Fish for dinner (and other imminent concerns)


Alas, dear readers, this is another one of those games when if all communication should cease after a certain point, I would look no further than the offering in the press room dining room.

A smart man would probably avoid it altogether. I have never claimed to being all that smart. Plus, I’m really hungry.

As for news, see the below post for the lineup changes. As Tom Renney said earlier, the moves were in large part about ways to counter the Ducks’ size, which might make sense when it comes to taking out Petr Prucha, but less so with Lauri Korpikoski.

I asked Renney if, six weeks out from the trade deadline, this is one of those games where the Rangers might be able to better identify their needs. Renney said that it wasn’t, that the trends by now are already apparent. But I would think that a game like tonight could underscore how the Rangers’ lack of size up front could be something the team sees it needs to address down the road.

(Of course, I say that, and yet the Rangers also played one of their better games of the season against the Ducks last month, and size wasn’t much of an issue  — particularly when Nigel Dawes went around Chris Pronger like a pylon).

Meanwhile, while on the subject of the trade deadline, Renney was asked what role he has in personnel moves, This is a topic that is addressed every once in a while, and the coach always strikes the note, that he’s fortunate to have a voice, but doesn’t get final say.

“He’s been good,” Renney said of Glen Sather. “He talks to us coaches. It hasn’t been part of the covneration. We talk about our roster and how guys are playing and how we can fix our game. But when it comes down to personnel or who’s doing what out there, we pay attention tho the league and our prospect. But until such time when someone else is bringing it up, our concentration should be on our team.”


If you can’t get enough of me — and I’m pretty sure you can — I’ll be on the radio after the second period with Dave Maloney.

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  1. rather dead than Redden on

    Pronger is minus 3 this year. Dawes going around him says more about Pronger’s poor performance this year than anything else.

  2. I’d like to see some kind of move to shake things up. We have far too many 3rd liners. There is no threat. Zhervalev started out as a threat, but now he just loses the puck, as does Gomez.

  3. I don’t see Sather initiating a trade. This is such an homogeneous team (compared to previous years’ rosters) I can almost picture another team’s GM inquiring about a trade – no particular player just grab bag style.

  4. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Guys like Messier would have a sit down with Redden and light a fire under his ass!! Renney was so use to sucking up to Jagr that it has carried on to Gomez and Drury , the new Poster boys. Gomez and Redden need to be told , because it looks like they are not playing because they have a contract when they should be playing like they want a contract. Renney and Messier clash , I wonder why.

    I’m not a hater , If I don’t like a certain player I try too anyways because like him or not , he is wearing a Rangers Jersey. Enough said.

    Voros and Fritchie in vs the Ducks is good . Think about it , theses guys are spare parts that can throw thier body around with out the risk of injury to Prucha or Korpi , get it? anddddddddd like someone said Players in and out only mean showcasing.

    KILL those ducks!!! Lost thier mojo now that Burkey is out.
    what team adds the stuiped name Mighty to the name and when we finnaly get used to it, they change to just the Ducks. Dumazz team!!

  5. what offensive player would want to play for Renney? he suffocates the scoring instincts of players by wanting everybody to be a Betts clone.

  6. Zherdev, despite currently playing on the 3rd line and being 23 years old, still leads the team in points and is plus 5. Gomez, Drury, and Naslund are all minus players and far below him in points. And yet Zherdev doesn’t even start the power play! Another example of the genius of Tom Renney.

  7. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yo Pavel , it is disrespectful to mix up Zherdev’s name into Kovalev’s. Zherdev lose the puck bla bla bla , He is our LEADER SCORER…go pick on some else on our team that is isn’t a team leader. Thank you .

  8. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    I hope the ‘better’ Rangers hit the ice tonight. I really need a pick-me-up.

  9. onecupin67years on

    I would look to move Valle, Prucha, of course Voros, well actually ,if the trade would benefit the team now and in the long run ,I would make anybody available even hank and Staal, if you can get a young stud, for example AO, not that the caps would trade him ,but a young stud you have to give quality to get quality, no team is going to take our garbage for their gold.

  10. Onecup

    Are you joking man? Why would you trade your franchise goaltender? The only players who are WORTHY of Hanks worth in the long run are Malkin & AO. Maybe 1 or 2 other players (forwards)

  11. mako that is what onecup i saying trade henrik for AO. quality for quality. believe me wash would not trade AO

  12. I know you can’t believe anything Eklund says but, what do you guys think of trading Staal for Lecavalier? just interested in your thoughts

  13. gerry d – won’t happen. 1st ecklund says as rumor, 2nd there is a cap and it’s coming down in next 2 yrs and we have several high end unmoveable contracts, 3rd staal is a stud the best by far of our youth

  14. LI

    My point is there isnt another “stud” out there other than AO or Malkin who I would trade LQ for. :)

    Nice Hit by Kalinin….

  15. gross was pretty funny in his blog

    “two things about Parros. One, at 6-5, 231 pounds, he’s one of the few guys who makes Orr look small in comparison and, two, that’s a seriously cheesy mustache, like a Burt Reynolds/porn star mix.”

  16. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Too easy , Rangers win or I don’t post for 3 days…WHOOOOHOOOO NASLUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I certainly wouldn’t mind never seeing Voros in a Rangers uniform again. The guy has a knack for doing something stupid everytime the Rangers score a goal.

  18. HockeymanRangers on

    Zherdy needs to learn when to pass, we know he can stick handle the puck. But when the double coverage him he needs to give it up.

    Voros is not impressing me what so ever.

  19. Dubi or not Dubi on

    So Voros takes a bad offensive zone penalty and gets power play time? How do Prucha and Korpi never get PP time?

  20. Ugly start, countless turnovers in the defensive end all period long, a terrible penalty in the offensive zone by a player who ought to be in the ECHL. That’s Renney hockey.

  21. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Guys, please, Tom Renney has taken this team to the playoffs for the past three years. Can’t you see how much better Jagr played in his system? If you can’t, you are blind. He is clearly one of the top few coaches in the league, just look at how well he has done with this team. It’s all about Renney, I’m tellin you, once he can figure out how to run a power play, he’ll be a hall of fame coach.

  22. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (wd40)Voros on the PP is how he can be usefull , standing there and banging with the d-man. Thats how he gets his goal , ala holmstrom .

    LIjoe, yeah not fridays and thursdays or what ever , I SAID 3 DAYS from end of game time , but we aint gonna lose so go blow.

    Rangers take this game , Hank aint gonna let alot in today.

  23. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    DUBINSKY — BANG!!! Hit that Duck..DUBBIE now gets attacked and shows the agressor that he aint shit. HIT N and Fight N yeah its good ol Dubbie. I aint trading him for a bagged out Vinny L. with our Staalsie??? Bahhhh Thats Old Ranger talk…we keep young uns and keep em . Rember we do not want anutha Marc Savard, Toney Amonte mistake.

  24. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Hey, a too many men penalty, they haven’t gotten called for one of those in like three weeks!

  25. this team is a total joke … rather, the coaches are … TMMOTI again??? … hahahahhahaha

  26. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Hi, I’m Fred Sjostrom, I show one flash out of every 30 games why I was a first round draft pick.

  27. sjostroms too good defensively and too fast to sit…

    Voros Orr etc… IDK about playing them every game

  28. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Now, I admittedly never played hockey, but I have been watching 80+ games a year for the last 15+ years. How can a guy with that kind of shot not score more?

  29. Dubi most people can take a shot from there and hit it like that a couple of times out of 20 or 30. The guys who can score 20, 30, 40 goals a year hit that shot 50% of the time at full-speed. Freddy’s just not at that level, but he did show he has a nice scoring touch every once in awhile. He might show more flare with better linemates.

  30. Guys: Just out of curiosity, how many goals do you think ShoeString would score if he was paired with M. Lemieux in his prime?

  31. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Dan Fritsche!?!?!?! PP?!?!?! Are you f’ing kidding me!?!?!?! I’ve been asking for Prucha to be on the PP and he doesn’t get time, but Fritsche!?!?! I’m so close to turning this off from hating Renney so much.

    Also, True Fans, why break up the “SOB” line? They play sooooooooo well together! Oh yeah, Orr needs to be sat speaking of which, he is so worthless.

  32. this team is so dull … the only beacon of hope is that we all know a dull team can actually go all the way

  33. Dubi has turned into a Power forward…. ok play maker and halfway decent scorer. Someone needs to make room for Zherdev on that line and Voros just doesnt cut it. You know like Nylander used to do for Jagr and visa versa.

  34. I’m thinking they are showcasing fritsche and voros…only reason for them to be getting powerplay time

  35. I’m waiting for someone to blame that goal on Kalinin instead of blaming Orr who for some reason didn’t protect the middle of the ice.

  36. wow Kalinin absolutely undressed on a goal against???

    who was saying he has played better earlier today?

  37. Heres the 64,000 dollar question, If Pearn was the power play coach on anyother team would he have a job after last year never mind 1/2 way into this one


  38. onecupin67years on

    I would give Kalinin a seat next to Valle for the third, playing the puck instead of the man is defensive mortal sin

  39. Pavel, the shooter was hooked which caused him to flutter the puck instead of take the shot he wanted to take. Hank should have gotten it, but it wasn’t a bad goal it’s kinda like a re-direction. Goalies watch the release to figure out where the puck is going, especially in close quarters.

  40. Sam, according to Kenny Albert twice now you’re the Rangers beat writer for the Bergen Record. Congrats on the new job!

  41. True Fans, if that was Zherdev pulling a move like that on another d-man, fans would be saying “wow what a sick move”. But because its one of our d-men, its their fault. That was a sick fake out by Perry to score that. Had Orr dropped back to block the pass instead of going for the stupid hit (Mara already was stepping up), the puck never gets to Perry. Either way it was a sick move and finish and had more to do with that then Kalinin or Orr screwing up.

  42. Jonny. I was defending a comment that I made earlier today. That said, Kalinin still gets beat and he can’t one on one! If he takes the body or is a little better dancer on his feet, Perry doesn’t get passed. You make a good point but if Kalinin’s the last line of defense, it’s his fault for allowing the breakaway.

  43. I think the Three Stooges and Wile E. Coyote gave Zherdev some impotent Acme sticks tonight, he’s having a lot of issues with that.

    Note to Renney; please keep the all captains line (Drury-Gomez-Naslund) separate on the power play, the sucked tonight.

    Yeah, Dubi is playing like a power forward. How about him with Anisimov and Zherdev like Zipay suggested. It can’t hurt to try it.

  44. so hedican takes a player down and we end up short handed..

    i mean not like we could have scored on a 5on3

  45. So glad Prucha and Korpi sat for him and Fritsche. I havent heard his name called in the second half of the game….

  46. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea I would say there was 2 border line calls on Voros. But you know, you get that rep that’s what happens.

    How many PP will we get before we score???

  47. Voros put his arm around a guys head and the guy fell down! Voros then crushed a guy when he wasn’t an offensive threat and he looked to purposely hit him into the net with a high hit! I’ll tell you what was questionable…the Pahlson “interference” for hitting Callahan when he had the puck! haha.

    Gomez, finally! I said sit him. I’m glad Naslund fed him that BEAUTY and setup the goal!

  48. I think Fritsch-y and I are getting blasted after the game because we played so well, the morons who wanted us to play should come on down!

  49. Too much puck gazing in their own end. Too much caving in around Hank. And now Girardi puts them a man down.

  50. 2 SH GOALS FOR?!?!?!?



  51. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    60 pts now in the standings and the penguins are losing now 2-1….they sit in 9th with 50 pts, niceeeeeee!!!

  52. Solid game. Nothing too fancy, but 2nd and 3rd period had some great defense, good pressure in the n zone and nice energy on the forecheck. a win on account of the PK-units and some PP-scoring and a good overall defensive effort. Worried about Z though, hasnt looked too good for a couple of games (compared to what we have seen, i guess).

  53. onecupin67years on

    Voros got plenty of ice time and proved that he is isn’t too bright with the stupid penalties he took, if he does this in the playoffs it’ll be like deja vu like Hollewig.

    Great effort by Betts

  54. Lundqvist was in many ways the difference tonight. The team had nothing early, Kalinin and Girardi and Redden were not good pretty much all night, and had Hank not shut the door until after Naslund’s goal, it might have been a long haul.

    Voros was brutal. Fritsche showed me nothing. Free Korpi and Prucha.

  55. gomez, henrik, and betts from 3rd to 1st are the stars. great game by betts

    very honorable mention to nassy

    loved betts effort tonight. sjoe with sh goal too. and of course the team has to have the goalie be the best pk

    naslund with great pass on gomez goal and a goal itself. and gomez with goal and asst good stuff.

    voros ???? get your head in the game when you play

  56. Maloney just called this Staal’s best game of the year because of his work re: Perry and Getzlaf.

  57. post game maloney is giving major kudos to staal and work vs getzlaf and perry. did he always use a stick this big?

  58. onecupin67years on

    renney will always suck he ‘s the Jim Fassel of the NHL, and a big double Suck to Sather

  59. I know this is entirely unrelated to our beloved Rangers, but Jeremy Roenick just had a cameo as a security guard on the TNT show Leverage. Thought you guys might like to know.

  60. All Hail King Henrik on

    A great game Blair Betts.

    There better not be roster stagnation because of this win. The Korpedo needs to get right back on the Dubi-Zherdev line, Voros was killing them out there. I didn’t notice any glaring mistakes from Fritsche, but Prucha definitely deserves to play over him. If anything, scratch Dawes for Fritsche. Don’t freeze the roster because of a win, Tom!

    Reinstate The Korpedo and Petr Puck!

  61. Hey, BOB with all your 10 split personalitis,all brainless, clueless wictim of abortion went wrong, where are you.? This is so far your best day, isn’t it? Inagural gift for President of all stupidest haters.Much fresher air without your stinking antihockeysence, moronic stuff!

  62. Good game, yeah I was screaming at Voros. Fritsche did nothing. Either bring back Korpi/Prucha or bring back one of those two and give Anisimov a shot.

  63. All Hail King Henrik on

    Mike, YES! I’ve been saying it for months…


    Try it for a game or two, lets see what the kids got. Who knows what can happen down the stretch with injuries. Come playoff time, Anisimov might really be needed if one of our centers is injured. It can’t hurt to give him a game or two in this system. He’s got the D-side of the puck down, no worries there. Lets see what he can do offensively with Zherdev.

    If Tom doesn’t want to move Dubinksy to wing, then go


    Sadly, the only way we’ll see Anisimov is if there are major injuries, or a prolonged losing streak of 5-7+ games. Tom/Glen will never call him up.

  64. All hail, I’m one who thinks AA hasn’t cracked the lineup because he really isn’t ready. That aside, the problem with your proposed plan is that Fritsche is a center and Renney even tried Korpi at center and with their salaries already counting on this cap, its much more likely one of them would fill in at center before AA got a shot.

  65. I do believe Voros and Fritcshe just sign themselves out, one with a penalties, more dangerous than whatever he is doing, another with doing nothing at all – full uselesness contrasting with his somehow arrogant statements.Which is good for the team I think, b/c brings, I hope, some final sence of roster complition and needs.

  66. True Fans,

    Anisimov leads all Rangers and Pack players in goals now. He’s in the top 10 in AHL scoring at age 20 when all the other guys are 24 and up or career AHLers. I know it’s the AHL and all, but I think he deserves a game or two as a reward. Maybe he can help run a second PP unit.

    Salary cap schmalary cap. Rissmiller is off the books with his one million and there are only 34 games left. I think the Rangers could afford to pay AA one game. I know it’s a longshot, but you gotta admit, in 07 yes it was Avery, but Callahan/Girardi brought an extra charge to the team down the stretch.

  67. It isn’t practical really, but if the Rangers can get to the playoffs (I believe they can) then maybe he makes that little difference in winning a series or does something cool. I just think like when Cally was playing great in Hartford in 06, they called him up, gave him a reward, and a taste of the NHL. I think they should do that for AA kinda like “you’ve done well so far kid, you want to make it here, here’s a taste.”

  68. anyone watching NHL on the fly?

    they interviewed cindy about their loss to Carolina and he looked like he was gonna cry

  69. All Hail King Henrik on

    True Fans,

    AA might very well not be ready to play in the NHL. However, we’ll never know if we don’t see him in a game or two…

    I, too, can see Renney using Korpikoski at center before AA, but I don’t think that’s the correct move. The Korpedo is a natural left wing, and has played his best games at wing. He’s best utilized as a north-south player who can forecheck and retrieve the puck for skilled players like Z, at this point in his career. Not at center

    Fristche at center–can’t see it. He’s been pretty horrible this season, the only way I can see him playing center is if there’s an injury and Betts is moved to the 3rd line, allowing Fristche to center the 4th. Fristche is gone at the trade deadline…

    Like Mike said, AA is tearing up the AHL, and has 20 goals already. As evidenced by our making every backup and 3rd string goalie look like Domink Hasek in his prime, most AHL goalies are not that far behind NHL goalies in terms of talent. If he can bury 20 in the AHL, he can bury a few in the NHL.

    AA’s defense is also superior to Fristche’s (its the strongest part of his game as a younger player), so even in the case of injury, it’d make more sense to use AA on the 3rd or 4th as a checker over Fristche.

    Give Artie a shot! No liability at defense, and AT WORST, he’ll provide the same amount of offense Voros, Fristche, etc. produce.

  70. I hope they can find a taker for Fritsche, but I don’t think they will. Remember true believers, he’s great friends with Girardi and played Junior against Cally/Dubi/Staal so he might have a Strudwick-like effect in the locker room.

    No one is gonna take Fritsche/Voros (too much money)/Kalinin. The only guy who might get traded is Prucha.

    Still, the end of the season, cap doesn’t really matter so you can have all the members of the great RnB band War as healthy scratches and it wouldn’t matter.

    I just think it would be cool to give AA a shot and see his progress. He has 20 already and is not known as a goal scorer, that’s pretty darn cool.

  71. be careful of ahl stats. lundmark was player of month in november and krog and paranteau always put up a ton of points in the ahl.

  72. not me about dp. his injury just about guarranteed the isles get 1st or 2nd pick in draft and they’re both very very good

  73. Its funny … in the off-season Voros was supposed to be the “New Avery”

    Turns out he is the “New Hollweg” … who would have thought??

    Honestly, (for 1 game) i’d like to see Fritsche and Prucha on a line together. They are very similar players and i think could have some chemistry with a big center like Dubinsky.

    Nazzy – Gomez – Zherdev
    Cally – Drury – Dawes
    Prucha – Dubi – Fritche
    Sjo – Betts – Orr

  74. Ahahaha The Nucks blew a 1 goal lead with 50 secs left, and lost to the Sharks in OT 2-1. GO SUNDIN !!!!

    Anyway, decent game tonight. Betts was awesome on the PK, and the team played pretty good. Voros, jeez i don’t know what’s up with him, but Renney made a retarded decision putting him in. Danny F was pretty good. But it sucks to see Voros going through this, he’s had trouble with penalties in his short career, but he was a big time fan favorite in Minnesota, but here he’s just not the same. I still blame Renney, he’s taking him away from his game, and now his game is all screwed up, much like Hollweg. I don’t know how that shit happens, but it happens.

    It’s good to see these guys get the two points, they sure as shit needed it, and all the teams that needed to lose lost. The Habs, Craps, and Pens. Perfect.

    Hopefully Hank doesn’t get hurt during the All Star game, and is ready to go for the final push to the playoffs, starting with the Canes.

  75. MY moments of humor was listening the play by play. They’re so desperate to find something that the Rangers do right that they keep making statements like “Good play” by Redden who just casually scraped a puck off the boards and handed it off to a forward ( on his own team). Then later on ” Great play by Kallinin” and he had taken a puck rebound off the boards and banked it off the opposite side boards into center ice. These people are reduced to making very ordinary and routine moves into “great plays”.

  76. Voros has not been the same since he was assaulted by Tampa goalie Mike Smith earlier in the season.

  77. LI Joe, you’re right about AHL stats, but the fact that AA is only 20, already has 20 goals, and is in the top 10 is pretty darn cool. That’s more than Dubi and Korpi did, and both are legit NHL players.

  78. Bob… where the heck does that post come from. Betts’s role on the team is a 4th liner and a penalty kill specialist… a role he fills pretty darn well I would say. And he only costs us about $600k a year.

    Curious as to why you say he is the worst player on the team.

  79. Sore & True
    January 20th, 2009 at 9:21 pm
    From here on forward, Dan Fritsche shall be known as “Dan Shitty”

    how bout “damn shitsky” and bob is now known as boob

  80. boob why do hate betts? what do expect from him honestly? he does his damn job better and more consistently than anyone so far. hes got as many goals as sergei fedorov lol. and yea its great the teams we needed to lose did last night. cant wait for all star break to be over i dont like it. the only thing cool is that hank is there so i’ll watch. great game evenly played and great goals by gomer n naz and shoeys was the best. this game should be enough proof to renny that our pp needs to work and we have to score more than 2 goals to win a game. and damnit its just fun to watch when they do. scoring goals isnt just for rackin up points it helps build team confidence and when u supress them to winning 2-1 or whatever u get guys like zherdev that are affected by bthis dull style and im sure z would have 20 by now on a different team but i’ll take this win and feel good for a week.

  81. How anyone can complain about Sjo, Betts, or even Orr amazes me. That line costs less than $2 mil right? The ENTIRE line!!! 2/3 of which is the main cog in the NHL’s best PK unit.

    That was pretty dumb to say. Can we get some more analytical minds on this site please? I thought the guys knew their hockey here.

  82. Dollar for dollar, Betts is the best player on the team.


    I don’t know that i’d go quite that far, but I hope Blair is around for much longer, possibly the rest of his career if he can keep up what he does. He’s one of the few guys who really does do his job every night.

  83. cw you’re on the money with Voros not playing well since the game in Tampa.

    4th line outplays the 20 million dollar gang every game.

  84. “be careful of ahl stats. lundmark was player of month in november and krog and paranteau always put up a ton of points in the ahl.”

    That’s true, but Krog and Lundmark have played plenty of AHL games. Parenteau has played a total of 5 and had one point… I’ve wanted that guy up since last year, dammit!

  85. Exactly BDW. Staal for now. Then I’d agree Mara next (he’s also going to have to want more money after how hes played this season).

  86. Re Sam’s statement: I asked Renney…..” This is exactly the problem with knowing and being on speaking terms with coaches and players. They become friends, so that you cannot write critically, or even constructively, anymore. I would stay miles from the people I write about, to better write objectively. Besides, all you get is fluff from these people. Cliches. Smokescreen nonsense. They NEVER tell you what that are really thinking or discussing with their peers in private. The best sports journalism is outsider views, not “insider media scoops” from interviewing these people. Oh, well, it just goes on.

  87. oops meant NHL games for Krog/Lundmark.

    Mara will get 4m+ next year, and he deserves it… but we won’t be able to give that to him unless Redden/Rozsi are gone.

  88. All you 4th line haters, just stick a frickin sock in it. Even strength, that line was the best last night. Short handed, that line (Sjo and Betts) was the best last night. Betts was a touch weak on faceoffs, but his blocked shot with a broken stick is why I love that guy. Bob should stick a fork in his eye and break his hands in the process so he can’t type anymore.

    On Voros…way to play your way out of the lineup buddy. I mean come on. The penalty on the PP was a bit of a weak call as it was going both ways but clearly Voros did enough to make himself out to be more of the culprit. On the other penalties, he just was too aggressive and not disciplined. Take a seat. Glad to see Renney benched him for the rest of the game and awarded Sjo some time with Dubi and Zherdev.

    Kalinin got undressed. That is why you take the body Dmitri.

    Maloney can say what he wants about Staal but the kid had two whacks at Bobby Ryan in the crease and only really moved him AFTER the puck was in the net. Bobby Ryan had at least 2 swings at the puck. He should have been on his ass after the 1st one.

    I thought the guys played alright last night. It’s nice to score first and then never be trailing.

    I like where we sit at the AS Break.

  89. Cakewalk, that’s all true, and frustrating… gotta remember Sam’s trying to feed his family though and yeah there are certain written and unwritten rules you follow if you want to keep your job.

  90. Cindy Crawford on

    anyone know what song the rangers come out to in the first period.. like it starts when they are in the hallway and mara is being the man and is always out there getting people pumped?

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