OK, let’s vote on Tom Renney


So, since you guys have been doing it for months, if not years, let’s talk about Tom Renney.

FIRST I’d like to get an idea of what I’m up against here. Do you think it would be possible for you guys to SIMPLY give me a YES or NO response – no arguments, no trash talk, just a YES or a NO on the following?:

Do you think this is all Renney’s fault?

If you say YES, then I trust you are saying you think the team is better than its record indicates and he should be fired.

If you say NO, then I will take that as any number of things, such as it’s partly his fault, or it’s not his fault, or his hand are tied by the players he has, or he could do better but he’s not bad, etc.

Once I count up the YES and NO votes tomorrow morning, we’ll try to have a discussion on the coach, the GM, the players, etc., but focusing on Renney.

So PLEASE starting now, just YES or NO.



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  1. No-This is Sather’s fault. He signed Redden and Kalinin when he could have had any 2 combos of Jason Smith/Ossi Vannanen/Mike Commodore/Ron Hainsey/Mark Streit making about $7.5-$8 million.

    Renney needs to be more aggressive and I don’t know if he is the guy to bring a championship to NY, but he’s done a great job of getting this franchise back on track and I’m not ready to dump him yet.

    This is a transition year all. If they make the playoffs, it’s a success. If they win a round, a huge success. If they go 1986 Le Miracle Petite (I was all of 5 years old when Larouche coined the term) on us; that would be the best case scenario.

  2. Sorry Carp, I can’t follow directions it seems :( You think I would’ve gotten something out of college other than getting really good at NHL 2002.

  3. No problem, Mike. We’re going to go at this better once we get a lot of votes in. You might guess, too, that Sather will be a big part of the discussion.

    but for now … YES OR NO!

  4. carp – any one who says no will be hung in effigy by the anti renney people. i value my life.

    it is an unfair question. like do you still beat your wife. how can you answer this. either way you’re wrong.

  5. Right, Kate. Sure. Yeah. Your name is really Kate. Kate Hepburn. You were great in ‘Golden Pond.’

  6. YES

    *Don’t read this part*
    Not just the system, but he can’t motivate a team. I can’t wait to get into this. Again. With Carp. Who is not afraid to take a side from time to time.

  7. No

    And my friend Carl is here, I call him Slingblade, and his answer is Mmmm hmmm. Then he mumbled something about french fried tatters.

  8. yes…and not just for this season, look at the track record…

    – Renney’s stubbornness in insisting that Weekes was the #1 goalie when Lundqvist was clearly outplaying him during the first few months of ’05-’06

    – watching the team collapse down the stretch after the Olympics, not even able to get that 1 point needed to clinch the division at the end of the season

    – playing Jagr on the PK (which he hadn’t done all year!) in the closing minutes of a Game 1 blowout loss vs. New Jersey, we all know what happened next, series basically over

    – putting Jagr/Nylander on the ice while protecting a 1 goal lead in the final minute of Game 5 vs. Buffalo…Drury scores, series basically over

    – playing passive, “not-to-lose” hockey after going up 3-0 vs. Pittsburgh in Game 1 last year…Pittsburgh comes back to win, series basically over

    – after the Rangers erase a 2 goal deficit and come back to tie Game 3 vs. Pittsburgh, Renney puts that brain-dead idiot Hollweg on the ice, maybe for his “sandpaper”…Hollweg boarding penalty, series REALLY over

    – you can make the argument that Renney’s (bad) decisions were the turning points in all 3 playoff series losses since the lockout

    – Renney’s overall lack of accountability, and also his selective accountability favoring vets at the expense of younger players (see: Prucha, Petr)

    – his mindless line combos (like Betts centering Shanahan among many others) and lineup choices (the Krog/Isbister experiments, his mancrush on Hossa, playing Voros over Prucha for size and “sandpaper” when this team can’t score, etc.)

    – his inability to make in-game adjustments

    – Renney’s “system” and passive, conservative, “not-to-lose” style of play, which gets the least out of the talent available…his “system” has also made this Rangers team the most BORING, unwatchable NYR team in my lifetime

    sorry Carp I know you said “yes or no” but I needed to vent after today’s game…DO SATHER NEXT, he’s just as responsible

  9. RICH

    You’re right, im not that excited aboot Nyr hockey as i usually am, i used to want to take a nap in the p.m. so i can wake up at 7 right before the drop of the puck, now i just don’t care, and kinda take the hours of waiting as my “happy hours” cause i have a strange feeling when the next 3 hours are up, im gonna feel like putting someones face through a sheet of glass.

    This fuggin team frustrates me ! God damn Hulk syndrome is what i get out of it.

  10. lenny no way – i voted 1/3 each renney sather and dolan who gets way too much a free pass around here. i bet at least 1/2 the yes votes would also vote yes for the exact same question just changing renney to sather. can’t since the way the question is posed as IS THIS ALL RENNEYS FAULT. operative word being ALL.

  11. Orr-

    exactly, I’ve never been as distracted/disinterested watching a Rangers game as I have been this year (even during the late 90’s/early 2000’s dark years)

    it’s really hard to keep from flipping to other games on the Center Ice package…Caps/Red Wings today or watch us “play the system” while struggling to generate any real offense, easy choice

  12. YES to what Rich said. That’s a lot of evidence , basically beyond a reasonable doubt since it’s been done 3 years in a row working on 4 . Guilty of overpremeditated murder of offense and the NYR.

  13. No. It’s not all his fault, but he could be better.. however.. the team has been getting better every year.

  14. I hate Renney with a passion. He just cant control this team, and im so sick of Renney lovers saying he “brought this team back to respectability”, yeah right, Hank, and Jagr saved Nyr in 05-06, and when they got injured during the end of the year, what happened ? They got swept. The great coach he is couldn’t get the message through to Nylander, Straka, Ruchinsky, Sykora, and the other Vets on this team, and they got bitched around by a team that wasn’t even as good as they looked in that series.

    He’s done some good thing’s, but not enough to come to the conclusion that he’s a good coach, and he’ll be the one to bring this team to the Cup finals. I just don’t see it, not with him as the coach, but hey, some people think otherwise, waddya gonna do.

  15. Rick you are awesome! No other Rangers writer would have the guts to do a post like this…Thank You

  16. Slightly ammending my vote:
    *Renney is the most significant problem* with this team.

    There are other flaws, but they could be compensated for if Renney knew how to coach this team, had a better system, and implemented better pre-game (personel) and in-game judgement. The players, coach, and GM are also an embarrassment, but Renney should be able to make this a top-division team (as evidenced by their season’s start).

  17. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    I love Renney as a coach but not the coach of the Rangers. His defense first thought process is lowing down what could be an amazingly fast high paced team that could score 4-5 goals a game. Renney would be better coaching a team without superstars.

  18. Joe

    “Rick you are awesome! No other Rangers writer would have the guts to do a post like this…Thank You”

    It’s really Bob Page in disguise. :~)

  19. I don’t see how you can put this on Renney. He can only coach the team he has in front of him. How can any of us really think this was going to be anything other than a transition year? Losing Jagr/Shanny/Straka and fielding a team that could have not even one guy net 30. True, they tried to make a splash with Redden…but even that terrrible contract isn’t Renney’s fault. Anyone who thought during the summer that we were going to have an elite team this year was simply deluding themselves.

  20. Yes.. he says the same line after every loss and im sick of it.

    “Yea we lost but we can take a few positive elements out of this game and build on it”

    Thank you Rick for bringing this up.

    A good teacher doesn’t necessarily mean a good coach, they need someone with fire in them, renney makes a very good assistant but is not a good coach. By example if u want to go back to a few weeks ago (before the chicago game), and he made the quote, “maybe i should yell at refs more often it seems to work for other coaches.”

    I was dumbfounded wen i heard that quote. Did he finally realize that now?

    He’s got to go. Plain and simple

  21. I’ve never seen so many short handed goals, or bench minors, or line juggling, or failure to bench the real problems (our $7m men), so yes. Dump the entire staff.

  22. Yes.

    The coach is responsible for the team performing at a level less than the sum of its collective level of talent.

    Sather gets a yes too, because he tied up $25+ million/year in four players (Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozsival) — but as you say, that is a different discussion.

    btw, welcome back Carpy…

  23. I have to say, the way this question is posed is inherently bad either way IMO. It’s obviously not a black & white issue, why position it as such? and why not make an actual legit poll if you dont want people talking about it?

  24. Rick, glad you have the guts to ask this question but the way you phrased it is not fair to many. “Is it ALL Renney’s fault, Yes or No, has many people saying No even if they want Renney fired. Just like a juror voting not guilty because there was not a 100% certainty even though he was mostly sure that guilty was the correct vote. I can very honestly say it is NOT ALL Renney’s fault but there are more than sufficient reasons that he be fired ASAP.
    Having said that, FIRE HIM NOW

  25. Slats certainly hasn’t helped things, with his Summer of Cap Room Magic, but Renney and the coaches have to take the blame for a perennially woeful PP unit, and amateur line changes. Tom’s a nice man, a bit too Zen for my taste, but a nice man. He’s not the coach who’s going to take you to the Finals. And he’s certainly not going to even get you close.

    Not ALL his fault, but YES, Renney & Co. have to go.

  26. That’s the problem right there, Renney’s too nice. He rarely gets fired up, and when he does, you cant take him serious. It’s like a Clown trying to act tough, it just doesn’t seem right.

    The way he treats his kids is pathetic. He benches them, or scratches them, but the Vets, if they make the same EXACT mistakes, or worse, they don’t miss a mother fuggin shift. How is that good coaching ?? Please Renney lovers, explain, cause id love to know.

  27. NO

    this is NOT tom renney’s fault. Every intelligent rangers fan would know this.. Tom is not the reason the team is not a stanley cup calibur team. Glen Sather is. EVERYONE can agree with me on that… He makes the wrong moves!

    why not go out and get a hossa? or a kovalchuk? the rangers need a player of the calibur of Ovechkin or parise.

    we dont have that.

    we have AVERAGE puck handlers (aside from gomez), and BELOW Average scorers.

    everone on the team plays the same way.

    dump nasulnd.. dump redden.

    clear the space.

    trade for ilya!.

    make some moves.. GOOD ONES.

    compliment the young guns like dubie and dawes.

    give gomez someone to give the puck to, someone who kNOWS what to do with it.

    the end.

  28. No. This should be on Sather and his signing of redundant parts like Drury/Gomez and Rozsival/Redden. Especially with Dubinsky/Anismov and Del Zotto/Sanguinetti most likely being able to play their positions by the time their contracts run out.

  29. Kevin, sorry but I don’t agree. Too many times it has become obvious that the team’s tempo is being modulated. Notice how the back checking by the forwards is pretty well always decent, while so often the forecheck is throttled and almost non-existant. If the backchecking is good, it tells me the players are buying in to what Renney says. I’m not behind the bench obviously, but the way the forecheck pressure changes from game to game, and within a game, leaves me with the conclusion it is Renney’s ‘tuning’ and his idea of defense being the best policy. And I think he gets it really really wrong and short sells his players on what they actually could accomplish when they are not reined in so excessively. I’ve thought this for about two years now, would love to see a new coaching brigade.

  30. DanTheRangerFan on

    If you voted twice under a different name you really need to get a life, this is suppose to be a fun poll..to get an idea of what readers think about Renney..then again why waste my breathe these trolls never get the point

  31. Oh look, the poll police is here. I personally did not vote twice under different names but I can’t hate on those that did.. some people are passionate about their opinions so just let it be. Like it makes a difference anyway!


    Firing Renney solves nothing since he still has a lot to offer the Rangers. The reason why the Rangers have prospects coming up is because Tom Renney fixed the scouting and developmental program.

    Tom Renney as one of the VP for Hockey Canada is part of the reason why Canada has won 5 straight gold medals. Renney is no NHL coach but he is one heck of a desk jockey

    Move Renney behind a desk where he can do his best work.

    The Rangers need someone who will shove their foot up someone’s rear if they fail to give 100%, they need someone who will not stand there like a statue when the refs are giving them the shaft, the Rangers need someone who has won as a player and as a coach and they already employ that person.

    Give me Jim Schoenfeld as the next Ranger coach

  33. Yes.

    I used to be a “No” on this but now a “yes.” By no means all his fault. But this system is sucking the inspiration and natural talent out of the team.

  34. “this is NOT tom renney’s fault. Every intelligent rangers fan would know this.. Tom is not the reason the team is not a stanley cup calibur team. Glen Sather is. EVERYONE can agree with me on that… He makes the wrong moves!”

    For reply, read Orr’s and Rich’s posts above. They’re two pretty intelligent guys, btw.

    As to the person who said Renney’s helped get 5 straight Canadian medals… ummm… isn’t that more because it’s Canada and they ummm… well … *HAVE THE MOST PLAYERS IN THE NHL ANYWAY?!* ummm? Right? haha.

  35. “RangerFan
    February 1st, 2009 at 9:06 am

    if anything he’s done a good job getting them this far with these garbage players”

    Brain-washed! Stop watching MSG commercials and stop listening to Sam and Joe! Hell, even Weinman had disdain for Renney when he left the team and Sam was a pretty staunch supporter of Renney before this season.

  36. YES. and to everyone saying no, two words for you: the powerplay. which apparently they don’t even practice. hrm..

    fire renney. bottom line is he doesn’t hold his players accountable.

  37. YES, not because of him winning or losing but because Tom Renney hockey is BORING hockey. At this point I’d rather watch the Washington Ovechkins or even the Bruins. At least they work hard, they hit hard, they score goals, they are fun to watch.

  38. YES!!

    Renney has NO CLUE how to run a bench.


    Why is it that one of the players that actually plays with heart and understands the concept of forechecking SITS IN THE PRESSBOX most games?

    Sorry for the caps, but this man infuriates me.

    I hate Renney and think he sucks any offensive life this team has out of it.

  39. Orr’s right hand man (I think) said at 12:45am

    That’s the problem right there, Renney’s too nice. He rarely gets fired up, and when he does, you cant take him serious. It’s like a Clown trying to act tough, it just doesn’t seem right.


    Hits the nail on the head.

  40. NO.

    Very limited and redundant roster provided by Sather, but Renny hasn’ty gotten the best out of what he has since October…Can him..

  41. Here’s the rest of Orr’s quote.

    “”The way he treats his kids is pathetic. He benches them, or scratches them, but the Vets, if they make the same EXACT mistakes, or worse, they don’t miss a mother fuggin shift. How is that good coaching ?? Please Renney lovers, explain, cause id love to know.””

  42. Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes.

    Firing Renney, Pearn and Pelino and bringing in a tough knowledgeable coach (Tortorella, Laviolette) will fix most of what’s wrong with this team…

  43. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    1000% yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Moe Larry Curly Shemp & Joe Besser January 31st, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!



  45. The Dark Ranger on

    I’m sorry but when a team gets as many “Too many men on the ice” penalties like we do, I have to give a resounding YES!! Renney can’t control his own bench, let alone institue any short of strategy.

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