Time to stay or stray? (Updated)


If there’s been one possible silver lining to the Rangers’ play of late, it is the fact that Tom Renney has managed to keep the same general lines together for several weeks.

Or maybe it’s “had.” Because after yesterday’s listless showing in Pittsburgh, it’s easy to envision Renney jumbling his combinations again in hopes of finding a spark — something the coach even got a headstart on yesterday when he flip-flopped Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan.

So here’s the question: if it was frustrating earlier this season to see Renney switch lines just for the sake of change, would it now be equally misguided to keep those lines intact just for the sake of consistency?

Granted, this is only a small part of the equation. If the Rangers were ineffective yesterday, it was not because of who was who, but because of a whole host of other potential factors: that the Penguins were smarting after three-straight losses to the Rangers; that the Rangers were tired and perhaps a shade self-satisfied with their first four games of their road trip; that the team has consistently been uninspired in afternoon games this year (late night with the Dads on Saturday, eh?)

Either way, we should know more today.


Some great lines by my counterparts in the papers today.

First there is this dead-on call by Larry Brooks:

Somehow, the Rangers almost always look far worse in losing than they appear impressive in winning.

And then there’s Mike Obernauer in the News referencing the AFC Championship game also in Pittsburgh yesterday:

The Igloo Sunday afternoon was just a building full of people whose heads were elsewhere. So in that sense, the Rangers were just joining the crowd.

Along the same lines, Andrew Gross portrays a team that was already out the door.

The sellout crowd waited until under five minutes remained to chant “Go home, Rangers.” But the visitors had started the game as if that was all they wanted to do.

Update, 12:21 p.m.: Sure enough, Tom Renney is shaking things up, although the coach was quick to caution nothing was in stone for tomorrow against the Ducks. Among the highlights: the return of Dan Fritsche to the lineup after 20 games, as well as Aaron Voros.

In this scenario, though, Lauri Korpikoski and Petr Prucha would be scratches. If that is the case, can’t say I see it. Neither player was stellar in Pittsburgh, but no one was.

The “full lines”:http://njmg.typepad.com/rangersblog/2009/01/new-lines.html:

Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan
Nigel Dawes-Chris Drury-Dan Fritsche
Aaron Voros-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev
Fredrik Sjostrom-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

Update, 12:48 p.m.: According to Renney, the new lines were in part a function of needing to get Voros and Fritsche some practice time at forward since they had spent the past few weeks practicing as spare defensemen.

Check out back here after tomorrow’s morning to see if the two are in or not.

More later…

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  1. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Wow – I have to admit that was very close to being the first game I ever turned off. I didn’t though but I did have it on pause for quite some time. I guess I was just prolonging the misery.

  2. Fla,
    For the first time in years, I feel the same way. I am doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, reading to my kids during the games. The Rangers are DUDS!!! Bring Avery back. At least we will watch the games with some interest.

  3. Thought the game was at 7! First Ranger game I have missed in 3.5 seasons… sounds like i didn’t miss much!

  4. onecupin67years on

    I agree with Brooks’ statement,I don’t remember losing a well played close game, in fact ,I could live with the Rangers losing a well played game.
    But the way this team wins and plays is frustrating.

    There are too many shootout wins and when they lose they lose looking awful.

    Yesterday’s lose wasn’t about the lines ,its about the players NOT playing well.
    Maybe Renney “THINKS” he see’s a player from each line outplaying their line mates and now wants to unite these players on a line, but collectively this is a flawed line up , with no player except Hank carrying the team and Hank seems to be getting tired from wear, he wasn’t sharp for 60 minutes yesterday despite making some great saves early on.

    This team un-inspires Ranger fans, at least me, I don’t believe in this product that Sather has put together.

    Its time for Dolan to get out from under the Edmonton Oiler past influence (Muckler and Sather)they won with great players in a different time long long ago

  5. Did you guys feel un-inspired the other night against the Blackhawks?
    I thought the Rangers showed some heart overcoming all those terrible penalty calls.
    Bottom line the team needs to be more consistent.

    Brooks line was right on target.

  6. whataretheodds? on

    I hope Brooks isn’t right about Aaron “The Human Tree” Voros returning to the lineup instead of keeping Prucha in.

    Dawes,Drury,Prucha seem to have been one of Renney’s better mix and match line combinations of late.Compare that with the disaster that Naslund Gomez Callahan has been since they’ve been together.

    I love Cally, but he has no business on the top line, I’m sorry.

    This is the most frustrating Ranger team…

  7. i agree, with each passing year sather further diminishes his legacy. He may still be liked in Edmonton, but i doubt even many canadiens would defend his record after 1990

    finally last comment on the vinny trades: even assuming redden wasn’t garbage, tampa wouldn’t trade an elite player who will make 7.7 mill a year for an awful player who will make 6.5 mill a year or roszi who would make 5. That offers them no cap relief (which is why theyd trade vinny at all) regardless of what other players would go along. At most they’d want a young d whod make 3-4mill. And if I were tampa i wouldnt even want komisarek from mtl b/c he is an ufa this summer and no way in hell he would sign there. and somerset mtl has better young players and better prospects than us, not even close. staal maybe be better than their young defenseman, but they have a number of young forwards on the team now and in the ahl…they know what they are doing in the draft (hossa and ward notwithstanding)

  8. whataretheodds? on

    Renney was scared by the ‘success’ against the Blackhawks on Friday and yesterday he went back to the ‘security blanket’ of no forecheck and we see how well that paid off.

    Of course the entire concept went out the window yesterday…maybe the Rangers wanted to watch the Steeler game so they just got out of there.

    NBC? The Nothing But Crosby network.Doc,Milbury and McGuire were all fawning over the little princess.

    Did de big bad men from New York scare widdle Cyndi? Awww…don’t cwy widdle gurl…


  9. I blame this on the Backhawks game, I think the guys were just tired. Physically and mentally, but moreso mentally.
    I agree with the one columnist, I just dont think they cared all that much about the game yesterday. Their tunnel vision was in full effect and they just wanted to get home.

  10. onecupin67years on

    K ,if that’s true , then I blame Renney for not keeping them in focus, winning teams have a common goal what’s this teams? And I don’t buy into that tired BS, we’ve seen teams on long road trips beat this team at home and renney is always bragging on how well conditioned team his team is.

  11. k- when ur grown men u cant just stop caring and wanna go home. if u defend that is sad. u think the opposite would be in effect and they would want to crush cinderella and his ugly step sisters(malkin n kennedy). if they give that performance just because they were upset about the last game than they dont deserve to be paid to play. if they got paid based on play this year, no one on this team would have a million dollars except hank. and even he hasnt been the allstar goalie for 1/3 of his games. im not gettin on your case but we gotta stop coming up with excuses for the inconsistent play. the hawks game was the best thingh to happen to the rangers and its sad to see it did nothing for them.

  12. Dont know about everyone else, but I CANNOT STAND when we play national games on NBC or VS against the Pens. Its like a Crosby lovefest the whole time.

    BTW, when is Sather going to pull the strings on some moves, or are we just going to write off this yr and start planning for next.

  13. I thought the Rangers looked just as lifeless and uninspired in the Blackhawks game as they did yesterday against Pittsburgh. Difference was HL and special teams against the blackhawks. 5 on 5 the Rangers have been getting vastly outworked for the past couple games. They picked it up late in the Pittsburgh game, but it was way too little, way too late..

  14. maybe this game will better serve them because it was a loss, and it was a pathetic effort. can only go up from that but why does it always have to come to that? the rangers lack a messier type captain or leader in the room and on the ice when they play like that and redden needs to step up and become more vocal and more of a leader for our d. these guys see this 6.5 million $ dud getting away witrh it and its not fair. this guy has to score some goals if he cant play d

  15. onecupin67years on

    And as far as Renney juggling the lines ,that just goes to show the Renney seems lost and unsure with the talent the team has

  16. There is no first line. It’s not as if juggling Dawes and Callahan and Prucha will turn Gomez’ line into some magical scoring machine. There is no offensive spark on this team. Zherdev can’t even crack the first line. It’s too easy for other teams to defend against the Rangers.

  17. Renney can juggle the lines all he wants but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh!t

  18. really not much planning to do for next year since almost all of our money is already allocated to 6 players. just have to figure out if zherdev is worth around 5 mill (i dont think so tho they have no other offensive talent really) and how much to keep dubi happy w/out killing our cap even more (3mill?) Zherdev is a tough one b/c he has the indiv skills but hasnt put it together yet with any consistency at the nhl level (25 goals is fine but not when you were drafted 4th overall

    as far as trades, i don’t see who they could get that would help with scoring. very hard to get good value at the trade deadline, usually its give up a lot for marginal return or trade rejects: this is sather’s bread and butter-so Id start scouring nhl rosters for former first round picks who are currently playing on the third or fourth line

  19. OurPlayersSuck on

    I find it humorous when broadcasters or opposing players refer to the amount of talent on the Rangers. There is very little talent. Lundqvist is great, Gomez can be a useful setup man but is useless without compatible wingers. Drury has had 1 big offensive year and at best is a well-rounded 2nd liner. Zherdev is very talented, but lacks the instinct to consistently create opportunities. Other than these players, the Rangers BLOW. We have a bunch of 3rd/4th line wingers that all are missing important dimensions (either skating, hands, brains, etc). The team has only been successful when they overwhelm teams with an active forecheck and drive to the net. But they have so few skilled forwards that even when they control the play they don’t score many goals. That apparently makes Renney have them play a boring-ass conservative style (the 2-1 game philosophy). I blame the GM for overpaying bad free agents, the coach for not adjusting the team’s style or personnel appropriately, but not the poor 3rd-line wingers expected to score 30 goals because our 2 7+million dollar forwards can’t do it themselves.

  20. 7 points out of a possible ten
    All on foreign ice

    And with our Day games record, and the huge game against the blackhawks a loss was inevitable

    Cant everyone jsut be happy with one sucessful road trip?

    For th first time in as long as doucheletti has been an announcer for the Rangers I agree with ONE thing he said before the Shittsburgh game.

    ANY coach in the league is satisifed with a .500 road trip in the middle of the season. We surpassed that and then some.

    Be Happy fellow Ranger fans, lifes to short to hate your own team even when there sucessful

  21. From Brooks today – “The Scott Gomez-Markus Naslund-Ryan Callahan unit was not only ineffective yesterday, but just hasn’t meshed, accounting for just one goal in its seven games as a unit, that scored by Callahan against Montreal on Jan. 7.”

    My point is, who HAS Gomez “meshed” with? In his two seasons here, he hasn’t meshed with anyone.

    I think Gomez better do some soul searching and start thinking a little bit more of being a team player and less about his contract. He better start thinking about how to fit in with the other players on the team as opposed to them fitting in with him.

    yesterday’s game was just the continuation of this seasons inconsistent play. With Florida coming on and looking like a potential playoff team, the Rangers will be lucky to hold onto a playoff spot from Buffalo.

  22. I agree with Mikey NJ. This team came away from a tough trip with a winning record. The Chicago game showed that we have some cajones and the ability to really focus. It was disappointing watching them get shut down, but they just weren’t in it mentally. They know how the league feels about Sidney.

    Anyway – remember how outraged the announcers were when Kalinin hip-checked Sid along the blue line on that 3 on 2? Hilarious! Great hit and all they could do was say “you can’t do that to Crosby!”…Lol.

  23. Can we get a list of players Gomez has now not meshed well with? And to think everyone blamed it on Jagr last year…. so far from my recollection it’s

    Jaromir Jagr
    Martin Straka
    Brendan Shannahan
    Chris Drury
    Marcus Naslund
    Nikolai Zherdev
    Nigel Dawes
    Ryan Callahan

    I know there are a few more that I can’t think of at the moment, but those are all rather different types of player, so who CAN Gomez mesh with that isn’t named Gionta?

  24. The Rangers leave Hank out to dry every game. It’s almost as if their mindset is “we have the best goalie in the league, let’s let him win every game for us”.

    The saves Hank makes game in and game out to save his team’s arse is remarkable.

    With another goalie, a mediocre NHL goalie, the Rangers would be nowhere near the playoff picture. They don’t have enough offense to be considered a good team.

    So this is another season where Tom Renney, because of a single player, Henrik Lundqvist, still has a NHL coaching job. The previous seasons it was Jagr, Nylander, Henrik, Shanny and Avery. Now with all the former gone, Renney has one player left to save his job.

  25. DANNYC …

    i said that about a month ago. Gionta’s contract is up this year and will be a Ranger next year.

    He has been overpaid for too long in NJ and NYR will not force him to take a paycut, so obviously he’ll play here for the bloated contracts Sather hands out to players who had one or two superb years

  26. That wasn’t by any means an endorsement of bringing gionta here btw, just an observation that maybe gomez is the issue, not every other winger he has played with

  27. I agree with you MikeyNJ , yeah it was a good road trip …
    I’m sure alot of us are happy with it . I think what has most of us so frustrated is the way they lost yesterday.
    These guys make millions of dollars to play the game .They showed us nothing yesterday.
    I’ll accept a loss , but not without a battle and they didnt battle much at all yesterday.

  28. Why is anyone really shocked that they played so poorly?

    They are prone to just mailing it in on occasion, sure.

    Remember, they just played a very tiring game against Chicago where they killed off 20 minutes of minor penalties, including 5 5-on-3s. Maybe they were tired? Maybe they just mailed it in?

    Keep in mind, they just went 3-1-1 on a 5 game road trip, any of us will take that.

  29. even strength goals for January

    Dubinsky (korp/zherdev)
    Drury (gomez)
    Dubinsky (korp/prucha)
    Korpikoski (zherdev/kalinin)
    Mara (sjorstrom/orr)
    Drury (prucha/dawes)
    Callahan (gomez/kalinin)
    Rozsival (zherdez/naslund)
    Prucha (dubinsky/zherdev)

    (4 wins 4 losses)
    (16 goals for/16 goals against)
    road trip….2 games out, home to play on the island, 2 games out?? They beat the 13th and 15th place teams, and lost to the 9th place team??
    The Rangers need to start acting like the “real deal”, as of now, they are pretenders NOT contenders.

  30. You could see this kind of performance coming a mile away. Typical of a Renney coached team.
    I hate Gomez. He makes Drury look like a bargain.

  31. Rob..

    “Crosby LoveFest on NBC”…bang on.

    If I have to hear Pierre Maguire repeat himself on a point which is borderline at best, one more time, I may have to find the mute button for good. He ruins games and I cant understand why he is in the position he is. Who hired this guy?

    He has a huge love on for Cindy and Eugenie

  32. Down 3-0 and what do I see? Colton Orr on the ice trying to goad one of the Penguins into a fight. Geez, is that all Renney has in his coaching bag of tricks?

  33. The team was lifeless yesterday… what are you going to do? If Renney starts moving things around I’m gonna be pissed.

    The only change I wouldn’t mind seeing is Prucha with Gomez and Naslund… I’m not saying that I’ve gone 180 degrees on him but it would be an interesting experiment. We all KNOW that Renney won’t do that because there’s no solid defender there but whatever.

    They lost without showing up. Done. End of story.

  34. I’ve been saving up this rant for a while. Skip it if you’re a Bettman, Dolan, Sather or Renney fan.

    Renney is pathetic as a coach. Without Hank he’d be coaching a midget team in Goose Lake, Manitoba, and he’d have them all screwed up trying to be a 2-1 team, and relying on their goalie to stand on his 10-year-old head.

    His line juggling is destroying the team. He can’t leave well enough alone. Example: when Prucha came back in the lineup, he played with Gomez and Zherdev, they looked pretty good together, and Prucha scored a couple of big goals. At the same time, Dawes, Drury and Callahan were playing well.

    So Mr. Ego decides he’s got to put his stamp on things. He switches Prucha to Drury’s line, where there is no chemistry at all (proven last season) between Prucha and Drury. Immediately he sucks the life out of 2 lines at the same time. But Renney can’t see his error – in fact, I doubt if Renney would admit that he has EVER made an error.

    But wait – now the Silkworm has an excuse to pull Prucha again. So maybe this was planned all along. After all, we can’t have Prucha being wildly cheered at MSG, can we?

    I’m so disgusted with this poor excuse for a coach that I’m starting to DVR the games and only watch them if something good happens. And I’ve never done that in 40 years of being a Ranger fan.

    The only hope for this franchise is for it to be sold to someone who is a hockey person alone… not a basketball fan, not a businessman, a HOCKEY fan. The Dolans must be forced to sell the team, sweeping out Sather and Renney in the process. Only then will the team have a chance to win another Cup.

    Sather and Renney have sucked the life out of the Rangers AND one of their best fans. And meanwhile Alfred E. Bettman doesn’t have a clue that New York is the true center of the NHL in the US. If we have a strong franchise, the NHL prospers. If we suck, the NHL winds up on Versus, because nobody gives a shit if Pittsburgh and Vancouver play in the finals. Or if Columbus, Nashville, Phoenix, etc. can continue to exist. Screw them, cut back to 24 franchises, and then maybe hockey will have a chance against the other sports.

  35. Doogie — agree w/ you on Pierre. Did you hear him say it should be a double minor if you commit a penalty against a star player? I almost fell over.

  36. czechthemout!!!!! on

    The problem on this team is not that Gomez can’t mesh with one guy or another. It’s also not that Z is not scoring enough goals,or that Dubi is in a bit of a scoring funk,or that Naslund is all of a sudden clutching his stick so hard that he’s almost breaking it. The problem with this team is the man behind the bench. He has no clue how to come up with a strategy to create offense,none,nada,zip!!!!!!!!
    HIs “five in the play” bullshit is so stupid that it’s comical.HOw can you have anyone open on offense when all five are almost on top of each other scrambling for the puck. Not a single forward on this team is ever in a good position on the ice to accept a pass from playmakers like Gomez and Dubi. They all skate behind the net,standing next to each other and looking at the puck instead of going in front and setting up in the slot or in front of the goalie.
    The fourth line never ever takes a shot on goal other than when they dump the puck in or shoot it from just past the red line before going off on a line change.Renney can shuffle all the lines another thousend times,until he figures out that there is two parts to a hockey game.Offense and defense.IN Renney’s world,it is Hank,”five in the play” and a prair.

  37. the whole get rid of the red line, get rid of fighting, option to have a power play instead of a penalty shot…the list goes on….the opinionated, baseless and continual rants all game…shut up already

    maybe he’ll get hit with a puck “between the benches” next week…

  38. Nasland and Reddon could have a wide open net and they would pass….it is sad to see these great players questioning their skill….

    And I don’t believe for one second the taking the money and running to Connecticut washes….these guys love the game, its what they do??? very frustrating….

    road trip…they still lost to Buffalo??

  39. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Somebody hit it on the head yesterday. We have a bunch of 3rd/4th liners in our lineup.

    Prucha/dawes/callahan/naslund/korpo/sjostorm/dubi. All the same type of players. We won’t win with these guys.

    Whether or not you like Voros he has size and size wins. You need size and speed. We only have speed at best. Same team in the 80’s same time now.

    Orr has limited skill but plays his heart out every night.

  40. I don’t always agree with Brooks but the statement about them looking worse when they lose, than they look good winning is spot on.

  41. czechthemout!!!!! on


    Orr can play his heart out every game but no matter what,he still sucks as a hockey player and every time he’s out on the ice other than to fight,he is hurting our team.

  42. somerset 10:40 never happen with our cap situation. what you see is what you’ll get. no more free agents for at least a few yrs until some of these expire

  43. boxcareddiehospodar on


    stop it. Orr plays no worse than dawes/naslund/prucha etc. At least he goes in the corner forechecks and hits people.

    get ready for the same crap as years ago. We lose the next two in Pittsburgh and we get the crap beat out of us by Philly.

    No heart / no toughness

    I am beginning to enjoy watching the second coming of the smurfs bounce off opposing players when they check them.

    How nay more times we going otlet people hit our star players and Lundquist anddo nothing?

  44. per ranger rants

    Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan (no change)
    Nigel Dawes-Chris Drury-Dan Fritsche (Fritsche in for Petr Prucha)
    Aaron Voros-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev (Voros in for Lauri Korpikoski)
    Fredrik Sjostrom-Blair Betts-Colton Orr (no change)

    Prucha and Korpikoski are practicing in white jerseys as an extra defense pair

  45. Re:

    czechthemout!!!!! January 19th, 2009 at 12:07 pm


    “Orr can play his heart out every game but no matter what,he still sucks as a hockey player and every time he’s out on the ice other than to fight,he is hurting our team.”

    Just exactly how is he hurting the team? He doesn’t take the stupid penalties guys like Gomez, Drury, Cally, etc.. take on a nightly basis. He’s one of the few players on the team that actually tries to throw the body and can forecheck. And he can put his fist through the back of someones head if need be. So exactly how is he hurting the team? Because he doesn’t score? Big deal. Not all 12 forwards on any team are going to be big scorers, especially a 4th line grinder. He only has one less goal and one less point then Sjostrom. Is Freddie hurting the team too? Gimme a break, the 4th liners are not the problem and they are the least of the teams worries. They are the only cohesive line that works well together. Put the blame where it lies. On the under-producing top 9 forwards, a soft defense, lack of overall team toughness and physicality and a coach that doesn’t seem to know which end is up.

  46. boxcareddiehospodar on

    what is the obsession with callahan? His is at best a 2nd liner even 3rd liner.

    The first line has absolutely no size. Who is going into the corners to get the puck?

    The third line has the most size and will see less ice time then the first 2 lines.

    Someone tell Renney it is not that difficult.

  47. Time for Change on

    It hurts me to say that I think it’s time for the Rangers to consider letting Tom Renney go…Glenn Sather for that matter but I know that won’t happen. Tom Renney is a good hockey man and a better person but he just can not get this group of players to respond. It seems like every third game he has to call a time-out in the first period to read the riot act??? A big part of the problem is again talent evaluation. There was a lot of talk when the Rangers gave Redden a big contract. Many said his wheels were gone and his best years were certainly behind him. Same with Kalinin. Both defenseman have been a wink link for the Rangers D. As good a guys as Gomez and Drury are…they are not the superstars the Rangers need. Chris Drury is an excellent guy and a very good 2nd line player. Drury, although competitive, is a “lead by example” guy. You surround Drury with a natural goal scorer and a couple of bangers and he may well be your team MVP. When you make him your captain and top line player…he just isn’t that guy. Some games you wouldn’t know he’s in the game. Gomez as well. An excellent guy with great speed and playmaking ability can not be one of your top line scorers. Add to that mix…the Rangers have about 6 or 7 4th line players. On certain teams Orr, Betts, Sjostrom, Prucha, Voros, maybe Dawes would be fine role players. On a team that is desperate for scoring…there is just too many of these guys. I say Tom Renney can’t motivate these guys because I see a team that is CONSTANTLY out-hustled..beat to the puck..too many feet coasting and not skating. They can not hold a lead and just seem to have little heart. When a middle of the pack NHL team comes in your building and runs circles around you..you have big issues. Would bringing back Sean Avery alleviate any of this? Probably not..then you have One guy on the ice with heart and a lockeroom full of pissed off players. The era of turning over your roster with shrewd deals at the deadline (3 or 4 players) is gone.
    The Rangers need too many things to make a strong run at the cup. They need a tough defenseman or two, a Finisher with the puck and some real grinders (so as Callahan and Betts don’t feel alone) The great optimism after returning from Prague has turned to another winter/spring of heartache and discontent

  48. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Time for a change

    good post. One question:

    Would you really care if Avery pissed anyone off in the locker room? What is the worse thing that happens. Maybe they leave. Outside of Lundquist/Staal do you really care if anyone else leaves?

    Today there are not enough pissed off people in that locker room.

    Mediocrity is accepted and welcomed.

  49. PLEASE FIRE RENNEY..! PLEASE..! i cannot even stand to go to a game anymore with this freak show behind the bench..

    what did prucha do to warrant being taken out of the line up again.!??! maybe someone should take renney outta the line up PERMANENTLY..! this guy is amazing in the respect that he STILL HAS A JOB.. he should send half his salary overto siberia to jagr b/c we all know thats the only reason has a job..

  50. Pierre the Clown on

    I must say that after watching yest game on NBC Pierre McGuire is an absolute embarrassment!!!! His knit-wit, liberal ‘any type of fighting is just plain wrong’ approach should be suffocated. The NHL does a horrible job promoting their sport (see Cable Network deal w/Versus) just walk into any school in this country and ask who Sydney Crosby is. You may get 25 or 30 % that know. You ban fighting and you lose most of your audience. Can anybody imagine Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, & John Ferguson in a hockey game with no rough stuff????? The NHL has already ruined the game with all these idotic penalties called. I don’t want to see a game with 14 or 15 powerplays. I don’t want to see a game decided by having a team go down 2 men in the closing minutes. It used to be you would nearly have to tackle a guy in overtime to get a penalty..now sometimes off the opening draw of OT they are calling penalties..IT”S A JOKE.
    You take fighting completely out of Hockey and you will so frustration manifest in a different form. McGuire says it would stop tough guys from targeting the marquis players??? When was the last time Crosby, Gaborik, or Modano got jumped??? If Crosby has 2 on a team then you wan’t to let him know you are there and body him…THAT”S PART OF THE GAME? If fighting is banned I will not watch it anymore. It has gone from the fastest, most competitive game around to a game that is almost unwatchable a lot of nights with all the penalties.

  51. Boxcareddiehospodar:

    incidentally, I saw Eddie Hospodar destroy Terry Hoyda and Ben Wilson of the Flyers in my first NHL game. We need guys with passion like Hospodar and where is Frank “seldom”
    Beaton these days..lol

  52. yea sit Prucha or Korpikoski over Sjustrom becuase he has been so great.. the swedish rico fata has about 5 points on the year.

    SJustrom sucks put Voros on the 4th line for Sjustrom or Orr how complicated is that?

    Sjustrom is not 1/2 the player Prucha is and Krpikoski has a ton more upside and his production YTD has been about the same…

  53. wow…..at 11:20 am I posted the goals/assist for the Month of January even strength goals ….we scored 16 goals, 10 even strength (I omitted one..whoops)

    Prucha 1 goal/3 assists
    Zherdev 4 assists

    Drury 3 goals (2 assisted by dawes and prucha)
    Dubinsky 2 goals/1 assist (2 assisted by korpikoski)
    Korpikoski 1 goal/2 assists

    Dawes (2 assists)
    Gomez (2 assists)
    Kalinen (2 assists)

    Callahan (1 goal)
    Mara (1 goal)
    Rozsival (1 goal)
    Naslund (1 assist)
    Sjorstrom (1 assist)
    Orr (1 assist)

    wheres Bob…never thought I’d say that!!

  54. your boy Malik on

    I’ll spit if Prucha is scratched – could there be a connection to Durry’s improved play and having PP on his line! UGG…..

  55. Naslund needs a kick in the ass!

    Or Messier back!! (he needs a big huge guy (ie:mess/bert) to open up ice for him

    He’ll have a break, next week…..

    I wonder if VanCity wants him back….Then the sundin/nasland/henrietta/daniella swedish foursome can
    re-live the olympic dream….????

  56. DANNYC

    Yup, there you go. Gomer just doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. He’s a waste of money. Jags got blamed for everything, and it was all bullshit. No chemistry, ruining the PP. Yeah, check out our PP now, its brilliant. Only 27th in the league.

    I miss the Jagr-Dubinsky-Avery line. That was one of my favorite lines since Hollweg-Moore-Ortmeyer.

    Putting Danny F, and Voros in for Pruchs, and Korpedo ?? How the fugg does that make any sense ? What aboot Freddy ? He hasn’t done a god damn thing in a long time. I like Voros, but i want him on the 4th line where he belongs. Fritsche, i don’t want him at all, he’s a waste of a spot, which makes sense cause Slats basically traded Sister Christian Backman for him.

    I hate Renney.

  57. Renney hasn’t figured out how to beat the 4-1 yet either…

    how many examples of that do we need?

  58. Damn that pothole, Renney. Every time a kid plays well, and Korpikoski is starting to find his rhythm, he gets dispatched, or at least benched. Remember Baranka, last year? Up for one game, registered an assist and played well, but was never heard from again.

    This year Potter, in his trial, looked like he belonged, accompanied the team for three games on the west coast, for which he did not dress, and – boom, back down. Of course Sanguinetti even skated in a warm-up before a game before being sat down and subsequently demoted. One hell of a “promotion” that was.

    Tom Renney is the POOREST motivator and human psychologist I have ever seen, in all my time observing sports. This guy should be an accountant or a mortician, something wherein he does not have to interact with dynamic people. He is an introvert with awful management instincts who is way over his head earning a living in professional sports. A complete misfit, he is. And to think, he has the job as long as the GM is around, who has his job as long as the owner is around. I AM NOT HAPPY!

  59. Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan

    most expensive even strength unproductive line in the NHL!!
    (sorry ryan, you just don’t belong, nor deserve, to be here)

    wheres bob?

  60. Why are Sjostrom and Orr so irreplaceable? Maybe Voros and Fritsche with Betts could actually put the puck in the net. It would be worth at least a one game try.

  61. I can’t take this rollercoaster ride anymore!!…After the Chicago game I’m up…After the Penguin game I’m down…then I find a website for Anna K photos I go back up again!…then I read Prucha and Korpi might sit and crash again…

    This is the hardest first place team I have ever followed in my life!!

  62. kapar….

    “This is the hardest first place team I have ever followed in my life!!”

    well said!

  63. Hey, why all the bitching? Prucha hasn’t scored in the last six minutes, and Korpedo’s pass to Dubi in Chicago the other night wasn’t perfect — Dubi had to reach behind him a little. (sic)

    Tom Renney, Man of the Year! What an insecure, weak guy.

  64. I don’t like these changes, I hope he goes back, I understand wanting to see things in practice because that is how we do things on our team but Korpikoski and Prucha have been two of the rangers best in the last few games while Voros has been dead weight simply because he can’t find viable chemistry with anyone on the team. Now I do agree that Fritsche should get back in the line up, but at who’s expense? Callahan? Orr? Sjostrom? None of those are acceptable because they each provide a key ingredient to the team while Fritsche (with his strengths) is not a viable replacement.

  65. kaspar – they are not in 1st place witht he games in hand, etc. they are what they are – 6th seed (at best) in the east. and still very likely to fall. pitt is still a better team and i think buff is as well.

  66. How does Sjostrom stay in the lineup but guys who are at least mild offensive threats like Korpikoski and Prucha get benched when it’s time to put useless Voros and Fritsche in the lineup?

    Seriously? What is the love affair with Sjostrom? I’ve backed Renney for the most part over the years but this is absolutely ridiculous.

  67. Try scratching Gomez.. maybe it will light a fire under his ass. Makes no sense to scratch Prucha or Korpikoski

  68. “Seriously? What is the love affair with Sjostrom?”

    Easy. Besides Orr who is a good fighter and Hank who is a good goalie the Rangers aren’t good at “anything” other than PK’ing

    Renney wont mess with the PK…you can forget it.

  69. Blow up the fourth line ! Play Voros and sit Sjostrom …

    If Korpokoski and Prucha sits Renney better home the Rangers win ….

  70. “Try scratching Gomez.. maybe it will light a fire under his ass.”
    DCloutier39 1-19-09

    Its funny, Hartsberg calls out Spezza and Alfie publicly..they respond with a couple of wins

    Pittsburgh shows Fluery how happy they are with his play that they trade 3 players for Garon ( including a pick)…he shuts out Rangers next day

    but on the Rangers? If you make 5 million a year you play.Period. The coach benches the finge guys back and forth as if he’s ever going to find the right recipe by doing that to 3rd and 4th liners while the GM is nowhere to be found….

    Until there is a retirement ceremony in Edmonton that is

  71. gotta get rid of or get kalinin out of the lineup its that simple……the guy is a joke.if he doesnt atleast make that move renney should be fired on that fact alone……we all know the rangers have stole about 4 games this year they probably had no business winning but for god sakes,they could be in first by atleast eight or nine points minimum if they had just found a way 4 or 5 of those stupid games at home……… and if they ahd really abred down probably more that that the fact is the rangers for what they get paid for how hard they work and what they are a joke and so is renney……and we all know it.

  72. You knew Renney would quickly dispatch Prucha out of the lineup. Granted Prucha hasn’t looked all that great the last few games. Korpikoski has shown me nothing to suggest he’s much more than a 4th liner. He would be a fine replacement on the 4th line for Sjostrom.

  73. Call up Anisimov and make the lines look like this


  74. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    January 19th, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Yup, there you go. Gomer just doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. He’s a waste of money. Jags got blamed for everything, and it was all bullshit. No chemistry, ruining the PP. Yeah, check out our PP now, its brilliant. Only 27th in the league.

    I miss the Jagr-Dubinsky-Avery line. That was one of my favorite lines since Hollweg-Moore-Ortmeyer.

    Putting Danny F, and Voros in for Pruchs, and Korpedo ?? How the fugg does that make any sense ? What aboot Freddy ? He hasn’t done a god damn thing in a long time. I like Voros, but i want him on the 4th line where he belongs. Fritsche, i don’t want him at all, he’s a waste of a spot, which makes sense cause Slats basically traded Sister Christian Backman for him.

    I hate Renney.

    Welcher Orr, welcher orr you lost a bet now leave for a month.

  75. Hahaha, you fuggin retard, how do you know it was you i was referring to ?? Either way, i never agreed to that bet, there was no point since you lost anyway. You made the bet, then you posted something aboot me right after. I know its hard for you, and this is your life, but don’t worry, one lost bet isn’t the end of the world.

    Im seriously beginning to think that Graves9 is Robby Bonfire/Bob/Yenner Mot/ everything else. This guy uses a bunch of different names, he has all the time in the world. Lol, its kind of sad, but enjoyable at the same time. This blog needs personality anyway, that’s the difference between RR and BB.

    Actually you agreed to the bet you said fine illl take the bet. Again all your descriptions of me are really true about you. You are competely and totally obessed by me(I’m not that fascinating) I’ll offer you a bet again that you can’t refer to me in any way at all or your gone from this blog and if I refer to you after you agree to the bet I would be gone too. I think you won’t take it because you can’t go a day without refering to me.

  76. so Sjostrom, Betts, nor Orr will ever sit no matter how ineffective and useless and unproductive they are. They can do no wrong because somehow there is no expectation of them to score.

    And why of all the lines does Renney think Naslund-Gomez-Callahan is the one working?

  77. A few of you above mention firing Renney while at the same time saying that we have low-level talent. Do you realize how little sense you are making?

    I agree with a couple people above that say to sit Naslund; as I said yesterday, he has been invisible for at least a month. Sjostrom is fine, but replaceable. A couple weeks ago, I said I would sit Orr for Voros, but I have changed my mind on that. However, it’s hard to switch Sjostrom for Voros when Sjostrom has much more speed, so maybe Voros with Gomez and Callahan (how rediculous would that be?), Fritsche with Orr and Betts. I would rather leave the other two lines intact. There is no reason to take out Korpikoski or Prucha right now, especially the former.

  78. Sjo, Betts, and Orr will not sit because of DEFENSE. He doesn’t care about their offense. He wants 2 goals a game from his top 3 lines and wants that to be enough to win. The 4th line as it is wont give up anything. Start making changes to it and it becomes less effective DEFENSIVELY.

  79. Typical Ranger fans. Let’s bitch/moan and debate about 4th liners getting paid $500K a year and who are getting 5,6 or 7 minutes of icetime because that’s more important then the mercenaries getting paid millions of dollars and getting huge hunks of icetime while not producing. Yeah, that’s where the problem lies. That’ll fix the teams woes ’cause we all know how productive other teams 4th liners are throughout the league. Ummmm, they aren’t. That’s not what they get paid to do. Leave ’em alone to produce a forecheck, get into a few scraps and pluck the odd goal. That’s what 4th liners throughout the league do. Put your venom where it belongs, on the guys actually getting paid to score. Yeah, let’s tale a team that’s vanilla soft and make them even softer by taking out our 4th line tough guy ’cause they didn’t get bounce all over the ice by Chicago and Pittsburgh anyway. Don’t be fools. Come up with solutions to and bitch about the real problems. Non-producing forwards who are getting paid to produce, defensemen too soft to play in a girls league and a coach who cares more about wins and points then his players. I’m glad you guys aren’t GM’s.

  80. onecupin67years on

    The only way to point this”organ I zation” in the right direction is to clean house from the top GM & President, coaching staff, bring in new scouts then get rid of the lazy ,well ok ,unskilled and over paid players.

    Bringing in another “superstar” like jagr ,Shanahan, and whom ever hasn’t worked because of the over lack of talent and inferior coaching, one guy isn’t going to change things much.

    We saw how jagr was over used and abused and it got us a 2nd round exit.
    So renney can scramble the lines any way he likes you’ll still have the same results

  81. voros in over prucha?

    I can see fritsche getting a shot, I mean he was relatively good in Columbus and is costing us 1.25mill

    but voros over prucha?!?!? atleast put voros in for orr and give some scoring balance for each line…

  82. The only thing that matters is how Lundqvist plays.

    he’s great!… we win

    he’s good…maybe we win ( in a shootout )

    he’s below average…we lose


    I can mix and match my clothes all I want…no matter what I do I still look like a guy who shops at JC Penny

  83. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Ugh, here we go again… Just think, I was happy with Renney getting upset in the Chicago game. Mind you, this was the first time I have supported Renney since his first season as coach. But that’s all in the past, it’s typical of him to place blame on the forwards who are playing in the bottom 5 in ice time every game they play and NOT the guys who are playing 17-18…20 min/game. I mean, if Prucha and Korpi both played 18 minutes a game and on the power play, they would certainly have a shot at being close to the top of the Rangers scoring list (Not saying much, I know). Why does Gomez lead the forwards in ice time when he is not producing? Just one example of Renney having his favorites for no reason at all.

  84. Renney broke up the line late in the third, replacing Callahan with Nigel Dawes. The coach, at the same time, shifted Callahan onto the unit with Chris Drury and Petr Prucha. Why does it seem that the move was a precursor to sitting Prucha tomorrow night and replacing him with Aaron Voros, a scratch throughout the road trip?

    Brooks hits the nail on the head yet again

  85. Can anybody tell me how many pictures of Renney and Sather with barnyard animals does Sjostrom have? They must be pretty incriminating for a guy with 2 GOALS in his last 65 GAMES (and often getting 10-15 mins a night) to play every single game no matter what…But, hey, I guess that is all part of Renney’s merit system and why the Good Ship .500 has been chugging along since Novemebr ..(And, yes, I know there are bigger problems on the top 3 lines but there’s no way in hades that slackers like Gomez, Drury, naslund, etc. are ever going to take a seat..

  86. Kaspar January 19th, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    The only thing that matters is how Lundqvist plays.

    he’s great!… we win

    he’s good…maybe we win ( in a shootout )

    he’s below average…we lose


    I can mix and match my clothes all I want…no matter what I do I still look like a guy who shops at JC Penny

    Lundqvist can be great and give up 1 goal, but if we don’t score any, it doesn’t really matter.

  87. Is Larry Brooks implying that Renney sabotaged Prucha? I have to agree with that. I don’t know what Prucha ever did to him, but this is getting tiresome.

  88. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    can somebody please explain to me why zherdev is on the third line…. he is the only one on the ice who can jump start our offense and get hot. renney is not giving him enough minutes..

  89. “Lundqvist can be great and give up 1 goal, but if we don’t score any, it doesn’t really matter”

    Yes..and arguing about who should play between sjostrom-Voros-korpi-Orr is a waste of time; if this team is only scoring 1 goal a game its not the 3rd and 4th lines faults…… instead ask why Zherdev-Dubi-Gomer and Nazz cant score..talent? coaching? attitude?

  90. GRAVES

    Lol, did you just read that, i posted that last night. Which makes it even more obvious that YOU are obsessed with me, its a new post, and once again you’re still bringing me up. Sure, ill take the bet, you, and Salty have no excitement in your lives so i might as well help out by agreeing to some bets. I know your age gets to you, and you have trouble reading from time to time, which you’ve proven before, so if i mention Graves, the player don’t get girly, and excited like you always do, lol.


    You’re right, this is a hard first place team to watch. I think for anyone who isn’t expecting this, should get used to the fact that, Nyr will once again be a 5th, 6th place team. Im done thinking they’ll get their division, or at least 4th place. I just cant see it, not with the way Renney treats this team. The Vets might as well be the coaches, cause they’re free to do what ever the fugg they want.

  91. **from the Devils Blog**

    January 19, 2009

    “Devils can claim first in last game of trip
    There will be a lot going on tonight for the Devils in their game against the Nashville Predators at Sommet Center.

    The biggest story is that #18 Brendan Shanahan, who ranks 11th all-time with 650 career goals, will be making his season debut after signing with the Devils last week. It’s also the last game of a season-long six-game road trip, in which the team is 4-1 so far.

    And if the Devils win tonight, they will pass the Rangers and move into first place in the Atlantic Division for the first time this season.”

  92. boxcareddiehospodar on


    Zherdev is on the 3rd line because renney does not know how to use him.

    We have midgets wingers on the first 2 lines and we wonder why our forecheck is horrible.

  93. ORR !! What Is It Good FOR ??
    January 19th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Lol, did you just read that, i posted that last night. Which makes it even more obvious that YOU are obsessed with me, its a new post, and once again you’re still bringing me up. Sure, ill take the bet, you, and Salty have no excitement in your lives so i might as well help out by agreeing to some bets. I know your age gets to you, and you have trouble reading from time to time, which you’ve proven before, so if i mention Graves, the player don’t get girly, and excited like you always do, lol.

    I’m pretty sure he checked yesterday’s hread to see if you responded. I dunno why you need to continue with your personal attacks it’s classless. You are like the board nazi with all these attacks.

  94. LI Joe…don’t assume Philly and NJ will win those games in hand. You know what happens when you assume…..

  95. I’m a witness to the bet. Oh yeah I offered Greg a bet on the Chicago game and he ignored it.

  96. Kaspar
    “Yes..and arguing about who should play between sjostrom-Voros-korpi-Orr is a waste of time; if this team is only scoring 1 goal a game its not the 3rd and 4th lines faults…… instead ask why Zherdev-Dubi-Gomer and Nazz cant score..talent? coaching? attitude?”

    Yes I know, I was the one who previously said to sit Gomez @ 2:12

  97. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    The thing is , We probally should n’t have went all out on Chicago ..and not save anything for Pittsburgh!! Dam Penguins are division rivals , im not happy with that loss at all!!! Now Pitts is in 8th and climbing thank to us .
    I don’y buy that the Rangers were happy with the road trip and desided to not show up againt the pens. Anytime you play a team in your division ..that is the more important game.

    Losers fans saying ” GO HOME RANGERS ” makes me puke.

    If Gomez coasts into the offensive zone again and passes up the puck to no one ..im gonna kill him. Fer fu*k sakes hes our 1st line center!!!!??? Bench him for Ansimov for a game or two..cuz Renny can’t have a young guy in there for too long ( see : Prucha , Korpi ) Don’t put Ansimov at top line , just on the third line or put ’em with Z .

    Gomez should be looking at game film at himself , and count all the dumb passes and shots he takes.


    Not all of us get to sit in front of our computers all day, constantly checking to make sure if people made bets with us, lol you fool. Do you realize how pathetic you sound ?? Honestly, i like to joke around a lot, but i honestly think this actually is the only excitement you get in your life. Don’t worry, im sure something exciting will happen to you, like looking in the mirror and noticing your acne has cleared, if you’re lucky.

    The Preds need to step it up tonight. I hope Tootoo drills Esliasshole into the boards. Im still not sure what to think of Shanny, he’s my fav player ever but i cant say anything bad aboot him. It’s not like he did this out of spite, it was for his family, so you cant hold that against him. It was either Devs, or Islandorks, and he’s trying to kill two birds with one stone, the other being winning a Cup, which hopefully doesn’t happen for him.

  99. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    ( badseed ) I would have won that bet against Shitcago with you so just shut up while im ahead…I said that day , I Didnt Wanna bet cuz im always wrong.

    Others saying others are making personaal attacks should look at themselves. Btw (Spider pig) , you comments on your opinion are arrogant and at the end you sounded like you were lost.

  100. Please leave my little boy alone, just don’t even acknowledge him. He fell off his pogo stick on the way home from his job at the 7-11 today, scrambled his noggin even worse. He barely got home in time to luffa my stretch marks.

    I really wish he would find better outlets for his time. All he does is whine on this blog like the welcher that he is and reread his well worn copies of Blue Boy.

    Its truly disgraceful how much he likes that magazine.

  101. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I’m the kinda guy who would look at the NHL standings everyday last season and the other seasons as far back as I can remember. I ve always done it…see how far down we are or whos the other teams fighting for the 8th spot.

    This season , well…I havent looked sinse the first week of November !! I dunno , it weird but ..I don’t care or wanna know. All I want is to make the playoffs and I don’t wanna watch the standings. Maybe I didn’t wanna see our decline from first but I feel that looking at the standings is for fortune tellers.

    Who knows how it will look from all the regulation ties cluttering up the points race. How do you cheer against a division rival who always gets atleast 1 point?
    Aggrivating and its stress that I dont need …Just someone tell me if we drop down to 8th , cuz then I may have to take a look , GuLp!!

  102. Greg wanna bet for the ducks game? I’m in the mood you? Hitler Jr. err Orr can you please die?

  103. hitler jr.aka orr nobody spends more time here than you. Imo this site kinda sucks. You mucking is up is one of the main reasons.

  104. Sjostrom plays every game because he is really good at Renney’s 2 favorite parts of a hockey game … The PK and The Shootout.

    Voros and Orr should be in the lineup against the Ducks because they arguably the biggest and toughest team in the NHL!!

    I have no problem with Voros getting back in against them

  105. Good point somerset

    Hey! Its just one game..we all go crazy about guys being switched…I’d have to say, and I am not a big Renney supporter by any means, that none of the “in and out” guys really deserves to play 82 games anyway…I still think he was comparitively harsh on Prucha though..but even he hasn’t preformed like a 82 game guy

    Somerset’s right…game vs ducks requires a midget or two to sit…

    Going forward, beside our obvious needs on dee, we need some size up front…size that doesnt wear down (like Voros)…after a while you begin to notice that Pruchas and Cally and Dawes hits do nothing to wear down opposing dee ….I love their effort but they bounce off like flys we need a couple of guys who can punish people

  106. All Hail King Henrik on

    I keep hearing rumblings here and elsewhere of the Rangers signing Gionta in the offseason…UGH.

    If the Rangers sign Gionta, I might actually stop watching this team. He is the antithesis of what this team needs. He’s a TINY (like 5’5″) “goal-scoring” winger. He’s basically an older version of Dawes with less passing skills.

    He’s overrated and playing him with Gomez isn’t going to all of a sudden turn Gomez into a 20G-70A-90PT player. Not going to happen. Gionta is the same type of player this team already has tons of–a small goal-scoring winger who is inconsistent for long stretches of times. He’ll fit right in with this team going 8,9,10 game stretches without a goal, and then potting 4 over the next 2 games.

    He scored 25 goals playing with Gomez in ’06-’07, 22 last season an is on pace for around 22 again this season.

    STAY AWAY from small wingers like the plague, NYR…stay away.

  107. All Hail King Henrik on

    Also heard someone above mention recalling Anisimov, which is a good idea. I suggested that like three weeks ago, and still think that it would be something worth looking into.


    sounds a whole hell of a lot better than


    Anisimov is putting up a point per game in Hartford (he’s like 8th overall in AHL socring at last check). Give the kid a shot to see what he can do with Nikky Z. Arties already got the D skills, so it’s not like he’ll hurt us that way.


    Dawes (way overrated and too inconsistent, shouldn’t be a regular)

    This gives us a semi-legit 3rd line checking unit, and two lines that have the potential to score. It looks so much better on paper than the current lines (at least to me), I wonder how it would play out. Never happen with Renney anyways, so I suppose it doens’t matter much.

  108. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    yo badseed , I ‘d bet with you If I had some credentials from you . Id win and ya wouldnt post yer name and may pop up in anutha…I have seen others do it. Not say you would but hey , I come on here with only 1 name cuz its me and I got nuthin to hide. Id back up any one thinking other wise.

    Id love to bet ….maybe having the loser put homo or something in his name as he posts for a few weeks.
    If your taking Ducks , I want some odds after that last miserable Penguin game.

  109. GREG

    No point in betting with him. He will definitely use one of his many names if he loses. Now if there was only a way you can get in touch with his mom, then he’ll probably get punished. Then that will mean no computer, and that will lead to potential suicide for the little baby badseed. Some people cant live without their computer. I just cant tell what he needs more in his life, Rangers blogs, or free internet porn.

  110. all hail agree with the 6:45 post, not so much the next one
    if we can get a checking line (3rd line) i would have dubi with korpo and maybe the agitating type player they need (from ottawa or a carcillo type.

    z, naslund, drury, gomez, cally and 1 other (prucha or dawes depending on who would be traded to get the agitating player) would comprise the top 2 lines.

  111. I think its time that tell renney to leave… He is a perfect example of a bad coach getting an opportunity with a good team with a big budget. And the fact of the matter is, Zherdev should be on the 1st line regardless of who hes with because he is the best player on our team. Sjoey is a waste of space as is betts..

    About a week or two ago one of the commentators said it best. “When a coach thinks that Blair Betts is the most important player on the team, there is something wrong”

  112. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (ORR) Yeah untill he can prove hes legit , can’T do it…plus I told his Mom while I spanked her last night…

  113. The game has not started yet, I dont know how it will work out in NJ, but…

    At less than a 400K cap hit…its a disgrace that Shanahan isnt playing for the 2 goal a game Rangers

    A disgrace

  114. Shanny said he wouldn’t play for the NYR on the 4th line and look where he’s playing for NJ a few months later…

  115. TK

    when did Shanny say he wouldnt play 4th line? you are full of crap he would have played anywhere for Ranger. Dickhead

  116. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    SHANAHAN just scored the first goal in the game……it hurts to watch it.

  117. To all the jerks that said “oh Shanny is a washed up” I see a Powerplay Goal and a nice goal it was. Damn you Sather & Renney who would not give this guy a chance once again.

  118. Shanny: too old, too slow, can’t score…yada yada yada. I hope he goes on a scoring spree just to show Sather what an asshole he is. Hopefully those goals will be futile and the Devs will lose anyway

  119. kick him in the Slats on

    Shanny scores a nice PP goal. oh no, the Rangers could not have used any of that, right dumbass Sather?

    Fritsche and Rissmiller are just scoring machines, especially on the PP. oh right, they are not even worthy of playing time. nice job, dumbass Sather.

  120. Shanahan will enjoy sticking it to Sather for the rest of the year. The Rangers can enjoy their bottom of the league power play while he’s scoring for the Devils. Good for Shanahan.

  121. Maybe Sather & Renney believes that Shanahan is too good for our team and do we really need to sign him for $800,000?
    This goes out to Renney & Sather ” I hope his playing style makes you sick to your stomach that you lost out on signing this guy, you jerks!”

  122. Fritsche & Rissmiller both making over a mil each and where are tthey now? One in the minors while the other is sitting on his carcas. Someone needs to get fired for this!

  123. Between the Pens lost yeaterday and tonight Shanahan returns to the NHL, I believe we need to hear FIRE RENNEY chants

  124. 1 goal

    1/2 a season pro rated $400,000

    if the devils win tonight, the rangers drop to 5th, lose first round home ice in play-offs…how much is that worth??

    steal of a deal Louis Lamoriello

  125. Now, please, can anybody explain me how some dumb ass like Clarkson from NJ off all teams scores his 10 goa l today against Preds and our so called ‘offensive talents’ like Gomez, Dawes, Dubinsky scored less so far?
    It’s just amazing how unwatchable the way they play is…

  126. pavel – re waivers tb is lower than us so of course they would get a player on waivers before we would

  127. Shanny is already sticking it to the Rangers. If NJ wins they take 1st place.

    Plus, it was Shanny’s FIRST PP shift of the year!!! Ridiculous !!!

  128. Age is just a number, and unfortunately for Renney & Sather that they could not see that. Keep it up Shanny I hope you get a Hat-Trick tonight

  129. kick him in the Slats on

    Renney’s defensive hockey is very offensive to the fans who have to watch it.

  130. Don’t worry Drury is our Captain and blah blah blah. That is total B-S. Shanny was more of a Captain than Drury will ever be.

  131. I dunno if you guys noticed, but meathead Dave Clarkson has more goals that Scott “7 million dollar man” Gomez. Doug Weight has more points in 5 less games.

  132. domi – fritsche makes less than $ 1 mm. also was not a free agent but rather a part of the z deal where we got rid of backman.

    re shanny he was 2nd worst ranger in playoffs last yr behind hollweg. did we win with him last yr NO. was there a parade last yr NO. sometimes people are amazing. it’s always play the youth play the youth – newsflash shanny is 40

  133. somerset with 2 games in hand and 1 pt behind, both nj and philly were effectively ahead of us before tonight.

  134. I’m all for youth but ya gotta admit:

    Need a guy at the net?
    Need some PP shots on goal
    Need a tip shot?
    Need a power play goal?

    check, check, check, check

  135. Sullivan of Nashville comes in on P. Martin of NJD one on one….Sullivan makes a nice move and has a step on the defender,,,heading towards NJD goalie….Knowing he is beat, Martin interferes with Sullivan and does not get shot off….No penalty called on the blatant foul vs NJD…..

    If that was a Rangers defender…they would call a fuckin penalty shot for Nashville.

    Bettman & NHL are so gay now

  136. Let’s see — the Devils have former Rangers, Weekes, Shanahan, Mottau and Holik. And also Zach Parise, who the Rangers could have had. But the Rangers have Scott Gomez at 6 years for 8 million per. Hmmm, who’s the better GM? The Devils lost their Hall of Fame goalie and are about to be in 1st place — who’s the better coach? This is not fun anymore.

  137. Please Daily News guy…NO MORE posts about Renney juggling the lines. Who the f*ck cares. Post something interesting for Christ sake. Why is no hockey writer in this town with the exception of Brooks digging for something from the ghost of a GM that we have? WEhen’s the last time we got a quote out of this ass clown of a GM in the summwe when he told is Redden makes the best outlet passes in the game. Cmon Obenaur….could you do a little investigative jouralism on whats up with this GM or perhaps write a piece with some opinion, some bite. I’m bored with this team, the writers that cover them and the helpless fans that have to endure this nonsense. You faithful are all spinng your wheels…does anybody honestly believe that this team doesn’t exit stage left in round 1, maybe round 2. A team that’s made up of a bunch of plumber forwards, soft d and a completely overrated goalie and on top of it they’re a complete BORE.

  138. kaspar –

    did he help us win the cup NO

    did he screw us with the cap with his salary incl bonus increase after a season of injury YES

    was he the 2nd worst player in the playoffs last yr
    in my opinion YES

    is this january 19th where he is running on adrenaline before his 40 yr old body feels like a 40 yr old. YES

  139. The best part about signing Shanahan early would have been that Sather would have overpaid…no doubt Shanny would not have signed a 800K contract in July…sather would have to give him at least $3 million…maybe he wouldnt have had the $$$ to sign Redden and Rozy forever and ever

  140. kc – of course lou l is better than sather. that is like saying which country is stronger the US or luxembourg. your point is

  141. LI Joe,
    At least we made the playoffs last year, I can;t say the same for this year the way we are playing, and you are wrong about age, it is just a number and Chelios, Lemieux, & now Shanahan are proving that, even on the Powerplay

  142. domi – chelios is pretty much the last red wing. he sat a good amt of the last 2 series last yr. would shanny do that HELL NO. the goal is the cup not just making the playoffs. if we make it and lose 1st or 2nd rd people will want renney and sather fired and rightfully so.

    i can’t beleive this board. over the last 3 yrs it’s all about play this young guy play that young guy and when they get rid of a 40 yr old who was terrible from jan on last 2 yrs it’s like we mugged mother theresa. give me a break. and some of the guys who are on the team like fritsche and sjoe are early to mid 20’s. at least we can sit them. heaven help us if we sat shanny.

  143. I am not a a NY Jets fan but I thought it was a very interesting and incredible for that franchise to hire a guy like Rex Ryan….Ofcourse the NFL & NHL are apples and oranges but they are professional sports with athletes who get paid alot of money to perform.

    So why do I bring up Rex? Because he is a guy that the players on the Ravens would practically run over their own mothers to make a play. Ravens Defense respected the hell out of him and played their hearts out for him. Rex knows how to motivate and does not come off like a Renneyesque type, who uses his big Websters dictionary post game comments and always leaves his own team out to dry when they lose, yet takes all the credit if the Rangers happen to play well.

    Unfortunately and ultimately, us fans will suffer forever due to the Rangers piece of shit ownership that is happy to take the gate and concession for 1 to 2 rounds of playoffs and continue to let Sather spend money on the garbage he picks up in the offseason just to get them to those 1 to 2 rounds.

    Lets make it very clear here….if it was not for Henrik between the pipes and his great goaltending bailing this team out….we would not have seen any playoffs for 10+ years running. (Also Jagr, Staal, Avery, and Shanny contributed as well)

    Even though it will never happen unless huge tank, please fire Renney ASAP…..Bring in a coach who makes his players want to skate through the boards for him….

  144. kick him in the Slats on

    Shanny waited and waited for the Rangers. he wanted to play here. but dumbass Sather and fancy-words Renney gave him the cold shoulder treatment.

    now the Rangers are locked into expensive longterm contracts with guys who are not producing. and a coach who likes watching-paint-dry hockey.

    can you say groundhog day for the next few years??

  145. LI Joe,
    After tonight they win, we fall to 5th. We are in January, I wonder if the Rangers will make the playoffs.
    You say ” at least we can sit them”, how does that help us win games? Did it help us win on Sunday, I guess not.

  146. I see that benching Stamkos for a week of strength and conditioning worked out well. He scored a goal tonight….

  147. LI Joe

    I had no huge problem letting Jags and Shanny walk to get younger.. I personally would have tried to sign him(shanny) to a 1 year contract ( 23 goal scorers dont grow on trees around MSG anyway)but getting younger is good…and you hope it works out.

    But as “our” season progressed and he was still out there and we showed ourselves to be one of the worst offenses in hockey…you know maybe he became more worth it…Say in December while he’s still skating at MSG

    but the truth is..he definetly would not play for $800 K in July. No way.He’d have wanted a minimum of $3M
    Shanny ran out of options…due to wanting to keep his family in Ny…thats why it was basically NYR, NYI, NJD or Philly for him…

  148. domi – with 2 games in hand and 1 pt back both philly and nj were ahead of us before tonight in any reasonable opinion. i said 1 month ago we were approx 6th maybe as low as 9th in the east. still agree with that. and that included both nj and philly as ahead of us. anyone who is surprised by our current standing was far too hopefull. and shanny would have been a band aid. this team needs a lot more than band aids.

    i’m willing to bet anyone here. the devs win the cup this season with shanny i’ll stop posting for the rest of 2009. if they don’t win the cup you stop. and no i won’t make the same bet about who has the better record or who goes further. the devs are clearly the better team with or w/o shanny. any takers step right up.

  149. LI Joe,
    At least we made it to the playoffs & in the 2nd rounds on the last 2 years, they still need to make the playoffs for this season and it does not look good.

  150. Kaspar

    You make a few good points. When Shanny was talking to PHI he wanted $3.5 1 1/2 months ago, they offered him $3mm. I wonder why he took such a severe pay cut….

    Me myself I wanted to see Jagr stay. But I thought with who they brought in – Zherdev & Naslund well they would have supplemented Jags. LOL That was laughable… I would like Zherdev to stay….

  151. Kaspar,
    What is funny is how they tried to get Sundin and that failed and Shanny who was promoting himself even while getting offers from other clubs in the beginning of the season he insist that he was only interested with the Rangers, well I guess that failed as well.

  152. domi – our goal is not making the playoffs. last yr we were 11 wins away from the cup. if we don’t make the playoffs, and yes i agree that;s possible, real good chance both sather and renney are gone. not a bad consolation prize.

  153. I can’t describe … for me it phisicaly hurts to see Shanny in Devils uniform and to score for them so easy and masterful and skate so good…and all for guy who didn’t play for how long? because of Rangers and for fucking 400 grand we couldn’t find for him – classy guy, sniper and real, willing Ranger, at the time when nobody in our team of great prospects could find a net(lack of skill, psicology, etc. who cares).What a stupid shortsided arrogant, disgraceful approach. I new it will happend and it will bite us even more ahead. Sorry, guys.Just can,t take it…

  154. GREG

    Ohh, so that was where all those screeching sounds were coming from.

    Good to see Shanny score, i hope he does great with the Devs, but sucks against Nyr. Just so he can stick it to the retard fans who think he’s washed up.


    Shanny never said he wouldn’t, but never said he would. He said he’ll do what ever the coach tells him, or something like that.

    Id rather have him on the 4th line instead of Freddy, for sure. Shanny has better hands, and he’s just as good on the shootout.

  155. LI Joe,
    I believe Sather’s contract is up for this year, don’t know about Renney. However, going back to Shanahan, I still say Sather should of given him one more chance and he is playing tonight on the 4th line.

  156. kick him in the Slats on

    then Shanny makes a great defensive play near the end of the game. he’s far from through.

    dumbass Sather

  157. shanahan, sakic, modano, selanne, sundin, recchi…..

    they are *leaders* and they *score goals*!!

    at $400,000 go for it shanny! and like I said earlier, if it places the rangers 5th and they lose first round home ice, how can you compare?

    LI Joe so then, what is your solution?

  158. I cant watch Shanahan playing well. It makes me sick. Sather laid another egg it looks like.

  159. re shanny – lots of revisionist history here. and he was here 2 yrs not a career ranger. lets see how he is as his body gets banged up and all those pulled muscles.

    nobody took me up on bet yet.

  160. kick him in the Slats on

    Rangers drop out of first. and they’ve played 1 more game than NJ and 2 more than Philly

  161. How many times can Steve Cangelosi say ” And the Devils 1st Place in the Atlantic for the 1st time this year”

  162. Gotta love Shannys response to Cangelosi in the post game show when asked how he is being received in the locker room thus far…

    Shanny says, “its been great…piggyback rides and paddy wacks”

  163. doogie – guaranteed one thing my solution is not going back to the future for a 40 yr old.

    stop signing free agents. even though i like him let rozy go back to europe to free up cap space of our own. if someone signs z to offer sheet that allows us 2 1st rd picks, take the picks. let sather and renney go. some positive moves for starters

  164. so we write off this season?? today joe….

    and as far as this summers free agents go…RFA’s zherdez, prucha, dubinski, korpikoski, fritsche, sjostrom, dawes, callahan….just how many draft picks do we need?

    This summer Rozsival might garner some interest if his contract was front loaded at 7 million.

  165. oh no wait sather will take them all to arbitration and tell them how much they suck!!
    I just want a legitimate all star/power forward….
    (no offence to hank)

  166. maybe on rozy a trade. but cap hit is still $ 5 mm per yr for next 3 yrs. if a team cares only about real $ and not cap $ then rozy might be of interest. otherwise europe is a viable alternative.

    re free agents. i’d let z go if it means his salary is way up there and we get 2 number 1 picks. dubi is haviung off season so he won’t break the bank. prucha is likely gone – very possible to europe. fritsche gone as well. i don’t see the others breakking the bank either. kalinin gone as well. so there will be some room for some of the hartford guys which we’ll need with our cap situation. many have said ranger fans won’t allow a rebuild. looking at the comments above i would agree with that assessment.

  167. doogie – if they don’t make the playoffs sather and renney will be gone. so you don’t have to worry what he’ll say in arbitration.

  168. Doogie the Rangers might very well have one with Grachev who is doing great in the OHL; have patience and wait a few years for him. No need to rush stuff.

    And if anyone is keeping track, Anisimov scored the game winner today his 20th and got an assist. He’s already got more points this year than last year and is in the top 10 of AHL scoring. It’s time to give this kid a crack, even if it’s just one game. Him and PA Parenteau have been carrying the Wolfpack all season. Try him with Zherdev and either Dubi/Dawes/Prucha on his wing and see if there’s any chemistry there. This kid has a lot of talent, give him a reward.

  169. I agree totally with LI Joe on his analysis of the Shanahan situation. I posted a week ago that had the Rangers signed Shanny the blogosphere would have been all over the Rangers for reverting to their old ways of signing over the hill veterans in place of developing younger stars. But now that the Devils sign him of course Lamoriello is a genius! How foolish! Too soon to tell if he’ll be more of a help or hindrance to the Devils who by the way were playing very well without him last i looked. Devil loyalty? Ask Jay Pandolfo how good he feels tonight!

  170. redden sucks, and no one wants him at that ridiculous contract

    who wants to watch him and his popgun point shots and slow motion skating for the next 6 years?

  171. LI Joe

    You are kidding yourself in you think Sather will be gone if this season collapses. Renney, sure, he might be gassed if the media’s outrage is loud enough. If it isn’t, Sather will retain him because he likes his little puppet. If there is an outcry, Sather will tell Dolan it was the coach’s fault.

    Believe me, we are stuck with Sather until he decides to go, and not a day earlier.

  172. Akayama49
    January 19th, 2009 at 11:12 pm
    I agree totally with LI Joe on his analysis of the Shanahan situation. I posted a week ago that had the Rangers signed Shanny the blogosphere would have been all over the Rangers for reverting to their old ways of signing over the hill veterans in place of developing younger stars. But now that the Devils sign him of course Lamoriello is a genius! How foolish! Too soon to tell if he’ll be more of a help or hindrance to the Devils who by the way were playing very well without him last i looked. Devil loyalty? Ask Jay Pandolfo how good he feels tonight!

    If this brings Pandolfo a Stanley Cup, Im sure he won’t mind. Funny thing is NHL Live was talking about this and the interesting question I believe EJ mentioned to Don was something to the tune of do you actually think Lou would trade Jay, and took back that question insisting that Lou is not like that.

  173. ford – don’t be so sure. be a pretty nice golden parachute for sather. still gets paid his full salary and i think it has several yrs to go. i’m not so sure he’d be upset if he was let go. can fish etc every day even more than now.

  174. The only nice thing of this past weekend was the retiring of #9 Glenn Anderson ceremony at Edmonton

  175. akayama49
    “signing over the hill veterans in place of developing younger stars”

    i agree that shanny would have been a band-aid, but he is a STEAL at $400,000, that is a real hometown discount.

    If Lauri Korpikoski and Petr Prucha are healthy scrathes tuesday night, I might just take LIjoe up on his bet.

    As for Grachev, he is strong (215lbs), uses his body, playing in the CHL with Brampton can only be good…they are in second place and the team is doing well

  176. Shanny’s fresh, but there’s no guarantee that he stays fresh up until April especially once things tighten up in March-April. Everyone here knows the Rangers would have resigned him and he would be playing terrible, just like how if the Mets signed Vlad Guerrero his back would have gone out, it’s the law of “our teams” :(

    Redden was horrible in Pittsburgh. Seriously, I’d send him down next season to Hartford if he has a bad training camp. yes he makes a lot of money, but if a Dman like Potter etc. comes up and makes $475,000, it will cancel out Redden’s contract in terms of value.

  177. doogie – how would those guys sitting increase the devils chances of the cup. unless you’re saying you would be so disgusted as to not want to follow the team or post anymore.

  178. ford is right. Dolan LOVES Sather. he has said so in interviews on TV. if there was ever a time that he would have fired sather, it was in ’04 when the rangers were the laughingstock of the NHL, and the fans wanted to string sather up so bad that he could not even show his face at ranger charity events or the fanfest.

    and instead Dolan went on Tv and said he loved Sather and would not fire him no matter what anybody said.

  179. LI Joe

    Dolan doesn’t fire Sather after the disgrace of 2000-04 … but will if the Rangers miss the playoffs this year? On what do you base that belief? There is absolutely nothing in Dolan’s history that suggests your guess is even close to being on target.

  180. by the way shanny was hinting the other day about maybe playing another yr or 2. just glad it won’t be here. and by the way he is a hall of famer for sure, just isn’t playing like it last couple of yrs 2nd half of season.

  181. Sure you can quote me. Figure this, Shanny’s season starts with less than half of the season remaining, next Brodeur will come back just in time for the playoffs.

  182. LI Joe…how about Dubinsky and Dawes for Barrett Jackman…..Then waive Kalinin and throw Jackman on the other side of Staalsy : )

  183. ford – because of the financial situation vs the cap. what sather has done especially with the redden salary will have ramnifications for next several yrs. when season ends i don’t see sather kissing his butt, his arrogance would show. sather knows he screwed up and will take the heat especially if he stays. and of course there is always the messier factor. get him back involved maybe under a temp gm like patrick.

  184. That was a nice move by Shanny. He’s nearly 40 and he can make a move like that, but Gomer cant do anything like that. He cant fake anyone out, cause the whole league knows what he’s gonna do. This guys such a waste of money.

    Now Nyr is officially in deep shit, if they’re not already. They need to beat the Flowers in those final two games of the season, and get a nice point streak, or else we’ll be out of the playoffs, and picking the bust of the draft.

    I wont get so quick to say Shanny has his groove back, or what ever the fugg. But he knows what people think of him, he was jerked around by Slats, so he has a bone to pick with everyone. He’ll score some goals, and do good things, and can potentially be the final piece of the puzzle for the Devs to win a Cup, once Broduer comes back, but you’re gonna have to wait and see if he can handle half a season.

    Watching him score that goal, honestly made me wanna throw up. Ugh, watching that fag midget Gionta, and that snake bitten loser Elias hug him, gave me the chills.

  185. dolan likes people to mkiss his butt. there is talk that some newsday execs are out or soon will be for the knick story and how they handled it. (story re curry or whoever and the limo driver suit). if sather has had enough, and i think he just might, it won’t be hard to get dolan to give him walking papers while getting fully paid. all he has to be is be the same pompous a** and not kiss up to dolan.

  186. How much is the NY Rangers orginization worth in dollars and cents at this point in time ? $500MM ?

  187. LI Joe

    What “heat” will Sather face?? Larry Brooks is the only candidate I see, because the rest of the beat reporters are lapdogs to the regime, and Sather laughs at Larry Brooks, and Dolan doesn’t even know who Larry Brooks is.

    It’s very simple: Dolan. Doesn’t. Care. Not about the cap problem, not about a temporary GM, not about Messier. Not about the fans. Sather is here for life if he wants to be. Horrible but true.

  188. no way does Sather leave. he will maybe kick himself upstairs to being the overseer, but he will still have his hands all over major decisions, and his reign, or rain, which I call his golden shower on the fans, will continue for years to come.

  189. astute onlooker on

    li joe, for your ridiculous clueless reading of Dolan, you deserve the same type of smartass response you like to make to people who propose various trades on this board. Amazing how you cop an attitude with others, then turn around an float a total delusion that is worse than anything you criticize.

  190. ford and my point is i don’t think sather wants the lifetime love from dolan anymore. he screwed up and knows it. doesn’t need to hear the bs from papers and fans as will surely increase starting with not making the playoffs. he can be paid a huge amount in terms of his remaining salary and laugh all the way to the bank. one thing having all that money does. it takes away the drive and hunger. he can live in western canada and sathers for generations can count that money.

  191. Dolan cares, he’s just an idiot. To him you get names, it’ll work. He knows nothing about hockey or basketball for that matter. His answer is to throw money at everything which is fine if it’s in the right place, but he’s thinking like the Yankees; this is hockey a game where 5 guys are moving at once, you can’t build like that.

    I said it back during the lockout but I’m happy with the cap because it keeps Dolan from being an idiot and forces the Rangers to develop as they can’t pay every over-the-hill idiot out there. if they can get Z, Dubi, Cally, Dawes etc. signed, the Redden salary actually might be a temporary blessing and they’ll have to get rid of some guys who make $1 million and go with Anisimov and cheaper rookies.

    I love Betts/Sjo/Orr, but if it means not resigning 2 of those 3 in favor of letting AA play with big club and cost cutting, that’s what you gotta do.

  192. LIJoe…”unless you’re saying you would be so disgusted as to not want to follow the team or post anymore.”
    as says the thread….the team I love to hate…its very frustrating thats all,

    brooks says…”Somehow, the Rangers almost always look far worse in losing than they appear impressive in winning.”

    as I am canadian, I am disgusted with reddon! I think the team could be better tomorrow, without Renny…I like Pat Quinn…and sather…where is he, up in edmonton having a family reunion, remembering what it was like to be a winner

    gretzky said….(on glen sather being retired in edmonton)

    “Absolutely, Slats should have a banner. How he handled all of us, how he believed in us when we were all 19 or 20 … he was like a father to us,” said Gretzky. “He hung in there with us. He was a mentor, he pushed us. He was the guy. He treated everybody differently.

    “”He’s a great example that you don’t treat everyone the same, whether a classroom in school or a hockey team. Every individual is different. Some like to be pushed, some don’t. He understood and accepted that. All and all, at the end of the day, players like playing for him and that goes a long way.”

  193. astute onlooker on

    “i don’t think sather wants the lifetime love from dolan anymore.”

    Based on what, li joe?? Your daily contact with Glen, or your view from toilet seat? What a joke your ideas are. If someone else wrote this, you’d be ripping them left and right for being a moron. And in this case you’d be right/

  194. Rangers trade for avery at deadline and during his fifth game back with the Blueshirts, Avery is seen on the bench playing with his barbie dolls….

    Dreary turns to Blomez and says….”The guy brought his fuckin toys…”

    Blomez responds…”Who cares, we are undefeated since he got back here, fans stopped breaking our ballz and we are making $15MM bux between the two of us…”

    Dreary and Blomez pause for a second, look at one another and Dreary has his mouthpiece half out of his mouth as Blomez gives him that smirk……They both laugh as Coach Ruinme pats them on the back and grumbles “come on boys..” as he proceeds to cow chew his gum.

  195. Bob 12:02 whatever. yes it is my opinion. feel free to disagree. you seem to have 2 hobbies lately. getting on my case and impersonating others on this board. whatever floats your boat.

  196. TJ….forget the jersey…just a tight noose around the neck….up in the rafters….drop him towards the ice as Sam Rosen belts out the classic “its a POWER PLAY GOAL!!”


  197. Sammy needs a nickname and then should proceed to turn over every stone to get the answers that us fans yearn for….Things we should be entitled to know since we are kept out of the dark….

    How about Sammy The Foreskin Weinman…..makes him sound gangsta to go up against the likes of the Dolan Sather boyz!

    Sammy then should put a sledge hammer to the Rangers bus….

    “Making it look Meaaaaaan!!!!”

  198. Damn, I didn’t know AA makes more than Betts/Orr. Remember though,both those guys are gonna get a raise next year and unless Sjo wants less, he’ll be looking for something similar, so that’s where that comes into the mix.

  199. Sjo deserves one thing for next year…a fuckin real shoe to his ass and out of the lineup for 09-10….THe piece of shit has 2 goals in what..45 games? I dont give a fugg if he skates like eric heiden….he is a waste of a roster space

  200. Avery is interviewed just before the start of the 3rd period, and he says,”We had a good first period, but a sloppy second”

    does that mean he gets suspended again?

  201. MikeA, can’t say the salary cap has helped the rangers at all. I’m not even sure sather knows there is a cap. he still grossly overpays for decent but not great talent (and in reddens case, just plain bad) and unless people are sent to hartford, the team is gonna feel the effects of sather inept cap management for the next 4 or 5 years

  202. TJ, Avery will then hop ontop of Deb Kaufman…and make her do the Dutch Rudder on him,,,,just so it doesnt constitute a lengthy suspension

  203. mikey mcdick section 312 on

    sam rosen needs to stop staring at joe michelette when joe talks during the pre game. its pretty creepy. i think sam has a man crush on joe.. no homo… wait, probably homo.

  204. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe re: 7:21

    I was actually considering switching Prucha & Korpedo (Korp to 3rd w/ Drury) after I made my post, but I would still use Drury in the checking roll over Dubinsky, as I just don’t see any offense in Drury’s game 5 on 5. I think he’s best utilized in the checking roll (in adt. to PP & PK). Agree to disagree there. I do agree on getting a Carcillo or Tootoo and using them in a 3rd line checking unit with Korpi & Drury, though. This team desperately needs a true agitator. Everyone says Avery, but honestly, Avery @ 4 mil is just stupid when you can have a Carcillo / Tootoo who can do the job just as well for around $1 mil or less.

  205. all hail – and i see even less offense in dubi. i think he is much more suited to a 3rd line role with the agitator type and say korpo.

  206. All Hail King Henrik on

    RE: Shanahan

    I was 100% against the return of Shanny until around the middle of December. Yes, he’s old and slow and will impede the progress of a younger player, but he can still put a few pucks in the net. He can’t last a full season, and I’m not sure he can even last 40 games. But, seeing him still unsigned around mid-December, I looked at him differently: more as a rental, but without having to give anything up.

    Ideally, Sather should’ve signed Shanahan to a similar contract and held him out of the lineup until the deadline (to qualify to participate in playoffs). Throw him on the 3rd or 4th line in March and see what he’s got left in him for 15 reg. season games and one more playoff run. Even at 40, I still think he can string together 25-35 productive games. He wouldn’t be a game breaker, but he would likely contribute.

    Lou Lam’s thought process is obviously similar to this, but he should’ve held Shanny out of the lineup longer. 35 regular season games might be too much before the playoffs.

  207. Pete-

    The thing is, without the cap, you know Sather would’ve signed Dave Scatchard, given something ridiculous to Forsberg, and made Khabeboulin the highest paid goalie ever. Not to mention Peca; so no Dubi, Prucha, etc. The cap has led to the development of some younger guys which is cool.

    I like Sjo a lot, but last season is proving to be a fluke. I say the Rangers let Anisimov anchor the fourth line next year with his buddy Paranteau, and have either Orr/Byers on that line. I love Betts and would even keep him on as a 13th foward, but look Anisimov is the future and it’s time he starts learning his trade at the top level. Bring him in slowly and if he can handle it, they can trade either Drury/Gomez.

  208. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    Scary article. If that comes to fruition ($45 mil. cap) the NHL is in serious trouble, never mind the Rangers and the rest of the Atlantic.

    I still have a hard time seeing the cap dropping more than a few mil, even in 2 years because of this. It’s going to destroy so many teams and make a mockery of the NHL. Maybe I’m underestimating the power of the CBA, but I just can’t see the cap drop more than 5-7%. I realize they all agreed to it, but there are going to be teams that will protest it–they have to. Philly with $3 million to sign 13 players? Mathematically impossible under the cap. So they send a big contract to the minors? If that happens enough, the players union will complain and protest.

    I realize it’s a signed contract, and I don’t know the law well enough to proclaim this with any certainty, but I’d think there has to be some way teams, and even the players union, can opt to void the CBA or amend the cap structure in lieu of unforeseen circumstance. Couldn’t they argue (in court) that the economic crisis constitutes unforeseen extraordinary circumstance, or something? There must be some loopholes in the CBA for them to argue by.

    There’s no way 10-15 teams let the cap drop that low. The NHL’s end product is going to be terrible, as they will be basically showing the 08-09 NY Islanders vs. NY Islanders (in terms of roster quality) every night, every game.

  209. mike a – i believe drury has a no movement clause. as for gomez easier said than done whether a team will deal and take him with 5 yrs $ 7 + mm per yr. without giving an equally long and costly deal.

    all hail – the article is prob painting a picture a bit worse than reality (but it will be bad). if a guy is parked in minors guy still gets real $ of contract it just does not count vs cap. the rangers will be well served to sign no outsiders this yr. and explore loopholes to let rozy go back to europe with no cap hit, like kaspar did. maybe even letting another team poach z and taking the picks as compensation. at least that should keep staal safe, prob dubi (his should not break the bank), and maybe even mara if both sides are reasonable. other thing is no more 4, 5 7 yr deals at least until some of the others expire or somehow go away. other teams likephilly you noted will have to also be creative. one thing it would be buyers mkt for teams with cap room like islanders

  210. Maybe they should do something like the NFL and have two franchise players. In this case, those players can make whatever and will not be part of the cap. Rangers could franchise Henrik, and either Gomez or Drury and still have $45 million. Comments?

  211. LIQUID

    Lol, i can totally see that happening, except replace the dolls with some sort of Clothing Catalog, or a list of NYC’s top Prostitutes.

    Im looking forward to this “Sean Avery” movie. It’s probably gonna be one of the worst movies ever. Aves said he wanted the lead role, well now he has all the time in the world to do that.

  212. mike – i doubt it. prob nothing until new cba which is 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 seasons away. players could opt out of cba after this yr. saw at bottom of espn ticker that supposedly players won’t exercise that. i think future cba will be even more owner friendly, but allow 1 time buyout without cap implications like rangers did with holik. i think next cba will count players parked in ahl (at least very high salaries). owners, especially of small mkt teams, want whatever will keep salaries low – and short duration except 1 or 2 per team. 1 thing i also see them doing, like nfl, can cut a player so no guaranteed contracts.

  213. All Hail King Henrik on

    LI Joe,

    I know a player still gets paid in full if they’re on a 1 way contract in the AHL, but I was thinking of the players union arguing them being there at all. Money is obviously the most important issue with the players union, but if high-paid borderline players are stuck in the minors with any regularity, they might take issue with that. Take a player like Redden for example: not worth his contract, but still an NHL caliber d-man. If lots of players like that find their way to the minors because of salary, the union might take issue.


    They need to do something. Franchise players would be a good option to look at. Also, they should/could allow teams to spend over the cap and then be fined accordingly(I believe this is how it is in baseball). Put the money from the fines into revenue sharing.

    It really sucks that in a big market like NY, the fans are made to suffer because the team can’t afford to resign some of it’s players due to the cap. A cap instituted so 3,500 fans can go to a hockey game in Atlanta or Florida. Fans of big market teams shouldn’t have to suffer just so small markets can retain their teams.

    Can’t pay yer bills? Can’t afford to be competitive? Too bad then, you don’t get a team. Contract.

  214. If any of you folks happened to watch the Leafs- Carolina game last night you’d start shredding your Ranger jerseys.

    This game was so unique ( at least in the first period- I missed the rest of the game due to errands.)

    It was fire wagon hockey with one sortie after another five men up and amazing hard accurate passing and shooting. Every shot it seemed was on the goal and the goal tenders Toskala and Ward were magnificent. It was attack and then counterattack with no whistles or stoppages in play to
    slow things down. And every thing at TOP SPEED. None of those leisurely stroll that Rangers are so fond of.
    And I don’t recall a single instance of dumping in the puck and chasing it. There was very little board work except for the passing bang of a checker, but no scrums of note.

    It was absolutely the most exciting period of hockey I’ve seen in many years. The crowd in Toronto never had a chance to catch their breath,,,it was a constant roar from the opening faceoff. Only two penalties called one early on against Canes and one later in the period against Leafs, and that’s when Corvo blasted one in from the point.

    I still don’t know who won the game, but it was sensational.

  215. whataretheodds? on

    Well looky here two skilled players replaced by two marginally skilled players!

    Only in Renney World do we bench Prucha and Korps and put in traffic cones in Ranger uniforms Voros and Fritsche.

    This team is deluding itself and it’s fans if it thinks it’s going anywhere in the post season.

  216. This may be super far fetched, but does anyone see shades of Kovalev’s treatment during his tenure with the Rangers when they look at Prucha?

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