Jagr hints at NHL return


In a number of news reports, Jaromir Jagr “has hinted at his willingness to return to the NHL,”:http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/22224-THNcom-Blog-Jagr-says-return-to-Penguins-not-out-of-the-question.html where he said he’d even play for the league minimum salary in Pittsburgh.

Jagr has also been in contact with Rangers coach Tom Renney, which is another sign that he’s unhappy in Omsk. And with good reason: along with the death of good friend and teammate Alexei Cherepanov, Omsk’s coach, Wayne Fleming, was either fired or resigned in between periods of a game this week; and the KHL is said to be in financial turmoil.

Does that explain why they couldn’t afford a roof “for their All-Star Game?”:http://www.universalsports.com

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  1. onecupin67years on

    He’s better off in Pittsburgh with young stars where he’ll be more effective. If he comes to NY ,how do you sign him under the cap?
    Reunite him with Dubinski?
    I remember jagr getting clobbered game after game as a Ranger because the opposition concentrated on jagr rather than his line mates. Move on NY, take a pass.

  2. if he’s willing to play for league minimum, he can fit under cap. He’d be pretty effective here in NY too.

    Alas, it won’t happen. Even if Jagr was willing, they’d then just have one more forward dilemma, probably have to send Korpi down. Still, if Jagr is willing, I’d like to see it. Give him back the C, and maybe the team will spark

  3. …….and yet another invisible game by our captain,Chris Drury

    Couple thoughts on game:

    1.How can Drury be invisible again, but this time against his old team? When you need him most he’s not there – nothing new, though that’s been the pattern with him all year

    2. Overall you can’t be unhappy with the team. I think overall they played a very good game

    3. BLOWMEZ – another game with multiple real good chances and this guy can’t score. Hang it up Blowmez!

    4. Girardi – I am starting to get worried about this guy. He’s been bad the last few weeks, but last night we was down-right dreadful.

    5. Valiquette – think guy was nothing short of awesome last night. He made some huge saves!

    6. Ryan Miller – American-born. Wow! I know this guy is good but he was as calm and as cool as can be


  4. Oh, I forgot – I would do anything to get Jagr back to the Rangers. He is exactly what this team needs right now – a #1 man!

  5. Of course Girardi has been dreadful….he’s been paired with Wade Dreddin’

    Redden seems to be getting a bit better since he fisted Chris Clark last week….let’s see if he continues, Girardi will improve as well. Girardi is trying to do too much right now is all

  6. Where did all the folks who keep wondering when the Rangers will start the engine, expect the Rangers to go with an offense whose chief tactic is to skate to the red line and toss te puck in, and then watch the opposition skate it back out?

    That’s it. That’s their “attack”.

    It’s called the Maginot Line style of hckey.

    And just about as effective.

    Happy New Year.

  7. theflynn

    you’re right on about Offense tactics..its disgusting..they actually wait the arrival of the other teams dee..

    Jagr, Shanny, Sundin…I dont care who you add to that anti-offense system it wont help..they have to change their approach and stick with it

    Last nights game was dreadful..I dont care how much the MSG kiss-asses tell you Ryan Miller stole the game…40 shots from 50 ft away and no screens…I could stop those shots..the couple of times they actually planted a guy at the net or skated thru the centre of the offensive zone they actually did well…all three times

    Simply ugly, boring, negative, losing hockey being played here

  8. Dubi or not Dubi on

    Few things, one, on Jagr, I’m watching the KHL all star game right now, I do miss him. I wanted him back this year and would love him back, but they still need to lose a gigantic contract or two by the deadline to solidify their defense.

    Two, Joe Micheletti was at an all time worst last night, he has to be the worst color commentator in the NHL. Joe, that puck didn’t hit Mara in the right thigh; also, your opinion on the KHL doesn’t matter especially since you don’t even know the story; and lastly, that was not a clean hit by Gaustad…

    Three, why do the Rangers allow Gaustad to hit Rozsival into an open door without going after him!? Isn’t that what Orr is in the lineup for? Hello?! PROTECT our players??? If he doesn’t even do that, then get him the hell out and put in f’ing DAN FRITSCHE, who I hate, but at least can skate.

  9. I missed the game because of work but saw the highlights on NHL network. Thanks lobster for summary. Girardi has some games where his defensive instincts blow. He’s a decent 4/5 d-man but on this team I’d say he’s a #3.

    What happened to Rozi? I saw him eat the boards and leave. Did they say what the injury was or did he return?

  10. i know we all wanted Gomez to shoot more but when he has no lane and just shoots into the opposing players’ shinpads he’s not really doing much. i’d rather him just be predictable and pass the puck or move around and create some room.

    FYI i heard Jagr saying he’d play for Lemieux and the Penguins for the LEAGUE MINIMUM. After the Rangers snubbed him how could I be mad at him? He’s exactly the type of player the Rangers need–a player that can put the puck in the fucking net and make plays. Even when he’s not scoring he creates double-coverage nearly EVERY TIME and makes players like DUBINSKY and PRUCHA 10X better.

    How is Dubi doing without Jagr? Bit of a sophomore slump!

  11. whataretheodds on

    Is Prucha still in the line up? Or did Douche Nozzle Renney exile him to the press box again?

  12. what is there to hate about Fritsche…he played ten games.

    Dumb comment.

    Get used to the rangers sucking for the next 6 years because Sather killed any chance of being a productive team in this league with the drury, gomez, redden and rozy signings.

    Those signings will handcuff any thought of acquiring productive players.

    Sather should be hung.

    I would rather have Garth Snow.

  13. jack: ease up on the Rosi signing. he’s been playing well as of late AND LOOKS LIKE BOBBY FREAKING ORR NEXT TO REDDEN.

    now the combined drury, gomes, and redden signings you have legitimate argument to get mad at.

  14. Jack I totally agree. Sather is the one that should be fired. He had a chance to do the right thing during the strike which looked like he was doing by rebuilding the farm and making the rangers younger and than he signs four players to ridiculous contracts. I predict the rangers will be fighting for the eight and final spot to get into the playoffs and probably will not make the playoffs. Sather please retire and go away you moron.

  15. noonan – i agree Rosi has been better lately – but dare I say Redden has been playing with more confidence, but his contract is still ridiculous.

  16. What an exciting game last night! Clutch captain Chris Drury’s outstanding poise. Speedy all-star Scott “Scottie” Gomez’s swift skating through the neutral zone. Precise first passes from Wade Redden. What potential from the incredible homegrown talent of Nigel Dawes, Ryan Callahan, and Brandon Dubinsky. Where can I sign up for season tickets to watch more of this!?

  17. your boy Malik on

    Let’s GIVE Gomez back to the Devs, Drury back to Buffalo and sign Jagr – at least it was exciting hockey….

  18. They stole a ton of games early in the season… not playing well enough to earn them.

    Last night (and to some extent the game against Montreal) they played well enough to win but didn’t.

    I could take it in stride if they put forth that kind of effort night in, night out.

    They don’t so it hurts all the more.

    Drury in the shootout was a guess by Renney. IF he throws Dawes in there and he doesn’t score, everyone bashes Renney for not putting the Captain in against his former team. Sjo should have gone though… agreed on that one.

  19. Jagr is a one of kind player, you won’t see a guy with that sort of size and hands very often. Unfortunately, I don’t think he would be a good fit coming back to the Rangers. He would be a great fit for Pittsburgh though, they need some sort of catalyst. Although it wouldn’t be good for the Rangers I think it would be pretty cool if he went back to Pittsburgh, great way to end a career.

  20. “Drury in the shootout was a guess by Renney.”




  21. it was so wonderful to see jagr on the ice again. online clips just don’t do the man justice- wish i could see him live, but russia is just too too far. i wouldn’t even mind him going to pittsburgh, just so i could see him there. hell, i might even turn into a penguin fan if that happened- god knows this rangers team is just going to plow into the east river with the contracts they like to give out…

  22. from that nytimes article about jagr:

    “I don’t think it would be good to think about it,” Jagr said when asked if he had regrets. “I don’t want to look back and think I made a bad decision. Maybe I would be happy in the U.S. still. You never know. I don’t ask myself that question.”

    it’s only print and you can tell he’s dying to get out of that shitty league

  23. just reading some previous comments, but i’d like to know if the fans that are practically begging for him to come back NOW are the same fans that were ready to take the “C” off of his sweater during the season last year? message to fans- choose a player and accept that player.. stop this contradicting nonsense and maybe, admit when you could be wrong?

  24. Going on hunches?

    why don’t we get a gypsy to coach the team? At least that way, we can have a crystal ball or wee-gee board to rely on.

    In my shootout line-up, drury would be after Naslund, Zherdev, Sjostrom, Dawes, and Prucha.

    That is, of course, unless my horoscope told me otherwise….quite honestly

  25. “but i’d like to know if the fans that are practically begging for him to come back NOW are the same fans that were ready to take the “C” off of his sweater during the season last year?”

    I know right? I want an apology from all of them.



    ok im being hard on scotty but he needs to step up his conditioning or something. he’s getting soft

  26. Sam but why don’t you expand on what Jagr actually said? He would play for the League minimum in PIt if Lemieux asked him because other than his parents he owes Lemieux the most in his life … that’s what he said …

    Also the full article goes on to say that Jagr is tied to Omsk until after the 2009/2010 season, it is a binding contract unless the team defaults on it and stops paying him

  27. I thought the guys played a pretty inspired game on the road to start a 5-game road trip. That’s one of those games you take your point, and move on. One little mistake in a game like that will cost you. Vally played well enough, even in the shootout. I thought he’d get burned for more that one. But if we can’t get ONE past Miller you got no shot.

    Ryan Miller’s a great goalie. I don’t know how Orr was the only one to have the guts (or brains) to stand in front. He also missed a wide open net, but he IS Colton Orr. Just to have that chance shows that he’s at least progressing. Maybe by the time he’s old and gray he’ll put it all together! haha

    Any word on Rozy? That was a clean hit. Unintentionally into the open door. Kinda makes me wish we had cap room to carry 7 dmen, right? Thanks slats.

    I didn’t get to watch the game till about 2am last night, so it was kinda fuzzy. But it was nice to see the team play soundly. Nothing flashy, nothing too horribly wrong.

    That exact same game (effort) vs Ott, and it’s 2pts. Big rebound game for Hank tonight. Eat your Wheaties son!

  28. rob F i was thinking the same thing when i read the article. You can tell just from that article if you read between the lines that he wants out. But you cnat fault him completely, the Rangers showed no interest in bringing him back – shame on them!

    Sore and True – shootout line-up, I agree. I actually forgot about Prucha. I would have put Pruch, Sjo, or Dawes over J_ _ K – OF_ Drury any day of the week!

  29. Why don’t we get to the point…the fact that our shoot-out line-up is important IS THE PROBLEM!!

    Never mind who takes these hokey-showbiz-shots…why cant we score two goals? Why do we continue to send nobody to the net? Why do we continue to base our entire offense on a perimeter game which features only long range shots ( 90% of which aren’t even screened?)Why do we send one man in, who then stops and waits for 9 other players to catch up?

    Those are basic hockey concepts that are beyond this teams ability to comprehend and pursue…

    screw the shoot-out! Thers no shoot outs in the playoffs

  30. On Jagr…

    I guess it’s just one of those things. He wanted to be the ‘head honcho’ to stay in NY and wanted a 2-3yr deal. But to go play for an owner that he respects, he’ll do anytyhing.

    I think it’s interesting that he keeps in touch with the nyr as much as he does. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s more commonplace in the NHL than gets reported.

    Anyone know when the KHL season ends?

  31. lobster – they did show interest. There was a 1yr deal on the table. He walked for financial reasons. Not that you can blame a guy for wanting to cash in before he retires.

    I don’t see him back in NY though.

  32. noonan – you are being hard on Blowmez?? Are you serious? Have you been watching him,like, all year? You haven’t been hard on him enough. And I am not even talking just baout numbers (goals, assts. etc). What gets lost on this guy is the amount of times he gives up the puck, the fact that he is a soft puss@, and he plays with no grit whatsoever.He’s been consistently TERRIBLE!.

  33. Trade Duruy for the best d-man we can get,Try to trade Rozi, since he’s playing better it might be possible,get rid of kalinin.Bring back Jagr.Then get Avery,along with Voros and Orr,NO ONE WILL MESS WITH JAGR.
    At the least the Rangers will br fun to watch again.

  34. If Jagr returns, doesn’t he have to wait for his contract to end? Atleast, I think that’s what I read in the article.

  35. Enough with Joe Micheletti repeating internet gossip about the KHL as if it’s fact during the broadcast. When the NHL has owners who aren’t under indictment/prison or owners who prevent their fans from watching home games on tv or owners who hire washed-up ESPN commentators as coaches, then the NHL can throw stones. People in the NHL should be worrying about the salary cap mess the owners brought on themselves, and the fact that now no team can make trades, instead of mocking the KHL.

  36. Dr O!
    I hope that is correct and we get to see him play a couple of games..

    Funny in the old days when 16 of 21 made the playoffs you had to be totally crap not to make it…it was nothing then for young guys to get a look..how could it hurt>??

    But now with cap implications and and 14 teams missing out on post season it seems ( some teams at least) have a real hard time “taking the chance”…god forbid a couple of kids screw up and your mediocre 15th place team drops to 17th and misses the post season

  37. If Jagr is still on this team, we win last night 3-1 and he doesn’t even score any goals.

    His presence on the ice alone changed games.

    If you don’t know, you’ll never know.

  38. Matty – I was going to say the same thing. Reporters post what Jagr says, then the fans pick and choose the phrases that suit their interests. Jagr never once said he would play for the league minimum. He said he’s play for the league minimum FOR Mario Lemiuex. Would he give the Rangers a discount? Who knows what’ll happen over the next year and a half. As much as I’d salivate over a Zherdev-Dubinsky-Jagr first line, I know there’s no chance in hell he leaves Omsk, outside of the KHL going belly up(which ain’t going to happen). That’s the other thing conveniently left out of the commentary: Jagr himself says he’s staying for the duration of his contract.

    The fact is, I could almost guarantee Sather would sign Jagr right now if he had it all to do over again. There were two reasons Jagr went to Omsk. First, because he wanted to go. And second, because the Rangers all but said he’s done in NY. Sather didn’t want the team to use Jagr like a crutch as they did in the playoffs, so he kicked the crutch out, thinking within a year, he’d have an equally dominant offensive player who is 15 years younger(Cherepanov). Now that Cherry is dead, and what was obvious to most hockey neophytes is coming to pass(i.e. the Rangers suffering a dearth of star power), I bet both parties are wishing they could turn back the clock. Even a mopey enigmatic Jagr on this squad would be a difference maker. It’s a shame that moron Sather couldn’t realize this last fall, when Omsk was courting him.

  39. I’m ok with them bringing up anybody they’d consider keeping up over kalinin. Tonight’s game is one they can ill-afford to lose if this guy is gonna be a deer in the headlights though.

  40. Sam,

    Would Jagr play for us at the league minimum or just the Pens?

    I guess he may realize that he’ll get protected there in Pitts while it was open season on him when he played for us.

  41. Oh baby !!

    Sags called up today, and Jags hinting at a return. Perfect start to the day. Now if i believe everything Eklund said, then the whole “Rangers with a great offer for Shane Doan” stuff would really be awesome.

    Fugg the KHL, everyone leaves there, and they don’t care aboot the contract with the NHL, even though they “came to an agreement” with the NHL. Its aboot time they get a taste of their own god damn medicine. And how perfect would it be if it was the player that they wanted so badly. Go to hell, KHL !!!

    Now, as for tonight. If Nyr doesn’t win this, then this teams in big trouble.

  42. PRUCHA25

    Yeah, i could see that. I remember when he was getting raped in that Philly game, and nobody went after Fedork. That pissed me off, he’s the god damn fuggin Captain.

    If he did come back, Dru BETTER hand off that fuggin “C”, cause Jags is the real Captain, not Drury.

  43. Today in NHL09 I traded Scott Gomez for Eric Staal.

    lessboring- lol i traded gomez and redden about 2 months ago for bieksa, raymond and pyatt

  44. Mike

    I’m not playing any of the NHL EA games currently…question? Why would someone trade Staal for Gomez or are you just playing w/o other players/managers???

  45. I know it probably does’nt mean much, but the bum at Hockeybuzz has the Rangers interested in Doan. Thoughts??

  46. orr- jagr returning would be the best thing for the rangers. even when he didnt score he dominated and created alot down low and was able to make other players better especially the younguns. but i doubt we can make room even though trading rozy may be easier now with his improved play, i still like rozy and would rather we get rid of redden. mara should be the captain of this team. hes a whole different player than he was last year and our 4th line is getting better chances and outhustling the other 3 constantly. so if our top 3 lines played like our 4th consistently we wouldnt even need jagr but since zherdevs dropoff lately and naslund looking like we all thought he would, theres no go to guy and jags would be welcomed by me and noo i wasnt on the get rid of jagr tourbus. i knew this team would have trouble and the late season push for the playoffs would be very difficult with this roster

  47. kaspar- i didnt trade gomez for staal. i reposted what lessboring wrote. i traded him for bieska raymond pyatt on dynasty mode. not online

  48. shane doan is a career jet/coyote. hes a good gritty player that we could definitely use but… we need a sniper

  49. Mike in IA
    Ok…sorry I misread…for a brief moment there I thought you were in a two-man league and the other manager was Milbury:)

  50. lol k kaspar. yea milburys a dope. hes also one of the main reasons i hate watching nhl on nbc. along with pierre “uncircumsized” head mcguire

  51. Lobster u right im being too easy on Gomez. Maybe I’m just optimistic he’ll turn it around in the second half. He has some serious issues…

  52. Leetchhalloffame on

    Jagr not the answer. Younger, tougher and more talented is, but we need a GM who knows how to draft those type of players. God knows we sure don’t have one now. Messier for GM!!

  53. NHL Network reporting the Rangers recalled Bobby Sanguinetti from Hartford.

    Rozsival hurt?

  54. Eklund is reporting that the Rangers have interest in Shane Doan. I actually was going to post about this a few says ago because a friend of mine who sometimes gets inside information let’s me know the latest news. Anyway, I would trade Drury or Gomez in a deal to Phoenix to land Doan. What I am hearing is that They are interested in Gomez, Prucha, and Girardi, for Doan and two other players, one being a defenseman. I don’t actually have a problem with this. I always liked Doan’s game and leadership abilities. Any thoughts on this?

  55. Doan? Say no. I agree with Avery that he’s overrated. If he’s been so great, how many playoff games and series has he won? The only way I’d deal for him is if the Yotes took Redden.

    This is a good team for Bobby Sags to play against because after the Heately/Alfredson/Spezza, the Sens don’t have much. I know he’s a little shaky in his own zone, but pair him with Girardi or Mara and it’ll help him. My D pairs tonight:


    Redde and Kalinin is pretty shaky, but don’t put Bobby with Kalinin, that’s not a good recipe.

    If he plays, I really hope he gets to man the point on the PP and gets a taste of what is his to lose for the next decade.

  56. i hope to hell that bobby gets a shot tonight. its wishful thinking but if he shines, he could push kalinin out of the line up. give the kid a shot, tom. let’s see what he can do.

    financial troubles aside, id be shocked if phoenix was really listening to offers for doan. if the financial troubles would force phoenix to trade him, why on earth would they want to take a big salary back in return? doesn’t make sense.

  57. Sather let Jagr go, after saying he wanted to stay a Ranger. He let him hang for over a month of no contact. I remember that is what Jagr said to the media the last time he was interviewed here in NYC. You know how Sather treats players….

  58. Its sad to say but it looks like we are stuck with an egotistical moron for a gm and a even worse coach and staff. Need I even talk about Jimmy Dean Dolan LOL I have a friend who is pretty high up the Garden ladder and they say Dolan actually idolizes Sather to the extent of a 12yr old masturbating to a Pam Anderson video.ANARCHY is the only answer

  59. HockeymanRangers on

    The only way I would take Jags is if he gives 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want the slacker he was last year. And I know that wouldn’t happen so I hope it doesn’t happen

  60. I would love to have Jags back… he was just so much fun to watch… my boyfriend, who doesnt care for hockey all that much, would watch NYR games just to see him play. I miss him. Alot of people gave up on him last year, for whatever reason… but I said from the first day of the off season that i wanted him back in the worst way. Honestly, that would be fantastic!! Take the C off Drurys shoulder and put it back where it belongs

  61. Come back Jags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That would be awesome.
    Bring back Jagr and Avery!
    Please! :)

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