And there will be a game after the ceremony …


Well, I just had my first access with Tom Renney since taking over the blog and we chatted about Petr Prucha’s situation.

Renney feels that Prucha — who, as we know is not afraid to play a physical game for a smallish player — wears down. And wears down significantly, to the point where it affects his skating.

“With a guy like Pruch, it’s a matter of him getting in and being able to sustain it,” Renney said. “He’s not a big guy. For our needs, at least, a guy like Petr is good for a while and then it seems to dry up on him. Then I can get him back in again. The bottom line is it’s his size. It’s getting banged around, and then because of that, not being able to sustain what he can deliver over the period of more than four or five games. And that’s the dilemma that I have.

“And it’s too bad,” Renney said, “because he’s a helluva guy.”

The two new guys, Artem Anisimov and Eric Reitz, will play tonight.

“(Reitz has) got some size to him, he’s got some bite to his game, he’s got some aggressiveness,” Renney said. “We want to make sure that, from that point of view at least, he’s delivers on the physical play. He’s got to keep it within the context of what’s required, naturally.

“With Artie, we’re going to give hm some good minutes, have a good look at him, watch him transport the puck from one end to the other, how he moves it, how he reads off the speed of the game. He can make some things happen for us. It does allow us the latitude of doing some other things with some lines, which I think could be interesting tonight. So as long as Artie is competent in what I think he can do — or he wouldn’t be here — he’ll have a good night.”

It’s not just a matter of need, Renney said.

“We’ve got guys who can play the position. Dubinsky’s going to try the wing tonight. Korpikoski can play center, too. So we have people who can play center ice. Artie’s had  a very good season so far in Hartford, so we feel the need to have a look at him while the opportunity is there to see if we in fact can take it even further.”

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  1. Prucha gets worn down? … Just like Theo Fleury did and Martin St. Louis does …

    When Prucha is on the ice stuff happens … he draws penalties, scoring chances happen …

    But I guess Renney’s style is to win games 1-0 …

  2. Adam and his apple on

    sounds like a BS excuse from renney concerning prucha, not one player on the rangers this year has kept it dialed to 11 for more than just a few games yet he is the one who is continually benched, forget about his size, its his sheer will and determination that warrants his playing every night and at least his ceiling is way higher than guys named voros, just gotta let the kid play

    when is renney going to light a fire under the ass of redden, hes 31 years old, has been in this league long enough to where if hes sat for a game or 2 we wont have to call him out from the ledge

    last thing, how come renney doesnt pair artem with his countryman zherdev, doesnt that make the most sense? at least they would have no problem communicating on the ice

  3. Is Tom Renney full of poop (kids are reading this blog) or what? Peter Prucha scored 52 goals in his first two season playing exactly the same way he always does… physical…spirited… fast… never afraid of anyone hockey… and now allover sudden he dries up playing his usual game?? Someone please do something about Tom and his one-legged philosophy!

  4. Good job Rick, you weren’t afraid to ask him about Prucha. Whether I belive the answer he gave you is another story. We can get into that later.

    I met Renney in Lake George and found him to be a gentleman but of course, that doesn’t make him a good coach. He strikes me as the kind of guy who can sell you a klunker and make you think you are getting a Rolls Royce.
    About tonight, I don’t want to rain on graves parade but Bathgate should have had #9 retired first.

    I saw Bathgate break in and knew he would be a star the moment I saw him.

  5. Great job Rick! Didn’t take long for you to deliver on that promise.

    i’ll comment a little later….graves…..

    Langdon? Seriously?

  6. Looking at tht sporanos jersey, I can’t figure out whether they’re rangers or devils fans ? ..

  7. haha yea it does look quite devil-ish…. the mosaic is rly cool, though. also coldplay i thought was pretty good, they played it for leetch also if i remember correctly…the rangers do this stuff quite well… gotta love mess

  8. shannys got 3 goals in 5 games so far wit the debs. yea we dont need him. were good as is, no need for goal scoring on this offensive juggernaut of a team

  9. It always amazes me how tough yet emotional Mess is. He is proof tough men are allowed to cry. Minus the Cold Play (and yes what they said in 40 yr old virgin is correct) An amazing classy ceremony. Bravo Rangers! Bravo Gravey!!!
    BTW… What the hell is Steve Vanzant wearing?

  10. sry i cant watch msg and im mad because im gonna miss the ceremony. im watchin devs n craps on versus. i hope they show some of it on vs but probably the usual 5 second clip

  11. Poor Drury. He and Mess are both wearing “C’s”

    Okay captain clutch, you’re good under pressure? This is pressure.

  12. mess cryin again? lol my god its like hes robert deniro from analyze this. cryin over a commercial

  13. jeffluke- i think its official now that drury is no longer capn clutch. hes now moe from 3 stooges, (cuz moe’s the leader), gomer is larry and naslund is curly( redden is shemp)

  14. renney is a pompus ass with the salute


    god i hope they learn something from this

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like that Leetch is wearing his C. When he’s together with Mess, it’s an A to me.

  16. Mike in IA:

    thats 15 for green. 41 points in 39 games. My Mike Green lust is becoming a problem.

  17. nicole- no im not tired of 94 yet. its the only great memory in the last 69 years for this franchise.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to go through Penn Station on my way home from work. It was so brutal today watching all of the people going to the retirement. But something I saw made me especially sick. I saw a ton of people wearing number 9s. So when I saw one as I got out onto the street I thought, good for him having that Graves jersey. The bastard was wearing Bure. I seriously wanted to kill him. He doesn’t deserve to be there.

  19. 15? jeez umm yea hows redden doin as our pp qb? lol its so sad its just getting comical at this point

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually just got in and missed everything before Graves’ speech, what did he get as gifts?

  21. “anyone tired of 94? yeah i love that team but enough already”

    That’s what happens when you don’t win alot of championships. All your focus and energy is on that one team. It gets old/stale after awhile.
    Great team and memories but they need win more so we can stop hearing about 94 all the time.

  22. On top of all this is that Adam Graves the one still deep in the fold of the organization. By doing this they keep a solid face on the organization for decades to come.

    Think about 20-40 years down the road when the hatfilelds, gilberts and howells are all passed. It will be Graves as the one who represents the rangers of these decades the way they do theirs.

  23. if your tired of 94 you aren’t a true fan i was 8 at the time and it was a great ride ill never forget it

  24. aww i love his son he was like “im so happy for you” i hope that kid wants to play hockey he can play for my team anyday

  25. My guess is that most posters talking about enough ’94 were too young to really remember.

    Remember the parade

    the way traffic stopped in the holland tunnell as cheers of “let’s go rangers’ echoed up and down the rows of cars

    remember walking the streets and hearing groups of people shouting “Let’s go Rangers” blocks away.

    At no point in my living here for 20 years have the Yankees come close to taking this city the way the rangers did in 1994.

    The Rangers were New York.

  26. septemous i was 13 when they won in 94 and yea i stopped wearing the 94 cup hat and dont talk about it anymore but that was the best time as a ranger fan ive ever had and if they dont like it, who cares. i really do wish theyd win another but its not like its been 40 years.

  27. I was 14. it was incredible.

    But tonight, it’s a bit unsettling to see the Cup on the ice.

  28. they better keep that jersey on, I think its awesome that they are wearing the 94 throw backs… maybe they will make some we can buy…

    also is coach clueless serious with those comments??? prucha played full time in his first season and had 30 goals, and who would want to trade for him after those dumbass statements.. hes not good for our sub-par team so lets get him traded to another team becasue he will help there

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Messier really is a mountain of a man. He could crush Giannone just by staring at him.

  30. The cup was on the ice? TBH..they cup shouldn’t be anywhere but its trophy case unless it’s won.

  31. who knows chris i cant see how he would be in the nhl this long if what renny said was true. he cant handle the work cuz hes small? well dawes is smaller than him and hes fine. theres alot of little guys in the league who play fine. he just brought petr down as far as his trade value and his confidence im sure

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah those comments on Prucha are nonsensical. He should be in the lineup tonight instead of Voros.

  33. RICK do you think Prucha agrees with Renney, and is it really true or just his opinion and reason for benching him? That maybe what Renney as Prucha’s boss believes, but it’s true of most players , Truly it sounds off base. Prucha came into this season as the guy in the best shape ever since the NYR have tested them. There is more which Renney did not say. Follow up questions might get to the nitty gritty. But the coach can’t be 100% honest nor should he be unless it’s a positive message. He’s opinion of Prucha is not very positive, nor did it increase his trade value.

  34. cccp- i was at home on long island standing next to my dad next to the couch (not sitting) watchin and my dad was tyin one on pretty good and he even let me have a brew it was the coolest dad-son moment and it was also funny i think after the game was over they had a split screen with the post game on and then they showed o.j. drivin the white bronco.

  35. wow harry howell is a little arrogant long time coming for his number retirement

    can sam and jd call this game in adam’s honor

  36. tyutin scored tonight. hes got 6 so far. how much does he cost the jackets? we got redden at a discount. i hope colombus isnt payin too much for toots

  37. so what number is rozy wearin? he should take reddens 6 and let redden wear 0. cant wear 0 but maybe they’ll make a special rule just for redden

  38. If i was Sather Rozy wouldn’t be given a choice of number. He would be traded by Howell/Bathgate night.

  39. why rozy has been decent. idk i think his hip surgery slowed him alot the first half hes been ok lately

  40. Harry Howell is not arrogant in the least. it IS outrageous that he had to wait over 40 years to get honored.

  41. Dawes Freddy Shoes and the korpedo will be signing autographs at American Legends in scarsdale on the 14th from 3-4

  42. did you hear Joe M. say that the system in Minn is similar to the NYR system?

    of course it is. Renney is a trapping fool just like Lemaire.

    I missed the Sarc, deja.

  43. Well Reitz can at least take a few punches, must have gone to the same school of hockey fighting as Dubi.

  44. Anyone feel like maybe AA`s first nhl game, being GRAVES NIGHT and all, might have some significance in his future development as a ranger? Just a thought..

  45. The second half of Graves’s speech seemed to drag a bit because of all of the people he was thanking, but it was still fun.

    Good job by the MSG graphics crew giving Sjostrom’s number to Reitz for some reason, showing #20 instead of #4.

    Clearly, Prucha will not be coming back next season, at least not with Renney as coach.

    I like Reitz better than Kalinin already!

  46. Dubi or not Dubi on

    First off, nice ceremony, nothing great, but always nice to watch these.

    Second, Renney is an absolute piece of trash. Prucha wears down… Yeah, well how come his boy Voros looks worn down from the start of a game? How come Drury and Gomez only decide to play one out of five games? I’d rather have a guy who inexplicably is in the best shape of any player on the team (who wears down easily) and plays his butt off on every play than those three.

    On that note, I guess we won’t get any opportunity to see how Anisimov is, considering he’s stuck between two minor leaguers… OH I get it now! He’s trying to make him feel comfortable with two guys who would be 2nd and 3rd liners in the ECHL!

  47. “With a guy like Pruch, it’s a matter of him getting in and being able to sustain it,” Renney said. “He’s not a big guy. For our needs, at least, a guy like Petr is good for a while and then it seems to dry up on him. Then I can get him back in again. The bottom line is it’s his size. It’s getting banged around, and then because of that, not being able to sustain what he can deliver over the period of more than four or five games. And that’s the dilemma that I have.”

    The words of a card-carrying idiot. Prucha ODed on morphone is a more productive player IN EVERY PHASE than Voros and half the other slackers on this team.

    Other than that …….. Congratulations Gravy!

  48. nicole
    February 3rd, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    renney is probably telling betts that he’ll have a day like this one day.

    Haha, missed that comment the first time. nice.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re grooming Enstrom for all offense, no defense.

    They should’ve kept Coburn. Hope being swept was worth it.

  50. Amazing, the Rangers cant even energize an already energized crowd, so far business as usual AGAInst the Thrashers.

  51. I didn’t say that I bought it 100 percent, lock, stock and barrel. I promised I’d ask him and I asked him and that’s what he said.

    How about the young defenseman. Seemed pretty willing, didn’t he? Nice elbow later. Nothing wrong with adding a little sandpaper to the lineup.

  52. Another Tom Renney taffy pull, against a horrible hockey team. On a hugely emotional night, the arena is dead. Watch him suck the life of every human being within a ninety mile radius.

    Look out Ambien, Rennyism is after your market share.

  53. RICK I didn’t think you bought it, but Renney in his mind belieces it. But objectively I don’t think he can prove it over Voros, Redden, and others who are worn out Prucha is faster than most on his worst night. Follow up and hold his feet to the fire. I call BS on Renney!

  54. The awful period played by the Thrashers was only surpassed by the inadequacy of the first 90 seconds of our power play. That period seemed so boring because of the Thrashers’ sluggish play despite our five good scoring chances.

  55. I know we’re not supposed to expect much out of AA, take it slow etc. BUT. He’s the same size as Voros, and i’ll be damned if he couldn’t do a better job in front of the net on the PP

  56. Good ones ford!

    Doodie – Enstrom’s offense has fallen off so horribly this year that I even had to drop him from my fantasy *keeper* league. It’s so bad!

    Since when did metal detecting become such a favored pasttime of Americans? (from the commercial)

  57. Yet, Enstrom is tied for second on the team with a +3, so maybe I shouldn’t read too much into that one play. He led a good rush, as well, so maybe there is yet still hope for him.

  58. So Prucha gets worn out by the physical play, but Voros is worn out by bad conditioning (and he has the audacity to have a hissy fit when taken out of the lineup…yet he’s in teh lineup and getting PP time. Interesting…

  59. “Another Tom Renney taffy pull, against a horrible hockey team. On a hugely emotional night, the arena is dead. Watch him suck the life of every human being within a ninety mile radius.

    Look out Ambien, Rennyism is after your market share.”


    right. Renney inspires players to be Night of the Living Dead type zombies.

    trap, dump, chase, trap, dump, chase

    and he says Prucha gets worn out, no, the FANS get worn out watching a Renney chess match on ice.

  60. Gravey was right in his speech. This town does love great aggressive hockey. The Trap is the most unaggressive style of play their is, aside from the prevent defense lol. We need a coach who lets us play offense.

  61. Trap, dump, chase? If only the chase part were true. It is trap, dump, change, then watch the rush coming back at you at the red line. No chance for turnovers in the neutral zone, no chance for exciting hockey of any sort.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    SP: On a bad team, an offensive defenseman doesn’t do well. He’s go the skill, but when is he going to get points if he’s constantly digging the puck out of his net.

    Best example is his teammate, Kovalchuk. Only 21 goals, 17th in the league (tied with 6 guys). More assists than goals. If he were on a decent team he’d be top 3, maybe even leading the league.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Voros beat up Renney to put him in the lineup.

    So Renney eyeballed the lineup and decided Prucha was the player he could probably do the best if he had to stand up to him.

  64. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Zherdev is sure making better plays with Dubbie on the wing , with Drury skating around , could be good .

    Id do this maybe …

    Dubbie Gomez Zherdev

    Naslund Drury Callahan

    Korpi AA Prucha / Dawes

    Orr Betts Shoe

    Rangers defense is not too bad , Mara is a great Ranger , hard hitting and Tuff as nails. If he scored more he would be a beast!

  65. According to his player page on ESPN, Voros has not scored a PPG since Nov 8th vs. Tampa. He has not scored a goal since Nov. 28th vs. Florida.

  66. I think Renney is effed in the head. Voros and Orr can barely skate, let alone throw a decent check, and he questions Pruchas skating? He’s completely lost it.

  67. good point doodie

    Kovalchuk and Gaborik (an imaginary uninjured gaborik) are A1 prime snipers in very unfortunate circumstances

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Dawes is out of the lineup too, eh? Gives more creedence to my “Renney thinks he can stand up to him” theory.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    See what happens when you stay on your feet Hank? The high ones are a lot easier, eh?

  70. Rick, thanks for coming through and asking the Prucha question. Now PLEASE, Please, have the “bazim” to put him against the wall and let him know what BS he is spouting. Ask him to compare any other player and substatiate those inane comments. I hope Prucha finally gets traded and comes back to haunt Renney just like all the other young guys we gave up who flourished after they left (i.e. Savard, Zubov, Nordstrom, Amonte, etc, etc)

  71. Now that’s comical stuff. Can’t make that up… Follow up: Don’t you think Prucha is best used on the PP (which is 27/30 or 3rd from last or non existent). Why havn’t you put him in a position to succeed?????

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    There’s Dubi’s inexperience on the wing showing: he should’ve been squared away on the off wing for the shot.

  73. Prucha should now demand a trade. He’s wasting his career with a coach that feels that way about him. And he will prove Renney wrong when he’s finally out of here.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    When Orr setting up Betts was your best chance of the night, you’re not having a good night.

  75. The only thing that resembles an odd man rush generated by the 4th line. Do they not listen to the coaching staff?

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Anisimov looking very green. Which isn’t to say bad. But I think we can all agree we aren’t uncovering a hidden superstar tonight

  77. Nice pass by Zherdev. Dubbie’s inexperience at wing is showing. In the slot, chance to one-time, perfect pass from Dubbie, he lets it slide by him because he’s surprised to see the puck.

  78. I know it doesnt take much to be better than Kalinin, but Rietz has been really really really good this game..

    for got to add that

  79. 0necupin67years on

    I was just flipping between VS and the rangers and the difference is night and day.In the NJ vs caps game they actually complete more than one pass and score goals, not the hot potato game the rangers play,renney should be tarred and feathered

  80. i agree chris

    pretty collected when he has the puck… gives you the feeling that he’s gonna make a smart play. Out of the zone smart.

  81. pretty collected when he has the puck… gives you the feeling that he’s gonna make a smart play. Out of the zone smart.

    I guess that comes from good coaching.

  82. Lucky Prucha isn’t dressed. The crowd might actually make some noise if he was, and we can’t have that.

  83. Reitz looks good overall. Had a nice hit, however, can’t fight for his life.. Guy better keep his gloves on or he might land in the hospital with a broken jaw….

  84. Staal made a great play at both ends on the same shift …. but other than that, this is unwatchable. This is slop.

  85. you know what Rietz does that every player on this team should do.

    if theres no where to go with the puck just get it out of the zone at all costs

  86. OUr supposed big physical line has been anything but…what will Renney spew now. Oh wow, his golden child took a penatly.

  87. What is the point of Orr playing in a 0-0 game? There’s no need for his physical presence. What was this talk of getting Zherdev more ice time? Lasted 2 games.

    And just as I write this Voros takes another penalty. Marginal perhaps, but this surely has to earn him some press box time.

  88. Reitz is a decent fighter, but I think he’s just nervous because it’s his first game in NY and he probably wasn’t expecting a challenge after that perfectly clean hit.

    F Voros.

  89. Voros now has 3 more penalty minutes on the season than our proverbial goon – colton orr… HAHAH 3rd line player HAHHA



  91. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Anyone else have a problem with Sam and Joe comparing this team to Boston in terms of how the rangers have played 5 on 5?

  92. Again, sports fans, the guy behind the bench looks at the same plays we do, plays big and small, high and low, and still says Voros is a better, more valuable player than Prucha. Evidence on its face and standing alone that he ought to be fired.

  93. Dubi or not Dubi on

    At least we liked Sandy McCarthy! I think he won the McDonald award once or twice! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Voros won’t win anything, ever.

  94. holy f*ck renney, way to make the rangers more boring than the devils. please get fired you POS

  95. Normally you’d love to laud a team that has only surrendered 1 goal in the last 100 mins of play, but not when your team hasn’t scored any in the same span. Hopefully Graves has been too busy meeting and greeting to witness this insult of an homage to him.

  96. in the Gordie Howe interview on NHL Network, he says that he first attended a Ranger training camp, but the veteran players there were jerks, and not welcoming to him at all.

    thus, another great star got away.

  97. Only Sather would sign a guy to a 3 year deal worth one million a year for a guy that had only played in 55 NHL games and scored 14 points.

    Congratulations Sather on your judgement in talent. At this point, using Sather’s logic of a big guy in the lineup, we should have kept Jessiman because at least he HAD potential.

    I love the scrums where Z and Dubinsky get involved and Drury just stands there watching.

  98. 0necupin67years on

    This team either doesn’t have the Talent on the ice to compete


    Its the coaches fault

    I say its both.

  99. in the Gordie Howe interview on NHL Network, he says that he first attended a Ranger training camp, but the veteran players there were jerks, and not welcoming to him at all.

    thus, another great star got away.

    Not true..he actually said he was homesick, went back to Canada only for his family to tell him to tryout for a team again, and he ended with the Redwings.

  100. Atlanta could play that Geiko pile of money with the eyes in goal and Rangers still would not score.

  101. this is depressing, I am so disillusioned that people have gotten so numb, the bar has been set so low, that no one is demanding this type of product be terminated asap. Horrible hockey, devoid of passion and emotion, I hate the way this team plays and I hate the way the media gives the arcitects of this crap a free pass.

    I love this team, but I don’t want to watch anymore, I would rather watch tiddlywinks

  102. 0necupin67years on

    They can’t make more than 2 passes , they come down the ice erratically and out of position ,they are boring to watch and yet they still have a chance to win one of the shittiest played games which is becoming their trademark.

  103. Matt Pearn is also in charge of the powerless PP. Just what are Pelino & Renney in charge of?

  104. Sundin's Ghost on

    Where are the Renney defenders tonight? This is just atrocious. The most boring, unlikable Ranger team I can remember. At least the 03-04 season was a thrill a minute, even if they were mostly bad thrills. This team is a thrill a month. The NY Rangers play soccer, not ice hockey. If they get shut out by the worst defensive team in the league tonight I’m done with them this season. I could be doing so much else with my time. I want to like them, I really do, but it’s impossible to root for this safe and steady garbage.

    But hey! He’s a nice guy!!!!!!!!

  105. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    What the Fu*k are the fans doing anyways? Lets chant the home team to a emotional win ffs , yeashhhhhhhhhh!! If im paying top dollar to watch the Rangers at MSG , ima gonnna make some noise!! Who the hell is out there? a bunch of idiots? I know someone or 2 , or 3 who post in here are going to the game tonight ..what the hell are you doing at the game ..sitting there with your thumb up your ass?? Rangers are perty cool and for half the retards ( i dont mean menaly challeged people who I think are ok) who bash and booo more than cheer can go piss on thier football team or who ever ya want. IT RANGER HOCKEY , win or lose , bordom or stuiped players ,,cheer and be merry , cuz the RUSHHH a player gets when the fan are a cheering , makes ’em play a WHOLE lot better and FASTER!!

    Lets go ,,, 3rd period commming up.

  106. Id rather have Keenan who was supposedly an ass, then Renney the nice guy..Why? Keenan could win.

  107. Matt, you are leaving out the part WHY he got homesick. he said the veteran players would tell him to go to the wrong room, etc, hazing type things like that.

    I saw it, and I know what he said.

  108. onecup

    Come on, man, this is Atlanta they are playing, they have more than enough talent to beat effing Atlanta. The coach can’t coach, can’t evaluate talent, can’t inspire, can’t do jack.

  109. 0necupin67years on

    What will be tonight’s excuse ?
    Did you hear Sam say that the game started late ( a efin hour late) but they seem to have their legs

  110. Dubi or not Dubi on

    On a funny note, I was discussing with someone how Sather is the GM who let Graves go to the Rangers, traded Beuk and traded Mess to the Rangers. I’m pretty sure Edmonton got crap in return. Isn’t that any indication of how bad of a GM he is?

  111. 0necupin67years on

    wd-40 do these players have balls? then they should play , they play like their under a Renney Trance

  112. tbh Dubie it was more of Sather sucking as a GM then Neil Smith being amazing. Sather has won for us in that sense.

  113. this game is completely dead. i cant believe they play like this after graves gets honored u think they would say f.u. to the system and just go for it

  114.’s an interview, the players love when the fans interact and plus their only respecting Graves..their not making him feel bad or anything..i mean its not like their chanting “Kansas City” at the Islanders.

  115. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Why is the lady in the chase commercial so surprised that chase texted her when it clearly states that you have to text them first? I think she might be showing early signs of alzheimers.

  116. onecup- its always an excuse like we dont play well in afternoon games and now because its an hour difference. how come the teams we play do ok?

  117. If Atlanta scores then at least we get to see the rangers press and forecheck. The game that Dubi and Naslund alluded to playing…

  118. how do you not have a goal against Atlanta in 40 minutes? hey how do you go 4 minutes without scoring against Atlanta? Reitz is hitting and playing with passion renney will toss some canadian bacon in his face.

  119. jcl206 February 3rd, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    so, why dont Howell and Bathgate get their own night? That seems a little classless.

    They are getting their own night. February 22nd

  120. so, why dont Howell and Bathgate get their own night? That seems a little classless.

    They are getting their own night. February 22nd

    I meant individual. You didnt see Leetch and Messier sharing nights. I guess I dont really care though, I find these retirement ceremonies boring, but I was happy tonight for Graves.

  121. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Howell and Bathgate aren’t getting their own night because the Rangers “Classy” organization waited 40 years for each of them so they don’t want one of them to die before the big night. This way they put them both on the same night. It’s what we call in the world of finance “Diversification”.

  122. Astonishing — Renney continues to trap against one of the worst defensive teams in hockey. At home. In the third period. Of a 0-0 game.

    And to think there are fans who think this guy is competent.

  123. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Good old Joe, blaming it on Lundqvist. Either way, players make mistakes and to be quite frank, Joe, if you score 0 goals, you can’t win anyway.

  124. That’s right Joe, blame LQ. I cant imagine the pressure on him to make every save knowing he is lucky this team even scores a goal.

  125. The funny thing is, I’m guessing they chose the Thrasher for Graves’ retirement ceremony as a softee to insure a nice cap to the evening. Oh well…still 10 minutes to go.

  126. Blair Betts for President..the only one who plays hard all the time. Even Callahan takes some plays off.

  127. yea ford i jumped off the renny boat about 2 months ago. this guy has no in game coaching skills and seems disinterested to even be here. dead game, most likely a loss. im almost done with this team for this season

  128. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Mike and someone else from earlier who said that they are done with this team or some other form of that… I watched just about every single game when they were terrible in the early 2000s, as I’m sure most people here did, and I enjoyed watching those teams more than this team. The only difference is Lundqvist….

    Why is Voros getting more PP time?

  129. HockeymanRangers on

    This is not fun to watch, it seems we go through this every year. Earlier Sam and Joe were saying that the power play THIS YEAR has been no good. It was the same way last year. How can that happen how can you not improve it not just through out the year but year after year????

  130. Ugh. I felt so good after watching the Graves ceremony. And now… just ugh.

    Take a note from Graves, boys, and you’ll see why you’re not winning — no heart. Oh, yeah, and Renney’s system.

  131. ford
    February 3rd, 2009 at 10:13 pm
    “Renney looks at Voros and sees Holmstrom.

    If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be hysterical.”

    Dead on.

  132. HockeymanRangers on

    Think about this crew, we seem to score when our D game is not at it’s best. When our d game is better we don’t score. Why can’t we do one with out the other??

  133. yea im gonna check in from time to time but these games are just bringin me down. theres nothing fun about rangers hockey anymore and i really cant stand the passive weak play why cant they score just 1??? 1 goal i’ll be hapy again lol. for a little while anyway

  134. i have a new defense..its called make everyone stand in front of the net and make sure all sides are blocked movement at all and best line changes..just 5 guys and a goalie wedged into the net making sure the puck can’t possibly go through.

  135. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Is it bad that I am annoyed that my own team scored? I just want Renney and Sather gone SO badly. The Rangers don’t deserve a point for this absolutely pathetic showing on a big night. Coming out like a bunch of zombies, they deserved to get shut out 1-0 and get booed out of MSG.

  136. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    unfu*king real goal!!!!!! Naslund!!!! Refs are a bunch of clowns by the way….

  137. what a disgraceful perfomance. I wonder what Renney has on Sather that prevents his firing. Something has to give, this is insulting to any hockey fan.

  138. i think the cops are gonna get called on me. i started punchin n yellin i was so happy. thank god we got 1. thank u kovalchuk for missin

  139. Godfather 3: “They keep pulling me back in…”

    Still an absolutely horrible display of hockey. But a great shot by Naslund.

  140. I’ve been watching redden all nite and this was certainly one of his better games, but you know what? It wasnt all that hot. Dang, seeing Leetch is a few games on MSG this week – it may have biased my opinion.

  141. now Renney can get his precious 2-1 shooutout win and let the “victory” gloss over the horror show that was this game

  142. wow zherdev has some shot.. A little birdie is telling me to put him on the point on the power play…

  143. HockeymanRangers on

    costanza I see what you mean, Reden showed no emotion after the goal.

    He doesn’t deserve to wear a NY Ranger jersey. Reden can just go home now we will pay him anyway, only b/c we have to.

  144. now Renney can get his precious 2-1 shooutout win and let the “victory” gloss over the horror show that was this game

    Or if they lose, the players can preach at least they got a point.

  145. # Rick Carpiniello February 3rd, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    did you just use Leetch and Redden in the same paragraph?

    Unless you mean. Redden and Leetch play nothing alike. In fact Leetch was so much better then Redden, Redden should just give up playing hockey. Leetch was by far the better defensemen, the better hockey player and Redden is a joke. Then yes..they did say Redden and Leetch in the same paragraph

  146. andy

    If you’re a real Rangers fan, you’d be more ashamed of the effort on the ice and behind the bench than the justified comments of fans who know crap when they see it, and know this team will never win anything playing this brand of hockey against a pitiful team.

  147. Andy – welcome to the NYR. It’s better than being a knicks fan and serenading the guy who just waxed you.

  148. I have a nickname for Redden and Dmitri Kalinin, the Gruesome Two-some, because they play so hardnosed and so tough that they deserve a nickname.

  149. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Red, nailed it.

    Ctrain, watching the Ovechkin 4-0 comeback win against the Rangers was pretty awesome. NY fans appreciate great players. Although well put, I laughed!

  150. HockeymanRangers on

    I’ll give you that Jeffluke,

    I wonder if he (Redden) happend to get a couple of goals or assists if it would lift his spirits???

  151. Speaking of that, Kobe landed on the back page of almost every major NYC newspaper. Now that’s disgraceful and a slap in the face to Gravey. NY media has no respect for the rangers unless the cup is in town

  152. They deserved no better. In the long term, it is better this way. Because to take 2 points from this would just reinforce the status quo that you can float and play without emotion and somehow escape.

  153. Heartbreaker.

    So… how many more regulation minutes until the Rangers score again? Anyone want to draw an over/under?

  154. What did I just watch? Where are the boos? So many questions, so little answers. Prucha and Dawes for Voros and Orr next game. Oh wait, it’s Dallas, so we need size. Well, they do tend to goon it up sometimes, so keep Orr in, but take Voros out for the love of GOD! Then send Orr and Callahan and Dubsinky out there to run people over. Anything is better than these last two games, which only became exciting after we were down a goal. It really feels like there was no hitting in this game besides Reitz and Dubinsky.

    ctrain – Graves is more deserved of tomorrow’s covers.

  155. even if we won guys, its still pathetic to have to come back with 10 seconds left just to get 1 against one of the worst teams and goalies and to watch zherdev take abot 12 shots in game all at the same spot in the middle of lehtonens chest. then figures to just wrist a wimpy shot to his pad. im more upset at hank for bein swiss cheese in the so, but all around this team needs some bigtime changes. thanks graves for a great career with the rangers and maybe you n mess n leetch will take these clowns out and show them how to play

  156. 0necupin67years on

    I’m glad they lost ,they didn’t deserve the 1 point,
    A win would have given Renney more credibility, a loss maybe tightens the noose

  157. HockeymanRangers on

    Oh well __it happens, hopefully we can get things turned around SOON, before we have to really start turning things around or else the Rangers will be golfing sooner than they may want to.

  158. yea its actually better that they lost, they shouldve lost in regulation. i really wish they had now. we’d be better served because i garauntee you this shit keeps up, renny will be gone which im praying for everyday now. as bob would so eloquently put it”FIRE THE HYENA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. did not get to see all the precise analysis so hear are my 2 cents.

    lucky we have Voros size in there, he only got 1 stupid penalty tonight.

    Yeah Prucha a finely tuned athlete gets run down after 3 games…..give me a friggin break..

    luck rico fata sjustrom and betts get to play in OT since they are such offensive threats and yeah he gets to clank a shootout attempt.

    ZHERDEV is by far there most dangerous player, maybe there only dangerous player on offense.

    Reitz looked fine, realizes he is not bobby orr while Kalinan(sucks) thinks he is..

    AA did not get enough time to make any evaluation.

    sit orr, sjustrom, and or Voros and put the little guys back in the lineup…

    henrik is not good stickhandling he makes many mistakes when he thinks he is Brodeur…

  160. Leetch is the man on

    Renneys system sucks for the type of players we have. Its like putting round pegs into square holes. We have a fast forechecking offensive minded team. This is why the team cant play to its potential. Notice how we never keep the puck in at the blueline. No one ever pinches. Hed be a perfect NJ coach, they love defense. Not a bad coach but doesnt fit for our players. By the way BREAKING NEWS: Brian Leetch in for Wade Redden against the Devils

  161. Renney gives 5 d-men anywhere from 20-27 minutes tonight, and gives Reitz who handeled himself fine 10:32 of ice time.

  162. Discovery Channel is showing how they make hammocks. Much more engaging than the past 3 hours.

  163. Sorry, should have clarified the post. I was reading through the comments and my issue is with those that marginalize the 94 team and feel that the garden brass is hanging on to the past. Believe me, I’m more ashamed of the effort that this team put forth tonight after a celebration of a man that is the definition of a great hockey player and a better person.

  164. 0necupin67years on

    I wish the crowd will star chanting “good bye renney, good bye renney, good bye renney… Like the Allie Sherman chant in the 60’s when the giants sucked

  165. I play fantasy hockey and hardly know anyone on the Thrashers.. awful showing tonight (was Drury in the line up?)

    btw, Reitz is our added “toghness” and wears a visor and got beat up by another guy with a visor ,,yep, that $625k was WAY too much for Struds as a 6/7th D-man…

    they shld make a quasi goon line (Orr, Voros, Dubi/Betts) and let Sjo on an offensive line…

  166. stat sheet once again will give the credit to Lehtonen, just like Rask in the last game. 41 or so shots, but so many were perimeter and low % 1st opportunity shots.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    Zherdev looked great tonight but couldn’t buy a goal.

    Redden had a GREAT third period. Especially on the goal. I feel like I have to give him credit since I usually rip on him pretty hard.

    Rozsi passed up a legit a shot or two, but his passing almost set up a couple of good goals. I say legit because it seems like everytime the puck is on his stick, the 18,200 people in MSG think that he must automatically shoot, regardless of whether there is a lane. Legit shos are the ones where there was a lane to shoot (or at least appeared to me).

    I’m not disappointed with the shootout loss because the fact they even made it to OT was a joke. Kovalchuk? seriously? WOW.

  168. If Renney does not get fired after this game on this night, I don’t know if he were will be.
    I am interested in reading the headlines tomorrow. How will the beat writers “massage” this one.
    Shameful, just shameful.

  169. after Renney comes through with his usual long-winded “positives from a loss” post-game soliloquy, “Captain” Drury will be the first one leading the charge to talk about how important this point was that they “earned”…

    we all know Sather’s roster is a disgrace and Renney’s “system” is a joke, but it’s almost as much of a joke seeing Drury with the “C” at this point…especially when all the NYR greats are in the building…and for the record, there have been 11 games all year where Drury has scored a goal…just 11 games, with close to 3/4 of the season over

  170. Voros 11 minutes of ice time. 1:57 of PP time. one dumb penalty and no shots. He had 3 hits, though I dont think I noticed more than 1.

  171. AS NASTY WOULD PUT IT, THEY SHAT THE BED. goodnight ranger fans. fire the hyena and bob for GM!

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    I was thinking of our 4 from 94 as the 4 from The Wizard of Oz. Graves is the heart, Richter is the brains, Mess is the courage, and Leetch carries them down the road (up the ice).

  173. Honestly, I blame renney for this. Seriously how are the players suppose to react to their brilliant coach and his strategy. All season I’ve been disgusted by the teams play, but im starting to realize that maybe its not the players anymore, but renney.
    We manage to keep them pinned in their zone for a few good shifts and suddenly renney sends his magical 4th line out to blow it. Great job renney. I can’t stand this coach.
    I thought the “players” showed some life today and I firmly believe that a different coach can change the philosophy of this team. defense is obviously necessary but that doesn’t mean you instil a system where the offense is suppose to give up the puck unless there’s a chance for an odd man rush. Pathetic
    And most of all, I wouldn’t even care so much if we lost this game anyother night cuz its nothing new to me, and im sure others as well., watching this team give up precious points to “top-5-draft pick” teams;however, its embarrasing that we displayed such bs on such a special night.
    On behalf of the rangers, adam graves we apologize!

  174. The 3 years Jagr was here were the only times in memory the Rangers actually won the game on these special nights.

    Zherdev is discovering firsthand why Jagr didn’t reach his points total last year — they both constantly set up guys alone in front of the net who can’t finish. They both should have (had) at least 25 more assists.

  175. 0necupin67years on

    The rangers are like a pile of old gloves we have in our houses , they’re either all left handed or right handed with no matching pairs.

  176. Why is Renney playing Betts in overtime? That’s what his third line center is for. The sooner he gets fired the better.

    Don’t believe that crap about Prucha. He was strong enough to score 30 goals his first season. Renney is being deceitful there. Maybe has something to do with Jagr demanding that prucha play.

    Renney played for the shootout and got burned.

  177. Rick, i’m going to keep it clean on this post…

    Your article title’s actually wrong, It should be “Ceremony follow’s the game”
    Ceremony meaning the funeral! Geez, this team is a sad bunch.

    I am still livid over Prucha and the excuses Renney gave you. I wonder if his nose grew when he was answering your questions… (that analogy was for the kids)

  178. agree on all points doodie:

    right now the point men on the powerplay are so frazzled that their inner monologue is “no, no, no, no” when the puck is sent their way. The crowd doesn’t help. It’s like trying to watch knoblauch try to throw to first.

    If this PP improves, or gets a streak going it’ll probably happen on the road, away from the Garden microscope.

  179. pmike09
    February 3rd, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    On behalf of the rangers, adam graves we apologize!
    I second that

  180. 0necupin67years on

    Henrik is becoming adequate at best lately.. he’s either very tired mentally or phsically

  181. Carp

    Does anyone in the media have the sack to ask Renney one simple question:

    Why are you playing a road game (trapping as late as the third period!) at home against one of the worst defensive teams in hockey?

    Why can’t anyone ask this phony an intelligent, fundamental-based question?

  182. all good points guys but hold on? i missed hammock making for this crap? thats it, just when i thought it couldnt get any worse. good point about drury. he frucken sucks bigtime. get the C off his sensitive ass and put it on betts. just kidding u know i meant redden

  183. 0necupin67years on

    Re; renney’s comments on Prucha,What would renney say about Martin st.Louis if he were a Ranger?

  184. 0necupin67years February 3rd, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Henrik is becoming adequate at best lately.. he’s either very tired mentally or phsically

    Can’t blame LQ for this one, he kept us in the game while our offense made lehtonen look like a vezina winner.

  185. some of the comments are beyond laughable they are moronic.

    renny playing for OT!!!They scored with 11 seconds left and were down the last 10 + minutes.

    Henrik looking tired lately!!Yeah 2 goals against total in 2 games..

    Guys I know you hate renny and he pisses me off also but really get a brain..

  186. Good point, Ford. it’s like: “Zherdev go and play O, rest of you play D”… I dont get it (and I actualy like renney) is not that good.. no hi powered first line, medrocre 2-4th lines.. great goaltending

    btw, did someone call Leetch, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz earlier??

  187. This whole night, from Renney’s words about Prucha, to inane decisions, to lackluster play has turned me from a Renney backer into a Renney hater. I heard the dark side has cookies, though. :)

    Of course, I will just flip-flop back if he manages to coax a five-game winning streak out of this crew.

  188. Chris from Albany on

    Oh, what a bittersweet night. I wish they had just lost in regulation to prove even more just how much trouble this team is in. I would also like to add with the retirement of Graves’ number, I think it is time that we move on from the ’94 Cup year. Since we have won one cup in ’94, the Devs have 3, Red Wings 4, Avalanche 2, and so on and so on. I think enough already. It was awesome, but its over now. Move on. I feel like I’m giving break-up advice. Imagine how different things could be if the organization planned a little further ahead instead of just one season.

  189. I was at the viewing party tonight its was truly awesome. All the former players were came in and were interviewed in the 2nd intermission Mess, Richter, Leetch and Graves came out and shared their experience tonight, I recorded it on my phone (audio) it was too far away to see :(

    I think Renney’s BS about Prucha was pathetic. He never wears out the kid is like rubber band. I also have to say that it was a pathetic effort on their part tonight. You would think they listened to the “heart, hard work, courage, I have your back you have mine, TEAM WORK” words tonight and came out like gang busters. Nothing. You had to hear ppl say “how this team has no heart.” “Rangers dont have a player on this team who can sharpen Graves’s skates”

  190. Okay Carp, here’s the bottom line. I’m sure Tom Renney is a very nice guy. He is certainly intelligent. He is very professional and well prepared. But he will NEVER be a championship coach. He wouldn’t even be a winning coach if he didn’t have Henrik in net. He should be Director of Player Personnel. He excels at evaluating talent but he has been Peter Principled up to the head coach job. His non existent personality on the bench has spread to the entire team. His system is to play to avoid losing instead of to win. And that’s the way the team plays. They play safe, with no emotion and don’t do anything that might create a scoring opportunity. That’s why the power play stinks and that’s why they can’t score. He is the head coach. There is no excuse anymore for the power play. Bring in someone who can coach a power play. Perry Pearn obviously can’t and hasn’t for three years. That’s the head coaches job. Not to be blindly loyal to his buddies. He has to make the change to improve the team. Renney also has the young players playing scared. They are so afraid to make a mistake and get benched that they spend the whole game THINKING on the ice instead of PLAYING. They are young and full of energy but he has coached them into playing safe hockey with no enthusiasm. You can’t play the game scared. Does Prucha look worn out to you? Not to me. He had 5 points in 7 games and then gets sat. No one on the team has had 5 points since. Let’s have plenty of size but score no goals. That doesn’t WIN games. So Renney may be smart, professional and a great guy but he will never be a championship coach because instead of inspiring guys to play harder and with more enthusiasm, he coaches the energy right out of them. Remember three years ago when the Rangers only needed to win one game out of the last ten to take first place and home ice? Well then couldn’t win one out of ten and that’s all you needed to know about Tom Renney as a coach. He can’t and never will be able to fire up a team. And the worst sin of all – the Rangers are BORING to watch. I never felt that way about the Rangers before. The Rangers need a coach who can light a fire under the team. All these excuses we hear after every game from Tom Renney are ridiculous at this point. He is the head coach. If the team repeatedly doesn’t hit, overpasses, takes bench penalties, gives up shorties and can’t score, then the head coach has to fix it. He hasn’t fixed it. In fact, it’s gotten worse each year. End of story

  191. Remember when Jagr’s Rangers used to be able to cycle the puck and control it for a whole shift? Now we have to listen to the announcers praise Betts and Orr for their forecheck prowess — sad.
    Zherdev is going to be looking to sign next year with the Devils or the Capitals at this point.

  192. What a weak effort. I think it’s ironic that on the night we celebrate the Ranger who played with the most heart, the team turns in an effort with no heart. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I’ve resigned myself to the realization that this team does not have the talent to win a cup, but I will never resign myself to accepting anything less than 100%. This team could be dangerous with everyone working hard, but it isn’t happening.

    Prucha is too small to play and thrive in the NHL. Yeah, OK. I guess Marty St. Louis must have missed that memo.

    Renney and Sather are clowns, and their ineptitude makes deficiencies in the personnel exponentially worse. Get them out of here. Messier is dying for a position in the front office. Messier as GM, Tortarella as coach.

    This team makes me want to puke

  193. check this out. 6 goals in our last 4 games. 6!!!!!!! i think we need to maybe put prucha in. lol my god what is it gonna take for this geek to put a goal scorer in the lineup. voros’s ass must be mad that pucks arent hittin it anymore. u gotta admit alot of the penalties on voros are kinda weak though. still i think renny is being told to keep him in the lineup. i cant see how this can just go on and sather not do anything about it. maybe because of that whole thing where he wouldnt go to hartford, but still i mean cmon we wanna win put prucha in!!!

  194. That was the worst game I have ever been to. Renney must have left the betts line on for like 10 offensive faceoffs after stoppages. that line got a sickening amount of ice time.

    thanks for asking renney about prucha, his answer was complete garbage but what can you expect from him. he is a joke. and i am sorry but voros should never play another game for us, i dont see how we signed this guy to a 3 year deal, did anyone scout any of these signings?

    anisimov had one nice chance but renney set him up to fail with that line. put prucha in for voros and they would have had more chances for sure. reetz looked steady no reason why he shouldnt play again, which means he will prob be scratched the next game.

    zherdev was by far the best player for us, but drury just sucks the life out of that line, time to put drury and cally back as the third line and give them about 10 mins a game

  195. ..for better or worse, I bet that one point tonight makes a big differnce for that #8 spot in the playoffs..thank graves for that..

  196. The softballs lobbed at Renney in the post-game are enough to make you puke.


  197. Okay, now we all know Tom Renney is a complete moron lately and has lost this team and his way of teaching hockey fundamentals but saying that Petr Prucha wears down? Come on now, not only is he a moron but he’s a blind moron now.

    Aaron Voros, the guy who can never play a complete game is in over Petr Prucha. And Prucha wears down?

    Voros can barely skate after a period and a half and does more sitting in the penalty box lately than skating on the ice and still has no agility.

    Tom Renney has lost this team. They have no confidence in his coaching ability or his “fundamentals”.

  198. Why can’t Voros replace Orr — is Orr really that essential every single game? At least the 4th line might score a goal.

    There wasn’t one game this boring in the last 3 years. What a disgrace.

  199. Pete

    I couldnt agree more. Putting AA with Drury was a killer, you would think he would try him out with Zherdev & Naslund – or another offensive minded player. Its just horrible. Anyone know if he’s making the trip to Dallas?

  200. Here’s a rumor I heard from somebody up high tonight, and I’m sure for a lot of you it’s a worst-nightmare scenario:

    Philly’s close to trading for/signing Sean Avery.

  201. On the prucha stuff, Come on! Mike Gartner was in the building tonight! Mark Pavelich was one of my Rangers faves of all time..Bryan Little of the Thrashers is.. uhh, ..little and plays very effectively.. I an sure Prucha would feel better about sitting out due to injury instead of the “healthy scratch”

  202. Let them Rick..then when they self implode because he’s ruining the locker room we’ll be the ones laughing

  203. rick, at this point i dont care anymore just free petr prucha. free our offense from this defensive dictatorship.

  204. Whoever it was who said Renney plays a road game at home is totally dead on. And then in the postgame he speaks of ATL as if they are the ’77 Canadiens! “They’re a good team!”

    “THEY’RE A GOOD TEAM!” Does this idiot have something against winning a hockey game by a 4-1 score????

    Someone please remove this guy from office before I have a stroke!

  205. I too think that Renney’s lost the team. The players KNOW they’re playing this defensive system because their coach has no faith in their offensive personnel. It’s kinda bizarre because i remember the undefeated showdown in the beginning of the year (us vs. buffalo). We lost and I remeber thinking “man, they play our game but they’re faster.” At that time our game was a fast, first to the puck, knock you off the puck forechecking game. Then we lost a few, then a few more….more emphasis on “responsible restrained forcheck” and BOOM. Fastforward half a season. Here we are. The slowest “fast” team in the league. I’m not a rabid Renney hater, but he looks other places for solutions rather than reevaluating his own philosophies.

  206. Holmgren knows what he’s doing. They went from 30th to ECF in ONE YEAR, meanwhile we are second round exits who just got embarrassed on Graves’ night by the f’ing THRASHERS!

  207. the flyers are 200K from the limit so theyd have to give up a few playes or one good player to get avery, heard they might not want to resign upshall but he’s only making 1.2M so itd have to be a lot more, which would be foolish to do since the stars just want to get rid of him

  208. somerset

    thanks for the link. I found these statement interesting. Why would Sather steer Mess away from coaching? Hmmmmm

    Sather, who coached Messier in Edmonton and New York, said he would advise Messier to stick to the executive suite rather than the bench.

    “Coaching is not easy,” said Sather. It’s stressful as hell, hard work.”

    Another former teammate, though, feels Messier would do well as a coach.

    “I’ve always told him I thought he’d be an excellent coach,” said Brian Leetch. “His ability to prepare, to speak and to motivate is the best I’ve ever seen. I know he’d run into frustrations as a coach but I think he’d be an excellent coach.”

    Whether it’s coaching or constructing a team, there’s one thing that seems almost certain.

    “Wherever he chooses to focus,” said Richter, “he’ll have a ton of success.”

  209. 0necupin67years February 3rd, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Talking about Henrik in the shootouts he looked beat

    I think it may be frustration more than anything

  210. and sather said being a gm is hard…not for the rangers it isnt. sather probably has one of the easiest jobs in the country if not the world and he definitely has one of the dumbest bosses in the world.

  211. A couple positives on the night …

    1. The Defense has been pretty good the last couple of games (Redden played very good tonite)

    2. AA was called up and actually played!!!!

    3. Reitz may be just the cheap, physical D-man we needed (goodbye Kalinin)

    4. The Isles have won 4 straight, so we just might not see Tavares in our division for the next 15 years??

  212. MAKO February 3rd, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    In response, look at what gretz is doing in PHX, how could anyone doubt what mess could do behind the bench

  213. again please tell me why dawes and prucha sit over the likes of orr, sjustrom, and voros????

    I forgot if the dwarfs played the teams height would be less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roszival is back to his old self, despite his detractors he is a good D man.

  214. roszival passed up about 10 shots to make dumb passes, so yes in that sense he is back to his old self

  215. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of all the great things that Zherdev does BESIDES putting the puck in the frickin net???

  216. Tom Renney pisses me off so much…its time for him to go.

    That’s the lamest excuse ever for not playing Pruch…he deserves ice time after the way he played for a week and a half before Renney pulled him out

  217. Pete, You said you were at the game, are people around you at MSG finally beginning to see what a crappy coach we have? Is the word finally starting to get around and take hold??

  218. i am sick of this team, we have way too many scrubs making way to much money. drury, gomez and redden each make over 6 million and rarely have good games. Sather is obviously a horrible GM and we need to just put messier there already.

  219. Rick, bet it won’t be 50-50 any more if you ask should Renney be fired…..unless Margaret Hurley stuffs the ballot box again. She uses all those alias’s to vote for keeping renney and he still had as many votes wanting him fired.

    Smile, say hello to a love starved girl and he’s the greatest coach no matter what. Pathetic.

  220. “Clearly, Prucha will not be coming back next season, at least not with Renney as coach.”

    We have to make it known that we as fans will not stand for Renney as coach any longer! The man is overmatched and outcoached every single game, dammit! His Prucha comments showed that he’s either a bold-faced liar or a clueless buffoon.

    It’s up to the fans to let the brass know that Renney must GO!

    Maybe Mess will force Sather into retirement, take over as GM, and bring in a coach who can coach…

    … and then Prucha can resume his career.

  221. i heard a fire renney chant for about 5 seconds in the third. my entire row besides me(including my father who drove in for the game) left with 4 minutes left in the the third, so everyone around me wanted nothing to do with the game.

    at this point anyone who still wants this coach around is clueless. even if sather has renney on a short leash and wont let him bench the overpaid players, i find it almost impossible to believe that sather tells renney to play betts that much, especially against the one of the worst teams in the league, or to stick to his “system” whatever it is

  222. This team felt afraid tonight. I was at the game, they played afraid and got a lucky shot in at the end. Lehtonen was having a SUPERB! game and so was Lundqvist, it was a shame to see two shining goaltenders with clubs who couldnt make the game fun to watch by actually making something interesting or decent happen.

  223. This team sucks. They should be ashamed of themselves. Renney got what he wanted, he got them to the shootout, and it backfired on them. Hank was terrible, he blew this game for the Rangers, along with everyone else.

    I hate Rangers hockey, if i was into other sports, i would stop watching this garbage. Graves deserved better.

    What a boring piece of shit team this is.

  224. All Hail King Henrik on

    Did anyone else really think AA’s line would get more ice time than the “4th line”? Whenever there’s an inexperienced player on the 3rd line (like Dubi at the beginning of last season, before he was paired with Jagr, or the Korpedo this season) the 3rd line automatically becomes the 4th line in terms of ice time by default.

    Artem Anisimov is defensively responsible! There’s no reason for him to play only 6-7 minutes.

  225. All Hail King Henrik on

    I understand that Betts is his checking center, but Renney should’ve used AA to check Kovalchuk in OT. At least there is some offense there.

    Roll 3 lines in OT:


    Drury is supposed to be our best defensive forward, and AA has a good two-way game. Why not use those two to check against Kovy? AA-Drury combo provides (or it should provide) the same level of defensive protection as Sjo and Betts. The difference? AA and Drury can turn the other way and make things happen on the offense.

  226. what a disgrace to put up such a garbage effort on the night adam graves’ jersey is reitred. absolute worst game i’ve ever been to. isn’t atlanta supposed to be a bad team?

  227. I liked what i saw from AA, he took a great shot from the middle I really liked the way he skated.

  228. Renney looks at Voros and sees Holmstrom. Renney looks at Betts and sees Zetterberg. I look at Renney and see Bozo the Clown.

  229. Pandolfa has been scratched a ton lately.

    does renny and the poose sather have the brains or the balls to do the right thing.

    as someone also mentioned earleier this franchize sucks we are living of fwhat we did 14 yrs ago.

    the thing is theydo not do everything to win, they baby vets and just are not as ruthless as the debbies…

    what are the chances that redden or voros or orr or sjustrom sit?/ I like Orr he has a role certain nights but the guy has played in every game this year…….

  230. AA can be great for this team if Renney just gives him a true shot. Putting him on the same line as Voros just isn’t right. Bench Voros and put in Prucha and give him a real chance.

  231. What can the Rangers do? Seriously, think about it? If you fire Renney who comes in and what impact does that have on the team? We aren’t talking about Lou over in NJ coming in for Claud, Sather already tried that and it didn’t go so hot. There are some good coaches out there but at this point in the season a coaching change could be disastrous. Although as Zipay and Carp have noted Sather does like high risk/high reward deals.

    What about the team’s personality (or lack of) problem?. Every great team had at least 1 player who wasn’t afraid to be the bad guy. When you look at this Rangers team you see a bunch of guys who love each other. Where is the Sean Avery or Esa Tikk?

    Lastly there is GM Sather. Has Sather made some poor decisions? Yes. But look at Neil Smith and what he did to the organization. Under Sather the Rangers have returned to the playoffs and he has made several good moves. However this season he has been suspect. Why weren’t Rissmiller, Frtische, or Prucha moved sooner? It has been obvious from early on that the Rangers lacked a physical presences, why didn’t Sather make a move? With Trade Deadline and the current displays looming will Sather be able to make the right moves?

  232. All Hail King Henrik on

    What’s the over/under on how long it’ll be before AA is sent down and the ever-useless, score-one-goal-every-10-games, Nigel Dawes is inserted back into the lineup?

    The lineup should remain the same vs. Dallas, with the exception of Prucha stepping in for Voros.

    The Dubinksy-Drury-Zherdev line looked decent and generated a few good chances, but I’d rather see Anisimov between those two.

    Then, instead of playing the 4th line 20 minutes a game to check, switch Prucha & Cally, and have a somewhat decent checking line.


    If we had a 3rd line checking unit, maybe Renney would give the 4th line a few less shifts per period.

  233. they STUNK for 4 years under Sather, they only returned to the playoffs because of the lockout, and because Weekes got hurt and they had to play Henrik

  234. I was at the game; the ceremony was very nice, and the game was boring. My friend’s dad actually got mad at me for booing Redden because I wouldn’t stop hehe. It was a pathetic showing.

    I’m happy though that I got to see AA and Reitz play their first games as Rangers. AA hung in there. He’s good in the defensive zone and had a nice steal in the 3rd, I say give him another few games but play him with better wingers.

    Reitz looked ok, as most people said here, I like him better than Redden and Kalinin already.

  235. All Hail King Henrik on

    This team desparately needs an agitator. They need someone who will stir things up in dull games such as this one. Avery is not the answer.

    Carcillo on Phoenix would be my first choice, followed by Tootoo on Nashville. They do essentialy the same job as Avery (Carcillo might actually be able to provide a little more offense, consistent 20 goal seasons are not out of the question for him) for much cheaper. They’re also much younger.

    He’ll never get the chance here, so they might as well trade Prucha. I have a hard time believing that a 2nd or 3rd round pick plus Petr Prucha couldn’t land either of those players.

    I generally hate when people post trade proposals, but I’ll go against myself here:

    To NYR:

    Daniel Carcillo, 7th round pick

    To Phx:

    Petr Prucha, P.A. Parenteau, 3rd round pick

    I’d rather retain Prucha and trade Dawes, but that’s probably not going to happen with Renney/Sather.

  236. I understand that Renney is a sucker for defense. However, he and his “system” cannot get these seemingly heartless players, with few exceptions such as zheredev and staal, to score more than 1 goal against the bottom dwelling Atlanta Thrashers on Graves night nonetheless! Not to mention that it is almost becoming painful to watch this team play. Now dont get me wrong i normally have renneys back, however,the game tonight was without a doubt a display of his coaching flaws. Such as, 1. Why is Voros playing? Voros has proved night in and night out that his early success to the season was a fluke, and that he is guaranteed at least one penalty per game. At least Prucha leaves it all on the ice when he gets the rare opportunity to play, and unlike Voros he has contributed to the offense. 2.Why is betts and sjostrom get on the ice in overtime? Im sure those two offensive masterminds will put the final nail in the coffin of any opposition. O no, Renney doesnt stop there, he than continues to give sjostrom the puck while the game is on the line in the shootout. Yeah freddy has scored a couple of shootout goals earlier on in the season, but hey even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. I hope our big free agent signings drury(captain clutch) and gomez enjoyed thier view from the bench while we had a fourth line winger attempt to use his offensive prowess to keep us in the game. Where is the heart, energy, and the passion? This team stock full of b-list stars definitely needs a shake up of personnel. Whether it be coaches, players or both, some people in this organization are going to have to pack up and leave town, the rangers are going to have a very difficult time to do anything in the playoffs, that is if we even make it there, with this current roster.

  237. What a load of crap that excuse was that renney gave for the way Prucha is played…He really should be embarrassed for coming up with that crap…its such a reach by him to justify sitting a player who has more heart then every over priced piece of dead wood on this team.

  238. you can’t generate offense if the Dmen are not allowed to jump into the rush, or pinch in the Off zone. and under Renney, that is verboten. look at how occasionally you see Staal do it. it stands out because no one regularly does it on the Rangers. Trapping Tom obviously has them on a leash.

    all Renney cares about is preventing goals

    notice that LAST YEAR they ALSO were near the bottom in scoring goals. so it is the SYSTEM, and the morale-killing style of play, more than it is the personnel.

  239. what Renney really meant is—

    “this kid really forechecks and hustles in the off zone, and I just can’t have that”

    “until he learns to stand back in the neutral zone and clog like a pylon, well then he’ll just have to sit while I play my favorites”

  240. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Tom Renney has embarrased himself many times this year with his rediculous and moronic comments before and after games.Tonight however,he’s outdone himself.First with his Pruchaa comments before the game,and then with this little doozy “the Thrashers are a good team” Is he really serios with that comment,or does he really have such utter contemptfor not only the fans but the press core interviewing him.This man must be removed!!!! He is sucking the life out of this team and it’s fan base.

  241. somerset 11:35

    that is what makes this the worst part of the loss. i realize we’re going nowhere. but letting atlanta get 2 pts to stay a fair bit ahead of the isles is the part that gets me.

  242. lenny – 11:59

    that wasn’t the question. the question was is renney solely responsible for the bad state of the rangers. if you answer yes to that then you are absolving sather and dolan completely

  243. LIJ, then it was a bad question. Think most of us who voted YES want Renney fired but also think Sather has done a terrible job.

    You think if Rick worded the quesion, “How many of you think that Renney should be fired?”, the results would have been different?

  244. lenny – agreed it was poorly worded question. i answered np because besides renney sather and dolan – org mindset are very much at fault.

    if the questio was do i want renney fired. would say the same as sather fired and dolan gone YES

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