No news is good news…(Updated)


…unless you’re Aaron Voros or Dan Fritsche. Both players are again scratches, as expected.

Markus Naslund’s groin is fine.

Beyond that, not a lot of hard news to report. The Rangers are obviously leery of taking the Islanders lightly, which is easy to do against the team with the worst record in the league.

As for an explanation for their better defensive play over the weekend, Tom Renney cited something you might not have considered: shift lengths. The coach said the team has been better at keeping shifts shorts, which enables players to maintain a higher pace.

Rick DiPietro is again out for the Islanders.

The AP’s Ira Podell and I are both about to lose our minds after hearing a Harlem Globetrotters promo for the 87th time in the last hour…

More in a bit…

Update, 7:40 p.m.: And to think, it had actually been a pretty good start for the Rangers. They outshot the Islanders by a 6-1 margin early, but that quickly turned. By the end of the period, they seemed overwhelmed by the opposing forecheck, and were lucky to get out of that period down only 1-0.

Update, 8:40 p.m.: Bring back Mike Dunham! It’s not my place to wish injuries upon anyone. But maybe Yann Danis could just have a blister on his foot, forcing Dunham out of retirement and into the net for the third period. OK, probably not going to happen. But one can dream.

Update, 10:30 p.m.: So this is how the Rangers say they need to play. Not the scrambling, overwhelmed style at the end of the first period. But the patient, prudent style that marked most of the rest of the way. Hey, no yawning allowed.

“Just look at our last couple of years: we don’t score a lot of goals,” said Nigel Dawes, who scored the game-winner on the power play at 14:27 of the second period. “There have times this season when we’ve scored a lot of goals, but those are the games when we’ve also given up a lot of goals. So I think our team is really content in winning 2-1 instead of 5-4 or 6-4.”

More tomorrow…

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  1. LOL!

    hopefully there’s some fire – though the ranger’s goal is to play without excitement!

    Are they incapable of winning with exciting hockey?
    Or is Renny just incapable of coaching exciting hockey to win?

  2. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yo septemus , i like your passion but please refrain from the term “rags” makes my skin crawl.

  3. Phalanx (Chris in MA) on

    “Or is Renny just incapable of coaching exciting hockey to win?”

    ding ding ding!! weeeeee haaaaveeee a winnArrrrr!!

  4. Nas had groin problems in the past as he was on my fantasy hockey team last season; he should rest now if it’s gonna be problematic and then they can find a way to get Anisimov a peak (wishful thinking).

  5. “Markus Naslund’s groin is fine.”

    Sam – Is that first HAND knowledge?

    …exciting hockey to win…

    You will never ever be satisfied with your team if that’s the most important thing to you.

    (yes, real Beer Me!, just had some free time after work for a change)

  6. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Leeeets GO RANGERS LETS GOOOOO !!!1 hour and 15 min till the Islanders get clobbered!! Who cares if the Fishsticks tank this game and are going for Taverses.

    Even if they end up last they still have to win the lottery for the number 1 pick. Sure there chances are better but come on this is the Islanders here …bad GM , managenment …coaching ..they could n’t land Taverese even if they tried. They ended up with the wrong LINDROS and he only lasted a season or two.

  7. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Proud franchise that ‘ol Islander team .Sitting in last place and going for the lottery like some pathetic bum beggin for food.

    I say the chant POTVIN SUCKs isn’t that bad at all . It may be old and seems odd but hell , The Islanders are a bunch of Minor Leaguers. Sure Weight and Gurin (whatever) are still not too bad but come on…talk about a bunch of old school player playing in the NEW league.

    Any time your washed up back up goal gets caned , you hire him as your General Manager!!!??? Plain stuiped. Hey Vally , after we dump your ass in a year or 2 , wanna have Glens Job?? sad to say Vally may probally be better?

  8. Scotty 2 Hotty on

    we seriously need a new poll question. maybe “What do you think the Rangers will do at the trade deadline?” with the answers A. Nothing B. Find Scoring Winger C. Hard Hitting D-man D. Both B and C E. Go On Another Firesale

    just a suggestion

  9. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    I pick ” C ” Scotty !!!! Last Place Islanders SUCK!!! Pathetic franchise . Goo Rangers!!!

  10. Maybe the Islanders will trade Tavares like they did with Luongo & other players they drafted. Losers. Now they are stuck with DEEPEE and his hips for another 13 years…

  11. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Thats right (Mako) good point . A year or 2 in that crap house and Taverse will want out. If I was an Islander fan I’d be embarrassed and ashamed that my teams in last . Pure losers.

  12. Repost:January 13th, 2009 at 6:07 pm
    Sore & True
    January 13th, 2009 at 4:26 pm
    Re: Sjostrom

    that’s why I’d like to see him get 8-10 games with Dubi and Z. Drop Korpi down to the 4th line, like they did for 2 games last month.

    Let’s see if it looks like sjostrom could play 3rd line wing, AND PK

    He got 5-6 games with them and he added nothing. He is a 4th liner with nice speed and no hands.

    January 13th, 2009 at 6:09 pm
    Salty is a fine poster and a cool guy get off his back because he doesn’t think this teams is the bees knees. They have been medicore as it gets since the 10-2.

    January 13th, 2009 at 6:10 pm

  13. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.
    January 13th, 2009 at 6:04 pm
    I pick ” C ” Scotty !!!! Last Place Islanders SUCK!!! Pathetic franchise . Goo Rangers!!!

    Calm the frick down would ya? Geez put the crackpipe down please.

  14. Greg L how does it feel to be too much of a pink grease slit to follow up with your big bet? I thought you wanted to bet the Rangers win 6-0 with your big child mouth… I guess we’re seeing what you really think about your beloved rags now huh?? Classic.

  15. From Graves9:

    Sore & True
    January 13th, 2009 at 4:26 pm
    Re: Sjostrom

    that’s why I’d like to see him get 8-10 games with Dubi and Z. Drop Korpi down to the 4th line, like they did for 2 games last month.

    Let’s see if it looks like sjostrom could play 3rd line wing, AND PK

    He got 5-6 games with them and he added nothing. He is a 4th liner with nice speed and no hands.

  16. Hey Graves,

    Are you sure he got that many games? I was thinking it was two.

    anybody else remember what I do? or am I off and graves9 is right?

  17. hey greg guerin and weight n the rest of the so called minor leaguers on that team scored 4 on us last game and the game before beat us with 2 shorties, so dont get all high on the rangers winning because we have been winning at 50 % the last month or 2

  18. that said, i hope ur right n we do win big, but mr. royale with cheese mac-D has played good against us besides that last one

  19. as winston wolf said- “lets not start suckin each others dicks just yet”. i forgot u posted that few weeks back but that was funny. thats gota be the coolest movie ever

  20. greg – we don’t want the isles to be last. they would have a 50 chance of 1st pick and guaranteed 2nd pick. between tavares and the swede dman both are studs and well above the 3rd guy. we need that team to win a few, preferably after tonight

  21. Of course the Rangers’ defense has improved. They change lines every 15 seconds. Dump the puck in and run away to change. One man attacking, nobody ever in front for rebounds because they are hanging out at the red line waiting for the other team’s rush.

  22. so which great goalie will joey macdonald be tonight? Brodeur, Fuhr, Hasek…with guys like drury and dawes shooting the sky is the limit…..

    im now on the ‘ditch’ drury was ur christmas, chris?

  23. alamo – you’ve been reading dubi of BB too much. what is wrong with enjoying christmas. i went to the debacle vs wash too, saw us blow a 4-0 lead and did not let it ruin my christmas either. it is one of the biggest holidays of the yeat if not the biggest. the giy has a wife and children.

    sheesh. by the way he has a no movement clause so get used to him for next 3 1/2 yrs


    LI Joe,

    I was at the Washington game too….and after shorting the bejesus out of the market for three months prior I didnt let it ruin my christmas either; HOWEVER, a paid athlete’s response to the media should not be so …uh….flippant.

    Graves9 my man! how was the show?



    The christmas comment didnt bother me so much as his short choppy strides…lol


    The Rangers are trying to reach wilt chamberlain’s one game total high in points but in shots on net.

  27. he was trying to put it in perspective so his teammates would realize they’ve done some good things too with points totals etc – forgetting about fact that a lot of points were in the shootout

  28. every time one of our Dman looks like he is hurt (preferably Drek-den) i get an unintentional smile on my face thinking about Bobby S :)

  29. Alamo it was okay it was 1000 times better than Spamalot. I heard Bernie Madofff and Dubi agree on plenty.

  30. There’s a shocker. After the Dreary penalty this team has been holed up in it’s own end.

  31. great start….
    this game can be 20-0 already if it wasnt for hank

    great face off by betts too, renny’s still hard right now regardless of the goal because his 4th line got a big face off

  32. alamo – well you evidently. because since then dubi from bb has been on that same mission about the christmas comment. maybe it’s becuase i’m catholic that makes me sensitive to the “can’t enjoy christmas mindset” even though we did choke away a game.

    seriously. why do you put the 4th line on at the end of the period? they aren’t defensive or offensive…they just kill time. BETTS SUCKS!

  34. Another all too frequent play-down-to-the-level-of-the-opposition opening period for this team and this coaching staff. Ugh.

  35. thats a good one Alex, what game are you watching???

    Hanks the only reason this game isnt 20-0


    LI Joe,

    Im catholic too….i forgive drury….but Dawes I disliked way b4 christmas…

    graves9…ROFL about madoff!

  37. Effin dreadful. The first 5 min were great. I really loved Redden on that Isles goal. He stood his position, rotated and didnt move an inch. Sloppy coverage….

    Oh Noooooo!! Did they abandon the “system??”

  38. hey greg how bout them rangers. the freakin crappiest team with a backup to the backup has been sippin umbrella drinks while we get raped. yea- u already owe me because they already scored 1.

  39. oh god please fire this coaching staff

    we had good defense and nothing needs to change- pern


  40. Pearn” we dont have to do anything different” ????????? IS THIS GUY WATCHING THE GAME What a F***** MORON

  41. The shots were 19-8!!! good God! Stop blaming hank! Yes, he’d probably like it back but what about the other 18 he saved! The team’s not helping anyone!!!!

    Renney better blast this piece of shit squad!

  42. Agreed Ford.
    Just getting comfortable with this team so they can establish the 2-1 type game Renny loves.

    They should beat this team of nobodys 5-0

  43. This defense is so freaking soft. The Isles forwards were all over and on top Lundqvist the last 12 minutes. Jackman was running roughshod over everyone while Orr was working on his 2 on 1’s. Dreary has had some awful periods as a Ranger and this was among his worst. Streit runs the pp as well as anyone in the league. The 4th line was dreadful hell the botched 2 on 1 might have been their finest moment. Gomez did look pretty good and Hank was very very good.

  44. Words cant explain how pathetic this team is.

    Amazing coaching by Renney, putting the 4th line against the Islandorks best line. Great job you fuggin shit head.

    Is Nyr the only team that get bitched by the worst team in the league, AFTER they lose their shitty backup / starter ? This is crazy.

    I cant take this shit, its sad, and embarrassing. Renney is such a great coach, he puts Orr on the ice when against Guerin, Okpiggo, and Blake Homo, instead of putting him on when Jackoff is on the ice. The guy threw big hits at Rozi, and Staal and Renney didn’t do a god damn thing aboot it. Fuggin pussy.

    They better get their god damn shit together in the 2nd. Im sure that pillow biter Renney is telling them everything will be alright, when he should be telling them that they all suck, and they’re pathetic, and if they don’t wanna play hockey then leave the god damn Arena and go the fugg home. Idiots !!

  45. Kurt
    January 13th, 2009 at 7:45 pm
    Pearn” we dont have to do anything different” ????????? IS THIS GUY WATCHING THE GAME What a F***** MORON

    What do you expect? This is the fool that runs the pp about as well as Jimmy Carter once ran this country.

  46. hank has been good. the d. horrible. theyre back in form. if danis gets the win over hank, im gonna flip. this team needs to get some shots on this guy. how bad can the rangers suck?????????????? drury better score tonight and earn his couple hundred thousand bucks that hes getting to play

  47. Yep, against a team as potent as the Isles both on the ice and in the standings, the ony way to beat em is to feel em out for the first period, weather the storm, then try to worm yourself into a nail-biter and hopefully take the shoot-out.

    i love the sweater and the logo so much, but this bunch and their smarmy coach are awfully hard to like.

  48. Great one Graves Maybe we can dig up Ronny Reagan to run the power play,it couldnt be any worse

  49. The only thing i noticed aboot Drury in that period is the stupid penalty he took, whic was on a great shift where Dawes, and Danny G threw big hits. What a moron, what did he do after that ? God damn nothing. I hope he gets dumped, even though i know its not possible. Go back to Buffalo !!

    I loved the 2 on 1 with Freddy Shoes, and Orr. At least Ranger games can have some comedy.

  50. orr- i hear ya man. i dont know why renny has to put the worst line combos out there. i used to like him but now i cant wait till he gets fired

  51. Tom Clueless has this team so lost that they cant even muster the killer instinct against the fishsticks. Pathetic if this goes to a shootout I`m gonna find out where Renny lives and put a bag of flamin shit on his doorstep

  52. Does Micheletti know that Girardi plays for the Rangers, that senile old coot keeps referencing him as an Fishstick

  53. orr- dallas 4th line scored 2 nice goals last night to beat detroit, while our 4th doesnt even get a shot on a 2-1 but is on ice for a goal against. yea and on most nights our 4th line is the best. pathetic right? i love the team n history n everything like someone said above but this team nn staff is really hard to like

  54. Kurt
    January 13th, 2009 at 7:53 pm
    Great one Graves Maybe we can dig up Ronny Reagan to run the power play,it couldnt be any worse

    ”Mr. Dolan tear down that wall”!

  55. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Dam Islanders still suck!! You guys wait , we’ ll do something? Almano you own shit. I made a bet earlier that no one wanted , you were not around you pussy.

    GO RANGERS beat those sick bottom dwelling scums. BTW I dint say Gurin and weight were minor leaguer , i said there old school wash ups . HAHAHA

  56. Its the same old sorry act for the rangers , carry the puck through the opposition take the long shot on goal or carry the puck to the corner and attempt a pass to a forward in the slot through the d, works like charm

  57. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! …..says Greg L.
    January 13th, 2009 at 8:03 pm
    Dam Islanders still suck!! You guys wait , we’ ll do something? Almano you own shit. I made a bet earlier that no one wanted , you were not around you pussy.

    GO RANGERS beat those sick bottom dwelling scums. BTW I dint say Gurin and weight were minor leaguer , i said there old school wash ups . HAHAHA

    Good God man do you even read your own posts? My eyes get watery trying to read yours.

  58. Hmmm so much for our QB on the PP with the limp wristed wrist shot from the point. Thanks Glen!!!

  59. onecupin67years on

    So far the islander highlight replays have beem the goal and the hits by jackman
    The rangers highlight are the bodies get whacked by jackman and the penalties

  60. just like that they finally get a goal on a player that has no NHL experience whats so ever… time to crack champagne bottles!!

  61. Graves

    The last 3 games Prucha has gone on 30-40 seconds left on the PP. AT BEST! That is it….

  62. Sam has got to grow some balls and ask Renney and Pern the tough questions. See, we HATE Brooks, but we READ him. I love Sam, but he’s gotta get more controversial or he won’t be remembered.

  63. lol @ the islanders arrogance going on that 3 on 2, shooting it wide back their own way (ROFL)

    what a pass by cally

  64. Mikey McDick Section 312 on

    SICK shot by drury and nice set up by gomez. but technically that was a bs goal. we got a lucky bounce off an isle skate. how come we dump and chase on the pp only to have it turned over and cleared EVERYTIME!? why cant we just enter the zone as a team???

  65. MiamiPimp
    January 13th, 2009 at 8:19 pm
    Sam has got to grow some balls and ask Renney and Pern the tough questions. See, we HATE Brooks, but we READ him. I love Sam, but he’s gotta get more controversial or he won’t be remembered.

    We hate Brooks? Where are you getting that from? He’s the only beat writer to challenge the shit Renney spews. I wish the writers were more like him.

  66. i like how we’re watching the rangers sing happy birthday while lundqvist performs heroics during the game.

  67. I really don’t understand these lines….Cally has been invisible since they put him with Gomez & Naslund. Put him with dump & chase guys

  68. Redden is a comedian. It’s almost like a punter whose jersey is completely clean while every other guy on the field is covered in mud.

  69. Sore

    Cally scored his last 3 goals with Gomez & Nazzy. But I think he has overstayed his welcome. Time to switch up the lines TOMMY.

  70. If tonights game isnt a clear and present danger situation to both the players and the orginazation I dont know what is .Yes we`re ahead 2-1 playing right into Clueless`s game plan. The 3 stooges and their SYSTEM MUST GO

  71. *Li joe*
    “DRURY from gomez YES”
    “what is wrong with enjoying christmas. i went to the debacle vs wash too, saw us blow a 4-0 lead and did not let it ruin my christmas either. it is one of the biggest holidays of the yeat if not the biggest. the guy has a wife and children.”

    Oh God…Vomit. You forgot one part, Joe, his man-lover from Long Island!! Hahaha. I hear you slurping him and i’m 400miles away. Awesome he scored. But he’s got a big ego for a guy who’s not that talented. He also had a false sense of security if he was trying to prove to the team they had something to be proud about cause they’ve only found ways to slip in the standings…while Drury enjoys losses. No captain should EVER say what he did.

  72. not true Kurt….that 2 goal game against the caps was with Drury & Dawes (who he should be playing with). He has 1 goal in like 6 or 7 games with the new line.

    more imporantly, he’s not getting nearly as much forechecking because gomez never dumps.

  73. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Alrighttt , sweet!!! more goals to come my fellow Ranger fans. Yo BIRDSEED , you no squat so go lay down already , yeashh.

    Almo ..You pussy , next game yer on , ill bet you after The Rangers Kill theses worthless bottom dwellers.

    LiJoe , yeah ol salty must be a devils fan …using the name “rags” thanks for catching me up on that. That why we don’t see , eye2eye.

  74. onecupin67years on

    Lets see if the rangers self destruct in the 3rd by foolish penalties, Isles aren’t missing by much when they get a chance, Rozival with 2 giveaways in the 2nd per. right before dawes scored.

  75. Hey graves, what do you expect, Prucha hasn’t scored in the last six minutes, so what has he done to get ice time?

    Renney is such a loser.

  76. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    (Sore N True ) Gomez doen’t dump because then he would be totally useless. I agree that Kurt is not seeing that the Fishsticks play us hard every fU*KING time!! Dam Hate those scum.

  77. onecupin67years January 13th, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    what is Gomez doing when he carries the puck in and then loses it? tell us Tom

    Im not Tom but i can tell u what Gomez is doing when he loses the puck… he skates back thinking to himself “I AM SCOTT GOMEZ… I MAKE 7 MIL A YEAR… LIFE IS GOOD!”

  78. Redden is the worst pp qb in the league. Prucha’s in front and Redden makes a lazy and soft toss to the net.

  79. the rangers are being victimized by the trap bigtime…but they’ll just keep feeding their wingers up the boards just to lose the puck sine renney doesn’t know how to adjust systems mid-game

  80. Greg How is it even conceivable that the fishsticks should be given credit for playing us hard. Ive been a fan for over 45 yr and I gotta call em like I see em THE D SUCKS TONIGHT ESPECIALLY REDDEN

  81. Yep… I would take Witt in a heart beat – He’d be great on the back line for the Rangers.

    Roszi seems pretty banged up tonight and Redden is again useless….

  82. true fans again proving your moniker is a joke. yeah i guess you can’t defend a player from the likes of you and dubi from BB constant berating him without the gay card. what bs you idiot.

  83. lol all our 4th line can do in the offensive zone is wrap the puck around the backboards back and forth

  84. god..streit is next to flawless defensively…good thing we picked redden for like twice the salary.

  85. renney is loving this 2-1 lead…so much so that he puts our 4th line out there against an icing call.

  86. All because Naslund didn’t just shoot in to the empty net. I like Nazzy, but come on, be selfish there.

  87. I gotta love the win BUTTTT 2-1 against the fishsticks with a goalie from Bridgeport WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE

  88. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Rangers beat em and own New York. Crappy Islanders should move there team to Canada. 2pts is 2pts we need ’em!!

  89. onecupin67years on

    A win is a win, but ,did the rangers play down to the isles or did the isles play up, the isles didn’t look too bad ,out hit the rangers for the most part and hank locks the game up.
    Why does this team constantly struggle?

  90. can i ask a ?. why does everyone give a shit about the announcers? michelleti is ok i mean i miss JD but cmon who really cares? with all the things wrong with the rangers u choose to nitpick about the announcing? u just like to bitch no matter what. u look like a fem when u do that

  91. They play like this vs Chicago and they’ll be blown out. They have three lines that can score.

  92. Mike thanks for the compliment about looking like a fem,its gotta be better than looking like the unknowledgable moron you seem to be

  93. yea no doubt the rangers played down n the isles played up cmon this is the whole thing with the rivalry. no shit the rangers couldve played better n i was pissed they didnt but i’ll take the win. our offense was stuck bailing out our pathetic defense once again thats why we barely hung on n scored just 2 on the backups backup. but still i dont care its 2 points in the standings and at least it was a fun game to watch. plus philly lost, and habs are losin.

  94. onecupin67years on

    ranger press conference
    Larry Brooks-” Tom , did the line combos work?”
    AP- “Tom, why was Prucha on the PP”
    Sam Weinman-‘Tom any injured groins tonight/”

  95. k kurt, keep whining. i guess by me telling u that u are effeminate n nitpicky is showing that im unknowledgable about what???????? please tell me how im unknowledgeable for callin u a pansy

  96. Remember when it was fun to beat the Islanders? Even when the Rangers had a losing season, it was great to beat Peca and Blake and Dipietro and Simon. Now, it’s just another boring 2-1 game against the most pathetic team in the league. Gomez and Naslund would be a good second line, but they’re horrible as a first line.

  97. Pretty pathetic looking 3rd. We beat the worst team in the NHL by 1 goal, barely. Let’s start planning the parade.

    Seriously, this team needs help.

  98. kurt- yer right jd was the man. u alright man no hard feelings. im just drunk my cousin just died in iraq. dont pay attention to me right now.

  99. joe in de – before the season they seemed to be 6th through 10th in the east. they still look to be like that. so no surprise really. were you expecting different

  100. hey joe, its better than losing though. i know this team is not great but hopefully we get AA and grachev next year and add Z on that line and man we could be great in a few years. as long as hank plays like hank, we always have a shot

  101. Where are all the Renney haters?!
    You’re a clown! We beat the worst team in the NHL by 1-goal…and we barely held on to that! Get out of here, effin’ joke some of you are. You’re probably also happy after getting one point during channakuh, you cheap bastid.

  102. True Fans… lets not get political eh… whats wrong with getting a point on Hanukkah*? get a point… finish early.. go home to eat latkes :)

  103. thanks joe(l.i.). i hate this bullshit war and lost a close friend as well as a family member and i wasnt mad at kurt and feel like a dick for sayin what i did. im a hockey fan and ranger fan and as far as im concerned i like all u guys on this blog and even if i dont agree with some p[eople i dont sayu the things i have tonight to kurt and just wanna let him know im drunk n dont take what i said personally even though its just a blog and im sure he didnt istill dont wanna come across like that


  105. hey at least all the teams we wanted to lose did! so as far as the game was concerned, yea it wasnt our finest, but were still in it. we’ll make the playoffs but after that idk. lets hope drury becomes capn clutch again instead of capn crunch and hank stays sharp. like i said withj our top guys playin great and hank being solid, we always got a shot

  106. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Mike drink up , I think it sucks that yer dealing with a loss. taker easy.

  107. On the postive imo Cally was fantastic. He was all over the place. He hit everyone, he drove to the net and made a very nice play on Dawes’ goal. He also had probably the best scoring chances of anyone. Hank was another huge postive as he followed up his shutout with another terrific game tonight. He was huge in the first period it should and maybe could have been a 3-0 Isles lead. Late in the first somehow the puck didn’t go in the net. Dubi looked really good and had an extra jump and created a great scoring chance for Prucha late in the third among other good plays. Zheredev showed more life in some time but you’d like to see him start taking over more shifts. The pp had one goal and another right after the pp ended but again it didn’t look all that good. Redden is just awful on the pp it is laughable that one of the main reasons he’s here is to run the pp. I mean you wanna see a guy really run a pp look at Streit. Imo even with Prucha on the pp at times the puck isn’t funneled to the net nearly enough. Prucha imo had a quietely solid game with a couple nice scoring chance and some strong work in the corners and great work in his own end. Dawes had a solid one too. Redden and Girardi were horrid again. The can’t handle any sort of a hard forecheck even again a team like the Isles. I can only imagine how Sharp, Kane, Toews, Veerstag, and Ladd will tear up the Rangers swiss cheese D. Jackman ran roughstod over the Rangers d while Orr and Sjostrom performed some good old vaudville with a 2 on 1. The 4th line had one of their worst games of the year yet their icetime went up not down late when they lead was this close to being blown. Gomez started off strong but ended up playing his usual medicore game. Drury had a real bad first but rebounded with a goal.

  108. thanks greg. night guys. devs are winnin 2-0 to the nucks. in a way i want the nucks to lose but rather the debbies of course

  109. Man did they lose 6 to 1 tonight?

    They won. Yeah they played poor, but as is this team is not winning the cup. They are to small, not enough offense, and no keep your head up or you will get killed D man.

    THey have a great goalie and besides that some pretty good not great talent. They are the old Devils…

    They just do not have enough talent and Cherapanov gone will hurt them for years to come… They have no 40 goal scorer or 40 goal scoring potential anywhere on this roater or in the system..

    They have some D depth in the minors maybe in the future they will use some of that to try to help the offense…

    The only good news is they are young, the Rangers use to stink and were old also…

  110. All Hail King Henrik on

    This is Tom Renney hockey. Like it or not, this is how it’s going to be for the rest of the season, tightly-played “defensive battles”. 2-1, 1-0. Obviously, the Ottawa game was a better example of playing this system, but that is what you saw tonight, the system.

    Clog the neutral zone, five in the picture defense, keep the shots to the outside. Prevent the other team from scoring first, then focus on trying to score off of your transition. That is the mantra, and that’s how they’ll be playing. So, don’t hope for a blowout, because you’re likely not going to see it.

    All of the games will be close, and come down to the wire–why wouldn’t they when you’re only trying to win by 1 goal?

    They will beat shit teams 2-1 and they will beat good teams 2-1. That is the product of this system. Every game will be close, and they will make shit teams look like good teams while making good teams look less, uh, good.

    I am anti-Renney, but if they can consistenly come out on the right side of that 2-1, 1-0 score, then my issues with him will be quelled somewhat. If they can play tight-defense game-in, game-out (think Minnesota or Vancouver) then they will have a chance to win nearly every game that Lundqvist (or Vali) plays.

    I’d rather see the offense too, but this team has showed that unless they play a structured defensive game, they are terrible (think back to all those 4+ goal against games over the past two months).

  111. LI Joe, no I don’t expect different, but I hope and lobby for better. The Isles are banged up and not talented to begin with, while we’re pressed against the cap with big contracts and can only play marginally better. Pittsburgh STEAMROLLED the Isles, why can’t we? My best answer is the system, combined with lackluster effort from some, namely Redden.

    Renney had said earlier in the season that he think Redden is intense in his own way. Bullshit. That’s just another Renneyism. Redden is intense the same was accounting becomes “creative”. I decided to look it up. Websters defines “intensity” as:

    Main Entry:
    Inflected Form(s):
    plural in·ten·si·ties

    1: the quality or state of being intense ; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling
    2: the magnitude of a quantity (as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time)

    So my question is: who on the Rangers does that describe?
    my answers: Mara, Staal, Betts, Prucha, Callahan, Orr, Hank and Z.

    Dawes and Korpo have their moments too, but when our major skill players are not working hard enough, generating chances, and burying the puck…we will die a fast death in the playoffs. Secondary scoring alone will not carry this team.

  112. Sam,

    Even though it worked out in our favor with a PPG. Why did MSG go to commercial prior to the power play that Dawes scored on. There is not supposed to be a TV timeout this season when a power play is about to start. Same and Joe did not mention this and I was curious if anyone asked the coaches or a league official. Thanks.

  113. TrueBlue

    Prucha did get an assist in OTT, so maybe he gets one more chance before getting iced again.


    I have seen a bunch of commercial breaks before power plays have started this year. I know no breaks can come while one is underway. I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but I have a feeling the rule you think is there is not.

  114. Totally sarcastic comment- but sometimes I wonder if that becomes the calculation amongst the Rangers braintrust…

  115. Honestly, I think the Rangers in these Renney style 2-1 games play better then when they are up 4-0 with a lot of time left.

    They were down 0-1 and were able to snap in two goals and hold onto the lead. Nothing wrong with that, we were able to win the game and thats all that matters in my opinion.

    We play smarter when we have a one goal lead as opposed to a four goal lead.

  116. Renney is like the actuary of hockey coaches. I know a couple of actuaries and when I meet them at a party I head to the other side of the room. My apologies (though not heartfelt) to any actuaries on the blog.
    “Oooh, we got by the skin of our teeth again boys. Well done. You made me proud, so proud. I’m taking you all out for shit-on-a-stick treats now”
    They played like little pussies again.

  117. TrueBlue

    I hear you — nothing surprise mes when it comes to this coaching staff’s “choices.”

  118. Update, 10:30 p.m.: So this is how the Rangers say they need to play. Not the scrambling, overwhelmed style at the end of the first period. But the patient, prudent style that marked most of the rest of the way. Hey, no yawning allowed.

    “Just look at our last couple of years: we don’t score a lot of goals,” said Nigel Dawes, who scored the game-winner on the power play at 14:27 of the second period. “There have times this season when we’ve scored a lot of goals, but those are the games when we’ve also given up a lot of goals. So I think our team is really content in winning 2-1 instead of 5-4 or 6-4.”

    What? They got outplayed and a good amount of time out worked but they think they need to play like this?? Huh? They play like they played tonight against the Hawks and they sure as hell won’t win 2-1.

  119. Let’s see how this team does over the next (6) games:


    I’m willing to put a substantial amount of money on the fact taht if we don’t got at least 4 and 2 over this stretch (or 8 out of a possible 10 points in some combination) no reason to think about watching this team into the spring…

  120. trueblue that would be 8 out of 12. I don’t expect that as Pitt I think will turn it around and both are on the road as is Boston and Chicago.

  121. Also, congrats to “Mats” Naslund – making sure Kalinin isn’t the low man on the +/- statistics…

    I’m too lazy to do this, but some enterprising person on this blog could easily prove that this “we don’t score many goals” is a demonstrably weak argument. I’m fairly certain that we’ve been somewhere in the middle of the pack in goals for over the past few seasons (possibly lower- I could be wrong) and not so great on goals against (but Hank’s GAA has been better than that stat would suggest…

    anyway, not that anyone here doesn’t know this- but we don’t have a focus on defense- we just lack scoring for no good reason and rely on Hank….

  122. This win was not impressive at all. This could have probably been another shut out if Renney didn’t use his 4th line “checking” line against the fuggin 1st line for the Islandorks. Dumb move, and he didn’t learn his lesson the first time. Stupid coaching. He didn’t tell Orr to deal with Jackman, and he let him destroy the important pieces of the team. Fuggin idiotic coaching, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a flat out idiot. Maybe some of you don’t mind Staal getting destroyed, and others, but i fuggin do. As much as id love to see Sags, i don’t want it to be because of a god damn Staal injury.

    Once again, we barely manage to beat a shit team. Not good. The only good thing is that Hank seems to be out of this slump, but at the same time the last two games were against the worst teams in the league.

    Big test on friday, should be tough. Cant wait to see Ben Eager destroying the whole team while Renney lets him.

    Unfortunately the Devs won tonight, but everything else fell into place. A Craps lost, a Flowers loss, a Habs loss. That’s good, for now.

  123. LI – good point, simple multiplication shouldn’t be that tough…and I’d agree that’s tough, but look at it this way- it’s like a mini-playoff series- first two on the road, second two at home- granted games 5 and 6 are both on the road- but these are all teams that play us well, and if we can’t take 4 of 6….how do we win a series?

  124. An even passable power play would blow the “we don’t score a lot of goals” crap into the crapper where it belongs. MTL scored 35% of its total goals last year on the power play, and was able to break in their goalie of the future while retaining viable playoff hopes because of that power play.

    There is NOTHING preventing this team from having a much better power play other than the coaching. Period. You don’t need Gretzky and Lemieux and Yzerman and Leetch and Niedermayer to improve it dramatically. But you do need to demand play in front of the net, quick puck movement and hunger.

  125. As a Giants fan, all I can say is that the Eagles were in worse shape midseason than we are right now. Lets just go into the playoffs playing well and see what happens. The next 6 games can give us confidence if we perform well or give us a diagnosis of what to fix/adjust (besides the obvious).

  126. what reasonable moves can they make to upgrade the team?

    I think they will make the playoffs with many 2 – 1 and 3-2 wins(if we are lucky) but as is this team is not getting to the conference finals unless Henrik plays out of his mind..

    Who can they get without mortgaging the future with there cap issues?

    Can’t they add a Witt or Exelby type D man who plays tough?

    Offensively who can they add who is not a rental???

  127. Orr…Colton was on the ice at the end of the period vs Iceholes top line because is was right after Jackman gave Staalsy a good shoulder check behind the rangers net that hurt him. So I suppose Renney wanted to have Colton go after their best players…Didnt work as planned….

    Furthermore, Renney has used the 4th line against #1 lines over the past few years with some success. If you think about it, when successful its a good strategy because the Rangers then can send their top 2 lines out against some scrub lines.

  128. I hate Exelfag….but then when I think about it, I hated Ulfie Samuelsson with the Pens and Whalers but loved him on the Rangers….so maybe I can learn to love….especially if it means we see less of Kalinin

  129. Doc…good analogy with the Iggles….I would rather peak at the right time and the Rangers have done this in the past two seasons. We have 3 months to get this shit figured out and when the playoffs come, its time for the players to wear their hearts on their sleeves and play with intensity.

    NHL is a long season. Ofcourse we were pissed to hear that Jags was mailing it in during last season…But it takes 16 wins only to raise the hardware. Its up to the players to execute

  130. There will be some pretty good players available at the trade deadline mostly older players though like Tkachuk, Weight, Guerin, Kozlov, Todd White, maybe a guy like Andy McDonald, maybe Steve Sullivan(if Nashville’s out of it) Tampa might be looking to move St Louis to get some crap room and maybe just maybe Atlanta may look to move Kovalchuk. Eric Cole ids another guy who could be available.

  131. I was looking at some stats a little while ago. how much can we really expect from; cally, korpi, dubi, and dawes?

    None of them have scored more then like 13 goals in a NHL season yet…

    Prucha scored 22, 2 years ago and Zherdev has scored in the mid 20’s twice..

    they just do not have a roster of scorers…our big three(don’t laugh) drudy, gomez, and Naslund are mid 20 goal scorers at best.. Gomez is a set up guy….

    I just do not see how they can significantly improve the offense… For next yr. they will not have CHeraponov( a legit Zherdev type talent) so who do they add from within who will really improve this situation?

    ANsimov, DUpont??/They need to junk the 4th line checking line routine and try to have a 4th line that can score 30 goals as a line not 12, how else wil lthey improve the offense alot?

    Staal becomes better offensively, so he scores 8 goals instead of 3, that is a minor minor improvement…

  132. “NHL is a long season. Of course we were pissed to hear that Jags was mailing it in during last season…But it takes 16 wins only to raise the hardware. Its up to the players to execute”

    Yeah, and doing that made him show up for the playoffs, while Gomer, and Dru were counting their money not giving two shits aboot the team, and winning.

  133. STUART

    If you think Dupont, Moore, Parenteau or anyone down there is gonna bring that to the table in the NHL, then you’re sadly mistaking. I just don’t see it. Artie has the most potential, but the rest are basically what we have right now.

  134. Stuart I think Tommy Pyatt and Dupont are two guys that will be late bloomers and either be solid players here or be nice trade chips when they pick up their play in the Ahl. Parenteau is an Ahl lifer who owns the Ahl but can’t do anything at the Nhl level ala Brad Smyth. I’m not sure if Anismov will be a star or anything but he’ll probably be a pretty good second liner.

  135. waahhh….we won. Sorry, just wanted to be part of the crowd.

    This offense is far from capable of putting up 4-5 goals each night, against any team. But this offense has put up more goals so far than last years did. Go figure.

    Not a perfect game. Not as horrible as some here make it out to be. Drury’s penalty in the 1st was a f’n killer. There’s one guy that I’m really starting to turn on. For his sake, he’s lucky he scored a goal. Last night could have been a whole different story if not for the “$7million club” taking inopportune penalties.

    So Dawes has 3 of the last 4 ppgs. Who’d a thunk it?

    somerset – If you’re out there. I think it was your post yesterday a.m. or late the night before that said something about Prucha looking like he’s flying out there PERHAPS because he’s just fresh. Then to hear someone say it in the lockerroom, then repeated through the broadcast, I think you were on to something. So he should be in mid-season form right about the 1st week of March. ahem ahem.

    My money’s on Guerin going back to Boston by the deadline.

  136. “Incredible! Still constant bitching after a win. Unbelievable.”

    great to see critical thinking, alive and well. did you even watch the game? I honestly hope you didn’t… if you did and were happy with what you saw, I feel sorry for you.

  137. Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games
    Get used to 2-1 games

    Nurse Ratchett!! Can I have a Gawddamn cigarrette??

  138. I don’t know how anyone has expectations that this team should score 3 goals a game on average (246 for the year). That would put them in the upper echelon of the league.

    Here’s what would have to happen for the year –
    Drury 30
    Gomez 20
    Dubinsky 20
    Naslund 30
    Zherdev 30
    Dawes 20
    Prucha/Voros 20
    Callahan 15
    Korpikoski/Fritsche 15
    4th line 5

    Rozsival 15
    Redden 5
    Mara 5
    Staal 5
    Girardi 5
    Kalinin 5

    Basically, everyone on the team would have had to perform at or above their previous highs, particularly the younger guys.

    Seems like unrealistic expectations to me.

  139. Yeah I have to agree… an ugly win. Will certaily take the two points though and first in the Atlantic still feels nice… but sad we couldn’t pound the worst team in the NHL a bit more… especially considering they had their third string goalie in net!

    One thing I was thinking while watching was – what the f was Sather thinking when he signed Rozi and Redden to their contracts while letting Streit go the the isles for $4.1m per year. I also like Witt making $2.5-3m… Would be nice to package up a few boys for one or both of them. Wonder what it would take. Wonder what others think.

    What about Redden and Prucha for Streit…….

    …or Redden and Rozi for Streit and Witt.

    Any thoughts???

  140. I say bring up Parenteau. The guy can’t get a break! He played 5 NHL games with Chicago, before they had Kane/Toews/talented players and still had a point… it’s worth a shot.

    This team is nothing but glorified 2nd and 3rd liners. Zherdev, although had several great games this year, is turning out to be the next Kovalev.. deke, deke, deke, lose puck.

    Just imagine if this team had a Kovalchuk or a Hossa instead of Drury or Gomez.

    Unfortunately, I have the feeling that Slats is going to make a really dumb trade for a 30 game rental.

  141. JJP,

    except for the fact that you ignored Girardi, Mara and Reddens best seasons (where they all score 10 or more since the lockout)and potential for Prucha alone to score 20-30 and that the 4th line “already” has 5 goals.

    I basically get your point.

  142. Good game.

    Blowmez needs to chill on the holding penalties. That’s at least the second game in a row (3 out of 4) he’s taken a stupid lazy penalty. I don’t care if it was a close call you do that every game and you’re going to get called!

  143. Parros

    I would think any player that the Isles have would jump at the chance to get out of there. I like Witt, but he is -65 in his career. I rather Streit.

  144. true – Well, I’ve always said that if he made like $2mil less/yr I wouldn’t really have too much of a problem with it. But add that to poorly timed penalties and its damn near impossible to like anyone. Mike Peca coulda done that sh!t for $2.5/yr.

    parros – I was trying to rationalize a deal with the Isles last night too. But I’d rather just stay away from it all together. It just really sux that in 3-4 years they’re going to be nasty. tavares, okposo, bailey…

  145. Pavel

    You are on the money about Zherdev. As much as I have loved Kovy when he was with the Rangers – I was happy to see him bloom on the Pens and MTL. Another thing about Kovy is he would alllllways fall down on a play, just like Zherdev. I dont know why? They are both very strong skaters and are very strong on the puck. But when they lose it they fall to the ice pretty easily. Maybe they want to show the coach they are working hard which in their minds mean to fall on the ice after they give up the puck??? Dunno???

  146. Beer –

    Good point! I dont think we would have a problem with any player if they made about $3mm less than what they are making now. Again, I think Sather threw the money at Drury & Gomez just so they wouldnt sign with any other club. He made the deal with ego and not logic. Pathetic.

  147. Kaspar good points – I also should have added that two of the guys who would be expected to score a bulk of the goals (Naslund/Zherdev) are new to the team.

  148. Can we all just be HAPPY about beating the Fishsticks?

    Hank – 1 goal in two games
    Korpi, Dubi, Dawes, Drury all scored
    5 out of 6 points
    2 game winning streak

    lets bitch when we really have something to bitch about, but NOT about a win in regulation

    And yes I still hate Renney

  149. Salty, I saw the game. Yeah, it was ugly. 2 points is 2 points. All you guys do is bitch bitch bitch, geez change your tampons already.

    Good post MikeyNJ.

  150. 22Figure and MikeyNJ

    I think the point is looking at the bigger picture. Yeah 2 points and first in the Atlantic is great… but beating the worst team in the NHL 2-1 and getting outplayed for half the game is not that great. Sure there are bright spots to point out…. but bottom line if the Rangers play like that every night for the rest of the season we are gonna be in for a long summer break!

  151. I’d love to get my hands on Brendan Witt but I don’t see a Rangers/Islander trade coming. He’s just the type of hard hitting defenseman we are looking for.

  152. I think this team rises and falls with the team it is playing. They thoroughly handled the Pens in beating them 4-0 including killing a 5 on 3 for like 2 mins. So they caught the Pens mired in a huge slump. That didn’t stop the Pens from manhandling the Flyers last night who have been pretty hot lately.

    They played OK in Buffalo and scraped a point. They did not take a penalty.

    They beat Ottawa convincingly in a shutout.

    They gritted it out against the Isles. Don’t be fooled, the Isles get up for the Rangers more than any other team they play…always. With 28 points, if the Isles cannot get up for the Rangers they cannot get up for anyone. So they were motivated. (Whether or not the Rangers should be amped up too, and if they are not, why, is a whole other story.)

    All we hear on this blog is BITCH BITCH BITCH. You guys are unbelievable.

    Am I confident in the team right now? No, not tremendously. But are they starting to do what they need to in order to win games? Yes.

    It’s a start. Remember the NYR usually play better in the 2nd half.

    I was glad to see Staal punch that dude (Comrie maybe?) in front of the net on that loose puck near the end. I wish all the D would show some balls all the time in the slot. That would go a long way to shoring up the D.

    In any case, you know if the Rangers won 4-1 there would still be people bitching. If they had actually lost, it would be the end of the world. As it is, they won 2-1 in a gritty game where they did not play their best but won and there is still a lot of bitching.

    Fun to be a Ranger fan by the looks of this blog…

  153. Parros, I have no problem with that. We all knew going into the season that we were a team full of 3rd/4th line players. We knew goals would be hard to come by. The Rangers have, at times, shown to be a competetive team. Come playoff time, defensive systems tend to be successful. It’s all about getting hot in March and going on a run through April/May.

    Hey, I’ve been on here reeming Rozi for his horrible play. He’s been alot better lately so I’m not on his case. Redden and Kalinin were also horrible but have been better lately, not perfect but better. Let’s see what Sather does at the deadline and what the team does in the playoffs. If they flop I’ll be right here yelling for Renney and Sather to get the axe. But to constantly bitch and moan in January?

  154. “But to constantly bitch and moan in January?”

    Hey 22!

    I personally can’t help it…I live in Vermont man!!

    -5 degrees this morning…AND A COLD SPELL IS COMING THRU TONITE!!

  155. Of all the players underperforming, whether early on, or as of late, the one I have the most confidence in turning it around is Rozy.

    This guy had hip surgery in September, got a plane to europe 2 weeks later and started his season. Hip surgery…for a hockey player.

    He’s the ONLY guy with a valid reason for having a slow start.

  156. Beer, agreed. We could have signed Pock and Strudwick to do that on offense for 600K each! And they play defense too!

    Geez, where’s Jim Jones?! The gatorade is flowing. Awesome win! Yea! “Go get’em boys. Nice two points.” hahaha. The Rangers couldn’t beat a backup, backup, for more than 2 goals! They *GOT OUTPLAYED* a solid 30-45minutes!!! Against the worst teams in the NHL!

    Now I know why the garden’s full every night, what the hell do they put in that beer because some of you our insane, out of your mind, brain-washed!

  157. Kaspar, I thought hockey players liked cold weather. What happens if Canadien kids stay inside all winter cause it’s too cold to go out and play?

  158. 2-1 wins may still be wins but Goddamn they are a BORING hockey team to watch.

    For reference, Bruins/Habs, which ended 3-1, was far more fun to watch – and I only watched ten minutes of it.

  159. -5? -20 here in toronto today. Perfect day to be on the pond ;)

    Team looked lost in their own end (again) last night but I’ll take the 2 points. They do certainly play up (or down) to their level of competition. Give the Isles credit for their tough forecheck though as obviously that’s the book on how to play this team now. Hit em hard in the corners and force turnovers. Up to this makeshift defence to respond. Where is Sandis Ozolinsh when you need him…

  160. To Sam and all the supportive fans:

    The comments on this blog DO NOT represent the thinking of all Rangers fans. The ridiculously redundant complaining will get to you, so just stop reading and hoping for something interesting to chat about because it won’t happen here on any regular basis. You will either become just as jaded or grow to detest other fans. I stopped looking at the comments when I found myself kicking a fellow NYR fan at MSG for booing Kalinin in December. I’ve seen some very promising play (all damn season really) so I came back to see if others were noticing. And yeah, some are, but most are pathetically driven to hold on to their “big picture” that the team is boring and lacking. The big picture is simply that their own self-loathing prevents the enjoyment of anything else. I’m out.



  161. -5 degrees, -20 degrees

    Its all good

    I’ll be out there in the driveway tonight ( cup of coffee, two pair of gloves, thermies, hockey stick, ski-cap..)

    for a good ten or fifteen problem

  162. As per Nutgirl…

    Do not Boo a millionaire defensman

    But do kick middle-income fan who knows their hockey

    makes sense

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