Fritsche on waivers could mean a seventh defenseman


No, it doesn’t sound that the placement of Dan Fritsche on waivers is going to open the door for any blockbuster deal (not that the Rangers would say anything if it was. And not that saving $362,800 in cap space is going to allow the Rangers to make any blockbuster deals, anyway).

Instead, Tom Renney said it was a case of  Fritsche needing to play on a regular basis. As of now, the team can’t assign him to Hartford until he clears waivers at noon, and even then, Renney said Fritsche would skate with the team tomorrow in Pittsburgh. But just like with Patrick Rissmiller, if Fritsche isn’t claimed by another team, he’ll probably end up in Hartford before long.

“Fact of matter is, he hasn’t been playing,” the coach said. “If he has to go down to play, so be it. He’ll practice with us, until somebody tells me he’s going somewhere else.”

As for whether sending Fritsche down would allow the team to bring up a seventh defenseman, Renney said it would be his preference, but that it wasn’t up to him.

“Yeah, it would be nice,” Renney said. “At this point in time, I should really just concentrate on coaching the team.”

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  1. We should just use Potter or Sang and let them develop to take Kalinin’s spot next year…

    Or we should do the smart move and waive Kalinin, and then just send him to Hartford and use Potter and Sang the rest of the year + extra cap space?

  2. Renney is such a piece of crap. I hope the Garden faithful give it to him tonight. If this team has to miss the playoffs to get rid of Renney and Sather, fine. We’ll NEVER win a cup with these 2 ass clowns

  3. All Hail King Henrik on

    So, we need size in the lineup, eh? RECALL ANISIMOV.

    No one is going to tell me that Voros can produce more at the NHL level than Anisimov. It’s just not going to happen. Anisimov is a faster skater and has better hands in addition to better defensive skills. So, what then–Voros can fight? Okay, so Voros drops the gloves and loses…big deal.

    Voros should probably be in the AHL. If he were, I can guarantee that he would not be 4th overall in AHL scoring (see: Rissmiller).


    = Voros slowing down Dubi & Z, and handcuffing the line’s production for the sake of size.


    = Anisimov possibly contributing, while also adding size. He certainly won’t handcuff the line.

    The offensive talent on this team outside of Zherdev is sparce. Give the kid a shot, dammit!

  4. All Hail King Henrik on

    ^ and if they won’t recall Anisimov (which they won’t, because hey–it’s the NYR and the management are bunch of inept pr_cks) at least play the Korpedo on the line with Dubi & Z. At least he won’t handcuff them and will help with the backchecking.

    It’s so plain to see how Voros slows down the line of Dubi & Z, and how much faster those two are when paired with the korpedo. Why can’t Renney see this? He is wasting our best offensive talent (Z).

  5. Lol, Renney is an idiot. Lets call this what it is, and that’s Firtsche just plain sucking. He doesn’t deserve a spot on this team, he’s had a few chances, a hell of a lot more than Pruchs, and he hans’t done a thing, besides score one goal. At least Pruchs has done more. He scored 2 goals, and played his heart out, he hit, he even fought, and tried everything to stay in the lineup, and impress our fag of a coach, but that’s not enough, cause unfortunately he was caught finger banging Renney’s daughter 2 years ago, and now he’s getting non stop ass rape from Renney. Ridiculous !!

    And i just saw that Cindy Crybaby is expected to play tomorrow against us. Ugh, perfect. I hope he gets clipped, and his season ends.

    Bring up Potter, and let him slowly but surely steal Kalinin’s spot, the way Danny G stole Ozo’s, or Rachunek’s, or who ever the fugg it was.

    Gotta get a win !! Lets go Rangers, and Panthers !!

  6. What’s with this “I bet Fritche has a better career than Dubinsky” crap. That’s like saying Schemp was gonna be better than Curly in the 3 Stooges.

    whoever posted that u are frickin hilarious. i remember that show i love it

  7. screw voros, free prucha!!! if not on the rangers then give him to some team that will appreciate him and utilize him better

  8. Redden had just made a decent defensive play, then a good physical presence standing up to Bayda again, bur receives a terrible call of a roughing penalty.

  9. Nylander scores a goal after having been benched as a healthy scratch by his coach. Another example of the real world beyond the walls of SatherRennyville.

  10. WD

    Yep. No other teams have issues with benching top players or taking “C” away from players. Only here in NY…

  11. the fact that MSG has an isolation camera on Voros along with Micheletti deepthroating him for just standing there on his skates doing nothing is very depressing.

  12. Are Drury and Dawes playing? The only time I heard Drury’s name was his partial SH breakaway.

    I will admit Voros has played better, but what’s with MSG gushing all over him.

  13. TOM CLUELESS!!!!


    A+ for REDDEN, A+ for shit play that is

  14. Voros has done NOTHING to warrant him in the next game. Big deal, he stood in front of Ward. He’s the broken spoke on the wheel that is the Dubinsky line. Put Prucha on that line!!!!

  15. Voros has done NOTHING to warrant him in the next game. Big deal, he stood in front of Ward. He’s the broken spoke on the wheel that is the Dubinsky line. Put Prucha on that line!!!!

    6’3 215, the reason he’ll be there, because that’s Renny’s logic.

  16. i dont even know what i just said… one too many shots today… yum
    cccp yup me too. im drunk and i was happy vally got the win. good for him hes underrated. and go gomez huh.the only thing i have a problem with is carolina controlling the flow 75% of the game. we cant pull that shit these next few games. given that they are hungry for points more than we are it still shouldnt be so damn close. i cant be mad but it was basically just another too close game thjat wont cut it against better teams. gotta get rid of redden. somehow please. i dont care if he had an ok game he should be gettin goals on the pp to help out. he is a big puss

  17. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky scored the game winning goal from a great pass from Z . Lets hope those 2 can click more often and we’ll be in for a treat!!

  18. gonna watch the philthy game. hey i’ll be back guys.hey bob let me know how betts is doing. hes your stepdad right?

  19. mike in IA

    “im a peasant cccp. are u royalty?”


    no, no i am a peasant myself… but sometimes i like to feel royal :)

  20. decent game tonight, though canes looked a bit lazy. almost perfect game by vally. great game by rozy, dubi, z and marc “nick lidstrom” staal. dont like the passive play that is starting to become a paul mara trademark, for gods sake – make a play will you!

  21. shanny is doin great. devs leadin. man its gonna wierd when marty comes back they might not play him the way clemmiwinks has been playin. hope they do cuz hes gonna get lit up his first few games back. idk its kinda like vally comin in and winnin some games for us. i think vally could carry the load if hank got hurt. its good that we got a good backup like that

  22. Where are all the Renney haters now??

    You all predicted the Rangers would plummet in the standings in December and January.

    Oops, wrong, fail….. but keep it up, nothing wins over minds like childish arguments repeated over and over again.

  23. mike

    sorry man, my bad. Im not watching the game. I just have the updates from and WOW it took them forever to update the games. Sorry….

  24. hmmm, the rangers won? where will we fans go now on our witch hunt that is this season? Oh damn, Gomez got some points, the team looked pretty good and the Power Play actually looked like they knew what they were doing…WHO DO WE BLAME NOW?!?!

  25. thats cool mako- if u have no msg like me cuz i moved to iowa u can watch the games at they show every nhl game their in better quality than jtv

  26. evan s- wow we won another nailbiter. we have not put a team away once this season without it being a close 1 goal game. im not sayin we suck but we shouldnt get too excited just yet. lets see if they can win a decisive game against anybody. i cant remember the last time we did that. anyway- good point we are winnin games and thats what matters. just dont get too cocky yet

  27. I wish these “fans” calling for Renney’s head would just go root for someone else. These bandwagon wannabee fans don’t deserve to be a Rangers fan. In fact, they are not real fans.

  28. Evan,

    Some of these people just will find SOMETHING about the team to complain about. And I have figured out why. Their own personal lives are so horrible, that they want to pretend that they are “in the know” about something. In this case, it’s hockey.

    So by ripping anything and everything about the team, they feel like they are a part of it. It’s how they distract themselves from the pathetic existence they call their lives.

  29. Chris :

    “I wish these “fans” calling for Renney’s head would just go root for someone else. These bandwagon wannabee fans don’t deserve to be a Rangers fan. In fact, they are not real fans.”


    said Chris while wearing Pittsburgh Penguins mascot suite in the room full of Cindy Crosby posters…

  30. Chris

    you sound frustrated. Maybe it’s your loose grasp of sound logical reasoning that’s got you in a tizzy. Sure the incessant nit-picking and relentless bashing gets a bit tired, but that’s no reason for you to sound both retarded and confident in your retardation.

  31. All Hail King Henrik on


    Oh, enlightened one. Your Freudian-like analyzation has opened up the eyes and minds of men! You, my friend, have FIGURED IT OUT!

    Riddle me this–if our lives are so pathetic that we have to come on here and “nitpick” the team so that we can feel as though we’re “in the know”; how pathetic is your life that you spend time reading our commentary, only to dismiss it as inconsequential banter put forth by pathetic individuals? Where does that leave you?

    Perhaps we just want to talk hockey. And not just talk hockey, but talk about the pressing issues within this team. Not the bullshit being fed to fans by MSG, Sam and Joe.

    So, shut the f___ up, Sigmund. By posting an inference about individuals you’ve never met on a message board, all you’ve done is made yourself appear ignorant. The very thing you were backhandedly labeling us as. Funny stuff.

  32. All Hail King Henrik on

    …and I haven’t even been calling for Renney’s head lately–just felt the need to respond to an individual commenting on the lives of people he’s never met.

  33. Renney sucks for not playing Prucha. The barely beat a team that’s 9 points behind them in the standings.

    Happy Evan? Go eff yourself but before you’re done don’t forget your boy, Tom. He needs to know there’s at least one dumb MFing c@cksucker out there.


  34. salty…what did Gomez say about the drink? i didnt get it

    Al asked him what it was… he said: “Gin & Juice…thats what Voros calls it… actually I dunno what it is…supposed to help you afterwards…probably a scam…like everything else… oh yeah I’m supposed to tell the kids to wear _UnderArmor_ … and drink this stuff…”

  35. I think I may have posted here a TOTAL of 3 to 4 times in my life. I don’t spend my life here whining about the coach and team like the rest.

    Notice how not one person could address the points I made? Its probably because I am a real fan of the team and they are not. They just like to piss and moan about everything. Rangers could be 25-2 and they will STILL find something to complain about.

    TrueFan, please change your name to BandwagonFan, thanks.

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