Lundqvist on ice


Henrik Lundqvist and the rest of the Rangers are back on the ice for their first practice after the All-Star Break.

It appears the lines for tomorrow will be the same as last Tuesday’s win over Anaheim, meaning Petr Prucha and Lauri Korpikoski would again be scratches.

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  1. Because Carolina is so big and scary we have to have slow-footed, cement handed, irresponsible, penalty prone Aaron Voros in the line up?

    Seriously, Sam, does Tom Renney actually watch the tapes of games?

  2. True fans bleed rw&b on

    Renney has out done himself. He can’t admit putting voros in for prucha was a mistake!

    Weinman. Ask him why?! They needed size against Anaheim? Now what? They need PIMs against the canes? Lol

  3. that’s ridiculous that a guy that takes 3 minor penalties (whether bogus calls or not) can stay over the lineup over prucha, and a guy who has been out of the lineup for 20 games without being missed can be left in for a promising youngster who was finally starting to find his stride. it wasn’t a coincidence that neither of the lines that were tampered with last tuesday put up points, drury dawes and prucha were finally starting to find some chemistry. stupid.

  4. Renney needs to learn the difference between correlation and causation. Simply because we win one game with Voros and Fristche( Who is absolute garbage and belongs back in hartford)doesnt mean that they were the cause of the win and deserve to be playing over two talented and energetic players like Korpedo and Pru. Prucha brought our otherwise dead third line back to life. He got back confidence, was skating harder than anybody, and actually put pucks in the net. I hate to get on a coach when the team has a good record, but if this continues either he needs to go or they need to trade prucha to a team where hell get a shot at playing.

  5. Let Valli start tomorrow and give Hank the day off. He was an embarrassment at the All Star Game.

  6. True fans bleed rw&b on

    The worst part is that prucha didn’t even get a shot over voros when voros was the least physically fit player on the team! Renney hates prucha.

  7. Yeah this is definitely ridiculous… Prucha makes the Drury and Dawes line better… Korpikoski makes the Dubinsky and Zherdev line better and more fun to watch then the constant penalties Voros is taking…

    LIke someone said just cos this lineup won last game doesn’t mean it was thanks to Fristche and Voros

  8. when Kalinin and Redden and Rosival screw up and have terrible games, sometimes several in a row, they almost never get benched. that is why Renney does not carry an extra Dman, so he can keep playing those jerks with the excuse that there is no one else.

  9. Renny WHAT A PUKE I truly believe that this CLUELESS,ARROGANT,SELF PRAISING FUCKING MORON is daring the fans to find him outside the Garden and beat the living shit out of him.Its bad enough the double talk that comes out of that slanted mouth to the reporters and Garden flunkies but does he honestly think we THE FANS are gonna stand for his bullshit.I have tickets for Gravy`s night and you can bet on this there is a good chance I might get tossed if I can get close enough to this scumbag to tell him what I think of him and his SYSTEM

  10. im so mad im going to the game tomorrow. i banged my desk when i read this news and everyone looked at me funny. on top of this im going to the knicks game the next day. i hate u renney!!!!!!!

  11. GREG

    I liked Gomer last season, but i don’t like him at all this season. His comments aboot last year’s Habs horror-fest of a game pissed me off. How can you “laugh” aboot it. That game still pisses me off. He really makes me think that he doesn’t give a full shit aboot this game, and really does care aboot the money he’s stealing, that he doesn’t deserve at all with the way he plays.

    As for Renney. I hope he gets hit on the head with a stick again, cause he deserves it. I might be a prick for saying this, but i was kind of chuckling when that happened during the Jackets game, his face was priceless. Im sure Pruchs was laughing so hard, he gave himself a minor concussion. He’s a loser, the Canes are not a tough team at all, they’re not like the Ducks, so why does he have to same players in ? Voros had a terrible game. Im sure if Pruchs takes 3 penalties, he’s getting dumped in Hartford. What an asshole, i hate his fuggin guts.

  12. Isn’t it obvious why Voros is in the line-up??? We’re better 4-on-5 than we are 5-on-5, and we’re better 5-on-5 than we are 5-on-4. So why waste time dressing hard workers who draw penalties that get turned into Shorthanded goals, when we can dress useless bums who take penalties and utilize our amazing PK Units! This team is in first palce because they play not to lose!

  13. it makes no sense. Renney obviously does not like Prucha, so trade him already. but, by sitting him out, he devalues him in any trade. thus, renney is hurting the team in both ways by keeping him in the stands.

  14. Nah, you cant dress the one player other than Hank whose passion and determination excites the crowd enough to get it chanting his name, no way, not when you have an Aaron Voros to plug in there.

    Renny is blowing Sather, pure and simple. this is a guy who cares more about pleasing the GM than anything else.

    Three lousy minors by Voros last game — that’s accountability for ya. Now can he show ‘sustainability?’ lol

  15. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    the only possible reason is that maybe renney is trying to showcase voros and fritsche for a possible trade… not that either of them are worth much… if anything

  16. Cindy Crawford on

    I rarely post here but I do read every single day. I used to love Renney and would always stick up for him until about 2 months ago. It started with his nonsense of changing up the lines every game… and now with Prucha. I cannot take it anymore. What is going through his head?? How on earth do you play Vorros after that performance last week? You guys all said it already… I am seriosuly stressing out right now about this. He is unbelievable. How nice would it be to have Messier as coach… someone who can actually discipline players. No wonder we are the softest team in the league

  17. Ya know…this is all just speculation at this point. Prucha could still play tomorrow even though he’s wearing a practice jersey. Just a thought.

  18. I am just speculating here, but it looks like Renney is coaching the team for the playoffs. I think Renney is trying to establish chemistry with his spare parts in case of injury and at the same time he is trying to keep Prucha and Korpikoski from wearing down so that they can be factors in the playoffs.

    More probably though, Renney is just making bad coaching decisions.

    I think we can all agree that this team has been a snooze fest to watch this year. At least they are winning games though.

  19. No even considers the option that maybe Sather has asked or told Renney to play them because he wants to showcase Voros & Fritsche for a trade????

    You guys are right, my mistake, it’s far more likely that a professional coach hates one of his player than the any one of the more rational reasons. How silly of me…..

  20. The problem is…if they are “showcasing” Voros, the guy is losing more value the more people get a look at him. They should have traded him in the beginning of the season when he got a few lucky bounces. Now he just looks like an over glorified 4th liner who has hands of cement, skates slow, and takes stupid penalties. Nobody is going to want to take on his 3 year contract. As for Fritsche, who cares about showcasing him. He’ll be an RFA at years end and probably gone. The showcasing bit is silly if you think rationally. You dont showcase players that you’ll probably only get future considerations for. Just bury them in Hartford.

    I’m glad they decided to take Prucha out once he started feeling like part of the team again. I dont think he hates Prucha, but he definitely is doing a poor job with the lineups.

  21. It’s far more likely that Renny looks at Prucha, then looks at Voros, and then tells himself that yup, no doubt, Voros is the more valuable player. And that lack of judgment is just as scary to me as the fact that this coach is the GM’s buttboy.

  22. I was being sarcastic when i said i was glad Renney took him out. I will admit that i’m a fan of Prucha, but i think his play the last couple weeks merits him in the lineup.

    Renney sucks. Plain and Simple. I’d rather him stop doing press conferences, because i’m tired of his BS. There should be a rule that GM’s must be accessible to the media, because Sather has to be held accountable.

    And Fritsche again, his cap hit is so minimal now, that what’s really the point of trading him?

  23. “by sitting him out, he devalues him in any trade”

    Exactly !! Could have had Seabrook for him, straight up, now we will have to settle for a 3rd round pick, or a garbage prospect who will take the spot of Anisimov eventually, but wont put up the numbers he puts up down there.

    Renney rapes this team every way possible. I bet he laughed his ass off when Neil, Burns, and Lukowhich all elbowed him in the face.

    I hope Pruchs gets traded, he has career years, and shows that he is a damn good player, and goal scorer. Also i hope he is a thorn in Nyr’s side for the rest of his career, but i hope Nyr doesn’t lose those games.

    Only bad thing aboot Pruchs is the fact that he has 0 goals in his playoff career, which isn’t good.

  24. Cmon Sam….how about some juice on this bore of a blog. A trade rumor, something, anything but updating us on possible line combinations and who might be scratched. Your readers comments are the only thing worth reading for Christ sake.

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