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  1. They probably brought AA up to verify his age …plus Kalinin is injured…AA will replace him during practice w/o seeing any playing time… u know… the usual bull.

  2. Vince Lombardi on

    good, but will they change the forechecking approach, or make him just another Betts. that is more to the point.

  3. I think it is on an emergency basis–meaning they are using Kalinin’s status to get him up. Maybe to see the Graves ceremony in person! Anyone with other info?

  4. doc – they were at 22 man roster and allowed 23 so i doubt kalinin’s injury is related. i was wondering if gomez or someone else is hurt, or voros or dawes in doghouse a bit.

  5. Or maybe they’re finally tired of not scoring enough goals after that 1-0 game in Boston. Truthfully, if they score a couple of goals in that game, the way they played overall, it’s a pretty happy weekend in Blue-land.

  6. wow, didn’t see this one coming! I have to say that I am surprised, something must have changed, I mean the brass must be planning to bench someone. I have to say I am very excited about AA but I don’t want him to play the rest of the season because that would detract playing time from the other centers and because he deserves a full rookie season.

  7. Timbo, you wrote: “Unfortunately, what players want is not aligned with the long term success of the team.”

    What the hey?? As if that is some law of the universe?? So Roger Neilson was right in playing four corners, and Mark Messier was wrong in wanting to pressure the puck. Gimme a break.

  8. i bet that if…IF they dress AA for the game on Tuesday… Renney will play him no more than 10 minutes on the fourth line with Tin man Betts and stone hands Sjo … im putting my hard earned $5 down! anyone else?

  9. AA is the real deal. He’s a center and I would love to see him on a line with Zherdev and Naslund. If they are looking to replace a center, it would more then likely be Dubi. Too bad. So far this season Dubi is better on faceoffs then Gomez or Drury. Heaven forfend we sit either Drury or Gomez though!

    AA certainly isn’t being brought up to replace Kalinin, although Jagr would have been better on defense then Kalinin or Redden. Who knows, maybe Dawes sits, maybe someone is hurt. Or they could just be showcasing Anisimov for a trade.

    Should be an interesting practice tomorrow. I’m sure Laurie from Beyond the BLue Shirts will be burning the midnight oil on this one.

  10. yea sit Dawes since Orr and Voros and SJostrom are such assets..

    give me a break look at dawes vs Voros or SJustrom, who should sit?

    It is not Dawes.. Sjostrum can kill penalties so can about 7 other forwards for the rangers…

  11. “After they scored we had no choice but to go on the offense, and that’s how we have to play, that’s when we play our best – when we don’t worry so much and just go after teams.” Naslund’s quote.

    How this can be read by anyone as anything other than a plea to play aggressively NOT JUST when behind late but from the opening draw, ie. SIXTY MINUTES, is beyond me.

    The player is saying the team plays best when it doesn’t worry and attacks. Doesn’t it follow that the player is likely to endorse that style of play throughout a game, NOT JUST WHEN IT IS BEHIND??

    This is not difficult, people! This is first grade stuff. I mean isn’t it??

  12. they are not trading a 20 yr old forward 4th in the AHL in scoring who is 6 ft 3 or 4 unless the yare getting a really really good player less then 30 years old which is not happening…

  13. stuart, Dawes should be benched for at least a game for his cowardice vs. Lucic on Sat. and it shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Teams that are tight and well-coached do not tolerate a selfish gutless play like that. I like Dawes generally and think he has a future. But he needs to be called out loud for that chicken play in no uncertain terms.

  14. wd40 no probelm but then Renny needs to be consistent and sit other games when they just make moron plays or woose out.

    such as Voros 3 offensive zone penalties a few games ago, naslund pass cross ice in his own zone, and on and on.

    I have no problem with sitting guys when they woos out or have brain farts but that means the VETS whom Renny will never do it to also.

    Dawes and prucha should play over sjustrom and voros and Orr except Orr should paly on occasion when toughness is really needed.

    dawes blew another game a while back I forget when but it was with a mronic cross ice stupid pass so he has more then 1 offense but if the team was just 15th in scoring not 28th on occasional mistake would not be fatal…

  15. Bobby Orr Kalinan hurt his back.. Hoepfully he will be out a while…..

    Young players on the rangers should lie about there age and say they are older so renny plays them!!!

    I am not saying Potter is the next Leetch but in his 20 minutes in the ;ineup he looked better to me then Kalinan…

  16. stuart, I agree completely that accountability from Renney has been terrible, a huge problem all year.

  17. This is pretty sweet! I would definitely hope they’re not gonna trade him that would be a disgrace to the organization and an embarrassment to the fans. He’s played great in the AHL and deserves a shot. He’s not gonna be the total answer at age 20, but he can definitely help. And he can see how the crowd in NY will react if you play your you know what off.

    Carp-Nothing directed against you in any way for the 94 stuff. As I said, I’m forever grateful for it, but I have a Tom Coughlin attitude towards to the Rangers and feel like the past is the past and should only be honored once in a while. The 94 comments come from talking to Rangers fans who blindly worship Messier and think if making him the GM would solve everything and the constant MSG airing of 94 every 5 seconds.

  18. mike a – well you don’t have to watch msg re the 94′ stuff. i like it. remind me of when this team actually played hockey. seeing guys like leetch, mess and graves making plays that noone on the current team does for diff reasons incl ability, desire and coaching.

  19. LI Joe-Fair enough. I want more though; for all of us and for the city.

    As I said I’m forever grateful and will always love those guys, own the DVD set, and the story is folklore, but I just saw the Steelers win their sixth Superbowl if you know what I mean.

    Also, something needs to be done for Zubov. I know he was only a Ranger for 2.5 years but he lead that team in scoring and was one of the core of that championship. When he retires they need to welcome him back in some capacity.

  20. mike a – agreed on all points. i watched some of the stuff tonight fromm 94 and 97. seeing zubov and all those guys and how they played. i used to look up to to the 94′ banner when i went but that seems so long ago now. mess was only 33 then he’s now 48. you’re right we do need new memories and i’m not very optomistic dolan, sather and renney will deliver.

  21. 0necupin67years on

    Bring him up ,let him develope lots of bad habits , kill his confidence . Who’s going to be his mentor? drury, gomez?

  22. still dont understand why prucha is not a rotation that includes: cally, dawes, Voros, sjo, betts, orr, even naslund rotation.. not fair to the guy.

    also, does ANY team in the NHL have only six D-men on their active roster? I dunno, but curious,

  23. Fair enough Mike. But please understand that I’ve been off the beat since ’02, and I’m catching up on the fly here, so the past is where my expertise lies … if I have any expertise at all.

    Besides, it’s usually a pretty good reference point for what’s happening now.

    LI Joe, how old do you think Mess will be when they win again?

  24. costanza with the trade with the wild where we gave up fritsche we picked up our 7th dman

    one cup – so if we bring AA up its no good and if we leave him in ahl its no good either? what would be wrong with drury or gomez as a mentor?

  25. carp -i;m more worried on how old i’ll be as i am a few (not many) older than mess. maybe sam r jinxed us with the and this will last a lifetime. and the sign in the stands now i can die in peace. 15 yrs is a long time already.

    i would be more confident if there was no cap and we had a great gm like holland of detroit and owner like the wings owner. ironic they were showing playoff games from 94 and 97 tonight as prep for graves and they will show again on tues. when we won they were saying the wings have the longest streak from 1955. my how things have changed.

    so short answer – if we’re lucky 10 yrs?

  26. All Hail King Henrik on



    If he’s used in any other capacity, at least initially, then Renney truly is clueless.

  27. I still think another coach could get a lot more out of this team offensively without giving up much defensively.

  28. Can we temper things a bit until the move is officially announced by either the Rangers or Wolfpack please?

    Given the Cap problems the Rangers have unless someone has a LTI then this move makes no sense since AA carries a 821,000 cap number.

    There is a very good chance that this is a paper mistake by the AHL (something that happens a lot with transactions on the website) as if you look at the very next item and you see that Hartford signed then deleted a player from a PTO in the same move.

    I would like to see AA called up but only if he is going to actually be used in a role best suited for him (IE a Top 6 spot).

  29. Naslund-Gomez-Callahan

    Voros can be injected when deemed necessary.

    Hopefully this more than a one game stint for Anisimov!

  30. Carp,

    What do you think about the possibility of the Rangers maybe taking a flier on Rob Schremp? Kid with a boat load of talent that just can’t seem to make that jump to the NHL. Maybe Slats and his boy Kevin Lowe can make something happen for cheap.

  31. with reitz, we have 7 d-men; although now kalinin is hurt, so back down to six and down to five with Redden there.. reitz is 28 yrs old and has 38 games in the nhl…

    …who has the most trade value on the rangers, right now (considering skill/contract/age, etc)????

  32. costanza – kalinin is ? re how long he’ll be out appears to be his back.

    re trade value good question but hard to answer for reasons like you identify. as rental if we were going that route and we won’t i would say mara. as great young player earning low $ staal but again we won’t go that route. a yr from now as rental maybe naslund but only if we were out of it.

    i think we’re too small with too many dawes types. can’t see any bringing much back in return.

    i would not trade any of the recent picks except maybe one of sanguinetti or del zotto and one of them might be the answer to your question of what could bring the most trade value back of someone who could possibly be traded.

  33. Carp – to answer your question, (how old do you think Mess will be when they win again?)…

    Messier will be a distant memory in the minds of a few ancient Ranger fans when they win their next Cup.

    Sort of like Lester Patrick was a distant memory when they won their last Cup with Messier.

    The only thing that could possibly change that bleak scenario would be if the Dolans sold the team to a hockey-centric ownership group, which would then sweep out the dreck inhabiting the management hierarchy (Sather, Renney, Pearn, Pelino) and replace them with astute hockey minds.

    The foundation is rotten. It must be replaced before another Cup can happen.

  34. will …

    i completely agree with those lines. I would possibly like to see Voros or the 4th line in place of Sjostrom though at some point down the road. I really think Voros could do some real damage crashing the net when he gets his confidence back.

    At some point down the road i’d like to see Prucha on a line with Voros. Maybe Prucha could benefit from having a big winger to draw attention away from him, and allow him to worry more about scoring instead of getting ran over in the neutral zone.

    if Will’s roster doesnt work id say give this a try:

    Naslund – Gomez – Callahan
    Dubi – AA – Zherdev
    Prucha – Drury – Voros
    Korpi – Betts – Orr

  35. I have to say I like the AA call up if it is legit. I think the AA between dubi and Z would be great, Dawes or voros would probably sit. One other possibility, perhaps the trade of a forward is going down and that is why AA is getting called up. Just spectulation though!

  36. I only assume kalinin will miss a couple of games – i have no inside knowledge there..

    yeah, in my opinion Mara is the guy with the most trade value – great play, last yr of contract, d-man.. I didnt care for him at first, but he took a one yr deal for less money to be a ranger..and has been their most consistent skater this year – I feel he deserves near-“Jeter-esque” teratment for that…

    …for the RIGHT deal (i.e. Boumeester/Lecav/Frolov+), I would move Staal

  37. Don’t get excited, Sags came up and didn’t play, PA Par as well. Im done getting excited over thing’s like this. Until i see him on the bench during the puck drop, then ill believe it.

    I hope he plays though, im not expecting much from him, but it would be nice to see how he does up here.

    Go AA !!! Stay away from Dru, and Gomer. They just care aboot money.

  38. The best trade value IMO is Zherdev. Dont get me wrong, the kid has a ton of talent, and id hate to see him go but the fact is when making a trade you have to treat the players like a stock (by low, sell high).

    We got Zherdev for relatively cheap and when alot of teams had doubts of his defensive abilities, and his lack of passion and such. This season he has shown the NHL community that he can be a scoring leader and he can play defense. I dont think we should trade Zherdev but he is an RFA at season’s end and if we cant get him to play ball with a relatively cheap contract, i would have no problem letting him go for a couple of high draft picks.

  39. they are showing game 7 vs vanc now. wells just gave away the puck like some of our recent dmen and the rangers were lucky they didn’t fall behind

  40. yeah Zherdev, too.. I thght he was at 5mm per but he is actually at $2.5 mil.. but jeez, how bad (and boring) is the ranger O without him?.. again, I move him for in the right deal..Zherdev/Staal for Boumeester and salary dump (even trade out with draft piks).. I’ll take it…

  41. Yeah i was watching some of those “Graves Scores” games. I still cant get over the fact that basically every single shift back in those days would be a penalty in these days. Hooks, holds, slashes, fuggin punches. The game got soo soft it’s crazy. Luckily i got into the game right before the lockout, so i was just desperate to watch hockey, how ever it’s played. But im sure the old fans still cant stand it.

    Either way, i just wanna watch hockey so i cant complain that much. But then again Nyr doesn’t play hockey, they play a bootleg Devils game. The kind that would be sold at a cheap flea market if it were for sale. Compliments of the best coach in the NHL, Mr. Renney. Ugh !

  42. i would not trade staal and we can’t in any way afford bowmeister under the cap. also suspect if somehow we ever did bring him in many would suffer from buyers remorse and wish him gone within a short while. he really hasn’t brought fla to great heights.

  43. I just cant agree with trading Staal. Who knows if he’ll be the offensive D-man we hope he will be, but still he can develop into a tough physical D-man, and isn’t that what we all want. He’s the best d-man we have. I think he will turn into an offensive d-man soon enough. Give him time to develop his shot, cause he’s proven he has some sick accuracy. Look at his 2 goals against Broduer, and the one against Tampa, all from the point. Renney is really holding him back, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be on the PP. The way i see it, we give up short handed goals so much, why not put our best defensive d-man on the PP ? But no, Renney only plays him when there’s an injury, or he puts him there with 10 secs left. Jerkoff !!

    BTW – That Staal goal in game 4 was classic !! Watching that play unfold, with Jags surprising Martina with the slap shot from the left side, and Straks grabbing the rebound waiting for Staal to come in, then BOOM !!! Goal. Then Dubi, and Jags stormed Staal. Ugh, i loved that series. I say it a lot, but ill say it again, i really miss last years team, minus Hollweg, and Sister Christian Backman.

  44. yeah, I know we cant afford boumeester (mainly b/c of redden contract)..I am not saying we shld actively look to move staal, but just trying to get a feel for what we can do to upgrade….Boumeester would be a good addition.. and feel Staal is a bit overrated..

  45. Orr – just read your post – yes, Staal is young with a bunch of potential that I willing to go with – he need more confidence with the puck and his shot and a consistent “edge” ..

    ..on the young Dman side, I feel Girardi is being stunted by Redden, his “O” is “tighter” than Staal right now, But he is always covering for Redden’s poor decisions, weak passes and blocked shots… I can live with Girardi, Staal Mara, Rosie.. but the rest.. yeesh.

  46. i think staal is a star in the making from a defensive presence. teams are already trying to avoid him with their matchups. as long as he’s healthy. and in my opinion his position is defense so i’m quite ok with him not being the offensive dman. and i really think bowmeister is overrated

  47. I just want some offense from somewhere, the Bruins game was just so frustrating.. I mean Savard was our draft pick and he has developed into an incredible playmaker and we got Hlavak and Lundmark for him ..


    Ugh, tell me aboot it. We’re stuck paying a
    load of money for overrated players like Gomez, and Drury, while we let one slip away. Makes me wanna cry. I agree with you on Danny G. Rozi’s game was horrible playing with Wade, now he’s gotten better, but Dany G is suffering. Redden flat out sucks.


    Exactly, the fact that some teams are desperately trying to get their star players away from him says it all.

  49. Anthnoy-I think Schremp is with the Kings now and was traded during the offseason, not sure though.

    Carp-Totally understood and fair! If you feel out of the loop, it sure doesn’t seem that way; you were totally 100% correct on the money with that state of the Rangers address.

    AA has usually played with one big guy and a skill guy so Dubi and Zherdev works. When Cally was sent down last season, him and AA seemed to click so maybe AA/Cally and a fast guy like Drury/Dawes/Prucha.

    Also, as per Howlings, AA was at the Pack’s morning skate but left before I charity event so he was indeed on the way to NY.

  50. 0necupin67years on

    my point was that with all the big dollars invested in roster spots ,I don’t think Renney and sather have the patience to develop this kid unless he’s an instant scoring machine,which I hope he is.

  51. if Renney is so good why hasn’t he been able to get Redden to improve? The coach’s supporters can’t have it both ways. Let him go and hang with Sather. Bring a guy tough guy.

  52. I think it’s more likely he’s been brought up to see how much depth we have for a potential trade that doesn’t involve him

  53. Just got back from Superbowl drinkfest!

    I voted “yes” the other day and I read your assesment. We were only supposed to say yes or no but your mid-season report went beyond the simple yes or no; you went into “well who you gonna replace Renney with?” as if the only point to it all was what happens “this year”…

    I personally would get rid of him simply because I feel his “system” and his “era” have maxed out and timed out.

    Bringing young guys into this quagmire will hurt them and like people above are fearing, I’m really afraid that making trades ( surrendering pix or kids) is going to damage the furure even more in a lame attempt to prop up this coaching staff-who can’t get any further than they already have…with Hank, Jagr, Shanny,Straka

    Thats why I want him gone

    Not so someone else will come in and win the cup-thats unrealistic; but just to jumpstart the future the right way…and I know Slats isnt blameless here-he is but this question you asked was about Renney.

  54. Rick,

    You might want to do yourself a favor and not let the Rangers “fans” here get to you. People call fans here passionate. I call them habitually negative. They always preach doom and look for the negative.

    An example, people wanted Sundin. Have people seen how bad he has been doing in Vancouver? I think he is like aminus 5 or something. Barely any production. If this was NY, Sather would be trashed already. Renney would be blasted for not coaching him right. If I was a star player, I wouldn’t want to play for ungrateful fans like this who only cheer when they win.

  55. Chris,

    I remember just as many people here saying not to get Sundin as there were saying to go sign him; some were vociferous and comparing the possible signing of Sundin as a return to the early 2000’s signing of old stars

    …and how is saying you want Sundin signed viewed as being negative anyway??

  56. I highly doubt Anisimov has been brought up to showcase him for a trade. They need offense and he’s the leading scorer in Hartford. There doesn’t always have to be an underlying meaning to everything.

    And I’m not going to lie, in the right deal, I would move Anisimov (packaged for a top 3 winger). There’s still Grachev in the system, who is essentially AA but bigger, and the Rangers are very deep at center.

  57. MikeA, Schremp is still on the Oilers. He played 4 games this year and got 3 points before being sent back to the minors. MacTavish doesn’t like him. They say he’s lazy and a head case. The kind of player that the Rangers seem to like to take on and make a player out of.

  58. Renney’s time is up in New York. How can you say we played a good game when we did not come out with 1 point. I say get rid of Renney and bring in Laviolette or Tortorella. We need a coach that fires up the bench. Where are you Herb Brooks when we need you? Rest in Peace.

  59. if AA comes up and plays well, the Rangers might be looking to trade Dubi. It seems the number 1 and 2 player that other teams try to pry away from us is Dubi and Staal. If AA proves to be better, other teams might finally get their player, but hopefully if we let Dubi go, it will be to get a cheap scoring winger like Vermette or Antropov to play with AA

  60. if AA playes center no center will sit, but I could see Drury on wing, he has palyed there ths year some. I see one of Dawes or Varros out. Dawes hasnt been playing as hard it seems, and Varos, well he is…well…yeah. So I think AA could play cewnter in Drurys spt, maybe even with Drury on his wing. Or perhaos a trade is about to happen and AA is going to be needed..maybe Sather is movine a wingger or two and a D man to get a bigger better D man (wishful thinking??)

  61. doodie machetto on

    Ottawa fired Hartsburg.

    I think that’s an appropriate bookend on the Renney discussion from the weekend that I missed out on with the flu.

    And am still at work with the flu.

  62. Frolov is the kind of player I would package AA for. I just don’t see it happening though. Gomer and Drury are unmovable. Also, this year aside (so basically just last year), we got what we should have expected from them.

    Contract payout =/= player talent.

  63. I think of our 4 centers – Drury is the most likely to move to wing, unless AA is going to play wing himself?

    As for Dawes he seems to have these spells of good play followed by several anonymous games and the occasional visibly bad game. He should really sit for Prucha next game.
    Maybe Dawes will be shipped out in a trade?

    Cue more line combinations…..

  64. doodie machetto on

    Domi, I usually hate Brooks, but he says exaclty what I was saying last week about the ceiling and expectations of this team to Beer Me when talking about this year and years past.

  65. Ottawa is desperate… another spector link said Neil can be had for a 2nd rounder.. how about packaging Voros/Dawes for Neil + pick or something? We need a banger and Ottawa could use the offense.

  66. I think its a healthy thing to appreciate the improvement from pre-lockout Rangers hockey to the post lockout playoff teams

    I think its just as healthy to expect improvement from year to year

    I think its healthy to look at last years team losing to Penguins in the second round as a disappointment

    I think its healthy to evaluate the current squad as, at best, equals to the previous two teams but no better; plus we are cap-strangled now

    and so in ending, pray as hard as you can that Redden retires or goes to AHL, trade Drury and Rozival and begin anew; with new coaches as well

    …. Its healthy and realistic…not negative…what do you realistically think this Ranger team can do this year???

  67. While all the positive things said about Renney are true. A couple of “negatives” stand out which he & the coaching staff have to be held accountable for. #1- this is the 4th consecutive season the the Rangers’ power play has been missing in action. Bad enough the previous 3 seasons, but now NYR is within sniffing distance of the league record for short handed goals given up. Take a look at the players disproportionate +/- & remember players receive a – when they’re on ice & a shortie is scored. Don’t know how others feel,but other than Stall & to a lesser degree Callahan, have our young guys progressed as they should have?
    In fairness, this team as currently constructed does not have 4 rounds of playoffs in them, which Renney cannot be faulted for. If any changes occur, it should be from the top, Sather, on down, but we know nothing will change. That said, Sather & Barnett should do whatever needs to be done to free up enough $ to bring UFA Dany Heatley to MSG. Buyouts, trades, whatever, but the Rangers & their fans need a S-T-A-R, particularly a goal scorer.

  68. Rick – is it fairly safe to say if we don’t reach the conference finals this year then Tom Renney will probably not be behind the bench next year?

    Personally, i think we’re only a couple of moves away from having a shot in the playoffs (a physical D to replace Kalinin, and a big top 6 winger) – but we don’t seem to have the cap room. I am of course assuming that Redden picks his play up to a more reliable level before the play-offs and our forwards find some sort of cohesion.

  69. Kaspar,

    That was not the point I was making. If Sundin HAD come here, people would be trashing him, Renney and Sather with the start he has had. That’s what I mean by being negative. No patience at all.

    The way people react to this team, you would think we hadn’t made the playoff the past few years and been dead last. Or like the Knicks. It’s never good enough unless you win a championship. These things take time. There is parity in this league. So it’s not the best coached teams that win alone. It’s takes some luck too.

  70. ““UFA Dany Heatley”?! He’s signed through the 2013-2014 season.”

    thats when we sign him then….

  71. What’s this I hear about Renney and only playing players above a certain age?

    Does he have some sort of rule or policy about this?

  72. There are 30 days until the NHL trade deadline. With Dawes expected to sit tomorrow, AA getting the nod, low scoring & cap space, thoughts?

  73. zherv – AA is 20 and hasn’t played a game yet and yet you want him to be number 1 center. unbelievable

  74. somerset 10:15

    i think dubi is a 3rd center but even i would not trade him for antropov. that guy would be on the fans radar and not in a good way in very short time.

  75. Rick –

    Renney is one of the best coaches out there. He is cerebral – he knows hockey and he knows how to get the best out of what he has MOST of the time. Say what you want, but the GAA , penalities, PK units are all better with Renney. He does what any good coach does: evaluates what talent he has, and bases his game plan and style to match – and he has been very successful. Sure they can improve on a number of fronts – but they need to trade up to do it – so my vote is – Renney is the Man! He should be celebrated for what he has accomplished –


  76. No day is a bad day to complain about Renney for some ranger fans.

    That said, good to see him up, if he performs well enough to be a consistant forward, it might give Slats a little more liberty come deadline time.

  77. Hockeyman Rangers on

    where is Ansiminov fitting in?? Is he palying tomorrow. How was his paractice with the big boys???

  78. I was excited when Sangs came up – turned out to be a pre-game skate call-up. Wonder if this will be the usually “cup of coffee – see ya” joke on the player and on us. We know this, because of his tender age, Renney despises him, already. God how Renney misses Strudwick and Hollweg – real NHL pluggers.

  79. It’s about time. I’m sick of seeing the hawks with verteeg, sharp, toews, and kane, and other young players around the league and the rangers sitting on their hands and waisting money on has beens and never were ( see kalinen, voros, redden, and many others over the years) I want to see sanguetti, ansimov, pyatt, del zotto and others get a chance, this way if they have what it takes your not waisting money and time on older less effective assests

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