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In case you missed it way down on the comments of the previous post, there was a bit of a rumor … and I don’t know how many heard it at MSG tonight … that Philly was close to signing/trading for Sean Avery.

Also somewhere among those comments, I started to tell you about Jane McManus, our Jets writer who is going to be doing some Rangers Report-ing with me on the blog. She’s a news-digger, so that’s good for the blog since I can’t be everywhere (and neither can she). Together I hope we can provide enough news for you.

I believe she’ll be posting in the morning. Then she and I will host the live video chat at 1 p.m. You can see it here, or by going to this address:

Finally, I still don’t like the shootout. I know that the Rangers didn’t play particularly well against the Thrashers tonight, but once Naslund gets that late goal, that could be a really good tie. Instead it felt like a loss because of a breakaway competition. And they got a point. Hate it. I wish they would just keep playing 4-on-4, or make it a 10-minute OT then declare it a tie. Or 20 minutes. It would be rare when there’s not a goal after 10 or 20 minutes of 4-on-4. But that’s just me. I think the shootout is a lousy way to lose a game after you bruise and bleed and, you know, play hockey for 65 minutes.

Somebody’s argument to me tonight was that everybody in the building was standing for the shootout. But I maintain that’s the nature of it. If you had a whiffle-ball home run contest, a fist fight, or a spitting contest, a race of blue vs. white turtles, a dance-off, or played rock-paper-scissors-match to decide the outcome of a game, people would stand and cheer for it.

That’s it. I’m going to bed.

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  1. sept 18th 2008 – “First Pete needs opportunity, and he’s work hard enough and deserves the look,” Renney said. “He’s in phenomenal condition. One of the highest scorers ever. As a matter of fact, since I’ve been here this is the best testing of a Ranger team, and Pete’s at the top.”

    feb 3 2009 – “With a guy like Pruch, it’s a matter of him getting in and being able to sustain it,” Renney said. “He’s not a big guy. For our needs, at least, a guy like Petr is good for a while and then it seems to dry up on him. Then I can get him back in again. The bottom line is it’s his size. It’s getting banged around, and then because of that, not being able to sustain what he can deliver over the period of more than four or five games. And that’s the dilemma that I have.”

    i just wanted to post that after a very disappointing game. dunno if anyone else posted that in the last post.

  2. If you support Tom Renney, you deserve what you got tonight. You play Betts and Sjo in OT to try to shut down Ilya instead of trying to WIN the game… _against the 14th place team?_

    Just pathetic. Graves deserved better than that on his special night.

    I’m interested to see what Jane has to say in the morning, but when we can’t make jokes about Renney’s personal life at home in the comment section anymore, it might be my time to disappear. It’s one thing to not rip on each other as much, sure. But so much of the fun of this blog was the joking around in the comments section, and now so many posts are just getting deleted.

    I also don’t think there’s much more for me to say about this current team situation. I’ve made my points over and over and over and over. I stand by them proudly, especially after nights like this. Not much more to say, other than if you support Tom Renney, you deserve what you got as a Ranger fan tonight.

  3. “ORR’s Right Hand + Renney’s Jaw = Freedom !! February 4th, 2009 at 12:19 am

    This team sucks. They should be ashamed of themselves. Renney got what he wanted, he got them to the shootout, and it backfired on them. Hank was terrible, he blew this game for the Rangers, along with everyone else.

    I hate Rangers hockey, if i was into other sports, i would stop watching this garbage. Graves deserved better.

    What a boring piece of team this is.”

    Really, Hank giving up 2 goals in 2 games is terrible and the reason we lost right… Do you want to go back to the mike duhnam days?

  4. how about Dustin Penner. he is 26, huge in the dog house and has scored 25 + goals twice..

    His insane contract I think is sless then $5 mill for 3 more years. Trade prucha, sjustrom, voros, and 2 prospects or picks any combo. Prucah makes $1.6, Voros makes $1 mill. SJu I think $800k to $1.2m etc….

    No to trading Dubi for him or staal or other top top tier guys.

    I know it is a long shot but we can dream, get bigger, and younger!!!!

  5. NO! Please don’t tell me Avery is going to the Flyers. That would be very, very, bad. That would send the a-hole overload in that area through the roof, and they’ve already got quite a few.

    Oh…and Carpy?

    You’re starting to grow on me.

    Keep it up.

  6. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    Philly needs to clear room just to add Briere from injury reserve they have no money at all to pick up Avery…none at all

  7. after Renney comes through with his usual long-winded “positives from a loss” post-game soliloquy, Captain Drury will be the first one leading the charge to talk about how important this point was that they “earned”…

    we all know Sather’s roster is a disgrace and Renney’s system is a joke, but it’s almost as much of a joke seeing Drury with the “C” at this point…especially when all the NYR greats are in the building…and for the record, there have been 11 games all year where Drury has scored a goal…just 11 games, with close to 3/4 of the season over

    ^^^^^^ I posted that after the game…and like clockwork, here’s a Drury post-game quote:

    “We have to take it,” Rangers captain Chris Drury said. “Again we had trouble scoring. If we keep playing like that — like we did in Boston and like we did tonight — the goals will come and we will start winning again.”

    so “Captain Clutch” thinks that as long as they keep playing like they did TONIGHT, they’ll be just fine! hilarious…the leadership of this team is delusional, and that includes the coaches…

    Carp- we need that “Yes or No” poll on Sather ASAP, I want to see if we can get the first ever unanimous vote in the history of the internet

  8. Can you answer my question in a blog entry by any chance boss.

    How much of a chance is there of Renney getting canned (Pearn first of course)?

    What would need to happen for these events to occur?

  9. I’m sure if Avery were there a rookie goaltender in Boston and a guy with a shaky defence in front of him, Atlanta, wouldn’t be allowed to go through the game without having their concentration broken time and again. Unfortunately Avery won’t even begin skating for a week or more while he continues “professional counselling.” Sounds like he’s coming back lobotomized and castrated unless Sather moves quickly in Dallas Friday and gets him in a half price waiver deal.

    I liked Reitz and Dubinsky on the wing. But a team averaging zero goals a game except when playing with a rover is heading for the Taveres zone.

  10. Went to the game last night – what a disgrace these guys are. After listening to Gravey’s speach how do you not come out wanting to pound the other team right thru the ice. I am so sick of this team… only guy on the ice that showed some heart last night was Zherdev. The rest, including Lundy and Staal – svcked.

    At this point I honestly would not be surprised if we do not make the playoffs.

  11. carp,
    agree with you on the shootout. its a joke. some games are worth 3 points, and some games are worth 2 points. only in the NHL.

  12. 0necupin67years on

    I always said it was bush league and it doesn’t give a true reading of a team’s performance in wins and losses.

  13. Agree in toto, Carp. The shootout has no place in hockey, but this is Bettman the basketball man’s league, sadly.

  14. Your “problem” with the shootout makes sense, but I severely question your timing. It’s only after a rare loss in the shootout do you speak about the “problem” with it feeling like a loss. If anything, last night’s shootout was the closest thing to a tie that you’ll see. The opponent’s extra point means nothing since Atlanta isn’t a playoff-capable team. Instead of bemoaning the rules, maybe focus on the vanilla team’s lack of scoring, personality, etc. After watching the last two ‘exciting’ games, this team has turned into a worse version of Devils. Far worse. Defense first, zero personality, and fewer guts.

  15. Yes, Carp, the shootout blows. It was cool the first time, but it’s not hockey. 10 or 20-minutes of OT 4 on 4 would be great. But the players union and NHL will bring up “injuries” if players get too exhausted playing OT. That’s bull! These guys are supposed to be professionals.

  16. Oh, and another thing about players tiring and getting injured during long OTs during the regular season: seriously? That’s a lame excuse.

    I know this example isn’t from the NHL, but there is a frozen pond in a park near my house and there are kids that are out there on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until dark skating and playing hockey … 6 hours non-stop!!! These kids don’t get injured. These kids don’t complain. These kids don’t get paid. These kids have to be chased from the ice by a town cop when it gets dark cuz they want to keep playing. These kids’ fingers and toes are practically frozen solid, but they don’t complain. I have more fun watching these kids and my son on the ice on a frozen pond on a Saturday afternoon than I do watching the Rangers.

  17. Heres the thing Rick. If you spend your hard earned cash on a game, going to a game that ends up as a tie feels like a big waste of your money– nothing ended up getting resolved. I for one am so glad that they got rid of ties so that you are guaranteed games will have a resolution when you go to them and that teams won’t compete to get ties. And IMO it has also shown in league-wide attendance, they’ve been getting higher and higher since the lockout.

  18. CHRIS

    He blew THIS GAME !! Not the last one.

    Hank is supposed to be the best in the shootout, and i know you cant win them all, but why does he suck in the shootout on the most important night of the year ? The team sucked, but Hank was supposed to bail them out. The first goal was his fault, doesn’t matter if the puck was bouncing, or rolling, just fire it left of right, not straight at the god damn boards. Unbelievable.

    As for Artie, i wish i could say i liked what i saw from him, but I BARELY FUGGIN SAW HIM !! Typical Renney.

    I bet that overrated, over-payed loser Chris Drury is happy we got a point, cause apparently one point is enough. If they miss the playoffs, like i said, i hope they miss by a single point. I hate this team, i want Jags, Shanny, Avery, and Straka back. This is the worst team, the start was a total fluke, and once again we’re gonna be a 6th place team, except this team doesn’t have what the last two teams had, and that’s god damn heart.

    And i hope that this blog isn’t gonna turn into Blueshirt Bulletin. I like the freedom to get into a nice argument with a Rangers fan, or to make fun of the losers on that team, from coaches to players. This nice guy stuff is too boring. It will be like taking fighting out of hockey.

  19. GREG

    I know the feeling. Id rather watch Hannah Montana than these half assed losers.

    BTW, im really pissed that these idiot Ranger fans cheered Renney when Graves mentioned him, what the fugg was that ?

    If i was there, i would have boo’d till i turned colors unimaginable.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Wiffle-ball,a turtle race and a spitting contest.All are competitive events that Tom Renney would be an ideal coach for.Did I forget to mentioned the spewing contest?
    In that event he could be a participant and coach!


  22. this team is pathetic and i can’t even make it through an entire game anymore.

    absolutely horrific.

    renney has got to go. he’s completely lost this team.

    and carp, there’s about no way that the flyers pick up avery’s contract unless they somehow unload a ton of salary. as someone said earlier, the flyers don’t even have the room to bring briere back when he’s healthy. plus, sean hasn’t skated in how long? even if he does come back this year he’s going to be a complete train wreck and the flyers would have to use his acquistion as a salary dump meaning they’d unload salary to dallas and then send avery directly to the phantoms. maybe that’s how they free up enough space for briere…? maybe i’m wrong but i don’t see this happening.

  23. This team needs a wakeup call…I’m not impressed by firings and roster moves “after” a team goes into the basement ( like Ottawa) a good GM or owner makes the moves “before” its too late….Like Lou across the river..speaking of which…

    The New Jersey Devils have to be the worst marketed team in sports history to not “OWN” this town; they have the best GM in metro area sports; they are always in contention and have 3 cups to show for 12 seasons of hockey…and still they play second fiddle to the Rangers…

    The Sather/Renney era has maxed out…to stuck in their ways-the both of them especially Renney…


  24. Sorry Carp but if you call last nights “game” hockey then I don’no what I can say. The Rangers need to sit down and look at this game and see what they did (or didn’t do). After retiring Graves digits there should of been some fire in them.

    Part of me has always blamed Renney for the lack of fire in this group of jello posing as hockey players. Now I think it’s becoming more obvious. I think Gomez needs to be benched. It’s always something with this guy. The other line mates can’t keep up with him, they don’t know where he’s passing too, he needs a solid this or that on his line. Forgive me but if your making $7M+ a year and playing top line minutes you better find a damn way to make it work

    Oh and wipe that stupid smirk off your face. You lost the damn game. Where is the emotion?! Get p*ssed off, get angry. Anyone else craving a coach who’s gon’na throw a chair?

  25. The Devils won 8 in a row, but lost last night. However, they were angry they lost. How did the Rangers react losing in a snoozefest on Adam Graves’ night? Oh well, the other teams in the NHL are all good teams.
    And Nylander scored 2 goals last night.

  26. I was there last night.

    I keep telling myself that it shouldn’t bother me so much when they lose, but I just can’t help it. It really bothers me.

    When a team keeps saying, “we did a lot of good things out there, the goals will come.” And, “our pp will start to click, it has to.” That is like me saying, “I missed by 3 numbers in the pick 6, but it will come, I will get all 6 one of these days.” Something needs to change. Do something!

    I would have rather watched Doc Melfi lace them up last night.

  27. hopefully the rangers can continue playing good defense but need to chip in more than a goal or 2. they need to stack the 1st line with gomez, naslund and zherdev. that line will put some in more than any other combo. then have drury center cally and dawes. they wrked last year. but seriously though the rangers had their chances last night, so idk how much u can blame renny. he does suck but how many shots does zherdev take and not score? i havent seen a good ole fashion one timer goal in god knows how long.u know make the goalie do the splits while the winger rushes in from the other side to one time it in the net. its seems that the coach and the players combined are to blame. some of these skilled players need to show some skill. you can just see there 1 big goal scorer away from being great. they have such a hard time sustaining and creating great scoring chances and im sory but alot of these young guys are not living up to potential, which is partly on renny, but still they do get their chances they just cant finish. last night they had a dozen at least and then the overpassing of drury and rozy on the shortie rush. o well gotta get to work at least they dont know hockey in iowa, i can have a good day at work wiothout people hagglin me.

  28. The last three years when the Rangers went on losing streaks, the games were still fun and exciting. Why do I turn the channel to the Devils or Caps games now? Because Sather got rid of the heart of the team for no good reason. He totally discounted the importance of Jagr, Shanahan, Avery & Straka. That is like the Yankees getting rid of Jeter, Mariano, Arod and Joba all at the same time because they didn’t win the World Series.

  29. Unfortunately, it’s apparent that “what we see, is what we get”. Every Rangers game is the same & the bad habits don’t go away. While the coaching staff is totally responsible for the inept power play, now in its 4th year, the players bear criticism for their individual & collective lack of passion, fire & focus. Where’s Mike Keenan when you need him (yes, I know he’s in Calgary). The team’s performance last night was pathetic. Talk about a mood swing, MSG went from the building shaking during the Graves ceremony to a morgue when the shootout was lost. I never heard MSG so quiet.

  30. I wish they’d make it 10 mins of 4on4 then a shootout. If you don’t score in 10 mins of 4on4 you deserve to be subjected to the shootout.

  31. Go look at Atlanta’s schedule!!

    Every time they play the Rangers in one of these life-and-death struggle games they are coming off of getting whipped!!

    1st meeting: Atl gives up 5,5,7 goals leading up to 3-2 loss to NYR…then they give up 6 in next game

    2nd meeting: in 15 game span before and after a 3-2 OT loss to NYR the Thrashers gave 5 or more goals 6 times

    3rd meeting: they are on a 4 game losing streak outscored 14-7 in 4 games…beat NYR 2-1 in OT

    What’ya think the Devils will do to them friday in Atlanta?

  32. Anybody other than Margaret Hurley, who has a personal interest in Renney, want Renney to keep his job?

    Amazing when you think of it that Rick got a 50-50 when he asked us to vote on do you think this is all Renney’s fault?

    That question gets Sather off the hook as pointed out by LI Joe who interpreted Carp’s question correctly. I interpreted it as do I want Renney fired.

    I think if the question was whether we want Renney fired, bet there would have been more than 50% who want him gone.

    Carp had us pick either Renney or Sather or neither instead of both Renney and Sather. Stacking the deck for Renney when you word it the way you did Carp, hope that was unintentional.

  33. The lack of chemistry out there amazes me. Remember how fun it was to see Jagr playing with Nylander? Sather signs these free agents who play totally different styles of hockey. And of course Renney tries to get them to all play the same which they obviously either can’t or aren’t willing to do.

    Drury, Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund, etc. They are different types of players who don’t look like they compliment one another.

    Gomez is 5 strides ahead of anyone on his line and has no one to pass to.

    Zherdev is too busy deking everyone out of their skates and then he loses the puck.

    Drury is waiting for a garbage goal in front of the net which never happens because no one GETS the puck to the net.

    Naslund… he’s neither here nor there. He looks a lot more washed up than he wants to admit.

    Then there’s Prucha who actually scores when in the lineup. WHEN IN THE LINEUP.

    And Lundqvist… well, the guy loses when he gives up 1 goal a game. He can’t be perfect every night.

    This is a poorly put together team. You can’t BUY chemistry but you can surely put guys together who can compliment one another. These guys obviously can’t and won’t. They’ll make the playoffs but they will go nowhere as usual.

  34. I think the thing that is increasingly infuriating me is that the rangers NEVER attack the middle of the ice, every rush up ice is the same. Make a pass to a guy along the boards who skates or dumps it in, play along the boards make a blind pass out in front and then chase the other team. Doesn’t Renney know the best scoring chances are had from the middle of the ice between the 2 circles? I mean he preaches enough about it on the defensive end…

  35. Well, you would think Gravey deserved the back page in one of today’s papers for at the very least his 10 yr humanitarian devotion to NYC, but what did we get – Torre’s Book.

  36. Actually Brooks in the Post wrote a good piece about Graves yesterday…but this is a paper that choses its headlines like FOX televesion choses its TV shows…oh wait! aren’t they owned by the same guy?

  37. Did anyone notice how many offensive zone face-offs the fourth line took?

    You haven’t scored a goal in four periods of hockey yet you put the fourth line out there again and again to take an offensive zone draw!

    This isn’t a rant against Betts, Sjo, or Orr…not by a long shot. But it should have people asking serious questions about the decision making process on the bench.

    And can SOMEONE…ANYONE…shoot off the pass???

    So frustrating…

  38. Enough with Freddy Sjostrom in the sjootouts! I know he scored a couple of SO goals earlier in the year, but the guy has 3, count ’em…3 goals in 50 games this season. Last night was a perfect time to throw Anisimov or for that matter, anyone else into the shootout. Oh, I forgot, that would make Renney innovative. This team is the most anemic, offensively challenged Rangers team I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching them since 1960. We’ve seen this act recently in NY. As presently constructed, the Rangers, great start and all will fold like the Mets and Jets did and not make the playoffs this season.
    As for Avery on the Flyers – that would obviously make them an even tougher team for the Rangers to play against. These 2 teams are not even on the same planet right now regarding talent, effort and especially toughness. It’s time to dump Slats!

  39. There are offensive players who are just straight out talented

    then there are the other 80% of the league which bases its offense on methods and systems orchestrated by the coaching intellegencia…

    If simple offensive things, that require only effort, like forechecking,crashing the net, shooting immediatley (not telegraphing your point shot so long that I can run into the kitchen and grab a soda)are not preached by the coaching staff, practiced continiously, with players held accountable then you will not be a good offensive team

    Take a look at the journeymen and underachievers in Calgary ( not including Igilna) conroy, Bertuzzi, Lombardi, et al…and watch how they attack…then watch the rangers who these days seem happy to dump the puck in and change without getting a too many men penalty

    Its all about coaching and effort my friends, not everyone can be Ovechkin..

  40. I knew in July this would happen. Just by looking at the roster.

    Throw your opinions about Renney out the window for a minute and just look at the personnel. THE PERSONNEL CAN’T SCORE! Even if they played a more offensive style, it wouldn’t matter! There’s not enough skill or finishing ability on the team sheet! Look at the numbers!

    Gomez – Career High Points Total: 84
    Drury – Career High Points Total: 69
    Naslund – Career High Points Total: 104 (but DECLINING every year since!)

    Gomez and Drury in particular were brought in and paid to be the Rangers’ top-flight players. They simply are not that. And like I said in July: when you lose Jagr, Shanahan, Straka and Avery, that’s about 100 goals right out the window (and that’s if these guys have Average/Bad years! If Jagr goes off for 40, then it’s more like 125 goals!). That type of production cannot and has not been replaced by the likes of Zherdev and Naslund. Did they really expect Dawes and Callahan to be 30-goal scorers?


  41. Salty, I didn’t say you can’t make fun of the coach or me or anybody else. Just keep the vulgarities out. That’s all. You know why those comments were deleted.

    The reason I didn’t word it so we were voting on Sather was A) I just wanted a feel for how the entire blog-ship felt about the coach before we opened up the discussion and B) it’s useless to start a Sather discussion because it would be nearly unanimous, and because he’s not ever going anywhere as long as Dolan owns the team. Never. Ever.

    And you can question my timing on the shootout rip-job, but they didn’t have shootouts the last time I covered the team, and this was my first game as the blog author, and it went to a shootout. So I said what I did. Not because the Rangers lost or any other reason. It was my first opportunity to be a hockey writer in a shootout game.

  42. Dear Rick,

    Is there anything we can do as a fan base to get renney fired? I am a proactive person. There must be something.


  43. Roll-calling my fellow Renney “droolers”:

    JJP Brandon Beer Me! Timbo Mhurley (and any others I have missed)

    I hate to admit it, but when Renney said “Atlanta is a good team” I finally had enough. Renney is incompetent to coach this team.

    What do you guys think?

  44. Just a thought on

    Lennynyr, I along with everybody else wants change but I would not fire Renney during the year. I think we can all see where this going, I say break the team down, get rid of some of the big contracts. The only way I would fire Renney is if there is a sure fire, no miss coach that will except job. The new coach wants the job to evalulate the players on the team and has the majority say of who is coming in. But the real problem is do you trust Sather to choose a new coach, and by the way how many attempts does he get.

  45. Rob C

    we’re not comparing this line-up to the 2006-07 Sabres or Sens but…

    The Islanders are scoring more Goals per Game than the Rangers…

    explain “the personell” reasons for that

  46. Just a thought on

    I would rather have Laviolette (sp?) but I still hate coaches coming in during the season.

  47. Rob C

    They played a road game last night. At home. Trapping for 90% of the game. Against the worst defensive team in the western world. On Adam Graves night. When the crowd was dying to explode and cheer an aggressive Graves-like attack. Afterwards Tom Renney told the media, ‘ATL is a good team.” Voros dressed instead of Prucha, who is bigger than Brian Gionta. Do you understand that both the coach AND the GM can be ruinous to a team? That this is not a zero-sum deal here?

    What else do you need to know.

  48. The Caps did it in the middle of the season last year and they had a pretty good run…

    And let’s not forget about Crazy Lou (a term of endearment) across the river…

  49. It was nice seeing JD back at the Garden last night as well as Mike Gartner, Sergei Nemchinov, Stephanie Matteau, & Tie Domi

  50. I agree with everyone . For the first time in a LONG TIME I was flipping to the DEVIL GAME!!

    It was actually lauhging it was so pathetic, thats how boring and predictable the Rangers have become.

    Hank, Staal, Dubi, Cally, Mara, Z, Valli, Naslund, Rosie & Girardi (has been better lately)

    Other than theses guys what the hell does the rest of the team do for us? Nothing!

    Gomer and Drury are on a terrible drought
    Redden is afraid to hit
    Kalinene is well you know
    Dawes & Korpikoski – lots of hustle nothing to show for it
    SHoe BEtts Orr – onyl three that consistently do there job, and it aint scoring goals.

    Just sad to see A GM And a Coach not give a f about our team

    Cant take it anymore htis week boys and girls, see you all on Friday

  51. I dont know if everyone here already knows this website but…; it looks miinor-league and pretty much collects news stories thru-out the hockey world…for most of the year its just OK but on recent trade deadline days and free agent signing days…its a couple of steps ahead of the other sights ( TFP, TSN, THN, ESPN, Ecklund etc…)…
    the Ryan Smythe Trade in 07 was reported here like 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before anyone else had it…. anyway, just gettin ready for March 4th

  52. First off, the thing killing this team is the ineffective powerplay and scoring. say what u want about not scoring but if ur only giving up 1 or 2 goals a game, thats pretty good defense. many are stating that this team has no heart, i recall last year everyone getting on jagr’s case because he showed no heart at all until the final two months of the season. straka was a key role player we all missed but he decided that he wanted to go back home, avery had issues in the locker room last year that sam pointed out in one of his blogs earlier this year, and shanny, would u guys have been willing to take shanny on for an entire year? idk, i think the devils were smart taking him for just a half a season while they were struggling and we still were in good shape in the conference, but he plays the fourth line and pp, thats it.

    the redden, drury, and gomez signings have really handicapped this team as we have no cap space. i’ll tell u, it’ll be real tough to resign zheredev and dubi in the summer, while also looking for a finisher

    lastly, with renney, he was the guy who brought us back to the playoffs for three straight years. the problem is the system, i think they just need to tweak it a bit. he knows theres a problem but he does not want to risk losing the defense that has been giving up very little. I dont know, I’m just sayin if this team makes the playoffs and gives up a goal or two a game, and can somehow find a way to score, i still believe that this team could be very dangerous. I am real curious though to see what Sather does before the trade deadline (rumors are that the Rangers are looking at Tkachuk, could be a good rental player)

  53. Happy to see Glen Healy.
    As I was watching the ceremony, my brother happens to mention to me can you imagine with all those guys from the ceremony (Messier, Leetch, Graves, Richter, Healy, Beukeboom, Gartner, Nemchinov, Matteau, Domi, Langdon, Howell, & Bathgate) played against the current Rangers, who would win?

  54. This team is beating themselves. Gomez is around in spurts. Drury is never around. Drury cannot be the face of any franchise. The best thing he could have done is not score against us in the final seconds of that playoff game when he was with buffalo. Unfortunately, his salary is too large so he is not going anywhere. Neither is gomez or redden or roszival. We, as ranger fans, are stuck with these guys for a long time. Do us (all ranger fans) a favor and DO NOT GET EXCITED when trade deadline comes around because NOTHING is going to happen. This team DESPERATELY NEEDS SEAN AVERY.

  55. As for shootouts and the 4 on 4… it’s been my contention for years now that the ice is too small for these guys. International ice is bigger, yet the best players in the world skate on the tiny ice of the NHL. Why?

    Seats, I guess.

    If the NHL played 10 minutes of overtime 4 on 4 it would be damn exciting and they’d have to deal with the question of making that permanent or not. No one wants that (historians, NHLPA, etc)

  56. Those of you blaming Hank for the loss last night are insane. He gives up 2 goals in 2 games, and loses both of them, neither of those losses are on him. Sure, defense wins games. But this isn’t golf, and the lower score doesn’t win. You need to score to win games. All Hank can do is keep his GAA around 2, so all the Rangers have to do is score 3 and they will win most games. Hank has held up his end of the bargain. His GAA is a bit high, but that stat is probably inflated due to his D hanging him out to dry and Renney letting him stay in a whole game while getting shelled. But 2 goals a night, let alone 3, is too much to ask of this team. These losses are on everyone BUT Hank.

    We’re the only team in the top 8 in the East with a negative goal differential. We’re 21st in the league in GF, and the PP is 27th, and hasn’t scored in 4 games.

    The Thrashers are one of the worst teams in the league, not because they don’t know how to score, but because they don’t know how to keep the puck out of their net. Even our crap offense should have had a couple against them. Last game was an abomination, and Drury finding anything positive about it is even worse. Shanahan would never have allowed that, neither would Jagr. I’m ready to scrap some major parts of this team, including all of the coaching and management, and start over.

    BTW, if this team keeps playing the way they are, they’re going to miss the playoffs. Forget Drury and his home-ice advantage. There are 8 points between us and 9th, and most have games in hand.

    Graves should have gone down there and flipped some tables over

  57. Fischler's Ghost on

    It’s so easy to blame Renney for the scoring woes of this team, but at the end of the day it’s on the players. They’ve totaled 30+ shots the last two games and have only 1 goal to show for it — if these guys don’t know how to finish, what are they doing in the NHL? What do you want, 2 forwards in on the forecheck and the D pinching every shift? Do you think with the players we have that’s feasible?

    It’s depressing how pessimistic a lot of you are, this team is going to make the playoffs and once they get in anything can happen.

  58. Joe in DE
    February 4th, 2009 at 11:11 am
    Those of you blaming Hank for the loss last night are insane.

    Joe, I back you up on that.

  59. “What do you want, 2 forwards in on the forecheck and the D pinching every shift? Do you think with the players we have that’s feasible?”

    Yes! What did Renney say all through camp and pre-season? He wanted to pressure the puck, forecheck and play an aggressive game in the other team’s zone. He pointed to the skating ability of his forwards as the main reason to play to that strength. And pressuring the puck was what they did for ten games coming out of the gate when they started well.

    Are people so numb that they do not realize the way this team plays now is drastically different from the way Renney swore they would play when the season opened, and from the way they succeeded early on??

  60. Rick, yesterday my post was deleted I GUESS due to the word VAGINA since when is that vulgar or was it due to the fact it was used in context to Clueless

  61. We all can blame Renney, but how soon we forget that these are players who get paid millions to do their job well. If they can not motivate themselves to win or play well then it lies on them.

  62. an hour and a half of hearing about “passion” and “doin whatever it takes” and “leadership” and we get….a gum chewing coach and his rich players all Ok with getting a point against a team that plays home games in frickin pajamas…with feet in them!!

    And by the way…why is blaming a coach being pessimistic?

  63. They can call up everyone from Hartford and nothing will get accomplished since this team has no leadership to dictate the plays.

    Seriously, where is Renney why has he not called out Drury ?

  64. doodie machetto on

    “Philly needs to clear room just to add Briere from injury reserve they have no money at all to pick up Avery…none at all”

    Picking up Avery would be clearing the space, since Avery would be buried with the Phantoms. He isn’t a player anymore, he’s almost 4 million in freed up cap space.


    1) They didn’t deserve the point last night, they only got it because of the fluke miss by Kovalchuk. If he put that in, as he should have, that game ends 2-0. As far as I’m concerned, this team hasn’t scored in two actual hockey games, irrespective of the two full games worth of time they went without scoring once they hit the 13:55 mark of the third period. Disgraceful.

    2) Voros is terrible.

    3) Korpikoski has been a huge disappointment this year.

    4) 4th line in OT. Way to go for the win Tom!

    5) Speaking of the 4th line, look at the faceoffs from last night. Offensive zone faceoffs for Blair Betts: 7. Offensive faceoffs for Drury/Dubinsky (when Drury is chased): 6. Defensive zone faceoffs for Betts: 5. Defensive zone faceoffs for Drury/Dubinsky: 4. Those numbers should not even be close. It should be more like offensive zone faceoffs for Betts: 1, Drury/Dubinsky: 12. Defensive zone facoffs for Betts: 8, Drury/Dubinsky: 1.

    6) Sjostrom in the shootout. WTF? the guy is a fourth liner, nothing more. I hate when Renney and others preach about him getting more icetime in offensive circumstances. Screw that. He should be scratched and Korpikoski should take his spot, with Prucha taking Korpikoski’s spot. The third shot should’ve been Gomez or Drury: the guys we pay 7 million plus for offense (FAIL).

    On a side note, where are all of the people who chastized Jagr for passing on it when he was captain? What about Drury? Where was our illustrious captain? Not that I thought Drury should shoot because he sucks, but the criticism Jagr got was BS. He wasn’t good in the shootout, plain and simple. But it was BS that he caught criticism for it while Drury gets none. At least when Jagr passed, we had a group of solid shooters instead, like Shanny, Dawes, Prucha, Straka, or Nylander (year before), even Sykora (two years ago). Drury didn’t shoot so FRED SJOSTROM could. That’s a big step down from any of the aforementioned names.

    Positives from the game:

    1) Redden had a good third period, especially on the Naslund goal. He had an OK game overall, but he really stood out late.

    2) Zherdev looked great on both sides of the puck. But he couldn’t buy a goal last night. And his beautiful feeds were going to Dubinsky who didn’t know how to play the wing. One play in particular showed Dubinsky’s inexperience where he wasn’t squared away on the off wing for the one-timer.

    3) That said, Dubinsky was strong along the boards and showed a lot of promise playing the wing. However, his faceoff skill will be missed. Anisimov was only 2 for 5.

    4) Speaking of Anisimov, Anisimov’s first game looked like Dubinsky’s first game. Give him five more and send him back to Hartford if yesterday wasn’t a fluke. He’s got promise, but let him hone his game in the A for the rest of the season where he can get the icetime.

    5) Rozsi had a pretty good game. He passed up only one or two legit shots (when it appeared there actually was a shooting lane) but had good passes (that Dubinsky deflection would’ve been a RIDICULOUS goal) and pretty solid defensive play.

    6) Hank has been very good the past couple of games, although his puck handling remains terrible.

    7) Reitz looks serviceable as a stay at home D-man. But so did Potter.

    8) Staal looked great with the exception of two things. The first was when he almost scored on Hank when he skated too much with the puck in his own zone. The second is his shot. It’s terrible. If he had a good shot and a little more power in his checks, he could be a complete defenseman like Phaneuf or Bouwmeester. The checks I think will come as he adds muscle to his frame. But the shot he really needs to practice. But he can carry the puck up ice better than any other defensemen on our team.

  65. 1. Someone with a big contract has to put the puck in the net. Leaders lead. 2. Keep the new D-man on the ice. He hits and covers his end. 3. Put Prucha in the line-up every night. He has energy and finds ways to push the puck at the net. 4. Stop with the everyone gets along in the lockerroom stuff. I don’t care if no one talks or likes the others. Just play solid D and put the puck in the net.

  66. I agree that a 10- or 20-minute overtime period would be better but the problem is you really can’t play more than 25 minutes on an ice surface without resurfacing it. And it takes at least 10 minutes to do that. So you’d have a situation where everybody has to stick around for 10 minutes while they resurface the ice, waiting for the overtime session to commence. This works fine in the playoffs but during the regular season? When teams have flights to catch that same night and fans have to be at work the next morning? Playing a five minute period and calling it a draw if there are no goals might be the best alternative. Then again the shootout IS dramatic. Fans seem to like it.

  67. Fischler's Ghost on


    of course we’d like to see what I proposed and what was talked about in the preseason, but honestly do you think this team could play that way?

  68. when they were tinkering with the rules coming out of the lockout, their first idea was to have 4 mins of 4-on-4 OT, and then 3 mins of 3-on-3. THAT would have ended most games, and the shootout would have been RARE. that is what they should have done. if the shootout is RARE, it then becomes more interesting. but, when it becomes commonplace, like it has, then it loses its lustre.

    and I agree with the comment that you should have criticized it during the 8 SO wins.

    as a matter of fact,without the shootout, the Rangers would be in trouble in the standings.

  69. Tom Renney and his horrible “system” is the biggest problem with this team. Yes, there are other problems, but if you take Renney out of the equation, the other problems become manageable.

    When your veteran players are just going through the motions and obviously don’t care if they win or lose, the coach and his staff are at fault. The system stinks, the players hate it, and they aren’t putting themselves on the line for a clueless coach.

    I’m sure that many players (Gomez, Drury, Naslund) don’t even care if they are traded – they know they would be better off on a new team. But getting rid of those guys won’t solve the problem, because Renney will still be around to disillusion and demoralize the next group of players that Sather brings in.

    Renney cannot grasp the importance of utilizing a player’s talents. He wants a team of interchangeable robots. He thinks that someone with no skills like Voros can be a power forward just because he’s big. He thinks a talented guy like Prucha is unusable because he’s not big. He wants a team of 9 Brad Isbisters for his forwards, and 6 Maliks for his defense. In other words, CLUELESS!

    Renney was merely a figurehead while Jagr and his Czech friends actually ran the team for 3 years. Now that they are gone, Renney is exposed for being nothing more than a glorified pencil pusher. In the game when Renney got clocked in the head and had to leave, team was better coached and played better without him.

    I want Messier to come out and publicly state his intention to take Sather’s job as GM. Junior Dolan, knowing the fans’ love for Messier, and considering Dolan’s love for “star quality”, would probably insist that Slats take a hike if Mess wanted the job.

    That way we’ll have a GM who cares, who WILL NOT accept failure, and best of all… the first thing he’ll do is to FIRE RENNEY.

  70. The King is the only elite player the Rangers have, & the only player on the team opponents have to be concerned with. I guarantee that of all the goalies in the League, Lundqvist has faced the most shots where there is no defender between the guy with the puck & the goalie. Furthermore, while NYR may have fired 40+ shots on net last night, Lundqvist facing around 25, had to make the tougher saves. Invariably, he has to face to tougher scoring chances. If the rest of the team (other than Staal & Betts)were as good at their job as Lundqvist is at his, Rangers’ fans wouldn’t be cursing to themselves & the talk on blogs would be very different. Lundqvist’s play is the least of Rangers concerns.

  71. Frankly if a team can’t score a goal on 40 shots it doesn’t make a difference if there’s a shootout or not.

    20 or even 10 min overtime is too much to add on to 1 of 82 reg season games. Takes too much out of the players at a time when it doesn’t matter so much in the long run — reg season is just jockeying for playoff position.

  72. doodie machetto ,

    while i agree with some of your points. i couldn’t disagree with you more on your freddy sjostrom criticism.

    there’s no dout sjostrom belongs on the 4th line but you can’t deny he has one of the quickest set of hands on the team and skates well with the puck (in open ice).

    you can argue that the rangers pay millions more to dury and he should be out there but renney has every reason to believe sjostrom can make something happen.


    as for the OT debate. (i brought this up weeks ago)

    the league should motivate teams to win in regulation or OT and NOT the shootout. while i agree, the shootout shouldn’t determine the outcome of a hoockey game and OT should be 4×4 for 10-20 minutes, we all know the union will never let it happen.

    in order to motivate teams to win in regulation or OT, they should abolish a single point for a tie and restructure the points system (again).

    – 3 points for regulation or OT win
    – After 5 mintues of OT, goto a shootout and 2 pts. for a shootout win
    – Or get rid of the shootout and extend OT, don’t encourage teams to play boring hockey for a silly one point or taking the game into a skills competition.

  73. domi – 10:40 i think the current rangers can take them considering mess is 48 and howell and bathgate are pretty old

  74. dm – 11:26

    jagr begged out of shootout. drury was passed up by the clueless coach. big difference

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