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Due to popular demand (or because my boss said I have to), we’ll be bringing back the live video chat Thursday at 1.

Tell your friends! Bring a date! (Actually, don’t do that. You’ll give the rest of us a bad name if that’s your version of a good date).

Meanwhile, I’m already at the Coliseum, where there are some pee wees on the ice surface below. I haven’t checked the Islanders’ roster, but I’m pretty sure none will be playing tonight against the Rangers.

More news in a bit….

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  1. my lil brother is playing at the coliseum on sunday for some house league tournament final that his team is a part of so i’ll be there that day…not tonight unfortunately

    the isles may want to scout a few prospects from his game and sign them to long contracts

  2. repost:sven 1.2 mill per year for Sjostrom? Are you kidding me? The guy is a nice pker and that’s it he’s not worth anything over the league minimum.

  3. repost

    beerme – understand what you’re saying. but unlikely player will take too much of a discount per yr to lengthen the term. and if they do may not be worth it. example i would rather have redden at 3 yrs $ 7 mm per yr than 6 yrs $ 6.5 mm per. would really rather neither but i think you get my point.

  4. From that you tube video, I love the look of Coach Sutter after the loss to Anahiem. I thought he was going to breakdown and cry right there on the bench. He must be wondering if his days are numbered.

  5. Repost
    zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!!
    January 13th, 2009 at 3:24 pm
    6 – 0 Rangers

    yea right buddy. maybe if the isles bring back hextall in net and we have mess, leetchynutt and gravey from the 94 1st round sweep

  6. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!!...says Greg L. on


    (beer me) Ya don’t want to break the bank not just yet …I agree . Z needs to be signed for what ever both sides see fit.
    Glen has to do this because he can’t have Z sit there unsigned while Kevin Lowe lurks around slipping teams offer sheets.

    Just because we screwed up on SIGNING GOMEZ and DRURY. We can’t let this 24 year old go …expecially with AA and Grachev coming up( I agree CCCP)….who ever says ( Dr house)not to sign at all costs is as senile as Sather himself.

    Staal , Dubinsky and Zherdev with AA and Grachev are our core guys!! Gomez , drury, Naslund , rozi? andbetts are not.

    howyagonnatellme nameshouldbe howthehell doIwritesomuch atatime.

  7. I guess it’s always wishful thinking coming from us fans Joe.

    enjoy the game folks.

    Rangers win, get a ppg or two. McDonald makes 40+ saves.

  8. Re: Sjostrom

    that’s why I’d like to see him get 8-10 games with Dubi and Z. Drop Korpi down to the 4th line, like they did for 2 games last month.

    Let’s see if it looks like sjostrom could play 3rd line wing, AND PK. My guess is he can, and can be a 15g, 20a guy, and a 1st pair PK guy. If so, he’s worth keeping. Remember, the guy was a top 12 pick, and has size and speed.

    If he could project to be a 15-20 goal guy, I’d love to have him around. Or, if he’s gonna be a 6 goal guy, we can keep him buried on 4th line for league minimum.

    Remember, 10 goals in 51 games last year in PHX

  9. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!!...says Greg L. on

    Those Islander jerseys with captain highliner on ’em are pritty classy for those fishsticks but I was wondering who was it a picture of …. Potvin?

  10. Greg L, I’ll bet you another week that your beloved Rags can’t win it 6-0 tonight buddy.

    I’ll even give you 2:1 odds meaning if they pull that off I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, but if they don’t you only have to take 1 week off.

  11. Beer Me! – That offer sheet article is okay. I’m the one who added the table with a source. If you’re not sure about the table there, click on the link.

    LI Joe – I’m not so sure about that tidbit that a player offered salary arbitration by his team will become an unrestricted free agent after the next season. I don’t think that happened with Lundqvist, but maybe that is only because they negotiated a deal before the arbitration hearing. Net of it is, I’m not sure, haha.

    I was looking up info on salary arbitration and came across a Brooks article from July 7, 2007 that said the Rangers and Lundqvist were discussing a long-term deal worth $5 million per season. How nice would it be to have that extra $1.85 million in cap space?

  12. spider – i’m fairly certain. like you said henrik negotiated a deal before it came to that. i wish most of our top salaries were lower in yrs and $. i don’t like the cap to begin with and sather and whoever else is involved has royally messed it up.

  13. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    How about you stay away for as many goals the Rangers get ( in days)and I stay away the amount the Islanders get.( in weeks)

  14. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    …and don’t patronise meh ‘boy ( SALTY -Unless you’re not a real Ranger fan…)

    I aint no sucker …come on I like this bet …If Ranger win 6 -0 your out for 6 days and im still here because of Hanks shutty ….ooopssss HEY you made me say it!!!shhhhhh pretend i didnt say the S word :|

  15. I have a question… on NHL Network… they have this pretty decent program called “Voices”… have they done a piece on Sam Rosen? I am very curies to see it… I mean, all they show is this funny looking little guy that does Columbus games…

  16. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    LEEEEETs Go RANGERS LETS GOOOO!!!! whooooohoooo gametime is coming up! Z scores , Dubbie scores and Staalsie maybee???

    If Taverse goes to the Islanders then I’m gonna puke .This kids so good and to see him on a shit team like that , playing against us is just lame .

  17. Sam – you should do a mid-season report card for each player. Anyone else who cares to partake I would be interested in your opinions.

  18. Voros is a scratch tonight.

    Stick Voros in for Orr for non conference matchups, tell him he needs to fight (eventhough he will lose), its the only way he gets in the lineup.

    Voros is too slow for this team, thats his main problem.

  19. “How about you stay away for as many goals the Rangers get ( in days)and I stay away the amount the Islanders get.( in weeks)”

    Best bet ever !!!

    I like that one.

    I say Nyr wins 3-1 tonight, and Park scores a shorthanded goal, as always.

  20. If the Isles draft Tavares, ill never come back here again.

    Im rooting for the Isles, i don’t want them to get a decent pick. Hopefully they pick up a Jessiwoman, including this Bailey kid, i hope he’s a major bust. Snow is a fuggin moron for passing on Schenn. Great move, i think that moron also passed on Nikita Filitov. He just scored his first hat trick, and he only played 6 games or so, Bailey just scored his first goal, and he’s played the majority of the season.

  21. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yo Salty , go salt some peanuts or someting …you and I have problems because you just don’t like the Rangers. All you wanna do is bug me by saying stuff about the Rangers and you calling them ” this pink hole of a team ” you saying that stuff and betting against my team is annoying. Go back the Philly or back under where ever ya crawled out of .

  22. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! .....says Greg L. on

    Yeah ( Orr) I thought that was a pritty fair bet . He gets all the odds in it . Maybe if they win the pick they might take that big goofy sweede? Actually i’d rather them grab the smaller taveres and our Staalsie knocks ’em through the glass!!

  23. Are Greg L. and ORR brothers from another mother or something. What an uncanny resemblance! The difference: one likes a scorer, the other likes a fighter.

  24. All Hail King Henrik on

    Wow, some of you guys are too pessimistic, and that’s coming from a pessimist. We are fucked with the salary cap, yes. But, we are not completely fucked to the point we can’t sign Zherdev, Dubi & Cally.

    Let me clear up a common misconception. Rozsival is NOT un-tradable. Redden is.

    Rozsival is on pace for: 13G – 27A – 40P At $5m per, (frontloaded?) that contract is not unmovable. It was at the beginning of the year when he was playing like shit, but honestly, he’s played pretty well the last 10-15 games or so.

    Take a look at the comparable contracts of defenseman around the league (McCabe, Commodore, etc. etc.) and you will see that a player like Rozsival can be traded. A team like Columbus–or one of the other teams that have a hard time attracting free agents–would be willing to trade for a “puck-moving” defenseman such as Rozi.

    Obvisouly, it’d be much better to retain Rozi and trade Redden, but that isn’t happening.

  25. All Hail King Henrik on

    How can any of you be opposed to resigning Zherdev? He is BY FAR the most talented player (Henrik, aside) on this team. $4M per? SIGN ME UP. That’s what Naslund makes, and he’ll be off the books next year.

    Take Nikky Z off of this team and you’re left with nothing offensively. What would that third line look like with Korpi-Dubi-Voros? Like shit.

    ALL of this constant talk about how much we HATE the current contracts and there are some people who would actually be opposed to Z at 4M per? That’s a great deal, and quite frankly, I don’t think we’d be able to get it done at $4m, per.

    28 yr. old Gomez @ 7.3 mil per, 33 yr. old Drury @ 7 mil per…24 TWENTY FOUR yr. old Zherdev @ 4 mil per? BTW, care to guess which of those players is on pace for nearly 70 pts. and which are on pace for under 50?

    Top six wingers without Nikolai Zherdev:




    FOR YEARS, Rangers fans have complained about locking up WAY too much money in over the hill players. Well, Rangers fans, here is your chance to lock up a player long-term (to a reasonable contract) who is just now entering his prime. Yeah, lets not do that.

    Let’s offer $39 yr old Mats Sundin 10 mil next season, and hey, I hear Messier is thinking of making a comeback. I say 10 years, 15 million per, $150 million.

  26. Sore & True
    January 13th, 2009 at 4:26 pm
    Re: Sjostrom

    that’s why I’d like to see him get 8-10 games with Dubi and Z. Drop Korpi down to the 4th line, like they did for 2 games last month.

    Let’s see if it looks like sjostrom could play 3rd line wing, AND PK
    He got 5-6 games with them and he added nothing. He is a 4th liner with nice speed and no hands.

  27. Salty is a fine poster and a cool guy get off his back because he doesn’t think this teams is the bees knees. They have been medicore as it gets since the 10-2.

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