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I never liked afternoon NHL games. To me, it often seems, players aren’t totally awake and ready for the battle of an NHL game. These are creatures of habit, and they can’t force themselves to bed early, and their bodies are generally used to rising early for a morning skate, a meal and a nap before playing in the evening. Now they lose the morning skate and the nap and the afternoon preparation.

I’m not making excuses. I just think the daytime games sometimes lack the fire and enthusiasm.

I also get a kick out of every post-afternoon-game interview. The player or coach will invariably say “tonight” when discussing the game.


Adam Graves will have his number retired Tuesday, but do you remember that he already has had one of his Rangers numbers retired?

It was right in Boston — in the little rat-and-roach-infested Boston Garden where you could never see a bad game, before they tore it down to begin playing in their new corporate-named Garden 18 inches away — on the opening night of 1991-92. The Rangers had traded their captain, Kelly Kisio, so Graves, who had signed as a free agent from Edmonton late in the summer, wore Kisio’s No. 11 that night in Boston. Bernie Nicholls wore No. 9.

During that game, back in New York, Mark Messier passed a Rangers physical, and the next morning the trade was consummated, bringing Messier here to wear No. 11 and Kisio’s old “C.” Nicholls was in the deal, so Graves got No. 9 for the next game in Montreal.


Are you missing Sam Weinman? I am. He did this interview with NYRangerscast yesterday and you can hear it here: He did this interview with NYRangerscast yesterday, and you can hear it here.

We hope to do a live Rangers Report video chat Wednesday at 1 p.m. I’ll keep you “posted” on that. Hope you can all drop by.


One of our readers asked why the Knicks can pay Stephon Marbury $23 million to sit and watch and not play, but won’t pay Wade Redden his $5M or so to go play in Hartford. The obvious answer is that Marbury was somebody else’s mistake, not Donnie Walsh’s. But while there is much deserved dislike for Redden already, and he’s probably never ever going to be worth anywhere near that amount of money, he is an NHL defenseman, better than anything they have in Hartford, and the Rangers have to hope he finds his game somehow, and soon.

Meanwhile, another reader suggested I pin to Redden’s locker this quote from all-out, every-play Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu about earning his gigantic contract (four years, $30 million). I can’t tack it to Redden’s locker, so I’ll post it here:

“You have to earn the money,” Polamalu said. “It’s not for what I did in the past, it’s for what I’ve got to earn now.”

Enjoy the game.

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  1. Im usually a pretty positive guy around here, but man … the Rangers really suck in day-games.

    This is gonna be a long afternoon

  2. I’m hoping the Rangers win today, only because I want to see how drastically different the moods are on this blog after a win … because I’ve got to say, they’ve been brutally negative the last two days.

  3. This is a huge test. Boston is really really good. With regards to redden its just the length of contract that drives me nuts. To his credit he’s been better defensively but he waits too long to shoot when he has the opportunity, and it gets blocked.

  4. Ah i forgot to set my name to zhervalev mobile (I love my g1). Rick, I’m very negative whether we win or lose. Its usually to rile people up but mostly bc I’m extremely cynical and like to really exaggerate my anger.

  5. Voice of Reason on


    Are you intimating that Sather has a hard time admitting his mistakes? He’s made so many that it really shouldn’t matter.

    Not even acknowledging his horrific choices in Coaches (present company included), his drafts, trades and free agent debacles should provide him appropriate self loathing.

    Aside from sexually harassing an MSG admin, exactly what would he have to do to lose his ‘job’…????

    More interesting however, would be to determine the worst move he’s made since arriving….

  6. I am getting the idea about the negative … it would be a pretty boring blog if everybody was happy and satisfied with the team.

    Voice, let’s just say that you saw what it took for Isiah to get fired. So we’re not nearly there yet with the NYR. As for the worst move, let’s make that a discussion later in the week between games. OK?

  7. maybe we expect too much from this team. im looking forward to guys like Anisimov Del Zotto and Grachev developing. Our drafting has definitely improved since we no longer trade all youth, but the players are missing that hunger and drive that have made teams like Boston and San Jose shine this year.

  8. Carp,

    I’m curious to get your thoughts on Graves number retirement. As a Rangers fan, I love Graves for what he brought and still brings to the organization. However, I do not think he deserves the retirement. He was a good player (and a great human being), but not a great player. In my opinion, number retirements should be reserved for truly great players. It seems like the Rangers brass had to be convinced to include Bathgate in the deal, even though Bathgate is a Hall of Famer.

  9. Shanahan lookms like he is helping the Debbie’s.
    the rangers could have had him for $800k, he begged them to take him back but no they did not want to hurt SJustrom’s ice time..

    Looks like a miss. It was a very low risk signing, he has 5 points already, he would have been like 8th on the rangers in scoring already!!!!

    Lamiorella is so much smarter the nSather it is not even funny.

    Is Prucha playing today over Voros???I bet Renny gives us the size bullsh-t….

    Debbies win games all the time from behind and are 9 0 and 1 in OT so do not say the ranger OT record is not earned…

  10. ntb, we’re going to do a Graves discussion at length Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday. I agree with the “truly great player” idea, but this guy is an obvious, worthy exception. I wish teams would do a Ring of Honor thing, where they put a guy’s number up but don’t retire it. Then you can honor more guys like Graves, and like Jean Ratelle and some of the other old-timers who were great, great players but never won. Maybe JD.

    Stuart, I don’t say the Rangers record is not earned. I’m saying it’s misleading. They are not playing, or have not played, as well as their record might indicate. And all you need to do is read the comments on this blog to figure out people aren’t fooled by it.

  11. The rangers need to play for 60 minutes today. That’s 60 not 45 or 50 but 60. They have only done that once this year. Wade please step up and pull it together,we need you. I hate the devils but they attack the puck and seem to be becoming a powerhouse of a team, I hate them, but the last few games scare me. Drury where are you?

  12. rick I agree. My point is teams with good D and very good goalies tend to win OT and shootout games.

    I agree the rangers are far from the best team and at best deserve to be a 3rd or 4th seed in the east.

    The thing that bothers me is they are not making any changes or trying anything to see if they can change the situation.

    really trying Potter for 2 straight games over Kalinan could the results be that bad? Or trying to change the 4th line to betts, voros, and someone else with skill to see if they can supplement there terrible scoring by having 4 lines with some skill, is that a terrible idea?

    Yeah Sjustrom can skate(hands of stone) and Orr can fight(he cannot skate) but this team CANNOT score….

    How about trying Staal on the PP??? Really moving or limiting the minutes on the PP of Redden would cause what?

    These moves are doable, not to radical, and may or may nor help the scenario but the Rangers really change nothing.

    Other potential low risk moves are; give ANsimov a game or 2(he is a legit prospect), trade Prucha(if they do not like him for someone), there are moves to be tried….

  13. onecupin67years on

    Th real question is not “why do the knicks pay….” the real questions is: when is Dolan going to end this nonsense, is he that simple?

    You’ve got to give the devils their due, they’re pretty good without Brodeur, if it were the rangers missing Lundqvist ,I doubt they would be where they are now.

    It just goes to show you what a better gm Lou L is over Sather.

  14. I’ll go on record now to say that Sather’s worst move was the Leetch trade. Kondratiev and Immonen were worthless, Sauer has never been up…sure Korpikosky is decent, but we probably got 10 cents on the dollar for that trade. Not to mention the shabby treatment of one of the classiest players of all-time. That tops the list for me.

    His best move, by the way, was getting Jagr for a 50% discount, which turned the franchise around. I don’t think you can credit him for drafting Lundqvist, even though it happened on his watch.

  15. Carp- get used to the negativity. Some people were ragging Renney for his chice of a suit after the win vs Carolina.

    rob-I hate the Devils too but I did flip on for the OT last night. Holy crap did they dominate. The only thing I’m hoping for is that they’re peaking a little early. I hope the Rangers get on a roll starting in a month and carry it through June.

    I have a feeling that we’re in for another lame effort today and will never be in the game. Hope they prove me wrong.

  16. onecupin67years on

    A lot of bloggers cry when they lose and heap praise when they win ,I haven’t seen anything much to sing about this team since the Buffalo series a couple of years ago. I thought that maybe Sather turned the team around but he hasn’t.
    I don’t know hat it will take,maybe a new coach,gm or owner or time. But this team lacks something call it spirit, killer instinct or whatever.
    But if you are a long time ranger fan you’ve seen better teams come up short,this team is not a good team.

  17. Voice of Reason on

    On a positive note:

    Today is truly a reality check about where the Team is and where it needs to be. The Bruins are big (Chara, Lucic), skilled (Savard, Krejci, Kessel), play smothering D, and have effective Special Teams.

    With the trading deadline approaching, as constituted, how many games would the Rangers win in a best of 7 series against the Bruins? Devils? Canadiens? Capitals? Flyers?

    How many games will they win if Henrik is not the best player on the ice?

    The people on this blog want to feel that the Rangers have a good chance to beat those teams, and want the people that hold the strings to make the necessary moves.

  18. onecupin67years on

    Adam Z. the only problem with trading Leetch was the timing , I think they should have moved Leetch and Richter years earlier when they had more value, I don’t believe in this being a ranger for life, players get over paid and too comfy , especially here in NY.

  19. guys I am not negative about the ranges.. the minor moves are outlined are far from franchise changing but the rangers mamangement never change things up are try different moves.

    really if they signed shanny for $800k and he was washed up, the downside was??? They are not getting a huge star like gaborik or the ATL stud it is not happening…

    the pittsburgh game they outplayed the Pens for the first 40 for sure, then Henrik played terrible but the ranger team goes into meltdown mode and of course if the PP could ever click they would have been up 2 to 1 or better going into the 3rd..

    again why at this point of total incompetence doesn’t renny try almost anything to get the PP going, really Staal at the point will destroy this effetive unit!!!

  20. Carp,


    I’ve got a good Muckler story too. It was 1998/99 I think… just getting my start in the TV biz (way behind the camera)… I’m down here in Orlando and I get a freelance gig with Sunshine sports in Tampa doing Lightning games… long story short… one night they doon’t need me and pawn me off on the visiting broadcast. Lucky me… it’s MSG. But they don’t really need me either, except (wait for it!!!) to get interviews after the game for the post show. SO… I get a cameraman and go into the Ranger lockeroom and interview Graves, Leetch, Gretzky (DREAM COME TRUE).

    And then Muckler. Rangers are about to miss the play-offs and no reporters are asking any questions about the lines (I remember thinking he had them all screwed up) so I got the juevos to ask him when he was going to do something about ’em becuase the Rangers are in serious jeopardy. He looks at me like “Who the %$#@ are you?” and says… I’m sticking with it for now.

    I always wondered if he knew he was being interviewed by a “FAN” and not a reporter. HA!

  21. Hey, Carp.

    Great to have you back, and you’re one of the best, and classiest, Rangers beat writers over the years. Wade Redden is the worst signing in NHL history, especially in the “cap” era. Mind-numbing. What do you think happens first…Redden scores his next goal, or the laughingstock Cowboys win a playoff game?

  22. Hi Ranger fans,I live in Chicago and you can tell by my name who I like. I do here what you guy’s,and girls do there,root my ass off for my hockey team.
    There is HUGE talk here about a trade between our teams.Different names keep popping up.Most here are Seabrook,Barker,Brouwer and Ladd here.Names from the Rangers are Mara,Prucka,Dawes. You guys here anything there?

  23. Ok, back on pc.

    I don’t get the Graves debate. You should separate NHL performance from team performance. Graves sacrificed much of his life to the organization, and to charities where he represents the Rangers. I’ll also never forget a penalty kill where he took the puck behind the opposing goalie’s net, and held on to it to kill the clock 90 seconds. You COULDN’T get the puck from him.. it was just awesome!

    Why was Graves traded to SJ? I can’t remember.

    As for the Leetch trade, that was done to help Toronto. I didn’t mind the trade, but I (naively) assumed Leetch would come back to NY the following season… I’m just angry about the Zubov trade.

  24. The negativity on Redden needs to calm down a bit from Rangers fans. The guy has played pretty damn good the last month and a half. Sure, he’s not been a true #1 yet, but he certainly looks like a #2 guy to me. Along with Rozsival’s turn-around since injury, the two much maligned defenseman have earned their contracts more than a guy like Drury has so far.

    Gomez is exempt due to that PITA high ankle sprain he had for ages and ages. He’s looked better since the break.

  25. Jonathan — Please, give us a break. Redden has been an utter disaster. He hasn’t scored in 46, or so, games, provides no physical presence. He plays with no urgency, whatsoever. At the very least, he was supposed to help the PP, and hasn’t even turned that into a respectable unit. Management, in complete brainlock, grossly overpaid for a guy who has been awful. It’s impossible to defend him, or so I thought. Let me know how he looks for the next five years at $6.5M cap hit? If he looks like a No. 2 guy to you, thank God you’re not a scout.

  26. Jonathan, do you really think he’s played “pretty damn good” for the last 1 1/2 months? I thought he was sort of getting his game back about 2 weeks before the break. But the last 2 games he’s back to being lost.

    Carp, any word if the new defenseman is in today?

  27. First off Welcome Carp!!!

    I have been busy with the new lady boss, but been trying to keep up with all of the post and comments. I see the ebb & flow is something I think we have to get used to with all the new peeps posting. Such is life. Anyway –

    I dont know why either but: “Traded to San Jose by NY Rangers with future considerations for Mikael Samuelsson and Christian Gosselin”

    Yes that is the Samuelsson who plays currently for the WIngs LOL

  28. I don’t think the new defenseman is in. …
    Keep the Muckler and any old-timer stories coming. …
    Graves set a team record in the year they won the Cup, and scored a huge goal (and probably scored the GWG, although he and Mess swung at it at the same time) in Game 7 vs. Vancouver. And he is a special, special, different player than all the rest. Again, we’ll get into this later, but he deserves to have his number go up there. …
    Thanks for all the continuing “welcomes.” They are appreciated. …
    Does anybody remember what the NYR got for Marc Savard, now an all-star for the Bruins? …
    I like the worst-move idea. Let’s put that on the table later, too.
    Gotta go. Catch you later.

  29. Carp we got Jan Hlavac in the Savard deal. And a pick that turned into Jamie Lundmark. But that was the Neil Smith regime.

  30. Rick

    I think its was Brian Noonan who swung at the puck and I honestly think that it was his goal and not Messier’s LOL But either way – they won :)

  31. Noonan was there too. Mess may have actually gotten it, but the joke is that nobody would DARE claim the Cup-winner from Mess. When I asked Graves if he got it he said, and I quote:
    “No, no, no, no, no, no. no. no. no. Is that plain enough?”
    Now I gotta go.

  32. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I agree with you about the record of the team being misleading.For that,some on this blog call people like me and others who I think are trying to be realistic,negative.
    I also like how you interact with us fans way more than Sam ever did.


    all the guys you mentioned are better than the guys rumored to be coming your way.Ladd is nothing other than a third line player wich will not help us.The other two dman you mentioned are better than all of our dmen except Staal and we don’t have the horses to make a deal with your team.

  33. It would be a real shame if the Rangers trade Mara. I think he’s been one of the strongest players on the team this season and someone who went out of their way to wear the Blue. That being said, he may be an actual asset another team might value.

    This team better do something — otherwise it’ll be a long spring and an early summer.

  34. According to Zipay, here are the lines:


    Reitz and Prucha scratches.

  35. If that’s the lineup for today, I understand going with size (Voros over Prucha) but isn’t Reitz supposed to be tough? Why not put him in for Kalinin? I’m not a Renney basher but I can see some of the basher’s points.

  36. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Renney proves time and time again that he simply has no clue. He just said in describing Reitzs’ game that he can move the puck,has a good shot and is a good passer.( 1g, 1a in 33gm) lolol!

  37. It is always interesting that other teams sit out their number 1 goalie when they play us. That says a lot about our offensive power. Renney and Sather should take notice and we should realize we are going no further then the 2nd round with what we have currently.

  38. So Boston is playing Tukka Rask today in goal so which star NHL goalie do the Rangers make him look like today?

  39. Why Graves was traded? He stopped producing. He had that great year post-Messier where he scored 38 and then hurt his back and was never the same. I liked Samuelson as a 3rd liner and it’s cool he won the Cup. He’s a product of the new NHL.

    Muckler? I hated the guy. He looked like geriatric Frankenstein and obviously was in it just for the money. Out of the bad years, his teams were the most helpless and unwatchable.

    Zubov trade? I think about Zubov at least three times a day. Will always miss him. He might have to reire because of this hip injury/age which will suck. I took his sharpie from an autograph session he did back in 94 after they won the Cup. Most under appreciated Ranger of all-time.

  40. The open-ice hit Prucha put on Dupuis the other night is a hit that Voros has yet to accomplish once this season. The great irony about Voros is how weak he is physically for a player of his height —- he is easily neutralized in front of the net, falls down three times a shift, and isn’t in shape, cardio or anaerobic. Renney is such a putz.

  41. Ford

    You are right about Voros. But, does he call to the ice to draw a penalt?. I cant imagine he is that easy to knock down???

  42. yeah Rietz scratched…

    can he be any worse than redden and kalinin are???

    give him a shot, -2 with only 2 in 31 games he clearly knows something about defense

  43. i think Kalinin has been much better lately… Redden… not so much… the guy is baked…sit the zombie down… let the new kid Reitz show us what he can do…

  44. Boston is easily gaining the zone on 2-3 rushes! d-men have to challenge on the blueline when they have numbers

  45. Redden sucks. He’s terrible. Pearn should be fired just for recommending this guy and sather was stupid enough to listen.

  46. Renney again shows why he should not have his job. Says nice things about Reitz and that he’ll supply some of the muscle we need so what does he do? He benches him. Could he do any worse than Redden, Rozsival or Kalinen?

  47. Just a thought on

    Ouch and he has a no movement clause. Stuck with a negetive 6.5 million for 5 years or 3.2 for 11. I may take the longer one and play a kid. sheesh

  48. RICK maybe you can get to the truth of Renney’s treatment of Prucha. Especially not using him on his useless PP.

  49. Didn’t redden wear a visor at the start of the season? Did he switch it up because of vision or injury issues?

  50. kalinin down! Please Please Please!
    I want to read later…” Kalinin out for the season…”

  51. Such a bone head move signing him to that kinda contract. Ugh. He is HARDLY ever in position.

    Kalinin has improved & tightened up his game.

  52. Naslund had a bad period. The Boston Garden is stunned by how the Rangers are able to shroud the world in boredom.

  53. I”m watching the Bruins feed and I find it hilarious how the announcers still get so surprised when Lundqvist direct pucks over the glass with his head.

  54. Contract buyouts work like this. The buyout amount equal to 2/3 of the total amount remaining in the contract which when applied against the salary cap is spread over twice the term of the remaining contract. So if a player is being paid $3 million per year and has two years remaining then the buyout amount is 2/3 of $6 million = $4 million. The amount applied against the cap is $1 million per year for 4 seasons.

  55. This just in: Pearn predicts this AHL goalie will prove to be very troublesome for the NYR this afternoon!

  56. ford… u got that right… didn’t u hear Pearn also mentioned that Boston goalie has played well at this level before though… i repeat…he has played well at this level before… gotta get a lot of traffic in front of him (which Rangers never do anyway) and try to make the kid look as unbeatable as possible

  57. Here’s a good question, if you can choose between some player to get injured who would you choose ? Redden, or Kalinin ?

    Redden is off to his usual coked out start, Renney needs to scratch him just to send a message, oh but he’s packing a vagina with no balls, so that wont happen.

    Need a win today !!!

  58. Always read this blog, rarely post. However, after reading some very frank comments from Rick (so refreshing after all the vanilla reporting), maybe we have someone who will ask the tough questions to the “powers to be”. So Rick, will you please ask Renney what his reason is for handling Prucha the way he does. He plays the kid like a yo yo and disrespects him every chance he can. He lied at the beginning of the season when he said the Prucha would be an important part of this team, he lies every time he gives his nonsensical reasons why Prucha is not playing, and on and on and on. Not one reporter (except for Brooks) has ever dared to challenge Renney and get a straight answer. Please be that guy and put him up against the wall.

  59. LOL Yep that is how much respect the Rangers get from the B’s sending out their 3rd string AHL goalie. Because everyone knows the Rangers are nothing more than a 2-1 team LOL

  60. jonathan – 11:51. you’ve got to be kidding me. redden and his contract is an absolute disaster while drury is tied for goals lead with 15 and kills penalties as well.

  61. WOW.. 6 players on the ice… r these coaches really that incompetent or are they trying to see if anyone wouldn’t notice and they get away with “cheating?”

  62. good news, kalinin hasn’t played all period. watch renney have the staff shoot him up with roids and painkillers so he has to play next game…

  63. just a thought – either buyout redden or let rozy go back to europe like kaspar did with no cap hit. either way absolutely no new free agents (except 1 yr rentals for minor amts)

  64. how can we have goals when we dont have any legit scoring chances… we r too busy focusing on our “lets defend to get a win” game…

  65. Sam and Joe said at the beginning that Renney told the team to be agressive, when is that going to start?

  66. thanks for responding. I’m not an idiot (i swear), I was just wondering if pride has a place in modern sports. Sure, no one wants less money but there’s gotta be a little voice in the back of redden’s head that tells him he’s not worth it every time he touches the puck. At least there should be.

    Fitzgerald said he’d take a paycut so that the cardinals could resign Boldin. Different circumstances, but I’m just trying to pipedream a way out of this mess.

  67. Congrats AHL Boston Goalie. You just got your first shut out.

    You cant blame LQ for that goal. That was a great deflection and either way, there was NO ONE around Savard to stop him…

  68. Tristateyankee on

    That was typical of the discipline (or lack thereof) demonstrated by the team this year…one player is lazy around the puck and the other one can’t hold onto his stick? Are you kidding me? Turn your tv’s off now people, 3rd period is going to be ugly…

  69. Prucha on his worst day not only never chickens out like Dawes did vs. Lucic but doesn’t even contemplate it.

    Now will Dawes miss a shift? Doubt it. And will Prucha stay in the press box? Count on it.

  70. clowns they are not buying Redden out it would be financial suicide, all you accountants.

    when you cannot score you cannot make any mistakes; dawes(woosie) and Roszival getting the stick hit out by Drury.

    BTW good line change on the PP, way to have 6 guys on the ice.

    this team cannot score bet hey sjustrom is fast going straight and Orr can fight and VOros can stand in front of the net.

    almost a flawless defensive game and they are losing after 2 periods!!!!THEY CANNOT SCORE. Is that hard to see?????

    Redden has soft passed the puck not at of the zone minimum 5 times, some of them are kust soft or lazy crap…

  71. Nigel Dawes is too small for the NHL and will never be a factor on the ice. He thrived in the AHL but doesn’t have the size for the bigs. He saw Lucic coming, loaded in his pants, and coughed up the puck. Sit down, you midget.

  72. stuart – financial suicide was signing redden in the 1st place. and 6 yrs $ 39 mm. are you kidding me. better off cutting their losses

  73. Reitz needs a trip to Supercuts and some herpicin. Damn. If Kalinin is hurt, he just might play on Tuesday night. I will be at the game. I’m psyched. As for this game. I say Boston scores early in the third on a PP and we score a late goal and lose 2-1. How does that sound?

  74. Just a thought on

    Stuart look at the cap, they are already in financial suicide,they got to do something.

  75. letting rozy go back to europe of course implies that he wants to go back. sure they can say you won’t play but if he offers any resistance it is again the ahl or buyout scenarios. while roszival is overpaid he has moments of decency. redden simply does not, but a buyout this early in the contract would cost us too much. id send him down.

    however if you were considering a buyout it might be worth it to first send him down and then recall him and see if anyone claims him. if they did we would be on hook for 1/2 his salary for the remainder of the deal, but all things considered thats better than being on hook for 2.2 mill for the next 10 years (here it would be like 3.25 for 5 years). clearly demotion is the best play

  76. You could bury your mistakes before the Cap, but making an awful decision on signing Redden will haunt us, and chew up so much Cap space. It precludes the signing of a big-time scorer in the off-season. Hard to describe how foolish this was. Absolutely dreadful.

  77. FORD

    Exactly, Pruchs takes head shots after head shots, without his teammates sticking up for him, besides Strudsy that one time, and he still has the balls to play the same game. Dawes is a little scared to take a hit, and look what happened, goal. Idiot ! Trade these fuggin 3rd liners NOW !

    It figures, Hank is actually having a good game now, and they’re gonna blow it.

  78. I feel sorry for season ticket holders this year. Who would pay to go and watch a team that doesn’t score goals?

  79. Dawes sucks. I said before he is weak along the boards, he gets outmuscled for the puck, and he has all of 8 goals and 8 assists, a supposed offensive force. whoopee.

    he is useless, and would be better off dealt for a winger who has some size and cojones along the boards.

    and he is a terrible playoff type winger, where you have to win on grit, not fancy perimeter contact-avoidance

  80. Just a thought on

    Pete you can’t send hm down, I believe he has a no movement clause. So the options are slim.

  81. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Can anyone tell me if they were able to see any good scoring chances from the Rangers? Maybe I’m blind but I have not seen any at all,and all you hear from Sam the sjill and Joe the tool how well the Rangers are playing.Watching this team play hockey is like watching paint dry.

  82. Why does Voros continue to play with Zherdev-Dubi? Because they played a few games together early in the season? On a team as offensively challenged as this one, Zherdev needs linemates who can contribute with him;, putting a total waste like Voros on that line is yet another example of how this coaching staff is out of touch with the personnel. Inexcusable. At the very least, stick Voros with Drury and Dawes (he who loses every one-on-one battle) and move up Korpikoski who has some talent.

  83. Don’t fault Rozi on the goal, that stuff happens. It’s easy to hold onto your stick when you’re making a play, but if you get blindsided, you don’t realize to hold on tighter. If he doesn’t see Drury skate into him, buh bye stick. It happens. Dawes got crushed by one of the most imposing power forwards in the game, that’s what caused the goal.

    Rozi has saved at least 2 goals already this game, I’m not going to jump on him. Hopefully Kalinin is out for the season, and with any luck Redden will get sent through the glass by Lucic a la Mike Van Ryn. Both are atrocious. This game is a debacle as usual. 20 minutes to score 2 goals against an AHL goaltender… too much to ask?

  84. i hear what ur saying jeff, but prob not allowed in the cba b/c it would allow teams to restructure contracts, with possible handshake agreements allowing teams to get around the cap. pretty sure its full buyout or demotion in this cba. god wouldnt it be great to have non-guaranteed contracts like the nfl. i generally side with the players over the owners, but if i were the owners i would have demanded this be included in some form like at least after 1/2 the contract term (while allowing for signing bonuses) in the cba and the players would have eventually caved b/c only so many of them can play in europe

  85. pete – if the rangers pay his contract like they did with kaspar, he’ll still get the money and get to go home. he seems like he would like it better back there. so it would cost us real $ just not cap $

  86. Joe in DE

    Yep. Roszi has been the best player today IMO.

    And you answer your last line question. Yes.

  87. LI joe shut up and have me assume you are stupid don’t prove it.

    if they cut redden his salary (I think 1/2 or more) is on the books for about 10 years..

    Yea they overpaid in signing him, I am not arguing with you but act like a adult and come up with a reasonable resolution or for the next 5 years just spout the usual Redden sucks and is overpaid, DUH…

    Roszival is not a bad signing Redden is…..

    but again the rangers could have made moves in season to help matters such as; see if they have anything better the Bobby Orr Kalinan, resolve the Prucha situation, sign Shanny at $800 k why not, etc..

  88. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    1 goal down but atleast we are competing!! Lets keep up to theses Boston Bums and take the points we need!!!

    Dam Afternoon games , I sure hope we are awake….or it could be another bad afternoon.

  89. irishoc – 1 way or the other the rangers will not be players in the free agent mkt for the next couple of yrs at least

  90. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It’s actually comical watching them try to play offense.They have no clue where to go or position them

  91. czech – 2:45 agreed. boston is a much better team than us. the devs match up with them a lot better than us.

  92. pretty sure redden only has a limited no-trade clause (ie he can only be traded to certain teams), so he could be sent down

  93. Nasty 1
    January 31st, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    “I say Boston scores early in the third on a PP and we score a late goal and lose 2-1. How does that sound?”

    Nasty1 that sounds very peachy…

  94. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    In that one sequence just now the B’s had more chance than the Rangers have had all game long,but Sam and Joe keep counting the shots on goal.

  95. stuart – i think you’re the fool if you think redden at $ 6.5 mm per yr to allegedly play is better than $ 2.2 mm per yr to just say good bye.

  96. Sam and Joe really need to pipe down about how great Rask is playing today. The kid just stopped an Aaron Voros slap shot wow.

  97. Redden chooses 8 teams where he will not accept a trade to… I’m willing to bet those 8 teams include crapholes with cap space… he’s going nowhere.

  98. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It took 45minutes of play to finally get one scoring chance,
    Renney needs to go and go in a hurry!!!!!!

  99. If you’ve played hockey, and you see a teammate do a cowardly thing as Dawes did, and you see a teammate who sells his body put every night he gets a chance to play who still is in the press box, and then your coach doesn’t even force Dawes to miss a single shift, much less bench him for the rest of the game, it kills you. Because you know your coach is a loser and as gutless as the player who shamed his teammates.

  100. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Joe actually just said that Rask has had to face some difficult scoring chances!!!!!


  101. Ovechkin just willed the caps to victory with 2 goals in the 3rd.

    mike green has 14 goals in 37 games….[sigh]

  102. Remember Gordie Walker? He pulled a gutless move like Dawes when Bergeron was the coach, and Bergeron told him and the media that as a result Walker would never play for him again. And he didn’t.

  103. Look at the angle Naslund took on Mara’s rebound. Drive the net? Never. Try to score while heading toward the half-wall. Pathetic!

  104. ill say it again. this is an AHL goalie………

    We should be winning hands down with hank playing thisgood

  105. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    they are so consumed with playing defense they have zero clue about the “other” part of the game!

  106. Since Orr played 4 minutes today, and is not getting a shift in the 3rd, which is fine there is no reason to play him vs Atlanta on Tuesday night.

  107. The pressing game you are seeing in the third is the game a good coach would mandate in the first period.

  108. mark

    So Colton Orr, who did not dress that game, surely will tomorrow.

    After that game, Garden chairman James Dolan apparently blew a gasket and lambasted both GM Glen Sather and coach Tom Renney for not dressing Orr, according to two persons familiar with the issue. “He said, ‘What the bleep is going on here?” according to one person who asked not to be identified.

    Since then, Orr has played in all 15 games.

  109. I am jealous of the Bruins fans; they get to watch an exciting game every time their team plays, don’t they? And they have better announcers; Jack Edwards is a poor man’s Doc Emrick with better sight of the puck and Brickley is a good analyst.

  110. late in the game, Renney finally calls off the trap crap, and they actually start to create some offensive zone attack and some good scoring chances,.

    rope-a-dope renney hockey is boring and useless. this game proves it. 50 mins of hang back hockey, and then 10 mins of real hockey.

  111. Z may have a lot of jump today, but seriously, he needs to stop shooting straight in the crest of the goalie.

  112. Good game for LQ today. Unfortunately his team mates couldnt get him a “WIN” after the horror in Pitts…

  113. rangers down 1-0, 20 seconds to go. Yelle has the puck around 3 Rangers in neutral zone and doesn’t get touched by anybody and eats up a good 6 seconds.

  114. Zhervalev

    Thank you. Knew he was going to get it. Nah, we all hope it. Its never going to happen.

  115. OK Renney fans, is there any argument out there among you that this game was mismanaged from the bench? That when the team was permitted to attack, they were 10x the team they were in the first two periods +??

    Seriously, I am interested in an intelligent defense of the way this man coaches.

  116. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Keep counting those shots on goal JoeM, you asshole!

    None of those shots in the first two and a half periods were worth a damn you stupid fool.

  117. damn. great 3rd period. But “hot goalie” sydrome hits us once again. The talent development we have is with opposing goaltenders… we know how to coax wonderful results out of mediocre netminders

  118. Leetchhalloffame on

    WAKE UP SATHER!!! You need to shake this team up in a big way. They can’t put the puck in the ocean.

  119. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    It will never happen.You are asking for an intelliget defense of a stupid coach from stupid people.

  120. Ford

    The only person on here you will EVER get a debate from is Beer Me about what the logic is behind the bench.

  121. I love Joe’s comment after the game saying this kid won some big games in training camp, but don’t worry the Renney system will work out fine on Tuesday because they play awful Atlanta.

  122. “Hot goalie”
    I didnt see much in way of pressure in periods 1 and 2 from rangers to say that RASK was HOT today..

  123. It’s pretty sad when you can tell midway through the first that the Rangers aren’t scoring today.

    Nice system Tom.

  124. the goalie Rask in the postgame said what we already knew, namely that most of the Ranger shots were long, bad angle shots, and that the shot total was not indicative of how few real chances he faced.

  125. I’m glad Dubinsky played wing this game. Can they bring Anisimov up already and please try him with Dubi and Z.

    Redden…my goodness is he horrible. After this year he goes to Hartford as a glorified assistant for Sags and Del Z.

    Close but no cigar. I knew they were gonna lose the next two. They should be ok Tuesday night.

  126. This team is full of losers. Nyr is the most retarded team in the NHL. Im embarrassed ot be a Ranger fan.

    When will Renney get fired ?? Is Slat’s even alive ?? These questions need answering.

    Getting bitched by a no name ugly kid, wow. Cant even score one god damn goal on Rask.

    Funny, Dawes lost this game for us, and what did Renney do ? He opened the period with the stupid smurf. I hate this team so much, trade everyone except for Hank, Staal, Dubi, Girardi, and Prucha.

    I hope Renney takes a deflected puck to the face during Graves night. That would make me very happy, i must say.

    Watch them lose that game, against one of the worst teams in the NHL.

  127. onecupin67years on

    I just love it when ex-Rangers come back to them.
    Even with a stick rozival made a cardinal sin by letting Savard behind him.
    Again it can’t be said enough what a waste Redden is .
    I noticed when the rangers were in the bruins end, there were 2 bruins on the puck carrier , when the bruins were in the rangers end ,it was one on one which led to dawes getting checked off the puck that led to the first goal.

    kalinin made a nice play before he got hurt.
    Gomez was again absent for the first 2 periods, he seldom plays a full 60 like he did in NJ.I guess they coach different in nj , NY is more laid back and to liking.

    If this is the Rangers best it isn’t and won’t be good enough.
    And Tom better do something about his white hair-he looks like a Q-TIP.

  128. Though I don’t necessarily want anyone to get hurt, Redden’s soft, turn over plagued game made me wish it was it was #6 instead of #45. wow, he sucks.
    This team as constructed is not built for playoff success. Though the played gutsy, they can’t handle bigger physical teams.
    Did anyone else notice they stopped passing to redden on the breakout in the 3rd period?

  129. I would love to see what Anisimov could do here, but how much time would Renney give him a game?

  130. I thought it was just a matter of time until somebody scored another goal in this game; I guess I was wrong. Don’t disparage the Rangers because this is another young or AHL or backup goalie. He is a great prospect and will probably be a starter some day and will likely be backing up Thomas next season in Boston. We were inches away from scoring a few times just in the third.

  131. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Fu*k sakes!!! I ‘m not upset with our players or anything. I do hate that punk goalie shutting us out. We need the fucking points!!! Thats all thats pissing me off!!!

  132. Don’t listen to Joe and Sam, they are shills for the team. Where’s Bob Page when you need him?

    Rick is the closest to Page in reporting what is instead of reading the team monitor. Let’s hope Rick continues that philosophy running this blog. Larry Brooks has his occasional honest moment but not often enough. Dellaphina, before I forget him, is also his own man. We’ve disagreed on some things but he is definitely no shill.

    Rangers need to build this team around Z, HL and Staal, anybody else is trade bait. Too bad we got an idiot for a GM.

  133. Hmmm Tom so desperate for “offense” double shifting Z in the 3rd. Its such BS if you just let the players play their game and “ATTACK” maybe they would have a better chance at winning. It isnt a foreign concept ya know Tom.

  134. “I love Joe’s comment after the game saying this kid won some big games in training camp”

    Hahaha, what a moron. Training camp ??? Joe Mich is a drunken fool.

    DR O

    I know, that’s pathetic. I never felt that way aboot the last 3 teams, but this one, you just get that feeling that they’re getting shut out. Embarrassing.

    Looking forward to Renney’s post game comments, should be entertaining.

  135. The Rangers don’t have the guy anymore who can pick up the team and carry them in the 3rd period. They’re trying to put that on Zherdev, and he tried, but he’s not quite at that level. On the other hand, who else on this team is even at Zherdev’s level? There is no 1st line on this team — even Renney mixed up the lines in the 3rd period because it doesn’t matter who is out there.

  136. NYR56

    Not saying he played out of his mind. we made him look good. too many shots hit him in the “B” or hit the crossbar. He played very well in the 3rd, but on the whole, the mediocrity of our attack made for some misleading stats… he just posted a 35 shot shutout… and as someone earlier pointed out, a shooter tutor could’ve made most of those saves. (actually i take that back..the hole in the middle of the shooter tutor would’ve allowed 18 goals)

  137. Dawes was benched in the last 10 mins, and boy did I notice the improvement in the attack when they had Dubi, with some size and guts, actually going into the corner after the puck, unlike the fraud smurf

  138. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    he will get about 6-7minutes in his first game,will look really good may even get a point,than will only play about 4-5 minutes in his second game.He will then be scratched for the next two or three games and be sent down because the genious coach will say”he needs to play real minutes and we just think he should be playing on the first line in Hartford” bullshit!!!

  139. onecupin67years on

    When a goalie plays well and wins and beats the rangers , give him credit , not luck.

  140. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bob Page? He was the man!

    Mark-Put AA on line 3 and move someone to wing and give him like 12 minutes or something to start. I’d love to see him on the Rangers PP as he creates space and is a great passer.

    Maybe we’ll get to see this Reitz guy on Tuesday and him and Mara can beat people up.

  141. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Mixing up the lines and benching Orr and Dawes in the 3rd was smart. Everyone was trying to score and we didn’t look that bad ( ORR) , but yeah I don’t blame you or anyone else for being mad. WE should have scored and won this game. Rosival loosing his stick betwwen Drurys legs stopped him from tying up Savard. Dawe played the puck poorly along the boards and seemed flustered by Boston.

    We did good but we lost , unlike the Devils who beat them ..I dont blame one person who rants about this hurts. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  142. they have zero snipers none..

    but hey shanny for $800k even if he sucked was a no brainer but nah, take time away from sjustrom or orr…

    Hey Voros really deserves to be back on the ice over Prucha, he has 4 pemnalties and no points after 4 games…

    too bad Dawes pussed out but when you cannot score you cannot make any mistakes…

    they cannot score scholars look at the stats.

    good news kalinan is hurt not badly but now clown will sit him down.

    roszival is staal and girardi played well… they have 3 or maybe 4 iwth mara good d men.

    redden stinks but he is way better the kalinan and they are stuck with him..

    they have zero snipers.. naslund is the closest they have at that is laughable…

  143. onecupin67years on

    The rangers draft strictly for stocking Hartford they trade and sign to fill the big league spots, if a draft choice sticks with the big club its gravy

  144. “Blame Renney, thats ok, but you actually believe these guys can score?”

    how often do the Rangers get an outnumbered rush, like a 3-on-2 or a 2-on-1?

    hardly ever, because they have all their forwards hanging back in front of their own net when the opponent has the puck in their zone. thus, when they do get the puck, they have no chance of transition offensive attack.

    it is trap, hang back, and then dump and rinse, repeat.

  145. REPOST!!!
    “Beer me!

    ….and by the way the Rangers were 25th in the NHL in GPG last year…this year, presently,they’re 27th…where are you seeing this improvement in scoring…explain’

    Make that 28th

  146. yea real testimony that we lost. i dont see how u could play dawes over prucha next game, tho will prob be the case. and dubinsky looked good on the wing, id say bring up anisimov and try and spark the team

  147. Wow a morla victory.. they are looking at moral victories.. the rangers 35 + shots are soft.. they hardly ever get screens and 2nd chances.

    you do not score many goals in the NHL today on first shots unless they are screened, etc.

    is this a hard concept to understand.. again when will Staal be put on the PP along with Roszival…

    1 mistake and they get a L……………..

  148. With an even close to professional PP and an attacking game for ALL THREE PERIODS, the Rangers would easily average a goal more per game on 82 games. Easily.

  149. Honestly, that game went WAY BETTER then I thought it would.

    I’ll take Losing 1-0 in Boston, after that 5 goal collapse in Pittsburgh.

    THe D played well but Kalinin got hurt so maybe we will see this Reitz kid sooner then we thought.

    PLEASE PUT PRUCHA BACK IN THE LINEUP – Dawes looked like such a bitch avoiding the hit on the only goal scored by Boston. He winced, turned away, and gave the puck up to Wideman who stepped up on him.

  150. I am still trying to figure out how our coaching staff had 6 guys out on the power play. Lots of too many men penalties are a sign of a poorly run bench.

  151. Prucha should play over Voros and Dawes should play over him also..

    Prucha and Dawes were playing well about 2 weeks ago when they had the set lines….

    the bottom line a good road game!!!!They cannot score, that is a bit of a PROBLEM.

  152. this game was an overall good game for the rangers. they just couldnt score. sather- please find us a goal scorer or 2 or 10 and dress them in the ranger uniform. we have way too many 2nd and 3rd liners on this team. even zherdev is a borderline 1st liner. drury is a very dissapointing leader and i havent seen him do anything clutch except against the mettalurg magnitorsk team. overall im happy they played better than it pittsburgh but yea you cant score you cant win. and why couldnt they play the first 50 minutes the way they did the last 10? if they had theyd have at leasy gotten 2 on this ahl goalie. i said this the other day when hank let in 6 goals that when we have our top goalie in net and the other team has a backup, or a backup to a backup, we still cant win. so obviously this defensive system isnt working. and its damn boring as hell to watch too. i bet the players are getting sick n tired of it and its dragging them down.

  153. Missed the game, can’t wait to view the tape. Ugh.

    ford, I recall that Gordie Walker-Michel Bergeron issue very well. The guy refused to take a hit to make a pass, gave the puck away, and the rangers lost. How times have changed in Rangerland — coaches used to be able to tell the truth about gutless selfish plays.

  154. “I am still trying to figure out how our coaching staff had 6 guys out on the power play. Lots of too many men penalties are a sign of a poorly run bench”

    Renney is so stupid, he probably thinks that a PP means he can ADD one player.

    he showed his true colors there

  155. Just a thought on

    Ok its all on Renney but I still think these guys cannot score and if they open it up then you will really see how bad the defense is. I agree with bringing up AA and moving Dubi to wing. Same rants to the same things that are not gonna change, come up with some answers. Fire Renney fine but to what end. These players are not the answers, either.

  156. Dr. O, that’s because nobody knows who they’re playing with. There are no units, Renney shuffles the lines like a deck of cards.

    How long is it going to take before he realizes there is no magic combo? It’s like Renney thinks that if he gets the combo right, it’s a 3/4 moon, and high tide, Dawes will turn into a hybrid of Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe….ain’t gonna happen

  157. it was NOT a good game, to play the trap to just keep the score down. that is admitting beforehand to the players that you’re not good enough. it is a defeatist approach to the game. so I’m not surprised at all when the players look way better in the last 10 mins when the shackles are taken off of them.

  158. Thanks to Renney’s “system”, it really looks like this team is AFRAID TO SCORE. They are completely void of any killer instict offensively. Sickening.

    Seriously, is Redden the new Don “Spoon” Murdoch???

  159. I think this team can score goals if they were allowed to play the whole game like the last 10 minutes. They had some good chances there, but why only go for the attack for 10 minutes. I think we had 2 cross bars, and plenty of rebound chances in the 3rd, but never finished.

  160. Astounding that no one, not the boobs in the booth, not Maloney, not Giannone, spoke to the attack vs. trap issue that the third period showed so vividly. Not a word! And Dawes’ gutless play was described by all as a “mistake” —– it wasn’t a mistake, it was an act of cowardice.

  161. Renney Postgame ” we have to tidy up alittle more ” What a FOOL !!!!!! This only goes to prove Clueless`s game plan of playing not to win. MORON ya lost 1-0 what do you expect to do every game play to a 0-0 tie and go into a shootout. This moron IRKS me. Heres a clue,your SYSTEM SUCKS let the horses out of the barn and maybe you might score a couple.Are you afraid it may show you for the INCOMPETANT-SMOKEand MIRRORS-DOUBLETALKING coach you are.Stand closer to the ice like in Columbus we played better without ya. FIRE RENNEY

  162. nasty goo lineup.. really sit dawes over SJustrom because hell they do not need any more offense they score the 27th most goals in the NHL already why improve on that,

    how about any line combo of these 12 forwards;gomez, naslund, cally, dubi, Z, korpi, dawes, prucha, drury, betts, AA, and voros.

    yeah they will miss the great offense of Orr and Sjustrom but what the heck.

    Hey isn’t Sjustrom the Swedish Rico Fata???The guy is a bust and his $$ will be off the books next year and that is good news…

  163. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Renney may be a tool, but this team sucks.

    Did Drury even play today?

    He’s starting to give Redden a run for his money as most overpaid Ranger.

    Let’s just keep retiring numbers to keep the fans happy. Who’s next, Esa Tikkanen?

  164. if Renney had the 80’s Oilers, he would STILL be telling them to trap.

    “Hang back Wayne. Dump it in. don’t get caught out of position. prevent goals. don’t try to score any.”

  165. Nasty, the Rangers are probably scared to being AA up because Graves night might be too much for him to handle LOL.

    But seriously, I’m a big Dawes fan but he’s been too quiet. He should take a seat for a game or two and let Prucha in. Voros should take a seat for Anisimov.

    Korpo played good along the boards today. He’s getting better.

    Sauer’s been playing well in Hartford. Is it time to give him a crack as that physical guy?

  166. retire park – the guy who is tied for team lead in goals and kills penalties is rival to reddens horrible contract. i don’t think so

  167. I just don’t see them taking Sjo out of the lineup because of how he plays with Betts. And they just made such a big deal of those two recently. I don’t know what else to suggest. Can’t please everyone.

  168. sjo is our 2nd best PK killer…. i would have him over dawes any day,.. also, why are you blaming renney for the 6th player on ice? is a player that stupid that he cant see 5 guys on the ice?? i dont understand, please explain

  169. LI Joe, I agree with you. That’s rare.

    What? No comment that I post after a loss, before a loss, an open day or x days from their last win? Guess you wore it out and it lost it’s lustre.

  170. Drury’s 15 goals are concentrated in a small pack of games over a small frame of time. Overall he has not been good at all, a pretty big disappointment. On the order of Redden? Of course not. But just because Drury has not been as horrid as #6 hardly excuses his invisibility in way too many games this season.

  171. MikeA, Dawes is quiet because Renney is trying to make something out of him he’s not. He did have a bad game but just as much Renney’s fault as it is Dawes.

  172. Ford, you forget that Drury has a small frame. That might have something to do with it.

    Next season, HL,Z and Staal, build from there.

  173. ford – well everyone uses the renney keeps changing lines which affects dubi or prucha or whoever. i can say the same for drury. he had good chemistry with cally what does renney do switches. and then good chemstry with prucha. what does renney do. switches. you’re barking up the wrong tree as the blame is on renney not drury.

  174. I do hope we resign Z. The kid is still developing his talents and if you surround him with some people that can actually play, like a legit first line winger, I think we will see his numbers go way up.

  175. I hate renney, but it is not the coach’s fault when a player chickens out from being hit along the boards, and gives up the puck like a coward.

    Dawes sucks, and no amount of excuses are going to change that.

    you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken Dawes.

  176. Leave AA alone. He’s better off getting mucho ice time in Hartford and hopefully will be building himself up physically during the summer and will be a big factor on next year’s team. Him and Grachev have the best chances to make the team up front next season.

    We would have a lot better team if we had a better GM and the players we do have would be performing a lot better with a better coach. Get my drift?

  177. from the nj blog of gross

    “I saw Glen Sather as he walked out said, half-kiddingly, “Nice job getting a defenseman,” meaning getting Erik Reitz, who, if I would have to guess, is going to make his debut on Tuesday. Sather sort of snorted, which could have been taken several different ways”.

  178. the only other rangers who should be up for retirement of their jerseys to the rafters are park and ratelle (and redden with him in it)

  179. What’s so frustrating about the Rangers is just how obvious their flaws have been since day 1. A wussy blueline and an incredibly limited offensive talent pool. But, hey, why would they do anything about it when they still haven’t addressed the PP in years (not that it mattered today; couldn’t draw crap).

  180. LI Joe

    If Drury wasn’t getting prime PP minutes, your argument that he is faultless would be stronger. By your logic, which I don’t necessarily dismiss, Drury is Renney’s fault, but Redden is Redden’s fault? By what rationale do you excuse the player in one case and not another?

  181. Man I watched the highlights of the WSH/DET game. Effing amazingly talented clubs going at it. Great goals. AO is just a beast.

    I think the bluejackets are more exciting to watch now that the Rangers are. I just dont understand why the team doesnt play the ENTIRE game like they did in the 3rd pd vs Sj, DET, and the last 10 min of the 3rd today? Why do the Rangers have to be down to play the way they should ALL EFFING GAME?!?!!??! It drive us all MAD!!!

  182. This is how a good team prepares for a big game…

    “It’s a good measuring stick to see how you match up to the Stanley Cup champs,” Washington defenseman Tom Poti said. “A lot of guys had this game circled on the calendar. It’s a game we were … obviously jacked up for.”

    I love Babcock, but he should have given AO the props he deserves. He did dominate and that is why DET lost.

  183. ford – 1st of all while not measuring up even to my expectations drury is tied for team lead in goals and is stalwart on the pk. and his linemates are ever changing. and many hailed the signing of gomez and drury. whereas redden was a disaster of a signing from day 1 and we all saw that. made even worse since we were already a bit against the cap. redden gives nothinbg on offense and is terrible defensively and that would be the case if he made 20 % of what he makes.

  184. extremely anonymous on

    I had to work and luckily missed the game. Did Kahlinen get hurt? bad enough to take some time off I hope. Redden reminds me of everything I hated about the pre lockout Rangers. He’s got his big bucks and he is coasting. Unless he has a medical issue we don’t know about,he needs to be booed so hard that Poti and Malik even cringe!

  185. It doesn’t matter what lines are sent out or who is called up,or who we get in a trade.same system same crappy boring hockey.
    Did ya see today how many times the puck gets kicked out,or a missed pass to the top of the circle and guess what….
    The d-man is staying back……..

  186. LI Joe

    Drury may be hitting .275, but his slugging percentage is dismal. And he’s batting third in the lineup where you expect and need production. And it isn’t even close to being good enough.

    Again, anyone looks good next to Redden. That isn’t the point. Drury has had too good a career to have his fans resort to the at-least-he’s-better-than-Redden card.

  187. ford – he’s way better than redden not even close. and to use a hockey stat, drury is on pace for 25 goals and that is not dismal. not great granted but not dismal.

  188. I disagree. We need players that can actually hit the net and create chances in the zone. Crowd the crease and hop on rebounds. We just can’t do it. Renney wants shots from the point and people in front. And our players just can’t do it. We have no finishers. Our defense make Colin White look like Bobby friggin Orr. The guys throws garbage at the net and they have Langerbrunner, Gionta, Elias to just jam goals home. We don’t have people that pay the price in front. And I don’t care how big you are, none of those players are BIG, but they still go there. The Devils are creative with the puck this year. God I wish we had Parise. That kid is something special. It really is soooo simple, that I think it is difficult. They refuse to try and make simple plays.

  189. Mako
    They only forecheck when they’re down…the rest of the time they play scared….

    whe the Islanders, Blue jax, panthers,Dallas and the Blues are all scoring more goals per game then the Rangers banyone who thinks its the roster that Sather built thats to blame is in denial…its the coach…tell me the Islanders and Blues have better man for man rosters than the rangers??

  190. what really s*cks is we look to either be 8th or just out of the playoffs. either way not good as the draft pick will be middle of the pack and if 8th will be 1st rd fodder.

  191. Credit to Kurt who wrote at 4:06 about Renney’s post game presser, and it is so revealing about what a loser he is. According to the coach, it’s just a matter of “tidying up” so that the “breakdown” (ie. gutless bail-out by Dawes) leading to Boston’s goal doesn’t happen.

    Think about that for a second. Not a word about the refusal of players to go hard to the net. Not a mention of how feeble the offensive effort was for 50 minutes, because he doesn’t allow his team to forecheck. Not a breath about screwing up the lone PP they had because of another stupid inexcusble too many men penalty.

    This jerk sees the game and says the problem was the inability to clear the zone with 20 seconds left in the 2nd. And says it with a straight face!! And no one in the media bursts out laughing in response!!

  192. Moral victories are for losers, and that’s what Nyr is full of, losers. so i guess in the end this game was a win.

    Fuggin pathetic. I cant stand this team, i wish they would all act like Avery and not talk to the media after a game, cause they all sound like fuggin idiots, with the moronic quotes that come out of their mouths.

    Errr, i still cant get over Dru’s comments from that Craps game. If Nyr misses the playoffs, i hope they miss by one point, then i will laugh in Drury’s face if i ever saw him, and say “ohh i thought that point you got could get you home ice advantage, or in the playoffs, turns out that point you BLEW cause you to miss the playoffs !!!!!!”

    I wish he, and Kalinin would go back to Buffalo. And Gomer back to NJ, and Redden back to fuggin Ottawa, and bring in the players that actually left it all on the ice for this team. I know it wont happen, which makes this season much more depressing.

    If i haven’t already, im really preparing myself for yet another 2nd round exit, maybe even a 1st round exit this time. When the seasons over, if Renney isn’t gone, i don’t know how i can seriously be the fan i have been for the last 4 or 5 years. This team makes me wanna throw up, if any girls are trying to lose weight, you should watch Nyr hockey, cause it will make you sick, and help you drop a few pounds.

  193. As big of a Dawes supporter as I am, he cost them the game. Made one mistake and got scared and the puck stayed in the zone and they scored on it. You have to clear that puck out of the zone.

  194. All Hail King Henrik on

    Nigel Dawes BLOWS. I’ve wanted this guy off the team since preseason. It really is a mystery how he plays over Petr Prucha.

    How can you not clear that puck in the 2nd period?!?! What a b___ch.

    Dawes is slow, can’t hit, gets muscled off of the puck EVERYTIME, and scores a goal once every 12 games.

    The worst part about his game is that he backchecks like he’s Ilya Kolvalchuk. The problem being, that Kovy has more talent in his thumb alone. Dawes backchecks like he’s a superstar, yet he’s a complete scrub.

    Go work on your tan in Cancun, Nigel. Get the f— off the team.

  195. All Hail King Henrik on

    Time to call up Anisimov. Let Dubi develop into the powerfoward (that he should be) on the wing.


    This team needs size (as evidenced by Dawes’ pu–ying out on that clearing attempt). Lets get Artie’s 6’5″ frame in there.



  196. All Hail King Henrik on

    …Didn’t read through all the comments before posting, but I now see that Nasty posted essentially the same line combos as I did.

    Great minds and all that…

  197. Ford

    Thanks. I just dont know. Can it be that they arent allowed to? I mean only John Gianonne asks him the questions some times. And when was the last time Sather made a statement to the press? Nothing makes any sense on this club.


    Its BS. The first period they just played defense, albeit good defense. But the B’s were really taking it to them. There wasnt any attack, they didnt force the play, didnt force turn over, made simple mistakes that cost them scoring chances. And Roszi was great in this game. He saved two goals. He did smart subtle things… was calm and cool with the puck in the D zone. Glad to see him playing better.

    Redden just flat out sucks – there isnt ANY upside to him whatsoever. I was willing to give him a few chances and he just doesnt get any better. Kalinin is playing better than him and that poor bastard got hurt. Some PP QB. Thanks Glenn. SCHMUCK!!!!!

  198. Stuart

    Your observations are cogent, and worth examining.

    As for Redden….

    He has yet to ever move his legs in anything even resembling a quick start. His passes, and even his shooting is as languid as a Pasha on opium, and so deliberate that you can see the goalie taking a drink before stopping them. He is the most maddening player on this team, because he can do much more than he does.

    Never forget however that it is Renney who decides who goes on the ice and when. ( And when has he ever made a truly bright move as a bench coach?)

    Voros is a sham. He looks far better than he is, and there are so many more talented people in this league than him that I am amazed when I see him on the ice.

    ( Incidentally, if what is written in the papers is to be believed, one gets the impression that Sundin has brought a whole lot of nothingness to Vancouver)…at least so far.


    I cannot say about Graves, but neither Leetch nor Richter
    gave less than was their norm, right to the end. And Leetch had a fine end of season playoffs with the Leafs… Mccabe
    in particular raved about how much he learned from that brief period playing with him.

    Leetch would do wonders as a D coach for at least training camp, and as a tutor for these young Ds. It’s beyond belief that this team cannot find better Assistant coaches than
    the ones they are presently carrying, because if they are imparting any knowledge to these players it has yet to materialize in their play performances.

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