Lundqvist an All-Star (Updated)


Henrik Lundqvist was “indeed tapped today to represent the Rangers in the All-Star Game later this month in Montreal”:|NHL|home.

In other breaking news, the Rangers are wearing skates today at practice.

It will be Lundqvist’s first All-Star appearance after being a Vezina Trophy finalist his first three seasons in the league. He was far and away the team’s MVP to start the season, but has struggled of late, allowing four goals or more in six of his last 11 games.

Update, 12:19 p.m.: Some other notes from practice:

<li>Although he said he was honored to be going to Montreal, Lundqvist was clearly still thinking about last night, sitting at his stall quietly for several minutes after practice.

“I didn’t feel that well this morning after a tough game last night, but a thing like this always cheers you up a bit,” Lundqvist said. “It’s going to be fun to play that game with all those great players.”

For the record, Lundqvist said there was no way he could wear a wireless mic while tending goal the way Marty Turco did during last year’s game.

As for any advice from last year’s All-Star representative, Scott Gomez said he didn’t need to say much.

“It’s a little different,” Gomez said. “My first All-Star Game they told me if I got any sleep it’s the wrong way to approach an All-Star Game. Montreal should be great. He should just enjoy it…I’m not sure there’s any advice: Hank knows how to have a good time.”

<li>Looks like The Korpedo is headed back into the lineup. He skated on a line with Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev.  Aaron Voros, meanwhile, was wearing a white jersey during practice and looked sufficiently annoyed afterward — to the point that Markus Naslund sat down next to him in an apparent effort to try to cheer to him up.

<li>I asked Paul Mara about facing Patrik Kaleta again. Remember it was Kaleta who broke a bone in Mara’s face with a high hit last Februrary, and who then incited Mara enough in a game this season to draw a game-deciding roughing penalty against the Rangers defenseman. Mara said he didn’t anticipate it being an issue.

“We want to win the game. That’s it,” Mara said. “He had his chance. We’re just going to play hockey.”

Then Mara added, “I won’t bite him.”

More later..

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  1. I wish I was Jim Dolan. You know have daddy build the empire, give me the best education, give me the business and pro sports teams to play with and still have time to play in a band.

  2. doodie machetto on

    “In other breaking news, the Rangers are wearing skates today at practice.”

    Sam, that is news. They could have been in the weight room or something today.

  3. I was at the game last night- agame of “all stars” lower case intended. I thought they played a great game unitl Voros took the penalty. They owned the second and until then third period. You just cannot commit a foul in the third period-such a stupid penalty even if it was borderline. The shot by Markov that followed was not LQ’s fault. It was perfect. 2 previous goals were all LQ, but the point is that the Rangers, because they live on the edge of mediocrity, they cannot afford to have a Voros around anymore. I don’t want to see him. Prucha was awesome again.

  4. Good for Hank, but I really hope he regains his Kingly form this year. I can’t wait for the year that we just get a consistent performance from him for the whole year. I know he can’t be on top of his game every game, but he always goes through these stretches. Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade him for any other goalie or player in the league, but I hope he becomes more consistent as he grows in his career.

  5. Rememeber the Title of yesterday’s post “headscratcher: Voros in for Korpi”

    We paid for that brilliant coaching move last night

  6. Bobby- I could take or leave Voros but that call was marginal and shouldn’t have been called in a tight game. That’s what gets me in this new NHL. A guy puts his stick up for a second and gets called yet Mara gets his glove slashed off his hand and nothing.

  7. I was right in front of Mara’s slashing but the refs were not. They were however, in front of Voros. It was marginal, but you just cannot do it at that stage

  8. Guys, there is no such thing as “marginal hooking” anymore. A hook is 2 mins.

    Slashing, elbowing, spearing, butt-ending, shots to the head, thos can still be classified as marginal. But a hook is a hook, and a hook is a penalty. If the refs see it, they’ll call it, every time.

    Don’t be enablers :-)

  9. Lundqvists worst year…gets an all-star birth…thats why that gamne is so great….

    Its settled….I’m watching Natural Born Killers that night

  10. If he starts I will personally shuffle on up to Buffalo and check Renney into an Atomic Wing brick wall

  11. doodie machetto on

    “Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade him for any other goalie or player in the league, but I hope he becomes more consistent as he grows in his career.”

    I’d swap him for AO any day of the week. I’d probably deal him for other players too, but no one player straight up like that. Hell, I’d throw in more players with Hank for AO. I wouldn’t even care if we won so long as the team just let him do his thing. The entertainment value alone would be worth it. Imagine AO on the left and Zherdev on the right? amazing.

  12. “allowing four goals or more in six of his last 11 games”

    well you cant be perfect when your defense isnt helping at all. Agreed some of those goals may have been goals lundqvist should’ve had, but most of the reason that his GGA has gone up significantly, is because of the defense, or lack there of, of the rangers.

  13. The penalty that killed us last night was not Voros’s… the goal they scored 3 seconds into that pp would have gone in even if Renney was trying to play with 6 skaters on the ice again! The fact that we were a man down had nothing to do with it. Face off win – bang – goal.

    The one that killed us came from a guy that wears an A on his sweater… that was probably the most selfish penalty of the entire season. And he is someone that not only makes 7m friggen dollars a year but he is someone for the younger guys to emulate. Nice work Scotty!

  14. Someone called this the worst start in Lundqvist’s career?! If i’m not mistaken, through the first quarter of the season wasn’t it the best start of his career? Then didn’t the team suck the next 20 games?

    Not to mention, Hank didn’t have a very good game last night but do you remember the game Fleury played against us and Clemmenson a couple weeks ago? Those guys let every shot through them. Even Theodore a few weeks back in the first…Hank hasn’t had a game like that all season. The game’s he’s gotten beaten badly, the defense has been atrocious. Last night was one of the first games were Hank can be blamed for the loss.

    BTW: While Hanks stats are dropping (as the quality of chances are abundant and increasing), he hasn’t been that bad behind the *worst* Rangers roster we’ve seen in the past four years.

  15. OK Doodie, maybe AO, but IMO, that is the only guy I would trade Hank for. I am not saying others have different opinions, but for me, Hank is a HUGE part of this team. Goalies will win you cups. I think as a Star player and a game changer, there is none bigger than AO. Greatest player in the world. But without solid goaltending, the Caps are not winning a cup. You put AO on the Rangers, and I think we could win a cup very soon, but we would need Mr. Hanky here with him. Hiiiiiiiiiiiidey Hoooooo!

  16. Nasty, i’m going to agree. I think Hank on his own with the same roster as AO on his own will be more successful. Hell, Hank stole how many games this year just in 3rd periods and shootouts?

    *BEER ME*
    Haven’t you been a Renney, Drury, Voros supporter all year and a Prucha hater? What do you think now?

    Thank you for giving Prucha the props he deserves. He has been not only the best forward since getting back in the lineup, he’s the only forward I notice on the ice for nearly every shift and he’s only guy generating consistent scoring chances.

  17. doodie machetto on

    Yeah, solid goaltending. Not Star goaltending. Chris Osgood, JS Giguere, Cam Ward. Those are the three goaltenders that have won the cup since the lockout. Only Giguere is a star. The other two are just solid goaltenders.

    Meanwhile, GREAT goaltenders like Luongo, Nabokov, and Marty Turco (not recently, but in the past) have never won a thing.

  18. “I’d swap him for AO any day of the week. I’d probably deal him for other players too, but no one player straight up like that. Hell, I’d throw in more players with Hank for AO. I wouldn’t even care if we won so long as the team just let him do his thing. The entertainment value alone would be worth it. Imagine AO on the left and Zherdev on the right? amazing.”
    Doodie 1-08-09

    I tell you what that is…thats poetry…thats what that is…Goddam poetry

  19. Hank could win Cups… he just needs a team in front of him.

    Right now his career/prime is being wasted.

  20. AO for Hank – are you kidding? Done done and double done.

    The chances of that happening – zip zap and zippo.

    How about AO and Semin for Hank and Redden!! I think i just wet myself!

  21. Opinion on renney hasn’t changed.

    Drury…I neither bashed nor praised him. I’ve always said he was well overpaid, but I like his game. I just don’t think you pay $7mil for it. Or for gomers game either, but I like him too. Rozy makes too much, redden makes too much…

    On prucha…its gonna take more than a handful of games to change my mind. Let’s see what happens when he goes 2 weeks without a point.

    And don’t get this twisted…I WANT prucha to do well because it’s win/win for the Rangers. His trade value goes up everytime he gets one. This team is small enough up front, and I don’t see prucha as anything more than a ‘potential goal scorer’. When he’s not scoring goals, he doesn’t do much for ya.

    Voros…I still like Voros. Still like the signing too. I never expected him to play 82 games. Really…I was SHOCKED to see his early production. He’s a 3rd liner, always was, always will be. If I look at the player as an individual, I’d like to have him on the roster. Even if it’s as a ‘black ace’.

    The depth of this team is actually pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they’re all depth players. Gomer I could see on most 1st lines. But not really anyone else.

  22. To win a cup I think you need:

    1. A good coach with a solid system.
    2. Players that are willing to do whatever they need to do to win at all costs.
    3. A solid goalie who can win a game or 2 or 3 on his own.
    4. A player or 2 that strikes fear in the other team. A player who delivers bone crushing hits and can injure a player with such clean and sometimes dirty hits.
    5. At least one player who is consistently on the score sheet and putting the puck in the net.

    That is my Cup Rubric if you will.
    We have only number 3 right now.

  23. From Burnside’s All-Underachiever team on today:

    “Wade Redden, New York Rangers
    Redden’s play might be slowly turning a corner in New York, but it’s been pretty grisly through the first half of the season for the longtime Senator who is in the first year of a six-year, $39 million deal. What was Glen Sather thinking?

    Michal Rozsival, New York Rangers
    Notice a trend here? Four years, $20 million. Earth to Glen … Earth to Glen … come in Glen.”

  24. Beer, i appreciate your reply. Very fair and you’re sticking to your guns, I respect that. We’ll see how things work out the next couple weeks.

    Parros, two different positions, two different age players. Obviously Redden was a bone-head signing but you can’t even compare the two.

    I like Burnside’s summary. haha

  25. Parros,

    the whole energy of the building sagged when Voros took that penalty. And, I believe Hank’s did too. It was like, oops, here we go.

    Plus, the forward (Sjoe) can’t attack that point the way he would have 5 on 5. his first move is towards the near side point man if you watch the video.

    We can speculate all we want…it’s possible that goal would have gone in otherwise. but it was a bad penalty, and without the penalty, there wouldn’t have been the draw, so…..

  26. If Rosi continues to play how he has been playing and turns his game around, I will be willing to chalk up the first half of the season to his surgery, him not being 100%, and leave it at that. If he goes back to playing how he did, I will send a flaming bag of shit to his doorstep. Redden, I don’t know if he can ever, under any circumstances, live up to that contract. Hell, if he was making half of what he is making now, I don’t know if he could live up to that contract. Redden’s nickname should be “Easy Glide” or “Easy Rider”.

  27. Hey, just thought of this: “A Tom Renney Hat-Trick”. It consists of:

    – A too-many men on the ice penalty
    – A shorthanded goal against
    – A shoot-out win

  28. To add to Voros…I also said earlier this a.m. that Korpi needs to go back in. His penalty last night was a lazy one. An extra stride or two, and you don’t need to use your stick, you’d have body position. And at 6’3″ 2– you better use it.

    Lemaire used him similarly in Minn last year. I think he only played 55 games or so. He’ll end up with more this year mostly due to the early hot streak.

    I really want korpi to get time too. There’s just too many bodies (up front).

  29. All I kept thinking last night was that if Captain Clutch could have scored on that steal and breakaway last night, we would have won that game. I just have a feeling that we would have taken the wind out of an injury depleted team and won that game. You all remember the play I am talking about right?

  30. how can u defend still defend renney, just based on the pp and his complete failure to hold veterans accountable for terrible play he deserves heavy criticism from all (and in my opinion he should be fired right away).

    prucha will never get the chance to go two weeks without a point, but redden, gomez and drury could never score again this season and they would still play every game. maybe renney doesnt have a lot of say in when the big contracts play, but if thats the case it only makes it look like he is trying to convince himself that he is still a man by scratching a player like prucha, who works harder than anyone else on the ice and who certainly is one of the most talented offensive player we have on our roster and in our system (for better or worse)

  31. Nasty – I’m with you 100% on that. Rozy COULD be getting out of his funk at just the right time. (to not get his ass traded)

    Sore – No secret I’m a fan of Renney. But that’s hilarious.

  32. pete – B/C of the big picture. I’m not a ‘what have you done for me lately’ guy. Sorry.

    And I think you hit the nail on the head with not being “allowed” (my word, not yours) to sit or bench the “$6mil+ club”. You know how foolish a GM looks when his big contracts are healthy scratches? And to that point, you’d want to sub Fritsche for say…Drury? That’s biting your nose to spite your face. I don’t buy into that. Play your best players.

    Everyone wanted prucha to play through his scoring slump…but you want the double standard in place at the same time to not let anyone else?

  33. Sore – fair point on the Voros penalty. And Beer is right too, was very very lazy – but the Gomez one made me jump out of my seat! And then it even looked like he was complaining to the ref for a cr@p call even though it was blatently obvious he held the guys stick.

    Sore again – loving the Renney Hat Trick. Btw – is there a term for what Lang did last night (even strength, pp and shorty)… not sure there is. That is pretty sick though. Wonder how many times a season one of those happens. Prob not a lot I would guess.

    Nasty – totally agree with you on that Drury shot – I thought he was gonna bury that one.

    True Blue – totally agree – was just throwing shite out there. I’d do that trade in a heartbeat though. Wash would have to be on crack to do it though.

  34. And Lang’s were all in the 3rd period too. Seriously I would bet that might be one of very few natural hat tricks were the guy scored a pp, shorty and an even strength goal…. Could it be an NHL first? Anyone have an idea of how to check?

  35. no im saying the double standard will always exist (not that it should) ie prucha wont ever get the chance to go two weeks without scoring, but drury and gomez will. i dont think prucha should be treated any different from those players especially when he plays like he actually cares while drury and gomez go games without showing any effort (drury has looked better of late espec playing with prucha, coincidence?)

    and how big a picture do u need to see that renney isnt a great coach. we have had the same issues the last three years he has been here. I give him credit for the first year after the lockout, since then he has done nothing to impress me. I do agree that he may not be able to scratch the big contracts for extended periods of time and maybe at all, but I don’t think Sather has been ordering Renney to keep Prucha off the power play for the last three years.

  36. Voros pissed now that’s funny. He should have been scratched a month or so earlier. Prucha sat out 20+ for no reason at all and he kept his mouth shut and practiced harder than anyone. Voros has played like dreck the last 2 months and he’s making a stink about sitting.

  37. I always thought a “natural hat trick” was 3 consecutive goals in a period. Langs 3 were interrupted by Rozy goal. But, for what it’s worth, here’s adifferent opinion from Wikipedia:

    “A natural hat trick is when a player scores either a) a goal in each of the three periods, b) three goals in one period, or c) three of his team’s goals in succession in one game, with the one involved player scoring all three goals in a row, without anyone else from their own team, or the opponent’s team, scoring a goal in-between.”

  38. redden makes too much…

    On prucha…its gonna take more than a handful of games to change my mind. Let’s see what happens when he goes 2 weeks without a point.

    And don’t get this twisted…I WANT prucha to do well because it’s win/win for the Rangers. His trade value goes up everytime he gets one. This team is small enough up front, and I don’t see prucha as anything more than a ‘potential goal scorer’. When he’s not scoring goals, he doesn’t do much for ya.

    Bull you hate the guy and pray for him to fail every night. You probably throw Dr. Houses’ granny panties at the tv when he scores. If he goes two games without a point he’ll be out of the lineup forget about 2 weeks. He adds plenty besides for goals. He is one of the most energetic players on the team, he hits, he drives to the net hard , he agitates the other team and is an underrated passer.

  39. Lundqivst is stupid if he plays in the All Star game. There’s more important things at hand than a meaningless game, where they don’t even play actual hockey. Jagr didn’t do it, and sat it out, so Hank should do the same.

  40. doodie machetto on

    1) Mike Keenan
    2) Heave Ho
    3) Mike Richter
    4) Jeff Beukeboom
    5) Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Brian Leetch

  41. During the ’94 guarantee, did Mess score a PP goal?! I know he scored an EV strength, an empty net SH, and it was definitely a natural hat trick but i don’t know if he got a PP in there too.

  42. Some of Prucha’s passes last night were 10X better than anything Blowmez has done all season. Who should Sather give that contract to ?

  43. Some of Prucha’s passes last night were 10X better than anything Blowmez has done all season. Who should Sather give that contract to ?

  44. howyagonnatellme on

    Paul Mara is a funny man.

    The point is that Prucha wasn’t scoring because he was held back from scoring by 1) sometimes having Blair Betts as his center 2) having less than 10 minutes of ice time a night 3) being pulled in and out of the line up on a daily basis 4) never getting PP time and 5) the coach pushing his defense first system onto a player who was NOT DESIGNED to play defense first.

    It’s fine if that makes him useless to this team. Then trade him. But don’t ruin his confidence, and his career, by letting him rot.

    Was Prucha on a slump or was he just not given any chances? You can’t compare Prucha’s slump with Dubinsky or Drury or Gomez, because these players actually get ice time, and power play time, and they are not concerned for their jobs.

    And when Prucha decided he was going to give it his all and play like he HAS to play to succeed… look what happened.
    Prucha has even said… several times… that he had a different role, now, that the coach was asking him to play. But he ignores the “5 in the picture” scheme, and look what happens. He pushes an aggressive forecheck (to Renney’s dismay) and look what happens.

    Let Prucha do his thing and it’ll be like 2005 all over again. For Pru, anyway.

  45. the salary cap does work….

    imagine how bad we’d be and how many overpaid stiffs we’d have if Sather had no cap!!

  46. Kaspar

    You can say that again. I have thought of that over and over again…. Because you know, its worked out SO well for the Rangers in the past pre-lockout.

    Some of you guys are spot on with your posts.
    Howyagonna – 100% agree!!!!

  47. The Rangers “defense first” system is nothing more than sending one guy in on offense to gain the zone…only then will a second man enter ( while the first guy waits and gets swallowed up along the boards by a swarm of 2-3 opponents) happens every time…devolving into some lame-ass shot from the boards that pads the shots on goal totals so Sam rosen can say “the rangers now lead in shots on goal 17-7!!” even while the score is 1-1

    their defensive system is simply “dont play offense”

    I can just imagine all the drawings and blackboards filled up with diagrams and equations trying to substantiate it as something more than it is….

  48. No doubt lundqvist has been the allstar in the first 20 games of the season, since then he has the ability to meltdown like a hershey kiss on a hot stove. A good amount of his 20 wins are in a shootout and not in regulation. I love the guy but he doesn’t deserve the nod for the all-star game. I’m sure he would tell you that himself.

  49. your boy Malik on

    I’m bored – so went onto Hockeybuzz where the headline is Devs interested in Jags……where does he get this stuff?

  50. the Roszival contract is not a bad contract. To compare it to Reddens is a joke.

    Redden got 2 more years, he is 2 yrs older and he got $2 or $3 mill more a year.

    Roszival has played much better. Imagine if the Rangers got Streit instead of Redden, they would have saved yrs and about $3 mill per, and Streit has absolutley played much much better.

    The Roszival signing may have been bad( I do not think so) but it is small potatoes.

  51. Del Zotto just got traded to London in the OHL with Tavares.

    And as for the All-Stars, Henke doesn’t deserve it. The problem is Kovalev should’ve been left off the squad for Ovechkin and then put Zherdev in Ovechkin’s spot. Then take your pick for goalie out of Anderson, Miller, Ward, even Clemmensen or others.

    If you look at the stats, Henke is now 25th in GAA and Sv% even though he’s 3rd in wins. That is not an all-star player. Last year at this time he should’ve been though cuz he was top 3 in all 3 categories I believe.

  52. malik

    except on trade deadline day the rest of the year has about ten trades made…

    an yet every day this Ecklund guy is ‘working on numerous’ leads as if things are constanntly happening and phones are ringing off the wall…fax paper is shooting all over his room…..

    its just him, possibly a dog and the internet

  53. REPOST (from early this a.m.)

    I was thinking of something yesterday, and I’M not even sold on the idea yet. But what about a trade sending Rozy to TOR for Kubina? Both have the exact same cap-hit of $5mil per. The difference is, is that Kubina’s contract is up after next season. Right about the time we can hope that Bobby S. or Mike DZ is ready for the bigs. Free’s up space in 2 years rather than 4 years from now. And you’re getting essentially the same player…another dman making too much…but at least it’s a shorter term. And as far as ability goes…they’re both about the same. Kubina’s 31(32 in April), rozy 30. So Burke gets 1.5yrs younger on the deal too.


    (btw…I don’t think burke would take redden instead.)

  54. I always thought a natural hatty was three in the same period not three in a row. Guess I was wrong!

    And funny thought on Prucha… interesting how he has turned his game around after telling Renney NO on going down to play in Hartford. Wonder if it was Renney’s idea to do that and get him fired up. I don’t beleive that it was, but just saying… there are lots of different angles to look at all this stuff from. Some can paint Renney as a dope… others as a sage.

    I tend to think Renney has a lot of strengths and a lot of weaknesses. Unfortunatly I think his strengths were better for last years squad and his weaknesses seem very apparent with this teams. Meaning I think he was good at handling all the egos on last years squad. This year there aren’t any and he is spending his time tinkering with the lines so much that everyone’s head is spinning.

  55. Western Canada Survivor on

    Kaspar, you’re right-

    I call Renney’s scheme the dump and dump system. The Rangers dump it in from the red line, send one guy in while the rest of the team changes, and then they get caught in the line change (or get called for too many men) and the other team dumps the puck in the net. The system breeds conservatism, thoughtlesness, and is a huge reason why we never score-it is also why we rarely forecheck or drive to the net, but is why we always have 30+ shots on goal.

    The dump and dump…

  56. “I’m bored – so went onto Hockeybuzz where the headline is Devs interested in Jags……where does he get this stuff?”

    Eklund? From people like you going to your friends and other message boards and repeating his nonsense. Seriously.

  57. Congrats, to the King eventhough last night was not your night, it is way overdue from the past seasons that the King should be at the All-Star Game.
    Hey, I see Kaberle hints at Waiving his no-trade clause, well why not trade Kalinin to the Leafs for Kaberle?

  58. Voros was annoyed? wah, wah – he’s the luckiest guy on the team. Coming into this season Dan Fritsche had NHL 220 games, 67 points. Voros? 55 and 14. Renney’s been failing with his gametime rosters all season.

  59. Sjostrom, Betts, and Orr are all pretty much useless. They are all so one-dimentional it is not even funny. They don’t hit much, they don’t score, they don’t agitate, their defense and PK ability are grossly overrated.

    Our offense suffers by having such a pathetic 4th line.

    Voros can score, hit, screen goalies, and agitate. Is it Voros’s fault that the team around him can’t score, and the idiot coach has a disasterous system that chokes any offense, creativity, and confidence?

  60. Where is all the anti-Voros vibe originate from? From Renney? What did he do to get all the hate lately? Is it because he stopped scoring? Took a few bad penalties? Is he just Renney’s and his supporters’ scapegoat?

  61. Noonan,
    Eklund likes to create stirs. It’s funny listening on the XM Radio at 6pm when he goes on the Boomer show at the NHL channel. He pumps so much B-S, its all just a stir to nowhere.

  62. betts/sjo are the Rangers PK’ers. The ones that are ranked #1 in the NHL. (with help from Hank). But I’d gander that the amount of blocked shots & passes equal the amount of saves Hank’s had to make in PK situations.

  63. It’s not so much anti-voros, as it is that everybody’s frustrated about Renney’s decisions on who to dress and who to sit.

    I think guys would have rather seen Korpikoski in that spot. Renney wedging voros back in when he did made no sense and showed no consistency compared to the way he’s handled his other forwards.

    “At the end of the day, quite honestly, it’s about sustainability” – Tom Renney

  64. “quite honestly”

    Whoever uses that expression in their speeches is most likely dishonest.

  65. Lay off the 4th line already. Go find a fourth line on another that is a good goal scoring line. That’s not their job. Sjo-Betts-Orr do their jobs which is more than you can say for most people on this team.

  66. I was talking about the whole scratch issue with a friend at the game last night. you know what AMAZED me?

    We’re right around 1/2-way through the season. Of our forwards, I think Gomez is the only one to miss ANY time with injury (a couple of games). We’ve had nobody go on IR, and nobody hurt more than a week or so. That’s REMARKABLE, and a HUGE reason why there’s so much controversy about who should sit and who should start.

  67. “betts/sjo are the Rangers PK’ers.”

    yeah, they must be the only ones that are able to kill penalties, because all the rest are so terrible according to Tom the Idiot. Sjostrom and Betts are as replaceable as an old sock. There is absolutely nothing they can do that Korpikoski or Anisimov or Fritsche can’t.

  68. “The Rangers “defense first” system is nothing more than sending one guy in on offense to gain the zone…only then will a second man enter”

    Its called the offsides rule Kaspar… No wonder you’re out in Khazakstan.

  69. When there are so few injuries it is because players are not giving it their 110% every game, if they would be going to the net like they should be and playing physical there would likely be a lot more injuries.

  70. yessiree bob
    January 8th, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    Sjostrom and Betts are as replaceable as an old sock. There is absolutely nothing they can do that Korpikoski or Anisimov or Fritsche can’t.

    and then if Korpi, Ani, and Frit were starting, you’d be saying “there’s nothing they can do that Betts and Sjo and Orr can’t”… what’s your point?

  71. jeevs – Go easy on kaspar. There’s no way he knows what offsides is. He was never able to get up ice that quickly to GO offside!

  72. Jeev and beer me!

    I have just authorized a very rarely used Lithuanian hex on the two of you…you will wake up on an even numbered day, dreaming of a three forward tandem crossing the blue line “ONSIDE” like a real hockey team and….you will both be joined at the right hip..facing different directions…

    Try staying onside like that


  73. Dave, I brought it up in a post before. Its a huge trade involving Tavares as the centerpiece and I think Del Zotto and Borden. Thomas, Valentine, and Zador headed to Oshawa along with a bunch of draft picks.

  74. I’m assuming this trade doesn’t impact the Rangers trading DZ’s rights?… wait.. why would anyone trade Tavares anywhere?

  75. I would take Rossival over Redden. My only problem with Rozy’s game right now is it’s gotten a bit soft. And, I don’t mean soft as in he doesn’t throw big hits (he’s not that type of player), I mean soft in a sense that it seems like he’s REALLY afraid to get hit, especially going for the puck in the corner.

    I’d argue he hasn’t been the same since getting buried in Buffalo in the right corner 2 years ago.

    He’s a very smart player with a great hockey IQ. He has a terrific shot that he never uses and his confidence is pretty slow.

    That being said, he is better than the average defenseman and if he can somehow grow his balls back and start taking hits to make plays, he’s a fine top 4 D-man for this team.

    NO team in the league has 4 solid defenseman. Sharks, Ducks and Wings probably have 3 each and look at where they are in the standings.

    Great defenseman are sparse in this league.

    That’s why the 08 draft was ALL d-men.

  76. Sweet one Kaspar Renny`s system sucks Renny sucks and lets throw in Pearn and Pelino too. All these Renny lovers are mistified by his double talk and use of the english language HEY GUESS WHAT go teach a speaking class and get off of my team you TROLL

  77. Brandon

    DET Dmen:

    Rafalski: +12
    Lidstrom +17
    Kronwall -4
    Lilja +7
    Lebda +2
    Stuart 0

    All pretty solid. I’d take any of their “scrubs” over Redden & Kalinin :)

  78. Stacked dee teams

    Bieksa-Salo-Ohlund-Edler-Mitchell is a pretty tough group of 5 in Vancouver as well

  79. Just to think Renny chased out guys like Pock and Motta because they werent up to his standards LOL Now we got Redden and Kalinin and no cap room and they suck more. Great judge of players Tom

  80. Yeah, I can’t belive he’s a GM.

    Pock sux. I wonder why the Isles were the team that grabbed him off waivers and not Detroit.

    Those are horrible horrible horrible examples.

  81. bull dog line on

    wasn’t that our faceoff specialist, and best 4th line center in the league blair betts, taking that faceoff that led to the go ahead goal. i say, reward him with more icetime.

  82. Betts’s faceoff specialist and shot blocking specialist days are long over. Now he is Renney’s anotomy specialist.

  83. kurt – Do you know how the management structure of an NHL team works?

    Asst GM is primarily a scout(ours just so happens to be the GM of our AHL affiliate as well.

    Pres/GM is ‘the man’ when it comes to contracts, and personel changes.

    I understand, and agree that the redden and kalinin signings are a mistake. But you gotta understand that Slats was the man on the phones to get these guys to NY.

    If you want to argue icetime for those guys, then you have a valid argument.

  84. bull dog line on

    mottau, and pock are isles and dev’s. these are the rangers, they must have star power, big names. redden and to a lesser extent kalin are that. guys like mottau, and pock just would’nt fly as rangers. the rangers are big time, win or lose, they must have star power.

  85. from a couple of threads back

    brandon – for the 10th time fritsche was not a free agent but rather a part of the z deal where we unloaded backman

    nasty – forgot cally in your lines

    beerme – no way toronto makes that deal. cap room is like gold in todays nhl

  86. joe – Just dreamin man! Tryin to find a rational way to unload a salary. Of those 4 big contracts, rozy & gomer are the only 2 ‘movable’ ones.

  87. bull dog line on

    i think it is extremely difficult to move the big contracts in theNHL tody because of the cap. on order to do the revamping of the roster we would like to see, you would have to take someone elses overpaid garbage to get rid of yours. and you may have to give up some youth to sweeten any deal. i think we all agree the ranger need a big physical Dman, and size with skill up front. maybe trading dubi is the way to go. the rangers do have anisimov in hartford to take his place should they trade dubi. i don’t see gomez, ao drury going anywher anytime soon.

  88. “joe – Just dreamin man! Tryin to find a rational way to unload a salary”
    Beer Me!

    Try dreamin when you awake on sat’day the 10th and you are glued to Jeever


  89. The DZ trade doesn’t affect the Rangers at all. I just wanted to scare people.

    I did a little review of what it means for Del Zotto over at my blog.

  90. from prev thread

    prucha i’m not quite that old but at least 1/2 of those 68 yrs was due to different factors than the rangers going for faded stars. there was no free agency, no draft until mid 60’s, mtl and tor had 1st dibs on players in their area.

    DM – richter had more than 94’ look at int’l play. look at 97 playoffs.

    UES Blue – jj wanted 3 yrs he would never have signed for 1

    cwg – the last thing this team needs is avery. read about all the problems he causes – for his own team. just do some internet searches

  91. One comment on the “big physical dman”, lets assume you’re talking about Phaneuf or Orpik.

    Phaneuf has been on the ice for 50 even strength goals in 40 games, Orpik 38 even strength goals against in 41 games.

    The Rangers on ice for even strength goals –
    Staal 25
    Mara 26
    Girardi 30
    Kalinin 33
    Redden 34
    Rozsival 37

    I would say that the statistics show that being a “physical” defenseman doesn’t necessarily keep the puck out of the net.

    Obviously, this argument is slightly biased by time on the ice and the goalie you’re playing in front of. Orpik plays 20 minutes a night, comparable to most of the Rangers and the Pens goalies have been average. Phaneuf leads the lead in ATOI at about 28 mins/game and Kiprusoff has been good, adjusting it down by 1/3 to account for more minutes still gets you even strength goals of around 33.

    Incidentally, not that I think this stat means anything but Phaneuf is -11 and Orpik is -3.

    I think Mara plus Girardi and increasingly Staal have the Ranger’s D covered on the physical aspect. I don’t think the defense has played poorly because of size or hitting but rather stupid play.

  92. doodie machetto on

    LI Joe, I’m talking NHL. Yes, he had a great World Cup and Olympics. But NHL is what really counts. 97 playoffs. That’s all you could come up with from his entire NHL career? that proves my point.

  93. doodie machetto on

    Even with his international play, he never even sniffs the HOF. Look how long it took Glenn Anderson to get in. Richter is never getting in.

  94. doodie machetto on

    He’s never getting in. He doesn’t deserve it. One season does not a HOF entrance make. Here’s a list of the goaltenders in the Hockey Hall of Fame, with the years they were inducted:

    1945: Charles Robert “Chuck” Gardiner
    1945: Georges Vezina
    1958: Alex Connell
    1958: Frederick Hugh Lehman
    1959: Cecil “Tiny” Thompson
    1961: George Hainsworth
    1964: William Ronald Durnan
    1965: Clinton S. “Clint” Benedict
    1966: Francis Charles Brimsek
    1967: Walter Edward “Turk” Broda
    1969: Roy Worters
    1971: Terrance Gordon “Terry” Sawchuk
    1972: Harry “Hap” Holmes
    1973: Claude Earl “Chuck” Rayner
    1975: Glenn Henry Hall
    1976: John William Bower
    1978: Joseph Jacques Plante
    1980: Harry Lumley
    1980: Lorne “Gump” Worsley
    1983: Ken Dryden
    1984: Bernard Marcel Parent
    1985: Gerald Michael “Gerry” Cheevers
    1987: Edward “Eddie” Giacomin
    1988: Anthony James “Tony” Esposito
    1989: Vladislav Tretiak
    1993: William John “Billy” Smith
    2003: Grant Fuhr
    2006: Patrick Roy

    28. That’s it. Forget #29. If you think Richter is a top 50 goaltender all time, you are out of your mind.

  95. doodie machetto on

    And 300 isn’t the benchmark. That’s why Andy Moog, John Vanbiesbrouck, and Sean Burke won’t ever see the Hall either. 400 seems to be the benchmark, which is why CuJo, even without a cup, seems likely to get in with 438.

    Face it, for as much as Richter did for us in 1994, and as much of a permanent part of Rangers and USA Hockey history he will be, he is not a HOF goaltender.

  96. onecupin67years on

    Richer may get in, he’s in the US hof. He won a stanley cup, world cup and an Olympic silver medal, not too shabby.
    But I criticize he and Leetch for remaining Rangers too and pursuing the cup elsewhere.

  97. yesireebob

    I’m curious as to which games you have been watching. Betts,Orr and Sjostrom don’t hit much?

    Everytime I see Orr on the ice he’s just finished whacking someone, and Betts has dished out fsome of the best checks
    ‘ve seen this eyar, Sjostrom is constantly poounding away at guys in the corners, and he disrupts a lot of offensive breakouts.

    They don’t score much, but then they are not set up for that. Every team needs a cluster of folks like this that can accomplish the things that they do. Even the great Islanders team had their “scavengers” freed up the
    killers to do their own thing.

    I just wonder who you would put on a 4th line in thei place.

  98. Don’t forget that Mess scored those three goals in one period! Granted one was an empty netter. I remember hearing that a natural hat trick was three in one period.

  99. dm – re 12:38 i’d trade any 2 players for AO – prob staal and henrik. but wash wouldn’t

  100. doodie — I agree on richter, much as I admire him. And when you think about it, Giacomin’s numbers and body of work are pretty close to not being HOF worthy. The poor guy never really had one playoff run that topped his best play during the regular season. and on that list, he is surrounded by multiple Cup winners, except for Tony O.

  101. Re: the all underachievers team article posted earlier in this thread

    Rosival has looked 10x better in the past month and a half than he had all season leading up and has been playing 20x better than redden has all season just based off of this past month and a half

    is he worth 5mill??? i dont really know about that but then again was he really woth $3 mill that he was getting previously paid?? to keep him was gonna cost more $ than it might have been worth but hey he is getting better

  102. bull dog line on

    the scavengers on the Islanders you are refering to, are Bob Nystrom, Lorne Henning, and,Gary Howatt. check there stats, see how youre boys compare. while you are at it, check brian skrudland, terry oriely, joel otto, and guy charbeneau.

  103. yes, they went from down 2-0, to winning 4-2. Kovalev got the first, and then Mess 3 in a row in one period. Natural hat trick

  104. bull dog line on

    in richter’s era. if there were 2 team of the best36 skaters(18on each team)in the world, who would be youre 4 goailies. mine would be in no order, Richter, Hasek, Roy, and joseph.
    if you answer honestly, i yhink you will change your thought on Richter.

  105. kaspar – re your 2:11 we never would have won the cup in 94 or have the 92-97 era if there was a cap. yes from 97 to the lockout they spend like drunken sailors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. i would love for there not to be a cap.

  106. bull dog line on

    and about thos 4th liners that are hitting everything in sight.Orr is 7th on the team in hits with71, not bad. more than i thought. Betts has 50, and Sjoostrom has 53. now lets look at some others. Dawes and Redden 49 each, Dawes in a lot less games. Korpikoski has 45, again less games than betts and sjoo.Prucha has 31 hits in 15 games hmm.Rozival has 50. Voros has more hits than Orr, i mention him because everybody seems to want to bench him again.

  107. domi – i;m sure kalinini can’t be traded for kaberle due to the difference in salaries. and after this season we need to hide sather’s checkbook

  108. kurt – pock was never ever any good. he was recently waived by the isles and no other team grabbed him. not saying at all it’s good to have redden with that contract here but pock is a non event.

  109. Sore and True wrote:

    “”Hey, just thought of this: “A Tom Renney Hat-Trick”. It consists of:

    – A too-many men on the ice penalty – A shorthanded goal against – A shoot-out win””


    This is classic, I love it!

  110. when was pock waived?

    I thought he was fine for a 6th d-man….better than kalinin, no? probably 1/2 the salary and twice as reliable

  111. Someone brought up Detroit’s d-men, but I know my friends from there that are diehard Wings fans are almost as frustrated with Stuart and Kronwall as we are Redden and Kalinin, maybe more actually. Their +/- stats are a bit misleading just because of how many goals Detroit scores overall, but Stuart and Kronwall are their two best hitting d-men and most fans are not happy with how they play overall.

  112. Voice of Reason on

    Bull Dog Line;

    I respect how long you’ve been a fan, but I have to say,
    I’m one of those people that want Voros on the Bench.

    He just doesn’t win any loose puck battles, his lack of leg drive makes his hits ineffective, he can’t fight, BUT HE CAN STAND IN FRONT OF OPPOSITION GOALIES…

    That’s not enough.

    Korpikoski can skate, forecheck, shoot, be physical. Defensemen have to back up when he carries the puck. To sit him down for Voros is a joke, much the same as sitting Fritsche for Orr when the opposition does not dress an Enforcer (Laraque didn’t dress the other night).

    Renney is clueless.

    Here’s a question, which Ranger Coach in recent memory was more frustrating than Renney?

    Ron Lowe?

  113. bull dog line on

    i want korpikoski in the line up as well. voros is a more effective player than both Orr and Sjoostrom. me i would have a 4th line of Betts, Voros,andOrr. i think Orr and Voros together might rattle some oppsition cages.

  114. After each and every game, us fans are begging for this guy to sit , this guy to play, this line changed, etc…..Voros out, fritsche in, prucha in forever, orr out, betts out, sjo out, trade gomez, F redden and rozi, kalinin to the hudson river, etc etc etc….power play blows, sign shanny, dont sign shanny, sundin is the savior, f sundin…..our captain is a emotionless douche…so on so forth, blah blah, dubinsky couldnt score on a whore, zherdev plays sometimes, dawes and cally are too small, girardi is never in the place, etc etc etc

    I guess we must realize, the Rangers indeed suck, they are boring, the coach is a clueless schmuck, the media are douches that never try to get answers, and us fans are the idiots paying cash for it !

  115. Here is my impression of Voros during an after whistle scuffle:

    Voros: You are ssssoooo ssssillly….U better shhhtopp wacking Lundqvisttthhht or I am gonna get craaazy on you like Ann and Nancy Willllthhon.

    Rangers Opponent: Aaron, why dont u stfu, u useless piece of crap….Everyone in this league knows u are a girly man who gets owned when you drop your little mittens…..

    Voros: Shhhhttoppp it !!! Or I am going to sthhhhkate away to Coach Thhhom….And he will really usthh big words on your atthh.

    Rangers Opponent: (Punches Voros who proceeds to buckle on his back like a turtle)

  116. bull dog line on

    would you rather everybody drank the ranger kool aid. all is well, please disperse, there is nothing to see here.

  117. liquid – even sather is not that dumb. the guy is toxic and has 3 1/2 yrs left on his expensive contract. the best gm in the league from detroit said absolutely not on avery. good enough for me. want to see a freak show go to wwf.

  118. The only reason Sjostrom has stayed in the lineup for so long is because Renney likes using him in the shootouts!!!!

    He doesnt deserve to stay in the lineup and should sit so Korpi can come back in. Dawes can take Sjostrom spot in the shootout


    Naslund – Gomez – Zherdev
    Dawes – Drury – Prucha
    Callahan – Dubi – Korpi
    Voros – Betts – Orr

  119. LI Joe-

    I wanna see some frickin intensity,urgency, and emotion. Avery aint gonna bring the cup to the canyon of heroes , but atleast we dont have to subjected to garbage hockey every single night.

    Avery was born to play on broadway…He saved this teams ass two years in a row for what he brought to the table every night.

    I say we should trade for h9im ASAP….unless u like watching Gomez smiling around the rink like a jack off and Drury skating around with his mouth piece half out looking like a zombie (especially last night, after whistle scrum, I forget who got wacked by two different Habs then attacked…and drury sat their like a lil fag and try to pull one of the guys gently off his team mate)

  120. liquid – avery cares about 1 person and 1 person only; there have been plenty of stories and tapes of him in action – doesn’t at all even try to be a good teammate. even if we had a good coach, or especially if we did (like torts) they would not put up with his bs. can’t have 1 set of rules for sean and another for everyone else. he should go into his real passion – fashion.

    yes unlike you and some maybe even many others i do like drury and gomez. i want ZERO to do with having sean avery in ranger blue for the next 3 1/2 yrs/ i hate the expression but what the heck – he is a cancer in the lockerroom.

  121. LI Joe –

    Personally, I think being a “good team mate” is over rated. I am referring to being buddy buddy and having good relationships in the locker room. Players should go out, leave it all on the ice, and try to win. Thats the bottom line. And Avery showed us fans for the few years he was here that was his modis operandi.

    Take a look at Redden. That fuck just coasts and collects a pay check. I would take 3 Avery dick team mates over that 1 piece of garbage.

    Rangers took alot of energy out of the lineup with no avery and I hate to say it, no Hollweg. Atleast Hollweg would invoke some fear into the opponent thinking they were about to be boarded head first, but it still makes the opponent play some what scared. I know he took a stupid penalty in playoffs versus pens, but Renney shouldnt even had him out their on that shift after tying the game.

  122. liquid – hollweg was a stiff and not just that one penalty. had the lowest iq of any hockey player i’ve ever seen. and dirty as hell. do a google search of some of avery if you’re interested. tsn had one a few mos ago where the team is around the coach while sean is doing his own thing. he was on his cell phone re fashion etc during intermissions. that is not a good teammate. he could care less about us the fans too. sean cares about sean. could we use a player with some of his qualities yes. but there are many others out there. and for 3 1/2 more yrs WOW.

    agreed on redden – horrible deal but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  123. I think what Avery brought to Broadway was a level of effort and emotion that forced the other players to raise their game or else look disinterested. Players couldn’t mail it in when Avery was causing a ruckus every night and lighting a fire under the other team. This year everyone (except Prucha) can mail it in and not stand out for their lack of effort. That being said, I think there are some players that are giving it most of what they have, game in and game out.


    devs lost, philly and mtl won. i am actually more concerned that the freakin isles are going to wind up with the best chance at tavares. would rather the devs have beaten atl one of the few threats to the isles for last. can’t those darn fishsticks win a few games so at least they’d only be say 3rd from the bottom. the last place team has 50% chance of getting the number 1 pick. i don’t like those odds

  125. onecupin67years on

    Don’t worry the Isles always draft a goalie ,
    any team that picks a goalie as #1 in the draft is nuts .. Blackburn, Montoya..great picks.
    You can win the cup with an average goalie but not with average scoring or players.
    Where are our #1’s ?

  126. After the first period on NESN tonight, Milbury questioned Julien’s use of Axelsson on the PP instead of Krejci. He used video to make his point, and it was intriguing and thought-provoking, even if like me you cannot stand Milbury.

    How refreshing would it be if somebody, anybody at MSG took a similar direct look at Renney’s choices in the same way: Not ranting and raving, but doing what an analyst is paid to do —– enlighten and maybe even educate the fans.

  127. i swear i think some post just to annoy others here – just like avery does to other teams but even more so to his teammates

  128. One question: Does anybody think Redden showed a difference in his approach last game especially? The reason I ask is because I read a quote from him just a few days ago. To paraphrase, he said something like he was waiting for his game to come back to him, but he realized he had to go reclaim his game.
    At least that is how I perceived it.

    Seriously, since NYR owns this huge contract, it is in our own interest to hope fervently that Redden does indeed continue to reclaim his game. Forget the last couple of years in Ottawa, maybe he could come back much better than that. Who the hell knows, but I would way rather be positive and hope for the best with this guy.

  129. Difference between Kalinin and Kaberle’s contracts is approximately $2 million more that Kaberle’s earning. Would require making cap space available by eliminating deadwood. Unlike in the case of Sundin, whose value on the team was questionable unless one of our centers played wing, Kaberle, with his power play prowess, would be a solid upgrade to a position we are in dire need of improving. Lifetime +45 with several 50 plus point seasons–all this while playing for the dismal Leafs. I say we raise cap spacew to make room for a still use(youth)ful 31 year old.

  130. Ford, good observation about a good observation. I often wonder what the video viewings translate to for Renney and company. I guess the pickings are slimmer when you look at NYR tape as opposed to the Bruins. I mean, when you haven’t already put Krejci on the PP pretty well all the time, it pretty much says that you have a wealth of riches and haven’t quite figured out what to do with all of it. Not a bad problem to have. Still say the Bruins benefit from a no-nonense coaching approach, opposed to the full-nonsense approach taken with NYR.

  131. Maybe Avery is not at all the answer, but the point that the team needs fire and emotion is completely legitimate, in my opinion.

  132. Good for Pittsburgh. Did Crosby show any frustration, i.e. crazy penalties, genital punching, muggings at the faceoff circle?

  133. akayama – if kaberle’s contract goes beyond this yr – and i don’t know if it does or not – there is no way we can afford him with the cap coming down a bit. we (as you know since you are a huge dawes fan) have our own to worry about. as is we are very likely to lose serviceable players like mara and prucha, and it;s not a lock on cally and dawes, assuming they still try to sign dubi and z.

    we need to steal sather’s checkbook and not give it back for a few yrs.

  134. tc

    What was interesting is that the puck movement, keyed by Axelsson on the half wall, was really good! But Milbury’s point that it focused manpower away from the front of the net where Chara’s shot could be most effective was a reasonable criticism.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    “in richter’s era. if there were 2 team of the best36 skaters(18on each team)in the world, who would be youre 4 goailies. mine would be in no order, Richter, Hasek, Roy, and joseph.”

    Goaltenders from Richter’s era I would take over Richter on that list: Martin Brodeur, Ed Belfour, Mike Vernon, Grant Fuhr, and Felix Potvin. Those are all off of the top of my head.

  136. doodie

    You had me pretty much in accord until the last one: Felix Potvin!? So completely wrong that it makes one’s teeth chatter. I saw that guy in person on many a night, and Richter was a much better goaltender.

  137. Eddie Belfour was a very good goalie – crazy but good….

    Roy has been and will always be my favorite and best in my era…

  138. i think richter was very good as well. the altter part of his career his health and the health of his team talent wise or effort wise affected him.

  139. Vernon and Belfour at least have an argument to be included in the discussion. Potvin doesn’t in any way, shape or form.

  140. To all on my comments, 1st lets remember yes it was Slats THE GM who brought Redden here BUT it was Renny and most of all PEARN who vouched for him. Redden was always lazy and soft. As far as my comment on Pock and Mottau the point I was trying to bring out was that DO TO RENNY yes TOM CLUELESS Mottau was traded to Boston and Pock was released from Hartford.NOW I may not be a GENIOUS but with the salaries at a minimun for Mottau ( who is pretty good under a different coach and hits) and Pock ( who wouldve been a better 6th d-man ) are we a better team with Redden and Kalinin I THINK NOT, and so much more strapped at the cap due to it. I hear all the RENNY LOVERS crying Tom is only working with the hand he was dealt,well guess what he had a better than Redden d-man in Mottau but as usual couldnt see or bring out the talent. Now people say TOM CLUELESS is good with young talent to that I say ” what are you retarded” he has crippled the youth of our team with his arrogance and mismanaged the veterans with his SYSTEM that is NO SYSTEM. I wont use the F*** Renny line but lets face it this guy is a disaster.

  141. Richter was facing twice as many shots a game a fat Marty…
    beat him three times head to head…in big situations ’94, ’96 WC and in ’97

    Short career..don’t think he gets the hall but that doesn’t mean he wasnt one of the best during his era…hall is about accumulation of stats…guys hanging around past their Belfour and Hacek did

    Felix Potvin??? c’mon be serious

  142. kurt -agreed that renney and pearn have much to blame for the disaster of redden’s contract. i would rather have pock or mottau than redden but better yet strudwick. hate the size and length of the redden contract. still doesn’t make mottau or pock good though.

  143. Hasek for two years may hvae been the best player in the world, so how he’s not on that list is crazy. richter was a very fine goalie, a cut below HOF but he;ll always have those wins over Martine.

  144. Mike Richter is my favorite Ranger of all-time and I will defend his credentials to the death. Here’s why he makes it into the Hall in my opinion; It’s the Hockey Hall of Fame, not just the NHL. He has 300 Wins, a Cup, A World Cup, and a Silver medal. He was dominant for a decade (90s). It’s not his fault the Rangers were mismanaged the last 3-4 years of his career and he had nothing to work with and almost all the games he won, he stole. So THAT is why he deserves in. Without Richter, no Cup.

  145. What the HECK on

    Lets start with the most recent games and work backwards
    Opponent SA GA Save% SF GF Shoot%
    Montreal 25 5 80% 39 3 8%
    Pittsburgh 27 0 100% 26 4 15%
    NYI 24 4 83% 37 5 14%
    New Jersey 35 4 89% 33 2 6%
    Washington 36 5 86% 28 4 14%
    San Jose 30 3 90% 34 2 6%
    Anaheim 20 1 95% 30 3 10%
    Carolina 31 2 94% 29 2 7%
    NJ 34 8 76% 36 5 14%
    Calgary 20 3 85% 31 0 0%
    Montreal 39 6 85% 20 2 10%
    Pittsburgh 31 2 94% 27 2 7%
    Florida 30 4 87% 37 0 0%
    Florida 41 3 93% 46 3 7%
    Tampa 29 2 93% 35 2 6%
    Phoenix 36 1 97% 36 1 11%
    Vancouver 17 4 71% 42 3 7%
    Overall 505 57 89% 566 43 8%

    Valliquette’s games
    Opponnent SA GA Save %
    Washington 31 2 935%
    LA 41 2 951%
    Atlanta 29 2 931%
    Florida 7 1 857%
    Ottawa 36 4 889%
    Vancouver 15 0 1000%
    Toronto 35 5 857%
    Toronto 21 0 1000%
    Philidelphia 28 3 893%
    Overall 243 19 920%

    This says two things. 1. Hank is in a major slump. Maybe the worst of his career. Either way, we need Valiquette in immediately. You could say that the defense just plays better for Valliquette then for Hank. Well if thats true, then let them play better defense and keep Valliquette in. Hanks gotta step up his game ASAP. This is perhaps the worst I have ever seen him play. EVER. He is terrible right now and does not deserve to be in the All-Star Game. 2. The offense needs to get going. A 8% shooting percentage is terrible. There are only a few games where our shooting percentage has been higher then the oppositions. Lets give Hank some time off to recooperate. He should not have this position locked in, just like all of the other veterans. Take out Gomer for a game as well, he needs it.

  146. Kurt – do you think Redden is playing any better lately just recently (never mind his overpaid status)?
    Just wondering.

  147. Why do fans really think Avery brought fire to the ice every night? There were so many shifts that he took off during games, but people never noticed it because he started a ruckus on one shift so they forget. Its the same reason why people let Girardi’s frequent mishaps slide because he throws a good body check every now and then. Only difference is at least I have no complaints about Girardi’s work ethic. So many times we’d give up a goal and it was because Avery wasn’t back checking hard.

    I’m not talking about being like Wade Redden, who does try but never looks like it because he’s “too calm” (I’m not saying its acceptable, especially at that money, but he makes some good plays with the puck). I’m saying he skates around and just doesn’t skate hard back and lets his man get open.

    I’m a big Avery fan and I think the NHL needs more guys like him, but so many Rangers fans overrate his importance to a team, especially our team. He showed up when the spotlights were out, but when nothing was going on, he was pretty invisible. Plus I’d rather have a close group in the locker room than someone who some people on the team have already voiced that they really don’t like.

  148. Insomnia sucks.

    A natural Hat is three straight goals… with no one else on that team scoring.

    Richter in the hall. I’d love it but doubt it.

    Potvin? Really? No way. Belfour? Also no.

  149. bull dog line on

    richter handled brodeaur head to head on more than one occasion. and as good as marty is, he is very much a system goalie( see clemenson) belfour was real good, but i think i take richter over him and vernon.(thats a good one, vernon was a very underated goalie) potvin not close to richter.

  150. This team is dead in the water. There are no trades coming the NYR way because of the cap, and we have NOTHING on the roster now that any other team would want. Avery is gonna come, with Dallas paying part of that salary (buy-out or 1/2 price waivers). I find it funny how everyone forgets when Avery would go up to the blue seats and hang with the fans during the games when he was not playing. How he played to the MSG crowd. That guy was BORN to play in New York. Screw all the nice guys in the locker room. This isn’t a country club. It’s a hockey club. They don’t have to be nice. This isn’t a nice game. The nice guys are boring. And frankly they suck to watch right now.

    GET AVERY!!!!!

  151. And another thing, this Ranger team is soft. They get treated like pu**ies in their own building. Colton Orr is the only physical guy on the team. THAT’S IT!!! So, if you wanna watch your team get bitchslapped for the next 3-5 years, fine. If you wants your testicles back, GET AVERY!!!!!

  152. Beer Me 1/8/09 1:05 PM you said:
    “On prucha…its gonna take more than a handful of games to change my mind. Let’s see what happens when he goes 2 weeks without a point.
    And don’t get this twisted…I WANT prucha to do well because it’s win/win for the Rangers. His trade value goes up everytime he gets one. This team is small enough up front, and I don’t see prucha as anything more than a ‘potential goal scorer’. When he’s not scoring goals, he doesn’t do much for ya.”

    I rarely post but had to comment on your assessment of Prucha. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would like to know what you watch when you see this kid play. He is so much more than just a “potential goal scorer”. He creates, he brings energy, he is always bringing positives on every shift, and he CAN SCORE GOALS (when he is allowed on the ice by Mr. Clueless). This kid is very good and hopefully we will get the benefit of his ability. If we don’t some other team will and as many times before, we (and you) will say what the F* why did we let him go.

  153. Graves9 I did not see your earlier post answering Beer me re Prucha. If I had I would not have just posted. You said it perfect

  154. bull dog line on

    don’t like larry brooks eh. must like to read the all is well in ranger land of sam, and whoever it is that writes for the news. can’t stand the truth of brooks.

  155. Craig Hartsburg called out Spezza and Alfredsson for give-aways that led to a loss last night; blaming them specifically…Canadian media all over it this morning…they said its his last salvo before getting fired…

    Amazing..if star players screw up and you say that they did its the end of you…

    I magine Renney calling out Redden, Hank or Gomez/Drury ?

    Imagine Tortarella “not” saying something??

  156. brooks is one step better than Eklund. His articles are normally all questions, no answers, no solutions. The Post is a tabloid. “All is well…sam” You don’t read this blog enough.

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree on Prucha. I’m not really even interested in debating a player based on a weeks worth of games. Any player that sits out that long is going to come out of the gates hard & full of piss n vinegar.

    Prucha’s played great since he’s been back in the lineup, no one can argue that. And he’s seem to have found a nice spot with Dru/Dawes. But the same that goes for voros, goes for all really…bring it every night (sustainability).

    No, dru hasn’t sustained anything since he’s been a ranger, neither has gomer, neither has redden or rozy. Neither has cally, dawes, sjo, DUBI, OR Hank. A nyr coach (any of them) can’t sit everyone, and you can’t make slats look like a fool for signing big/stupid contracts either.

    The first 8 games he played this season he had zero points, was -1, and a ghost some nights while the team was on the hottest start in decades. So if we’re going to pick a handful of games to judge a player on, you pick the current, I’ll pick those. He was ineffective, so he sat. Perhaps coulda cracked the lineup before the last 4 or so games, and probably would have if not for the f’n logjam of 2nd/3rd line fwds.

    It’s just not enough games for me to change my mind on a player.

  157. Kaspar man..that’s just the lay of the land right now in the NHL. Not for all though. Ruff can do whatever he wants up there b/c he’s so tight with the GM. Not too unlike our situation here.

    Melnyk is a different kind of owner too, very hands on. He doesn’t want to look like a fool either.

    Funny up there though, that they tried to pin their troubles on emery and the team and media ran him out of town. Now, they’re the same, if not worse without him.

    They need to trade one of those 3, get some goaltending and go from there.

  158. Ob Brooksie:
    He is a muck-raker and tends to go negative…sometimes you just have to admit that you need people like that for the counter-balance of a very apathetic ( hockey-wise) NY media..just like Beer me! is our counterbalnace her for roasting our coaches alive!!

    On Pruchs:
    I’m willing to give the benefit of doubt to a guy who scored 30 goals as a rookie (yes with thanks to JJ); then lost his PP golden-goose spot to Shanny but still put up 22 the following year…last year was a bust a little due to injuries and his own lack of production..this year he could have sat and got fat but he didnt; kept himself in shape and in great attitude…then scores 3 goals in what…5 games back? to me? the ups outweigh the downs a lot of people with similar or even worse resumes get a pass..I’m giving the kid one..he should be on top two lines until we get someone better

    On Ottawa:
    we think Sather is in la-la land? What on earth kept that team, and Murray, from getting a frickin goalie??? San Jose, Minnesota and Anahiem were two and three deep for like two years while these idiots signed Vermette and Fisher and the rest…could have got Brzgelov or whatever his name is, Toskala, Roloson, Fernandez….unbelievable

  159. doodie machetto on

    Fine, I’ll drop Potvin, I’ll admit that was reaching. But I also didn’t even think for more than 10 seconds, and Potvin put together a couple of very nice seasons in the mid 90s, much like Richter.

    As for Richter beating Marty a few times from 94-97, I’d like to point out a few things:

    1) Richter was in his Prime, Brodeur was in his first couple of seasons.

    2) Say what you want about the Devils’ “system,” but it never worked until Marty got between the pipes. That’s why no one will ever talk about Chris Tereiri.

    3) Richter had a GAA that was lower than 2.6 only once, when it was 2.57 in 94, the stellar season that I will grant him. By contrast, Brodeur has had his GAA be as high as 2.57 ONCE, in 05-06.

    4) Richter never had his save percentage as high as 91.5%. Brodeur has done it 6 times, the first three of which were 94, 97, and 98, all prime years for Richter.

    5) From 98-02, Brodeur DOMINATED Richter and the Rangers.

    To say he was a better goaltender than Brodeur is blatant homerism. It’s fine to hate Brodeur’s guts, lord knows I do, but it’s another to disregard his accomplishments.

    So let’s review the list: Roy, Hasek, Belfour, Brodeur, Fuhr, CuJo, Vernon. Even if you have a gripe with 3 of those guys, Richter is still the 5th best of his era. When you consider there are only about THIRTY goaltenders in the HOF, 5th best from your era doesn’t cut it. He doesn’t have the stats, he doesn’t have the hardware. He’s a great part of Rangers and USA Hockey history, but that’s where it will end for him.

  160. bottom line

    Brodeaur was a better goalie career-wise and…he got better after say 1999 when the devils actually played offense ( led the league in goals twice)

    By 2002 Richter was 36 years old and dopey….

    Fat Marty is 36 this year

    during mid-nineties if you watched ranger games and you watched devils games and you didnt see that ranger games were shooting galleries and devil games were cluct and grab 16 shots per game danes…well then there is no turning you around…

    I just said that between 93-97 Richter was better

    I also think Richter was better the Lundqvist so has that for Homerism??

  161. agreed richter better than lundqvist

    roy and brodeur better than # 35
    he is equal to hasek and fuhr and better than the others

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