Rangers overcome plenty


If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed a team could overcome so many questionable penalties — leading to five Chicago 5-on-3s! —  to prevail as the Rangers did last night in Chicago.

Kudos to them for maintaining their composure when it would have been very easy to unravel against the Blackhawks. And yet kudos also go to Tom Renney for showing some needed fire when the calls started to pile up.

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  1. Amazing how NHL network’s highlights didn’t show any of the retarded penalties because that was the story of the game. Actually that’s all they should have shown.

  2. I’m first!

    looks like the team is really settling down the last 6 games or so. Except for Hank looking real shaky against the Habs, they’ve been really pretty tight lately.

    The refereeing is awful.

  3. The refs were horrible. I agree with you Chris they should have shown the penalties since that was the game.

    Watched the fight again. The guy pretty much grabs Girardi by the neck and shoulder and flips him to the ground. What an ass.

  4. Patrick Brennan on

    I don’t seriously believe the refs are out to get the rangers but the calls last night should be answered to by Bettman.

    It was utterly ridiculous the amount of 5 on 3’s and BS calls made.

    I’m glad the rangers won in OT since they deserved the win overcoming a barrage of calls all night

  5. Sam,

    There should be an investigation into the officiating last night.

    Last nights game is a microcosm of what is wrong in hockey.

    Great match up on prime time and you had two boozo’s who must have bet on the game.

    Also, I am not sure if Sather has come back from his vacation that started on July 15 but yesterday is just a warning of what is to come.

    Giradi gets hurt doing something he shouldn’t have to do and if you watch the game closely…they Hawks were hunting for Staal. Staal should have a John Erskine type partner but that will never happen because MSG demands soft hockey because they are afraid of losing sponsorship or whatever their foolish plans are.

  6. Last night’s game was the best all year – I was so impressed with how they played, how they handled adversity, all of it.

    How is Girardi???

  7. # 12 Igor Diamonte LW on

    The rangers would’ve lost last night if it wasn’t for Hank.

    This team lacks muscle , Staal and Girardi have to get tougher otherwise they will be constantly pushed around , maybe this fight will put a fire under Girardi’s ass.

    And its funny how when Renney got hit on the head with stick months ago the team responds, and last night Renney showed some anger towards the refs and again the team responded.

    Tom stop being like Mr.Rogers and more like Mr. T.

  8. Hmm I didn’t notice any extra special going after Staal.

    Yeah Speed they really stepped up hopefully this gives the Rangers something to build on. Tomorrow will be another hard one.

  9. Whoops I sent my last message to soon. If Girardi can’t go who gets called up Potter or Bobby S? I say Sanguinetti. . . . anyone else.

  10. Here are some quotes from Girardi. Sounds like he might be able to go tomorrow.

    Defenseman Dan Girardi, soaking one of the fingers on his left hand in a cup of ice, said he was OK despite suffering what the Rangers termed an upper-body injury Friday night against the Blackhawks. Girardi said he expects to participate in Saturday’s 2 p.m. practice at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh and play the following day against the Penguins.

    Still, it seems likely the Rangers will call up a defenseman from Hartford (AHL) to join them for Saturday’s practice. Both Bobby Sanguinetti and Corey Potter (two call-ups) have had brief NHL stints this season, though Sanguinetti has yet to play.”

  11. Sam, please get back to the inside the locker room stuff. Where are the post game quotes? Where is the interview with various Ranger dads post dramatic win? Where is the information on how Girardi is doing or what is wrong with him? Please stop spending so much time on the chats which nobody comes to this site for. We want inside scoops!


  12. RE:post

    So, Drury was amazing. Nothing can be said against him. Provided the defense and the offense. Played the role as captain and role model. Got angry at the refs. Showed some passion. And he was responsible with and without the puck. Best game of the season and he would turn me for him pretty fast if he can string a couple more like that together. Rangers put a solid team effort together. Worked hard, can’t ask for more than that…and they got the win. Now I’m not going to let that ruin my christmas, or whatever the next holiday is!!

  13. I’ve always hated hockey referees. Their job is hard and the NHL refs are the best at what they do. However, after recognizing that it is a very hard job and that they are bound to make mistakes, you’d think that refs wouldn’t act like hard asses and make calls overwhelmingly in favor of one team.

  14. Beer me! Where are you? I’m going to compliment Renney for shooting off steam and getting the Rangers a couple of PP’s!!…and maybe, just maybe the league will be watching on Sunday against the crybabies..I mean Penguins

    Great game last night…obviously the worst officiated game in a long long time

    I saw MAKO on this comment board…for anyone else who hasn’t done so…go chip in with a comment at the hockey news


  15. Jorek I’m with you – Sanguinetti. Though it’s a shame Girardi got drawn into that mess at all – he through a clean hit. There’s an letter to the ed last month’s hockey news about this very issue. Players “defending” team mates were were legally checked. Someone is going to get really, really hurt.

    btw I appreciated your post yesterday about hoping my team wins but not expecting it.

  16. these guys deserve a standing o next time they take the ice at the garden just based on the penalty killing of last night

  17. Several times a season we have in a Ranger game, and multiple non-Ranger games as well, a 5 on 3 referee-calling, one-sided nightmare. May I remind you, the central problem is not with the bad officiating, although that certainly is a concern. The REAl problem is with the RULE. There was a time when the NHL backed-up consecutive penalities against one team, so that a team never had a deficit worse than a 5 on 4, or a 4 on 3. How they got away from that, which makes perfect sense, who can say?

    No sense becoming upset over this latest example, because it will recur and recur, until the rule is changed. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes you get shafted, as happened to the Rangers. last night. That does not mitigate the fact that it is a particularly odious rule. Of course the NHL, with each passing decade, finds MORE odious rules to implement, rather than phasing out all the bad ones it has. The “extra attacker” / pulling the goaltender free power play to a trailing team rule is absolutely the worst rule in all of sports. This disgusting rule, which leads to a distorted outcome in one game in seven, statistically, of all games in which it is implemented, is compounded by the fact that, unlike in a conventional penalty killing situation, the team with the man disadvantage is not allowed to even ice the puck and must defend a face-off in its own end if it does so.

    The NHL is a rulebook nightmare, which will never be addressed for logic and fairness. And having two referees “competing for attention” with eachother just exacerbates what is already glaringly bad. Hockey is a wonderful, entertaining sport, but NHL hockey is a travesty and a joke for the way it is administered and officiated.

  18. Wow, I’m really pissed that I had towork and miss the game and even more pissed that I didn’t DVR it and of course MSG has the Knicks game replayed so I missed it all.

    What happened to Girardi? Did Orr do anything last night? Was McCreary one of the refs? watched NHL network and just missed the game highlights. By the time they were cycling through all the games, I had to go to bed. Any details from last night would be appreciated.

    I’m glad to see this board behind the team, for a change.

  19. onecupin67years on

    I just don’t understand the NHL and how they ineptly market the NHL.

    They ( NHL) have a nationally televised game at 12noon going against the NFL having a playoff game also starting at 12 noon on Fox.
    I think only most ardent hockey fan will watch this game over the NFL playoffs.

    The NHL can’t compete against the MLB,NFL and NBA and probably even Nascar in ratings.

    The same holds true in the spring time when the weather turns warm when people are outdoors in the afternoon, the NHL puts the playoffs games on in the afternoon instead of the evenings.
    I wonder what the ratings will be Crosby or no Crosby especially in Pa, where the Steelers, eagles and pens are all playing on the same day.

  20. “Beer me! Where are you? I’m going to compliment Renney for shooting off steam and getting the Rangers a couple of PP’s!!…and maybe, just maybe the league will be watching on Sunday against the crybabies..I mean Penguins”

    Wow kaspar. I can’t believe I caught that comment. Simply because this is an EXTREMELY rare occaision that I sit down at my home pc on a Saturday.

    I’m still numb from that game last night. THAT I believe is the turning point of the season. To be able to put a team effort like that together, ON THE ROAD no less, is remarkable. Those are the types of efforts that bring teams together. And it shows YET AGAIN that as soon as we really start calling players out, they perform. Amazing effort with the cards stacked against them. If you’re not proud of your team today, you never will be.

    See Dru’s post-game interview? His quote was something like “I’m sure the fans at home think the league has something against the Rangers”. It’s funny to hear something like that, cause you gotta remember he was a fan just like us at one point.

    Dunisky’s post-game(nyrangers.com has it) it sounded like the players were kinda told to bite their tongue about the officiating as much as possible. I wonder what Roenick would say about that game! Anyway, in the short interview with Dubi, he commented on the bench staying together and keeping their focus. That’s damn near impossible with the BS that went on last night. Even *I* underestimated what this team was capable of.

    Road trip isn’t over yet, but it’s already a huge success. A win tomorrow, and I’m sold that this team will come together down the stretch.

    That game reminds me of that STL game a few years ago when Avery netted 2 in a comeback @ msg, and Vally sealed the 2pts in the shootout.

    A turning point. The game, the trip…remeber it.

    One more thing. I really don’t like the direction the league is heading with not being able to throw a perfectly clean on ANY player, without having to drop the gloves. CHI took the extra 2 for it, but they should make it a 10 when that happens. You gotta protect your players, but there needs to be a stiffer deterent. IMO.

  21. Samslosingit – I’m sure if you’d like to pay his travel expenses, he’d be more than happy to travel with the team. Times are tough, whatta ya gonna do?

  22. HockeymanRangers on

    I hope someone from the Rangers agency files a complaint for those lame _ss calls, it was pathetic. The Rangers beat 2 teams the officials and the Blackhawks.

    Sam can you let us know if there becomes more to this story??

    We had another game like this not that long ago, I forget what game it was. But something needs to be done.

    It was a incrediable win for us, I absolutely loved, after Drury scored in overtime the HUGE HUG Zherdy gave to Drury. It was great to see. That’s what a call a close team.
    OK Pens are next. Go Rangers

  23. Hockeybasednyc on

    Standing at the side of the bench with the door open with your hands up is not “showing some needed fire” in my eyes. On two occasions he was talking to the ref and he wasnt even looking him in the eye as he just stood there nodding.

    Renney did just as bad a job as the Refs did last night. I feel a coach is there to protect his team and he did a terrible job of that last night. Any other coach in the NHL wouldn have not had FIVE 5 on 3’s and half of them would have been tossed in a similar game.

    Grow a pair Renney, your team might feed off that.

  24. Asking Bettman to answer for last nights terrible officiating is like barking up a dead dogs ass.. His response will be that we won on a power play goal! Looks like there are now two teams in the NHL that will get preferential treatment because of their rising stars -Pens and Hawks.

    Also, MSG2 is by far the worst channel in America – kept blacking out constantly. Shame on Dolan for showing the garbage, yet beloved, Knicks over his step-child Rangers.

  25. Hockeybasedny,

    Remove your head from your own derriere. What’d you want him to do, throw a stick?

    There’s a certain level of professionalism that needs to be maintained. He showed plenty of fire without going overboard and jeopordizing his team further.

    Learn to call a spade a spade…

  26. # 12 Igor Diamonte LW
    January 17th, 2009 at 9:06 am
    The rangers would’ve lost last night if it wasn’t for Hank.

    This team lacks muscle , Staal and Girardi have to get tougher otherwise they will be constantly pushed around , maybe this fight will put a fire under Girardi’s ass.

    totally disagreed…the fact that they fought back and won proves they don’t lack muscle or heart…everything last night was stacked against them yet they played very well as a team, they played a hard nosed game and I think they matched the Hawks very well. I don’t remember anyone last night getting pushed around.
    And if it wasn’t for Drury last night they would have lost. Drury was amazing and the team really played well behind him…dare I say, even Kalinin, Rozi and Redden played well.
    I have to also honestly say that last night, the lines played like they should…meaning that for a stretch there the only line that stepped up consistently and did there job was the 4th line. Last night the 4th line did there job but so did every other line.
    I will say that there is a very frustrating trend being set in the league and that is, hard clean hits being responded to by dropping the gloves…its totally bogus. Girardi’s hit was as clean as they come yet, the response to the hit is totally un-called for. A dirty hit, yes that response is necessary but come on…I was happy to see that the Hawks picked up the extra 2 for that though.

  27. HockeymanRangers on

    FYI I just set up a account on The Hockey News site. Just so I could post something on their blog regarding last nights officiating. Not that anything is going to happen but I have always heard the squeaky wheel gets the oil.(something like that) The more people we get to complain maybe we can at least have these particular officials looked at. I watch a lot of Hockey and have not seen any other games quite like that game was called. But in the blog I asked for other teams input.

  28. Renney has to take a much more aggressive stance toward the referees going forward. Four or five 5-on-3s simply do not get even dreamed of being called on teams whose coaches are respected by the officials, because they are human and they do not want to take the abuse they know would be forthcoming from people who do not care so much about being perceived as a “good guy.”

    His passive, take-the-high-road approach is wonderful for a bus driver —– not so an NHL head coach.

  29. I don’t even think Renney commented last night.
    It was good to see him pissed and he had every right to be.
    If I knew any better I’d think that someone wanted Chicago to win.

  30. astute onlooker on

    Brandon: “There’s a certain level of professionalism that needs to be maintained. He showed plenty of fire without going overboard and jeopordizing his team further.”

    You mean after the tying goal?? After the damage was done?? When he walked to the open door of the bench and looked really, really, really (um, what’s the word) irked?? What a joke.

    Don’t tell other people to take their heads out of their ass when you answer with something as weak as this.

  31. HockeymanRangers on

    I understand we want Renny to speak up, but do we want him to throw a chair out on the ice like Tortelini (sorry misspelled) did a few years back?????
    I would say if it could actually happen, and WE could have another game called like we did last night, maybe he should??

  32. Asked if he’d ever seen so many 5-on-3s before, Renney said: “Not at the pro level. Junior, but not at the pro level. This was … interesting.”

    “Interesting” That’s fire for ya!

    “Thank you sir, may I have another!!”

  33. Tony – I think there was just one ref last night. Funny, up until yesterday I thought I was a proponent of the one-ref system.

  34. Renney’s a rational guy. He’s not gonna explode and throw sticks on the ice or curse out the ref. He’s an intellect, not a brawler. He had two very long convos with the ref last night, which is something he wouldn’t have done in the past, and did it calmly. That’s some good character development. He didn’t take an unsportsmanlike penalty and they still won the game. I’m fine with that.

    Korpo is improving every game. It’s great to see.

  35. Some of you guys REACH so far to find faults in Renney that it makes others who have legit complaints rendered meaningless and irrelevant by association.

    First, you weren’t at the game. So, you only can see as much as the camera showed. Second, the camera showed Renney yelling and talking to the officials quite a bit before the tying goal.

    If the coach loses it at the wrong point, the players do too.

    We won, so CLEARLY Renney maintained the right level of fire and composure which transcended to the players executing a composed yet passionate game.

    Had he started FREAKING OUT midway through the game we wouldn’t have gotten LESS penalities… What would have happened would have been a total and complete meltdown with the players’ becoming unfocussed.

    He picked his spot and he was right on.

    The Renney haters are just completely and totally reaching.

    You guys ruin this blog; there are a lot of intelligent people here who are well-versed in hockey and to read some of this nonsense about Renney from those who think they know anything about hockey ruins it for everyone.

  36. I watched the game twice last night. First time on Center Ice (in HD)from the Chicago feed & then again this morning on “Rangers in 60”
    WOW – what a difference in announcers . If you think Sam & Joe suck try listening to the other guys.

  37. Isn’t “Tortelini: a stuffed pasta?.. They need to change up their line-up from time-to-time – Chi is really physical.. give Naslund a rest, play Voros (yeah, I know it’s Voros)- 7th Dman is a must for the same reason (and other teams abuse our D).. Orr would have def gotten “2” or “4” if he did anythiong last nite… should have dome something anyway… but pleased with the “W”…75% of Drury’s game last nite, every nite, is what we paid for – hopefully he keeps it up.. one-timer was pretty sick

  38. onecup,

    funnily enough, nascar has been (at least up until recently) the most popular sport in the US…i don’t get why anyone wants to watch a car go around in a circle 400 times but to each his own. also for just about every game, the nhl’s ratings are lower than dog shows shown on USA network. and i dont see this changing until bettman is gone, two or three teams are contracted (or at the very least relocated to Canada, tho that wont help US ratings) and the Rangers win another cup. As much as it probably pisses Bettman and the canadian owners off, it is in the league’s best interests for the Rangers to be a winning team. Unfortunately with the great Slather on the case, I don’t see us winning a cup anytime soon

  39. astute onlooker on

    Brandon, you ask for intelligence but tell others to stick their heads up their ass if they disagree with you??

    Cause and effect: When Renney finally showed emotion last night, the refs responded by nailing Campbell on a very weak call. Isn’t it possible that an earlier expression of disgust and anger from Renney might have made the Rangers’ path to victory last night less difficult? Isn’t is possible that his longtime refusal to challenge refs when his team gets screwed has contributed to more of the same, because the refs do not fear him? I don’t hate Renney; I think he’s done many good things. But his passivity re: the refs has killed us in the past (see Pitts. last spring). That is a fact.

    So there is a legit argument here, and for you to lash out at the poster hockeybasedny as you did is counterproductive and reveals you as a lot less “intelligent” than you clearly think you are.

  40. Beer Me, Kaspar

    Last night when I watch the game – I was saying to myself “This is the game that will bring this team together” And after the OT was won I posted that last night. I have been watching hockey all my life and other than bench clearing brawls – I have never seen so many one sided penalties of individual players who werent fighting. This was the game that Drury became the leader we all hoped for. This is the game where LQ shined. Yes this is the game where Redden and Kalinin played their asses off and I was soooooooo happy to see them play well….

    Im glad Larry Brooks called out these two moron Refs:

  41. I wonder after last nights display of very bad officiating if the refs on Sunday will be less whistle happy…

  42. Good post, astute. There has to be a disincentive that comes from the head coach to these a-hole refs that is clear and unmistakable before the playoffs start so this ridiculous BS doesn’t happen then.

  43. I’ve said it many times, despite what you think of Sam and Joe, we’re very lucky to have them. I lived in DC for over 3 years and having to listen to the Caps announcers……yikes. Sam is the second male voice in my household growing up after my dad.

    Nascar is big as it’s a cultural thing. It’s not only “rednecks” who watch it, people in upstate NY love it, people in the midwest, and as far south of Florida.

    When NY/Boston/LA/Chi are the top teams in the league, ratings will come..oh wait, I just described the early 90s.

  44. MikeA

    You made a very good point. I remember how NASCAR was only identified by “Hillbillies” or “Rednecks” watching. My father is a retired engineer FAR from a ned neck LOL and he LOVES the sport and says so much goes into it. He also LOVES hockey, but loves it less now that Bettman changed the rules and how loosely the game is called now. No he didnt see the game last night, Im sure he would have had threw the remote through the tv.

    Anyway, my point is — could it be more people dont watch hockey because of the “rules” are complicated, but then what is it to be said of the NFL?? Is it because the sport was adopted in Canada (its inception was in England) and became most popular there, while most American think Canadians are errr not too bright? I dont know why hockey isnt as popular as baseball – which is sooooooo boring to me.

    I dont know what it is…

  45. Watching the game again on MSG right now. This was arguably the best win of the season. Overcoming that many 5 on 3’s against is as good as coming back from 4 or 5 goals down. The odds are stacked so high against you, and it’s so easy to just unravel, give up and move on to the next game. But the Rangers didn’t. You HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO credit the leadership group for that…Renney, Drury, Gomez, Naslund. I don’t care what your overall opinion is of those guys, but they did their jobs last night. Renney was fiery when he needed to be. Drury was the Consummate leader (with a capital C), Gomez and Naslund worked hard also, and I’m sure were doing their part to keep the bench in order.

    I went into this trip hoping to go 3-1-1, and now obviously you have to get greedy and hope for 4-0-1 against a Pitt team who the Rangers ALWAYS are motivated to play against. They hate the Pens just as much as us fans do. I’m looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.


  46. I dont know if it was the Chicago broadcasting that got me, but I actually thought this game was decently refed. Maybe they just didnt show the ones that were bad calls, but the Roszival penalty was wrong, but right at the same time. Prucha obviously caught the guy in the face, they just accidentely gave the penalty to the wrong guy. Either way that penalty was warranted. Most if them were. Please tell me which penalty was wrong…

  47. Pens and Oilers traded backup goalies, and Blue Jackets picked up Dubliewicz from waivers.. lol Islanders must be saying “O crap”….

  48. What the heck—- let me start with the redden supposed interference…. you guys can continue the list

  49. What the Heck

    Redden’s, Staal’s, Rozsival’s first were all brutal, plus there were many Chicago infractions that went uncalled. Gomez had his stick slashed behind the Hawk net on a PK three feet away from Hasenfratz and it was ignored.

  50. what the heck – What the heck were you watching that you didn’t see these bogus calls? It’s almost you don’t even have to see the calls, just see how lopsided the penalties were for both teams (what was it, 11-3). Then, when you actually look at the Rangers so-called penalties: Dubinksy, Naslund, Rozsival, staal, and I am sure I am missing a few, then you will see that THIS REFEREEING WAS A JOKE!

    There is no other way around this – these officals need to be held accountable for their incompetence in this one. This was as bad a game of officiating as I have ever seen.

  51. The game was…..well in a word,Breathtaking.Cause I kept holding it.

    I think Valley should get the start tomorrow.Hank needs a rest,Get ready for the Ducks Crosby might not play.

  52. Im not gonna complain about the obvious but im am gonna say…




  53. I though Dubliwiezc was in Russia.

    As for hockey not as popular as MLB/NFl/NBA; the excuses I’ve heard are that it’s hard to follow the puck (BS I learned in two weeks as an 8-year-old with only Sam/JD/Bruce Beck as my teachers), can’t pronounce the players names, the rules are too confusing, and it’s too hard to play because you can’t just walk out of your house and start skating (well, in many US place LOL).

    There’s also a lot of xenophobia especially in the last 8 years and I hate going here, but minorities I’ve spoke to said they can’t relate to “white mulleted men” when almost no one knows who Scott Gomez, Jarome Iginla, or even someone like Anze Kopitar (Slovenia forcrying out loud!) are.

    The bottom line is this; hockey is an intelligent game and while there is a stereotype of hockey fans as ogreish bloodthirsty barbarians, there are just as many who are intelligent, articulate, understand team work/sacrifice..and can pronounce names like Lantandrese and Buolion without flinching :)P

  54. I was about to ask how the Chi-town announcers were? So I guess they were saying these are all great calls? The Ranger announcers love em or hate em admit bad calls in both directions.

  55. Mike A

    WOW Im glad you went there before me. I too learned hockey when I was very young. And in fact helped me with school if you can believe that. I became interested in other cultures in Europe, wanted to travel more, and yes those pesky European & French names I could pronounce when I was a youngin’ and people wondered why I could. I could thank hockey for that. As as we all know, all North American hockey players did go through school and college with scholarships and speak perfect English. I dont see that when it comes to NBA or NFL interviews. Sorry but they have to maintain a C average and are tutored.

    RE: Dubliwiezc – I thought he agreed to sign with the Islanders????


    I don’t like Renney, obviously. But it did piss me off that he FINALLY showed some anger towards the officials AFTER the FIFTH 5 ON 3 PP, in which they scored a goal.

    Kinda seemed like it was to little to late. In fact, why was he even taking the chance of taking another penalty ? He should have done that a while back, and maybe we would have won this in regulation, but its a good thing we played against a West team, so it doesn’t matter.

    Im glad to see some passion out of Renney, but it pissed me off that it came after a goal. Even the refs must have been thinking “why is this idiot complaining after a goal instead of after the penalty was called”. Kinda childish when you think aboot it. But like i said, at least he showed some passion, and that counts. But i still don’t like him.

    But i liked Dru last night for sure. Watching him snap that stick over his leg in anger, it reminded me of the old Dru from Buffalo. He needs to get that tape, transfer it to DVD, and watch it with his wife. Then maybe he’ll realize if he plays like that in ever game, he’ll be a better Captain, better player, and who knows maybe he’ll get laid a lot more often. Hockey chicks dig a good player, with lots of money.

    Even Gomer looked good last night for once. Nazzy, and Cally as well. Nicky Z wasn’t noticeable but that’s because of the penalties for the most part. Dubi, and Korpedo were good as well, the 3rd line. The 4th line was ehh, but they get credit for the great PK, minus Orr. I still don’t know why Orr was on the ice with a minute left, that was dumb.

    If they played like that every game, then i think the division would easily be theirs. Hopefully they continue. Id love to go 4-0 against the Crybaby Pens. In their house, where they eliminated Nyr. If they miss the playoffs, id be fuggin happy !!

  57. I kinda thin that Renney stated yelling after the goal kind of like being “are you happy now? IS that what you wanted?” Thats at least what I thought it would make sense to me.

    By the way I just gotta say . . . my boiler broke and my house is feckin freezing!

  58. Don’t trade Vally. I like knowing that we have a backup who has proven that when you need him he will be ready and give the team a strong chance to win.

  59. JOREK

    One of the announcers is Eddie O, i don’t know the other though.

    I cant believe the Jackets picked up Dubie. Maybe they did it out of spite. I guess they really do plan on trading Leclaire. That would be a good move, Mason looks like the real deal, and they might as well try to pick up a top 6 forward for the push to the playoffs. The Kings must be thinking that they missed out on yet another decent goalie. Poor guys. Hopefully Bernier isn’t a bust for them. Quick, and Ersberg are decent, but i doubt they have what it takes to carry them to the playoffs.

  60. Yeah, i wouldn’t trade Vally. He’s been solid, even his last two losses, they weren’t his fault. The team just blew the games. He’s the perfect backup, and he knows his role, and the team loves him.


    Maybe you’re right on that. I hope you are. Id say the same thing, probably throw in a couple of bad words, and maybe throw a water bottle at the ref, but basically the same thing.

  61. Jorek

    I was kidding about that. But I would be curious as they would be that desperate to give up their best D man for a pretty good goalie.

  62. BTW not to get off of the subject. I would love the next Winter Classic. Yankee Stadium – NYR vs BOS. ;) Now that would be great…

  63. Hopefully Crosbitch will play tomorrow because the team won without him last night and how great would it be for them to loose when he returns.

  64. Jorek

    You are absolutely right. When the story first broke, their “protocol” was that an ambulance was stationed out side of the Rink in case of any emergency. The Ambulance was no where to be found. And arrived 30 min later after it was called…. Sketchy if you ask me…

  65. Um there is a new Yankees Stadium across the street – whatever the hell its named, its still the “Yankees Stadium” wise ass.

  66. Nice Bobby!

    Mako I agree with you. I want the Winter Classic so bad at Yankee Stadium Rangers v anyone but Boston is preferred! I might kill someone for those tickets

  67. It’ s not really Yankee Stadium

    Have the Yankees ever won a gme, a series in it?


    It’s not Yankee Stadium

  68. Jorek

    I would be perfect ;) Nice NY vs Boston rivalry. Besides its the only other original 6 team other that Torono that hasnt played an outdoors game. I MTL played but it was against EDM. But wasnt a winter classic…

  69. What will you say next year Orr when they win a game and eventually a World Series, cause it will happen? Then you will acknowledge it?

  70. I think that since the old Yankee Stadium couldn’t take the cold they had to go else where this year but imagine the ratings. I think it would be great. MAybe not as high as this year or maybe higher ratings I can’t tell this year was a record though right?

  71. The jackets and pitts just traded back-up goalies.

    Start Vally tomorrow,Save Hank for the Garden

  72. By the way will Sam update after practice to let us know how Girardi is? Or will he not have info because they are on the road?

  73. I might start Henrik vrs our Eastern rival and start Vally against the Ducks on Tuesday. Vally does a great job but Hank gives the better chance to win so put him against the team that can hurt us more by gaining points. IMO.

  74. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    It seems that if our team can come together and rally to win against a young hot Hawks team shows we are a TEAM!!

    Pittsburgh pukes are next….win baby win!!!

  75. it was a nice win despite the officiating last night. i totally agree with the logic that Renney is too nice a guy with the refs and the league. He does need to protect his team and he doesn’t do that. speaking of not standing up for his team, that cheap shot against Girardi was uncalled for. if he loses any time, it will show what a ridiculous show the referees put on last night. how that games doesn’t get reprimanded by the league is beyond my wildest nightmares – it was a horror show they staged against ny.

  76. Renney did a great job last night….you have to maintain composure when its 2-2 with 4 minutes to play and the rangers still had to kill a 5-4 for a little longer-if he throws a tantrum there we are down 5-3 AGAIN and lose the game 3-2 in regulation and if that happened that would have been a total debacle…trust me reread some of my posts last night i was as mad as hell and was calling for renney to throw some sticks some gatorade bottles, etc but not during the game….trust me if the rangers would have lost or if the score was lopsided i believe a tantrum would have been thrown and renney would have been suspended and fined but he cannot throw a tantrum to hurt his team in a 2-2 game so for all of you renney haters i say PIPE DOWN…..

    on a side note on the daily news blog we have been debating about the rangers and their “luck” tks to so many SO victories…..i read in the times this am that Philly has 17 wins after regulation-my point is it is not only the rangers who are fortunate with the OT rules…..

  77. Oh yes, TRUE BLUE, for your sake, I omitted to observe, as regards the Pulling the goaltender joke, that all players defending an EMPTY NET get a MINUS, courtesy of the league, when an opposition goal is scored that way. So, three ways, this rule is absurd: 1. A team is given a man advantage for NOTHING but trailing, late in a game. Conversely, the team which is winning a close game, late, is arbitrarily made to defend one skater short; 2. A team defending this extra attacker madness is not allowed to ice the puck; and 3. The entire mess screws up and skews plus / minus statistics.

    Now defend the above as being intelligent, fair, logical, and rational. Of course, your defense could be: “Yes, but the team that scores into an empty net gets to win 4-2 instead of 3-2.”

    Great thinking – Socrates. Bettman needs jerks like you on his office clerical think tank staff.

  78. Amazing game played by the Rangers. Really inspiring play, they’re at the top of their defensive game lately.

  79. What an amazing win. I hope this really solidifies this squad and they build off of this. Overcoming adversity like that could really be vital down the stretch.

    Great to see Renney show some emotion (even though I realize yelling isn’t always the answer, it was nice to see him act like he was sticking up for his team).

    Hank, the penalty killers, Dru, Korpedo… just all unreal games.

  80. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    It seems when you add players to an already established team ..the results usually end up in losses. Vancouver can’t buy a win sinse aquiring $UNDIN .

    As much as we don’t like some players and coaches..i’d say we adress all these issues of players and salaries at the end of the season and start next year with young players and fresh ideas? If we tinker now , we maybe screwing up even more and I know we could be wayyy worse.

    If we win it all , Gomez ,Drury,Rozi,Redden will still be over paid .Why worry about something we can’t do a thing about?..Dwell on salaries and Coaches will drive ya demented…Renny could have freaked out more? But I don’t think you can intimdate an NHL ref by yelling.Renny has to bite the bullet or freak …up to him …but sometime yelling and acting the fool at the ref will cost ya a DONUT!! Hey Koharski??

  81. acdaviddc
    January 17th, 2009 at 1:40 pm
    The game was…..well in a word,Breathtaking.Cause I kept holding it.

    I think Valley should get the start tomorrow.Hank needs a rest,Get ready for the Ducks Crosby might not play.

    Wha? Hank is hot as hell and you’re resting him? He got a rest not long ago ride him and outside of a period in the all-star game he’ll have a week off .

  82. Bobby Orr shutup nobody cares about the new or old Yankee staduim on a hockey blog. Oh yeah the new ballpark has all kinds of issues with tax payer fraud so enjoy.

  83. Strange that they didn’t get Potter or Bobby Spaghetti out to Pitt. I guess Girardi’s ‘upper body injury’ is minor.

    Dubwitz to CLB is hilarious.

    Garon to Pitt not so hilarious. But Saborin, another player(stone) and a 4th rnd? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Curious, cause I haven’t researched, but the only 3 1st round selected goalies of (somewhat) recent years… Fleury, DeePee, Montoya…maybe the 1st round isn’t the best place to draft a goalie.

    BTW…the flu is f’n BS. I hate shivering and sweating at the same time.

  84. sam’s losing it – 9:20 post. he does not make road trips except the really close ones maybe up to philly. i’m sure not his decision more of cost cutting in newspaper business. so feel free to apologize to Sam.

  85. Hey Graves,
    Go FY self
    my point was why think about playing at this stadium when not a single game has been played there yet. Just for one objective moment in your life admit the fact that Fenway Park has more esteem than the new Yankee Stadium. By the wa, I have been a Yankee fan when you were crapping in diapers.

  86. Bobby Orr

    Well MLB will start in Spring and by the time the Winter Classic rolls around the Yankees will have already played there. Does simple logic escape you????

  87. the isles are prob happy the dubi the goalie was picked up. keeps them in the lead in the tavares sweepstakes (with worst record have 50% of number 1 pick otherwise guaranteed to be 2nd for the swede huge dman). i really wish they would win some freakin games but i don’t think they will win enough to move them out of last.

    i beleive a player who was under contract in europe has to go through waivers to join nhl in season. so if jagr wanted to come back he would as well. strudwick (i think) had to go through same thing although in his case it was very late in season so he was not eligible for playoffs and rather practiced with team and blogged about them. this is diff than sundin since he did not play anywhere – hence no waivers for him.

  88. The excuse about not using Yankee Stadium was that the pipes (in the bathrooms?) were too old to be used in the Winter. I’m surprised the same excuse did not apply to Wrigley Field, but that may be a reason why Fenway Park can’t be used. We shall see.

    The Dubielewicz situation is just like the one with Strudwick for us a couple seasons ago. Even though Dubie was bought out of his overseas contract, he still must pass through waivers to re-enter the NHL. Strudwick’s season was over, but he had to pass through waivers to join us. I’m surprised the Islanders couldn’t just claim him off of waivers themselves, since they clearly have a worse record than Columbus, but I guess it doesn’t work that way. I bet the Islanders regret not picking up Sanford when they had the chance.

  89. Oh wow, I didn’t know that you had to pass through overseas. Damn… I really don’t want the Piles to get Tavares.. I just have a bad feeling about him…

  90. beerme did preface his comment with recently which explains the omission of the 1st 2

    True Fans Bleed RW&B
    January 17th, 2009 at 10:38 am
    cakewalk. you sound insane

    your best comment ever – although cakewalk in his prev life as robby bonfire has many posts like the one you responded to.

  91. Cakewalk: “all players defending an EMPTY NET get a MINUS, courtesy of the league, when an opposition goal is scored that way. So, three ways, this rule is absurd: 1. A team is given a man advantage for NOTHING but trailing, late in a game. Conversely, the team which is winning a close game, late, is arbitrarily made to defend one skater short; 2. A team defending this extra attacker madness is not allowed to ice the puck; and 3. The entire mess screws up and skews plus / minus statistics.”

    Sounds like a good argument. Smells like bull shit. Were you the same clown asking for goalies to be removed from the NHL altogether, I think that was you as well? haha. Not only is that impractical as it would void 60plus NHL contracts, it would make it a different sport and change the history of the game.

    The main reason your “plus/minus” argument is assanine is because any team could play the entire game 6 on 5 (in terms of forwards/defensmen). That SHOULD NOT change any of the rules, no advantage for or against a team that assumes a different configuration. Football teams use different lineups. Hell, they put two QB’s out some times and make trick plays! There’s a huge risk involved with taking the non-traditional formation and the risk is that if you let up one shot on net, it will score. That’s exciting for the game. That’s exciting for losing team’s. That’s even exciting for the winning team’s because sometimes goalies score, get assists, and it does look good for the record books (by padding everyone’s stats, but that’s not my main argument to disagree).

    Icings should NOT be negated for the winning team during an empty net situation because icings help keep the flow in the game. Removing them would remove the flow because every player would just shoot from the goal-line from the far side and if they missed, they at least dumped the puck. That would be bad. Late in the game you want pressure, you want people to SKATE! Make plays! Not dump the puck.

    Your only sane argument is that it scews plus/minus stats and that’s true. The trailing players earn a minus when they almost have no power in keeping it nearly as even it would be with a goalie in net. I’ll give you that. But nothing else you say carries any weight because different formations, risk-taking, adding offense to the game, helping the flow…etc…these are the things which make the sport exciting and so if you don’t want to watch an exciting game tune into Tom Renney’s system. Perhaps he’s brain-washed you too. What a joke.

  92. Brandon Does Tom say “trust me ” whem your on your knees. PLEEZZZ If anyone ever fit the phrase Butt Buddy its you. Just because Clueless comes out of his coma all the sudden he`s got knowledge and the sense when to argue, hey guess what even though against contrary belief he may have A PAIR one problem,you could fit them through a bic pen. YOU SUCK–UP

  93. OH Brandon PS RENNY SUCKS and I have a Masters Degree so there goes your theory on the uneducated. I JUST BLEED BLUE

  94. Brandon, been meaning to reply to you as well. Don’t get on here and say anyone who disagrees with you as lacking intelligence. You’re an effin’ moron for saying that. I’ve been on here many a time correcting your goofy ass on contracts and that stuff, don’t talk to anyone you POS punk. Listen, I disagree with WhatTHEheck, Beer Me, LIjoe all the time but I KNOW that they know the sport well too. Just because they disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m anymore right or anymore intelligent. Listen to Kurt…and pull your pants up when your done.

    LIjoe, gracias for the tip on Bobby BS Bonfire. I wouldn’t have written such a long-winded reply had a known earlier what everyone else though…but his comments are just so far out there. Wtf. haha

  95. mako – wel yeah a bit because if they signed him 1st the isles could have claimed him. to paraphrase dave maloney and tom renney, in all honesty i don’t think the isles are upset at all. they’ve tried to tank the season all season and all is working to plan.

    funny some had jagr considering signing with the pens for minimum. if he tried to do it in season it would never go through as someone would surely claim him.

  96. The only problem with that Brooks article is that he thinks that Drury’s dad was at the game last night. Good reporting, son!

    I thought it was cool that Drury did the fist pump for his nephew at the game.

  97. LI Joe

    Im not too sure about that. I think everything went downhill when DeePee went down with his injury. Either way… If I was Snow I’d be hopping mad…

  98. Milbury on HNIC intermission saying that he thinks that somethings going to happen next year with the Islanders if they cant get $ for improving that hellhole of an arena, saying the team might be sold and go to kansas city

  99. spider – i think drury’s father was supposed to be. gross mentioned just 4 who’s fathers were not to attend all from czech or russia/ukraine. i think tv said drury’s father will be at pitt. so must have been a change in plan.

    mako – if i was an isles fan i’d be thrilled they are getting a top 2 pick and would not want anything to get in the way of that. as a ranger fan who lives on LI i hate thefact they can get a true stud player for a dozen yrs.

  100. LI Joe
    January 17th, 2009 at 8:24 pm
    beerme did preface his comment with recently which explains the omission of the 1st 2

    Kinda hard to omit the very best two goaltenders in the NHL.

  101. chris – from your lips to Gods ears. I would love the isles to move. or even better contract. 24 teams would lead to much better hockey.

  102. Leetch is the man on

    I heard the on wfan that islanders are 90% away from selling the team to knasas city by the end of the year. Ill find a link soon. sucks to be poor

  103. LI Joe

    Well, again until it happens. Im not sure how Tavares & or Hedman would feel about being part of a new expansion team LOL Dont forget how many good pics (eg Luongo) they traded away. Sorry bunch over there…

    I will miss them if they head for KC.

    24 team WOULD be perfect hockey :) I would take 28 or 26 at this point. I would actually like to see more games played between the EC & WC

  104. Bobby

    Hmmm Since you’re taking on a name of a man with class and success its pretty disgraceful you would use that as your user name because you are clearly neither.

    However, I am not a Mets fan. I dont really like baseball but if I cheer on a team or any have any allegiance to one I am going to keep it to myself. But I like neither the Mets or the Yankees.

    BTW thanks for the kind words :)

  105. The pens could have had Sanford for free through waivers but instead they trade for him after passing waivers? Wha? Even Sather wouldn’t be that stupid.

  106. Oops. I’ve got a pretty bad flu and a fever on all kinds of meds not sure what I typing or thinking.

  107. graves9 January 17th, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Oops. I’ve got a pretty bad flu and a fever on all kinds of meds not sure what I typing or thinking.

    How did you get the flu? Were you handing out free dirty sanchez’s for people who will carry your grocery’s to your car?

  108. I was just watching Hockey Night Live and all 4 guys thought last night game was BS as well. They were very critical, especially Goring. He said he went back from watching the game, rewound, saw nothing said “these refs were out to lunch”. Said he looked to see who Roszival “cut” and there was no one around him. Well its good to see that we arent all crazy… Glad that got some coverage…

  109. They should put a team in Las Vegas.

    They hold the Roller Hockey National Championships every year, and the teams that come out of that city were always amazing when i used to compete.

    Its the biggest tourist city in the Country and would attract audiences who might not normally pay to see a hockey game but since they are on Vacation they would go because its out of the ordinary to those people

    Plus they need to relocate some existing teams to Canada including a 2nd one in Toronto

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