Boston 1, Rangers 0


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I know nobody wants to hear this, but that wasn’t a bad road game against the best team in the East. And it was typical of the Rangers’ pop-gun offense to get blanked by a minor-league nobody, right?

Try to win 2-1, and forget to get the 2. Or unable to get the 2.

I’ve got some writing to do, so I’ll check back later, or tomorrow morning.

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  1. I agree Carp, to a point. The problem is that today was par for the course with these guys.

    What that tells me is that we’ll be saying “It wasn’t a bad game, but the offense just couldn’t get it done” right up until they’re knocked out of the play-offs.

    Something needs to be done, or someone has to step up.

  2. onecupin67years on

    There’s no such thing as a Good loss, a loss is a loss.

    Forget about anyone stepping up, when you see Voros on the PP , you know Renney is desperate.
    I wonder if sather is dangling Renney on a cliff with this roster, something has to give.But, the only tradable and affordable assets are the young guys. Good luck moving the guys with no trade clauses and big salaries.

  3. If you remember early in the year Voros was parked in front of the net 5 on 5 and on the PP and that is how he got almost all of his goals in the first few weeks of the season.

    I like that strategy, but with all the shots from the point getting blocked, it doesn’t matter if he is there or not.

  4. they are not trading any of the young guys.

    i have seem morons on this site propose; staal dubi, a one and another player for Lecavieler I would not do that under any circumstances.

    Brain surgeons the rangers have the best young defensive D man in hockey if you have not noticed and I think just turned 21…\

    I have no idea but if ansimov can play why not give him a try, move dubi to wing, play prucha instead of voros or orr orr sjustrom.

    yeah dawes made a mistake but give me a break he had 3 good tips, legit scoring chances but the bottom line is; roszival(playing much better), redden, gomez, and drury are all on the downside and underperforming….

    this is not the Valeri Kaminsky rangers and anyone who thinks so is out of there mind…This team is YOUNG.. Yeah they do not have a young Malkin or OVechkin and!!!!!

    Losing CHerapanov is a big big hit long term.. they have to play tight defensive hockey because I just do not see the scoring.

    before everyone falls in and out of love with the new D man relax… the one thing they do have is young D propspect the problem is up front.

    My complaints is on playing time, and who suits up.. Prucha is not crosby but come on, he is better then 4 forwards for sure and they are; voros, sjustrom, orr, and I will let our gritty gutty Betts be the DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST.

    WHy no staal on the PP? Yeah his shot is not ready, true but Redden and Mara can’t shoot either and Roszival needs to be bribed to shoot.

    they are not winning the cup, that is obvious but they can be better expecially if management used there brain and tried things…

  5. no, give US a break. Stu-ey.

    Dawes was BENCHED by Renney when they were going on the offense in the last 10 minutes. and they got better, not worse.

    so, even renney admits that Dawes is NOT the answer from an offensive standpoint.

    and he’s not worth a damn in the corners or along the boards. he is an AHL scorer, and an NHL pussy.

  6. just because u havent heard of him doesnt mean he is a minor league nobody, since 2005 hes been one of the most promising goaltending prospects around.

  7. Your all being too hard on Dawes. Watch him get traded and become Martin St. Louis. He’s learning and si very young, hold onto him.

    Lenny-Let AA play a few games; call him up for Tues and show him how great being a Ranger can be. Get him pumped. Grachev I’d leave him along for another year. Let him keep developing with Stan Butler and the Brampton Battalian. Remember AA can’t drink yet and Grachev can barely buy a playboy, I know we want to see them, but let them develop and be ready.

    Redden is another story. He played the most lazy, uninspired, crappy game today. There is nothing redeeming about him. After this year, he must go.

  8. So Rick, are you of the mind (and from yesterday’s comments it sounds as though you are) that the popgun offense is due to the personnel involved, or the coach? And if your answer is the former, answer me this: if the coaches changed sides of the river, would Brent Sutter get more out of this team than Renney does? How quickly would a Renney-coached team with Scott Clemmensen in goal sink to the bottom of the standings? Are Brian Gionta, Patrick Elias, and Travis Zajac, Jamie Langenbrunner and Zach Parise THAT much better than Scott Gomez, Nik Zherdev, Markus Naslund, Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky? As bad as Wade Redden and Kalinin have been, are Sheldon Brookbank and Johnny Oduya and Mike Mottau such an enviable defensive corps? And would Brent Sutter have tolerated Wade Redden’s horrific play through mid November?

    As Ranger fans we are doomed to look across the river forever and see how the team with no fans does everything so much better than we do. Last year, everyone I mentioned on the Devils above played horribly but Sutter still got them into the playoffs ahead of the Rangers. This year the Rangers played well in November and have been a sub-.500 team since while the Devils have torn it up. I’m not certain Glen Sather has made all the right moves – although I will say that in the off-season, given what was happening last year, I felt certain that the moves he was making in letting Jagr, Shanny, Straka walk and trying to get younger, faster, and quicker were the right ones(let’s forget Redden and Rozie for the moment). And out of the gate this year, the team played that way. Zherdev and Dubinsky (remember when Larry Brooks thought it would take $5-6 million/year to keep Brandon?) looked ready to take over the league. Dubi swears up and down that his early season benching had nothing to do with his change in play, but the chip has been off his shoulder ever since. And with that happening, Zherdev has less room which is the ONLY thing he needs.

    Sorry, i don’t want to wait to have this discussion because it’s one we’ve been having here for months. It’s hard to blame the coach until you look across the river. Then the answer is plain as day.

  9. MikeA

    Martin St. Louis can actually skate with quickness and acceleration; he has a burst. And if you have a burst with good hands, it doesn’t matter how big you are, you can play in the NHL.

    Dawes has attributes, but he ain’t got that burst, and he ain’t got straightaway speed either, and he showed (again) that he is soft verging on uncourageous. If I were he, I would be apologizing to my teammates right now for biting the pillow the way he did.

  10. Rick, Tuukka Rask is actually the Bruins #1 prospect. He’s a very, very talented goalie and will be quite a force for that team for a long time. He’s not quite the “minor league nobody” people are making him out to be.

  11. Peter

    Fantastic post 7:59. Much is to be said about Mr. Julien as well. Wheeler, Krejci, Kobasew, Lucic, Ryde, Wideman some sophomore and 1st year players on the team. No superstars. Both Thomas & Fernandez are 34. But Julien gets the very best out of the players he has night in and night out…

  12. Re Trading Dawes, I recall the Kings acquiring Marcel Dionne from the Red Wings for a goon. Must be careful when trading size for talent, sometimes there is big heart in that small body.

  13. Julien is a good coach but he never goes far in the playoffs; THAT is the knock on him. I’m curious as to how the Bruins do this year in the postseason.

    ford-It took St. Louis like 5 years and being waived to figure it out, same with Briere. I don’t think Dawes is going to be THAT good, but if he became a 30-goal scorer, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

    He’s in year one of his full-time NHL career and year four as a pro. I’m willing to give him another few years.

  14. Mike, getting rid of Redden will be quite a task. I’m sure nobody in the league wants him with his expensive and lengthy contract.

    Is it possible to waive his ass to Hartford and thus get relief from his cap? Dolan will still have to pay his salary but it shouldn’t count against the cap.

    I have no objection to see AA play a few games in NY. The fact that he or Grachev can’t legally drink was an interesting observation. Were you trying to point out that playing for Renney would drive any player to drink? In NY they can drink at 18 so bring them on!!

  15. Rask didn’t have to make 1 tough save until the last 10 minutes of the game.
    Renneys rolling of 4 lines has to stop. The Rangers were a different team in the 3rd when he shortened the bench. Play the entire game like that, Zherdev should be getting over 20 minutes a night instead of his usual 15.

  16. Cakewalk

    Did you see the game? Did you see Dawes p*ssy away from that hit??? No heart in that – when they have someone who has the heart of a lion wasting away on this team in the press box.

  17. Here’s a thought: instead of sending Zherdev out every other shift in the 3rd, play him on a real line from the start of the first.

  18. I really like Dubi on the wing. I have been saying it for weeks now. He isnt that great of a play maker. But, he would make a great power forward a la Adam Graves type.

  19. From a Bruins perspective, I thought the Rangers played a pretty good game. Rask is a world-class prospect and saved Boston’s bacon quite a few times. I would think the Rangers would beat most teams with that kind of effort on the road, and would probably have beaten the Bruins on a lot of nights.

  20. bostonblue – the rangers have the 2nd least goals of the top teams in the east and top 9 teams in the west and have played more games than most. shutting this team out is not that hard.

  21. Regarding Dawes, yeah, he had a bad game today. he is a streaky player. I’ve seen him play some good games where he was hitting, carrying the play, the opposite of what he did today.

    Consistency is the name of the game and Dawes fails there. Actually, Drury fails ther too, scoring his goals in bunches but going without for long stretches at a time.

    Zherdev is their most consistent scorer even if he hasn’t put the puck in the net much lately but not from trying. Rangers need to sign him long term and build around him, HL and Staal. Keep as many of Callahan, Korpikoski, Sjostrom, Prucha, Dawes, Mara, Girardi, Valiquette as you can. Anisimov and Grachev from the forwards and Sags and DelZ from the defense will join them soon.

  22. I’d love for them to get Artyukin just without having to give up anything that good.

    Lenny-Yeah, they could waive him and stick him in Hartford. It’s not gonna happen this year, but maybe it can next year.

    I’d love to see Dubi-AA-Zherdev on Tuesday but with the ceremony and all I don’t think they’d bring him up for it. And yes AA is only 20 while Grachev is only 18. Very young.

  23. Carp, i just watched the game on tape & was dumbfounded at the change in the rangers’ effectiveness once they began to press the play in the last twelve minutes. Is the secret not out that when this team attacks it can generate plenty of scoring chances? The offense is “pop gun” because the coach is an anal retentive control freak whose frightened of his shadow. And how many odd man rushes did they give to the Bruins when they did forecheck hard? Is it possible that people who should know better because they follow and report on NHL hockey can’t see what so many of us see, that this team’s not playing to its strengths??

    This is not a hard call — the coach is scared out of his mind to win the game by going for it from the opening faceoff. When the team did go for it today, they carried the play, hit two posts, and limited the B’s offense. For chrissakes, for the life of me I can’t understand how this is lost on anyone!

  24. Artyukin is not a scorer but would be a definite improvement over Voros. Toronto wants to get rid of Antropov. Both these guys would be welcome additions. Both big.

  25. The problem with trading is every GM is going to ask foooorr (all together now): Dubi, Staal, Korpi, Cally, Anisimov, Grachev, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Kundratek, Stephan, Hagelin AND draft picks.

    No one is gonna want Kalinin, Voros, Redden.

    Maybe someone would take Prucha or Dawes but it’d be dumb to move them unless they have no plan of resigning Prucha…ditto for Mara.

  26. antropov has a big time rep of not bringing it very often. he comes here and you’ve been forewarned.

  27. wd40, not lost on me, I’ve been calling for Renney’s head for a long time. Problem is I’m also calling for the head of the GM who hired him in the first place.

    Rangers are a perfect example of the Peter Principle (no relation to the Peter who posts prime material here). The Peter Principle is that you rise in your organization according to your level of incompetence. Or think of a fish that rots from the head down. The New York Rangers organization, right Carp?

  28. mike a – i don’t see how they can sign prucha with the cap problems they have. unfortuantely mara might be in same boat. dawes would not be a loss.

  29. WD

    Good points. Why dont they play their asses of and lose that way? In stead of some boring half assed effort? I think we will all be more satisfied and we would complain less if the effort was there. If they played balls to the wall, gave 85-100% every night we wouldnt be as harsh. Then again what do I know, I’ve only been watching them and a die hard fan for 30 years LOL

  30. LI Joe, they said the same thing about the Big Z in Columbus. Now look at him. Antropov comes here and Boom..John Madden can sell athlete’s foot medication.

  31. Mike, you are probably right. With Anisimov, Grachev, DelZ and Sags ready within a couple of years, add them to Zherdev, Dubinsky, Callahan, Sjostrom, Korpikoski, Mara, Girardi, Staal, Prucha, Dawes and we might have a competitive team without outside deals.

  32. Isles blanking the Panthers so far 3-0. Putting in more effort than our overpaid prima-donnas on broadway :)

  33. MAKO…and as Rosen said “this one will last a lifetime.” It might have to last a lifetime because we ain’t winning a cup anytime soon.

  34. I think we should be sellers at the deadline. Tank the last 40 and get in the Tavares lottery!!

  35. right. Antropov is not the answer.

    but neither is keeping guys like Dawes.

    the answer is exactly what wd40 and many of us have been saying on here long before this game.

    Renney must quit the trap crap. the defeatist, hang-back hockey MUST end.

    they have guys like Callahan and Dubi who are good at the forecheck, but are being handcuffed by their clueless coach.

    can they win a cup with the current roster and wide open hockey. No. but at least they would be entertaining and giving 100% effort. they would be worth watching.

    right now with Renney it’s don’t cross the street, you might get hit by a car. yeah, but you might also find a whole new world to conquer, too.

  36. lennynyr,

    Great reference to the Peter Principle. Perfect description of the current management and coaching staff.

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