Shanahan to Devils, Sanguinetti to Rangers. It’s all too much to process.


A lot of news today, the big one being that Brendan Shanahan will return to the Devils, “although he has yet to agree to a contract.”:

Circle Feb. 9 on your calendar. That’s the next time the Rangers face New Jersey. If nothing else, the move adds some more intrigue to the Atlantic Division.

Then there’s Bobby Sanguinetti getting the call from Hartford for tonight against the Senators, but not getting a chance to play.

A lot to sift through….

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  1. Good to see the Rangers are “feeling out” their very rough opposition tonight. Don’t want to overwhelm them or anything from the opening draw…

  2. Anybody who still doesn’t recognize that Prucha is a winning hockey player is a stubborn or an ignorant human being…

  3. It makes sense for the Devils not to officially sign him until he is ready to go. Why take the cap hit for a guy who is not ready to play?

  4. WD

    Cant agree with you more. Prucha is a hard nose players who can elevate the play of the players around him with his hustle and excellent work ethic.

  5. Sam,

    That is a lot of news to sift through? 40 yr old dinosaur to Devs, and rookie who we knew Renney wouldnt play sits….this isn’t like we splitting atoms in a centrifuge…geez louise

  6. Mako, totally agree regarding Prucha. Prucha, Callahan and Dawes are small players that play big.

  7. HockeymanRangers on

    Things are working out now for Pruch’s, remember he always hustled everytime he was out on the ice. But he was just not getting any breaks, now for some reason he is getting a lot. What does he have, points in all of his last 4 games or something now???? It is great to see such a hard working player get the reward.

  8. “Anybody who still doesn’t recognize that Prucha is a winning hockey player is a stubborn or an ignorant human being…”

    He sucked until a few games ago. I’m glad he’s building his trade value!

  9. Prucha 5 points 6 games.

    Gomez: 5 points 6 games
    Drury: 5 points 6 games

    Give the kid his due ice time like the big money boys!!!

  10. ist half of period it was “ice Follies” out there – now I see why Ottawa has been losing, and the Rangers, well…we all know about that. But hey, thanks to Prucha we got the lead.

    Anyone know if Drury is playing? I didn’t really see him on the ice

  11. It’s win/win with him. He keeps playing like this and we can trade him but may not want to.

    Maybe he really just needed minutes/pp time, etc.

  12. “He sucked until a few games ago.” Right, while Drury and Gomez and Girardi and Roszi have been blazing a HOF path to glory.

  13. HockeymanRangers on

    Has any one here ever seen a Shanasoar, stay tunes it will be playing for the devils soon.

  14. bob
    January 10th, 2009 at 3:10 pm
    Orr, I thought sam already tossed u in the trash bin where u belong with ur mindless comments…fire the hyena, trade prucha, bench lundqvist….
    Orr u working the midnight shift at SUbway or u graduated to midday…fire orr, eat sandwitches

    Graves9, if you’re going to use my name then you should learn how to spell sandwiches the correct way. Even a brain dead dummy knows how to spell that.

    As usual the hyena is ruining Sangunetti’s confidence. Giving him false hope, then telling him he’s not good enough to replace Kalinin at the very least. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the press box with a razor to his arm.

  15. When Prucha gets 18 minutes a game and stops playing hard and producing in every zone, then we can talk about him “sucking.” Unbelievable.

  16. Drury disappeared just like Greg L….Drury is American and 6 years older than Greg, so I guess that is why.

  17. bob,

    I stole ur name that less time….I missed the rancor of your statements…where u been little buddy? I know you would think that Hyena was killing his confidence… I agree, so I took some creative license…we the new rat pack: me, you and graves9

  18. “Guys, we haven’t taken a penalty in 2 games. Let’s make up for it in the 2nd.”. “Ok captain!” “Let’s go get them!”

  19. Naslund has got to shoot there. Especially on this rookie goalie. Just shoot at the net. From everywhere!

  20. HockeymanRangers on

    Calli is a hell of a hustler also. I wonder what would happen if they put him and Pruch’s together. Although the lines eem to be kind of working at this point

  21. “redden’s had another good game.” — Sam Rosen, shaming himself even more than I thought possible, even from a shill like him 1/09/09

  22. Neil is a punk, just like his team mate Jarko- no balls to do anything, he had his chance to put up, instead Orr SHUT him up

  23. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow did you see that Redden had a shot on goal what a game for Redden????? He is really bad, he owes the NYR Ranger money for ice time.

  24. Horrible period.

    This is where a decent coach would rip into his team. Mailing this crap in. Always a step if not 2 behind.


  25. oh genius Renney thnx for putting Orr on the ice half an hour too late… after Neil harass half the team with no repercussion…

  26. why would sanguinetti play if kalinin, redden and rozival are playing so well? joke. get kalinin out of the lineup, has he ever hustled after the puck? same with that assmunch redden

  27. Cool, we have a precarious 1 goal lead against the Senators going into the 3rd. Time to start planning the parade.

    Now all we need to do is beat the Isles and the Thrashers and we’ve completed the holy trinity

  28. alamo
    January 10th, 2009 at 8:02 pm
    I stole ur name that less time….I missed the rancor of your statements…where u been little buddy? I know you would think that Hyena was killing his confidence… I agree, so I took some creative license…we the new rat pack: me, you and graves9

    I don’t wanna be part of a group that probably looks like rat face asian tranny’s. You two are just like the rest of these dumb fans on the blog. You all know nothing.

    What a great period for the hyena, putting the 4th line against the top line, and nearly giving up a goal. What coaching. Fire the hyena !

  29. yup.. Tom Renney said it all along.. gotta win those low scoring games… better yet… Tom Renney will coach to play a low scoring game… because frankly..he doesn’t know any better

  30. I’ve heard only 3 names tonight repeatedly called on the Rangers forwards. Prucha, Dubinsky & Zherdev. Hmmm lets make them a line :P

  31. Z indeed has the look of a man that would kill virgin angel children tonight. Good to see these kids playing well.

  32. true fans shows his true colors. has to bold things to show his ignorance. keep up the good job. i would think you’d root for all 20 players but evidently not.

  33. Joe, i’m sorry it bothers you that I asked where our $7.4million captain is! He gets the privelege of every line matchup HE wants. He gets the PP time. He plays every game…so if you don’t like that a kid who you’ve hated all year and who hasn’t gotten a tenth of the leash Drury gets has gotten more scoring opportunities in 5 games than your beloved little league MVP then you’re claerly warped. Put the responsibility where it belongs, son.

  34. Gomez line some how manages to get caught in their zone every shift… Only upside to that line right now is callahan

    Niel is a bitch tell him to go after orr not a 21yr old non fighter..

  35. I will never understand why Renney / Pern only uses the 1st & 2nd line as his PP. Why not mix the players of all 3 lines????

  36. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok time to get rid of all the veterans Redden, Nausland, Drury, Gomer and bring in all the young players they are the ones that are scoring. The big buck players REALLY suck as of late.

  37. true fans – keep bolding stuff. you are becoming the avery of this board and i don’t mean it as a compliment

  38. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok then just switch their pay schedules. The young players should get the vets pay.

  39. Joe, that can only be a compliment. Give me the babes and the cash…i’ll take it. While we’re at it, on raw talent, Avery might even be a better player than you’re man-crush Drury.

  40. Prucha, Korpo and Z gettin it done today. WORK ETHIC; learn it.

    Nice game and SO for Hank, but frankly he really wasn’t tested. Rangers D did a great job of collapsing and taking away 2nd and 3rd chances.

    Let’s not get too riled up yet though. We still only managed 2 goals against one of the worst teams in the league, against a goalie in his 2nd game, and our top players are held off the score sheet again. This team will go NOWHERE relying on secondary scoring.

  41. give me a break with the man crush bs (or is that the case with you and pp). i don’t go that way a**hole.

    prefer to root for the players. fools like you blame drury when it’s really on renney and his style. style which leads to decreasing production in just about everybody

  42. wonder what jersey shanny will wear? Gionta wears 14 and Madden wears 11.

    A win is a win! Philly spanked T.O. so no movement, but the goose egg for Henrik was great.

    I wish we had a “power forward/francise player”

  43. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Shut -out #2 for Hank

    Korpi is dam good , keep ’em in the line up

    Staalsie is gettting mad

    Watch out for those Flyers , Jeff Carter scores a few tonight.

    Flyers suck

  44. Nice to see Hank show up and do what he’s supposed to do to these shitty teams, which is not give up a goal, or at least no weak goals.

    It was a pretty good game, but just like the Pens, they’re struggling, so you cant get excited when they beat the Pens, then get raped by the Habs, then lose to the Craps, and shutout the struggling Sens. They need to start showing up against the real teams.

    That whole Neil, Staal situation pissed me the fugg off. These fag ass refs are holding onto both of Staal’s arms, and only one of Neil’s, and he catches him with a perfect left, that could have broke a bone in his fuggin face. The league needs to step in, and makes these refs pay for this bullshit. Either you make sure you’ve got both players tied down, or let them the fugg go, you stupid jerkoffs.

    Neil is weird, he fought Brashear a couple of times, but he refuses to fight Orr. Why ?? He must be scared of the right hand of doom Orr has, but still, he’s scared of Orr, and not Brash. I cant figure that one out.

  45. Orr, don’t worry about Sundin, he’s in the other conference, and has no effect on the Rangers. I spend no time thinking about him; even in fantasy.

    Neil is such a loser; he’s been running at Prucha for four years now and goes after Staal yet he won’t fight Orr. What a chicken. I wish Prucha would use the ole Messier method of putting his stick perpendicular to his body by his chin so Neil would have to go to the dentist and think twice about hitting Prucha again.

    For anyone keeping tabs; Anisimov scored again for HFD tonight; give the kid a chance (repeat x 1000).

  46. bob I was out how the hell could I post as you? alamo
    January 10th, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    That is a lot of news to sift through? 40 yr old dinosaur to Devs, and rookie who we knew Renney wouldnt play sits….this isn’t like we splitting atoms in a centrifuge…geez louise

    This post cracked me up.

  47. Yeah like hundreds players didn’t come here because the Rangers out bid others teams I’m got no issue with Sundin.

  48. Missed the game what happened between Neil and Staal? Also which Rangers players(besides for Hank) really stood out(in a good or bad way)?

  49. MIKEA

    Yeah, i loved it when Pruchs threw his elbow up at Neil’s face when he came in for a hit, and the refs didn’t see it, and he cried aboot it. Fuggin puss.

    I really hope that guy gets a Chara slap shot to the fuggin face. That much he deserves. Although id still love it if he was on this team. Then we’d actually have a good physical forward, but then again, Renney will tell him he can be more offensive, and he’ll take Neil out of his game like he did to Hollweg, and is doing to Voros, and Orr. Idiot !!

  50. graves winning 2-0 noone stood out in bad way. in good way dubi’s line and prucha. korpo and z especially.

  51. Oh yeah look for the Devs to trade Madden soon. He and Sutter don’t see eye too eye and Madden isn’t happy with his icetime being reduced as well as not being matched vs top lines anymore. From what I’ve heard the Avs have a good amount of interest in him.

  52. The entire D corps played well tonight especially Staal and Rozi. Even Redden had a pretty good game. Haha, they all felt pressure with Bobby S in the dressing room.

    Dubi’s line played well too especially Korpo. Pretty much good efforts all around from everyone. Even players like Dawes and Orr who were quiet still had good passes and forechecks respectively

  53. JJP

    Nah, that was just Graves9 pretending to be Sam “Wiseman”. Sam isn’t a little bitch like Dubi of BB, so ill be here, and i wont be going anywhere, unless there is a bet involved.

    I would love to have Fisher in this team, doesn’t matter what he’s doing, the fact that Carrie Underwood would be at the Ranger games is good enough for me.

    See, id be more forgiving if some of these players like Redden, Kalinin, Dru, Gomer, Renney, Rozi all has hot wives to bring to the game.

    I miss Cuthbert coming to the Garden, it beats the hell out of Lohan, and Sarandon there. Ugh.

  54. JJP sadly no. Orr make another comment about or toward me and you’ll live to regret it or maybe you won’t. My boy Alamo has mob connections.

  55. Kaspar
    January 11th, 2009 at 12:58 am
    Madden Rocks!
    Frank Caliendo’s impersonation of him certainley does.

  56. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Grave9 is Almano …both are confusing me…i might have to skip thier retarded posts.

  57. Overall good game. Here’s my take:

    1. Ist half of game I had to force myself to stay awake. Boy, this team can put you to sleep. But they seemed to wake up after their goal

    2. BLOWmez – another ho-hum game for him, but at least he didn’t give away the puck too much. What happened to this “all-star”?

    3. WTF – Mark Staal tangling it up with the Neanderthal Neil? Orr, where are you. Renney why didn’t you put him out after this?

    4. THe “Phantom” Chris Drury – did he play tonight? I couldn’t really see him on the ice.

    5. Micheletti – I have been meaning to say this for some time but I have to now. Why is it this guy can take the most routine play a Ranger will make and make it out to be sensational. I love Staal, but did you guys see at the end of the game Staal’s 3 foot pass, that Micheletti thought was all-world? Hey, at least he doesn’t have an orgasm for Drury anymore over the last few weeks. I guess he has finally seen with Drury what we have seen all along

  58. Lobster-that particular play was not exactly earth shattering, but it was a really good little subtle play. the kind that separates the men from the boys.

    Micheletti was exaclty right. In that situation, most guys would just be looking to fling it anywhere away from themselves, towards the blue line (see Redden, W, and Kalinin, D). Staal was aware enough to know where his outlet was, and make a perfect pass. Great little play

    part of the job of a color commentator is to point those things out to people who might not otherwise notice.

  59. sore and true – i have played hockey for a long time. and I can tell from your post that you seem to think that only someone who plays would think that is a great play. Well, I play hockey, and I am telling you that play was not a big deal!

    You have put yourself in the company of the great Micheletti – congratulations!

  60. btw sore n true ” most guys would just be looking to fling it anywhere away from themselves, towards the blue line (see Redden, W, and Kalinin”

    using the likes of redden and kalinin to show staal’s great play doesn’t exactlt bolster your argument, you little twerp!

  61. I thought Redden played pretty decently last night. Made some good plays along the boards, moved the puck well, and overall did a good job as part of the defense. Anyone concur?

  62. lobster,

    why the attack? just sayin it was a good little play. I shouldn’t have used the word “great”. I agree.

    But, if you play, you also know it wouldn’t be 100% accurate to call it “the most routine little play”, as you did.

    let’s split the difference, it’s somewhere in between, no?

    I enjoyed the replay. If I were that winger, and the d-man made that pass to me, I’d mention it after the shift…”nice little play back there beating the forecheck”. you wouldn’t?

  63. Dave-Redden has definitely improved. I think he had one of the bad turnovers last night, but he’s been getting better, seems to me since that fight in Washington.

    Still, he’s not easy for me to root for, and I can’t imagine any of us will ever feel that his contract is justified.

  64. Redden’s one of those guys who is going to be mediocre all year, frustruate us, but score some really big goal or do something really cool late in the year to help the Rangers to a crucial win….and then next season he’ll frustruate us all over again.

  65. Mike,

    you may be right. There are some guys that are just easy to root for, even if they’re not all stars, MVP’s or Hall-of-Famers. Guys like Prucha, Todd Harvey, PJ Stock, Dubinsky, Tomas Kloucek, Paul Mara….guys who play like they care, and would go through a wall, or take a big hit to make a play and help the team.

    Redden is in that other category….very frustrating.

  66. While his contract is always going to be a burden, I think he is a big part of this team’s possible success going forward. Limiting mistakes/turnovers and using him as a catalyst to move up the ice could really help us in the 2nd half.

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