Richter mulling House run


Mike Richter’s on-again, off-again flirtation with a run for political office is back on, or at least it is “according to this story”:, which says the former Rangers goaltender might make a run at the House seat soon to be vacated by Senator-designate Kirsten Gillibrand.

I’m not sure where Richter stands on all the issues. But I know he was really good on breakaways.

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  1. allhail- thats cool man what part of long island are u from? i’m from middle island in suffolk. about henrik, it seems that if he has a good first period then hes good to go. its when he lets in a bad goal early on or a few stoppable ones that kinda drag him down a little. but youre right he does block them with his chest and also does like a soccer esque head shot to knock the puck away. its kinda funny.

    from earlier post

  2. ford – i just came here to see if anyone had noticed that. i think it’s funny.

    Sam, what about some predictions for the second half? Trades? Growing stories on the ice, in the clubhouse, in the league? Response to reports that Anna Wintour is out, Avery in?

  3. Rex should fit right in on the Jets then. As a Leafs fan, he’s should be used to long championship droughts.

  4. Richter is a very very bright guy who I belive recevied a triple major from Yale – Economics, Political Science & economics .. the dems have had their eyes on him for a long time

  5. all politicians are sleazy dishonest crooks. Richter is making a huge mistake to put himself in that business.

    his name recognition is being used by some Dem polit. operatives, and he is too naive to realize it.

  6. Good link, Beer. That’s the most words from Sather that I’ve seen in print in a long time. Maybe Sam should say he’s from Edmonton to get Sather to talk.

  7. if the SJO fits on

    oh yea, also, that woman chris simpson that does the interviews on versus, ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME.

    how don’t understand how these people get these awesome jobs and ask the most idiotic questions.

  8. Anyone else think it’s scary that Hank has given up 6 goals in his last 4 games either against the Habs or in the Habs arena ?

    I hope this shit doesn’t continue. Im sure good ol’ Gomer is laughing it up, cause it’s a big joke to him.

  9. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Nice link(Beer me!)It’s so true that everyone but Mess is doing something. He needed time away I think , I would . When he comes back he will be fully committed to what ever job he does. Messier is a Ranger just like me and what ever he does , you’ll be sure its for the Rangers.

    Whoa , (ORR) ya just flat out of the blue made that Gomez comment…strange , his smirking and when he says on the ice to somebody hes yakkin with , “awww what everr” , it gets to you too eh?….kinda weird how Gomez rubs a person wrong just by him looking at ya?

    (Zhervalev) it was funny for the day when you changed from Pavel to this Kovalev/Zherdev rip off…but I think Kovalev is now a Hab and we coulda had him , did have him and now have moved on…Zherdev is kinda like a younger Kovalev but he is not Kovalev. So If ya went back to yer old Pavel name and stop mixing the two together in DISRESPECT to Zherdev that would be just peachy. ty.

  10. A fab goaltender who went to his right and left with ease, but way too far to the left for my liking in politics. Would never vote for him to represent me.

  11. zzzzZZZZzzZ-

    Zherdev is having a very kovalev-esque year (circa rangers 1st term of duty). Brilliantly dangle through 2 guys then fan on a shot type of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zherdev, but i don’t think comparing the 2 of them is that disrespectful….yet.

    don’t forget about kovy’s stellar year on the pens, and even last year’s PP dominance

  12. You guys have to stop giving henrick $hit. Its to his credit we are where we are in the standings and not his fault.

    We sure put a lot of pressure on the guy. If we get a scorer on our hands at the trade and give hank a chance the breathe, then we have a run at the cup…at least past the 2nd round playoffs

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