Break? What break?


The amount of hockey I play is inversely proportionate to the amount of hockey the Rangers play.

So, for instance, when the team is on the ice every day and is in the middle of a three-in-four night stretch, I’m probably not going to have a chance to lace ’em up myself.

And when there’s an All-Star Break and the team doesn’t play for a week, well, you have stretches like this week, when I can play at least once, and sometimes twice a day. So if you’re at the Westchester Skating Academy at lunchtime today — and I’ve already seen some of you there — that’s where you’ll find me.

As for more pressing hockey news — yes, I realize the above doesn’t count — Larry Brooks “spells out more of the salary cap problems”: that could haunt this team down the stretch.

As we’ve said all along, the problem with Glen Sather’s summertime moves isn’t necessarily what you’re seeing on the ice right now, although that’s certainly part of it. It’s more about how this team has handcuffed itself this season and beyond.

Is there any way out of it? Well, naturally if Sather can succeeed in dumping some salary either on another team or in the minors, the Rangers could be allowed more cap flexibility. But that would involve Sather admitting he made more than a few mistakes last July, which he might not be prepared to do.

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  1. Repost:

    We need a skilled powerful winger who can deke and score like Roenick ala Sega Genesis NHL 96. Ha.

  2. So you’re saying that Sather is in fact alive? Does anyone else work there? Is anyone in upper management ever going to speak to the media about anything? Who exactly is planning the future since Brooks also previously said that Schoenfeld never scouts?

  3. Everyone makes mistakes. Sather needs to just admit it and if he makes some shrewd moves between now and the trade deadline and the team does well, nobody will care about the bad summer moves.

    As to KC’s point above, I think Sather is the most reclusive GM of any of New York’s general managers. It’s a bit ridiculous; I don’t think he’s given one “lengthy” interview since the season started. Cashman, Minaya, Walsh, Tannebaum and Reese are much more accessible. I bet even Lamoriello gives more interviews than Sather.

  4. Whether you like him or hate him, Brooks always has the balls to call out the Rangers when something is wrong. As we’ve seen here in the past, when Sam told of the treatment of a Knicks reporter who called the team out, criticizing the Dolan empire can lead to Gestepo treatment. Go play some hockey Sam and enjoy the break, you deserve it and thanks.

  5. the only player that brooks mentioned that anyone would want would be prucha. no one wants voros or fritschee, and that won’t even cut that much cap room. sather has royally screwed up the cap and trades aren’t the way to fix the problem. He needs to waive players now and in the offseason if we hope to have any cap room in the next 4 years

  6. Yeah I’d much rather hear the Fire Sather chants then the Fire Renney ones… Sather is the one to blame here!

  7. onecupin67years on

    Both the Knicks (ugh) and the Rangers (ugh,ugh) seem not the gist of the cap.
    The Knicks have had cap problems since the Ewing days , probably about 15 years already.
    The cap is fairly new to the NHl, but still ,its been around the NFl and seems to be handled fairly well by a lot of NFL teams.
    Nhl teams who don’t understand the cap could hire an experienced NFL cap expert for guidance.
    But Sather seemed like a kid in a candy store when it comes to spending Dolan’s cash.
    I don’t know who scouted,assessed and signed these Free Agents , but sather is ultimately repsonsible.
    So they’re in first place , but with the complaining on this blog , this team just doesn’t have the look of a serious cup contender , at east not to me.

    But as these high priced players age and their skills diminish their salaries are still high even if their front loaded with the bulk of the money being paid at the beginning of their contracts instead of at the end.
    The contracts are just too long and pricey for the players that they signed,are Rozival, Drury ,Gomez and Redden players to build a winning foundation on?
    Not to me. Clean house and hire people who know talent, not a has been who won with a team of hall of famers, get away from the Edmonton syndrome.

  8. Hey Ottawa had no problem waiving Emery. Other teams have NO problem whatsoever making ballsy moves. NJ: Elias “C” was taken away because his play faltered. I mean this is NY – teams are “supposed” to be the most scrutinized here. Like they would in Toronto or MTL??? I just dont get it. Nothing about this organization makes any sense.

  9. Looking at the structure of the team, the length of the contracts, and the acquisitions Sather made this summer, it seems to me like the organization might have been anticipating Cherapanov to play in the NHL next season.

  10. Big bruiser defensemen that can hit with a relatively low cap number and doesn’t stay locked up for a few years?

    Denis Gauthier?


    I blogged about it :)

  11. Ah good quote from that Brooks article

    “(Wonder why Dan Girardi has one point – an assist – in his last 24 games? It’s because Girardi can’t afford to get involved on offense while spending all game every game covering for partner Redden.) “

  12. It’s Always quite before the storm,I have faith in Sather doing something BIG to help this team…..And It’s gonna be something we don’t see coming.

  13. oh to be able to have time to get on the ice somewhere. I coach basketball after school each day and in the spring there’s baseball every day. In the summer it’s a second job and baseball every night.

    I think next season I might not be doing the basketball deal, just to free up some time for myself.

    Enjoy the time off, Sam and thanks for the outlet to vent about our team.

  14. Who has Sather had a throbber for in the past, but wasn’t able to land? I know there are players that are out there, like Havlat and such. Havlat has a hefty salary though.


    UKRangers – I can understand no Semin, since he was injured for a while, but Krejci should have replaced Crosby, not St. Louis, especially since Krejci is also a center.

    All Hail – Hopefully, Staal will take Kalinin’s salary next season, and if that is only a one-year deal, he can take Naslund’s salary the next season. It’s not an ideal situation because that means less money for an offensive player, but there has to be salary assured to Staal.

    Oh yeah, Krejci isn’t even on the Youngstars roster. What a travesty. I imagine he would be eligible for the Sophomores roster since he only played six games in 2006-07, similar to Dubinsky. Krejci should have made it over his teammate Lucic or Mason Raymond. It’s funny that there are only two defensemen on each roster.

  16. onecupin67years on

    A blessing in disguise?
    because the Rangers have very little cap room ,I think it prevented the Rangers from making more signing errors like: Sundin and Shanahan. I doubt if they would of much help.

  17. Zhervalev,

    Gauthier would make too much sense, because he comes cheap and fills the bruiser D void. And maybe we will get lucky and Kalinin will be moved.

  18. Trade Gomez and/or waive Redden. Seriously.

    Some guys are so lucky their contracts are guaranteed.

  19. onecupin67years on

    who crowned Larry Brooks the Moses of NY hockey writers?
    Yeah the Isles are dying to unload Guerin to the Rangers and Gerardi is next Leetch .

  20. That’s part of the reason why the cap is easier to manage in the NFL. Even though there is a penalty, you can just cut players to get their salaries off of the books, and you don’t have to wait for someone else to claim them. At least in the NHL, you don’t get a penalty just for trading a player, like in the NFL.

  21. Parros – i was referring to laying a hit (eg. Roenick on Zhitnik 2002).

    I really struggle with the whole All-Star thing: its a boring media circus that barely resembles the regular season style of play – i much preferred the year it was cancelled in favour of the Olympics.

  22. Zhervalev

    You have lurched into an observation that I’ve been growling about since opening day.

    There’s no one ever in the slot because they’ve already fallen back over the blue line in their prevent defense mode. This is why the few aggressive forecheckers on the team ( Callahan,Prucha,Sjostrom Dubinsky keep getting pasted to the boards while waving by by to their team mates.

    This is why dumping the puck in from center ice is so ridiculous for this crowd because they usually then just watch the other team skate it back out. ….
    ………which brings me to Parros: You can’t just get rid of Sather, because you’ve got to also get rid of the on ice architect of this entire system along with him. The guy honestly believes he can “defend” his way to the upper playoffs.

  23. I remember me an ORR saying we should trade for O’sully and Gauthier in the beginning of the season

  24. Can’t see us getting Guerin to play RW with Gomez without giving up someone decent in return….and I can’t see the Islanders taking Kalinin or Fritsche in return can you? It would also mean Slats clearing cap space to make room and he’s been a bit slow doing that all year.

    O’Sully wouldn’t fit the bill either – we need a physical D-man and/or a top 6 Winger with size. Ponikarovsky and Antropov are rumoured to be available, both have size and affordable contracts – would they mesh with Gomez? Leafs would want prospects or picks i suspect.

  25. this team should not be going for rental players. If we were to get Guerin, we wouldn’t become favorites to win the cup. we are more than one player away and any player you get at the deadline is gonna cost a lot. would you really want to give the Isles something of value for Guerin, who we won’t and shouldn’t resign at the end of the season

  26. odds are gomez won’t mesh with anybody.

    he’s one of the best in the league through the neutral zone, but one of the worst within the first 15 feet of the offseason zone. His fantastic speed only highlights his uncanny lack of vision.

  27. If you could trade a hefty $$ salary for a rent a player it would free up $$ for July, (it might work out in the long run….)

    ie: Calgary’s Adrian Aucoin would fit in great here, and the rumblings out of the Calgary locker room is that Mike Camallari (who is having a record season) hates the not so unbright lights of Calgary (although he is “small 5’9″//185 lbs)

    Hey Sather, didn’t Brian Burke admit a mistake or two over the summer…..waiver wire for Bertuzzi and Schneider???
    2 really over inflated salaries he let go…although he ended up getting something for Schneider from Atlanta I think.

  28. For the Adult hockey warriors, just a question on sticks:

    I’ve been getting some good deals on synergies at Anyone have another site they like to get some solid composites?

    No point in buying the $300 in the pro shop when you can get the same stick for $50 online…

  29. doogie:

    i’d definately take cammelleri. He’s killing it right now. Makes 3.6 mill and is a UFA at the end of the year. small but productive left wing.


    I’m awaiting an answer to your question. I’m a bit tired of my $16 wooden ovechkin stick.

  30. There’s no doubt we need some type of deadline deal.

    But DON’T FORGET… The 2 days you’ll overpay for a player is 7/1 and deadline day. So whomever we bring in, will cost us a lot more than it should.

    Couple that with slats just being a prick, and we’ll probably be saying goodbye to young player or prospect we’ve been drooling over.

  31. Cindy Crawford on

    Sorry this is a repost.. I cant even find my post from last night. Does anyone know the song that the Rangers come out to at the beginning of the game? It’s weak, but I still want to know it

  32. I don’t think the Detriot players have to worry…only in Bettmans little world does he make sh*t up as he goes along…

    If fans can stack the ballots, and he can pick french canadian replacement players, he should just get his head out of his ass, and fix the travel schedule first, before he makes such a stupid statement.

    It’s a BUSINESS, if I’m Michael Ilitch, I’d be laughing right now….and then calling the laywer.


    Didn’t Marleau replace someone in the West ?

    Like is said, the All Star game should have one rule, who ever wins, gets home ice advantage in the Cup Finals. That way which ever conference loses, they’ll all blame each other, and there will be more of a rivalry within the East, or West. Then Ovechkin will have more of a reason to run Crybaby, or Malkin cause maybe they missed a chance on winning the All Star game but blew it. Plus that would make the game physical, instead of these faggity smiling, hand shaking, ass tapping, joke telling, pussy ass hockey they play at the All Star game. Boring shit, it’s not even hockey. Cant wait to see Chara trying to be a puck hog again, asshole !

    I might have read this wrong, but TSN says if Sid Crybaby doesn’t go to Montreal and get involved in the outdoor thing, what ever it is, then he’ll be suspended 1 game. WOW !!

    If i played in the NHL, and was in the All Star game, id play the game, and i would target everyone from the West, and deliver monster hits, and cheap shots, and if they don’t like it, blame Buttman. That’s some of the biggest BS ever. This league is a joke

  34. “Like is said, the All Star game should have one rule, who ever wins, gets home ice advantage in the Cup Finals.” That’s a GREAT idea!

  35. At first, without Hockey, I didn’t know what to do…( and i’m not watching the cruddy all-star game)…so I ventured you guys should try it! There’s fresh air and stars and you dont have to keep refreshing the screen….unbelievable stuff gang…saw a rabbit get hit by a car! ( not on youtube either)….

  36. i wish people would stop saying that the rangers are in first place…

    1) they are in 2nd place in the atlantic behind the devils
    2) the devils have a game in hand and one more point
    3) the flyers are 2 points behind with 2 games in hand
    4) the rangers are 5th in the conference by 1 or 2 points

  37. I realy don’t see the Rangers doing much on the defensive side. Unless Kalinin gets moved or someone goes down, I don’t see it happening.

    As far as up front. I was watching Anaheim the other night and they have a glut of huge forwards. Is there any way we could get either Getzlaf, Ryan or Perry? Perry or Ryan would come cheaper most likely. Dunno either’s contract situation, but enjoyed watching them play hockey.

    Where are our drafted, stud, scoring forwards? Grachev? the kids 18, so Maybe, Ansiminov maybe, Korpikoski shows flashes but hasn’t been able to put it together. Callahan is turning into a nice little player, but that’s what he is, little. Dubinksy is still young and will get better if he has a coach who knows how to coach talent, which Renney most certainly does not. Renney coaches scared, not-to-lose hockey, no creativity, no emphasis on players talents. Just boring, don’t take any chances hockey. I can’t stand it!

    Dawes and Prucha are all drafted, but small and don’t scare anybody.

    Ugh! Out of nowhere all the sudden Boston is good, Washington is loaded, Florida is getting better, Philly is good, Montreal has young talent, Jersey is kicking our butts despite not having their goalie, and the Rangers are stuck in neutral developing no talent, other than Staal, Cally, Dubinksy and Korpikoski.

    I think I dislike this Ranger team more than I disliked the Quintal, Lefebvre, Keane, Skrudland, Kamenski team, and it’s not because of the players, it’s the coach. There is nothing worse than a hockey coach who is scared to play the game, and that’s exactly how Renney coaches, scared.

    All of his forwards are little guys who are supposed to push the other team to the boards and keep play to the perimeter as opposed to pushing the game tempo to the other team and forechecking with hitting and toughness. Instead it’s outside, perimeter, don’t body check or you’ll get out of position, don’t pinch at the blue line and keep the puck in the zone and don’t try any breakaway passes, they might get intercepted in the middle and we can’t have that because God for bid we lose the game and God for bid we don’t make the playoffs and God for bid this joke of an owner doesn’t get any more money to line his pockets and God for bid we get a high draft choice because then we might actually have to make a wise draft choice and we certainly don’t have anyone in our system capable of that so therefore we’ll play defense, boring hockey and make the playoffs and tell all the potential UFA’s we make the playoffs every season, so come to NYC for way to much money and make the playoffs every season. Yeah!


    Is it really too much to ask to want to watch uptempo hockey game in and game out instead of the show that the Rangers put on?

  38. vogs said “Is there any way we could get either Getzlaf, Ryan or Perry?”

    yeah, we could have gotten getzlaf instead of sanguinetti back in the 03 draft..or even parise

  39. As long as Dubi/Staal/Zherdev/Callahan stay Rangers, I’m happy. Any other roster player is fair game. I didn’t include Hank because that’s obvious.

    I’m tired of this being a team of smurfs.

    Please, Slats. Get us an O’Donnell or Gauthier on D, and a Neil or Antropov to replace the munchkin squad.

  40. Rob we didn’t get Sanguinetti in 03, we got Hugh Jessiman, the only first rounder in the 2003 draft not to play an NHL game

  41. Amen Vogs!!!!

    Pavel errrr Zheralev. Im with you – no more smurfs!!!! Only I’d keep Girardi & Mara too. Girardi’s game is being killed by Redden.

  42. Brandon, I’ve had good dealings with and tends to have a better selection IMHO and the prices are comparable if not the same. BTW, Bauer is coming out with a new line of Vapor skates soon, so now is the time to snag up some of the older series on closeout. I have an older pair of Vapor VI, similar to the ones that Shanny and Redden still wear. I think I’m gonna upgrade to the Vapor XXVs, sooooooooo sweet.

    As for sticks, I’m playing an Easton Synergy ST shaft and S15 blade with the Sakic pattern. It’s the closest I can find to the Shanahan. The local pro shop not only met the price of the internet competitor, it beat it by a couple bucks, and put the stick together for me. $125 bucks for a killer composite 2 piece that is lighter than a lot of 1 pieces I’ve played.

    Don’t be afraid to haggle a bit with a local pro shop, they will often budge on prices, and throw in some other stuff too. For instance, the local pro shop has the Vapor XXVs for the same as the internet supplier, but will bake them for free and throw in 6 free sharpenings. That’s like $70 off.

  43. what about rotislav klesla from the blue jackets? big (6’3, 220), has some saavy, top 4 candidate, UFA 1.6 million. big down side: injury prone. he’s impressed me a few times (which isn’t hard)

  44. doogie – 12:16 they had to buy out bertuzzi which has cap hit for several yrs.and take on bad contracts for schneider. no such thing as a free lunch in this cap league.

  45. from last post regarding orrs enforcer theory in the all star game-

    hell yea orr!! the skills competition should have some enforcers there having a beatdown contest, the fastest knockout, the hardest hit competition (which is determined by whos got the most brain damage and broken bones after the hits) and last but not least, a medeivel hockey joust with 1 enforcer from each conference gettin on a supercharged zamboni and have them go straight at each other with hockey sticks and see who can whack or knock off the other guy first

  46. bambam prucha- eklund is a clown. u cant believe anything he writes. i dont want prucha traded. he is not the problem on this team. if he is i hope hes packaged with redden or gomez.

  47. Brandon & JOE in DE

    I suscribe to Hockey overstock,, & A few others. they have some great deals and they give you a coupon if you join their mailing list… sometimes some stuff is like %50 or %60 off

  48. “the skills competition should have some enforcers there having a beatdown contest, the fastest knockout, the hardest hit competition (which is determined by whos got the most brain damage and broken bones after the hits) and last but not least, a medeivel hockey joust with 1 enforcer from each conference gettin on a supercharged zamboni and have them go straight at each other with hockey sticks and see who can whack or knock off the other guy first”

    LOL….2 less cups of coffee a day should do the trick for ya Mike. haha

  49. Vogs

    No doubt this Ranger team is a “bad watch” most of the time ( unless you enjoy watching one guy go in on offense for most of the game and yet….yield countless 2 on 1 and breakaway chances…HOW THE HECK DOES THAT HAPPEN??)

  50. what Brooks, and Sam, should also be talking about is the dismal drafting record of Sather. THAT is what makes signing overpaid vets from other teams a too often employed strategy.

    Huge Pussyman, A(h)L Montoya,

    they could have drafted Parise or Getzlaf

    etc etc

  51. Redden’s contract and drafting Hugh Jessiman are what the other GMs laugh at during all those GM cocktail parties.. everyone knew Redden was done and we step up with SIX years at $6.5 per? COME ON!.. just went back and saw that Sather “shrewd” negotiation tactics, didnt grant Redden a full “no trade” clause, but (very much) limited the teams that he can be traded to (read: at least 5 years of redden)

  52. MIKE

    I wouldn’t mind that at all. Line up a couple of child molesters, and see which one can handle a punch to the jaw from the top goons of the league.

    Maybe even a boarding contest. Hollweg would do great in that, he’ll get a 10 for sure.

    Hatcher and Rutuu can enter some sort of body part eating contest as well, just to make things more interesting, and psychotic.

  53. beer me:

    they certainly don’t think to highly of gauthier. example: “Gauthier for future considerations” or “Gauthier to the glue factory.”

    they know their team….

  54. they could have drafted Parise or Getzlaf

    Or MIKE GREEN. Imagine him on defense instead of Dreadden!!!!!

  55. dreadden. nice.

    that mike green fact is haunting. though he probably would’ve been a bust if we drafted him. Lucky Caps fans..AO, Semin, Backstrom and Green. Damn i wish i was born in washington and toughed it out during the mike ridley,mike liut,and dino ciccarelli years.

  56. LI Joe

    Sam said:

    “But that would involve Sather admitting he made more than a few mistakes last July, which he might not be prepared to do.”

    …didn’t say anything was for free…said they cut their loses….ie:sather admitting he has made a mistake, won’t happen,

    although maybe Burke did it knowing he would be leaving his mess behind as he sailed on into hockey heaven (aka Toronto)

  57. doogie – you seemed to be saying in the prev post that anaheim cut bertuzzi with no cap ramnifications. but buying him out counts vs cap 2/3 of remaining contract over twice the remaining yrs. and dealing schneider they took on other bad contracts. that was what i referring to.

    re the rangers the redden contract still makes no sense to me – huge mistake whether or not sather wants to admit it. still buying him out is a very tough pill to swallow. 2/3 of his contract is $ 4.5 mm. with 5 yrs left double the yrs would be 10 yrs. and 1/2 of $ 4.5 mm is approx $ 2.3 mm. so uying him out costs $ 2.3 mm/yr for 10 yrs. better to just let rozy go back to europe like kaspar did.

  58. by the way buyouts can’t be done until the offseason. if they tried to send him to ahl (redden), that would kill many chances for future free agents as agents would keep their clients far away from here. not sure it can be done either – IF he has no movement clause that includes sending to ahl. i’m not sure if he has no movement clause but he might.

  59. Schneider cleared waivers and was traded to Atlanta….Anaheim has zero “bad contracts” on their books right now due to this trade…one guy places in the echl.

    I’m clever enough to realize Sather is not able to send Reddon anywhere at this time…but again, burke needed to sign Sealanne so he cut his losses…I was agreeing with Sam in that Sathers hand are now tied, with some pretty hefty contracts for B listed talent.

  60. I don’t believe Redden has a no movement clause… Either way we’re skrewed, we gotta get rid of someone, we know it won’t be Redden, Roszival doesn’t look that bad at 5 Mill for the next 3 years… Maybe someone will kind enough to take him?

    Drury’s isn’t as ridiculous as Gomez’s either… Or maybe we move Gomez to a team that needs him to go along with their winger?

    Bah either way I don’t wanna think about it, i’m hoping Sather preforms a miracle, or Messier comes in…

  61. the Sharks sent Kyle MacLaren to the minors this season to stay under the cap when they acquired Dan Boyle. so there is ample precedent for sending a veteran NHL Dman to the minors to create cap space.

    it is more about Sather’s ego than anything else. old sneerlip will never admit he pucked up, never admit his mistakes.

  62. UKRanger – The All-Star Game is important because of the sponsorship money. I bet this year is an aberration in terms of the dollar amount because of the game being in Montreal, but the NHL is receiving $10 million at this event. I can’t imagine why they don’t want to have an All-Star Game in Olympics seasons with the money coming in like this. At least they have the Winter Classic to help now, too.

  63. dlb- yes but maclaren was somewhat injured with his knees and near the end of his contract. also they got him via trade i think as opposed to free agency.

  64. I read that the players union, which now has a large number of euro players, wants to have a World Cup tourney instead of the all star game in Jan. every non-olympic year.

    I would prefer that to be in Sept, not during the season.

  65. LI Joe, all that does not negate the fact that Sather could send Redden to Hartford. but it is Sather’s ego, as I said, that prevents it, because he would then have to explain to Dolan that he effed up, and why Dolan has to spend all that money for a minor league player.

  66. dlb – and i am pointing out that 1st he might have no movement and 2nd you can kiss off signing other free agents with a rep of sending guys down soon after signing them. they already did it to rissmiller but he was signed to a much shorter and lower $ deal.

  67. players will always want to play in NYC. but even if they don’t, it would be a blessing in disguise, because Sather would then have to put a team together the right way, thru drafting and trades.

    as for no movement, even if that is in his contract, which I doubt, you can always move a player, as Dan Boyle found out. Tampa just threatened him with all kinds of crap like sitting him out, or dealing him to a city he did not like, etc etc

    you can make life miserable for a player in many ways, to force him to accept a move.

  68. Redden has a limited NMC, similar to Gomez, but worse.. Gomez can select 3 teams he won’t accept a trade to… Redden chooses 8…. ugh

  69. right, Zhervalev, but can he refuse to go to Hartford?? I doubt it, as long as he is fully paid, and all the rules are followed.

  70. dlb -whether or not you agree, and it seems you don’t, making life miserable for a guy you just signed has ramnifications beyond just the player. again as in future free agents. if the team had drafted better they would have been no need for many of the free agents. and i am not defending the redden signiong at all, it really sucks. but not nearly as easy to get out of now as you think. prob when the cba expires there will be a window to buyout players without a cap hit. but that is 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 yrs away.

  71. I did not say it might not affect the attitude of other players. it may. but it did not affect the Sharks remaining vets one bit when Maclaren was demoted, did it?

    but you are just searching for obscure reasons to make fans believe that the Redden blunder cannot be changed. and I am just saying that’s not true, that it is sather’s ego, and redden’s, that prevents a solution.

  72. dlb – hardly obscure reasons. and sending him down so we can sign another free agent mistake is not necessarily the answer. and the attitude besides other current rangers would be other players period and their agents. maclaren had several injuries to his knees. that plus was not signed as a free agent and i believe is at the end of his contract makes it apples and oranges in comparing to redden. maclaren is more similar to rissmiller and we did send him down. the redden blunder can be fixed – it will take a few yrs when the cba ends to do so.

    i firmly advocate not signing any free agents over next few yrs. and possibly letting z be signed elsewhere as resticted and taking the draft picks as compensation. or maybe we can sign him to $ 5 mm per yr and next yr you’ll be suggesting sending him to hartford so we can sign another free agent. and so on and so on.

  73. so we let Zherdev go and allocate the rest of the $$ to re-sign Prucha, Korpikoski, Fritsche, Sjostrom, Dubinsky, Betts, Dawes, Callahan, Orr, Kalinin, Mara, Potter, and Valiquette?

    Assuming they all want to stay here…where is the grass greener??

    I think we should give all the scouts an “open” Greyhound Bus ticket and let them ride around the rest of the winter in the Western Hockey League (in canada) to find the next Getzlaf, Iginla, Pheneuf, Setoguchi…etc!

  74. talk about apples and oranges, I did NOT suggest that the Rangers should sign another free agent. I simply said that Redden should be sent to Hartford, period.

    I would rather see Corey Potter learning than Redden slow footing his way around, and watching guys blow by him.

  75. dlb – not very likely to happen for reasons i identified. it’s as likely to happen as some team taking redden on in a deal for one of their better players. i would think our time would best be served analyzing things that can change. start with letting kalinin go after this yr, there is one spot for potter.

  76. doogie – not letting him go without a couple of number 1 picks as compensation. we are in cap hell and the cap is coming down even more the yr after next. we can’t have all out money tied in to a handful of players, more than it already is. we have staal coming up for renewal in another yr, and maybe can keep mara under those circumstances. z is very inconsistent (or we would never have gotten him for tyutin) – but will be asking for a big increase in salary. we can’t keep all the guys, just like pitt couldn’t last yr.

  77. LI joe, you have as much trouble admitting it as Sather does. your “reasons” are nonsense. but, you cannot admit that, so I will not bother any longer.

  78. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Glen – January 23rd, 2009 at 1:24 pm
    Pasquale “Pat’s Hubba Hubba” Carta
    Sad to hear. I was born and raised in PC ’til I moved here and remember when it was Texas Lunch.

  79. the rangers have drafted poorly unti recently..

    staal(he is untouchable) and will be great
    Kropikoski and Dawes.
    Lunqvist in the 7th round etc..

    they have many homegrown players, yea jessimen was a total disaster, cherapanov would have been a great pick…

  80. dlb – au contraire i admit signing redden was horrible. it’s grounds for sather being fired in my opinion. i fully would appreciate you not adding any more to this conversation.

  81. vogs, u arent getting any of those guys from anaheim until they reach unrestricted free agency and with ryan and getzlaf that will never happen unless they want to leave anaheim.

    i see the possible negative consequences for future free agents by demoting redden, but i think its a risk youd have to take in the offseason. he is that bad and his contract is even worse. it would also send a message to the players on the team and future free agents that you aren’t on easy street the moment you sign with the rangers. As of right now players enjoy signing with ny b/c they know they will likely be overpaid and there is no accountability. The last time a vet was really benched was when keenan was coach (Renney sitting Nylander for a few periods/game seems an aberration).

    The whole culture of the organization needs to be changed and the only way that happens is to get rid of sather, which likely wont happen for a while. The goal should be to have players want to play in ny b/c they want to win (like is the case in detroit), not b/c they want to make a lot of money. live in nyc and be treated like royalty by dolan

  82. if sather was smart,he’d go get kotalik from buffalo right now the guy makes 2.33 and is ufa after the year,hes a sniper and a guy who could really help us and we could probably get him relatively cheap. let me know what some of you think

  83. Forsberg would have to come back for virtually peanuts. The guy is made of glass. If he would come back for a contract like Shanny, a 400K cap hit, I’d be all for making that gamble. 1 year deal, vitually no money or commitment, it’s like the antithesis of every contract Sather makes. Nothing to lose and all to gain

  84. Ok, I couldn’t post because I was at work but I’ve been reading and:

    1. Those Kings fans are nuts. Grachev? Anisimov? Are you effin joking me? They should all be forced to wear those 3rd jerseys to games for the next year with such dumb comments.

    2. No more FAs next year, only promotions unless Gaborik comes here for like $2 million on a one year deal. If Redden produces under 30 points this year give him one more year, then send him to Hartford.

    3. What is all this fascination with KC? They don’t like hockey there. I was in KC in September to see a Royals game and eat BBQ with my friend (his boyhood dream) and after talking to a bunch of people, they don’t care about hockey! They like football/basketball/college sports/bull riding and lots of BBQ. The arena is beautiful but they’d make less money than the Blue Jackets.

  85. forsberg would be great but isnt he a center? idk man plus maybe zherdev can play well with him. like li joe said zherdev might be let go if he cant start producing. i know we only gave up tyutin but if he only puts in say 20 this year how much of a raise does he get? thats why im hoping he gets signed now while hes in a funk. id like for him to stay and get back to the way he was playing but it all comes back to the system employed in which he cannot be expected to score more than 20-25. i think the system renny uses is not suited for him but at the same time if the pp was more consistent, (way more), then maybe he can get say 30 or so. and thats where redden came in. its just a continual cycle of the little things not working. case in point was the last game. special teams won it. mara, step up n start rippin em because redden wont. cmon paul bunyon! free blue!!!

  86. mike- same in iowa. im trying to promote the game to my friends n coworkers here but it aint stickin. they love their college football crap and nascar. its like a bad dream i cant wake up from. anyway, iowa is anaheims farm team. called the iowa chops with a pig as alogo. lol thats probably the main reason they dont like it, lol. no but really id rather the islandrs stay on the island. keep the game where its wanted. even though the islanders arent really wanted id rather see them there then in KC. and then what if they move we get to have to play washington 6 times a year. hell no keep the isles right here in the atlantic.

  87. BTW everyone Anisimov got added to the AHL All Star Game today! Cheers!

    And Grachev/Del Zotto will be playing in the OHL All Star Game.

    Also, Mitch Gaulton a late round d-man the Rangers picked up in this year’s draft who models his game after Beuke was cleared to play by Rangers doctors in his league. That kid has a huge heart. It took him 6 months to come back from Tommy John when they told him 18. I think Pierre MacGuire called him a steal if he gets healthy. If he plays with the kind of heart he used to rehabilitate, the Rangers may have found themselves the new Beuk.

  88. someone said a few times on this blog about shrinkin the league to 24 teams. that is the best idea i think. get rid of atlanta, phoenix, colombus, tampa or florida(1 team in florida is enough)and 2 other struggling franchises. youd think that the dumbass hicks that love wastching guys get their junk squashed by giant roid raging bulls would like hockey because of the fights and hits and slowly start to admire the finer points of the game but u have to go slow with them rednecks. one thing at a time. ok buttman, you little orc turd.

  89. Guys

    Forsberg made it very clear he either wants to play for the Avs or Philly. That is it.

    Not a good rental IMHO

  90. great news mike. about time we start seeing some results from our picks. artu needs to be up here soon. now only if some of the young guys already here can start hittin their stride that’d be great

  91. With Anisimov and Grachev doing so well I could really see Sather doing something stupid and dealing away Dubinsky. That would be a huge mistake IMO.

  92. Yeah Mike. I think the young guys are doing fine. Cally is the man my fav player he plays punk rock hockey; every shift is his last shift. Staal is Staal, Dubi is cool he’ll still finish with like 30+ helpers, Korpi is learning and getting better, etc. I thought Dawes was gonna take the next step and become a Jedi, but whatever, even Luke Skywalker got his butt kicked in Empire before he took the next step. Do not give up on Nigel, he’ll be fine and could score 20.

    I want Artie up here ASAP but logically, who do you move where? Soemone has to go to wing or he does. Maybe Artie can run the PP or be that big body who can deflect pucks. Still he deserves a look.

  93. Just checked goal scoring, 1951 season, 1961 season, and this season in the Rangers’ division. Interesting, what I found. In 1951 the six teams in the NHL averaged 2.71 goals per team, per game, overall. In 1961 the same six teams averaged exactly 3 goals per team per game. So far, this season, the Rangers’ division is averaging 2.89 goals per team per game – almost exactly between the 1951 and the 1961 scoring output.

    So what we have here is a Commissioner who is INVENTING problems. A Commisioner who has an agenda to restructure the game, via his “wider nets” insanity, beyond recognition. WHY?

    I keep thinking of his NBA background and loyalty and values. The NBA is in a panic because scores are lower these days, than they were over there, 10-15 years ago. And they cannot even isolate the problem – which is: MORE BLOCKED SHOTS – by much taller athletes today, than the league has ever had before. Even with the gimmicky 3-point shot scoring is down over there.

    So that Bettman, with his NBA orientation and instincts, just naturally assumes the NHL has a similar problem.

    Why the hell doesn’t his office do the math and compare NHL scoring from era to era, before coming out with hideous change the entire landscape proposals? Can Bettman go into politics, or something? – a career field where corruption and incompetence and serving themselves before even giving passing thought to the people who put them where they are, would be a natural comfort zone for this moron Commissioner with the instincts of a slab of concrete. He is a DESTROYER, not a builder. Wake up Board of Governors, You are being had!

  94. bettman is a terrible commish in many many ways, but increasing the nets very slightly is not the acopolypse you are making it out to be (i’m talking inches not feet)

  95. Congratulations Gary Bettman, you are now going to be RIPPED to shreds by Larry Brooks for the 3rd time this year in his Sunday Slap Shot Column.

    Let’s see: a good managed organization that cares about winning along with two of its better players want to rest from a meaningless exhibition and spend time with their families and get in trouble for it? C’mon!

  96. I got home and wanted to look at some stats. This is some of the interesting stuff I found. Not making a point, just stating facts.

    Fedor Tyutin has 4g 15a and those 19 points would lead all of our defensmen, not only that but only 6 forwards would have more points than him if he had that production as a ranger!

    Colton Orr averages about 1 minor (2 PIMs a game). Aaaron asshole Voros averages MORE! 2.18 average PIMs a game. Geez.

    Rozsival’s SH% is 10! That’s kinda ridiculous for a defensman. Wow.

  97. True Fans: You forget one mitigating factor. Tyutin’s coach is no longer Tom Renney.
    And for those salivating over Camallari, he’d be good until he got messed up under the coaching and the system (three games in, I would say). I don’t dislike Camallari in any way, I have no reason to want him traded here.

  98. Tyutin’s ice time also went up with Columbus as did his responsibility; he’s on the PP. Good for him, I will always like him. Still, as long as Nicky Z is signed long term, it was worth it.

    Voros is only a second year full-time NHLer, he’s a late bloomer and remember, he had surgery on one of his legs that was almost amputated due to a cancerous tumor. He needs to work on his endurance. He pisses me off, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He shouldn’t be playing every game but if he’s not traded and in this off season he should work on his endurance and skating a la Colton Orr.

  99. True – you’re not putting the pieces together correctly. Geez and you say I’m dumb, this stuff is right on the NHL website for you to read.

    Orr doesn’t average one minor per game. He’s got 95 penalty minutes made up of 9 fighting majors (45min), 2 misconducts (20min) and 15 minors (30min). Over 48 games that’s one minor penalty approximately every 3 games.

  100. Good day everyone… look what i found… this is “McFarlane NHL Legends series 7 Mark Messier figure” I got one for myself…and now u can have one too! Funny thing is… i was looking for it online and found few sites that had it with different prices… one site had the Edmonton Messier with the Cup for $11.99 and right next to it NYR Messier with the cup figure for $29.99… I guess we do pay more for being New York Rangers Fans!

  101. Damn, that figure is cool despite having The Chameleon from Spiderman’s face. Still cool. Mess and Bill Murray had the same hairline at that point.

  102. mornin fellow ranger fans. great to have a day off and watch hank tpoday in the asg. isnt that some shit that lidstrom n datsyk are being suspended for not participating but crybaby isnt. god if they show that fag during the game at all or even mention him im changin channels. i dont care if i have to watch tinkerbell with my daughter for the 100th time.
    mikeA- yea i mean the younger gjuys like dawes and to a lesser degree doobs have kinda been a letdown so far but cally and staal have seemed to find their role on the team i just wish nicky, doobie dawes n korpi would kick it up a notch. obviously we are dependingh on them because we already know what to expect from the millionares club.

  103. “guess we do pay more for being New York Rangers Fans! ”

    Thats what happens when one team is in the league for 30 years and has 5 cups and one has one in the last 69 years!
    Gotta search my granddaddy’s attic see if he has any of the Bun Cook dolls holding the cups from the 20’s and 30’s

  104. what i want to know is even though redden is having a terrible year maybe just maybe he can right the ship. i know he isnt gonna get better defensively but maybe he can start puttin in some goals and kinda make up for his lack of d skills and physicality. i was happy as hell when he scored those 2 goals early on in the year and had some hope. i think he still can be a valuable asset to the team and i dont mean that his salary will ever be lived up to but i think if he had say 6-7 goals instead of 2, we might not be so hard on him. i think its partially to do with rennys style but this guy might just start playing a little tougher and better come seasons end like jagr did. im not condoning this but give redden a little time i mean he is playing a little better than before so hopefully if we stop booing him whenever he touches the puck he’ll not screw up as much.

  105. and maybge if redden does a few bumps right before game time and in between periods instead of after the games then maybe he’ll play better and look half alive at least.

  106. kaspar ur right i mean we have what 4 cups in 80 somethin years. you know thats why its overkill with the 94 cup because we fans have nothing else to be happy about in the last 69 years. hope hank plays great but doesnt pull his balls out his scrotum trying to stop these breakaway shots

  107. hey Kaspar ur right… what pisses me off though is that Edmonton pays for a hockey team… us…well, we pay for a Broadway Show…

  108. “i think if he had say 6-7 goals instead of 2, we might not be so hard on him. i think its partially to do with rennys style but this guy might just start playing a little tougher and better come seasons end like jagr did.”

    mike in IA


    right… the only difference Jagr has talent… he knew what he was saving himself for…even though he couldn’t get us pass second round the ability was still there… with Redden not so much…what u see is what u get… and the guy isnt getting any younger… so expect him to slow down even more…

  109. NYRinPHX, my buddy pointed that out this morning. I glanced at Rozi’s stats and saw 17, but thats only his assists. Still, Tyuts showing his got some offensive upside Renney couldn’t tap into.

    JJP, this isn’t the retard version of Rangers Report. If you need us to explain everything out for you, it ain’t going to happen. Everyone here, besides you apparently, knows many of Orr’s PIMs are from 5 minute majors, but averaging 2 PIMs is still averaging 2 penalty minutes a game, smarty-pants. And you, the genius you are, missed the entire point! Voros still has more average penalty minutes than Orr, it had nothing to do with how many minutes Orr gets. You just assume Orr, as the fighter, would average more PIMs per game but knucklehead Orr is as dumb as you are and can’t stay out of the box. for the multi-syllable words if you don’t understand anything above.

  110. Guys and gals stop being so negative about the Rangers four Cups. There are plenty of other teams who would DIE for four Cups. Edm hasn’t won since 90, STL has won nothing, LA it’s been 40 years, I could go on for a while. Yes the Rangers should have at least 4 more Cups and it pisses me off every day if not for the regional drafting, bad management, and bad Garden ice, but would you rather be any of like 20 other teams?

    BTW the last time EDM won the Cup was with Mess/Anderson/etc. everyone except Gretz.

  111. I think it is pretty obvious the mistake that was made this summer was NOT signing Mark Streit. The guy is leading the Islanders in points and is dangerous on the PP. He would have been such a better signing than Redden, and I thought it was obvious at the time.

    My UFA picks for the summer were Streit, Schneider and Ryder/Hagman, but Sather went with Redden, Voros and Kalinin, Mara and Rozival.

    We would have had a better defense with Potter, Schneider and Streit and more offense with Ryder and Hagman. Plus we wouldn’t have been on the hook for as many years.

    Very discouraging to think Streit would rather have went to Long ISland instead of Manhattan, doubtful, and Ryder and Hagman were signed much later in the summer, so there was a chance to have gotten either one plus Voros and the Zherdev trade.

    Poor job by Sather.

  112. All Hail King Henrik on


    Cool figures. I have the Lundqvist MacFarlane from Hank’s rookie season. MacFarlane makes some pretty cool stuff.

  113. Vogs …

    Honestly, i was a little weary that Sather might throw Streit a ton of cash and then Streit turns out to be a one-season wonder. Turns out i was wrong

    My off season picks were (to replace the 5-6 players that left):
    Mike Commodore, Jason Smith, Markus Naslund, Matt Cooke, Kristian Huselius, and Brian Rolston

  114. I bought three of those Messier Ranger figures on Ebay for $16.99 each, with shipping included for me, my dad, and the other for my grandma for the same price. For some reason the price is getting raised on the Rangers version.

    Also got the Hank, Jagr, & Gretzky. I was hoping for a Shanny, and an Avery but it doesn’t seem like those will be made. I hope he doesn’t waste his time with Gomer, or Dru. Make a Staal, Dubi, or Zherdev !!

    Anyway, crazy shit with the Phantoms player. Shitty timing. This game needs fighting, cause when some asshole takes a run at your best player, or any player, then something has to be done. Unfortunately this team is full of pussy smurfs, so we cant just hit back and make a statement, we have to send Orr on them to make sure they get the message.

    But then again, Renney is a “classy guy”, so he wont do that. Just like in that Pens game. Ugh.

    BTW – I hope during the Slap Shot contest thing, Chara hits a slap shot off the post and it hits Malkin in his fuggin ugly face. That would make me super happy.

  115. Somerset, right on. I would’ve gone with Commodore/Hainsey/Naslund or Stillman for a two-year deal and done the Zherdev trade. That’s it. I’d also have brought up Potter as the 6th dman and have given Anisimov at least some time by now.

  116. i actually thought redden would be ok for us this year. im not saying hes anywhere near worth 6.5 mill,. but i thought hed be like a 10 goal 50 point guy and a veteran presence to help drury and gomez with leadership skills. he started the season good but yea idk i just know hes got more to give than what he has and maybe bringing up sags or potter will make him a little uncomfortable for hnis spot

  117. IBleedRangersBlue on

    they want him so bad even the arena lowered the music and dindt introduce the next guy for like 45 seconds

  118. I swear AO has the BEST personality. He’s just loving life and loves the game. Glad the NHL has someone like him in it. Monumental player that is down to earth, hit like a MAC truck, scores, plays defense. He has it all – not like someone else we know….

  119. i know its just an exhibition but they look like a bunch of 40 year old reddens out there.

  120. wow the sophomores look like shat. why dont they skate a little faster and make it more exciting i mean i know they dont wanna get hurt but this is kinda boring

  121. i dont mean go balls out. but if ur tryin to sell the game as the fastest sport and all this is not it

  122. god how could ottawa keep redden over chara. this guy just broke the record held by iafrate. hope hank doesnt get hurt in the shootout challenge with chara shootin against him

  123. IBleedRangersBlue on

    HAHAHA ISLES SUCK! he tripped! that jus goes to show you they dont even belong near an allstar game


    Streit BUSTED his ass !! That was the best part of the skills competition. The retard doesn’t score in the shootout, then while skating away, he trips on something that was on the ice, and then i think he knocked over another thing by accident trying to leave the ice.

    He wasn’t hurt, but for anyone who didn’t see it, go look for it on youtube tomorrow when it’s up. If you loved the Fluery Game 1 trip, you’ll love this as well.

    Hank was pretty good, he let in the least amount of goals, and had some nice saves, and Staal had 2 goals, and a hit. He should have been MVP.

    I don’t know why Ovechkin won that skills thing, he didn’t even score a fuggin goal, the last one was a rebound. Should have went to Getzlaf, or St Louis.

    I hope Hank doesn’t get hurt tomorrow, and wins MVP. That would be nice.

  125. MikeA …

    Yeah, the Zherdev trade was probably the 2nd best trade Sather has ever made since being Ranger GM (Jagr for Anson Carter, being the best).

    Its funny i always write down a “realistic roster” before the F.A. opens up with players i would have liked to have signed and I just found the actual roster i wrote sometime in June (obviously not knowing about the Zherdev trade in the works) before the Free Agent Frenzy.

    Naslund – Gomez – Rolston
    Huselius – Drury – Callahan
    Dawes – Dubi – Prucha
    Cooke – Betts – Orr

    Girardi – Staal – Tyutin – Mara – Jason Smith – Commodore

    Lundqvist – Vally

    Reserves: Sjostrom – Korpikoski – Backman

  126. somerset –

    Zherdev might be a good trade. Let’s see if we keep him and Columbus keeps Tyutin. I think we should move Zherdev for a hard nosed defenseman or forward, because we lack that in our system.

    I really believe Zherdev’s offensive talent is wasted on a Tom Renney system. Let the kid play, set him free. get something back for him while his stock is high.

  127. LI Joe

    As for widening the net…you could put 2 feet wider on each end, and during the game you’d hear the announcer say, ‘ “and the Ranger shot was wide of the net.”

  128. All Hail King Henrik on

    The NHL is 100% bush league. If my memory is correct, that’s TWO straight years that the timing equipment hasn’t worked and they’ve had to resort to using a stopwatch for the fastest skater competition. What is this High School football practice? Does anyone test this stuff before the guys go out there? What a f__king joke. Great show you run there, Bettman.

    Young Stars game was kind of weak–Rinne should’ve won the MVP, he was pretty good. Staal with the hit and then the goal was excellent. The players should’ve skated a little bit harder, though. That was like 25% effort out there.

    Hank was pretty good in the shootout competition. It was only fitting that he “sealed” the win. They should’ve had two “awards” though, one for the best shooter and one for the best goaltender.

  129. All Hail King Henrik on

    It’s funny. The Goaltenders are some of, if not the most, skilled players in the NHL, and the NHL basically refuses to market them. Yeah, everyone wants to see a goal scored, but a great save a la Lundqvist on a breakaway is just as exciting to most fans. Instead of “Great Save!” during the breakaway contest, it was “Aww man, the goalie stopped it”. If every other shot went in, goals would be much less exciting. If anyone in the NHL’s marketing department had a half a clue, they would be marketing the young goalies as stars and ambassadors of the game (Lundqvist, Price, Dipietro, Luongo, etc. etc.), instead of only marketing forwards.

    Rather than only hyping up goal scoring, try marketing great saves and shutouts, saves in the shootout, etc.–excitement already present in the game. Not something that has to be added via another new gimmicky rule or further changes to a classic game.

  130. All Hail King Henrik on

    re: Mcfarlane

    Since we were on the topic of McFarlane figures–does anyone remember this?

    During one of the Rangers broadcast in 2005-2006, they had Todd McFarlane on as a guest during the 2nd intermission, promoting his new line of figures. He brought the rookie-season Lundqvist to display on the interview. He talked with Giannone for a few mintues about it and the other figs in the line as well as his company.

    Lundqvist had a great game (think he won in a shootout, not 100% sure) and was the player they interviewed in the studio after the game. McFarlane had stuck around and was there during the interview. I remember him asking Lundqvist how the stance on the figure was and if it was true to real life, in addition to a few other questions.

    Anyone else remember that interview?

  131. The camera work last night was horrible. Worst angles ever, especially from the cameraman skating in behind the shooters. Couldn’t see anything. Plus they missed at least 4 goals from the 3 on 3. The whole production was bush league.

  132. Fighting will never be completely eliminated from hockey, but it will be reduced significantly when the NHL contracts to 20-24 teams. Really, do Boogard, Goddard, or even C. Orr belong in the NHL? The guys that are getting killed/ severely injured in hockey, shouldn’t be playing at their levels anyway. The vast majority are CRAP players. Fighting has become a circus sideshow. Economic reality will ensure contraction, and that will ensure better hockey and less fighting.

  133. onecupin67years on

    How to kill hockey:
    institute the no red line rule
    employ 5 minute ot
    employ shootout
    place a trapezoid behind the net
    widen the net
    allow indiscriminate fighting- two players at face off fighting for God only knows
    allow the refs to call those vague hooking ,holding and interference calls
    allow bigger goalie equipment(when was a goalie penalized for oversized anything?)
    prohibit bigger curved stick blades
    allow composite sticks
    shirt tail uniforms- WTFF (What the F for?)
    keep expanding the league and dilute the talent
    which is the main reason scoring is down and hockey is turning to shit

  134. onecupin67years on

    routsolanian I cringe when I hear that name , Routso wasnt good enough for NY so he goes to edmonton where he wins the cup(s). another great move by NY.
    It seems everything the NHl is bush league, I sometimes cringe at the goofiness of their hosts at award shows and all star games, last nite was no exception.

  135. i would definitely trade zherdev at the deadline if you could get a good young defenseman or a more consistent winger. the kid has enormous talent but he can’t seem to put it together yet. maybe if renney was fired he could, but he still seems to be missing that killer instinct when he’s out there and it almost always looks like he is going half-speed when he is making his moves. i can’t see paying him more than 4 million but i also can’t see a team giving up one or two first round picks for him either by signing him as an rfa. he is far from a sure thing.

  136. yea the main problems i had last night was the youngstars game and lundqvist not getting an award or even mentioned for stoppin the most shots or letting in the least amount of goals. the youngstars game was very weak and somebody said its because they dont wanna get hurt. arfe you kidding me??? theres nobody there that is gonna take a slapshot from the blueline in a 3-3 game and theres no real hitting besides staal which was awesome that he got the hit that turned over the puck for his goal. at least he made it seem like a good effort. it reminded me of the old timers game they were skating so slow. anyway zherdev shouldnt be traded. he is the most talented forward we got and even when hes not scoring hes setting up his linemates. you know the real reason hes not scoring that much and its got silver gray hair and chews big red

  137. onecup- most of the things you listed are not killing hockey. you wanna know the main reason hockey is not as popular as most sports? here it is.
    1) too much equipment is needed to play which is really expensive for kids and their parents. you go to walmart and buy a football for 15 bucks thats all u need.
    2)too many european and french canadian players the american kids cant identify with.
    3)this also is from reason 1- when i was a kid in school we needed 600 bucks to join the school hockey team. most schools dont have the money to have a hockey team so most kids arent exposed to it like the other sports.
    4) ESPN
    5)not enough black or hispanic players. remember now that you have to be black and like rap to be cool these days.

  138. Hockey will never be a sport in the class of baseball of football as far as popularity is concerned. In the USA I mean. It is a regional sport that is very expensive to play. Culturally, it will never be among the “big 3”. I don’t need my sport to be the most popular, I am perfectly happy with it just being the BEST!!!

  139. same here cwgatti. i could care less what sports are popular i love hockey. only thing that sucks is that since moving from ny to iowa i have nobody to talk hockey with except you guys. not that theres anything wrong with that its just these hicks dont even know what a puck is

  140. Mike in IA

    I think your #5 is bullshit – not that it doesnt exist because it does. So people dont want to watch hockey because its not peppered with minorities?? Then what can you say about NASCAR? Which has the highest viewership of all professional sports? 70,000-120,000 in the stands – millions of watching home. And this isnt a sport where you can go out on the street and play either. But your 1-4 are on the money.

  141. onecupin67years on

    Mike in IA, I was NOT referring to the Popularity of hockey, but was referring to hockey itself, Hocket has become a boring low scoring affair for a lot of reasons.

    I could care less how popular hockey is or isn’t ,it is NEVER ,NEVER going to be big in the USA, Never.

  142. onecup- gotcha i misread your post.

    mako- good point. unbelievable how nascar is that popular

  143. onecup- maybe the rangers are boring but the main thing that is killing hockey is these ridiculous phantom or weak calls by the refs. that is extremely frustrating to both teams fans and you are dead on with that one but stuff like widening the net or shootouts i think arent such a big deal

  144. Hockey fans could give a shit if hockey is not as popular as other sports.Baseball is the most boring sport there is.I have not watched a whole ball game in 20 plus years.Basketball…..ya right I;d rather paint my house…..I will NEVER watch a basketball game.
    Football I love how could you not great sport.Hockey is the best for me though.


    Yeah, i remember that, but i think it was in 07, cause Shanny was on the team. I hope they make another version, McFarlane always seems to make different versions of players. I bought the Variant White Jersey version, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s cooler than the Liberty version.

  146. acdaviddc- i agree about baseball and basketball i hate both. but i dont care if theyre more popular. i have more important things to worry abot like rearranging my sock drawer

  147. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Those Mcfarlane figure are pritty cool to collect. The Anson Carter , Bure and Lindros are hard to look at so I have them buried in a box somewhere. Pains to see Bure in the Rangers white knowing he could have achieved so much more here if he had not been battling a bad knee.

    Looks like Grachev and Ansimov are making other teams fans drool. Sweet . Let ’em salvitate cuz were keeping them to play with our other kids. We should live or die by our own system.

  148. MAKO, thanks for the link about the sticks for the hardest shot contest. That’s some wild stuff. Streit using “a lot of flex” with a 105 flex, is hilarious. I can only imagine what Chara’s stick is flex rated at. I’m only 5’9″ 185 lbs, and I thought I was using a stiff stick with a 100 flex. Those guys are out of control.

  149. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Looks like Brian Burke has his sights on another duck , this time its Chris Pronger!!…..Pronger in NEW YORK would be a dream come true. ( besides Jagr comming back!)

    Would n’t Gomez look great in a ducks uniform? Flying around with Perry?

  150. Joe in DE

    No Problem. I love reading about that stuff!!! I know Chara is a beast, I think they said his stick was the stiffest in the league, his and Sourays. I use old (defunct) Innovative shafts. I have 3 but broke one of them in a game. I think they are either 105 or 110. I have to check & see.

  151. onecupin67years on

    WOOD Sticks that is, years ago ALL the GOOD hockey equipment was made in Canada. Not all the shit that’s right shit. It’s mostly all made in China of god only knows and they charge big bucks.
    Composite sticks are a joke ..I’ve seen them for over 200 bucks never mind that you can’t buy a piece of crap for under 100.
    reebok and the other crap companies bought out all the canadian companies and brought the jobs to China.. keep that in mind, if they could bring your job to china they would.

  152. All Hail King Henrik on


    Was it ’06-’07? I assumed it was 05-06 because the equipment Lundqvist is sporting is from his rookie season. My memory is not that great though. I can sort of recall Shanny being involved in the game though, now that you mention it.

    There is a variant version of the Lundqvist figure? I was never a big fan of the liberty jersey. If there’s a white jersey variant out there, I’m going to have to pick that up. Pretty cool.

  153. All Hail King Henrik on

    Mike in IA,

    Equipment costs are definitely hurting the growth of the game. Just to give you a personal example–I used to be a goalie, but stopped playing about 10 years ago. I’d like to get back into playing, but can’t justify/afford the equipment costs. Even for low-grade stuff, it’s like $1500-2000+ for goalie equipment. Forget about the price of the good stuff. Lundqvist is probably wearing nearly $10,000 worth of equipment on the ice.

    The phantom calls that fans can’t understand definitely kill the growth as well. I’ve ranted about it numerous times on here, but when a “casual” fan turns on his first game and can’t understand why a penalty (hook) is called one minute, and not the next, it tends to turn them away from the game. I still stand by my opinion that the officiating in the NHL is the worst of all the major sports.

  154. one cup re your 9:30 post, the real answer is near the bottom of your list. over expansion and consequently dilution of talent. a lot of the rest of your list is really not bad ideas example eliminating the red line was a good idea.

  155. are you kidding me with whoever this person is singing the US National Anthem???? Why are the F*CK are you brining politics into this by wearing an Obama shirt so conveniently under your blazer?????

  156. onecupin67years on

    mike in IA , equipment sure does cost a lot , my son was/is a goalie he’s 21 now , 4 or 5 sets of pads 3-4 pairs of gloves 3-4 helmets , 4-6 pairs of skates 3-4 chest protectors sticks ha,then the equipment companies change styles and colors of gear to keep the kids buying whats new and looks cool.

    15 years ago,I bought my gear all new but bought top of the line so it lasts and protects , when it stops protecting ,I’ll toss it ,but some of the new gear is crap compared to the canadian made stuff, skates are lighter but made to last only a few years, I noticed Modano still wearing ccm tacks with the white like the old pumps of 94.

  157. You all should read this. Its utter BS. Read the quotes by Cindy. G*D i hate that f*cker.

    “My plan was to come here from the moment that I decided that I wasn’t going to play due to injury,” said Crosby, who received a record 1.7 million fan votes. “I had a talk with (commissioner) Gary Bettman as to the capacity of me being here.

    “I obviously wanted to be here, *but still want the focus to be on the guys that are here, too, and not the fact that I’m coming*”

    What an arrogant douchebag

  158. It’s pretty easy to get lit up when the guys are warmed up. Henrik had a good Richter-esque spin save on Kane though.

  159. Does anyone give a crap about the AS game?

    Let Lundqvist get lit up because he’d doesn’t give a s–t about the game. The last thing we want is him getting into the game and damaged mentally or physically.

  160. onecup and allhail- lol i havent played since the late 90’s on a team but i can remember when i was 12-13 back in 93 usin newspapers ties up and the pathmark circulars as shin pads behind some cardboard for pads. omg i had no money for anything. i played goalie with my buddies until they seen me shoot i had a rocket shot so i got put on D. oh the good ole days man. oh and i when i first started i had a shit brown waffle glove that was bent to shit. i sware it was like goldbergs equipment. then when i joined a team i was shown plaza sports in rocky point and i think centereach. oh i was in heaven when my dad brought me there and got me some real equipment.

  161. All Hail King Henrik on

    I knew Lundqvist was going to get shelled once I found out he was playing the second period. These games are always the same:

    Slow start for the first 10 minutes, then a few goals late. WIDE OPEN second, where the majority of goals are almost always scored and then a little more of a tempered third, with guys actually backchecking somewhat and playing defense.

    Henke didn’t look great, but he was getting hung out to dry pretty bad out there. At least he was the best goalie in the shootout competiton last night.

  162. i doubt hank is gonna care i missed most of the game because of work but yea usually the goalies get lit up but i mean he was the best during the skills competition, but yea mako, his glove has always been his weakest spot behind his puck moving skills. hes definitely gotta work on that

  163. All Hail King Henrik on


    Plaza Sports!!! Haha, I bought my shit there, too! I actually bought my first Vaughn glove at Play-It-Again-Sports in Happauge (I was 9, and it was an adult size glove…could barely hold it up, lol). Then I went to Plaza and got my Bauer blocker and some other stuff.

    I’m sad to say that I sported Marty’s black and red Heaton blocker and glove for quite a few seasons. Ricther’s equipment wasn’t “flashy” enough for me back then, haha.

  164. All Hail King Henrik on

    Hank has gotten much better at puck handling since his rookie season, because he works on it everyday in practice. Benny should work with him on his glove hand for a few mintues at the end of each practice.

    Truth be told, his glove hand really isn’t that weak, but because the rest of his game is so strong, it illuminates that one weakness.

    When he plays “big”, as he likes to say, he stops most high shots. He seems to usually fight them off with his shoulders. When he stays up and plays the high shots this way, there is hardly any vulnerability in his game. A lot of times when he isn’t playing 100%, he will drop into the butterfly and expose the corners.

    I recall a quote from him at the beg. of the year saying that he went back and looked at his best games from last year (prob. the 10 shutouts) and noted that he played best, when he played “big”. That basically translates to him staying up more, and playing high shots with his shoulders/chest as opposed to going down and trying to glove them.

    I believe this was also one of the small adjustments he spoke of a few weeks ago when he started putting up some good numbers.

    He will definnitely improve this area of his game. He knows that all shooters are going high on him now, because of his reputation/skill for not allowing anything down low. He’ll adjust his style accordingly.

  165. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. Speaking of goaltending styles–it’s pretty interesting that Price plays a hybrid-butterfly style. All goalies trained in the past 10-15 years have been taught to play the butterfly. Price seems to play a half-butterfly style. It’s interesting because the style helps goalies to recover from saves quicker, but I’ve seen Price get beaten 5-hole 2 or 3 times in the last two games I’ve seen him play (all-star game and the game vs. the Devs).

    If he can perfect that style and play it well, you’ll see more younger goalies coming out of Canada playing the hybrid-butterfly. It’s akin to all the young Swedish goaltenders playing deep in the net like Lundqvist.

  166. Ooffaa !! Hank got molested, granted there was no D at all. I hope he wasn’t taking this game seriously though, but jeez that was tough to watch, i was hoping for a Richter 94 moment, but that save on Kane was nice.

    Glad that garbage is over, and now we get to look forward to the final part of the season. Hopefully it ends well.

  167. the vastly overrated doc Emrick and his costar Brian engblom were horrid with their bantering throughout the game. When they ignored henrik’s superior stops near the end of his stint, I switched to the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie!

  168. And oh yeah… i will not comment on ASG (not as if anyone gave a puck) but for me it was just one highlight and one highlight only… Aleksand Ovechkin…NHL face should be that big smile with missing front teeth… Too bad the kid isn’t Canadian … no, no… actually, I take it back …I am GLAD that kid is not Canadian (no offense to anyone… for reference plz see Pittsburgh Penguins #87)

  169. It’s remarkable that Lundqvist has never learned the two stacked pad slide as a defensive tactic. And why the coach
    doesn’t introduce this to him is one of the great mysteries to me. Just the ability to routinely make this slide would keep his GA so much lower. That shootout was a perfect example of this, but there are many others, game after game.

  170. allhail- thats cool man what part of long island are u from? i’m from middle island in suffolk. about henrik, it seems that if he has a good first period then hes good to go. its when he lets in a bad goal early on or a few stoppable ones that kinda drag him down a little. but youre right he does block them with his chest and also does like a soccer esque head shot to knock the puck away. its kinda funny.

  171. i wonder what would happen if he did his head shot against charas slapper? oh boy bye henrik for at least the rest of 09

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