Voros and Fritsche in for Korpikoski and Prucha


So Tom Renney’s experiment one day becomes a reality the next. The coach will sit down two of his most energetic players in favor of Dan Fritsche, who hasn’t played in 20 games, and Aaron Voros, who has missed the last five.

Renney said the move was more a match-up decision against the bigger, physical Ducks. Although Prucha hadn’t been told as much by Renney, we passed along what the coach told the media after the morning skate.

“You know more than me,” an amused Prucha said. “Aaron is a bigger, stronger guy than me, so he can play more physical. So if coach wants to match up against bigger players, he’s probably a better player than me for that.”

Spoken like a true good soldier.

Meanwhile, Korpikoski didn’t seem too annoyed, either, perhaps because he’s emerged from these benchings before.

“Of course it’s disappointing when you’re not playing,” Korpikoski said. “You want to play every game. But you do what the coach tells you to do. There’s nothing you can say or do. You just keep working hard and when you get the opportunity again, be a little bit better again. I’ve been in this situation before and it doesn’t help to pout. You just have to stay positive and have a good attitude.”

Some other notes:

<li>Voros is expected to skate with Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev; Fritsche will play on the right side with Chris Drury and Nigel Dawes. The other lines will stay the same.

<li>Korpkikoski at least showed his father a good time this weekend. The rookie said his father was so impressed with the first-class treatment, he was snapping photos of the inside of the hotel room in Chicago.

<li>As of now, the Rangers plan to be off after tonight until next Monday at 3 p.m.. There were rumblings that the team could squeeze in another practice at 9 a.m. tomorrow, but that hasn’t been decided upon.

More later. I’m off to watch history…

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  1. Tom Foolery January 20th, 2009 at 11:41 am

    On the heels of Claude Lemieux coming out of retirement to sign with San Jose, rumor has it that Glenn Sather has been in contact with former Devil defenseman Ken Daneyko to join the Rangers. The two are working on a multi-year deal. “Ken gives us that hard hitting physical presence that’s been missing on our blue line since Jeff Beukeboom’s last concussion 10 years ago”, Sather said. Daneyko would join the list of Devils who have had great success since moving to the right side of the Hudson, such as Scott Gomez, Bobby Holik, John Mclean, and Bruce Driver. Daneyko would be paired with Damitri Kalinin as the #1 defense tandem. Marc Staal will be sent to Hartford on a conditioning assignment.

    Good times!

  2. Pavel, I agree. Renney is so full of shit. Yesterday it was “don’t count on these lines…” bull shit tom. Go eff yourself.

    Why not sit Dawes? He’s little and has 1 point in his last 5 games! Why not give Naslund and Gomez a break. Long week coming up, both haven’t done ANYTHING in a while! Fuck this POS coach. He needs to be canned immediately.

  3. You know somethings a bad move when Sam let’s his real feelings seep through like that. How ridiculous this move is, but what else is new?

    Renney is to Rangers as Bush was to America. (Hope this new kid is all he’s cracked up to be…)

  4. Right, the big guys are needed against the Ducks. Dawes, Gomez, Drury, Sjostrom and Callahan will intimidate with their size and strength.

  5. More importantly, is it Lundqvist or Valiquette? I assume Lundqvist at this point since no change has been noted, but yesterday I figured Valiquette.

  6. if the SJO fits on

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    i have two tix at $89 a piece (face value), in section 234.

    email: nouhfecks@aol.com if your interested.

    they will be playing the hurricanes.

  7. Seriously, 5 days off? WTF??? Minimite teams don’t go that long without practices.

    And Prucha on the bench again? Dumb ass move. I’ve always been pro-renney, but i’m really doubting him now.

  8. Salty please stop with the politics and Bush bashing. It’s old you know, just like the Renney bashing.

  9. if the SJO fits on

    i cant say i completely disagree with the voros move.
    people were praising this guy during the first month.
    maybe the fact that he’s been out all this time makes him a hungrier player than it has all year. he knows he’s capable of doing things like he did during october, so maybe we’ll see him park his ass in front of the net like he needs two against this physical team, and maybe we’ll see the playstation line get back to where they belong.

  10. I’m still not sure how I feel about Obama. I consider him a “Drury”. Emperor has no clothes situation, but you’ll never know it with MSG (MSNBC?) calling the play by play.

  11. Just spoke to a buddy of mine that knows Parros and he just texted him saying he is not sure he will be skating tonight. So guess Renney bringing in the size and effing with Korp and Pru’s mojo was all for naught.

    and True Blue (repost)

    Don’t disagree with your assesments about Pru and Korp. Just think you are not giving Dawes as much credit as he deserves. A good hockey player should not be measured on just goals and assists. To say that Dawes is in a funk lately to me shows you have not been watching him of late. With that said I missed the pitt game on sunday (first game i’ve missed in over 3 seasons) and I heard Dawes did not have a great game in the defensive zone. Anyway, I think we are both in agreeance here Reeney being a dope for taking out Pru and Korp…. just not agreeing on who should come out. Not an easy answer… If it is up to me…. we go out with same group as we did on sunday…

  12. Renney — at home, against a team that is hardly thriving — again shows how terrified he is, how reactive, how much he worries about matching up with average teams rather than daring them to match up with his.

    Fear, doubt, anxiety. Renney is the home office of all these and more.

  13. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Renney got my sister pregnant. Renney raped my father. Renney blah blah blah. We get the point.

  14. “The other lines will stay the same.”

    Hilarious. Because God knows you can’t touch that Naslund-Gomez-Callahan trio that is making everyone forget Graves-Messier-Kovalev.


    thats all renney is right now.. he’s grabbing at straws, or throwing shit at the wall to see if it will stick.. b/c if you ask me voros’ play is shit..! he’s done nothing since october.. he can hardly even skate, let alone he benefitted from zherdevs play as did dubinstink.! it’s just a joke at this point, all these contracts we can’t or refuse to move.. voros, pissmiller, fritcshe etc etc… move them, demote them or just flat out dont play them unless injury or someone really really sucks..! but at this point whats the reasoning for benching 2 guys that play balls out every single night in favor of 2 schleprocks..! ugh i hate you renney i hate you, you ned flanders looking jerk..!

  16. Renney is insane, he is an eccentric weirdo. He is out of touch with reality. And the only 2 people with balls and brains to point it out are Messier and I.

  17. Its pretty sad (JJP, Beer Me, LI Joe can agree with this) when Drury, Redden, Rozsival and Kalinin all haven’t been bad…Drury even having a GREAT game against the blackhawks…and Tom the great has to go start eff’ing with shit again. Sit the guys who are playing poorly! Hell Tom, you, Pearn, Gomez, and Naslund should take the night off and go to the strip club! The four of you haven’t shown up for a game in weeks anyway!!

  18. cakewalk,

    trust me renney and sather on the same page…Sather’s page. Sather showed some intelligence by not resigning Shanny and Jagr, but then immediately undid that by signing Redden/Roszival and Rismissler/Voros. If Sather really wanted to play youth, they would be playing.

    Besides seeing Staal develop, I’d be hard pressed to take any positive out of this year thus far and when we, in all likelihood, don’t win the Stanley cup. Dubinsky seems to be regressing/Zherdev isn’t used well and besides is very inconsistent and no one other young player of any value has gotten a chance to develop for the good of the future of the team (tho probably only two or three players in hartford right now actually have a future in the NHL). Sure Cally and Dawes have gotten to play, but only Cally really has any promise and that is as a great 3rd line player, not a first liner.

    Sad thing is, this is basically our team for the next few years, unless Sather/Renney are fired. gotta hope the russians get a chance in the future and a few of these stiffs are waived

  19. Drury, Gomez, Sjostrom, and Betts do not finish their checks. Prucha does. Korpikoski has to throw more hits as well.

  20. great SJustrom plays another game over Lori or Peter and that is because?

    Fritsche!! Just send him down or trade him..Prucha sitting is a friggin joke..

    Renny is a jackass, not as stupid as Sather but it is close….

  21. there are no practices for 5 days by league rules……….

    again I can see getting Voros in the game but no to fritsche and why is orr or sjustrom not out of the lineup..

    Fritsche and Voros give us more scoring!!!!!!!

    No fffff’in way

  22. A new coach needs to take over the team and make soft scumbags like Drury finish every goddamn check possible.

    This 4th line is the most impotent line in the NHL. It needs to be gone.

  23. Shjoestrom and Betts (BOB!) are not problems for this team. They are the freaking 4th line and they shouldn’t have to put up 40 points each for this team to win. Obviously, when the other 9 forwards are only putting up 40 points on the season AND the coach plays the 4th line 16 minutes a game, then what they’re producing now is a problem! However, don’t blame Betts and Shjoestrom! Blame Renney for mis-managing their icetime and blame the other 9 forwards for not doing their jobs! I’m sick of people who don’t understand the sport implying that this team doesn’t score enough because of Betts and Shjoestrom!! First, they’re not top-6 or even top-9 forwards! Second, Renney over-plays them which doesn’t mean they then have the skills to produce more! it just means Renney is dumb!!!

  24. Stuart, obviously if Renney’s trying to add size you WOULD NOT take Orr out. Hahaha. Bob, there’s a couple 4th lines in the NHL that score. The majority of them don’t have 15 goal scorers, and on a team where there may be only two 20 goal scorers you’re asking for diamonds out of Tom Renney’s ass cheeks. I know he’s anal retentive, but he ain’t a magician. Deal with it.

  25. Repost

    Enough on Shanny, we don’t have him, he is a Devil, and he is the enemy now. I love the guy, I wish him well, but it is water under the bridge now.

    On to tonight. I am done with Voros. Unless he subs in on occasion for Orr on the fourth line, I don’t want to see him in the line up anymore. If we put him in for Orr on occasion and also used him in front of the net on the PP, fine, but other than that, no thank you. Ever since I saw him take a penalty that led to a goal and then saw him on the bench smiling and laughing later in the game, that we lost, I have no desire to see him at all. Prucha and Korpi have been playing leaps and bounds better than Voros. Even when they are not producing, they are at least creating chances. When was the last time Voros did anything besides NOTHING and lose a fight? His feel good story, new Sean Avery BS is over. He was a feel good story when he competed and played with some balls to start the season. Love him or hate him, the guy will never replace Avery. I hope that he is in for someone other than Prucha or Korpi tonight. And Fritsche? What has he really done all year? Except act cocky like he deserves a spot on the first line. Take him, Voros, and Rissmiller and send them back in time to live in Hill Valley to live with Doc Brown and drive the manure truck, because that is what they play like.

  26. Trues fans, I am mostly with you. but I agree with Ford that Renney isn’t dumb (as you say) but instead very very fearful.

  27. True – have you given it any logical thought before you write to sit Gomez and Naslund? Pretend you’re the head coach, you like your job.

    You have a team that is one point out of the division lead and the other teams have a game or two in hand. Ie the team is still very much in the hunt.

    No one on the roster who is sitting or in Hartford is as good a player or a substitute for Gomez or Naslund (or even Drury, Redden, Rozsival). While these guys might not be playing great, even at 75% they give you more of a chance to win a game than the roster dregs and potential call ups.

    Benching one of the above mentioned guys doesn’t make your team any better and could have the effect of disengaging them for the rest of the year. The coaches goal is to win hockey games and also to keep his job. Benching a veteran doesn’t help him accomplish either one of those.

    Valid arguments could be made for benching Dawes, Callahan, Sjostrom or Orr as these guys are ones who play on the margin.

    I’m pretty sure though that the level of bitching about the lineup changes would be the same regardless of who it was.

  28. Eklund now saying the Devs, Rangers and Ducks are looking at Vinny! How is that even possible. 10m a year with the contracts sather has hand-cuffed us with! Not a chance…

  29. I don’t even care about them scoring, but can they at least intimidate with hard hitting? Betts and Sjostrom are soft as butter.

    “Unfortunately, the only tradeable player on this team is Staal… and if he’s traded…. ugh.”

    moronic statement

  30. If only coaches like Ruff and Stevens and Keenan and Carlyle didn’t completely refute your argument by getting vastly improved play from veterans who were sat out for a game when they deserved to be — while also sparking their teams to end stretches of lousy play that led to the need for such benchings!— you might have a point.

  31. Whats happened to being able to bench a star? Its not like Billy “fist and booze” Martin is yanking Reggie out during the middle of the game!!

    If you “lose” a star with a single game on the pine you’ve lost him anyway

    Some of you guys are being brainwashed by all the politically correct stuff that comes out of Renny’s mouth..

  32. jjp, you wrote “No one on the roster who is sitting or in Hartford is as good a player or a substitute for Gomez or Naslund (or even Drury, Redden, Rozsival).”

    Over a full season, no doubt you are right. For a night? To send a message that lazy, unstructured, unproductive play will not be tolerated by team leaders? Dead wrong.

  33. I take Hollweg when he hits like a madman over Betts and Sjostrom any day.

    You mean like what he did in Game 3 against Pitt costing us any chance of winning the series? Yeah, sign me up for that.

  34. I dunno.

    Whatever reasoning there is (and for the record Renney only added the size thing today, yesterday it was about not having these guys sit for too long)…

    Korpi has looked pretty damn good on the (3rd?) line with Dubi and Z. Prucha has looked damn good on the (2nd?) line with Dru and Dawes.

    It seems a lot like fixing what isn’t broken to me.

    I’ll gladly say I was wrong if Voros and Fritche add something tonight (at least one goal between them and an assist)… but I’m not optimistic.

  35. Ford – valid point. Although Keenan has had minimal success since 1994 and Ruff’s teams have missed the playoffs in 3 of the last 5 seasons. Too early to tell what sort of track record Stevens and Carlyle will have.

    I would point out that majority of coaches don’t coach that way and I think a guy like Renney would have less credibility if he all of sudden started.

  36. Can anybody recall a single big hit from Sjostrom or Betts? Hollweg delivered hundreds.

  37. Salty
    January 20th, 2009 at 12:10 pm
    You know somethings a bad move when Sam let’s his real feelings seep through like that. How ridiculous this move is, but what else is new?

    Renney is to Rangers as Bush was to America. (Hope this new kid is all he’s cracked up to be…)

    Maybe Sather should see if Patrick Ewing or Michaek Jordon to coach the Rangers?

  38. Ford and wd40 I agree. Renney probably does coach out of fear. That’s why he overplays veterans (Weekes, Shanahan, Straka when he was hurt, etc…). That’s why he’s afraid to call his veterans out. Although, and this does disprove JJP, he did sit Nylander for 3rd periods when he was getting lazy.

    JJP. Renney can do it to the players he dislikes, he’s done it. Hell, i’d be happy if after Gomez takes one of those dumb penalties he sits him just like he sat Zherdev and Dubinsky earlier this year for marginal penalties.

    You can’t expect all players to be responsible if they aren’t all held accountable.

  39. “Kaspar, you still reading that bum? You know he’s wrong with everything”

    Hey 22!
    Sometimes he mentions me; and sometimes I’m going to warm-weather sites like Miami (e2) or Phoenix (e4)

  40. No secret that I’m a Renney supporter — and by “supporter”, I mean there’s no better man for the job at this moment, right now, at this point in the season. I also think he’s doing the best he can with the hand he has been dealt. That’s not to say I don’t have my issues with some of his decisions. But, I want to preface, any disdain doesn’t mean I’ve jumped on the hate wagon by any stretch of the imagination whatsoever.

    That being said, I’m very disappointed in the recent lineup adjustment.

    Dan Frische is an AHL-caliber hockey player. So is Aaron Voros. Forget ability, they don’t have the hockey mind to play in the NHL.

    So size and speed mean nothing to me when the mind isn’t up to par.

    I’ve watched/seen enough from both of them to know that they don’t stimulate game change an iota more than Petr Prucha.

    Granted Prucha was somewhat ineffective the last two games, he still played hard and produced signigicantly more than Aaron Voros had all season, and WAY more than the NOTHING Dan Fritsche has.

    I can’t help but wonder if his 5 game stint was merely a showcase for a trade. I also don’t understand why we haven’t waived any of these guys…

    At the halfway point in the season, I’d much rather have Brendan Shannahan, who obviously still knows how to score, than all three of them; not to mention Rissmiller.

    So, forget coaching… that’s a MAJOR GM blunder.

    Lou Lamoriello outsmarts Glen Sather for the 100th time in last decade…. getting old, really.

  41. Renney is an idiot. I could understand Voros, but why Fritsche ? This guy is useless. What’s next, Rismiller makes a comeback ?? Just bring up Artie, and see what he can do. If anything, he’ll bring exactly what Fristche will bring.

    Renney is a lying piece of shit, he never tells everyone the real reason behind scratching someone. This is all bullshit excuses. Pruchs is just as big as Cally, and Dawes. It makes no sense. What a moron.

    Hopefully these two do something good tonight.

  42. This is a joke. They should be trading Voros and Fritsche, not giving them ice time. The coaching staff seems determined to sabotage any actual success this team might have.

  43. Hollwegg sucked… yeah big hit game 4(if I remember correctly) against the Pens that was one of his many mronic hits from behind…

    If I remember correctly this little team beat the Ducks about 2 weeks ago!!!!

    Vinny is not coming to the Rangers or the devils.. The Devils have about 12 guys 32 or older in there lineup…..

    If Prucha and Lori are a 1 game move then whatever.. Again I play VOros over Orr or SJustrom going forward………

  44. Hitting isn’t the entire game, Bobby Bonfire. Having a brain and knowing you’re about to board a guy, get a 5-minute major, and lose a playoff series for your team *probably* supercedes the need for a player to hit hard. (sarcasm)

  45. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yo ( ORR) I liked this post ya made after the last Game:

    ” Getting shut out by Marc Andre Flukey ?? Totally embarrassing. The dads should go down on the ice, and kick the shit out of their kids for the way they played. Except Mr. Vally. He’s probably too drunk, and tired to do that.

    I miss Avery. I don’t know why. But all of a sudden im really missing that guy. Who knows maybe if we bring him back, Redden would consider waiving his NTC.”

    Yeah well said and kinda funny!!

    Rangers playing a west team again…maybe because its not a Divisional game , we just might win!!??

  46. Greg you miss Avery because he had Ba**s and the games were fun to watch…

    You think any current Ranger knocks Brodeaur on his ass like Aves did in ’07??

    Exciting games have been few and far between…we may be nothing more than a .500 team but I’d rather win or lose 5-4 then 2-1…I could care less about Hank’s vezina trophy aspirations

  47. I agree with Pavel that Dawes is a smurf opportunist player who does little but wait for a teammate to do the hard work to set him up in the high slot. notice he does not go to the front of the net, but tries to tip shots from the point 30 feet from the net. and he is not gritty in the corners either. he is NOT a playoff type winger at all, but more of a perimeter fancy dan opportunist.

  48. Fritsche / Prucha are trade bait at this point, nothing more.

    It’s obvious the Rangers have no plans keep them around. Being from Columbus, I’ve watched Fristche a lot and he’s a solid 3rd/4th liner. The reason he doesn’t help is because the majority of the Rangers team is made of of solid 3rd/4th liners.

    I’m glad to see Voros back in the lineup. Him, Dubie, and Z had a great start and maybe they can get some of it back.

  49. We need a rebound specialist as well. Like 95% of Cally’s shots result in a big rebound by whatever goalie, but there’s NEVER anyone there to bang in the garbage goal.

  50. “I’m glad to see Voros back in the lineup. Him, Dubie, and Z had a great start and maybe they can get some of it back.”

    Don’t get your hopes up. Dubinsky may be solid, but Zhervalev will just lose the puck.

  51. Voros and Fritsche deserve to be in the lineup again. It’s that simple. Voros has more goals in 40 games with NYR this season than Prucha has in his last 80, and Korpikoski is extremely underwhelming and should really be in the AHL right now.

    I would rather the completely useless Orr and Sjostrom take a seat instead, but Renney has always had a weird and misguided fascination with awful 4th liners (see: Hollweg, Ryan).

  52. Rangers are Minus 140. Ducks are Plus 120. Which means to win a net $100 on the Rangers you need to wager $140 up front to get $240 back. You back the Ducks by putting up $100. If you win you collect $220, gross.

    Rangers look like an underlay, here, Ducks are the play. If these two teams were even, the Ducks price should be +120, consistent with the road team winning 45% of the time in the NHL. BUT, the Ducks are a much better team, so they are an overlay. If I were a book posting a line on this game I would post -110 for each side. Bet the Ducks while rooting for the Rangers.

  53. the guys like Callahan who really bang in the corners are few and far between on the Rangers.

    Renney? how in the hell does he expect to score goals if there is very little forechecking. all he wants is 5 guys clogging up the neutral zone like a Jock-itch Lemaire clone.

    snooze-alarm Renney hockey.

  54. I don’t like the line changes, but unlike you all, I understand that Renney’s hands are tied. He has two spare forwards that need to get playing time and 2 forwards who could go for the game off or so. I’m sure it was not a flick of his wrist decision.

  55. onecupin67years on

    Maybe Voros can change his number to 14 and his name to Shanahan then he’ll get more ice time

  56. nasty – the worst of a player laughing in the face of defeat was Vic hadfield in the penalty box in game 7 vs the flyers. that caused many ranger fans to switch to the isles and also led to hadfield leaving the rangers. ah the bad memories

  57. Li joe
    I remember that like it was yesterday…the only thing I learned later; much later..is that Brad park said Hadfield was laughing at how the Flyers could pummel Rangers all series long and get away with a lot of penalties and here he was called with 2-3 minutes left in Game 7

    I dont know if thats true but I remember talking with kids the next day who were all very pissed that he was shown on NBC laughing as the rangers went down…we all celebrated his trade for….the one and only…Greg Polis

    yeah…ugly memory number 37

  58. people talking rissmiller now. the guy played 2 games and is surely in ahl for rest of season even if we had 120 in juries. with 2 + seasons left we can not afford the 1/2 cap hit if we brought him back and he was claimed

  59. kaspar, wasn’t nick beverley the chump the NYR got for Hadfield? I remember that Sunday aft in ’74 too well. The Rangers scored the first goal but were chasing it from that moment on. seeing Hadfield laugh in the box was killing; as I recall he was chatting up the sin bin attendant.

  60. BestLines (sadly) on

    Naslund – Gomez – Drury
    Voros – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Dawes – Fritsche – Callahan
    Sjostrom – Betts – Orr

    Staal – Rozsival
    Mara – Girardi
    Redden – Kalinin

  61. When you make gutsy stickhandling plays like Zherdev and Kovalev do you are bound to make some terrible turnovers.

    Same with hittng, when you throw so many monster hits you are bound to get called for some of them.

  62. Thats a good story LI Joe except I hate how the media seem to be very forgiving to these idiot GMs who handcuff their teams and blame the CBA or Bettman…

    Long before the cap Elmer Fudd in NJ let these guys walk…lemieux,Mclean,Richer,Holik etc and then Neidemeyer too… and yet maintained a competitive team and three time champion team!! Why does the current Cap excuse these no-brain GMs….Redden 6 years??
    Dipi 15 years??/ c’mon already

  63. I haven’t been one to get too riled up about Renney, but this move boggles my mind. Voros has been a non-factor since mid October. He has had ample time to turn his play around and has yet to show any improvement.
    To bench Prucha and Korpedo, both who have played well the last few outings, is just plain insanity.

    And since when has Voros played physical hockey? He can’t fight, and it seems all he does is get stuck in a corner and then knocked down by players half his size.

    I just fear what this does to the confidence of Korpedo and Prucha.

  64. Nevermind that I am a Renney hater, and am dsigusted with these line changes, but here’s my questions:

    is THIS game a showcase for Fristche and Voros?
    Maybe Sather got hi head out of his ass and realizes there are one too many 3rd/4th liners getting paid a million bucks?

    When , IF EVER, is Sather gonna get off his ass and get rid of the dead weight, and bring up a back up Dman

    BEtween Renney and Sather I jsut cant stand or even understand there moves or motives.

    PLEASE get rid of Voros & Fristche and bring in a part WE NEED!!!

    See you boys and girls after otngihts game

    LEts go Rangers

  65. Renney is an idiot … I agree with playing Voros but bench Sjostrom not your arguably 2 best players for the past few games … what has Sjostrom done? …

    Playing Fritsche? that is really weird …

  66. I just want to let everyone know that Tom Renney is closing in on that point of the year where no Ranger coach ever gets past( except Emille Francis that is)…its about 3-1/2 years ( Neilson, Campbell, Brooks all got the ax in the latter half of their 4th seasons)

    so that means if Renney completes the year he will be the longest tenured coach the Rangers have had since the Cat couldn’t give away the head coaching job…

  67. I meant since he began the 2005-06 season…I didnt include that little bit at the end of 2003-04 that Renney coached or else…he already is the longest service Ranger coach!!

  68. not a fan of this move at all. Has anyone ever seen Voros throw a decent check? I could knock him off his skates and I’m a fat slob!! Thinking that by playing Voros over Prucha the Rangers somehow neutralize Anaheims size is assinine.

    He’s 6′-3″ but he plays like he’s 5′-8″. Prucha is 5′-8″ and he plays like he is 6′-3″. Prucha is 10 times the hockey player that Voros is. WTF!!!!

  69. Rob L.
    January 20th, 2009 at 4:08 pm
    not a fan of this move at all. Has anyone ever seen Voros throw a decent check? I could knock him off his skates and I’m a fat slob!!

    Very funny Rob.

  70. I like Prucha, but I think it’s time that his agent asked for a trade. The kid deserves a chance to play on a regular basis. I’ll cheer for him wherever he ends up.

  71. Voros has almost twice as many goals as Prucha and Korpikoski do COMBINED, you clueless windbags.

    This is the dumbest collection of Ranger fans I know of on the ‘net, seriously. All bark and no brains.

  72. pavel -the deal would be fine if there was no cap. but alas there is and it’s coming down so no way we can get another expensive contract.

  73. Im loving this Pavel posting today….funny and sarcastic…and he hates dawes like i do…go team!

  74. “Prucha + Dawes + prospect + 1st should get us something good.”

    it could probably get you Bouwmeister, and then sign him and send Redden to Hartford and voila !

  75. stemmer – bowmeister is vastly overrated. within a very short period of time people would be complaining about him and his performance vs his salary. and giving up a number 1 and a prospect for that privledge i don’t think so. i don;t see redden going to ahl (except under dire cap circumstances in 2 yrs – certainly not next yr)

  76. “Voros has almost twice as many goals as Prucha and Korpikoski do COMBINED, you clueless windbags.”

    Thats Mister Clueless Windbag to you!

  77. Sam Snead

    Then go elsewhere for your “intellectual” Ranger banter :)

    Better yet. Tell us where a “brighter” colletion of Rangers fans post :)

  78. A note to Brandon We all know you`re a Renny supporter as in the function of ATHLETIC you hold up his pellet sizes balls as he blunders around and compounds Sathers mistakes. Give me a F***** break please.

  79. The last thing dawes did was beat Pronger, Pavel? Do you actually watch the games or does someone sit next to you and explain what’s going on on the ice while you’re occupied with something else? Stemmer, dawes doesn’t go to the front of the net? I seem to recall at least two of his goals from there. In particular, I recall Dawes resurrecting the Rangers with the key late 3rd period goal against Tim Thomas earlier in the year on the way to our 3-2 overtime victory. You dolts actually think that it’s a shortcoming of Dawes that he can score goals from everywhere in the offensive zone. i believe that’s a rare strength on this anemic Ranger team. Don’t you understand dawes, as a LW, doesn’t compete with either Prucha or Fritsche for playing time–they are exlusively RWs! It’s korpi and Voros that play LW, and I agree with you that Prucha should be playing tonite. Dawes is tied for second in gamewinning goals (4 out of his eight markers were winners). He’s a winner and today’s critics are the losers cause to quote Imus: “They don’t get it!”

  80. wd40 –

    You are right, with a minute to go in the 1974 season, trailing eventual Cup winner Philadelphia by a goal, Captain Vic took a penalty and was enjoying some levity with someone in the penalty box. That was his last game as Ranger Captain and as a Ranger. Emile had no choice but to trade the man who was like a son to him. Emile traded Bob Nevin, a tremendous contributor here, with lots of mileage left, to promote Vic to the captaincy. It still grieves me that Emile and Vic are not on speaking terms, to this day. Not even a “hello” when they shared the same booth at an MSG reunion just a few years ago.

    There was a time when things were better, between them. November of 1965, for example, when Vic led 10 Rangers over the end board plexiglass at the old Garden, in defense of Emile who was sitting near the goal judge and who was being heckled by some out of town fans when he disputed a goal judge non-call. One of the most dramatic moments in hockey history, that was – 11 Rangers, led by Vic, actually scaling the glass and going into the stands, in a mad frame of mind, during a game. (A Sunday night game vs. Detroit.) Good times and good memories, those are.

  81. Boumeister is far better than Redden. and younger. is he overrated? not as much as Redden and Rosival.

    I have seen him play numerous times. he has 10 goals, 16 assts, is plus 4 on a not great team, and plays over 27 mins a game. he actually is just learning to be more offensively assertive, not just a defensive zone player.

    Rosival, for instance, has 7 -16, is minus 10, and plays only 22 mins per game

    Redden has 2-15 , is minus 8, and plays 21 mins

  82. stemmer – they will not send redden to hartford at least through next yr when the cap gets dicey. rozy might go back to europe. i stand by my opinion of bowmeister – what has fla done with him. and we simmply can not afford another high end contract. if it was as easy as putting redden on waivers fine. but still not replaced by bowmeister but rather replaced by a hartford guy. but newsflash if we put redden on waivers no one would claim him not with 5 1/2 yrs left at $ 6.5 mm per.

  83. cakewalk, my father (who saw his first Ranger game in 1932!) was at that game when Hadfield went over the glass, and the next morning he couldn’t stop talking about it while I was eating my cornflakes. But I didn’t know that Emile and Vic were not on speaking terms, is that really true? Very sad if so, life is too short.

  84. cakewalk,
    it was a to many men on the ice penalty the rangers took in game 7. hadfield just served it.

  85. the wizard of Dawes on

    give us a break, akayama. if you think that Dawes will stand in front of the net to block a goalie’s vision, like Holmstrom, you are clueless. what you are referring to is him on a couple occasions sneaking in from the weak side away from the pack to pick up loose rebounds garbage and be just what they said, an OPPORTUNIST.

    but what we do remember is him getting into a playoff game vs Buffalo a couple years ago, and being the goat on 2 goals against by being lax on 2 separate backchecking assignments.

    and he certainly is a poor corner man for a winger, small and easily outmuscled for the puck

  86. what is the big deal about voros playing instead of korpikoski. korpikoski does not need to play every game. 50 or so would be enough to get good expierance as a rookie. voros has size, and does play physical game, something the rangers lack up front. as far a prucha goes, are we really surprised? if he succeeds, renney looks like a fool for the way he handled him. so of course first chance he gets he will scratch him.

  87. rather dead than Redden on

    who cares if no one claims Redden? leave him in Hartford. it is not your money. he still gets paid his dough, and the Rangers get rid of a blunder.

  88. Yo, brainmaster ‘Akayama49’ … you are the leader of the brain-washed ranger clowns. Drury has played both center wing, limited experience at wing and (if you play) you know there’s a much greater difference between playing center and one of the wings than between each wing. Prucha has played both wings, and even center a couple years back when Straka was hurt. Hell, Fritsche is naturally a center! And even Korpi did time playing center and wing! Renney didn’t make this move to keep guys at their natural position, that’s a load of horse-shit and I can’t believe you buy it.

  89. rather dead- i’m simply saying they won’t send redden down this yr or next. after that we’ll see depending on overall cap and their own youth but not to sign other free agents that is not the way to go. obviously we both agree never should have signed him huge blunder. and by the way if a team gets a rep for sending free agents to ahl, agents will steer their clients to other teams.

  90. i believe redden has a no move contract. which means he cannot be sent down. agents started asking for this in contracts because teams were sending guys down for salary cap relief. big name players would spend the season in the ahl, like mclaren this year.

  91. Brandon Management ??????????????????? LOL ROFL What now you even curse out Clueless`s critics and in Yiddish no less. YOU ARE PRICELESS you probably punch like Semin too,ya know like a girlyman. I`m not to knowledgable on Yiddish but I think I would be pretty close to say you and the one you support( both physically and emotionally kinda like a gay marriage) are PUTZS or whatever they call the foreskin when they cut it off

  92. Sam Snead, don’t forget Voros has played twice as many games as Prucha and about 5 more than Korp. He also has 3 PPG and was playing consistantly on the 2nd pp unit. Sans for a couple of games, neither Prucha or Korpo get many chances to play the PP. You cannot compare the ice time Voros has had to what Prucha or Korpo have had this year. Besides, you need to compare what each player brings when they are not scoring. Compare these factors… energy, physicality, playmaking, up tempo, forechecking, corner work (I don’t believe there is anyone better than Prucha in the corners), speed, tenacity, or willingness to take a beating in front of the net. I don’t believe Voros compares favorably to either Prucha or Korpo when not scoring especially if he is eating up the playing minutes.

  93. Voros = Too Slow
    Renney = Doesnt know how to use players

    Voros never reaches his check and winds up skating around in circles or hooking. He should be used on the 2nd PP unit as a screen, period if he plays at all.

  94. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Guys like Messier would have a sit down with Redden and light a fire under his ass!! Renney was so use to sucking up to Jagr that it has carried on to Gomez and Drury , the new Poster boys. Gomez and Redden need to be told , because it looks like they are not playing because they have a contract when they should be playing like they want a contract. Renney and Messier clash , I wonder why.

    I’m not a hater , If I don’t like a certain player I try too anyways because like him or not , he is wearing a Rangers Jersey. Enough said.

    Voros and Fritchie in vs the Ducks is good . Think about it , theses guys are spare parts that can throw thier body around with out the risk of injury to Prucha or Korpi , get it? anddddddddd like someone said Players in and out only mean showcasing.

    KILL those ducks!!! Lost thier mojo now that Burkey is out.
    what team adds the stuiped name Mighty to the name and when we finnaly get used to it, they change to just the Ducks. Dumazz team!!

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