before people start trading Sanguinetti or Del Zotto thinking that they are the same kind of player. Sorry but they are not as despite being known as offensive defenders they are actually different.

    Sanguinetti is going to be the goal scorer, a right handed shot with the ability to shoot and score from everywhere. He is bigger and improving his defense.

    Del Zotto will be the PP QB, DZ is the passer as well as left handed shot who is smaller than Sanguinetti.

    Not to mention that why is it that after years with an empty prospect pool just how quickly Ranger fans are forgetting that trading prospects is what got the Rangers 7 years without playoffs.

    James Dolan is right about one thing, too many Ranger fans lack the patience to allow prospects a chance to develop. Those fans want other team’s stars rather than develop their own.

    Give the kids a chance to become Ranger stars before giving them away.

  23. Good article today by the Zipper:

    It really hits home how restricted we are under this year’s and next year’s cap. He makes some assumptions about next year’s salaries but is fairly accurate. Basically next year we are looking at the same roster (minus Kalinin, Prucha, maybe Betts and Voros too) and we’d still only have about $4m for a free agent top 6 winger – whats that going to get us (Sykora, Satan, Afinogenov, Kotalik)? I don’t think we can entertain a Gionta or Guerin or Havlat and if we trade for Tkachuk we won’t be able to afford him next year for sure. I just hope Slats has the sense to move someone like Voros, Prucha or Kalinin – they are about the only ones who will free any salary up for a decent trade (lets face it Gomer, Dru, Redden and Roszi are going nowhere).

    I remember thinking a year or two ago that some of these deals could look like good ones if the cap continues to rise and players fulfil their potential, so far we’re getting neither – so most of Slats deals are not looking so great (apart from the Z trade and the Mara contract), although Naslund is doing OK and might get 25 goals.

  24. The teams future is destroyed. Horrible move signing all these players, and it’s gonna haunt us for a long time.

    I hate the Lightning, i think they blew a 3 goal lead in the 3rd against the Pens, and lost in OT. But at least the Bruins beat the Flyers.

    I hope Redden has a good game, and Sather can somehow convince the Stars to trade Avery for Redden. That would be perfect. Get rid of a waste of space, and bring in some entertainment. At least the 1-0 losses would be a lot more fun to watch.

    Im looking forward to Broduer’s game on the 26th, hopefully that injury totally fuggs him up, and he gives up a shitload of goals.

  25. LI Joe-I root for other NY teams in other sports most notably the Giants/Mets and I like both the Knicks/Nets and try to watch a little Premier or Italian League Soccer thanks to Digital Cable , but the Rangers have always been MY team, so no, I’m not nearly as passionate about any other team, not even close.

  26. Orr – i think Slats has just got carried away each summer. He signed 2 centres(Gomer, Dru) when we really only needed one due to the young talent like Dubi and AA coming through, then he signed 3 D-men(Redden,Roszi,Kalinin) when we really only needed one or two, then he signed Riss and Voros when we needed a top 6 forward with size. At least we’ll be forced to use young players due to our current cap commitments.

    I really hope Redden pulls it together some time soon, his contract is too long to make a trade or a buyout possible. I think Avery has more chance of being traded to the Texas Rangers than the NY Rangers..!

  27. Totally agreed on how screwed we are with the cap and the way the team is structured,I have one question why is Mara included in all the trade scenerios. I would hope that after giving a hometown discount to play here and being one of our best d-men that this is the kind of guy you want to keep.

  28. Kris – some good points by Uncle Larry. The one thing i don’t like is the team’s tendency to sit back at the start of the game size up the opposition – we seem to look better when we are pressing more and consitently going to the net. My philosophy would be more to get at the opposition from the start, come out of the blocks fast, hunt for some big checks and crash the net – get the goalkeeper worried about both the puck and his own health.

    No way Mara should be traded, he is however, a reasonably cheap, reliable, somewhat physical defenseman who is a UFA at season’s end so you can see why other team’s would be interested.

  29. As usual, Brooks is the only one to call out the coaching “maven” and his grandious strategy of: Dump & change, sit back with no attack, and pray like heck, for the shootout trek. Boring and stifling.

  30. We’re f’ed.

    We’re not going to make it past Round 1 again and we’re going to get screwed with a draft spot.

  31. UKRAnger-
    The team sits back throughout the whole game unless they are down by a goal late in the 3rd and then they will start pressing and crashing more. I agree with you, they need to do the pressing and crashing early on. Let the game dictate it’self. Henrik has got our back. The team should crash and take chances early (will probably score more) and than close up into this brutal-to-watch defensive system that Renney preaches. When all is said and done, Renney has got to be replaced. His system is becoming inneffective.

  32. If I’m Nicky Z( and I know he’s an RFA not a UFA) all things being equal, I do not chose the Rangers to sign with until Renney is gone. What’s the point?

  33. i think you gotta try and move a player like naslund in the offseason and sign someone like cammalleri or a havlat (tho his injury problems are an issue). we have no one in our system who is a true goal scorer and that isnt gonna change anytime soon. anisimov/grachev may be decent scorers, but from what ive seen they seem to be more playmakers/defensively sound tho Grachav may have more of a scoring touch

    -dawes should not be a part of this team’s offensive future and cally should return to being a third line player, he isn’t a first liner on any other team in the league.

  34. Nice article by brooks. gets this forum’s point across without the seething anger and desolate hopelessness.

    scrolling through last nights comments and I saw some of you referencing Naslund’s post bag skate comments…what were they? Also, I know what “bag skate” means, but where does it come from? Couldn’t find a real explanantion on the internet… is it beacuse the pucks remain in a bag?

    more interested in the naslund comments than my other drivel.

  35. “Nice article by brooks. gets this forum’s point across without the seething anger and desolate hopelessness.”
    Jeffluke 2-05-09

    Then forget it…I wont read it.

  36. Am I the only one that likes the “bag skate” practice yesterday? They played horrible Tuesday night, showed no life, urgency nor will to work hard and make something happen and this was their “punishment” and this type of “punishment” is usually the best way to get back control from a wheeling team.

    I know after I played a game like that what was coming and no one was happy about it or looking forward to it.

  37. God Bless Larry Brooks….

    There I said it.
    I don’t mind the guys being skated hard…I mean you get paid millions , you lose, work harder~!!

    but I’m glad the camoflouge is being lifted off of the “real” problems in Renney-land

    Too bad Tom is as inflexible and stubborn as he is…all life is in the end is making adjustments and learning from success and failures but he cant do it…scratch that..he “wont” do that

  38. FACT: Brooks’ article = best article written on the Rangers in 2+ years.

    I’m gonna print that out, laminate it, blow it up, have it silkscreened onto shirts and toss them out at MSG.

  39. Zipay mentioned in his update about Avery that the Stars would send him to the minors if he clears waivers. At first, I considered that I really don’t think that would be a good idea for them because he would have more of an influence on their younger players unless there is a veteran presence down there. Then I remembered that the Stars don’t actually have an AHL affiliate this season because they are waiting for their own team to start next season. I wonder if it will be hard for them to find a minor league team willing to take Avery or if they will just have to send him all the way down to the ECHL’s Idaho Steelheads. I think the latter is the most likely scenario, but they would probably be best served with just buying out the contract after this season.

  40. The wonder is how the crime of TRAPPING AT HOME AGAINST THE FRICKING THRASHERS WITH THEIR WORST DEFENSIVE RECORD IN ORGANIZED HOCKEY seems to have eluded every other reporter on the beat.

    If only this were complicated. If only this were difficult to see or understand. It isn’t —– Tom Renney is afraid to forecheck against the Atlanta Thrashers. He ought to be removed from his job for a multitude of reasons, but maybe there is no one reason that stands out more clearly than that one.

  41. I think a team like Dallas would be a good chance to try a more offensive system because it could actually work against them as it could have against the Thrashers. If you need to go back to conservative against the Devils, that’s understood, but at least show up with some pressure against Dallas like you did in Detroit early in the season. And don’t let yourselves be down 2-0 first to actually do it.

  42. “Atlanta is a good team.” — Tom Renney 2/3/09

    Those are firing words! Give the job to someone who will release the hounds and get MSG humming again with energy and excitement.

  43. The top 3 teams in the East should be Bruins, Caps and Devils — the Rangers don’t want to face them in the first round, therefore they need to be in 4th or 5th place to even have a shot. On the other hand, the teams fighting it out for the last 3 spots are all bad.

  44. How’s this for a theory?

    Henrik isn’t that good.

    On nights when things get loose, he tends to give up a lot of goals. And, when things go badly or bizarrely, he tends to fall apart. And he also has long stretches of looking mediocre or distracted.

    Any chance, if he had entered the NHL on a team with a less defensively paranoid system, he would not be considered one of the best?

    Don’t know my own opinion. Anyone have thoughts?

  45. Hank gets too emotional after he lets by a goal, whether he had no chance or it’s a softee. After that he ends up giving up more softees.

  46. The opposite theory Chris F., is if you put Lundqvist on a team that can score, is he pushing 45 wins? Probably. I feel that Henrik’s success is one of the major reasons we are still in contention.

  47. Hey does anyone know where i can get the messier and richter banners. I would like to hang all 4 up in my office.

    Thanks and as always fire renney!

  48. Like to see how LQ would play if he was on the Wings…

    Betcha he would be unstoppable. But in my gut I think he’s frustrated with the players in front of him.

    Did you see the look he gave Staal when Staal made that booboo of a play skating in front of LQ in stead of skating the puck behind the net??? If looks could kill…

  49. Sorry hit Send too quick.

    RE LQ: He has the team on his shoulders and tries to carry them, but they arent helping him by scoring any goals.

  50. Hank’s fantastic.

    The best personal proof I have for that statement is that I am surprised when he let’s up a goal. Deep down I have this take-it-for-granted feeling that he’s gonna make the save. He does go through softee stretches, but not often enough to tarnish his reputation as one of the best.

    I never had that with Richter… I always thought the puck was going in, and I’d be surprised that he made the save. I guess it’s just a way of explaining the difference between an acrobatic, reactionary goaltender and a positionally sound, patient keeper.

    Currently in the NHL there isn’t a truly dominant keeper. Poor Luongo is letting up 4 a game in Vancouver, Brodeur has no arm etc. Instead there are upper tier and lower tier keepers, and these 2 kinds are spread among good teams and bad teams. Right now it seems that good teams are able to carry lower tier keepers (caps, wings, hawks, DEVILS!). We’re lucky enough to have an upper tier keeper, hopefully are team can carry him at some point.

  51. zipays numbers which he disclaims as minimum amts arent likely to be reasonable for most cases. ie someone like dubinsky is gonna want a figure in the millions not under a million, granted he hasnt had a great year, but you gotta think if the rangers will hand out $1M contracts to voros and rissmiller he is gonna want a couple million and zherdev is gonna want 3-4 at least. so we will likely have even less wiggle room if we resign some of these guys.

    and what will tkachuk add to this team, its one thing if they want dawes but i wouldnt give anything above a fourth round pick for him since we dont instantly become that much better with him our lineup

  52. Chris F. my reaction to your theory is that you should stop being a theorist and don’t quite your day job. You probably have been watching hockey for a week or two and you are mabye 8 yrs old. Henrik not that good….at least I got a laugh. Thanks for that.

    What is it with everyone on this blog wanting to be GM? You guys throw these trade ideas together and I cannot figure out if that is your source personal porn or you think Sather reads this blog or what? It’s one thing to react to some story that is on some website or something or heard by some hockey sportswriter. It’s a whole other thing to start throwing in Bobby Sangs and Redden for Avery and all this crap like there is even one iota of truth to it, as opposed to your wishes and hopes. And besides, that is how BS rumors get started.

    And Prospect Park, you said this: “James Dolan is right about one thing, too many Ranger fans lack the patience to allow prospects a chance to develop.” When and where did IDIOT say that? I mean this is the same guy who has Sather as his GM? I want to know how buzzed up Dolan was when he said that.

  53. What the hell’s the difference?!!

    These guys sat through watching one of the All-time greats have his jersey raised to the rafters and then mailed in their effort against one of the leagues worst teams.

    I’m sure some wind sprints will turn things right around.

  54. doodie machetto on

    “someone like dubinsky is gonna want a figure in the millions not under a million, granted he hasnt had a great year, but you gotta think if the rangers will hand out $1M contracts to voros and rissmiller he is gonna want a couple million and zherdev is gonna want 3-4 at least. so we will likely have even less wiggle room if we resign some of these guys.”

    They just have to give them qualifying offers. I think Zherdev might be able to choose to go to arbitration.

    The problem is that all of our RFAs are great offer sheet targets since we won’t have any money to match. I am especially concerned with Staal being RFA in 2010. He could be worth an offer sheet that matches Dustin Penner’s based on how much he improves next season. But at least 3 million per year seems to be a given. They NEED to have the space for him.

  55. “Wow. Larry has regained my respect.”
    Doodie Machetto 2-05-09

    Doodie,I just called Larry and told him what you wrote, he responded “well…thats all I ever wanted”

    Then I told him who I was, and that I respected him too…now he’s retracting the whole story tomorrow

    Sorry kids.

  56. id actually have to disagree about richter. he was capable of winning a game series on his own at the highest stakes, hank hasnt shown he can do that yet. not saying he can’t but if i had to win a game 7 tomorrow i would take richter in his prime over hank in a heartbeat

    and lets not forget the horrendous teams richter had to play for. if he had been traded to a team like st. louis (and trust me richter wanted to be traded) he would have had a great chance at another cup

  57. jeffluke,

    There are dominant goaltenders in the NHL…

    they reside on whatever team faces the NYR on any given night.

  58. forgot about the arbitration element doodie, ur right, someone like dubinsky could be offered a contract and certainly staal is an attractive player next year.

  59. Pete

    Sorry, I’m in no way discrediting Richter. He was incredible and a true clutch player, something that Hank hasn’t YET accomplished (Team Sweden helped him a bunch with that Gold). Just contracting their styles to show that I kinda take LQ for granted sometimes and only notice when he gives up a bad goal. It was hard not to notice Richter, he was more of a -“how the hell did he just do that” – type of keeper.

  60. Salty: FACT: Brooks’ article = best article written on the Rangers in 2+ years.

    I’m gonna print that out, laminate it, blow it up, have it silkscreened onto shirts and toss them out at MSG.


    I know! OMG, I think that’s what we’ve been trying to say for so long and FINALLY people see what’s up. There ain’t a Sean Avery to save Renney this team either.

    I love that Renney’s finally been exposed. What’s a shame is that the team started the season hard on the fore-check with a very quick counter-attack, but after the first 12-15 games Renney made them sit back much much more. I don’t know why you change the gameplan of a team that goes 10-2-1… but this is the same coach who moved Prucha off a line where he scored 2 goals in 2 games. Oh well.

    Chris F. Sorry, Hank ain’t the problem. Hank’s the only reason we’re in 5th place. He hasn’t been stellar recently, but his performance through the first 35 games was super-human. He was WAY better than he should have been forced to be.

  61. maybe so, but i think henrik really needs a lot of support in front of him or else he is just gonna get beat up high by any decent shooter. thats the element of his game that he has been a weakness since he came into the league and he hasnt really addressed.

    i have nothing against henrik and there arent many other goalies id want, but its just unfortunate that we are paying him so much this early in his career when he has shown that he goes through a rough patch every year

  62. Here’s today’s combos according to Gross:
    Aaron Voros-Scott Gomez-Naslund
    Brandon Dubinsky-Chris Drury-Nikolai Zherdev
    Nigel Dawes-Lauri Korpikoski-Ryan Callahan
    Fredrik Sjostrom-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

    Voros must have something on Renney.

  63. Y is everyone drooling over Bouwmeester? Have you guys seen him play? He isn’t much different from Rozi. Maybe a better skater than Roz but very similar in play… And career -22 compared to Rozis +37. Bouwmee doesn’t take body much… and also gets kinda shy when it comes to shooting the puck. People on here ready to give up half the team for this guy… Staal, Dubi, Bobby S and bunch of picks. I don’t think so. Would you give up those players for Rozsival? Marc Staal has more playoff experience than Bouwmee.

  64. Voros on track to get major minutes with Gomez and Naslund. What is next? Seriously.

    It’s as if Renney is actually a double agent for the Flyers or the Isles who has infiltrated the highest levels of this franchise and is determined to destroy it from within….

  65. jordan staal’s pedigree has to do with the salary he commands, just like it had to do with where he was drafted.

    also, my brother mentioned last night that best moves glen sather has ever made for the rangers were in 93-94 as the oilers’ GM. Tragically true.

  66. I’d take Bouwmeester if and only if he replaced Redden, which will never happen.

    Rozsival is probably the only tradeable contract we have (as for the overpaid players), and there’s no way we can add a 7m+ deal to replace his 5m.

  67. HAHAHAH CCCP well for finally exposing the truth as to what we have all been saying 15 games into the season!!!

    I have a guy at work here who is/wavering Renney supporter. I said “Bob (yes his name is Bob LOL) read the article today in the Post, tell me what you think.” He and I debate back & fourth about him. I said after the ATL game, I said “well do you believe me now??” He said they were “AWFUL, Boring, worst Rangers team he ever seen” I said “now do you believe its the coach?” Im still waiting for the answer LOL

  68. pete 12:44

    well dubi can want a couple of million but off this season is unlikely to get that. just a shade over a million should do.

    agree on tkachuk

  69. dm – 12:52

    we have arb rights with staal that yr. just like with henrik where we exercised those rights, but eventually settled on a short term deal. so noone is going to poach staal in 2010.

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