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Both Zipay and Obernauer are busy promoting their own live chats, which I certainly won’t discourage you from checking out.

But remember, mine tomorrow will have the added allure of video. If that sounds too good to be true, I should remind you that the person on the video will be me. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

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  1. MikeA the Flyers and Devs were good teams that went deep in the playoffs usually and they still drafted better than the Rangers. Sather wasted draft picks on Jessiman and Montoya over what turned out to be superstars.

  2. That rule of “one player per draft” is what scouts have said, in my mind it should be three.

    The Rangers didn’t start drafting better until 04. I’m not saying it’s great, but it’s gotten much better. We have 8 players on this roster that are homegrown, which is an improvement. Let’s get up to 14-15 in two years.

  3. Alex Ovechkin is absolute MONSTER! I’m watching Caps vs. Shitsburgh game on Center Ice and AO just nailed pretty girl Cindy hard into the boards!! He is outplaying Cindy and Malkin in every category… Players like Alex should be leading NHL into the future…not some spoiled brats and little whiners…

  4. great game… very fast hockey… physical and attack after attack! unfortunately we have to settle for mediocre squad incompetent coaching staff and soccer scores of 2:1…

  5. Bob Errey is a freaking joke he’s screaming about Semin diving but not a peep ever about Crosbitch. I recall weeks ago when that scumbag got on Orr for diving lol. Oh yeah he also got on Ovie for showboating but not a word on Crosbitches whining. The Pens broadcast team might surpass the Yankees broadcast team as the worst.

  6. looks like shanny signed for $ 800 k on full season basis or approx $ 400 k cap hit to devils. funny that due to oversized contract he signed last yr with us including deferable bonus, our cap hit related to shanny of approx $ 750 k is higher than the devs cap hit for him – and he never played 1 second for us this season

  7. I hope Shanny pulls a groin on his first shift and tries to compensate for the rest of the season causing his point production to drop and thus not help the Devils at all.

    Though knowing him, he’ll get a Hat Trick in his first game just to snub the Rangers for not resigning him.

  8. Eh who cares about Shanny. Don’t get em wrong, loved him while he was here, but he’s old and all he’d be doing is taking Prucha and Dawes’s ice time. He’ll score a couple of goals here and there, but is it really worth it? If he plays with Holik/Rupp/Zubrus that might be the slowest line in the NHL.

  9. i guess we’ll have to wait and see if we are missing anything in Shanny… Rolston and Shany on blue line on PP together? kinda makes u think, no?

  10. SHAWN

    That shit always seems to happen. I hope not though.

    He has a lot to prove, and that fuggin worries me. He’ll do alright there, but i hope its nothing more.

    Im sure Clarkson is creaming his jock just thinking aboot playing with his idol

  11. Sjustrom will not be on the team next year.. he makes good money for what he does…

    Kalinan and Mara will not be back also…

    that is $5 mill right there, between those 3 guys….

  12. Fritsche at $875 K will be gone also..

    Maybe Vally at $900 k or so but maybe not….

    Prucha gets $1.6 so he is very questionable for being back next year.

  13. if renney is back next season …Pruha is a goner… I wouldnt get rid of vally and mara… they bring a lot to the team practically for peanuts… Sjo and Frische Kilinin… Orr? we can say good bye to with ease… no big deal there…

  14. remember any player coming off roster needs to be repalced by at least an entry level salary or we would have an 18 man roster. max roster is 23 they might be able to get away with a 22 man roster but that’s about it. and other than this yr and this team, usually teams have injuries. and when that ahppens unless its a really long injury bith the injured player and their replacement have to be counted vs the cap. so taking off a guy making $ 800 k may save $ 200 k but not the full amt of their salary

  15. Jersey Goalie January 15th, 2009 at 1:08 am

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Sam. You stud. Drools


    Sam got himself secret admirer… I hope it isn’t Kevin Weeks :)

  16. More importantly, you actually know hockey and have played the sport in your life so I’d prefer to attend your life chat. Zipay’s knowledge comes from reading “hockey for dummies.”

  17. MikeA – Re your post from yesterday about other teams “bottoming out” opposed to the NYR finishing 9th/10th.

    It really does carry SOME weight. I had this discussion with my bro a few days ago. While we were missing the playoffs by 2,3,4 pts, there were teams completely tanking. It’s a heck of a lot easier to find talent in the top 3 picks instead of 10+. I DO think it had an impact, but we still blew every decent pick we had. Up until a few years ago. Thank you Cam Hope.

  18. cccp – first, blow me. second, I went back and watched the pregame(dvr’d) and it was infact captain money bags.

  19. I’m frightened today boys ( and girls)

    I saw two real hockey teams play last night;

    One was from Washingtona and one was from Chicago….

  20. Disagree about getting rid of Orr and Mara.

    Orr is the heavyweight champ and can put the fear of god into about any enforcer. Mara is one of the top D-men.

  21. Bob Gainey just gave the Montreol press its state of the union..mid-term report/address the other day…this on top of almost bi- weekly talk show call ins and media events coinciding with their 100 yr anniversary…


    When will Sather grant you an audience?

    what can you do to “make him’?

    someone on this blog had a real crazy idea last week; dont remember who it was but he asked if the press could boycott the Rangers ( not that they’re ever on a back page anyway-I mean Dereck Lowe signs with the Braves and the ranger-Islander game is buried near harness racing results)

    Boycott them! Thats the idea…tell your friend Larry “mud-churner” brooks too

  22. CCCP and kaspar, i totally agree on Washington and how they play at a pace and with a hunger that the Rangers under Renny can’t even imagine. It is not just their talent but the mindset —- a coach that plays to crush and not to “feel out” the opponent. What a concept.

  23. Beer Me! January 15th, 2009 at 8:39 am
    cccp – first, blow me. second, I went back and watched the pregame(dvr’d) and it was infact captain money bags.


    WHAT? Beer Me! First, YOU’RE SLOW! Second, F… YOU! Wtf was that all about anyway?

  24. Mara and Orr will def be resigned. Vally should be resigned, but with salary cap troubles Wiikman might replace him because his salary is 550k where Vslly’s is around 750-800k … every little bit is gonna have to count

    Mara has been one of our best D-men this year and took a paycut to stay here, i think he will be back

    I really think Prucha will be traded before the deadline to make room for a top 6 winger

  25. yea Vally too, somerset. I can’t believe these knuckleheads want Mara and Orr gone. Do they watch the Rangers play or just play fantasy hockey?

    Vally is arguably the best backup in the league. If Henrik goes down, it will be because of him I will still have faith in this team.

  26. temper temper….

    Sam’s live chat is gonna be a live brawl…

    Agree about Devils GM Elmer Fudd being best GM in NY/NJ-any sport…they let stars walk early..we sign stars too late, they find defenseman playing in Roller hockey leagues…we sign mediocre NHLers to life-time contracts

    Beer me! and Mike A
    heard interesting interview with Caps Owner ( Leonis??) regarding exactly what you were talking about..The caps had been to playoffs something like 13 of previous 15 years..alwyas drafting mid-table…they “let team bottom out” even announcing their plans publicly so that thier fans knew their was a plan in place

  27. Looks like Shanny is officially signed and will be playing for the Devils against Carolina on Friday night. That is according to

    P.S. Don’t eat the Angry Whopper from BK, because it will make your leather cherio angry because of the angry whopper you will take.

  28. “leather cherio”


    cccp – go back and look at your smart ass response from yesterday and you’ll see why. go F YOURself doosh.

  29. kaspar – I’m sure if you researched enough, it’d be more commonplace than thought. Especially in a ‘snake’ draft, your constantly drafting in the middle of each round.

  30. Washington has made some good draft picks in the last ten years but really they couldn’t have lost – in the 2004 draft Ovechkin and Malkin went #1, #2 and were without doubt before the draft the top two players going that year.

    Worst case scenario they would have Malkin now, another potential MVP on their roster.

  31. howyagonnatellme on

    somerset-“I really think Prucha will be traded before the deadline to make room for a top 6 winger.”

    Very unforunately, this doesn’t solve anything. We are right up at the cap, and have to sign half of our wingers and a couple d-men to new contracts. Even if we can get a top 6 winger for the 1.6 cap hit Prucha gives us, that onl leaves, what 3.5 mill left under the cap? We need to sign Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Mara, Zherdev, Valley, Orr, Prucha (not likely, but at least a replacement). It’s absoultely scary.

    Sather needs to unload a Gomez/Drury/Redden/Rozsival contract in the worst way. Packing them with Prucha will give us even more room. Maybe a Bluejackets or a Coyotes, desparate to make a push for the playoffs, will take on a Gomez and a Prucha to get a couple more goals home?

    IDK. I’m very concerned about this offseason and what the Rangers will… and won’t… be able to do.

  32. Interestingly enough – Ovie & Malkin cant stand each other and dont want to play with each other in the Olympics.

  33. Howya

    Yep. I worry about the same thing. Even though Kalinin is playing a bit better – Still I would trade him now (if they can) and resign Dubinsky while his value is low. Unload Drury in the offseason. I would give Redden one more year. Drury has had 2 1/2 seasons here. But this is me. Not what is actually going to happen.


    100% agreed horrible cap management….

  34. mako – drury has a full no trade. he has been here 1 1/2 seasons not 2 1/2. he has 3 1/2 yrs here left

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