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Hey, I’m the mysterious Jane who Carp was mentioning. I guess we’ll all be formally introduced during the chat later today. I just wrapped up my first season with the Jets and if you want to see a little more about me you can check out the Jets Journal.

I wanted to add a little audio of last night, to give a sense of what it was like to be in the Garden last night when Adam Graves spoke. I’ve covered a lot of events, and the kind of bond Graves and Rangers fans have, you don’t see that much.

Here, Graves thanks the fans.


After the emotion of the ceremony, the loss was hard on the current players, who are struggling to score. “It’s frustrating to lose a shootout as a goalie, you want to come up big,” said goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

“Tonight you want to have a great game, you want to win, you want to entertain the crowd. It seemed like the crowd never got into the game, just the last minute. But we tried, we tried really hard. It’s just tough for us right now to get the puck in the net.”

Here’s what Lundqvist sees from his end.



In case you missed the Rangers Report video chat, you can see it here.

Sam Borden and Carp are debating the retired numbers issue in New York, over at the Faceoff blog.

And finally, here’s Carp’s Adam Graves ceremony column from today’s Journal News and


While we were off doing the video chat, Renney was reportedly skating the Rangers into the ground (for all you who want him to be a little ticked off, we hear he was). And Anisimov was sent back to Hartford. If he’s not going to play in Dallas, that’s not a bad move, get him a bunch of minutes in a few AHL games … as long as he comes back.

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  1. The crowd wasn’t into it?! These guys PUT US TO SLEEP!!!!!! I was wondering if I even needed to stay for the game after the ceremony. This team is disjointed, boring, ineffective, devoid of passion, gutless, and after the most emotional Ranger tribute ever, a guy who has been obn the team for 2 games was the only thing that entertained us for 65+ minutes!!!!!!

    This team needs an ass kicking quick. And as much as I like Renney, he needs to switch chairs with one John Tortarella….and FAST!!!

  2. repost:

    As for shootouts and the 4 on 4… it’s been my contention for years now that the ice is too small for these guys.

    International ice is bigger, yet the best players in the world skate on the tiny ice of the NHL. Why?

    Seats, I guess.

    If the NHL played 10 minutes of overtime 4 on 4 it would be damn exciting and they’d have to deal with the question of making that permanent or not. No one wants that (historians, NHLPA, etc)

  3. Here is the thing: The Rangers have no scoring threat other than Z. Even though his goal scoring has not been that prominent, you can see that the other team tightens up when he brings the puck up the ice.

    Gomer: Yeah in the first two zones the team gets nervous, but they know once he gets to their D zone he has no one to pass it to and usually just coughs it up.

    Drury: The invisible man offensively for a good 10-12 games at a clip.

    Naslund: Our leading goal scorer, OK, a little bit of a threat. But I don’t see teams nervous around him and planning to stop him.

    This is why this team has nowhere to go. I am guessing 1st round exit in the playoffs. They might finish 5th or 6th, but I am sure they are not knocking off Boston, Washington, or the Devs.

    On the brighter side, Reitz showed some grit. He is an uptick for the physical aspect of the team. Still not sure how that other dude didn’t get an instigator. Maybe he was too ready to drop em when he was challenged. That was probably his adrenalin of the first night on the MSG ice.

    Sjo and Betts in the OT is a bit of a puzzling move though. Playing Atlanta means little in terms of giving up the point but it means a lot in terms of getting the point. Playing defensively in OT is stupid against the Thrashers. Against the Devils, I get it. Against the Flyers, I get it. Against the Thrashers though, I don’t. Nice work Renney.

    And for the love of God, where in the heck is Prucha? No goals in over 125 mins…so let’s keep playing Aaron Voros. Makes total sense.

    Unless there is some undercurrent between Sather and Renney and some master plan, I cannot figure the non-playing of Prucha out at all.

    Bummed out today. Two huge games coming.

  4. The ice is only too small for the Rangers who do nothing good with it. Watch the Caps and Ovechkin…he makes the ice surface look half a mile long. We don’t have an Ovechkin, but one of our semistars could step up and do SOMETHING…ANYTHING…

    The Rangers don’t create openings and are generally uncreative in every aspect of their game. Renney’s game plan is 100% defense, and just sit in front of the net and try to flip in shots from the point (not that any of our D can get shots through anyway). That’s how you play a right ROAD game after the opposing team just paid tribute to a player with a heart. Not a home game in those circumstances.

  5. Ovechkin doesn’t need to be better.

    It’s actually scary to think about what the slow Rangers would be like against a team like Washington on an international surface…they would be road cones in the wake of Fleishmann, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Green, etc.

    In my opinion, the NHL surface gives teams like the Rangers a CHANCE to succeed lol.

    Let’s not forget how we almost lost to Metallurg Magnitovorsk or whatever on that international surface…

  6. “Seemed like the crowd never got into the game”

    I wasn’t there but I was yelling at the TV a bunch… more swearing than rooting I guess.

  7. It is really telling that there are no Renney hold-outs with the guts to show up today and defend their position.

    I used to like him but was at the game last night and the energy was dead. The coach wants to play a type of game that might be suitable for Hamilton or Moose Jaw, but not the greatest city in the world.

  8. doodie machetto on


    “Philly needs to clear room just to add Briere from injury reserve they have no money at all to pick up Avery…none at all”

    Picking up Avery would be clearing the space, since Avery would be buried with the Phantoms. He isn’t a player anymore, he’s almost 4 million in freed up cap space.

    When the crowd was lulling, I don’t know why they couldn’t just trot out Graves (or any other of the former Rangers in attendance) into a press box and put a camera on him. That would’ve gotten the crowd into a frenzy. Bad use of the Graves night to your team’s home ice advantage.


    1) They didn’t deserve the point last night, they only got it because of the fluke miss by Kovalchuk. If he put that in, as he should have, that game ends 2-0. As far as I’m concerned, this team hasn’t scored in two actual hockey games, irrespective of the two full games worth of time they went without scoring once they hit the 13:55 mark of the third period. Disgraceful.

    2) Voros is terrible.

    3) Korpikoski has been a huge disappointment this year.

    4) 4th line in OT. Way to go for the win Tom!

    5) Speaking of the 4th line, look at the faceoffs from last night. Offensive zone faceoffs for Blair Betts: 7. Offensive faceoffs for Drury/Dubinsky (when Drury is chased): 6. Defensive zone faceoffs for Betts: 5. Defensive zone faceoffs for Drury/Dubinsky: 4. Those numbers should not even be close. It should be more like offensive zone faceoffs for Betts: 1, Drury/Dubinsky: 12. Defensive zone facoffs for Betts: 8, Drury/Dubinsky: 1.

    6) Sjostrom in the shootout. WTF? the guy is a fourth liner, nothing more. I hate when Renney and others preach about him getting more icetime in offensive circumstances. Screw that. He should be scratched and Korpikoski should take his spot, with Prucha taking Korpikoski’s spot. The third shot should’ve been Gomez or Drury: the guys we pay 7 million plus for offense (FAIL).

    On a side note, where are all of the people who chastized Jagr for passing on it when he was captain? What about Drury? Where was our illustrious captain? Not that I thought Drury should shoot because he sucks, but the criticism Jagr got was BS. He wasn’t good in the shootout, plain and simple. But it was BS that he caught criticism for it while Drury gets none. At least when Jagr passed, we had a group of solid shooters instead, like Shanny, Dawes, Prucha, Straka, or Nylander (year before), even Sykora (two years ago). Drury didn’t shoot so FRED SJOSTROM could. That’s a big step down from any of the aforementioned names.

    Positives from the game:

    1) Redden had a good third period, especially on the Naslund goal. He had an OK game overall, but he really stood out late.

    2) Zherdev looked great on both sides of the puck. But he couldn’t buy a goal last night. And his beautiful feeds were going to Dubinsky who didn’t know how to play the wing. One play in particular showed Dubinsky’s inexperience where he wasn’t squared away on the off wing for the one-timer.

    3) That said, Dubinsky was strong along the boards and showed a lot of promise playing the wing. However, his faceoff skill will be missed. Anisimov was only 2 for 5.

    4) Speaking of Anisimov, Anisimov’s first game looked like Dubinsky’s first game. Give him five more and send him back to Hartford if yesterday wasn’t a fluke. He’s got promise, but let him hone his game in the A for the rest of the season where he can get the icetime.

    5) Rozsi had a pretty good game. He passed up only one or two legit shots (when it appeared there actually was a shooting lane) but had good passes (that Dubinsky deflection would’ve been a RIDICULOUS goal) and pretty solid defensive play.

    6) Hank has been very good the past couple of games, although his puck handling remains terrible.

    7) Reitz looks serviceable as a stay at home D-man. But so did Potter.

    8) Staal looked great with the exception of two things. The first was when he almost scored on Hank when he skated too much with the puck in his own zone. The second is his shot. It’s terrible. If he had a good shot and a little more power in his checks, he could be a complete defenseman like Phaneuf or Bouwmeester. The checks I think will come as he adds muscle to his frame. But the shot he really needs to practice. But he can carry the puck up ice better than any other defensemen on our team.

  9. Rob,

    Giving these Rangers guys a chance to succeed isn’t necessarily a good thing for the game.

    Players today are bigger, faster and understand postioning better than they ever have. These are the reasons international rinks are bigger. Hockey on bigger rinks is more like it was in the 80’s because of the increased space.

    Ask Ovechkin… I bet he’d agree with me.

  10. its all Slats telling Renney what to do. Slats signed Voros he needs to make himself look good by telling Renney to put him into the lineup.

  11. Oh and btw, u see what happened when Hank mishandled the puck and they scored? I have two things to say:

    1) Hank, stop handling the MF’n puck.
    2) Would the guys who are standing like pylons in front of the net please tie up the other team instead of watching the puck? 3 defenders in front of the net, two Thrashers unmolested, 1 puck in the net that either Atlanta guy could have tapped in. WTF?

  12. Messier should replace Renney as coach. I think these guys just need some touch love motivation as well as a coach who’s strength is knowing his players and putting them in positions to succeed based on their strengths.

    Reality is: Slats would never let that happen as he wants full control. A YES man puppy dog such as Renney is a perfect fit for him. reported that they’re thinking of making Mess a scout… HAHAHAH

  13. “I used to like him but was at the game last night and the energy was dead. The coach wants to play a type of game that might be suitable for Hamilton or Moose Jaw, but not the greatest city in the world.”

    The best quote… Couldn’t say it better myself, so thanks for saying it.

    Also Rick, back to what you said in the last post, I’d love to see 4v4 OT for 5 minutes followed by 3v3 OT for 5 minutes… Games would definitely end and they’d be exciting, I guess the only problem would be what would happen with penalties in 3 on 3.

  14. doodie machetto on

    “On the brighter side, Reitz showed some grit. He is an uptick for the physical aspect of the team. Still not sure how that other dude didn’t get an instigator. Maybe he was too ready to drop em when he was challenged. That was probably his adrenalin of the first night on the MSG ice.”

    here’s the rule:

    An instigator of an altercation shall be a player who by his actions or demeanor demonstrates any/some of the following criteria: distance traveled; gloves off first; first punch thrown; menacing attitude or posture; verbal instigation or threats; conduct in retaliation to a prior game (or season) incident; obvious retribution for a previous incident in the game or season.

    He didn’t travel far, the gloves came off simultaneously, the gloves were off when punches were going, happened too quickly for menacing, no instigation or threats, no retliation to a prior game.

    The only thing is it was obvious retribution, but since Reitz was so eager to go, I think that alleviated the instigation.

  15. I don’t hate Renney, but I would have all the respect in the world for him if he would just man up. Say to himself, man, I have taken this team back to a respectful looking organization. My job is on the line if I don’t make the playoffs or if we get ousted early in the playoffs. The fans hate me. I am just going to ignore what Glen says and play the way I want to play. What has he really got to lose in doing that. Especially if they start to win. If they win games and he gets fired, then you know for sure Sather controls this team. So Renney gets fired, but gets some respect back for having the balls to do that. Or he plays how he wants to play and they lose and he gets fired, but at least he knows he went out on his own terms, and still gets some respect back.

  16. Renney: “At some point in time, it’s going to click,” said Tom Renney. “Our power play has to click, that’s our biggest evil right there.”

    Hilarious. What a crock. Offense doesn’t simply “click” at this point. Pathetic.

    Doodie — Sjostrom plays his ass off and is good at taking penalty shots. Gotta say you’re off the mark on that one. Just because bigger name players are sucking, doesn’t mean Sjo shouldn’t be allowed to do what he has been doing well. He’s more than earned his keep on this underachieving squad.

    How did Renney replace Hollweg with Voros? Can’t anyone stop the obvious personnel quagmires? Players, like offensive systems, don’t miraculously turn into gold when they’re actually s–t.

  17. Welcome aboard Jane…

    Did you know that Renney forgets more about hockey every day than you can ever hope to know? That’s what Ricky tells us. Hopefully you will find it as interesting to see how this abstract knowledge of the sport fails to translate into any meaningful success on-ice.

  18. EDMUND February 4th, 2009 at 11:27 am

    It is really telling that there are no Renney hold-outs with the guts to show up today and defend their position.

    Defend to who? You? haha.
    we probably don’t show up much anymore because we get sick of reading the same posts over and over by a bunch of “fans” who perpetually have their panties in a bunch.
    We get it most here don’t like Renney and Co. Fine. But the fact that you think we or you or anyone here can do anything about it is commical.
    The same hate Renney crap since November. There is nothing new to read here. Same different day has never been truer. Same stupid drivel!
    Sather built this team its his baby…move the bleep on!!!

  19. anisimov never had a chance with those linemates, he isn’t a player who can do everything himself and voros makes no one around him better.

    what really disappointed me was the lack of criticism for the coach in the papers today. couple articles about how the offense continues to struggle, but no one holding the coach accountable for that. i tried to ask zipay during his livechat how people can continue to defend renney but of course none of my 5 questions got submitted.

    carp, time to take renney and sather to school. that comment about prucha sums up renney perfectly-spitting pure garbage and expecting us to believe it. these players aren’t trying at all anymore. 8th place isnt too far away

    and doodie in order for the flyers to trade for avery they have to get rid of the equivalent of $4M salary prorated for the remainder of the season, and they currently have 200K to they are at the limit

  20. btw, anyone see the story on espn (separating fact from fiction, i think is the headline) boouwmeiseter to ottawa, spezza to nyr, gomer to FL……the ottawa guy says its BS. just throwing it out there…

  21. Maybe if they scored with more than 10 seconds left in the game we would have been a little more into it. It was the most boring and uninspired hockey game I have ever seen.

  22. doodie machetto on

    “Doodie—Sjostrom plays his ass off and is good at taking penalty shots. Gotta say you’re off the mark on that one. Just because bigger name players are sucking, doesn’t mean Sjo shouldn’t be allowed to do what he has been doing well. He’s more than earned his keep on this underachieving squad. ”

    Sjostrom is 3 for 8 this season in the shootout. Drury is 2 for 4. Gomez has only taken 1 attempt, and even though he missed it, don’t you think your highest paid offensive player should be considered before a guy who is 3 for 8? Or your 50% shooting captain, who is your second highest offensive player?

    Sjostrom plays his butt off, you’re right. But he has no offensive talent, and I’d rather get Korpikoski in his spot, making room for Prucha and/or Dawes (if you scratch Voros you can have both) in more offensive spots in the lineup.

  23. doodie machetto on

    “and doodie in order for the flyers to trade for avery they have to get rid of the equivalent of $4M salary prorated for the remainder of the season, and they currently have 200K to they are at the limit”

    No they don’t. Avery would report directly to the AHL team of whatever team he is traded to. The only reason he isn’t in the AHL right now is because Dallas does not have an affiliated team. Therefore, no cap space is needed to trade for him because he is not an NHL roster player.

  24. doodie machetto on

    Newman, definitely BS. Why wouldn’t the Panthers just do Spezza for Bouwmeester straight up if any of that were true?

    And the Panthers aren’t going to deal Bouwmeester if they are still close to the playoffs. They need the money, big time.

  25. Stall Wart You sound like the kid who takes his ball back when no one picks him for the team. Myself thinking Renny shouldnt be coaching in NY I guess I`m biased BUT lets face it yes Glen did build the team and no matter where you hide your head in the sand RENNEY and company had alot of input need I bring up Pearn vouching for Redden,amongst other people they wanted. Its Renneys system and Renney who are making us look bad against subpar teams.Ya cant just sit back and let the other team come to you and see how it unfolds,being aggresive is a mainstay in the NHL and yes he does have some horses he`s just to arrogant and anilitical to let them out of the barn. Horrible PP for 3 yrs now who do ya put that on!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEZZZZZ FIRE RENNEY

  26. Staal Wart

    You’re a “fan” of the coach. I am a fan of the team. There is plenty new each day to get disgusted with the coach.

    I liked him in November. But my eyes have been open to the new evidence that flows in each day:

    ATL is a good team. Voros is a better player than Prucha. Betts and Sjo in OT. Playing a trap at home against the worst defensive team in hockey.

    “ATL is a GOOD TEAM” — that did it for me.

  27. You can’t spin to look like gold, but you can spin to look like chocolate yoo hoo. Drink up boys :)

  28. The crowd should never be a factor in the game, good or bad, win or lose. We, as in those in attendance, came off a high of a ceremony deemed “heart of a Ranger” to watch a team that lacks every intangible and adjective used to describe #9 moments before. Simply put, no heart.

    How can you get into a game against the second worst team in the entire NHL when the guys on the ice aren’t even equalling the same effort you did clapping your hands and whistling during the ceremony, which mind you, doesn’t take a lot of physical energy.

    There are a lot of season ticket holders at MSG; for the most part, between partial plans and everday goers, it’s the same people in the seats night in and night out, especially in the blues where I sit.

    We know what to expect when we come to the rink. There haven’t been many fun and exciting wins, point period. And, it has nothing to do with the style of game and everything to do with the fact that we don’t have ONE single electric player.

    The team is vanilla. While you’ll never pass up a vanilla cone in the summer time, everyone knows cookie dough or mint chocolate chip are better choices by far.

    I think we can all agree that in all our years combined watching the Rangers there has never been a more blahze, bland and unexciting team; dating back to the innaugural year, there has always been at least one player you could come to the rink to watch every night.

    The closest we have to that is Zherdev, but he’s a longshot away from being a star in this league.

  29. Doodie….I am not saying I believe it. I am just saying I saw it and wanted everyone to see it.

    How do you know they don’t think Spezza sucks relative to Gomer?

    Again, I am not saying it is likely or fact. Just pointing out that it is out there on ESPN, not on some hockeyrodent BS blog or whatever.

  30. My point was you and I can do nothing about it…READ!
    My point is also the same crap is posted every day. There is nothing new. If Tort’s comes here and Renney is fired what is he going to do? He is gonna have the same players to work with. What is Torts gonna yell at them?
    I get it you don’t like Renney and I don’t either at times but the fact of the matter is…he is the coach and no matter how many times you type it…it changes nothing.

  31. Who is this Sam Weinman and Josh Thomson in the “about the authors” section? We should get Carp and Jane up there ASAP.

    Also, is Josh Thomson still 26. His bio hasn’t changed in like a year and a half.

  32. “The crowd should never be a factor in the game, good or bad, win or lose.”

    Completely wrong. Ask Adam Graves. Or listen to what he said last night re: Game 7 vs. Vancouver

    “And, it has nothing to do with the style of game and everything to do with the fact that we don’t have ONE single electric player.”

    Completely wrong. When you trap AT HOME against one of the worst defensive teams in the world, the “style of game” is the first place you go to understand why you don’t wipe the floor with those guys.

  33. Thank You FORD Maybe the Relatives of Renney crowd will pull their heads out of Clueless`s arss NAAAAAAAAA never happen

  34. I was gone for a week and just got back yesterday. I want in on your pool on Renney.

    Is the team his fault? – NO … however he needed to go to his boss and insist that they keep either Jagr or Shanahan or both …

    Should he be fired? – Yes. It is obvious he is not getting the most out of the limited talent on the team … Drury and Gomer are not 7 mil players but they are not the 1.5 mil that they are playing like. Look at all the guys that are regressing – Prucha, Girardi (coughs up puck, gets burnt to the outside, has not scored since 6th grade picnic), Korpokoski, Dawes, Callahan. He was never good at integrating new players into the lineup. Matt Cullen (plays the point well except for NYR), Drury, Gomez. They are boring and lose to Thrashers. They fall apart vs. Pens who are not in the playoffs if season ended today. Their PP stinks. You have to fire the coach if you want to rescue the season – otherwise they are out in the first round at the hands of Wash, Bos or NJ (with Shanny probably putting the dagger in the heart) …

    Who can you get? How about Shoney? … if he declines there are other good coaches that can actually help young players .. Sather though likes to hire ‘no threats’ to his authority types … that is a problem but hopefully he can swallow his pride and get someone competent.

  35. Staal Wart

    If Torts or anyone else comes in, maybe he attacks and pressures the puck! You sound as if you think there is only one way to play the game! Trap, dump, change. Trap, dump, change. Do you honestly think that is the way to play the Atlanta Thrashers? At home?

    You have a fast, quick corps of forwards who can create enormous problems for a weak defense if they are released to forecheck. What are they doing trapping at the Rangers blue line?? Against a piece of garbage team like Atlanta??

  36. P.S. On the Prucha situation:

    Is he dating Renney’s daughter ???

    Or probably more likely, did he dump Renney’s daughter??

    There has to be a non-hockey related reason why he does not play.

  37. One final comment:

    Jagr was criticised and rightly so for not taking part in the shootout. Where is the criticism for Gomer and Drury? If it is a coaches decision then he should have made Jagr participate and he needs to make Drury and Gomer participate. Kick Sjostrom to the curb… 2 lucky shootout goals early in the season does not make for him to be continually used.

  38. Well at least we’ve had size in the lineup for the past few games…

    Not one sniff of offense.

    But the size has been there.

    You know it’s funny that this team has become what it has… I used to argue with a friend all the time about how important a goalie is. I always said that a goalie is important but he could stop damn near everthing…

    However, if you don’t have guys who can score, it won’t matter one bit.

    Case in point

  39. Howdy folks. Got a new job, and my time just ain’t what it used to be. By the looks of it (and thanks for summing up Staaly) nothing’s changed anyway.

    I can’t believe the season is over and we missed the playoffs. I hate that the NHL has decided that the season is only 52 games long now. I wonder what woulda happend if we got to play the last 30 games.

    I mean, we’ve been one of the strongest teams in the NHL down the stretch the last few years. I would have loved to have been 3-4 points out of 1st place in the Atlantic this time last year, instead of being out of playoff position. Too bad there’s not 30 games left.

    You guys gotta relax.

    (I’m passin it to the left)

  40. Make people participate that are not good in the shootout? Why? Because they have letter on their jersey? So I guess Scott Stevens should have been forced to participate in the shootout if it was here when he played? No. People who are good in the shootout should participate in the shootout. Bottom line.

  41. Koffy:
    Neither Gomez or Drury are obvious choices for the top 3 in the shootout, whereas Jagr was. Jagr was obviously refusing at times, whereas if Tom wanted either of Drury or Gomez to shoot, they would.

    Tom played for the shootout against the dregs of the league, he got what he deserved.

  42. Offensively I think the Rangers have maybe 1 or 2 players that are even solid 1-on-1 players and can basically manage to get behind a defender. Those players are Dubinsky and Zherdev. Zherdev is actually better at creating space for himself by backing off (“dangling”) than getting by the defender so he gets room to pass. But nobody else is good one-on-one the way Jagr, Nylander, and Straka used to be. When you can beat a defender one-on-one and get behind him, it opens up a ton of opportunities. The lack of that presence is killing the Rangers. Nobody creates offense at all. Everyone gets forced wide, throws the puck at the net and because there’s so much attention to defense, there are not nearly enough loose puck battles for a rebound. The Rangers now always keep the center high as a third man, so at worst the opposition is faced with a 2-on-2 rush that is easy to defend. There’s no trailer, there’s no help from the defense. There is one forechecker at the most.

    And the corollary to that is wityh Lundqvist, who really sometimes seems way more concerned with his GAA than wins. Hank hates it when the opposition gets a great scoring chance. But those are the ones we need him to stop. And when he’s slumping, ALL of those get by him and the team never catches up. But at some point the Rangers are going to have to start attacking the net more and creating on the rush because the only guys who actually do play dump and chase are the fourth line and they never score.

  43. I agree that Jagr was obviously a better choice for shootouts — 600+ goals attests to that … But can you argue that Sjostrom is a BETTER choice than Drury or Gomez ?? No Way!!

  44. I think Renney is a very good coach. But, his shelf life has expired. After a while, complacency sets in. Human nature. Right now is the time to make a change. You cant fire the players (which is absolutely what they should do), but the coach can go. Let Schoney bring his buddy TORTS into the fold, and watch the players blossom, and the pretenders beg for a trade!!!!!

  45. Beer Me:

    Unfortunately the Rangers do not have for the last 30 games Jagr, Shanahan or Avery … they will end up 4rth in their division and may get the 7th or 8th seed unless they make a blockbuster trade and/or fire the coach.

  46. having jagr or shanny wouldnt necessarily change anything, this team had the same scoring issues last year as well and the pp has been bad for the past w years with those 2 players.

  47. 25th in the league in scoring in 2007-08

    drop Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Avery

    bench Prucha (60 goals in 3 seasons)

    add Zherelev, Naslund and Voros

    and what do you have?

    28th in the league in GPG

  48. “Renney is soft on vets but tough on youth.
    Tortorella is tough on vets but soft on youth.

    Where’s the medium”
    Zhervalev 2-04-09

    Joe Torree
    Soft on everyone…until he gets a book deal

  49. Drury was unavailable for the shootout…It was his nap time. Someone should pin a note to his chest that says “Turn head to left when drool puddle gets too big”. It’s been another how many games since he’s done anything of consequence? Guess he’s due for another two-goal game before going back to sleep. I cringed at his comments during Graves’ ceremony…you might as well have asked him what time it was.

  50. They “tried, tried really hard tonight”. There you go, obviously if you try really hard and still can’t score than you just “SUCK”.

  51. Some people want this to be the “happy blog”

    Here we go:

    Staal is going to be a killer dee-man; he’s almost there vright now… if he ever develops any offensive upside he becomes the untouchable Ranger.

    Lundqvist is consistently very good

    Orr is a great fighter

    Betts, Freddy and Drury are excellent Pk guys

    Hollweg is gone

    We have $76 in cap space to shop with

    Happy days!!

  52. I’ve been a part of this game for more than 50 years, and now I’d like someone to tell me what is the strategy of racing up to the blue line, during your Power play and then dumping the puck into the corner and watching the other team either ice,or skate it out?

    They did this again last night, and apparently it has become a part of what they laughingly call their “attack”.

    Of course dumping is easier than carrying. Only one last night doing it was Zherdev.

    As I mentioned at another time – this team could bore a statue.

  53. Why the hell are you playing betts and sjo in overtime. Playing for the shootout against the worst team in the league?!?! good job Renney. Heave ho renney’s gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I don’t like Renney. but if he was fired, Sather would just put in another of his yes men, or go behind the bench again.

    no way would Sather hire Torts, or any coach with an independent streak.

    that is why Sather FIRST must be fired. but that will never happen because Dolan LOVES Sather.

  55. do the rangers have practice today or was it cancelled due to the game being low scoirng so renney is rewarding them

  56. Jim Schonfeld told Sather to shove it in ’04. He said no, Sather had to go behind the bench himself, and the fans got the chance to rip and boo him royally, as they should have.

    remember, at that time Sather could not even show up at Ranger charity events or the fanfest because he was public enemy #1 in NY hockey circles

  57. Matt:

    Renney was going to have Naslund practice since he had the audacity to score a goal, but then realized that since Naslund is over the age of 25 he is not eligible for any form of discipline. So instead Renney spent the day picking up Aaron Voros and driving him to his house so Aaron could have sex with Mrs. Renney.

  58. Kaspar:

    More joy!

    Drury shoots well off the pass (i truly believe this)

    Callahan is among the league leaders in hits (girardi is a bit down the list)

    Gomez is one of the best in the league carrying the puck through the neutral zone. (Neutral zone only!)

    Voros still looks like a hampsterish Modano.

    Hollweg is gone

    Zherdev could probably make a lot of money stickhandling at birthday parties or in a Globetrotter-esque organization: The Pucktwizzlers

    Vally is tall

    Redden has nice wedding pictures

  59. Torts was a victim of the salary cap. TB got destroyed by the post-lockout NHL and Torts was a victim of a team that couldn’t win. The guy is the real deal, and put him with a GM that can supply a roster with some firepower, and he’s a coach with some balls who will get results from vets and youth alike. I think the Rangers missed a golden opportunity to bring in Brian Burke as GM, but if Messier could take on the load, and could have advisors who know how to work the CBA, he could make a great GM. The guy knows what it takes to win, and what pieces the team needs.

  60. question–why do the Rangers give up so many shorthanded goals?

    answer–because they aren’t trapping on the PP

  61. Staal,
    I know what you’re saying. You know I disagree with you, but the argument is redundant (I think Renney’s bad and I’ve made those reasons clear before). My question to you is that if this is “Sather’s baby,” and you could make the case that every team is the “GM’s baby” then when is the coach held responsible?! The difference in most of our opinions and yours is that this team played well with a strong forecheck at the start of the season and has since diminished its play either because Renney’s making people spend more time in the defensive zone or because he’s not forcing his players to be honest and work hard every night… so what is the point that you would consider the coach a source of underperformance?

    Beer Me,
    You’re so fickle, it’s great. You hate Avery and yet don’t realize BOTH of the comebacks late in the past 2 seasons coincided EXACTLY with his aquisition and returns from injury… oh Beer Me, Avery’s performances perhaps weren’t as detrimental as you think because this team needs an Avery-like spark plug.

  62. Lol, the crowd never got into the game ?? I like Hank, but what is wrong with this guy, is he using some of Redden’s coke ? How many “Let’s Go Rangers” chants were there ? Tons, but that couldn’t get these to do anything. Personally, i felt like watching the Double Shot At Love finale instead of the game, cause it was THAT boring.

    Islandorks can score 4 goals easily on the Trashers, but Nyr can barely score 1. That’s just beautiful. I hate this team, all they care aboot is money, and not winning. Those greedy losers Gomer, and Dru just flat out suck, but that doesn’t matter to them, cause hey, at least they are getting paid to lose, so that’s a win-win for them. This is a sad group, and they should get boo’d from the drop of the puck, until they start playing like they want to win a god damn game. Im not a fan of booing, and would never do it myself, but that’s what they deserve, a nice boo. Losers !!

    Id love to have Spezza on Nyr, to replace this moron Gomer. Once a devil, ALWAYS a Devil !!

  63. Rangers gone Wild on

    yeah, even Joe Mich. said on the telecast last night that the Rangers are basically the Minn Wild, east coast version, in their style of play.

    and they are almost as boring and mediocre, too

  64. the rangers have enough offensive problems to write for days about. but, i will only mention a few.

    #1 prucha has to play and on the PP. nothing else to say except he HAS SCORED 62 career goals and more than 1/3 of them (26) have been PP goals. voros, cally and dawes have 11 career PP goals COMBINED and get PP time.

    #2 no help from the blue line. (redden, rozsival) these guys are the 3rd and 4th highest paid skaters and produce nothing. combined 42 pts. (wideman/chara=56pts. keith/campbell=64pts. mike green=42pts) and redden and rozsy make more $ than them. thanks to sather we won’t loose these guys for a while.

    #3 no chemistry- when has renney put out a combo that has just clicked or sparked something? i can’t remember either. the parts don’t fit! gomez and naslund? not really. drury and zherdev? no. gomez drury and naslund worked for a couple games. dubi zherdev worked for a short time but fizzled out. the point is that these forward cannot mesh. change has to be made.

    i liked the idea of giving anisimov a shot. but last night he looked scared and payed slow. AND what chance did he have with anyone who can produce help offensively? voros and korpi didn’t help him much. if you want him to succeed put him with a naslund or zherdev and see what he can do.
    i would like to see
    zherdev gomez prucha
    naslund anisimov drury
    korpi dubi cally
    sjostrom betts orr

    give this line up 3 games (not 1 period) to produce something offensively.

  65. Joe, this team gives up shorties not because of a lack of trap, but because of lazy, slow puck movement laterally at the blue line. Good penalty killers (watch Mike Richards and Simon Gagne) can predict the pass before it happens, pick it, and with everyone caught deep, can go the distance on a complete break.

    These issues are directly attributable to coaching. A good coach will recognize issues like that in practice, and rectify them before game time.

  66. I wonder how Messier would be as a coach. I don’t know what would be worse, getting called for a penalty and seeing Renney chew his gum in that annoying way, or Messier crying cause he was called for a bench minor.

    Bring in Torts !! If he was the coach, Redden would be keeping Pruchs company, and probably even Gomer, and Dru.

    Fire Renney, and Pearn !!! Let the Sopranos take care of them.

  67. One of good things the NHL has done this year and let it go almost unnoticed is pretty well ignore the instigator penalty. If I understand it correctly it’s been called sparingly relative to other years. I can see it in a case where a goon will start pounding on a star to take him out, but if there is any semblance of spontaneity, that should outweigh trying to measure who blew a gasket first. Why is it a bad rule? There is too much room for subjective judgment. The announcers last night sounded like they were commenting on a supreme court case rather than a hockey game. Last night in Jersey Clemmenson clipped his own man with his stick and they gave the penalty to Rupp. The refs make mistakes on cut and dried cases. Don’t ask them to think.

    One of the reasons I never became a soccer fan is because too often when a team scores a goal it’s game over. There is no way to change momentum through a bit of proactive mayhem, a beautiful dimension of hockey. The Rangers are playing like it’s soccer. If they had the talent of Detroit it might work. So Avery is history. Bring in the psycho Ruutu or Chris Simon from Russia. He’s got 226 minutes in penalties in 33 games there. So he hasn’t mellowed.

  68. matt

    I’ll hook you up.

    for a small fee i’ll send Kovalev too

    “The Incredible Dangling Zhervalev’s”

  69. doodie machetto on

    “Make people participate that are not good in the shootout? Why? Because they have letter on their jersey? So I guess Scott Stevens should have been forced to participate in the shootout if it was here when he played? No. People who are good in the shootout should participate in the shootout. Bottom line.”

    I’m with you Nasty. Jagr shouldn’t have been chastized for passing in the shootout. He’s got about 650 career goals, but that’s not from breakaways or penalty shots. It’s from being lethal along the boards, in the slot, from being able to drag a defender along with him to the goal, and once he met Sergei Gonchar, from the one-timer. He wasn’t good at the shootout. I think it takes a bigger man to say “Coach, I’m not the best choice for this, send out Nigel instead (who went 5 for 9 last season),” than to go out there when you know you aren’t a good choice.

    Oh, Jagr, by contrast to Dawes’ 5 for 9 last season, was 5 for 22 on his career, giving him the 25th lowest shooting percentage for any player who has taken a minimum of 10 shots.

    Meanwhile, Fred Sjostrom is 3 for 8 this year. How is that a good percentage? Chris Drury is 2 for 4. Gomez is 0-1 this year, but is 4 for 9 on his career, why not give him a shot over Sjostrom? How has he not been given more than 1 opportunity this season?

  70. I agree about Avery. at least he puts some fire in the games. and he tends to get his teammates involved, whether they want to or not, and he also tends to get the Rangers out of the Renney monotony, they seem to forget the trap and get some emotion in their game.

    and you cannot deny the record. they were about 30 games over .500 with him, and a game or so below .500 without him.

    I would rather have him at $3.875 cap no. than Dreary at $7.050 cap number

  71. Im “verklempt” at what happened. I was reading most of your posts and I have one statement to make:



  72. doodie machetto on

    “You hate Avery and yet don’t realize BOTH of the comebacks late in the past 2 seasons coincided EXACTLY with his aquisition and returns from injury”

    It also, and more importantly, coincided with Henrik’s midseason slumps and switch to stellar play. Hank has yet to give a full season of good hockey, and the past two seasons, that slump came in December/January.

    Also, when Avery first came, they didn’t start winning right away. They started winning when they dumped Ward for Mara.

    But yeah, let’s give the credit to Avery. Oh, BTW, how is Dallas doing since they dumped Avery? They’re back in the playoffs after being near the bottom of the Western Conference you say? And Marty Turco played like crap to start the season but has been very good for the past 2 months? Hmmm…

    Bottom line, it’s not Avery, in either situation.

  73. now that he has been sent to Chairman Mao’s re-education camp, Avery will probably be more like Mr. Milktoast, rather than pee and vinegar any more.

  74. doodie machetto on

    And last year we can also attribute it to the fact that Jagr was admittedly holding back for most of the season, just to make sure he had gas in the tank for the stretch and playoff run. So, you know, once Jagr started carrying the team offensively like he had for two seasons before that, it kinda affected our position in the W column. Just another thought for you.

    Someone asked when Renney had ever come up with a sparkling line combination. I thought of one:


    I hate Renney, but I’ve got to give him credit where it’s due. I definitely would have split up Straka and Nylander instead of making that unit and leaving someone like Steve Rucchin to be a second line center.

  75. i asked that question…i was referring to this current roster. BUT, since you brought it up. that was a great line because nylander is great at carrying the puck and setting up the scoring winger jagr. straka was grit and a great backchecker.

  76. I have a question that i meant to ask for a while now… about Brandon Dubinsky. Does the kid have any Russian blood in him? I know he is from Alaska…”where you can see Russia from the backyard “I mean, that last name is very Russian… I have a cousin his name is Vadim Dubinsky… and I know another Russian person with the same last name. Anyone has any info on that? Just curious…

  77. im pretty sure jagr chose who he wanted to play with, and when renney flexed his muscle you had guys like isbister and hossa playing with jagr…the guy doesn’t have a clue and he hasn’t been developing our youth they are regressing, so he is actively hurting this franchise right now

  78. IF Jagr was holding back until the stretch run, then he is even more disgraceful than usual, because that is cheating the fans who paid big bucks to watch the first 2/3 of the season.

    he never CARRIED any team to anything. the Wash Caps were a total disaster with him and Nylander in their younger days.

    if Weekes had continued as the starting goalie as Renney wanted, they would have not even made the playoffs with Jagr in ’05 either.

  79. the same way he is CARRYING Omsk to oblivion? he has already gotten 2 coaches fired this season. actually 3, cuz Fleming was fired twice.

  80. first of all do you honestly think Torts would handle this club? he has like flipping out issues… Renney is the only one that can tolerate some of the losers on this team.

    I am not giving up on him, i already gave up on Slats.

  81. AA back to Hartford, a 1 game reward and look over your back to the big boys.

    Suit up dawes and prucha and sit iether Voros, sju, or orr.

    I say sit orr and voros and go with 12 guys who can skate….

  82. Way to go CCCP and let the cat out of the bag. The Russian mob now knows of his Russian lineage because of you, and he, his cousin, and his strip joint owner looking father, are going to be blown up in a car bomb incident.

  83. HOUSE

    How can you give up on Slats, and not on Renney ?

    As for Torts rage issues, who cares. Id feel a whole hell of a lot better laughing at Torts’ rage towards the refs over Renney’s gum chewing over a too many men on the ice penalty.

    Renney sucks, and this team will never win a Cup with him as the coach. Nice guys always finish last, and this team is full of them, led by the little flower maiden Renney. This team is sickening.

    No Fire, no heart, no nothing. Just boring hockey. Nothing more, nothing less.

  84. Renney IS flipping out where it concerns Prucha, his comments about Prucha are so dishonest, so much spin bs, that I question Renney’s “nice guy” facade.

  85. lol…Nasty 1 that sounds like last GTA game!! no seriously, i was just being curious… just to feel a bit more proud… u know :)

  86. Putting Anisimov on a line with Voros and Korpi was a disaster. He should have been on with Zherdev. It was a waste of time. And I hope he doesn’t lose confidence because of it.

  87. Ha, I know man. I am not sure, but he very well could be. His dad definitely looks like he could be Russian.

  88. doodie machetto on

    Jagr was the 05-06 team. Hank was great, but that team finishes in last place without Jagr breaking multiple Ranger records. They made him captain because of it. And if you couldn’t see that he was the entire team that season, then you were blind.

    I can’t believe people are still hating on Jagr even after he’s gone, even though he was the entire offense one year, and about half to 2/3ds for the rest of his tenure here. Especially since we were paying him only 4 million.

  89. send that coward dawes to Hartford. NOTHING is more detrimental to a team than seeing one of your teammates chicken out along the boards, and give away a game.

    he coughed up that puck like a furball .

  90. great point Doodie!!

    I would always debate about Jagr declining the SO’s thought it was always BS ppl would blast him about that.

  91. Ok Orr you can have the years of Lowe back, muckler, Trottier, and Slats. There you go there is some fire. Enjoy not making the playoffs buddy!

    i gave up on slats quicker than renney because slats is making the decisions totally not renney. Slats knows he is the boss, you honestly think he listens to people? NO way!
    He signed Wade Redden that is one reason to give up on him.

    Slats gave Renney this crappy team.

  92. Maybe all the success the last 3 years is not just from Jagr playing, but from Jagr and Shanahan helping coach. They were the ones working on the offense. Renney just plays with the lines, and if they score one goal he keeps them together until they don’t score for a month — what a genius.
    Renney is a plodding over-thinker — he analyzes problems for months until he moves on them.
    And guess what, maybe the power play didn’t score enough last year, but at least they held on to the puck in the offensive zone for the whole penalty! Does anyone remember what cycling the puck looks like? Renney would be perfect coaching in Columbus or Nashville or Dallas — they prefer polite over personality.

  93. True Fans,
    Here is my answer,
    I feel that this team is Sathers mess regardless who is the coach, or who lobbied for Redden, Gomez, Drury etc…Sather ultimately makes the decisions, Not Renney, Not Pearn, and Not Allaire. I think that Renney has implemented this system because that is how he wants his team to play. But Sather’s job is to get parts that fit, not just throw together a team of high priced players. A GM is supposed to BUILD a team, that means looking carefully for parts that are missing and finding a way to put together a team of cohesive players with similar playing styles…Its is Renney’s and Co’s job to get those players to work together. Watching this team I do see Newmans 11:05 post as being mostly correct. Gomez has speed so he needs to be surrounded by speed. Gomez likes to pass, he is not a shooter so he needs a finisher. In my mind that is how you build your team. Zherdev doesn’t need Voros on his line, he needs Dubinski/Anisimov and Korpedo/Prucha on his line. We have a decent core of players, however there are major pieces missing, we suffer from an abismal lack of scoring and its not Renney’s fault. Its Sathers fault that we can’t afford to go get a finisher. Its Sathers fault that a guy like Voros, Rissmiller, Fritsche, etc etc etc are on this team. Its Sathers fault that we have an overabundance of 3-4 line players. It’s Sathers Fault that we have too many Centers and not enough wingers. Its Sathers fault that we have too many puck carriers and not enough snipers.
    So ultimately True Fans, the coach should be held responsible when a GM puts together a team of similar style, like minded players and they don’t mesh. Right now we don’t even have the like minded similar style players.
    Coming out of the lock out Sather looked like a genius, he put together a team of similar style european players who played a defensive style very well, and we where all pumped.
    Then somehow he went crazy and got away from signing like minded players. And now we are stuck, unless we move big contract players to other teams.
    My biggest fear in all of this is guys like Dubinski, Callahan, Staal, Zherdev, etc are not going to be able to stay here because too much money is tied up in guys like Redden.

  94. doodie machetto on

    My biggest gripe about Jagr is that because of how well the team did while he was here, Slats got it in his head that this team was close to being a cup contender and went on his spending sprees (Cullen, Ward, Gomez, Drury, Redden, and reupping Shanahan, Rozsival, Hank, and Tyutin for way too much money), while supressing our young talent (Prucha , Dawes not playing much in 06-07, Dubinsky not making last year’s team out of camp, Staal missing 06-07 in juniors, Sanguinetti still not being given a shot at the NHL).

  95. your delusional if you think slats concerns himself with the likes of how much ice time blair betts gets or how to run the pp or offensive system, or lack there of. he seems to check in once every few months make some smug remark and then disappear again.

    also you notice how graves didnt mention sather or dolan’s name in his speech. those two fools know they would have gotten booed so wisely told Graves to just thank the management which still led to boos

  96. the Caps were so desperate to get rid of that cancer, that they were willing to take garbage in return, and pay half his salary to get rid of him.

    the Pens traded him for garbage. and nobody wanted him as a free agent. notice a trend?

    you can kiss his butt all you want. that won’t change the facts.

  97. Dawes sucks in his own end. No one wants to give him the puck when they are leaving the zone.

  98. I’m still waiting for a couple of people here, who hold Sather’s personnel decisions as responsible for the team not being able to score; and defend Renney and his system to explain why the Islnaders are outscoring the Rangers…

    I want someone to write that the Islanders have “Better offensive personnel” or that the Islanders “play a more offensive, up-tempo game” please explain this to me…please!!

    Gomez, Drury, Naslund, Redden, Zherdev, Callahan, Prucha, Dubinsky, Dawes….and the Islanders score more GPG

  99. Staal wart reasonable post.

    the point that should be expanded on is voros, rissmiller, and fritsche these are marginal players at best why sign hem? Can’t you get those type of contributors from within??

    again why does a team tha cannot score go with there best skilled guys on all 4 lines…you can get away with zero scoring on the 4th line when you have a #1 line, the rangers have 3 # 3 lines and a 4th line.

    how crazy is this

    gomez, callahan, naslund

    zherdev, dubi, korpikoski If they keep up AA move Dubi to forward and Korpi to 4th line..

    drury, dawes, prucha

    betts, voros, and sju or Orr. The problem is since they sent back AA already the 4th line is cycle and zero else..

    they cannot score and redden has 2 goals..22222222222222222222 friggin goals as the big guy on the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. right,kaspar. they were near the bottom in goals last year as well. so the personnel are not the issue as much as Renney’s stifling, robotic, mindnumbing, no-forecheck system

  101. I also take issue with no fire, no heart, no courage, no passion.
    What are your definitions of those words.
    There are players on this team who are all fire, heart passion and courage. I’d love to see one of you monday morning quarterbacks dive in front of a shot like Drury, Sjo, Betts, Staal, Callahan, Dubi etc.
    I’d love to see one of you softies trying to take a guy like Chara to the boards like Callahan does on a nightly basis.
    Most of you would steer clear of the corner of the rink if you were out there, yet you question the passion and guts of this team?
    Are there softies on this team, heck yeah! but a blanket statement like this team has no heart, courage, passion etc. is flat out wrong

  102. doodie machetto on

    Pittsburgh dumped him for nothing because they were going bankrupt and needed to unload him.

    DC took so little in return for a couple of reasons, both personal and economic (CBA was about to expire and 11 million was a lot of money to commit to a point per game player).

    And Guess what Joe, he turned it around while in NY. Believe it or not, a change of scenery helps some players. Joe Thornton was traded for a song and went on to win the MVP in the same season.

  103. doodie machetto on

    And a lot of teams wanted him as a free agent, but he was only interested in two. And they didn’t offer him the contract he was looking for. So he took the money and ran.

    Same situation for Shanahan. Lots of teams were interested, but he didn’t want to go just anywhere.

  104. Don’t get on Dawes for losing to Boston. Was the goal his fault? Probably mostly his fault. But Rozy let Savard get behind him, Hank missed it, and NOBODY could put 1 measly goal in against a minor leaguer in his 5th NHL start. When you get shutout, it’s everyone’s fault

  105. The Capitals went to the playoffs with Jagr (while the Rangers were on the golf course by the way), and the Pens did too — management/ownership at both those teams was pathetic so management blamed Jagr to the press. How many times in any sport have you ever seen management step up and take the blame? It’s a lot easier to blame players.

    Jagr always wanted to play in New York, he finally got to play here, he was awesome, and then NYR management decided to go with Drury and Redden instead. And they still tried to blame Jagr for wanting too much in a contract! This management is the Canadian old boy network gone bad. Look at the Flyers — they went from worst to first in one season. All Rangers fans hear about is rebuilding — for years and years — which is another management cop-out.

  106. doodie machetto on

    Kaspar, your comparison with the Islanders is a bit false. You could score 1000 goals in a season, but if you finish in last place, it doesn’t matter.

    Goal differential is the more important stat. The Rangers are at-.16. The Islanders are at -.88. That’s a big difference.

  107. Doodie like your long post… agree with most of what you said aside from the shootout choices. Actually before the shootout I thought to myself who SHOULD renney put in… well i liked the call on Nazy as he played a good game and took some nice shots on goal… and he had scored a few mins earlier so was “hot”…. Zherdy was a no brainer too as he had a great game and buzzing all over the place… I was real surprised when he took that lame shot in the shootout… thought for sure he was gonna score. And last but not least I thought Sjo. I mean like it or not he has been good in the shootout and does have some great moves with the puck…. Drury and Gomer had lousy games… why give them a chance to blow it for us… outside of these guys who else would you put in. Anyway splitting hairs here but I agreed with Renney’s shootout shooters spot on.

    Aside from that, that was one of the worst Rangers games I think I have ever had to watch. Not becuse they played the worst I have ever seen them play… only because after listening to Gravey’s speach everyone in that building including my wife was ready to jump on that ice and do anything in their power to crush Atlanta. I was so pumped up. Told a buddy this could be the turning point… I mean this has got to put some fire/heart into these guys…..

    what was i thinking. these guys are a flat out JOKE! I would not be surprised in the slightest if we completely miss the playoffs.

    Keep Lundy and Staal and fed-ex the rest of them – including Sather and Renney.

    Bring back Mess and Graves to couch these guys!

    what a joke. its like we are a mentally handicapped organization.

  108. HOUSE

    What’s the fuggin difference ? Playoffs, 2nd round exit, and not making the playoffs ? It’s all the same, except at least not making the playoffs doesn’t give false hope. That’s how it is with this team, they get your hopes up and they crash and burn. Last 3 years were horrible in the playoffs, they completely blew it. Blowing a 1 goal lead with 7 seconds left, blowing a 3 goal lead, and getting swept and embarrassed by our rivals. Id rather see no playoff hockey than go through that garbage once more. At least not making the playoffs can mean a good draft pick.

    You Renney lovers make me sick, i cant tell if it’s just pride that makes you so attached to the idiot. Just let it go, and admit what he really is. Slats is a problem, that goes without saying, but even so, Renney is another part of that problem.

  109. I never understood people who complained about Jagr not participating in shootouts ( I hate that new part of the game)… Jagr was bad at it…. We had players that were doing better job in shootouts… what’s wrong with putting better player in that situation to try to win the game? Jagr cared for this team and wanted fans to be happy more than any other recent/current Rangers player! I never wanted him to leave…I miss big fella … SISH…Nostalgia Lol

  110. anybody who thinks the Rangers would have made the playoffs with Weekes as the goalie is hallucinating.

    Henrik is the main reason, the main improvement in the team post lockout

  111. It’s funny that Orr hates Renney but Renney is the only coach that has taken this team to the playoffs while he’s been a fan… Just saying of course…

    My patience is worn very very thin about this team… On a night like last night when a player who did everything he could to better his team and take a physical beating on doing those things and standing up for his teammates was celebrated for the Rangers to play like they did worries me very much.

  112. you mean the guy who wore #68 to bash Russia? I find it amusing that they are now paying him, after he spits on them every time he pulls on that number

  113. CCCP

    Exactly. Jags was doing the right thing, he knew he wasn’t good in the shootout, and he wanted to let other people go. Anyone who holds that against him has serious problems. Who cares, for some reason, the shootout wasn’t his thing, and he just couldn’t score. Unlike anybody on this team, he showed up when it mattered, and that was in the playoffs, so he shouldn’t catch any meaningless .

    I wonder how long it will take for Renney to dump Artie back in the minors.

  114. Jagr really cared about this team — so did Kasparaitis, Shanahan, Sykora, Leetch. All treated badly by management. And yet Sather still remains.

    If the Flyers get Avery, that will be another success by evil Flyers management. I would definitely be watching the Devils/Flyers games if that rumor came true.

  115. JASON

    Lundqvist took this team to the playoffs, Renney was just along for the free ride. It’s the same old story over and over, it was the players that brought this team to the playoffs, Renney had to do with it. Anyone who thinks otherwise, i don’t know how you can think that.

    My loser brother says the same garbage all the time. Take away Jags, and Hank, what the fugg do you have ? A team that ends up in 9th or 10th place at best. Weekes cant even steal a starting job from an AHL goalie, id love to see how he would do in that season, without those two players.

  116. we have never gone through a rebuilding, which is why we havent been good that good the past few years and why sather has to rely on signing little better than average free agents for far more than what they are worth.

    and i think it was time to get rid of jagr, but he was definitely a good player for the rangers, just not your prototypical canadien captain. he demanded far too much control of this team. however like i have said in the past, all the good that sather did by moving on from jagr was undone the moment he signed redden to that albatross of a contract.

    and for the record james patrick turned down a better offer from the rangers when jagr was traded to the caps b/c either his brother or some relative was working for washington.

  117. remember Slats is the one who traded away leetch, graves, didnt resign Shanny, jags, Straks… and all you people hate renney?

  118. Pete…

    James Patrick? As in the former Rangers Defenseman or Craig Patrick the former Rangers GM?

  119. Just imagine for a minute … Kevin Weeks doesn’t get injured… he keeps plying because we know how “dedicated” Renney is to the veteran players… hank still sitting on the bench wondering…WHAT IF?

  120. Orr, I love how bringing a guy like Anisimov up to play a game or 2 rapes is confidence. Why is that instantly where your mind goes?
    How but right now Anisimov’s confidence is soaring because he now has a goal to work for…after last night the guy is absolutely driven to excel and make the team next season.
    Man you are so shortsighted!

  121. “Just imagine for a minute … Kevin Weeks doesn’t get injured… he keeps plying because we know how “dedicated” Renney is to the veteran players… hank still sitting on the bench wondering…WHAT IF?”

    Yup, that’s exactly how it would have went. Didn’t Renney say that he wanted to keep putting Weekes in there, even though Hank was winning ? Who knows maybe if Hank started some of those games Weekes lost, we would have clinched 1st in the division. But then again Hank got injured in the end, so it really didn’t matter.

  122. I havent been a fan since the ’60’s but i am pretty sure i have watched alot more hockey than you have.

    Where you back in the late ’90s? into 2004? do you want to relive those again??

  123. dr house

    It is not an “either/or” proposition, OK? It is possible to loathe Sather for his moves, while at the same time hold the trap-at-home-happy-Voros-loving-“Atlanta is a good team”-nonsense-spouting coach responsible for the disintegration of his team’s performance on the ice.

  124. STAAL

    Some players might take it the wrong way. You never know, maybe he feels like he just isn’t good enough, and that’s a two way street, on one side it gives him confidence up the yin yang, or it screws him up. It’s unfair, and anyone who doesn’t think so is crazy. C’mon, one game, with little ice time, what’s the kid supposed to do, score a hat trick in 8-9 minutes ?

    What happens now ? Dubi, or Drury back at center ? I thought that line looked decent last night.

  125. honestly if i was a young player who wanted to become a good player the rangers are the last team i would want to play for. i really feel bad for everyone of our draft picks who realize that the odds are almost 100% that they will not get a chance for a long long time if at all

  126. doodie machetto on

    “anybody who thinks the Rangers would have made the playoffs with Weekes as the goalie is hallucinating.”

    I never said that they would make it without Hank. But they weren’t making it in 05-06 without Jagr either.

    We were a two player team. Which is why when one broke down mentally (Hank) and the other physically (Jagr) we got swept by the Debbies.

  127. It is really upsetting that they lost the game, ofcourse it would have been all to great if they won, but the ceremony was extraordinary! For not being much of a hockey buff, I thought the ceremony and speeches were truly inspirational..Between everyone on the ice balling, I wonder how many fans shed tears..

    check it out here if u missed it: Adam Graves Night

  128. Jared February 4th, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    It is really upsetting that they lost the game, ofcourse it would have been all to great if they won, but the ceremony was extraordinary! For not being much of a hockey buff, I thought the ceremony and speeches were truly inspirational..Between everyone on the ice balling, I wonder how many fans shed tears..

    check it out here if u missed it:

  129. Thats one thing i dont get either is this love affair with Voros. He sucks, i am even saying wake up and watch him he is just bad. Same with Wade Redden, he is one guy that i have had it with since day one.

  130. HOUSE

    Lol, who cares. You watched more hockey than me, what does hockey from the past have to do with hockey now, in fact, it’s a totally different game. I might have gotten into hockey in 04, but that sure as doesn’t mean im any less of a fan. The lockout was actually good for me, cause i learned aboot the players around the league, and prospects, and all that crap. So the lockout for most of you was hell, but in a way for me it was like a cooler version of school. With better food at lunch time, and a playboy magazine during break time.

  131. 0necupin67years on

    Pete- the league always disliked the rangers because they tossed money around at players and raised salaries in doing so.
    The rangers tossed money around in hopes of buying the cup, it never worked.
    But the rangers spent just enough to keep them good enough to avoid being cellar dwellers and in the process ,the rangers never got the #1 or # 2 picks. But with the rangers numbskull scouting ,I doubt that the #1 pick would’ve been today’s star. Look at the fishsticks and their #1 picks.

  132. Man, I hope they trade/waive/fire/give away Prucha soon. I am sick of reading about him here. You would think they are holding back a 100 point player the way some people write about him. (I realize that I’ve fallen into talking about Prucha trap myself, damn!)

  133. Orr,
    How can you honestly think that Anisimov was going to come up here and light the fire. He got a taste of the NHL and I’m certain that he knew that. I love how you think the coaches exist to screw with everyone’s mind and stunt there growth and mess with there minds!
    I feel as though you are a NYR conspiracy theorist!

  134. Onecup,

    Look at what the Islanders did with all of those players they picked? At least that’s good for a laugh.

  135. I obviously didnt see Voros screening the goalie last night, i just saw him skating back in forth. Talk about ruining people, he should stop ruining Dubi.

  136. Sather’s drafting record is the biggest problem. he either picks busts like Jessiman and Montoya, or he picks 3rd liners like many in the pipeline now.

    in ’04 sather picked Montoya at #6 and Korpikoski at #19, and Travis Zajac and Mike Green were picked after them in first round

    in ’03 sather picked Jessiman with Parise, Getzlaf, mike Richards, Dustin Brown, and Brent Seabrook, Brent Burns, and Corey Perry still available. WHAT A MORON !!!!

    when you have all those guys available, and you select Jessiman, then you are clueless.

  137. It’s funny how some fans say “ I support renney” and then go and disagree with decisions him makes… “oh yeah, I don’t get this, and oh yeah I don’t understand y he does that”… and still carry Renney flag high and proud… u either here or u there… can’t be in two places at the same time…MEKA UP YOUR MIND!

  138. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This is just how I predicted it would be with AA. He only got called up because there was pressure building on Renney
    because of the lack of scoring,he needed to show thathe was doing something.The truth is,Renney had no intention of putting AA in a position to succeed.Why else would you put an offensive player with a clutz who can’t even skate and a player who will never be anything more than a borderline third or fourth liner.

    I also think Renney is a very devious … putting AA into a position where he could not possibly succeed,he not only gets to say to the fan base that “see AA is just not ready” He also gets to say the same thing to the player who might be grumbling in the dressing room,wondering why he can’t get called up when he is putting up a point per game while the parent team is struggling to score.

  139. 0necupin67years on

    I don’t understand why he put the rookie with the 3rd liners. Put the kid with the 1st or 2nd liners ,lets see what he can do with them.

  140. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Also,I thought Dubi looked pretty good on the wing. Now with AA being sent down,Dubi goes back to the center position,Dawes goes back in Voros stays but Prucha still sits.Dubi’s been jerked around so much this year,is it a surprise than that he has not taken up in his development? If anything,he is regressed a bit along with the restof his young teamates(Girardi)

  141. SLAPSHOT REMAKE coming


    ‘Slap Shot’ remake planned
    Wednesday, 02.04.2009 / 12:35 PM / News
    There have been sequels to “Slap Shot” the legendary hockey movie that starred the late Paul Newman and the film that created the Hanson Brothers sensation, but no remake.

    According to Daily Variety, that is about to change.

    Variety reports Universal Pictures is ready to drop the puck on a “Slap Shot” remake, selecting Dean Parisot to direct the redo of the 1977 hockey comedy classic.

    Peter Steinfeld (“21”) is writing the script and Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce according to the publication.

    The original starred Newman as the fading player/coach of a minor league hockey team. Trying to hype the Charlestown Chiefs of the Federal League for a possible move South, the coach ramps up interest by turning his team into a group of brawlers.

    When Steinfeld took the writing job and spoke about it last summer, Internet pundits were critical of the notion of updating a favorite sports film. Yet such nostalgic resistance certainly did not hurt “The Longest Yard” remake, a global hit that grossed far more than the original.

  142. ““With Artie, we’re going to give him some good minutes, have a good look at him, watch him transport the puck from one end to the other, how he moves it, how he reads off the speed of the game. He can make some things happen for us.” – Tom Renney

    If 9 minutes of playing time on the line with overweight Voros is valuable minutes… then Barry Melrose’s mullet is the most stylish hair-do like EVER!

  143. dlb
    February 4th, 2009 at 4:10 pm
    I’ll bet that Avery will be in that Slapshot remake


    yeah… he’ll be the PUCK…

  144. the Hanson Bros. aren’t bring their toys anymore. they are bringing their Metamucil and Raisin Bran.

  145. SlapShot remake? That’s weak…I hate when they try to fugg with the cult classics….

    Henrik….”Who ownnnnzzzz the Rangers? Ownnzzzz ownzz ?”

    Sather….”,,,talk to the rich little spoiled brat kid who hired me for life”

  146. How the heck do you know what Renney’s intentions are? are you in the lockerroom? give me break, he obviously knows more than we do thats why he is the coach.

    Yes i am a renney supporter.

  147. dr house

    Renney is the coach because he is a yes man who will not challenge Sather…..

    Renney is garbage, I cant stand his mugg any more….I cant stand the gum chewing, I cant stand his lack of balls, I cant stand his coaching philosophy or watered down drek system, I cant stand his big words, I cant stand his non emotional spineless posture.

  148. Sather is a washed up fat cat that walks around the New York Rangers like his a the big dawg at a Westchester Country club….

    Renney does not challenge Sather. Renney simply installed a passive trap system to try and mimic the teams of the past, most noticebly the Devils, and their success. He figures he has an above average net minder so the style of play is Defense with no attack.

    Its a failing system because this team does not have the fire power to capitalize on the VERY FEW CHANCES that come about during the course of 60 minutes

  149. According to rangers rant, andrew gross,
    Anisimov was send back to Hartford..
    now that’s what I call confidence builder ….way to call Renney and Sather….

  150. “Kaspar, your comparison with the Islanders is a bit false. You could score 1000 goals in a season, but if you finish in last place, it doesn’t matter.

    Goal differential is the more important stat. The Rangers are at-.16. The Islanders are at -.88. That’s a big difference.”

    Doodie Machetto 2-04-09

    Yes, differential is most important..but that doesnt mean its “false” to say the Islanders score more than the Rangers because they do no matter what the reason is…

    (like maybe they’re always behind so they’re trying to catch up more so they never play close it down etc…) still…thats a coaching decision and thats all I was trying to get at…the Rangers certainly have the personnel to score with a lot of teams that are currently outscoring them…but the Renney protectors will tell you “we dont have the personnel that the Bruins have”…they do this with a straight face as if they really thought the Bruins line up was good enough to score like they have this year…
    now that the Bruins have scored a lot of goals they say “well look at the talent they have”… a load of nonsense

    That coach gets more out of his players than we do..period

  151. Messier should show up to the next Rangers practice in his #11 Rangers jersey with a cape wrapped around him with a big letter “C” on his chest….

    Then proceed to throw a huge check into Renney…and while Renney is on his ass on the ice….Mess will start crying a river which would melt the ice around Renney who proceeds to quickly descend into the ice surface…..Then Mess will hop on the Zamboni and drive over the spot to freeze Renney like they did to Hahn Solo.

  152. Liquid wow when did you start working for the Rangers. You must know everything. What does Henrik eat for Dinner?

    Like i said we dont know what goes on behind the scenes, just leave it alone.

  153. The reason why the Rangers called up AA was to show him the nice and well deserved ceremony for Adam Graves. The Rangers brass intention was for this to be a 1 game call up figuring that AA would go back to his Hartford and his team mates and boast about how incredible everything was and maybe inspire the team to work hard like Gravey and big things can happen….

    It was nothing more than a morale booster for AA and the Hartford club.

  154. dr house-

    I do not work for the NY Rangers organization. But I can clearly see that Renney will never be a success here. Obviously though, success for the majority of Rangers fans is anything better than that 8 year debacle of horrible Ranger teams…..the Dark ages

    But for the die hard fan, like you and I or anyone who takes time to visit a blog like this… is as obvious as the BALLS ON A TALL DOG that this team feels zero repurcussions from its coach and they are not being held accountable for their gross display on the ice, night in and night out.

    Renney aint gonna twist Sathers nipples….as long as they trap into a playoff spot and get us suckers into the seats, its a win-win for MSG, Dolan, Sather, and Tommy boy

  155. Liquid is there a problem with boosting the moral?
    I would think thats a good thing and give AA more of a reason to work hard to succeed

  156. and AA says “yeah guys I waz hanging with this guy Leetch and this guy Gravy and this guy that kinda looked like Sundin”

    and Sanguinneti asks “Did you tell Leetch I said hello?”

    and AA says “oops”

    and Parenteau asks “did anyone ask about me?”

    and AA says “yeah sure..the coach, the GM, Rod Gilbert everybody…look I gotta go”

  157. dr house… your “we dont know whats behind the scene” thing is sort of lame… sure… we not there to hear what the coach is saying.. but we are not blind… we see what the product is… which is a reflection of what is going on “behind the scene”… just like that old saying: “it is better to see something once than to hear about 100 times”

  158. christ, remember when people thought voros was going to replace avery? voros isn’t an adequate replacement for ryan hollweg.

  159. BTW does anyone think when this GM “scouts” he watches tons of video of the players he may want to draft? Or players he may make a “trade” for? Very doubtful…

    You dont just sign a washed up defenseman (Redden’s last 3 seasons) to a locked up retardedly bloated contract just on a “hope” and “needs a change of scenery”? But Sather does.

  160. Rangers Go For A Bag Skate

    Blog: KK Hockey By Paul

    02/04/09 at 03:46 PM ET | Comments (1)

    An old hockey term for a punishing assortment of wind sprints and no-puck drills to punish hockey players for poor performance.

    Or, a new term for the Rangers, who went through 35 minutes of brutal sprints and exercises today, when Tom Renney decided his team’s inability to drive to the net and create scoring chances had driven him to his breaking point.

    “I had a pretty good practice lined up,” said Renney, who had not dropped such a hammer in any of his three-plus seasons as Rangers coach. “We were planning to do some good things. But maybe we did the best thing we could have done for ourselves today.”


    what a bloody joke. as though Renney’s mindless trap had nothing to do with the team malaise.

  161. Staalsy….

    I am all for AA being there last night. Since the unfortunate Cherepanov death, Rangers know that the offensive cupboards are pretty much bare in Hartford and below (maybe Grachev)…so AA has now assumed the responsibility of being the teams only real blue-chip player in the wings (like I said, offensive not defensive which would include DZ and Bobby Sangs)…..

    AA is not a lock to be a top 6 forward in the NHL, so the Rangers are gonna spoonfeed him everything to make him and any other wildcard in Hartford feel like greatness is possible when not expected….ala Adam Graves

  162. Doodie, KC love your posts about Jagr, Shanahan, Sykora, Leetch etc. Agree totally …

    Jeffluke or whoever provided the link for Redden’s wedding – thanks… now I see why Sather gave Redden so much – he wanted to be invited to his wedding!

    I love Jagr but him refusing shootouts still bugged me… you do not have to be in the top 3 but come on, when it gets to round 4 or 5 — who gives you the best chance – Rosival, Hossa etc…

    Cannot believe the coach was mad today and skated them hard… What did he expect with that stupid lineup … play Prucha and Dawes … Play Artie with Zherdev and Dubinsky … Renney needs to go… Shoney rejected the job in 2004 but is still an employee … he may change his mind now.

    Torterella would have a hard time with the NY press …

  163. 0necupin67years on

    I said before that renney reminds me of another NY coaching disaster- Jim Fassel a nice guy-whom the players don’t respect , who can’t coach and who will never be winner

  164. Hockey Rodent:

    ” Dunno whether the lack of Ranger scoring is the result of abominable chemistry, Tom Renney’s defensive dicta, or just a lack of finishers – not that it couldn’t be a combination of all three. Did I mention Atlanta is 29th in the league in team defense?

    Nikolai Zherdev was a virtuoso out there tonight. Yet, almost all of his rushes failed to solicit the involvement of linemates. They can’t tell where he’s gonna go. And the Gomez trio was invisible until they became a quad in the 59th minute. Can this pivot mesh with anybody?

    Henrik Lundqvist faced tougher chances in regulation than did Kari Lehtonen. So his problems during the shootout ought not be considered an indictment. It was The Swede who earned the lone standings point this evening – not Markus Naslund.

    Notice how both goals came as a result of defenders and backcheckers unanimously watching the puck and not paying attention to the sneaker-inner behind them? “

  165. Rangers practice–

    Renney tells everybody to line up in the neutral zone.

    ” you guys are going to learn my trap until you get it right.”

    “now stand still and clog !”





    trainer rushes in=”coach, you’re going to get somebody hurt”


    Pearn=reluctantly, tweet

    Players bent over in neutral zone, sweating profusely

    Renney=”who do you play for?

    Drury=” we play for clueless Junior Dolan and Sneerlip
    Sather. oh, and millions of bucks”

    Renney=”Darn right, and don’t you bloody forget it!

    ok, hit the showers”

  166. so, no fights in hockey, eh? whats next? no smothering of players face with a sweaty glove because the glove smells bad?

  167. Oooh, Renney made them do wind sprints. Now we know he’s serious and really is a good coach. Was the bag skate for the team or for the benefit of the media and media blogs? Sounds a little high school to me.

  168. Its not Renney.. it is this team.. they are not talented enough.. the only guys I would keep are Lundquist, Staal, Callahan, Dubinksi, and Zherdev.. in that order.. All the others are overpaid or role players… I actually think we have overrachieved with this team… If you guys are looking for a scapegoat.. fine use Renney… better yet lets bring in Messier to coach and tarnish his legacy because the majority of his players are either underwhelming or immovable because of their contracts.. however, the unfortunate reality is coaching is the least of this teams problems…

  169. I’m hoping Anisimov was just sent down to play in today’s game, and so he didn’t have to take part in the strenuous skating. Then, since Hartford doesn’t have a game on Friday, he will come back to play with us. Yes, I’m hoping for a miracle.

  170. Spiderpig:

    i hope so too… because how can anyone evaluate the kid from playing him less than 10 minutes with overweight Voros? but hey… we’ve seen strange things happen with this organization

  171. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So I apologize that I just got home and saw over 200 comments and won’t be reading most of them. Long day, a bit tired, although last night I did get an extra, unplanned two hours of sleep…

    From the little bit I saw of Artem, he looked as good as Korp (who will be out of the NHL in 5 years) and better than Voros, who is an absolute joke of an NHL player. Would it be so hard to have an AA/Dubi/Z line for a few nights? This way Drury can go back to the third line center position where he excels with Dawes and Callahan. Throw Prucha on the top line in Callahan’s spot and you might have a couple of scoring lines!

    HA no way, who likes to watch GOALS anyway. 18 goals in their last 10 games if I did my math correctly. That’s not a slump, that’s a trend.

  172. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I lied, so for the people who say that those of us who aren’t Renney fans aren’t really fans at all. Why else would I come home from a 13 hour work day, eat dinner, and come read a couple hundred comments from my fellow fans? It’s not because I’m a “Fan”, it’s because I’m a die hard fan who wants my team to first succeed, and second be entertaining. Most of us just feel like this team is not too far from a meltdown. There is no great leadership to step up for the playoff run like we’ve had for a few years, so why say that they will be great down the stretch? I’m done, I’ve gotta go stare at something other than a computer.

  173. dm – 11:29

    jagr begged out of shootout. drury was passed up by the clueless coach. big difference

  174. Watching the Bruins right now. If they were to play the Rangers in the first round, and that first round began in the next couple of days, it would be over faster than Nigel Dawes running away from Milan Lucic. Two reasonably comparable rosters, but one team plays hard, aggressively and cohesively. In other words, one is well-coached.

  175. Spiderpig-Wolfpack play 3 games this week; one tonight where AA had a PP assist and was even in a 6-3 debacle, and on Sat-Sun. I think once you send someone back then you can’t recall them for a week unless on an emergency basis, so he’ll be doing his thing in HFD. I liked AA last night, he hung in there and got better as the game went on, but I agree with the Beyond The Blueshirts evaluation, he still has some areas to work on and has to finish physically maturing. I’d love to see him back and hope he gets another crack, but now he has a new measuring stick for next training camp. I’m curious how he felt about everything; Beyond The Blueshirts who have a lot of Russian connections are actually gonna speak to him soon and post it in a few weeks and I’m sure it’ll be there. He’s a good kid and has potential, he’ll be fine. It’d be awesome if he could “save” this franchise at age 20, but that’s asking a lot. I have faith in him and as I said, he’ll play a big part of the solution in the next 1-3 years, not the problem.

    Wow, that was a long rant. I was at the game and wathced on the bench, Gomez and Dubinsky were talking to AA a lot and kinda keeping him loose. It was cool to see.

    As for Korpo-I don’t think he’s gonna be big scorer, the best that we as fans can hope of him is if he becomes a great defensive forward a la our ole’ buddy Jan Erixon or his fellow Finn Juri Lethonen and can pop in 20 and kinda be a jack of all trades and sub as a 1st or 2nd liner short term.

    Thoughts? Opinion?

  176. B/C he gotta go through waivers due to his age and experience and someone would claim him and the Rangers would be on the hook for half that salary, and be very thin in HFD as him and AA score do most of the scoring and the others guys are kinda all together with 9-10 goals (Owens, Oullette, Pyatt, DuPont Sags, etc.)

  177. Judging from Naslund’s comments after the bag skate, he didn;t feel it was warranted or productive. Sounds to me like the coach’s prevent defense system is wearing thin on everyone involved. Really, you cannot win games if you do not score any goals. simple as that.

  178. The only thing I woulda changed for the Gravey celebration is replacing Drury, Gomez, and Naslund holding up the Graves#9 banner prior to being lifted to the rafters with Henrik, Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Betts and Girardi.

    Its ironic that after the great purge of 2004, that Drury, Gomez, Nasland, Redden and Rozy are the components that Sather put in place to return the NY Rangers as a respectable hockey team. Then throw in junk like Voros, Sjostrom, Orr, Kalinin, etc. and its no wonder why we spend countless hours as fans trying to rationalize why this team is not the cream of the crop.

    I will give Mara a free pass….Atleast he took a pay cut and plays like he cares….Prucha and Dawes are off the hook too until we see if they can be better utilized by this team or maybe another one.

  179. Carpy…I did forget to mention Zherdev. I think he that he has exceeded our expectations especially with all of the negative talk about him being lazy and a head case.

    Currently he is the only game breaker on this team with any sort of creativity on the offensive side of the puck. Obviously, he is not AO or Malkin but he plays in NY as a competitor. Hopefully he resigned….well, if we have any money left over to do so.

  180. renney really needs to go. he is killing all the players, including the 3 with letters on their jersey, with the ultimate trap. saps players energy and desire and totally opens them up to criticism for less than stellar stats. and kills the fans morale as well.

  181. Whys that LI Joe?

    You were happy to see $20.1 million bucks of mediocrity holding onto that banner?

  182. Rick, what is that they care about? Do you feel like the players dont play to their potential is some sort of message that they want a coaching change?

  183. liquid – if you read my 12:45 post, i am totally blaming the lower stats of those guys on renney. if he leaves you would see their stats get better.

    only 2 of the young uns you named would even be a consideration. henrik and staal. dubi is very much overrated and the others not worth discussing.

  184. A fish rots from the head down, start with Dolan and work your way down.

    For some reason, Dolan loves Sather who has done a terrible job overall as Ranger’s GM. Renney is not a good NHL coach and should be fired but Sather doesn’t have the wisdom to hire a good coach, would just be a yes man.

    It’s Sather’s job until he tires of the job and quits. Even that won’t save the team because Dolan will consult Sather on who should be his replacement. Only hope is that Dolan sells the team.

    Until then, we are doomed.

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