Shanny scores, Rangers wince


How exactly should you feel about Brendan Shanahan scoring a goal in his Devils debut? I don’t know. That’s a personal question.

But I’d gather there’s at least a tinge of regret in seeing a one-time heart-and-soul Blueshirt now celebrating in Devils red-white-and-black (and wearing No. 18, no less). It’s true, Shanahan was only a shell of his former self by the end of last season, so slow and ineffective that his ice time allotment became a growing source of tension within the team.

But if you buy the theory that Shanahan was merely playing hurt for most of last season and now has the benefit of fresh legs, there is a chance the Rangers may have passed up on bringing back a charismatic Hall of Fame-caliber player for relatively little. That’s all conjecture, mind you. And it’s all said in the afterglow of Shanahan scoring one 5-on-3  goal. Maybe we should wait for one of those back-to-back games when Shanahan might look every bit his 40 years before deciding whether it was the right or wrong move.

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As for the current Rangers, it sounds like Aaron Voros and Dan Fritsche will play tonight at the expense of Lauri Korpikoski and Petr Prucha, but we’ll confirm later from the skate…


Great story in the New York Times today by Katie Thomas “about the death of amateur hockey player Don Sanderson and the fighting debate it has helped fuel”: Regardless of which side of the issue you fall on — I admit, I go back and forth — it’s a heartbreaking story.


On a much lighter note, the boys at the Faceoff blog are channeling the spirit of Inauguration Day with this important question: “Which athlete would make the best President?”:

Too bad Colton Orr is Canadian. He’d have been a lock in my book.

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  1. well shanny is a goal scorer and its not surprising its juyst that after about 40 more games we’ll see how he does. i think he’ll be fine. with our luck he’ll score 20. but honestly if we had signed him we’d be screwed at the deadline and even more guys sitting out for the sake of maybe a few more goals when id rather let the young guys get as much time in. shanny would be a help but wouldnt be enough for a cup so sather did the right thing and even though im dissappointed with alot of our young guys this year id rather see the icetime. our real need is on defense anyway. if we had some better d men our forwards wouldnt have to backcheck n bail out the d all the time

  2. Nice job Shanny! Been saying it for months and months and months… Congratulations!!

    Nice job Glen… you dumb f@%k!

    Damn do I wish I was born a devils fan!

    I hope the real Parros jumps over the glass tonight… climbs up to the rafters… lifts up the dirty little rock that you are hiding under and beats some sense into you.

  3. Yeah he looked pretty slow and beaten up on that play! Ughh… So how much did the Devils sign Shanny for? Anyone?

  4. Jeez. Ranger fans and “beat writers” would be so sad if it wasn’t more hilarious at how predictable they are. Could have bet the mortgage they’d be crying and bring out the “I told you so’s” as soon as traitor Shanahan scored his first goal. Let’s see how the old man holds up come April and beyond before “fans” start crying in their milk. Wow. Come on Ranger fans, surprise us once in a while.

  5. a casual observer on

    Sammy is stirring up ythe pot like Jerry Springer. The fur is gonna fly on this blog today :) Pro and anti Shanahans and the pro and anti Prucha crowds are all gonna weigh in. Stand back and smile Jerry…I mean Sammy.

  6. He’s 40 years old. He broke down the last 2 seasons with the Rangers. He’ll break down again, guaranteed.

  7. BillD

    I have been saying bring Shanny back all along. Only time I questioned it was when we were 10-2 or whatever back in Oct and the team looked like it didn’t need anything… That lasted about a 2 weeks and then the PP started to suck and I was right back on the lets give Shanny a shot wagon. I don’t wish any ill will on him at all – hope he scores 100 goals for the Devs and a few against us as well just to run it in to Glen. Just bummed the Rangers blew it again. Its like we are retarded or something.

    Anyway – so the devs got him for $800k. Wow. just wow.

  8. BillD – I have also been a big seller of Prucha for the past year or so…. very happy to be wrong on that one and am just as confused as others as to why Renney would take him out of the lineup tonight. My only guess is that the Ducks are a big physical team and maybe Renney thought they needed to bring Voros back for some size…. not sure on Fritsche though.

  9. Eventually the money that should of been used for Shanahan is playing at Hartford and his name is Patrick Rissmiller

  10. Like I mentioned in the previous story, Age is just a number and the true way of determining when you done is when the legs fall out from under you and Shanahan proved that he can still score goals.

  11. if the SJO fits on

    gonna be at the game tonight.

    watch out for that bobby ryan kid. did anyone see his spin o rama goal last week? pretty damn good player for his age.

  12. Nobody can compare Shanahan’s performance in this shortened season to either of his 2 full seasons as a Ranger. He ran out of gas down the stretch each year for us, but by starting so late this year, he won’t face the same problem. At least not until the the playoffs…that would be a nice time for him to break down.

  13. frickin renney. why doesnt he sit gomez or orr. instead he takes out korpi and prucha. its not like anyone had a good game on sunday besides hank. renney really does make stupid decisions sometimes eh.

  14. Who cares about Shanahan? I’m more concerned about the moron coach once again mishandling the players on this team. I’m sure Fritsche will be very effective after sitting out for 2 months. And if Shanahan was here, the coach would be playing him 20 minutes a night and he’d be toast by March anyway. The Devils will use him correctly.

  15. Let’s not forget it was Renney who burned Shanny into the ground early each season… top minutes, power play AND PENALTY KILL

    I’m starting to fear that Shanny might be legit over there if used by a smarter hockey coach.

    At least Claude Lemieux is back in the NHL.

  16. Shanny .. unreal man. And i agree he should sit orr cause voros is our fighter for tonight. Leave in PRUCHA !

  17. Hockeyman Rangers on

    No regrets here about Shanny, more power to him. He just didn’t and still does not fit in on the Rangers roster. Good luck to him.

  18. There is no way in hell that Korpi and Prucha should be sitting. The Dubi and Drury lines are starting to get some chemistry. Voros has proven time and again that he is slow and ineffective. FIRE RENNEY.

  19. Renney ran Shanahan into the ground, but won’t put Prucha on the power play. He overplays Naslund and Gomez, and underplays Zherdev. The Devils actually seem to manage ice time — what a concept.

  20. Not only did Shanny not look slow and ineffective, he led all players with 6 SOG, a couple of which were very high quality scoring chances. He was robbed a few seconds before he scored. He also made a helluva back check to help preserve the lead, and put a puck possession clinic on for Nashville to help kill time off the clock.

    Considering how 75% of our team is a -, there is something to be said for having someone on the squad who can show the others how to play 2 sides of the puck.

    Whether he breaks down or not, time will tell. But considering that there are several players near his age, older and younger, still playing effectively in the NHL, there is certainly an argument that he brings a lot of performance to the table.

    I wish him nothing but the best

  21. calm down guys….did everyone really believe Shanny would play half a season in NJ and not score a goal? He scored in his first game, big effing deal.

  22. LOL @ Prucha being out of the lineup yet again. This running joke has just gotten sad at this point.

  23. Rob L…. $400k – so you wouldn’t have him back for $400. You don’t think the Rangers messed this up just a bit. Come on… not saying Shanny is going to go on and lead the NHL in points from here to the seasons end…. but damn. $400k for his leadership and potential on the ice. How could you say no! And he was dying to play here!

  24. Enough on Shanny, we don’t have him, he is a Devil, and he is the enemy now. I love the guy, I wish him well, but it is water under the bridge now.

    On to tonight. I am done with Voros. Unless he subs in on occasion for Orr on the fourth line, I don’t want to see him in the line up anymore. If we put him in for Orr on occasion and also used him in front of the net on the PP, fine, but other than that, no thank you. Ever since I saw him take a penalty that led to a goal and then saw him on the bench smiling and laughing later in the game, that we lost, I have no desire to see him at all. Prucha and Korpi have been playing leaps and bounds better than Voros. Even when they are not producing, they are at least creating chances. When was the last time Voros did anything besides NOTHING and lose a fight? His feel good story, new Sean Avery BS is over. He was a feel good story when he competed and played with some balls to start the season. Love him or hate him, the guy will never replace Avery. I hope that he is in for someone other than Prucha or Korpi tonight. And Fritsche? What has he really done all year? Except act cocky like he deserves a spot on the first line. Take him, Voros, and Rissmiller and send them back in time to live in Hill Valley to live with Doc Brown and drive the manure truck, because that is what they play like.

  25. Renney is a laughing stock. Prucha is one of the few players who actually have a presence on the ice, has been scoring and racking up assists, and when he doesn’t have points in 3 games, of which we only score 5 goals total, he gets benched.

    Not to mention, we were 3-1-1 in the last 5. Why are we tinkering with the lines more? Renney and Sather are complete assbags, they’re a match made in heaven. If missing the playoffs will get these assholes out of the organization, then I hope we lose every game from here on out. We’ll be a better team in the long run for it

  26. On the Fritsche and Voros playtime: I hope to hell this is to showcase them as potential trade bait. Because it makes no sense to sit Prucha and Korpikoski (sick assist Fri night, right?) I think Renney wants to keep the Fritsche and Voros at least somewhat in touch with live hockey.

    On Shanny: Best of luck to you man! The idea that he only has to play 40g and then the playoffs is a lot more palatable than 82g and the playoffs. It might work. The reason the Rangers didn’t go after him was because of Sather…period, end of story. If he signed Shanny, it would have negated like 60% of his offseason work (Fritsche, Voros, Rissmiller). Another classic Sather F up (more the offseason moves than the non-signing of Shanny.) But I wish Shanny the best. And I wish Sather would go play in traffic while chewing on some broken glass.

  27. also Shanny wasn’t going to sign for 800K in October, he would have wanted $3million or so. Be mad at Sather but don’t forget Shanny’s role in the process.

    But most importantly as stated above Renney wouldn’t have used Shanny correctly even if we had gotten him around this time. He would have been on the 2nd the first time we were down a goal.

  28. Shanahan scored in his first Ranger game, look where that got them. A lovely 2nd round exit.

    It’s sad about the player who died. They might make it a rule that you can’t take your helmet off in a fight (the AHL just did). I love fighting in the game, but every now and then a guy hits the ice in a way that makes you wince. Nobody likes Todd Fedoruk, but when Colton Orr knocked him down last year (2 years ago?), it was scary.

  29. Someone please defend Renney in sitting Prucha and Korpi for Voros and Fritche.

    I need HELP!!! My brain hurts right now. It’s like someone told me 2 + 2 = 105

  30. Rucchin
    I was just talking about that Fedoruk hit last night…
    I like the fighting too but maybe its time to eliminate the guys who can “only” fight…reduce the playing roster to 19 or something…these guys are getting bigger and stronger every year; they train by boxing and one of these days…

    Some of the better fights are the middleweights anyway..last night Belak and Rupp squared off-for absolutely no reason- and basically held each other out of punching range for the whole “fight’

  31. “Someone please defend Renney in sitting Prucha and Korpi for Voros and Fritche.

    I need HELP!!! My brain hurts right now. It’s like someone told me 2 + 2 = 105”

    Here are more:
    When its hot its because of Global Warming
    When its cold its because of global Warming
    There is a hockey team based in Miami

  32. A mouse in a trap has more “upside” than Shanahan. The real score, last night: Shanahan downside 100% – Shanahan upside 0%.

    I appreciate Sather cleaning out the old bags who dregged us down last year. I do not appreciate Renney doing everything he can to sandbag the younger players, destroy their confidence, and see that they are shipped out. If the GM wants to make the team younger, and the Coach wants strictly older players around, should not the GM dump the Coach for being on a different philosophical page? Why, Sather, why all this secrecy, inaccessibility, and reluctance to make obvious changes which are long overdue?

    If I were GM I sure as hell would not allow any coach to treat the younger players I added to the big club like they are lepers. Something has to give, here. This cannot continue.

  33. in regard to the fighting debate article….they need to remove the take-down at the end of a fight.Thats how the kid hit his head.

  34. “If the GM wants to make the team younger, and the Coach wants strictly older players around, should not the GM dump the Coach for being on a different philosophical page? Why, Sather, why all this secrecy, inaccessibility, and reluctance to make obvious changes which are long overdue?”

    Reminds me of the Nolan-Snow showdown last year; coach is hired to make playoffs; thinks best way to do it is play vets…maybe he loses job missing playoffs?

    GM…wants to get young; even scarfice playoffs ( im not saying thats Sather)

    Coach is gone!

    all we can do is ponder with rangers because unlike other GMs Sather can treat NY media and fans like they dont exist

  35. Parros..Shanny at 400k is enticing but not at the expense of Korpikoski or Prucha’s playing time. Shanny is not going to be a difference maker on this team. He’s not the last piece of the puzzle to a Cup run. I’d rather go with youth and build towards to future.
    That being said, I was in favor of signing Sundin so I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth!!

  36. Pavel, if Gomez was a 5 million dollar cap hit he wouldn’t be a Ranger. Someone else would have given him 7 million a year.

  37. Sorry but this move is conceeding a loss to me.

    Maybe Voros plays well tonight… maybe Fritche plays well… but both? No way. So IF Renney is lucky one of these moves pays off the other doesn’t.

    Why wouldn’t you want the two guys who are out to face this very strong Western team? What the hell did Korpi do to lose a spot besides setting up Dubi the other night with one of THE PRETTIEST GOALS SCORED THIS YEAR?

    Size? Whatever… neither of these two being put in use their size to their advantage anyway.

    This will NOT Pay-off.

  38. ON Shanny!!

    Shanny had a great two years here however his time has pasted. He was no where to be found at all in the playoffs he was lost and to slow. Take it easy with the one goal he scored 5 on 3 no less. I’m not saying I like the way this team is playing. Sather has to make a move in the near future or this team is going no where. There should only be two untouchables on this team. Hank and Staal everyone else is fair game.

  39. Honestly
    I have no problem getting a couple of guys who are itching to go into a mid-season, non conference game

    that being said I’d rest Naslund and Gomez, not Prucha and Korpi

    but thats just me

  40. doodie machetto on

    Nice move by Shanny on his goal. But the very next highlight shows him whiffing at a wide open net.

    I can’t believe they are going to sit Prucha. Drury and Dawes finally play well with Prucha on their line, but yeah, sit him, that makes sens. Same for Korpikoski and Dubinsky. Korpedo plays with Dubinsky, Dubisnky finally scores. Hmmmm.

    Yeah, you’re right, put in Voros and Fritsche instead.

  41. Ilive in New Mexico, so I can’t get to the Garden to help. If the fans that go to the Garden , don’t start calling for Renney’s -ss. I sure wouldn’t understand

  42. Jesus people. Shanny looked great in the first month or two in his 2 seasons with us as well. Then he ran out of gas. Obviously the angry people don’t remember Shanny from the end of last year who slowed the whole team down and was largely ineffective. As far as Korpi and prucha sitting, criminal. I want Fritsche to get some time, but sitting those two is assinine, and sends the wrong message.

  43. I feel like Shanahan would have been a good replacement if we had two or three players injured and out for a couple of months, or he would have been a good choice earlier in the season if we were strong contenders for a cup that needed a stronger power play. However, there are many aspects of the team that are below average, which could be due to the integration of a few first- and second-year players. Since we aren’t blowing away our division, it’s better for them to get the experience rather than having ice time taken away by a quickly-aging 40-year-old.

    Somewhat related to that point, it would make sense to keep Prucha *and* Korpikoski in the line-up tonight. If you want to give playing time to the scratches, actually take out a player who hasn’t performed recently, like Naslund. Even though Renney did it before Shanhan scored last night, maybe it could be an ever so subtle *F U* to Sather (yeah, I know, highly unlikely there).

  44. Wow, I just looked at Lecavalier’s actual annual salary numbers. It seems rediculous to me that he will be getting paid $1.5 million and $1 million in the last two seasons of the deal, respectively. He better invest those first seven years of $10 million well.

  45. Here ya Rob L… the only reason I agree is that I think a few of the posters (saltard and joe in de) were saying that Renney wouldn’t know what to do with Shanny. A coach like Sutter knows how to use a guy like Shanny – 4th line and pp ice only… like 10/15 minutes a game max. Renney would have him on the first line with Gomer and Nas and would run the guy into the ground in about a month playing him over 20 minutes a night.

    Perhaps you are right that he would not fit in well with the Rangers. But I bet he does well in NJ and helps them in the playoffs as well.

  46. Anyone consider that its Prucha and Korpikoski out of the lineup tonight because they are the two players most used to being in/out and therefore won’t be as impacted by it?

  47. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Who knows, maybe Pruch’s and Korpi will not sit out tonight perhaps Sam is just speculating??? But I am with most others, these are the 2 that should NOT NOT NOT be setting.

  48. JJP
    January 20th, 2009 at 11:23 am
    Anyone consider that its Prucha and Korpikoski out of the lineup tonight because they are the two players most used to being in/out and therefore won’t be as impacted by it?

    Geez. I don’t know why i still waste my time reading your posts. Thats almost the dumbest thing i’ve read on this board today.

  49. Re: Shanny.
    Nice to see that MOST people are letting sanity reign supreme. Shanny ALWAYS starts hot. Then the has NOTHING after about 40 games. Obviously, bringing him back halfway through a season and keeping him to a *limited* role will do wonders. Renney never caught on to that, just another example where Renney mis-managed his bench.

    Re: Prucha/Korpi
    I’m hoping this is just speculation and that Renney saying yesterday (para-phrased): “We needed to work these guys back into the lineup during practice because they’ve been playing defense” isn’t full of horsesh~t [though it probably is].

    Why doesn’t Renney sit Dawes? Shjoestrom? Hell, I wouldn’t mind if Renney sat Gomez a game to scare him a little maybe call AA up to play center or even put Fritsche at his normal position? Oh wait, this is a Tom Renney who ‘earns the veteran’s trust’ by never sitting them when they’re sucking or when they’re not showing up to play. Got it.

  50. Trust me, you’ve had dumber.

    You’re the coach True, you have to get two guys into the lineup for a non conference game – who do you sit and why?

    Dazzle us.

  51. I can’t believe the stupidity of the moron behind the bench. This move really exposes his lack of any hockey IQ. He should be fired immediately for benching the only two players who were playing with any spark and creativity.

    I was given a gift of tickets to tonight’s game for Christmas. It’s the ONLY game I will attend all season. For weeks now, I’ve been excited about seeing Prucha, my favorite Ranger, and Korpikoski play a game in person.

    Now I hear that the Silkworm is benching both of the guys that I was hoping to see. This is like a personal slap in the face to me.

    I want Renney to be shitcanned in the worst way. I hope he gets the axe before the game starts, and the new interim coach reinstates the two Rangers who should be playing.

    You can bet you’re gonna hear some “Fire Renney” and “Renney Must Go” chants coming from my section tonight. I beg any other of you guys who will be at the game to join in.

    This is the last straw.

  52. I don’t get sitting Prucha and Korpi. If Renney wants size tonight for the Ducks, what about Voros in for Sjo? Fritsche?, Jeez the guy has sat for months and the Rangers are off for a week after tonight. I don’t know. Somebody mentioned Naslund and I thought that was nuts but I wouldn’t mind seeing some vets get a game off in Feb/March to catch a break and maybe think about why they’re sitting. As we all know, Renney doesn’t think that way.

  53. On the heels of Claude Lemieux coming out of retirement to sign with San Jose, rumor has it that Glenn Sather has been in contact with former Devil defenseman Ken Daneyko to join the Rangers. The two are working on a multi-year deal. “Ken gives us that hard hitting physical presence that’s been missing on our blue line since Jeff Beukeboom’s last concussion 10 years ago”, Sather said. Daneyko would join the list of Devils who have had great success since moving to the right side of the Hudson, such as Scott Gomez, Bobby Holik, John Mclean, and Bruce Driver. Daneyko would be paired with Damitri Kalinin as the #1 defense tandem. Marc Staal will be sent to Hartford on a conditioning assignment.

  54. True BLur

    Two questions…

    1. Is it Renney’s fault not signing Shanny with 40 games left in the season or Glen’s? Glen’s I think.
    2. Your argument about sitting Dawes vs Pru or Korp is just as retarded as Renney sitting Pru and Korp for Voros and Fritsche… Dawes, Pru and Korp have all been playing well of late. I would argue Dawes has been the best of those 3 as well. If you are p1ssed Renney is sitting Pru and Korp would you feel better if it were Dawes and Korp? I doubt it… I think the point is someone that has not been playing to their potential should sit… like gomer or nas.

  55. doodie machetto on

    SP, those numbers are so he can be bought out or traded to a small budget team that has cap space, but not actual money

  56. Parros, Dawes has 1 point in his last 5 games. What’s keeping him in the lineup? My point is that Renney has shown a clear disfavor towards Fritsche (obviously) as well as Prucha and Korpi. Prucha and Korpi haven’t been playing great the last couple games but with the exception of Drury against the Blackhawks, no forward has stood out. Korpi did setup Dubi’s beauty of a goal and Prucha had a nice streak of production right before that. Given that those players are working hard and may be the only exciting forwards on this team in addition to the fact that he’s already sat them both pretty lengthy amounts of time, why not keep them in and sit players who haven’t been sat (either ever or in the past couple months) and are now under-achieving?! That would be Dawes, Gomez, and Naslund. He could also sit Shjoestrom, who I think has been playing his role as a 4th liner, but if he wants to get a bruiser in there substitute Voros for the size.


  57. True BLue

    Don’t disagree with your assesments about Pru and Korp. Just think you are not giving Dawes as much credit as he deserves. A good hockey player should not be measured on just goals and assists. To say that Dawes is in a funk lately to me shows you have not been watching him of late. With that said I missed the pitt game on sunday (first game i’ve missed in over 3 seasons) and I heard Dawes did not have a great game in the defensive zone. Anyway, I think we are both in agreeance here Reeney being a dope for taking out Pru and Korp…. just not agreeing on who should come out. Not an easy answer… If it is up to me…. we go out with same group as we did on sunday.

  58. love the shanny talk lol. Give me a break. The guy didn’t fit on this roster. Apparently he didn’t fit into the other 28 teams’ plans either. He’s been looking for a job for half the season…am I missing something?

  59. Interesting question is who stays and who goes after this season. So many players to sign and does Sather comeback for another stunt or does he give in and go back to Edmonton?

  60. Sathers Edmonton legacy;

    Muckler: coach and GM
    Lowe:coach and GM and VP
    Huddy: Ass’t coach
    Gretzky: Owner, GM, coach
    Steve Smith: ass’t coach, ass’t GM
    Tikkannen: grief counselor ( just kidding)

  61. Kaspar

    I posted an article last week or so from from one of their writers – Wondering when the Rangers were going to give him a job. He said he wanted to take a few years off to spend with his family. But now is ready to work. And he wants to work in the Rangers organization. Hmmmm Sather’s contract possible up? Hmmmmm Moose running the Rangers. I like the sound of that. BC if Mess runs the Rangers – Renney is sure to be fired…

  62. nasty – the worst of a player laughing in the face of defeat was Vic hadfield in the penalty box in game 7 vs the flyers. that caused many ranger fans to switch to the isles and also led to hadfield leaving the rangers. ah the bad memories.

  63. pavel re your 10:37 tb would have zero interest in gomez for vinny. even if we threw it quite a bit more.

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