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There are two choices on snowy days like today: You can either spend hours at the airport in the small hope of actually getting off the ground and making it to  Pittsburgh.

Or you can decide long ago — or better yet, have it decided for you — that you were never going in the first place, and instead enjoy the game from the comfort of your home.

This is not to disparage “the likes of Zipay,”:http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/blog/, who will at least get a chance to enjoy an overpriced sandwich or three from Bon Au Pain and listen to his beloved tunes while waiting for his flight. I’m just saying this is not one of those days when I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun.

But I digress. More important is that for all their shortcomings, the Rangers have quietly rattled off five of six, and allowed just eight goals along the way. It might not be hockey that inspires. But as I’ve said before, it’s hard to poke holes in it when it seems to work.

Tonight is another test, however. The Rangers will have Henrik Lundqvist back in net, and the Penguins look like “they’ll have Sidney Crosby back from a knee injury”:http://nationalpost.pa-sportsticker.com/default.aspx?s=nhl-news-display&nid=A2006261233093203A. Given that the Rangers’ lone dud in this recent run was a 3-0 loss to the Penguins on Jan. 18, I suspect the team will scrap together a better effort tonight.

But we won’t know for sure until later…

Update, 3:10 p.m.: Dan Fritsche cleared waivers and is still with the team.

Update, 7:15 p.m.: So Zipay “made it to Pittsburgh”:http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/blog/2009/01/prucha_on_first_line_callahan.html, as did the entire traveling party. I stand corrected. The news of the night is that Petr Prucha is in for Ryan Callahan, who will miss the first game of the season with the flu.

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  1. or you spend 1 1/2 on route 80 trying to get to work!!! I’d rather be at the airport waiting for a plan to Pittsburgh.

  2. “It might not be hockey that inspires.”


    To me, it’s inspiring to know that even when your highest paid players aren’t performing to their fullest, that there’s role players, and a stellar goaltending tandem that is there to support the rest of the guys.

    It’s inspiring to know that one of the greatest offensive threats the game has ever seen is no longer with the team, and they’ve gotten themselves into a better position down the stretch with a supporting cast that on any given night, 1 line, or 1 shift can mean 2pts.

    No, I’m not inspired by the salary structure of our current roster, I’m not inspired by what the future looks like in that department either.

    Sorry to preach.

  3. Ken Holland’s 1st mistake.

    DETROIT – The Detroit Red Wings have agreed to a contract extension with forward Henrik Zetterberg worth slightly more than US$72 million over 12 years.

  4. It’s Pain au Derierre

    when you slip and fall

    agreed, Beer, last year we would only hope to be 14 games over 500 in January.

    Orr, please put Cindy out of her misery and give her a real reason to take a couple of days off!

  5. Beer Me! – Yeah, and holding for pushing a guy down in front of the net at about the time of the whistle. At least they called a BS penalty on Pitkanen against Zherdev when it probably should have been roughing both ways, though I guess I missed the supposed slew foot in the first.

    Actually, I think we had a Saturday afternoon game in Boston as part of a home-and-home on the weekend before the All-Star Game last season, and we lost in a shootout.

    Wow, that contract is until he’s 40. However, that’s $1 million less per season than he would have had on a shorter contract, so that will save them a bit of space.

    I don’t think Voros slowed his line down at all last night, but if he did, it was imperceptable, since they were all moving at the same speed on rushes. Zherdev slows himself down anyway with all of his dipsy-doodles. That being said, I still want Prucha in there with Drury, Korpikoski with Dubinsky.

    I’m guessing the Rangers left last night before the storm moved too far east.

  6. To get back to the Zherdev talk, it will be much more valuable if we let him walk in free agency than if we trade him at the deadline, especially if we are only trading him for an upcoming free agent like Bouwmeester. I figure he could receive an offer sheet anywhere from $3 million to $5 million per season, which would mean a draft pick in each of the first three rounds, and an extra first if its in the upper half of that range.

  7. Sorry, I was looking at the original numbers. To get those three picks, the contract would be $3,923,437 to $5,231,248. We would get a first and a third if the offer sheet is $2,615,625 to $3,923,436 per season.

  8. “We’re only nine games over .500. Don’t let the Bettman math fool you.”
    Spiderpig 1-28-09

    Thank God someone understands that losses are losses no matter the PC way they chose to list them…even if that person is half bovine half insect

    Rangers have been 42-20 last two years…worth odd amounts of bonus points…or else there really are 22 teams better than .500 in this 30 team league!!

  9. onecupin67years on

    Real Italians don’t eat “au bon anything” ,its not even kosher!

    Trade Z for a good package ,oh wait, sather is horrible at making trades and f/a signings and drafting

  10. the rangers need Voros’s size in the lineup. guys like him can wear down an opposing teams D. renney should pick his spots with Prucha, Korpikoski does not need to play every game nor does dawes. you could probably rotate the 3 of them if needed.

  11. With adjustments at time of ASG, 500 is really 5 games over 500.

    Ok so we are 9 games over. That’s a huge improvement still the same.

  12. “Rangers have been 42-20 last two years…worth odd amounts of bonus points”

    damn typing toe!!

    I meant 42-40 with odd amounts of bonus points

  13. What’s with all the talk of trading/getting rid of Zherdev?
    Then they will really lobotimize (if I can make that a word) us who watch them regularly.

  14. We will be in need of a labotomy to watch them.

    I’d rather have a bottle in front of me(watching Zherdev) than a pre-frontal labotomy

  15. True – You’re the best by the way. You constantly attack other’s opinions with comments like “you’re dumb” and repeatedly espouse the same view over and over ad nauseam. Do you even realize that is a textbook example of how a child argues?

    Keep the intellectual commentary coming, your posts are truly enlightening.

  16. Sadly it’s making assumptions like “Given that the Rangers’ lone dud in this recent run was a 3-0 loss to the Penguins on Jan. 18, I suspect the team will scrap together a better effort tonight.” and then having your heart broken is par for the course for Rangers fans.

  17. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (spiderpig) So you say we let Z go so we can get offer sheets that we can’t match and we’ll recieve some first round draft picks or something in compensation? Yeah ya know how that works out!! We wont do crap with the draft picks and lose Z to another team!!???? DO YOU WANT TO REBUILD FOR ANOTHER 3 years???

    We need Z to play with Grachev and AA , we were hoping Cherapanov (god rest his soul)would be in there too!! I aint abandoning the plan but looks like you are. Sure LET OUR TOP POINT LEADER GO AGAIN?? Ya I bet ya wanted Jagr gone too you Sather wanna be .

    We got shut out against the Penguins last game so time to kick it into Ranger high gear and mop the floor with theses bozos!!!! RANGERS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  18. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah BEERME , ‘ol Salty looks like a fashion guru like good ‘ol Avery , bet ‘Ol Salts paints his fingernails black too!! Its one thing to Bash Renney about his coaching but to flat out make comment about his suit is just plain ignorence! If Salty laughed about it and had fun , yeah maybe …but to call him a fag because of a black suit shows you other bloggers why him and I don’t get along. I am not a Renney lover but to bash his clothes is just plain GAY (Salty)

  19. mako, you’re right, the rodent nailed it. Especially the part about the dump in to make a change … when the dump in is completely unnecessary and actually counterproductive

  20. Just a thought on

    When the salary cap goes down, do the salaries of the players go down the same percentage?

  21. I don’t get it.
    Mako – I’m assuming that you agree with the rodent on that. And to each his own. But I thought last nights game was very entertaining. The crowd there seemed into it also.

    I know I’m certainly in the minority on my point of view of the team, but I think it’s just a learning curve, and the ‘field’ will eventually even out.

    The way I see it is that the one’s who are ‘falling asleep’ watching these games would rather see “12 Zherdevs” (not to be confused with 12 Monkeys, great flick) just for the ‘flash’. I’d don’t mind having to scratch and claw for points over 82 games, get seeded in the top 1/2 of the conference and play the ‘second season’.

    -4 goal differential(currently)? Doesn’t really matter what you end the season with…when you’re playing in May. Some of the most exciting games I’ve seen ended 0-0. And some of the highest scoring REGULAR season teams get bounced early (see SJ).

  22. One of the best games I have been to in the last couple of years was the 0-0 game against Boston last year that we one with one goal in shoot-out by Dawes.

    I guess the guys who want Kamensky back should follow the….(well, there is no prototype)

  23. THIS is the part I don’t get.

    “It’s times like this I yearn for the FLY Line. They didn’t reach the postseason. But they provided a thrill every other shift.”-rodent

    WTF is the point!? That doesn’t make any sense. Ask the few hundred NHL’ers that have played for one goal their whole lives whats more important. Being on f’n sportcentre, winning the PRESIDENTS TROPHY, or winning the Stanley Cup!

    Crosby, Malkin, Hossa. Flash, flash, flash, no cup.

  24. Great game by Valli. Several years ago when I was watching him split time with LaBarbara at Hartford, I said he should be seriously considered as a solid back up to Henrik — and I got blasted by several posters to this blog who said I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    Seeing how he has helped us the last two years and reading the recent article about the history of back up Rangers goalies in the NYP, I have been proven right. It feels good – and I don’t need to be coddled and accepted like A-Rod — to know that my hockey instincts of 40 years have not abandoned me. (Hint: it is still the knees that go first).

    Wish, though, I could remember who blasted my observation without any facts or knowledge of what Valli was doing in Hartford. (I guess it isn’t the knees that go first, it is the memory).

    Let’s get a great win tonight in Pittsburgh.

  25. Beer,

    It’s become COOL to talk about how boring the team is-this is what we are dealing with.

    If this is what it takes to win games, so be it, let’s become the Devils and hire Emerson to describe the mundane “pitchforks out of the zone” as the second-coming of Bobby Orr.

  26. no salaries stay the same.

    zzz, we never rebuilt in the first place. and i think he was making the argument that Zherdev is not worth the 4.5-5 mill he is going to be looking for.

    Zherdev isn’t getting traded this season, but to say that b/c someone thinks it makes some sense to trade him now, makes that person a sather wannabe couldn’t be any further from the truth. sather is the guy who overpays such players, not gets value from them in a trade or signs them to a reasonable deal. Sather (and Smith before him) never had the guts to trade the big names when they still had value…now since we have a chance to make the playoffs it would be considered unorthodox to trade zherdev unless u are getting a better player like kovalchuk, but that doesn’t mean it makes no sense to do so and recognize that it would serve the franchise better in the long term (just as it would have to have traded jagr one of the last couple years).

  27. My girlfriend is my barometer of how dull/exciting Ranger games are…If she falls asleep its boring, she stays awake its exciting…period

    She falls asleep 75% of the time ( by the way..if there is no game she falls asleep too…that goes w/o saying)

    Theres no doubt Rangers play mostly boring games until those final few minutes when they’re hanging on for their lives or occasionally fighting to come back

    winning teams and losing teams however have no bearing on excitement level; you can find examples of hi-flying losing teams and boring winners and…vice-versa

    Boring is boring…if you win the cup your happy to be so bored…if you lose, or get eliminated early the bore factor is much much worse…thats when you ask “what’s the use of watching this boring crap?

  28. Zetterberg, Franzen, Datsyuk. Skill, skill, skill. Ravaged the competition and cup :P

    I actually added that into my post, then took it out cause it was getting too long.

    Franzen kinda came outta nowhere on that team, but I’ll include him for arguments sake. HOWEVER, I’d be more apt to include him in the KILLER supporting staff that fills out that roster. EVEN a guy like Darren McCarty. On his best day (these days) he’d be lucky to have the game of Colton Orr. Pitt had no depth, on a very young team, and whatever they had, they traded for Hossa. I thought their D was deep enough. But the fwd lines…there just wasn’t enough there to compete line by line with DET.

  29. Still no reason for Voros to be playing. Get Prucha in there to draw penalties, not Voros to take them.


    Please choke on baby shit already. While I’m not a “fashion guru” or any shit like that, I know Renney looks like a euro-metro douche a lot of times on the bench. I dress sharp and know what works for me while you clowns probably wear Messier jerseys wherever you go.

  31. “My girlfriend is my barometer of how dull/exciting Ranger games are…If she falls asleep its boring, she stays awake its exciting…period”


  32. Renney doesn’t dress European at all. Have you ever been to Europe? He dresses like a Canadian.

  33. Change of discussion if anyone’s interested, cause frankly the boring vs not boring conversation is getting….boring.

    NJD have been playing WELL above where anyone thought they’d be. When you winning, you wanna keep as much as you can, as close to the same as you can. So Marty’s gonna be ready to come back 3/1. He’s undoubtedly one of the best ‘tenders of all-time. Not to mention staring down the top spot on the wins list.

    But how do you change what’s been working. Most teams play better in front of their back-ups and pay closer attention to detail to keep the chances to a minimum. So heading down the stretch, leading the division, can you put in a goalie that hasn’t played in over 4 months? Even if is name is Fatso Brodeur?

  34. renney wears black shirts with black ties and black suits…..that pretty much sums up his absolute lack of a good taste in clothes

    perry pearn sums up his absolute lack of good taste in assistant coaches

    and yea there is no need to play voros w/dubinsky, he may be tall, but he is not an enforcer or a hitter. i bet prucha hits more/gets more involved when he is playing that voros does. voros should be on the 4th line rotating w/orr. renney doesnt want to use prucha, don’t think there is anything more to it than that

  35. onecupin67years on

    The aspect of trading Z is just a thought, who knows if he wants to resign in NY ? And with the rangers already over the cap or close to it ,NY may not be able to come up with the money to resign Z , you can’t keep giving everybody big pay days , sign Z for big bucks then you can’t ad some one else because of cap room, so if a really good deal for Z comes up , Sather will listen.

  36. doodie machetto on

    onecup, I think Slats will listen to a good deal for any players on his team except maybe Hank and possibly Staal. I don’t think anyone on this team can’t be moved for the right price.

    Hank could be moved for the right price too, but I can’t imagine there being a right price because it would have to include an elite goaltender. Why would teams swap elite goaltenders?

  37. Hahahha this comments section has gotten absurd! The team is winning! Shut up and enjoy it.

    By the way, the Hockey Rodent…you have got to be kidding. Yearning for the years of the FLY line?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Other than that line, those teams were awful!!!! Back in those years, you would have LOVED to watch a team that was winning, regardless of style! And DO NOT DARE TELL ME OTHERWISE.

    Why people would rather watch LOSING HOCKEY as opposed to WINNING HOCKEY in any form, for any reason, is beyond me. Some of you people need to get your heads checked.

  38. doodie machetto on

    Beer, you have to play Marty. The Debbies are serious contenders because they’re playing great hockey and they’ll have something that haven’t had in a few years: a fresh Marty for the playoffs. They will be very good.

  39. onecupin67years on

    Dress like renney.
    1) wear a tie that matches your hair color
    2) chew trident gum -always
    3) granny glasses look cool
    4) closet full of brown plaid suits

  40. I assume since we haven’t heard anything about Fritsche that he did in fact clear waivers? Anyone?? The deadline was 12:00pm today.

  41. Beer me!
    I was just saying last night ( moments before the snoring) that it would be great to see the Devs crashing after Fatso comes back…

    Is Marty one of those NTC guys?

    Man if he’s not and I’m Lou…he’s gone for a dee-man a young goalie and two pix/prospects…debbies set for ten years

  42. onecupin67years on

    I would trade Henrik for stud goal scorer.
    How about henrik , Z,dubi, prucha, dawes to pitts for fleury and malkin

  43. doodie – I guess you HAVE to, I can only hope it takes him a few weeks to get his game back and we can move a few points ahead during that time.

  44. doodie machetto on

    “Why people would rather watch LOSING HOCKEY as opposed to WINNING HOCKEY in any form, for any reason, is beyond me. Some of you people need to get your heads checked.”

    Right now, I’d like to see the team win. We haven’t won in a while. But if the team wins one year playing boring hockey, I would much rather watch entertaining hockey the next year, even if they do lose (but hoping they can win). Why? Because at the end of the day, it’s about entertainment. We aren’t the players, we aren’t the coaches, we don’t win shit when they win. So what have we accomplished if the team wins? Nothing. I pay to see the team to show support, but also to be entertained.

    Those Devils teams of the 90s and early 00s. They won the cup a few times, but honestly, after the 2nd one, if I were their fans, I would’ve been DESPERATE for exciting, up tempo play, regardless of the outcome.

    I am a Rangers fan. But that is just because of where I live and where I grew up. I don’t get any money from watching the team, and I don’t get any awards, prizes, or congratulatory comments if they win. They’re just the local team, just like 29 other teams have their local fanbase.

    But hockey is the sport I love, and I would love regardless of where I went. I wouldn’t give a goddamn about the Rangers if hockey was a bad sport. And if the Rangers play bad (read: boring) hockey for the next 5 years, then I won’t watch them either.

  45. throw in some first round picks and then one or two of the russians or staal instead of dawes and maybe penguins wouldnt immediately hang up

  46. doodie – It’s just a case of ‘to each his own’ here.

    I’d rather go to a game, and leave satisfied that my team won the game, earned 2 pts, moved up in the standings, REMAIN competitive, and in the close confines of the tri-state area teams can where my Ranger hat with pride.

    Probably the same reason I wear Levis instead of CK or Lucky Brand jeans, drive a Mercury instead of a Mercedes, a timex instead of a rolex, and so on. I understand that the mentality of the area is the complete opposite, but it is what it is.

    Where you’d pay $1k for a shit sandwhich just cause it’s the “hot item on the market” I’d rather pay $0.50 for the same PB&J that never lets me down.

    (note: my watch is really a bulova, but I couldn’t find anything to rhyme with it.)

  47. “Catch you guys later meeting from 1-3. Wonderful’

    Hey Beer Me!
    We didnt say you could go to a meeting…get back here!

    Just watched that store mannequin Al Gore and his neo-fascist censorship wife’s inconvenient truth and all I can think is:

    Kill the Penguins
    Kill the Penguins
    Kill the Penguins


  48. The inconvenient truth is that its been freaking cold as crap all winter…Climate change my ass!

  49. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Last week I actually scraped ice, not frost, ice off my car down here in SW FL.

  50. Read this book

    RED HOT LIES (How Global warming alarmists use threats,deception and fraud to keep you misinformed)

    by Christopher C. Horner…an annoying little man


    But not the baby seals

  51. doodie machetto on

    “Where you’d pay $1k for a shit sandwhich just cause it’s the “hot item on the market” I’d rather pay $0.50 for the same PB&J that never lets me down.”

    That’s not true at all man. I was with the team all through the late 90s and early 00s. I even lived in Jersey for a few years during that stretch so it would have been very easy to jump ship to a winner.

    But at the end of the day, what the hell is Ranger pride worth? Is Mark Messier going to come to my house and shake my hand? It’s all about the enjoyment of watching the team. And as I said, right now, I’d enjoy winning most because it hasn’t happened in a while. But if we win once, or especially if we win twice, I’d be much more interested in watching an exciting game, regardless of the outcome (but of course, hoping that they win).

  52. “How about henrik , Z,dubi, prucha, dawes to pitts for fleury and malkin”

    I know you’re joking, but that wouldn’t be enough. Pens GM will use the fact that Marc Andre Flukey has brought his team to the Cup Finals, while Hank hasn’t gotten past the 2nd round, and Dubi, and Dawes haven’t proven they can be major threats in this league, along with Pruchs who lost his “touch”, for a superstar player who looks like Sloth from the goonies. Throw in a 1st round pick, Callahan, Anisimov, and maybe a blow-job from the top Nyc hookers, and maybe Ray Shero will change his mind.

    As for last nights game, it was pretty good. Gomer was on his game, along with Nazzy. Nicky Z was feisty, and made a beautiful feed to Dubi, and Vally played the way he has been playing. Brilliant ! Gotta win tonight, Hank needs to step up, and have a better game than the one he had against them last week.

    Sucked watching Shanny score again last night. I have this strange feeling he’ll end up with more goals than Drury, and Gomez. Look how much those two are making compared to Shanny.

    BTW – Has anyone ever seen the movie Juno. I swear, Al Trautwig’s evil, tougher looking, cleaner straighter teeth version is in that movie.

  53. “How about henrik , Z,dubi, prucha, dawes to pitts for fleury and malkin”

    Add in multiple 1st/2nd round draft picks and Marc Staal and they might bite.

    I still say hell no.

  54. Doodie

    I lived in Jersey in spring of ’97 ( Roselle Park)…Rangers beat debbies that year and yes….Messier and Graves came to my apartment; shook my hand, did my dishes and stole my girlfriend

  55. doodie machetto on

    Orr, I know who you’re talking about. That guy is in a lot of movies. Somewhere else you might easily recognize him from is J. Jonah Jameson (the newspaper guy) in the Spiderman movies.

    Off the top of my head he was also in Thank You For Not Smoking and the TV show Oz.

  56. We should be bitch slapping punk teams, but instead we’re squeaking out wins against even lousy opponents. Fine, we’re still winning, but I can’t help but recognize where the team gets into trouble. It practically slaps me in the face as I watch.

    -Too many spare parts, no genuine go-to guy
    -soft defense
    -trouble moving the puck on the PP, no QB
    -incompetence of point men getting a shot through from the blue line.

    A trade NEEDS to happen. I don’t know who it is, but the Rangers need to figure a way to rid themselves of one of the huge contracts they have that isn’t taken by Hank. That means that Redden, Drury, Gomez or Rozsival has to go.

    SI.com reports that Wade Redden should have his face in the post office for stealing pay checks. That would be funny if it didn’t screw us so bad. Zetterberg taking a paltry 6 mill cap hit is further evidence of how bad Sather screwed up.

  57. Greg L. – I know your biased, but I’m not sure if you can read. I was responding to people who want to trade him during this season, which would be absolute nonsense. I would rather re-sign Zherdev, but if the choice was trading him or receiving an offer sheet, I would take the offer sheet.

  58. onecupin67years on

    Put yourself in Z’s skates, it’s all about the money honey.

    My point of trading henrik ,a world class goalie (?) , you can win a cup with an average goalie ,look at detroit last year, carolina, with cam ward, he’s good but world class? no ,you need good D and consistent scoring .

    and nothing succeeds like mediocrity ,

  59. People need to realize that when Renney says this is a 2-1 team, he means exactly that. This team won’t ever “bitch slap” ANY team, with the system that they’re playing. The Thrashers, the Islanders, Tampa, you name it – the Rangers will struggle to hold on to 1 goal leads against them.

    That’s just how this team is going to be as long as Renney’s around. Take it, or leave it.

    In my case, I’m just bored of watching the Rangers. It’s not fun to watch them play. I watched Capitals/Bruins last night and THAT was a hockey game.

    I’ll always like the Rangers, but someone call me when they score some goddamn goals.

  60. No goalie should be making more than Brodeur.. but Hank has to make about $1.5m more.. imagine if that 1.5m went towards a better defenseman!

  61. Audioserf

    Your on the money…rangers have had 4 or 5 games all year that had that kind of start to finish excitement…

    its tough watching a team that scores three goals and its “Goals per game average” goes up

  62. Zheralev

    I like Lundqvist alot…but until he “steals” a series against good team he’s just an above average regular season goalie…not great, not Marty and not getting traded for by anyone offering a “kings” ransom

  63. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Duhhhh Spider pig , eye cannd reed baut i dew speel awsemmm!!

    Yeah Sorry Beerme , I got you 2 confused , yeah it is Staal wart i was refering to.

    tanks pete for your insight on that comment I made.

    The game seemed boring cuz the ounocers for Carolina were lame or it was the feed? They did say , shooots the puck good!!

    Janet Gretzkys all horned up in bed with Wayne …ohhh its Messy eh? …Wayne responds…” NO!!! its me wayne!!!!”

  64. onecupin67years on

    have you noticed that the rangers in 60 on msg is sometimes rangers in 30 or 40?
    audioserf- rangers are pretty boring, there are some unwatchable games, and renney and sather should go but this is success to dolan, so we’re stuck.

  65. Audio-go get your AO jersey and shut up here.

    The whiners have reached a new level today with the bitching of Renney’s suit? Jeez, I guess you guys liked the way Jean-Guy Talbot dressed behind the bench. Yeah, I know, most of you bitche(r)s probably don’t even know who he is.

    Beer Me!
    January 28th, 2009 at 12:25 pm
    Rangers win = complain about suits

    How about this Beer,
    Rangers win = complain
    Rangers lose = complain
    Rangers = complain

  66. Kaspar
    January 28th, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    I like Lundqvist alot…but until he “steals” a series against good team he’s just an above average regular season goalie…not great,

    Can’t argue with that Kaspar.

  67. “The whiners have reached a new level today with the bitching of Renney’s suit? Jeez, I guess you guys liked the way Jean-Guy Talbot dressed behind the bench. Yeah, I know, most of you bitche®s probably don’t even know who he is.”

    I remember I remember…then there was the Shield/Pajama’s type uniform, the trade of Middleton, Watching the Dunc play goal…ENOUGH!!

    I can think of one way where what kind of suit Renny wears wont be an issue…..

  68. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Looks like its time to figure out a plan to take Malkin off his game. Malik and Zherdev could be battling today. Zherdev has been takin some punishment lately and I don’t think he’ll be taking any crap from him.

    Lets borrow some harpooons from the old Whalers and lets slaughter some Penguins and seal-club ’em to death!!!!! Kill those penguins!!! I hate losing to them the most!!

    Staal vs Staal again today , after so many game playing against one another , could this be the day we see a Staal vs Staal confrontation!?

  69. Speaking of Mark Staal…

    I was thinking his dominant play was still a year or so away…

    I think its here right now…at least defensively

  70. Greg L, now that’s a post!

    Kaspar re: Staal, I can’t remember another defenseman who uses his reach, behind the net or on the boards, to pull the puck back in another direction. It’s a cool move and one that I don’t remember seeing before.

  71. Adam and his Apple on

    ok so not sure if all of you are aware or not but artem anisimov is 4th in the AHL is scoring at nearly a point per game clip, hell be in the big leagues next year for sure

    for all of you who are bitching about the defensive style the rangers play with you have to understand that this is only temporary, when all of the youngsters start growing up and tearing it up all of this “we play like the devils” crap will be a distant memory

  72. doodie – I can’t tell you what type of return you should receive for your investment to the team. Just by all of us here on a daily basis is a much larger investment than the casual fan.

    I don’t think you can really quantify a return. Unless you count memorabilia and take it at whatever sentimental value you wish. Take a ticket stub from a game that you enjoyed on a date, a game you watched with a loved one, ‘the boys’, whatever it may be.

    Gomer’s $10mil he made last year is all his. We don’t get a dime of it. Infact, we actually PAY part of it. I wouldn’t attempt to tell someone that they should invest thousands of $, thousands of hours, and immeasurable emotion if they weren’t guaranteed something tangible in return. I’d just tell them to move on and look for something else to invest in.

    I’m about as far as you can get from a religious or spiritual person, frankly I think it’s a waste of time. But for some bizarre (to many) reason, I have faith that my team has seen the err of it’s ways and is headed in the right direction. (big picture, very big)

    audio – I like that response to joeDE’s comment(which I understand the thought process of joe). And I understand that it’s extremely hard to get “your” head around the concept that EVERY SINGLE GAME should have the same approach. Commitment to a system that plays close games night in and night out is hard for the players and fans. But that’s what’s in place now. For better or for worse. So far this year, it’s better than 24 of the 30 teams in the NHL this season. And it’s been better than at least 75% of the NHL for the last 4.

  73. Damn. I really didn’t wake up this morning and say “I’m gonna preach as much as I possibly can today.” Just kinda workin out that way!

  74. doodie machetto on

    adam, I wouldn’t give too much credit to Anisimov’s AHL numbers. He’s tied with Jason Krog and Jeff Taffe, both of whom have done it in 5 less games. Hell, Krogger led the whole league last year in goals AND assists, and led the league in points by almost 25.

    If they aren’t substantially outplaying Jason Krog, they aren’t guaranteed anything in the NHL.

  75. onecupin67years on

    I like the bloggers who complain about complaining, no body is complaining but only the complainers are complaining.

    I guess they like mediocrity.
    So on a snowy day we can’t mention renney’s suits, possible trade scenarios and etc.
    stop complaining

  76. You guys ever see the rules for the “Staal Drinking Game”?

    … everytime they say ‘brothers’ … drink
    … everytime they show a video …drink twice
    … everytime they interview one … drink
    … everytime they interview one and ask “how does it feel to play against xxx” … drink twice.

    you get the point.

  77. doodie machetto on

    “I don’t think you can really quantify a return. Unless you count memorabilia and take it at whatever sentimental value you wish. Take a ticket stub from a game that you enjoyed on a date, a game you watched with a loved one, ‘the boys’, whatever it may be.”

    Exactly. I enjoy GOOD hockey games. I’ve seen ones that the Rangers win, and some that they lose. That 6-5 Canadiens game. I hated that as a Rangers fan, but man, that game was GREAT.

    The playoffs are a different animal all together, and the team’s current style could still lend itself to very exciting games. Just to use the Devs (since we’re playing a similar defensive style) an example, their cup final against Anaheim was fantastic.

    But man, the regular season would be so boring.

  78. onecup – I suppose it is a bit rhetorical. But to complain about complaining, or to complain about a team winning 5 of 6 while allowing just 8 goals in the process are 2 different ideas. One has just a LITTLE more validity than the other. imo.

  79. (Don’t remember) You didn’t think last night’s game was “good”?

    That style of hockey, IF played to perfection, could be very successful in the playoffs. But they cannot waiver from it for 1 shift, in any 1 game. The story’s been the same for the last few seasons on that front. The regular season is practice for the playoffs.

    Ranger fans have taken making the playoffs for granted. I think that’s what it’s starting to come to.

    Every fan of every team has every right to want to win the cup every year. It’s just not realistic.

  80. doodie machetto on

    onecup: I’d trade Hank for the right package, but the thing is we would have to get the right quality of goaltender back since we don’t have a viable Plan B (Valli ain’t winning no cup). Swapping for that goaltender would diminish a lot of the extra value moving Hank was supposed to acquire. Might as well keep him because while you don’t need an elite goaltender to win a cup, it sure helps. Besides Ward and Osgood (who both were incredible during the playoffs, with Ward winning the Conn Smythe) the past winning goaltenders were Giguere, Khabibulin (in his best year), Brodeur, Hasek, and Roy. So I’d say having that elite netminder really helps.

  81. zherv – re your 10:58. detroit will regret signing zetterberg for 12 yrs. even if it saved $ 1 mm per yr it is way too long. if that happpened here people would be totally flipping out the moment he went 3 games without scoring.

  82. onecupin67years on

    who’s complaining?
    But , are you satisfied with this teams performance ?

    Do you ever think that Any pro GM is ever satisfied with their team and don’t look to improve it? Even winning teams look to improve.
    My point is this team needs to improve , despite its torrid winning streak.
    But if you think this team is fine, that’s ok , but don’t complain in April.
    I won’t, I’ll just say “I told you so”

  83. hahaha…I love this guy.
    Despite seeing his team underachieve on the ice all season, Ottawa Senators’ owner Eugene Melnyk is dismissing the suggestion that the team needs major lineup surgery in order to compete.

    “Anybody that says we should blow up this organization should get their own bomb and go blow themselves up,” Melnyk said at a press conference on Wednesday.

  84. doodie machetto on

    Beer, last night’s game was good. But for every game like last night, there have been 3 that have been painful to watch.

  85. But , are you satisfied with this teams performance ?
    Do you ever think that Any pro GM is ever satisfied with their team and don’t look to improve it? Even winning teams look to improve.
    My point is this team needs to improve , despite its torrid winning streak.

    Last night’s performance? Yes
    Performance in comparison to the “7-years”? Yes
    Performance every second of every game? No

    Of course you always look to improve. I don’t remember that being a topic anywhere. I also don’t think you’ll find anyone to contest that.
    But if you think this team is fine, that’s ok , but don’t complain in April.
    I won’t, I’ll just say “I told you so”

    Yeah, I already knew you were ‘one of those’. It’s just easier that way.

  86. “painful to watch.”

    But if they win, what difference does it make?

    Really doodie, we can drop this one for now. I don’t mind seeing this different ways.

    A boring game once or twice a week doesn’t equal a boring season to me.

  87. “detroit will regret signing zetterberg for 12 yrs.”

    I doubt it. Let’s assume the worst and say he goes DP 3 years into the big deal… oh well.. their scouting, drafting and development is SUPERIOR to everyone’s in the league and all those #30 overalls and 5th rounders will be superstars on entry-level contracts.

  88. “Anybody that says we should blow up this organization should get their own bomb and go blow themselves up,”

    Ahhhahahaha, lol, that’s hilarious. That’s my favorite quote of the year.


    You’re right. I was a bit disappointed when Hank signed for that much. Everyone cares aboot money these days, rightfully so, but still, i thought he would take a bit less to make the team better where they are not. He’s pretty much a Turco right now, he’ll have a good season, but blow it in the playoffs. He needs to step it up this time around. Unfortunately the supporting cast he gets is something out of a laughing academy, just a bunch of retards. Led by Redden, and Kalinin.

    Sens fans must be laughing there asses off, i still cant believe Redden hasn’t scored a goal since the 3rd game of the season, and at that point he had 2 goals, 1 assist. Slats was getting all wet thinking he made a great signing, but in the end he didn’t, and even worse he probably raped the teams future, the future that conveniently he wont be part of. Maybe it’s sabotage !!!

  89. I see Carolina is suffering from, for lack of a better term, “The Shanny Syndrome.” They seem to be in love with their own version of an old, washed-up warrior, one 38-year old Rod Brind’Amour, who is minus 28 in half a season, yet continues to hold a regular job, there.

    Don’t they have any kids who can come up and do a better job at 10% of the cost? Bet some Carolina bloggers are touting their adored “Brindy” for interminable retention, because of his “mentoring” and “locker room presence” charisma. Right. When someone else’s team is doing the “veteran leadership” crackpot number, it looks even MORE stupid, doesn’t it?

    Emotional attachment to old hockey players for their accomplishments of 5-20 years ago is one hell of a forward-looking strategy to some fans and, apparently, to some GM’s. Poor Hurricanes, they just are not quite ready to face reality and cut their precious “Brindy.” Can some here learn a lesson from this, or is this asking too much?

  90. “We didn’t just sit around in a lawn chair or a hammock and drink beer,” Valiquette said. “That would’ve been counterproductive. We’re pros, and times have changed. The postgame hydration isn’t a Bud Light.”

  91. just a thought 11:52.

    sort of. they will lose some of their pay that yr because amts held in escrow will be kept by the team. but for cap calculations of the following yr whatever the signed contract is will count vs the cap.

  92. Just a thought on

    Another question for you cap people out there. If a player is traded after the season, does the team aquiring the player suffer the hit for the average of the whole contract or just the remaining years. Easiest example is Naslund:

    He getting 5 million this year and 3 million next year cap hit 4 million. Or if traded after season is he only 3 million for next team?

  93. Just a thought on

    L I Joe thanks. Thought there was some sort of give back, to bad it does not effect the cap.

  94. doodie machetto on

    just a thought, your cap number is your cap number. It doesn’t change in the middle of your contract, regardless of where you go. In other words, it counts the whole contract, not just the remainder.

  95. thought – Were you working on a trade proposal? haha

    The ONLY way that COULD change is that the current CBA expires 9/15/11. They could always write something in to change it.

  96. Just a thought on

    always like playing gm but in reality was hoping there was some thought on what Sather was doing. But alas it was as I feared, a spoiled kid throwing around money with no thought of future at all.

  97. Beer Me! and others, it just defies my logic that ANY team is a 2-1 team. In fact, I think Renney drilling that sentiment into the team has killed their desire to play to their ability like Rosie O’Donnell kills boners. A 2-1 game against Detroit or San Jose is acceptable and encouraged. But a 2-1 game against the Isles, Thrashers or Sens is a totally different story. Look at what Buffalo did to Edmonton last night. They smelled blood, and CRUSHED the opposition 10-2. They NEVER let up. The Pens did it to the Isles to the tune of 9-2. When we face a tough opponent, we play hard and a close game ensues…fine. But we play a weak team, get a marginal lead, then lay back thinking that’s where it ends….wrong. You take it to the team, and show no mercy, until the final buzzer ends. If the score is 2-1, 3-1, or 50-0. NO MERCY

  98. Sorry Guys

    Seems I started a firestorm with posting that rodent rant. We have a new boss here so, I was showing her, yes HER the ropes LOL

    I absolutely respect every single view point you have. And yes some of the game was “exciting”. But to be honest – I kept on twitching back to the BOS/WSH game because those two teams just go balls out every shift. The Rangers dont. Fits n starts. Just not consistent play.
    I want to see a team that gives it their all, I dont mind them losing games either, but when they dont even try – I think that is why we all complain. I also think that if these players weren’t getting the money they were getting we wouldn’t complain as much either. I would rather see them “scratch and claw” a 2-1, 3-2 game but with their feet always on the pedal. Not collapse into a defensive shell just to preserve a 1 goal lead.


    You cant compare the Rangers system to the Devils “trap” they perfect the defensive zone trap with lightning fast transition. That is how they won 2 cups after the first lockout 1/2 season. They were a deadly team and the Rangers could NEVER beat them… well in the playoffs they did (all except one LOL)
    No comparison there my friend….

    The only player I would EVER trade Hank for would be either Ovechkin or Malkin ;)

  99. Glen Sather….GM of the year….two of his offseason acquisitions have now cleared waivers and been sent to the farm. Translated: Not a single team out there, not the Isles, Thrashers, Senators, nobody wants two of the players he picked up.

    And, Voros is not far behind. Meanwhile Redden is still yet to prove he was worth 1/3rd of what they signed him for. Last night the 2nd goal was his fault. Take the damn body you pu$$y. And, behind the net, how many times is that guy going to get owned. Forget about in front of the net, I am not even sure Redden knows where that is.

    Sather can E S A D!

  100. “but when they dont even try”
    “Not collapse into a defensive shell just to preserve a 1 goal lead.”

    But is it possible that they TRY to DEFEND a lead?

    If “try” = “try to score goals” that’s one thing

    If “try” = “try to keep the puck out of your OWN net” that’s another.

    I wouldn’t say we’ve see 100% effort in the over-loaded front end of this seasons schedule. But I think it’s being confused as to what “try” means to this NYR season.

  101. When we can play 55-60 minutes of hockey the way we played the first 10 last night I will be happy and more relaxed when I watch this team play. Just when I start to allow myself to get excited about this team and get in to a little bit of a comfort zone, I always step back and level myself, because I know of the giant bed shittings that this team is capable of on any given night. I am happy with our recent play, and if we could score 2 or even one more goal a game I would be even happier. I hope we win tonight, but I am done with predictions and looking ahead. It really is a game by game kind of thing with this team. Let’s Go Rangers!

  102. just a thought – can still make a player easier to trade if you front load the contract. for example a player with 1 yr left on a long term deal might have $ 4 mm in cash but $ 7 mm in cap hit. for a team concerned about the cash outlay and no where near the cap limit that player could be someone they would be interested in.

    zherdev is good example of someone traded during 3 yr deal. the rangers are paying his cash contract this yr of $ 3.5 mm (approx could be a little lower). the cap hit is closer to $ 2.5 mm which is the avg of his contract.

  103. newman – fritsche was part of a deal where we got Z and also got rid of the bum backman. apples and oranges comparing him to a free agent signing. i would still keep him around as inevitably the team will get injuries like the other 29 teams all have. then again if they send him to hartford anfd try to bring him up in march the 1/2 cap hit of his remaining salary would not be much, we would just lose his services. and when he played with korpo and dawes for a few games i thought he did pretty well.

  104. Joe in DE
    January 28th, 2009 at 4:04 pm
    Beer Me! and others, it just defies my logic that ANY team is a 2-1 team. In fact, I think Renney drilling that sentiment into the team has killed their desire to play to their ability like Rosie O’Donnell kills boners.

    Good line Joe.

    What I don’t get is I’m a NYR fan, by far my favorite sports team , and I HATE every other team in the NHL. Buffalo whipped Edmonton-f’em both. Pitt killed the Islanders-f’em both. Years ago I watched alot of hockey but in the last 15+ years I only watch the Rangers and could give a flying F about anybody else. While I admire the way Washington and Boston plays and wish the Rangers played with a killer instict, F’EM ALL.

    I’m punching out, enjoy the game tonight.

  105. doodie – not true. rissmiller did not until he was actually sent down. and he still counts vs the cap until he is off the rangers roster – either to hartford or somewhere else

  106. Doodie – That’s not true. Rissmiller had cleared waivers once and stayed with the team earlier in the season. Some teams may pass a player through re-entry waivers to try to get that player picked up for half of the contract.

  107. doodie machetto on

    LI Joe and SP, he has to clear re-entry waivers if he is to be put on the active roster. He can practice with the team all he likes. But he must clear re-entry waivers to play a game.

  108. dm – i don’t think so. to best of my knowledge he still counts vs the cap. i don’t see any difference vs the rissmiller situation and i know for a fact rissmiller kept counting vs the cap when he 1st passed waivers. and could have played without reverse waivers. after 1 month he had to go on waivers again. all along counted vs the cap. finally was sent down to hart and stopped counting vs the cap. and now would have to go through reverse waivers.

  109. doodie machetto on

    LI Joe, I didn’t say he doesn’t count against the cap, just that he would have to pass through waivers to play. He definitely counts against the cap though, and the longer they keep him here the more retarded it was to waive him in the first place.

    I might be wrong though. But I thought he would have to be put on reentry waivers to play again.

  110. wd40
    January 28th, 2009 at 11:47 am
    mako, you’re right, the rodent nailed it. Especially the part about the dump in to make a change … when the dump in is completely unnecessary and actually counterproductive


    Unfortunately our brilliant coaching staff does not know how to change on the fly… so dump and change is a “safer” way to change lines w/o taking bench minor for too many man

  111. dm – if he counts vs the cap still there is absolutely no way he has to go through reverse waivers to play.

  112. doodie machetto on

    “dm – if he counts vs the cap still there is absolutely no way he has to go through reverse waivers to play.”

    why is that? The CBA says if you clear waivers, you have to pass through reentry waivers to be recalled. It says nothing about whether you’ve been assigned or not.

  113. CCCP, thought you did a good job last night (more entertaining than much of the game). What are you gonna drink tonight?

  114. Beer

    I would rather them “try” to keep their foot on the pedal. Not try just to preserve a lead. Its incredibly tiring for a team to keep playing that system. And someone can say “well the devils did it” I’ll spare whoever will think that. Yes they did, but they were masters of their craft and they were deadly on the transition. They had an all world D men in Stevens, Neidermeyer and Brodeur who was almost like another player out there the way he handles the puck…

  115. CCCP

    How many bench minors do they have? I think they lead the league in “too many men” penalities. Lets not forget the gaffe when there wasnt a 5th player on the ice for 40 seconds with LQ screaming at the bench and Sam & Joe completely confused. LOL

  116. wd40
    January 28th, 2009 at 5:16 pm
    CCCP, thought you did a good job last night (more entertaining than much of the game). What are you gonna drink tonight?


    heh… thank u… anything for the Rangers Fans… well… today I’m drinking pickled juice… had a pretty rough morning lol

  117. part of the below link is excerpted below


    So why don’t they just assign him to Hartford? Since Rissmiller has cleared waivers, the player could report immediately. The problem is once he’s assigned to the minor, the Rangers would have to put him through re-entry waivers if they ever wanted to bring him back up. And should that happen, other teams could be enticed into picking him up at half price (with the Rangers on the hook for the other half).

    As people with the team have noted to me, that part of the CBA is the worst possible deal for veterans who aren’t locked into an NHL job. Look at Andrew Hutchinson last season. Even if the defenseman couldn’t make it as an every day player with the Rangers, he is someone who could have been brought up in a pinch.

    But since the team risked losing him to re-entry waivers, they never did.

  118. MAKO… considering the amount of “too many men” penalties the Renney-gers take i wouldn’t be surprised if we were top in the league in that category… right next to shorthanded goals against… two of the most embarrassing stats in hockey… and we own them

  119. Riddle me this

    Least injured Team in the League = Players told not to go all out (or risk injury with checks)

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  120. whopper – don’t think they’re told that. but could be the way they play (ie not 1st man in to get to the puck only to get plastered vs the boards) could definitely be a factor. also not going in front of the net on offense as much. another place where injuries occur. so no conspiracy theory here but there is something to what you are saying

  121. anyone know if this game is going to be aired on a website or something, Im stuck in class till like 8:30

  122. chris at least the game doesn’t start until 7:30 so you’ll miss less of it. also is on msg +

  123. I’m VERY pissed at everyone here who is complaining about the way the Rangers play. As long as they get into the dance, I’ll take it.

    And what the hell was Rodent talking about with wanting the FLY line?

    Do you know how painful 98-04 were? I was in upper HS and college and I hated both and the fact that MY team was playing like crap and run horribly was like a slap in the face. I was on a scholarship in college and didn’t really have a life/no g/f/minimal friends and the Rangers only added to my depression.

    The FLY line was good for like a month until Lindros got hurt, Fleury went cuckoo and Sather traded York.

    THIS hockey is fine as long as they get points. REMEMBER; this is the opening act, EVERYONE HAVE PATIENCE! This team will get better with Anisimov/Grachev/Sanguinetti/Del Zotto/etc.

    Stay cool and enjoy this year for what it is.

    And anyone who would rather have any of the players/lines/styles/coaches/management from 98-04; seriously, just never go to a game again.

  124. “I was on a scholarship in college and didn’t really have a life/no g/f/minimal friends and the Rangers only added to my depression”

    That really is the height of depression. Just like Bud Bundy. I hope those dark days are over for you.

  125. All Hail King Henrik on

    I f__king hate the pens…LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!

    P.S. To the people above complaining about Hank making $1.5 mil more than Fatso…you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Seriously? Complaining about Henrik’s contract? The ONLY big contract player actually worth his contract?

    Fatty made his millions long ago and took a paycut to pay for the Devils. Luongo makes $6.75 mil and Kiprusoff makes 6+ mil as well, as does Giguere at 6 mil. There are others, as well (too lazy to look up the numbers).

    How about complaining about the extra $15 million in cap space (not 1.5 off of Hank’s contract) that could be allocated if Gomez, Drury, Redden and Rozsival weren’t making obscene amounts of money?

    Fair value contracts?

    Gomez – $5 mil
    Drury – $4 mil
    Redden – $1.5 mil
    Rozsival – $4 mil

    There’s 11 million that could be better spent on the roster. Yeah, lets complain about the guy that actually earns his paychcek.

  126. All Hail King Henrik on

    I want to see Orr bitch Cindy around, and then kick the shit out of Goddard when he tries to fight him a la the game vs. pit at the garden a few weeks ago.

    Lets see the revenge, Scotty! LETS GO RANGERS!

  127. I hope Prucha F**ks shit up Tonight !!! Anybody know what happened to Fritsche at noon today?? Anybody claim him??

  128. all hail – again in a cap league every $ a player leaves on the table helps the total team with the cap. so yes while the others are overpaid, henrik is as well by about $2 mm. Detroit’s gm in building a team said he would never pay a goalie that much as it takes away from the ability of the rest of the team in front of the goalie.

  129. Yes I am complaining about Hank’s contract. Blowdeur makes just above 5 and he has 3 cups. Hank keeps us in many games, but after he lets in one soft goal, it’s a blowout.

  130. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    I understand that every $ counts against the cap, just think it’s ridiculous to argue over Henrik’s contract when the “big 4” are so greatly overpaid. Also have to disagree with you that Henrik is worth 2 mil less than his contract ($4.75 mil?). I think the contract could be lower by about .75 mil, MAYBE, but $6-7 million is the going price for an elite goalie. Heck, even “good” goalies are getting that much.

    For an example…Huet makes $6 million, and he’s not even a clear cut # 1. His counterpart, Khabibulin makes $6.75.

    When Luongo gets his new contract in two years, Lundqvist’s will look even better.

  131. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/cap-central/team.php?team=NYR

    all hail

    ok i’ll step back a bit and say he’s $ 1 mm over paid. huet and khabibulin are over paid too. that logic would be like me saying gomez and drury are not overpaaid because of how much richards of dallas or brierre are getting.

    i would say gomez and drury s/b getting $ 5 mm. redden should not be on team period, and rozy $ 3 mm.

    so bottom line is they are all overpaid – yes including henrik.

  132. Agree with you LI Joe on the goalie salaries. It’s no knock on Lundqvist but Sather shouldn’t have made him the highest paid goalie until he’d stolen a playoff series.

    In terms of the D-men, the two highest D-men on all thirty teams average $4.7mn. I don’t have a beef with Rozsival’s salary as his play is picking up and there are a lot guys on that list that make $3-4mn that you wouldn’t even compare to him or have any offensive upside.

  133. Orr, yeah things are much better now. I’ve had more fun since I graduated college..a lot more. prob cause I came back to NY and so did a lot of my HS friends and boy do we do some crazy stuff and travel all over the place. Most of my close friends I’ve known since I’ve been like 9 to 11.

    And yes, the Rangers are much better too!!!!! :)

  134. Funny how all roads lead to the monumentally bad signing of Redden.

    Any, and I do mean any, starting d-man in the leauge would be a significant step up from Redden or Kalinin.

  135. Is it me, or if Renney kept more players together instead of the constant line changes, we would be talking about more chemistry stories?

  136. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I can’t wait to see PP!!! Only one of a couple of players on this team who I really like watching.

  137. yes, dubi, agreed much better in the context of the game.. but that was Goddard from Orr/Crosby thing last game.. it was only a matter of time b/f Goddard got Orr, Orr has done well against him in the past.. both are really tough dudes. ..

  138. Looks to me that so far, the refs are either letting them play, or are just ignoring some actions by Pittsburgh. There have been a few plays which probably should have been calls.

    Guess we will see how the entire game plays out.

  139. Mara and Kalinin did not protect the crease on the goal — all they did was look for the puck and bend over for a bum blasting. Horrible.

    P.S. Voros skates like he has Lou Gehrig’s Disease

  140. I cant get yahoo.com to load… my teacher better cut this shit short all I have is this and the score sheet

  141. The refs are retarded, it’s in the rule book, if a player is in the crease, and making contact, not allowing the goalie to make a save, that should be a minor, so why the fugg all of a sudden it’s not ?? On top of that they miss a trip before that. Fuggin morons, i hope these refs get a puck to the face, cause that’s what they deserve. If you’re not gonna do your job then get the fugg out and do something else, assholes.

    Im not happy with the period, way too many good chances for the Pens, and Hank was great. I like Sykora, but im really starting to hate him now, he’s pissing me off. Why couldn’t he do this for us when he was here, he was a ghost when we needed him, especially in the playoffs.

    Nice to see Nicky Z score. Gotta keep it up.

    As for that fight, that was a tough one, Orr got caught right on the jaw, but popped right back up. He’s got balls of steel.

  142. Isnt it amazing that on any other night Renny keeps the lines the same on the PP as in 5 man, GEE I wonder why Pru isnt out with Gomer and Nas FUCK RENNY

  143. the pens announcers are awful- they just said bill thomas is a skill guy- 0 pts this year. they dont even mention a hit if its a big one for the rangers.

  144. Wow, that trivia quiz was easy. Some dumb fans out there thinking that Jagr played in 300 games with us. It’s funny though; he played exactly 300 games with us including playoffs. 277/23

  145. The Voros highlights actually show how shitty he is, and Joe and Sam sit there and make idiots of themselves in praising him. Incredible that we are saddled with these two shills/carnival barkers.

  146. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I rarely ever get the MSG feed to watch games…tonight I do and It is better than most. Goooo Boys , lets put theses Penguins on ice!!!

  147. whast sjostrom supposed to do? he knows if he tries to defend there hes getting a penalty like staal did

  148. Just seems like Z is all alone at times. Zero talent to put with him.

    This game is over, they don’t have a goal in them let alone 2. (please prove me wrong)

  149. Another horror show without the puck in the defensive end on Letang’s goal … by the line that is least supposed to perform that way.

  150. vally should start more games. looks like hank isnt focused. every time he lets in 2 gimmes its over. they barely did anything to score those 2 first goals. sorry to say but hank is not what he used to be

  151. tom clueless offensive system

    Set up a triangle by a circle, pass back and forth to eachother along the boards.. while doing this the other team simply has to collapse in front of their net and block every single shot that might come

    actually feel bad for redden there, he got malkins stick but what an you do

  152. Mike please. 3 goals should be no problem for a team with the level of tallent and money being spent

    its not hanks fault

  153. Sorry Im not being a downer but this is over. They have no jump in them. They are letting the Pens dictate the play and how they have a 5-3 for a min.

  154. u cant freakin win by scoring 1 damn goal. when is renny gonna change this weak ass system? somebody posted last night about where all the renny haters now? i freakin shit myself when i heard that. we barely won that game against carolina. honestly we need to put vally in net more often. i could forgive hank on that last one but the first 2 were so weak i cant help but call him out. turning point in the game was the 2 consecutive failed powerplays by the rangers. we score 1 we win this shitfest. we didnt like usual.

  155. chris its hanks fault on the 2 first goals. its the teams fault for not scoring. ok fair?

  156. mike i posted this before all the shit happened

    tom clueless offensive system

    Set up a triangle by a circle, pass back and forth to eachother along the boards.. while doing this the other team simply has to collapse in front of their net and block every single shot that might come

    actually feel bad for redden there, he got malkins stick but what an you do

    also good for zerdev right there

  157. I said during the all star game when LQ was lit up for 6 goals, ppl “Oh he’ll be fine, he doesnt care about the AS game.” Hmmmm he’s given up 3 weak goals. No help from the D but they were 3 WEAK goals!!!!

    Amen brother. Cant win a hockey game with 1 mother effing goal. What happened to their “comeback” in the 3rd pd. like they used to???

  158. Vally should start on Saturday. Henrik’s in his usual mid-season slump…. he aint Brodeur.
    If Vally played every game in Renney’s system, he might have made the all-star team too.

  159. Oh Christ – dont start saying something stupid like trade LQ come on ….

    Im telling you all the AS game effed with his head.

  160. the king is a queen. honestly he sucks this year. this looks like another horrible deal by sather. between him gomez redden drury and rosy we have 32 million in horrible contracts for only 5 contracts!!!!!! thats more then half the cap

  161. nyr56- it is a miracle they are this far in the standings with this type of play. i hate gettin on them because they are farther along then they should be but i have zero faith this team as currently constructed will do anything this postseason. their offense is so easy to defend against and when they do get chances they simply dont have the talent to finish. we have one of the lowest goal scoring teams in a long time and hank isnt so stellar anymore hes been exposed now and more often than not the opposing teams goalie outplays him. im talkin backups ok. it really isnt fair to hank that he needs to stop everything in order to win a game because as chris said and i have before, if u cant score more than 1-2 a game and ur pp doesnt do jack then ur probably gonna lose the game. i wanna know when drury is gonna step up like our former captain did and get some much needed goals for us. k im done bitchin

  162. Another example of a team that, when the goaltending is not up to its usual standard, simply has no answers.

  163. keep joking about terrian sam and joe

    you know that the real coach whos ass should be fired is standing behind the ranger bench

  164. what happened another 3rd period meltdown? hank better tighten shit up man. he aint gettin paid to pose for magazines. us ranger fans deserve the best with the shit we put up with.

  165. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Hank’s worst game in a loooooooong time. Goalies are head cases like relief pitchers. I guess The King is mentally drained from the five-star hotels and chartered flights.

    And we fall closer to eighth than we are to first.

    When they lose, they suck. When they win, I feel relieved that time has run out. When they lose, THEY SUCK.

    Not a fun combination to watch.

  166. I thought December was supposed to be Hank’s mid-season slump. He can’t use that excuse twice a season. When you’re being paid as much as he’s being paid there’s no excuse for this shit.

  167. im waiting for someone to tell me that was hanks fault….

    girardi owned on the boards
    where were redden and drury picking up crosby

  168. WD

    I see all the losers are getting on LQ now. Nice way Redden picking up Cindy on that 6th goal….

  169. im happy that i am right again. they need to fire renney. weres beerme and all the other renney fans

  170. Girardi as a top 4 defenseman is an absolute joke. He is consistently below average verging on awful.

  171. calm down, Mako. its just frustrating, you know. this was a real weak game by hank. and its not the first one this season…

  172. wait, so voros just got a penalty for what, he was challenged by the penguins all he did was go hard to the net

  173. Alex

    I get that. But you know the D he has to deal with. He really has no consistent help. This absolutely was an awful game for him. And I keep saying I think that AS game did something to his head.

  174. bad game by hank, pp was a joke as usual. zherdev and staals goals were nice, but of course all for not.

    also i just cant stand seeing gomez and others take these lame ass wrist shots from the boards. the odds of that ever going in are so minimal, but he seems to do it all the time

    lets face it, we don’t have the offense/pp to win this kind of game and the pens only really have one line (albeit with two of the top players in the league). we need a huge offensive overhaul, which we cant afford to make. sure maybe anisimov will help somewhat next year, but we just don’t have much offensive talent on the team or in the pipeline. this will continue to be an issue b/c we don’t have a good enough defense to be a pure trap team. you look at the devils team and they had two of the top defenseman in the league, the best goalie in the league and then usually two lines that could score on the counterattack….we have the goalie (tho not as consistent as marty) and a promising young defenseman, the rest….not so much

  175. A disgraceful performance by these clowns, someone should wake Sather up so he can see a tape of this garbage. Heads need to roll before we collapse out of contention.

  176. Hank’s worst game in a loooooooong time. Goalies are head cases like relief pitchers. I guess The King is mentally drained from the five-star hotels and chartered flights.

    And we fall closer to eighth than we are to first.

    When they lose, they suck. When they win, I feel relieved that time has run out. When they lose, THEY SUCK.

    Not a fun combination to watch.

    u hit the nail on the head and yea we are blaming hank on this one. he isnt some untouchable god ok. when he sucks he really sucks. they barely scrape wins by the skin of their asses but lose a 1-1 game in the 3rd giving up 5 goals. yea get psyched for the playoffs boys you’ll get home ice for sure. when we win we suck, when we lose we suck. i am happy that about 1 thing though. at least we started out with some jump and made some great plays early on and played a pretty consistent first 2. god these 3rd period meltdowns should be over with by now.

  177. Hank didnt play great, but when you have the offensive geniuses that Gomez and Redden are supposed to be at $14mill combined we shouldnt be tied 1-1 after 2 against a pittsburg team that is 8th in the conference and ridden with injuries..

    Also- nobody here was praising hank when they won 3 of 5 before the break…

    Renny must be fired.

    Where was the timeout after it became 3-1????

    poor coaching as usual

  178. onecupin67years on

    Hang this loss on Hank, maybe he isn’t so grand after all but over rated instead, beaten badly on the high shots , the word is out.
    That 2nd goal just deflated the whole team, a team which has no balls to respond,unless renney gets hit in the noggin’.

  179. Hank embarrassed himself tonight. He needs to get his shit together, first the team is only playing 30-40 mins, now it’s him, and that’s a bigger problem.

    Just flat out pathetic. If Voros scored on that one chance, it would be a different game. Im embarrassed to be a fan of this team tonight.

    Now we go right to Boston, and verse the best of the East, as the Devs move further ahead of us. Fuggin morons.

    Where has Drury been since that Chicago game ? What, did he have the energy to be a real leader for one game this season ? Trade this guy, he’s not “clutch” he does nothing that cant already be done by a prospect. Renney needs to grow balls and strip him of that C, then maybe he’ll get his shit together.

    Bunch of losers.

  180. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    What hurts the most about this loss is Pittsburgh is out of a playoff spot and we let them back in!!!!!!!!! Sick .

    Vally needs to start next game and maybe play a few so Hank can learn how to stop a puck.

    Package Hank with Girardi and Prucha to Toronto for Toskala ,Schenn and maybe Kaberle.

    If we are so committed to a defense game , why do we need a killer goalie? New Jersey proves it because there record is the same without Brodeur. We won with Vally and played well defensively.

  181. CHRIS

    When your goalie is giving up 6 goals, and more than 2 goals a game when the shit team cant even score more than 1 or 2, then that’s a problem.

    Hank’s becoming just like Dru, Gomer, and Redden, he’s not earning his money. Looks like the slump isn’t gone yet.

    Should have played Vally tonight, better yet play him against the B’s to show Hank that he cant play every game if he’s not gonna show the fugg up.

  182. I dont care what anyone says … The Rangers play better when Vally is in net and should start against Boston

  183. at least it wan’t a 2-1 game.

    Orr – henrik gets lit up and somehow it’s Drurys fault. FYI he has a no trade contract. 2nd if you strip him of captaincy who would you give it to (mr overhyped dubi?). you post like you’re playng nhl09.

  184. I hate the Igloo

    Let’s take a poll since my last post got messed up?

    Which building is worse for which team?

    -Igloo for Rangers

    -Turner Field For Mets

    Can someone post a picture of Redden and Kalinin in the penalty box together?

  185. Like I said in an earlier post. I never get too excited about this team. And the bed shitting I spoke of in my earlier post, well there it was, a big ol’ bed shitting in the third period. It’s never a complete game. The play a strong start to the game, or a strong finish, but where is the rest of the game. What’s a nice chocolate cookie without the cream filling?

    Make a trade or do something. I don’t know what else to say.

  186. Orr

    I said he didnt play good at all tonight

    But- he shouldnt have to play perfect every game with all the $ wasted on offense this team has

    Also where the hell was the time out after the 3-1 goal?? Tom Clueless should have tried to end the bleeding there, then maybe the 4-2 goal is now a 3-2 goal and maybe you can still win

  187. ya know mako youre prob right about the all star game but he played decent the first 2 periods so idk, its just he has these games more often as the years go by and i just hope he doesnt end up being a backup for vally soon. i know its just 1 game but then theres the 8-5 devils game- the 6-5 habs game last year, the 9-2 toronto game year before. oh yea the 5-4 game against wash and the 6-3 habs game this year. hes been as inconsistent as our d has lately and i think something has to give. renny has to realize that hank isnt going to be stellar like he was in 05-06. hes not good enough to get this team deep. hes great but not superstar that can carry our impotent team deep this year or any other year. renny and sather have to get on this and get vally some more games in. i mean say what u want but hes done great in every game hes played so far this year. let him play while hes hot.

  188. my bad- i meant hes not good enough to get this team in deep by himself. hank is still a great goalie i just hate seein him lose. i like him too much and im just mad right now that we gave this game over to the pens

  189. To be fair Valley had that bad game against Wash and Tor too but it doesn’t matter.

    Henrik better be ready on Sat because the Bruins are no joke.

    There’s no point in making a trade now. This team is a transition team and next year should look different.

    If Cally still has the flu, give Anisimov a shot.

  190. mike a – another choice montreal. just as much a house of horrors as Pitt. those fans must both be extremely confident whenever the rangers come to town.

  191. Atleast hank is man enough to admit he didnt play good

    Not like the bs answers were accustomed to from other members of that lineup

  192. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    It’s all your fault . yeah you , me? yeah I just scored an ya let in another one…yeah well if i had a good defense. You could n’t catch a high shot and if ya had kids they be all fat cuz ya can’t stop the cookies on the top shelf!! You keep this up and I’ll play even worse against Boston . I just had to tell ya pal cuz this time my brother won.

  193. anyone getting this Tom clueless almost straight out saying that Blowmezes two passes across ice that turned into turnovers were unacceptable???

  194. Wow, I still think he should be fired, but Clueless actually sounded decent when he was interviewed right there

  195. Mike in IA

    I would worry when the D is solid and he gives up all those goals yeah time to worry. There are VERY few games where he gives up 4-5 goals which he could have made those saves. VERY FEW. Mara is starting to falter a little bit, Staal is always good and poised in his play, Rosz is playing better but still needs to step up the physical play. Well Girardi is cleaning up Reddens mess.

    I dont believe it when they say “We want home ice advantage” I just dont believe it. Stick LQ against the B’s see how he rebounds.

    We never have cause to get on him. He had an awful night. No doubt.

  196. The only reason we have won as many games as we have is because of Hank, if we have any chance of making a run, its because of Hank, when we lose a game like this, its because of Hank but to start throwing him under the bus is just ridiculous. Man up and support our team and our goalie. Some of the fans on this site make me sick to my stomach. You remind me of Philly fans jumping on and off the bandwagon.

  197. Nope absolutely not. Hank SHOULD play against the B’s. Give him a chance to rebound and get his focus back. Bad message to send to him.

  198. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Thank god they dont boo me anymore . yeah that perty good.I just got promoted to the top line.Not bad huhh . That is great but I have been thinking thay we can get the fans on redden case and off of mine? well hell the msg croud loves me and If coachie keeps me in , im good to go. Yeah im happy for ya bud , just gotta find away we can loosen Reddens skate blades …hmm yeah something

  199. All you need to know about this coach and his play-not-to-lose mentality: He hates a pass made in the offensive zone that DID NOT lead to an odd man rush against, but might have led to a scoring chance for. (After all, we cannot be creative and go for it in the third period! No no, never!)


    …. he thought the Rangers played an “excellent” second period. HUNH? When they had two of the most pathetic PPs in creation? That is not excellence. That is blowing a chance to take charge of a game against a team that is begging you to kill it and continue its fallback in the standings. But you see, since the team didn’t lose ground in those 20 minutes, played the period to a scoreless draw, to Renney that constitutes excellence.

    God save us from this loser.

  200. Henrik got into some bad habits in that ridiculous all star weekend. playing half speed and giving half-ass effort is NOT a good way to get ready for a real NHL game.

    Vally should play to give Henrik something to think about.

  201. All Hail King Henrik on

    Hank played like shit in the third, for sure, but trade him for Toskala, Greg? I hope that was a joke. EVERY game will be like this with Toskala in net.

    Vesa Toskala 3.29 GAA .885 SV% Great Trade.

    Fact is, Lundqvist has put up 24 wins (3rd best) playing behind the 27th ranked offense in the league. TWENTY SEVENTH.

    How about some of these 5-6-7 million dollar players start earning their contracts and contributing some offense.

    I’m in no way defending Lundqvist’s play tonight, but how quickly some of you turn on your franchise goaltender is sad…

  202. I am sorry but Girardi creates his own messes. He looked awful tonight. I too agree to throw LQ back out there.

  203. MAKO,

    I agree totally, with you perspective, the whole superstar thing ON the ice (instead of just the playboy aura off the ice) is a common problem for goalies (turco, kipprusoff) BUT i also believe that he is overrated just as the need of a superhuman goalie is overrated. A great goalie does not bring cups, look at Red wings or Canes. Cups goes to the DOMINATING team, meaning teams that try to win games, not just dodge losing them.

    So, with that in mind, a trade of hank (post Redden era of course) is not such a distant thought… What would you say if Vinny was offered in such a trade? I love hank, but sometimes i just feel he is no better and no worse than any of the decent goalies in the leauge…

  204. LI Joe-Yeah MTL too, but at least I have memories of the Rangers winning that series in 96 and an occasional game there.

    Other than the Kris King OT goal in the 92 series and Strudwick’s OT goal last year, I really don’t have too many memories of the Rangers winning in PITT and this goes back to 1989.

    If I get a better job by summer 2010 (attainable if I don’t act like Kamensky played), I’m renting out a bar in NYC and thorwing a goodbye Igloo party and everyone here is invited. :)P

  205. I hate losing to Pitt.
    Just makes it hurt worse when Crosby at 50% is better that anyone on your team.

  206. And let me just add; I AM NOT TURNING ON HANK! Im am merely suggesting that we can not tie our hopes to him or any other goalie, we need key players or we wont win cups… I am not saying trade hank, im saying lets look at the whole picture. Redden and all the other bozos have been covered in every other discussion, this is more intresting…

  207. and Orr got knocked on his ass to start the game. Henrik wasn’t the only one who had a bad night

  208. All Hail King Henrik on

    Valley has played great all season, but play him in more games and he’ll be exposed. Hank end up as Valley’s backup? Doubtful

    Valley’s put up a 2.17 GAA .929 SV% in 9 games. 5-3-1

    Lundqvist was 1.99 GAA .927 SV% in 9 games. 6-2-1

    Playing time is directly related to statistics. If you don’t believe me–Lundqvist played the least amount of games in the 05-06 season. That year, he had his best save percentage (.922) and equaled his best GAA. Also had his best record (percentage wise) at 30-12-9.

    A lot of goaltenders can put up great numbers through 20-30-40 games. Lets see them do it for 70.

  209. Honestly guys and gals, this team is in a transition with a lot of the younger guys being very young, so this year as long as they make the playoffs I won’t complain.

    The team will compete for the Cup in 2011 when the two Russians and two Italian dmen are ready. Until then, anything past the first round is gravy.

    I know it’s a weird way to look at things, but when they’re ready to contend, let’s do it right this time and go to the Conference Finals like 5 years in a row.

  210. All Hail King Henrik,

    Its all true, no one doubts his talent… Even if its impossible; what would you choose; Hank or AO, as the team looks right now?

  211. All Hail King Henrik on


    Trading Lundqvist for Vinny is not going to turn this team around, though. In order to go for the cup with an average goalie (like Detroit) you need offense throughout the lineup and unparalleled talent. Detroit has that. We do not even come close. Our first line forwards would be playing 3rd (or 4th) line on Detroit.

    The only way for this team to do such a thing would be to blow it all up, finish last for 5 years and stock pile offensive picks and players to go with an offensive minded coach. That’s not going to happen in NY. Dolan will never do it.

    Winning anything in the near term (be it regular season, or post season) rests very heavily on Lundqvist’s shoulders. This team is screwed with the cap for years to come, and offense isn’t going to emerge from no where. You’d better hope Lundqvist turns it around, otherwise we’re sunk. Valley (and I’m a big fan) isn’t taking this team ANYWHERE.

    Watch some devils games and look at the chances Clemmensen faces. Never faces a breakaway, never faces a 2 on 1, etc. etc. It’s all shots to the outside. Their defenseman are actually capable of playing defense.

    Lundqvist faced TWO breakaways in the first period alone.

    Also, while the Canes and Wings won the cup with their average goalies, Giguere won it for ANA, Khabibulin for Tampa, and Brodeur for NJ. All top tier goalies.

  212. Alex

    Perhaps in the future if Ovechkin is a viable trade, which he wont be. Or Malkin – again he wont be. Vinny? Nah. Malkin and Ovie are players that put teams on their back and take over games, they are something special that comes around in generations…. Vinny, not so much. Dont get me wrong he is a fantastic player and I wouldnt mind him on the team. But straight up for LQ. Nah, I’d pass on that.

    I dont think LQ is overrated at all. I think Gomez, Redden and Drury are. Dont forget – we well all remind you he has a half ass team in front of him. So most nights he’s had to carry the team. He IS the backbone of the team, our real franchise player – you can bet on that…

  213. mike a – i still have major doubts on those 2 dmen. we have a proven poor record of drafting in 1st rd excluding staal. our scouting has to be upgraded in addition to new gm, coaching staff, and ownership.

  214. All Hail King Henrik on


    Hank for AO…honestly, I don’t know if I’d do it. I’m inclined to say AO (and he is the ONLY player I’d consider trading LQ for), but the only way I’d do it if Varlamov (their rookie goalie) was coming the other way along with AO.

    I’ve stated previously that I’d trade all of our top six forwards for AO. Run with AO, Anisimov and four other minor leaguers. Have 3 checking lines, 1 scoring line (a la 05-06) and try to play like we did when Jagr was lighting it up, and Hank was stonewalling everyone. I know it’s stupid, but I’d do that trade. Washington wouldn’t.

  215. All Hail King Henrik,

    Excellent remarks, though I feel you overrate the level of “talent” REd Wings have. I think Detroit is a perfect example of getting 100% out of every player, and that is a balance of correct staff and the right scouting, the talent isnt key. I think Rangers actually could match Detroit on talent, but as a team (and with this current lack of a working system) it’s impossible.

    I think; with current talent (and the prospects), a miracle to get Redden and Kalinin off the team, AND with a gamebreaking player like Vinny we could actually win in a couple of years, like Detroit can with Conklin or any goalie, just like devils with Clemmensen and whats-his-name. Im saying, LQ should’nt be priority 1, he should be a “bonus” per se…

  216. all hail

    khabibulin (sp?) was more of a 1 hit wonder. not really elite for any long stretch of his career.

    i am starting to wonder if henrik is doing too much of the off ice stuff like modeling. same issue i had with avery and the fashion crap. unfortuantely ny has too many distractions for a good hockey player unless they look like malkin or malik.

  217. All Hail King Henrik on


    Thanks, man. Your 10:53 is right on the money as well. Couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph. So true.

  218. when you have a coach who plays rope-a-dope hockey, who wants to win 1-0, who puts all his eggs in the prevention basket, well then you have enormous pressure on the goalie. he cannot make a mistake, he cannot have a bad night because under Renney there is no cushion.

    so, I can empathize with Hank that it just snowballed tonight.

    I have less sympathy for Renney, Mr. Vocabulary. he wants neutral zone shinny to be his style of hockey, and you can’t score that way. if Dmen moved up into the play more often like Staal did on his goal, they would have more offense. but he only did that ’cause it was 4-on-4. at full strength he does not try it ’cause Renney has his Dmen in hang back and wait mode.

  219. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    Agree on Khabibulin being a 1 hit wonder (though he is playing great this year) My post was already getting pretty long, so I couldn’t expound on the details, but what I was trying to convey was that Khabibulin was a top 3 goalie the year he won the cup. I think he’s been a fairly consistent top-15-20 goalie throughout his career, but he played excellent the year they won the cup. His goaltending was a determining factor in their cup run.

  220. all hail – some decent posts by you but 10:54 was not one of them. I would absolutely trade Henrik and any 1 other player (even staal) for AO. to say you would not 1 on 1 is being in denial on just how GREAT AO is.

    Alex T – our level of talent is not even on the same planet as the wings. are you kidding me to think otherwise. re your 2nd paragraph, none of it is happening.

  221. the Bolts have an outstanding young goalie, Mike Smith. he has been their best player this season. they would be almost winless without him. they are not looking for a goalie. they have one.

  222. LI Joe,

    Ye have little faith, but of course they have some awsome players. Im just saying; do you really think it’s just about the fundemental talent? I think it’s more than that. I think you could turn a player like Dawes into a Filpulla, and Pruchs into Franzen, zherdev is not miles from datsyuk… But it takes a great coach and a lot of confidence…

  223. All Hail King Henrik on


    You’re right that Detroit gets 100% out of every player, and when you look at it that way, I suppose “talent” isn’t the right word to describe what I was saying. Perhaps performance is a better word?

    Their system (they don’t trap, but each player backchecks just as hard as they forecheck on every play) is also conducive to their success.

    Back to the talent thing, though.

    Would you really take our top six forwards over theirs:




    I’d take Deroits. Good talking points all around, though. It’s nice to be able to have conversations on this blog without it turning into a pissing match, especially after bad losses. Civil debates are good.


    Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall, Stuart, Lebda, Chelios


    Staal, Girardi, Mara, Rozsival, Redden, Kalinin

    It doesn’t really matter much who is on Detroit, because as you said, they get 100% out of each player. Unfortunately, the rangers do not.

  224. All Hail King Henrik on


    True. Khabibulin, as good as he was, wouldn’t have gotten it done without the top line. I’m not sure they would’ve gotten it done without him, though. So I suppose it goes either way. Vinny in addition to Lundqvist would get it done. Either by themselves is questionable, more so for Vinny than Lundqvist, but it goes both ways.

  225. All Hail King Henrik,

    Well. Of course we would give a leg and a wife for those players BUT the intresting thought is; if that was the case, if we would have their players and they would have ours, would you be giving me that same roster but the other way around? Jeez, this is turning into some Lynch flick…. Sorry… I agree about the civil debate thing. Good point, even if I find bob amusing (retorically anyway)

  226. …awful game from two guys I really root for – LQ/Giradi.. no matter who trots on out there they are good for more than 2 maybe 3 goals a game. I respect Dru, but he aint livin up to it.. and there is NOTHING we can do.. Redden makes me long for Willie Huber…

  227. Renney is not really “winning”. if you look at the record in reg time, excluding the shootout wins, they are barely over .500

    and if you look at the 5-on-5 goals for and against totals, the Rangers have given up more than they have scored.

    and they are near the bottom of the league in goals scored.

    and rivals like NJ and Philly have several games in hand on them as well.

    so, his record is much more smoke and mirrors than first glance indicates.

  228. bottom line Hank played bad.. the first 2 goals at a minimum were soft…the rangers cannot score so when Henrik plays bad they are in bad shape.

    girardi also had a bad game….

  229. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    Yeah, 10:54 is just the homer in me. I’m not denying Ovechkin’s talent (he is by far the best player in the world), I just have such a hard time trading Lundqvist, as he’s obviously my favorite player on the team. Being an ex-goalie, I’ve always had a soft spot for goalies, and have always payed much closer attention to their play than forwards. So, I’m just being a homer when I say I don’t think I could trade Hank for AO.

    But absolutely, in the real world, you trade Hank for AO straight up. It just irks me to say it, haha.

  230. Kalinan is just soft.

    he is so soft with the puck on his stick in the D zone.

    He is saved by his partner all the time.

    Roszival has really improved his game..

  231. re the wings and rangers. the wings have the better talent (by far), better system (ditto) and their guys take home town discounts.

    but that zetterberg signing is going to hurt them 12 yrs – oh boy. if the rangers signed him to that deal many would freak out and rightfully so. especially with his 1st 3 game slump.

  232. DG,

    My point is; not many coaches get fired when they keep going to playoffs, it’s a vicious circle.

  233. Alex T: could be construed as the same thing…

    I was not worried about Rozival..just Redden, he and kalinin are a painful..esp w/o a 7th D-man.. did renney speak out a bit against Sather saying he actually wanted a 7th D-man, bit it was out of his control???? or was I imagining something?

  234. Well,

    Good talking to you all tonight. Lets hope for a great game on saturday. I’ll be here, and so will you, I trust.

    Good night and GO RANGERS!

  235. All Hail King Henrik on


    Good point. If we had Detroits players, they probably would be underachieving, and we’d be having this conversation backwards. I could definitely see Hossa coming to the NYR and turning into a 25-35-60 player instead of the 40-60-100 that he can be.

    Like you said, our problems start with ownership and continue straight through to management (Sather), and then to the coaching staff and system. Sather is public enemy no .1

  236. Sather sucks.. Bruins comings up.. jeez! hey, who did we get for Marc Savard, anyway?.. double JEEZZZ! g’nite all!

  237. All Hail King Henrik on


    12 years is definitely too long. Nevermind when he’s 40…is he going to be a 90 point, 6 million dollar player when he’s 35?

    Zetterberg must’ve wanted $7.5 – 8 mil over 7-8 years and the only way Holland could get him to sign for $6 was to give him the 12 year deal.

    The contract will hurt them long term, but if the economy bounces back hard in 4-5 years and player salaries rise accordingly, will $6 mil really seem that bad in 2014? Probably.

  238. Tom Laidlaw"s Left Nut on

    Boy o boy….How freakin sick does it make me every game that i see that fuggin #45 dressed for the New York Rangers. I think I would rather see Marek Malik and Christian Backman then see this piece of fuckin shit Kalinin.

    Lets go through the Sather checklist –

    Get rid of Rismiller ….. CHECK
    Get rid of Fritsche …… CHECK
    Get rid of Voros …….
    Get rid of Kalinin …….

    Sign Zherdev…….

  239. the economy won’t be bouncing back in Michigan, so it is a bad deal. they could not even sell out some playoff games in recent years because of the bad economy, so you know it’s bad.

  240. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    If Detroit is so good why dont you go cheer for them , bunch of all star game deserters. Redwings wont win the cup so you can get all horned up about them while they are golfing. I bet the last place team beat them in the first round.

  241. LIJOE

    Oh no, it’s completely Hank’s fault, he was pathetic, and totally gave up on the game. And for the millionth time, i know that waste of a roster spot has a NTC, i just cant help myself and say it, even though i know it wont happen. Also, no i wouldn’t give it to a fuggin person, there’s not a player on this team that deserves that dumb letter, not even Hank. Who gives a shit aboot it, treat it like Renney treats Pruchs, just leave it out.


    That’s Renney hockey, he knows, and he has every player on this team believing they’re nothing more than a 1-0, 2-1 hockey team. Someone should tell Hank that, and maybe he’ll keep some pucks out of the net.


    Huh ?? He had a bad game against the Craps ?? He let in 2 goals, and the 3nd one was a flukey deflection.

  242. The reason Zetterberg took that deal is because no one in Det makes more money than Lidstrom who is their captain and leader, which is something Joe Michelleti talked about in the beginning of the season. Also that contract is probably front loaded and if Det wins one or two more Cups he’s gonna go back and retire in Europe by like year 8 of that deal.

    LI Joe-We’ve had this discussions in other forums but I’ll stick to my guts and say that Gordie Clarke drafted these guys (Sags/Del Z), not Sather or Maloney so I have faith that they’ll be NHL players. It’s good Del Z gets no respect, so he’ll come in and become a pretty solid player. I really hope Anisimov and Grachev become “our guys” to and prove to the league that the Russians are still great and that homegrown Russians in NY leads to good things a la Kovalev, Zubov, and Nemchinov.

  243. Willie Huber. haha.

    now we’ve got Willie Giveitaway

    Willie Hitanyone

    and Willie GotoHartfordalready

  244. Larry Melnyk"s cousins uncle Michel Petit"s half brother David Shaw on

    Man o man, even Colton Orr got owned by Goddard tonight…TKO with authority

  245. JDs Soetart is Steve Weeks Beezer Mio Hanlon Kleisengers Wayne Thomas & Steve Baker on

    Jeez….Henrik looked shakey tonight….I hope he bounces back vs the Prunes

  246. mike a- i’m not sure if zetterberg can do that if a player signs a deal that takes him past age 35 i think the team is responsible for his contract cap wise whether he fulfills it or not.

  247. LI Joe-I could be wrong but if you don’t honor your contract, then it is terminated. Nash isn’t paying Radulov still.

    Wow, a lot of old 80s Rangers being named here. I’m happy I was too young and started watching after Esposito as GM or I would’ve probably been sent away to the funny farm. :)P

  248. mike a – that is why i brought up the point on players over 35. radulov was less than 35. and if contract takes you past age 35 i think the team is responsible cap wise. otherwise a team can sign a guy to age 100 lowering the cap hit per yr and then have him walk away from it at some point

  249. Good call LI Joe. I’m sure though that there’s something in the contract or some kinda stipulation we don’t know about as Ken Holland is pretty much the best GM in hockey and nothing gets past that man..except losing Kyle Quincey on waivers to LA.

  250. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    plain and simple lundqvist had a bad game. i hate how mich and rosen never single him out because hes our franchise player…

  251. so where’s all the LQ haters now? :) is there any LQ haters?

    no, really…wtf happened? someone earlier today on the blog mentioned about Hank letting one bad goal in and then its a blow-out… good call! I thought they played well for the first two periods… 3rd period turn out to be the worst of the season… 5 goals in? am i right? PP looked decent… but again no PP (Peter Prucha) on PP(Power Play) I really amaze myself sometimes…

  252. Voros could of put it away. It’s very simple though, Lunquist plays well we win or tie. He sucks we lose.

  253. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I noticed that when Valiiquette is in net, the team plays harder in front of him and stands up for him. For example, Tuesday he gets snow-showered a few times and his teammates let Carolina know – not a good idea. Whereas Lundquist seem to be left swinging in the wind (agreed he had a horrible game last night, but I’m talking overall). He gets run time and time again and the team just skates away. Is it just me or could there be something else going on. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him call out the defense or the team (unlike Brodeur) but always shoulders the blame stating he needs to play better. Just curious.

  254. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I noticed that when Valiiquette is in net, the team plays harder in front of him and stands up for him. For example, Tuesday he gets snow-showered a few times and his teammates let Carolina know – not a good idea. Whereas Lundquist seem to be left swinging in the wind (agreed he had a horrible game last night, but I’m talking overall). He gets run time and time again and the team just skates away. Is it just me or could there be something else going on. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him call out the defense or the team (unlike Brodeur) but always shoulders the blame stating he needs to play better. Just curious.

  255. Hank will sometimes call himself out but in fact he generally always goes on and on about the team not playing well and giving up too many chances after the game. Hell, he once yelled at Gomez for not picking up his man this year and I’ll bet that kind of stuff happens more frequently than you think. That said, i don’t think locker room drama has a thing to do with this team’s problems. They just have too many guys that don’t play well enough when they have to. Honestly, does anyone on the planet think this team would be worse off with Corey Potter than they are with Wade Redden? guy is completely inept defensively, has shown zero offensive upside, hits nobody – at least Rozival is starting to round into form again and has put up his usual number of points. With Rozie the Rangers knew exactly what they were getting and that’s what they’ve gotten. It’s Redden who has to go. Honestly, he should be waived. Who cares if they can’t then bring him back up. This is not a guy who makes any difference at all, just a waste of cap space – space that the Rangers should use to acquire a real defenseman at the deadline. Seriously, You guys are worried about Kalinin? Whatever. The last few months he’s been a more than serviceable 6th defenseman. Redden is the one who needs to be on the next bus to Hartford. You just cannot pay a guy $7 million who plays no better than a $700K player.

  256. “I played horribly. I wish I could destroy this lockerroom right now. I couldn’t stop ANYthing in the 3rd.” Henrik Lundqvist 1/28/09.

    I suppose IF there is a player that’s “entitled” (for lack of a better word) to blow a game for the team, it’s Hank. 3 or 4 bad bad bad goals last night man.

    3-2 in the closing minutes is at least a chance. 6-2, it’s over. I haven’t played in a few years, but I’m pretty sure I coulda beat Hank high over his glove last night too.

    Peter – It’s funny, after the game my bro and I were talking about Redden. He’s no longer on the PP, and it’s becoming harder to even spot him on the ice…unless he’s getting beat. Ok, so maybe it’s not that hard! But we’re handcuffed with that salary for the next 6 years. It’s kinda like saying that our salary cap is $6mil+ less than everyone elses. Good luck putting a good team on the ice every year that way.

    The only way you can move that contract is to send a guy like Staal or a FEW 1st rnd picks with it.

    That’s a frustrating loss for everyone last night. Props to Staalzy for a nice goal. My knee jerk reaction to the loss was to start vally on Sat, but you just can’t at this point of the season. We all know goalies are ‘quirky’, and it’d be trouble if he’s not right back out there. I’m sure Hank would like to get back out there today. The 2 days between will be really tough on him, no doubt.

  257. lets not forget this was hanks first game from the all star break… where he gave up the same amount of goals…sure two different games but still… first game back… he played well for two periods…but then shitted himself pretty bad…lets see how he can bounce back

  258. There’s no good things from last night so I’m not going to bitch when everybody rips the team today. From high glove side Lundqvist to totally dead Redden, they sucked. I thought Redden was coming around a few games ago, not enough to earn the contract but enough to not cost the team anything, I was wrong. This contract is going to kill us. Thanks Sather, again.

  259. Another thing, thet talked about getting revenge from the shutout loss, if that’s the motivated team on a quest for revenge, we’re getting a decent #1 draft pick.

    One good thing from last night, I hope the coaches put that Zherdev hit in the crease and put it into a loop and make all defenseman watch it for 10 hours. That’s how you clear the traffic in front of your goalie!

  260. What a terrible 3rd period. All started by Rosizval not playing the puck against Staal and then Hank thinking he was still at the all star game.

  261. I just dont get it how an experienced GM (and I assume he is experienced) such as Glen Sather make such poor decisions year in and year out. For example, to not go too far… singing washed-out Redden to long overpaid contract…just to mention one. This guy must the worst PLAYER in the league making more than any other player in the league! Redden is even worse than, “I get you from behind” Holweg. And if in fact Perry Pearn did vouch for the guy, well then Perry Pearn better get his fuggin gear on and get his ass on the ice because his dud of a “protégé” is unbearable to watch.

  262. Beer what were you referring to yesterday when you said you think the organization has finally learned its lesson (or was it the team)?

  263. Wayne Redden is the worst player on the team. A lot of people miss that since his mistakes are under the radar, but when have you seen him make a good play? He’s invisible out there, gets beat often and doesn’t seem to give a damn. Sure HL and Girardi had bad games but how often have you seen them both make good plays? Even in games they are bad, I see some good plays from them. HL made some nice saves the first two periods and Girardi made some nice hits.

    You guys thought that Sather has changed since the pre-strike days? His moves this last off season prove otherwise.

    Renney’s defensive requirement or else has his team playing back even when they were behind 6-2. When was the last time you have seen a Ranger skating in on goal all alone? I mean the other team’s goal not their own. Why do the forwards circle behind the net or fall back instead of going to the net when an attack ensues? In spite of Renney’s public words, looks to me like this team is intimidated by him and overplay defensively.

    I think this team has more offensive talent then they show under Renney, Pearn etc. They need the right coach to bring that out.

  264. pete – The thought was along the lines of sticking with a core roster, sticking to a game plan(in this case developing youth), and yes…sticking to a style of play.

    Zherv – My brother said the same thing this morning, but said 3 games! I don’t know. As horrible as that 20min last night was, he HAS to get back out there. The B’s may not be the best team to do that against, but that’s what the schedule presents this time.

    That bad bounce, and the bank shot off his foot I think is what rattled him the most. The shots high to the glove side should just be expected to go in.

    Still though, I don’t think the loss was 100% on him. But fair to me, would be around 75-80%.

  265. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t find a positive during a game. But I think Goddard may have shook something around when he tagged Orr on the chin. Orr looked like his skating was a bit better than usual. Sure, he’s still got no hands. But he’s been able to get to areas of the ice that he never could before.

  266. Beer Me!

    You would be right about that bank shot off of his skate. On the replay you see him look towards the middle of the ice and as he was about to look back that is when the puck went in off of his skate. Its happened to him a handful of times now. And I would chalk up all of those goals as “loss of focus” Which I know LQ prides himself on his ability to focus.

    I also thought the same thing of Orr. Which is so funny you said that. I saw a few plays he made to the net and thought it was a different player. Good for him. I always have liked him as a player and he gets better and better every year, never takes a stupid penalty.

  267. I have been saying all last night that LQ NEEDS to start the B’s game. I honestly think he will come out strong and the Rangers will win that game.

  268. “loss of focus”

    I’d say that was it in a nutshell lastnight.

    Glad someone else saw that in Orr also.

    Interesting also, I forget the 2 players (Kennedy was one of them I think) that had commented that Betts is one of the most underrated players in the game.

  269. Just a thought on

    My feeling on this team: is don’t trade any of the good young players. This team is what it is a playoff team(out early) My fear is that Sather will do something stupid to save face (about all his bad signings) and trade valuable prospects. Do not trade AA, Grabchev, Sangs, Callahan, Korp, Del Sotto, Staal. I actually would like to see them intergrate some of the ahl guys into the team. (and I think we will go just as far)

  270. CCCP, you must agree with me if all you can point out is the misspelling of his name. Wade or Wayne, he still sucks.

    Didn’t have to google it, I believe you.

  271. my positive was that zherdev goal, a beauty, turned game off for a sec, to watch knicks beat hawks (shocking in itself), turn back staal scores, turn off again, turn back on 6-2, jaw drops open and i sat there like that for about 20 minutes.

  272. why am i not surprised to see lenny posting after a 6-2 loss. a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots

  273. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Losing to the Penguins is Sick . I just knew after Hank let in that softie by Jordan Staal we could be battling a losing war here.

    Hank is being paid alot of cash in a early stage in his carreer. The guy was drafted like in the 5th round or whatever and is now being called this all-world goalie ? Don’t ya think he should have went in the first round with all his hoopla and large salary he has now? The scouts took a pass on him and the Rangers landed him with no acolades or honors. Why did most scouts pass on him is a mystery I would like to know.

    He started playing rather well as he was put in goal for New York because we were desperate for any keeper , Having Dan Blackburn out …Hank was our only option. We made Hank as much as he made us. We played him and he was then turned into our starting goaltender.

    The Olympic team saw the solid Lunqvist and snapped him up for the games. Hank didnt dissapoint , his team won gold and he was the starting goaltender that shone through out the games.

    Is he over rated , I do not know. His salary being close to the same as broduer is insane. Broduers resume is 4 times the size as Hanks but Hank get signed to BIG BIG bucks? Hank should have realized he won that gold medal for Sweden , not for the Rangers. His raise was given at a time when he was sucking in goal and he still got the huge payday. Hank should have accepted less so a big vet D-man could have been signed. He could have played a few more years then ask for the big contract after he knew he deserved it. That is in a fairy tale land cuz no body comes or stays in NEW YORK for less , unless your Paul Mara!

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