That didn’t last


By our calculations, the feel-good vibe around the Rangers lasted roughly 23 hours, covering the time between their fifth win in their last six games, and the start of their third-period face plant last night in Pittsburgh.

Players made the case of saying that other than a five-goal third period, they played a good game, which is kind of like saying other than how they taste and smell, I really like bratwursts.

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  1. Amazing; this team is in such denial!!! Other than the 3rd period, we played a good game???? Are they serious? Or are they under Renney hypnosis? Voros is in the line-up, pretty much, to stand in front of the net & get garbage goals. He can’t even do that now. He shouldn’t be in the lineup, yet, the constant yo-yoing of the line-up is a problem, as well as the countless compaints I’ve read on this blog by all the regular bloggers.

  2. Everything is Prucha’s fault. He’ll sit for the next 10, watch.

    LOL @ the bratwurst comparison. A+

  3. I really think there is an issue now with Renney. He was good for a few years, but now is stale. Time for a new coach.

  4. “Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

    Unacceptable! End of story! On to Saturday.

  5. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Guys, let’s take this as a good sign because the last two games (maybe even 3?) the rangers didn’t show up renney actually rewarded them by cancelling on-ice workouts the following day! Today, he only let them sleep-in a couple hours! Phewww, I’m glad we got priorities straight (sarcasm).

  6. I posted this yesterday afternoon. I like to say I put the nail right on the head, regarding this team. Last night was a complete bed shitting on all accounts.

    January 28th, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    When we can play 55-60 minutes of hockey the way we played the first 10 last night I will be happy and more relaxed when I watch this team play. Just when I start to allow myself to get excited about this team and get in to a little bit of a comfort zone, I always step back and level myself, because I know of the giant bed shittings that this team is capable of on any given night. I am happy with our recent play, and if we could score 2 or even one more goal a game I would be even happier. I hope we win tonight, but I am done with predictions and looking ahead. It really is a game by game kind of thing with this team. Let’s Go Rangers!

  7. Beer Me!, hopefully the mechanical problem delaying their charter was Redden getting sucked into the engine.

  8. zetterberg =6mm/yr redden/5mm/yr.. redden is almost as good as zetterberg.. i’ve had enough of renney and sather.. also that first goal if anyone on our d had a sack no one would have come near that puck..

  9. I’m sorry but I thought they played fine for most of the game last night. Sure they gave up a few chances, but they possessed the puck much better and dominated most of the first and third. Lundqvist was absolutely terrible in the third and even he took responsibility for the loss. Denny defended him, which he should, but he has to stop some of those. His collapse eventually led to the collapse of the team because they were skating hard and outworking the pens for most of the game.

  10. Last night was like eating a really good dinner at a Mexican restaurant and really enjoying it. And usually when you eat something like that it goes right through you, but you just feel good and you sit around and talk and laugh with friends, maybe throw back a few drinks. You are so happy that you just feel fine, and you are not going to be shitting a river later on. So you get in your car, and you drive home, with a great bit smile on your face, and right when you get to the bridge near the deli you love so much you feel that grumble in your stomach, the grumble that says, “You are screwed buddy, and you are definitely not making it home.” So you start to sweat and clinch up, but to no avail, you shit all over yourself, and have to walk in, right in front of the wife and kids, and admit that, “Yes, Daddy shit his pants, badly.”

    That was last night’s game. The third period was right at the bridge near your favorite deli.

    Disgustingly awful!!!!

    And they didn’t even have fleece gloves from two christmas’ ago to clean themselves up.

  11. Getting overly impressed about one goal victories over the likes of Carolina and the Islanders is part of the problem. On the other hand, the Eastern Conference is full of lousy teams this year. But last night’s 3rd period showed the difference a first line can make on a team — Crosby and Malkin just turned it up a notch — the Rangers don’t have that ability — management dumped the first line in favor of 10 3rd liners.

  12. They pretty much invited the Penguins back into the eastern playoff picture last night. Well done Rangers. I’m glad they’re back to playing ineffective, spineless hockley because that winning stuff was getting old.

  13. ya what would a game vs PIT be without a laast minute CROSBY HIGLIGHT REEL GOAL? you can count on seeing that moment again about 100 more times in your life.

  14. Beer Me

    Sorry was lazy to look it up LOL Yes you are right, Senior Advisor to hockey operations in Chicago. Hmmmm coincidence that the Hawks are playing so well, great young talent?

  15. doodie machetto on

    johnny five, i hate to break the bad news to you, but redden is 6.5 million per year, not 5.

    On the flip side, they’ll be paying Zetterberg 6 million per year when he’s 41. Imagine if we resigned Shanahan for 6 million. And Zettterberg is all about speed. If he loses a step (or two) as he gets older, that contract will be a nightmare. At least Shanahan has that great shot and grit.

  16. Interesting thing I read on the Hawks this morning. Only reason was because I have a few of them on my fantasy roster(no rangers, go figure). Quennville juggled all the lines, moved players to different positions just to find some chemistry. Byufleign(bet I didn’t spell that right) is playing the wing, but the point on the PP now. Sharp from center to the wing, and I don’t remember the others.

  17. And FYI by the sounds of the last few paragraphs, the Rodent does indeed read this blog. Especially when made mention of whomever critized the “fly line”…

  18. Beer

    Yeah I think Byfuglien plays D, RW & LW. As is stated on his yahoo profile. Unfortunately, I have 3 rangers on my fantasy team. I was drafed 6 by the computer – Redded was one of them LOL

  19. doodie machetto on

    BTW, isn’t everything I said about the Rangers placement in the East about 3 months ago coming true? The only X factor has been how good the Devils have been, as I had left them for dead once Brodeur got hurt. Before I said the Rangers would probably finish seventh just due to lack of competition. But with how well the Devs have played, I think they’ll be battling for the 8th spot with Carolina and Florida.

    They might actually miss the playoffs. Disgraceful.

  20. Hahaha, wow.

    “Yet, those who stated the W-L record was all that matters were almost universally contemptful of anybody who didn’t agree, suggesting we find another sport to watch if we didn’t appreciate what MSG Network was offering… or that we should go back to the seven years of playoffness if we didn’t like the current product and preferred FLY line thrills instead.”

    Anyone, oh *anybody* care to take a bow?


  21. doodie machetto on

    Beer, I’m glad we didn’t get Shanahan, even just for the second half. There was no way we were winning anything this year without a major roster overhaul (Redden). Better to just let our younger guys get the playing time and help us decide who to keep and who to let go. Also, it will help us be a little higher in the draft.

  22. doodie machetto on

    The only way I would’ve taken Shanahan would have been to do what I do in video game hockey- sign the extra free agents and then trade them for draft picks at the trade deadline.

  23. I didn’t exactly mean it as “we shoulda”. But just that maybe he DOES have more left in the tank than some thought. One of my all-time favorite players. But I don’t think it’s the player we need at this time either.

  24. Beer Me!
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:34 am
    shanny had another goal vs the sens the other night…just thought I’d throw that in there.


    Beer Me! u should write a letter to your beloved coach and GM about it :)

    Obviously, the NHL teams feel much more comfortable with a Russian player who makes the move to North America in his early days because he’s showing he wants to play over here. In the 2008 draft, Evgeny Grachev was taken in the third round by the New York Rangers, but since then he’s joined the Brampton Battalion of the Ontario League, where he has posted 27 goals and 53 points in 39 games.

    “He fell,” said one scout with a Western Conference team. “Teams are uncomfortable with taking a risk on these guys, but his game has really taken off and he’s starting to develop into a very good hockey player, so it looks like a great pick.”

  26. beer, i havent really seen a commitment to develop youth by this organization. we never went through the rebuild that sather said we would. we have one rookie on the team right now and the only players that are really developing id say are staal and cally (tho I think he is outperforming not becoming a better player). Renney has done a terrible job developing prucha and looks like dubinsky as well and the other young players on the team just arent ever gonna be that good. So its to no avail. I mean Id be shocked if Dawes ever becomes more than a 3rd liner who can score 12-15 a year

    if you were committed to developing your talent you wouldn’t have as many highpriced verterans on the team or mediocre veterans (like kalinin)

    when we lose in the first couple rounds, what will we have gained from this year. as of now id say staal developing and one less year of redden…some plan

  27. Everyone here likes to look at the 2 games in the last 6 that they lost. I like to look at the 4 games that they won. Am I happy with the putrid effort in the two they lost to the Pens? No. There are a lot of probs on this team, no doubt. But aside from Boston, there is no one in the East that is THAT good. The league has tons of parity. Relax people. Outside of Boston, there might be 6 pts that separate 2-8 in April. I don’t know where the NYR will be, but for now there are only 3 teams in the East and 5 in the whole league with more wins than them.

    In other news: Sundin has 3 pts in 8 games and the Canucks are 1-7 over that span. Think he is helping them? He was in the penalty box for 3 GWG against them. Think he is a little slow?

    And enough on the Shanny updates….talk to me when he is 38 games into his return. The guy has the freshest legs in the league right now. He and Sundin, that is….

  28. Beer Me!
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    cccp – you don’t pay attention enough.


    did i miss something? what happened… u know how to spell FIRE RENNEY now? :)

  29. doodie machetto on

    Beer, I’m gonna disagree with both of you. 6th Youngest but that’s skewed by a few things.

    First, we don’t have any really old players. Naslund is our oldest by a few years at 34. So there aren’t any old players dragging our number up.

    Second, we don’t have any young players in prominent positions. Staal is our best defensemen, but still sees second pairing icetime. Our icetime leaders are Drury, Gomez, Rozsi, Redden, and Naslund. All of the older guys.

    We’re young, but we’re not committed to youth.

  30. Nasty-great as usual.

    Mako-I think you were kidding but getting Scottie Bowman, what is he 90 yet?, would be the same old Ranger way. Almost as bad as getting Sather was. At the time, I said Sather doesn’t have anything to prove and is here to collect the fat check and he hasn’t proven me wrong.

    remember, “anybody can win with that payroll.”

  31. cccp – I don’t know what you’re talking about to be clear. Suddenly I’m a fan of Slats? Suddenly Renney’s the GM that makes decisions on which players to bring in? Lost here.

  32. 22

    I made a light-hearted comment about Bowman. He may be aging but I would bet a large sum of money he still can manage the teams scouts, make logical trade and give an ailing team what it needs. I wasnt asking him if he could lace em up.

  33. TK said:
    “Everything is Prucha’s fault. He’ll sit for the next 10, watch.”

    I said the exact same thing when I shut the game off after the Pens scored to make it 2-1.

  34. I keep reading the folks saying that they played a good game…BUT………

    NOnsense. They played a good game of keepaway and did some
    decent passing ( for a change), but very very few of their shots were of a serious or dangerous nature for the goalkeeper to handle. THESE GUYS HAVE A SCORING PROBLEM,. THE WHOLE TEAM! They managed to stay in the game up until those idiotic penalties cost them their concentration – but this still doesn’t mean that they can put the puck in the net with any consistency. They just don’t do it.

    Kallinin had as good a game as I’ve seen him play, but he still screwed up on a few key plays..

    Those people on the bench are andirons, not coaches.

    Their game pattern is the same thing over and over and over again- no corrections – no inventiveness- no imagination
    on the part of the game pattern. And that – is the coaching prerogative. And it’s lousy.

    And when you have a team that cannot score except by accident, and that – rarely, then you know that it’s automatic that if their goal keeper has an off night – it’s curtains time.

    Renney has never been anything but a prep school coach. It’s where he belongs – not in the NHL.

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