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I asked a couple of players yesterday if there’s any added pressure playing two games in front of their fathers this weekend. I know that might sound ridiculous. These are millionaire athletes who play in packed arenas. Some have played in Stanley Cup Finals and Olympics.

But dads are different, trust me. I’ve never played in a packed arena (although I’ve blogged in a packed arena — that’s pressure), but I can remember countless games as a young player when my father would be in the same corner of the rink, cupping his hands around his mouth and imploring me to “Skate!” Later, after reviewing my play on the car ride home, we’d retreat to the kitchen, where Dad would diagram plays on a napkin or a newspaper.

It didn’t matter if I scored two goals or was on the ice for four against. Until my father gave his assessment, I didn’t really know how well or poorly I played (the same goes for newspaper stories, by the way. If my dad likes my work, I’ve done my job. If he doesn’t, well, at least he doesn’t diagram my mistakes on napkins anymore).

But again, that’s just me. As for the Rangers, they have plenty else to worry about. Although they’ve won two straight, their last win over the hapless Islanders was harldy in convincing fashion. And now they’re facing a Chicago team that is more mature and more cohesive than when they last saw them way back on Oct. 10.

All of this serves as an intriguing backdrop for Dads’ Weekend. Maybe there isn’t any added pressure with their fathers around. But you’d have to think the weekend will be a lot more enjoyable if the team can pick up some points along the way.

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  1. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    I would imagine that it doesnt really affect the players as much, but no doubt they are ‘aware’ that their fathers are watching…. so maybe it’ll elevate some players to give a little extra effort.

    … couldnt hurt to wish, right?

  2. Boston BARELY hung on to a win last ngiht again the Fishsticks. so all this crap talk about how it was a weak win or whatever you want to call it is bullsheet
    A win is a win is a win

    The top team in the league had problems with them, and only SQUEAKED by and scored two goals on a back up back up goaltender, and one was a weird deflection
    C;mon Sam, you can write something better about our boys than this

  3. a boston team missing 4 of its top forwards, by the way. so they did what a good team does, found a way to win. the rangers on the other hand had there full compliment of players, so don’t compare the two games.

  4. “The resurgent Rangers now riding a two game winning streak in which they have poured four goals into the mesh head into Chicago-land to tangle with the Hawks…asked what he attributed to the recent goal scoring surge ( 5 goals in last three games) special teams coach Perry Pearn pointed to power-plays turnaround…”when we scored that PP goal there against the Isles, after giving up a shorthanded three on two rush,thats what its all about…thats what I got into coaching for”…watch out Chicago the machine rolls into the Uc tonite!”

    The Re-born Sam Weinman

  5. Tonight is another big test IMO. We seem to play well on the road, and I have to say of late there defensive play has been alot tighter…still quite boring but better than the incohesive mess we witnessed for almost a month.

  6. repost:

    I too am outraged at the way this team plays night in and night out.

    My father and I are huge fans, he was a professional athlete in his day, he understands how a team has to play in order to be successful and he still supports his Rangers. I on the other hand am at the end of my rope.

    He claims the team is doing as well as it can with the personnel they have, which may be true. Their game may be boring, but it’s because that’s the way they have to play in order to be successful.

    My outlook is why go out and spend millions of dollars on Drury, Gomez, Rozival, Redden, etc if all you’re going to do is play not-to-lose / trap each and every night they play? Why not save the money and spend it on the exciting players when they come up for UFA and let your kids play defense/trap hockey and at least throw the body get in some scraps every so often?

    This team never initiates any contact, we don’t fight, we have ZERO passion for the most part and we generate no scoring opportunities. Heck we leave Hank out to dry against the Isles!

    I have to say I can not stand watching this team play hockey some nights. I think we are terribly coached. I don’t care what our record is, we have no passion, no idea what to do with the puck in the offensive zone other get point shots.

    I think it may have something to do with the players, but I think it has everything to do with the coach and the GM.

    As a school teacher, at mid-term exams, that is my critique of the team.

    Redden – GOmez – Drury = D+/C-
    Rozival – Mara = B
    Kalinin – D
    Staal – Girardi – B-
    Dawes – B
    Callahan – B+ / A-

    Zherdev – Dubinksy – C+

    Voros – C

    Henrik- B+ / A-

    Sjostrom – Betts = C

    Orr – B

    Renney and his staff – C

  7. I always liked playing in front of my dad. I always played well and always got a little more “up” for the game.

  8. Sam, your father/son story reminds me of why I love you so much. When is the next video chat? I can’t wait.

  9. Back in my playing days, from about 13-20yrs old, my dad coached a few teams I was on. Yea..there’s some pressure when you get beat on a breakaway (as a dman).

    bull dog – Some of those guys they’ve been missing for weeks. It’s a pretty valid comparison imo. I saw a few quotes (on nhl.com) this a.m. from a B’s player or two saying they were lucky to get the win.

    The isles oushot them by something like 41-27, and outhit them by decent margin too.

    I’d have to think it’s the kids out there that are just hungry to play.


    Yeah, when i watched that last night, that’s what i was thinking. But the only difference between the games, is that we got BITCHED, and BULLIED by the worst team in the league, and barely hung on to win. Maybe they really didn’t take them seriously, and only take serious teams seriously, but i wouldn’t be so pissed aboot that win if it was a pretty even game. They need every point they can get, so yeah 2 points is 2 points.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game, should be tough, and im sure the great Ranger defense will allow us all to see some awesome moves by Toews, and Kane.

  11. vogs,

    I hear you. Your points are reasonable, if a little harsh. I mean I agree with a lot of what you are saying but I think you have to stick with this team until they are on the outside looking in for the playoffs. They are frustrating to watch, for sure. But I can’t say they are worth giving up on.

    I would tweak your grades a little:

    Kalinin was a D- through mid Dec. He has been a C+ lately.
    Sjo-Betts….C is too harsh…B or B-. They are playing their role quite well.
    Dubi C+ is right. Zherdev is closer to a B.
    Staal closer to B+ or A- even. If he had a little more O in his game, he’d be an A.
    Mara and Roszival do not deserve the same grades. Rosy like B- or even C+ (played better lately). Mara B+. He is value and steady.
    You forgot Prucha….C- to start the season, B+ last 10 games (which is almost half his GP I think.)
    Redden, Gomer, Dru….you nailed it.


  12. Difference between 2009 Bruins and Rangers?

    Bruins win 2-1 vs Islanders and its an off night and they admit it (theyve scored 6 plus goals like ten times this year)

    Rangers win 2-1 vs Islanders and its “Business as usual” -remember “Expect to see a lot of 2-1 games this year” that was renney a couple of weeks ago ( Rangers haven’t score six in a game this year if I’m not mistaken)

    Bottom line
    I’ll take the win against Isles anyway, anytime

    But we might just need to adjust a little to beat Chicago tonight…no?

  13. I think the Tkachuk rumors are true. Slats supposedly wanted him in 07 at the deadline, but never got him. Im sure JD has his mind set on Pruchs.

    KT is having a decent year, doing alright on the PK, but Pruchs in my opinion is the heart and soul of this team. Id definitely trade Drury for KT if it were possible. Get rid of the “Captain” and his greedy contract, and bring in an old guy who will run back to the Blues the following year. Win, win !

  14. Vogs
    ” I on the other hand am at the end of my rope. ”

    Don’t kick the chair!!
    Geez when I was a kid, my mom would drop me off and pick me up after the game, my dad was either working or didn’t go. Same when I drove to games, no parents.

    I love how some Rangers fans are in love with Boston. I know the Rangers have serious faults but I hate every team in the NHL because I’m a Ranger fan. Thick and thin, anybody knows what that means?

  15. The islanders are fighting for there lives, which makes them a dangerous team. Boston has lost there fowards, but they’ve been without them for awhile and still leading the east. Bostons 2-1 win sheds a lot of positive light on both the islanders and the rangers.

  16. SAM-or computer savvy fans-
    When I try to see the “replay” of yesterday’s LIVE CHAT, all that come’s up are the reader’s questions, & NOT SAM”S answers.
    What am I doing wrong?

  17. Grades imo

    Dru c
    Gomez c-
    Naslund b
    Mara andstall b+
    Rozsival b
    Redden c
    Pru call b+
    Hank a-
    Can’t do more gotta return to work

  18. “But we might just need to adjust a little to beat Chicago tonight…no?”

    Yes & No.

    The “yes” is pretty obvious. That a 10min lapse, or brain fart, or a bad penalty by our captain, will have some seriously bad ramifications against Chi-town.

    The “no”…They really SHOULD be approaching every game the same way, regardless of the opponent. Strong play in your own zone, good 1st pass out, get the puck deep, forecheck, traffic in front, shot on net, look for rebounds.

    Yes…that’s what EVERY team should be doing each and every game, regardless of opponent.

    Just easier said than done.

  19. On Mr. T (k. tkachuk)….

    He’d be a nice body to stand in front on the PP with a good set of hands. On the last year of his contract. Plays for a team who’s president, slats has a decent relationship with. Has been fairly healthy this year, though a little bruised up as of late. Could be that vet we’re missing for the playoffs.

    BUT…it all depends on the price. That, and that he probably won’t go anywhere till the deadline, which is 6 weeks away. A lot can happen in that time. Injuries, slumps, continuing slumps, etc.

  20. bob punches like Semin on

    Tkachuck…please no! nothing like heading back to pre-lockout mentalities.
    I feel like if Sather gets rid of Prucha, we are literally stripping the team of its offensive producers. Prucha of late has be nothing short of great!

  21. “Strong play in your own zone, good 1st pass out, get the puck deep, forecheck, traffic in front, shot on net, look for rebounds”

    Exactly! easier said than done…they did this the second and third period vs the Isles..If that was the Hawks or dare I say the Habs it might be 4-0 after one period! so hwatever Boston’s issues were lst night; I’m sure they’re saying what I say “thank God that was the Weight-less Islanders we played the other night”

    Whats this Tkaczuk crap I’m hearing?
    I’m more tired of this yearly escapade than I ever was with Sundin…


    thats how I rank my biggest PIA’s of the 2000’s..every year some drama plus…i cannot consistently spell their names correctly

  22. “nothing like heading back to pre-lockout mentalities.”

    Not necessarily. If we traded Dubi & staal for him, then gave him 5yrs at $8mil per, I could see that. But there’s nothing wrong with adding a vet presence at the deadline to make a run.

  23. newman:

    I might be a little harsh.

    I don’t agree with your assessment of Sjostrom or Betts – personally, I don’t think Sjostom adds much to the team, he has 5 points and Betts has 6, if you’re not a hitter or a fighter or energy guy than you had better bring more to the ice than they have.

    No team with as many minuses as this team has deserves any good grades.

  24. Crosby is day to day with a lower-leg/ankle injury. Gonna skate today and see if he’ll play tonight vs ANA (in pitt). I’m guessing if he doesn’t play tonight, he’ll play sunday. Who knows.

  25. RE: Boston

    Lets not forget the hard fought game they had against MTL. Very emotional game for them and always a great rivalry. So Kudos to them for pulling out the win…

    RE: Fathers Weekend.

    They should get up for the game, althought I dont see why this team doesnt “get up” for every team they play against.

    Vogs: I cant disagree with you when you say: “My outlook is why go out and spend millions of dollars on Drury, Gomez, Rozival, Redden, etc if all you’re going to do is play not-to-lose / trap each and every night they play? Why not save the money and spend it on the exciting players when they come up for UFA and let your kids play defense/trap hockey and at least throw the body get in some scraps every so often?”

    Management said during the offseason they wanted a team built for scoring and speed (to compliment Gomez) they got Naslund, Zherdev. They also said they wanted a bonafide QB on the PP they went out and got Redden and gave Roszi a raise. All the other “pieces” were in place. LOL So vogs your assessment of that is spot on.

  26. MLB
    NJD (early 2000’s)

    Those are my PITA’s for the 2000’s. Same for the 90’s, and 80’s before that!

  27. Tkaczuk is the LAST player we need.

    If we were going to sign an aging scorer with not much left but a good set of hands, a nice shot and an influence on the pp, we should have signed Shanny a few months ago.

    However, “knowing” Glen. That’d be a typical sign from him. No real rhyme or reason, completely hypocritical in comparison to other moves/non-moves and adding someone who’s certainly not going to make a BIG impact.

  28. “…why go out and spend millions of dollars on Drury, Gomez, Rozival, Redden, etc if all you’re going to do is play not-to-lose / trap each and every night they play?”

    vogs – Haven’t seen you around lately. Enjoy your posts.

    As far as Gomez goes, he played a trap for a decade before coming here. And he and Dru were the 2 premier UFA 2-way players available.

    “Management said during the offseason they wanted a team built for scoring and speed (to compliment Gomez) they got Naslund, Zherdev.”

    Mako – They got the speed, for sure. And in some ‘discouraging’ way, they got the scoring. They DO have more GPG than they did at this point last year. They just didn’t say it was going to be a “baby-step”.

  29. “Hate to say it, but Dubi is prime trade bait…”

    True – If you’re a center for the NYR or Wolfpack, you certainly are.

  30. “Management said during the offseason they wanted a team built for scoring and speed (to compliment Gomez) they got Naslund, Zherdev.”

    No, they got Naslund, Kovalev 2.0

  31. Beer –

    Baby steps eh? Ok. I think I can vouch for mostly everyone here and say “patients” is definitely a virtue with this team. I was hoping that they would have already worked out the kinks. But, as I have said before, better now than in March or April.

  32. “I don’t think Sjostom adds much to the team, he has 5 points and Betts has 6, if you’re not a hitter or a fighter or energy guy than you had better bring more to the ice than they have.”

    Vogs – I got to disagree with you on that one. The reason that line works is it has three distinct elements to it: toughness in Orr, defensive positioning/responsibility in Betts and speed/skating in Sjostrom.

    In my opinion, any production you get out of them is plus but their real value is in their ability to match up against any line (finesse or tough), shut them down and spell the other lines for a shift.

    Sjostrom is a good, fast skater with size who is great on the forecheck. He can get to a d-man with the puck quickly, force a quick (read rushed) pass and put a solid hit on the guy. That line’s ability to shutdown or hurry a break out is what makes them so effective.

    They’re as good a fourth line as you’re going to get in the NHL and while not perfect, they are very cost effective (Orr: minimum at $538k, Betts: $615k, Sjoestrom $840k).

  33. Pavel

    No doubt… but Zherdev is alot less frustrating than Kovy. He used to take some BAAAAAD, lazy penalties, hardly ever back checked :)

  34. Beer Me! – Make a run at what, the third round? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see this team winning, same as I said before the season. Obviously, I would love it to happen, however. It seems to me that you have softened your stance on Renney, saying that maybe we should change coaches if it ends after the second round again. I am still a moderate supporter of Renney while recognizing his double standards.

  35. vogs – Don’t forget that Sjostrom has a couple of key shootout goals, as well. Despite that, Renney didn’t use him (or Dawes) in the last shootout loss we had with Valiquette in net against Buffalo.

  36. pig – Then you may as well just stop watching now. Spring training starts soon. Enjoy.

    I’ve had the same position on a coaching change since the preseason. Not repeating it over and over though.

  37. JJP – don’t forget, those stats don’t include Sjostrom’s shootout goals and he is a key PKer, as is Betts.

    Although we went out and got Naslund and Z in the summer we still needed another winger to take some pressure off Dawes and Cally. Voros had a good start but as expected, has now dropped off to splinterville. I think if we keep this team intact, lose Kalinin and replace with Potter/Sanguinetti, the extra experience will do Dawes, Dubi, Korpedo and Cally well and they can be more regular scorers next year.
    Hopefully Redden will have more of an idea of what is expected of him next year and do something about it, Roszi will start the season fit and Staal will become some sort of Leetch/Beuk clone?

  38. Beer – So if you don’t think the team can make a run at the cup we shouldn’t watch?

    Not necessarily. But if you have that little faith in your team, there’s no point.

    The deadline is 6 weeks away, and the playoffs are all about your matchups. Philly shoulda never been in the ECF finals last year. If we faced anyone other than pitt in the 2nd round, it’s possible WE coulda been there.

    Sorry for the “skitzo” episode there. But I have a feeling the question is coming.

  39. Sweet! Boss is lettin us go early today. Love to stay and chat. But I’d much rather go out and enjoy this wonderful 15 degree weather.

    Prediction tonight…shootout.


  40. Beer Me! – Yeah, I’m sure that question would be coming. You really do seem more smart-ass than usual recently, but I can understand that with the quality of posts on this board. If I stopped watching just because I didn’t think my team could win a championship, I would not have been able to enjoy the Giants playoff games last season. I’m just being realistic. The fact that I don’t think they will win just would make it so much better if they actually do it. I enjoy watching hockey and the Rangers are my team, so I will watch as many games as possible, despite their frustrations. If everyone stopped watching, this board would be a much quieter place.

    Duncan Keith my not be playing tonight for the Blackhawks after leaving their last game in the second period due to a hit from Stafford. Hopefully, we can expose that hole.

  41. Beer

    Ovechkin completely blamed himself for the caps loss, Philly never should have been in the ECF. I absolutely believed the Rangers could have beat the Pens in that series. There were key moments of non-calls, Hollwegs bonehead boarding play, hit posts, slew foots, etc.

  42. Great entry, Sam. As a father of a young hockey player myself, it’s easy to forget just how much weight my words carry for my son. So it’s good for both sides.

  43. orr – as has been said many times before drury has full no trade. sorry this is not nhl09. and KT is the last thing this team needs. his best days are long past

    vogs – gave dubi way too high a grade

  44. NNYer

    Thats why every player you see (as responsible the fathers are in molding their sons for sports) Athletes always say “HI MOM!!!” to the camera LOL

    Great stuff LOL

  45. Here is something I wanted to add about the 4th line and it complements JJP’s insight.

    Because we have like, what, $25mm in 4 players, there has to be a line that costs us less than $2mm total to balance us. If that line happens to be SOB…and they play solid, kill penalties, play physical, and jam the other team’s gameplan…then I am good with that.

    I don’t think there are many better lines in the league for under $2mm total. So for that reason alone, I like this SOB line and have been a proponent of them the whole season.

    For the same reason, IMO Mara is the 2nd best Dman we have behind Staal. Not in pure stats, but in all around D play and reliability and cost effectiveness. I am not a $ guy with each player’s paycheck in front of me but are Mara and Staal the two lowest paid D men? Maybe Girardi as well? Those 2 plus Girardi are the best D we have and also the 3 least expensive. To me, this enhances their value to the team. I am sure you all would agree that Redden’s sucky play makes him a detriment to the team and then is $6mm/year makes him the suckiest of the suckers.

    Same goes for the SOB line relative to the others in terms of cost to this team versus effectiveness.

  46. Newman – on D the cap numbers are Staal $826k, Girardi $1.55mn, Mara $1.95mn, Kalinin $2.1mn, Rozsival $5.0mn and Redden $6.5mn. Tough to compare a guy like Staal who is on his rookie contract or is RFA.

    Many wanted Orpik to be signed but I would argue that he is overrated (see post from last night), that Mara is playing just as well w/same elements for 1/2 the cost and the team would still need a “power play QB”.

  47. Im sorry to vent this. But I think its major BS that hockey ALWAYS gets effected by either the economy or lack of $$$. Meanwhile other major sports throw money away on players – money of contracts that could buy a small Island. And I know that hockey isnt as popular. But I blame Bettman for expansion, taking hockey away from Canada, expanding into Southern American state where they could give 2 sh*ts about hockey.

  48. Hey

    off the topic here:

    I’m listening to Montreol radio during lunch; PJ Stock and Tony Marinella are discussing Sheldon Souray and his prescription wrist-supports that he wears and they are attributing them to the fact that he normally hurts or cuts people when he fights them (evidentally he did so last night)

    PJ says something like “Even though he doesn’t fight much this is why he cuts up and hurts more people than anyone else-Oh! except for Colton Orr; he’s got steel plates in his wrists and in his knuckles…”

    Anyone ever hear of this??

  49. Repost from previous post for MAKO:

    MAKO, this was Beer me! and I on the previous post!


    What does this all spell for Bettmans New NHL Utopia?

    Phoenix, a good young team being built the right way, is going to go belly-up

    If Tampa ever trades Vinny…thats it for that franchise-Forget them

    The salary cap was supposed to even everyone out onto a level playing field but whats obvious is that even with a level field some of these markets cannot compete

    I watched an Atlanta game the other night and even when the camera man on the Thrasher network went into the stands to show kids he couldn’t help but pick-up empty seats in his camera shot!Usually they pan in on a group of people so you cant see the empties…theres no hiding it there…and they traded Savard, Hossa and now? Kovalchuk?

    Its over…dont make fun of the KHL…the NHL is 12 healthy franchises supporting 12 barely walking and the rest on life-support

    Beer Me!
    January 16th, 2009 at 9:13 am
    kaspar – That is the saddest part. But the saving grace for Bettman will be the worldwide economic ressession. That bastard will play that card as much as he can. Sure, part of it can be validated. But some of those franchises have been in the same shape

  50. Kaspar,

    RE: Orr, was that a metaphor? I’ve never heard of that- and wouldn’t you assume that people around the league would make a bigger deal of this….

    For the record, I just googled “Orr metal plates” and the only thing I found is a reference that Fedoruk has plates in his cheek bones from fights (prior to his KO by Orr), possible confusion? Worth clarifying..

  51. Kaspar

    Thanks so much for that re-post. And the both of you are 10000000000% correct. The talent pool has been SO diluted with over expansion as well. From what I heard the KHL is having $$ issues as well. Is there any truth to that?? I have been poking around to read up on it, but Im getting mixed reports. Thanks again Kaspar.

  52. True Blue

    Yeah I think it was PJ trying to be funny or sarcastic about Orr kicking so many players a$$es LOL ;)

  53. Mikeynj the Bruins have Kessel, Beregevon, Ward, Ference, Fernandez, and Sturm and Lucic is banged up pretty badly that’s why they had so much trouble with the Isles. The Rangers had nobody out and got outworked and outplasyed the other night.

  54. TRue

    I hope its a goof

    But he was very specific..he (meaning Souray) hurts more people…except for Colton Orr; Colton Orr has steel plates in his wrists and in his knuckles…

    I dont know if team990 radio has archives but it was around 12-12:15 EDT

  55. Beer Me!
    January 16th, 2009 at 11:03 am
    Crosby is day to day with a lower-leg/ankle injury. Gonna skate today and see if he’ll play tonight vs ANA (in pitt). I’m guessing if he doesn’t play tonight, he’ll play sunday. Who knows.
    whyA game on NBC with Crosby in it will mean the fix will be even more in with a Pens game. Crosby sits and the game is probably called fairly.

  56. mako does hockey really need 3 teams in tri state area. NO. get rid of the isles in addition to some southern and western teams

  57. orr – drury is on pace for approx 24 goals this yr and is second on team in goals. and this after a god awful start of like 0 pts in 1st 12 games. kills penalties too. hardly the definition of sucks. believe it or not you have the exact same opinion of drury as dubi of BB. and i know what you think of him.

  58. You know what would solve a lot of problems all at once?

    The New York Rangers field a Cup winning team for a solid stretch over, let’s say five years….

    (A) We’d all be happy…no need for more clarification on this point

    (B) Ratings would be higher around the league as a winning NY team has not only a local market, but a market of fans around the country- and ancillary people interested in the sport b/c NYC is the biggest media market in the country.

    (C) the league would gain in popularity overall

  59. LI Joe

    UM much is to be said about all the team in the Tri state. Including the Whalers when they were in CT. NJD, NYR, NYI, BUF & HFD all had great teams at one point or another. Which also created some wicked rivalries. Not that HFD moved and the Islanders have become pretty pathetic over the last 10 years – I honestly dont mind them. They are a big part of hockey history along with DET, MTL, EDM as hockey’s greatest dynasties. Besides it gives the Rangers another home away from home ;)

  60. Oh and to add to your list. I would absolutely get rid of Columbus, Panthers and Atlanta. I cant say Nashville bc a friend of mine lives right out side of Nashville and he said the love for the Preds is amazing.

    I would add 1 or 2 Canadian teams though…

  61. So I had to take a D train this morning… on Stillwell and 86st in Brooklyn there is a train station… I go up… come up to the both to buy a metrocard… inside the booth there is a lady… I’d say she was pushing her mid 50… behind her on the wall a Rangers Year Calendar for this year with Gomez’s photo flying though the mid-zone… I couldn’t help myself and said: “Let’s go Rangers, eh?” She looked at me with frown and saw that I was wearing my Rangers hat… then she smiled… and said “Tom Renney is a tool” I swear I almost swallowed my tongue from such unexpected answer! In about 3 minutes after I stopped laughing I asked her why she said that … she answered “we play this bullshit trap defense first hockey that doesn’t suit the players on the team as if we are our little sister from across the river…. I can’t stand this type of play…do we have Scott Stevens or Scott Niedermayer on our D? NO! And Henrik Lundqvist isn’t Brodeur quite yet… “She also predicted the score for tonight she said it’s gonna be blow out… 5:2 Hawks… even middle aged woman can see where the problem is…what a lady

  62. Maybe its me but I don’t think the overall talent level in the NHL is that low at all these days. The league could stand to contract a few teams but I don’t think 30 is too many.

    Maybe in the early 90’s when the league rapidly expanded the level of play wasn’t very high due to short term dilution but look at it today – you have a huge influx of Europeans compared to 15-20 years ago, there is less clutching/grabbing and to me the most telling factor – people are honestly bitching about not getting enough offense out of the 4th line.

    Fifteen years ago, your enforcer/agitator type could barely skate. Orr isn’t going to be doing any Ice Capade shows anytime soon but he can actually skate as can most 4th line players.

    Another factor which I think has maybe exacerbated any dilution in the talent level is that goalies and even backup goalies have become much more athletic. Or maybe we’re just in a historic time with great goalies (Roy, Brodeur, Belfour, Cujo, Richter etc.).

  63. jjp and they look like the michelin man compared to goalies of yore. i would absolutely increase the size of the goal (slightly say 6 inches in width and in height).

    nhl needs to be at 24 teams



    and 1 more

  64. I would also relocate a team to Milwaukee, people play hockey in Wisconsin and you would have nice natural rivalries with Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota.

    Its not the biggest of metro areas – 2 million but thats not much smaller than Pittsburgh and certainly bigger than Columbus or Nashville.

  65. CCCP, that is a fantastic story, what a hoot. Even the man on the street, er, woman, knows what’s what.

    jjp, I agree with you on the talent level. Look at MSG’s vault for Rangers games in the 70s. Half the guys can’t skate as well as Colton Orr. At least 70% of the problem with lower goal scoring is due to outsized goalie equipment.

  66. CCCP

    LMAO!!!! That is one of the best stories I have heard in a while!!!! Thanks for sharing that!!

    Here is one:
    A buddy of mine and I used to go to Cosby all of the time. I saw a Islanders metal trash can up on a shelf – I said “Is that trash can for sale?” (my thought process Islanders = My Trash) He said “Yep, $15.” He said “wait, are you a Rangers fan???” I laughed and said “Yep you betcha”. He smiled and said “$2 then”. I laughed all the way home with it and it is now in my office. This was about 10 years ago LOL

  67. Pavel

    De Vries already had his stint with the Rangers. But, then again, Slats is no stranger to signing players a few times over the course of their career here… ;)

  68. JJP

    Actually, Nashville is a BIG city, yes known for music. But, I think there is about 2mm that occupy that metro area.
    Like I said before, a buddy of mine lives there & has been to the game. They love their Preds there…

  69. Alamo, graves9, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Beer on

    nashville sucks put them in a hockey hotbed like Quebec or Hamilton ontorio

  70. Alamo, graves9,Monica's stained dress, Osama bin laden's cab driver, Saddam huessein's executioner, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Beer on

    6-2 chicago tonigt anyone wanna bet?

  71. Its like 5 degrees here on Lake Champlain VT (My office is literally 20 feet from the water) we smell something burning…in the boiler room…just then a snow squall comes barrelling in off the lake, wind is blowing and we’re being evacuated outside…there’s this Redsox-fan woman telling everyone to line-up by department; in the snow, outside, 5 degrees and windy…I said “screw that” I get in my car and drive to our other building to relax for a while…

    Before it all hit…my last two actions were putting a picture of Achmed the Dead Terrorist on my PC as a background and laughing at CCCP’s story…

    Glad i read it before the Crisis hit!!!

    thanks CCCP…and all is well…I’m still posting:)

  72. Alamo, graves9,Pwowning greg, the pilot the saved everyone,Monica's stained dress, Osama bin laden's cab driver, Saddam huessein's executioner, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Be on

    bob sez he wants Dreary and Blowmez traded or released.

  73. Alamo, graves9,Pwowning greg, the pilot the saved everyone,Monica's stained dress, Osama bin laden's cab driver, Saddam huessein's executioner, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Be on

    Where are you greg zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? I pwown ya biotch!

  74. “A buddy of mine and I used to go to Cosby all of the time. I saw a Islanders metal trash can up on a shelf – I said “Is that trash can for sale?” ( *my thought process Islanders = My Trash* ) He said “Yep, $15.” He said “wait, are you a Rangers fan???” I laughed and said “Yep you betcha”. He smiled and said ”$2 then”. I laughed all the way home with it and it is now in my office. This was about 10 years ago LOL”


    GODDAMN that is funny!

    Rangers snake out a win tonight. SNAKE OUT.

  75. hey boys and girls… u liked my story? me too!! i told to that lady that if i have to take the train…even if the D isn’t what i need i still come to her station to talk hockey!

    Its Friday, finally…

  76. Salty I think it was you your post at 12:04 is my fav post by you . . . ever. But now I don’t remember why? hmmmm . . . . .
    I think the Rangers 4th line is definitely (like some said) the best for the buck. Sometimes I wish Orr picked fights more often but I have no prob with Sjo or Betts. Any scoring is a bonus from them and Sjo is great with the shoot out.

    I think the game tonight will be close but I think the guys can pull it out.

  77. JJP

    I lived in Wisconsin for three years ( ’93 to ’96) they had good college team at UW but nobody cares about hockey there…met one head breaker who like hockey for the fighting

    Deer Hunting

    Thats it in Wisconsin…

  78. Jo – Thanks. Why don’t you remember, though?

    Kaspar – And the Brewers, but that’s probably part of the beer culture anyway. :)

    Don’t forget: no Duncan Keith tonight! Blackhawks website says “great seats still avalable” for tonight’s game; that’s sad. Crosby also officially out tonight.

  79. LIJOE

    Yeah, and that’s decent and all, obviously not enough to live up to the money he makes. I hate Dubi at BB, that goes without saying, him and his pathetic side kick Jess.

    Dru just sucks in my opinion. He’s turning into a lazy player, makes idiotic decisions, he’s barely noticable on the ice, not stats, but making a huge defensive play. Besides blocking a shot with his head the other night, he hasn’t done much, besides score a goal every now and then. Dru last season was a hell of a lot better, he was smarter, he worked harder. Im not expecting much from him besides 25 goals or less, but this years Dru is a disgrace, and i just cant let him get away with that pathetic comment following the 5-4 OT loss against the Crapitals.

    Anyway, just saw on ESPN that Sidney Crybaby is out tonight, so hopefully he’s out the next game as well.

  80. orr that comment right before christmas was way overblown. he was just trying to have his team feel good overall about their record. i didn’t let it ruin mt Christmas either.

  81. ORR

    i’d rather see Crosby play against the Rangers on Sunday… thats where the fun is…watching the son of Bettman cry and feet-stomp his way throught the game… and of course being abused by the Rangers players… that abuse doesnt happen much but still i’d like to see him play on sunday

  82. Back to changing the size of the goal net — wouldn’t increasing the height make head and neck injuries much more common? I’d be REALLY worried about that….. Make the net longer, ok, but not higher.

  83. Salty

    Glad you liked that, cause’ I sure as hell did. I’ll take a pic and post it on photoshop one of these days (full of trash of course) ;)


  84. They should put a team in Las Vegas.

    They hold the Roller Hockey National Championships every year, and the teams that come out of that city are always amazing when i used to compete.

    Its the biggest tourist city in the Country and would attract audiences who might not normally pay to see a hockey game but since they are on Vacation they would go because its out of the ordinary to those people

  85. “I’m just being realistic. The fact that I don’t think they will win just would make it so much better if they actually do it. I enjoy watching hockey and the Rangers are my team, so I will watch as many games as possible, despite their frustrations.”

    That was why it was my favorite post of yours. Kind of recaptures the amazingness of the Giants last year.

    I guess I’m just not as serious as some people or I have a different philosophy about sports or what I expect. I don’t expect my team to win. I want them to and I wish they would but if they make the playoffs anything after . . . as far as they go is a bonus. Yeah I get disappointed . . . like the Giants right now!!!!! . . . . But it seems like there are a lot of Ranger fans ready to jump of a ship with every game (win or lose) and well its a game and I guess I just can’t get. I just liked what you said thats all.

  86. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Hey – there’s something to be said for us 1/2 Century women! Especially those of us who love the Rangers and hockey!

  87. Anyone in Manhattan w/ Time Warner Cable- what channel is the game on tonight (channel / number)?

  88. All Hail King Henrik on


    I don’t have time warner, but I’d assume the game will be broadcast on the Channel/Program guide. Channel 14 or 414 for me. Prepare yourself for shit quality.

    I still don’t know how the Devils are given precedent over the Rangers for the HD feed on MSG2. What a joke. Rangers draw more than Devils & Isles combined and are owned by MSG. So what does MSG do? Broadcasts the game in circa 1974 quality on chn. 14; this way all 11 Devils fans get to watch the game in HD, while we have to suffer through less-than-standard-definition broadcast quality.

    Nice job, MSG.


    Try channel 51. I think that’s it. Or you can just go to MSG.com and it will say it somewhere.


    Im sorry, but that one comment made me lose a ton of respect for Dru. How can he be happy getting one point in a game where they led 4-0 ? That one point that they blew could potentially cost them home ice advantage, or maybe even the playoffs if they’re that unlucky.

    I didn’t wanna bring up Renney, but honestly, Dru isn’t half the player he is under Renney. Ruff brought the best out of him, Renney gives him to much freedom.

    Don’t get me wrong, im not comparing the last two Ranger teams to those two Buffalo teams, cause the Sabs sure as shit were better than Nyr, but even so, you can just tell by the way he plays, he’s not the same guy he was in those two seasons. Obviously he’s massively overrated, but still forget offensively, but defensively he’s not good. Its depressing that the young players have to learn from guys like him, along with Gomer. Shanny, and Jags were tremendous role models for the kids, even if Jags “coasted”. They were real leaders.

    Hopefully Dru can turn it around like he did last season, and start playing a hell of a lot better. Three more years of him, ugh.

  90. Why increase the size of the net, just eliminate GOALIES from the game. That way, we get the 30-25 score games the genius on loan from the NBA would love to see. After all, NBA games have 200+ points, most nights, and the NHL needs to catch up with that, a little.

    Also, no goalies = no “pulling the goaltender” because a team needs a goal – the worst travesty of all sports rules, and there are many of them.

  91. Sam, you kidding me with that blogpost? I may have to start writing this column…story developing.

  92. orr – he was not at all happy about getting 1 pt. as captain he was trying to put the choke loss in perspective and keep his teams confidence up. as a catholic christmas means a lot to me as it clearly does for drury. he was trying to put a loss in perspective not saying he was happy with the loss. you have a lot more in common with dubi of bb than you think. he has the exact same take on it as you do.

  93. orr – freedom? buffalo played a lot more open style than renney does. renney does not give any of his players freedom.

  94. cakewalk lets not go overboard. 6 inches in width and height will not lead to the results you mention. it will help increase offense and offensive chances slightly but enough to add some excitement to the game.

  95. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Game times approaching!!!! Kick some CHIC CHIC CHIC CA gooo asss!!!! Whohoooooo times a tick ‘N . Did some body say bet!!??

  96. on tv tthey quoted shanny as saying who’s to say this will be my last yr it could be next yr or even the yr after. see that is exactly what i was afraid of.

    he is sitting tonight by the way.

    orr and greg – no doubt in my mind you’re the same person despite your protests to the contrary. that’s ok whatever floats your boat.

  97. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Chris Drury and Gomez are both snakes for accepting those huge contracts . I know I would take the loot!! But these 2 guys are rich , im not…If Drury was concerned about the Rangers he should of been like Mara or some of those detroit guys that took less so the gm could sign other players. Or was it Colorado? Anyways I don’t dwel on it and If Drury and Gomez want to win the fans over…win the cup. Plain and simple!!

  98. greg fair point – i wish drury and gomez took less. also wish redden wasn’t signed, henrik took a hometown discount and rozy less as well.

  99. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (LI Joe) , Im 40 and Orr is under 20 years. If you can’t see that , then geuss what …you can’t read people at all.
    I live in saskatoon , Canada buddy , Orr lives in NY? Hell I don’t know his real name even. (LIjoe) keep your stuiped comment to yerself. Yer so wrong.

  100. Greg

    Yeah a lot of the players on Detroit took some pay cuts to keep playing there. Awesome, if you ask me….

  101. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (LIJOE) If your a BB subscriber , you will know I was on there and Orr was using the word ” Aboot” some guy came on and gave him hell for makin fun of canadians. Well Im canadian and I posted to ORR that I thought it wasn’t bad and most canadian could care less. I could look it up ( 1 years ago ) and post it . just because we don’t scrap , dont mean we are the same person…He speaks him mind and people dont like it…I dont care…he kinda like an american Don Cherry.hahaha just yolking.

  102. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Ya Mako , I know!! If Drury could have refrained from grabbin so much green , we would probally not abuse him like alot do…Do ya see anyone bitch about Mara?

    RANGERS GO GO GO whoooohoooooo game times a comming….my predition never comes true so I aint sayin a word :|

  103. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.
    January 16th, 2009 at 8:04 pm
    (LI Joe) , Im 40 and Orr is under 20 years. If you can’t see that , then geuss what …you can’t read people at all.
    I live in saskatoon , Canada buddy , Orr lives in NY? Hell I don’t know his real name even. (LIjoe) keep your stuiped comment to yerself. Yer so wrong.

    How the hell is anyone supposed to see how old you are? Nobody here is seeing you in person. Anyone can claim they are anyone and live anywhere geez.

  104. LI Joe
    January 16th, 2009 at 7:54 pm
    on tv tthey quoted shanny as saying who’s to say this will be my last yr it could be next yr or even the yr after. see that is exactly what i was afraid of.

    he is sitting tonight by the way.

    orr and greg – no doubt in my mind you’re the same person despite your protests to the contrary. that’s ok whatever floats your boat.

    no question.

  105. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah but Badseed , I don’t lie….why don’t ya ask Dubi on BB . He knows my email ..and banned orr , not me . He check us both out, ask him!!

    RANGERS KILL THESE PUKES!!!!!!wanna be Detroit team!!!!

  106. Dubi or not Dubi on

    I do realize that I have been spoiled by HDTV, but there is NO WAY that tv was this blurry prior to that. This channel is f’ing horrible.

  107. I can understand why the Rangers aren’t on MSG2 vs the Devils – I’m sure contractually which ever team starts earlier is on MSG. It’s incomprehensible though why this picture is so bad. I would almost say it’s unwatchable.

  108. Dubi or not Dubi on

    It’s like watching a solar eclipse, you can’t look directly at it without going blind

  109. stop whining people it ain’t thAt bad. Greg you could have various accounts with various email addresses doesn’t prove you aren’t the same person.

  110. it is that bad i want you to come look at my tv right now i can barely make anyone out cause channel 14 never came in correctly for me to begin with

  111. Girardi makes plays like that every single game, and now isn’t scoring any points to offset the shitty defensive work.

  112. that 2 – 1 was a direct result of Kalinin moving in too deep to take that shot.

    And that call on Staal was EFFING BS!!!!

  113. Dubi or not Dubi on

    this ref is a complete joke, don’t they do like, reviews of these calls? Are you kidding me?!

  114. Mako oops our 4th line still sucks. Eager has as many goals as the three stoodges on our 4th line.

  115. Dubi or not Dubi on

    And may i ask why Captain Drury isn’t out there after the period talking to the refs? Isn’t he supposed to get in their heads? Every other captain in the NHL would have been talking to the refs right now.

  116. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Haha Mako, I can’t even watch the Penguins play any team because I get so annoyed.

  117. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    SEE I TOLD YA THE HAWKS fear the RANGER JERSEY!!! Stoped ’em BAM!!! on the big kill!!! We out played them all period. Chicago aint won squat yet!! Rangers rule , and in this day in age no Team ( maybe MTL too)has the charisma NEW YORK has .

    OUT playing ’em

  118. graves our 4th line is good for its cost. while not scoring it does stop top lines plus to members are important to a very successful pk. you want to complain about scoring then there re three other lines to harp on.

  119. Graves

    Not gonna battle with ya – but the PK on the Rangers is 2nd in the NHL. They dont necessarily have to score a ton of goals to be successful, ya know ;)

    And as someone pointed out earlier today – very cost effective and probably the best shut down 4th line for the $$.

  120. Pearn” the 5-3 penalty kill was as good as scoring a goal” True it was a great kill BUT with this morons mentality we wont score any goals more Moe Larry and Curly hockey

  121. Alamo, graves9,Monica's stained dress, Osama bin laden's cab driver, Saddam huessein's executioner, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Beer on

    Naslunds hands are almost as old as Dr House’s panties lmao!

  122. Good pkers mako but they are worthless 5 on 5. Korpedo is a younger version of Sjostrom and I’m sure Anismov could take Betts’ spot in the lineup and add alot more in 13 minutes than Betts does. Wish they would have kept Dominic Moore and traded Betts instead a few years ago.

  123. If they stop top lines from scoring the they are doing a lot. neutralize a scoring threat keeps scores down especially for a team that has trouble scoring.

  124. Greg wanna bet? Rangers win I’m gone for a month they Hawks win you and orr leave for a month. Deal?

  125. jjp, you play hockey, don’t you? Then you should know from pee wees that you don’t play the puck carrier, you play the other guy, leaving the goalie to take one guy, the shooter. Doesn’t matter if it’s Kane or Gordie Howe, you can’t make the goalie have to sweep across the crease to deal with a pass getting rhough to the second guy. Hockey 101.

  126. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Graves , AA can’t take Betts spot on the 4th line…thats where ya bury ya muckers and grinders…its like throwing Dubi on the 4th …AA will go on the 3rd …then 2nd …then to the first. Gomez and drury are paid in full so to speak , lets just use what we got and win that cup…anyone can do it …look at EDM a few years ..mind you they lost , but they made it…Thats when we get our $$ out of Drury.not untill the playoffs , sad to say…too bad Jagr admited it ..Drury almost did…

  127. Geeeze

    Dont some of you research before running your fingers along your keyboards

    Sjostrom -7, Orr -4, Betts +2

  128. Betts is a 2 Orr is -4 Sjo is -7. I didn’t say they are perfect they don’t score so they are gonna be lower. But they keep top lines from scoring as many goals as they would have. And Betts and Sjo are good on k. And you can’t put AA there becuase you want him to get prime minutes and experience. Its a different plan and different type of player.

  129. wd40

    Right. You have to take away the pass as an option. Mara didn’t.


    Girardi is having a terrible game in his own end.

  130. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Another night where the opposing team will have zero penalties.

    This officiating is a joke!

  131. I didn’t put AA on the 4th line just taking Betts’ lineup spot. AA with Zherdev and Dubi and Korpkoski centering the 4th line.

  132. I’d like to see Prucha on a line with Zherdev. I think he could be a good finisher for Zherdev…

  133. Girardi does something right and Barker should get an instigator. Oh yeah put Pruchs on the 5 on 3.

  134. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    GIRARDI!!!! SHOW THAT AS HOLE!!!! cant fu*king take a hit !!!

  135. Agreed, you can’t let the pass through but if I’m Mara and going to cheat, I’ll force BEager to make the play as opposed to letting Toews have the breakaway.

  136. is it just me or are the hawks getting away with murder here, everytime the rangers dump and chase their defensemen are holding them up someway

  137. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Alright , COLTON ORR time , soon to come. This is a reason to fight!! Girardi hits ’em and they take a stuiped penalty.

  138. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on


  139. COME THE F*UCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Get used to it because this is what is gonna happen Sunday,….. WEAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Renney’s response to this third call is so pathetic that it makes me want to puke. What a pussy milktoast

  141. I really don’t like these penalty calls. Is Crosby dressed as a Blackhawk tonight?

    I am watching the broadcast on Yahoo, so the problem might just be there, or it could be because it’s MSG2, but the on-ice sound seems to be ahead of the video while the broadcasting audio is behind. Very odd!

  142. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Ive never seen 4 , 2 man adv , in a row in my life..in any video game either.

  143. Doesn’t someone have to go in the box to serve Redden’s minor, and shouldn’t Redden be in the locker room for his misconduct? Is it time for Orr to play defense?! haha

  144. Alamo, graves9,Monica's stained dress, Osama bin laden's cab driver, Saddam huessein's executioner, bob,President Bush, President Clinton, and even Obama, bob 2.0, badseed, Nasty 1 and everyone else not named Beer on

    The hyena telling the refs to keep em coming.

  145. guess the refs have to make up for the fact that cindy might not play sunday with his knee injury…

  146. Best the Rangers have looked in two months

    getting screwed by sub-standard NHL officiating, Hank is on fire, the PK alomost makes u forget their PP (which scored!) and I notice a little hatred bubbling out of them

    about goddamn time

  147. This is the high-quality power play the likes of which I expect from the team that plays its home games at MSG!


    That’s amazing that Betts is a +2 this season, since he barely is on the ice for a goal, though it has been happening a bit more often this season. That means he is doing a great job and has probably only had about 5-8 goals scored against while he is on the ice.

    I don’t think Orr had a chance to get on the ice in the last half of that period; Sjostrom either, probably.

  148. This is the high-quality power play the likes of which I expect from the team that plays its home games at MSG!


    That’s amazing that Betts is a +2 this season, since he barely is on the ice for a goal, though it has been happening a bit more often this season. That means he is doing a great job and has probably only had about 5-8 goals scored against while he is on the ice.

    I don’t think Orr had a chance to get on the ice in the last half of that period; Sjostrom either, probably.

  149. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    If I were Chicago , I would take a look at my Powerplay , cuz it SUCKS!!!! Sure we are the best at the PK …It sure showed!! Just watch ..Rangers outplayed them again and having played them most of the game with 3 skaters now having all 5 they are screwed!!

  150. Kaspar

    Yep. agreed. Hope they have the same fire in their bellies for the 3rd. Khabbie hasnt had much work back there…

    Sucks I have him on my fantasy team LOL

  151. ever since they increased the refs to 2 its more infuriating than ever what they dont call vs what they call

    They should go back to one ref

    first of all they suck

    second of all they keep getting in the way of play or getting hurt

    How many zebras you need out there anyway

    stick whistles and armbands on the useless linesman

  152. NHL officiating is a joke. Nothing but retarded soft calls. This is just pathetic.

    i wont lie, even Barker’s penalty was pretty soft. Danny G pretty much dropped his gloves at the same time. You cant give a guy a penalty for getting in someone’s face without getting physical with them.

    The hooks, holds, slashes, or what ever the fugg is going on, all god damn soft. Buttman wont do a thing aboot it, the refs pretty much run the NHL. Im sure they can call chicks “Sloppy Seconds” and Buttman wont have one of his “Talks” with them.

    Anyway, Dru is having one hell of a game. If he could play like this in every game, then id be more forgiving, goals or no goals, he’s playing smart hockey and doing what is expected of him.

    If Nyr wins this, it would be a major steal. Hopefully they pull it off. And hopefully Danny G is good to go.

  153. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Spiderpig , with a name like that , who cares what a goof like you thinks, Passion my ‘boy ,,maybe 1 day , youll get some….HAHAHA go boysss , kick some MUTHA FU*KING AZZZZ

  154. ORR – It’s funny because I saw Girardi drop the gloves earlier than Barker. He must have known Barker was coming, and I believe the referee was right there and probably heard Barker challenge him, too. It’s a strange time to call an instigator when it seems like they never use it.

    LOL @ Joe thinking that they use Staal on the power play. What a tool!

  155. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I never thought about that …If that happens …sick ,short handed goal for Hawks?..id puke and come on here call half these goof names ….haha

  156. At least Staal is racking up some penalty minutes for my two keeper league fantasy teams. I wish they *would* start using him on the power play so he could actually be valuable in the current time, rather than waiting for the future.

  157. Orr, Spider Kaspar

    Girardi hit another player and Barker came in to fight Girardi so he got the 2 min instigator.

  158. I wonder if the Girardi injury (shitty way to get hurt) gives us a look at Sanguinetti on Sunday…..

  159. Zherdev should be double-shifted a lot this period. But the coach doesn’t believe in scary things like playing for the win, so….

  160. WD

    you took the words out of my mouth. Z should be double shifted….

    Other than the boo boo that lead to the 2 on 1. Kalinin has played a SOLID game.

  161. If you guys couldn’t see how that was an obvious instigator penalty on Barker, clearly you will never see an instigator penalty. it was totally ridiculous and totally unacceptable. Girardi’s hit on the dude was clean.

  162. i gotta be honest, for the last 2 weeks or so i’ve really liked kalinin’s game…

    he hasn’t made stupid mistakes, i believe he was -15 at one point and now he’s -9

    he’s definitely shown improvement…he moves the puck better now (shows more patience) and is playing better positionally

    *dodges rotten vegetables*

  163. I know why the instigator was called, but there’s so many times that it’s not called that this was a strange one, especially with Girardi dropping his gloves first. Remember the Orr hit on Cullen last season when no instigator was called against Commodore? That was even more obvious.

  164. Rob

    LOL well you wont be dodging any from me. I complete agree with you. And he is +1 on the night to boot ;) so -8

  165. what the hell is going on? where was that penalty???

    they called the hawks for touching with a high stick…now it’s a penalty??

  166. this is the worst offciating I have seen this season…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?

    F*CKING 4 MIN!?!?!?!?

  167. Kalinin’s last ten games (not including this one) going back to December 20 @ San Jose: one goal, two assists, +7, 4 PIM, 11 shots

    Haha, Sam: Zherdev made the play at the line after Kalinin’s outlet pass!

  168. Unbelievable calls tonight, I can see why Rozsival is pissed – getting called with a high stick right after he got tagged in the face with one. Sam and Joe watched that replay 5 times and missed it.

  169. our announcers aren’t stupid…joe is telling it like it is

    sure they don’t get every single little thing, but they’re also not watching the replays in front of a 42 inch hdtv

  170. Looks like the hawks are the fuckin penguins of the western conference..weak reffs very very very goddamn weak

  171. That Callahan penalty was pretty stupid on his part though, anytime you break a guys stick… it’s a slash. It’s even more automatic than having your stick horizontally and getting a hooking penalty.

  172. Pathetic Renny, not blowing his cool until the FIFTH 5-on-3. And look what happens, Campbell gets a horrible call against him. Maybe because the ref finally got shown up by Casper Milktoast?

  173. i missed most the game from sleeping but how the hell the hawks get that many 5-3s? are the rangers just gettin outworked or the refs? lol i think i know

  174. boxcareddiehospodar on

    our announcers are stupid.
    how can rosen say it is a parade to the penalty boxes for both teams?
    Minus the fight and misconduct and the rangers were shorthanded for 22 minutes over 1/3 of the game.
    sam should shut up. he tries to be impartial but he is an A$$.

  175. this is a f—-disgrace to the nhl…..renney better go nuts at the end of this game- take a fine a one game suspension i dont care this is a joke-colin campbell call a timeout and talk it over with these zebras….

  176. That stat they flashed about Mara playing 25 minutes just reaffirms my thinking that we got the same player people thought Orpik was for half the cost.

  177. it would have been some shit if kalinin ended up scoring the winning goal on his own team after my earlier compliments regarding his play

  178. BillyDeeWilliams on

    This game is a joke. I can’t even put into words the way i feel. Bad calls both ways, but much worse for the rangers. So sad.

  179. I thought we were not playing Crosby until Sunday. Why do I even bother getting worked up when nothing will happen to the refs.

  180. Sam – I want to know where we can mail or e-mail complaints to Bettman or whoever about the officials in this game.

  181. JJp – agree about Mara and Orpik. He and Staal are our 2 best this year.

    And yes eric, I agree that the refs must have lots of money on this one.

  182. much worse for the rangers….the hawks had five 5 on 3s….LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL renney show some fu==passion when this game is over-throw some sticks on the ice i dont care-this is embarrassin for the nhl=the rangers played one hell of a game-it will be a same if the refs (not the rangers discipline) take away 2 pts from them….larry brooks i dont want to hear about the discipline tomorrow-take a few shots at colin campbell im so f–heated right now……

  183. yeah no sh—ref u lil fu–ass—u owe us about 15 more goals…give us a 5-3 after a love tap on the faceouff

  184. sorry i lost my mind….4-4 in ot 4-3 goalllllll wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo renney i dont care you better blasts these f=== guys

  185. boxcareddiehospodar on

    HA HA HA

    must have killed the refs to call that last penalty

    Sam Rosen please shut up

  186. sorry the link doesnt work:

    1185 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Fl.
    New York, NY 10020 (Map)
    Phone: 212-789-2000
    Fax: 212-789-2020

  187. 7 out of 8 points so far on the road, just getting the job done. Keep tacking on those points, and the Rangers didn’t even need the shootout.

  188. Amazing game/win. Hank was unreal, good to see Drury live up to his role. I just hope Renny makes his point in the postgame. Refs who respect and fear coaches would never call a game like the one they just called on our coach. And he has to change that perception NOW, before the playoffs.

  189. Leetch is the man on

    I have beenn watching hockey since 1991 and that was the wosrt fukin fukin fukin fukin piece of shit pussy officiating i have ever fukin seen. I would like to collect the teeth of every ref and where them as a necklace. ok now im done. great win they fought through a huge challenge and came up on top. Staal again is just rock of a defenseman. we needed these points. fuk the refs they suk dik.

  190. Whoever said for Renney take a fine for this game is absolutely right. He should RIP them to the media, to Bettman to whomever. He can afford it.

    And why the F arent they broadcasting the post game. Annoying bitch with her tire lips…

  191. seriously this is a joke no f–post game, no tantrum thrown by renney im going to f—run outside and scream im so f–heated right now

  192. that was horrific officiating. The phantom double minor on Rosie?? wtf…

    very satisfying win….at least I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  193. I’m watching post game and am a little disappointed in Drury not ripping the refs. He gave it the old “well it’s a fast paced game and there’s a lot going on out there”

  194. All Hail King Henrik on

    What a fucking joke. That’s the worst officiating I’ve every seen in ANY SPORT, EVER. Period. The NHL is a joke for allowing these refs to call a game. F__k them. I hope both of these refs fly home early tomorrow and find their wives banging out some other guy.

    What a complete mockery.

    If I was Renney, I’d tell EVERY SINGLE PLAYER to make harsh comments in the postgame about that officiating.

    After about the 3rd 5 on 3 in the 2nd period, Renney should’ve thrown the entire rack of sticks on the ice and everything else he could find.

  195. Redden interview, same thing. He let the refs off the hook.
    For some reason I don’t think Renney will let the refs off the hook. He needs to do some serious ripping.

  196. # 12 Igor Diamonte LW on

    Seems that the team responded when renney had his hissy fit, see what a little emotion does Tom.
    Renney is awful , every time the rangers where in the hawks O zone there were 1 even 2 players on the ranger with the puck, not the rangers.
    Hawks out hit and out muscled the rangers, #33 charges Staal into the boards 0 payback to 33,not to be dsaid for the hawks , geradi got his ass whipped . Ranger young D better learn to mean and nasty payback is a bitch.
    refs were bamboozled by #33 crying about rozivals high stick , the refs bought his act and gave rozy 4 minutes.
    Refs really suck ,they must be watching the nfl zebra’s.

  197. All Hail King Henrik on

    Perseverance. Determination.

    Tonights game was just that. Give the boys a hand for this win; the refs tried every way possible to GIVE the game to Chicago. I’m incredulous to the fact that they won this game. I do not know how the overcame that officiating.

    Here’s another one–Irony. The fact they won this game on the PP is poetic justice at its best.

    This was the BEST win of the season. Overcoming the IMPOSSIBLE on the road against the 3rd best team in the NHL.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I almost wish they would’ve lost this game, because then the players and coaches would really be going at these officials. Them winning only masks the abominable, vile exibition that was the officiating.

    I’ll take the win, though…a BIG F__C YOU to the refs for pressing through their bullshit.


  198. Best “team” game all year

    they really had to dig in against these Blackh….err Referees

    what a disgrace…you think the NFL would allow their zebras to ruin a big game like this?? They’s be reviewed and disciplined…. Thats why the NHL is below Nascar respectability…I thought I was watching old Bay Area Bombers vs NY chiefs Rollerderby match

  199. Ot was very entertaining if the refs had let them play instead of all the bogus penalties it would have been a freeflowing game and much more entertaing. That said this was was a tremendous character building game. The Rangers had to kill off an obscene amount of bogus penalties. The Rangers had no passengers tonight. Everyone played their hearts out. You had a guy like Kalinin of all people being a huge star in a win. The guy was all over the place making smart subtle plays on the pk. The Rangers somehow killed five 5 on 3’s how you can be called for that many penalties let alone kill them is rather remarkable. The team was resolute in their ways and strong on the puck and out worked and out battled the Hawks while on the pk. The Rangers dmen were fantastic besides for Girardi who got hurt after a fight(he struggled in his own end until that moment) Betts. Staal , Kalinin,Drury among others blocked shooting and passing lanes all game and when they weren’t making key plays Hank was flatout terrific making big save after big save. Gomez and Drury showed some leadership by steadying the ship that was tilted over by the refs who were as bush league as can get. Dubinsky played his best and most forceful game since October. He was flying up the ice he played with a chip on his shoulder. He drove to the net and couldn’t be stopped and drew the pp that won the game. Drury was great along around pk, pp face-offs everything. Callahan was very solid as well so was Naslund who showed more jump. Korpikoski when given open ice created some good stuff. I like Mara’s game as he was pretty nasty all game long. The D picked it up even more when Girardi went out and Staal got ten minute penalty. They had 3 dmen available at one point on the pp and still didn’t give anything up. This is surely one to build on tonight. The refs can’t possibly be worse on Sunday than they were today right? Ahh it’s on nbc forget it.

  200. At least some of the postgame showed up on the Yahoo feed. It was cut off before Redden’s interview, and I couldn’t find it on TWC in NYC either; sounds like it left there.

  201. All Hail & Kaspar

    Yes you are right. But I have a feeling LB, Sam, Zip and the AP wont let this go. I do hope though for the teams sake tomorrow there is a well placed call to the NHL HQ. Because they are going to be against the refs on Sunday too….

    This was just blatantly obvious the refs wanted to hand the game to Chicago.

    Best team game. Everyone played well, including Redden and Kalinin. They really stepped it up and played big when our “Better Dmen” were either in the box or injured. Roszi was great tonight….

  202. Wait for the hockeynews or ESPN to post the final score and story ( recap) then post a comment about this Sh** officiating

  203. guess what -now we get to deal with cindy on nbc sunday at 1230 after he sits out with a minor injury—-good thing we got some practice killing off 5 on 3s….how many calls does cindy get on sunday

  204. …also my BlueJackets got screwed against Devils tonite…net got knocked off and then a goal is scored..and it counts!!! replay shows it clearly they dont overule it and the goddamn Devils win 2-1

  205. Boy Brian Campbell looked pretty bad running the Hawks he fumbled the puck all night long much like Redden usually does.

  206. Mako
    I emailed them thanks…wait till they hear I’m mad…that’ll change things!! LOL

    Rob F
    NHL office, NHL store and a cookie shop

  207. i work 8 blocks from the nhl office there…i’m on 39th st…i should walk over there and knock on the door

  208. From Andrew Gross

    Defenseman Dan Girardi, soaking one of the fingers on his left hand in a cup of ice, said he was OK despite suffering what the Rangers termed an upper-body injury Friday night against the Blackhawks. Girardi said he expects to participate in Saturday’s 2 p.m. practice at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh and play the following day against the Penguins.


  209. reginald dunlop on

    hasenfratz is a horror show……..always……..it was him in the playoffs vs. Pens last year too……how does this guy stay in the NHL????????

  210. Gary Green on the NHL Network commenting how the Rangers lacked discipline leading to shorthanded situations…..

    Oh yeah, it’s the NHL Network, no referee issues here…

  211. Thanks for the link Kaspar. I just posted too. GUYS – show your disgust, post on the hockey news link Kaspar provided!!!

  212. There were a few horrible penalties the Rangers took..

    Bett’s slash at the Blackhawk’s blueline
    Staal’s retailitory slash

    Then both of Cally’s ill timed penalties which were legit..The slash was a bit stupid though

    Rozy’s 4 minutes was actually Prucha’s high stick..They waited for first whistle after the play as one of the linesman caught it and was missed by the refs..Why they decided they would take one of 5 defensemen instead of who actually committed the offense is beyond me..As was Staal’s first penalty, rozi’s hook at the end was WEAK, Redden’s interference was VERY WEAK

    Horribly officiated game..Too bad we didn’t get a phantom call(was one of like 3 good calls in the game) on the last Chicago penalty and score on the ensuing power play..That would have gotten some chicago fans rilied up

  213. What a win. They showed a lot of heart, and massive passion for once. Drury was amazing, honestly i fuggin shit on him today badly, and he played his best game of the season in my opinion. I wish he can play like that every game, THAT is how a Captain should play. Breaking the stick over his leg after that Cally high stick, he showed the most passion for a hockey game since that Magnitagorsk team, or what ever the fugg they’re called.

    Also nice to see the “coach” get fired up, but he should have done that a whole hell of a lot sooner.

    That game was pathetic, the officials should be ashamed of themselves, total classlessness. Honestly, i have no god damn clue what Rozi was called for. That 4 minute penalty, obviously must have been a double minor for high sticking, but i never saw it, but i saw him get clipped that same shift.

    I don’t know how they pulled out the win, but they did. And for them to have a win like this, kinda shows you there’s hope for them yet. It’s an ugly team, but if they play like that, minus the penalties, who knows what can happen.

    I think all Ranger fans should chip in $5.00 and buy Mr. Redden’s Ranger tickets, or at least bribe him to go to every game, cause Redden played a lot better with him there.

    Also good to see Danny G is alright. He didn’t have that great of a game, but that nice hit was enough for me to forgive him.

  214. Drury and Mara were absolutely perfect and strong like rocks.
    Kalinin played his best game as a Ranger.

    Guantanamo prison shoul not be closed. Instead it should host these two shameless jerks, who for some reason call themselves NHL referies.

  215. DTAILD

    No fuggin way !! That happened aboot a minute or over after they blew the whistle. There’s no way that can be true. If you’re right, then those refs need to get punished. You cant miss a penalty and call it a minute later while the games been going on, and both teams had possession of the fuggin puck.

    This league is sad. Bring up the AHL refs, im sure they’ll do better.

  216. LI Joe, its pretty funny you and I may be the last posters for the night. Its funny given our fondness for each other’s posts.

    So, Drury was amazing. Nothing can be said against him. Provided the defense and the offense. Played the role as captain and role model. Got angry at the refs. Showed some passion. And he was responsible with and without the puck. Best game of the season and he would turn me for him pretty fast if he can string a couple more like that together. Rangers put a solid team effort together. Worked hard, can’t ask for more than that…and they got the win. Now I’m not going to let that ruin my christmas, or whatever the next holiday is!!

  217. Orr, it bothers everyone when you make comments about stuff you don’t understand. The linesmen can advise the officials about penalties (often egregious) during stoppages if the main refs didn’t see them. Obviously it doesn’t happen often and obviously in a game with that many penalties (and even high sticks that were let go) it could have been let go too. But it is in the rule book you botchy-galoop.

  218. BillyDeeWilliams on

    “We played five skaters and two referees,” said goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who made 32 saves and stopped eight of nine shots with the Blackhawks two men up. “It was unbelievable, there were so many calls. I don’t know where they came from. I’m almost not enjoying the win right now, I’m so annoyed at the calls. I can’t believe we killed that many five-on-threes.”

    at least someone said it. wish all of the postgame was aired, but it wasn’t to be.

    posting at 6 am is wonderful

  219. Orr,

    I couldn’t believe it either..This came from someone on another forum who caught the Blackhawks feed and they cited that rule…The part that is truely horseisht about it is they couldn’t even get it right after(Rozi for Prucha with Girardi already out for the game) the linesman goes through the effort of calling it after the play and that ends up screwing us over further..

    I loved the special teams work`and Lundqvist tearing it up in goal..But the defense was just amazing..Everyone had a great game, and they had crazy good conditioning playing an extended period of time with only 4 D..

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