Misery has company


A stomach bug has descended upon Blog Headquarters, which is one of the reasons for the dearth of posts of late.

The good news is I’m the only member of the house currently upright. The bad news? Well, let’s just say my wardrobe has had better days.

Regardless, the Rangers reconvene from the All-Star break at 3 today. If Henrik Lundqvist is still making phantom saves in the dressing room, we’ll understand.

More (hopefully) later…

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  1. if the SJO fits on

    the kovalev offspeed shots are naaaaaaaaaaaaassstyyy.

    and i hope hank was boycotting the AS game last night by playing that lackadasical.

  2. Hockeyman Rangers on

    You know I was thinking about these all stars, and this is suppose to be break. And I could see that most players would NEED a break. But when the NHL makes you play in the all star game they don’t get a break at all. Yes it’s not the gruelling schedule during regular season. But I would think that they would want to get away away. Like they wouldn’t want put a skate on or pick up a hockey stick. So if you get called up to the All Stars you really don’t get a break at all.

  3. We’ll all agree Henrik is a world-class goalie but in life we all need to be humbled sometimes.
    6 goals on 20 shots will do that, All-Star game or not.

    I hope he comes out HUNGRY because we’ll all agree we need him big-time for the last 40+ gmaes and the playoffs.

  4. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Oh Sam as to your post, we are sorry to hear of the family illnesses. There is a lot of that going around. I thought maybe you were looking for a little sympathy.

    “This shall to pass”

  5. only disconcerting thing was that almost all the goals were high glove side. it is no secret that henrik can be beaten up high, this just further emphasized that fact. one area of his game that henrik still needs to work on as defense or no defense he did not look like an all star last nite and nor has he looked as such for a good portion of the season. hope he has a strong second half

    also very depressing that we had no forwards/defenseman in the all star game (young stars excluded).

  6. I’m give any goalie’s ASG performance a hefty discount since the exhibition is never about them. Price was hardly tested, Backstrom didn’t look to great and Luongo was very oridnary. Although Thomas did absolutely rob Iginla on a potential GWG. I couldn’t stand how the VS guys were pleading that Thomas should have been MVP, not that it really matters anyway.

    Is the league going to go ahead with making players that withdrew from the ASG sit out their 1st game back?

  7. Few things:
    Alaire needs to work with LQ on his glove hand. Its not the stiffness of his glove people. You see all the shots up high to the glove side – his hand barely moved. They exposed him up there…

    Second for all who hate #87 and who wonder if players are going to be suspended for a game — read this repost of mine from yesterday:

    January 25th, 2009 at 7:50 pm
    You all should read this. Its utter BS. Read the quotes by Cindy. G*D i hate that f*cker.

    “My plan was to come here from the moment that I decided that I wasn’t going to play due to injury,” said Crosby, who received a record 1.7 million fan votes. “I had a talk with (commissioner) Gary Bettman as to the capacity of me being here.

    “I obviously wanted to be here, but still want the focus to be on the guys that are here, too, and not the fact that I’m coming”


    What an arrogant douchebag

  8. VERSUS outright blows! How do you have the pre-game & post game televised on the NHL Network then switch to Versus for the actual game. The NHL All-Star Game should of been televised on NBC. How does Gary Bettman expect the NHL viewing audience to grow when you televise the All-Star Game on Versus. Figure Skating was on NBC, go figure.

  9. i rarely defend crosby, but he did nothing wrong here. he followed the rules and he will get to play against us while lidstrom and datsyuk can’t play their next game. but it is a big if sid is playing in an all star game in montreal….still has a few fans left up north

  10. In no way am I going to defend Crosby on many levels, but at least he showed up. I think most of us here would defend Henrik’s decision to sit out if he was fighting a nagging injury. I’m still going to bet though that Sid would have found a way to whine to a ref had he played.

    I guess VS learned that after last year’s debacle with DiPi not to have goalies as their mic’ed up players. I really still hate that network. Emerick sounded like he could hardly contain himself when he got to mention Niedermayer’s name.

  11. I couldn’t care less how Hank played…all we need is for him to go all acrobatic last night and injure himself…

  12. if the SJO fits on

    who else here doesn’t find that guy matt iseman funny at all? (from sports soup)

    honestly, who writes for that show? his follow up comments after the clips are not remotely funny whatsoever. and its so stupid how during the all-star game they were shooting over to this guy to make stupid comments about what was going on.

  13. UESBlueshirt
    January 26th, 2009 at 10:23 am
    I really still hate that network. Emerick sounded like he could hardly contain himself when he got to mention Niedermayer’s name.

    What do you expect from Doc Emerick if its a current or former Devils player he is all over them like white on rice.

  14. cros did nothing wrong.

    LQ was awful, it was funny.

    Skills comp was WORST EVER! holy shit!

    I rewound that retarded thing Kane tried to do about 20 times, minimum… I couldn’t get over it, couldn’t stop laughing. skills comp used to be cool, not its an embarrassment… guys trying stupid things they can’t pull off.

  15. Your right about the skills competition, Salty. Did you happen to watch when Stamkos crashes into the goalie towards the end?

  16. if the SJO fits

    Gary Bettman writes for that show… those jokes and comments are as tasteless as the clown Gary himself… i wonder if he thinks the ASG was a success… the Versus network is absolute joke… cutting to replay while live play is still going on… showing some random crap during live play… quality of broadcast is less than average… and the ever annoying voice of Doc “I have an orgasm on every single play” Emerick … and as for Hank..Well… he just got exposed to the entire nation that the glove side is where the shooter needs to go on him…

  17. Skills completion reminded me of “Dumb and Dumber” movie … one player tried to out-dumb the other except of course for Alex Ovechkin… he stole the show… he is a true entertainer and a super star

  18. Streit falling during the skills comp, chara’s shot, AO’s hat…highlights of the weekend. The game itself was the most boring 25 or so goals I’ve ever seen scored.

    I read somewhere this morning that the Bell Centre announced at one point “lets get loud” for a normally rowdy crowd.

    Was Hank wearing an Incredible Hulk costume under his jersey? Anyone hear if that was his regular equipment? I know the players got to use illegal sticks, so I’m wondering if the goalies rules were put aside for the weekend too.

    Gotta make that game more exciting (in 2 years). Leading point scorers vs leading PIMs?!

  19. “and the ever annoying voice of Doc “I have an orgasm on every single play” Emerick …”


  20. Stamkos pulled off the move that Kane tried where you slide in and slide the puck with your hand across and tap in with one hand on the stick. It was less of a crash and more of a “move”… kinda gay but at least he pulled it off.

    Stamkos was actually one of the better shooters I thought. While a lot of guys were just really doing STUPID stuff and not looking interested at all, Stamkos seemed to be skating hard, had fluid finesse moves and overall looked like an actual hockey player with moves that could come in handy while not in a circus.

    Kovy did have some cool shit though too, that thing with skating on the puck was pretty fresh. Kovy didn’t seem to want to shoot too hard on those wook goalies though. He was chipping backhands at ’em.

  21. i kinda liked the stamkos move….

    tough to come up with a truly innovative breakaway move. I thought he executed well and he put it in before he hit the keeper. I loved Tim Thomas attempting a 5-hole glove save on marc savard in the breakaway competition

  22. if the SJO fits on

    i can see that breakaway contest becoming pretty boring after a couple of years down the road.

  23. if the SJO fits,

    I don’t know it’s definitely the coolest concept, can’t really go wrong… I was watching the breakaway challenge and my dad was like “this is the dumbest thing ever.”

    Lotta funny highlights, and hearing Savard on the mic was hilarious… Not as funny as Legace last year though

  24. i agree that skills was terrible as was ovechkin’s move. i mean u or i could have easily have done what he did, tho have to like his enthusiasm, getzlaf and kovy’s moves were far better in terms of skill

  25. sam, thanks for the reference!!! and right back at your current situation with my famous “i puke all the time, blah.. blah”

    keep up the excellent work. my allergy has returned to this site


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