Heart of the Rangers


That’s how the Rangers and the Garden are billing this event, which promises to be one of my favorites of all time.

Certainly you can discuss anything you want below, and please feel free to continue to argue about the team, its coaches and players, or anything else. It’s your blog.

But what I’m asking you, additionally today, is this:

1). It is my contention that Adam Graves has touched more Rangers fans than any athlete has ever touched fans of any team in any sport. I would guess that 80 percent or more of Rangers fans have actually met Adam. So if you’ve ever met him, or not, please let me know, and if you have any favorite stories, please share them here.

2). Some think No. 9 should not be going up tomorrow night because Adam probably wasn’t a Hall of Famer (he might be; Clark Gillies is in the Hall, and that’s my standard answer). He surely wasn’t a slam-dunk first-ballot guy (Richter might not be, either). But he was a very good player who was great in the greatest year in franchise history, and as good a teammate as there ever was, and probably the most popular and beloved Ranger of all-time. I think tomorrow is a unique situation in sports because Graves is being celebrated as much for the man he is as for the hockey player he was. You don’t see a lot of uniform retirements for that. But this was a once-in-a-lifetime player/person who touched a franchise like no other.

3). I said this before, but I wish teams would do away with retired numbers and have a Ring of Honor thing. In other words, put Nos. 9, 11, 2, 35, 1, 7 up there in the ceiling, but don’t retire them. OK, you can retire 11, and of course 99 is retired throughout the NHL (when will the Rangers have a ceremony for him? Next?). It’s gotten crazy over at Yankee Stadium, where they’re running out of numbers. Over there, guys like Billy Martin and Ron Guidry and a few others deserve to be honored, but not necessarily have their uniforms retired. Same with Bernie Williams and Mattingly. But if they had a Ring of Honor, then the number goes up on the wall in Monument Park, with a plaque, but it can be worn by a worthy young player in the future. (NOT PAVEL BURE!).


Before I forget, Sam Borden and I are debating some Super Bowl 43 issues over at Faceoff. Stop by.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: I’m going to let you all continue to have the lineup debate without me. I have to go to the press conference in the city.

But MSG Network announced its schedule for tomorrow, and here it is:

9:30 a.m. — “The Game 365: Adam Graves — Champion of the People.
10 a.m. — “Spring of ’94”.
11 a.m. — 1997 Eastern Conference semifinal Game 5, Rangers-Devils, Graves’ series winning goal in OT.
1 P.M. — Rangers at Edmonton, 3/23/94, Graves ties and breaks Vic Hadfield’s goal record with No. 50 and 51.
3 p.m. — 1994 Stanley Cup final Game 7.
6 p.m. — MSG Profiles: Ranger No. 9: Graves.
6:30 p.m. — The Graves ceremony live at the Garden.
After the ceremony: Special pregame show focusing on the ceremony. 


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  1. I met Adam Graves last year at Brian Leetch Night. I was up in the AMEX box and had a cool setup where Graves and Richter came to our box after the first period.

    The man is one of the classiest, nicest guys (never mind hockey players) I have ever met. Even after finding out earlier that night he too would have his number retired he was still humble as ever, somewhat shrugging off my congrats as if to say “who am I to actually deserve this??”

    I sat with Adam for about 15 minutes just talking hockey and life itself. He seem genuinely interested in what I had to say and was a pleasure to talk to. I will certainly be there tomorrow night (as I was for Richter, Messier and Leetch nights) and cannot wait to watch #9, one of the classiest Rangers ever, go to the rafters where he belongs.

  2. Has very little to do with it, but this Rangers team does not deserve to share the ice with someone like Adam Graves. No heart, no passion, no grit. This team is the exact opposite of Graves.

  3. doodie machetto on

    Not so sure about this statement:

    “and probably the most popular and beloved Ranger of all-time.”



    “It is my contention that Adam Graves has touched more Rangers fans than any athlete has ever touched fans of any team in any sport.”


  4. I see Adam every year at the toy drive in Bryant Park, He really is a great person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a smile on his face.

  5. I never met Graves, but you can see it, the way he carries himself, that he is a top notch individual/player, who continually gives…something more people should try to be.
    He was incredible in 94…He alone left me with more good memories than the entire Ranger team has left me since 94.

  6. It’s in some people’s nature to belittle everything. Adam Graves might not be the most popular Rangers of all time but he is definitely the nicest. He has always been the most approachable. I remember meeting him in 94. I met Steve Larmer right before and wow, talk abot Oscar the Grouch.

  7. Anybody happy we did’nt get Sundin??? Geez I had to drop him off my fantasy roster- He’s terrible~!

  8. I met Adam at the Rye practice facility years ago. Great guy very open and friendly. He was picking up some things from the locker room with Leetch and was more than willing to take time to speak with me. He introduced himself and Leetch, (like I did’nt know who they were)and was so down to earth. Great person.

  9. i met adam back in 99 or 2000. either way i went to the game and they had lost to the craps 3-2 and i went with my sister who was a huge… dont laugh, manny malhotra fan. shes younger than me and wasnt a hockey fan back in the early 90’s and especially 94 like me but after the game she saw adam graves walkin around outside of the garden and said hey mike its graves and i ran over to him and since my sister had her ridiculous malhotra jersey on i said to adam to please excuse my sister lol. anyway i talked to him for a few minutes about 94 and how he inspired me and all that and it felt like i was talkin to a close friend. he was very nice and approachable, and he defintitely deserves this honor. then out the back came sandy mccarthy and lefebvre, they just walked off to their limo’s. point is, adam was the most down to earth humble guy and great hockey player for us. some may say that stats are the measuring stick for hof or number retirement but in graves case its something different. he was much more than just a great hockey player, he is A RANGER for life and loves this team and city and we love him back. he deserves this no matter how many points he put up. theres a lot of intangibles and parts of the game like heart, passion and will to win that arent measured in stats so im happy hes gettin his number retired.
    also great to see artie is called up. awqesome i hope he replaces voros and prucha replaces dawes or shoe

  10. Prospect Artem Anismov , just called up, is skating with Aaron Voros and Lauri Korpikoski, Chris Drury is with Brandon Dubinsky and Nik Zherdev.

    Two lines are stable: Naslund-Gomez-Callahan; Sjostrom-Betts-Orr

    D Dmitri Kalinin (back) isn’t skating. Latest D Erik Reitz is with Marc Staal; Michal Rozsival is paired with Paul Mara; Redden and Girardi are together.

    Prucha and Dawes look like spares….

    from zipay, sorry carp he beat you to it, do these lines make any sense to anyone

  11. Adam Graves embodies not only what it means to be a Ranger, but a New Yorker in general. He is a very hardworking and caring individual both on and off the ice. His presence in this community is second to none; although many athletes have foundations and charities, I truly think Adam does it for all the right reasons.

    I’ve had the opportunity to be around professional athletes through a few employment opportunities and while I’ve only met Adam once, I would still place him second to none. This is a well-deserved honor for a great hockey player, but more importantly an even greater person.

    Carp: Why the knock on the Russian Rocket? If anyone should be knocked it should be Sandy McCarthy for not relinquishing # 10 when Bure came to town.

  12. Matt
    I’m no expert but…

    Those lines seem to make no sense at all!!! Like…”how can I screw this up?…oh! Here’s how!”

  13. Not sure he totally deserves jersey retirement, but I think the Rangers are doing the right thing by honoring Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell later this month. My dad always said that as great as he was, Graves may not have even been the greatest Ranger to wear number 9 (Bathgate). Still, Graves was a great hockey player and is one of the classiest New York athletes of all time. You can tell how genuine he is and he has become a true New Yorker by staying around and giving back to the city.

    I just hope that after this ceremony, the franchise begins to let go of 1994. Yes, it’s one of the greatest moments in the history of sports, let alone the NHL and the Rangers franchise, but sometimes they’re so fixated that it bothers me. It’s as if they want to ignore the present and future of the team…the attitude being that nothing will ever top 1994. Well, the drought is already 15 years…I think a lot of fans are as hungry now as they were in ’94.

    My dad sold our Graves Night tickets (we’ve been to the other 3 jersey retirement ceremonies), so I’ll be watching from my couch. Should be fantastic.

  14. I’ve never met Graves, but every story I’ve ever heard is always a tear jerker.

    IMO, people need to ignore HoF status and focus on a players’ impact on the organization, on and off the ice.

  15. Wow those lines are a disaster!

    Having been an ardent Renney supporter, I will be honest, this seems completely ridiculous. I disagree wholeheartedly.

    Don’t mind the D-pairings though. Maybe Reitz and Staal can be a tough, shutdown type combo. Redden/Girardi scares me a little, but it also looks like that pairing will probably get the least amount of ice time out of the 3.

  16. I’ll be there tonight,but like Anthony 10:42 postsaid. This team is just the opposit of Adam.
    This team is nothing but a bunch of lifeless,boring ZERO grit player’s.Except for about 3/4 of them.

    I’ll be the one wearing #9 in sec,300 row G..
    I’ll bet there is over 500 grave jerseys tonight

  17. How are the lines a disaster? Please explain it?
    Drury moved to wing with Dubi and Z
    Anisimov is with Voros and Korpedo.
    The only change I’d make is Prucha should be with Anisimov and Korpedo. Voros should be with Sjo and Betts.

  18. Carp, I totally agree on the Ring of Honor as opposed to retired number process.The Rangers have several numbers that warrant multiple players being honored (2-Park & Leetch; 9-Bathgate & Graves; 11-Hadfield & Messier)instead of just one name. The ring idea would also allow a club to acknowledge a player who may not be worthy of a retired number but deserves some recognition for his contribution,like a Ron Greschner. The Maple Leafs may have the right idea where they honor the player with a banner but continue to issue the number.

  19. It is rare to find a New Yorker, let alone a NY athlete to be so nice, friendly and giving AT ALL TIMES. If Adam can, he would sit and chat with you all night about whatever you want to chat about.

    Back in the 90s, when I didn’t have cable or the chance to even watch hockey games on TV. I remember watching the news and almost all the time, they had Graves on their sports coverage. He was the one person that I knew from the Rangers. My first game at the Garden was opening night 2005, my boss gave me tickets. Adam Graves came out to drop the puck, it brought an overwhelming feeling and love for the game. I started buying tickets to every game and became a season ticket holder in 06-07. I’ve met Adam Graves at the Toys for Tots since 05-06, he is the nicest man you ever met. If you are in the cold, he will be out there signing for you in the cold. Rain or shine, it doesn’t keep him from helping anyone.

    He was a well-liked, great hockey player and the fact that he is so humble and sincere is why the ceremony tomorrow will actually make me cry. Messier & Leetch’s ceremony were not as touching because they are not MY favorite hockey player of all time. I look forward to it and will have lots of tissues on hand. lol

  20. Joe in Germany on

    I was 13 during the ’93-’94 season. My dad, not a big hockey fan, got tickets to Rangers-Devils at the Meadowlands in February. I was decked out in all my gear: Rangers jersey, Rangers winter coat, Rangers baseball cap.

    The usher showed us to our seats — first row, right behind the Rangers’ bench. I stood in awe as they came out for warmups. I remember my dad looking at Esa Tikkanen and saying, “That guy looks nuts!”

    While warming up, Adam Graves snapped his stick and came to the bench for a new one. He handed the stick to one of the equipment guys behind the bench and pointed right at me. The guy handed the stick over the glass, where dozens of hands reached up. But my dad was quick, and the equipment guy tossed over a roll of tape. We mended the splintered stick, tossed the tape back over, and less than five minutes later, some folks showed up claiming that we were in their seats.

    The usher had screwed up and put us in the wrong place — we were supposed to be behind the Devils’ bench!

    Grinning ear-to-ear, I made my way to our new seats, clutched the stick for dear life through the whole game, and Adam Graves went from “favorite player” to “hero” in an instant.

    I never got the chance to get the stick signed. Someday…

  21. Renney is right to bench Dawes, but the continued use of Voros and the non-use of Prucha are indefensible.

  22. Hmmmm those lines don’t do much for me either… but I’m banking on Carp’s statement about Renney forgetting more hockey than any of us will ever know.

  23. I met Graves at a viewing party at the garden for a Game 5 against Buffalo a few years ago. My girlfriends younger brother and I were skating on the ice with a bunch of others and Gravy was signing autographs. This was my second time meeting number 9, but the first for my girlfriends brother. When Gravy asked him if we were brothers, he said we weren’t, but wished we were. From that point on, Graves just wanted to talk about us. He didn’t want to mention hockey, he didn’t just want us to take our picture and move on – he just wanted to know a bit more about us and why my girlfriends brother would say something so nice. It was a great moment for me. I was there with someone I have looked up to while growing up and sharing with him a moment of someone looking up to me. Graves has been a part of a lot of our lives on and off the ice, even if those off ice moments have been just for a minute.

  24. In over 40 years of watching multiple NY sports and being a fan of many legends of their respective sports, LT and Harry Carson, Tom Seaver, Patrick Ewing and the list goes on and on, I have only purchased one jersey in my entire life. The man who inspires others in the way he played and lived his life.

    Adam Graves #9.

    Congrats GRAVEY!!

  25. I’m all for the Rangers honoring Graves and retiring his number. He’s the on and off-ice model that all NHLers should strive toward.

    What I really don’t like, though, is them trotting out the Cup ONCE AGAIN as if it somehow belongs to the Rangers. This organization has one 1 Cup since WWII. The more they keep living in the past as if 1994 was every single year, the farther and farther their minds get away from the here and now.

    Honor Graves as a terrific person. Honor him as a Ranger. Don’t honor him as some sort of Stanley Cup hero though.

  26. I am a lot more comfortable retiring Graves #9 now that Bathgate’s #9 is going to be honored as well. Otherwise the whole thing would have been cheapened.

  27. Graves is a perfect gentleman. You want to give him a big hug, he is not the typical hockey player. He takes it to the next level when it comes to people. He wants to help out, not forced to.

    For the amount of times i met him or ran into him, he was never an ace. Looking forward to more Graves CBG sitings.

  28. Rick:

    I know you love all things 94, and Graves night is tomorrow, but shouldn’t we also be talking about Anisimov skating with Korpi and Voros, while PRucha and Dawes sit like Zipay is talking about? 1 goal in the last 2 games yet Voros continues to skate while Prucha continues to sit? Defend your boy Tom now, Carpy.

  29. doodie machetto on


    This statement by Chris best sums up my reaction to Graves:

    “Adam Graves might not be the most popular Rangers of all time but he is definitely the nicest. ”

    I’d say that Messier is definitely more popular than Graves. My friends that don’t know hockey know Mark Messier. They have no clue who Adam Graves is. If you mean popular in terms of “favorite player for most fans,” I think he might even fit in third behind the aforementioned Mess and additionally Brian Leetch. Maybe even Richter (seeing as how everyone defends him to the death when I saw he has no shot at the HOF).

    As for the second question, about touching more fans from any team in any sport:

    Lou Gherig definitely touched more Yank fans than Graves Rangers. The “Luckiest man on the face of the earth” speech alone would be enough, even without all of the other Yogi-isms (and this is coming from a guy who HATES baseball).

    Brett Favre for the Green Bay Packers, where they care more about Favre than the Packers.

    And I know this isn’t a team sport, but Muhammed Ali in boxing: whether you loved him or hated him, he touched your life and the lives of people around the world, and still does today.

    As for me, I’m not lost, I’ve got the flu. I’m actually really upset I missed out on the good discussion this weekend. I can’t read it now though, because I have enough of a hard time keeping my food down with the flu, let alone with some of the ridiculous comments that I know will be there.

  30. He definitely looked humbled when they announced they were retireing his jersey after Leetch. Look on his face was priceless–a TRUE RANGER!

  31. I’ve met Adam many times over the years – at Toys for Tots and at the Family Dynamics fundraiser each year. Adam always makes a point to ask how you are doing and never wants to talk about himself or even accept congratulations for this latest achievement or any others. He is one of the best people I have ever met. I am so happy for him because of how much he loved being a Ranger and the privilege he felt putting on the jersey.

  32. Steve Trac, Sec 303 on

    I’ve got 2 tickets for sale in section 303 (row D) if anyone is looking to go tomorrow. Email me if interested: steve at blacks4 dot com.

  33. i’ve met him 3 times all 3 times very approachable and took the time to make sure he spent a few minutes with everyone.. asking how they’re doing etc.. it was also great to see he did a signing last year in westchester and all proceeds went to charity.. maybe he should teach mr dubinsky that when you do a signing you show up on time not an hour late and give a half way decent autograph.. and not come off like you could careless about being there.. dubinsky you still owe me 40$ you jerkoff.! bure should of never wore 9 it was an embarassment..

    please fire renney..! hartsburg just got the boot earlier god willing renney will follow him out the door this week..

    big A will see about 3 mins of ice time if he cracks the lineup with orr playing about 10.. can’t wait for that “GREAT” coaching move..!

  34. Rick, in October I received a call from Adam while being in the hospital. One of my friends sent an email to msg and and Adam took my number and called me. I’m in a ICU room at Sloane Kettering and I hear Adams voice. I was recovering from limb salvage surgery on my right leg so I was heavily drugged. I couldn’t beleive it and the timing could not have been better. He called me he called me a few days after Thanksgiving to see if I was ok and home for the holidays. Adam is such a great role model for kids and more people should know about Adam and countless other hockey players. The NHL should have stayed on ESPN. How many college basketball games do we need on tv. No one has Versus unless you are already a fan.

  35. If a few more goals is what this team wants, I would really really like to see the lines changed





    (watching from above…dawes/orr)

  36. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing Adam Graves twice in person. One was at an open practice at Rye Playland…as practice ended and the players started to trot off the ice, Graves went to the glass and started signing autographs…and more autographs…and more handshakes…and more pictures…He stayed out there until every single person got what they wanted. He was even looking around left and right to make sure he got everybody. Total class (mind you, the rest of the team was long gone…probably already dressed and on their way home)

    The other time was prior to the game where they honored Jagr for breaking his record. Right in the entrance to the Garden he was taking part in a pre-game interview and then made sure to sign as many autos and take as many pics as possible…all the while some Garden employee was trying to tell Adam “We have to go…it’s starting shortly”

    When it comes to Graves…I think Carp might be just slightly off by saying he’s the most popular Ranger of all time, and possibly most popular NY athlete…But when it comes to a player making a connection with the fans…the bond Graves holds with the Rangers fans is truly unique.

    Hockey players are, by and large, the most gracious and kind of any pro athletes…but Graves set a bar so ridiculously high you truly had to take a moment to realize just how special this man was as a player and teammate…and how special he is as a person.

    I worried that his # wouldn’t go up to the rafters because we hear all the nonsense about “He’s not a Hall of Famer”. As if that’s the criteria to have your jersey retired. A team retiring a jersey number should be because of something special…something that might go beyond just statistics.

    And this has nothing to do with whether or not Andy Bathgate’s number should have been up there already…this is about Adam Graves. In my lifetime as a Rangers fan I know for certain there will never be another like him. A man who played with heart, grit, determination, loyalty…a man who played through pain and injury. A man who played with a heavy heart his last season here in NY before Glen Sather dumped him away.

    Four deserving numbers are going up to the rafters to honor the ’94 team. But I’ll say to everybody who will listen that if Graves had NOT been going up there…something would have always been missing.

    They were the Four Horsemen: Messier, Leetch, Graves and Richter. And there’s a comforting thought to know that 20 years from now when Glen Sather is still the GM from his hospital bed and Renney is still switching lines and Jim Dolan finally learns how to wipe himself…I’ll get to go to MSG and look up and remember what it was like to have a TEAM.

    This year’s squad? Woefully inadequate.

    As for the continued harping on 1994…Hate to break it to everybody, but we’re gonna have to cherish that for a long time. Sather isn’t winning a championship here. We wouldn’t have to keep thinking back to ’94 if our current squads didn’t stink up the ice on a daily basis.

    So…kudos to Adam Graves. This honor is one he not only deserves, but actually seems small in relation to how much he’s given to NY.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night. And I know there will be some tears. And not just from Mess.

  37. Agree with you, Rick, about the uniform numbers.

    The worst thing Syracuse Univ football could have done is retire #44. Honor Brown, Davis, Little, of course, but let the legacy of the number live on!

  38. Based on everything he has done off ice for the Ranger’s organization, warrants him to be considered for his number being retired.

    His on-ice accomplishments just add to that.

  39. doodie machetto on

    Oh, for my favorite Graves moment, it has to be the Bay Ridge Honda/Volvo commercial.

    “It’s an even better place to buy a car.”

    Gold Star to whomever can get me a link to the video.

    My only complaint about the Graves retirement ceremony is that he should never have worn number 9 because it should have been retired for Andy Bathgate.

    I’m glad that they are honoring Bathgate and Howell later this year.

  40. Anthony
    February 2nd, 2009 at 10:42 am
    Has very little to do with it, but this Rangers team does not deserve to share the ice with someone like Adam Graves. No heart, no passion, no grit. This team is the exact opposite of Graves.

    I agree with you, maybe Slats instructs Renney & the players stay inside until someone knocks on the door.

  41. I have news for you Renney haters…
    As long as Sather is still the GM, there is nothing that is going to change about this team no matter who is coach.
    We still have the same players, and we still have the same lack of scoring, and we are still in the same position salary cap wise…all because of Sather

  42. RICK the problem is Renney forgets too much, especially during games. . He does not belong as the head coach. It’s not where he strengths are.He should have been an assistant. Now he should be pushed upstairs. When do you plan on asking about the obvious Prucha hate, and why he’s not really been on the worthless PP for over 2 seasons? And you can ask Pearn how’s his boy Redden doing? He should be fired for that multi million dollar mistake project that has failed miserably.

  43. Canucks get Sundin….

    eight-game Canuck losing streak and nine straight home losses.

    And Sundin’s first-month box score is: nine games, two goals, one assist, minus-six, 16 penalty minutes and one Canuck victory.

    Can we consider this some sort of victory…???

  44. My Gravy story:

    The day was Oct. 6th, 2006. First game at the Garden since the lockout (vs. the Habs). I had one ticket and I was going to go by myself. I took the day off from classes because Graves and Gilbert were going to be at some Bryant Park ceremony that I assumed (incorrectly) was open to the public.

    My best friend, a diehard U2 fan, was going to line up at 7 AM at Rockfeller center to try and get free tix to the special U2 appearance on Conan that night. I went with him. A few hours later, we were told to return to NBC at 5 PM to see if we were going to get into the taping.

    Meanwhile, we headed over to Bryant Park, where we discovered that the ceremony was a private matter in that fancy restaurant in the middle of the Park. I was bummed. But lo and behold, moments later, who comes walking out of the place, but Adam himself. I was wearing my Graves jersey, and he noticed it through the window, and came out to talk to me and my friend. He chatted with us for a solid 10 minutes, asked us about where we went to college, things like that. Had a nice intelligent discussion about hockey, and the Rangers, too. He signed the back of my jersey with “Adam Graves #9, ’94 Cup,” and some person that was with him, probably some kind of representative, offered to take a picture of us and gave me his card with his e-mail and told me to e-mail him and he’d send me the picture, which I later did, and he did, as well.

    After he left, some old guy who worked for 1010 WINS walked up to us and interviewed us in regard to the return of the NHL, as well as the installation of a rink at Bryant Park.

    Then, we raced back to NBC, where we were 2 of the last 3 people to get into Conan. Being a bigger Ranger fan than a U2 fan, I ran out in the middle of the taping, made a mad dash that alternated between running, jumping onto a bus, and then running some more to get from NBC to MSG in minutes. I raced up the escalators, weaving between people, and winded, walked into the arena just as #3 Michal Rozsival skated out on the ice to begin the home-opener player intros.

    One of the most memorable days of my life. :)

  45. A few things…

    1) Carp, you seem to bring out the creative writing juices in everyone. That’s a good thing. I tend not to read as much on weekends as I am with my two little guys (went skating with my 3yr old, he could be the next Mike Gartner or the next hot chocolate addict, not sure). But I tried to get caught up on your weekend writing and the comments but just could not get through everyone’s 10 page book reports. So I will give some thoughts w/o rambling on too much.

    2) The whole MSG NYR organization sucks. Sorry. (My family season ticket holders since early 70s). It starts with the total idiot Dolan (Jr.) being in charge and his daddy not really caring about the product but solely putting fannies in the seats. (Go get the marquee names to attract the fans, forget about quality hockey players…get the big names.) Then you have Sather licking Dolan’s boots (going hunting and fishing w him, etc) resulting in Sather being untouchable. Look, if Isaiah can do all those things and STILL be on the MSG payroll, Sather will have to be caught murdering someone to lose his job.

    3) Where does this leave Renney? Trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop, I think. Does he lack some communication & motivation skills? Absolutely. (Or at least that’s what I see from my seat….guys don’t seem to care.) Is his style specific to a certain hockey player (better for Betts than Zherdev, for example)? Yes. Should the PP be better? Yes. But the PK is pretty damn good. So I would put some blame on Renney, but much less than 50%.

    4) Truth be told, we don’t know how the relationship is between Sather and Renney and the personnel moves, for example. Who wanted Shanny and who didn’t? Who wanted Jagr and who didn’t? Avery, Redden, Voros, Rissmiller, etc?. We may never know. But to put this blame solely on Renney is misdirected, in my view. We don’t know who says to sit Prucha and play Voros? Is there a trade coming that warrants playing Voros afer that horrendous 3 penalty game two weeks ago? Who knows? What about playing Prucha or Dawes? We don’t know.

    5) I will say this though. Continuing to do the same things again and again with no success is so frustrating and bordering on insanity actually. We as fans are frustrated and we like to point fingers. We don’t know the whole story and may never. It sucks. We pay all this dough for seats and cable TV and MSG laughs all the way to the bank. They don’t really care about winning as much as we the fans do. That is 85% of the frustration that comes through this blog, IMHO. Sigh….

    Enough for now. Like your stuff so far Carp!

  46. New newman if u live in manhattan take ur son to Aroma. Best hot chocolate in manhattan. just make sure u mix it up i didnt the first time and i learned my lesson.

  47. And Sundin’s first-month box score is: nine games, two goals, one assist, minus-six, 16 penalty minutes and one Canuck victory.

    I love watching the ‘nux and Sundin flounder; its Karma man, beautiful karama! that guy put the NHL thru a soap opera like Clemmens and Favre…except both those guys, as sickening as their soap operas became, at least have trophies

  48. Dont know if anyone mentioned it but Ottawa just fired Hartsburg and replaced him with an AHl coach…Murray has given the season up…fire sale to follow?

  49. I met Graves about a year ago at a Rangers skate at MSG for ticket holders. He was awesome and so nice. He took the time to squat down and take a picture with my kids (5 and 3) who, unfortunately, had no idea who he was. Needless to say, they know now and it is a photo that all of us will cherish for a lifetime.

    He deserves this night and I cannot wait.

  50. great a team with no offense leaves the great Voros, sjustrom and orr in the lineup along with Betts and sits a 23 yr old with good hands and a 26 yr old who barely plays and scored 30 goals a few years ago.

    I forgot they are small so voros and the other crap are better then them.

    Again remind me what Prucha did to warrant this round of not suiting up????I am all ears….

  51. Kaspar February 2nd, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Dont know if anyone mentioned it but Ottawa just fired Hartsburg and replaced him with an AHl coach…Murray has given the season up…fire sale to follow?

    if only they’d take Redden back.

  52. Staal Wart

    Funny you should mention Redden..I was just scrolling through the Ecklund blog and there were more than a few Sens fans upset about letting Redden go….I swear!!

  53. It doesn’t matter who the players are or what the line combos are if the coaching philosophy is to only score as a last resort.

  54. Bathgate was a great, great Ranger. And to think they gave Reggie Fleming his #9 within two years of his trade tells you a lot about the franchise’s historic tone-deafness.

    Graves is a one in a million individual. He deserves what he will receive tomorrow night. But I agree that Bathgate getting his due too makes it even better.

    And for Leetch to not even mention Brad Park, another great Ranger #2, on his night was very weak. (To say nothing of Doug Harvey, whose omission in his remarks wasn’t nearly as bad.)


    ” When a forward even as talented as Spezza has to go through 4 guys instead of 2 because the defense cant perform a quick transition or long outlet passes, it makes it near impossible to generate quality scoring chances. Murray has traded Corvo, and Meszaros and let Preissing and Redden walk via free agengy. Those 4 defensemen were crucial in the cup run with feeding the forwards with quick passes and jumping into the rush. What has Murray done to replace them. Resigns Schubert, signs Jason Smith, and trades for Kuba and Picard…”

    This is one example…

    Redden for Jason Smith???

  56. Not that I agree with the lines, (i like the dubi AA Z line combo personally), but I guess I see the point of putting AA with voros. Not that voros is a good fighter, he really isn’t, but he has a bit more of an offencive upside than orr does and Im sure renney wants a guy out there with the rookie so no one tries to take liberties with him. Just guessing here but renney seems to think like that. Maybe he is trying to jump start dru by putting him with Z and dubi (not that either one of them have been on fire recently)

  57. just say…

    perhaps Rick or LI Joe can provide an answer….
    just say….(as Burke did in Anaheim, put Bert/Schneider on waivers)

    What would happen say in June, if the Rangers placed Redden on waivers??

    Because…I believe some other team would sign him, although it really does appear that he has forgotten how to back check and play the point, I 100% believe a team would pick him up….

    So say Ottawa signs him for 3 years at $3,000,000 a season…

    How much would the Rangers have to pick up….

    ie %% of this for how many years??

  58. oh and for adam graves, ever since i was 4 i wanted a adam graves jersey and he was my favorite player. which is why i love #9 so much. i still never got an adam graves jersey..

  59. I met Adam last year at a Rangers, Caps game. I got to spend the entire third period talking hockey with him, which was great. Graves told me that Cherepanov was absolutely the real deal, how sad that turned out to be. The real highlight of the conversation, and I would guess this is true for anyone that has met Graves, is his willingness to share his life with you. Graves told my wife and I that his kids always give him stick when it comes to taking family pictures. His children always says, “Dad, are you gonna put your front teetch or what?” Adam Graves is one of the classiest, warm hearted, sharing athletes of our time. Well done Graves!!!!

  60. Blue Notes reporting that AA will skate with Voros and Korpi. YUCK!

    Lines will be

    Naslund Gomez Cally
    Zherdev Drury Dubi
    Korpi AA Voros
    Orr Betts Sjo

    and Reitz should be in.

  61. With the possibility of him playing with Z. I am sure that means, if we are somehow being beat by the Thrashers, we might see Z with AA. Oh well, at least he is getting a chance.

    Dawes and Prucha are spares.

  62. Also on this Redden dilemna:

    Obviously the guys strength was feeding a three headed charge into the attack…then jumping in once they got control…

    What the hell is he doing playing in the offensive system Renney has in NY????

    This is beyond the beyond…

    A guy who was always a little soft on dee signed for six years to….lead the dee when his only talent was QB’ing an attacking team…

    Whos fault is this really? Sather the bonehead or Renney/Pearn….

    Someone needs to ask this question

  63. I got a good idea. Make a trade with the Sens, bring in Chris Neil, and maybe Drury would be so pissed aboot it, that he would consider a trade, and then we trade him to LA along with a nice draft pick, and a prospect, and maybe more for Frolov. Then maybe Redden would accept a trade as well since supposedly he doesn’t like Neil, and then just like that, two overpaid losers are out of NY.

    And if Neil bothers anyone, just dump his ass at the end of the year. Mwahaha !!!

    Anyway, that wont happen, but it’s the dream i had last night, so eh.

  64. Carp, you did say you will try and extract from Renney the reasoning for “The Prucha Project”? Hopefully, with his answer, he’ll concentrate more on the reason rather than the flowery words he likes to use!!! Naturally – how many times an interview does Renney use that word??

    Here’s a Gravy story for ya’ & it ain’t a good one!! From my standpoint tah is. I successfully pissed him off. It started @ Cronies back in the mid 90’s. I brought my daughter to meet him, as he was her favorite Ranger. Now, I’ve watched the Game 7 Cup winning goal about 150 times, in regular motion, slow motinon and frame-by-frame motion and I’m convinced, that it was Gravy who knocked the puck in NOT Mess. If you have the video, check it out. Anyway, armed with this thought, I asked him. Because I loved Gravy too and I wondered if it bothered him to know that Mess got credit for that goal that he obviously scored! Well, he was signing the picture of him that I brought and talking to my 7 year old daughter and then I asked him, “Did you know that you were the one that scored that goal in Game 7,” he basically said, “Okay, next”!!! He wouldn’t give it up!! He wouldn’t take credit away from his main man, Mess!!! So, I now have the distinction in my family of rabid Ranger fanatics, of being the one who pissed off Adam Graves!!! Raise #9 to the Rafters because he scored the Cup winning goal while laying on his stomach!!!

  65. Kaspar

    Remember the goal Redden scored vs. Chicago in the season’s first home game? On the rush, picking up a rebound and burying it. But gradually, over time, Renney inch by inch step by step is overcome by his timidity, and players become as uptight and worried as he is, and the offensive curtain is lowered to a sliver from the stage floor.

    None of this is to excuse Redden — he has been horrible. But I am absolutely certain that a different coach (Ruff, Sutter, Keenan, Babcock) would never stand for his lazy, unphysical play …… and might just might try to demand whatever strengths the guy might have be maximized.

  66. I read this statement somewhere but I cannot remember where, but I think it sums up Adam Graves. He may not have been the best hockey player but without a doubt was the best Ranger.

  67. 80% of Rangers fans have met Graves in person? Are you kidding me? This in one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in a while. On what knowledge or statistics are you basing your absurd hypothesis?? Do you even know how many Rangers fans there are?

  68. Jeff
    there are approximatley 111,4588 Ranger fans
    52,038 replied to the Query
    41,630-1/2 had met Graves personally
    21,434 had shaken his hand
    16 did hi fives with him
    3 had him baptize their first child
    1 played tic-tac-toe with him

    there you have it

    next question?

  69. Never met Graves, I will be there tomorrow though like I have been for all the retirement ceremonies and I expect this to be second to Messier’s which simply will never be topped. About the lineup: For some reason, I thought we may see…

  70. the fourth line never changes, guess they fit the coaches ideal perfectly. 3 more lines just like them would be Renny’s perfect team.

  71. Artie:
    The goal should have been Noonan’s, as he was the last Ranger to touch it before it went in off of the defenseman’s glove.

  72. In the spring of 1999 my wife was pregnant with our first child and I was with her & my mother in a Buy Buy Baby store in Scarsdale, NY when out of the corner of my eye I recognized my favorite Ranger commandeering a cart solo around the store. I yelled out – “Hey Gravy” and proceeded to approach him. My wife & mother realized who I had seen and followed me to the aisle where I started to strike up a conversation with Adam. No one else approached us and I started to feel guilty taking up some of his time as I am sure that he wanted to get back to his wife and young kids at home. I also did not want to attract a crowd. When I mentioned his daughters’ names he referred to his oldest as a “real pot of beans”. When my wife & Mom arrived introductions were made. I then attempted to end the conversation with an apology for blurting out his nickname and derailing his shopping. Grave’s response was pretty typical for the person he is – instead of just leaving he decided to ask my wife questions regarding her pregnancy & my Mom about being a grandmother for the first time. At one point he put his hand right above my wife’s sizeable bump. I tell my son Michael, who is now 9 and a huge hockey & Rangers fan, that he was blessed by Adam Graves. At 34 years old and about to be a Dad I had just met my favorite sports figure – one whose strong character and concern for others is unmatched and always present.
    The way he was raised and how his family cared for children without a home and family molded him into the special person he has always been. Thank you Gravy for that special moment with my family and the 94 Cup but more importantly for all that you do for people in need. Congratulations – you greatly deserve the honor.

  73. Zip from practive,

    Anisimov skating with Korpedo and Voros,

    What an moron Renney is, putting him with Voros, a great set up man

  74. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’ve met Adam a couple times over the past 2 years by attending some fundraising events that he’s obviously part of…considering it seems like he’s part of every single Garden of Dreams event.

    Best story, by far, was when he was doing an auction of some signed sweaters and sticks and his beat-up teeth fell right out of his mouth onto the floor. the guy has a true hockey mouth, as he looks like he took one too many pucks directly to his teeth. gotta love him though. classiest guy ever.

  75. Carp: Welcome back! I must strongly disagree with you on the Campbell coaching legacy. Any coach who would bench Zubov and Kovalev in game 7 of a playoff series (AHL) is out of his mind and on some kind of ego trip. Second, as Ranger coach, he greased the skids for Savard’s departure from NY in 1999 during the Amateur draft. He showed a consistent failure to develop young players under his tutelage and I don’t see how he can be viewed as more than mediocre during his tenure in NY.

  76. Anybody for a derpressing stat? Yeah? Alright! Here it is…

    Rangers with more than 40 points: 1 (Zherdev)
    Devils: 5 (Parise, Elias, Zajac, Gionta, Langenbrunner)

    Cool, huh?

    And to continue my Mike Green lust, he now has 40 points in 38 games. Sure he’s playing on the caps, but the second most productive dman (points/game wise) is Poti with 10 points in 25 games.

  77. “Rangers with more than 40 points: 1 (Zherdev)
    Devils: 5 (Parise, Elias, Zajac, Gionta, Langenbrunner)”

    See what happens when you stop relying on your goaltender and…god forbid…send two men in

  78. “I got a good idea. Make a trade with the Sens, bring in Chris Neil, and maybe Drury would be so pissed aboot it, that he would consider a trade, and then we trade him to LA along with a nice draft pick, and a prospect, and maybe more for Frolov. Then maybe Redden would accept a trade as well since supposedly he doesn’t like Neil, and then just like that, two overpaid losers are out of NY.”

    BRILLIANT! Please become our GM!

  79. Kaspar
    February 2nd, 2009 at 2:10 pm
    “Rangers with more than 40 points: 1 (Zherdev)
    Devils: 5 (Parise, Elias, Zajac, Gionta, Langenbrunner)”

    See what happens when you stop relying on your goaltender and…god forbid…send two men in


    And the Devils do that (send two men in) and STILL have one-half of the scoring chances against & odd man rushes against as the Rangers.

    It’s enough to make you cry …. especially when a lot of people out there STILL think Renney knows what he’s doing.

  80. Just a thought on that AA, Voros, Korpi line….it is the anti-smurf line, that much I can say. 6’4″, 6’3″, and 6’1″ makes for some big biyatches on that line. I am just saying. Also, didn’t Korpi and AA play together a fair bit in Hartford?

    Let’s give the line one chance before saying it sucks on paper.

    At least Dawes was scratched….but what about Prucha…the guy has to have trade value now?

  81. AA with Korpi might not be such a bad idea, since they probably played on a line together at some point in Hartford. This might be a good way to jump-start Korpi’s production too but, I dont get taking our 2 bigger forwards (Voros and AA) and putting them on a line together.

    Prucha would seem pretty logical to play with AA and Korpi also. Maybe if we gave our younger guys a chance to gel on the 3rd line, we can get some consistency going.

    Nazzy – Gomez – Callahan
    Dubi – Drury – Zherdev
    Korpi – AA – Prucha
    Sjostrom – Betts – Orr/Voros

  82. In the NBA the “tempo of play” has always been acknowledged as the reason for a teams scoring or defensive capability; some teams play to win 105-103 games; others play to win 88-86 games; generally speaking: top offenses are worst at dee and top defenses are worst at offense; you never hear some fan of a losing-low scoring team say “well we play good dee anyway”…big deal?

    Here in Renney-land it also needs to be acknowldeged; only here do we read people proclaiming our defensive effecienies..”oh we’re a good defensive team” they say….baloney.. we play to win 2-1…the only stat that matters is disparity between GF and GA…I just think its funny hearing people claim we’re good defensively as if its a talent or something

  83. I would think 80% is a high number in terms of fans who have met Graves, but, then again, i have never met any Rangers player and have not attended an event where I had a chance to do so; hopefully sometime soon! My dad and uncle met him a few weeks ago at a season ticketholders event, I think before the Montreal game, and my dad got his autograph for me. Unfortunately, Graves was being called onto the stage and my dad was near the end of the line for people who received the autograph, so he didn’t have time to personalize it.

    Isn’t it possible that we could get Voros out of the lineup so that Korpikoski can play on his natural wing and Prucha could play on the right side?!

  84. “BRILLIANT! Please become our GM!”

    Don’t have the time. But i sure would love to personally fire Renney. So many ways to do it. Maybe id send him a bucket of KFC Wings with a note that says “Don’t show up for work tomorrow”. If he didn’t get the message id tell him to watch the new season of “The Apprentice”.

    How would anybody here fire Renney ? Be creative.

  85. Im not against Voros on Korpedo, and Artie’s line. Id prefer Pruchs, but gotta have someone to stick up for those two, unless Renney is still brainwashing Voros, making him think he’s a goal scorer. Stick to what you’re semi good at !!

    I just hope the kid has a good game, and doesn’t get the “Renney Treatment”, with limited ice time, and 10 second shifts.

  86. jeff – 11:36 you sure the cup will be there? i wouldn’t think it would be.

    several people have very nice srories above re adam. what a class act and very good player he was. and his matteau imitation on the wraparound to again knock out the devs right in the face of stevens and “fatso” was extra nice.

  87. never met him – but from the stories I am sure that Graves is a top notch dude.. But dont forget his on ice accomplishments – esp. 52 in ’94 and his constant willingness to stick up for teammates and drop the gloves, when necessary – against both the annoying guys (Lemuiex, kamenski, Barnaby) and heavies (Peluso, Tinordi, Rob Ray, Darrin Rumble, basil McCrae)…an awesome teammatte

  88. Orr
    I would send one man into his office who kept looking behind himself, over the shoulder

    Renney would say whats going on?

    The one guy would say “nothing; the other guys are changing now”

    Renney would say “what does that mean?”

    the guy would tare his fake face off and show himself to be Mark Messier and he’s say “remember Vancouver?”

  89. The more i think about it, i would really like to bring Antropov here. It’s right up Sather’s alley to take an underachieving player and try to make him perform to his capabilities in a new city.

    He is everything we need. 6’6 – 235 pound winger that can score. not to mention he only makes 2 million this season, and with the prorated contract we could get him in our lineup right now and not have to move much of anything. Plus, he is a UFA next season, so if he comes he and sucks we can cut him loose OR resign him to a cheap contract.

    It is widely known that Toronto is looking for Draft picks. I would be absolutely willing to part with a 2nd and 3rd rounder to get him over here.

    Honestly, he may be underachieving … but he is doing it in Toronto with a crappy Toronto team. Plus he is still on par to score 60-65 points this season, which would make him a team leader here anyway

  90. I’d have one of the M.A.W. foundation kids walk into his office and take him by his hand and say “we’re going somewhere Mr. Coach Man”… they’d walk all over the garden where finally they’d come to a point where Tortorella was standing.. and the kid goes to Torts and gives him a big hug!


  92. zero grit? I think we need to start having the “Ryan Callahan excluded” disclaimers for a lot of comments…

  93. Staal Wart February 2nd, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    Kaspar February 2nd, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Dont know if anyone mentioned it but Ottawa just fired Hartsburg and replaced him with an AHl coach…Murray has given the season up…fire sale to follow?

    if only they’d take Redden back.

    # Rick Carpiniello February 2nd, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Would you drive him to the airport?

    Not happening.

    Rick I can dream can’t I…

  94. Duguay
    I like the way you fire him; I think its a appropriate and at the same time defensively responsible without comprimising your objectives through the nuetral zone but either way..its a fair assesment of the situation

  95. “Dr. Ogrodnick
    February 2nd, 2009 at 1:48 pm
    The goal should have been Noonan’s, as he was the last Ranger to touch it before it went in off of the defenseman’s glove.”


  96. ORR – You don’t *have the time* to be GM? Haven’t you confessed to doing nothing all day, every day?

    Maybe we can work out a deal with Dawes and Prucha to Ottawa for a semi-decent player (Vermette or Neil) and a pick. Unfortunately, that’s probably not what they’re looking for.

  97. ORR’s Right Hand + Renney’s Jaw = Freedom !!
    February 2nd, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    How would anybody here fire Renney ? Be creative.

    i’d make renney (not sticking up for teammates) and pearn (too sweaty during interviews) healthy scratches and let jim ramsey coach for a while. I’d then waive Renney after letting him coach 1 out of 37 games and wish him all the best when Men’s Warehouse claims him.

  98. SPIDER

    Must have been a troll using my name, like the “good ol days”.


    Lol, i don’t know aboot that one, we’re tying to hurt Renney’s feelings, not make him consider suicide. Would be funny though. Especially with his good buddy Torts who said he’d never take Renney’s job. Haha, think again !!!!

  99. Vince Lombardi on

    Kaspar, I like the basketball analogy in your 2:28 post

    I think Renney’s system is equivalent to the old days before the shot clock in college BB. they had the 4 corners stall, where the players would just pass the ball around for minutes on end to stall and keep the score low. only in Renney’s system, the opponents have the ball, or puck.

    some people say, well the Rangers got 35 shots. I say baloney. even the Boston goalie Rask, after the game, admitted that most Ranger shots were of the long bad angle desperation variety, and were not “scoring chances”

    Renney gets a tingle up his leg if a game ends 0-0, and he can hope for a shootout win.

  100. I think we’re going to have to face the fact that Prucha will be traded soon. There is really no other explanation for the organization’s lack of his utility. If it means freeing up AA, then maybe it is a good idea for him to sit now.

  101. Doogie

    It’s not that Redden has forgotten how to play the point…it’s much more elemental than that. He’s forgotten how to move his feet. He moves at a continuous cruising speed that is like a plane flying at a constant 3/4 flaps
    deployment. Even his shots on goal are measured and deliberate – no passion behind any of them. Just a simple
    delicate flick of the wrists. Then a stroll back into his own end.

    Any other coach in this league would have him sitting in the stands in civvies for at least a week.

  102. I’ve got an Adam Graves jersey that my deceased father bought for me when i was about 6 or 7 years old. It’s entirely covered with autographs from old timers, guys from the teams after we won the cup and fell from grace but i didnt care. I had always saved a specific spot on my jersey just in case i ever ran in to my favorite player, Adam Graves, and one night when i was waiting outside of the Garden for a quick autograph there he came, only it wasn’t him it was Marc Savard (who would have known what he would become?) They looked extremely similar at the time, and i was stunned that it wasn’t him. A few moments later, Graves walks out and I freaked out. I ordered my father to give me the sharpie so i could cut everybody (i was just a kid) and get myself a signature from my favorite player. He was such a great guy, I felt so bad that I had the space saved for his autograph signed by Savard, but Adam signed my jersey twice, just to make sure it was there.

    Honestly, when you’re a kid, nothing means more. I remember that random day when i was just a youngster, 9 or 10 years old the most, and the jersey hangs on my wall to this day. Graves meant a lot to me, he means a lot to the Garden and a lot to Ranger fans. All those that dont think his number should be retired are crazy, this man would give his blood for the rangers (if he already hasn’t).

    That’s my story.

  103. doogie – a team can’t pick up a % of a player signed by another team. jagr was different since that deal preceded the current cba. so if we waive redden another team can claim him if they want (they won’t). if another does claim him they are on the hook for all of reddens salary and the rangers are off the hook

  104. doodie machetto on

    “if another does claim him they are on the hook for all of reddens salary and the rangers are off the hook”

    unless of course its reentry waivers.

  105. remember when the garden boss, was it Gutkowski?, said when they were not offering Messier as much money as Vanc, that he said “how long do we have to keep paying for ’94”

    well, I notice that they keep profiting from ’94 with these nights honoring players.

    I like Graves, and feel he deserves to be recognized. but, he is not a hall of famer, and Hadfield scored 50 for the rangers, and he does not get honored, nor should he.

    Graves is being honored more for his charity work. that’s fine, but make it clear that is why.

  106. If we waive Redden and then someone else signs him, I believe the Rangers still take a cap hit for half the amount no?

    Or is that a buyout?

  107. if we waive redden and he signs with another team we’re on the hook for half his salary. that means that someone else gets him for 3 mill and we still have to pay 3 mill for him. he wont be waived or bought out.

  108. If rangers waive him and someone takes him ( highly unlikely) rangers are home free…they owe nothing anymore

    On re-entry if someone grabs him then we owe half…for 5 years thats a possibility

  109. Carp said that Sather’s ego is the biggest obstacle. he refuses to admit it was a mistake, so he will continue to play (bwahaha,if you call that playing) for the Rangers.


    Coach to Player: “Well son, you did get record a shutout but, let’s face it…”

  111. somerset – 2:40 i honestly would not give up a bag of pucks for antropov never mind a 2nd rd pick

  112. Hey
    remember me?

    He signed me to $3M a year and sent me to Hartford and then St Petersburg…two hoppin spots I can tell you…i dont recall any stubborness to do it either

  113. mike s – avery at almost $ 4 mm a yr is hardly cheap. hopefully the rangers will be as smart as the other 29 teams and stay far away

  114. Hockeyman Rangers on

    costanza It was probaly like this;

    “Well son, you did get record a shutout but, let’s face it, it was only the NY Rangers that you shut out. you will now go back to the ahl.

  115. it won’t matter what kind of scoring potential you trade for, if the Coach wants everyone to be a junior Betts clone, the team will continue to spend 50 mins slogging and clogging, and 10 mins flying and trying.

  116. doodie machetto on

    Redden is more overpaid than he is bad. Tell me you would honestly rather have Malik, Rachunek, Ozolinsh, or even Kalinin instead of Redden, ignoring contract amounts.

    Redden’s biggest problem is he isn’t playing to what he is being paid.

  117. jive 3:29 waive redden and he’s claimed we’re off the hook. unless like dm said we try to bring him back on reentry waivers if he was not claimed on the way down to ahl. if reentry then we’re responsible for 1/2 his contract vs cap for rest of the contract. buyout would be (if done this summer) about $ 2.2 mm/yr for next 10 yrs

  118. yeah, that was my point.. its like let’s pull this drunk guy off of Newberry Street to face the offensive-less Rangers so Thomas can rest up for the Habs tomorrow..

    btw, that Rask kid is signed thru 2010 at $3.25 per.

  119. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Where is Ansiminov fitting in?? Is he playing tomorrow. How was his paractice with the big boys???

  120. dm – redden is bad and overpaid. gomez, drury, rozy and henrik are overpaid but not bad. that is the difference.

  121. I think most fans would rather see Potter than Redden. at least they would get an honest effort.

  122. doodie – strudwick only makes $650k, I would take his slower feet over those other guys…

  123. “At this point, Garth Snow could suit up and get a shutout against our anemic offense.’

    Snow would then immediately sign himself to a 15 year contract.

  124. Hockeyman Rangers on

    What I have been waiting to see is if Shanny really starts quaterbacking the power play in Jersey. I see he had at least one the other night against Pit. Why can he quterback the power play in NJ and WAS NOT ABLE TO EVEN SHOOT THE PUCK WITH THE NY POWERPLAY?????????????????????????????

    And I am not blaming anything on Shanny, I am talking about or old friend Renny, why is it anyone that anone who comes to NY can’t score???????????????????????????????????????????

  125. I go back to the old question:
    A guy is aquired who has always played good attacking offense and questuionable dee
    he’s put into this system ( no offense, everyone hangs back) and his defensive liablities are on display all the time…thats how he always played dee, thats why Phillups was paired with him…its like the Yankees not starting Sabathia next year but instead having him catch

    I’m not makin excuses for Redden here…what did you expect…Brook Orpik hitting and Neidemeyer speed???

  126. kaspar re redden. with the players we had already signed and raises due to some of our yute it was unconscionable and grounds for dismissal for sather to sign redden to that contract.

  127. doodie machetto on

    LI Joe, theres no question he is bad, but my point is that he is more overpaid than bad. If he was making 5 million less, it’d be a lot easier to stomach him in the lineup.

    By contrast, if Kalinin’s presence in the lineup earned us a million dollars of additional cap space, I’m still not certain it would be worth it.

  128. Forget about Reddens contract..I’ll never argue “for” that…not for a second; its ludicrous…but even if it were for 1 year…why do it when his only talent is useless??. this is not the right team or coach for Wade Redden at any point in his career

  129. LI Joe — “gomez, drury, rozy and henrik are overpaid but not bad.”

    Leave Hank out of that. Fine — he makes too much in your book. But his pay given where he stands in relation to his competitors (top three by most accounts in the NHL) is not wildly out of whack.

    To consider the production of those other three, especially Gomez and Drury at what they make, as even in the same universe when it comes to production is crazy and insulting. They are paid as if they are in Ovechkin’s league, and they are not even close to two levels below him.

  130. “Anyone who come to NY can’t score. yea that’s it.”..

    ..because we sign everyone just passed their prime or based on unreal expectations (i.e. give Gomez more money and he will score goals)…. Redden scored six, SIX! goals last year and had 32 assists in 80 games ..he has been heavily down trending for 3 years now..but since now he has a six, SIX! year contract he will be decent again..

  131. Like Doodie said…the contract does magnify all issues, Girardi for instance is good for one beautiful pass out in front of his own goal every other period of play; plus two or three give-aways a game but…no one ever complains about him

  132. red – ao is underpaid. guys like him never reach free agency as they are franchise players. so you could compare a lot more than drury and gomez to AO and say the same thing.

  133. I think you nailed it. Adam Graves is not in the league of Messier or Leetch. Graves should be in the ring of honor or something like that, but I dont think number 9 should be retired. That should be reserved for players like Messier.

  134. “Anyone who come to NY can’t score. yea that’s it.”..

    Let’s consider the opposite. Out of our current young guys, who do you think would produce the highest point totals on an offensive minded team? (aka The Savard Syndrome)

  135. Slats is like “Wade come play for the Rangers man”
    Redden was like “Oh man…you mean play dee? forget it”
    Slays goes “gotz to make a splash c’mon..it;ll be fun”
    Redden ” No Jags to pass to? Forget it what you want..backchex??
    Renney chimes in…”No we gonna go to the net and attack and forecheck…you’ll see”
    Redden says “no you wont you damn lieing professor”
    Slats is like “ok I’ll go from one year to six years”
    Redden’s like “I’ll pack my things”

  136. People signed (or acquired) by the Rangers who put up some nice points while they were here:

    Holik (don’t laugh)

    It’s the system.

  137. As Rick stated in a previous post, we might as well save our breath when it comes to buying out contracts like redden and kalinin. Even if they were to be bought out, it wouldn’t be until after next season, as the timeless “it takes a year to get acclimated to New York” is sure to be tossed around (tell that to Nik Zherdev). Now to the point:

    As we’re handcuffed as far as cap space and ability to make trades, very seldom do the rangers look to promote those from within who don’t fit into their plan. When you hear Tom Renney project when a player will play in the NHL, ready or not, that’s when he’s coming. If you are not an established NHL player, and get traded to the rangers, you will be buried in the minors for eternity. If you are a scrub who comes to the rangers from a basement team, but played a whole season, you’re a regular. I love the call up of Anisimov, but we all know there is no way he sticks with the big club, no matter how well he plays. Renney will say “he needs more seasoning, and needs to round out his game defensively” (see nigel dawes phantom call ups and send downs last season). I would love for the rangers to call up a guy like P.A. Parenteau, who has torn up the AHL since coming into that league. He’s only about 23/24, and consistently puts up a point a game at that level, where linemates are on a carousel because of callups and send downs (which makes him an even better fit for the rangers and their rotating line combos). Guys like him and Hutchinson last year (Pock after two seasons ago, fritsche this year), who are probably at crossroads of their careers are ruined by the rangers’ front office lack of creativity taking chances on players and adherence to development plans. This is the same problem with the team. Systems trump creativity. It’s good to see a guy like Dominic Moore doing as well as he is this year after getting traded for a guy like adam hall because he fits the system.

    Forgive the novel, I had a frustration black-out.

  138. Li Joe — I think you probably know I meant Ovechkin’s league as a player, not whatever his current paycheck says.

    HL is world class. Maybe overpaid by a million a year if you want to drive a hard argument.

    Gomez and Drury are today middle of the pack. Each overpaid by $4 million a year, and that is being generous.

    Pretty big gap between the two cases.

  139. wouldn’t it be great if players numbers were their salaries?

    for instance, Gomez would have _$8m_ as his number

  140. doodie machetto on

    Zhervalev, don’t forget Nylander and Straka from your list.

    Jeffluke, the Savard Syndrome, I like that. My top two suggestions:

    Prucha (25-30 g, 10-20 a)
    Gomez (15-20g , 60-70 a)

  141. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    WELL WELL WELL , Adam Graves started as a young hard nosed kid in Edmonton. I remember him quite well as I was a Oiler fan at the time ( PUKE !!!) My brother loves the Oilers in which I hate. Grave was touted as the next Messier as Mess himself was there to teach him. Well I like Graves and always thought he was cool but if he was so good , why Did the Oilers trade him? Why did the Rangers Trade him if he was also so good and the next so called Messier?

    It is dumb to retire his number and I think he should be on a wall of honour instead. I like the guy , I never met him …but trading him to the Sharks for peanuts then to retire his Jersey number is just plain confusing.

    …I would fire Renney this way / ” Tom , the team just isn’t producing . I know I should have let you go when I let Jagr , Straka and Avery go . Gomez , Drury and Redden don’t seem to be doing anything , so if we can’t dump them we have to dump you. Were moving in a different direction and you and Pern will have to move on….( in a Donald trump voice ) Your Fhired!!! ” btw we need a scout in europe right away and i’m thinkin you would be right for the job.

    $undin sucks , hes not going to make the playoff with Vancouver…what a moron.

  142. i actually haven’t met adam, although i plan on going to next years toy drive, ive always been busy or away during it.

    i never met him while he was playing, because i was fairly young at the time, but my dad did and got my adam graves hockey card autographed. i still have it. adam graves is/was/will always be my all time favorite ranger. i was supposed to go tomorrow night, because my father’s (again, haha) company has seats at the garden, and my dad asked for them months and months and months ago, but the other day, my dads a$$***e boss told him that they needed them for a client or some bulls***. i’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about him. and i agree that he was a truly unique as a person, and we are not only celebrating his on ice accomplishments, but who he is and what he has done for the new york rangers, the fans, and the city of new york.

  143. Dan, Graves is 3rd all time on the Rangers goal scored list. 3rd all time for a franchise that has been around almost 90 years. You can’t discount that.

  144. besides the fact the uniforms were the worst fashion crime in history…


    “MONTREAL – Losing to runaway NHL Eastern Conference leader Boston was not what bothered Montreal Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau. It was the way his team lost.

    “All three Boston goals came on giveaways, and veteran winger Alex Kovalev was benched for most of the third period…..after taking two penalties in the middle period and then playing listlessly, the veteran right-winger saw only three shifts in the third frame before being benched for good.”

    bench…”To keep out of or remove from a game”


  145. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Graves was a restricted free agent, so the Oilers didn’t trade him. The NYR gave up Mallette as compensation.

    And Graves started in Detroit, was traded to EDM I believe in the Jummy Carson trade.

  146. doodie machetto on

    I still would take Sundin now if it meant unloading either Gomez, Drury, or Redden.

    Sundin will be gone in a year. Those guys will screw us for the next half a decade.

  147. I would definetley try and trade Drury; a lot of people still refer to him as captian clutch and all that…he’s been a playoff difference maker before and some team would take him…kills Penalties, blox shots…you really cant go by what happens here in renney-land

    Then keep Redden around until Sangy and Delz are playing and buy him out

  148. doodie machetto on

    I would gladly watch the team lose every game for the rest of the season if it meant unloading those three.

    OK, maybe not gladly, but I wouldn’t be all that upset because I know the team will be better for it.

  149. doogie

    Good find. Has Renney ever benched a so-called “top” Canadian player? I know he’s sat Z, Nylander. Dubi and Dawes are young, and one is American to boot. Am I forgetting someone?

  150. Doodie:

    I agree with your imaginary Prucha stats, though Gomez would probably need to play with Kovalchuk AND Ovechkin to ever see a 90 point season.

    Dubi (20-25g, 45-50a)
    Calli(25-35g, 20,25a)

    I think one of the main points here is that we’re not sitting on a savard or a weight. It would be nice for all these young’uns to produce at a 60 point clip, but I don’t see them as point per game guys (on any team).

  151. If AA plays and stays up here does his salary count to the cap? If it does how much does he make,and can do we have cap space for him?

  152. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (red) wow , umm yeahhh thats what I thought . It really happened that way ? …How high was I back then!!?? Cool , thanks alot for the recap , very interesting .

    Graves was the first to score 52 goals so I geuss thats perty good too.

    Sundin had his chance and snubbed NY and Naslund / Hank …Sundin can go rot in hell , if he was any good he would have shown up at training camp for Vancouve instead of ruining the chemistry on a use to be good playoff team.
    Sundin going there shows hes an idiot and Gomez/ Drury at least picked NY even if it was for the $$$.

  153. As a Rangers season ticket holder for over a decade, my opinion of Adam Graves in mid-November of 2006.

    I sent him an e mail congratulating him on running the NYC Marathon (something I did), telling him that I’m also involved in Toys for Tots (like he is), and a few other things.

    I figured his new job with the Rangers involved community outreach and PR stuff with the fans. I got a return receipt back from the e mail that it was simply deleted without being read. Had he just written back and said ‘thanks’ I would have been thrilled.

    When I met him at a season ticket holder event a few months later I kind of mentioned it to him and he said he deleted the e mail.

    My Graves night tickets were sold at a healthy profit and the autographed stick blade I have probably going on ebay this week.

    He was a great player and I think he deserves to have his number raised, but that’s where it ends as far as I go.

  154. “If AA plays and stays up here does his salary count to the cap? If it does how much does he make,and can do we have cap space for him?”

    You can’t call up a player unless their salary fits under the cap. We have over 1m space bc Fritsche’s 800k is off the books.

  155. “I think one of the main points here is that we’re not sitting on a savard or a weight”.

    We did jeffluke. We had both.

  156. Whats the deal with this Parenteau guy?
    he’s boppin goals in left and right for three years
    would it kill us to let him play 5-10 games??
    I mean god forbid he alternates with the Voros and the Dawes or Orr for a month or so…you might catch lighting in a bottle…who knows?

  157. Homeland Security on

    the message for GMs is simple. don’t tie up a big chunk of your cap space with a few guys, UNLESS they are ultimate elite type players like Ovechkin.

    DON’T give that kind of money to pretenders like Gomer Pyle, Dreary, or Dreaden.

    better to build with kids, than to be middle of the pack with money stealers.

  158. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I take my Passion and Ranger pride quite seriously to be honest.

    AA should be tried out for the hell of it with Zherdev. Do it , do it now!!! We can’ t score worth a shit so why not???

    Canadian players can fall to the ” Burn -out syndrome ” guys playing hockey all there lives , breathing ,living , parents , friends and fans all talking hockey ,hockey , hockey. Back in the day , I wasn’t around…players had shifts long as 5 min . The player played for 6 years or so tops. They played like hell and retired only after a few season because there was no money in it and they hurt like shit . No one ever worked out during the off season either.
    Redden is burnt out period. You see it in his face and if this were the old day he’d be long gone retired by now!

    $undin deserves what he gets. I ‘d spit on his veiny head right now!!!

  159. trueblue

    you think i randomly chose those players without realizing they were ranger products? I would’ve aimed a little higher than an aging dougie weight if I was blindly naming 100 point players.

    AA and Grachev aside (too early to tell), if you were to place one of our young guys on san jose, boston, chicago, or detroit, I don’t think you’d see more than a 60 point year out of any of them.

  160. Leetch is the man on

    If we brought back Leetch now hed still be the best defenseman on the team. Sign him 1yr deal waive Kalinen.

  161. I’ve only been around hockey and the rangers for a 5 years or so, but I’ve already met Graves at a skate on the garden ice. I was taken aback at how friendly and caring he was. Other rangers I had met (Prucha, Hollweg, Hall [at the time]) could not begin to match his genuine kindness.

  162. Interesting that a few people find Messier so deserving of number retirement and Graves less so. In my book Messier never leads the Rangers to the Cup in ’94 without the season Graves had and vice versa.

    Graves played in more games in the uniform, didn’t leave the team for free-agent money, and has been tireless in his effort in the community.

    I would almost argue that Graves is more deserving of having his number retired than Messier because his is so heavily associated with this franchise versus Messier w/Oilers and the whole Vancouver thing plus a horrible second stint around for Messier always left a bad taste for me.

  163. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    yeah man Gordie went to King George school , the same as me!!! Way beyond my time though …I mentioned it a few posts ago. I watched Green play as i went to a few Saskatoon Blades games …I never ever thought he would wind up in Washington playing with OV!!!?? We have a gordie how statue made of bronze in front of our Staduim. I was there when Gordie came with his wife to un-veil it. The statue was first in the downtown area ( west ) but then got moved in front of Sask Place , currently called now Credit Union Center.

  164. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    JJP awww come on …Messier cried so much at his number ceremony …how could ya not say he is Rangers!! Sure he weeped at the Edm ceremony but Messier , like me…Is a true blue Ranger and no one can say other wise. Messier going to Vancouver was bad and I did not like the Canucks even with Messier ..he my Favorite player but as he left to Vancouver so did my like for him . Rangers are bigger than any one player .

    Good point JJp about Graves needing him as he needed Graves…kinda like the Grez/ Kurri thingy ..or Messier ala Anderson …weird how Graves got tossed aside when Andy showed up ..or was he on that line too?

  165. This may be unpopular, but I don’t really agree with retiring Messier’s #11. He had 3-4 solid seasons in NY. Yes, he was the captain of the team that won the Cup, but think about the other 3 Cups the team has won. Have they retired any numbers from those days? Of course not. Leetch spent (practically) his entire career in a NYR uniform and had much more impact on the team over the years than Messier did. jmho

  166. Jeffluke: Mike Green makes me want to become a Caps fan. If he keeps the numbers up he better not get snubbed for the Norris. This ain’t Lidstrom’s year!

  167. ORR – I suppose that is a possibility.

    Only two games this week; 2-0 is achieveable, but Dallas is playing much better since dispensing of Avery. I think it could be Valiquette on Friday, depending on what Lundqvist does tomorrow. I’m thinking two goals or less will keep Lundqvist in there, since he should have sufficient rest either way.

  168. Rick- Do us all a favor and find out which nonsensical coach is actually calling the shots on that beloved Power Play??? Pearn? Renney? Jim Ramsey? Colin Campbell? Then you can talk about what’s best for the team.

    Word to the wise: if you do a piece on the real weakness of the Rangers, you very well may upset Mr. Renney. If you upset him, he might not give you the latest and greatest nightly line combo experiments he likes to conduct…

  169. “A debacle of monumental prorportion”

    craig mactavish
    tuesday jan 27th 2009

    If you want a good laugh and can appreciate a true rivalry, go to youtube and try and find the link for

    The Fan 960

    youtube com /watch?v=xYN1nQXfnc4

  170. I met Gravy a number of times throughout my tenure as a ranger fan. He was always a pleasure to talk to and made you feel like he actually remembered you. I do not think that the retiring of his number speaks to the kind player he was. I think it speaks to the kind all around person he was.

  171. I read the line combos and all I can say is that AA usually plays with a big man (Byers/Dupont) and one speedy guy like when Cally was in Hartford last year he played with AA and had great numbers; so these are the reasons that Korpo and Voros are with him. If they can work the cycle game that line could be a pain in the @ss to play against.

  172. I will be there tomorrow night. Can’t wait. Nice xmas gift from Mrs. Nasty. Who else is going?

  173. turcotte – paranteau will be 26 in may and has to go through reverse waivers at 1/2 cap hit if claimed. he is a career minor league player as was krog. lundmark was player of month in ahl in november so be careful of ahl stats.

    red – no way gomez and driry are overpaid by $ 4 mm each. try dividing by 2. i would say each is overpaid by $ 2 mm per yr.

    greg – graves started with the wings. the rangers signed him as a free agent from edm and edm got troy malette as compensation

  174. I don’t think it’s fair to say Parenteau is a career AHLer… he only played 5 NHL games for Chicago, and that was before they had Kane/Toews.

    Krog has played 202 NHL games and Lundmark 235.

  175. I’ll be there tomorrow with some friends; somewhere in the 300s. We got the ticks off Stubhub the day they announced it and I forgot what section.

    LI Joe-Yeah, Graves was drafted by Neil Smith when he was with the Wings after he left the Islanders and before he came to the Rangers. Also, EDM wanted Rice/Debrousk as compensation but were awarded Mallette and then those two went to EDM as part of the Messier deal.

    Compensation was crazy, I remember the Devils got Stevens that way when Shanny went to St. Louis, and they also got McKay and Aaron Burr from Det forgot for who. Stevens was whining so much and wanted nothing to do with the Devils, pretty ironic.

  176. I met and got to know Adam Graves at a store I used to work at years ago. He was the nicest guy and made a huge impression on me of what kind of person I would like to be.
    He treated me like a great friend instead of a fan as I got speak to him a few times .
    Carp you are so right, I think Adam made so many great impressions and friends probably way more than any professional athlete ever will !

  177. LI Joe

    February 2nd, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Graves was a restricted free agent, so the Oilers didn’t trade him. The NYR gave up Mallette as compensation.

    And Graves started in Detroit, was traded to EDM I believe in the Jummy Carson trade.

    Got you covered there, bub.

    And if Gomez and Drury are overpaid by your numbers, then Hank is overpaid by about eleven dollars and thirteen cents.

  178. NOONAN

    re: Mike Green

    2/1 caps over sens 7-4.
    Green (1g3a)

    “A highlight pass,” Boudreau said. “That was a sick pass by Mike Green.” (source- A.P. recap)

    (damnit. i’m having trouble posting links. to see the pass go to Semin’s player page at NHL .com. go to the video section and click on his most recent goal.)

  179. dm – 4:32 agreed on redden, totally disagree on drury (3 yrs left not a 1/2 decade btw), disagree but a bit less on gomez. whoever this team brings in a good percent of the fanbase would turn on in a heartbeat. once the contracts end they are better just building from within.

  180. Drafted 22nd overall 1986 by the Detriot Red Wings

    November 2, 1989: Traded by the Detroit Red Wings, along with Petr Klima, Joe Murphy and Jeff Sharples to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Jimmy Carson, Kevin McClelland and Edmonton’s 1991 5th-round draft choice.

    September 3, 1991: Signed as a free agent by the New York Rangers.

    Traded by the New York Rangers with future considerations to the San Jose Sharks for Mikael Samuelsson.

  181. The trade to Edmonton was Graves’ first big break in the NHL as he scored 21 points in 63 games while teaming with Martin Gelinas and former Wings teammate Joe Murphy on the Oilers’ “Kid Line.”

    The inexperienced trio continued to excel in the playoffs and helped Edmonton win its fifth Stanley Cup in seven seasons.

  182. can;t comment on his game as i have never seen him, but the reason Parenteau cant be called up is b/c he has a one way contract and he would almost certainly be claimed. so he would have to be on the roster at the start of the season.

    if they are gonna trade prucha just do it already. it is just infuriating that this team would rather have voros or dawes for that matter over prucha

  183. According to Mitch Beck over at the great Howlings website that does Pack news, Paranteau needs to get better at defense to have a shot at the NHL. He would indeed have to clear waivers to make it so his best bet is to come to camp next year and make a huge impression.

  184. Totally off topic here but…
    What the hell is up with those Canadian sweaters?
    Stripes going across? what is this the circus?
    they are hideous!!!
    I would ask to ride pine if I had to where that!!!

  185. That’s the old school jerseys they had. Like 1915 style. By the way, I heard Lang got hurt bad, that would be a huge blow to the Canadians as he’s been very good for them.

  186. Yeah, I didn’t wanna say it, but they do remind me of prison strips and chain gangs like what Gene Hackman wore at the beginning of Superman II; those, the throwback Red Wings, throwback Hawks, and original 1920s Senators jerseys.

  187. Reginald Dunlop on

    Hey Carp,
    just curious what system did you use in your one coaching victory in your history????? ha ha

  188. Earlier today I had a depressing stat post, how about another one!

    actually this one is oddly inspirational…

    while checking out the devils scoring leaders earlier today (on espn.com) i clicked on last season’s final statistics ….it’s remarkable. The scoring totals are almost EXACTLY the same and there are still 30 games left in the season!
    07/08 08/09
    Parise 65 58
    Elias 55 56
    Gionta 53 42
    Langen.. 41 41
    Zajac 34 42

    I hate using the devils as an example but, hey, we now know what boring hockey feels like from a fan perspective. It’s awful routing for a boring team, as i’ve spent most of my adult hockey life cursing the likes of hitchcock and lemaire only to see my beloved Rangers turn into “the problem with hockey.” But look what the devils have done in 1 season! And if THEY can do it…then surely… just maybe things can…. aw forget it, who am I kidding? Better get used to a team with one 20 goal scorer.

  189. Met Gravy at Newark Airport years ago when his wife was pregnant with the twins. Was sitting on the Floor with his wife. A guy working for the airlines recognized him and was trying to bump him up to 1st class and he was so gracious and kept telling him not to worry about it. The type of guy Id want my kid to grow up to be like. Later on, remember how sick i was when I found out that he lost one of the twins. I think every Ranger fan was. The best kind of human being

  190. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It doesn’t matter who gets called up or is traded here.As long as Renney is coaching,siad players will ALWAYS ALWAYS play below their offensive abitlity and will have a career mired in medicroty both in their stats and in their paycheck for obious reasons.

  191. I never met Graves (or any Ranger), but that’s just my luck. I remember, though, in grade school, my lunch lady was a HUGE Graves’ fan. She was in love with the guy and would wear his jersey randomly.. she was awesome!… hockey talk when I was 10!!

    Anyway, she told me once she ran into Kovalev and Graves after a game (I think at an away game in like 95) and that they were the coolest.

  192. 0necupin67years on

    and do you guys really think that sather called up this kid for the purposes of giving him any kind of real ice time or just a whiff? sather is such a tease if you know what I mean.

  193. I met Adam Graves 3 times (twice recently in front of the Garden during the playoffs) however the first time was in the fall of 92 when he was in his second year with the blueshirts and my uncle Louie (a long time devoted Rangers Fan)contacted me and asked if I was interested in meeting & getting something signed by Adam Graves & Tie Domi at this sports bar in Bay Ridge. They are the coolest guys to ever meet and I have photos with them there and even had my jersey signed by them both. Uncle Louie, uinfortunately had past on a few years ago, I know tomorrow night he will be there in spirit since his favorite Ranger’s number will be retired tomorrow night. God Bless You Uncle Louie and thanks for the memories. Lets Go Rangers.

  194. whataretheodds? on

    You guys think Tinkerin’ Tom Renney is going to let Arty see some ice?

    He was brought up to keep Prucha company in the pressbox.

    Renney thinks things are fine with the Rangers, he doesn’t know why they called this kid up.

    And to show his displeasure,he’ll be scratched until he returns to the ‘Pack.

    Mark it down.

  195. Go to the Rangers game page for the preview for the game, they talk about Dubi moving to the wing for Arty, and Sather said soem nice things about him in Zipay’s blog, I think that’s all pretty conclusive. I’m really gonna be rooting for AA tomorrow night to play and do something special; I remember when he was drafted TSN said he was a first rounder that got bumped because of the transfer agreement.

    He looked awesome in preseason playing with Shanny and Avery two years ago. Granted this is his first real game, but he’s gonna have me and my friends in the 300s cheering him on.

    Graves? To paraphrase Gomez, what can you say? The guy was the best, played his heart out and took wearing the jersey so seriously. Was the first person along with Jan Erixon to make me see the importance of PKing and I loved when he did the soccer thing and had half the oppositions PP trying to get the puck away from him deep in their zone.

  196. LI,

    I know the chances are slim for a guy like parenteau to come up and make a big offensive impact immediately, but there is also a chance that he has a derek armstrong type impact. Armstrong was great when he finally got the full time call for L.A. at age 30. Granted, he might be more the exception than the rule, but at least give the kid a legitimate look. How many people called undrafted Martin St. Louis a career minor leaguer before he finally got a shot at age 25?

    The re-entry waivers do worry me though. we’d have to keep him up if called up. that wont happen on a team where aaron voros and colton or dress on a regular basis over petr prucha. also, you are correct, lundmark is a scrub. he at least got a shot though to prove he couldn’t cut it.

  197. Paranteau’s gonna spend the entire year in Hartford. his best bet if he resigns (I don’t know his contract status) is to get in the best shape of his life, work on his speed, and come to camp with a purpose forcing the Rangers to keep him next year.

  198. turcotte – the only other thing re parenteau is reentry is on way back up. so to try to bring him back in season he is subject to that. if claimed we get 1/2 cap hit and don’t even get the use of him at nhl or ahl level. and if not claimed where he only costs a team 1/2 price that might say a bit about what other teams and their scouts think of him. and teams do check on a player. several teams checked with people from his past on fritsche when he was waived.

  199. \Rietz im positive will be at a minimum twice as good as Kalinin so the D lines look solid for tomorrow.

    Can someone tell me why Giradri isnt put back with Mara like they were paired into the playoff run last year???

    And why isnt Girardi getting PP chances like he scored on last year and the begining of this year.

    He must have done something to earn the wrath of Coach Clueless.

  200. My dad told me he had a friend that he worked with back when he was a firefighter, his tar popped and he didn’t have an extra, and Graves was with his wife, and he stopped his car and gave him one since he had an extra in the car, and Graves signed his helmet, and took a picture with him.

    I know how made up that sounds, and i wouldn’t believe it, but he’s pretty honest guy, so i don’t think he’s lying.

    Graves is the man. Damn shame i wasn’t into hockey when he was playing. But he seems like one of the nicest guys in New York. Anyone who would just randomly stop what they’re doing to help a total stranger is a pretty cool person.

    Go Artie !!!

  201. Graves was the man, I really wish I was older to appreciate what he meant to the Rangers and the fans. I was 10 when he signed on in 1991 and I kind of took him and all of the good times for granted because they were always there, always going to at least the second round, and always entertaining.

    He was one of a kind and no one will ever treat the Rangers jersey and tradition like he did.

  202. i met adam a few times before games, and at the toy drives at bryant park. the guy is just so awesome. hes so outgoing and really seems like he genuinely wants to meet and talk to everyone who comes up to him.

  203. I say, let’s give these new lines a chance. Looks good to me. Kori & AA played together in Hartford and with Voros we’ve got a big line that could make something happen. Dubie on wing with Drury & Zoro might be good for both Dubie and Zoro. They both need to shoot more. Still don’t feel Cally is the proper RW for the Gomez line. When is this Prucha culture going to die. He’s got great heart but he’s far too small for an already small team. Get used to it. He’s going to be traded if somebody wants to pay his salary. He and Redden are one of the reasons we have this cap problem. Rosy really playing great lately but he has to shoot from the point more. He’s got a great shot. I think he’s still looking for Jagr. Rick, welcome aboard. Great post on Renney. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  204. I’m a former season subscriber (Sec 332) living in Tampa, so my heart will be at the Garden tonight, though I’ll be watching via Directv.

    My question, Carp, deals with Directv’s blackout of HD feeds of all Rangers, Islanders, Devils & Sabres games on the Center Ice package. Do you know why this is happening or when it may end? I can’t seem to get any answers from anyone (NHL, MSG or Directv) on this.

  205. My son was 8 and Adam Graves agreed to come to a Sports Dinner that I attended annually. Adam would not sit with any adults and wanted to just sit with the kids. The dinner was the prime rib and my son never ate prime rib and was sitting with his hockey idol, Adam Graves and not eating. Adam inquired why and my son advise he could not cut the prime rib. I was on another table and when the prime rib came out, I wanted to go to my sons table and cut it for him. When I got there, I was shocked to see Adam Graves cutting his prime rib and talking hockey to an 8 year old. Adam deserves this night and my 18 year old son and myself will be there tonight

  206. jpg30- i used to have direct tvand im out in the midwest so they would black out the live game but them show the rangers in 60 later on. i cant tell u how frustrating that is because i never once was able to wait that long to see who won so id check the score online. i called them up and they told me i gotta pay more money to watch live. i was already payin alot so i said screw it n just cancelled the whole thing. now i watch online

  207. oh u meant hd feed. i just had the general sports package and when i got the package i said i wanted msg exclusively but got every fsn around the country too. still had to wait to see rangers in 60 which this season i wouldnt care as much as these games have been boring as hell this year but u get the point

  208. go graves!!!! no long and emotional speech though please. youll put the garden in a sad mood and wont get fired up on all cylinders to beat the trashers which we’ll need to do to eek out that 3-2 ot win!! wait a minute? are we allowed to score more than 2? does renny allow that? prucha will get benched if we do even if he isnt playing.

  209. mike a- i was the same age when graves came to the rangers. i agree about wishing i was older to cherish and respect the moments we had back then but back then it was fun bein a ranger fan, nowadays i get high blood pressure before a game begins

  210. Hey guys,

    Been a little out of the loop the past few days with work and don’t have time to read all the posts.

    Can anyone confirm whether Anisimov will be playing tonight?

    I think this kid is the real deal. And, it’s not like we’re calling up some manchild (a la Dawes); this kid is a big body.

    Who’s to say he can’t come in and make a big impact? Other teams seem to have guys that do it every night.

  211. Messier may have been the leader, Leetch the home grown superstar, but Adam Graves was the heart and soul of the Rangers. His contributions on the ice are only surpassed by his contributions off the ice; tirelessly working with the children of the city, participating in Toys For Tots every year, just being Adam Graves. Tonight, Ranger fans everywhere will be dropping everything to watch this ceremony.

    During my commute to work this morning, I was thinking about what my favorite Graves moment was. I was 10 when he scored in Game 7 in 1994, just old enough to know it was a big goal, but still too young to fully appreciate it. I nearly hit my ceiling when he scored the OT series clincher against the Devils in 1997, propelling the mediocre Rangers to the Conference Finals. I also thought about his return to the Garden after being forced out of NY, and the video tribute, and Graves shedding a tear as he watched. You could tell he never wanted to leave. I thought about his return to NY as a part of the front office, and when Leetch announced that his number would be retired last year. All of them were special moments, but none of them fully embraced what Gravey meant to the fans.

    My favorite Adam Graves moment came on February 4th, 2004. Mike Richter Night. It was his first appearance on Garden ice since 2002. I remember as JD was introducing everyone, he would start by reciting his accomplishments for the Rangers. The fans would listen to the first accomplishment, identify the player, and start to cheer. Not for Graves. The camera panned over Graves, and the Garden just erupted. You could hear it from across the street, I heard it from college in Binghamton. The roar was deafening, and just continued for what seemed like forever. When a lull finally occurred, JD joked that he didn’t even need to introduce Graves. On a night honoring Mike Richter, Adam Graves may have received the loudest ovation.

    So let me be another person, another Ranger fan, another New Yorker, to say thank you. Thank you Adam Graves, for being you.

    (Direct copy and paste from the post: http://www.blueseatblogs.com/2009/02/03/number-9-adam-graves/)

  212. Comments from hockey experts

    The coach “does not have the respect of his star players”

    The Star scorer “can be dynamic when he wants to be, disappears for long stretches”

    The captain “is not a leader of men; he’s too quiet, almost sullen”

    “The only players who get sat down are 4th liners and 6th defensemen”

    the team “Started out well; winning games they should not have won because of good goaltending but now they are playing to their level”

    “outside of one or two guys, and their main enforcer, the team does not play tough dirty hockey; the kind you need in the playoffs”

    All of the above were being said about the Montreol Canadiens over the past two days on their sports radio shows

    Sound familiar doesn’t it?

    By the way…the furor was caused by not only losing but benching of Kovalev in 3rd period vs Bruins….”What took them so long to sit him down?” was the question being asked

  213. Ok I admit it, I am 67 years old and I saw Andy Bathgate, the REAL Rangers #9, AND a Hall of Famer, play for our club from 1954 – 1964, and then I saw him in the old MSG, as a player forToronto, following the big trade of February, 1964. Frankly, the Rangers should have retired Bathgate’s number years before Adam Graves was in the NHL. This is strictly P.R., and I understand it, all teams in all sports do it, but what a terrible, callous slight and complete ingratitude for the contribution of one of the greatest players of his, and of any era.

    Andy Bathgate will always be revered by those of us who saw him hold his own against the Beliveau’s, the Hull’s and the Howe’s of his day. Bless you Andy, your picture in a Ranger uniform is on my wall. (Andy Bathgate and Jean Ratelle are my two all-time favorite Rangers.)

    A bit of a story regarding the aftermath of the Bathgate trade. The next night, Feb.23, 1964, Toronto came to NY to play the Rangers. Ranger fans were so upset and incensed by the trading of Andy Bathgate by Rangers GM Muzz Patrick, they chanted “Muzz Must Go” vociferously, throughout the entire game. “Muzz Must Go” banners were seen all over the Place. Rangers management response to the fans having an opinion of their own was to ban, forever, the display of banners, pro and con regarding Ranger players, from that night onward. I just sat in silence because I was the one fan in NY who was happy about the trade, because it brought in new and young blood, particularly Bob Nevin and Rod Seiling.

    Toronto did ok on the trade, too. Bathgate scored the game winning goal which brought Toronto the Stanley Cup, three months later.

  214. Tonight is sure to be one of the greatest nights in recent memory for the Rangers….for me at least. Watching the 94 run as a 13 yr old kid will be ingrained in my memory bank forever.

    Unfortunately, this only leads me to believe the Rangers are going to be terribly disappointing tonight on the ice following the festivities.

  215. I Can’t wait fot the game tonight! Even without the Graves event (which guarantees man tears galore,as I’m going to my Dad’s house for one of our classic father-son hockey nights) I am really looking forward to watching our 2 new guys. Definately gonna follow those guys whenever they’re on the ice… hopefully Reitz creates some snarl in our crease.

    To those who know: Does Anisimov play big? Not necessarily hitting, but does he use his size to his advantage in the trenches? (unlike voros)

  216. I’m not sure which possible roster change excites me the most: Kalinin in the stands or Ansimov on the ice….?

  217. Laurel Babcock on

    I gave my brother a Rangers jersey signed by Gretzky, and he still refused to trade me for his signed Graves stick. Now he has both and I remain a fool.

  218. FOUR LOKO?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! HILARIOUS!!! but on another note i tried thisit tastes HORRIBLEbut thats not the point..AM I RIGHT?, HEHEHE!

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