Scott Gomez isn’t such a goofball, after all


For all the heat Scott Gomez takes — some of it certainly deserved — for being inconsistent on the ice and an occasional clown in interviews, the way he spent his All-Star break says something about his aspirations for this season.

Because while a bunch of Rangers dispersed for points south — some to Florida, some to Cancun, others to Jamaica — Gomez opted for the lovely confines of the Rangers practice facility in Greenburgh. I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.

“He stayed back in New York and trained really hard. I know he came to the rink every day and lifted weights and got on the ice,” said goaltender Stephen Valiquette. “He was the one guy who used our break to focus on getting stronger for the second half of the year. I know he’s going to be outstanding the rest of the way.”

At least tonight Gomez was. It was one game, and from a team standpoint, it was ugly in spots. But Gomez was brilliant, and he, Markus Naslund, and Ryan Callahan offered glimpses of what a true top unit looks like.

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  1. Amen, they were flying, some of the other lines looked pretty bad defensively at times, but Gomer and co were always setting up chances… Hopefully they can continue it tomorrow in pittsburgh

  2. I have to call bullshit on this post. C’mon Sam/Vali, the Rangers played last Tuesday night and practiced yesterday. That leaves Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

    How many substantive training sessions could you have gotten in during that time period to build strength or endurance? Two, three max with rest.

    Gomez has a good game and you’re pinning it on training during a break? Ridiculous.

    Why not have every guy take a week off and miss a game or two if he’s “going to be outstanding the rest of the way”. What a silly notion.

  3. so thats the secret to his second half success!! he plays poor the first half on purpose… then he doesn’t get picked for ASG…and while everyone is away he trains really hard! GO SCOTTY!!


  4. reginald dunlop on

    Fire all the genius writers who didnt give Valiquette one of the three stars of the game…….

  5. Borman
    January 27th, 2009 at 10:49 pm
    this game was dedicated to all Gomer bashers. Amen

    This post is to the one idiot who didn’t realize Gomez needed bashing before the last 2-3 games.

  6. onecupin67years on

    They played well tonight, except for the brief let down after the 3rd goal.
    Boy, Renney sure does look dweebish in all black, not at all cool.stick to plaid.

  7. salty…what did Gomez say about the drink? i didnt get it

    Al asked him what it was… he said: “Gin & Juice…thats what Voros calls it… actually I dunno what it is…supposed to help you afterwards…probably a scam…like everything else… oh yeah I’m supposed to tell the kids to wear UnderArmor … and drink this stuff…”

  8. Eric—-You playing NHL09?
    Is lundy awful in your game as well?

    12 shots…7 saves. Not one goal was decent! All from point with no one around.
    I get so furstrated..

  9. More turnovers in the 3rd period than a bakery. Redden and Mara were awful. Bright spots Gomez, Dubi Naslund & Vally. Carolina controled 80% of the 3rd. period. We played not to lose & were lucky to win. The good news is we’re still winning alot of games where we suck

  10. Z Zoro can’t play defense, but does he ever have some great offensive moves. If he ever starts scoring he could help us in our playoff run. Still need a big forward & defenseman fairly soon.

  11. Salty, what about waiting, offering him money after July 1st, have someone give him a bigger offer, and take the picks? I’m sure it’ll get us a few #1’s?

  12. Zherdev in an RFA at season’s end therefore if he signs with another team that would land us compensatory picks based on the value of his contract.

    Jeez – we win and everyone is still negative..!!
    Good game by Vally, Gomer and Nas and it looks like the Dubi/Z line is starting to click again.

  13. I Hope they hit Cindy everytime he touches the puck tonight.Put him on his ass every shift.Have Orr take on there tough guy on the first shift they’re together to show we’re kicking ass tonight.Thats what I would have them do if I was coach…

  14. onecupin67years on

    I don’t think z will resign here, ,maybe Pitts would throw $$ at him , how much cap room will NY have after the season?
    They could trade him now.

  15. Trading Z would prob put the end to any real chance this year..but if they feel they may not re-sign him longer term and can package him up for Boumeester – they shld look at it… I do like Z’s gritiness for a guy with all those moves – like Kovelev.

  16. JJP – You’re taking the statement way to literally. No one is saying that Gomez is going to be outsanding the rest of the way soley because he stayed in NY and worked out during the break. It’s simply acknowledging that he didnt take the break to be a couch potatoe and used it to work on his game. Stop being so negative man.

  17. JJP- You obviously don”t play hockey, and you obviously don’t lift wieghts or do any sort of cardio. It’s amazing what just one good skating session or exercise session can do for you mentally.

  18. at the game last night. mad i didnt see prucha of course. voros and orr r worthless. can someone name the last time time orr did something good. i wont ask u to name the last time voros did something good.

  19. # Salty January 28th, 2009 at 12:12 am

    Boy, Renney sure does look dweebish in all black, not at all cool.stick to plaid.


    He is seriously a fag.

    Am I missing something or is this just an absolutely retardo post…
    Salty you into fashion or something? Are the the fashion police? Does this have anything to do with hockey?
    Seriously, this is an grasp at absolutely anything to bash…just pathetic!

  20. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’d like to defend Renney on one point today. I thought he looked rather stylish in his black suit.

    hate the guy all you want for his hockey sense, but please leave his fashion sense alone. it’s all the dignity he has left. he’s been taking lessons from hank.

  21. Puck – Actually that’s exactly what Valiquette said, read his quote.

    Kris – In a typical week I play hockey/skate 2-3 times and workout or run another 2-3 times. While I am nowhere close to a professional athlete, I think I’m qualified to say from personal experience that one week of training doesn’t have much incremental impact when you’re already in shape.

  22. LOL 22figure8…exactly…wait, wait…
    Fire Renney he has no fashion sense, looks bad in a black suit,
    Betts sucks, Redden still sucks, Drury blows, Gomez is stupid for thinking his all-star break workout has done anything, Fire Pearn, Sather should be shot, Kalinin should be killed…and so the broken records continue to spout their distain for “their team”

  23. JJP, why don’t you not look at the workouts but instead look at it from the stand point the he is committed to getting back on his game…duh!

  24. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Jjp, more brilliant posts! And we still read them so I guess we’re just as dumb as you because we haven’t learned either.

    I liked that gomez proved he is focused on hockey and not booze or banging drunk cancun bitches. One week of working out won’t turn him into a 100point guy over night, but maybe he just needed the time to clear his mind and refocus on his profession.

  25. Nice way to come out of the break last night. Especially the start they got off to. Fresh legs were pretty obvious last night.

    I don’t know how you call a 2min rough for pushing a guy out of the way with one hand, and your stick down. Maybe we don’t need a physical dman if you’re not even allowed to clear the crease. Whistle or not. There was more pushing and shoving in from of Ward that went uncalled. I didn’t get that.

    Truefans…I gotta agree with ya there, that Gomer was deserving of SOME of the ‘bashing’ he got. EVEN HE knew he wasn’t playing good hockey. He identified it, worked on it, and it showed. I love that he told Al that they’re looking at tonights game as a bit of revenge for last weeks debacle. (I hate afternoon games btw).

    Speaking of those, and not to get too far ahead, we’ll be up in Beantown Saturday at 1. If I’m not mistaken the last time we played a ‘nooner’ up there was 2 years ago when Orty scored on a penalty shot. No idea how that stuck in my head. Him and I are probably the only 2 that remember that. lol

  26. wait a minute..some of YOU MORONS are actually saying gomez’s performance had nothing to do with him practicing??? really? how much lower can you guys get, please take your witch hunt somewhere else because gomez doesn’t really deserve it at this point. As a hockey player let me tell you that practice helps even the best players like gomez, if the whole team practiced more they would be doing even better right now.

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