One move before the trade deadline you probably didn’t expect: me


The other night after the game against the Hurricanes, a bunch of us headed out for a few drinks, and a friendly face approached as I headed out the door.

“Love the blog,” he said. “Keep up the good work.”

“I will,” I said.

OK, so maybe that wasn’t completely true. Because what I didn’t say then is those drinks were not just to commemorate the end of another mid-season hockey game, but to cap off my last game covering the Rangers.

When you consider all the ground we cover on this blog, I fully accept the news of me leaving the beat is relatively insignificant. And yet given the remarkable support this little sliver of cyberspace has received since its debut, the readers here at least deserve an explanation why I’m no longer going to be a part of it.

After 12 years at The Journal News — the last three of which were spent writing for the most devoted fans in sports — I am leaving to pursue a career in another sport I love, as a senior editor at “”: The timing of the move isn’t great, and I admit it comes with a tinge of sadness. But it’s also an opportunity I’m fortunate to have, and a new phase of my life I’m eager to enter.

The good news, though, is this blog isn’t going anywhere. And appropriately enough, it will be Rick Carpiniello, the guy whose NHL column I devoured as a hockey fan and who went on to become one of my best friends in journalism, who will be returning to help steer this blog. If anything, it turns out I was just keeping Carpie’s seat warm for him.

As for me, this isn’t just any job I’m leaving, since it’s actually the only real job I’ve ever had. My first story for the paper that is now The Journal News was about a high school football game the fall after I graduated from college. Back then there was no internet version of the paper — actually, I didn’t even have a computer —  and the story I wrote was only buried inside the sports section of the paper’s northern edition. But it was still ample reason for my girlfriend and I to hop in my Nissan Sentra and drive 30 minutes to a coffee shop in northern Westchester, where I bought a stack of papers that all magically had my byline in it.

That girlfriend is now my wife and the mother of my two boys, and I’ve since been fortunate enough to write hundreds, maybe even thousands of stories about everything from the Masters and British Open to the National Hockey League

(As a fitting aside, my first Rangers assignment was the day before John Muckler took over as the team’s coach after the 1998 Olympic break. I was the only reporter at Rye Playland that day, and I clearly didn’t know what I was doing. Enter Adam Graves, who noticed the clueless look on my face, told me to follow him into the locker room, and then proceeded to give me everything I needed for my story. I wish I could cover his jersey retirement ceremony next week, if only to thank him for that characteristic display of grace).

When I took over the Rangers beat in the fall of 2006, I was skeptical that there would be much of an appetite for my occasionally offbeat musings about hockey. Millions of hits and tens of thousands of comments later, this blog has been one of the most intensive but gratifying ventures of my career.

I will miss it for all the reasons you’d expect: the beauty and drama of the  games, the spirited give-and-take with readers, the daily window into the most impressive but most humble athletes on earth. And I’ll miss it for reasons you probably wouldn’t think of, like the mornings after games, when I’d sit down at the breakfast table and tell my 3 1/2 year old son Charlie about everything I witnessed the night before.

When I told Charlie I was no longer going to cover the Rangers, his first reaction was tears. He has a Rangers calendar on his wall, and a Jaromir Jagr stick leaning against his garage, and he’s been fortunate enough to tag along with his old man to the occasional practice (even scarier, some of his favorite nighttime reading is from the stack of NHL media guides I have in my home office. Honestly, it was his idea). At that point, he figured his intimate connection to hockey was disappearing.  But I didn’t see it that way

“Charlie,” I said. “This means you and I can start going to games together.”

Amidst all the inviting prospects that come with a new career, that’s one I’ve enjoyed thinking about. I haven’t been to an NHL game as a fan since Wayne Gretzky still had a Rangers jersey tucked into the side of his pants. And yet the next time you see me at the Garden, I’ll probaby have at least one little boy at my side and the beverage of my choice in my hands (my writing might suggest otherwise, but that’s actually off-limits when you’re on the job).

I’ve made no secret of my affection for the game as both a player and a spectator. Hockey has been in my blood since I first wore a pair of skates at age 3 and began twirling around the small pond in our backyard, and that’s not going to change even as professionally my focus shifts back from ice to grass. I will continue to play, continue to watch, and continue to be a fan of the fine work of the other people who cover this game, many of whom have become good friends.

Maybe I won’t be here to chime in on a regular basis. But I’ll always be able to savor the time that I did. And for that, I owe all of you a debt of thanks.

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  1. I wish you the best, Sam. And we can understand the conflict, which you openly told us of for a long time, between golf and hockey coverage. Enjoy your new position and do check in and let us know how it is going, whenever you can.



    You will surely be missed around these parts. It’s nice to know that you’re handing the blog off to the very capable hands of Carp.…cool. I subscribe to the mag, perhaps I’ll have to browse the website now.

    Best of luck in the gig.

  3. Wow Sam, this is THE place for Rangers fans. Thanks for it and naturally you’ll be missed. All the best, you have to do the best for your family.

    p.s.-don’t take your boys up in the blues, it can get pretty brutal up there. I love it but my girl is 20 months and not going to MSG anytime soon.

  4. no offense to Carp….on that last line….but there will be no more pat’s hubba hubba references i am guessing. good luck sam.

  5. Sam, I wish you nothing but the best. This blog is always my first and last stop of the day when I log on my computer and right before I sign off. It’s been a lot of fun. And Welcome to you Carp.

  6. well that’s certainly sad news to hear. i come here everyday to read your perspective on my favorite hockey team.

    i guess all i can really say is, thank you, for your dedication and hard work. i’ll truly miss your insight. best of luck to you and your family.

  7. Hockeybasednyc on

    Sammy, you will be sorely missed.

    This blog, Zips and BB are the best places to get up to date info on the Rangers, and its a bittersweet to see you go because thats another great game and opportunity you are shifting to. I wish you all the luck in the world, and i’ll be sure to check out Golf Digest once you totally dismantle its substructure and turn it into a gem of a site.

    But I have to admit, you are the one that got me really into reading the beat blogs because of your wit, honestly and self deprecating approach to presenting a great game and the team I love the most. Hopefully i’ll catch up with you in the Garden with your son and i’ll buy you a much deserved beer.

    Take care, congratulations and good luck

  8. Sam, thank you for your time and efforts, the clarity of your submissions and overall fairness. You stayed ‘true to your school’ and I envision success at any level.

  9. Sam,

    You will truly be missed. Thank you for making the coverage of the Rangers so enjoyable and fun. I loved stopping by the blog each and every day to hear things from your side of the glass. Best of luck at Golf Digest and now that your outside in the sun enjoy your tan!


  10. Sam –
    Thanks for the great years!-
    Hopefully someday I will run into you either at a game or on the ice!- Good Luck!!!


  11. No, the Pat’s Hubba Hubba references will not stop (did anybody see the sad news, that the founder, Patsy, died last week?).
    And Sam and I will hopefully have a few chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries from time to time.
    Mostly, hopefully, Sam, you will drop me an email with one of your musings any time, and I will pass it on to YOUR readers.

  12. WOW that is great Sam!!!! It will be a big loss for all of us but you have to do what is best for you. Good luck and Im honored to have been so privileged to become a frequent blogger on here. Thanks!!!

  13. Great career move. Golf Digest is a much better gig. Senior editor positions are earned and its a big step up.

  14. Sam : “my focus shifts back from ice to grass” –

    not completely sure what those comments mean exactly Sam but thank you for your hard work and good luck!

  15. Wow was this unexpected. First Dellapina and now Sam. I wish you the best of luck with your new position, Sam. This is far and away the best stop for Rangers info in cyberspace.

    If you could give us advanced notice when you and your son(s) are going to games, I’d love to buy you a BEER (even a fancy one with the pretzel rod in the cup handle).

    Thanks again and good luck!

  16. this is the only site i rely on for rangers news. if something gets reported and sam hasn’t commented on it, it’s not official… i only hope that carp will update as often and frequently as you did and i wish you the best with your new job. you’ll be missed.

  17. Great job and Good Luck Sam! Love to hear that the little guy’s already a big fan!

    I read the headline of the post and thought someone unexpected had been dealt…

  18. damn, this is the only rangers blog that i read because i love the humor that sam adds to the blog. sad to see you go, but it’s a great opportunity for you. good luck sam.

  19. This sucks! Sam’s the only one that knows hockey that’s a writer in the area. Now I gotta deal with Zipay and his dumb lyrics all over the page. I bet he’s never laced up the skates even once.

  20. doodie machetto on


    Best of luck in all you do. Your wry style and thoughtful writing has led to a strong readership and great community here. We’ll miss you. Thanks for the work.

    PS, I’ve always thought that you look like Blair Betts.

    PPS, this trade (Weinman for Carp) is just another example of Slats trading away our youth for another overpaid, washed up veteran. No offense Carp. You’re a future HOFer and I respect you. But what about the future of our team!?

  21. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    We wish you well on your future endeavors, Sam. Ive only been here a short while, but when I found this blog it filled me with joy.

    Im looking forward to seeing Rick step into your shoes.

  22. Cindy Crawford on

    New Newman
    January 29th, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    hillarious and accurate. I agree with everyone else, best source for news. Good luck sam

  23. Good Luck Sam!

    you’ve given alot of us Rnagers fans a place to come to get the REAL news, vent and talk shop about our favorite Ny team

    Best of luck!!!
    We will all miss you

  24. doodie machetto on

    Zhervalev, you’ve gotta change your handle, it’s driving me crazy: Everytime I think of Zherdev or hear his name, I think Zhervalev!

  25. Congrats Sam,

    I got my grandparents tickets to US Open this year. Will you have a blog for that event that I can pass along to them?

    Take care

  26. Sam – Thanks for all the great reading. It’s been a sincere pleasure to be able to visit your blog every day. I wish you and your family the best of luck in the future, and you will definitely be missed. No one reports the Rangers like you do.

  27. Doodie, people thought Mess was old and washed up when the Rangers got him in ’91 and he managed to have a few pretty decent years. Hopefully I’ve got some years left. I will certainly try hard, and I’m not a fat cat (ok, perhaps a bit on the heavy side, but not a lazy sloth, and certainly not overpaid).
    I will, however, play a third-line role, because it’s you guys who carry this thing.

  28. “Zhervalev, you’ve gotta change your handle, it’s driving me crazy: Everytime I think of Zherdev or hear his name, I think Zhervalev!”


    I’m willing to take bets on how long it’ll take until Sam or Joe accidentally say Kovalev when Z tries one of his “magical” moves and loses the puck at the blueline.

  29. Who Needs Lohan on

    Sam- Good for you! Good Luck

    Nasty1…you finally topped the Grimmace and Fry Guy comments from about 2 months ago! Oh do I know that feeling!

    All….Sam and Joe hit it on the head last night. They mentioned how desperate the Penguins played the 3rd knowing that their season is almost on the line. What they didnt say was how that reflected on the NYR. I think you get my point….

  30. Best of luck Sam. Your blog has been my first & best stop in my quest for info & discussion of my beloved Rangers.
    I trust that Carp will maintain the same insight, excellence, & fan base that you have nurtured.
    Thanks for all you have done,

  31. Good luck sam. you’ll definitly be missed. I appreciate you’re coverage and honesty in all your blogs. This was always the blog I went to for up to date info on the rangers and I hope Rick keeps it up the way you did. I personally would never choose golf over hockey but if that is your choice I wish you the best of luck. I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog since you got here.

  32. Well from one Wildcat to another – break a leg and enjoy the sunny days of golf :-)

    we’ll miss you – but I expect to see some comments posted!!!


  33. Sam, I sincerely regret your leaving. But I wish you all the best in your new position. As many here have already stated, I too, click here first to quench my Blueshirt thurst. I will certainly miss your wit and style. Thanks for all your great work and imput.
    I’ll look forward to Carpy’s approach and insight and hope that all the other “Commenters” will stick around. This is a great blog.
    Let’s Go RANGERS!!!

  34. You were too good to be true and we’ll miss you like we miss our good friends from the past.

    Good luck on the grass

  35. In Kovalev’s first 4 seasons, he had 180p in 270g.

    This is Zherdev’s 4th season and after 333g, he has 222p.

    Kovalev’s PPG in 4 seasons: .6666667
    Zherdev’s PPG in 4 seasons: .6666667

    Zhervalev dammit!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Terrific news (for you, not us), Sam. Have been a loyal reader from up in the Snowbelt for a while now. Best of luck with GD – – maybe run a story on all the NHLers who are stud golfers? ;^)

  37. Sam,

    Congratulations and good luck in your new position. You’ve been my favorite Rangers beat writer since I started following the blogs and you will be missed for sure!!

  38. You’ve done a great job here, Sam. Hopefully Carpy won’t — so I can get on with the things I should be doing when I’m reading this blog instead.

    Best of luck. Thanks.

  39. ThisYearsModel on

    Good luck Sam. The success of this blog is solely a product of your great work. We are fortunate to have Carp going forward, but I will continue to follow your career. I went to the US Open in San Diego this year and it was terrific. We will all feel sorry for you when you have to DRAG yourself to Augusta, Sawgrass, Doral, Pebble, etc.

    A big thank you to you for a job very well done. it appears that we Ranger fans were not the only ones that noticed.

  40. Sam,

    As an inspiring hockey analyst/writer/journalist, you have been one of my icons since I started reading your blog a couple of years ago. Best of luck with the Golf Digest job and hopefully I’ll run into you at the garden sometime.

  41. I must have visited this site at least 4-5 times a day after I stumbled upon it three years ago. When it came to Rangers coverage, I always came here first. Best of luck Sam!

  42. I’ve been a loyal reader here for a good long time. I’m extremely sad to see you off the Rangers beat, Sam.

    All the best to you and yours – and good luck with the new gig. I’m sure that Charlie will be a hell of a hockey fan – he’s going to be learning from the best.

  43. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Sam – congratulations on the new position and the best of luck to you and thank you for your time and devotion. I appreciate that I’ve always felt closer to home when I’m here. Best wishes for all things good for you and your family.

    Carp – welcome. Glad to hear the Hubba Hubba references will still be there – brings a smile to my face (I was born and raised in Port Chester and remember when it was Texas Lunch).

  44. Sam,

    Thanks for the great coverage over the last 3 seasons, and good luck to you in your new gig. If the Rangers keep having third periods like last night’s, you may even get to do a story on them in Golf Digest, too!

  45. Sam,

    Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. Best of luck to you and your family. Congratulations on your new job!!

  46. Beer Me!
    January 29th, 2009 at 12:01 pm
    cccp – I don’t know what you’re talking about to be clear. Suddenly I’m a fan of Slats? Suddenly Renney’s the GM that makes decisions on which players to bring in? Lost here.


    BTW Beer Me! i didnt mean that you like Slats… I dont think anybody does…Renney is still your favorite…nobody is taking that away from you… and as i was posting my comment so was you… thats why it looked like im not paying attention…
    Im pretty sure if renney wanted shany he would have him on the team… same with Jagr and Avery

  47. SAM

    I am really really going to miss you. Your blog had become part of the fabric of being a Ranger fan.

    Huge fan,

    Nova Scotia, Canada.

  48. Congratulations on the new job, Sam. Good luck with it! It’s been a pleasure reading your blog.

  49. Oh, and while we appreciate the gesture, Sam, somehow I doubt you getting moved before the deadline will provide us with any cap relief. Any chance you could take Redden with you? He’s playing like he’d rather be golfing anyway.

  50. Congrats on the new gig Sam…You will be missed. Glad to see the blog will be in good hands. Go Rangers!!

  51. Aw, this sucks…I’m really sad, I eagerly check this site numerous times a day for updates, humor, and ranger news…good luck in the new job…sucks for us

  52. I (and clearly I’m not alone) will totally miss your coverage. I’ve found you to be one of the best and most even places to get news on the Rangers, and it’s a loss on that level.

    That said, congrats on your new gig!

  53. Sam,

    Thank you for all your hard work and awesome insight and fast updates!

    Good luck on all your future endeavors!

    Thank you!!!!!

  54. Sam,

    Thanks for the great coverage and tireless updates on the blog. This was (and will continue to be, if Mr. Carpinello lives up to the expectations set before him!) really my only source for Rangers information. As I’ve said many times, you provided great perspective about the team and you hid your fandom (fairly) well.

    Congratulations and good luck on the new gig!

  55. Good luck sam, and thanks for all your hard work, even if golf is the most boring sport around.

  56. Laurel Babcock on

    For those who don’t work here at the paper with Sam, you’ve no idea how sad this is! Happy for you buddy, not so much for me and all the rest….That said, welcome back Carp!

  57. Good Luck Sam. You will be missed.

    This was one of my favorite spots to pick up information on the NYR. Thank you for all your hard work and I hope to run into you someday at the Garden.

    Thank You


  58. Chad Killam, look into this practice goalie, he is the real deal…. Could be a superstar if he really got a chance.

    Look into him folks.

  59. Say it aint so Sam. You will be missed. This blog made me feel like being a Ranger fan wasn’t so weird. I just hope Carp keeps up the good vibes here. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog.

  60. Sam!

    I’m late to the blog one day and you leave!!!!

    Good luck at Golfdigest; get yourself some plaid pants and get Jiggy; or as we say in St.Pete

    “????? ????? ???? ?????? ???????????? ??? ???? ????? ???????? jiggy “

  61. i interned at Golf Digest. it really sucked. they were firing a bunch of people at the time also, so my ‘mentors’ were too busy covering their arses to train me to do anything. i did some excel stuff and stacked boxes of clothes and golf things, helped the photographer (never even taken a photography class), and shredded papers.

    they gave good reccomendations but man was that one tough summer.

  62. Way to go Sam, this must really be a dream job for you. I checked out a few of your posts when you were on golf assignments and you were clearly in your element. Don’t get me wrong, this Ranger blog is my favorite blog of all time, but as a golf fan, I’m looking forward to seeing your work over at golf digest.

    Good luck!

  63. While I’ll be sad to see you go, congratulations. You’ve certainly earned it. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog daily and I only hope the person who takes over is half as enjoyable to read.

    Thanks again.

  64. Best of luck Sam! Sad to see you go, this blog has been something I’ve visited religiously for a while now and it won’t be the same without you. Great job, we’ll all miss you!

  65. its interesting to see so many people post that usually dont…i dont think sam is leaving… we are being Punk’d…

  66. Hey Sam –

    I don’t comment all that much on here, but I’ve been a daily reader for a few years now. Sorry to see you go, but the best of luck at Golf Digest.


    – j

  67. Congratulations. You have done a tremendous job handling the new roles of a 21st Century journalist with great skill and aplomb. I’m sure blogs and video chats were the furthest thing from your mind when you landed at the Journal News fresh out of school. Best of luck at Golf Digest.


    SAINT PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Minnesota Wild President and General Manager Doug Risebrough today announced the National Hockey League (NHL) club has acquired center/left wing Dan Fritsche from the New York Rangers in exchange for defenseman Erik Reitz. The Wild also assigned center Krys Kolanos to AHL Houston.

  69. your boy Malik on

    Sam, We’ll really miss you but wish you all the best – congrats on a great move in a time when most people are hanging onto their jobs – evidence of your talent….please stop by section 69 if you’re at the game……

  70. Pendoramaperspective on

    Congratulations Sam, wonderful news, I will miss you here but look forward to your work at G.D. Good luck!

  71. First Dellapina and now this. Where will I turn now, Sam!? Now I have to actually pony up for a subscription to Blueshirt Bulletin.

  72. Sam, Ive followed your blog for a while now. Its not gonna be quite the same in the rangers world. Good Luck!

  73. congrats sam.

    and beer, besides staal what young player has gotten better under Renney/Sather and note staal still needs to get pp time to further develop him. Id argue almost all of them have regressed or stayed stagnant the longer they’ve been coached by renney, hank included

    Don’t you think if the rangers were really committed to youth they wouldn’t have signed kalinin or if its a reflection on our prospects being not that good that is still an indictment of sather.

  74. Fred Ostrofsky on

    Sam, I know I can speak for so many fans that have read your musings over the years, that we will miss you terribly. Tears..Tears. We wish you all the best and only want you to be successful in all you do, which we have no doubt you will. To me you will always be apart of those things that make being a Rangers fan so special that people around the country are usually jealous. Travel well.


  75. i think i speak for every single computer-literate ranger fan, when i say that you will be missed! in these hard economic times, it would be stupid to pass up a better paying job that you know you will love. the best of luck to you, sam!

  76. Congrats Sam. Always loved the blog and discussed it in detail at every game with my brother and friend whom I have season tickets with.

    Hopefully I’ll see you on the ice at WSA sometime soon (when I get a bit better and can keep up with those guys who play a little too seriously during the lunch hours!)

    Just look for the Ireland jersey and say hi!

    Thanks again and best of luck at GD!

  77. Congratulations, Sam! Good luck on the next phase of your career. We will definitely miss you.

  78. A quick FYI Sam

    I hate this place I work at…if the other guy doesnt want to do this I’ll do it for you…real cheap too

    Good luck once again!

  79. Sam – thanks for everything. you’re a class act and now can really be a fan again. I guess you’ll be the only one in attendance with a young boy wearing a Malik shirt. good luck both professionally and personally.

  80. Sam best of luck to you in your future, you had the best blog on the beat, and that is with your paper not allowing you to attend most away games, you still did a great job.

    Best of luck again…

  81. Sam,

    Thanks for the blog, the live chats, and everything else. My sister and I discuss it endlessly over gmail while at work, and you will be missed.

  82. Sam,
    I’m really sorry to see you go and I truly enjoyed reading your coverage on a daily basis and checking up on it almost hourly for any updates. Being away in Florida isn’t the same but being able to keep in touch with the fans made it feel special. You made things interesting and insiteful not only as a journalist but as a fan and never held back. You will be missed. Congrats on the new position. Wish you and your family all the best. Mazel Tov!

    Kindest Regards,
    Mark Joseph

  83. Sam I want to take this time to thank you for all of the great work you did on here this is a place I came to many times in the course of a day and I really enjoyed it ..I wish you the best of luck with your new job and I am 100% positive I am one of many that are going to miss you in this space take care brother and DON’T be a stranger to us.

  84. Wow, Sam. I guess this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. Best of luck with it. You will be missed.

  85. Sam,

    Congrats on your new challenge! Your skills as a writer will most certainly be missed. See you around the Garden, and on the internet.

  86. Damn, I just teared up.
    (And I don’t know how that overstrike happened, should’ve been two em dashes.)

  87. Good luck Sam. It has been a pleasure reading your blog every day. We will keep a seat for you in Sec 420, anytime you want.

  88. wow… surprising news. your reporting and insight will be missed here, Sam. Good luck at, and congrats on landing the new job!

  89. Good luck with everything Sam! I’ve been checking this blog daily for a few years now and can’t tell you how much i’ve appreciated your postings, chats and updates. Everytime I see you on tv, I tell people I read your blog. Enjoy your new job, and stop by every once in a while for some guest commentary (if carp allows it).

  90. Didnt see this one coming. Sam you have done an amazing job covering the Rangers and I cant thank you enough. You will definitely be missed.

  91. Maybe I’m not too worldly ( although I am going to Boston Sat’day) but except for the hockeybuzz I have never seen comment numbers like Sam gets on this blog…most of the nyc paper-blogs have 6,12,20 comments tops…everytime you visit here the numbers are through the roof!!…and I cannot believe how many more people are reading this everyday who usually dont comment; they are all wishing Sam good luck today…If you didn’t know it already did a great job here Sam!!

  92. dm – your 12:31 comment about sam and betts is priceless. no wonder bob gave sam a hard time

  93. Sam,
    Your blog was my 2nd Rangers stop everyday( is the 1st).
    But I need to know after they choke out in the 2nd round, will you be covering them for Golf Digest?
    Best of Luck.

  94. kaspar 3:49

    very well said. i too was pleasantly surprised to see all the comments from people who just read and don’t comment. and it seems apparant that on this issue (how great a job sam did) i fully agree with salty , wd40 and true fans.

  95. I never commented much, but I always read, and learned something. Thanks for the memories, and good luck in your new gig.

  96. Dear Sam,

    I am deeply saddened to hear of your departure. I have come to rely upon you for all the latest news and insights regarding the Rangers. Our loss is Golf Digest’s gain.

    Good luck to you. God bless you and your young family. You have been the best beat writer for the Rangers post lockout, hands down. I am sure you will be missed by management, the team and us fans. You, like Tom Renney, are a true gentleman.

    All the Best


  97. Congrats, Sam, and thanks! It’s difficult being a Rangers fan in Arizona, but your blog made me feel like I was back home. Good luck with the new position.

  98. Thanks for the work Sam- I always came here first for my Ranger news. The dry humor and willingness to post a link or two to the other writers blogs/stories was refreshing.

    Good luck at GD

  99. Sam, good luck! I only found this blog recently, and am disappointed I did not find it earlier. It has been a daily read, and has been a constant source of Ranger information. Once again, good luck!

  100. Thanks for making me a fan of your blog. Your musings were just the right thing for this Ranger fan. Enjoy your boys – they will grow up way to fast. Get out on the ice and teach them how to play and have lots of fun with them. My son is a 13-year old Bantam coached by a wonderful fan of his (moi) and I occasionally take him to play pick-up hockey with me and to share that fun with him is great, but its the memories of taking him out alone on the ice when he was 3-years old that are permanently etched in my mind! Best wishes to you at – I’ll look for you at Bethage this June – I’ll wear my Ranger’s hat so that you can find me! ;)

  101. Sam,

    Just another fan of your writing and the blog who’d like to wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Many thanks for your time and efforts to make this blog what it is.

    And a Welcome Back to Rick.

  102. Sam –
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite a while now and I love your musings on hockey and of your everyday life.
    Your self depreciating humour gave me a smile on many days.
    While I’m sad to see you go, I’m happy that you’re given a chance to do something else you love.
    Good Luck to you Sam…you will be missed on this blog.

  103. Sam,

    As a reader of the blog from the beginning, allow me to say…YOU SUCK!! How could you give up such a job for GOLF?!?

    But seriously, you suck.

    No really, you did a great job here and it’s a shame the Journal is losing you. Great energy to the blog, great discussion, great writing. Hockey has lost one of its best reporters. To this day, I still check this blog first and blow off the Post, Newsday and News sites.

    Good luck, brother. And teach that kid how to play hockey.

  104. Sam – you’re easily the best Rangers beat writer in the last decade. Your insight and awesome analogies will be missed! Good luck at your new gig.

  105. Sad day for Rangers fans.
    Good luck Sam, We are all going to miss you. Your Blog was always one of the highlights of my day.

    You might not personaly know many of us, but we all feel like we have known you for years.

  106. Damn this sucks for us, but congrats Sam! This has always been my first stop for Rangers insight, and unfortunately it likely won’t be anymore.

    But enjoy the new position and God Bless!

  107. Son of a b!tch! This sort of feels like when your cool popular older brother graduates high school and moves away for college.

    Well, best of luck.

  108. Sam,
    I just wanted to say the pleasure’s been all ours. I have been reading this blog ~350 days a year most days the moment I awake and the moments just before I go to bed. You have made this an awesome place for Rangers fans. Your diligence and strive for excellence is evident, don’t let that ever leave, it makes you an amazing journalist. This last post is one of your best. Thank you, sir, for the years, the memories, and your passion for the sport and your profession.
    Best wishes.

  109. Congrats Sam, loved reading your Rangers coverage over these past few years and wish you all the best.

  110. Erik from Ohio on


    I read this blog almost everyday and I will truly miss your wit and insight as well as your own mens league hockey stories. My favorites over the years were the little tidbits you had about Jagr now and then. I have grown attached to your writing style and humor and while there is no way it can be replaced, I will continue to read on.

    Best of luck to you in your future work. It sounds like a job that someone like yourself cant turn down and in this economy, none of us can blame you.

    Its been fun while it lasted, and you will be missed very very much.

  111. Thanks alot Sam. Loved checking the site everyday and you’ll be sorely missed. Good luck in your future aspirations.

  112. I’m thoroughly sad (as I can see everyone is) to see you go, Sam, but wish you nothing but the best with your newest endeavor.

    I have to ask though, is there any chance you could start your own blog on another site as merely a fan? It obviously wouldn’t incorporate the same things we know and love here, but it’s hard to imagine not having your insight and opinion to reflect upon. Might be nice if you could do a less updated version on a free hosting site (WordPress? Blogger?). Just so we can still get your views and commentary on an ocasional basis. Think about it! FOR YOUR FANS :)

    P.S. You got even more of my already earned respect by recognizing Callahan the other night. Everyone had their sights set on the dynamic duo of Gomez and Naslund after the Hurricanes game but I was happy to see you recognize that Callahan was a big part of it, too (and has been doing quite well with Naslund for awhile now).

  113. Awww! This is the first time I’ve checked in since the debacle in Pittsburgh since I didn’t want to read all of the negative comments. It’s sad to see you go because I loved your humorous take on the team and your coverage, even though it’s limited by the budget. It sounds like you have a great new gig at Golf Digest, though it probably won’t be as exciting and mindblowing as watching the Rangers’ successes and struggles. Good luck Sam!

  114. Good luck in all you do Sam – you are by far the most entertaining writer to have covered the Rangers in recent years. Maybe time for a book?!? Thank you for all you’ve done – you’re a terrific writer.

  115. Sam, It has been an informative and entertaining pleasure reading your Rangers Blog. As an avid GD reader as well I will look forward to your contributions on their glossy pages in the future. Thank you and congratulations.

  116. Blacks4 (Section 303) on

    WOW Sam, congrats on the upgrade but we’ll definitely miss you. I know I’m just a lurker and the place won’t be the same without your posts.

    Thanks for everything over the years.


  117. I want to second every comment made here. This blog was my go-to source for Rangers news and opinions.

    Good luck,
    Devoted lurker

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