Sanguinetti up; could play against Sens


With Michal Rozsival (facial injuries) in question for tonight, the Rangers have made the unexpected decision to call Bobby Sanguinetti up from Hartford. The New Jersey native and first-round draft pick frm 2006 would make his NHL debut if he plays.

Have to say I’m surprised by this. I know Sanguinetti is Hartford’s leading scorer with 20 points in 39 games, but I always got the sense he needed more time. Then again, why not if he’s played well? He could even be an option for the power play.

The other part to consider: what does it say about Corey Potter that they’ve given Sanguinetti the nod ahead of him?

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  1. Shokcing htere giving the kid a look, IF he plays tonight
    Nice to see the kids gettings chances
    again IF he actually plays

  2. I’ll be shocked by Renney if he actually plays

    Hope he does though, be nice to get a look at him in the big time

  3. Just a thought on

    The doan trade mention makes no sense salary wise for Phoenix unles they dump Jovo on the Rangers

  4. Yep. I highly doubt Sags will play tonight. Roszi looked fine during his interview. If he face was broken, well then that would be a different story now would it?

  5. I would definitely be into the Doan trade, especially if it rids one of our long-term contracts.

    Doan has 40 points on the season, 78 points last season and is consistently a 25-30 goal scorer … plus he is only 32 years old.

    I would let Girardi go too if we got Z. Michalek back in the deal. That kid is gonna be great !!!

    Phoenix has plenty of youth coming up, and can afford to take on the Veteran salary — This could be great for the Rangers !!!

  6. Sam, I think it’s a needs thing with Sags instead of Potter. Rozi is a PP and more of a finesse guy which is what Bobby S is as well. Sanguinetti does hit, he reminds me of Tom Poti BUT with more visible passion and a little more of an edge.

    The Rangers have no $ for Doan anyways, they’d have to give up Prucha/Girardi and someone else to even be able to afford him. And you know Phoenix will ask for at least one of the big four prospects if they’re gonna take on salary (AA/Grchev/Bobby S/Michael DZ) so I vote no for this trade.

  7. I bet he does play tonight. It doesn’t really make sense to call him up on a road trip if he isn’t going to play and with the Senator’s struggles, it might be a good opportunity to build some confidence.

    I can’t wait to see how quickly the blog gets a “Renney is ruining Sanquinetti” comment.

  8. Bob that post is five hours too early. I don’t buy into any Eklund rumors. Doan is the captain of a team is what in the what 7th seed in the west? They have a very young team why would they trade a productive vet? It is strange that Sangenetti is up instead of Potter which would suggest they are showcasing him. I hope for both his and the teams benefit that he won’t be on the ice too much against the Sens top line(and really the only that can score for them)

  9. “the heyna killing sanguinetti’s confidence”

    Does the hyena ruin your confidence with the ladies ??

    Although, i kinda have to agree. Im sure the first mistake he makes, Renney will bench him, and tell him how bad he’s playing, and send hmi back to Hartford, then re-call him, then send him back again, for Potter. Ugh, i hate Renney.

  10. Orr, I thought sam already tossed u in the trash bin where u belong with ur mindless comments…fire the hyena, trade prucha, bench lundqvist….

    Orr u working the midnight shift at SUbway or u graduated to midday…fire orr, eat sandwitches

  11. If he plays it probably won’t be much during even strength. The kid just made the AHL All Star Team (although it really should have went to Anisimov) and he’s a PP QB which is what is Rozi’s alleged job description so it makes sense. This isn’t about showcasing, but as a reward to someone who has worked very hard. Now he must take the bull by the horn. BTW, from the feature on him from the AHL site a few days ago, Schoenfeld is VERY high on him and shrugged off his – rating and Schoney was a great defensive dman and a pretty good NHL coach so that says something.

  12. i dont think he’ll play tonight. but something might be up there. sathers with the team, sanguinetti got called up, rumors about a trade with pheonix, rozsival may not play. maybe somethings in the works?

  13. the league is paying phoenix bills right now and ALL MOVES have to be approved by the league. so don’t count on any deal with phoenix especially for them to take on salary.

  14. Isn’t there some rule about the number of times a player can be brought up without wavers coming into the picture? I think that might be the situation….

  15. The waivers rule is as follows; if you’re under 25 and have less than 50 NHL games played (playoffs and regular season combined) and less than 3 years as a professional (ECHL, AHL, NHL) you don’t have to go through waivers. Once you hit 25, you must go through waivers which is why Jamtin and Jessiman were subject to waivers when they were sent to Hartford during preseason.

    There are some exceptions like emergency callup to fill-in for someone on long term IR, and Fahey even though he’s my age was not subject to waivers despite meeting age/experience credentials. I think maybe it’s something in his contract.

  16. onecupin67years on

    The rangers seem lousy and inept in developing their draft picks , draft picks which for the most part never seem to cut it.

  17. Jonny, I saw that coming.

    Still sickening though to see. Shanny has to be one of my favorite players of all time, and too see him wearing a Devils uniform turns my stomach

  18. bob I know we’ve had disagreements in the past but you’re a funny bastard. I hope you never leave. I think you Alamo and myself can start the new rat pack.

  19. It would be nice to see Bobby S get some NHL expierence. I hope Rozsival is ok. And darn it that Shanny is joining the devils.

  20. BTW, Many Devils fans are not happy with the Shanny signing because they’ve been doing well without him and feel like many of us that he can’t cut it in the NHL anymore because of his lack of speed and other things that went on at the end of last year. We’ll see if he helps them out or not. I’m leaning towards not, especially if they try to put him with Parise or Gionta, two of the fastest players in the league.

  21. Nah Tony, the NHL is using a lot of the revenue sharing money to help the Yotes out because of all the money they are losing with that ridiculous arena contract. Plus I heard from my friends down there than most people live on the other side of town and not in Glendale.

  22. The NHL is providing financial assistance to keep the Phoenix Coyotes alive in the form of advances on the franchise’s share of league revenue, according to a source at the league board of governors level.

  23. Leetch must be watching old Vaudeville shows…

    That was a slapstick staple for years, but he didn’t [phrase it properly…
    In reality it should have been..”Does your face hurt YOU?”

    “No”. Well it’s killing me”>

    Ahhhh….humor among the pucks.

  24. i am fine ladies and gentlemen, their are worse things. Unfortunately i am gonna have to root against his ass. I f’en hate that team more than ever.

  25. Hey Jonny, I don’t think it’s a problem of travel for the Yotes. They lack a strong fan base, when the Red Wings , Black Hawks or Rangers come to town the place is sold out with scalpers outside . I going to the Coyote/Stars game tonight & the place will be empty, especially with the Cardinals on TV.
    We have lots of hockey fans in PHX – just not Coyote fans – LOL

  26. You just know he’s gonna shove the puck up our collective arses everytime we play them.


    I know he wouldn’t fit here but he was a class guy all the way and honestly he wouldn’t have been any worse than half the guys on our roster. Hopefully another year older means he plays worse than last year.

  27. Gonna miss the game tonight as the wifey is dragging me to a broadway show tonight. I guess she’s paying me back for dragging her to all those Hockey and Baseball games. In other words no bets for me tonight.

  28. leatherneckinlv on

    Can anyone fill me in on the proposed trade for Shane Doan…where I can read this article on this suggested trade?

  29. Yeah, I did think Sundin was coming here. And he almost did. We didn’t clear the cap space. And I still believe that NYC is really where he wanted to play. So what is your point in saying that?

  30. I have a feeling that dubi is going to finally score a goal tonight. Dubi come back to us please. Pretty please.

  31. HockeymanRangers on

    I wouldn’t mind a look at Bob Sag, it will make it a interesting game for a change.
    The only way I would take Jags is if he gives 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want the slacker he was last year. And I know that wouldn’t happen so I hope it doesn’t happen

  32. Kind of curious that they called up sang instead of potter, he may be hurt or something. I really hope they don’t have to trade one of the big prospects to get doan which would be money…but don’t get too excited yet

  33. Maybe Sang instead of Potter because there is only a chance of playing and they would rather let Potter definitely play then maybe sit on the bench?

  34. HockeymanRangers on

    I thought it was a rule if you blog here it is 100% NY RANGERS 100% of the time even if they are out of it. Trader LOL just kidding.

  35. I love Shanny but this doesn’t really have too much impact on the Rangers. Shanny now=Marcel Dionne and Guy LaFleur when they played for the Rangers. He’ll be somewhat productive but he’s pretty darn old and slow. He’ll probably play 4th line minutes with Holik and get PP time on unit 2.

  36. JD has done an amazing job with the Blues 4th year of no playoffs after 20+ of making it in a row. As has the great Dave Checketts they suck almost as much as you know who’s posts.

  37. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    ( Mako ) Im here , I aint runnin any where.

    Shanny a Devil!!!!??? Whaaaaa!!!

    Now Shanny can tell NJ stuff about us .

    Jagr on the bright side may return? Jagr come back!!

    I can see it now …Shanny to NJ , Jagr to Pittsburgh and Avery to Philly!!! I used to be happy we stole drury from buff and Gomez from the Devils…carma …comming back to haunt us!!!

    B Sagunettii is in!!!!! Sweet!!!!

  38. anyone think being added to the young stars game might jump start Dubi… give him some confidence… along with someone other than Voros on his wing?

  39. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    ( not Mako) I ment Almo …oops …and Almo , I aint betting against the Rangers…

  40. graves – there are worse things than getting top 3 picks for a couple of yrs. helps with a rebuild,. beats mediocrity

  41. Agravaine
    January 10th, 2009 at 5:01 pm
    I want to see Wicked… has your wife seen it? Is that any good?
    Nah haven’t seen it. No clue on if it’s good.

  42. interesting callup, hopefully Sanguinetti gets to play a little bit

    Anytimes something like this comes out of the blue there’s always a reason behind it. Maybe they’re showcasing him for a trade, wouldn’t be the first time or maybe they already know what Potter can bring them and that he’s close if not ready to be an NHLer… so let’s see what Sanguinetti’s got and how close he is, or isn’t.

    Maybe if he’s close, they put Redden on waivers tomorrow!

    Just kidding but.. wishful thinking, eh?

  43. or more likely — it’s just a the big club noticed he made the AHL all-star team so they’re throwing him a bone but Rozsival is playing tonight no matter what

  44. Finally true – SHANAHAN IS A DEVIL!

    Sanguinetti could bomb, wouldn’t surprise. OR, he could play well, but that will make no difference, he will be back in Hartford faster than the 5:13 Express, or whatever it is. Sangs is now 21, so the club is not rushing him, age wise. Bet the ranch Renney doesn’t put him on the PP, which is the strongest part of his game. Renney loves to plug square pegs into round holes. The mishandling of Sanguinetti will be just another example.

  45. greg,

    You stealing my line? i DONT bet against Rangers….did u see my idea yesterday?

    graves9..u wanna laugh? i was imitating Bob up there…so just me and u on the new rat pack…lol

  46. i even use the word sandwitches with a T to disguise my obviously potent intellectual and vernacular. ROFL

  47. sanguinetti call up is the only exciting thing about this team…maybe NYR marketing team said throw the fans a bone after reading Bob’s comments.

  48. greg L.

    even Dawes scores more than prucha i leave 4 3 days. Prucha score more than dawes u leave 4 3 days

  49. Interesting, Phoenix is in big financial trouble. What about Carolina, Columbus, Nashville, Miami, Tampa Bay, and other, mostly minor league towns who should never have been admitted to the NHL? Bettman wants expansion, the union wants more jobs and more members, so this idiot league can NEVER contract. Just think, from six to 30 teams expansion, but the league cannot even contract by two lousy franchises. Not the greatest “planning” ever to come down the pike. The answer will be Phoenix shifting to Kansas City, or Las Vegas because sports leagues can never cut out a cancer. The league, the union, and the TV monoliths would like to have about 60 NHL franchises from Toykyo to Helsinki to Mexico City. I would like to have 16 solid franchises, all located in North American. Period.

  50. cakewalk,

    i think the current financial situation will force contraction. they wont have a choice

  51. i’d be happy with 24. get rid of

    and 1 other. top 5 are no brainers

  52. cakewalk,
    i agree with u…less teams …then a soccer style champions league for world audience & growth

  53. “I wouldn’t mind a look at Bob Sag, it will make it a interesting game for a change.
    The only way I would take Jags is if he gives 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want the slacker he was last year. And I know that wouldn’t happen so I hope it doesn’t happen”

    heh yea that slacker who lead the league in playoff points up until elimination.

  54. Shanny a Devil…

    A+ Sather and Renny, I hope he bites us in the ass so hard… We could have used another scoring wing..

    Also I hope Sanguenetti plays

  55. All Hail King Henrik on

    Rozi looks like he’s going to play, but…

    Seeing as they’ve already brought up Bobby Sangs, why not dress 7 d-men, and let Sangs only play on the PP? He can do no worse than our current d-men playing the point.

    Doubleshift the Korpedo on the 4th line.

  56. i never understood the knock on Jags for coasting in the season….he realized his age and body limit…then went bonkers in playoffs…isnt that a smart decision? his presence alone freed up space…guy was classy great player to watch his entire career…glad he was here for the short time he was

  57. Blozsival will play. This happened last year with Parenteau. He was supposed to get a chance because Shanny was injured.. Shanny decided to play and Parenteau never got a shot. :(

  58. Of course Shanny will show up someplace to kick everyone in the ass for the rest of the season. I’ll regret my hasty “anywhere but philly” grr at least he would have had a nice free place to stay between game nights. He’s a solid professional and he’ll know when he’s ready to be finished in the NHL.

    What makes anyone think that Avery even wants to still play in the NHL? My guess is he prefers dress-up and lace, and now knows he can earn $ playing fashion queen.

    Penalty free was pretty impressive, another thing that no NYR teams in recent memory were even close to being able to achieve.


  59. I broke out the old Sega Genesis the other day… and i realized the New Jersey Devils then are not much different than the New Jersey Devils today – same guys except 15 years older and the vomit green color is gone from their jerseys… whats next DUI Daneyko, Stevens and Bruce Driver gonna lace em up?

  60. Renney called for Sang? Geez. This kid’s career is ruined!

    Anyone notice the TSN headline picture of Shanny has Clint Malarchuk in the background? Malarchuk was the goalie who had his neck sliced open during a game. Odd coincidence.

    And really, Sanguinneti’s career is over if he has to play for Tom Renney!! haha

  61. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Yeah Alamo , I don’t know if you has 2 identies and wanna bet cuz yer other one ( graves9) will still post. Im me , a canadian who only ever used Greg L everytime I post. I was accussed by ( Graves9) saying my ip is the same as Orrs , but that farthest from the truth!!! He American and 20 years younger!!!

  62. Here is reality

    a loss is a loss whether its in OT or regulation; just because the NHL shows its standings with 25 teams playing .500 or better we dont have to be idiots and say that its true.

    Coaches overall records also reflect this stupidity… and people say “his coaching record is thirty games over blah blah blah…

    Real records

    Rangers 44-38 2006
    Rangers 42-40 2007
    Rangers 42-40 2008
    Rangers 24-19 2009

    They’re 15 games over “true” .500 since the lockout

    If you take out their great start in 2005…basically they are win one/lose one for over three years now…

  63. zZzZ 13 ZzZz rules!! ....says Greg L. on

    Hard to choose whos gonna produce more Dawes or Prucha…i’d say Dawes has an edge but Prucha could pop in a few.

    Id say pick on Gomez or Drury.

  64. Maybe Redden can help the Sens! They have their minor league goalie in tonight. For CH**T SAKE score goals!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to take advantage of a down and out team!!! No reason why they shouldnt win this game !!!

  65. If I was a rookie goalie I’d love to start against the Rangers..
    Nobody at the net..nice long unscreened shots beautiful!!

  66. LOL Kaspar – Notice how he’s making easy saves, no pressure to the net, no crashing the net….

  67. kaspar he has good #’s

    18-8-1-2 with a 2.31 GAA and a .926 save percentage in 30 games with Binghamton (AHL).

  68. this team has NO F*CKING killer instinct !!! They should be swarming that minor leaguer. But they are sitting back playing a very conservative defensive game aka “the system”

  69. greg,

    I never questioned ur origins…just wanna make a bet..u down?

    dawes vs prucha

    i gots prucha…u have “driftwood” dawes

  70. Do the Rangers know how to clear their own zone or how to use the boards? I’m being serious.

  71. Rangers have made 4 cross ice passes in their own half of the ice already…my high school coach would sit someone down for doing that…..ONCE!!

  72. Kaspar

    I think any smart NHL coach would sit a player for a few shifts for doing that… But in the bizzaro Rangerland – the impossible is always possible :)

  73. Zherdev has that look in his eyes tonight. That look like he would kill virgin angels. I say double shift him and give him the green light to just go for it.

  74. And the Nasty 1 predicted that shit! Love to say I TOLD YOU SO! Great hustle by Prucha. Love it!

  75. Prucha made all that happen!!! Great shift, hard work taking on two players to take that puck away!!!

  76. I want to see Dubi get that cocky arrogance back and have a wicked second half of the season.

  77. oh god Gomez you are unimpressive.


  78. hey guys… i just got home and found out that BS was called up lol(Bobby Sanguinetti) is he playing tonight? or was he called up just because he had tickets for tonight’s game?

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