Reflections at the break…


I am as guilty as anyone of poking holes in the Rangers’ record this season, as if it’s all a result of smoke, mirrors, and creative accounting.

“The most frustrating first-place team in history.” I’ve had more than one person describe the Rangers as that to me, and given their low-scoring tendencies and somewhat vanilla personality, I can understand why.

And yet, as the team disperses for the All-Star break after “an impressive win last night over the Ducks”:, maybe it’s time to start embracing the Rangers for what they are.

As in…

They are a team that has only occasionally budged from their spot atop the standings.

They are a team featuring arguably the best goalie in the game, and one of the best penalty-killing units.

They are a group devoid of any one superstar skater, but they’re also a team that can expect production from various segments of its lineup on any given night.

They are a team in far better shape than they were at this same point the previous two seasons.

Look, no one is engraving Blair Betts’ name into the Stanley Cup just yet. I think we’re all aware that this team needs at least a few upgrades at the trade deadline — perhaps a gritty, top-six forward, perhaps a more commanding, physical presence on the backline (hey, why not both?!)

But there have now been 48 games this season, so it’s no longer fair to say this team’s record is merely a reflection of a fast start. Maybe that’s still not enough to get it over the hump in the playoffs. But it’s still a better starting point than it’s had in the past.


Also, this is long overdue, but here’s the replay of last week’s video chat, which I was unable to post before.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen: Sam Weinman! Providing nothing but good perspective, which is the sole reason I continue to read this blog. Some of the comments are ridiculously negative in regard to a team with 60 points at the break and in first place.

    No one’s saying there aren’t flaws, and I’ll be the first to bash Glen Sather…but if he makes the RIGHT MOVES at the deadline, this could be the kind of team that can make a run at the Cup come springtime.

    Thank you, Sam!

  2. REPOST:

    All you 4th line haters, just stick a frickin sock in it. Even strength, that line was the best last night. Short handed, that line (Sjo and Betts) was the best last night. Betts was a touch weak on faceoffs, but his blocked shot with a broken stick is why I love that guy. Bob should stick a fork in his eye and break his hands in the process so he can’t type anymore.

    On Voros…way to play your way out of the lineup buddy. I mean come on. The penalty on the PP was a bit of a weak call as it was going both ways but clearly Voros did enough to make himself out to be more of the culprit. On the other penalties, he just was too aggressive and not disciplined. Take a seat. Glad to see Renney benched him for the rest of the game and awarded Sjo some time with Dubi and Zherdev.

    Kalinin got undressed. That is why you take the body Dmitri.

    Maloney can say what he wants about Staal but the kid had two whacks at Bobby Ryan in the crease and only really moved him AFTER the puck was in the net. Bobby Ryan had at least 2 swings at the puck. He should have been on his ass after the 1st one.

    I thought the guys played alright last night. It’s nice to score first and then never be trailing.

    I like where this team sits at the AS Break

  3. I agree with Sam and Rob C. Despite all the flaws that are continually pointed out (comically so), this team keeps squeezing out points. We’re not rooting for the Blues or Sens…we have a team with a chance, and of course this team needs some tinkering but so far so good.

    last nights game was great. a lot of good play by guys who received “C’s” and “D’s” on their report cards.

  4. Rob C:

    If Sather makes the right moves at the deadline….

    Holy Moly! If I sh*t gold bricks, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Name one good move that guy has done in the past 6 years.

    Avery maybe…but I hear that Shanny was the impetus.
    Zherdev for Backman and Tyutin…maybe.

    The number of crap moves he has made are like 10 to 1 in his career. No GM other than Maloney and JD (former MSG guys) will even talk to him. How the heck did he miss like 6 or 8 other FAs in the past offseasons that ended up going elsewhere? He is the most out of touch GM in the league.

    If Sather makes the right moves….Rob C I appreciate your hope and optimism…but I don’t appreciate you drinking 10 shots and having 5 bong hits before you get on the blog.

  5. Yep, we are on pace for 102.5 points. Not so bad, but I believe the schedule will be harder for the next 34 games than it has been for the first 48. We are done with Tampa Bay, have two road games left against the Penguins, three games against the Bruins, five games with Philly, an away game against an improved Stars team. On the plus side, we have two against Toronto, Florida, and Atlanta, and three against the Hurricanes. Maybe after tonight’s games, I will have time to compile the combined records ahead of us and behind us.

    New Newman – Jagr for Carter was five years ago January; technically not at the deadline but still good. The Zherdev trade looks good so far, but I don’t know if you’re just strictly looking for deadline moves.

  6. Newman

    Lets not forget Jagr, Straka & Nylander. 2 years 627 points on that line. Not too shabby. Anyway, you all make good points. We wouldnt all be complaining if the big dollar players were playing BIG like their contracts reflect. But they arent. These players were OVER paid for their pasts – Like Redden. Gomez and Drury are a little bit above average players. And yesterday a few people pointed out now that Gomez has been through at least 10 wings to play with and still hasnt found any consistent rhythm. Other than Gionta. Maybe he needs to conform to other players not visa versa.

    DRURY: Well is he getting the BIG money to score that BIG goal? Hmmmm well I would much rather another player get $7 million a year to find the twine on a more consistent basis. Well now. Consistency is what this team lacks. And for what everyone has said last night and today. Betts is the only player who has any consistency at all – the 4th line. Good stuff from them last night… really good stuff.

  7. OK Spider…that’s fair. But, wasn’t Jagr for Carter the result of a major salary dump for Washington and something like the Rangers were only one of a few teams that could handle the trade in terms of cap?

    Generally speaking though, Sather’s moves have been 1-2 good ones for 6-7 bad ones.

  8. I mean this year….last year….Redden Voros Rissmiller Fritsche were all dogs*it with a capital D. Zherdev looks decent. Naslund looks OK. That is 4 crap signings (I know Fritsche a throw in on the Z deal but now we know why CBJ just chucked him) for 1 OK one and 1 decent one. 66% crap ratio.

    Drury or Gomer for the monster contract, but BOTH? And now locking up $25mm for the next handful of years in Dru, Gomer, Redden, and Rosy? That has to be one of the worst moves by a GM in recent years (outside of DiP’s contract and Lecavalier’s).

    Sather is a P of S, and an arrogant one at that.

  9. r u kidding? The Z trade was freaking brilliant! I don’t care if we lost Tyutin… have you SEEN BACKMAN ‘PLAY’? I’d rather have Hugh Jessimen back!!

  10. Right Mako…remember that housecleaning that year and we got like Maxim Kondratiev and Josef Balet as the next great players….where the F are they now? Sather’s eye for talent in the current NHL is like a blind man’s.

  11. New Newman – Wow, you must have a really bad memory. About half of Jagr’s salary was being paid by Washington through last season; that’s why his cap hit was so low for us. The Capitals wanted to get rid of him. Plus, there was no cap in 2004, before the lockout.

    Prucha was definitely a good contract coming off of such a big couple of years. He hasn’t even played up to that level, though. Generally, I think Sather does a much better job trading than signing, which is a good think because he will have to be trading if he wants new players based on the total salary we have now.

  12. We arent talking about Jagr’s salary or who he was traded for. We are talking about how many good deals Sather had made versus the MANY bad ones he has made….

  13. Spider…Yes, I don’t remember those fine details….I thought that more than anything Jagr wanted out of Washington. The details of his contract I don’t remember. So then maybe he did OK with that signing. But you are defending Sather….you think he has done a good job?

    Signing Jagr (when was that? 4 yrs ago? more?) was an OK thing. One reasonable signing in 4 yrs? Again, all the signings and deals….I would say his “good move” ratio is well under 50% and closer to 25% if he is lucky.

    Like this past offseason…Z was the best move…Naslund was OK, then it goes downhill (more like falls off a cliff) thinking that Riss, Voros, Fritsche would be a good fit into the mix of Pru, Dubi, Dawes, Betts, Sjo, Orr, Korpedo? I mean he couldn’t see we needed a top 6 fwd, a REAL PP QB (Campbell, Streit) or a physical D man?

    Anyway, enough of this. My view is that Sather is a bad GM (at least in the last 10 years) and is an arrogant a-hole who is clueless about newer hockey. 3 yrs ago when he was sitting near us, my bro asked him, “Glen you think the redline will be eliminated for 2 line passes?” “No, that would change the game too much.” He is still living in the 80s I think.

    Last Sather post.

  14. “And yesterday a few people pointed out now that Gomez has been through at least 10 wings to play with and still hasnt found any consistent rhythm. Other than Gionta. Maybe he needs to conform to other players not visa versa.”

    This has been true for a while. Gomez and his north/south/turnover style have trouble adapting to anyone

    Remember when it was Jagr’s fault that he couldn’t ‘keep up’ with Blowmez LOL. Now barely anyone can skate with him. It’s been Gomez all along!

  15. Unrelated question:

    Who do you think has the worst shot in the league? (top 6 forwards)

    I say Gomez.

    I know it’s a bit harsh, and biased, as I watch the rangers far more than any other team, but I honestly can’t think of a more harmless sight than gomez streaking into the zone and loading up a wrist shot. A lot of his shots look like hard, fluttery passes. Not “NHL tight” lasers

  16. I like to think drafting Staal was brilliant but we all know w/o the Staal name Sather prolly does something stupid.

    I’m just glad it was Marc and not that little punk Jordan.

  17. Spider – i agree, getting Jagr for Carter was a major coup (considering WSH picked up over $4m a year), adding Straka and Nylander to play with him and Roszi was a decent pickup.
    He’s made some mistakes (Backman, Rissmiller, overpaying for a few people) but in general we’re in a better place with good young players complemented by a great goalie and some veterans. It would be nice is we had a couple of million cap space, but if we can add a top 6 forward and lose Kalinin for someone who can hit then we look good going into the playoffs.

  18. Gomez has the worst shot in the league. It’s so bad I’m content with his predictable passes. Tired of seeing his shots hit off the defender’s shinpads or going NOWHERE.

  19. Noonan

    Yeah I wasnt too thrilled when he was signed. He got all the puck support he needed over in NJ. But here… I have said repeatedly 8-10 times he either coughs up the puck or when he passes its in other players skates. Dont get me wrong he had great speed, but other than one great pass every 5 games just doesnt do it for me. I wish he played better.

  20. I think Callahan has one of the best shots on the team.. not because he can score more often this year than last, but because his shot produces a juicy rebound like half the time.. but NO ONE is ever there for the rebound.. it’s so frustrating!

    I mean open-net rebounds from 10 feet away…. ugh.

  21. Backman wasn’t a mistake if you think about it as the Rangers weren’t winning anything last year. Just swapped players: basically lost Tyutin and got Z for him!

  22. Re Sam’s “Impressive win over the Ducks” line. Impressive? What – the home team takes the lead, for good, at the 53 minute mark of the game. This team takes one-sided losses and earns hard fought wins, far to often. Championship caliber teams win numerous blow-outs, over the course of a season. And rarely get blown-out, themselves. This is a house of cards about to collapse. Very shak -looking team with a lack of cohesion, wretched coaching, and numerous dysfunctional parts. And many players don’t know their role or even if they will be in the lineup, from one game to the next. Oh well, I suppose one can always find some order in chaos.

  23. Zhervalev:

    Shotwise I like callahan and drury. Callahan for the reasons you mention and drury cause he’s a pretty reliable one-timer threat.

  24. I think we’d be playoff-ready if we traded for Neil and Smith… Neil hits like a truck and Smith is a solid shut-down d and blocks everything… Vermette would be nice too but he’s going no where unless we give up a Staal or Dubi…

    Anyone else have a feeling that Slats is going to pull a big trade by the deadline?

  25. I don’t think Sather has been too good of a GM. I’m just saying that he’s not as bad as you make him out to be. Jagr was a trade, not a signing. I liked the Voros signing at the time, but he has faded; Naslund, too.

  26. still hate the 4th line.
    think they are overused, overated, and underwhelming. Orr is still useless.

  27. New Newman had it right on.

    We may be a couple of players away from being a true contender but Christ… who’s gonna give us those guys?

    As for last night, Dubi looked strong and seems to be returning to form (if Korpi was in he may have had another easy one… guess we’ll never know).

    Kalinin should have taken the body on that 2nd goal, instead he reached and bang bang it’s over.

    Great example of where we’d be with decent PP… probably being talked about as a contender. Imagine Barry Melrose saying “great goaltending, a strong PP, dangerous team.” then ruining another team.

  28. The thing about the Jagr deal is that at the time it was just signing/aquiring “another washed up has been”. It really was.

    Jagr was relatively awful in the few years leading up to his move to NY. That was another bad risk… albeit one (1) that ended up paying off pretty well. But during the lockout, a lot of fans, including myself, were looking forward to Jagr being traded off ASAP. Fast forward to 05-06 when we all saw Jagr come back to life, tunes changed quickly, but Jagr was (relative) SHIT when Sather got him. There was a reason WSH did that. Make no mistake.

  29. on sather,
    the GM brings in the players, the coaches job is to get the best out of them. how many players on the rangers can we say renney has gotten the best out of.gomez? drury? they both seem to be thriving with renney eh.

  30. Naslund had a great game last night. He still has good hands and great patience and composure around the net. His pass to gomez was fantastic…if he was as bad as everyone says he is (i understand the financial grumblings)he would have blindly jammed the puck into hiller, instead he made a great play. Hopefully we see some more….

  31. IS it just me, or in Sam’s title does anyone not think there’s an incredibly THIN line between them winning last night and Ana scoring a PPG on the delay of game and this being another OT loss where we complain about Voros and Girardi causing the Rangers demise?

    I don’t know, I just don’t see this as such a “complete game.” Lundqvist had to be nearly perfect to win the game, I don’t think that’s an ‘impressive win’ for a team that pride’s themselves as a defensive juggernaut.

  32. Either Sather is genius or an idiot. He signs both Drury & Gomez. Everyone was suprised he signed TWO centers. Then he signs Redden & Rozi. Redden looks like garbage so far, but Rozi is coming around (maybe Redden picks it up). Maybe this off season, he signs a gritty UFA forward and a bruising Dman. Maybe this is part of a legit long term plan. The Zherdev deal was brilliant. Tyutin for Zherdev?!?!

    The team is in 1st place, so somebody is doing something right.

    The jury is still out in my mind.

  33. And Messier was right at the begining of the season. He said Naslund was the best addition to the team. I agree.

  34. Sam, listing our needs as a gritty top-six offenseman and a strong presence on the blue line is dead on — but it’s also a huge need. Either one of those is near-impossible to find, and certainly not going to come cheap. Any thoughts on how the Rangers could actually end up filling either spot (or both). Right now, I don’t see that Slats has much to give.

  35. “for a team that pride’s themselves as a defensive juggernaut”

    This is what infuriates me the most. I’d just love to see a month of Vally in net and see what happens.

  36. Where, honestly, does everyone on here want this team to be at this point in the season? Sure, the redden signing was a joke. Giving Rozsival that much money wasn’t smart either, but the team is in first in its division. We have the young, fast team that everyone raved about in the offseason after letting Jagr, Shanahan, and Avery go, and now you all want to rip them apart? I would understand if we were in 9th, but we lead our division right now. I, for one, am surprised that a team with Ryan Callahan on its first line could lead its division at the break.

  37. Lol they won’t be in first place when the devils win their game in hand tonight!

    I shall continue the negativity…rawr!

  38. naslund is doing fine ? you all wanted to chase jagr out of town because he had only 60 pts. plus every team gameplaned to stop him. naslund, they dont worry about so much. so lets praise naslund and his possible 50pts, because here in rangerland, we settle for less.

  39. “naslund is doing fine ? you all wanted to chase jagr out of town because he had only 60 pts. plus every team gameplaned to stop him. naslund, they dont worry about so much. so lets praise naslund and his possible 50pts, because here in rangerland, we settle for less.”

    bbbbbbut Jagr [blah blah blah]!

  40. jagr is arguably the greatest european player EVER! Naslund has a 60 point ceiling. realistic expectations

  41. it is hard for me to believe sathers a good gm with roscival and redden both being overpaid.. roscival skates like he has two paint cans for skates.. he is terrible

  42. Newman – Jeez, thanks for the irreverent response as I sit here at my desk in the middle of a workday. Not exactly the place to sneak a couple of shots or bong rips…

    Perhaps I should have continued and qualified my point. My point was that Sather has made mostly AWFUL MOVES in his tenure. How he still has a job is beyond me! I think for all the RENNEY BASHING on this blog and other sites, there is not nearly enough SATHER BASHING!!! He is the one who put together a team that is centered around two individuals who have almost never been point-per-game players in their careers (let alone 100-point scorers). He’s the one who bungled the Avery situation. He’s the one who let Shanny go.

    The IF in my statement is a big IF. I don’t think they could win a Cup as currently constructed (not enough scoring, not enough snarl). But as Sam mentioned in his post, suppose a top-six forward and a solid, physical defenseman are acquired at the deadline…anything is possible with a world-class goaltender like Lundqvist.

    This season, in my mind, rests in Sather’s hands. Even though people hate Renney, he’s gotten 60 points out of a team that should probably have 8-10 less than that at this point in the season. And yet, he’s constantly bashed. Amazing. Like Sam said and I reiterate, it’s Sather’s move come the trade deadline. If he upgrades the right spots, there is a chance for a championship here.

  43. who decided that doc, you.
    he was brought in to replace jagr, and he has been a bust. i would have rather kept shanahan(was all for letting him go). who is it that they brought in to replace jagr if not naslund?

  44. Unless we get rid of some of our $$$$$$$ player’s we are not gettin anyone that can give us what we need.
    Yeah we can move Dawes,Prucha,Fritchie..ect.We’re only gonna get what we give.
    Offer Gomez,but redden has to go too.Then we have….what 10 million cap space can you imagin what we get with that.

    Bottom line know one is taking Rosi or Redden…they’re all laughing to hard.

  45. they didn’t bring in anyone to replace jagr. they went in a different direction…trying to spread production and roll a few fast lines made of “b” players a la the sabres a few years back. It failed miserably, we know… but there was no 1 for 1 swapping… naslund for jagr, zherdev for straka, voros for avery etc. Naslund was brought on to put in 25-30 goals a year…and i think he’ll do it

  46. As Jagr waited for Sather to call him. He said to the media “when they signed Naslund, I knew they werent going to re-sign me” :( :(

  47. In terms of Naslund i like to think …

    We signed a 50-60 point player for 2 years @ 4 mill/per.

    to replace

    A 65-75 point player for 2-3 years @ 7.5 mill/ per (Jagr).

    That was the smartest financial decision Sather made in the off-season.

  48. ACD

    Roszi is way easier to move than Redden. BUT… he has usually produced and I think he is playing much better as of late. Redden as we have ALL said has a firm NTC so he isnt going anywhere. So what is left? Kalinin, Gomez and the teams he doesnt want to be traded to and Drury (who has basically the same fine print as Gomez. So unless Gomez or Drury goes with Prucha & someone else… then we are stuck with the same guys. Honestly would you want any of these players and their bloated contracts? I sure as hell wouldnt…

  49. 1st place and 60 points at the break. Every poster (except maybe bob) on here would have signed for that at the start of the season. We really have no reason to complain about anything.
    The season will hinge on Hanks play and whether or not Sather can get another top 6 forward in here without mortgaging the future.

  50. Jessiman had a hat trick last night. hahahahahaha, watch him develop into Pavel Bure. or not.

    The 4th line is not overused, it’s mismanaged. One of the few things Renney does right is recognize how good Sjo and Betts are defensively and utilize them against other team’s 1st line. When it works, it creates lots of room for your skill lines playing against inferior lines. But when Renney plays them against some of the best lines in the league, it doesn’t always work. Also, when your 4th line combines for less than 10 goals on the season, they shouldn’t be getting ice time down a goal late in the game. That’s mismanagement. The truth is though that Betts and Sjo are largely responsible for our PK being one of the best in the league, and they come so inexpensively, they’re a tremendous value.

    What I don’t understand is why Orr needs to play every night. He has virtually no offensive ability, can play defense marginally, and can fight superbly. But if the other team doesn’t have a heavyweight, or it’s not a divisional game, he really doesn’t need to be in the lineup. The roster spot can be filled by someone better.

  51. I keep hearing Nik Antropov’s name on the Trade block. He is exactly what the Rangers need. A big, semi-young, winger that can score and we would only have to pay around 2-3 million to fit into our tight budget.

    Brian Burke has got to be chomping at the bit to make a trade, and they are looking to stockpile draft picks. I think Antropov could be had for something like Prucha and a second AND a 3rd round pick.

    Anyone here like Antropov???

  52. I think Antropov is too similar a player to Zherdev. He is invisible on the ice for long periods of time.

  53. One positive about having these long-term contracts is for the first time in a longtime…
    The Rangers are going to have team chemistry!!!!!

    This drop 7 players, pick up 7 players every year has been killing this franchise.

    Its safe to say that Drury, Gomez, Henrik, Redden, Rozy, Dubi, Zherdev, and Staal will be the core of this team for the next 4 years.

    Salary cap aside … its not such a bad group of guys to build around. Throw in some cheaper Vets and up-and-coming- rookies in the next 4 years and we have at least a strong playoff contending team … maybe Cup contending

  54. somerset

    Washington was paying HALF of Jagr’s salary. So he was only a $4mm cap hit – and at having 125, 96 and 70 points for a all world player. I’ll take it…

  55. Zhervalev …

    I think this year Anropov plays Center but im pretty sure last year he played wing with Sundin

  56. Antropov is primarily a center.

    Naslund for Shanahan, Zherdev for Jagr, Voros for Avery, Korpikoski for Straka?, Redden for Backman/Malik, Fritsche and Rissmiller for nobody.

  57. Mako …

    I know Wash, was paying 1/2 his salary, But im talking about Jagr’s re-signing price over this past summer.

    Sather had 2 options…

    Take Jagr for 2-3 yeras @ 7-8 mill.
    Take Nazzy for 2 years a 4 mill.

    it was the right move

  58. Jagr said some bs about the bigger the contract, the more the opposition considers you a threat blah blah. Jagr could’ve stayed for 5m/y but hopped to the laughable KHL for the $.

  59. The Rangers should start playing Dubi on the wing. With AA and Grachev looking as good as they do this year at Center, I think it would be smart to start “grooming” Dubi for the Wing.

    And Kopikoski

  60. bulldog-

    “on sather,
    the GM brings in the players, the coaches job is to get the best out of them. how many players on the rangers can we say renney has gotten the best out of.gomez? drury? they both seem to be thriving with renney eh.”

    This is how it happens these days in sports, but IMO it’s completely backwards.

    It should be the coach who tells the GM what players he needs, not the other way around. Renney is a defensive coach and really, he has two guys in Gomez and Drury who should be thriving in this environment, since they are both defense-first players.

    But think how difficult it would be as a coach to have the GM go out and get players and you have to make something out of it. I’m sure they talk about the type of team they want to have and the best players for that style of team, but in the end it should be the coach who dictates the type of players he needs. Which brings me to why I don’t like Renney. he has a team that shows little or no passion on a nightly basis. They do not fight, they don’t instigate anything. They rarely look to take the body. This is hockey for crying out loud, the team that wins the big games is the team that is tougher than the other team and willing to pay the price. I don’t see that from this team.

    Zherdev might have been a good pickup, but does he fit in a defensive system? We might be able to get something for Nikky if his game is faltering because he is in the wrong place. He might do better on a team that has a more offensive outlook like Washington, Florida, Tampa, Phoenix, Vancouver and in return we could get back a more physical player on offense or defense.

  61. I would love to trade Toronto any combo of …

    Prucha, Fritsche, Rissmiller, and like 2 draft picks for

    Antropov and Ian White.

    we would never sneak that past Brian Burke though, unless they were at least both 2nd round picks.

  62. oh and jagr’s being outscored by jan marek and alexei morozov (who has something like 60 points in 39 games)

  63. “In terms of Naslund i like to think …

    We signed a 50-60 point player for 2 years @ 4 mill/per.

    to replace

    A 65-75 point player for 2-3 years @ 7.5 mill/ per (Jagr).

    That was the smartest financial decision Sather made in the off-season.”

    Teams aren’t devoting much of their shutdown to Naslund. Jagr got ‘double-teamed’ every night.

    “I’d love to get Antropov, but doesn’t he play center?”

    He can also play RW. I don’t want this kid though. Soft underachiever.

  64. When Lundqvist has a good game, the Rangers win. That’s the Renney “strategy”. Lundqvist is the reason the Rangers have an excellent record, not the magical Colton Orr – Blair Betts line, and certainly not due to Gomez, Redden or Drury, who are all minus players.
    And don’t forget, Sather wanted Jagr in 2000, but the Penguins GM hated Sather so much, he sent Jagr to Washington in a lesser deal purely out of spite. Imagine those years with Jagr as a Ranger if Sather hadn’t messed up that deal too.

  65. Wow, Betts scores an EMPTY net goal, blocks 3 shots, makes 2 soft hits, wins 27% of faceoffs and is hailed by fans and morons announcers as a hero. Rangers fans are morons, I rest my case.

  66. Kc

    Yep. you are on the $$ about Jagr. Jags wanted to come to NYR NOT WSH. He was quoted in the media about it. He HATED playing in WSH.

  67. yessiree bob. You’re the moron. Betts along with Henrik have kept us in a lot of games. I rest my case. Maybe therapy or strong medication could help you.

  68. wouldn’t bitch if Betts could at least hit like Dawes or Prucha. The guy simply can’t hit or pass. And those are the most important things. As for killing penalties, almost all our forwards can do it well you know why? because our goalies are our best penalty killers.

    And you know what many other teams do with their 4th lines? They use it to develop young players, to give promising players young and old a chance, they don’t use it to play 2 morons that will never learn to score or hit and a goon that does nothing except occasional fight.

    Fritsche is completely invisible and worthless.

  69. san jose’s new eventual 4th line:

    jody shelley, roenick and claude lemieux.

    kinda funny. definately entertaining. probably awful.

  70. Re: 60 pts at half

    Kiss. My. Balls.

    If you’ve *watched* this team up to the half you know the real story. It’s as simple as that. We could and should be above and beyond Boston if there were a +shred+ of accountability on this team.

    This team does 2 things: Blow games, and win under the vigil of Henrik Lundqvist.

    More talent is always nice and wouldn’t hurt. But we don’t need it. Stop buying bandaids. Stop trying to heal the symptoms without considering the cause. That’s like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze.

    Bring in a real leader to replace this pathetic silky coach. Silk comes from the anus of chinese worms, that’s why Renney likes it so much.

  71. I might actually go outside…seeings theres no hockey games this week…gotta comb my hair then

  72. I’m going to complain about the Rangers in the Rangers forum until I’m impressed with what I see. Is that okay with everyone?

  73. noonan …

    what does it matter how opposing teams choose to cover Jagr??

    If your telling me you would have rather had Jagr for 2 more years at 7-8 million/per instead of Naslund and Zherdev for those 2 years thats fine with me, thats your opinion.

    You have to pick the scenario you feel better with. If Jagr were still here we would not have been able to sign Nazzy or Z. Im just saying it was better financially for Sather to get 2 players under contract for the price of 1.

    It is his best FINANCIAL decision over the past couple of years.

  74. jeffluke …

    nice article. I was looking for something like that. Showing who are the big “Deadline Prizes” this year.

    I would be very content with Sather trimming our roster of 3rd and 4th line players, and using a couple draft pick sweeteners to grab a cheaper top 6 forward like Antropov, and an extra Veteran D-man.

    IMO, We dont need big name rentals to win the cup this year!! 1 sizeable scoring winger, and 1 5th/6th D-man to replace Kalinin’s roster spot, making Kalinin the 7th D-man going into the playoffs

  75. I would rather have Betts than either Dawes or Prucha. Only Betts of the 3 does ANYTHING well and that’s killing penalties. Dawes is a turnover goal waiting to happen, Prucha is ok, but vanishes for long stretches and really can’t be an effective 82+ game player in any season. So, bith about Blair Betts all ya want. The world needs ditch diggers too, and Betts is our ditch digger. A bottom feeder with a cause. Betts> Prucha/Dawes.

  76. I love when people talk about what they don’t know and don’t understand. Jagr, I’m pretty sure, was a $4.1million cap hit because Washington covered alot of his salary. So Somerset and noonan, you’re both arguing about something you both either don’t know or don’t care to discuss.

    Furthermore, whoever called for Jagr back in 2000…are you sure you wanted Jagr back then?! The team was bad!! Not only that but Jagr’s MO was to lose 20-30 pts production a year which he did here for 3 straight years (starting at 122 and ending in mid-70s). You have no idea how he would’ve been before the lockout and how he would have been if he got disheartened playing with the shitty rags.

    Salty, carry the torch brotha! Someone’s gotta tell it how it is.

  77. Jagr WAS a 4 million dollar cap hit. It would have taking 7-8 million to RESIGN him this year!!! Washington didnt have to continue to pay 1/2 his bill anymore.

    He was a steal while Wash. covered 1/2 the contract…. not so much when we would have been responsible for RESIGNING him at FULL PRICE

  78. Stop saying that Jagr only would continue to cost the Rangers 4 million dollars from here on out. He was on video saying that “if he were going to continue to be the Captain of the Rangers, he would have to be the highest paid player on the team”. “thats the reality in the Salary cap world”.

    Gomez is the highest paid player at 7 million +. It would have at least cost us 7 mill this year to resign him

  79. Salty – feel free to bitch away but the first week of December you were talking about how “completely obvious” it was that the Rangers were going crater in the standings over the next two months. It hasn’t happened, so where does that leave you??

  80. True Fans – It was exactly $4.94 million for Jagr, I think, once the lockout rollback was implemented.

    Salty – I’m gonna subscribe to the fact that we are doing better than last season and that the team usually performs better in the second half under Renney, so I’m optimistic. :)

  81. The Betts bashing has got to stop. If only we had a player like Anisimov centering that line. They’d be scoring at will and he’d propel the team into the playoffs. Give me a break.

  82. JJP, so not counting those days when other teams have won which causes the Rangers to slip to 5th, you’re exactly right! Salty, you have no idea what you’re bitching about!!

    RE:Jagr, someone said Jagr’s salary was better or worse spent that Naslund is this year and considering Jagr made in the mid-4’s and produced a 122 point season and even a 75 point season he was a GREAT buy. To pay him as the ‘best’ player ($7.4million plus) for this year would have been a waste.

  83. “KASPAR

    Lol, don’t you have short hair these days”
    Orr 1-21-09


    I meant my ear-hair

  84. somerset

    i agree with your diagnosis (bargain top 6, get rid of some of our 9 3rd and 4th liners, and grab a veteran d-man…the obvious stuff. If that article is somewhat accurate, obviously more names will get thrown around, it looks like slim pickings this year. Interesting to hear that the panthers are sending scouts to caps and pens games, saying it’ll cost either semin or jordan staal for boumeester. we’re definately not in the running there. oh well. maybe Jay Wells is still alive

  85. kaspar

    yikes. They have the panthers ahead of us…but the most shocking item is that the bluejackets (also ranked higher) have malhotra centering their top line, and he has a 6 game point streak!

  86. kaspar, that really is an eye-popper — behind powers like Columbus, Minnesota and Florida. Off the top of my head I think it’s out of whack. But then as Brooks said the other day, they tend to look underwhelming when they win, and so completely shitty when they lose.

  87. I have hated the New Jersey Devils for years because of their trap boring style of play…now i see this coming from the Rangers and I do not like it one bit. I rather lose than watch terribly boring games. I cannot seem to get into the games anymore, i do not rememeber a time i could fall asleep during a game now it happens frequently. I am afraid to bring friends to watch games since there is NOTHING to see at all.

  88. so my bro was listening to ESPN radio and Don La Greca, this is what he said transpired: 1) sather and shanny were talking constantly during the first half of the season and sather wanted shanny. it seems that the reality is that renney didn’t want him. apparently shanny and renney did not get along. 2) pandolfo will be scratched for the second game in a row so shanny can play. this has people thinking that the Devs going to make a big move with pandolfo. SAM: any chance on clearing up #1 above? i don’t really give a frog’s fat butt about #2.

  89. Ok about the jagr/naslund decision.

    The facts: for us to resign him for this season it would cost us over 7 million.

    Washington had to pay while he was under their contract (which was up other wise we’d still hae jagr)
    Naslund costs considerably less

    The debate is over whether jagr would be worth the extra 3 million to have over naslund. Stop debating facts.

  90. Newman

    Interesting last post. Messier couldnt stand him. Jagr voiced his distaste for his “system”. Now you hear Shanny & Renney had friction. Hmmmmmmm is there something to this???? Me thinks sooooooo

  91. Mako!

    dont you see?
    cant you smell?

    Renney worked his way up the coaching ranks and spent years-chewing gum-and buying a collection of suits and ties only to…just to…

    Drive Shanny out of NY!!!!

    …and he’s a hall of famer!

  92. When your coaching philosophy is to play not to lose instead of playing to win, the chances of HOFers liking you behind their bench are slim.

  93. kaspar – yes shanny is a HOF. he’ll be 40 friday. last 2 yrs faded down the stretch. in this case the rangers made the right decision. let shanny go. watch him play next yr too. i wanted no part of that.

    re the ranking i do think we’re above fla, minn, colombus, but even with pitt and buff. they had the right 5 teams above us in the east not counting fla.

  94. WD

    Pissed off HOFers:

    Jagr HOFer *CHECK*
    Messier HOFer *CHECK*

    who else has the sorry SOB coach that is a HOFer. Linden didnt play for VAN at the time Renney was coach did he?

  95. Leetch got treated better than Espo in Boston at least…he got visted by an pajama wearing Don Cherry…YIKES!!

  96. Renny —– What else is there to say.Mess chased him out of Vancouver due to his trap style,Jagr,Shanny could it be anyone who wants to score goals doesnt belong on the Rangers now.I agree with Just Win on Rennys Trap it sucked for the Devils(to watch) and it sucks big time here.Why is it when Neilson was coach and he wanted to play the trap Mess had him drummed out of town,why cant someone on this team grow balls and stand up to Clueless, YOU KNOW guys like Z and Dubi cant be happy with the trap needless to say the Vets.The way I see it as long as Renny and his stooges are here its gonna suck and be boring.Clueless couldve taken a player like Gretzky in his prime and turned him into a 20 goal scorer SAD. And on the blog about Sather gettin players without asking Clueless lets remember it was Clueless and Anti PP Pearn who vouched for Redden to bring him here,I guess Striet had too much of a heartbeat

  97. Kaspar – I thought the pessimists on this board would agree with those power rankings, but I guess we are too low on the list even for them. The Blue Jackets deserve to be there based on the play of Mason, but we should be above the Wild, Panthers, Canucks, Ducks, and Flyers. They use the shootout just as much as we do. The Devils are surprisingly high, as we get the shaft among the Atlantic leaders.

  98. I was just looking at Boston’s salary page to see their goaltending contracts and noticed that they will have a large cap penalty next season because they are so far over the cap right now with huge bonus numbers being paid to Kessel and Wheeler and their entry-level deals. If I understand the numbers, with the long-term injury replacement, they will be penalized $1.8 million against next season’s cap if nothing changes.

  99. The Ducks blog in the LA ”Daily News” paints a much different picture than the posts here.
    “[The Ducks] kept a good team close, but were never in control.
    “The Ducks continued their ineptitude to put away a win against a good team.”

    Wow, I didn’t know we were a good team! (I guess good just means top 50%, though)

  100. “noonan …

    what does it matter how opposing teams choose to cover Jagr??”

    It made the other players around him 10X better (see Prucha, Dubinsky, Avery, etc.).

  101. spider – i’m not a pessimist per se. i do think we are no better than 6th in east – behind bost, mtl, wash, philly and nj. also think depsite their performance and largely due to their injuries pitt is better than us as well. not going to talk to the western teams as i don’t see them enough and it’s largely irrelevant anyway.

  102. All Hail King Henrik on

    No way Florida, Minnesota, Vancouver and Columbus belong above us in the power rankings. That’s hilarious. There are a few others that are questionable as well, but for sure those teams do not belong above the NYR.

    Mason looks like he might be the real deal in Columbus, but he’s allowed 9 goals in his last two games. Perhaps teams are starting to figure him out a bit, perhaps he’s just in a little slump. Still, no way the CBJ are better than the Rangers at this point in the season.

  103. New Newman – What Pandolfo a healthy scratch?

    He couldnt drive the zamboni for any other team in the league, his only redeeming quality was being Jagrs shadow.

  104. I’m going to continue to point out other team’s problems right now: just saw on the ESPN bottomline that Kane has no goals and one assist in his last ten games for the Blackhawks.

  105. Jagr is an effing liar. he goes in the paper and claims he would play for min. wage in Pitt. yeah right, after he demands and gets $14 mill over 2 years, and leaves the NHL because of his selfish greed.

    this liar, I still can remember him back in the early 90’s saying he wanted to play in LA ’cause he wanted to go to Hollywood and be a star.

    he is so full of sh!t, so full of his own selfish ego, that words mean nothing with him . it is his ACTIONS that tell the story. and he demanded a 2 year contract because he said his father was building a new arena in Prague that would be ready for him then. now that is all just a negotiationg ploy, and he wants to suck up to the Pitt fans who have rightfully been booing his ass for years, and try to make up with them. so he goes in the paper and claims he’ll play for them for the NHL min.

    just a manipulative, lying, selfish, POS

    good riddance.

  106. LI Joe, you might be right, but all those teams are beatable if the Rangers play hard, get the right breaks, and can figure out a way to win at the Igloo.

    As far as the Pens, they’re no where near as good as they were last year, they lost all their grit (Malone/Hossa/Ruutu/Laraque) and replaced it with Satan/Fedetenko. If they play a physical team, they’ll be beat up by the next round.

    Also, I was thinking this about Voros; yes he’s been pissing us off lately, but this is second season and he’s a very late bloomer. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, but have him work on his skating and get a little leaner in the offseason, and MAYBE he can turn into a 15-15 guy who doesn’t take bad penalties.

  107. Why are you guys even talking about not getting deep in the playoffs? Are you kidding? Who the “F” really cares at the midway point of the season? Let’s just get to the playoffs (uh…in May) and you know it’s up for grabs at that point.

    Good game last night, though. It was actually pretty exciting for a change. Voros…I like his heart, but bad job – very undisciplined game last night.

    Noonan – I agree with you – Gomez has probably one of the worst shots in the league. Is wrister is as weak as can be, and very inaccurate. I mean how many times have we seen his weak shot go wide of the net? And has anyone ever seen him score on a laser? I really can’t remember.

    Sjostrom’s shot, BTW, was sick!

  108. It’s true Lobster once you get in anything can happen; look at the Arizona Cardinals, the Rockies from a few years ago, the Flyers from last year and in the Rangers history; 1950, 1979, 1981, 1986, and 1997.

    Let’s get their first, and then worry about match ups and all that crap later.

    On a selfish note, I’d like to see the Rangers win one at the Igloo this year, I don’t know what it is with that building, but in my 20 years of watching this team, they’ve NEVER played well there and I always have that “oh great, they have to play THERE tonight? sheeeeeeeiiiii…”

  109. I hope Jagr signs in Pittsburgh while he’s under contract with Omsk, so that Tampa or some other shiat hole team can pick him up on waivers.

  110. I hear you MikeA – that place gives me the creeps too when the Rangers play there.

    Spiderpig – or whatever your name is…Thanks for the correction (April). See it’s so far away I forgot when tehy actually started. And you are talking about it. I especially want to thank you for putting the “uhhhhh” in bold. @#$%*&?? Nice touch!

  111. hmmmmmmmm. . . . . . . .let me get this straight:

    Messier ran Renney out of Vancouver. Messier a “HOFer”, well past his prime had a problem with Renney. Now we hear the rotting corpse formerly known as “Shanny”–OOPS!!!-“HOFer Shanny” had a problem with Renney. I see a trend here. MAYBE this coach was doing what the losers before him would never do: HOLD OLD, OVERPAID, PAST THEIR PRIME, COME TO MSG FOR FAT RETIREMENT CHECKS,
    PRIMA DONNAS accountable for their play. What a novel idea.

  112. Ahaha, Giguere got pulled after two goals against the Islandorks. He smacked his stick in two, and threw it at an empty part of the bench, and did his usual “drink and slam” of the water bottle. He’s going through a tough time, with his dad dying and all that stuff, no wonder why his game’s been off.

    And the Devs are beating the Habs 1-0 last i checked, and Flowers are beating the Trashers 2-0. So the standings don’t look good for tonight, besides the Bolts beating the Sabs 2-0.

  113. mike a – pitt has had a ton of injuries this yr, in particular gonchar who is still out. that team can still be very dangerous

  114. How bout this move by Sather…

    Chris Simon and a 7th rounder for Blair Betts, Greg Moore, and Jamie McLennan.

    Not bad eh? One is a solid player on the big club, and one has a highway named after him.

  115. Haha, one had a highway, it’s now the Corey Potter freeway.

    Nedved to Edm for Valliquette actually turned out to be an ok move too, and if Korpo becomes a regular and Sauer can stay healthy, then does the Leetch trade that bad?

    LI Joe-Yes, Pitt can be very dangerous, but they don’t have the firepower they had last year compared to MTL/Wash/Bos.

    BTW it hasn’t been mentioned here and I know he’s not exactly our fav person in the world, but all things aside, best wishes to Pat Burns who is battling lung caner right now. That’s three times too many for one person to go through this in their life. :(

  116. hey cwgatti, that is bull.

    just how did he hold A-hole Jagr accountable for anything? no, he let him rule the roost. he let him play with his buddies, run the PP the way HE wanted to, and he let him play long shifts and loaf off the ice when he felt like it.

  117. mike a – true about pitt compared to last yr. but like i said still dangerous especially vs us. did not know about burns again having cancer. that sucks hope for the best for him and his family.

  118. I’d take Jagr at 7 million over Wade Redden at 6.5 for 6 years any day… Especially cos Wade was brought in to help our pathetic power play which is still pathetic… Though it’s looked solid the last few games without Redden manning the point but instead Rozy and Mara… WTF?

  119. isles beat the ducks guys. looks like we still suck if the damn fishsticks beat em. and of course the devs are ahead of us after beating mon. god how can they be this good even without brodiva? i watched the game somebody please tie chico resch to the net and blast pucks at him like they did to goldberg in mighty ducks. i would love that

  120. Im a big Isles fan now. Ill continue to root for them so they don’t come close to getting Tavares, or Hedman. I just wont buy one of their shitty jersey’s.

    Gotta feel bad for the Ducks, losing the the Islandorks these days is extremely embarrassing.

  121. the Debbies actually forecheck more than the Rangers do now. that is how far Renney has dragged this team into his boring ways.

  122. All Hail King Henrik on

    True Fans,

    Lundqvist wins the Vezina before the Rangers win a cup. Look at the cap situation going forward…

    He would have been the frontrunner for it this year if it wasn’t for 20 games of swiss-cheese team defense by the NYR that destroyed his numbers. If he finishes the season strong, like he has the past two years, he should still be nominated and could have an outside chance at winning it. If he gets really hot down the stretch and can put up 3 or 4 or 5 more shutouts, then he’d likely be the frontrunner.

    Vezina is kind of up for grabs right now, Thomas has insane numbers but is greatly benefited by Boston’s system, as is Backstrom on MIN. Mason looks pretty strong, and Nabokov’s win total will be enormous this year. Lundqvists GAA & SV% aren’t phenomenal right now, but they’ll improve by seasons end; he should be in the top 3 in minutes and wins, though.

  123. All Hail King Henrik on

    P.S. Like Rob said, though, if Lundqvist wins the Vezina, we might win the cup.

    Hopefully that’s by way of a Conn Smythe trophy in addition to winning the Vezina for the season.

    I really can’t see anyway the Rangers win the cup without Lundqvist winning the Conn Smythe.

  124. dAMN STR8 lobster and MikeA the igloo is scurry. But Pensys suck this year so we’ll see how it plays out.

    Too bad Devils won tonight (had Lehtonen and Price in–DANIGT!).. I hate to admit it but they are looking solid.

  125. All Hail King Henrik, we know it wouldn’t be a player with a high point total in the playoffs since all our games would be 1 – 0, 2 – 1, 4 – 2 (empty netter L@L)

  126. All Hail. I’m right there with you. I think Hank has a better chance of winning. As far as him winning the Vezina and the cup (Rob L) I’m pretty sure all the other awards voting are cast at the end of the regular season and I can’t imagine they wait for the vezina. So, he could win both if he has a very good year AND if he tears it up in the playoffs but not because he was OK in the regular season but awesome in the playoffs.

    I ask because the Devils have proven they’re a winning team without their multi-Vezina winner. They have a killer system ANY goalie (and I mean Clemmenson and Weekes who both suck) are winning and winning A LOT in! I don’t think the Rangers could win like that without Lundqvist and therefore, they probably just aren’t tight enough defensively for a cup! And they’re also not doing him any favors concerning him earning a Vezina. Hank’s between a rock and a hard place.

  127. “hey cwgatti, that is bull.

    just how did he hold A-hole Jagr accountable for anything? no, he let him rule the roost. he let him play with his buddies, run the PP the way HE wanted to, and he let him play long shifts and loaf off the ice when he felt like it.”

    The difference between JAGR and Messier/ Shanny is that Jagr was still a great player. Messier and Shanny were washed up. So, Jagr had credibility.

  128. regarding jersey and theyre dominant play so far, you gotta think its the system theyre playing and its also that clemmenson is actually just playing real well. you know that when brodeur went down they upped their game tremendously but also clemmenson is playing as good as brodeur would be right now.if he was playing like a backup (especially behind marty) than theyd be where pitts is right now. they knew theyd have to score more goals to win and i bet you they actually like scoring more than 2 goals and have now stuck with this forechecking uptempo system knowing that clemmywinks can make the big saves for them. this is how the rangfers should play and i garauntee you if hank went down u bet your ass they would score more goals knowing they cant rely on vally every night even though hes been great in the few games so far. i think if voros can stop takin bad penalties hed be good on the 4th. move sjo up a line because that shot he took was sweet. i know if he had a more offensive line to play with hed put in 10-12 ca year maybe a few more.

  129. so what does everyone think about fritsche? i mean after 20 games out he wasnt too bad but he wasnt that good either. i think hes gonna be dealt soon. i think they wanna give him a few games then try to trade him. i hope they dont trade prucha because i like the guy but we really need size and toughness and we might have to give him up soon.

  130. also hopefully sather can sign Z soon because he might be able to get him a little cheaper now that hes been unproductive lately. but god hopefully we can get rid of one of the top salaries on this team. hope its rozy or gomer

  131. fritsche is a joke, i’ve never considered him a part of this team… another useless 3/4 liner… good luck trading hin for anything useful

  132. Valiquette for The Steven McDonald Award. If anyone else gets it this year it’s a disgrace. Second year in a row this guy is putting up better numbers than Henrik. First on the ice for practice, last off. He deserves more recognition.

  133. mIKEa: so true about the Devils’ system who sadly forecheck more than the Rangers do now. The Rangers forechecked more (not a whole lot more but more) against the Ducks from what I saw and came out on top–maybe they should try it more often and not just on the 4th line (try scoring).

    I’ve been a supporter of Renney over the years but his not scoring–I mean defensive system is really a joke that is boring, doesn’t generate scoring, and won’t work with slobs like Redden and Gomez. This is a case where a 1-2-2 passive forecheck will hurt your team rather than help it.

    He also only holds young kids who work to get in the lineup every day accountable. Guys that already got their check could be -5 in a game with 10 turnovers and STILL get guaranteed to play in the next game. Korpikoski or Z make one mistake and they don’t play the rest of the game. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

  134. Not sure if anyone saw this, but the NHL tested new posts (not new nets, new posts) at a Toronto practice yesterday.

    I blogged about it, link in my name.

  135. Pavel

    Because they are actually a good team – Sutter Rolls the same lines – and they system they play fits the “flock of forards” they have. There is no bonafied “super star” on that team… Yet they still win and still play CONSISTENT hockey. Who would have though eh? LOL

  136. Shanahan and Jagr both complained about Renney’s “system” last year. But Renney shoved them out, because really, why would 2 HoF, Stanley Cup winners know anything about hockey? Tom Renney did really well on his SAT verbal exam. He doesn’t need offense. He’ll just ride Lundqvist into the ground.

  137. Mako…Parise is a superstar. Put Zach on the Rangers and we are 10 points ahead of the devils. Nice drafting by Sather. I’d much rather have Jessiman than Parise. All we have to show for Jessiman is Freddy Sjostrom!

  138. Rob L.

    As much as I like Parise & Elias they really dont get “super star” recognition. Im sorry I really dont think they are “superstars” but that is just my opinion.

  139. One thing that has puzzled me and certainly troubles me: The Ranger scouting/talent evaluating system is either incompetent or unlucky or perhaps both. I fully understand that we mortgaged a lot of young players several years back when we went with the Rucinksy..Nedved..Anson Carter..Bure roster and I also understand that we lost a possible great one in Chereponov and drafted a star in Hank..but could it be that our scouting is inferior to other clubs? or is it just the bright lights of NYC or is it the Ranger system that strangles the youngsters?
    I look at Philadelphia and they have climbed back from a horrible team to one of the top 6 or 7. They have added Carter 6’3 200lbs, Richards 6′ 195lbs..Upshall 6′ 200lbs, Lupul 6’1 200..Coburn 6’5 220 ALL YOUNG Players that are excelling. Boston the same :Bergeron (couple yrs ago), Sobotka, Lucic 6’4 200..Blake Wheeler..and on and on. We have added Dubinsky (soph slump????),Dawes (is he 5’7), Callahan, Prucha??? Again, is the system that is not allowing Dubinsky to flourish as he started last year? Couple that with the big signings of Kalinan (this guy is horrific) and Redden (many said he was washed up) and the Rangers are struggling. I know, or I think Staal is going to be real good but it seems his progress has been slowed.
    My point is..where are the 6’3 200+ bangers/finishers when our draft pick comes up. We just can’t seem to develop those in the corner gritty players. Looked like Jessiman was going to fit that bill but he turned out to be too soft.
    Maybe it’s me…but we need help

  140. Parise 23g 53pts at the half…

    Have to be honest, I don’t consider Parise a “superstar” but I went to check his stats and I’m floored. That’s pretty legit. I don’t know that that put us 10pts above NJ, but…wow.

    And to think….

  141. Parise is on the cusp of Superstar for sure. I actually like the guy. For his size, he plays the game hard, he goes in to the traffic/dirty areas, and most important, he produces.

    Interesting link on Chere.,134952

    Also, I am hearing Anaheim might be looking to trade Pronger, courtesy of

    The guy definitely takes some cheap shots, but I would love to hear thoughts on this.

  142. Imagine pairing Staal and Pronger for a number 1 defensive unit? Pronger has not looked great this year, but he is a good Dman.

  143. I know it would never happen, but damn. We have no cap space and I don’t think Anaheim would take any of our players for him.

  144. nasty:

    its doubtful that pronger is available right now but he could be moved if they fall way out of the playoff race. the ducks are currently sitting in 8th and there’s a lot of talk that they want to get younger but moving an asset like pronger is a drastic shake up.

    moving pronger’s salary would be incredibly difficult as well. trades are basically impossible unless they’re dollar for dollar.

    about gomez, i think he’s been better lately but he’s still having a terrible year. then again, its not like he’s ever had more than one season where he scored a lot of goals and he doesn’t have a goal scoring winger on this team that compliments him. naslund is as close to a scoring winger that gomez has and he’s been okay but i really was hoping he’d turn out to be even more revitalized this year than he was the last three with vancouver. he’s not the ideal fit for gomez but naslund hasn’t been awful. id much rather see this team with some legitimate scoring forwards on the first line and naslund on the second line. all in all naslund has been the best offseason signing thus far. i guess that’s an easy distinction when the competition for that would be redden, kalinin, and zherdev who’s been completely invisible lately. when was the last time z even scored a goal?

    i don’t know what this team can do to get better. we’ve got so many terrible contracts that we can’t move. i’ve got a hard time believing that this team can win the atlantic division so we’re more than likely going to sneak into the playoffs around the 5th or 6th spot. if that’s the case we’re probably going to be completely destroyed in the first round.

  145. Jeff, I am sorry, I have no idea why you addressing me with anything about Zherdev. I am not being a prick, but did you mistake me for someone else?

  146. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Couple comments on some of the earlier posts.

    puck – valiquette vs. hank = small sample size. You put vally into the lineup as much as hank and those stats won’t look so great.

    kc – even if renney pushed both jagr and shanny out, so what? he let two older, declining players go in favor of letting the youth continue to develop the way it did last year. it hasn’t happened at a pace that we’d all like, but i’m not blaming anything this year on not having jagr or shanny.

    on fritsche. he looks mediocre at best. he looked pretty awkward and frustrated in between periods the other night when trautwig was questioning him about it.

    and voros looks absolutely horrible. it’s like the guy ran out of steam/hockey ability/physical presence/intelligence after the first 15 or so games this season. It actually pains me to watch him on the ice. That’s one problem i had with renney’s decision to play him over, say, korpikoski the other night. korpi is actually a bigger body than you’d think, and i’d rather him out there throwing his body around than voros out there taking stupid penalties.

  147. BillyDeeWilliams on

    and as for parise…he does something most of our forwards seem scared to do…he goes to the net and gets in places where he’ll take a beating. it goes back to a post sam had awhile back…wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy like crosby or parise or anyone who was physical enough to take the puck right down the middle rather than being pushed to the outside on every rush?

  148. sorry nasty!

    hadn’t scrolled up far enough to see it was SHESENDS that was asking about Z’s last goal.


  149. What up kaspar? Thanks for the shoutout…I guess.

    There’s really nothing going on, so it’s a good chance to take a step back I guess. Just like the players going on vacation for a day or two, it sounded like a good idea!

    Trade deadline getting closer. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to move any of the big contracts. That leaves us with very little room to make a deal.

    Kalinin 2.1
    prucha 1.6
    Frit .875
    = 4.575mil

    We have just enough to move to bring in an effective playoff winger(size/skill/experience) or dman. Sucks that it means dealing youth for a rental. But that may be the lesser of 2 evils this time. It’s either that, or ignore the holes.

    Pick which evil it’ll be this time Glen.

    (could also move dawes @ 600k)

    Erik Cole?
    I’d say Bert, but CGY is 8pts up in the NW. He’s not going anywhere.

  150. No problem Jeff.

    Who knows what the hell this team is going to do. I would be happy to move just 1 of the big contracts at this point. Maybe Sam or someone could plant some coke in Redden’s locker and frame his ass.

  151. Bathgate

    Again, Carter was a traded to the Rangers for Radek Dvorak and Cory Cross. He was never a pick.


    I would love Pronger in his prime. But, it would just be the likes of getting Hatcher, Lindros & another past prime aging superstar who, once gets to the Rangers doesnt do a damn thing…

  152. PUCK
    I agree. He’s one of my fav Rangers on the team for sure. Vally is the best back up you can ask for, he’s been playing damn good his last few games, but unfortunately his teammates played like retards and lost the game for him. I hope Vally comes back next year, the team likes him, and he actually challenges Hank, but he knows his role, and is happy aboot it.

    He’ll get my vote. Everyone should do the same.

    2nd choice would be Pruchs, just to piss off Renney. Im telling you, Renney must have caught him finger bangin his daughter under the table at a team dinner or something, that’s the only explanation for the way Renney treats the kid.

  153. Been reading some posts above too….

    A theory begins where Renney is pushing out/ pissing off hall-of-famers ( cup winners too) and makes someone think..what the hell has he ever won/done to do that?

    Later people begin defending Renney because the guys were “old”….

    of course that “they’re old its Ok to push them out” theory flys out the door if thats what renney is doing to Drury or Gomez…they too are cup winners..and they aint old

  154. Ok Im probably gonna get yelled at for this. I wouldnt mind a trade: Ruutu, Kuba for Kalinin, Fritche & Voros.

    Ruutu can actually put the puck in the net & has 4 less points than Voros. He can hit too ;)

  155. NASTY

    Im sure he has a secret stash in his locker somewhere. Hank’s eyes have been looking a little weird recently. Which would explain the slumping. Hopefully he’s staying away from that stuff.

    I think Pruchs is a major coc-head. How else can he get up after taking so many head-shots. Just like Pacino in Scarface. Now if Pruchs can score as many goals, as Pacino killed mexicans, then he’d be in the lineup a whole hell of a lot more often. Unless the finger bangin is true.

  156. Tootoo TOO TOO SMALL!!!! enough with the dwarfs on this team. Neil is good too. But Ruutu is an BIG European clone of Avery but Ruutu is more of a douchebag ON the ice LOL

  157. MAKO

    i’d do that…primarily for kuba. he’s got 25 assists in 36 games. 13 on the power play. he’s definately an improvment in terms of PP decision making…though heatley helps boost those PP assists.

  158. Jeff

    yep. you are right. No one comes close to Heatley on the Rangers (dont forget about Alfie) LOL

  159. MAKO

    He might be small, but he sure as shit hits like a ton of bricks. He can fight, and kick ass. Players don’t like him, he might take a bad penalty here and there, but he makes up for it, taking a punch to the face, or a cheap shot so he can give his team a PP. He’s not as good at agitating as Avery, but he’s tougher than Aves, and hits harder.

  160. I’d trade Redden for Pronger straight up, but the Ducks aren’t that dumb but figure they’re about equal salaries and we wouldn’t have redden for 6 f’in years.

  161. “I’d trade Redden for Pronger straight up, but the Ducks aren’t that dumb but figure they’re about equal salaries and we wouldn’t have redden for 6 f’in years.”

    If that ever happened Brian Burke would quit the Mapleleafs, rejoin the ducks, kill the present GM, Wade Redden and the go on Jay Leno and yuk it up

  162. haha Kaspar…

    Seriously though i’d love to dump two contracts (Gomez cos we don’t have anyone to go with him like Mogilny or Gionta) and then I guess Roszival cos no one in their right mind would take Wade “I’m not really a puck moving D-man like you thought I was” Redden

  163. You guys probably all know about this site (i just stumbles across it) but just in case:

    lays out a pretty user friendly view of salaries, cap room, and free agency schedules. Though it gives an “estimate” disclaimer.

    i was checking thornton or heatley…you know, down the road-franchise-daydreaming. Hey, the knicks are doing it with Lebron (though i loathe basketball), maybe we can find franchise target in the next few years. (though heatley and thornton are signed till the next presidency).

    Setoguchi makes 850K! 21 goals! See what Thornton does!

  164. Its so funny…I watch a lot of Ottawa games in the last few years…thats my girls team; we sit wearing ranger and Sens jerseys…anyway…I am REALLY dissapointed with him (Redden)…whats funny is what Redden WAS is exactly what Ottawa is missing!! We watch their games and Redden used to lead the attack from the rear…explain this?

  165. “The difference between JAGR and Messier/ Shanny is that Jagr was still a great player. Messier and Shanny were washed up. So, Jagr had credibility.”

    what a joke that is.

    A-hole Jagr is so washed up that NO team, ZERO NHL team, wanted him as a free agent.

    and he has no credibility at ANY point of his career, because the difference is that Messier and Shanny are LEADERS, team players, not selfish pouters who divide the team into cliques.

  166. Nasty 1 January 22nd, 2009 at 1:20 pm
    No problem Jeff.
    Who knows what the hell this team is going to do. I would be happy to move just 1 of the big contracts at this point. Maybe Sam or someone could plant some coke in Redden’s locker and frame his ass.


    I don’t think that would be necessary Nasty 1… I’m sure there’s plenty of coke in his locker already… which brings up a thought… y does redden look half dead on the ice? Is it because he does so much blow before the game that by the time the game starts the blow wore off and he is coming down? Lol

  167. I would love Heatley on the Rangers. I just don’t think he would have any takers on ……..nevermind, was going to be a pretty classless comment there, so I am cutting myself off.

  168. JOE

    Lol, you got a major hard on for Jags don’t you ? Funny thing was, he’s so washed up, yet he was top 3 in scoring in the playoffs, until Nyr was eliminated. For a washed up player he sure did leave it all on the ice when it mattered, unlike EVERYONE on this team, who was a part of last years playoff team. Dubi, and Straks weren’t to bad either. But Dru, and Gomer were gone with the fuggin wind, and didn’t show up for round two, along with Shanny.

    And how do you know any teams weren’t interested in him ? Pretty dumb to say that, im sure there was. But he didn’t wanna go anywhere else.

    Id take him back in a heartbeat. He still has more than enough gas left in the tank to play this game. It pisses me off, he shouldn’t be playing in Russia, he may not be the dominant player he was in 06, but he can still score 25 goals, 70 points, which is more than enough to show you’re a good player in the NHL.

    Id even take him back next season, a year older, i wouldn’t care.

  169. Orr

    Making great points about Jags. He is either hated or loved. I never wanted him to leave. But I would bet money that if he ever broke his contract with the KHL 5 teams would want him and would find a way to make room for him…

    Sans VAN since they overpaid for the GREEDY SWEDE GIANT.

  170. Hmmmm all this Redden and Cocaine talk LOL Well what was Danekyo’s excuse? The guy was a hoover and I know bc I saw it with my own eyes.

  171. When making trade scenarios, just think about one thing:

    Would the other team make that trade?

    I believe it was MAKO who said Ruutu, Kuba for Kalinin, Fritche & Voros.

    If I’m Ottawa, I laugh in Sather’s face. Kuba is worth more than that alone. (I haven’t checked the salary cap numbers on Kuba or Ruutu)

  172. MAKO

    Maybe Danekyo was sniffing during the game. Redden should do that, it might help. Id want Kalinin to do it, but he’s so dumb he’d probably sprinkle some on his pancakes.

    And yeah, there would be teams out there willing to bring Jags in, for sure.

  173. Dave

    it was me. Kuba making $3 million Ruutu making $1.3.

    Voros $1.2
    Kalinin $2.1
    Fritche $875

    Hell throw in Dawes –
    But in that article that LI Joe posted that’s who was being shopped…

  174. Actually, I’m going to correct myself there. Throw in a 2nd and a late rounder (5th to the Sens, 7th to the Rangers) and that’s probably a done deal.

    Sorry MAKO. I apologize.

  175. Sens put Gerber on waivers.

    Pascal Leclaire maybe ?? Once he’s healthy, which wouldn’t be anytime soon. Maybe the rumors are true, and they might actually trade Spezza.

    If im the Sens, just blow the rest of the season purposely if they haven’t been doing that already. Replace Spezza with Tavares.

    I wonder who else would be in that deal, Spezza for Leclaire.

  176. Orr, I wouldn’t trade for Leclaire until he shows he has recovered. Giving up Spezza for a health concern is too risky.

  177. spezza-nash would be sick…knock manny malhotra off that top line between nash and huselius.

    But…agree with Dave and Orr. 1) too risky 2)horse face

  178. i say Staal young stars MVP.. Henrik ASG MVP… just as Richter back in 94… good old days eh

    btw… did u guys know (im sure u did but anyway :) that the Rangers are the only team to have hosted an NHL All-Star Game, had one of their own named MVP of an All-Star Game, win the Presidents’ Trophy, and win the Stanley Cup in one single season. Pretty damn cool…

  179. ok everyone… stop pretending as if you all busy working… and kaspar… stop checking out that dirty website man… i thought u had “class” lol

  180. If I was Ottawa I’d trade for Lecaliare

    saw him shutout the HABs last year, Montreol treated Jackets like a kids team but he stoned them, and was amazed…then again could be another first year wonder but if I was Ottawa, and its ALWAYS about goaltending since like ’99, I’d get him

  181. Dave

    More than Leclaire would have to the other way for sure…I didnt read all the blogs above entirely; sorry for sounding like I endorse a 1 for 1…you’d have to at least include the Jacket mascot-whatever the hell that thing is

  182. PJ Stock on Mont radio today:

    “Ottawas got big big problems in that room…I heard some stuff.. I cant say it but boy did I hear somestuff about them.. by now you know it wasnt Emery it wasnt Redden…I cant tell you but if they trade the guy you’ll probably find out”

  183. Me thinks its Ruutu ;)

    no…Ruutu is only there this season…he made it sound like its been years and everyone wrongly assumed it was Redden or Emery…probably that Crazy Volchenkov kid showin them all up blockin shots with his face!

  184. good point Mike I like York and he was good with Lindros and Fluery and what did we get another pocket book d-man all because he was sathers pick in Edmonton We shouldve all known then

  185. Kasper, I bet it’s Spezza… He and Emery shared a room I think? And it sounds like they have no problem moving him…

  186. Sorry when I say no problem, I mean no desire to really hold onto him that much as there seem to be many rumors of teams interested in him and Ottawa is prolly hearing their offers

  187. anyway…what i was trying to say is… can we get Evgeny Artyukhin from TB? He is huge, a good skater, got decent hands for a giant… Orr Betts and Shoe put together don’t come half way close to that kid…

  188. mako – i agreed with dave re off the wall deals in general, not your post in particular

    what will nbc do without cindy.

  189. Why is everyone complaining about the drafting? There are 8 homegrown players on the roster. It’s the first time since the Craig Patrick era the Rangers have had that. sure it could be better, but it’s a far cry from 7-8 years ago. I will sign up and give the keys to Anisimov/Grachez/Del Zotto/Sags right now. Those are the best four. Staal is great, Dubi at worst a 3rd line center, Cally is the sparkplug who is developing nicely into a 20-20 guy, Dawes has potential and could score 20, Girardi is a solid 2nd pairing, Henrik is Henrik, etc.

    There’s really nothing the Rangers can trade other than Prucha, Dawes (do NOT trade him!) and picks that have any value. I don’t want the big four going anywhere. Redden can be waived down the road if need be.

  190. All Hail King Henrik on

    Drafting, drafting, drafting…same ‘ol Rangers.

    At least we hit the lottery with Lundqvist–can’t complain too much. All-world goalie (soon to be the undisbutable best) for a 7th round, 205th overall pick. Pretty good, eh?

    BTW, Jessiman had a hat trick the other day for Milwaukee; I think he has 9 or 10 goals on the season.

  191. BillyDeeWilliams – I understand that Vally’s numbers are of a much smaller sample than Hank’s. And I won’t say that Vally’s performace is more impressive. But actually, in a way it is…becuase he has almost no ability to gain momentum and a flow. His games are so sporadic that it’s actually harder in many ways to put up the kind of numbers that Valiquette has put up. He has to practice harder than anyone on the team everyday to stay sharp. And I’m pretty confident that if Vally were to play a stretch of 5 straight games or at least 30-40, he’d still hover around the same numbers. He’s just been that impressive. I really hope he stays in NY, but I’m sure his stock is very high right now.

  192. All Hail King Henrik on

    re: Fritsche

    He wont be traded straight-up for someone of a valued return, but he will be packaged with one or more of a Prucha / Dawes / Kalinin for something of a marginal/decent return: decent rental d-man, #6 forward (scoring winger).

  193. All Hail and everyone, look, the Flyers have been better at drafting than the Rangers, but 8 players is progress, not a beginning, not an end. I’m hoping in a few years to have 14 home growns in the lineup.

    Everyone should just get over the Jessiman pick already; it sucked, but that is on Maloney, he’s not even in the organization anymore. Everyone should just reset and start with 2004 as the beginning of the drafting judgment. And since then I’d like people to argue and say it’s been bad. I’d say Not great ,but pretty good with improvement.

  194. With our luck, the Islanders will finish with something like the fourth-worst record and still get a pick in the top two. They would probably be better served with Hedman anyway.

  195. LI Joe – NBC will do nothing about Sidney unless he is out for their game two Sundays from now. Versus still carries the All-Star Game.

  196. mije a- the rangers tend to draft small players. really hard to win with that in playoffs especially so many of them. yes there are some exceptions like aa and grachev. but the crew on the Rangers already are pretty small. probably why dubi is the great hope since he is bigger than the others.

  197. They’ll be constant mentioning of Sidney Crosby and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a “what’s Sid The Kid up to this weekend?” in between periods segment.

    You know why people liked Gretzky? He wasn’t forced down our throats back then and had a likable personality. He also had that whole Clark Kent aww shucks thing going on. Crosby is nothing like that.

  198. spiderpig – i would be shocked if the isles move out of last. what are they 8 pts back of 2nd to last team. and they’ll tank more if need be trading some people at the deadline. i would love for them to get to 4th from bottom but i just don’t see it.

    i just assumed the game was on nbc since its weekend. wonder if he would have played if the game was on nbc.

  199. LI Joe-yeah, the Rangers are too nice as a franchise. Same thing with the Mets. The Mets were winning when they were the scumbags from Queens.

    The Rangers should keep their small players now who are fine, but concentrate on becoming the NY Ogres. I do like how AA/Grachev have size along with potential role players like Weisse/DuPont/Byers.

  200. mike a – i liked gretzky and the other oilers because they stole the islanders thunder. also beat teams from the east like philly and bost. and finally a few had a small part in the 91-97 era that were good times.

  201. Those were the good ole days when I first started watching hockey in the late 80s and the Rangers won the Patrick Division and Mike Gartner was tearing it up and Leetch/Richter along with Turcotte/Mallette/Broten were learning their trade. I loved the old North Stars (Jon Casey), the Sharks when they came in the league and had the coolest logo, and even though I didn’t really like them, the Flames were pretty bad@ss in those days with Fleury/Roberts/MaCinnis in his prime/Vernon/etc.

    It still always came back to Gretz though.

  202. mike a – even as oilers i was more of a messier fan than gretz. liked that team though the way they played and skated and they had great ice to play on.

  203. LI Joe/Mike A

    Speaking of Rangers/Oilers early 90’s

    I watched a classic game on NHL a few weeks back…Rangers-Kings outdoor game…It got me thinking (because only Adam Graves played in that game and also on 94 cup finals)Dont know where Richter-Leetch were that day…anyway I looked at their end of year roster for 91-92 team…do you know that only 8 players were still with the team when they won the cup?…one of them, Jay Wells, played only a few games in 91-92…another was Joey Kocur….man Neil Smith busted up that team and won the cup! he rolled the dice and if we had fallen short in ’94 he’d be rememebered as a guy who traded away the future

    Think about What Emile Francis did in the sixties, during a different era, building a team that had around 12-13 guys who played together for 4-5 years..and in the end…he won nothing

    Mactavish, Tik, Buek, Graves, Mess, Lowe, Anderson were the ex-Oilers on the 94 Rangers…thats like 40% of the team…in Edmonton they call the Rangers cup winner the Oilers sixth cup

  204. Kaspar, that was from a preseason game at Caesar’s Palace in 1991. If you look, Graves was still wearing #11. It was a 4-4 game and wasn’t on MSG, I remember being pissed I couldn’t see it.

    Wells came from Buffalo for Randy Moller in like Jan or Feb of that year.

    Smith really did gamble that year. It’s almost like a Star Trek scenario, would you go back and change history if there was the chance to hold onto Weight/Amonte/Marchant/Zamenuer and not trade Zubov/Norstrom/Laperreire/Nemchinov/Lafayette if 94 was not a guarantee, but neither was anything in the future. Painfully I wouldn’t change anything before 94 but anything after I would totally change.

    The core of the 94 team though was still Leetch/Richter/Graves/Mess/Larmer/Zubov/Beuk/Lowe/Tik/Nemchinov with Eddi O as the vocal guy.

  205. Oh God – Yahoo Sports has Buttman’s “Wider Nets” agenda story back, and bigger than ever. It doesn’t matter that it got shot down, first time around, to this jerk. The fact that he is pushing for it again proves his agenda is not in the best interests of the league. Damn the owners and the Board of Directors, anyway. When a Commission is so far off the map and out of touch – you get rid of him! He still has his NBA mentality all over him. Over there they score, what, 200 points a game, so something must be wrong with hockey.

    Hey, how about leaving the goal dimensions unchanged, but crediting 2 points for a short-wrister, or deflection, and 3 points for a slapper from 20 feet or more? Or how about eliminating the goalies from the game. Just open net time for 60 minutes, with a permanent four on four even-strength match-up. That way we can have 4 on 2 penalty killing situations! Hey the possibilities are endless for how we can destroy this game and all its links with history, tradition, and recognition, with gimmicks.

    This subversive jerk is the NHL’s version of a terrorist cell.

  206. cakewalk – you’ve read too many conspiracy stories. i’m prob in the minority, but increasing the net slightly (6 inches across and 4 inches in height) would lead to more excitement in the game. as would reducing teams to 24.

  207. Joe Joe Micheletti is on NHL Network…

    about Cros-bi:

    Crosby is being used by NHL as a marketing TOOL (how ironic) … and what’s more funny is that the NHL promotes this guy to a hockey fan… every hockey fan knows who he is… we don’t need to be reminded every second that there is Canadian star that plays hockey in Pittsburgh… here is this young kid being put on the pedestal all over sudden by the league who is really not that good of a player anyway… he is a cocky, dirty, and a sneaky little focker… this new acquired fame is going to hurt his career soon or later…guaranteed

  208. cakewalk..i think that yahoo story is from few year back…this is what they talk about now

    “Unlike the radically shaped larger goals that were designed several years ago, the new test model relies on differently shaped goalposts to promote scoring. The frame of the goal remains sized at six feet by four feet, but the familiar round posts are oval-shaped instead. The long, flatter side of the oval is on the inside of the frame. The theory is that the flat surface will allow pucks to bounce in off of them, rather than hit the outside of a round post and bounce out.”

    the link to full story

  209. how boring the life is w/o the Rangers? but then again.. life with Rangers isn’t more exciting now days either…

  210. I wouldn’t worry too much about Crosby long term. He’s 21 and already starting to seriously hurt himself. His style of diving and scraping on the ice for pucks is going to catch up with him, if it hasn’t already. I think you’ll see him lose that half step ahead, dive for the puck style as he progresses and either his game will have to step up or he’ll be easier to marginalize.

  211. MikeA – Yeah, Crosby will probably be there and they’ll feature him sightseeing in Montreal or some other gay bullshit such as that.

  212. “He also had that whole Clark Kent aww shucks thing going on”

    Hahaha, nice one. Sid Crybaby is a vagina muscle. At least Ovechkin has a likable personality. That shit head seems stuck up, no wonder why half the team left his ass when they all just went to the Cup finals, i mean for the love of god RUTUU left the Pens for a team like the Sens. That should say enough, he didn’t do it for money, he probably did it to get away from that moron.

    I could be wrong aboot all that, but i don’t know. It’s not every year, a team loses the majority of their team when they were 2 wins away from winning the Cup. It makes it a little obvious.

  213. Let’s skip the rest of the 2008-9 season and playoffs and skip to the Amateur Draft in June in Montreal already. According to all the doom and gloom comments here, why even bother to play since the Rangers don’t have a chance? If we build thru the draft, ultimately we’ll acquire enuf cheap talent to compete for the silver chalice. Speaking of that draft, let’s note that the recent Ranger drafts from Russia (Anisimov, Cherepanov (RIP) and Grachev) have been decent. Let’s finally pick up an offensive defenseman from Russia who can play defense as well as put up serious PP points in the person of Dmitri Kulukov, currently a rookie d-man for Drummondville in the Quebec league. He’s currently ranked around 13th in the ISS rankings. To ensure we get him, any trades we do with lower-ranked teams should include a switch in draft position in the first round. If we don’t do it, I assure you the Devils will to acquire a missing piece in their puzzle!

  214. ORR..What Is It Good FOR ??,

    Ruutu was kicking Crosby’s ass when the Sens faced the Pens a few weeks back

  215. Spiderpig, Girardi on there at 19 too… Just goes to show we know who our defensive problems really are and that list proves it…

    and Redden, Rozy and Kalinin are making more money than Girardi, Staal, and Mara… I’d love to flip contracts around… I wouldn’t mind being stuck with Staal for the next 6 years at 6.5, at least we know he wouldn’t be going anywhere, and if we’re making Redden that much why wouldn’t Staal deserve it? He’ll turn out much better than Redden…

  216. Redden takes home 8 mil this year… wow… Lidstrom doesnt even make that much… it is scary to imagine what 8 mil a year can get for the roster… we couldve had more than half of the Hawks roster for that type of dough… unreal… sather must be feeling very proud of this bastard child of a team he build…

  217. All Hail King Henrik on

    If Sather can’t resign Staal due to the contracts handed out to Redden and Roszival, I’m probably going to become a Red Wings fan. Losing a franchse D to cap space eaten up by two schmucks? That might be too much to take as a fan.

    He’d probably either trade Rosi for nothing or let him walk to Europe before he let Staal go, though. Likely, we’ll then be stuck with Redden’s awful contract and Staal’s new deal (prob around $4 mil per, depending on the term).

    I’d much rather keep Roszival and lose Redden. When Rosi is playing to his potential, he’s almost worth his contract; he’s certainly not grossly overpaid. If he plays like he has over the last month or so (on both sides of the puck), he’s worth $3.5-4.5 on the open market (at least before the economic crisis). Too bad it’s impossible to move Redden…

  218. was it really necessary for sather to give redden such huge contract? who the foock was after redden?? why did sather feel that he needs to lock this guy for 6 years at such idiotic rate?? i mean 6 YEARS!! i remember before the season started sather actually was being interviewed on MSG and was asked about redden and his off few years prior to coming to NY… and as we all have heard so many times the rap about change of scenery… u know…at that point i believed him… i was hopeful… but now…the only scenery i wish for redden is a rocking chair on the porch somewhere around outside of North Canada…

  219. EVITAGE

    Haha, nice. Nothing gets me more happy than a Sid Crybaby ass kicking.


    I don’t think Nyr should grab another offensive d-man in the 1st round. They did that the last 2 years. There’s always Kundratek from last season who could potentially be that Euro guy. I don’t know how the draft looks this year, but i think a forward is the way to go. But that’s my opinion. All i want is a good solid 1st round pick, don’t care if it’s a forward, d-man, or maybe even a coach.

  220. ORR

    I realize we’ve picked Sanguinetti and Del Zotto previously, but both are considered projects as far as their defensive zone skills. Kulikov appears to be a two-player with above-average offensive skills. If in fact I’m correct then having several offensiveminded defensman will simply give us serious chips to trade for high quality forwards.

  221. I think the team draft policy these days is to take the best player available at the time. We do seem to have a few good D-men and are stocked at Centre. I imagine we’ll go for a winger this year in the first round unless there’s a no-miss D-man available. We always take one goalie, maybe that will be lower in priority as Wiikman seems to be handling the load in Hartford?

    This all-star break is boring as hell. I might watch the youngstars game to see Dubi and Staal but i’m not wasting my time with the main event. Personally i like the NFL idea of the pro-bowl after the season is over.

  222. If Ruutu or Neil are available, Slats should pull the trigger. The NYR are not gonna get any skill players in return anyway. They need grit. A biter and a fighter will fill the bill for me.

  223. Is it just me or does this All Star selection process suck, and this idea of having a player from each team sucks even more…
    Why are the following players there?
    plus a few other borderline picks.
    They are either big name players, big name players on bad teams who have to send someone or there because of voting irregularities by Habs fans.

    I would have liked to see Kopitar, Marian Hossa, Zherdev, Brad Boyes, Mike Green maybe Semin and Marleau too. There should be a mandatory enforcer spot also to give those guys credit (Carcillo and Orr for me). I hope someone does a Roenick this year….

  224. We need a skilled powerful winger who can deke and score like Roenick ala Sega Genesis NHL 96. Ha.

  225. UKRangers – I can understand no Semin, since he was injured for a while, but Krejci should have replaced Crosby, not St. Louis, especially since Krejci is also a center.

    All Hail – Hopefully, Staal will take Kalinin’s salary next season, and if that is only a one-year deal, he can take Naslund’s salary the next season. It’s not an ideal situation because that means less money for an offensive player, but there has to be salary assured to Staal.

  226. Oh yeah, Krejci isn’t even on the Youngstars roster. What a travesty. I imagine he would be eligible for the Sophomores roster since he only played six games in 2006-07, similar to Dubinsky. Krejci should have made it over his teammate Lucic or Mason Raymond. It’s funny that there are only two defensemen on each roster.

  227. Spiderpig, luckily Staal is signed next year still on his initial contract, so he wouldn’t need one till after next season


    Didn’t Marleau replace someone in the West ?

    Like is said, the All Star game should have one rule, who ever wins, gets home ice advantage in the Cup Finals. That way which ever conference loses, they’ll all blame each other, and there will be more of a rivalry within the East, or West. Then Ovechkin will have more of a reason to run Crybaby, or Malkin cause maybe they missed a chance on winning the All Star game but blew it. Plus that would make the game physical, instead of these faggity smiling, hand shaking, ass tapping, joke telling, pussy ass hockey they play at the All Star game. Boring shit, it’s not even hockey. Cant wait to see Chara trying to be a puck hog again, asshole !

    I might have read this wrong, but TSN says if Sid Crybaby doesn’t go to Montreal and get involved in the outdoor thing, what ever it is, then he’ll be suspended 1 game. WOW !!

    If i played in the NHL, and was in the All Star game, id play the game, and i would target everyone from the West, and deliver monster hits, and cheap shots, and if they don’t like it, blame Buttman. That’s some of the biggest BS ever. This league is a joke

  229. akayama – a post by you that doesn’t reference dawes. how can i be sure it’s really you.

  230. hell yea orr!! the skills competition should have some enforcers there having a beatdown contest, the fastest knockout, the hardest hit competition (which is determined by whos got the most brain damage and broken bones after the hits) and last but not least, a medeivel hockey joust with 1 enforcer from each conference gettin on a supercharged zamboni and have them go straight at each other with hockey sticks and see who can whack or knock off the other guy first

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