Rangers goal: home-ice advantage (Updated)


Our crack research staff here at Blog Headquarters — also known as me with a dog-eared media guide — says the Rangers haven’t had home-ice advantage in a playoff series since an opening-round win against the Canadiens in 1996.

(First prize to the reader who can guess the team’s top three playoff scorers that year. If you guessed Mark Messier, Pat Verbeek, and Adam Graves, you either cheated with the same media guide, or you’re Pat Verbeek).

But that’s the team’s goal coming out of the All-Star break this season, as “detailed in my story in today’s paper.”:http://www.lohud.com/article/20090127/SPORTS01/901270392/-1/SPORTS.

“Our goal is to get well over 100 points this year. If we get that, we can get one of the top three spots in the conference,” defenseman Paul Mara said. “Right now, if you look at the first four teams in the division, it’s so tight. Every game is vitally important for us, and we’re going in with that mind-set.”

That starts tonight against the Hurricanes, with Stephen Valiquette in net. We’ll have more on lineups from the skate in a bit…

Update, 11:07 a.m.: So I was half right. Or half wrong. Lauri Korpikoski is in, and will skate on a line with Nigel Dawes and Chris Drury. But Petr Prucha is in fact out again, meaning Aaron Voros will skate on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev.

“It’s specific of what our team needs,” Tom Renney said of the lineup decision, referring mostly to Voros’ size.

Renney also said he spoke to Voros about the three penalties he took in the last game against Anaheim.

“Talked to him about it. I think he had a tough call on one of them,” Renney said. ” And he was doing what we asked him to do.”


The boys at the Faceoff blog tackle the question of the Rangers’ playoff chances this season. Check “it out here.”:http://faceoff.lohudblogs.com/

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  1. We can finish with 120 points, but it won’t matter a lick unless we waive the dead weight (a lot of it) so we can sign/trade for a winger who actually enjoys scoring goals and/or a defenseman to clog the slot and crease.

    If that doesn’t happen, it could be home ice one and done!

    Adversity to this team is Glen Sather’s ego.

  2. Hahahahahahaha great stuff to start the morning off, Beer Me.

    In my conversations with various Ranger fans throughout the course of the last 4 seasons, the one thing I’ve said is that they need to have home ice advantage for the playoffs. It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes people are happy just to get in. That’s not the case, they need to AT LEAST finish 4th and have the first round be at home…but ideally in the top 3, which means winning the division. And YEAH I agree with Dubie, let’s at least get an “Atlantic Division Champions” banner for the rafters at MSG! We should have had one in 05-06, but blew it on the last day of the seasons, ugh.

  3. 4 cups in 84 years = Bipolar Disorder
    7 years no playoff = Anxiety Disorders
    Dolan, Sather, Renney run the team = Erectile Dysfunction
    Being New York Rangers Fan = DEADLY!

  4. 4 cups in 84 years, bipolar disorder medication $7000
    7 years no playoff, anxiety disorder medication $10000
    Dolan, Sather, Renney run the team, erectile dysfunction medication $1000000

    Being New York Rangers Fan-PRICELESS!

  5. Every year since th lockout these guys have found another gear in their game around this time of year… the others teams will for sure (save for maybe Boston). Do they have another one this time round?

    Could be as simple as getting the PP goin’

    (If you can call that simple for this squad)

  6. Kaspar – You catch the interview over the weekend when Pat Kane said “Ovechkin is the face of our league.” ?

  7. Blew that 05-06 atlantic division title on the last day??? LAST DAY?

    Check the history books. We needed a SINGLE POINT down that final stretch of about 10 games to clinch that division title. 1 point.

    10 games against teams like boston, isles, pit, the list goes on, teams that blew… We couldn’t get a point. THAT IS WHEN I first started to question Tom Renney. You have to be able to motivate a team to get that when its so close. Renney is a hack.

    “Ya, we slipped on a banana peel. ”
    Ya? Fck you. Your team could have been in the rafters if you could coach worth a dime you oozing tip slit.

  8. My first comments post All-Star break…
    Renney Sucks, Drury sucks, Redden sucks, Kalinin sucks, we need scorers, Renney sucks, Pearn sucks, Sather Sucks.
    Renney is a hack, a hyena, Gomez sucks, BHO sucks, oh and Renney sucks.

  9. re: ovechkin over crosby

    just watched the allstar game video recap on tsn.ca:

    anchor#1: With Crosby out Ovechkin is the face of the league.
    anchor #2: Who needs [crosby]……no…eh…(continues highlight)

    Re: Kane

    missed that kane interview, but a point that was lost in the whole “Semin bashes Crosby saga” is that Semin was heaping a lot of praise on Kane, saying that on an individual talent level Kane is a much more intriguing player than Crosby etc. Kane himself is now acknowledging that Crosby is overhyped (in a much more subtle, passive manner).

    Do you guys know of a large group of fans that absolutely hate Ovechkin? (other than Pens fans…i’ve seen a blog or two covered with “Ovechdouche” musings) Crosby is a very polarizing player…you love him, hate him (but respect him), or hate him (no respect). Ovechkin seems to win everyone’s respect regardless of how he mangles your favorite team.

  10. Salty – Don’t I know it. We needed one more win but instead lost the last five games leading into the sweep by the Devils.

    Brandon – If we finished with 120 points, I would think we’re in pretty good shape in the playoffs, no matter who we have; The players must have been good enough to finish with 120 points.

    Pray patiently for Petr Prucha’s presence in the professor’s plan to please people.

  11. “Kaspar – You catch the interview over the weekend when Pat Kane said “Ovechkin is the face of our league.” ?
    Beer Me!

    Yes Beer Me I did…Kane also was a big “Lerch” fan from the old Adamms Family series

  12. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Should be interesting to see just how bad the NY Rangers want it. If EVERY PLAYER including Redden steped it up maybe we could finish so that we get home ice. Honestly I don’t think it is going to happen, at least so far in the first half I just can’t see them finishing in the top 4 of the playoff picture. I hope they proof me worng.

  13. Jeffluke, are you referring to the Pens Blog? They think they’re so cute with playing with photoshop along with a lot of homophobic remarks regarding the opposition.

    In their eyes Crosby, Malkin and Fleury can do nothing wrong. I will give them credit as they are pretty tough on basically the rest of the team, including Jordan Staal and rightfully so with Satan/Fedetenko. The Ovechkin/Malkin feud really gets their blood boiling. They ran a contest to see what their bloggers could do with OV and photoshop.

    I believe they had some sort of gentleman’s agreement with Caps fans about voting each fanbase voting for each other’s stars to counteract the ballot box stuffing of the Canadiens fans. They have a holier than thou attitude about their fans being able to vote Crosby into the starting lineup and the Caps fans not being able to get Ovechkin into the game as a starter. Remind me which fanbase stopped supporting their team to the point where relocation became a prominent option?

    But aside from them, I haven’t heard of a fanbase that universially hates the guy. To me he’s at the level where if he beats you, at least there’s some consolation in the fact your team just got beat by the best player in the world.

  14. Prediction: Voros will score a goal when a puck bounces off his leg into the net while he isn’t even looking. After the game, Renney will talk about how well he played and keep him in the lineup for the next 5-10 games regardless of the level of his play.

  15. Sam,

    I’m sure we’ll find out from the skate today, but I think you made a little error when assuming what the line up will be like today… you had Prucha and Korpi on the off wing and switched the lines that they were on before they were scratches…. it SHOULD be …. or at least I hope it’s:

    Naslund Gomez Callahan
    Dawes Drury PRUCHA
    KORPIKOSKI Dubinsky Zherdev
    Sjostrom Betts Orr

    …. That said, Renney has tried it before in certain situations and I like it. Whenever he puts them together the puck seems to go in the net and I want it to be a regular line:

    Naslund Dubinsky Zherdev

    …. essentially keeping the line up the same, except he’d be switching Naslund and Korpikoski, however giving that newly formed Dubinsky line the top ice time is the way to go IMO. I also feel that Potter should be up in replace of Kalinin and pair him with Redden.

    Staal Roszival
    Mara Girardi
    Redden Potter

    I like that he’s just been rolling the lines on the PP and I think he should continue to do that…. but should also do it with the D pairings, giving Staal some PP time. Thanks for reading (if you did) for what it’s worth, and keep up the good work! I check in here every day, you’re the best at what you do.


  16. Technically, if the Rangers won their LAST GAME, they would have won the division. I was not factually inaccurate by saying that.

    I know they collapsed at the end of the year, but to put that entirely on Renney probably overlooks some factors that were out of his control, such as the injury to Lundqvist and general burnout of Jagr who busted his butt all season. Yes, Renney was certainly part of the equation, but the toll the Olympics took on the Rangers cannot be forgotten either. Either way it was a disappointment and hopefully they can make up for it this year.

  17. Spoke too soon about the line up… I guess you were typing as I was typing…. Still say keep up the good work, but what is Renney doing? Voros just isn’t cutting it… I know he’d say that this isn’t a punishment for Prucha’s lack of play, but it IS a punishment to the team! I like that Korpi is in, but Voros has been flat out HORRID! Forget the penalties… the guy doesn’t do anything…. Are they showcasing him? We’ll see what Korpi can do on the off wing I guess too huh? Idk the whole thing just doesn’t make sense. I like Prucha, but if you’re going to sit him it should be for another RW in Fritche…. not a LW Voros who hasn’t been playing well… frustrating… Here’s to hoping they win in spite of this anyway

  18. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I haven’t heard any one say yet (or did I miss it) Is (pretty Girl) Cindy playing tonight. I hope not other wise the refs will be calling everything on us.

  19. Dan
    Prediction: Voros will score a goal when a puck bounces off his leg into the net while he isn’t even looking. After the game, Renney will talk about how well he played and keep him in the lineup for the next 5-10 games regardless of the level of his play.


  20. Sam, can you tell Renney to go sit on a traffic cone until it tickles his tonsils?! I hope this prick gets boo’d out of MSG tonight and starts his demise as coach of the Rangers. I don’t want a fuckin’ ahole anymore.


  21. “It’s specific of what our team needs,” Tom Renney said of the lineup decision.

    I take him at his (incoherent) word: The coach honestly thinks Voros is a better/more valuable/more important player than Prucha.

    Which is evidence on its face that he doesn’t have the judgment or good sense to be a top-tier NHL coach.

  22. Sather is trying to save some face for his terrible acquisition and is ordering Renney to play Voros. Like a good little puppy, Renney is complying and unfortunately it’s at Prucha’s and the Rangers expense. Not what’s best for the team. Sounds like Renney’s an effin YES man.

    Just have to laugh at the “size” comments Renney uses to justify Sathers orders. That’s about all Voros has and he’s still only half the player Prucha is….

  23. UESBlueshirt:

    YUP! Pensblog and Pensburgh, but the former is absolutely ridiculous (and i didn’t even see the AO photoshop contest). Just take a look at today’s headline where the blogger goes after the Red Wings for whining on and off the ice, implementing some genius puns…Datsyuk and Lidstrom become Datsjoke and Obstructom. Yes, penguins fans, Datsyuk is a joke of a player and Lidstrom is one of the greatest Dmen in the history of hockey because of his relentless obstruction.

    I’ve only been reading Sam’s blog (and comment board, which is the best) for 2 months, and aside from the hilariously biased Islander slandering (greg l. is the champ) this board is pretty introspective rather than turning its hate-gaze on any and every outside scapegoat possible. You guys even acknowledge Parise as a wonderful player and chastise the rangers for becoming the devils of yesteryear. Philly sucks…but we acknowledge their magnificent young talent.

    Anyway. love the posts, love the blog, love to daydream about a better ranger team

  24. I hope they lose…Renney is a dope. This entire team is small and to single out Prucha is a joke, especially for Voros. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Voros is not an NHL player. The guy can barely skate, I’m a fat slob and I’ll guarantee I can knock him off his skates. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Correction to my above post. lidstrom is punned as obrucstrom NOT obstructrom. A apologize to Pensblog as I have no idea what obrucstrom means

  26. The Rangers need a new coach – someone with either the snarl of Sutter or someone with the smarts of Babcock.

    Renney is an anal, stubborn, meek yet egotistical, metrosexual disaster. He probably does all the shopping for home furnishings for his family. His team is doing relatively well despite his incompetence, not due to his coaching ability. He doesn’t have one iota of hockey sense in his body.

    Renney MUST GO! It’s the only way to get the team to the next level.

    Firing Sather would be even better, as his replacement would bring in his own coach and we’d kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Anyone who attends games at MSG needs to get these chants started:

    Fire Renney!
    Sather Must Go!
    We Want Prucha!

  27. Hockeyman – nhl.com says that he’ll practice tomorrow and they’ll make the decision then.

    “hope they lose”…I hope I misread that.

    So what sounds better? Peter Messier or Mark Prucha? I mean, he IS the savior of the franchise, no?

  28. This year’s Rangers team is arguably the most boring in 10 years, but when the fans have a favorite, a player like Prucha, and fans actually chant his name during the game, what do the Rangers management do? Bench him. Apparently this team must remain as bland and dull as possible. Everyone who has been dumped by the Rangers in the past 3 years actually had a personality — everyone brought in lately has been excruciatingly dull. That’s fine for Columbus, but this is New York!

  29. someone at tonights game everyone chant We WANT PRUCHA when ever voros is on the ice.viros blocks so many of his own teamates shots then he blocks the other teams shots the guy is just a big traffic cone in front of the net.

  30. Beer, you’re in the minority on this one and no pun, joke, or wise-crack is going to excuse Renney’s either hatred for prucha, inability to admit he’s wrong, or his own plain failure when it comes to assessing talent. Everyone knows Voros should be out and Prucha should be in…except you and him!

  31. Beer Me!
    So what sounds better? Peter Messier or Mark Prucha? I mean, he IS the savior of the franchise, no?

    haha I think you have it wrong – Mats Sundin was the savior, but thank the lord that ship sailed. Prucha’s just a power play specialist…..



  33. Beer….I’m not expecting Prucha to be the savior but he is 10 times the hockey player that Voros is. It’s getting very frustrating watching a kid with his kind of talent sitting in the press box night after night. I just don’t get it.

  34. anyway you slice it, Renny doesn’t look good. Either he’s playing Voros because he thinks he’s better (as Ford said) than Prucha, which calls his sanity into question …. or he’s playing him on Sather’s orders, which calls his autonomy/manhood into question.

  35. I’m not looking at this as voros vs prucha, as in, ‘who has more talent’.

    But prucha playing everynight does not add to this team what it needs. Small forwards is FAR from what we’ve all known this team is missing.

    Prucha has the hands, no size.
    Voros has the size, no hands.

  36. Its just pathetic at this point

    Prucha has more pints inhis last few games than voros or Korpi, yet he gets benched

    Does Renney think that us Ranger fans are that stupid to beleive his bullshit excuse AGAIn with size
    Yeah three penalties and your reward, your in the next game.
    How many did PRucha take? Oh I forgot he jsut had goals and assists.

    I really hope they trade Prucha soon, becasue its an embarssment to the entire organization what there doing to him.

    PRUCHA, PRUCHA PRUCHA, thats what I want to hear tongiht at MSG,

  37. “Small forwards is FAR from what we’ve all known this team is missing.”

    That’s probably the worst grammar I’ve brought to any discussion, ever.

    What I meant is that adding a small fwd to the lineup doesn’t change anything.

  38. Voros has size but rarely does he use it to his advantage. Prucha plays a more physical game than Voros in my opinion.

    Why can’t Renney sit Orr for a game and play Voros on the 4th line?

  39. Voros also can’t keep up with Dubi and Zherdev. He handicaps that line so much. If Voros was put on a line where he just stood in front of the net, sure, but cutting through the neutral zone Voros is either behind the play, not moving, or losing the puck.

    I don’t care who has size! If a guy can’t create offense then he’s useless. Prucha creates more offensive opportunities than Voros does AND he’s a much more responsible player as far as penalties AND I think he use his body more effectively on the puck carriers! I recall a lot more prucha steals from puck carriers in their defensive zone than I recall Voros steals.

  40. Western Canada Survivor on

    Rob L. – exactly. Colton Orr is on pace to break Doug Jarvis’ most games played record which is an absolute joke considering Dubinsky might have almost as many fighting major as he does. I never liked Prucha much, but he showed a ton of heart in the 6-7 games he played and actually got on the scoresheet. He also hits more than Voros.

  41. ACTUALLY…I’d rather see Z take his lazy ass up to the stands for a game and give prucha his spot. Not gonna happen when he’s workin on a contract though.

  42. Z scouting report;

    gets easily fristrated when after stick-handling around three players ( actually the same player three times) he cannot find another forward to pass to…they are changing “against the fly’…so he pouts for the rest of the week….get to him early and you will be succesfull

  43. Of all people that need a seat upstairs, I think Scotty deserves one the most right about now. I used to be very high on him but if you want to talk about a “one dimensional” guy, that’s him. He does one thing. He’s like those tubes that shoot paperwork from one place to another but of course can’t do any of the paperwork himself. We DON’T have the right wings for him, but he hasn’t adapted much to anyone else either and he’s just not good enough to get away with that.

    The Prucha thing is a joke. Voros has played himself out of the lineup yet he’s given a welcome seat. “Big guy” that doesn’t play with half the snarl of lil PetrPuck. Disgraceful.

  44. Yeah but if you look from a bit of a distance, and dont include his goofy feet, fat ass, and flabby gut, Voros kind of resembles Mike Modano

  45. Wow!
    They look more alike than I thought

    Wonder if Voros girlfriends look like Modanos….then who the hell cares how you play right?

  46. Prucha is on Eklund’s rumor chart.. I know, I know.. grain of salt, but it makes for interesting discussion… here is the breakdown:

    “Pens would like him but not going to move in the same Division…”

    NYR re-sign 50%
    Vancouver: 15%
    Buffalo: 10%
    Nashville: 10%
    Minnesota: 10%
    Colorado: 5%

  47. Renney’s a scum-bag piece of shit. He needs to take a Crosby dive off a bridge !

    His excuses are priceless, how can anyone take this guy serious. What an asshole, if i was Pruchs id demand a trade, cause he’s not getting anywhere as long as this fags his coach.

  48. kaspar – That scouting report is on the $. All he has to do is snap the puck once in a while. He has a great shot, but he refuses to use it.

    Salty – I gotta agree on the Gomer thing. Is only (reasonably valid) excuse is that he was playing on a stress fracture on his foot, then sat, then had to get back in shape. It’s being repeated that he’s a “second half guy” and he’s going to need to be nothing short of that to have any success.

    I like Gomer a lot, I like what he brings to the team. But how many wingers can you go through before it’s not the wingers?

  49. Not for nothin…but that coach is the one that gave him a spot on an NHL roster in the 1st place.

  50. Quoting spector:

    Last fall in my Foxsports.com column I wrote about the NHL teams which could face potential salary cap problems if next season’s cap were to drop below the current level of $56.7 million.

    As the recession deepens and concerns grow over its impact upon all professional sports leagues, I think it’s worth a quick revisit to determine which teams could find themselves strapped for cap space next season.

    Cap statistics courtesy of NHLNumbers.com and NHLSCAPcom:

    Boston Bruins: 14 players signed, $42,645,833.

    Buffalo Sabres: 14 players signed, $41,188,690

    Calgary Flames: 15 players signed, $42,649,167

    Carolina Hurricanes: 16 players signed, $46,566,667

    Colorado Avalanche: 13 players signed, $42, 075,000

    Detroit Red Wings: 14 players signed, $41, 216, 666

    Edmonton Oilers: 17 players signed, $43, 495, 833

    New York Rangers: 9 players signed, $41,158,810.

    Ottawa Senators: 18 players signed: $44, 038,996

    Philadelphia Flyers: 19 players signed: $45, 940,833

    Pittsburgh Penguins: 13 players signed, $47, 610,000

    San Jose Sharks: 13 players signed, $46,750,834

    Toronto Maple Leafs: 17 players signed, $44, 523,333

    Washington Capitals: 14 players signed, $42,471,796

    Now of course some of these numbers could change by season’s end as some teams could be dumping salary between now and the end of June, freeing up more cap space.

    As things now stand, roughly half of the NHL’s 30 teams could find themselves with limited cap space to re-sign key players and bid competitively for next summer’s free agents should the cap essentially flatline.

    Some might not be in much difficult if the bulk of the players to be re-signed or replaced are checking forwards, fifth and sixth defensemen and backup goalies. Others however could be facing crucial decisions which could have a significant impact upon their rosters for next season.

    If the salary cap were to drop significantly, say to $50 million, more than a few of the above could find themselves in trouble.

  51. Zheralev

    Your right but its hard to feel bad for these GMs right? I mean how stupid do you have to be to lock yourselves into this?

    Lou “Elmer Fudd” over in NJ has proven that its more important to know when to let someone go then it is to run around throwing checks at everyone…

    Yeah..he has no choice about it but its proven WAY BEFORE THE LOCKOUT TOO…its not like Sather and these idiots dint have a model for success to study when the cap-era started…teams that did this deserve to be screwed and I dont care if that includes rangers…i dont

  52. Tkachuk says:
    “It’s one of those things I’m not very fond of, seeing guys playing PSP. I know the (NHL) has changed so much, but I see these guys playing PSP, it’s the same games that my kids have. I remember the days where guys played cards the whole flight and had a beer. Now it’s all protein shakes and PSP games. I’m glad I got an opportunity to play in a different era and now play in this era. It’s interesting to see the difference.”

  53. “I’m glad I got an opportunity to play in a different era and now play in this era. It’s interesting to see the difference.”

    Translation: I’m really old and can’t wait to sign a long-term contract with the Rangers!

  54. I agreed with Voros acquisition (size and agression is good).. but there is NO ONE on this team other than Gomez and Drury (money and youth) that needs to be in the line up every day.. Sather/Renney have destroyed the careers of Prucha, Fritche and Rissmiller (who cares)..all role platyers with no role here..

  55. Now Fritsche is on waivers. Another brilliant move by the invisible management team of the Rangers.

  56. Sorry Prucha always uses his body in any way in can in any situation he can get it in. Voros while big, never uses his size anymore. And whoever said he hasnt been the same think Smith attacked him is 100% correct. He hasnt been the same at all.

  57. I dont think we can bring Rissmiller up unless he clears waivers; if he’s claimed we pay half the remaining salary…same would happen if Fritche went down after clearing waivers and we wanted to bring him back up…i think thats right anyway

  58. who signs guys for $1MM+ and has them on waivers after 1/2 yr.. oh, it’s our guy, That’s right.

  59. Zherdelev

    GREAT WORK!!! Thanks for doing to leg work on that… disgraceful to see the Rangers in a single digit player situation with the money that’s been shelled out…

  60. Can anyone tell me what the Rangers “demotion” options are…I think Zheralevs work scared the crap out of everyone…who can the Rangers send to AHL and not have a salary hit…LIKE THEY DID TO ME!!!

    Rangers, different then some teams, can absorb a few things like that…afterall they were spending like &0 million pre-cap…

    Can we send a Redden down or does he have a NM clause??

    Id it scares away other FA’s who cares? Thats the problem in the first place

  61. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Game day today!!!! Lets kick the snot outta that lame azz Carolina team tonight!! Points are needed…If I were the Rangers Id worry about just making the playoff then day dreaming about first.

    Whooooaaa hey , alright flukeyjeff was this directed to me??
    ” and aside from the hilariously biased Islander slandering (greg l. is the champ) this board is pretty introspective rather than turning its hate-gaze on any and every outside scapegoat possible. ”

    Well sure I bashed ’em , I bash every team we play but I do realize that even the crappy ice chickens can be good. You take your sorry ass outta here if ya don’t like it.

    Go Rangerssssss!!!

  62. greg l.

    haha…sorry, i had no bad intentions. I do preface with “hilariously,” and I like the “ice chickens”, “fishsticks”, and “kansas city islanders” monikers (i think the last one is from someone else). This is a hometown team sports blog. Of course we’re gonna go after other teams and players (cindy) , I was just contrasting against some of the content on Pensblog, where sore-loser syndrome seems to dominate.

    Keep up the good work. My sorry ass isn’t going anywhere.

  63. What’s the contract status on Tom Renney? Anyone? Is he on month to month basis just like my cell phone bill? I asked that question last night but at that time the blog was surrounded by Renney children and i didnt get any answer… they thought i was trying to offend them or something…

  64. CCCP

    Renney gets contract renewed if he reaches some numbers predetermined by he and Sather;

    A certain amount of 2-1 games
    A certain amout of too many men penalties
    A certain amount of uses of the words “appropriate” and “Responsible”

    I beleive he is now signed for another 12 years

  65. robstones – 11:27 – you want to give dubi 1st line minutes. i really hope you’re kidding

  66. costanza – we can;t recall rismiller. if claimed he counts 1/2 vs our cap for the next 2 + seasons. forget what the cap sites say, the reporters all say he is on a 3 yr deal.

  67. Hey guys, no one really knows it but that Killam they mentioned in the blog, is a hell of a goalie, they really should sign him.

    500,000 and you have the next Thomas, serious, check him out!

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